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SCRATCH RESTAURANT & RAIN LOUNGE Their recipe for running a successful restaurant

WHERE do the CHEFS EATout? $5


Local Wineries

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Restaurants, Entertainment, the Arts & Community Events | Local Food, Wine & Microbrews

Post Falls Coeur d’Alene Spokane St. Maries Liberty Lake Clarkston



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Family Salsa Recipe



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Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – 233 W. Dalton Ave. (208) 772-9249 (between Hwy 95 and Gov’t Way)

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Rathdrum, Idaho – 8016 W. Main St. (208) 687-2464

Taco Chic Salsa is available at grocery stores throughout Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington including all Super 1 Foods, Yokes Fresh Markets, Trading Company, Rosauers, Huckleberry’s, Hallet’s, Tim’s Special Cut Meats, Egger Meats, Gourmet Way, The Flour Mill, Handmade in Idaho. You can find Taco Chic “salsa fresh” 2009 SpokaneS i z z l eNorthwest. .com 5 version at The Salsa Factory in Rathdrum and soon at stores in neighborhoods throughout the

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Greenbluff Loop

Market St.

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Nevada St


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Ha tch Dr

Montgomery Ave

Spokane Indiana Ave Valley Mall Exit 289 Exit 291 Mission Ave Broadway Ave.

Mullan Argonne St

Sprague Ave.

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Sullivan Sullivan Rd






Sprague Ave Pines Rd


Park Rd




River Park Square

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Area Maps

Find your way to your favorite Spokane Sizzle destination! Use our exclusive convenient tab navigator on the right side of this page to find out about the dining and entertainment scene in a neighborhood near you! They are color coded to match the shaded areas on the maps above. Just flip to the neighborhood section on the tabs at the right and you’re there!

Barker Rd

Ch en eySp ok an eR d

Lehman Rd

Argonne St

Fruit Hill Rd

Regal St

Ch en eySp ok an eR d

Barker Rd



Exit 287

Carnahan Rd


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Sullivan Rd



Forker Rd


Pines Rd

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Havana St

Ray St


Exit 285 8th

Thor St



Mullan Argonne St

Bruce Rd

Carnahan Rd

Mission Ave

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Temple Rd Sprague Ave

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Perry St

High Dr

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Monroe 29th

NORTH SIDE Sprague Ave.


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Trent Ave Sprague Ave

Exit 291


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Freya St



14th 195

Hamilton St


Division St


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Indiana Ave Exit 289 Mission Ave Broadway Ave.

Bigelow Gulch Road

Market St

57th Empire

Montgomery Ave

Exit 287

NorthTown Mall Wellesley Ave Pa

Indiana Ave


Market St. Ray St Regal St

Perry St

Division S t

Maple St

Ash St


Garland St No rth we st Blv d


Francis Ave

High Dr


Thor St


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Nevada St

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Park Rd

Havana St

Freya St

Exit 285

Hawthorne Rd

Sou the ast Blv d

Lehman Rd

Mt. Spokane Park Dr



Trent Ave Sprague Ave



Ave Trent

Mission Ave


Fruit Hill Rd

Day Mt. Spokane Rd r Dr Uprive

Market St

Hwy 395 Hamilton St


Division St



Indiana Ave

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Wellesley Ave Empire

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Greenbluff Rd

Division S t

Maple St

Ash St


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Garland St No rth we st B lvd

Bigelow Gulch Road Argonne St

Francis Ave


Forker Rd

Hawthorne Rd

DOWNTOWN SPOKANE MAP When looking for an address in Spokane, Sprague and Division are the “0” points, Sprague dividing north and south and Division dividing east and west addresses. The larger the number, the farther away from these streets the address is. They converge downtown, just a few blocks north of the Division Street exit off I-90.























Hayford Rd













Harvard Rd







E Country Vista Dr






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Next to the cuisine type in the restaurant listings, you will find these dollar-sign indicators of the price range of the average entrée. $ = less than $10


$$ = $10–$20



$$$ = moRe than $20

Features >>

20 Just Thought We’d Ask ... Where Do the Chefs Eat Out? >>

24 Introducing Relentless Red


32 Chaps

Downriver Grill & Townshend Cellar An Unscripted Café


38 Madeleine’s Café & Pâtisserie Bringing French Provençal Cuisine Downtown



44 Scratch Restaurant & Rain Lounge Their Recipe for Success >>

50 Feast

Sylvia Wilson’s New Catering Company



56 The Best Job in Town Local Brewmasters Tell All >>

86 Robert Karl Cellars From the Fields to the Glass >>

92 Barrister Winery


98 A Toast to Northwest Wines

Not Your Ordinary Winery Growth of the Washington Wine Industry

>> 100 Townshend Cellar

Movin’ on Up the Hill

>> 104 Shopping for the Good Stuff Local Specialty Finds

>> 112 The Divine Nine Spa Treatments Treat Yourself

>> 114 Main Market Co-op

Downtown Spokane’s New Speciality Grocery


>> 116 Living Legacy


Departments >> >>

14 Recent Openings 19 Fork-in-Cork Award-Winners


78 Fork-in-Cork Award-Winners

The American Indian Collection

>> 118 Kids and Art

The Perfect Partnership

>> 123 Save Lefty!

Local Music Find

Spokane’s Top-Rated Restaurants North Idaho’s Top-Rated Restaurants

>> 26, 40, 46, 68, 88, 111

Recipes From Local Celebrity Chefs >>

90 Spokane Winery Finder Spokane Area Winery Tastings & Events >> 144 Get Outta Town!

Palouse, Washington

>> 146 A Taste Worth the Trip


Walla Walla, Washington



A Word from the Publisher

r Premie gton’s Guide Washin nt Eastern Entertainme and Dining



A Word from the Publisher

008 marked 20 years since I first set eyes on Spokane. I came here with my friend Theresa. We were just a couple of single moms on a road-trip adventure to have Thanksgiving dinner with another friend and her kids living here in Spokane. After four mountain passes between Wyoming and Washington, a flat tire and blinding snow, we found the weather in Spokane gloriously mild. As a visitor to Spokane, having a local escort us around town, we got to see the best of everything we could find in four days. The people everywhere were warm and friendly, and I remember thatin g first dining experience was Cyrus O’Leary’s n my runkids forThe downtown. were intrigued with the collectables hanging everye ip c n e a r aur thet train circling around overhead. The impression t s e Their where r and, of course, l u f cessmade on us was one of relief as we enjoyed finding a family friendly a sucthey atmosphere paired with great food. We felt right at home. We shopped for our holiday dresses and reveled in the skywalk system that kept us out of the cold. We took the kids for a walk through Riverfront Park where they climbed the giant wagon, rode the carousel and fed the ducks. Experiencing this holiday celebration with friends reminded us of how grateful we were to be able to explore this new place and all the fun of it with each other. Little did we know then that fond memories of this trip were setting the stage for an appreciation of the beautiful sights and the feeling of warmth that are the inspiration for the Spokane Sizzle today. Sizzle’n Hot Lists: This is a new addition to the Spokane Sizzle! Look for Fast forward to 2009 ... I have learned so much about Spokane that it is them. They are handy, quick reference tools for finding something special; sometimes a challenge to get all the changes taking place into our annual anything from finding that special event facility to that great place for issue. Spokane has a vibrant and growing dining and entertainment scene, dancing, where to find wine tastings, art galleries, museums and more! offering the gamut from inexpensive to high-end dining, its own fine wines, Reservations Alphabetical Phone List: Our alpha list makes brews, unique foods, shopping and fun things to do. And, there are more it easy for you to locate that number of your favorite local restaurateurs willing to step onto the curb, food events are on the rise, restaurant, and there’s room for you to add your own! and people are still eating out more than ever before. We love our celebrations and … our reservations. Fork-in-Cork Award-Winners: Find both Spokane and North I also love it when someone says, “I had no idea!” when they are talking Idaho’s top-rated restaurants, as voted by our readers. s rewpublication. about something they found in We at the Sizzle office do robour Recent Openings: This feature, located toward the front of e & Mic indon’t W , d o the footwork so you have to. Just open it and read. Or, sign up for our o F t l a a c o w L the magazine, informs you of the most recent t | ’s ne to ventsnew Sizzle’n Cuisine News and Reviews to get weekly emails designed to haadditions see wthe munity E m Spokane-area neighborhoods throughout past year. d o n C a d n k keep you updated between annual issues. ts a Loo t, the Ar helps you inmennavigator Tab Navs: Our original creation andEeasy thumb r ta What some call “this economy” will now require true creativity as we all te n , urantsfor. Find it on the map page in esta locate that place you R are looking figure out our own unique way to get attention and offer value. People will front, or the reservations pages in the back. Place your thumb on the continue to eat, drink, laugh and cry through it all in the coming months. neighborhood or special section and thumb the pages to find it. A restaurant with unique qualities and creative people running it is always in demand. Sizzle’n Cuisine News & Reviews: Did you know that the Spokane Sizzle Spokane is a city full of excellent choices and I hope that the Sizzle is “green?” People use and reuse them all year long and beyond. We will point you to a few that will be just what you’re looking for. Keep that distribute every single one of them into hands that want to use them. special date night on your calendar and find a place that will keep the kids And, due to the fact that paper costs are skyrocketing, we are taking it to entertained.


What’s new ... and improved in this issue! do E R E H W HEFS the C EATout?

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Locals Winerie

Stay happy and eat well. Life will continue. Change is a good thing. Let’s all have the courage to thrive in 2009!

Jeanette Dunn Publisher

Next to the cuisine type in the restaurant listings, you will find these dollar-sign indicators of the price range of the average entrée. $ = less than $10

>> >> >> >> >> >> >>


$$ = $10–$20


Neighborhood Spotlights

Dining, Shopping & Going Out

22 30 36 60 64 70 74

>> 21 North Side >> 29 Browne’s Addition & West Side >> 35 Downtown >> 59 University District >> 63 South Hill >> 69 Spokane Valley & Liberty Lake >> 73 North Idaho >> 85 Wine Time >> 103 Shopping for the Best! >> 115 Arts, Culture & Entertainment >> 125 Parties, Catering & Events

North Side Browne’s Addition & West Side Downtown University District South Hill Spokane Valley & Liberty Lake North Idaho


$$$ = moRe than $20


Featured on the covers for 2009

With each annual issue of the Spokane Sizzle, we give our customers the opportunity to be featured on the cover; for the 2009 issue, eight local businesses are featured on the covers.


Sizzle’n Hot Lists >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>

95 110 119 121 122 133 139 142

Area Wine Tastings & Events Specialty Stores Entertainment Art Galleries & Museums Performing Arts Banquet Facilities Best Dance Spots Reservations Alpha List


On the cover: Scratch Restaurant & Rain Lounge. Photo by Sheena Porter on location in Downtown Spokane.

On the cover: Downriver Grill’s Relentless Red, >> with label and background art by Ben Joyce. Photo by Chris Guibert on location in Spokane.


On the cover: Don Townshend & Jill Rider of Townshend Cellar. Photo by Sheena Porter on location in Green Bluff.

On the cover: Rebecca and Joe Gunselman of >> Robert Karl Cellars. Photo by Sheena Porter on location in Downtown Spokane. Eastern Washington’s Premier Dining and Entertainment Guide



On the cover: Cobra Roofing Polo Classic. Photos by Young Kwak and Becky Schmidlkofer at the event in Airway Heights.

Local Wineries FIND the new RESTAURANTS in SPOKANE

On the cover: Deb Green & Megan Poffenroth >> of Madeleine’s Café and Pâtisserie. Photo by Laurie Denney on location in Downtown Spokane.

TENTS, HATS & CHAMPAGNE The Cobra Roofing Polo Classic benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities


Events >> 126 Charity Benefits >> 128 Cobra Roofing Polo Classic

Tents, Hats, Horses & Champagne

>> 134 Epicurean Delight First-Class Fun

Restaurants, Entertainment, the Arts and Community Events | Local Food, Wine & Microbrews


On the cover: Chaps Café & Coffee House. Photo courtesy of Celeste Shaw of Chaps in Spokane. On the cover: Greg Lipsker & Michael White of >>

Barrister Winery. Photo by Sheena Porter on location in Downtown Spokane.

>> 136 New Orleans Meets CdA The Biggest Party Ever!

>> 140 Community Events Calendar Find Area Events Here!

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Recent Openings

Recent Openings

There’s no shortage of new places around Spokane! Our readers are always sending us hot tips on great new places to try. Here are a few of the most recent neighborhood favorites that have cropped up this past year. Olive It Café “From olive us to olive you!” This café and art gallery is a true treat, with food that is fresh, home-style and delicious: crisp salads, handmade soups, fantastic sandwiches, fresh bakery items, quiche, muffins, cookies, bagels and great coffee. I was delighted to find this place on Crestline out of the usual beaten path to find restaurants; lucky also that photographer Chris Guibert was with me, and we were just in time for lunch! This little out-of-the-way café really hit the spot; an oasis on a really busy day. Family owned and operated by Kathleen and Arne Hill and daughter Lindsey Updike, they have created this homey café with care and style. The food is prepared with attention to detail and unique and tasty flavor combinations. I


See what’s new @

was lucky enough on this day to get Kathleen’s garden-fresh tomatoes in my salad, making it not only visually beautiful, but that fresh tomato flavor in this salad made it exquisite! Their formula for quickly becoming a neighborhood favorite includes featuring local artists and changing the show routinely to keep it interesting. A savvy professional lunch-goer will want to be in the know about the only restaurant in town to have live music for lunch on Wednesdays! They also have occasional live music in the evenings during the week and are open to featuring a variety of local artists, providing a place for them to play. Their coffee of choice is Back Country Coffee out of Twisp (100-percent organic fair trade). Call orders in ahead and they’ll have them ready

for you when you get there. They offer free WI-FI and can serve up to 50 people for private parties. Open 6am-3pm Monday through Friday and 7:30am-4pm on Saturdays, find Olive It Café at 3402 N. Crestline. (509) 413-1589 Feast Catering There’s another reason to toast and feast! Former Mizuna owner Sylvia Wilson is bringing her love of cooking back to the table again, this time with her own catering company, which focuses on seasonal, local and organic ingredients. Creating Mizuna and nurturing it into one of Spokane’s most revered restaurants, her new catering company is sure to carry on the same tradition. Read all about Sylvia’s new “feast” in the Downtown Spokane section of this issue!

Recent Openings Downtown 360 AND THE CAVALLINO LOUNGE AT HOTEL LUSSO William Webster, owner of Zola and Isabella’s Gin Joint, has added another restaurant to his plate. What was once Fugazzi in Downtown’s Hotel Lusso is now 360, a name quite fitting since the place has been turned around from its former look. The menu has also changed and now offers steak and seafood, as well as Italian pasta dishes.

The Melting Pot of Spokane Located downtown at 707 W. Main Ave., upstairs in the Crescent Building across from River Park Square Shopping Center, The Melting Pot is a casual, upscale fondue establishment. Locally owned and operated by Will and Tabetha Miller, the restaurant is open dinner only, seven days a week. In addition to its upscale-casual dining room, The Melting Pot of Spokane features a secluded Lover’s Lane seating area with seven tables that creates a truly cozy romantic setting for that unforgettable date night. Enjoy cocktails at the full-service bar and more than 250 labels to choose from in their glass-enclosed wine room.

The Casbah With two bars, a ballroom for music and dancing, a chill room to unwind and relax, and a game room for playin’ pool and watchin’ the game, The Casbah has a little something for everyone. Located at 416 W. Sprague, this venue is a must-try.

The Lincoln Center The Lincoln Center is Spokane’s newest premier event facility. The 29,000-square-foot facility is an exciting and contemporary event venue, conveniently located one block north of the Spokane Arena and offers on-site parking. Marquee This Downtown Spokane lounge, formerly a Wells Fargo bank building, offers patrons a martini bar, as well as a full bar, VIP section, multilevel space, two lounge rooms upstairs, one of which can be reserved for private parties. Marquee is located at 522 W. Riverside Ave.

Rain Lounge Located right next door to Scratch Restaurant in Downtown Spokane, Rain is the new lounge in town. Across the street from the Fox, it’s the perfect spot for happy hour, appetizers, cocktails, high-end martinis and late-night dining, in which you can order off the full Scratch menu at all times. Head in for half-priced bottles of wine on Wednesdays. Santé Restaurant and Charcuterie Located at 404 W. Main Ave. where Liberty Café used to be, husband-wife team Jeremy and Kate Hansen encourage guests to “eat globally, act locally.” Chef Jeremy’s roots are with the original Downtown Mustard Seed and Fugazzi at the Hotel Lusso.

Santorini’s This Greek restaurant was brought to Spokane in April 2008 by the owners of Olympia Restaurant in Coeur d’Alene. You can find Santorini’s at 112 N. Howard. Zola Gotta see this one! It’s hip and fun; a great spot to stop in for a cocktail and enjoy music nightly, whether it be a DJ or live band. Located at 22 W. Main Ave.

South Hill Apple Spice Junction Box-lunch delivery, corporate catering and deli dining featuring sandwiches made with fresh baked breads, homemade soups and house-made salads, baked goods including pastries and desserts, fresh fruits and more. Located at 514 S. Washington near the medical centers of Spokane’s South Hill. The Two Seven Public House All you Moon Time, Elk Public House and Porch Public House lovers, owner John Grollmus has done it again. You can find Two Seven at 2727 S. Mount Vernon in the South Hill.

Forza Coffee Co. Forza, which signifies strength in Italian, is committed to a tradition of quality. Located at 2829 E. 29th Ave., you will find handcrafted coffee from selected growers in South America, and they roast their own special blends on site! Did we mention free Wi-Fi, too?



Recent Openings Waddell’s South Hill has a new neighborhood pub and grill. At Waddell’s, guests will find a menu filled with classic pub fare. Neighborhood favorites (updated three times a year) include the Reuben, never-frozen Angus Beef Burgers, Guinness Stew, wraps and salads, and fish ‘n’ chips—a tempura-battered cod. Customers are saying it’s the best handdipped tempura in town. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself! Offering classic pub fare like wings, baby clams and hand-cut steaks, they also have created their own brand of special seasoning with the Squirrelly Beaver in five varieties. Find them next to Twigs on the South Hill at 4318 S. Regal. San Francisco Sourdough Opened March 2008 in the South Hill at the corner of South East Boulevard and 29th, it’s the only one in Spokane! Sandwiches are made with their famous and unique, secret family recipe sourdough bread, sliced fresh. Patrons will also find tasty salads and soups, along with beer and wine on the menu, and they provide catering anywhere in Spokane.

North Side Coffee Social Here you will find a comfortable, casual place with “good” coffee (locally roasted DOMA!), where people can host casual business meetings—seating up to 30 people. Owner Rachel Young is committed to using organic, local and sustainable ingredients as much as possible. Menu items include anything from local Brain Freeze Creamery Ice Cream to soups, salads, sandwiches, quiches, pastries and more! Try it once and you’ll go back for more. Located at 113 W. Indiana. Fresh Abundance This past year, Fresh Abundance opened their third location on North Division. Here you will find everything


See what’s new @

from bulk organic foods to organic produce directly gathered by the store owners from the 60+ farms they work with and local meats, gluten-free foods and household products. Kusina Filipina Spokane rejoice! You now have your own Filipina chef serving daily specials at the only authentic Filipino restaurant in town. A family business, Allan and Juliet Esquerra opened Kusina Filipina, “Philippine Kitchen,” and offer traditional foods like Lumpia (egg roll), Adobo Chicken, Pansit (noodle chow mein with veggies) and also offer Goto and Mami when the weather turns cold. They serve beer and wine, and there’s Karaoke on Fridays! Try them to-go and for party trays! Located at 820 East Francis Ave., they are open Tuesday through Sunday. Stir Located at 7115 N. Division St., Stir is an upscale restaurant and lounge. Opened August 2008, Chef David Lee, formerly of Bluefish, brings an eclectic northwest menu to the north Division line up. Here they offer an affordable yet gourmet menu to include lunch and dinner (with an extensive small-plate menu), along with full-service liquor, to-go and pick-up orders. They are open for late-night dining until Midnight Monday through Saturday. CafE Neo Find it! It’s tucked away but worth looking for. Fans of Ambrosia will love this intimate restaurant with contemporary food. They won this year’s Spokane Sizzle Forkin-Cork Award for “Cozy Romantic Dinner for Two,” making it a must try for date night. Open for lunch and dinner 11am-9pm Monday through Saturday, and late on weekends, Chef Jeremiah Timmons has created an eclectic

Recent Openings



Recent Openings menu with fresh Northwest ingredients with global influence. Unique and customer favorite entrée items include Sea Scallops dusted in porcini mushroom dust on cheese grits, wilted spinach and lobster sauce. A favorite dessert is their Banana and Sweet Marscapone Cheese Spring Roll with blood orange ice cream. Small and beautifully decorated, Cafe Neo is tucked away in a shopping center location, but well worth looking for. Find it at 10208 N. Division. McGlade’s This local fresh food stand has become a cozy neighborhood bistro and is now serving fine wines and beer. It’s the perfect morning stop for that cup o’ Joe, or for that after-work, takeand-bake meal to-go. They also offer specialty items to include everything from Green Bluff produce to local Huckleberry products, breads, sauces and more! Located on the corner of Yale and Day-Mt. Spokane roads, McGlade’s is sure to become a treasured destination for all.

Want to know more? Keep in touch with the latest happenings on our Web site and with our weekly eNewsletter! Find everything from the latest recent opening in the neighborhood to the best place to find that music you wwant to hear. Our Sizzle’n Cuisine eNewsletter is sent out weekly to keep readers informed of the latest happenings between our annual issues of the Sizzle. When you go to our Web site and sign up for our eNews, you will be eligible to win fantastic prizes: FREE dinners, FREE local specialty foods, FREE gifts and FREE entertainment tickets! You will also be receiving Sizzle’n hot offers and coupons from area restaurants and shops—we make it easy for you to know exactly where to find that unique kitchen gadget or where to find that special-occasion wine you can’t find in the grocery stores. Our FSA Culinary & Event Calendar is the easy way to find out what events are hot in the coming weeks. Register as a user on our Web site and send us your reviews and your events, and vote for your favorites on our weekly online poll!

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Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar Same menu (with different chef specials) that Twigs is famous for, but located in better proximity for North Side diners. Twigs features daily soups, cocktails, 36 signature martinis, wine list and more! Brian Hutchins fans will find him here … he used to be the chef at Mizuna and has recently returned to town. Chef’s choice menu items are his unique creations. Happy Hour is 3-6pm and they are open at 11am daily and open Sunday for breakfast.

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WHERE do the CHEFS EATout?

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Our unique Fork-in-Cork Award recognizes the special talents of the brightest shining stars of the culinary world right here in Spokane. With these winners, you will find not only fine cuisine, but great places to take the kids, the hot spot to make that great business deal, the ideal setting to meet a friend for lunch and so much more! These are the places people in Spokane just love to talk about. Step up to the plate, pull up a chair and tip the glass; you will find a tasty destination sure to please. To a new dining (and drinking) experience. Take a look! We’re sure you will find one of your favorites here, or maybe a new place you need to try. Bon Appétit!

Barrel Room No. 6, CdA CAFE NEO


SPOKANE’S TOP-RATED RESTAURANTS Cozy Romantic Dinner for Two Cafe Neo, North Side 10208 N. Division St. (509) 467-5961

Diner Worth its Salt Satellite Diner & Lounge, Downtown 425 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 624-3952

Wine Bar with Pizzazz! Downriver Grill, North Side 3315 W. Northwest Blvd. (509) 323-1600

Martini Bar that Shakes it Up! Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar, Downtown 808 W. Main Ave. (509) 232-3376

Enjoyable for the Entire Family Chaps Café, West Side 4237 S. Cheney-Spokane Rd. (509) 624-4182

Winner of the Virtual Pizza Cook-off Online Bennidito’s Pizza, South Hill 1426 S. Lincoln St. (509) 455-7411

Hottest Newcomer this Year The Melting Pot, Downtown 707 W. Main Ave. (509) 926-8000

Meet-a-Friend-for-Lunch Place Chaps Café, West Side 4237 S. Cheney-Spokane Rd. (509) 624-4182

A Coffee Shop that Soothes the Jitters Brews Bros. Espresso Lounge, Downtown 10 N. Post St. (509) 456-5858

For the Best Sandwich Anywhere Domini’s, Downtown 703 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 747-2324

When Nothing but a Place with a View Will do Anthony’s at Spokane Falls, Downtown 510 N. Lincoln St. (509) 328-9009

Power Lunch for Making Deals MAX at Mirabeau, Spokane Valley 1100 N. Sullivan Rd. (509) 922-6252

Alive at 5! Fun Happy Hour Rain Lounge, Downtown 1009 W. 1st Ave. (509) 456-5656 Favorite for a Snack and a Brew The Elk Public House, West Side 1931 W. Pacific Ave. (509) 363-1973 For a Cocktail and a Bite to Eat Scratch Restaurant, Downtown 1007 W. 1st Ave. (509) 456-5656 Favorite Wine List Ambrosia Bistro & Wine Bar, Spokane Valley 9211 E. Montgomery Dr. (509) 928-3222 For the Love of Food … A Chef with Style! Alexa Wilson, Wild Sage American Bistro Downtown, 916 W. 2nd Ave. (509) 456-7575 The Must-Try New Place on the Block Kusina Filipina, North Side 820 E. Francis Ave. (509) 489-4146

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Where do the Chefs Eat Out?

Where Just Thought We’d Ask ...

do the


Eat Out?

We have been asked many times, ‘Where do the chefs go out to eat?’ We thought we would just ask them ourselves. We put our Senior Editor Jillian on assignment to find out where these local celebrity chefs favorite spots are. They were more than willing to share their favorites with us, and now we are sharing them with you. ¡Pásatelo bien!

Jason Rex

Barry Matthews

Gordon Crafts

of Scratch

of Steam Plant Grill

of Gordy’s Sichuan Café

“I would say

“My favorite

“I like to eat at A

my top three

restaurant is

Taste of India on


Ambrosia Bistro

Division Street,

are Beverly’s,

& Wine Bar in the

not because I’m

Moxie and Wild

Argonne Village

a connoisseur of

Sage, besides

shopping center

Indian cuisine,

my own of

in Spokane Valley.

but because of

course, because

Jeremiah is a very

the handmade

it seems they

talented young

foods, textures

have the same

chef. His knack for

and seasoning


creating seasonal

styles, especially

organic and local

menus is exceptional. It is awesome

the eggplant, and their breads and

items. The quality is always good,

that the Valley has a restaurant like

marsala style. Jamie and I do a lot of pub

and I know the chefs.”

this. I have never had a bad experience

and pizza dining. We went to the new

there. The staff is well-informed, and the

spot next to Scratch—Rain Lounge. We

Ian Wingate

owners really show pride of ownership.

enjoyed it much more than any of our

of Moxie

Their other new restaurant—Cafe

other late-night forages. It’s the ticket.”

“I eat at Tacos Thombras, Taco Wagon,

Neo—on Division is also outstanding.”

Mizuna, Wild Sage and Downriver Grill.”

Alexa Wilson of Wild Sage American Bistro “As for my fav’ place to go, I would have

Tim Hartman

Aaron McEachran

of Vin Rouge

of Downriver Grill

“Honestly, it’s rare that I get out of the

to say Fat

and I like chefs who

Rouge to eat,

Daddy’s Pizza at

don’t take a lot of

but when I do, I’ll

Wandermere. The

go to visit Thai

time and keep it

pizza is made in

Bamboo across

a deck oven, not

the street from

a conveyor oven.

us because I

That means

like their Beef

crispy crust and

Pad Thai, or I might venture

cornmeal so the pizza slides off the peel. Great quality toppings, cheese and not-too-sweet

simple, with nice and clean textures and flavors. De Leon [Mexican] because it’s authentic; keeping it true

downtown for

to their cuisine.

some sushi at

It brings back

Raw or Blue Fish; they both do a great

childhood memories

job. But secretly, while my cooking style is

I grew up with. I like their market, too. You

sauce. The service is great, especially Will,

more on the creative, fine-dining scale, with

can’t find anything else like that in town.

and my teenager’s soda is always full. Super

fused culinary influences and flavors, my

And A Taste of India because it’s authentic,

important! That adds up to easy for me and

tastes are simple. I love home cookin’,

and I like their approach—family style.”

makes my family happy—most important!”

comfort food and hot dogs the most, if you can believe that.”


“I like Café Maron for breakfast. It’s simple,

kitchen at Vin

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The North Side Spokane North Side is booming, and the growth of the neighborhood is bringing in more neighborhood-style restaurants!


ORTH OF THE SPOKANE Falls, Division Street is the trunk of the tree that branches into the North Side neighborhoods of Spokane. Division has traditionally been lined with fast-food and chain restaurants for heavytraffic convenience, but divert your attention just a little onto one of those branches and you will find authentic neighborhood charm very near these busy main streets. Downriver Grill on Northwest Boulevard is a longtime local, award-winning hot spot, and there are several new ones that have opened in recent years. Olive it Café is a tasty treat and a fresh addition just east of Division on Crestline. They also feature local artists and … the only live music lunch on Wednesdays in town! Coffee Social is a new organic café on Indiana; Azar’s on Monroe Street is a unique Mediterranean restaurant com-

plete with belly dancers; Ferguson’s Café in the Garland District is a reliable, oldfashioned diner near the Garland Theatre—a perfect spot for family movie-going. The unique Chic-A-Ria German Inn Restaurant, the just-right-for-kids Five Mile Heights Pizza Parlor, Mama Mia’s Italian Restaurant and the Swinging Doors are must finds in the Five Mile Heights area. DeLeon Foods, featuring authentic Mexican cuisine, Tomato Street Family Italian Restaurant and the new Kusina Filipina with authentic Filipino cuisine, will all tempt you to try flavors you’ve never tasted before. Farther north will take you past the Division “Y” where the traffic splits to two different North Side neighborhoods. Our Fork-in-Cork award-winner Cafe Neo is out there and worth finding. And, you can keep going out north, east and west to explore many more in the largest neighborhood in Spokane!

“If you ate pasta and antipasto, would you still be hungr y?” Author Unknown



North Side




North Spokane From Downriver Grill near the Downriver Golf Course on Northwest Boulevard to Market Street on the east, and from Indiana and Division to the Spokane’s “Y” and the northern territory beyond; the North Side is Spokane’s fastest growing neighborhood!


esidential areas north of Francis Avenue are exploding with new apartment complexes and singlefamily homes, and the shopping is growing with it. North Spokane used to be Division Street’s kaleidoscope of fast food, national chains and international cuisine. Division presents a long row of restaurants filled with a variety of options such as Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Russian, Indian and Thai … all handy stops for shoppers at Northtown Mall, and the numerous shopping centers near the “Y” and along Francis. It takes some looking to find the local hot spots tucked


See what’s new @

away like precious hidden gems among the neighborhoods and back roads surrounding these high-traffic commercial zones. Not far from downtown, Downriver Grill is one of those favorites nestled in the neighborhood near Audubon Park, south of Garland Avenue and just west of the park. This restaurant is a must for your list, and it will take just one visit to make it memorable. They are a neighborhood darling and indeed one of Spokane’s most revered and awarded restaurants. The owners of Downriver Grill have a new restaurant in the works, set to open in 2009 right across the street.

Coffee Social is a hot, new, cozy, organic café and coffeehouse on Indiana just west of Division. Dolly’s Café is a little pink corner café at Washington and Indiana with home-style food that makes it a popular bustling diner. Where Indiana magically turns into Northwest Boulevard at the intersection of Monroe, going north will bring you to the popular local Greek and Mediterranean restaurant, Azar’s on Monroe. There you will find an authentic menu and charming Greek atmosphere, great food, Greek beer, wine and belly dancers on Fridays! Along Northwest Boulevard, you will find several coffee cafés and other eateries with personalities all their own. Way out on Northwest Boulevard at Wellesley is where Stadium Pizza has been serving the neighborhood with local flavor for years. On Garland Avenue lives the very heart of a nostalgic neighborhood with the charm and the ambiance of walking downtown in one of Norman Rockwell’s small towns. The Garland District is home to the historic Garland Theater, which shows movies at far lower prices than the big-box movie theaters and is a popular spot for families to enjoy time with the kids. Get there early; it can be crowded! Just down the street is The Blue Door Theatre, whose performances are every Friday night and offer improv and sketch comedy suitable for all ages. Restaurants offer family style eateries from Kim’s Teriyaki near the Garland Theater, to the Rocket Bakery coffee shop and The Milk Bottle at the corner

North Side of Post and Garland. Next to The Milk Bottle, Ferguson’s Café is the popular neighborhood breakfast and lunch spot, and the nostalgic 50’s home-style menu and décor will make you feel right at home. Pubs in this neighborhood include Rick’s Ringside Pub and the Brown Derby Tavern. There are unique shopping opportunities here with the Tin Man Gallery and The Ruby Slipper. Just north on Wall Street is the nearby Wall Street Diner. North on Wall Street at West Francis lies the Five Mile Shopping Center where Five Mile Heights Pizza Parlor has been a longtime favorite for Spokane families. Also located there are GoGo Burritos, Chic-A-Ria German Inn Restaurant, Pita Pit, Tonicx Lounge and Maggie Moos Ice Cream treats. Heading east along Francis will reveal the popular Swinging Doors Tavern with Spokane’s only designated and totally legal outdoor smoking section, and then there’s Mamma Mia’s Italian Restaurant. At Division, this intersection is home to the Club North Aces Casino, and the nearby Tomato Street is a fun family Italian restaurant. Just east on Francis will lead you to DeLeon Foods and Deli where home-style authentic Mexican foods are easy to find! And the new family owned Kusina Filipina is the area’s only Filipino restaurant with traditional ethnic favorites, and they even have Filipino TV for entertainment! The Olive it Café is a tasty gem hidden at 3402 N. Crestline. This little café is the gem of the neighborhood east of Division. They serve home-style foods and support local artists and musician with regular art shows and live performances. At press time, they are the only ones we know of that have live music on Wednesdays for lunch, which makes for



a much-needed mid-week treat! Much farther north on Division will bring you to the new Stir Restaurant & Lounge, and longtime favorites Qdoba Mexican Grill, Golden Corral, Bigfoot Pub & Eatery, Rancho Chico Family Mexican and the shopping extravaganza of the “Y” area. Mel’s Home and Garden, Spokane Floral, Ritter’s Nursery and Just Roses fill the need for floral and gift stores, and shopping centers are filled with variety in this area. Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar renamed this location to 98 Twenty and is now a wine bar. Family pizza fun is north at Chuck E Cheese, and at the north end of Nevada lies an old favorite, Frank’s Diner, which continues to get voted as best breakfast in many local readers polls. Beyond the “Y” is the Whitworth College neighborhood. Whitworth is located on Hawthorne Road between North Waikiki Road and North Division. Spokane Country Club is on West Waikiki Road, and farther north off Divi-

sion is Wandermere Golf Course, near Dartford Drive, which will take you to that far-out (literally) north Dartford Drive Italian place—Francisco’s at Commellini’s, owned by Frank Burger and Tammy Paulino. Find Cafe Neo at 10208 N. Division. It is the newest addition to the Scott and Kara Cook family of restaurants. Ambrosia fans will find it just as delightful and creative, and first-timers will be back for more. They are the winners of our “Cozy Romantic Dinner for Two” Spokane Sizzle Fork-in-Cork Award this year! This North Side neighborhood at Wandermere is now home to a huge new Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar, Prospectors and Fat Daddy’s Pizza, as well as a few sandwich shops and fast-food eateries. Just west on Hastings Road, try A Taste of Thai. It is receiving rave review among Spokane’s Thai-lovers, and near there is the Lone Cactus Saloon & Restaurant and Fizzie Mulligans.





Downriver Grill


Relentless Red

A collaboration between Townshend Cellar and The Downriver Grill


he Downriver Grill, located in the Downriver neighborhood at 3315 W. Northwest Blvd., has offered Townshend wines on their list since the day they opened more than five years ago. Don Townshend offered T3, one of his most popular blends, to the DRG first. Soon it was being asked for all over town. Through their business relationship, Don became friends with owners Aaron and Jonathan Sweatt. “We’ve had a wonderful relationship with Don,” said Jonathan. “We just thought it would be a fun and unique idea to take that a step further and work together to create a wine that we both would be proud to serve. Don was equally enthusiastic, so the endeavor began last summer with the blending process.” With a great deal of help from Don—and rigorous barrel tastings—Relentless Red was born. Anyone fortunate enough to get into Townshend’s barrel room knows that Don


See what’s new @

has not only all of the Washington varietals to choose from, he also has multiple vineyards and years to choose from. One of the prerequisites of both parties was that the blend must be sourced from some of the best Washington vineyards. The blend ultimately used five varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Tempranillo. The Cabernet, Merlot and Cab Franc are the three varietals used in Towshend’s T3. The Syrah added a little backbone to the blend, and the Tempranillo (pronounced tem-prah-neo), the primary varietal grape of Spain, added just a touch of spiciness. The blend starts out similar to T3, with rich lush fruit on the nose and palate. On the mid-palate, the spice begins to kick in, and the finish is long and creamy with vanilla notes. The wine has only been in the bottle a short time and is still suffering from “bottle shock,” so it’s a little rougher than it will be six months from now. Tannins are more evident at this point, but

they’re a good indication that this wine will reward those who cellar it for three to six years. According to Aaron, “cellaring” is simply a matter of finding a dark, cool location where the wines may remain motionless. (The temperature should be cool, 50 to 60 degrees, but a consistent temperature is more important than the actual temperature itself.) There were others involved in the creation of Relentless Red. Vicki and Hal, Aaron and Jonathan’s parents, were at the blending party, along with Aaron’s girlfriend April, Jonathan’s wife Lisa, and close friend Craig Condron. “The commonality of the group was that we’re all enthusiastic about wine, and different palates and opinions really ensure the best possible end product,” noted Jonathan. “It was one of those difficult jobs, but someone had to do it.” Aaron added: “It was definitely a process of elimination. Everyone tasted different things in each blend we tried. I would love one part, and someone else would love something different. Finally, we were able to assemble a wine that everyone felt was the best possible blend.” The owners agree that it was a difficult, even “relentless” endeavor to make their own blend, and it would not have been possible without Don’s expertise and willingness to share his time, blending room and copious amounts of barrel samples. Downriver Grill is truly grateful for his help. Of course, it also goes without saying that without the care and expertise taken in getting the juice through the fermentation process and into the barrel aging stage ready for blending, Relentless Red would not be the product it has become. “Hopefully, both Don’s and our love of good wine will show in Relentless Red,” Jonathan added. In the end, Jonathan and Aaron believe they have a unique and fine product that they can be

Downriver Grill

“The commonality of the group was that we’re all enthusiastic about wine, and different palates and opinions really ensure the best possible end product,” said Jonathan. proud to serve for a very reasonable price, which has always been the goal of their restaurant. “Relentless Red relentlessly tickles and excites the taste buds! And if you like it now, save a few bottles for six months, a year, two years, and watch it improve even more!” said Jonathan.

Don, Aaron and Jonathan are all about supporting local, so when it came to designing the wine label, they had one person in mind— Ben Joyce—the local artist’s whose artwork adorns the interior walls of the restaurant and are for sale. Whenever they can, they try to incorporate local products. “One thing this restaurant really tries to focus on is our local economy and local businesses, and that’s why we had Don, a local winemaker, with whom we have had a strong relationship with from the day we opened. So obviously, we incorporated a local business, and then we also incorporated a local artist,” said Jonathan. As if Aaron and Jonathan don’t already have a full plate in front of them, the Sweatt brothers have taken on a new endeavor—that of opening their second restaurant, directly across the street from Downriver. Construction will begin February 2009, with the restaurant expected to open in early to mid-summer 2009. The unnamed restaurant, as of press date, will offer a completely

different concept than that of Downriver—that of a pizza pub, specializing in draft beer. Rather than a sports bar, Jonathan and Aaron have plans for it to be a laid-back environment with a large outdoor dining area. Pizza and microbrews will also be available for takeout. “It will be a casual fun place to meet friends and family,” said Jonathan. He added: “It’s kind of fun, because we’re utilizing an old building that’s been in the neighborhood for years, and so instead of tearing it down, we’re really going to use it, reface it and try to keep the integrity of the neighborhood as far as that property goes.” And if you’re looking for a caterer, Downriver now has a catering director Ian Dell and the ability to execute private parties and events— anything from 50 to 150 people. There’s no telling what these guys will be up to next. Word on the street is they are again partnering with Don to create a signature blend for their new place. Keep an eye out for their new restaurant—and new wine—in 2009.

GETTING THERE Downriver Grill is located on Northwest Boulevard just a few miles west of the intersection of Indiana Avenue and Division Street. From I-90, take the Division Street Exit. Go south on Division until you reach Indiana. Go west on Indiana (this becomes Northwest Boulevard) to 3315 W. Northwest Blvd. or call (509) 323-1600 for directions from other areas.



TRY IT AT HOME Downriver Grill’s PUTTANESCA Serves: 2 INGREDIENTS: Sauce: 2


Large Anchovie Fillets (or 3-4 smaller ones)

1 ½ tsp. | Olive Oil ¼ C. ¾ tsp. Pinch Pinch Pinch 1 tsp. ½ tsp. 5 oz.

2 oz. 5 oz.

| | | | | | | |

Klamata Olives Capers Chili Flakes Dried Rosemary Dried Basil Garlic Shallots Sausage, pre-cooked in Northern Lights’ Cream Ale (we prefer Sonnenberg’s Sausage) METHOD:

| | |

Red Wine



| |

Fresh Parmesan Cheese, grated

Marinara Salt and Pepper to Taste

Pasta: 10 oz. Garnish:

Fresh Basil, thinly cut

Heat a medium sauté pan on medium-high heat. Add olive oil. Once olive oil becomes hot, add the anchovies and chili flakes. Using tongs, dissolve the anchovies and chili flakes into the oil. Add garlic and shallots. Briefly sweat (sauté until transparent). Add sausage, olives and capers. Deglaze with red wine. Let reduce. Add marinara. In separate pot, boil linguine. Boil until desired consistency is reached. Drain linguine and toss into pasta sauce. Top with parmesan cheese and fresh basil.


Downriver Grill North Side – 3315 W. Northwest Blvd. 

(509) 323-1600

Contemporary Northwest $$-$$$

All of us at Downriver Grill invite you to enjoy a pleasant lunch or an elegant evening at our restaurant. We pride ourselves on our award-winning cuisine and service. Come enjoy our excellent menu with seasonal specials, sauces from scratch, wonderful sandwiches and the best in seafood and steaks. We feature an exquisite selection of fine wine, microbrews and hand-crafted cocktails in our casual wine bar. Reservations are recommended, walk-ins are always welcome!

Thai Bamboo Restaurant 5204 N. Division St. 

(509) 777-8424

Thai & Asian $$


See what’s new @

Great Tourist Destination! Thai Bamboo’s award-winning cuisine has won the Inlander Readers’ Pole award as the #1 Best Thai Restaurant year after year! We offer a huge menu full of exceptional, authentic Asian cuisine, wild, over-the-top décor and fast, friendly service all at a very reasonable price! Now with four locations, you are just minutes away from the best Thai restaurants in the Inland Northwest. Check out the big new Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, location. It has a Las Vegas-style light show on the big star-filled dining room ceiling! The place is huge with a large banquet room and decorations that make you feel as though you are in an Asian museum. Check out The Galaxy Lounge for open-air dining and drinks … tropical style! Open 11:30am-9pm Mon.-Thurs., 11:30am-9:30pm Fri., 12-9:30pm Sat. and 12-9pm Sun.

Award-Winning Service & Cuisine!


3315 W. Northwest Blvd. Spokane, Wash. (509) 323-1600



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Browne’s SHOPPING Addition & FOR THE WestBEST Side


June 6 through September 6, 2009 Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture


ostumes from “Star Wars,” “Blade Runner,” “The Terminator,” “Star Trek,” “Battlestar Galactica” and many more of the most popular films and television shows of all time tell the story of how costumes play a crucial role in defining characters for visual storytelling in media. The exhibition examines how costume design incorporates color, style, scale, materials, historical traditions and cultural cues to help performers and audiences engage with the characters being portrayed. The exhibition’s purpose is to offer museum visitors new ways of seeing characters as defined by their costumes. The exhibition is organized into sections based on themes such as “Heroes and Villains,” “Creating the Character” and “Caped Crusaders,”

as well as specific franchises such as Star Trek and Star Wars. Highlights of the exhibition include leather jackets from “The Terminator” and “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade;” the Batman costume worn by George Clooney in “Batman and Robin;” Darth Vader’s cape, helmet and light saber from “Star Wars;” a Klingon warrior costume from “Star Trek;” and the Wicked Witch of the West’s hat from “The Wizard of Oz.” This original traveling exhibition was organized by the Experience Music Project’s Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle. Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture 2316 W. First Ave. (509) 456-3931

“I don’t like to say I have given my life to ar t. I prefer to say ar t has given me my life.” Frank Stella



Browne’s Addition & West Side





Browne’s Addition & West Side From Browne’s Addition to Cheney, Spokane’s West Side is home to the beautiful Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture, the Spokane Airport and Eastern Washington University Campus in Cheney.


n the 1970s and 80s, Browne’s Addition was considered less than desirable. Run-down houses with knee-high grass were a common sight; crime was rampant. When potential renters responded to an apartment ad and discovered its location, their response would be an automatic “No thanks.” The neighborhood was known as hippie haven. Then, in the early 80s, a group of optimistic neighbors began a branding campaign to put forth the neighborhood as historic—not just old. They came up with a logo and directed neighborhood funds received through a HUD grant to be spent on old-style street signs, historic plaques, a traffic turn-a-round and a replica gazebo in Coeur d’Alene Park. The branding campaign worked, and over the years, the perception of the neighborhood gradually changed. As the apartment occupancy rate increased, so did the revenue the building owners were willing to reinvest. Today, the upscale neighborhood is now full of classy and hip highend condos and refurbished stately homes.


See what’s new @

Take a stroll in Browne’s Addition to see how this magnificent area has once again come alive, allowing for growth of new businesses. This area is home to many historic homes to include the E. J. Roberts’ Mansion, Patsy Clark’s Mansion, the Campbell House and the centerpiece of the neighborhood, the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture (MAC). The MAC is one of Spokane’s must-visit treasures featuring art, history and cultural exhibits along with family focused activities. The Café at the MAC is provided by D’Zaar Cuisine and serves American and Middle Eastern lunches, along with delicious pastries. Don’t go on Monday; it’s their day off! The corner of Cannon Street and West Pacific is home to the Elk Public House, the most popular neighborhood restaurant for all ages, Café Maron and Pacific Avenue Pizza. Coeur d’Alene Park in Browne’s Addition is home to one of the largest art events in the area— ART FEST, which is sponsored by the MAC. The Elk also has the Elk Fest that same weekend, which is filled with live music and merriment.

This three-day event of art, art-making and performances by local musicians is fun for the entire family! South on Highway 395 to Pullman at CheneySpokane Road you will find Chaps Café in an unlikely setting next to the Trading Company grocery store. Chaps is a relocated house turned into a charming and cozy café, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with occasional live music. Also in this location is Latah Bistro, a popular spot with a talented chef, live music and top-notch service. The Latah Creek Variety Market brings local foods and artisans together three to four times each summer. Out on Sunset Highway (State Route 2), the former Prospectors is now the Rusty Moose Bar and Grill owned by Frank and Aaron Delis. Longtime successful restaurateurs in the Spokane area, they bring a sophisticated menu to the table that is also family friendly, near the Hilton Garden Inn. A little farther west to Hayford Road, then north, is the ever-entertaining Northern Quest Casino and its five restaurants: Rivers Edge Buffet offering a different buffet each night, whether it be Italian, seafood, ribs or steaks, and enjoy their brunch on Sundays; Woodlands, offering fresh menu items weekly; Fai’s Noodle House, serving Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine; Legends of Fire, which houses more than 30 flat-screen TVs and serves Bloody Mary’s until 4pm daily; and The Deli, where you can find everything from


Browne’s Addition & West Side hot dogs and sandwiches to pizza, pastries and ice cream. This west plains area is where Airway Heights, Medical Lake and Four Lakes surround Fairchild Airforce Base. Cheney lies south between Highway 395 and Highway 195 and is where you will find Eastern Washington University campus. You will also find Sweet Savoy, where owners Jennie and Jenna bring you personal recipes that are made from scratch daily. At Artist Café, you are treated like family by Josie, Amor and Mila, who are sisters

and co-owners. They also reach out to local EWU students by offering them specials. Lenny’s is the neighborhood Italian restaurant, and the authentic Italian food is made to-order. Klink’s on the Lake is at Williams Lake, a surprising upscale restaurant that is way out of the way but worth the trip when you want to take the time for a drive and a little conversation while in search of some great food. They are famous for their prime rib and many other dishes, along with their service.


Chaps Café 4237 S. Cheney-Spokane Rd.

(509) 624-4182

American Café $-$$

Dreams do come true! Welcome to Chaps, first conceived when I was a little cowgirl in Montana, where I was nurtured, encouraged and championed by my two loving grandparents. They remain very much alive today within the décor, the food and hopefully, the warmth I remember so vividly. I designed, built and furnished the café with materials, art and objects from my family’s homestead in order to evoke special meaning and memories. I am proud to serve you in the same aprons my grandmother wore while caring for her own family. I hope your time at Chaps brings as much pleasure to you as I am having in sharing it! Enjoy our Bittersweet Pastries fresh everyday. Winner of the Spokane Visitors Bureau “Top Table Award.” Serving breakfast 7:30am-3pm Fri.-Sun., lunch 11am3pm daily and dinner 5pm-Close Wed.-Sat. 2008

The Elk Public House 1931 W. Pacific Ave.

(509) 363-1973

Pub & Grill $-$$

We’re Spokane’s not-so-secret neighborhood restaurant located in the heart of historic Browne’s Addition. Featuring fresh salads, soups, sandwiches and pastas all made from scratch. Great selection of micro-brewed beers, wines by the glass and freshly squeezed juice cocktails served in a comfortable pub-style atmosphere. We also feature some of the region’s best outdoor seating. Open 11am daily. For menu, specials and more, visit our Web site.

Every Neighborhood Should be So Lucky! Two Seven Public House 2727 South Mt. Vernon #5, Spokane South Hill (509) 473-9766

Traditional Food and Ales Handcrafted Beers on Tap and Cocktails Our website?

The Elk Public House 1931 West Pacific, Spokane Browne’s Addition (509) 363-1973




Chaps Café

Real comfort food embraces all of our senses. The enchantment of preparing food, which brings solace, is mysterious. We are all vulnerable to the sweeping affection we have within our memories of a personal story or experience told through delicious recipes and charming reflections of eating and sharing. It teases our

Chaps An Unscripted Café BY: Celeste R. Shaw

The West has an enduring impression on the people who have lived here or been raised in its possession. It’s a place where the prairie meets the mountains, the mountains meet the sky and the sky goes on forever. It’s the home of our legends, our heroes and outlaws. It’s our romanticized past and present.


Y earliest memory of life with my Grandmother Selma, a no-nonsense Eastern Montana farm girl, was waking to the mouth-watering aromas of baked bread and fried summer sausage. Simultaneously, those smells folded into the delicious wafting of a freshly boiled cowboy coffee. Slabs of smoke-cured ham steak toyed with my tiny nostrils like a siren song. I would lie beneath fresh clotheslinedried sheets and dissect the air for scents that could only come from the magic of her primitive kitchen. Chokecherry preserves,


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creamy thick gravy, mounds of fried potatoes seasoned just so with a crunchy outer crust, oatmeal to ‘die for.’ Inevitably, everybody has his or her own idea of what constitutes a comfort food. More often than not, foods described as such are conjured from memories of past times and places that were safe and inviting, warm and friendly, loving and nurturing. It isn’t comfort food unless it offers you contentment thinking about it, as well as of the person who made it for you. The food is straight-forward and an unpretentious fare.

Chaps Café noses and seduces our eyes. Taste buds are in suspense, which in turn triggers emotions and memories. I love to listen to the sizzle of my favorite dishes in a griddle or the crunch of that first anticipated bite. Comfort food has the

minds of those we serve. Chaps, the café, is a turn-of-the-century farmhouse, converted and fashioned into a place of refuge where comfort food is recognized as king. It is an ideal that we strive for every

Chaps, the café, is a turn-of-the-century farmhouse, converted and fashioned into a place of refuge where comfort food is recognized as king. power to commence imagination and to transcend us through time. And make no mistake. Comfort food means generous portions. With comfort food, very little plate can be showing. The size and amount of food heaped onto a platter that elicits an ‘oh my goodness’ response. Lastly, it isn’t comfort food unless one of the first thoughts that pops into your head as you spoon or fork or munch down the target cuisine is that the food taste just like, or just about as good as—Mom’s, Grandma’s, Auntie’s, Dad’s, etc. Accordingly, a restaurant or café can never be so arrogant to assert or believe that its own efforts are better than the comfortfood version that is so firmly ensconced in the

day. My inspiration for the look and feel of the restaurant is my grandmother. She, too, is an integral part of the menu that serves our very loyal contingent of patrons. It is with great pride and honor that Chaps has come to be associated with the kind of fare known as comfort food. We created many new recipes, re-tooled family

standbys and reinterpreted the classics. It’s allsimple, honest and delicious food, offered with great respect for hardworking people who take life head on in a wonderful way. But the real truth is that by the end of my very first day I knew, sitcom moments notwithstanding, that owning Chaps would become a love story. And it has. I love it.

GETTING THERE Chaps: From I-90, take Exit 279. Go south on SR-195. Drive approximately 2.5 miles and you will find Chaps at 4237 S. Cheney-Spokane Rd., located next to the Trading Company grocery store in the Latah Shopping Center. For more information, call (509) 624-4182, send email to or visit




My Three Chefs

Andrew Chambers

David Norman


f you have been to Chaps during a busy weekend breakfast, you’ve seen “Dirty Dave” Norman, Chaps’ firecracker chef, unleashed in the kitchen. At 29, he has been in charge of everything food since the opening of Chaps in 2006. From a humble beginning as a dishwasher, he has attained both theoretical and practical experience in nearly all aspects of the restaurant industry. He consistently demonstrates his passion, drive and desire to surprise and re-invent the classics of the traditional breakfast menu and comfortable diner-style lunch. However, this young chef proves he has the talent to prepare and serve complex selections from our innovative menu that includes familiar favorites and creative inspirations, as well as exclusive dinner and multi-course meals for special events. Enjoying Dave’s food is a leisurely indulgence. His meals are plated individually, and as such, the service is more intricate, requiring someone with a flair for presentation as well as cooking ability. Consistency is critical from preparation to presentation. Try his to-die-for Pumpkin or Blueberry Muffin French toast.


oung and inspiring. Definitive on skill and receptive to learn. Two years ago, at the tender age of 19, with five years of kitchen experience already under his belt, Andy began his successful career at Chaps. Particular about his servings and presentation, Andy is beginning to master the culinary world. Andy has a natural reverence and a whimsical streak. His personal qualities are recognized in his food. He has the talent to capture the essence of the season in every dish. Patron favorites: Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding, Shepard’s Pie, Salmon with fresh Strawberry Salsa and Cilantro, Pork Loin stuffed with Cranberry and Cherries, thick and from-scratch Macaroni and Cheese. For dessert, he makes an amazing Caramelized Banana Split.

Tim Ferguson



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n introduction to the food world delivering bread for La Panier in Seattle, Tim auditioned several restaurants and cafés until establishing himself as the executive chef at Tulio, a five-star restaurant centrally located in Downtown Seattle. Coaxed back to Eastern Washington, he was the perfect complement to Chaps. His philosophy of “just try it” is permission to revisit old favorites and try new enticing recipes and flavors. For anyone who has ever dreamed of being a chef or cook, Tim is an insider’s guide on how to endeavor in the culinary world—experience, talent and the ability to teach with patience. “Food is at the forefront of creativity,” he’ll tell you. It’s not just the food, but also the company surrounding you while you eat. Seasonal and simple with decisions for menu choice, he maintains a comfortable yet artistic perspective. Success in cooking? A happy, satisfied face.




Downtown Spokane Downtown Spokane dazzles the senses with year-round activities, festivals, amazing restaurants, a variety of shops and boutiques, and great entertainment venues. Downtown is the place to be!


ROM the INB Performing Arts Center, the Fox Theater and the Bing Crosby, to the edgy Knitting Factory Concert House, we host world-class entertainment such as Best of Broadway shows, concerts and comedians. Equally entertaining are the local shows including the Spokane Symphony performances, plays at the Civic and Interplayers theatres, and live musicians performing in bars, cafés and shops throughout the city center. First Fridays are a great opportunity to get acquainted with Spokane’s urban core and the numerous art galleries, specialty boutiques and restaurants that participate. Get an introduction to local, national and international artists, enjoy unique artist receptions, sample Northwest foods and wine, and hear some of the best local musicians live! The variety of shops in downtown has never been better, with more than 150 to choose from. An array of local boutiques and shops

from funky and distinctive clothing shops, athletic apparel and toy stores, to one-of-a-kind bookstores, kitchenware and furniture, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! With nearly 100 restaurants, Downtown Spokane is a great place to satisfy an appetite! The cuisine ranges from Asian, Italian and Greek to Mexican, American, French and specialty. With selections like this, you’ll want to make downtown dining a weekly date! In addition to fantastic shopping, dining and entertainment, downtown is an activity center as well. Riverfront Park and the Spokane River provide a one-of-a-kind setting for events such as Bloomsday, Hoopfest, First Night Spokane, SpokeFest, the 4th of July Celebration and many more. Downtown Spokane has something for everyone and has truly established itself as our city’s living room. Come be a part of it!


“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” Harriet van Horne







Downtown Spokane

Standing the test of time downtown are the long-time reliable Cyrus O’Leary’s, Rocky Rococo, Luigi’s, The Italian Kitchen, Europa Restaurant & Bakery, The Old Spaghetti Factory, the Sawtooth Grill, Rock City Grill and the Steam Plant Grill; all very popular spots for an enjoyable family experience. On the finer-dining options list for that date night with someone special or a cherished event on the calendar, the list includes Spencer’s, Hill’s, Mizuna, 360, Niko’s Greek Restaurant & Wine Bar, Scratch and Wild Sage American Bistro. Overlooking the Spokane

Downtown Spokane is experiencing another influx of new restaurants this year! It is cool to be downtown!


pokane doesn’t let a little bad economic news darken its spirit when it comes to believing in an optimistic future! There has been an explosion of new dining and entertainment options downtown, and the scene is still vibrant and upbeat. The newly refurbished Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox has definitely contributed to keeping things buzzing on the downtown streets. Nearby Scratch Restaurant and Rain Lounge has been a busy spot for theater patrons. Within walking distance of the Fox are the Davenport Hotel and its fabulous restaurants, The Hotel Lusso’s 360 and Cavallino Lounge,


See what’s new @

Moxie, Aqua, Raw, The Steam Plant Grill and Wild Sage American Bistro. Along with Interplayers, The Bing Crosby Theater, The Knitting Factory, The INB Performing Arts Center and the Spokane Civic Theatre, there is certainly no shortage of venues for live entertainment to experience downtown. Of course, no downtown experience would be complete without a little food with some wine or a brew to match. The variety of downtown restaurants provide whatever suits your taste, from pizza and kid-friendly to the most elegant fine dining available in the area. DAVENPORT HOTEL




River, which meanders through Downtown Spokane, enjoy the finest views of the falls with some of the finest cuisine and service to be found in Spokane at Clinkerdagger and Anthony’s at Spokane Falls, both just north of the river. The lunch and coffee-café scene includes the ever-popular Domini’s Sandwiches, Santé at Auntie’s Bookstore, Alpine Bakery & Bistro, Neato Burritos, Chicken and More, Soulful Soups, Brooklyn Deli, High Nooner, Brews Bros. Espresso Lounge, Conti’s Café & Tea House, 4 Seasons Coffee Co., Rocket Bakery, Thomas Hammer Coffee and Madeleine’s Café & Pâtisserie, with its fresh baked pastries still warm from the oven! An eclectic mix of fun doesn’t end with the nightlife offerings, which include the phenomenon of the Baby Bar, which demands a visit just to see it; The Blue Spark, Far West Billiards, Steelhead Bar & Grill, Talotti’s 211, Twigs, Dempsey’s Brass Rail, Marquee Lounge, Casbah, Catacombs Pub, Fast Eddie’s, DeLeon’s at Heroes & Legends, Satellite Diner and Bistango Martini Bar. See our Sizzle’n Hot List if you dream of dancing the night away. We have found most of them for you! No night out

would be complete without the Satellite Diner with their fun events and great food. They are open daily, all the way into the wee hours of the morning. There are no less than seven wineries and tasting rooms where you can explore Spokane’s own winemakers’ talents: Barrister, Grande Ronde and Whitestone tasting room, Robert Karl, Vintage Hill, Lone Canary, Arbor Crest tasting room at the River Park Square and Caterina, just north of the river on Washington. A local brewery, Coeur d’Alene Brewing Company, is housed in the Steam Plant Grill, and Northern Lights Brewery is in the next neighborhood—the University District. C.I. Shenanigan’s, also with their own brew, is a hidden gem that is tucked behind the Convention Center and east of the Double Tree Hotel in a beautiful location right along the river. Downtown is a must if you haven’t been there in a while. There are three ways to cross the river: Division, Washington and Monroe streets. Both sides of the river hold a wide variety of entertainment and dining options to enjoy. Don’t miss them!






PHOTOS BY Laurie Denney

Madeleine’s Café & Pâtisserie

Madeleine’s Café and Pâtisserie By: Jeanette Dunn

In the heart of Downtown Spokane, Deb Green and daughter Megan Poffenroth are celebrating! Their first year in the new, and very French, Madeleine’s Café and Pâtisserie has been a huge success and grown into more than they ever expected.


oing from the spark

of an idea of opening a quaint French pâtisserie to serving full-on breakfast, lunch and dinner, this bustling downtown café’s popularity has escalated quickly in their first year since opening. A warm and welcoming ambiance greets you as you enter Madeleine’s Café and Pâtisserie. The effect of the mother-daughter team, Deb Green and Megan Poffenroth, took their vision into a blossoming new atmosphere overlooking the streets of Downtown Spokane. Madeleine’s is a thriving place where people love to sit street-side, in full view of pedestrian and vehicle passersby. The mood here is that of a lively city at its best. The menu is eclectic and


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serves the smaller appetite as well as the hearty eater and those with a taste for pastries that have a true European flair. Ladies gather there, business people flow in and out for breakfast and lunch during the week, and the café fills with locals as well as weekend travelers from downtown hotels who are happy to send their guests at all times of day. The restaurant is truly unique to Spokane, and although it is clearly a well-orchestrated theme of French Provençal, it’s not a chain. Deb said she gets Europeans in frequently, both locals and visitors, who say they love it. “Now, we get local Europeans who come in and know they can get authentic pastries and classic French dishes. It’s been an affirmation that

we’re doing things right; doing them well.” They open in the morning with fresh baked quiches and exquisite warm pastries and serve DOMA, a locally roasted coffee with a huge following. Authentic French croissants, Croque Madame, scones, cinnamon rolls, muffins and strudels pair perfectly with the espresso served by highly trained baristas. Madeleine’s has quickly become a hub for business customers on the way to work and for convenient lunch breaks. Deb said their rapid rise in popularity has surprised her: “We knew we’d fill a niche. We were hopeful going in, but the response of our customers has been so positive, we feel extremely fortunate and grateful.” Being across the street from River Park Square shopping center brings in shoppers for a little break between stores, and with the skywalk system right overhead, the buildings are connected and easily accessed in bad weather. Madeleine’s opened as a six-day-a-week operation, with dozens of items in the gourmet case and a variety of fresh pastries. Now open seven days a week, the menu has grown with tasty new items being added on a regular basis. Specials change daily and many items are made to order. The gourmet display case allows for selections that offer diverse and refreshing new choices in enticing ways that are fresh all day, every day. They also offer alternative ingredients with farmers’ fresh organic produce and imported cheeses. Dessert pastries include Napoleons, éclairs, Florentines, crème brulee, cakes, fresh fruit tarts and cheesecakes. Chef Mercia Sheets came to join the team a little more than a year ago, and they began

Madeleine’s Café & Pâtisserie

offering a full dinner menu in the evenings. With her talents they were able to have the restaurant open at night with sophisticated, chef-prepared fine dining and are currently open Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. Deb said she is so happy to have Mercia on board and appreciates her contribution to the success of Madeleine’s: “Mercia is a respected and award-winning chef. We’re very proud of our dinner menu and the wonderful dishes she’s created.” Madeleine’s has quickly become a favorite destination for many evening diners. Popular items on the lunch menu include grilled paninis, hearty macaroni and cheese, pot pies, lamb stew, salads, the French Croque Monsieur and the popular “Sliders,”—three mini-burgers with caramelized onion, Gruyère cheese and Dijon on house-made white buns, served with Pommes Frites (fries). Ordering

“Now, we get local Europeans who come in and know they can get authentic pastries and classic French dishes. It’s been an affirmation that we’re doing things right; doing them well,” said deb. gourmet items to-go has been a big hit with the what’s-for-dinner crowd heading home after work, and for those who stay for dinner: fine wine, beer and live music (on Fridays) with full tableside service are also on the menu. As one of the few places serving breakfast Saturday and Sunday downtown, they have been very busy on the weekends. “People love to have breakfast here,” said Deb. “The atmosphere is very relaxed.” And, who wouldn’t, when fresh pastries, eggs to-order, crepes, omelets, Brioche cinnamon rolls and croissants are offered? For breakfast and lunch, the service is “order-and-sit-down”—ordered at the counter and delivered to the table. Madeleine’s Café and Pâtisserie is a unique restaurant destination well worth the trip downtown. Deb, Meg and their friendly staff will welcome you with a smile at any time of day. From fresh baked croissants to traditional Croque Monsieur or the signature Salmon prepared with a honey-lavender Beurre Blanc, the studied perfection of this little jewel makes it the perfect downtown destination.

Special Events to Remember Live Music every Friday Night Place de Madeleine Street Fair Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Breakfast with Santa Sundays in December 2009

GETTING THERE Madeleine’s is located in Downtown Spokane at the corner of Main and Wall streets at 707 W. Main. Main is a one-way street heading east-bound, and Wall Street is a walkingonly street in the blocks surrounding Madeleine’s, making it easy to park a block away and easy to cross from River Park Square shopping center. Open daily, 7:45am-5pm Mon.Wed., 7:45am-10pm Thurs.-Fri., 9am-10pm Sat. and 9am-2pm Sun. Call (509) 624-2253 • View full menus @



• Dinner •

Thursday - Saturday starting at 5pm Reservations available 7 Catering available & Open for private parties Sunday - Wednesday


METHOD: In a medium saucepan, place the apricots (and syrup), kosher salt and pepper. Bring to a simmer and cook (stirring often) until the apricots are soft and breaking apart, and the liquid is somewhat reduced. Add the brandy and cook for a minute or two. Remove from heat. Add butter and stir until combined. Set aside.


| 1 (15 oz.) | 1/2 tsp. | 1/2 tsp. | 1/4 C. | 1/2 C. | | | 8 tsp.

Rub both sides of each chop with kosher salt and pepper. Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. Sear chops on both sides until golden and chops are firm (they should be slightly pink in the middle).

Sage, finely chopped Can of Apricots in Syrup Kosher Salt Coarse Ground Pepper Brandy Unsalted Butter


Vegetable Oil

Serve with sauce, mashed potatoes and preferred vegetable, if desired. Garnish with toasted pecans and sage.

Toasted Pecan Pieces for Garnish


Madeleine’s Café & Pâtisserie Downtown – 707 W. Main Ave. 

(509) 624-2253

French Provençal $-$$

A warm, welcoming ambiance greets you as you enter this family owned, authentic French Provençal Café & Pâtisserie in the heart of Downtown Spokane’s bustling shopping district. Whatever the time of day, Madeleine’s is a cozy gathering place; be it for a mid-week espresso and pastry, to meet friends for a unique lunch experience, a weekend breakfast of classic comfort foods or for a sophisticated, chef-prepared fine dining experience Thursday through Saturday evenings. From fresh baked croissant to traditional Croque Monsieur, or the signature Salmon prepared with a honey-lavender Beurre Blanc, the studied perfection of this little jewel makes it the perfect downtown destination. We also have live music every Friday night. We are open 7:45am-5pm Mon.-Wed., 7:45am-10pm Thurs.-Fri., 9am-10pm Sat. and 9am-2pm Sun.

• Enjoy Breakfast •

French toast, Omelets, Eggs, Crepes, Quiche, Croque Madame & fresh baked pastries 7 including croissants and other traditional breakfast items | Quiche & Pastries available all week | Hot breakfast served Saturday 9am -12pm & Sunday 9am - 2pm Lunch served daily • Voted Favorite New Restaurant of 2008 by the Sizzle •

707 West Main Avenue | Spokane, WA 99201 | 509-624-2253


Dine With a View

360 / Cavallino Lounge 1 N. Post St.

(509) 624-1133

Eclectic $$-$$$

Spokane remembers the days when the restaurant at the Hotel Lusso was the hottest happening spot in the city; it’s back as 360. New owners William Webster and Michael Ravens have returned it to a destination dining experience like no other. The inspiration for the future explosion in creative cuisine, mixed with some old favorites, is what makes 360 a return to downtown dining. Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, we cover you all the way around. Our Cavallino Lounge, with a new look and feel, has and always will be the place for that after-work cocktail or that cozy night cap. With a small lounge menu and great cocktails, Cavallino Lounge hits the spot. 360 is open for breakfast 7:30am-11am, lunch 11am-2pm and dinner 5pm-Close. Cavallino Lounge is open 4pm-Close daily. Reservations suggested.

Alpine Bistro & Bakery 810 N. Monroe St.

(509) 327-7040

Bistro & Bakery $-$$

We are situated just north of the Monroe Street Bridge in the heart of the Monroe Antique and Courthouse district. Our breads are served at many area restaurants. Our classic European and American dishes are downto-earth with fantastic flavor and great presentation. We carry a local and European selection of beers and wines to complement any meal. We are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or just stop by for a great cup of coffee and one of our signature desserts. Come in and enjoy an intimate dining experience. Potpies, quiches and other entrées can be ordered to take home to the family or for a special dinner. And don’t forget a bottle of wine, bread and a dessert to finish. Catering available. We are open Mon.-Sat.

More than just coffee! Our guests savor the finest fresh fish from our own seafood company and Northwest designer beef from the family-owned Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch while enjoying dramatic views of Spokane Falls.

In the heart of Downtown’s Davenport District, relax and enjoy premium coffee, fine wines and microbrews in our cozy cafe

510 N. Lincoln St. 509-328-9009


See what’s new @


10 N. Post (509) 456-5858 (Corner of Post and Sprague)

Downtown Anthony’s at Spokane Falls


510 N. Lincoln St.

(509) 328-9009

Seafood & American $$-$$$

Brews Bros. Espresso Lounge

Melissa Lang, Lasso, 2008

Enjoy fresh seafood with the best view dining in Spokane! Overlooking the grandeur of the upper Spokane Falls, Anthony’s offers the finest in fresh Northwest seafood in the heart of Downtown Spokane. Enjoy warmweather dining on the expansive deck, where the rush of water can be heard as you enjoy cocktails, lunch or dinner. In addition to the freshest seafood available, we also offer a selection of great steaks, pasta and salads, all complemented by fresh-from-the-farm local produce, Northwest wines— including many selections from Spokane-area wineries—and microbrews. Banquet facilities available for your special celebration. Lunch 11:30am-3pm Mon.-Sat., dinner 4-9:30pm Mon.-Thurs., 4-10:30pm Fri.-Sat. and 3-9pm Sun., with Sunday Brunch 10:30am-2pm. 2008

10 N. Post St. (509) 456-5858 (In the Davenport District on the corner of Post and Sprague) Coffee, Wine & Beer $

Downtown’s newest live music venue! Come sit back, relax and enjoy our cozy atmosphere! Whether it be our specialty blended “Mescolato,” a warm Eastern Chai or simply a nice glass of wine you desire, Brews Bros. is the place to meet and catch up with friends. Come and listen to our live music each Friday and Saturday night, and let us be your after-dinner spot for entertainment and conversation!

523 West Sprague Avenue, Spokane, WA 99201

Clinkerdagger 621 W. Mallon St.

(509) 328-5965

509-838-3740 Tuesday- Saturday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Seafood, Prime Rib & American $$-$$$

A true Spokane landmark by the Falls … Clinkerdagger’s historical business was established in 1974 and has retained its original Old-English decor and architecture. Best known for our Rock-Salt Roasted Prime Rib and our seafood, which is so fresh you’ll think it was caught out the back door! We also serve tempting lunches and host the best Happy Hour in town! Don’t forget to reserve private dining in the Bickerstaff Room. We can accommodate large groups up to 40. We also proudly support the Venessa Behan Annual Benefit Dinner, Crosswalks Teen Center and local food banks. We are open 11am-10:30pm Mon.-Thurs., 11am-11pm Fri., Noon11pm Sat. and Noon-10pm Sun.

Isabella’s Restaurant & Gin Joint 21 W. Main Ave.

(509) 624-0660

Eclectic $-$$

Feast Catering Co. Spokane & CdA

(509) 879-9568

Feast focuses on seasonal, local and organic ingredients. Sylvia Wilson, former owner of Mizuna restaurant, has been catering in Spokane since 1996 and began Feast in 2007. Vibrant flavors along with modern presentation make Feast the perfect choice for any celebration.

Hill’s Restaurant & Lounge 401 W. Main Ave.

(509) 747-3946

Traditional & Contemporary $-$$

Family owned and operated since 1993! If you were never at our previous location, which was “Someplace Else,” we welcome you to our new home on the corner of Main and Washington, across from Auntie’s Bookstore, just one block from the Performing Arts Center and new Convention Center. Our menu offers a comprehensive lunch and dinner selection, ranging from the traditional to the innovative. High-quality ingredients with personalized service and unsurpassed value–that’s what makes Hill’s different. Come and join us for a memorable dining experience. Daily lunch and dinner specials, full bar and private dining room available, and we take reservations for any size group! Open 11am-10pm Mon.-Sat.

Our fine-dining steakhouse specializes in local ingredients with a classic hearty fare. Executive Chef William Webster specializes in Modern American Cuisine and works to make every dish hearty and flavorful, yet simple. Enjoy beef as well as fish, lobster, veal chops, lamb chops, pork chops and chicken. Choose from our new Washington rich wine list with an array of wines to complement any dish. Our goal is to offer a dining experience that will keep you coming back for more. Open 11am-Close daily, Happy Hour 4-6pm daily. Reservations suggested, please call.

Lorinda Knight Gallery 523 W. Sprague Ave. (In the Davenport District)

(509) 838-3740

Find what you are looking for at the Lorinda Knight Gallery. This spacious gallery represents 50 of the best artists in the Northwest. Monthly exhibits showcase contemporary paintings, sculpture, photography and original prints in a handsome light-filled space. Recent works by gallery artists are on display and available for purchase on the mezzanine. Surprise yourself! We are open 11am-6pm Tues.-Sat. and by appointment. Lorinda Knight, Director.




Scratch Restaurant

Scratch’s Year One Rain Lounge Debut By: Jillian De Lallo

Spokane was introduced to a new restaurant late 2007—Scratch— and it’s been going strong since day one. Now, with the new Rain Lounge next door, they’re destined to be an even bigger hit!


t could be due to the fact that owners Jason Rex, formerly of Fugazzi at the Hotel Lusso, and Connie Naccarato, former owner of Mamma Mia’s, love what they do. It could be that they offer a diverse, ever-changing menu from scratch, or it could be that taking a seat at one of the candle-lit tables wraps you in a chic ambiance. Anyone


See what’s new @

will see from the menu that Scratch is all about diversity of ingredients and keeping things fresh, and Chef Jason creates an array of cuisine that incorporates organic and local ingredients. There is something for everyone here, and in their first year, Scratch has successfully introduced Spokane to a unique city-chic in the warmest of ways.

Scratch Restaurant The location, directly across the street from the Fox Theater, is a beautiful setting. Combine that with the top-notch service, great values on the menu and the full-service bar, and that makes Scratch a destination dining experience that is also a must for event attendees in the Davenport Arts District. As Connie said, “There’s a lot of competition out there. … You always have to be serving the best quality for a fair price, offering good service and just the whole packaged deal [to be successful].” Before there was even the concept of Scratch, Jason and Connie had known each other for years, as Connie frequented Fugazzi often. One day, as she and Jason were talking, he mentioned the idea that the two should open a restaurant together. “It just felt right,” said Connie, who had been in the restaurant industry with her family for 20 years but had sold the

business when her parents were ready to retire. “I just couldn’t imagine running our family restaurant without my family,” she said. But with Jason, who is now like family to Connie, “It was a good connection; we’d known each other and we respect each other, and that’s why this works.” After one five-hour meeting at the Davenport, they had the entire plan laid out for their future restaurant. It was then time to find a location. Although Connie battled her business partner over the current location of Scratch, Jason had a vision in his head from the moment he walked in. The space, according to Jason, was “destroyed;” completely gutted, with no walls, no electrical, no plumbing and, with damaged floors, it appeared hopeless to Connie. “When I walked in, I got this vision in my head. I could tell where the kitchen was going to be, how it was going to look, the ambiance,”

“When i walked in, i got this vision in my head. i could tell where the kitchen was going to be, how it was going to look, the ambiance,” Jason said. Jason said. “Connie really fought me on it a lot. She couldn’t really see how the disaster we were looking at could be a nice restaurant. We looked at eight or nine other locations, and I just held firm to wanting to go into this spot for several reasons: that it was right across from the Fox Theater, I knew this area was going to be booming, and I just loved the look of the narrow, tall ceiling—kind of like a big-city restaurant.” But Connie had a different opinion: “This was my least favorite [location]. I said, ‘I hope I eat crow,’ and I do all the time because this is really such a great spot; the whole vibrant arts district in this area. It’s a good thing he twisted my arm and it worked.” It took about a year from Connie and Jason’s first meeting at the Davenport to the opening of Scratch Restaurant, which opened Nov. 14, 2007. With a menu categorized as “Contemporary Fine Dining with an Asian Flair” and “Chef Rex’s Expressive Cuisine,” patrons have the opportunity to order from an array of creative dishes—steaks, fresh fish and seafood, Italianinspired and Asian-inspired foods, and more. Connie’s mother, Gertrude Naccarato, even comes in to make their homemade gnocchi. “We offer fine dining at an affordable price,” said Connie. With the menu revisions throughout the year, the items are constantly changing, but as Jason said, “There’s always salmon; there’s always ahi; it’s the preparation that is always changing.” In July 2008, Jason and Connie opened Rain Lounge. They had been interested in acquir-

ing the location next door from the moment they moved in to open Scratch, but it was still occupied by an art gallery at the time. Once the gallery was gone, they seized the opportunity to create an upscale martini lounge without the high-end prices. Together, they chose the décor and created the ambiance they foresaw for Rain. From the paint and lighting to the bar setup, it’s all a combination of Jason and Connie’s vision. What makes Rain Lounge unique is the fact that not only does it offer a great Happy-Hour food and drink menu specials, guests can order from Scratch’s full menu, even late-night (until midnight during the week and until 2am Friday and Saturday). Between the two different cocktail menus on both sides, patrons can choose from approximately 80 different martinis, more than 180 bottles of hard alcohol and 60 different types of beer, along with an extensive wine list. They are happy to be offering local Washington wines, including one of their biggest sellers, the Townshend Cellar T3 blend, which is only available in restaurants or at the winery. If you get overwhelmed by all the choices, try two of their signature cocktails—the Rain Drop and Scratch Lemonade martinis. Scratch Restaurant and Rain Lounge offer a little something for everyone, from a little stop for a brew and appetizers to a delightful creative dinner with fine wine. You are likely to find just what you’re looking for and a few tempting surprises. With the success of their first year, it’s sure to be well worth keeping an eye on these downtown gems.

GETTING THERE Scratch is located across 1st Street from the Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox, next to the Montvale Hotel, at 1007 W. 1st St. in Downtown Spokane. Rain is located next door at 1009 W. 1st St. From I-90, take Exit 280B, the Lincoln Street exit. Follow Lincoln Street and turn left onto W. 2nd Avenue. Turn right onto S. Madison and right again on 1st to find Scratch on the right.



Scratch Restaurant


| | 2 C. | 3 C. | 1/4 C. | 1 T. | 1 C. | 1 C. | 1 C. | 1 head | 1

Whole Duck

2 C.

Red Peppers, diced Yellow Onion Crimini Mushrooms, quartered Fresh Garlic Red Chili Flakes Soy Sauce Brown Sugar Salted Roasted Cashews Cilantro

Method: Preheat oven at 400°F. Roast whole duck until internal temperature reaches 165°F and skin is crispy. After cooled, de-bone the duck and rough chop meat and skin. Bring chili flakes,

Scratch Restaurant 1007 W. 1st Ave.

(509) 456-5656

soy sauce and brown sugar to a boil and simmer

Contemporary & Fine Dining $-$$$

for 3 minutes. Sauté all vegetables on high

There is always a reason to come to Downtown Spokane—Scratch! At our upscale yet casual restaurant we offer contemporary fine dining with something for everyone! Our food menu features all organic or harvested wild featuring local ingredients and includes a menu that is never stagnant (we change our menu every couple of months). We offer onsite catering in our banquet room or offsite at your desired location. Serving a full late-night menu at Rain. Scratch is open 11am-10pm Mon.-Thurs., 11am-11pm Fri. and 4-11pm Sat. Check out our menu at

heat until softened. Mix all ingredients.

To Serve: Serve warm, top with fresh cilantro and cashews, and make lettuce wraps with butter lettuce.

Lunch, Dinner, & Late - Night Dining Downtown: 1007 W. 1st Ave. (509) 456-5656



See what’s new @

Happy Hour & Late - Night Dining 1009 W. 1st Ave.


Satellite Diner & Lounge W. 425 Sprague Ave

(509) 624-3952

Diner Casual $-$$

Our outstanding, friendly and experienced staff is waiting to serve you! We are located right in downtown, where everything happens! Serving a full menu 21 hours a day, from 7am-4am daily. Come in and see why we were voted “Best Casual Dining” by the Washington Restaurant Association 2004!

Niko’s Greek Restaurant & Wine Bar 725 W. Riverside Ave.

(509) 624-7444

Eclectic Greek & Middle Eastern $$-$$$

On our way to celebrating 25 years—Niko’s offers the best in traditional and eclectic Mediterranean cuisine with the largest wine list in the Inland Northwest, earning the reputation as a destination spot for local and out-of-town diners. Our specialties include lamb, prime steaks, Greek and vegetarian offerings. Niko’s created special “Wine Tours” in which you sample a series of three wines—many tours to choose from and new offerings every two weeks. We also have a new special early/latenight dinner menu available 4-6pm and 9pmClose Sun.-Wed. In addition to dining-room and wine-bar seating, we have the option of private dining rooms—ask about our VIP dinner option. Dinner starting at 4pm every day. Reservations welcomed. Personalized catering available.

Rain Lounge 1009 W. 1st Ave.

How the Satellite Landed Downtown

Hot Spot


On a quest for a late-night meal in Spokane, looking for something other than a brightly lit Perkin’s or Denny’s, or heaven forbid another late-night drive-through meal, I realized there was clearly a need in Downtown Spokane for a late-night diner. Spokane’s nightlife was becoming ever-more popular, and there were many potential customers roaming about the streets looking for a fun place to get a good bite to eat before going home. We wanted a place to wind down after work for Happy Hour or a place to have a meal and some coffee before heading home after a night out. The Satellite Diner was an instant success; we could not have imagined what a destination place we would become. Shortly after opening the diner, the space next door (formerly a flower shop) had become available, so we decided to expand and open the lounge. With a lot of hard work and a great experienced staff, we managed to get it done. We began receiving awards from the “Inlander Best of” list and the Washington Restaurant Association, and we have also been as chosen the “Irish Business of the Year” from the friendly sons of St. Patrick! That is because we go the extra mile to keep getting better. Join us for a lot of fun promotions, such as nightly grab bags with fun prizes, an annual golf tournament and many others throughout the seasons. If you haven’t been to the Satellite, stop in and see what you’ve been missing! – Colleen Freeman, Owner


(509) 456-5656

Contemporary & Cocktails $-$$$

Opened July 2008, Rain is the must-try lounge in Downtown Spokane. Located right next door to Scratch Restaurant, Rain Lounge is unique not only because it offers great Happy-Hour food and drink menu specials—the full Scratch menu is offered at Rain, even late-night (until midnight during the week and until 2am Fri.-Sat.). Try one of our signature high-end martinis without the high-end price. Come in after an evening at the Fox, after work or swing by for our Wednesday Night Social.

l l i te ! Bar! e e t ! c i a ards he S S er v t w l l s A u e f F e Lov List o n t s a e k g Sp o s Lo n ’ e n a Sp ok



Downtown Palm Court Grill at The Davenport Hotel 10 S. Post St.

Peacock Room at The Davenport Hotel (509) 455-8888

Seafood & Contemporary $$-$$$

It’s all about fresh seafood, an extensive wine list and homemade desserts. Start with one of our signature dishes such as Crab Louie, named for original hotel owner Louis Davenport. Then choose between the fresh halibut served with lemon butter, mango salsa and topped with freshly toasted almonds, or the everso-popular French dip sandwich made with slow-cooked prime rib, served on a homemade toasted baguette. Don’t leave without trying our signature hot-fudge sundae sprinkled with our homemade soft peanut brittle. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open 6am-10pm daily. Coat and tie not required, reservations recommended.

808 W. Main Ave. (509) 455-8888

Cocktails & Appetizers $-$$

It’s all about Spokane’s best martinis, coldest beer and great music. Known as the place to see and be seen, the Peacock Room contributes to Spokane’s vibrant downtown nightlife. Showcasing a giant stained-glass peacock ceiling and voted Spokane’s “Best place to have a drink!,” the menu features such items as giant prawntinis, open-faced crab sandwiches and gourmet onion rings. Open 11am daily, 2pm Sun. Casual attire.

(509) 624-2416

Eclectic $-$$

(509) 363-1353

Physician-winemaker Joe Gunselman, while nestled in an old fire station in the Historic Warehouse District, focuses on Bordeaux-style wines and has received national recognition for his Claret and Cabernet Sauvignon. Robert Karl Cellars has been rated one of the “Best New American Wineries.” Open Noon-4pm Sat. and by appointment.

Zola, Spokane’s hottest new ultra-lounge. With an interior design like no other, and menu with our famous Mac-n-cheese and fish tacos, this is the place to be seen. Live music five nights a week, 13 beers on tap, wine and a full bar. Zola has it all for the young and the young at heart. Open 4pm-Close Tues.-Sat.

A celebration of award winning American cuisine

(509) 232-3376

Eclectic Northwest $$-$$$

Prepare yourself for a unique dining experience that is casual yet memorable. Visit any of our four locations and you will experience the perfect ambiance, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Fit to tantalize a variety of palates with the experience to pair your meal with one of our 24 signature martinis or fine wines. Premium beers and top-shelf cocktails are always available.

Vino! A WineShop 222 S. Washington St.

Zola 22 W. Main Ave.

Robert Karl Cellars 115 W. Pacific Ave.

10 S. Post St.

Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar

(509) 838-1229

Spokane’s downtown wine shop since 1995 features wine from around the world with an emphasis on Northwest wines. Good wine doesn’t have to be expensive. Our wine prices range from $5.95 to $300. We offer regular wine tasting on Friday and Saturday, wine education classes, wine dinners, a great Wine of the Month Club and a discount buying club in which you receive a 15-percent discount on all the wine you buy in a year. Vino! Where you don’t need to know a lot about wine. Open 10am-6pm Tues.Fri. and 10am-5pm Sat.

Wild Sage American Bistro 916 W. 2nd Ave. 


(509) 456-7575

Contemporary $$-$$$

2008 Full Service Restaurant of the Year! – Washington Restaurant Association

916 W. 2nd Ave, Spokane | | 509-456-7575


See what’s new @

From our made-for-sharing small-plate samplers to our extraordinary signature dishes, scratchbaked artisan breads, crackers and desserts, we feature fresh, flavorful fare presented with flair! Enjoy lunch, dinner or even a small bite after a show. We also have a fine selection of regional wines and handcrafted cocktails to enjoy. Reservations welcomed. Visit our Web site for our current menu and hours.

Want to know more? Visit our Web site and sign up for our weekly eNewsletter to keep up with the latest Sizzle’n happenings and events!

The Davenport

Private Dining at The Davenport Spokaneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s legendary Davenport Hotel and new Davenport Hotel Tower are home to three award-winning restaurants: The Palm Court Grill, The Peacock Room and the newly opened Safari Room Fresh Grill and Bar. All three restaurants provide private dining rooms which accommodate groups as large as 25 to 30 people in a personal setting. Groups may preorder special dishes or order off the daily menu. Each room can be set with presentation technology. The private dining rooms are ideal locations for special events, anniversaries, birthdays and holiday parties. Call (509) 455-8888 to reserve your private room today. For more information, and to view photographs and menus of each venue, visit the hotel online at




Feast Catering

feast By: Eli Francovich

noun. 1 - a meal that is well prepared and abundantly enjoyed, a celebration verb. 2 - to eat sumptuously name. 3 - sylvia wilson’s new catering company!


ood food is all about

vibrant flavors, textures and colors for Sylvia Wilson. The owner of Feast, a local catering company, Sylvia believes strongly in using fresh, local ingredients, while also placing the food in colorful and aesthetically pleasing arrangements. Sylvia began her cooking career in 1996 when she opened Mizuna with her high school friend Tonia Buckmiller. Although the two friends had cooked together before, Mizuna was their first serious business endeavor. “We grew up in California and started a small catering business together after college before moving to Spokane. Both of us were very much interested in food and nutrition and daydreamed about one day having a restaurant together,” Sylvia said. “Mizuna started out vegetarian, mainly because at the time, neither of


See what’s new @

us really knew how to cook meat all that well. Most people thought we were out of our minds for trying to open a vegetarian restaurant in such a ‘meat and potatoes’ town.” But with a little luck, some great press and many loyal customers, they managed to create a successful business. Although creating Mizuna was an incredible experience, she said she underestimated the time and work necessary to run a restaurant. “We were a little naïve going into it, which is probably a good thing, otherwise I am not sure we would have started it!” Sylvia said. After selling Mizuna in 2006 to long-time manager Michael Jones, she took a yearlong break. The time off was spent with family, traveling and reflecting on seeing her vision for Mizuna become a reality. Knowing that she wanted to spend fewer hours in the restaurant, but missing being in the kitchen, it was her

Feast Catering passion for cooking that brought her full circle back to the table. “I thought maybe I could cater a little because that would be a way for me to do what I love best—cook—while allowing me to decide my own schedule,” she said. Sylvia decided to call her new catering business Feast because the word suggests a celebration among friends. She started off slowly, catering mainly for acquaintances, on-site, in their homes, using their kitchens. Gradually, through word of mouth, she began taking on new clients, catering larger parties, wedding receptions and business functions at venues such

vibrant flavors

“I like serving food in different and unexpected ways. The element of surprise elevates the whole dining experience and brings a little excitement to the table,” saID Sylvia. as the MAC and Bozarth. Recently, she catered a high-end, multi-course wine dinner with John Allen from Vino! and the Purple Turtle, where each course was paired with a different wine. John and Sylvia have been planning wine dinners together for many years, and this has become one of her favorite things to participate in. Clients of Feast receive discounts on wine purchased at Vino!, as well as a little expert wine-pairing advice. Although taste and the quality of ingredients

local ingredients

are vital in food preparation, presentation is also important, according to Sylvia. “A large part of food is visual. I like serving food in different and unexpected ways. The element of surprise elevates the whole dining experience and brings a little excitement to the table. It doesn’t always have to be super fancy, but I always try to make it interesting.” One of her favorite pastimes is to visit the Spokane Farmers’ Market. Through the years, she has watched the market grow and has supported local farmers by purchasing as many ingredients from them as possible. “There is something so gratifying about meeting and talking with the people who actually grow your produce. And produce picked the day of, or day before, always packs the best flavors,” Sylvia said. She loves it when clients allow her the freedom and flexibility to create dishes that reflect what is in season and fresh. She often won’t know what’s available at the market until she gets there, so it requires a little faith on the part of the client who is planning their wedding months in advance. But as Sylvia said, “That’s the real secret of creating vibrant cuisine with lively flavors and colors.” To find more ideas on a feast of your own, call (509) 879-9568, email or visit

modern presentation

casual to formal celebrate with feast a catering company

call sylvia (509) 879-9568




Downtown Spokane Restaurants and Entertainment For more information about events visit ::

American Atrium Café 303 W. North River Dr. Red Lion Inn at the Park (509) 326-8000 Bourbon Street Uptown Food and Spirits 919 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 244-3279 Chicken N More 414 1/2 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 838-5071 Chili’s Bar & Grill 207 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (509) 458-2345 Cyrus O’Leary’s 516 W. Main Ave. (509) 624-9000 Fast Eddie’s All Purpose Pub 1 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (509) 455-8752 Knitting Factory 921 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 244-3279 Metro Café 510 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 747-8250 North 10 Café 10 N. Post St. (509) 458-2672 Red Robin International 725 W. Main Ave. (509) 838-5260 Satellite Diner and Lounge 425 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 624-3952 Sawtooth Grill 808 W. Main Ave. (509) 363-1100 Shutter’s Bistro and Bar 322 N. Spokane Falls Ct. (509) 455-9600 Silver Grill 515 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 838-6308 The Onion 302 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 747-3852 The Spread 230 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 456-4515

Asian Paradise 226 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 455-9042 Edo Japan 808 W. Main Ave. (509) 455-8015 FarWest Billiards 430 W. Main Ave. (509) 838-0630 HoHo Teriyaki Chicken 621. W Mallon Ave. (509) 326-6344 P.F. Chang’s China Bistro 809 W. Main Ave. (509) 456-2166 RAW Sushi & Island Grill 523 W. 1st Ave. (509) 747-0556 430 W. Main Ave. (509) 838-0630 Suki Yaki Inn 119 N. Bernard St. (509) 624-0022 Thai on First 411 W. 1st Ave. (509) 455-4288

Coffee / Tea 4 Seasons Coffee Co. 222 N. Howard St. (509) 747-0336 Brews Bros. Espresso Lounge 734 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 456-5858 Coffee Café 7 S. Washington St. (509) 624-8075 City Perk 701 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 458-7577 Conti’s Café & Tea House 108 N. Washington St. (509) 747-6540 Jimmy’Z Newsstand & Café 521 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 838-7613 Namaska 421 W. 1st Ave. (509) 328-8283 Next Door Espresso 903 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 455-7175 Nordstrom Espresso Bar 808 W. Main Ave. (509) 363-4215 Rocket Bakery 1325 W. 1st Ave. (509) 747-1834 Second Story Coffee House 309 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 456-2223 Spokane & Eastern Coffee Company 601 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 456-7346


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Starbuck’s Coffee 721 W. Main Ave. (509) 747-1305 The Daily Grind Uptown 421 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 744-0220 The District at Café Bella 915 W. Broadway St. (509) 328-7300 The Espresso Bar at the Davenport 10 S. Post St. (509) 455-8888 Thomas Hammer Coffee Company 122 N. Wall St. (509) 624-4521 Wake Up Call 108 N. Washington St. (509) 456-2983

Contemporary 360 at the Hotel Lusso 1 N. Post St. (509) 624-1133 Anthony’s at Spokane Falls 510 N. Lincoln St. (509) 328-9009 Aqua 830 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 747-2111 C.I. Shenanigan’s 332 N. Spokane Falls Ct. (509) 455-6690 Clinkerdagger Restaurant 621 W. Mallon Ave. (509) 328-5965 Herbal Essence Café 115 N. Washington St. (509) 838 4600 Hill’s Restaurant & Lounge 401 W. Main Ave. (509) 747-3946 Isabella’s 21 W. Main Ave. (509) 624-0660 Melting Pot, The 707 W. Main Ave. (509) 926-8000 Milford’s Fish House 719 N. Monroe St. (509) 326-7251 Mizuna 214 N. Howard St. (509) 747-2004 Moxie 816 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 456-3594 Niko’s Greek Restaurant & Wine Bar 725 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 624-7444 Prago Argentine Café 201 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 443-0404 Safari Room Restaurant and Bar 11 S. Post St. (509) 789-6800 Scratch Restaurant & Rain Lounge 1007 W. 1st Ave. (509) 456-5656 Spencer’s Restaurant 322 N. Spokane Falls Ct. (509) 744-2372 Steam Plant Grill 159 S. Lincoln St. (509) 777-3900 The Palm Court Grill 10 S. Post St. (509) 455-8888 Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar 808 W. Main Ave. (509) 232-3377 Windows of the Seasons 305 W. North River Dr. (509) 328-9526 Zola 22 W. Main Ave. (509) 624-2416

French Madeleine’s Café and Pâtisserie 707 W. Main Ave. (509) 624-2253

Irish O’Doherty’s Irish Grill 525 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (509) 747-0322

Italian Europa Restaurant & Bakery 125 S. Wall St. (509) 455-4051 Italian Kitchen 113 N. Bernard St. (509) 363-1210 Luigi’s Italian Restaurant and Deli 245 W. Main St. (509) 624-5226 Olive Garden 221 N. Wall St. (509) 624-1853 Pizza Rita 701 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 838-5100 Rock City Grill 808 W. Main Ave. (509) 455-4400 Rocky Rococo 520 W. Main Ave. (509) 747-1000

Mediterranean Santorini’s 112 N. Howard St. (509) 455-6771

Mexican Azteca 245 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (509) 456-0350

Downtown Quick Service Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop 808 W. Main Ave. (509) 455-8500 D. Lish Hamburgers 808 W. Main Ave. (509) 624-1495 McDonald’s 707 W. Main Ave. (509) 838-5503 Panda Express 808 W. Main Ave. (509) 624-0300 Pizza Rita 808 W. Main Ave. (509) 456-6355

Vino! A WineShop

Soup / Sandwich Brooklyn Deli 122 S. Monroe St. (509) 835-4177 Café Nordstrom 828 W. Main Ave. (509) 455-6111 Carnegie Square Bistro 1401 W. 1st Ave. (509) 363-1719 Cricket’s Deli 601 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 456-7346 Domini Sandwiches 703 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 747-2324 High Nooner 237 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 838-5288 Neato Burrito 827 W. 1st Ave. (509) 847-1234 Olde Mill Café 621 W. Mallon Ave. (509) 324-6325 Our Daily Bread 707 W. Main Ave. (509) 456-3473 Quizno’s Classic Subs 124 N. Wall St. (509) 458-3354 RLH North Bank Deli 201 W. North River Dr. (509) 459-6100 Santé Restaurant & Charcuterie 404 W. Main Ave. (509) 747-6449 Soulful Soups 117 N. Howard St. (509) 459-1190 Subway 808 W. Main Ave. (509) 456-7827

Night Life Baby Bar 827 W. 1st Ave. (509) 847-1234 Bistango Martini Lounge 108 N. Post St. (509) 624-8464 Blue Spark 15 S. Howard St. (509) 838-5787 Brooklyn Nights 122 S. Monroe St. (509) 835-4177 Casbah 416 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 747-1600 Catacombs Pub 110 S. Monroe St. (509) 838-4610 Cavallino Lounge 1 N. Post St. (509) 747-9750 Dempsey’s Brass Rail 909 W. 1st Ave. (509) 747-5362 FarWest Billiards 1001 W. 1st Ave. (509) 455-3429 Knitting Factory 921 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 244-3279 Lamp Post Tavern 408 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 624-8624 Lions Lair 205 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 456-5678 Marquee Lounge 522 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 838-3332 Merq Cafe & Liquid Lounge 706 N. Monroe St. (509) 325-3871 Mootsy’s Tavern 406 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 838-1570 Park Place Lounge inside the Red Lion Hotel at the Park 303 W. North River Dr. (509) 326-8000 Rain Lounge 1009 W. 1st Ave. (509) 456-5656 Steelhead Bar & Grill 218 N. Howard St. (509) 747-1303 The Avenue 415 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 624-2582 The Boulevard 333 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (509) 455-7826 The Peacock Room Lounge 10 S. Post St. (509) 455-8888 Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar 808 W. Main Ave. (509) 232-3376 Zola 22 W. Main Ave. (509) 624-2416

Where you don’t need to know alot about wine! 10am - 6pm Tue. - Fri. , 10am-5pm Sat., Closed Sun. & Mon. 222 S. Washington (509) 838-1229

Know It All?! You can learn all about wine … and drink it, too! “Know it All?!” is Vino! wine shop’s mystery wine game you get to drink! The game is a handy tool for those of you who want to learn more about the wines you’re drinking. Each month, the Vino! experts assemble fun facts and tasting approach instructions (swirl, smell, taste and swoosh) for the wine included in that month’s game. Recipes and food choices are provided for pairing with the wine included in the game package, with different flavors that enhance the flavors of each. A brochure includes information about where the wine is from and a place to make your notes to remember the wine with. Facts are provided about their stories, value and offer the taster a little “vacation in a bottle.” Suggestions are provided to help improve your wine senses: color, clarity, aromas, tastes, textures and intensity. Then, when your assessment is made, open the sealed tasting notes to see what Vino! has to say about it. Remember that no one is right or wrong, every palate is different, but its fun to share the experience. The monthly “Know It All?!” game is a fun way to explore wine tasting in a different way. Tasting wine becomes less intimidating and the game makes it easy to develop a deeper appreciation and more confidence to explore more wines. Exploring wines with Vino! will make you thirsty for more.

Want to know more? Visit our Web site and sign up for our weekly eNewsletter to keep up with the tastiest Spokane culinary happenings and events!

Find it at Vino! A WineShop, located at 222 S. Washington St. Downtown Spokane / (509) 838-1229 or



Steam Plant Grill

Hot Steam Plant Generates … Spot a Premier Restaurant!

Historic charm, elegant food, award-winning local brews and special events to remember … all from dining in a power house? This is one unique place! Originally constructed to produce steam heat for Downtown Spokane, the Steam Plant now produces a great atmosphere, food and service for your enjoyment! Think of it as a cut-away version of a steam plant, with fascinating alterations that re-invented this entire mass of piping, catwalks and steam-plant controls into both functional and interesting displays. This is a one-of-a-kind location that simply must be experienced! The plant once produced 15,000 to 370,000 pounds of steam pressure per hour, virtually every hour of the day and night, providing heat to most of the major downtown buildings until 1986. The landmark twin smokestacks were hand-formed using a total of 333,340 bricks in 1915! After functioning almost non-stop for more than 70 years, by 1986 it was no longer economically viable to operate. It was the vision of local renovation experts Ron and Julie Wells that gave wings to this unique restaurant experience. The Steam Plant sat idle for almost a decade before the transformation would preserve this historic building. Now housing 80,000 square feet of offices, retail spaces and the Steam Plant Grill, the Square has received numerous awards for historic preservation. The Steam Plant Grill’s menu features contemporary Northwest cuisine, an extensive wine list, Coeur d’Alene beers (brewed on-site) and a real “feel” for the history of this esteemed Spokane landmark in the heart of downtown.

dine on Traditional Northwest Cuisine and enjoy Local Handcrafted Beers

downtown spokane

159 S. Lincoln St. (509) 777-3900 validated parking

Spokane’s most unique landmark dining experience


See what’s new @

Hot Fast Eddie’s All Purpose Pub Spot Eat at Eds!

Steam Plant Grill & Brewery Downtown – 159 S. Lincoln St.

(509) 777-3900

Contemporary American $-$$

We are located in a one-of-a-kind renovated steam plant with 70’ ceilings,

High Prices, Warm Beer and Lousy Food … But, really folks, that is a joke! Fast Eddie’s is definitely raising the BAR on Bar Food!

catwalks and original boilers. Our building has won national awards, as have our beers. We prepare Northwest and pub favorites from scratch with local suppliers and produce including making our award-winning, hand-crafted beers right on site. We also offer a full-service bar, excellent wine list and private dining rooms for events, occasions and groups. See our menu and catering information on our Web site.

Fast Eddie’s 1 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (Corner of Spokane Falls Blvd. and Division St.)

(509) 455-8752

Sports Pub & Grill $-$$

Eat at Ed’s! Fast Eddie’s isn’t just for great brews anymore! With Chef Kile Tansy on board, we now have an array of dishes that rival any neighborhood bistro, along with our all-time favorite pizzas, burgers, dogs and sandwiches. We have a landmark gathering place on a busy corner in Spokane for more than 22 years, and we have some of the happiest hours in town. Weekly specials for lunches start at 11am, Power Hour starts at 3pm ($1 domestic beer) and Happy Hour specials last until 7pm. To-go orders welcome, just call ahead. Come see why we are raising the bar on bar food at Fast Eddie’s! Open 11am daily and Noon Sun.

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ast Eddie’s has been both a landmark restaurant on the corner of Division Street and Spokane Falls Boulevard for 22 years and a street-side icon in the where-to-meet-for-fun places in town. Being in the heart of downtown and so close to the University District, here is a gathering place for some of the happiest Happy Hours in town. Now owner Dale Kleist is raising the bar on bar food with a hot new menu that will impress the bar-food crowd and the neighborhood bistro lovers alike! Chef Kile Tansy, formerly of Ella’s Supper Club and Quinn’s, is the new talent on board and is glitzing up the menu with tasty new rotations on a regular basis. Weekday daily specials start serving at 11:00 a.m. with international meals for business lunches. The menu is bursting with flavors you don’t often find on a typical bar-food menu: Eddie’s Spaghetti—with unique sauce and pasta combinations, Aunt Edwina’s Hot Dish comfort foods, Eduardo’s Arribas’ South-of-the-border savories, Edi-San’s Asian Experiments and Ed’s Etoufee—Creole cookin’ straight from the bayou! And, never to forsake the popular and expected bar favorites, the menu maintains business as usual with longtime favorite sandwiches, dogs, burgers, fry baskets, salads and their famous little pizzas. Eddie’s is a homegrown, hometown bar that has stood the test of time, and being on the busiest intersection in town, it is hard to miss ... and you won’t want to if you are looking for one of Spokane’s favorite “get happy and watch the game with friends” places. The house is packed nightly, and our readers voted Eddie’s as the “Alive at 5! Favorite Happy Hour!,” making them a winner of the prestigious Spokane Sizzle Forkin-Cork Award 2008!

Fast Eddies isn’t just for great brews anymore. Eat At Ed’s

1 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. Chef Kile Tansy’s new menu is some of the best bar food in town! Open Daily at 11 am for Fast Lunches Ed’s Power Hour Happy Hour 3-4pm and more Happy Hour specials until 7pm!

To-Go orders are welcome! Call ahead

(509) 455-8752



Photos by Chris Guibert and Sheena Porter

Cheers to Beer!

The Best Job in Town By: Mary Jane Honegger

Spokane’s brewmasters share the art, science and inspiration behind local craft brews.


hile memories of

Sweetwater Brewing Company, The Ram/Big Horn Brewery, Fort Spokane, Birkenbiner and the Bayou may be bittersweet to local beer lovers, the talented brewers of Spokane’s three remaining breweries continue to delight Spokane’s beer drinkers with award-winning craft beers brewed from the finest ingredients the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Northern Lights Brewing Company was founded by Owner/Brewmaster Mark Irvin as a warehouse brewery in 1993. Seven years ago, Mark established the restaurant and brewpub in its present location just east of the EWU/WSU campus in the Riverwalk complex. Today it is the largest craft brewery east of the Cascades. Although officially a microbrewery, producing about 1,500 barrels last year, Mark prefers to be called a craft brewery “because that is what we are all about.” He takes pride in the variety and quality of beer he creates. “Craft beers are more flavorable,” he said. “They are fresher, diverse and more unique.” Northern Lights creates and distributes eight beers, both bottled and draft, to more than 80 accounts in Washington State and North Idaho, including many local pubs. Mark said he recently


See what’s new @

entered the Seattle market and hopes to reach brewery capacity of 2,500 barrels in 2009. His brewpub features eight year-round beers and at least one seasonal on tap at all times. Favorites include a delicately malty Crème Ale; an India Pale Ale (IPA) “with a substantial hop presence;” and a Chocolate Dunkel, a dark ale with “notes of chocolate and hints of roasted barley.” With strengths ranging from a healthy 4.75 to an impressive 9 percent, Mark’s ales carry a lot of wallop in addition to fresh taste. With the Spokane River as a backdrop, the Northern Lights pub offers a welcoming atmosphere with a touch of sophistication. The same can be said of the food—above average brewpub fare at reasonable prices. Watch for beer-inspired surprises such as Crystal Bitter barbecue sauce or their delicious Chocolate Dunkel Float. Coeur d’Alene Brewing Company Brewmaster Laurie Kraus has a long-standing reputation for producing award-winning, handcrafted microbrews. Laurie was already onboard in 1999 when new owners revitalized the business, adding a second brewery at the Steam Plant Grill in Spokane. Today, Laurie oversees the production of both breweries. The smaller Steam Plant brewery

produces six different styles of beer from Laurie’s creations, including Lakeside British Ale, Centennial Pale Ale and Golden Ale. Laurie said the most popular beers are his Vanilla Bourbon Stout, and the seasonals he congers up, like his summertime Strawberry Hefeweizen or Frozen Lake—a darker, high-alcoholic beer brewed to warm patrons up during the cold winter months. A unique dining experience awaits those choosing to visit the Steam Plant Grill. Located in a building that once produced steam heat for Downtown Spokane, the restaurant and brewpub offers a one-of-a-kind experience with its historic


Cheers to Beer! charm, elegant food—including many beerinspired entrées—and Laurie’s entire lineup of tasty brews. Coeur d’Alene Brewing Company bottled beers are available at the Steam Plant and many retail beer outlets in North Idaho and Eastern Washington. C.I. Shenanigans is the smallest of Spokane’s three breweries, according to Head Brewer Gabe Smoley. Considered a brewpub, since they sell their handcrafted beer only onsite, Shenanigans has been part of the microbrewery scene since 1997. The small batch operation produces about 350 barrels of ale annually—six standard ales and up to four seasonals. Although small, Gabe is quick to point out that every single style of Shenanigans’ beer has won an award. “Every time you drink one of our beers, you are drinking an award-winning beer,” he said. Like the other breweries, being a part of the community is important at Shenanigans. Every three months they choose a different local charity to support. Recently they supported the Big Horn Foundation’s mission to protect owls and raptors by producing and donating proceeds from the


together in traditional and non-traditional ways in search of the perfect beer, is what these guys are all about. “There is a mad scientist aspect to brewing,” said Gabe. It demands a technical and scientific process that requires patience and expertise, he explained. From perfecting the mix of ingredients to providing the ideal temperature, each brewer maintains constant supervision during the two-

“Every time you drink one of our beers, you are drinking an award-winning beer,” Gabe said. sale of “Hawktoberfest,” an orange, true Bavarianstyle Munich Oktoberfest. “Just close your eyes and you’re there,” said Gabe, closing his eyes and sighing. In addition to some of the freshest beer in town—brew lines connect their holding tanks directly to their taps—the C.I. Shenanigans seafood and steakhouse also serves up impressive meals. Pub guests are treated to contemporary, classic dining with excellent service, selection and style. Spokane’s brewers are passionate about beer. While many think they just may have the best job in the world, there is actually an exacting science behind brewing beer. Knowledge of that science; plus that passion for making beer; plus the inspiration to mix barley, hops, yeast and water

to-three weeks it takes to brew a new batch, with the thoroughness of an airline pilot’s pre-flight routine and the anxiety of a new parent. There are only two kinds of beer, according to Mark—lagers and ales. “The kind of yeast used makes the difference,” he said. Ales use yeast that requires being heated to a warmer temperature, while lager yeasts demand cooler temperatures. “All other beers are subcategories of those two types of beer,” Laurie agreed. “It is the type of grain used, the amount and type of hops added, and other seasonings, fruits and flavorings that make each beer unique.” While barley is the most widely used grain, Laurie said wheat, rice, oats and rye can be used as well. The grains are malted by soaking in water, which converts the starches into fermentable

Just a few 2009 beer events not to miss: March 17, 2009

St. Patrick’s Day Any Pub in town! June 5-7, 2009

Elkfest The Elk Public House in Browne’s Addition, Spokane, Wash. July 3-5, 2009

Seattle International Beer Fest Seattle Center, Seattle, Wash. August 2009

Silver Mountain Microbrew Festival Silver Mountain Resort, Kellogg, Idaho August 2009

KPND Summer Pint Night Various locations in Sandpoint, Idaho September 26, 2009

Daanen’s Oktoberfest Daanen’s Delicatessen, Hayden, Idaho October 17, 2009

Octobrewfest Brews & Bids Benefit for MS Society Spokane County Fair & Expo Center November 6, 2009

Epicurean Delight Benefiting the Inland Northwest Blood Center Spokane Convention Center November 13, 2009

Spokane Cork & Keg Festival Washington Restaurant Association Mirabeau Park Hotel, Spokane Valley December 2009

Winter Beer Fest Washington Beer Commission Hale’s Ales Brewery, Seattle, Wash. December 5, 2009

12 Ales of Christmas Capone’s Pub & Grill, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho C.I. SHENANIGANS



Cheers to Beer!


sugars. “Hops,” he continued, “are used as a bittering agent, cutting the sweetness of the malts.” Spokane’s brewers, like most Pacific Northwest brewers, produce exclusively ales, which tend to be higher in alcohol content and are noticeably more robust and complex than the more commercially made lagers. The ale family includes pale ales, milds (ambers), wheat beer (Hefeweizen), barley wine, porters and stouts. While the other brewers waxed eloquently on the finer aspects of brewing beer, Gabe shared the reality of his one-man brewing operation: “I spend 90-percent of my time cleaning and 10-percent brewing,” he said with a shrug and a smile. “It’s still the best job around.”

If you’re unfamiliar with microbrews, the best way to experiment is to ask for a “taster.” Each of the local brewpubs offers a taster, or a tray of 2-ounce samples at a reasonable cost. Another way to sample a Northwest craft beer is in a welcoming pub, where you’ll find the charm of an Olde-English pub with the friendly atmosphere of a backyard kegger. Each offers a broad selection of great food and a line-up of colorful taps that promise enough adventurous ales—and lagers—to tempt even the most demanding beer aficionado.


With a motto of “No crap on tap,” it’s obvious the Blue Spark is an original. The innovative bar features pizza and snacks in addition to 32 brews, including 13 craft beers, on tap. C.I. Shenanigans Seafood & Steakhouse offers contemporary dining in addition to the freshest beer in town. The brewpub carries six standard, award-winning ales in addition to four seasonals—all brewed onsite, just steps from the Opera House and Convention Center. Cyrus O’Leary’s offers a diversified menu and a small but exciting selection of craft beers. The family friendly eatery offers 100 menu items, more than 300 specialty drinks and five rotating microbrews on tap.

Fast Eddie’s All Purpose Pub caters to the local college scene with their claim of “High Prices, Warm Beer and Lousy Food.” While fun and food are a big draw, the local watering hole also offers a small selection of microbrews on tap and in bottles—and lots of specials! Voted Spokane’s best restaurant in 2003, O’Doherty’s Irish Grille is “the place to gather, chat, tip a pint and enjoy a little Irish flavor.” You’ll find traditional Irish pub food and a great selection of microbrews just one block from the Opera House and Convention Center. Experience an Italian meal with attitude at the Rock City Grill. Known for their famous Kamikazes, margaritas and martinis, the friendly bar also carries 13 microbrews, including eight on tap.

The Satellite Diner & Lounge offers customers breakfast, lunch and dinner fare in the relaxing atmosphere of a downtown pub. Their casual bar offers a small, rotating selection of microbrews, including four on tap. The Steam Plant Grill offers a unique dining experience and a half-dozen handcrafted beers brewed onsite in the heart of Downtown Spokane. Stop by for a tour of the historic building and try one of their microbrews, including the full line of Coeur d’Alene Brewing Company, handcrafted beers they have on hand.


See what’s new @

South Hill

North Side

Waddell’s Pub and Neighborhood Grill offers that perfect atmosphere of a friendly pub with a down-home feel. Southsiders have discovered Waddell’s offers healthy portions of great food with a gourmet touch—in addition to 20 beers on tap and more than 70 bottled beers.

Another fun-loving, college-student oriented watering hole with free popcorn, Fizzy Mulligans offers a friendly neighborhood place to tip a beer or two.

Like its sister pubs, including The Elk, The Two-Seven Public House serves creative entrees at reasonable prices in a comfortable pub atmosphere. They also boast a great selection of bottled brews and microbrews on tap.

Browne’s Addition

Nobody quite does it as well as The Elk Public House, located in one of Spokane’s most beautiful historic neighborhoods. Enjoy unusual pub fare and a great selection of microbrews either inside the cozy pub or outside on the sidewalk patio. Discover quality craft beer at The Swamp, a little hideaway just across the tracks from Browne’s Addition. You’re sure to find a brew to your liking with nine microbrews on tap and 80 or more bottled choices.

University District

David’s Pizza offers what many call the best pizza in town and great beer to wash it down, including four beers on tap and a wide variety of bottled microbrews. Long a hangout for sports enthusiasts, Jack & Dan’s Bar & Grill is a classic sports bar that caters to nearby Gonzaga students and neighborhood residents with standard pub fare and 15 beers on tap, including eight craft beers.

Hailed as only a 95-second run from Gonzaga’s Foley Library, The Bulldog caters to the college crowd with great burgers, free popcorn, games and a great selection of beer including 19 domestic and craft beers on tap. Northern Lights Brewing Company & Pub offers nine beers brewed on site, including one revolving seasonal. The pub is a local favorite with a friendly atmosphere and above-average brewpub fare at reasonable prices.

Enjoy sipping a brew while enjoying lunch or dinner at the Downriver Grill in the Audubon Park neighborhood. The friendly eatery offers a full menu including seasonal specials and a great selection of craft brews.

You’ll find great food, a family friendly atmosphere and great sports viewing with 60 televisions and 20 microbrews on tap at The Swinging Doors. You’ll find the “Best selection of common and uncommon beers, and uncommonly good food” at The Viking Tavern. With 100 different bottled beers, including 35 on tap, they offer one of the finest selections of craft beer available in the area. Although small, Tonicx, one of Spokane’s newest neighborhood bars, offers a friendly place to relax and enjoy their great selection of rotating microbrews and traditional beers.

West Side

Just five minutes west of Downtown Spokane, the Latah Bistro offers the feel of a European bistro with fresh Northwest flair, including an eclectic menu of wine, beer and spirits.

Spokane Valley

O’Doherty’s Irish Pub & BBQ Cater Co. in the Spokane Valley is famous for its comfortable pub environment, family friendly atmosphere, Guinness Beer-Battered Fish & Chips, Southernstyle barbecued meat and high-quality beers on tap. Do you want to know more about local pubs? Visit our Web site SizzlenCuisine. com and sign up for our weekly eNewsletter to keep up with the latest Sizzle’n happenings and events!

SHOPPING University District FOR THE BEST


Davids Pizza It’s Magic!


HERE DO WE START? How about … one little pizza shop that creates an unstoppable wave of popularity! One little pizza shop that is continually voted No. 1 favorite on most everyone’s list. College students flock to it; it’s right in the neighborhood. One little pizza shop that is the only locally owned and operated Spokane restaurant to serve international travelers at the airport, bringing pilots in for a snack to-go when they are well-traveled pizza aficionados. And, one handsome, humorous and charming owner who can bring home the

bacon, toss the pizza in the air and create something new and delicious with a sprinkle or two of special ingredients. And then, last but not least, cater to hundreds, even thousands, with his fire-engine, red-hot, pizza-cookin’ trucks! Mark Starr and his pizza—like magic. Call for delivery or stop on by. Or … hire them for your next really big party. They will come to you. They are up to the task. 829 E. Boone (509) 483-7460

“Without question, the greatest invention in the histor y of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.” Dave Barry



University District




University District

A community coming together to create a higher education corridor and an environment for learning, developing new technologies and housing student lifestyles.


he University District is located on both sides of the Spokane River, directly east of Spokane’s Central Business District and downtown. At the heart of the district, located on the south bank of the river, is the Riverpoint Campus, made up of the Spokane campuses of Eastern Washington University, Washington State University and Spokane Intercollegiate Research & Technology Institute (SIRTI). On the north side of the river lies Gonzaga University and Gonzaga School of Law. Just a short walk from these higher institutions of learning, you will find Downtown Spokane and the long-time favorites at the corner of Division and Trent: Fast Eddie’s, Talotti’s 211, The Red Lion Pub & grill and The Globe. Heading on east into the University District will take you through the new buildings


See what’s new @

that include Eastern Washington University’s Riverpoint Campus and SIRTI; you will also find Gonzaga’s gorgeous new baseball field. And just east of Hamilton and Trent is RiverWalk, the location of Dry Fly Distillery, Washington’s first craft distillery, and Northern Lights Brewery, celebrating their 15th year anniversary in business this year. Also known as the Logan neighborhood, a little north on Hamilton will present you with David’s Pizza, Arny’s, The Pita Pit, Jack & Dan’s and the Bulldog—the Sizzle’n scene for the college-aged population. You will quickly realize that the U-District is a fun and exciting place to eat, drink and be merry. There’s a lot of fun happening with the growth of the campus enrollments, and the options are endless. With the key design supporting pedestrian and bicycle-based

populations, the district provides a vibrant mixed-use environment with housing, campus facilities, amenities, shopping, dining


University District and meeting places. Adjacent to the central business district featuring Riverfront Park, a vibrant downtown, excellent recreation and a thriving cultural and arts community, Spokane’s University District offers the ideal learning environment. GONZAGA UNIVERSITY Gonzaga University is a private, four-year comprehensive university with an education philosophy based on the Ignatian model that aims to educate the whole person—mind, body and spirit—an integration of science and art, faith and reason, action and contemplation. Founded in 1887, the school enrolls about 7,000 students in 92 undergraduate and 21 graduate programs. The campus is situated on 108 acres along the north bank of the Spokane River and is within a 10-minute walk of downtown. On campus grounds lies the Jundt Art Museum with its traveling exhibits and Gonzaga University’s growing art collection. The Gonzaga Bulldogs are one of the highestranking NCAA Division I teams in the US. Gonzaga is named after a young 16th century Italian Jesuit, Aloysius Gonzaga, who died in Rome trying to save young people from the plague and was later named the patron saint of youth. GU, immersed in humanistic, Jesuit and Catholic traditions and values, also contributes to the public interest through commitment to community service. Gonzaga School of Law is one of three in the state, preparing students from around the country for careers in the legal profession and recently held session of the Washington State Supreme Court in its beautiful new facility.

was built with a $3-million grant from the US Department of Commerce and Economic Development Administration, along with matching local private funds. Featuring state-ofthe-art wet labs, as well as light manufacturing space and conventional office space designed to accelerate innovative companies, it has been the foundation for many of Spokane’s technology startups. Sirti offers a number of classes ranging from the early steps of how to pitch business ideas to the final steps of dealing with government contracts. Sirti is host to “Lunch and Learn” and the “Third Friday Seminar” series. WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY SPOKANE Spokane is home to Washington State University’s urban research campus. WSU Spokane combines the top scholarship of a nationally ranked research university with the opportunities of a metropolitan setting featuring advanced studies in health sciences and professions, design disciplines, science and technology, social and policy sciences, and education. The faculty is world-renowned; the facility state-of-the-art; and the student body diverse.


Want to know more? Visit our Web site and sign up for our weekly eNewsletter to keep up with the latest Sizzle’n happenings and events!

EASTERN WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY EWU is a driving force for the culture, economy and vitality of the Inland Northwest region, with its beautiful main campus in Cheney, Wash., its NCAA Division I athletics and opportunities for hands-on, real-world learning provide a classic, yet unique college experience. Eastern is proud to offer the state’s best economic value in public education. This has made Eastern an institution of opportunity for many students seeking an education that will provide them the skills and training critical to succeed in today’s changing work environment. Eastern also provides the opportunity to study one-of-a-kind, in-demand disciplines such as biotechnology, cyber security, forensic science, entrepreneurship, children’s studies, dental hygiene and urban planning. In addition, Eastern is the only regional university in the state to offer a doctorate in physical therapy. SPOKANE INTERCOLLEGIATE RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE (SIRTI) The Sirti Building on Riverpoint Boulevard first opened to companies in 2006. This facility



University District

Where Great Food and Great Beer Unite...

Dry Fly Distilling 1003 E. Trent Ave. at Riverwalk

(509) 489-2112

Washington’s first distillery since prohibition is making award-winning vodka, gin and whiskey. All our brands are carefully made from local products “from farm to the bottle.” We are open 8am-5pm Mon.-Fri. and 8am-3pm Sat. (Saturday’s we are usually bottling our goods from 11am-3pm) and closed Sun., unless we’re fishing, and then none of these hours can be trusted, so you better call first. We offer free tours, free tastings, not-free bottle sales and a notfree gift shop. Come see how it is all made!

David’s Pizza 829 E. Boone Ave.

(509) 483-7460

Pizza & Italian $-$$

Consistently voted #1 Best Pizza in the Inlander Readers’ Poll since 1996! We continue to provide outstanding quality with every traditional, handcrafted, New York-style pizza, Stromboli and Calzone served. Dine in or take out. And we offer off-site catering for groups of 100-1000! Our goal is to serve consistent outstanding taste, generous portions and exceptional service that will exceed your expectations. Serving lunch and dinner daily!

Northern Lights Brewing Co. 1003 E. Trent Ave. at Riverwalk

(509) 242-2739

American Casual $-$$

Thank you for 15 successful years as the Inland Northwest’s favorite micro-brewery! 1003 E. Trent Ave. at Riverwalk 242.BREW (2739)

A Sampling of our Menu!

Thank you Spokane for 15 successful years of brewing history as the Inland Northwest’s favorite micro-brewery! Located near Gonzaga University, we offer lunch and dinner daily, opening at 11am. We offer more than eight year-round brews on tap and more seasonal ales as well as a full-service bar. With our daily specials, we have a rotating eclectic menu including everything from seafood to pastas, to steaks; kids and families are welcome. Sports enthusiasts enjoy our big- screen TV, and being blocks from Gonzaga events makes us a great home plate for ZAGS fans! Banquet room and riverside patio for seasonal outdoor dining! Selling all brands of imported and domestic kegs for parties to-go!

Where Great Food and Great Beer Unite...

Chicken Enchiladas

Making AwardWinning Vodka, Gin & Whiskey.

Cajun Chicken Fettuccini

Open Mon-Sat 8-5

Two soft chicken enchiladas made with diced onion, red bell pepper, green chiles, chipotle chiles, Monterey jack cheese and plenty of spices and herbs. Topped with enchilada sauce and served with frijoles and salsa rice.

Sautéed chicken breast meat seasoned with our house spice and finished in a rich alfredo sauce (add sautéed mushrooms for an additional cost).

Planked Baked Brie A delicious serving of warm brie cheese smothered with a balsamic vinegar glaze, whole-roasted garlic, caramelized onions and peppers, accompanied with grilled toast points served on a maple wood block. Brewers Wings

We’re famous for our Brewers Wings! Served spicy hot with ranch

ton’s Washing First Distillery

Tours, Tastings & Gift Shop. Come See How It’s All Made.

dressing, carrot and celery sticks. Can’t handle the heat? Request our BBQ wings instead.

Reuben Thinly sliced pastrami with sauerkraut, melted Swiss cheese and 1000 island dressing on marbled rye bread. Chicken Pesto Sandwich

Roasted chicken breast, tomato pesto, sprouts, sliced

tomatoes and feta cheese served on focaccia bread.

Roasted Garlic Burger 1/3 lb. beef patty topped with cheddar cheese, whole roasted garlic and caramelized inions served on a Kaiser onion bun.

Crème Brulee Made from scratch in house. Chocolate Dunkel Float Vanilla ice cream and chocolate dunkel ale. Blueberry Ale Ice Cream Homemade with our blueberry ale. Chocolate Dunkel Ice Cream Homemade with our chocolate dunkel ale


See what’s new @

“Local Guys, Making Local Booze with Local Ingredients”

1003 E. Trent (509) 489-2112

South Hill



Presenting: Two Seven Public House Tucked into the Northwest corner of Lincoln Heights shopping center is the Two Seven Public House.


pened in April 2008, the Two Seven follows a long tradition of house-made comfort food in a comfortable pub atmosphere that won’t break the bank, a concept started by John Grollmus, Brad Fosseen and Jeff Meagher at the Moon Time in Coeur d’Alene more than 12 years ago. The Two Seven shares some menu items with its sibling restaurants—The Elk in Browne’s Addition, The Porch in Hayden Lake and The Moon Time in Coeur d’Alene—such as the hand-formed Moon Burger, made-fromscratch salad dressings and, of course, the 16 handles of draft microbrewed beer, fine wine and cocktails. But the Two Seven has added some new menu items that are sure to become favorites for years to come. Whether you take pleasure in the inventive house-made soups, extraordinary sandwiches, creative weekly specials or just a pint of the best beer around, you’ll find it at Two Seven. And whether it’s a business meeting or Mojitos on the patio, the friendly staff will always leave you with a smile on your face and some

money left in your pocket. So come check out the Two Seven and see why we say, “Every neighborhood should be so lucky.” Open 11am until midnight daily. 2727 S. Mount Vernon (509) 473-9766

“There is one thing more exasperating than a wife who can cook and won’t, and that’s a wife who can’t cook and will.” Robert Frost



South Hill




South Hill & Medical Center Area When someone says “the South Hill” is their location, it could mean several different places!


he lower South Hill is what we at the Sizzle office like to call the Medical Center area near Sacred Heart and Deaconess medical centers. This is where doctors’ offices and medical centers are the scenery, and the nearby restaurants pepper the landscape in between the trees and tall buildings. The area is focused on serving those who work and visit doctors’ offices there. Beau K Florist is nearby and handy for that hospital visit. The South


See what’s new @

Hill Medical Center area lies south of I-90 along the downtown neighborhood, and the street numbers are approximately from 5th through 14th avenues, first along Grand Avenue, with the rest of the South Hill branching out from there to 57th Avenue. The South Hill neighborhood of South Perry is on the east side just beyond Southeast Boulevard, and the west border is just beyond Maple Street with the cliffs on the west side of the hill.

The east side, South Perry, is a quaint business district that is home to the popular Liberty Park Florist, the Shop Coffee House, which hosts outdoor movies in summertime, the Perry Street Café and Lorien, the resident natural foods store housed in a charming windmill building. The west side of the South Hill, along Monroe, is the location of Huckleberry’s Natural Foods Market, a community market that is the hub of the gourmet lifestyle in the neighborhood. Just south is Picabu Bistro and Bennidito’s Pizza, near Rosauer’s grocery store. The center of it all is the Medical Center neighborhood where visitors can enjoy the speedy Qdoba Mexican Grill and Quizno’s, and longtime popular residents The Park Inn/Park Plaza. Just up the hill is Bittersweet Bakery & Bistro for the best crepes and finest desserts to be found, and Fiesta Mexicana, with Lindaman’s and Bangkok Thai near 14th and

South Hill


Grand. Hannah’s Garden Inn and the beautiful Glover Mansion both grace the hillside streets with their presence. Just a little way further up the hill to 18th Street will reveal one of the most beautiful centerpieces of Spokane—Manito Park. During summertime, they open a café, and just east of the park lies the Rockwood Bakery, a charming neighborhood gem and popular meeting place that serves beautiful bakery items and lunches with soups and salads. A little further south on Grand to 29th will bring you to the corner right by Gordy’s Sichuan Café. It is worth finding, so don’t give up! Turn right after the intersection of 29th and Grand, and look to the right behind the shopping center where Slick Rock Burritos and The Chalet Restaurant are.

East on 29th will take you to one of the shopping hubs of the South Hill at Southeast Boulevard and 29th. The neighborhood favorites here include Linnie’s Thai, Great Harvest Bakery, Casa de Oro, and further east, the popular Maggie’s South Hill Grill, Vin Rouge and Thai Bamboo, along with the recently opened Two Seven Public House from the owners of the popular Elk in Browne’s Addition. This neighborhood is a popular place to take a date, so you should know that Stanek’s Florist is nearby on 27th Avenue, and it’s a great place to pick up your free copy of the Spokane Sizzle! Nearby is the intersection at 29th and Regal. Regal will take you up the hill and south to 43rd, where the popular neighborhood favorite Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar and their new neighbor Waddell’s Pub & Grill are located. Another recent opening there is the Laguna Café, which offers live music and a great wine list! In the shopping area, you will find Maggie Moos Ice Cream shop, and just south is Ferrante’s Café and Round Table Pizza, a popular family friendly fun spot. Just when you thought you had gone far enough—yes, the South Hill could be its own city— farther south will take you to 57th, where Hangar 57, Okane and China Café are not to be missed. Class Act Cuisine is the resident grocery meals to-go spot for families on the go. And, if your trip to the South Hill means fine dining

E. 501 30TH AVENUE SPOKANE, WA (509) 747-1170 like no other, Luna is just west on 57th from Regal. This top-shelf restaurant is one of the most reliably pleasing, always creative and wonderfully hospitable in Spokane, and the wine list is outstanding. QDOBA MEXICAN GRILL




South Hill

A Sampling of our Menu! ROASTED GARLIC & ONION BREAD French bread slices loaded with oven-roasted onion, garlic and butter. Available with melted gorgonzola cheese for an extra cost. EPH CREAMY CURRY SALAD Romaine lettuce tossed with red onions, candied walnuts, red grapes, celery and our creamy curry dressing. SWEET PEAR AND SPINACH Tender spinach tossed with diced pears, red onions, gorgonzola cheese and walnuts in a sweet pear/vinaigrette dressing. BUFFALO CHICKEN A lightly breaded chicken breast topped with our secret hot sauce, melted mozzarella cheese and a carrot/ celery slaw, served on a toasted bun with blue cheese dressing. THE MOON BURGER A sixounce, lean, hand-formed patty, char-grilled and topped with melted cheddar and caramelized onions. Served with mayo, lettuce and tomato on a toasted bun. EPH ANASAZI BEAN BURGER These hearty beans provide the nutty flavor in our hand-made bean burger. It’s pan seared, topped with melted cheddar and served on a grilled bun with lettuce, mayo, red onion and tomato.

74th ST. GUMBO Inspired by Seattle’s finest Ale House. Chicken, sausage, shrimp and vegetables in a traditional sauce served over rice. It’s hot!!! EPH SALPICON A traditional Texan beef taco with shredded beef, chipotle peppers, jack cheese, red onions, cilantro and roasted poblano peppers. Served with warm flour tortillas, green rice and an Ancho aioli. GARLIC AND CHEESE RAVIOLIS Garlic and threecheese stuffed raviolis topped with a mushroom cream sauce. Garnished with parmesan cheese and served with sliced French bread. TACOS DE PESCADO Two warm flour tortillas stuffed with beer-battered and deep-fried fish, shredded cabbage and Mexican white sauce. Garnished with a lime wedge, a radish and a roasted jalepeno and served with ranch-style beans. CHICKEN CAESAR SOFT TACO A tender grilled chicken breast tossed with romaine lettuce, fresh tomatoes and our famous Caesar dressing, stuffed into a warm flour tortilla and served with a creamy chipotle and roasted corn pasta salad. EPH *EPH denotes items also available at the Elk Public House*

BitterSweet Bakery and Bistro 1220 S. Grand Ave.

(509) 455-8658

Bisto & Bakery $

At BitterSweet Bakery and Bistro, we take pride in combining fresh, top-quality ingredients that are lighter, less sweet and more flavorful for today’s appetites. We offer a variety of breakfast pastries, sweet and savory crepes, whole desserts, soups, salads and fresh baked breads. Our exquisite desserts include the popular, dense Three Chocolate Mousse and the classic Lemon Chiffon Cake. Dine in or take out. BitterSweet Bakery and Bistro is located across from St. John’s Cathedral on Grand Boulevard. BitterSweet … a French bakery with an American accent.

Two Seven Public House 2727 S. Mount Vernon #5

(509) 473-9766

Pub & Grill $-$$

The Two Seven Public House is the most recent addition to our restaurant family, which includes Moon Time in Coeur d’Alene, The Porch Public House in Hayden and Elk Public House in Browne’s Addition. At Two Seven you will find a menu featuring fresh salads, soups, sandwiches and pastas all made from scratch. Great selection of micro-brewed beers, wines by the glass and freshly squeezed juice cocktails served in a comfortable pub-style atmosphere. Open 11am daily. For menu, specials and more, visit our Web site.

Want to know more? For more Sizzle’n news and events, visit our Web site SizzlenCuisine. com and sign up for our weekly eNewsletter to keep up with hot Sizzle’n happenings!

Every Neighborhood Should be So Lucky! Two Seven Public House 2727 South Mt. Vernon #5, Spokane South Hill (509) 473-9766


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Traditional Food and Ales Handcrafted Beers on Tap and Cocktails Our website?

The Elk Public House 1931 West Pacific, Spokane Browne’s Addition (509) 363-1973

South Hill Gordy’s Sichuan Café 501 E. 30th Ave.  (509) 747-1170 (West behind Slick Rock Burrito near the corner of Grand and 29th) Fresh & Classic Chinese $-$$

Chef Gordon Crafts brings more than 25 years of experience cooking Chinese cuisine at his small neighborhood café. He prepares fresh and classic Chinese dishes, many with an emphasis on the spicy traditions from the Sichuan Province. Dining choices, served family style, range from tangy Lemon Chicken to tongue-scalding (fiery) Hunan Beef. Many of our customers come just for the Dumplings! The array of options on our menu includes vegan, vegetarian and a variety of dishes that can be modified for special dietary needs. A small, well-chosen wine list focuses on our Northwest lineage (roots). Here at Gordy’s, we offer a relaxed atmosphere with minimalist but warm décor, and our service is polished, fun and informative. Join us for a taste of Sichuan. We invite you to.

Linnie’s Thai Cuisine II 2526 E. 29th Ave. (Next to Hastings)

(509) 535-2112

Thai $-$$

Life is too short, so take good care of yourself, and while you are dining with us, we’ll take care of you. We only use the finest ingredients and raw products which contain no preservatives and no MSG. Our authentic Thai food is approved by the Thai authority, whose goal is to promote Thai food worldwide. We use brown sugar, sea salt, homemade broth, very lean meats and Jasmine brown rice mix. Give us a try sometime. We’re celebrating 15 years here. Ask for our Royal Thai Special! We serve to-go orders, too! We hope to see you soon.

Thai Bamboo Restaurant 2926 E. 29th Ave.

(509) 232-8424

Thai & Asian $$

Great Tourist Destination! Thai Bamboo’s award-winning cuisine has won the Inlander Readers’ Pole award as the #1 “Best Thai Restaurant” year after year! We offer a huge menu full of exceptional, authentic Asian cuisine, wild, over-the-top décor and fast, friendly service all at a very reasonable price! Now with four locations, you are just minutes away from the best Thai restaurants in the Inland Northwest. Check out the big new Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, location. It has a Las Vegas-style light show on the big star-filled dining room ceiling! The place is huge with a large banquet room and decorations that make you feel as though you are in an Asian museum. Check out The Galaxy Lounge for open-air dining and drinks … tropical style! Open 11:30am-9pm Mon.-Thurs., 11:30am-9:30pm Fri., 12-9:30pm Sat. and 12-9pm Sun.

Vin Rouge 3029 E. 29th Ave.

(509) 535-8800

Eclectic $-$$$

In his third year of business, Chef Tim Hartman continues to pride himself on offering his patrons only the finest and freshest meats and produce found locally in the Northwest. His menu is eclectic, inspired and varied with signature dishes such as the marinated Flank Steak with cojita and roasted red pepper polenta, jicama slaw, avocado vinaigrette and jalapeño jelly and his award-winning Wasabi Crab and Rice Cakes with spicy ginger vin and wasabi aioli. Our casual fine-dining establishment was designed with the guests in mind, as he offers extraordinarily prepared cuisine at an affordable price. Join Vin Rouge daily for lunch, dinner and our amazing Social Hour where menu items start at just $3. Breakfast is served beginning at 9am Sat.-Sun. Nestled in the heart of Spokane’s South Hill, we invite you to bring your friends, family and neighbors and make our restaurant yours.



The Persian Hour

The Persian Hour with Shahrokh Nikfar


hahrokh Nikfar is the host of “The Persian Hour,” which airs every Saturday from Noon to 1:00 p.m. on Thin Air Community Radio KYRS 92.3 FM. The first show aired March 21, 2004, the first day of spring and the beginning of the Persian (or Iranian) New Year. He describes Iran as a land of compassionate people with a strong sense of honor, hospitality and kindness. He further states that Iran’s long history has seen it go through many ages of enlightenment and challenges. And on its journey, it has acquired many treasures of which its cuisine is of significance. In “The Persian Hour,” you will hear Iranian music, be introduced to recipes and the latest books and movies

By: Charity Doyl

about Iran, and listen to first-hand accounts of her people and travelers. Shahrokh describes Iranian cuisine as very diverse, colorful, simple and exotic. In addition to using the best organic ingredients in Spokane, Shahrokh shares that the most important ingredient of all, for cooking any dish, is love. If you cook with your heart and share your food with others, then you can feed not only your body but your soul. Shahrokh shares the following three simple dishes with us which you can try out. But he says to make sure to invite your friends over, play some fun Middle-Eastern music and dance while cooking.



Serves: 8

Serves: 8

This simple, flavorful and aromatic salad is also a feast for your eyes. Named after an Iranian city and a wine region, this salad is regularly served at dinner time.

This is a beautiful layered rice cake that can impress your guests with its taste and looks.


| | 1 | 4 T. | 4 T. | 1 tsp. ea. |



Ground Persian Saffron (or 2 tsp. of any other kind if you can’t get Persian saffron)

| | | |

| Boiling Water (for mixing the saffron in)


English Cucumber, peeled and diced

1/4 C.


Large Tomato, peeled and diced

1 C.

Small Red Onion, peeled and diced

2 C.

Virgin Olive Oil

1/2 C.

Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice Salt, Pepper, Dried Mint

1/4 C.


2 T.

Mix all ingredients and let it sit in the fridge for two hours. Mix again before serving.

1/3 C. 1

| | | |

Yogurt Basmati Rice Zereshk (Red Persian Berries) or Dried Crazens Sugar Butter Cooking Oil Whole Roasted Chicken, de-boned

METHOD: Wash the rice and soak in a bowl for about 2 hours. When soaking the rice, just add enough water to cover the surface with about a ½ inch of water and add 2 tablespoons of salt.

MASTO KHIAR Serves: 8 This is a delicious side dish which normally is served during the summers. Many Mediterranean countries such as Greece and Turkey also share this recipe, with the Greeks calling it Tzatsiki sauce. INGREDIENTS:

| | 1 qrt. | 1 tsp. ea. | | 1

English Cucumber, peeled and diced

3 cloves

Garlic, crushed Plain Yogurt Salt, Pepper, Dried Mint Dried Flower Petals for Garnish

METHOD: Mix all ingredients and let sit in the fridge for approximately two hours. Garnish it with dried flower petals.


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Mix the saffron with ¼ cup of boiling water. Then add it to the yogurt and mix well in a bowl and set aside. In a small pan, add another ¼ cup of water and bring it to a boil. Add the sugar and a pinch of saffron. Add the berries and the butter after the sugar is dissolved. Reduce heat until the butter is dissolved, remove and set aside. Bring 8 cups of water to a boil in a large pot and add the rice. Let cook for about 5 minutes or until the rice seems to be half cooked. Then remove from heat and completely drain. Take 2 cups of the rice and mix it well in the bowl with the yogurt mix. Place a nonstick pot on the stove over medium heat and add 1/3 cup of cooking oil to it. After a minute, add the yogurt/rice mixture and spread it gently at the bottom of the pot. It should be about 1-inch thick. Place pieces of the cooked chicken to form a layer. Cover this layer of chicken with half of the remaining rice in the colander. Next, mix a cup of the rice with the berry mixture and use it to form yet another layer in the pot. Pour the remainder of the rice from the colander in the pot and cover it up with the lid. Let it cook on medium heat for another 5 minutes and then reduce it to low heat and cook for 30 more minutes. Remove the lid and place your serving platter upside down on top of the pot and carefully flip it over. The rice cake will present itself in beautiful golden and orange colors, and steam with inviting aromas.

Spokane SHOPPING Valley FOR & Liberty THE BEST Lake


MAX at Mirabeau

Spokane Valley’s Signature Restaurant MAX at Mirabeau has broken the mold and turned the stigma of “hotel food” into head-turning, award-winning cuisine, employing finesse in the kitchen and superior service on the floor.


AX IS A BOLD NAME. It speaks of success in its most profound form: a dining experience completed at its highest peak and eliciting maximum satisfaction. It also epitomizes this independent Spokane Valley restaurant tucked into the Mirabeau Park Hotel, just off I-90 and Sullivan. Since opening three short years ago, MAX has continually refined their eclectic menu; culinary critics have taken notice. And as the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding ... or in this case, the Sweet Pumpkin Semifreddo, winner of the Outstanding Dessert at the 2008 Epicurean Delight Gala. Three years in a row, MAX has returned from the event victorious, including top honors for this year’s Outstanding Entrée, People’s Choice Award in 2007, and Outstanding Appetizer in 2006.

Dining wouldn’t be complete without any number of libations from which to choose, and MAX doesn’t disappoint. Wine Spectator presented MAX with its 2008 Award of Excellence for their wine collection of more than 500 labels. Festive cocktails and a great selection of beers on tap round out an impressive drink menu. With all of the options that MAX presents to its guests, it simply makes it a great place to meet for a business lunch or dinner with friends. Even a cozy corner can be found for date night. This is casual dining at its peak: award-winning cuisine emphasizing scratch cooking and maximum satisfaction. Hotel dining has been redefined!

“Hunger: One of the few cravings that cannot be appeased with another solution.”

1100 N. Sullivan Rd. (509) 922-6252

Irwin Van Grove



Spokane Valley & Liberty Lake






Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake

Spokane Valley is home to numerous shopping centers and a wide variety of dining experiences!


pokane Valley begins at Havana Street in Spokane and widens from there to the western border of Hodges Avenue at Liberty Lake, just east of Barker Road. East Sprague Avenue continues from the 800 block to the 18,000+ block at Liberty Lake, like a river runs through it … the Spokane River. Sprague is the main commercial storefront of Spokane Valley with a continuous stream of car dealerships, fast food, big-box stores and shopping centers. At Sprague, Argonne becomes Dishman Mica, where the Cosmopolitan Café is wellloved in the neighborhood, and Savage Land Pizza Parlor is a popular family pizza and play center, great for birthday parties. Nearby, east on Sprague, the Mustard Seed and Percy’s Café are popular lunch spots for business or meeting


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a friend. Bruttles Candy, Williams Seafood Market and Wines, and Egger’s Meats are just west off University Road near Sprague. At Argonne, just off I-90, Casa De Oro and Perkins are on the south side, and north are Marie Calendar’s, Longhorn Barbeque, Scotty’s Bar & Grill, and the popular Ambrosia Bistro & Wine Bar. The Rocket Bakery can be found north on Argonne in Millwood, and farther north, East Upriver Drive to Fruit Hill Road will take you up a winding road to the Old-World charm of Arbor Crest Winery, with its stunning panoramic view of the Valley. Far north at the end of Argonne will take you to the area known as Green Bluff. This is where Townshend Cellar winery is located at the west side of Green Bluff Loop Road. Green Bluff is an agricultural area that is a must des-

tination for family fun, with the various seasons of harvest events to celebrate the fruits of their labors. East on Sprague near Lowe’s and Costco, the El Gallo Giro is a new addition to the neighborhood. It once was a great little taco trailer that became a real restaurant! IHOP is also found there, and north at the end of Fancher is Knipprath Cellars winery. MAX at Mirabeau, located at the Mirabeau Park Hotel, is Spokane Valley’s award-winning restaurant offering an eclectic menu and a friendly staff. With more than 100 menu items including steaks, chops, seafood, salads, sandwiches and burgers, they really have something on the menu for everyone. They have a fullservice bar and daily happy hours! This is a great place to meet a client for lunch, and they are the winners of this year’s Spokane Sizzle Forkin-Cork Award for “Power Lunch for Making Deals.” With their own First Wednesday Wine and Art Event on the first Wednesday of every month, and live music on Fridays and Saturdays, they are a destination worth making, and remember, parking is a breeze in the Valley!  One of the most impressive family entertainment spots in these parts can be spotted from I-90 at the State Line exit just past Liberty Lake—The Rockin’ B Ranch Cowboy Supper Show. This barn-turned-theatre is

Spokane Valley & Liberty Lake


home to Pamela and Scott Brownlee, talented entertainers providing an escape from the rush of life in the fast lane with down-home, clean family fun. The Old-West setting and great old-fashioned BBQ with all the fixin’s will keep everyone from kids to grandmas entertained … and well fed. The Rockin’ B Ranch is open June to September and can also be reserved for family reunions, business outings, private parties and more.



MAX at Mirabeau Spokane Valley – 1100 N. Sullivan Rd. (I-90 Exit 291B at the Mirabeau Park Hotel)

(509) 922-6252

Eclectic $-$$$

MAX is Spokane Valley’s award-winning restaurant with an eclectic menu and a friendly and professional staff. With more than 100 menu items including steaks, chops, seafood, salad, sandwiches and burgers, there is something for everyone at reasonable prices—and it’s available until close!  We keep an extensive wine list that boasts more than 500 labels, meaning there is a perfect match for everything on the menu.  From “Half Priced Bottle Wine Wednesday” to Friday and Saturday night live entertainment, there’s always something happening at MAX. We’re located just off the Sullivan exit and only 15 minutes from Downtown Spokane.  Open 6am daily until midnight Sun., 1am Mon.-Thurs. and 2am Fri.-Sat.



Spokane Valley & Liberty Lake Ambrosia Bistro & Wine Bar

Thai Bamboo Restaurant

Caruso’s Sandwich Co.

Spokane Valley – 9211 E. Montgomery Dr. (509) 928-3222

Spokane Valley – 12722 E. Sprague Ave. (509) 444-8424

Spokane Valley – Sullivan & Marietta (509) 891-4100

American Bistro $$-$$$

Thai & Asian $$

Fast-Casual $

Ambrosia Bistro & Wine Bar is an urban restaurant in a suburban setting. Whether it’s a quiet business lunch or intimate dinner, a glass of wine or cocktail at Happy Hour, a relaxing evening on the patio or an outing with (or without) the kids, you’re welcome at Ambrosia! Conveniently located in Argonne Village, we are in close proximity to downtown, the Valley and the North Side. Our ample parking, exciting food and drink selections, attentive staff and comfortable décor make Ambrosia a great choice for any occasion. Come taste Ambrosia for yourself!

Great Tourist Destination! Thai Bamboo’s awardwinning cuisine has won the Inlander Readers’ Pole award as the #1 Best Thai Restaurant year after year! We offer a huge menu full of exceptional, authentic Asian cuisine, wild, overthe-top décor and fast, friendly service all at a very reasonable price! Now with four locations, you are just minutes away from the best Thai restaurants in the Inland Northwest. Check out the big new Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, location. It has a Las Vegas-style light show on the big star-filled dining room ceiling! The place is huge with a large banquet room and decorations that make you feel as though you are in an Asian museum. Check out The Galaxy Lounge for open-air dining and drinks … tropical style! Open 11:30am-9pm Mon.-Thurs., 11:30am-9:30pm Fri., 12-9:30pm Sat. and 12-9pm Sun.

Bringing healthy back! Caruso’s Sandwich Company in Spokane Valley is your answer to FRESH, HEALTHY FOOD, FAST! We bake our bread, from scratch, every morning. All of our top-quality meats and cheeses are sliced daily, along with our fresh vegetables. Come hungry! Not only are our sandwiches HUGE, we also offer generous portions on everything. Try our fresh, crisp salads, homemade pasta and potato salads, or soup in a bread bowl. For the early risers, we serve breakfast and Thomas Hammer espresso. If you are looking for a fast, filling dinner, we have pasta bowls! We even have a healthy kids menu. Don’t let the long line discourage you, we are FAST! Caruso’s specializes in business lunch catering. Stop by and let the owner, Amy, help you plan a lunch that will impress the most discriminating critics. We LOVE to cater, and if your order is more than $25, we will be happy to bring it to you. Feel free to call in or fax your order for faster service!

Liberty Lake Wine Cellars Liberty Lake – 1018 S. Garry Rd. (509) 255-9205

Open by appointment and for Holiday Wine Fest/ Spring Barrel Tasting weekends. Liberty Lake Wine Cellars produces small lots of handcrafted red wine for those who seek out and appreciate limited edition wines. Specializing in singlevineyard wines, we feature the fruit of the Walla Walla and Red Mountain appellations. Join us in the tasting room to enjoy exceptional red wines and views of Liberty Lake and Mt. Spokane.



Soup • Sandwiches • Salad

Breakfast • Espresso • Pastries

: Soon g g n i Com Orderin .com ne Onli Online

sos Caru

Party Platters Six-foot Sandwiches Pasta & Potato Salads by the Bowl Breakfast Platters Spokane Valley, WA Sullivan & Marietta (509) 891-4100


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Post Falls, ID Seltice (208) 457-1906

This is not a mirage... they really do look like this! Coeur d’Alene, ID Ironwood & Government (208) 765-1001

Hayden, ID Prairie & Hwy. 95 (208) 762-4676

Coming Soon: Downtown Spokane Location

North Idaho


Bonsai Bistro & Sushi Bar Coeur d’Alene’s unique waterfront restaurant offers Pan-Asian dining with flair and has a charm all its own!


ET ACROSS THE STREET from the majestic Coeur d’Alene Resort, Bonsai Bistro & Sushi Bar enjoys full views of Lake Coeur d’Alene and the surrounding mountains. Every table on the upstairs dining floor has a spectacular view, and downstairs has its own unique features not to be missed either—a 4,000-gallon Koi pond that is more of a lazy river, winding through the entire dining room. Children enjoy feeding the fish and watching the silly antics of the many turtles! A full sushi bar seats 12 guests with a view of a traditional Hong Kong wok kitchen. Only the best fish is flown in daily from around the world. The Pan-Asian menu consists of more than 150 items that Executive Chef and

General Manager Troy Louis Chandler has collected over time and through his travels. Enjoy a multitude of flavors and styles from China to Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and more! Pair all of this with one of the largest sake lists in the country. Enjoy a great selection of Asian beers, specialty drinks or something from the generous wine list. Bonsai also has the largest gluten-free menu in the area with a fully trained and competent staff. Behind the restaurant is a convenient parking lot. Reservations are taken and strongly recommended on weekends and during summer months. Large parties are always welcome, or dine at home with Bonsai’s high-end, take-out packaging.

“He who distinguishes the true savor of his food can never be a glutton; he who does not cannot be other wise.” Henry David Thoreau

101 E. Sherman Ave. (208) 765-4321



North Idaho




North Idaho

The cities of Northern Idaho are mountain, river and lakeside culinary destinations!


o wonder Washington license plates are seen in the parking lots of many North Idaho restaurants! It is a culinary destination with luxurious beauty that is very close to home for Spokanites! Some even refer to it as “Spokane’s playground.” The hospitality can’t be beat, and you can dine with a view, dine by the snow, dine in the mountains and dine by the lakes—or on them for that matter. Two restaurants float on water: The Cedars Floating Restaurant on Lake Coeur d’Alene, and the Floating Restaurant at Hope on Lake Pend Oreille. POSTFALLS,COEURD’ALENE & HAYDENAREA At State Line between Washington and Idaho is a small town hub that includes El Patio Pub & Grill, Little Italy’s Wine Bar in A to Z Fine Wines and Cigars, and the wildly popular Rockin’ B Ranch Cowboy Supper Show. Just across the highway north of State Line at Hauser is the biggest little party spot in Idaho, Curley’s, and the popular, charming Chef in the Forest restaurant. Post Falls is not only a town you have to pass through when traveling to Coeur d’Alene; it is definitely


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a culinary destination not to be ignored! With sister restaurants The White House Grill and Oval Office Bistro & Martini Bar, family restaurants Down the Street and G. W. Hunters, and The Red Lion Templin’s Resort for a cruise or meal overlooking the river, there’s something for everybody. Coeur d’Alene presents several different neighborhoods, all offering great restaurants in each area. The neighborhoods include Riverstone, Midtown, Downtown, East Coeur d’Alene Lake Drive and the North Side of town; you will discover great restaurants, fine art galleries, shopping and of course … the lake. The North Idaho College campus, as well as the Coeur d’Alene campuses of Lewis-Clark State College and University of Idaho, offer higher education here, and Coeur d’Alene is host to several significant festivals and events. The Great West GymFest, held in February, and The Ironman Triathlon, held in late June, both bring thousands of athletes and spectators to North Idaho. Art on the Green, Taste of the Coeur d’Alenes and the Downtown Street Fair are all held on one really big summer weekend the first week of August.





Monthly Art Walks and Music Walks, and live theatrical and symphony performances, bring downtown to life. Coffee shops abound on nearly every corner, with great boutiques and galleries in between. And … there’s never a shortage of live music along Sherman Avenue and the surrounding streets. Riverstone is situated along the Spokane River as you enter Coeur d’Alene. Filled with restaurants and new shops, along with the Regal Cinemas, Riverstone now offers free concerts in the park in summer and hosts the Coeur d’Alene Marathon. SANDPOINT, HOPE & PRIEST LAKE AREA Located on the magnificent 43-mile-long Lake Pend Oreille, Sandpoint is home to a thriving arts community, year-round recreational opportunities and events. More than ever, Sandpoint is the culinary place to be, with new wine bars and many great restaurants on the scene. Sandpoint’s own Pend d’Oreille Winery has been making a splash in the wine scene, and two breweries, Laughing Dog and McDuff’s, call the small town on the lake home. Lake Pend Oreille Cruises, Sleeps Cabins and, of course, Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort, all set the stage for the mountain and lake lifestyle that Sandpoint is known for. Southeast of Sandpoint, the Sagle area is home to the remarkable Bird Aviation Museum & Invention Center, one of the greatest attractions in the neighborhood since Silverwood Theme Park. The tiny town of Hope is just 20 minutes northeast of Sandpoint.

Priest Lake is coined “Idaho’s Crown Jewel” for its year-round recreation, resorts and restaurants. They have been bringing families and friends together for generations with enjoyment and camaraderie. Lakeside resorts and marinas offer a beautiful setting for gourmet and family style meals alike. SILVER VALLEY AREA Seventy miles southeast of Spokane is Kellogg, home to Silver Mountain Ski Resort, which is where the world’s longest gondola ride resides. It is here you will find Shoshone Country Club at Big Creek golf course. The intimate, quaint, French-country Veranda Restaurant is a place not to miss; offering a warm and inviting environment with private dining rooms and seating out on the veranda. Recreational attractions in Kellogg are The Route of the Hiawatha Rail-Trail, which is a 30-mile roundtrip hike that takes you through vast tunnels, over trestles and past waterfalls, ridge-top vistas and numerous detailed signs about the rich mining and railroad history of the area. The Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes offers more than 72 miles of paved path from the mountains to the prairie. Just a little more than 10 miles east of Kellogg is Wallace—the “Silver Capital of the World.” It is on the National Register of Historical Places. Go back in Downtown D’Alene time with the HistoricCoeur Jameson Restaurant, Saloon & Inn, and the DeLashmutt Building—also know as the Historic Smoke House Barbeque and Saloon. With the small-town charm these North Idaho communities have to offer so close to home, take the time to explore your neighbors.

101 Sherman Ave. (208) 765-4321




North Idaho Chef in the Forest

G.W. Hunters Family Restaurant and Steakhouse

Hauser Lake – 12008 N. Woodland Beach Dr.

(208) 773-3654

Post Falls – 615 N. Spokane St.

(208) 777-9388

American Northwest Fresh $$$

Breakfast, Steaks & Seafood $-$$

Deep in the forest, overlooking a quaint little lake, we are one of the area’s finest restaurants. We offer you a comfortable, rustic atmosphere with highly acclaimed fine dining, serving Classical cuisine, fine wines and cocktails. For a special evening to remember, please call for reservations. We are only 15 minutes from Coeur d’Alene. Open at 5pm Wed.-Sun., please call ahead to confirm your favorite table. (Open at 3pm Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and Easter.)

Family owned and operated since 1999, our mission here at G.W. Hunters is to bring our customers the best quality food and service at a fair price. We know you have many choices when dining out and want to do everything possible to make G.W. Hunters the place of choice. We only buy the freshest ingredients, cook every meal to-order and strive for perfection. We are open Wed.-Sun. for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offer the area’s best SlowRoasted Prime Rib every night! We look forward to seeing you.

A Quaint Romantic Restaurant on Beautiful Hauser Lake Here is a sampling of our Entrée menu: Southern Fried Crab Cakes With Sauce Remoulade Roast Duckling

With Fresh Brandied Raspberry Sauce – Our House Specialty! Filet Mignon Forestire

8 oz. Filet with Sautéed Mushrooms

Steak Diane

Delicate Wine Sauce with Mushrooms & Shallots over a 12 oz. New York Steak Steak Ala Oscar

8 oz. Filet topped with fresh Crab, Asparagus and Sauce Béarnaise New York Pepper Steak

12 oz. Steak Sauteed with three varieties of

I-90 to Pleasantview Exit #2 in Post Falls, North to Hwy 53, West to Hauser Lake Road, Right on Cliff House Road to

12008 N. Woodland Beach Dr., Hauser, ID ~ (208) 773-3654

I-90 Exit 2, Pleasant View Go North to Hwy 53, Then Turn Left


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Peppercorns, Demi Glace and Flamed in Brandy Fresh Northern Salmon


Chef’s Award Winning Seafood Dish: Crab, Lobster, Shrimp, Scallops & Mussels in a Savory Tomato Sauce With Garlic Bread German Sauerbraten

Bavarian Pot Roast served with Ginger Snap Sauce, Potato Pancakes and Braised Red Cabbage Scampi Flambé

Sautéed in Garlic Butter & Lemon Flavored with a touch of Brandy Breast of Chicken Roulade

Fresh Chicken Breast stuffed with Wild Mushrooms, Feta Cheese & fresh Spinach, pan seared with Pine Nuts Coconut Shrimp Sauté

Lightly breaded in fresh Coconut and Panko, Sautéed in Butter Served with spicy Marmalade Hollandaise Sauce

Pan Seared filet with Caribbean spices and Fresh Orange Buerre Blanc

(208) 773-5816

North Idaho 2008

Oval Office Post Falls – 612 N. Spokane St. (Spokane Street off I-90 Exit #5)


(208) 777-2102

Bistro & Martini Bar $-$$

Unlike our sister restaurant the White House Grill, we bring you a quaint, romantic restaurant in the Northwest that makes awesome Northwest cuisine with a foreigner flair. Come enjoy our famous martinis like the Dirty Monica and Cosmopolitician, and enjoy great steaks, seafood and pastas we know you will love! Check out our fine scotch and wine lists, and take advantage of our Happy Hour 3-6pm or 9pm-Close, with awesome martinis and yummy appetizers for $5. P.S. Dress code is bikinis and more; no butt-naked here! Open 11am-11pm Tues.-Sat. and 11am-9pm Sun. We’ll soon be open for great lunches.

White House Grill Post Falls – 712 N. Spokane St. (208) 777-9672 (Corner of Spokane Street and Seltice Way off I-90 Exit #5) Mediterranean $-$$

We know traveling has been expensive these days, so, if you want to feel you’re in the Mediterranean drinking Ouzo and eating a crazy amount of garlic, just drive to Post Falls to be with us in our crazy, noisy—but at the same time romantic—White House Grill to taste our cuisine that has lots of garlic and more garlic. You will like our awesome full bar and extensive wine list. Enjoy martinis on our outside patio. Belly Dancing on Thursday! You love garlic; we love you! P.S. Dress code is butt-naked or whatever suits you. Open 11am-10pm Mon.-Thurs. and 11am-11pm Fri.-Sat.





North Idaho Fork-in-Cork Award-Winners


When it comes time to eat out, we all have our favorite spots that we return to again and again for various reasons. Those of you with kids want to know exactly where to take the family out to eat, that family friendly restaurant that caters directly to you—and your children’s—every need; those of you who want to splurge and spoil yourselves for the evening want to find that one restaurant that could max out your credit card, yet know your dining experience was worth every cent. For you wine lovers, you want to know exactly what restaurant has that first-class stocked cellar with a broad wine selection; and for those of you who enjoy beautiful scenery to accompany a delicious meal, you want to know where the best dining-with-a-view spot resides. So… to acknowledge all those restaurants that the locals—and non-locals—love to frequent, we created the prestigious Fork-in-Cork Award. Please keep voting online on our weekly blog poll at :: to let others know what your favorite spots are. Here are this year’s North Idaho winners. – Bon Appétit!

You can run, but you can’t hide! The publisher finds the Fork-in-Cork Award half a world away in Valencia, Spain.




IDAHO CUISINE FORK-IN-CORK AWARD-WINNERS 2008 Cozy Romantic Dinner for Two The Wine Cellar, Downtown Coeur d’Alene 313 E. Sherman Ave. (208) 664-9463 Enjoyable for the Entire Family Michael D’s Eatery, East Coeur d’Alene 203 Coeur d’Alene Lake Dr. (208) 676-9049 Favorite Newcomer this Past Year Ciao Mambo, Hayden 8166 N. Gov’t Way (208) 772-9555 A Coffee Shop that Soothes the Jitters Calypsos Coffee Company, Downtown Coeur d’Alene 116 E. Lakeside Ave. (208) 665-0591 Party Place Food or Not Iron Horse, Downtown Coeur d’Alene 407 E. Sherman Ave. (208) 667-7314 For the Best Sandwich Anywhere Daanen’s Delicatessen, Hayden 8049 Wayne Blvd. (208) 772-7371 Finest Pub Food and a Brew Moon Time, East Coeur d’Alene 1602 E. Sherman Ave. (208) 667-2331

When Nothing but a Place with a View Will Do Tony’s on the Lake, East Coeur d’Alene 6823 E. Coeur d’Alene Lake Dr. (208) 667-9885

For the Love of Food … A Chef with Style! Viljo Basso, Syringa Japanese Café & Sushi, Midtown Coeur d’Alene 1401 N. 4th St. (208) 664-2718

Meet-a-Friend-for-Lunch Place Café Carambola, Coeur d’Alene 610 W. Hubbard St. (208) 676-8784

Virtual Pizza Cook-off Winner Capone’s Pub & Grill, Midtown Coeur d’Alene 751 N 4th St. (208) 667-4843 315 N. Ross Point Rd. (208) 457-8020

Power Lunch for Making Deals Bonsai Bistro & Sushi Bar, Downtown Coeur d’Alene 101 E. Sherman Ave. (208) 765-4321 Alive at 5! Fun Happy Hour Moose Market Lounge, Downtown Coeur d’Alene 401 E. Sherman Ave. (208) 664-7901 For a Cocktail and a Bite to Eat 315 Martinis & Tapas at the Greenbriar Inn, Coeur d’Alene 315 Wallace Ave. (208) 667-9660 Favorite Wine List Beverly’s, Downtown Coeur d’Alene 115 S. 2nd St. (208) 765-4000

Martini Bar that Shakes it Up! Oval Office, Post Falls 620 N. Spokane St. (208) 777-2102 The Must-Try New Place on the Block Le Piastre, Downtown Coeur d’Alene 501 E. Sherman Ave. (208) 665-0585 Wine Bar with Pizzazz! Coeur d’Alene Cellars Barrel Room No. 6 Downtown Coeur d’Alene 503 E. Sherman Ave. (208) 664-9632 Pulling-out-the-Unlimited-BankCard Special Occasion Beverly’s, Downtown Coeur d’Alene 115 S. 2nd St. (208) 765-4000

Our winners are selected from our online voting polls at :: We want to hear from our readers! Reviews are your voice to the world; everyone wants to be a restaurant critic. Keep in touch with us online and you could be eligible to win a dinner for two! Sign up for our weekly Sizzle’n Cuisine eNewsletter and find out the latest happenings in a neighborhood near you. Email us your tips on an event or restaurant you know others would enjoy, too!


See what’s new @

Bistro on Spruce

Chris Mueller’s Bistro on Spruce

Bistro on Spruce


ES IT’S CHRIS! Chris Mueller is well-known in the restaurant industry here in the Inland Northwest and has worked just about every job the industry has to offer during the past 30 years: dish dog, busser, valet, meat-cutter, bartender, server, line-cook, sous chef, assistant manager, wine steward, general manager; the list could go on. Now, as owner of the new Bistro on Spruce, he brings together his talents to present a restaurant that has all the elements of warm and welcoming service, great food, wine and beer, with an ambiance that adds the perfect touch. After graduating from Eastern Washington University with a degree in business administration, Chris worked at Patsy Clark’s Mansion in Spokane and ‘sister’ restaurants in Olympia and Portland for 14 years, then Spokane’s Luna for eight years, and was the manager at Beverly’s at the Coeur d’Alene Resort for three years. It has always been Chris’ goal to open his own restaurant. With his strong leadership and business skills he applied to the past restaurants he has managed, he is now applying that experience to his own vision Bistro on Spruce. It’s fun neighborhood dining with great fare at a reasonable price, and the natives are welcoming them with open arms. Being a native of the Inland Northwest, Chris is committed to providing a fun atmosphere where an exciting menu and a great wine and beer list will entwine to bring people together. His enthusiasm and experience in fine dining, knowledge of wine and insight in staff development benefit both the staff and guests alike. It has quickly become one of Coeur d’Alene’s new generation local favorites!

1710 N 4th St. Coeur d’Alene’s Midtown

(208) 664-1774



North Idaho 2008

315 Martinis & Tapas Downtown CdA – 315 Wallace Ave.

(208) 667-9660 or (800) 953-2379

Tapas $-$$

The Greenbriar Inn at 315 Wallace Ave. in Downtown Coeur d’Alene recently opened a new restaurant—315 Martinis & Tapas. Previously available only for private parties catered at this location, we have an exciting and unique concept for North Idaho, open to the public from 3:15pm-Close. With abundant deck seating as well as a large dining space, comfortable lounge and full bar, Greenbriar Inn offers fresh and seasonal food choices, as well as a wide variety of drinks and espressos. Each night offers special events or food and drink pairings for guests.

Angelo’s Ristorante Midtown CdA – 846 N. Fourth St.

(208) 765-2850

Authentic Italian & Organic $$

Enjoy dinner for two and a bottle of wine for $50 Sun.-Thurs. We are open at 5pm seven days a week! Only eight blocks from Downtown Coeur d’Alene, Angelo’s is the local favorite with a taste of homemade, authentic Italian cuisine! Join us for fresh, organic, handcrafted food, an extensive wine selection and our warm, romantic décor. Full-service catering and private dining rooms are available. We offer seasonal outdoor dining. Reservations are highly recommended.

Bistro on Spruce Midtown CdA – 1710 N. 4th St. (At the corner of 4th and Spruce)

(208) 667-1774

Northwest Fusion $$

Located on the northern skirts of midtown, Bistro on Spruce offers one of the best wine selections in Coeur d’Alene at excellent prices. Bistro on Spruce owner Chris Mueller is now joined by long-time friend and chef Everett Fees to deliver sensational food and service. Our menu is something to keep you coming back and great value for fantastic dining. Stop by for a wine flight after work, enjoy a bite from the wonderfully diverse appetizer menu or meet some friends for a fabulous lunch featuring our delicious Spruce Street Rueben. Open seven days a week for dinner, with lunches Mon.-Sat. Seasonally, we offer alfresco dining on a beautifully landscaped patio, or dine by the fireplace anytime for romance. 2008

Bonsai Bistro & Sushi Bar Downtown CdA – 101 Sherman Ave.

(208) 765-4321

Pan Asian $$-$$$

We are the Inland Northwest’s favorite Pan-Asian Restaurant and Sushi Bar! Enjoy our glorious lake views and our 4,000-gallon Koi and turtle pond. We have outdoor dining next to a tranquil river and waterfall in our Japanese garden. We have a convenient parking lot (with attendant during peak season). Our fish is flown in fresh three times a week. We feature all Kobe Beef from the Australian ranches of Greg Norman. We have one of the largest sake lists in the country. Our extensive menu includes Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Thai cuisine. Come in to see what crazy Chef Troy is up to these days and find out why we were voted Idaho’s Best Pan-Asian Restaurant ’05, ’06 and ’07 by the Inlander Reader’s Poll. But be aware, we are an “addiction!”


See what’s new @

North Idaho Caruso’s Sandwich Co.


Capone’s Pub & Grill Midtown CdA – 751 N. 4th St. Post Falls – 315 Ross Point Rd.

(208) 667-4843 (208) 457-8020

American & Pizza $-$$

Gotta Try our Pastrami Sandwiches and our Specialty Pizzas! 41 Brews on tap, appetizers, burgers, sub sandwiches, soups and salads, all scratch cooking! Grab a beer and catch the game with friends on one of our plasma TVs. Seasonal outdoor dining on our patio. This local favorite is truly Coeur d’Alene’s very own “everyone knows your name” pub. So stop in and stay a while! Inlander’s “Best Sports Bar” in Idaho. Idaho Cuisine’s Fork-in-Cork “Virtual Pizza Cook-off” award winner! Open 7 days a week, with our Kitchen open until 11pm nightly. See our menu at

CdA – Ironwood Dr. & Gov’t Way Post Falls – 402 Seltice Way Hayden – Prairie & I-95

(208) 765-1001 (208) 457-1906 (208) 762-4676

Fast-Casual $

Caruso’s Sandwich Company specializes in fresh, healthy food, FAST! Come hungry. Our unusually large sandwiches are made from fresh bread that we bake daily. We slice our high quality meats and cheeses every morning. Combine all of this with our appetizing selection of fresh veggies, and you will be hooked. There is something for everyone: fresh crisp salads, homemade pasta salads, soup in a bread bowl, breakfast, espresso and pastries. At Caruso’s, you don’t have to compromise eating healthy because you are short on time. Take a break from fast food and try good food that is served fast! Call or fax your order in. We love to cater! If your order is more than $25, we will be happy to bring it to you!

forg et a bout it...S alut e pones a C e Th TWO LOCATIONS

CDA: 751 N. 4TH ST. (208) 667-4843 POST FALLS: 315 ROSS POINT RD. (208) 457-8020

My new Favorite place! Me et me a t 31 5!

Tuesday Smooth Jazz & Blues Night Wednesday Ladies Night Out Thursday Flight Night Friday & Saturday Live Music

re e h w e c A polnae forgets no r name. you The Greenbriar Inn Presents:

Restaurant Featuring the best of our 23 years of catering menu selections! • Full Service Catering and Events Facility • Luxury Suites

315 Wallace Downtown CdA (208) 667-9660 • (800) 953-2379



North Idaho Cedars Floating Restaurant CdA – 1514 Marine Dr. (Just off Hwy. 95, ¼ mile south of Northwest Blvd.)

Curley’s Bar & Bistro (208) 664-2922

Northwest Fresh $$-$$$

Step into Cedars Floating Restaurant and let the natural beauty of Lake Coeur d’Alene inspire you. Dine on the spectacular outdoor terrace or enjoy the rustic wood-beamed dining room. Savor Chef Miles Boggio’s renowned cuisine including the freshest seafood in the region, signature aged prime rib, steaks, chops and the Inland Northwest’s finest salad bar. Complement your dinner with our legendary hand-crafted desserts and wines from our superb collection. Plan for extraordinary family or corporate events with our stunning setting—right on the lake—a place like no other in the world! Boat, Jet Ski or drive up. Reservations suggested. Open 4pm daily.

Hauser Junction – I-90 Exit #2, North to Hwy 53, West/left to Curley’s (From Spokane – 2 miles East of State Line, Idaho, on Hwy 53 (Trent) (208) 773-5816 or (208) 777-6896 to book parties, weddings and other events!

Biggest little party spot in North Idaho! Gotta come and check out our beautifully landscaped Beer Garden—it’s the largest in the Inland Northwest! Enjoy the area’s finest Classic Rock Friday and Saturday nights. When it comes to your party needs, Curley’s never comes up short! Call to book your event now, and don’t miss the biggest party of the year in July; the Curley’s Classic Rock Cruise is just around the corner! Mark your calendar!

Legendary Dining Since 1965

FLOATING RESTAURANT Dinner service starting daily at 4pm

(208) 664-2922


See what’s new @

The Wine Cellar

Tango Tapas at The Wine Cellar!

The Wine Cellar has new street-side service and sidewalk café with a Spanish influence and flair. The Wine Cellar is known for its cozy romantic setting featuring the best of local blues and jazz musicians; now they bring you sidewalk tapas! Opened summer 2008, Tango Tapas is the new Wine Cellar menu with appetizers tapas-style with some authentic Spanish Tapas, and items that also have an American twist. When the live music starts downstairs, upstairs speakers at the Tango share it with you. Menu items include an array of Spanish wines and a Pocoteos (chef selection) daily with service at dinner time and lunch from Thursday through Saturday. To get started, order the traditional Spanish olives or almonds with your glass of wine, and the following small plate tapas to follow: Ensalada de Fruta


Ahi Tuna Salad Moorish Port



Tango Caesar


Spanish Cheese Board

Wine Spectator® Award-Winning Wine List




Skewers with Chicken or Shrimp

Underground, you will still find the same romantic cellar setting with live music, Mediterranean cuisine and one of Idaho’s best wine lists! The Wine Cellar is located Downtown Coeur d’Alene at 313 Sherman Ave. (208) 664-9463

Late Night Cafe

The Wine Cellar


Downtown CdA – 313 Sherman Ave.

(208) 664-9463

Mediterranean $$

Recipient of the Wine Spectator “Distinguished Dining” award, Wine List “Award of Excellence” and Wine Press Northwest “Best Idaho Wine List.” Our eclectic menu features reasonably priced Mediterranean cuisine and a 225-item wine selection! Enjoy live blues and jazz nightly in a romantic setting. We are open for dinner at 4:30pm.

Tango Tapas at The Wine Cellar Downtown CdA – 313 Sherman Ave.

(208) 664-9463

Spanish Tapas $

Serving authentic Spanish Tapas on the bar, where we come up with wines by the glass. You will find Spanish wine selections as well as fine wine and high-end wine list items, bottled beers and a small-plate Tapas menu. Dine while listening to the music from downstairs, as well as live street musicians (seasonally).

Live Blues & Jazz Nightly Downtown Coeur d’Alene 313 Sherman Ave. (downstairs) 208-664-WINE (9463)



North Idaho Elkins Resort on Priest Lake Priest Lake – 404 Elkins Rd.

(208) 443-2432

Northwest $$-$$$

Tucked quietly in the heart of the Selkirk Mountain Range along the sandy shores of Priest Lake, Idaho, Elkins Resort is the ideal location for all your business and vacation needs. The resort features 30 cedar log cabins and an award-winning lakeside restaurant and lounge nestled upon the banks of Priest Lake. Sunset Magazine ranks Elkins Resort as ‘Top 10 Lakeside Resort in the West’ Reservations are suggested.

Thai Bamboo Restaurant Midtown CdA – 2010 N. 4th St. (Corner of 4th and Annie, just of I-90)

(208) 667-5300

Thai & Asian $$

Great Tourist Destination! Thai Bamboo’s award-winning cuisine has won the Inlander Readers’ Pole award as the #1 Best Thai Restaurant year after year! We offer a huge menu full of exceptional, authentic Asian cuisine, wild, over-the-top décor and fast, friendly service all at a very reasonable price! Now with four locations, you are just minutes away from the best Thai restaurants in the Inland Northwest. Check out the big new Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, location. It has a Las Vegasstyle light show on the big star-filled dining room ceiling! The place is huge with a large banquet room and decorations that make you feel as though you are in an Asian museum. Check out The Galaxy Lounge for open-air dining and drinks … tropical style! Open 11:30am-9pm Mon.-Thurs., 11:30am-9:30pm Fri., 12-9:30pm Sat. 12-9pm Sun.

TimberRock Winery Post Falls Winery – 2338 S. Big Rock Rd.  Downtown CdA Tasting Room – 107 N. 4th St. 

(208) 777-9669 (208) 667-5155

TimberRock is a family owned and family run local winery producing fine wines from the best Washington fruit. Specializing in Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux-style blends. Available locally at restaurants and wine shops, and now at our new Downtown Coeur d’Alene Tasting Room.

Our award-winning fine dining experience is well-known throughout the Northwest and beyond. Experience our breathtaking views and worldclass service overlooking Priest Lake.

Tim’s Special Cut Meats N. CdA – 7397 N. Gov’t Way

(208) 772-3327

The only old-fashioned butcher shop in town offering a variety of retail meats—ALL-NATURAL, hormone- and antibiotic-free Angus beef, chicken, Idaho lamb and pork, USDA-inspected Elk and Buffalo. We also have a variety of custom-smoked sausages, jerky, fresh sausages, deli meats, custom-smoked hams, bacons, smoked pork chops, dairy products including farm-fresh eggs, along with spices, marinades, beer, wine and more. Let us help you choose a great steak to barbecue tonight or prepare a special-order item such as rack of lamb or seasoned prime rib.

404 Elkins Road Priest Lake, ID (208) 443-2432

Want to know more about the hottest restaurants and events? Visit our Web site and sign up for our weekly eNewsletter to keep up with the latest Sizzle’n North Idaho happenings!


See what’s new @



Barrister Winery’s Old-World Elegance


Host your event in style! From intimate dinners to corporate parties, Barrister Winery is a premier event facility for that special occasion!


ARRISTER IS MUCH MORE THAN your average winery. It has been host to everything from an elegant sit-down dinner to benefit the Spokane Symphony, surprise birthday parties, wedding receptions, corporate functions, rehearsal dinners—and at least one engagement dinner, just for two. It may not sound romantic to share a basement with 275 barrels of aging wine–yet the Barrister cellar is truly something special. Thick 100-year-old, basalt rock walls and huge oak pillars create a space reminiscent of oldworld wineries–especially when it’s candlelit. Winemakers Greg Lipsker and Michael White agree it may be the most romantic place in all of Spokane to host an intimate dinner. As you descend on the freight elevator,

leaving the rest of your busy life upstairs, the gates open, and all you see are rows of wine barrels with the flickering candles on them. Barrister Winery burst onto the scene in 2004 when the 2002 Cabernet Franc won “Best of Show” at the Los Angeles Wines of the World competition. It was that competition that took them from being an obscure startup winery to a winery that has been written up in some of the most prestigious wine magazines all over the world. With the immense credibility Barrister and its wines are receiving, Spokane and Seattle’s high-end restaurants and wine shops are ordering the now popular Barrister wines.

“The road to great wine is littered with beer bottles.” Author Unknown

1213 W. Railroad Ave. (509) 465-3591




Robert Karl Cellars

Robert Karl Cellars

From the fields to the glass By: Jeanette Dunn Robert Karl owners Rebecca and Joe Gunselman make a stir in the wine-rating world far beyond Spokane, and they have had their sights set on this goal for some time.


he sophisticated wines

of Robert Karl Cellars come from a winery where the passion for fine wine meets the science of the process to become the flavors that waft through the nose, rest on the tongue and warm the heart of the taster. Joe and Rebecca Gunselman are winemakers who have passion for the winemaking process and for each other. She, a Southern belle who is not afraid to wear a hat—and wear it well— graciously along with a frilly dress, as well as with jeans and rolled-up sleeves while crushing grapes at the winery. He, with a studied and scientific understanding of the winemaking science, the refined palate and the energy to pull the whole operation together; the charm of Robert Karl wines is in the noble family name, the family that enjoys working with each other and the distinctive wines that they are producing.


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How it all began … While working toward his MBA, Joe, an anesthesiologist, did a marketing project for a family winery. He fell for the winery business then. They started looking, in his scientific method, for the best place, where the very best grapes are coming from, and they found exactly that. “We think that’s right here in Washington State,” said Rebecca. They believe that the terrior (soil and locale), the climate and the Columbia Valley’s angled slopes come together to create the most ideal growing conditions in the world. Moving to Washington in 1998, they drove to different vineyard areas across the state, with the intention to start the family business that would carry on for generations. The name, Robert Karl, is a family name. Robert comes from Rebecca’s side of the family and Karl is

from Joe’s. Their sons, Joe (21), Sam (20) and Karl (16) are involved with the winemaking and have learned all aspects of the wine business. Rebecca said, “They have worked in the vineyard, with the vineyard manager laying irrigation and tending vines, and have learned all aspects of making wine here at the winery.” They searched for a place to live near where the grapes are grown but found that with Dr. Gunselman’s medical practice, Spokane was the place to be … and chose it. During their explorations they met Dick Beightol, owner of “Phinny Hill” and the viticulturist for their own eight acres of “Gunselman Bench,” planted in 2000. They met another grower, Rob Andrews, at McKinley Springs who planted blocks of Cabernet, Malbec and Petit Verdot. Although Gunselman does not own the dirt, each block of grapes is grown to his specifications. However, they defer to the owners’ and managers’ expertise— the growers decide when to do necessary things as they have their fingers on the pulse of the vineyard. “We are committed and close to our vineyard managers. We consider it a partnership. They are providing us with the best,” said Rebecca. Joe is a pilot, and having a runway on the property makes it possible to fly down to the vineyard to check in with the growers. The Horse Heaven Hills American Viticultural Area (AVA) is considered one of the most prominent 6,000+ acres to grow grapes in the entire Columbia Valley. Joe believes that Horse

Robert Karl Cellars



Robert Karl Wine List

“The very best wines require the very best grapes. That’s why we are totally committed to the Horse Heaven Hills … committed to make the best,” said Rebecca. Heaven Hills grows the best Cabernet in the world. “The very best wines require the very best grapes. That’s why we are totally committed to the Horse Heaven Hills … committed to make the best,” said Rebecca, and although she does the marketing for the winery, she believes that the wine sells itself. Wine and Spirits included Robert Karl in a feature on Best New American Wineries—a Ten Year Retrospective in the fall 2008 issue. Among this year’s awards are the prestigious gold medals for the 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon at the LA International Wine & Spirits Competition and for the 2006 Merlot at the Riverside International competition. Additionally, two wines are included in Top 100 Wines of 2008 lists. The Wine Enthusiast Magazine rates the 2005 Syrah at No. 49 internationally, and Paul Gregutt of

the Seattle Times rates the 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon in the Top 100 Washington Wines. From their early accolades and the plans they have followed from the beginning of their endeavor, the excellence of the wines is no accident. This is the place where the Gunselmans chose to live. Wine is their passion and their job. In doing it well they have a lifestyle they love. They fly, travel to eat, drink and share their wine with others. Their children are a part of their business, too. Dr. Gunselman is also adamant about the health benefits of consuming wine. So much so that the name of their wine club is “Health Club … a wine club for long life!” And, the charm of Robert Karl winery is not only Joe and Rebecca; it is their distinction; the noble name, the family business and the passion for winemaking.

Cabernet Sauvignon Claret (a red wine blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec) Merlot Syrah (2008 winner! - top 100 wines of the year by wine enthusiast, For the 2005 Syrah) Sauvignon Blanc Rose of Cabernet Franc Cabernet Franc Inspiration (reserve red wine)

Special Events Spokane Symphony Chamber Soiree – January Chocolate & Claret – February Taste Washington, Seattle – April Festival of Wine & Flowers – April Spring Release Weekend – Mother's Day weekend Taste Washington, Spokane – June Auction of Washington Wines – August Epicurean Delight – November


Holiday Wine Festival – Weekend before Thanksgiving

GETTING THERE Robert Karl Cellars is located in the heart of Downtown Spokane, near the intersection of Browne and Pacific, at 115 West Pacific Ave. Open Noon-4pm Saturdays. (509) 363-1353 or (888) 4CLARET. BREE THE WINERY DOG



Robert Karl Cellars

Step by Step: From the Fields to the Glass … PLANT, NURTURE AND WATCH. We work closely with the growers to give the wine the best start. Vines don’t produce enough grapes to make wine until they are at least 3 years old. TASTE GRAPES. Timing is everything. PICK GRAPES. The first step in sorting happens in the field while



HAUL ‘EM IN A TRUCK. The road to the winery is long, about a

three-hour drive.

Robert Karl Cellars’ Sage and Rosemary Pork

SORT THE CLUSTERS. On the way to the de-stemmer, we remove anything we don’t like the look of; perhaps an unripe cluster or leaves.

Serves: 2-4 INGREDIENTS: Filling:

| 1 ½ T. | 1 T. | 3 cloves | 3 T. | 1 tsp. | ¼ tsp. | 2 T.

DE-STEMMING AND CRUSHING. Just that. The de-stemmer knocks

Parsley, chopped

the grapes off the stem and drops the berries into the tank. Each tank holds two tons of grapes. We gently warm the grapes up (each tank is jacketed so we can heat or cool them as needed) and add yeast to get the primary fermentation going.

Fresh Sage, chopped Fresh Rosemary, chopped Garlic, minced Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

PRIMARY FERMENTATION. Takes place when we convert the sugar in the grapes to alcohol. This takes about a week. During fermentation we “punch down,” a technique used to keep the grapes moist and circulate the “must,” a term used for the grapes and wine.

Salt Ground Black Pepper

Pork Loin: 2 lbs. ¾ tsp. 1 tsp. 1 T.

| | | |

Boneless Center Loin Pork Roast

PRESS. Admire the beautiful colors that flow from the grapes. Once the grapes are dry (no sugar left) we press the wine off the skins.

Salt Ground Black Pepper Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

In a small bowl, combine parsley, sage, rosemary, garlic, oil, salt and pepper.

BARRELL. Wine goes into the barrels to age. Typically we age the wine for 15 to 26 months, depending on the wine. Some wines, such as Cabernet, can handle more wood, so we put it in new French for 26 months. Other wines are light and fruit-forward, so it goes into an older barrel for less time. We want the oak to be like salt, not to overwhelm, just to elevate the other flavors. While the wine is aging, it is concentrating (reducing), so every month we put a little more wine in each barrel, called topping.

Pork Loin:


For Garnish:

| |

Fresh Sage Leaves Fresh Rosemary

METHOD: Filling:

Preheat oven to 425°F. Butterfly the pork loin. Sprinkle top with half of the salt and pepper. Spread the filling evenly across the loin, leaving a 1/2-inch border. Beginning at the opposite edge, roll the loin up to wrap the filling. Using kitchen twine, tie loin every 1 ½ inches to hold its shape. Rub the loin with oil and sprinkle the remaining salt and pepper. Place the loin in a small roasting pan and position on center rack of the oven. Sear roast for 10 min., reduce heat to 350°F and continue cooking about 45 min., until the internal temperature reaches 155°F and juices run clear. Let stand 10 minutes before carving. Garnish with fresh sage leaves and rosemary.


See what’s new @

BOTTLE. Twice a year, Signature Mobile Bottling Company comes around and somehow manages to convince friends and family to spend a full day bottling wine with them. We bottle the wine and then cellar age for six months to a year before we sell it at the tasting room, restaurants or wine shops. TASTE SOME MORE. Lots more!

Joe Gunselman, the Gunselmen Bench Vineyard

Where the most beautiful gifts from the earth ... ... come to the table.

n, Winemakers Rebecca and Joe Gunselma

Robert Karl Wines

Karl Gunselman at the

Order Robert Karl at your favorite restaurant and visit our family winery in Downtown Spokane from Noon to 4:00 pm on Saturdays.


115 West Pacific Ave. (509) 363-1353 or (888) 4CLARET (425-3728)

Dick Beightol Vineyard Manager



Tour and Taste Spectacular Local Wines!


Temple Rd

Forker Rd



gelow Gulch Road

Spokane wineries have received local, regional, national and international recognition, and we are so fortunate to have them right here in our neighborhood! By shopping our local wineries, you can find some of the finest and most impressive wines. Some wines are available only at the wineries.

The 14 award-winning wineries of

Lehman Rd

the Spokane area present two Fruit Hill Rd

tour-and-taste events annually WellesleyAve

at their wineries.

Harvard Rd

Barker Rd

• Spring Barrel Tasting Weekend (Mother’s Day Weekend) Indiana Ave •Exit Holiday Wine Fest 289 291 Mission Ave(Weekend Before Exit Thanksgiving)

Montgomery Ave

Greenbluff Loop

adway Ave.

E Country Vista Dr

Sprague Ave ky rP tte Ru



Mt. Spokane Park Dr



Hwy 395

Mountain Dome


Wa iki ki

Nin eM 27 ile Rd


9 Winery





Bruce Rd


Townshend Cellar

Day Mt. Spokane Rd

il Indian tra

Temple Rd

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Liberty Lake Wine Cellars






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Arbor Crest Tasting Room in River Park Square 1 Grande Ronde & Whitestone Tasting Room Barrister “The Wine Cellar” Winery 2 4

Vintage Hill Cellars

Robert Karl Cellars



Downtown Spokane Wineries Map

Lone Canary Winery 8

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S. Garry Rd

Sullivan Rd


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Pines Rd

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Latah Creek Winery

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Nodland Cellars

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Arbor Crest Wine Cellars

Mission Ave Broadway Ave.

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Sullivan Rd


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Greenbluff Rd


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Spokane – Cliff House Tasting Room -- 4705 N. Fruithill Rd. (509) 927-9463

Downtown Spokane – 109 S. Scott St. #B2 (509) 534-9062

Downtown Spokane – River Park Square Tasting Room – 808 W. Main Ave., 3rd Floor (509) 747 3903

Lone Canary is a Washington State winery dedicated to the production of high-quality, elegant wines that express what is delicious and distinctive about our state’s fruit. We are open from 12-5pm Thurs.-Sun. and by appointment. Please contact the winery for directions. We look forward to seeing you!

Grand visions come easily at the Cliff House, a national historic site we call home. Arbor Crest has recently received a Wine Spectator “90” rating for our 2005 Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Relax and enjoy the view as you taste our wines and stroll the grounds. No one under 21, please. Cliff House Tasting Room is open 12-5pm daily. River Park Square Tasting Room is open 11am-9pm Mon.–Thurs., 11am-10pm Fri.-Sat. and 12-5pm Sun.

9 MOUNTAIN DOME WINERY Spokane – 16315 E. Temple Rd. (509) 928-BRUT (2788)



Mountain Dome Winery is Washington State’s Premier Sparkling House. It is family owned and operated and focuses on producing world class sparkling wine made in the traditional Methode Champenoise style. Mountain Dome’s Cuvée Forté label just received a gold medal in Seattle’s Enological Wine Tasting and was picked to be in the top 100 most exciting wine finds by British wine writer Tom Stevenson. Please call for directions. Tasting Room open 11am5pm Sat. during the summer months and gladly by appointment.

Downtown Spokane – 1213 W. Railroad Ave. (509) 465-3591



Columbia Valley

Only 375 cases of this wine produced. Our limited production wines are available through our mailing list and at selected fine restaurants.


Barrister Winery

“One of the Northwest’s emerging superstar wineries,” Barrister Winery is owned by two attorney/winemakers. Specializing in reds, our wines are available at the winery, from our mailing list or in selected fine restaurants and wine shops. Come visit and share our passion for wine. Located in the alley between 1st & 2nd and Adams & Jefferson, immediately south of railroad overpass. Open Fridays from 12-6pm and First Friday celebrations, with artist’s receptions from 5-9pm and live music from 7-10pm. Also, Saturday tastings from 12-5pm. 1213 W. Railroad Avenue Spokane, WA 99201 (509) 465-3591






750 ML



2003 Barrister Winery 03 Cab Franc (F&B) DIELINE COMBO 20050470 4-8-05 2 OVERLAYS




Spokane Valley – 11616 E. Montgomery Dr. #70 (509) 927-7770



7778 SW NIMBUS AVE. BLDG. 10 BEAVERTON, OR 97008 PHONE: 503 646 7933 • FAX 503 641 4728

DATE: 3-8-05



JOB NUMBER: 20050470

COLORS: 812 Gold Foil CMYK



SIZE: 3 1/2" x 4" +B

CLIENT: Barrister Winery

CHANGES, please submit another proof

2003 Cabernet Franc (F&B) INTERNAL PROOF



Downtown Spokane – 905 N. Washington St. (509) 328-5068 CLIENT NOTE / COMMENTS

Nodland Cellars presents our Private Blend—a jazzy red wine with a sextet of flavors featuring a blend of ripe, luscious Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Carmenere. An ultra-modern interpretation of a beloved standard. Seriously fun! We are located at Pines and Montgomery. Open Saturdays from 11am5pm and by appointment.

We believe the wines of today are best expressed through tradition blended with art. Caterina provides the ultimate Washington Wine experience with our traditional Single Vineyard Wines as well as our artistic non-traditional blends showcasing the Yakima and Walla Walla Valleys. If art is your passion, you will always find rotating art shows adorning our walls as well as live musicians on our garden patio Fri. & Sat. nights. Tours and tastings 12-5pm daily. All ages welcome.



Downtown Spokane – 115 W. Pacific Ave. (509) 363-1353 (888) 4CLARET (425-2738)

Downtown Spokane – 906 W. 2nd Ave. Freeman Center (509) 455-8161

Physician-winemaker Joe Gunselman, while nestled in an old fire station in the Historic Warehouse District, focuses on Bordeauxstyle wines and has received national recognition for his Claret and Cabernet Sauvignon. Robert Karl Cellars has been rated in the top 100 wineries in the world and in the top 50 value wineries. Open 124pm Sat. and by appointment.

Grande Ronde Cellars specializes in single vineyard red wines and blends from the Walla Walla Valley appellation. Cellar Red (cabernet sauvignon, grand vidure), Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Charlotte’s Cuvee (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot). All wines are from Seven Hills or Pepper Bridge Vineyard, Walla Walla. The tasting room is open 12-6pm. Wed.-Sat.



Colbert, Wash. – 16112 N. Greenbluff Rd. (509) 238-1400

Spokane – 5634 E. Commerce Ave. (509) 534-5121 Located in the old Parkwater Schoolhouse adjacent to historic Felts Field Airport, we invite you to join us in the enjoyment of our wines crafted in the European family tradition. Directions: I-90 exit 285 Sprague Ave. (Fancher is west of I-90 overpass) Go north on Fancher past Trent to 2nd left, Commerce Ave. Open 12-5pm Wed.-Sun.

ColumbiaValley RED WINE 750 ML

ALC. 13.5% BY VOL.

WaShington State

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine with Natural Chocolate Flavor Added Produced and bottled by Knipprath Cellars SPokane, WaShington

alcohol content 20% by volume



Downtown Spokane – 319 W. 2nd Ave. (509) 624-3792

Spokane Valley – 13030 E. Indiana Ave. (509) 926-0164

We started from a passion for winemaking and sharing an experience with friends and family. Two years later, after our initial decision to take a hobby into a public passion, we first opened our doors May 11, 2007.  We hope you will join us soon and experience the urban yet refined delights of Vintage Hill Cellars.

Latah Creek, just minutes from Downtown Spokane, offers visitors the chance to sample its award-winning wines while browsing through one of the most unique gift shops in the area. Latah Creek celebrates it’s 25th Anniversary in Spokane and it’s Riesling continues to be a top-rated Washington wine. Open 9am-5pm daily.



Liberty Lake – 1018 S. Garry Rd. (509) 255-9205 Open by appointment and for Holiday Wine Fest/Spring Barrel Tasting weekends. Liberty Lake Wine Cellars produces small lots of handcrafted red wine for those who seek out and appreciate limited edition wines. Specializing in singlevineyard wines, we feature the fruit of the Walla Walla and Red Mountain Appellations. Join us in the tasting room to enjoy exceptional red wines and views of Liberty Lake and Mt. Spokane.

Townshend Cellar is dedicated to producing small lots of quality wines, ports, dessert wines and huckleberry-style wines. Located north of Spokane in the Green Bluff area. Open 12-6pm Fri.-Sun. and by appointment. Come enjoy our award- winning wines and beautiful view – we’ll look forward to seeing you!

Wilbur, Wash. – 115 N.E. Main St. (509) 647-5325 Spokane – The Wine Cellar Tasting Room – 906 W. 2nd Ave.

Pieces RED



Whitestone Winery is proud to feature award-winning, 100-percent, family estate red wines from our vineyard located on the shores of Lake Roosevelt. Taste Whitestone wines at the winery in Wilbur or visit “The Wine Cellar” tasting room in Downtown Spokane at 2nd and Lincoln Street, 12-6pm Wed.-Sat. Please call or visit our Web site for our current winery hours.


Barrister Winery

Barrister Winery By: Jillian De Lallo

More than just a winery, Barrister is host to great wine, art, music, catering and events!



many surprises, especially if you venture a little off the beaten path. Toward the west end of the downtown, nestled between galleries, edgy coffee houses and new loft condos in the Historic Davenport District, is where you’ll find Barrister Winery. “People are always surprised when they walk in here for the first time,” said winemaker Greg Lipsker. “But once they find us, we can be pretty sure they will come back.”


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In just a handful of years, Barrister has grown from a garage hobby shared by two friends and their families, to a successful wine business producing a Cabernet Franc with a cult-like following. On Saturdays, the tasting room fills with wine enthusiast discovering Barrister for the first time or returning to share their discovery with friends. “We like to make wine in the style that we like to drink it; we make wines people can be proud to serve,” winemaker Michael White

Barrister Winery

First Friday

said. “They’re big, bold, fruit-forward, intense wines with soft mouth-feel. That is a style that’s consistent through each of our wines.” And the Barrister wines have quickly found a strong following. In the past five years, Barrister has won top awards most small wineries in the country only dream of: Best of Show at the venerable L.A. County Fair, Best of Show at the Northwest Wine Summit and Best of Show at the Tri-Cities Wine Festival. Add to that the numerous golds these guys have hauled in and a Platinum Award from Wine Press Northwest. “Sometimes we just have to pinch ourselves. It feels like a dream come true,” said Greg. “Having a winery combines the things in life that give me the most pleasure: friends, wine, food, cook-

ing, travel and culture. It gives us an opportunity to have a seamless lifestyle, you know, where we don’t have to go to a day job just to make money to do the things we enjoy.” Both Greg and Mike left their law careers behind to become full-time winemakers. Back in 1997, Mike and Greg were both full-time attorneys when they came upon a wine shop while vacationing with their families in Canada. The shop not only sold wine, but the tools needed in making wine. Greg and Mike went into the shop to purchase a few bottles of wine but left with what would be the birth of Barrister Winery—a five-gallon home winemaking kit. A year later, they produced two cases of wine in Mike’s laundry room, and that first vintage was served to friends. “We kind of punished them,” said Greg, laughing. “They drank it because it was free.” As home winemakers, Mike and Greg entered their wines in the Indy International amateur wine competition. They entered four wines and won three gold and one silver medal. “We were thinking, ‘Gosh, maybe people really do like our wines?’” said Greg. By 2000, they were processing 1.5 tons of grapes in Greg’s garage, and it became obvious Barrister needed more space. Their first business location was a 1,500 square foot basement location near the Spokane Arena, which the prolific winemakers outgrew after just two harvests. They needed to find a new setting for

Barrister participates in the First Friday Art Walk, held the first Friday of every month. There is a reception for the featured artist from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., followed by acoustic Blues by "Lonesome" Lyle Morse (pictured above) from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Pictured below is artist Fr. Bruno Segatta. The proceeds from the sale of Fr. Bruno's works were donated to an outreach program for children and orphanages in Africa.

First Friday Artist Reception, with paintings on display (above and below) by Fr. Bruno.

GETTING THERE Barrister Winery is located in Downtown Spokane at 1213 W. Railroad Ave. between 1st and 2nd avenues and Adams and Jefferson streets. For more information, call (509) 465-3591 or visit their Web site at



Barrister Winery

their growing winery, and fast. That leads us to the stately brick building the winery occupies today. They “stumbled upon” the 100-year-old brick building in Downtown Spokane’s historic Davenport District in February 2004 and signed the deed. By May that same year, they were ready for business. “In 2003, we released about 150 cases of wine,” said Greg. “Now our winery is more than 20,000 square feet, and our annual production is just over 3,000 cases.” Barrister’s building holds the entire wine production—from the time the hand-harvested grapes show up, through the meticulous handsorting, de-stemming, crushing and fermenting process to the oak barrel aging, bottling and finally sales. When the fall weather turns crisp, plastic 1/2-ton crates full of grapes from premium

vineyards such as Pepper Bridge and Klipsun line the alleys around the winery. Friends give a hand with sorting and de-stemming as the trains rumble by. “The grapes are hand-sorted by friends and family. The friends who come down here and help are like our extended family,” said Greg. “We couldn’t possibly have built a winery without our friends and volunteers.” The grapes are then fermented in small lots, with meticulous attention to detail. “We use 11 different strains of yeast and French oak from four different forests in France, each to add a different layer of complexity,” said Greg. “We are a low-tech winery; a boutique producer with a loyal following.” Curious visitors stop by any time of the year, and it’s easy to get a tour. There’s no need to be intimidate—the two winemakers are approachable, and questions are always welcome and answered in a friendly way. “We make it an experience to remember for the people who come here,” said Mike. “We try to create a personal connection between the winery, the winemakers and of course the wine.” Guests can stop in for more than just wine, though. Barrister is a unique venue and sets itself apart from other wineries. It’s an art venue; its walls display the works of various local artists. It offers live music monthly. The winery, as well

Tasting room open Noon-6pm Fri. and Noon-5pm Sat. First Friday: Artist reception 5-7pm, Live Music: 7-10pm featuring “Lonesome” Lyle Morse playing acoustic blues 1213 W. Railroad Ave. (Downtown Spokane) (509) 465-3591


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as its cellar, can be rented out for special events, and they offer catering, too! So do attorneys make good winemakers? Though there are some similarities between lawyering and winemaking, such as the necessity to pay attention to fine detail, Greg and Mike agree that winemakers are much more popular than attorneys. “We get teased a lot. Often people come in to see what exactly two attorneys can do,” said Mike. “We put our hearts and souls into winemaking, and our customers can taste that. We have been really fortunate and enjoyed a lot of success. It’s gratifying to produce the wine we envisioned and have it be enjoyed by others.” Said Greg: “We are both very passionate about wine. Although it’s a business now, it’s still a labor of love.”

Sizzle’n Hot List Area Wine Tastings & Events

Spokane Area Special Wine Tasting Events With so many area wineries here in Spokane, it makes perfect sense that there would be a surplus of wine tastings throughout the area, along with various wine events. So, the next time you’re in the mood for some vino, give one of these places a call, or reserve your spot at one of these fun and unique wine events. Saluté!


Festival of Foodies

Taste Washington

January 24, 2009 Guests of this event can sample area restaurants, bakeries, wineries and breweries. Held from 2-6pm at Spokane Community College in the Lair Building. (509) 242-2400

Gallery of Thum

June 21, 2009 With Washington State gaining world-wide recognition as a premium wine region and destination, this event, held at the Davenport Hotel, showcases area wineries and restaurants, with each offering their specialties to guests, along with an auction. Meet winemakers, mingle with Spokane restaurateurs and enjoy extraordinary delights from both. This is your chance to see what all the buzz is about!

159 S. Lincoln St., Ste. 151 (509) 294-9234 6-8:30pm Monthly Visit for day and to reserve your spot.

A Taste of Hope Febuary 13, 2009 A Taste of Hope benefits The ISAAC Foundation providing financial support and therapy for children with autism in this region. Enjoy the area’s finest foods, wines, brews, spirits, coffees and specialties, along with live and silent auctions. (509) 499-1679 or

Wine and Gourmet Gala March 15, 2009 Presented by the Community Colleges of Spokane Foundation, this event teams students from Spokane Community College’s Inland Northwest Culinary Academy with chefs to prepare a four-course meal to be paired with both local and regional wines. The event includes a silent auction, with proceeds going to support SCC’s hospitality management department. (509) 434-5123 or

Festival of Wine & Flowers April 2009 This annual tasting is a benefit for St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute, supporting the comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services at St. Luke’s for adults and children throughout our region.

Spring Barrel Tasting May 8-10, 2009 Bring in the season by attending this delightful event, which features all Spokane Wineries, including Green Bluff, Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake on Mother’s Day weekend.

Grape & Grain June 2009 This is Spokane’s premier wine and beer tasting event! The Spokane Advertising Federation’s 19th Annual Grape & Grain Silent Auction and Tasting Fundraiser is an event not to miss. Cost is $30 in advance and $40 at the door. Tickets are available Spring 2009. (509) 869-5343 or

Epicurean Delight

November 6, 2009 The Epicurean is a formal gala benefit for the Inland Northwest Blood Center (INBC) and unites restaurants, the culinary talents of their finest chefs, Washington area wineries and microbreweries. Auction items and live music keep guests engaged for an unforgettable night. INBC is the primary provider of blood services to our region. (509)232-4567 or

Spokane Cork & Keg Festival November 13, 2009 This Washington Restaurant Association event features more than 100 wines and 30 microbreweries, wonderful hors d’oeuvres by the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy, a discount wine store, live music and silent auction. Tickets are available (with cash or check) at any area Rosauers or Huckleberries stores, Vino! A WineShop, Jim’s Home Brew and Williams Seafood & Fine Wines. Cost is $40 per person. This event is held at the Mirabeau Park Hotel, 1100 N. Sullivan Rd. Special room rates are available at Mirabeau Park Hotel for attendees. (509) 467-7744 or

Holiday Wine Fest November 20-22, 2009 All Spokane wineries participate in this event the weekend before Thanksgiving. Tour Downtown Spokane, Green Bluff, Spokane Valley and Liberty Lake for the great tastes of Spokane’s own wines; a fun and tasty way to kick off the holiday season.

For more area wine tastings and events visit our Web site and sign up for our weekly eNews updates! Go to ::

Huckleberry’s Market 926 S. Monroe St. (509) 624-1349 Call for days and times

Rocket Market 726 E. 43rd St. (509) 343-2253 7pm Fri.

Vino! A WineShop 222 S. Washington St. (509) 838-1229 3-5:30pm Fri. and 2-4:30pm Sat.

Enoteca Fine Wine & Beer Post Falls, Idaho – 112 E. Seltice Way (208) 457-9885 4-7pm Fri., 12-7pm Sat. Call for special events each month

Little Italy’s Wine Bar State Line, Idaho – 6906 W. Seltice (208) 777-7778 2-9pm Fri. and Sat.

**For tastings at Spokane area Wineries and locations, in this issue look for the Spokane Winery pages 90 & 91**



Wine Time Barrister Winery Downtown Spokane – 1213 W. Railroad Ave. (509) 465-3591

Taste Barrister’s award-winning wines! Nestled away in a 100-year-old brick building located in the historic Davenport Arts District, Barrister is home to not only a winery, but an unforgettable experience for all who enter. Enjoy wine tastings, offered Noon-6pm Fri. and Noon-5pm Sat., winery tours to get to know the winemakers Mike and Greg, First Friday events and artist receptions, or book the winery and host your own special event!

Coeur d’Alene Cellars’ Barrel Room No. 6


Downtown CdA, Idaho – 503 E. Sherman Ave. (208) 664-9632

No. 6 Wine Bar is a plush, upscale, relaxing place to enjoy local wines, gourmet cheeses, handcrafted chocolates and live music on weekend evenings. Summer Hours: 2-10pm Mon.-Thurs., 2pm-Midnight Fri.-Sat. Closed Sun.

Coeur d’Alene Cellars Winery N. CdA, Idaho – 3890 N. Schreiber Way (208) 664-2336

Visit the winery for wine tastings of world-class wine and tours of a state-of-the-art facility. Open Tues.-Sat. 11am-5pm or by appointment.

Little Italy’s Wine Bar State Line, Idaho – 6906 W. Seltice Way (Located inside A to Z Fine Wines & Cigars, Exit #299 off I-90 next to Cabela’s) (208) 777-7778

1205 Main St. Oroville, WA (509) 476-3646

Join us for wine, microbrew and cigar tastings! Relax outdoors on the patio with your favorite wine and/or premium cigar. Open for tastings Friday and Saturday, or call for an appointment or to book your special events! Take your interest in Wine and turn it into a passion! Discover wine every month through Little Italy’s Wine Club! No minimum contract term or sign-up fee. Wine Club members save 10 percent to 50 percent off all wine and wine accessories and enjoy free access to our Wine Bar for private parties! Plus many more benefits for members! We also carry PEK wine preservation systems. Visit our Web site for events, sign up for our weekly newsletter and check out our Wine Club. A to Z Fine Wines & Cigars is open 7am-9pm daily, until 10pm Fri.Sat.

Niko’s Greek Restaurant & Wine Bar Downtown Spokane – 725 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 624-7444 Eclectic Greek & Middle Eastern $$-$$$

On our way to celebrating 25 years—Niko’s offers the best in traditional and eclectic Mediterranean cuisine with the largest wine list in the Inland Northwest, earning the reputation as a destination spot for local and out-of-town diners. Our specialties include lamb, prime steaks, Greek and vegetarian offerings. Niko’s created special “Wine Tours” in which you sample a series of three wines—many tours to choose from and new offerings every two weeks. We also have a new special early/late-night dinner menu available 4-6pm and 9pm-Close Sun.-Wed. In addition to dining-room and wine-bar seating, we have the option of private dining rooms—ask about our VIP dinner option. Dinner starting at 4pm daily. Reservations welcomed. Personalized catering available.

Okanogan Estate & Vineyards Oroville, Wash. – 1205 Main St. (509) 476-3646 Leavenworth Tasting Room – 633 Front St. (509) 548-9883.

Okanogan Estate & Vineyards is a small, award-winning winery dedicated to producing handcrafted, exceptional wines. We take pride in our wines, and all of our grapes are estategrown in Washington’s Okanogan Valley. They are carefully monitored to ensure full flavor and complexity. Our desert-like climate, combined with the rich soil of our region, provides ideal grape-growing conditions. Visit us, experience our sensational variety of wines and bask in the beauty bordered by tall, rocky mountains with miles of lake water running through the valley floor.

Taste TimberRock wines in Downtown Coeur d’Alene! Our new tasting bar is open at Studio 107 near the corner of 4th St. & Sherman Ave.

107 N. 4th St. ~ (208) 667-5155


See what’s new @


Wine Time


TimberRock Winery Post Falls Winery – 2338 S. Big Rock Rd. Downtown CdA Tasting Room – 107 N. 4th St.

(208) 777-9669 (208) 667-5155

TimberRock is a family owned and operated local winery producing fine wines from the best Washington fruit. Specializing in Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux-style blends. Available locally at restaurants and wine shops, and now at our new Downtown Coeur d’Alene Tasting Room.

Townshend Cellar Colbert, Wash. – 16112 Greenbluff Rd.

(509) 238-1400

Located just north of Spokane in the Green Bluff area, Townshend Cellar is dedicated to producing small lots of quality wines, ports, dessert wines and huckleberry-style wines. Come enjoy our award-winning wines and beautiful view of the Green Bluff countryside. We are open 12-6pm Fri.-Sun. and by appointment. Visit our Web site to find out about special events and to join our wine club. Ask for a taste of Townshend Cellar wines at your favorite restaurants. We look forward to seeing you at the winery!

Vino! A WineShop Downtown Spokane – 222 S. Washington St.

(509) 838-1229

Spokane’s downtown wine shop since 1995 features wine from around the world with an emphasis on Northwest wines. Good wine doesn’t have to be expensive. Our wine prices range from $5.95 to $300. We offer regular wine tasting on Friday and Saturday, wine education classes, wine dinners, a great Wine of the Month Club and a discount buying club in which you receive 15-percent discount on all the wine you buy in a year. Vino! Where you don’t need to know a lot about wine. Open 10am-6pm Tues.-Fri. and 10am-5pm Sat.

Come relax on our outdoor patio!

“The Fine Art of Wine” Coeur d’Alene Cellars score card, events and location draw crowds!


oeur d’Alene Cellars winery is uniquely located in the beautiful community of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, close enough to the award-winning vineyards of Eastern Washington to be able to handharvest fruit in the morning and hand-sort it to fermentation tanks before the sun sets. As the only winery in Coeur d’Alene, it has a loyal following of local enophiles as well as broad exposure to a booming tourist industry. Producing only 4,000 cases of wine each year, the winemaking philosophy at Coeur d’Alene Cellars is to create a style and blend that is unique but balanced and approachable. “We try to do our best to represent this wonderful community of Coeur d’Alene in our attention to detail and creativity,” said General Manager Kimber Gates. Coeur d’Alene Cellars has proven to be a true asset to the community, producing “the fine art of wine” that is bringing in scores consistently in the 90s. Warren Schutz is the winemaker, with Kimber’s mother, Sarah, the artist behind the labels. The Chardonnay, Viognier, Syrah and Opulence are especially popular, and most of their wine is sold locally. The winery has fun and informative tastings every Tuesday through Saturday starting at 11:00 a.m. Tours of the state-of-the-art facility are always a hit, and the front garden lawn is a perfect spot for a picnic. Check out their awards and wines at or call (208) 664-2336. GETTING THERE

6909 W. Seltice Way (I-90 Exit 299 next to Cabela’s) (877) 390-5778 or (208) 777-7778 Little Italy’s open Fri. & Sat. 2–9pm or by appointment A to Z Fine Wines & Cigars is open 7 days a week

Save $$ and join our wine club!

From I-90, Exit 11: Take the Northwest Boulevard Exit City Center and head north across I-90. Go approximately 1 mile and turn right at Kathleen Avenue. Take the second right onto Schreiber Way and go to 3890 N. Schreiber Way.




A Toast to Northwest Wines

A Toast to Northwest Wines By: Sam Lange “A bottle of white? A bottle of red? Perhaps a bottle of rosé instead?”


ot so many years ago

(Billy Joel wrote those lyrics in 1977), white, red or pink were about the extent of the wine offerings at many local eateries. Today’s Northwest wine scene is a world apart from those humble beginnings, due, in large part, to the growth of the Washington wine industry. It is now the second largest in the country. It’s not uncommon to open a wine list these days and be confronted with a choice of half-a-dozen Northwest Viogniers. Viogniers for crying out loud! Recently, in the course of


See what’s new @

one week, I tasted a Petite Verdot, a Carmenere, a single-vineyard Counois, and the usual assortment of Black Muscats, Rousannes and the like. Many of our local wineries have jumped into the fray by offering unique wines made from lesser-known grape varieties. A recent tour of nearby tasting rooms uncovered a wealth of opportunities to sample these intriguing wines. In Coeur d’Alene, the aptly named Coeur d’Alene Cellars has carved a niche for itself by focusing on one red varietal (Syrah) and one white varietal (Viognier). Not so many years

A Toast to Northwest Wines

ago, most wine drinkers had never even heard of Viognier (pronounced VEE-own-yay). Once an obscure grape grown almost exclusively in the tiny French appellations of Condrieu and Chateau-Grillet, Viognier moved in and has quickly become the darling of winemakers seeking an alternative to Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. Unfortunately, Viognier can be a bit of a problem child. The grape is difficult to grow and often the result is a wine with heady, overbearing aromas of over-ripe fruit and orange blossoms combined with high alcohol, low acid and a healthy dose of residual sugar. Some outspoken wine critics have gone so far as to brand this newcomer “the scourge of our times.” Happily, Coeur d’Alene Cellars crafts a lovely, well-balanced Viognier that captures the best qualities of the variety; lively, fresh tropical fruit flavors combined with pretty floral aromas, a lush creamy texture and a bright, crisp citrus finish. Try it with spicy curry dishes. Grande Ronde Cellars utilizes the storied

variety Grand Vidure in one of their most popular wines, Cellar Red. Once grown in the Bordeaux region of France, it was blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petite Verdot in the great reds of that region (think Chateau Latour, Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, etc.). Wiped out during the Phylloxera Plague in the late 1800s, it has been rediscovered in Chile where it is known as Carmenere. It has dark berry or cherry flavors with distinct smoky, spicy and earthy qualities. Grande Ronde Cellars blends theirs with Cabernet Sauvignon resulting in a wine that successfully exploits the best qualities of both grapes. Ripe and plumy with subtle spice, it pairs well with casual fare such as pasta, pizza or grilled foods. Meanwhile, Latah Creek Wine Cellars has recently released their first Winemakers Reserve Red of which only 11 barrels were produced. It is something of a rarity in that it is crafted from Petite Verdot, another of the lesser-known Bordeaux grape varieties. Typically used in very small percentages in blends, it is fascinating to see what the grape can attain on its own when grown in the favorable climate of Washington State. On the subject of the Bordeaux varietals, Townshend Cellar rounds out the list by producing both a Cabernet Franc and a Malbec (not to mention a Lemberger). As one would expect from the affable Mr. Don Townshend, the wines are lushly oaked and bursting with ripe fruit flavors while allowing the distinctive personalities of the grape varieties to shine through.

The Washington wine industry … is now the second largest in the country.

Mike Scott of Lone Canary Winery has long been a champion of lesser-known grape varieties. One of the most intriguing is his Barbera. This grape is widely grown in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy where it is prized for its affinity for full-flavored food. The people of Piedmont are a hearty lot who work hard, enjoying physical activity and the fresh air of the mountainous region in which they live With regards to their dining habits, suffice it to say they are not inclined to delicate fare. The opulent food of the region calls for a quaffable, racy wine that will complement, not overwhelm, the meal. The Lone Canary Barbera is just that. With ripe raspberry fruit, leather, tobacco and a zesty finish, it is perfectly at home with rich food whether it be tajarin with white truffles or roast turkey with all the accoutrements. As it turns out, our local wineries offer a host of interesting new wines to sample. We have only scratched the surface here. Some of these are only available at the winery tasting rooms, so venture out and give them a try. You just might discover a new favorite. Sam Lange has been an enthusiastic participant in the Northwest wine scene for more than 25 years as a wine retailer, winery representative, wine distributor and wine steward. Currently, he is the wine buyer for the newly expanded Pilgrim’s Market located at 1316 N. 4th St. in Coeur d’Alene. In his free time he enjoys snowskiing, bicycling and fly-fishing in beautiful North Idaho.

Lone Canary Winery




Townshend Cellar

Townshend Cellar is Moving Up! By: JEANETTE DUNN

Up the hill that is! With a dramatic increase in production in recent years, Don Townshend has purchased a new location and is planning an even bigger future for Townshend wines. Here, Don and Jill Rider, Townshend marketing director, toast to the new location and bright new future.


ownshend Cellar is on the

move. Not far from the original location, just up the hill on the west side of Green Bluff, will be a new home for Townshend Cellar. In the coming year, if construction and development progress as planned, the winery will host events there, and a flurry of activity is planned as the transition from the original location takes place. Although the winery


See whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new @

and tasting room are still located at the original location on Green Bluff Road north of Spokane, Winemaker Don Townshend has purchased a new property farther north on Green Bluff Road and up on the bluff. With the rising popularity of Townshend wines, the need for a larger space to call home has beckoned. Don has been producing wines since

1998, and his production has increased considerably from the beginning days. The rural area up on Green Bluff is a perfect countryside backdrop for Townshend Cellar to grow into. Don is planning a beautiful location for the tasting room, winemaker dinners, an expanded production facility and perhaps a surpriseâ&#x20AC;Ś or two. Surrounding the house and future Townshend Tasting Room are beautiful gardens and a deck overlooking sweeping views far above North Spokane toward Deer Park and Chewelah. Colorful sunsets create a dramatic display for introducing people to Townshend wines, and the country quiet creates an atmosphere that makes guests want to linger. The Townshend Cellar operation has grown considerably in recent years. Increasing the production has meant sharing a large facility with Preston Wines in Pasco. Don was inspired to begin making his own wines while he was conducting business in his commercial cooling system business with the Preston family in the early 80s at their winery. The facility there is housing the majority of his production operation, with all the necessary room and equipment: presses, fermentation tanks, barrel storage and bottling equipment. Don still does a limited amount of production and bottling at the current Green Bluff location. This year he completed his first production of Barbera grapes grown by

Townshend Cellar

“The property is perfect for the future tasting room and production facility. The views from the edge of the property are spectacular, and the rest of the ground is reasonably flat, which makes the production side much easier to build the new facility on,” said DON.

local Green Bluff friends and growers Davide and Stephanie Trezzi. “Now, after 10 years in the business, it’s time for Townshend Cellar to grow to the next level with a new location that will provide guests with a setting that will only enhance tasting the excellent quality wines that Don Townshend produces,” said Jill Rider. Don added: “The property is perfect for the future tasting room and production facility. The views from the edge of the property are spectacular, and the rest of the ground is reasonably flat, which makes the production side much easier to build the new facility on.” Don’s wines include a long list of popular wines at local restaurants, and he has just helped to create a new blend with Downriver Grill owners Jonathan and Aaron Sweatt. Their own DRG blend—Relentless Red—will be available only at the Downriver Grill restaurant. Jonathan, Aaron and Don have become good friends over the years of working together and are proud to present this new wine. Don is pleased that they have been interested in creating a blend of their own. “When they are successful, then I’m successful. I like the food they create and the setting in the restaurant; I want to see them continue to be a strong success in Spokane,” he said. Downriver Grill has always been dedicated to providing high quality, delicious and creative food in a comfortable

neighborhood setting. This makes the partnering with Townshend Cellar for the custom blend a perfect match with a high-quality, delicious wine. The quiet of the countryside, the beauty of the views and the extensive selection of fine wines all come together at Townshend Cellar. It’s the perfect stop in the country to savor the wines and enjoy a breath of fresh air with good company. With luck, Townshend Cellar hopes to be open for business in its new location in late 2009.

GETTING THERE The current winery location is at 16112 Greenbluff Rd.: Take I-90 to Exit #287. Go north on Argonne/Bruce Road to the “T” at Day-Mt. Spokane Road. Turn left/west for .4 miles, turn right onto Greenbluff Rd. Winery entrance is .2 miles on the right. The tasting room is straight ahead up the hill. From North Side: From the Division “Y” go 5.4 miles north on Hwy 2. Turn right on Day-Mt. Spokane Road and go east for 1.6 miles. Turn left onto Greenbluff Rd., the winery entrance is .2 miles on the right. (509) 238-1400



Townshend Cellar

Townshend Wine List Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, a Reserve Red blend, Syrah, Sangiovese, Tempranillo, Lemberger, Pinot Noir, T3 (restaurant and winery only non-vintage red blend), T3 ROSE, Vortex Red (non-vintage red blend), Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, the White, pink and red table wine collection, several late-harvest dessert wines, several ports and a Huckleberry Brut sparkling wine. Library wines are also available.

Join the ‘Diamond T’ Wine Club! Members receive four two-bottle shipments of wine each year, additional discounts on wine and the first opportunity at specialty wines.

Wine Tastings Tastings at the cellar are every Friday, Saturday and

Sunday from Noon to 6:00 p.m. and appointments may be made for other times.

Townshend Cellar Colbert, Wash. – 16112 Greenbluff Rd. (509) 238-1400

Located just north of Spokane in the Green Bluff area, Townshend Cellar is dedicated to producing small lots of quality wines, ports, dessert wines and huckleberry-style wines. Come enjoy our awardwinning wines and beautiful view of the Green Bluff countryside. We are open 12-6pm Fri.-Sun. and by appointment. Visit our Web site to find out about special events and join our wine club. Ask for a taste of Townshend Cellar wines at your favorite restaurants. We look forward to seeing you at the winery! Find us online at ::


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Join our `Diamond T´ Wine Club Come taste with us at:

16112 Greenbluff Rd. - 509-238-1400 Open Friday - Sunday noon to six p.m. and by appointment.


Shopping for the Best!


Locally Produced Specialty Foods

Shopping local has never been easier! With our Shopping for the Best! Section of the magazine, you will find unique local shops and where to find the best of the local products produced.


T’S REALLY A BUZZ WORD THESE days; buy local. But, here at the Spokane Sizzle, we have been telling you that since we began! Featuring local favorite restaurants, wines, brews and food shops that are owned and operated by people who live in our neighborhoods is what we do. There is a hugely growing movement now to generate more interest in shopping for local products, and the word “sustainable agriculture” is really another word for going to the Farmers’ Market. People want to make more conscious decisions about the products they eat, and shopping for locally produced foods is so much closer to home … and the heart.

Here in this section we let you know about some “mom and pops” and some local foods you will want to try because they are world-class! We have a wealth of locals who are dipping into the food business and doing very well at getting national attention. Look for tasty local finds at area specialty shops and where to find the very best of local foods. Chocolate Myracles, Coeur d’Alene Olive Oil, Taco Chic Salsa, Cowgirl Chocolates, ChocoPerfection and Wildbeary Huckleberry products—are all made in right here in the Inland Northwest! Find out more about local specialty foods on our Web site at

“I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.” Tammy Faye Baker



Shopping for the Good Stuff

Himalayan Pink Salt Used for centuries by the Himalayan culture for healing and health, these gourmet fusion sea salts are pure-mined out of the Himalayan Mountains instead of the ocean. With 84 trace elements and iron, this salt has healing properties, such as stimulating circulation, lowering blood pressure and removing toxins such as heavy metals. It is used by health professionals and spas as well.

Shopping for the Good Stuff Just where in the world will you find a salt bar?


t the Kitchen Engine in the Flour Mill mini-mall of course! They have imported and collected some of the finest salts from around the globe to bring you both gourmet salts for cooking and therapeutic salts for the bath. A visit to the Kitchen Engine will be an eye-opener about putting these ancient high-quality sea salts to use. In our constant search for the next unique culinary items, we found some very cool products around the area you may want to find, too. Take a look!

Find these all at The Kitchen Engine, 621 W. Mallon Ave., Ste. 416 (509) 328-3335


See whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new @

The Coffee Coat Co. Locally made by Feast Catering Co. owner, Sylvia Wilson, the Coffee Coat is designed to keep your coffee warm and insulated, and wraps perfectly around your French Press to keep it nice and toasty. Designed to fit a standard eight-cup French Press, they come in multiple fabrics. Browse designs and order online, too!

Shopping for the Good Stuff If you cook you need to know about Chef’n products! They are the rock stars of creating the coolest chef tools around. A Seattle-based company has re-invented some standard gadgets to create this line of the best innovative cooks’ tools we have found. Chef’n cool tools can be found at Gourmet Way in Coeur d’Alene near the Silver Lake Mall at 6848 Government Way. (208) 762-1333

Emile Henry Bakeware Founded in 1850 in a small town in France, this family owned business offers incredible cookware—everything from the finest ceramic ovenware, gourmet cooking products and bakeware products. This chip-resistant and durable bakeware bakes evenly with no burnt edges and can withstand temperature shock like no other.

The GarlicZoom It’s a rolling garlic chopper! Simply insert one or two peeled cloves and roll it on the counter top to chop. The result is perfectly chopped garlic, and no garlickysmelling fingers for the rest of the day!

Endurance Stainless Steel Herb Scissors Ideal for cutting anything from Basil to Parsley, Scallions to Cilantro, these multiple-blade sheers are sure to impress. One snip using the Herb Scissors will not only cut, but dice and chop your herbs. Clean, easy and dishwasher safe, this design makes chopping and snipping herbs a breeze. From RSVP International Inc.

VitaMix This is not your average, everyday blender … it’s THE VitaMix! There’s nothing this thing can’t do. Soups, sauces, smoothies, dips, nut butters, peanut butter, icy cocktails. Anybody into purifying and cleansing for health will appreciate using whole fruits and foods for maximum nutritional benefits and the rich flavors of wholesome ingredients. Super high-powered and a breeze to clean, the VitaMix packs a walloping seven-year warranty! You’ll be using it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

The Palm Peeler To use this palm-held vegetable peeler with a stainless-steel blade, simply slide onto your finger, rest in the palm of your hand and peel! It is also dishwasher safe, as are all of these items.

The Salad Spinner Shown above is the large version. Simply fill with rinsed lettuce, unhook the lever and then pump the lever to activate the spinner. The best part of the clear bowl is its sleekness, and it doubles as a salad-serving bowl.



Shopping for the Good Stuff

Shopping for the Good Stuff Eisch Glaskultur Breathable Glass A wine poured into a Breathable Glass for just two to four minutes will show signs of aeration equivalent to the same wine that has been decanted and aerated for one to two hours! Made in Germany, this lead-free crystal glass accentuates the personality of the wine it holds. Find it at Vino! A WineShop, 222 S. Washington St. (509) 838-1229.

Chocolate Myracles Julia Balassa-Myracle is the “Truffle Queen” of Spokane! With her real passion for chocolate, she has created her own unique recipes using imported chocolate from Latin America and Europe. Prepared with no preservatives or additives and using cream cheese and butter from a local dairy, she creates a high-end luxury treat for personal and corporate gifts … perfect for any occasion! Find them at Latah Creek Winery & Gift Shop in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene Cellars Winery and Barrel Room No. 6 in Coeur d’Alene, or online at ::

The Renegade Server By: Tim Kirkland Tim delightfully explores the reality of what great service is all about. Servers are a restaurant’s face to the world. Every server and manager should know the techniques to really tune in to their patrons, provide quality service and make more money! Tim tells how. Find The Rengade Server at ::

The Soul of a Chef By: Michael Ruhlman What makes a chef a success? Is cooking art? Michael Ruhlman explores the secrets of success in the kitchen as he observes the Certified Master Chef exam and the Culinary Institue of America (CIA). And the bonus? A few fantastic recipes from Brian Polcyn’s exam at CIA and Five Lakes Grill, Michael Symon of Lola Bistro and Wine Bar, and from Thomas Keller of The French Laundry. Find it at ::

coffee | culture | meaning


Want to find out more about local

organic | fair trade | direct relationship coffees coeur d’alene, idaho


See what’s new @

specialty foods? We’ve done all the footwork and make it easy for you to find unique and local products! Find our Web site at ::


I Dreamed of Healthy Chocolate! ChocoPerfection - Mary Jo Kringas

Mary Jo’s story as a food entrepreneur

produce her chocolate bars. Finally, in June

can be a lesson to us all about the tenac-

2003, the first batch of ChocoPerfection was

ity and enthusiasm it takes to make your


dreams come true. Her ChocoPerfection

Mary Jo lost more than 75 pounds by

is a wonderfully smooth, classic-tasting

developing and sampling the first batch of

European chocolate. Even better, it’s sweet-

16,000 bars. She continues to “sample” at

ened from plants, naturally sugar-free and

least three ChocoPerfection bars a day and

approved for diabetics. Each nearly 2-ounce

has lost 30 more pounds over the last four

bar has only 2-to-3 grams of carbohydrates.

years. She does not rely on will-power to

REPEATEDLY CHOSEN AS THE BEST-TASTING, SUGAR-FREE CHOCOLATE BAR She created it out of both a need for healthi-

lose weight and consciously avoids exercise.

er choices and her passion for chocolate!

Mary Jo follows a low-carb eating program

Mary Jo is a confirmed lifetime choco-

with unlimited ChocoPerfection. Best of

holic who weighed 475 pounds by age 15.

all, Mary Jo’s addiction to chocolate has re-

Through a lifetime of dieting, she was down

sulted in the creation of a wonderful tasting,

to 275 pounds by age 35. Mary Jo was a

sugar-free chocolate bar that is made from

career dieter always desperate to lose more

healthy sweeteners ... truly a gift to diabetics

weight. She had her stomach stapled twice,

and low-carb dieters everywhere.

and the results? She lost a total of 5 pounds.

Repeatedly chosen as the best-tasting,

Persistent to a fault, Mary Jo started the

sugar-free chocolate bar available anywhere,

Atkins diet, but as soon as she tried the low-

ChocoPerfection is a dream come true for

carb chocolate bars commonly on the mar-

not only Mary Jo, but chocoholics every-

ket, she stopped losing weight altogether.


Mary Jo discovered that sugar-free products made with maltitol, the most common low-carb sweetener on the market, can spell disaster for dieters. Maltitol, with a glycemic

(800) 332-1773

index of 39-53, spikes insulin levels, stalls weight loss and increases sugar cravings. A completely out-of-the-box solution was called for, and Mary Jo, who grew up working in a candy store, knew a few tricks. First, she researched and found the most progressive, all-natural and low glycemic index sweeteners ever created. Next, she sought a Belgian-owned chocolatier to

LOCAL NORTHWEST STORES THAT CARRY CHOCOPERFECTION ARE: Pilgrim’s Market, Flour Mill Natural Foods, Mother’s Cupboard Nutrition Stores, The Chocolate Apothecary, Rocket Market, Rosauer’s Natural Living, Lorien Herbs and Huckleberry’s.



Shopping for the Best! The Barn on Trezzi Farm Country Italian Green Bluff – 17700 N. Dunn Rd. (509) 238-2276

Straight from the Trezzi Farm on Green Bluff, just north of Spokane … buy real Italian food from a real Italian! We bring you family recipe dishes made with herbs fresh from our farm. Our product line includes pasta sauces: pesto, marinara and meat; lasagnas: pesto, marina and meat; polenta marinara with butter cheese and garlic; Northern Italian-style Minestrone soup; and Meatballs sautéed with rosemary in a red wine and red sauce reduction. We also have a 4.5-acre wine vineyard of Northern Italian reds. Open daily year round.

ChocoPerfection (800) 332-1773

ChocoPerfection is a decadent, gourmet European chocolate that is 100 percent naturally sugar-free. Each bar has only 2 grams net carbs, along with 14 grams natural dietary fiber! ChocoPerfection was created for diabetics, those following a low-carb or anti-candida program and for healthy eaters who love chocolate. Local health food stores that offer ChocoPerfection are listed in our ad on page 107. You may also order online at

Coeur d’Alene Olive Oil Co.

DOMA Coffee Roasting Co.

Spokane – 827 W. First Ave. CdA – 117 S. 4th St.

Post Falls – 6240 E. Seltice Way (208) 667-1267

(509) 747-6343 (208) 765-0188

“Olive oil is in the top five things to have in your diet everyday!” according to Dr. Oz. Our olive oils are all-natural, 100-percent Extra Virgin, first cold press! Our olives come from private olive groves in California to assure you the highest quality. Flavors include oils infused with basil, roasted garlic or citrus. Also, make your own custom blends here. Our specialty olive prducts include tapenade spreads and stuffed olives. Gift baskets available, and we ship, too.

Gourmet Way N. CdA – 6848 Gov’t Way

(208) 762-1333

With an emphasis on healthy eating and cooking, Gourmet Way prides itself on sourcing unique, hard-to-find specialty food items and kitchenware. We have more than 700 labels of fine wines, beers and ales, and a very knowledgeable staff who is always on hand to answer any questions. Our wine club membership introduces you to exclusive wines from around the world as well as fun events throughout the year. With our one-of-a-kind gift items, food and wine selections, we are a one-stop shop with custom gift baskets. Visit Gourmet Way and enjoy a very relaxing, unique shopping experience.

DOMA purchases certified organic, fair trade and direct-relationship coffees. As a member of Cooperative Coffees, we’ve made a commitment to place the farmers, their identity and their product front and center. For more information, contact us directly at (208) 667-1267.

Tim’s Special Cut Meats N. CdA – 7397 N. Gov’t Way

(208) 772-3327

The only old-fashioned butcher shop in town offering a variety of retail meats—ALLNATURAL, hormone- and antibiotic-free Angus beef, chicken, Idaho lamb and pork, USDA-inspected Elk and Buffalo. We also have a variety of custom-smoked sausages, jerky, fresh sausages, deli meats, custom- smoked hams, bacons, smoked pork chops, dairy products including farm-fresh eggs, as well as spices, marinades, beer, wine and more. Let us help you choose a great steak to barbecue tonight or prepare a special-order item such as rack of lamb or seasoned prime rib.

Your Old Fashioned Butcher Shop – All Natural, Hormone and Antibiotic-Free Meat Retail & Custom Meats featuring aged carcass beef, USDA Elk & Buffalo, and Idaho Pork & Lamb Smoked Sausages

7397 N. Government Way, Coeur d’Alene

(208) 772-3327


See what’s new @

Fresh Sausages, Custom Smoked Ham, Bacon, Turkey & more!

Shopping for the Best! Cutco Cutlery Local Representative Neil Cook

(509) 879-5701

I’ve been representing Cutco in the Northwest for four years. Our high-end, made-in-America kitchen cutlery isn’t sold in stores; you receive personal one-on-one, in-home service, including FREE in-home sharpening, thanks to Cutco’s Quality and Performance 100-percent FOREVER GUARANTEE. Visit my Web site and view/select from a variety of exclusives; block/gift sets, cookware, flatware, sporting knives, garden tools and accessories to make work around the house no work at all! Products can be engraved with personal messages or corporate logos, making Cutco the “perfect gift” for any holiday, wedding, customer appreciation, employee gifts or that hardto-buy-for person on any list. Email/call me with any questions/concerns or to schedule a sharpening service. We truly are a “cut above the rest.” Email or visit

The Salsa Factory Rathdrum – 8016 W. Main St.

(208) 687-2464

Mention this ad and receive

15 20 0FF % to


block sets or 4 or more pieces!

A salsa kickin’ experience to say the least! Come taste our 100-year-old Mexican recipes passed down from Great Grandma; salsa, tamales, enchiladas and burritos, etc., all made in an 1890 vintage kitchen. Step into the turn of the century at the home of “Taco Chic Salsa.”

Want to know more on specialty stores in the Inland Northwest? Visit our Web site, and sign up for our weekly eNewsletter to keep up with the latest Sizzle’n happenings!

For FREE sharpening and sales call Neil Cook, Local Representative at (509) 879-5701 or see online ::

r u O Try 100-Year-Old

Family Salsa Recipe

Taco Chic Salsa is available at grocery stores throughout Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington including all Yokes Fresh Markets, Rosauers, Huckleberry’s, Hallet’s, Egger Meats, Handmade in Idaho. You can find Taco Chic “salsa fresh” version at The Salsa Factory in Rathdrum and soon at stores in neighborhoods throughout the Northwest.

t A s U t i s Vi he alSa T S FacTory

Rathdrum, Idaho – 8016 W. Main St. (208) 687-2464



Sizzle’n Hot List Specialty Stores Enjoy samples from Restaurants, Bakeries, Wineries, & Breweries. For more information: 509-242-2668

8th Annual

Sizzle’n Specialty Import and Local Grocery Stores


Bay Oriental Market – 2024 E. Sprague Ave. (509) 534-9300 Boehm’s Chocolates – 808 W. Main St. (509) 456-8466 Cassano’s Grocery – 314 E. Sprague Ave. (509) 747-3888 Chocolate Apothecary – 621 W. Mallon Ave. (509) 324-2424 Coeur d’Alene Olive Oil Co. – 827 W. 1st Ave. (509) 747-6343 International Food Store – 3021 E. Mission Ave. (509) 466-4784 Main Market Community Food Co-op – 44 W. Main St. (former Goodyear Tire Center) Piccolo’s Italian Market – 2002 E. Mission Ave. (509) 534-8216 Sonnenberg’s Market & Deli – 1528 E. Sprague Ave. (509) 535-4932 Tobacco World – 621 W. Mallon Ave. (509) 326-4665

North Side


2pm-6pm Spokane Community College

DeLeon’s Mexican Foods – 102 E. Francis Ave. (509) 483-3033 Kiev Market – 3716 N. Nevada St. (509) 483-3333 Marj’s Market Place – 918 E. Francis Ave. (509) 487-3001 McGlade’s Bistro & Wine Bar – 4301 E. Day Mt. Spokane Rd. (509) 473-9645

West Side Baekchun Oriental Market & Restaurant – 13032 W. 14th Ave. Airway Heights (509) 244-3545

South Hill Huckleberry’s – 926 S. Monroe St. (509) 624-1349 Lorien Herbs & Natural Foods – 1102 S. Perry St. (509) 456-0702 Rocket Market – 726 E. 43rd St. (509) 343-2253 Thelma’s Gourmet Specialties – 1115 E. Plateau Rd. (509) 534-4977

Spokane Valley ABC Vegetarian Food Outlet – 3715 S. Grove Rd. (509) 838-3168 Lieng Phane Oriental Market – 11924 E. Sprague Ave. (509) 922-0924 Mad Hattie’s Teas – 618 N. Sullivan Rd. (509) 892-5455 Oriental Market – 3919 E. Trent Ave. (509) 535-3936 Pilgrim’s Nutrition – 9118 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 928-1741 Williams Seafood –10627 E. Sprague Ave. (509) 922-4868

North Idaho A to Z Smoke Shop, Fine Wines and Cigars – 6906 W. Seltice Way Post Falls (208) 777-7778 Coeur d’Alene Olive Oil Co. – 117 S. 4th St. Coeur d’Alene (208) 765-0188 Gourmet Way – 6848 N. Gov’t Way, Coeur d’Alene (208) 762-1333 Pilgrim’s Natural Foods – 1316 N. 4th St., Coeur d’Alene (208) 676-9730 Stage Right Cellars – 302 N. 1st Ave., Sandpoint (208) 265-8116 Tim’s Special Cut Meats – 7397 N. Government Way, Coeur d’Alene (208) 772-3327

Want to know more? Find local specialty stores, unique local products and where to find them by visiting our Web site ::


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Still Gold’n

TRY IT AT HOME Still Gold’n DOUBLE-DRIZZLED PEARS Serves: 6 INGREDIENTS: Pears: 6 3 T. 3 C. 1⁄2

Chocolate Sauce:

| | | |


2 1⁄2 T.

Lemon Juice

2 1⁄2 T.


2 T.

L arge Vanilla Bean, split

2 T.

Raspberry Sauce: 1 1⁄4 C. 2 1⁄2 T. 1⁄2 tsp.

| | |

1⁄2 tsp.

| | | | |

Sugar Baking Cocoa Water L t. Corn Syrup V  anilla Extract

he Send t ok Cookbo ill ne W Everyo Years r Love fo me! to Co

Still Gold’n, Celebrating Spokane One Meal at a Time is the Junior League of Spokane’s second cookbook, which follows the very successful Gold’n Delicious. A labor of love, Still Gold’n contains more than 180 triple-tested recipes that celebrate the Northwest, its food, its people and its way of life!

Unsweetened Raspberries, frozen Sugar Cornstarch

METHOD: Pears: Slice ¼ inch from the bottom of each pear so it will stand upright. Peel each pear and remove the core from the bottom end, leaving the stem intact. Combine the lemon juice, water and vanilla bean in a Dutch oven. Bring to a boil over medium heat. Add the pears cut side down. Reduce the heat and simmer, covered, for 20 minutes or until the pears are tender. Remove the pears from the cooking liquid and let cool. Discard the cooking liquid.

To purchase the cookbooks online, go to

Chocolate Sauce: Combine the sugar and baking cocoa in a saucepan and mix well. Add the water and stir until smooth. Add the corn syrup and mix well. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. Remove from the heat and stir in the vanilla. Pour into a bowl, cover and chill.

• We can send books to alternate addresses • Shipping is only $4 anywhere in the continental USA • For shipments of 10 books or more to one address, please call the League office at (509) 328-2801

Raspberry Sauce: Combine the raspberries and sugar in a saucepan. Cook over medium-low heat for 3 minutes or until the sugar dissolves, stirring constantly. Strain the mixture, discard the seeds and return the sauce to the saucepan. Add the cornstarch and stir until dissolved. Bring to a boil over medium heat. Boil for 1 minute or until slightly thickened. Remove from the heat. Pour into a bowl, cover and chill.

TO SERVE: Spoon 1 tablespoon raspberry sauce onto each of the six dessert plates. Place the pear in the center of the sauce and drizzle each with 1 tablespoon chocolate sauce. *Note: Pears are usually sold while still green because they ripen better off the tree. To speed up the process, place in a closed paper bag at room temperature for three to seven days.

Still Gold’n $


Gold’n Delicious $


Both Only $


Sales of the cookbook benefit the Junior League of Spokane, an organization committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women and improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. For more information on the Junior League, visit our Web site:



Divine Nine Spa Treatments Seasons at Sandpoint

Archipelago Sugar Scrubs: Choose from three popular scents: Brown Sugar and Vanilla; Sugar Cane and Coconut; or White Sugar and Mango. These extensive scrubs include a full body wash, exfoliating body polish, and hydrating massage; all under a seven-headed Vichy Shower. Lie down, relax, and enjoy a steamy experience that is truly unforgettable. Sandpoint, 424 Sandpoint Ave. (208) 263-5616

The Spa at the Coeur d’Alene Resort

Water Falls Massage: Enjoy a mild, full-body massage while under a gentle waterfall for 20 minutes. This traditional European Vichy treatment is designed to provide a soothing effect on the nervous system, reduce muscle spasms and produce natural, restful sleep. Coeur d’Alene, 115 S. 2nd St. (208) 765-4000

Spa Paradiso

Milk & Honey Warm Buttered La Stone Massage: La Stone massage incorporates the use of hot stones manipulated over the body to ease tension, increase circulation, and promote healing. The milk & honey warm buttered la stone massage will melt away your cares as the warm stones swirl across your body. Spokane, 10 S. Post St. (509) 747-3529

Spa Zenaida

The Divine Nine Spa Treatments

By: Charity Doyl Individually selected for being unique, here are nine tried-and-tested special spa concepts to be enjoyed. Ajuva Medi-Spa

The Ajuva Medical Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive, skin-resurfacing procedure that can reduce the effects of aging on your skin. Utilizing the advanced Parisian Peel™ skin resurfacing system, it removes the top layer of dead, lifeless skin cells to improve skin texture and pigmentation, and to promote new collagen production. The end result is radiant, smooth, younger-looking, beautiful skin. Spokane, 9425 N. Nevada (509) 468-7546

Glen Dow Beauty Academy

A wide array of spa and salon treatments awaits you at this prestigious beauty school but at half the price. With prices starting at $15 for


See what’s new @

a basic facial, your wallet, body, mind and spirit will love the experience. Spokane, 309 W. Riverside (509) 624-3244

Reflections Med Spa

Vibradermabrasion® stimulates new cell growth with each treatment, leaving the skin more beautiful and vibrant each time. This exfoliation process gently vibrates the skin, removing dead skin cells while stimulating the dermis to produce new cell growth and collagen, creating healthier skin. This procedure will have you leaving the spa looking radiant! Coeur d’Alene, 608 Northwest Blvd. (208) 676-8346

Spa Zenaida Signature Pedicure is a 75 minute paradise from the knees down. Relax in a luxurious massaging pedi-spa chair, while soaking in a therapeutic foot bath. You’ll receive an exfoliation to increase circulation and remove dry dead skin cells, cuticle care, shaping of toenails, massage of lower legs and feet, a hydrating mask for the feet and a polish to perfection. Liberty Lake, 23801 E. Appleway (509) 891-7777

Suzie Q’s End Results

Lipomassage by Endermologie is a non-surgical solution for stubborn fat, cellulite and helps to reshape and condition your entire body. It is a relaxing procedure that promotes skin fitness, detoxifies your entire system, improves blood flow, and lymphatic circulation for healthy beautiful skin. Nine Mile Falls, 5981 Blackstone Way (509) 953-8336

Zi Spa

Mediterranean Aromasoul Journey: Your blissful journey begins with a full body exfoliation followed by a soothing and firming body mask, ending with the aromasoul massage; a Mediterranean blend of aromatherapy and massage where the hands of the therapist dance like waves of the sea, encouraging a profound sense of wellbeing. Coeur d’Alene, 1859 N. Lakewood Dr. (208) 765-9400




1524 NW Blvd. Coeur d’Alene (208) 676-1645 also at La Muse Gallery, 4131/2 Sherman Ave. Voted Best Jewelry Store & Designer in North Idaho • Creator of the original Heart Like an Awl premier 200 9 S p o kpendant a n e S i z z l e . c o m 113

Main Market Co-op

Invest in Main Market Co-op! One-time payment memberships General - $180.00 Low income - $75.00 (Payment plans available.)

Main Market Own Your Store, Know the Score


ow is the time to take

advantage of a rare chance to make something great happen in your community! Main Market Co-op, a consumer food cooperative opening in 2009, is here to: • Provide healthy, delicious, natural and organic foods and recipes • Support our region’s sustainable farmers, ranchers and fishermen • Bring grocery access to the Spokane’s downtown core • Revitalize community around eating, cooking and food education • Work with other organizations to serve the disadvantaged • Invite the public to help create a fantastic grocery store, YOUR store. How can a grocery store aim to do all that? With your help and participation! Food co-ops are established by and for the community. Members direct how the store develops over time, through their votes and their financial contribution.


See what’s new @

Membership dollars go toward building and maintaining the store. Membership is not a requirement to shop at Main Market Co-op, but those who can join receive a lifetime of benefits in return. Cooperative ownership also means cooperative benefits. When Main Market Co-op makes a profit, the funds stay here in town. Some get directed back into a stronger store; some back to our members, in the form of a dividend payment. It won’t take long, through these dividend payments and various discounts, to recover your original investment! Opening in late 2009, Main Market Co-op has been hosting fun events in preparation! Our ‘In the Field’ series of tours to local farms, ranches, wineries and places like Small Planet Tofu, began in summer 2008. These showcase our area’s sustainable food producers and our partners in bringing good food to our customers. We go literally “in the field” and visit them on their turf, witnessing what it takes to bring food to the table. Some were as far away as Walla Walla, and some as close as Lone Canary Winery in Downtown Spokane. We track the number of miles from source to the store using what we call a “producer compass,” demonstrating our commitment to sourcing local first. Joining an “In the Field” tour is just one of the benefits of membership in Main Market Coop. Once our doors open, we’ll host additional educational forums in the store, offer discounts on products and services, and invite folks to try out the foods in our take-away deli section. We’re also proud to resurrect the almost-forgotten practice of renting an individual frozen-food locker, perfect to store fruits, vegetables and meats purchased in season, which makes it more affordable!

In the Field 2009 Come learn with us!

Winter – Small Planet Tofu Spring – Moscow Food Co-op Summer – Eaton Natural Beef Fall – Dry Fly Distilling Stay tuned in for details by signing up on our Web site!

Several events throughout 2009 will keep the momentum building toward opening the store. Along the way, Main Market Co-op commits to updating its members through a quarterly e-Pollinator email newsletter. Main Market Co-op is bringing food that is good, clean and fair to Downtown Spokane– “A cooperative recipe for success”–join us! Visit our Web site at ::

Arts, Culture & Entertainment


The Spokane Symphony

A Nationally Recognized, World-Class Orchestra


he Spokane Symphony has been nationally recognized as an example of a successful regional orchestra. In that role, it brings world-class guest artists to perform Classics and Pops concerts with the outstanding Spokane Symphony at Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox under the leadership of Music Director Eckart Preu and Resident Conductor Morihiko Nakahara. Classics performances in 2009 include the world premiere of Letters from Lincoln, composed by an American contemporary composer and performed by baritone Thomas Hampson, and the spectacular presentation of Beethoven’s Ninth by the Spokane Symphony and Chorale. Among the concerts in this year’s SuperPops lineup are Mancini Madness and Cirque de la Symphonie.

Casual Classics on Friday nights at The Fox, Chamber Soirees at the Davenport Hotel and at the Old Church in Post Falls, as well as the traditional holiday favorite Nutcracker Ballet, round out a season of performances that help make Spokane the rich cultural center of the Inland Northwest.   Flutists Sir James and Lady Jean Galway and Pink Martini headline the list of special concerts offered in 2009.  Season tickets, as well as individual concert tickets and information, are available at the Ticket Office in Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox. 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 624-1200

“There is nothing more power ful than an idea whose time has come.” V. Hugo



Living Legacy


(061) Installation View. Living Legacy: The American Indian Collection exhibition. Photo by Dean Davis, courtesy of Dean Davis Photography, Spokane, Wash.

Living Legacy

The American Indian Collection By: Jill Strom

July 19, 2008 through July 18, 2010 Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture


hen most people

visit a museum, they notice the items on display in galleries and do not think of the extensive collections stored behind closed doors. Historically, it’s the museum’s collections that represent its mission, its focus and its community. The collections at the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture (MAC) represent specific areas, including Visual Art, Regional History and American Indian Culture. Each specialty has its own storage area. Of the 160,000 artifacts contained in these strictly temperature- and humidity-controlled areas, a large portion of


See what’s new @

the MAC’s storage area is dedicated to the American Indian Cultural Collection. This very special and rare collection is different from the others—the items kept here are a part of a living legacy. Living Legacy: The American Indian Collection, a long-term exhibit that opened at the MAC in July 2008, tells the story of this amazing collection and reflects the importance of the first people of the Plateau. More than a decade ago, the MAC acquired the extensive collections of the now closed Museum of Native American Cultures (MONAC). This acquisition, combined with the

Handbag, Southern Plateau, ca. 1870. Cotton, twine and glass seed beads. Transfer, Museum of Native American Cultures, 1992. Gift of William and Gertrude Browning, 1968.

Living Legacy

MAC EXHIBITS & EVENTS Toys, Toys, Toys! Through March 1, 2009

Dabblers, Divers, Murderers and Travelers: Birds of the Inland Northwest Through March 15, 2009

Living Legacy:

Man’s gauntlet pair, Colville, 19th Century. Smoke tanned hide, seed beads and cotton. W.M. Manning Collection acquired in 1916.

current collection, made the MAC one of the nation’s leading institutions in American Indian holdings. The cultural contexts of these artifacts were enhanced with the implementation of the American Indian Advisory Committee that included representatives from the regional tribes. A new era took hold as the museum was celebrating and honoring the indigenous peoples of the Americas and their “living” collections. The exhibit features several “Learning Centers” where visitors gain understanding of American-Indian cultures. These special areas tell of the museum’s stewardship of the American-Indian Cultural Collections, paying special attention to the difference between collecting in the Victorian era versus today; explain how the American-Indian people did not vanish and in contemporary times express their living heritage through traditional art forms; and allow us to take stock of the intersection between two very different cultures as they moved from the deep past toward an uncertain future. Objects in the exhibit demonstrate many aspects of Plateau tribal life, including baskets, twined and beaded bags, baby backboards, games, tools, clothing, hunting and fishing gear, historic photographs and even a model canoe. “Today the museum world has replaced the archaic dioramas of American Indians and their cultural objects,” said Michael Holloman, director of the MAC’s Center for Plateau Cultural Studies. “Only recently is

The American Indian Collection Through July 18, 2010 Man’s moccasins, Kalispel, 19th Century. Tanned hide and seed beads.

cultural content from tribal elders being presented equally next to the academic interpretation of Indian artifacts. Today we believe that a living legacy of the American-Indian collection here at the MAC can only be promoted responsibly by involving an ongoing culture that is alive and well in Native America. This exhibit celebrates those traditions.” The Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture is located at 2316 W. First Ave. in historic Browne’s Addition. It is open 11am-5pm Tues.-Sun. For more information on other exhibits and the collections, please call (509) 456-3931 or go to

Cornhusk bag, Kalispel, 19th Century. Cornhusk or wild rye and native hemp weft with wool yarn, false embroidery and rawhide ties and handle.

Spokane Timeline: Ongoing with periodic atifact changes

Quiltscapes Through May 17, 2009

George Longfish: A Retrospective Through April 5, 2009

Stories from Within: Selections from the Permanent Collection April 4 - June 28, 2009

Marie Watt Forget-Me-Not: Mothers and Sons Forget-Me-Not: Blossoms April 25 - October 26, 2009

Out of This World: Extraordinary Costumes from Film and Television June 6 - Sept. 6, 2009

Works from the Heart Contemporary Art Auction Feb. 14, 2009, 5pm Masonic Center, Downtown Spokane

American Indian Friendship Dance Feb. 28, 2009, 11am-4pm Northern Quest Casino

Living History Day at the MAC April 2, 2009, 11am-3pm

Antique Appraisal Days: Paintings of Surprising Value April 17 - Lecture, April 18 Painting Appraisals by appointment

Mother’s Day Historic House Tour: Pettet, Nettleton, Sherwood Additions May 9-10, 2009, Noon-4pm



Kids and Art

Kids and Art The Perfect Partnership! There’s nothing more fun for children than art projects.


By: Jill Strom


in school, I can still remember the anticipation of art class. I relished everything about it—the supplies, the smells, wondering what the next project would be and “escaping” the world while creating a masterpiece. Well, maybe not a masterpiece, but it sure was fun to experiment with the different art mediums! The hour would speed by, leaving me wanting more. Fortunately there are many places in our community where kids can satisfy their craving for creativity. The Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture’s (MAC) art education program was developed with the specific goal of helping to

fill gaps in our region’s K-12 arts education. As an enhancement to in-school art instruction, the three-hour field trip to the MAC includes classroom instruction, interactive gallery art viewing and a culminating creative project that students take with them. The MAC also has six Family MACFests each year. They are open to the public and are a great way to expose kids to the arts! The hands-on, make-andtake activities at Family MACFests are either related to a season or particular exhibit at the Museum. They take place from Noon to 3 p.m. on the second Saturday of each month October through March. A special admission of $15 covers the entire family, which includes

I relished everything about [art class]—the supplies, the smells, wondering what the next project would be and “escaping” the world while creating a masterpiece. the MAC galleries. Family MACFest is free for MAC members. Annual household memberships are very affordable and can be purchased at the MAC’s admission desk. Other organizations in our community that encourage children’s art education include Mobius Children’s Museum, Corbin Art Center and the Spokane Arts Commission, just to name a few. The goal is to weave the arts into everyday life and create a better quality of life for all who live, work and visit Spokane and the


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Inland Northwest. The Corbin Art Center offers art classes for all ages and abilities. Mobius, located in River Park Square in Downtown Spokane, offers a wide variety of children’s educational opportunities from art to science. The Spokane Arts Commission offers a wealth of information on arts-oriented activities and programs. Several special events in the Spokane area also offer art activities for kids. The MAC organizes ArtFest in Spokane’s historic Browne’s Addition. Always held the weekend after Memorial Day (May 29-31, 2009), ArtFest has something for everyone. Explore and shop more than 100 juried artist booths, try out a variety of food, listen to live music and stop by “Make It Art.” Make it Art is a special place during ArtFest that’s just for kids. Project choices range from modeling clay and collages to paint and sock puppets. Admission to ArtFest is free, however, a small fee is required for projects in Make It Art. First Night Spokane is an alcohol-free, family friendly event that attracts more than 27,000 people to Downtown Spokane for a giant New Year’s Eve celebration. More than 40 different locations present more than 100 different artistic presentations, blending a combination of visual and performing arts. Kids’ activities abound throughout the event, and a First Night button is your admission to it all. Celebrate New Year’s Day at the Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture by showing your First Night Button for free admission to the Museum. Bring art into your life! The possibilities are endless in the Inland Northwest—you just need to find them.

Online Resources: MAC – Spokane Arts Commission – Corbin Art Center – Mobius, A Children’s Museum – First Night Spokane –

Sizzle’n Hot List Entertainment

Entertainment AMC River Park Square 20 808 W. Main Ave. (509) 747-3456

Knitting Factory, The 919 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 244-3279

Best of Broadway

Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 624-1200

Bing Crosby Theatre 901 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 227-7638 Garland Theatre 924 W. Garland Ave. (509) 327-1050 Interplayers Theatre 174 S. Howard St. (509) 455-7529

Riverfront Park 507 N. Howard St. (509) 456-4386 Riverfront Park IMAX Theatre 507 N. Howard St. (509) 625-6688

Spokane Civic Theatre 2009 Season Celebrating its 62nd Year

Spartan Theatre SFCC Theatre (509) 838-4013 Spokane Arts Commission 808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (509) 625-6050 Spokane Center (Convention Center/INB Performing Arts Center) 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (509) 279-7000 Spokane Children’s Theatre 315 W. Mission Ave. (509) 328-4886

Spokane Civic Theatre 1020 N. Howard St. (509) 325-2507 Spokane Jazz Society (509) 325-7328 Spokane Symphony 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 624-1200 201 W. North River Dr. (509) 325-7328

Want to know more? To find more Sizzle’n events and entertainment, visit our Web site at :: and sign up for our weekly eNewsletter to keep up with the latest Sizzle’n happenings!

Main Stage One Who Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest –American Drama Classic By Dale Wasserman / Jan. 9 – Jan. 25, 2009 No, No, Nanette – Tap Dancing Musical Comedy Book by Otto Harbach and Frank Mandel Feb. 20 – March 15, 2009 Shakespeare in Hollywood – Comedy/Farce By Ken Ludwig / April 3 – April 19, 2009 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum – Musical Book by Burt Shevlove and Larry Gelbart May 15 – June 14, 2009

Firth J. Chew Studio Theatre The Affections of May – Romantic Comedy By Norm Foster / Jan. 30 – Feb. 22, 2009 Godspell – Musical Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz March 20 – April 19, 2009 The Women of Lockerbie – Drama By Deborah Brevoort / May 8 –31, 2009 26th Annual Playwrights’ Forum Festival June 11-20, 2009 ***Please note that production rights are pending on some shows due to early announcement and may be subject to change. ***



Arts, Culture & Entertainment Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox

Spokane Symphony

Barrister Winery

Downtown Spokane – 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 624-1200

Downtown Spokane – 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 624-1200

Downtown Spokane – 1213 W. Railroad Ave. (509) 465-3591

After much anticipation, the Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox opened its doors in November 2007. This 1,700-seat, art-deco treasure is the home of the Spokane Symphony, Fox Presents series that includes world-class entertainment from music, dance and comedy to Broadway shows and theatre, as well as an incredible venue that hosts business meetings, weddings, reunions and a wide range of other community events. Concert tickets and information are available at The Fox Box Office, by phone and on our Web site. Rental Inquiries can be directed to Jenifer Johnston at (509) 252-2626.

The Spokane Symphony continues a long tradition as the largest and most active professional performing arts organization in the Inland Pacific Northwest. The 2008-09 Season marks its 63rd year. The 70-piece professional orchestra performs for more than 150,000 listeners each season and provides a wide variety of exceptional educational experiences. The orchestra presents critically acclaimed performances featuring some of the world’s most respected soloists. The orchestra is lead by Music Director Eckart Preu, assisted by Resident Conductor Morihiko Nakahara. Season tickets as well as individual concert tickets and information are available at the Ticket Office in the Martin Woldson Theater at The Fox.

Taste Barrister’s award-winning wines! Nestled away in a 100-year-old brick building located in the historic Davenport Arts District, Barrister is home to not only a winery, but an unforgettable experience for all who enter. Enjoy wine tastings, offered Noon-6pm Fri. and Noon-5pm Sat., winery tours to get to know the winemakers Mike and Greg, First Friday events and artist receptions, or book the winery and host your own special event!

Brews Bros. Espresso Lounge Downtown Spokane – 10 N. Post St. (In the Davenport District on the corner of Post Street and Sprague Avenue) (509) 456-5858 Coffee, Wine & Beer $

Experience History, Art & Culture

Downtown’s newest live music venue! Come sit back, relax and enjoy our cozy atmosphere! Whether it be our specialty blended “Mescolato,” a warm Eastern Chai or simply a nice glass of wine you desire, Brews Bros is the place to meet and catch up with friends. Come and listen to our live music each Friday and Saturday night, and let us be your after-dinner spot for entertainment and conversation!

Lorinda Knight Gallery Downtown Spokane – 523 W. Sprague Ave. (In the Davenport District) (509) 838-3740



The MAC is a unique blend of exhibits ranging from regional & American Indian history to world renowned art exhibits. Come and experience art and culture that educates, inspires and moves your soul.

2316 W. First Avenue in Spokane • 509-456-3931 • Open Tuesday – Sunday • 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Closed Mondays and major holidays


See what’s new @

Find what you are looking for at the Lorinda Knight Gallery. This spacious gallery represents 50 of the best artists in the Northwest. Monthly exhibits showcase contemporary paintings, sculpture, photography and original prints in a handsome light-filled space. Recent works by gallery artists are on display and available for purchase on the mezzanine. Surprise yourself! Open 11am-6pm Tues.-Sat. and by appointment. Lorinda Knight, Director.

Northern Quest Casino Airway Heights – 100 N. Hayford Rd. (I-90 Exit 277 - US Hwy 2 to Airway Heights) (509) 242-7000

“Where the Fun Never Ends!” We’re just 10 minutes west of Spokane! Our four restaurants offer something to suit every taste or time of day: The Deli for sandwiches, espressos and beer; The River’s Edge Buffet and all-you-can-eat buffet with unsurpassed quality and selection; Fai’s Noodle House serving authentic Asian cuisine and the Woodlands for casual, upscale breakfast, lunch and dinner. Be sure to join us in the Legends of Fire sports lounge, not only because we have more than 30 Plasma TVs but for $2.50 Bloody Mary’s until 4pm!

Sizzle’n Hot List Art Galleries & Museums DOWNTOWN ART GALLERIES & MUSEUMS: Artist’s Tree Gallery & Boutique – 828 W. Sprague Ave. ....................................................(509) 456-2300 Avenue West Gallery – 122 S. Monroe St. ........................................................................(509) 838-4999 Barrister Winery – 1213 W. Railroad Ave. .........................................................................(509) 465-3591 Chase Gallery – 808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd. (Lower level of City Hall).................................(509) 625-6050 Gallery of Thum – 159 S. Lincoln St. (at Steam Plant Square)............................................(509) 294-9234 Interplayers Gellhorn Gallery – 174 S. Howard St. . ...........................................................(509) 455-7529 Kress Gallery – 808 W. Main Ave. (River Park Square, third level).......................................(509) 363-0304 Lee Frame Shop – 1407 W. 1st Ave. ................................................................................(509) 624-2715 Lorinda Knight Gallery – 523 W. Sprague Ave. (Symons Building)........................................(509) 838-3740 Pottery Place Plus – 203 N. Washington St. . ....................................................................(509) 327-6920 (At Auntie’s Bookstore on the corner of Washington and Main) Gonzaga University’s Jundt Art Museum – 202 E. Cataldo St. ...........................................(509) 313-6611 Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture (MAC) – 2316 W. First Ave. .....................................(509) 456-3931 TrackSide Gallery – 115 S. Adams St. ..............................................................................(509) 462-5653

OTHER GALLERIES: A Cats Eye Gallery – 225 W. Indiana Ave. .........................................................................(509) 389-2930 ArtStyle Northwest – 901 W. Garland Ave. ........................................................................(509) 325-4070 Clearstory Gallery at Life Center – 1202 N. Gov’t Way ......................................................(509) 327-4422 Tinman Artworks – 811 W. Garland Ave. ...........................................................................(509) 325-1500 Whitworth College Bryan Oliver Gallery – 300 W. Hawthorne Rd. .......................................(509) 777-3258 WSU Museum of Art – Pullman, Wash. .............................................................................(509) 335-1910


Unlike any other Friday of the month.




Sizzle’n Hot List Performing Arts

Performing Arts Information


Ballet Spokane Collectively we contribute to strengthening the vibrancy of the arts in Spokane. This provides the community with greater artistic diversity at the professional level. Even with this collaborative effort, we cannot accomplish our goals without one other crucial component – you. Without your patronage and generous donations, Ballet Spokane would not be in existence today. We truly are your company and take that role to heart. By contributing to the arts in Spokane, you are helping to preserve the integrity of what makes our city vibrant. For more information, call (509) 922-4962 or visit Blue Door Theatre At the Blue Door Theatre you can expect to find long form improvisations, themed shows and improvised sketch comedy. Each Friday, enjoy a different all-improvised sketch comedy show that is energetic, entertaining, funny, original and suitable for all ages. In 2008, the Blue Door Theatre is offering Youth and Teen Improv classes Saturday mornings. With a focus on story telling, mime, environment creation, character development and spontaneity, students will work together in a fun, safe and encouraging environment. Call (509) 747-7045 or visit children’s theatre Serving Spokane since 1946, the Spokane Children’s Theatre, which is a community theatre, shares the love of the theatre arts with children big and small. Their 2008-09 season includes: Alice the Musical, Madeline’s Christmas, Alexanders Who’s NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT Going to Move, Bridge to Terabithia and Heidi. Tickets may be purchased in person, online, by phone or mail. Season tickets are still available for purchase. For more information, call (509) 328-4886 or visit Christian YOuth Theater The Christian Youth Theater of Spokane is a nonprofit, after-school theater arts program for 6- to18-year-olds. The theater offers 10-week classes throughout the fall, winter and spring, along with a summer theater camp. For more information, call (509) 487-6540 or visit There is also the Christian Youth Theater of North Idaho, located at Christ the King Lutheran Church, 1700 E. Pennsylvania Ave. in Coeur d’Alene. For more information, call (208) 819-9281.


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Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox After much anticipation, the Fox Theater opened its doors again in November 2007. This art deco treasure will become the home of the Spokane Symphony and an incredible venue for all of the performing arts. The Fox will celebrate its new life with performances by Frederica von Stade, the Spokane Symphony, Tony Bennett, Thomas Hampson and many more. For more information, call (509) 624-5992 or visit

Spokane Civic Theatre Incorporated in 1947, the Spokane Civic Theatre is one of the oldest community theatres in the country. Performances were staged first at the old Post Theater and then the Riverside Playhouse beginning in 1957 and until the present facility opened in 1967. The mission of Spokane Civic Theatre is to foster and operate a volunteer live community theatre of high artistic merit. For more information, call (509) 325-2507 or visit Spokane International Film FestivaL The Spokane International Film Festival, now in its 11th year, is a small, selective festival of world-class films. They are chosen from the very best features, documentaries and shorts that have been made around the world during the past two years but have not yet been commercially released for wide distribution. In fact, they are the same films as those seen each year at the Cannes, New York or Toronto film festivals, and our programmers travel widely to screen and select them. The festival is overseen by its parent, the Contemporary Arts Alliance of Spokane, with an active Board of Directors and generous financial support from a variety of local and regional underwriters. For more information, call (509) 624-2615 or visit Spokane Interplayers Theatre Interplayers is a major contributor to the region’s cultural quality of life. Situated in Downtown Spokane, we are located in the historic Eagles Lodge Building, listed on state and national historic registers. We continue a tradition of challenging, diverse and inspiring professional productions and the theatre maintains the Gellhorn Gallery, with monthly visual art shows by distinguished regional artists. Founded in 1980 by professional actors Robert and Joan Welch, Interplayers Theatre is the Inland Northwest’s first resident professional theatre. Here at Interplayers, we are a traditionally structured, not-for-profit theatre with an exceptional staff and an outstanding board of directors. Throughout our 28-year history, we have maintained our tradition as an artistic institution of influence and impact. For more information, call (509) 455-7529 or visit

Spokane Jazz Orchestra The oldest community-supported band in America! The Spokane Jazz Orchestra is the Nation’s oldest, continually performing, professional communitysupported 17-piece big band. For 33 years, the SJO has been the leader of the Spokane Jazz Society, bringing both performances and education services to the Inland Northwest. Exciting guest artists headline each of the four annual concerts and bring out the best in the top professional musicians who create the “swinging sound” of America’s original art form- JAZZ! Guest artists for the 2008-2009 Season include: A Count Basie Christmas with Basie vocalist Carmen Bradford Saturday, Dec. 6, 2008; The Songs of Duke Ellington featuring vocalist Charlotte Carruthers Saturday, March 7, 2009; The Songs of Cole Porter and Irving Berlin featuring Local Jazz Divas Saturday, May 9, 2009. All concerts are held at the Bing Crosby Theater. For more information, visit

Spokane Symphony The Spokane Symphony is a regional orchestra serving the Inland Northwest with a wide array of concerts, including outreach concerts in Coeur d’Alene for elementary students. The 70-member professional orchestra provides classical performance and educational programs throughout the region. Coeur d’Alene’s Mechetti Chapter of the Spokane Symphony Associates is active in supporting musical outreach. For more information, call (509) 326-3136 or visit

Coeur d’alene Coeur d’Alene Summer Theatre The Coeur d’Alene Summer Theatre, who celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2007, was recognized by USA Today in July 2005 as one of the “top ten” musical theatres in the country. Established in 1967, Coeur d’Alene Summer Theatre is Idaho’s oldest performing arts organization. CST specializes in production of full-scale Broadway musicals during a 12-week, 36-performance season during the months of June, July and August. Performances are held in Schuler Auditorium on the campus of North Idaho College by the shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene in scenic Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. For tickets, call (800) 423-2849 or visit Coeur d’Alene Symphony The Coeur d’Alene Symphony Orchestra, a nonprofit organization under the baton of David Demand, conductor and artistic director. The Symphony produces a full season of concerts thanks to dedicated volunteers and donations from patrons. The Symphony also sponsors a young artist competition, provides scholarships for college music students and produces a Family Concert. For ticket or season subscription information, call (208) 765-3833 or visit

Save Lefty!


Chances are, if you have appreciated the talents of Spokane’s collection of musical genius, you have tuned into Leftyvision, the trio of friends known as Save Lefty.


ARTON “BO” COOKE, whose name and face is widely recognized in Spokane, began the band with Dirk Schwartz after meeting at church. Bo, whose mother persuaded him to play and accompany her on piano, remained shy and undeveloped with his natural undiscovered musical talent for most of his young life. Years later, under the acclaimed strength of a worship team pastor constantly reciting, “Bo, I can’t hear you,” Bo Cooke’s voice increased in character and

expressiveness. Today, his voice is his instrument. After meeting Bo, Dirk, a natural-born musician, was inspired to come out of band retirement. Young and experienced in the world of rock ’n’ roll, he had seen and lived the inclusive existence of the rock-‘n’-roll industry. Painfully shy, he would shine on stage through music. As a child, he had already developed a sound based on a variety of musical influences including Elton John and Cat Stevens, scrutinizing his mother’s record albums and becoming relentless about learning each note and precious chord. He is now able to choose and perform the kind of hookfilled rock song that immediately imprints itself on the listener’s consciousness. Bo and Dirk, with their whimsical styling, guitar skills and easy, yet strong and powerful vocals, strengthen their sound. The preliminary group of two, first called The Mushy Pancake Brothers, formed in 1996. They decided to take their time in making the band work, spending most of their first few years together composing and refining their music in a small rehearsal space and intimate performance locations. How can you complement this duo by making it a trio? In 1998, enter stage lefty, Dan Spalding,

maybe one of the most talented boys of our generation—poised, opinionated, considerate and philosophical. He builds, designs, paints, writes, has broad intellectual interests and is accomplished in areas of both the arts and the sciences, and respectably, he can play a lefthanded fretless bass. His precisely articulated bass lines complement the evolving vision of the initial duo. His concept of “simple and pure” helps exploit the group’s ability to improvise and remain innovative. The trio has developed a sound based on a variety of musical influences from the 1960s to today. Save Lefty’s hard work paid off as they hit the club scene and quickly developed a healthy fan base. Ironically, after spending a couple of years refining their sound, they became known as a band with many different styles. Clearly, their range of musical tastes was a heavy influence on their sound. And while nothing is perfect, I am delighted to share that the last decade of this band’s work has been greatly enjoyable, captivating and devoid of most band drama. The most significant reason for this has been the band’s own philosophy and life perspective of recognizing the ephemeral nature of band relationships and by taking things far less seriously. Another objective has been to perform with alternate musicians, joining in other local gigs and supporting other start-up musicians. Having common ambition that everyone understands minimizes rehearsal and maximizes gigging time; A result of their dreams or their prayers, excellent either way. Tune in to Lefty Vision for the latest info:



Rockin’ B Ranch Cowboy Supper Show

“Can-Can” Guys

Rockin’B Ranch CowboySupperShow Let the rockin’ b ranch cowboy

and/or ribs, foil-wrapped potatoes, trail

supper show transport you back to a time

music pinto beans, corn bread, plenty of

when cowboys were kings of the wild west,

red BBQ sauce on the side, applesauce

outhouses were a hit, saddles a must and

and sheet cake with butter-cream frosting are

horse-drawn wagons the SUVs of the

downright scrumptious and filling. Beverages

day (sagebrush utility vehicles). A place

include lemonade, decaf and regular coffee

where the historical meets the hysterical,

and cool water. Eat family style til the food’s

with good food, good fun and laughter for

all gone!

the whole family.

Marshall & Dusty Bicuspid

Birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated,

Arrive around 5:30 pm, browse through the

and there is a chance for the children to

general store, get some lemonade, listen

capture Badland Sam’s evil twin, with a photo

to the live pre-show music, and prepare

opportunity at the marshall’s office.

yourself for the Western shootout show. Deputy Dusty Bicuspid and the Marshall will capture and sentence Badland Sam with help from an exploding outhouse and audience volunteers. Justice having been served, it’s time for some of the best chuckwagon vittles this side of

Rockin’ B Vittles

the Rockies. The dinner bell ushers everyone into the “great dining hall” decorated with paraphernalia dating back to post Civil War

3912 Spokane Bridge Rd. Liberty Lake, WA 99019

(509) 891-9016 (888) RockinB


See what’s new @

days. After a moment of silence, a bountiful “buffet” supper of barbecued beef, chicken

The main stage show begins at 8:00 pm, featuring the Riders of the Rockin’ B. Acoustic instruments, fiddlin’ and pickin’ with 3-4 part harmonies, story-telling and cowboy poetry complement a celebration of the Old West through music. A patriotic tribute to the flag inspires and lifts your spirits as the finale echoes across the borderlands: “Happy trails to you, until we meet again. Happy trails, keep smiling til we meet again.”

Open to the Public June through September Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. Reservations Required

Parties, Catering & Events


Delicious food, attentive service and the unexpected touches ... You’ll find these and more at Beacon Hill Events


amily owned by Pete and his daughter Ellie, Beacon Hill provides exceptional catering and a distinctive venue for any occasion. The 10-acre event facility overlooking Downtown Spokane was built from the ground up and offers nothing less than serenity when it comes to that special event. The beautiful gardens, tranquil ponds and rushing waterfalls in the spring and summer and the majestic, snow-covered pines in winter; there is no other place like it in all of Spokane. At Beacon Hill, they strive to creatively produce exceptional catering and tastefully styled events. Through travel, research,

education and experience, Executive Chef Ellie continually looks for original ideas to provide inspiration for unique and unforgettable menus. Just as important as the crafting of the food is the attentive customer service, dedication to design and the commitment to making a personalized statement. Whether it is a holiday party at their lofty clubhouse, a wedding in the serene gardens or an elegant meal served in your home, Beacon Hill provides impeccable service and catering with distinction. 4848 E. Wellesley St. (509) 482-3556


“It’s so beautifully arranged on the plate, you know someone’s fingers have been all over it.” Julia Child




Local Charity Benefits

Charity Benefits of the Inland Northwest BY: JILLIAN DE LALLO

We may not live in Hollywood, but there is no shortage of black-tie and charitable events to attend right here in the Inland Northwest.


HESE EVENTS ARE FUN TO ATTEND, not only because of the functions themselves, but due to the fact that they benefit great local causes. Hospice Wine Tasting is held the first Saturday in February at the Hayden Lake Country Club, where guests will enjoy an elegant wine and food tasting event with silent and live auctions. The Oscar Night Gala in Spokane benefits the Spokane Aids Network (SAN) in February during the Academy Awards Ceremony broadcast at the Northern Quest Casino. Unique hollywood auction items are contributed and you can peruse auction items and bid online before the actual event. They also have a Stem & Stein wine- and beer-tasting fundraising event in May. Both feature live and silent auctions.


See what’s new @

The mARTi Gras Cajun Cook-off and Street Festival, held in February in Downtown Coeur d’Alene, benefits Art on the Edge, a non-profit community art program geared toward 6- to 18-year-olds, engaging youth and the community through after-school classes, summer camps and public art projects. Local chefs and restaurants contribute their talents in preparing authentic Cajun foods to compete for top awards and just for the fun of it all. A Taste of Hope benefits The ISAAC Foundation, a non-profit foundation founded by Reed and Holly Lytle in memory of their son, Isaac, who unexpectedly passed away shortly before his fourth birthday. The ISAAC Foundation provides financial support for therapy that children with autism in this region need. Enjoy the area’s finest foods, wines, brews, spirits, coffees and specialties, along

Local Charity Benefits


with live and silent auctions, at this February event. Wine, Stein and Dine is held annually in March at the Greyhound Park & Events Center and offers an evening filled with fine wines, brews and tasty appetizers from area restaurants in support of the Post Falls Education Foundation. Presented by the Community Colleges of Spokane Foundation annually in March, this event teams students from SCC’s Inland Northwest Culinary Academy with chefs to prepare a four-course meal to be paired with both local and regional wines. The event includes a silent auction, with proceeds going to support SCC’s hospitality management department. The Festival of Wine & Flowers is an annual event held in April that includes wine tasting from some of Washington’s finest wineries, along with exceptional cuisine from local chefs and an auction. Proceeds from this event benefit St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute. Basketball Coaches vs. Cancer Charity Event is held in August and presented by the Coeur d’Alene Tribe. The largest Coaches vs. Cancer gala event in the country, it is held at the Davenport Hotel. Help fight cancer at this black-tie event with an evening of dancing, dinner, celebrity appearances and silent auction to benefit the American Cancer Society’s mission. The Cobra Roofing Polo Classic, held annually in September in Airway Heights

just west of Spokane, benefits the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Spokane, a nonprofit organization providing a “home away from home” for families wanting to remain near their hospitalized children. This is an event not to miss! The Octobrewfest beer tasting and auction is held annually in October at the Spokane County Fair & Expo Center, benefiting the Inland Northwest Chapter of the MS Society. Epicurean Delight, held in November, is an annual formal gala fundraiser for the Inland Northwest Blood Center and unites restaurants, the culinary talents of their finest chefs, area wineries and microbreweries. Auction items and live music keep guests engaged for an unforgettable night. The Black & White Gala, presented by The Make-A-Wish Foundation, made its debut in November 2008 at the Red Lion Hotel at the Park. It is hoped that this will become the signature event for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Spokane. Enjoy an auction, celebrity items and one-of-a-kind gifts. So the next time you want to enjoy a memorable experience, look into attending one of these premier charitable parties! You won’t be disappointed.

each tuxedo rental for your SPecIal occaSIon four locatIonS to Serve you!

Same day ServIce at our downtown locatIon





Cobra Roofing Polo Classic

Cobra Roofing Polo Classic By: Jillian De Lallo

Tents, hats, horses and champagne; the freshness, the excitement, the exuberance …


ept. 7, 2008, marked the Fourth Annual Cobra Roofing Polo Classic held at the Spokane Polo Club in Airway Heights, just minutes away from the airport. Men, women and children of all ages dressed up to impress at this year’s Polo Classic. The largest event of its kind west of the Mississippi, this polo event exceeds all others in both attendance and money raised since its 2005 inaugural year. “Skydivers, live music, gourmet food, fine


See what’s new @

wine, silent auction, art walk, a polo match and cancer survivor Abbey Silveria singing the national anthem—there is not a better value in town or a better experience,” said Sue Eymann, a Ronald McDonald House Charities of Spokane board member, “and it’s all for the families and kids staying at the Ronald McDonald House.” The Cobra Roofing Polo Classic benefits the RMHC of Spokane—a non-profit organization providing a “home away from

Cobra Roofing Polo Classic

home” for families wanting to remain near their hospitalized children. The event began as a vision and came to fruition through the hard work and dedication of Mike Forness, executive director of RMHC of Spokane, along with Suzy Dix of the Spokane Polo Club, who has been a sponsor and underwriter for the event since the beginning. Mike first contacted Suzy Dix in fall 2003. They worked hand-in-hand in bringing the Ronald McDonald House and Spokane Polo Club together to create an unforgettable fundraising event. The RMHC of Spokane did not have a signature fundraising event before the introduction of the Cobra Roofing Polo Classic. “There were a lot of golf events and black-tie

charities,” said Mike, “but we wanted to come up with something different.” After more than a year in the making, the first polo event was a success, grossing $174,000 for the Ronald McDonald House. “We’re very loyal to those who first started out on this endeavor with us,” said Mike. In 2006, the benefit raised $221,000, and

more than $250,000 was raised in 2007. The 2008 event surpassed both years with more than $325,000 raised. “This was our most successful polo benefit in four years, with more than 1,170 guests and 225 volunteers,” he said. According to Marti D’Agostino, co-chair of the event, “[This benefit] allows us to continue to



Cobra Roofing Polo Classic

Ronald McDonald House Charities thanks the following sponsors for their generous support: TITLE SPONSOR:


Cobra Roofing Services


TEAM SPONSORS: Washington Trust Bank Suzy Dix/Windermere Real Estate Palouse Manito with Joe and Kilmer Nichols

TRIPLE CROWN SPONSORS: Moss Adams Budweiser Select McDonald’s Merrill Lynch

THOROUGHBRED SPONSORS: State Farm Itron Dodson’s Jewelers Jewelry Design Center Davenport Hotel & Tower

HAT Competition: Northern Quest Casino & The Kalispel Tribe of Indians

Sterling Savings Bank SBMC Carsten’s Marine Supply Deaconess Medical Center Northwest Orthopaedic Specialists Century Archives Northwest Dry Fly Distilling Sacred Heart Medical Center Pacific Steel & Recycling Meridian Construction

BLUE RIBBON TABLE SPONSORS OR CAPTAINS: Granite Building Products Inc. Premera Blue Cross

CHAMPAGNE DIVOT STOMP: Downtown Lexus of Spokane

Special Thanks To: Table Sponsors & Captains, Beta Sigma Phi Sorority, Cobra Roofing Employees, Spokane Polo Club, Washington State Patrol, Fery’s Catering, Lake City Rental, Sheriffs Mounted Patrol, K & N Electric, Inland Empire Emergency Services, Alex Jacoy and Susan Stovall, Finders Keepers, URM, Pacific Steel & Recycling, Lyn-Tron, Century Archive Northwest, Saunders Cheese Market, West Plains Skydiving Club, Ott-Knott & Frank and Sherry Knott, Lonnie and Kathy Morse, Costco, Spokane Sizzle, Idaho Cuisine and Lisa Taylor.


See what’s new @

give to families places to stay while their children are in the hospital.” Ronald McDonald House provided more than 7,000 nights to families last year, and as Marti added: “We provide more than a roof over their heads. We provide them with rest, a kitchen, food, transportation to and from the hospitals, resources and support, computer access, a playroom; everything you would need away from home. And no family is ever turned away regardless of race, religion or ability to pay.” Said Suzy, “We hope that this will be the signature event for the Ronald McDonald House for many years.” No where else in Spokane will you find an event as classy and sophisticated, yet relaxed and enjoyable as the Cobra Roofing Polo Classic— an event unlike any other in the Inland Northwest.

Parties, Catering & Events Barn on Trezzi Farm Green Bluff – 17700 N. Dunn Rd. (509) 238-2276

Living the good life Country Italian-style on Green Bluff. We, Davide and Stephanie Trezzi, want to serve you authentic Italian dishes for your next event, luncheon or wedding. Home-schooled from Milan, Italy, and most recently Sonoma County, Calif., Davide brings you his mother’s special recipes, as well as his own, made with ingredients grown on the farm. And the Italian wine? We have a 4.5-acre vineyard of Northern Italian reds consisting of Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo. Good friend Don Townshend of Townshend Cellar is our winemaker extraordinaire. We offer delivery, pick-up and off-site catering. Open daily year round.

Beacon Hill Catering and Events 4848 E. Wellesley St.

(509) 482-3556

Enjoy your next holiday party amongst glistening snow-capped trees in our lofty Clubhouse overlooking Downtown Spokane. Our extensive menus are full of unique and specialized gourmet selections guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s taste. The precision and professionalism of our catering staff creates an atmosphere that is elegant yet comfortable, contributing to the distinctive style that is Beacon Hill. Host your holiday party or next event at Beacon Hill … or let us bring our fullservice catering to you.

Downriver Grill North Side – 3315 W. Northwest Blvd. (509) 323-1600

All of us at Downriver Grill invite you to enjoy a pleasant lunch or an elegant evening at our restaurant. We pride ourselves on our awardwinning cuisine and service. Come enjoy our excellent menu with seasonal specials, sauces from scratch, wonderful sandwiches and the best in seafood and steaks. We feature an exquisite selection of fine wine, microbrews and hand-crafted cocktails in our casual wine bar. Catering is also available at our location or location of your choice. Reservations are recommended, walk-ins are always welcome!

Feast Catering Co.

Serendipity Hospitality

Spokane & CdA

CdA – 1100 E. Lakeshore Dr. (208) 935-6330 (Near Downtown CdA at the 11th Street Marina adjacent to Sanders Beach and Tubbs Hill)

(509) 879-9568

Feast focuses on seasonal, local and organic ingredients. Sylvia Wilson, former owner of Mizuna Restaurant, has been catering in Spokane since 1996, and began Feast in 2007. Vibrant flavors along with modern presentation make Feast the perfect choice for any celebration.

Greenbriar Inn Catering & Events Facility Downtown CdA – 315 Wallace Ave. (208) 667-9660

We offer private parties, special events, cruises or vacation rentals on board the Serendipity, our luxurious 92-ft long houseboat yacht, and fly scenic air tours over North Idaho from the Coeur d’Alene airport. Be sure to also check out our new boutique gift shop and convenience store, where you can take some time out for a beverage or snack while enjoying the beauty and serenity of Lake Coeur d’Alene.

This Historic Greenbriar Inn has catered to the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area since 1986. A charming Victorian mansion, suitable for exclusive parties for up to 250 people, our garden and year-round conservatory await you and your guests. We are committed to excellence and have been voted “Best Caterer in Idaho” in many local reader polls! We now also have a full-service restaurant and martini bar, 315 Martinis & Tapas, and luxury suites at the Inn available for special get-aways. See more online at

The Lincoln Center Downtown Spokane – 1316 N. Lincoln St. (509) 327-8000

The Lincoln Center is Spokane’s newest premier event facility. An extensive renovation of a historic 1920’s Art Deco/Mission-style building transformed the 29,000 square-foot facility into an exciting and contemporary event venue. The two ballrooms and several smaller event and meeting rooms have an elegant Art-Deco inspired interior design that is integrated with modern technology. We are conveniently located one block north of the Spokane Arena and offer on-site parking. Renovations also included construction of two commercial kitchens. The Lincoln Center welcomes a variety of caterers to its facility. To learn more about planning your event with us, call or visit our Web site.

• Premier Event Facility • Elegant Ballrooms • Variety of Meeting Rooms • Modern Technologies • Catering Options • Onsite Parking& Near Downtown 1316 N. Lincoln St. Spokane, Wash. (509) 327-8000



ProStart Invitational

The ProStart Invitational Students slice and dice, sauté and serve their way toward culinary scholarships.

Save the Date! March 8, 2009 in Olympia, Wash.

By: Jillian De Lallo


with professionals in the food industry, allowing the students to build relationships with potential future employers. Created by the National Restaurant Association, the ProStart program is managed locally by the WRA Education Foundation, along with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The program is in place at more than 50 schools across Washington State. For more information on ProStart, call (360) 956-7279 or visit

Fine Catering • Private Event Facility

509.482.3556 • 4848 E. Wellesley


OMBINE MORE than 20 Washington Schools, 200 high school students, toss in dozens of teachers and mentors, a handful of local and national chef judges and one big competition, and you cook up the Boyd Coffee ProStart Invitational. The ProStart culinary competition is held nationwide, with each state holding its own annual competition. The winning team of each state will go on to a national competition, where teams from across the country compete against each other. For the first time since its inaugural year in 2000, the Washington Restaurant Association Education Foundation held the 2008 competition right here in Spokane, Wash. Those participating in the invitational competed for more than $450,000 in scholarships. Using academic and workplace experiences, ProStart is a two-year high school course that prepares juniors and seniors for careers in the foodservice industry. The program begins in the classroom and progresses to paid internships

Just imagine the possibilities…

Enjoy the day. Spend the night. Stay the week.

Experience Coeur d’Alene. From the lake, in the air, on the shore.... any way you desire!



Coeur d’Alene, idaho

Private parties Cruises Scenic air tours Luxury Houseboat Vacation Rentals

Serendipity Hospitality 208.935.6330

1100 E Lakeshore Dr, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Your journey to fun and good fortune begins here… BON VOYAGE!


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Sizzle’n Hot List Banquet Facilities



Essentials for Celebrations! The “sparkle” of life is created by gatherings with friends, families and communities sharing a common interest. Parties are easy to plan with the perfect facility … and the tables are set!

Spokane area event facilities will light up your life for family gatherings such as weddings, reunions or birthdays and, they make it all too easy to plan corporate meetings and charitable fundraisers. With a vast amount of event facilities waiting to serve you, Eddie’s at Arrow Point here is a short list of beautiful places to book your party, large or small.

Spokane Area

Spokane Downtown Area

North Idaho Area

Arbor Crest Wine Cellars 4705 N. Fruit Hill Rd. (509) 927-9463

Barrister Winery 1213 W. Railroad Ave. (509) 465-3591

Bird Aviation Museum Sagle (208) 255-4321

Beacon Hill Catering & Events 4848 E. Wellesley Ave. (509) 482-3556

C.I. Shenanigans 332 N. Spokane Falls Ct. (509) 455-6690

Coeur d’Alene Casino Worley (800) 523-2464

Bear Creek Lodge 24817 N. Mt. Spokane Park Dr. (509) 238-9114 Center Pointe Event Facility 1408 N. Washington St. (509) 325-5494 Decades 10504 E. Sprague Spokane Valley (509) 922-7346 Glover Mansion 321 W. 8th Ave. South Hill (509) 459-0000 Northern Quest Casino’s Pend Oreille Pavilion 100 N. Hayford Rd. Airway Heights (509) 242-7000

Center on Sixth 1717 W. 6th Ave. (509) 747-8243 Dance Street Ballroom 433 W. Dean Ave. (509) 326-1584 Davenport Hotel and Tower 10 S. Post St. (509) 455-8888 Hotel Lusso N. 1 Post (509) 747-9750 Lincoln Center Spokane, The 1316 N. Lincoln St. (509) 327-8000 Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox 1001 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 624-4477

Mirabeau Park Hotel & Convention Center 1100 N. Sullivan Rd Spokane Valley (509) 924-9000

MAC – Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture 2316 W. First Ave. Browne’s Addition (509) 363-5329

Mont Lamm Belgians 7501 W. Enoch Rd. Clayton, Wash. (509) 276-7636

Scratch Restaurant 7007 W. 1st Ave. (509) 456-5656

Rockin’ B Ranch Dinner Theater, I-90 Exit 299 at State Line & Liberty Lake (509) 891-9016 Sapphire Room 1003 E. Trent Trent & Hamilton at Riverwalk (509) 216-0658

Spokane Public Facilities - (INB Performing Arts Center, Spokane Arena, Spokane Convention Center) 720 W. Mallon Ave. (509) 279-7000 Spokane Masonic Center 1108 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 624-2728 Steam Plant Grill 159 S. Lincoln St. (509) 777-3900

Coeur d’Alene Resort 115 S. 2nd Street, Coeur d’Alene (208) 765-4000 Elkins Resort 404 Elkins Rd. Priest Lake (208) 443-2462 Greenbriar Inn 315 Wallace Coeur d’Alene (208) 667-9660 Greyhound Park & Event Center 5100 Riverbend Ave. Post Falls (208) 773-0545 Hills Resort 4777 W. Lakeshore Rd. Priest Lake (208) 443-2551 Sandpoint Events Center 102 S. Euclid Sandpoint (208) 263-7770 Serendipity Houseboat & Event Center 1100 E. Lakeshore Dr. Coeur d’Alene (208) 935-6330

Want to know more? Visit our Web site: and sign up for our weekly eNewsletter to keep up with the latest Sizzle’n happenings and events!



Epicurean Delight

PHOTOS BY TJ Mustard & Justin Colquhoun

culinary expertise. Each restaurant competes in one or two categories of their choice including People’s Choice, Outstanding Entrée and Outstanding Dessert, among others. The food then faces intense scrutiny from a panel of distinguished judges who sample the fare and select a winner for each category. If that doesn’t sound challenging enough, chefs are required to prepare these gourmet meals without the use of an on-site kitchen, and they must produce enough food for 1,000 guests—using only outdoor grills and hot plates. “It’s intense and stressful, but we really look forward to it,” said Executive Chef Jonathan Holden of Spencer’s Steaks and Chops. “This is the one time in the year that we get to work side by side with our competition, and it really pushes us to bring our food to the next level of culinary excellence.”

Epicurean Delight Combining First-Class Fun and Philanthropy By: Monique Dugaw Most people don’t need a reason to party, but here’s one great excuse to wine, dine and dance the night away: It can help to save lives.


ne thousand guests

enjoying exquisite cuisine, spirits and the dazzling atmosphere of Spokane’s premiere black tie soirée. In addition to eating, drinking and dancing the night away, guests of the Epicurean Delight are also helping to save countless lives. Now celebrating 27 years, this annual gala benefits Inland Northwest Blood Center, the sole provider of vital blood products to more than 35 hospitals and medical facilities in the Inland Northwest. Originally created as a fundraiser for Deaconess Medical Center in 1980, the Epicurean Delight gala now raises funds and awareness


See what’s new @

specifically for INBC. The event has evolved to bring together a remarkable 30 area restaurants and 30 wineries and microbreweries for guests to sample while enjoying live music and entertainment. “Epicurean Delight is one of the largest and most magnificent events in the Inland Northwest,” said Georgette Grainger, vice president of Washington Trust Bank and Epicurean Delight co-chair. “It combines the most fabulous food and drinks with an organization undoubtedly worth celebrating; definitely the most fun you’ll have at any charitable event.” In addition to fun for guests, Epicurean Delight also allows local chefs to show off their

Epicurean Delight This year, funds raised at the event will go toward new, more high-tech donor education and recruitment tools for INBC in the hopes that involving the Internet in the blood donation process will encourage more people

to share the gift of life. Epicurean Delight: a gala with outstanding food, cocktails, dancing and fun—all benefiting a life-saving cause. It’s a black-tie event with a big heart.

Benefiting the Inland Northwest Blood Center

Epicurean at a Glance: What is INBC? The Inland Northwest Blood Center (INBC) is an organization that collects blood and blood products. INBC is the sole provider of blood products and services to more the 35 hospitals and healthcare facilities in our region. It takes a minimum of 150 blood donors and 15 platelet donors each day to meet the needs of patients across the Inland Northwest.

Save the Date:

Epicurean Delight 2009 is Friday, November 6th Ticket Information:

509-624-0151 or 2008 Participating Restaurants:

98 Twenty Bistro-Lounge • ACF Chefs de Cuisine Ambrosia Bistro & Wine Bar • Beacon Hill Catering Beverly’s • Blue Fish • Bluz at the Bend Boyd Coffee Company • Café Neo • Catered for You CI Shenanigan’s • Clinkerdagger • Cravens Coffee Company Downriver Grill • Europa • HayJ’s Bistro • Herbal Essence Isabella’s Restaurant & Gin Joint Just American Desserts • Madeleine’s Café & Patisserie Max at Mirabeau • Melting Pot • Moxie’s Outback Steakhouse • Rock City Grill • Scratch Spencer’s for Steaks & Chops • Spokandy • Vin Rouge Wild Sage American Bistro • Woodlands • Zola

“Epicurean Delight is one of the largest and most magnificent events in the Inland Northwest,” said Georgette Grainger.

Epicurean Delight 2008 Winners

2008 Participating Wineries and Microbreweries:

Apex Cellars • Arbor Crest Wine Cellars • Caterina Winery Chateau Ste. Michelle Wine Estates Coeur d’Alene Cellars • Cougar Crest Winery Eagle Haven Winery • Fidelitas • Glen Fiona Winery Latah Creek Wine Cellars • Liberty Lake Wine Cellars Lone Canary Winery • Mountain Dome Winery Okanogan Estate & Vineyards • Preston Premium Wines Robert Karl Cellars • Silver Lake Winery Terra Blanca Winery & Estate Vineyard • Townshend Cellar White Heron Cellars • Whitestone Winery Whitman Cellars • Coeur d’Alene Brewing Company CI Shenanigans • Iron Horse Brewery Northern Lights Brewing Company Rocky Coulee Brewing Company

2008 Epicurean Delight Sponsors:

Outstanding Hors d’Oeurves Zola for Baked Crab and Artichoke Dip

Outstanding Entrée MAX at Mirabeau for Cols Smoked Lavender Seared Sea Scallops

Outstanding First Course Woodlands for Chili Crusted Flat Iron Steak Salad

Outstanding Dessert MAX at Mirabeau for Greenbluff Sweet Pumpkin Semifreddo

American West Bank • Asuris Northwest Health Bank of America • Blood Systems, Inc. The Davenport Hotel & Tower Dottie’s Discount Jewelry inside Pawn1 Fidelity Associates Insurance and Financial Services Holy Family Hospital • The Pacific Northwest Inlander/ InHealthNW Magazine • KREM 2 • Leone and Keeble Moloney + O’Neill Benefits • Moss Adams Physician Hospital Community Organization (PHCO) Physicians Insurance A Mutual Company Premera Blue Cross • Randall and Hurley Rockwood Clinic • Rockwood Retirement Communities Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children’s Hospital Spokane EN&T • Thrivent Financial • URM Food Service Washington Trust Bank-Private Banking

People’s Choice Best Restaurant Beverly’s for Roasted Rack of Venison




Mardi Gras in Coeur d’Alene

New Orleans

Meets Coeur d’Alene By: Jillian De Lallo

In the biggest party since … well, there’s NEVER been a party this big!


he sights, the sounds,

the smells and definitely the tastes of New Orleans are coming to Coeur d’Alene like never before! On Feb. 7, 2009, The Sizzle’n Cuisine Mardi Gras Masquerade Party will be held at the Eagles Club on Sherman Avenue downtown. Jazz, Blues and Rock music, along with authentic New Orleans Cajun cuisine, will be the hallmark of this party, complete with costumes, beads, dancing and a Bubba Kentrell accent. This Kobrick-Chandler Productions party will have all the finishing touches of Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo, designed to make a lasting impression on the Northwest! Robert Kobrick and Troy Chandler have joined forces to stir up the gumbo pot and shake down their party expertise, and they’re cookin’ up plans


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for full-on weeks-long Mardi Gras in Coeur d’Alene. This is not the first bash the friends and business partners have spiced up. A sold-out crowd of nearly 600 howled the night away with the incredible music of the Which Doctor Band at their Eagles Halloween Party 2008. It is due to the cooperation of General Manager Jaydn Keyes and the shining stars of the entire Eagle’s staff that

makes these Sizzle’n hot events so successful. Party-goers are hungry for more, and the duo has more spice up their sleeves than the Cookin’ Cajun’s Blackened Alligator. We, at the magazine office, joined in the party effort, knowing our readership is always looking for a good time! With our combined party-throwing skills, this Mardi Gras is sure to be yet another event for old-timer, rockin’-chair ramblings! New Orleans (pronounced N’awlins) is a city like no other, and Mardi Gras has now spread far and wide into the West. Bringing up the flavors, music and revelry of the South will definitely warm up the winter chills of February in Coeur d’Alene, along with other Mardi Gras celebrations planned throughout the month. Robert and Troy have joined forces with the Sizzle’n Cuisine to create that Cajun experience, that Mardi Gras feel that will impress even the N’awlins crowd. Chef Troy of Bonsai Bistro & Sushi Bar is fixin’ to prepare the authentic Southern-inspired Cajun cuisine to include everything from oysters to alligator, jambalaya to Etouffée. Taste buds will be hoppin’ like bullfrogs in the bayou with the magic this chef brings to the table. “Oooooo-eee!” said Troy.

Mardi Gras in Coeur d’Alene The Bar :: Mardi Gras drinks will be a flowin’ with some real N’awlins Bourbon Street-style specialties: Pat Obrien’s Hurricanes, Zombies, Hand Grenades and more. Even Troy’s Great Auntie Adelaide Eugenia’s old-family Witch Doctor concoction will make guests wonder where the fortune teller is. Don’t ask what’s in it; they won’t tell you, but … it is a witch doctor’s recipe. They are “drinks that will kill the living and wake up the dead! And, hopefully reveal more skin!” said party-boy Robert. The Costumes :: This is a dress-to-impress party! Feathery boas, mysterious masks, loads of beads—or come to earn some—little skirts, unbuttoned shirts, glittery cowboy hats, rock-star shades; be prepared to dance the floor to a high shine! The Night :: Doors fly open at 7:00 p.m., and dinner is served 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Come hungry— and thirsty—there will be an endless supply of Cajun food and cocktails. Acme Oyster Shack will be shucking oysters all night long! Throughout the night, guests will enjoy music from Blueprint and Crosstown, playing Classic Blues during dinner, then bringin’ the house down with Rock & Blues. Be ready to let your hair down! As they say in N’awlins: “Laissez les bon temps roulez!” (pronounced Lazay-Lay Bon Tom Roolay). Let the good times roll! SAVE THE DATE: Feb. 7, 2009 – The Eagles Club, Downtown CdA at 209 E. Sherman Ave. One-of-a-kind event fun ticket is $75—all inclusive, with the exception of alcohol. Tickets may be purchased by calling (208) 661-9335 or (208) 665-9805. Find out more online at ::

Sizzle’n Mardi Gras Menu Crazy Cooter’s Cajun Gator Fritters

Run for your lives, these guys bite! Tender pieces of alligator loin battered & crispy fried Remoulade dipping sauce

Creole Shrimp Etouffée

It’s Heaven, baby! A traditional rich bayou shrimp stew

Fat Daddy’s Bayou Gumbo

You’ll need an ice-cold beer for this one. A thick & spicy Cajun soup full of chicken & andouille sausage

Uncle Trucker & Sweet Granny May’s Jambalaya

They are back! The Creole Duo is at it again, so bring your bib & spoon. A Creole “paella” rice dish with bayou oysters & gulf prawns

Angry Soft-Shell Voodoo Crabs

Now ya’ll can say that Robert & Troy gave you crabs! Whole blue crabs dipped in a mysterious Voodoo batter & crispy fried Remoulade dipping sauce

Acme Oysters

Shuck ‘em, Suck ‘em, Eat ‘em Raw Bubba Kentrell will be shuckin’ as fast as you be suckin’ Voodoo-spiced cocktail sauce & lemons

Red Beans & Rice

Beans & rice is nice! A classic must-have. We have added chicken & andouille sausage for smokiness that’ll make you want to jump up & hug me!

Jumbo Prawns

Get yo’self some tail! Gulf prawns poached in a spicy magical liquid that we found deep in the bayou in a bucket behind old man Thibodaux’s shack. Ssh, don’t tell. Voodoo-spiced cocktail sauce & lemons

Muddbugs! (Old Timey Crawfish Boil)

“You gotta suck da head off dem dere crawfish!” Crawfish, sweet corn, baby red potatoes & andouille sausage boiled in spicy court bouillon Troy Louis Chandler, Head Cooker ::

You are cordially invited to The Sizzle’n Cuisine Mardi Gras Masquerade Party February 7th, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. The Eagles Club Downtown Coeur d’Alene



Parties, Catering & Events For Booth and Sponsorship info Call 509-242-2505

For More Information Call 509-242-2505

7th annual

Baby Fair 2009


March 15th, 2009 11a-4pm Spokane Convention Center


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9 Hole Tournament For kids ages 6 to 12 SUNDAY May 17th 10am-5pm Eagle Ridge Short Course 5840 S Meadow Lane Road Spokane, WA

Sizzle’n Hot List Best Dance Spots

Do you dream of … a place to go dancing? By: Charity Doyl & Jeanette Dunn From the Bluz on the Bend’s live music and dancing five nights a week to the salsa scene at Envy, the Spokane dance scene is a great way to spend the evening with a few friends and other dance lovers! After endless hours of research—and dancing—we’ve found a few spots around town that are sure to get you up outta your seat and dancin’ the night away! Here are the Dancing Divas After Dark Rendez Vous picks as well as a few ballroom dance spots. We’ve done our homework so you can find at least one night a month to stop dreaming and go dancing! The most popular spot for Latin flair is Envy. Check out “En Fuego” nights twice a week with Spokane’s hottest Latino beats at the only place dedicated to the Salsa Scene on the weekend. The MarQuee Lounge is a two-level, London-style bar located in the heart of downtown where you can dance the night away in a civilized metropolitan ambience. Did we say they serve great martinis AND champagne by the glass?! Say to someone this week , “You make me feel like dancin’!”

Want to know more about Sizzle’n Hot Lists like where to go dancing? Visit our Web site and sign up for our weekly eNewsletter to keep up with the latest Sizzle’n happenings and events!

Spokane Dance & Night Clubs

North Side

North Idaho Area


Bluz on the Bend 2721 N. Market St. (509) 483-7300 Live music and dancing Wednesday through Sunday

Crossroads Post Falls – 1800 N. Hwy 41 (208) 777-8866 Country line dancing, Swing and lessons

The Casbah 410 W. Sprague Ave. (upstairs) Dance to DJs, Hip-Hop Marquee Lounge 522 W. Riverside Ave. (509) 838-3332 Moonlight Ballroom (B.O.F. Lodge) 933 W. Third Ave. (509) 624-5159 Ballroom dancing on Friday and Saturday nights Dance Street Ballroom 433 W. Dean Ave. (509) 326-9545 Ballroom, Latin and Swing dancing lessons Dempsey’s Brass Rail 909 W. 1st Ave. (509) 747-5362 Dance to DJs on Friday and Saturday until 4am; Dempsey’s Divas Drag Queens dance 10pm-Midnight Envy 515 W. Sprague Ave. (509) 747-6272 Salsa dancing rules here!

Eagles Club 6410 N. Lidgerwood St. (509) 484-8261 Ballroom dancing Son’s of Norway 6710 Country Homes Blvd. (509) 326-9211 Ballroom dancing monthly Thirsty’s 21 E. Lincoln Rd. (509) 777-1010

Spokane Valley Goodtymes Bar 9214 E. Mission Ave. (509) 928-1070 Live music and dancing, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Blues and Country

German American Club 25 W. Third Ave. (509) 747-0004 Zola’s 22 W. Main St. (509) 624-2416 Variety of music and a packed dance floor with a mixed crowd of all ages

“Dance is music made visible.” ~ George Balanchine

Curley’s Dining Car Lounge Post Falls – 26433 W. Hwy 53 (208) 773-5816 Various live Rock and Blues DanceTales Studio & Ballroom Downtown CdA – 1124 Sherman Ave. (208) 667-8087 or Ballroom, Latin and Swing dance instruction for singles and couples Slab Inn Post Falls – 800 W. Seltice Way (208) 773-5440 Country bar with live music, dancing and lessons The Grail CdA – 4720 W. Seltice Way (208) 665-5882 Dance to DJs and Live Bands, Hip-Hop to Rock Iron Horse Downtown CdA – 407 E. Sherman Ave. (208) 667-7314 Various types of live bands and DJs, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock and Country Shore Lounge – Downtown Coeur d’Alene 2nd & Front St. (CdA Resort) (208) 765-4000 Various live bands, Hip Hop, Pop & Rock




Spokane Area Events ONGOING EVENTS:

MARCH 2009


1st Friday Art Walks: Downtown Spokane galleries, (509) 625-6081 or visit SummerSaturdaysattheMAC:Make-and-takeactivitiesforthe family,12-3pm,(509) SundaysintheGarden:ManitoParkGardenCenter,(509)625-6200 SpokaneIndiansBaseball:AvistaStadium,(509)535-2922or Jun.-Oct., Sat. & Wed.: Farmers’ Market PerformingArtsEvents:SpokaneConventionCenter,TicketsWest, (509) 325-7328 or

6-832ndAnnualSpringArts&CraftsShow,SpokaneFair& Expo Center, 153rdAnnualWineandGourmetGala,Spencer’sRestaurant, (509) 434-5123

(Dates to be announced) Annual Glass on the Grass 2009, Gonzaga University, AnnualSpokaneFallsNorthwestIndianEncampment&Pow Wow, Riverfront Park, (509) 568-3196 Annual Coaches vs. Cancer Gala, Davenport Hotel Annual Peach Festival, Green Bluff, (509) 238-4709 or

DECEMBER 2008 1-20SpokaneCivicTheatre:AChristmasCarol,TheMusical, MainStage,(509) 5-14ChristianYouthTheater:AChristmasStory,TrentElem. AdamsonAuditorium,(509) 12-20SpokaneSymphony:SuperPopsNo.3:HolidayPops,INB Performing Arts Center, 1817thAnnualClarionBrassChoirChristmasConcert,TheFox, (509)624-1200, 31 Annual First Night Spokane, (509) 252-5027 or

APRIL 2009 (Some dates to be announced) 24-2634thAnnualSpringAntique&CollectorsSale,Spokane Fair & Expo Center, 23-24TheBattleofSpokaneFallsCivilWarRe-enactment, Riverside State Park, AnnualFestivalofWineandFlowers,St.Luke’sRehabilitation Institute, (509) 473-6099

MAY 2009 3 Annual Bloomsday Run, (509) 838-1579 or 16 Spokane Lilac Festival, (509) 535-4554 or

JUNE 2009

2009 EVENTS JANUARY 2009 1-31 Exhibits: River Pigs and Beasts; Living Legacy: TheAmericanIndianCollection,MAC,(509)456-3931or 9-25SpokaneCivicTheatre:OneWhoFlewOvertheCuckoos Nest,MainStage,(509) 17-18SpokaneSymphony:ClassicsNo.5:BacktoTheirRoots, The Fox,

FEBRUARY 2009 5-15SpokaneInternationalFilmFestival,(509)624-2615 6SpokaneVisualArtsTour,(509) 13ATasteofHopeBenefit,TheLincolnCenter,(509)499-1679 or 22SpokaneAidsNetworkOscarGala,NorthernQuestCasino,

(Some dates to be announced) 9-10 ClassicsNo.10:SymphonicCelebration,Spokane Symphony at the Fox, 27-28Hoopfest,DowntownSpokane,(509)624-2414or 24th Annual ArtFest, The Park in Browne’s Addition, (509) 456-3931 or Annual Taste Washington, Davenport Hotel,

JULY 2009 (Some dates to be announced) 44thofJulyNeighborDay,RiverfrontPark,(509)242-2505 24-26100YearsofMotorcyclesRalleyandConcertSeries, Spokane County Fair & Expo Center, AnnualStrawberryCelebration,GreenBluff,(509)238-4709or AnnualRoyalFireworksFestival&Concert,(509)455-6865or

SEPTEMBER 2009 (Some dates to be announced) 2-7 Annual Pig Out in the Park, Riverfront Park, (509) 456-4FUN or 135thAnnualCobraRoofingPoloClassic,SpokanePoloClub, (509) 624-0500 or 25-27Valleyfest,MirabeauPointPark,(509)922-3299or Annual Tour des Lacs, AnnualSpokeFest,RiverfrontPark,(509)456-7200or Annual Apple Festival, Green Bluff, (509) 238-4709 or

OCTOBER 2009 (Some dates to be announced) 2SpokaneVisualArtsTour,(509) 2-434thAnnualFallAntique&CollectorsSale,SpokaneFair& Expo Center, 16-18AnnualQuiltShow,SpokaneCountryFair&ExpoCenter, AnnualOctobrewfest,SpokaneCountyFair&ExpoCenter, (509) 325-7328 AnnualHarvestMoonAuction&HalloWineTasting,Davenport Hotel,

NOVEMBER 2009 (Some dates to be announced) 6EpicureanDelight28thAnnual,SpokaneConventionCenter, (509) 232-4567 or 13 Spokane Cork & Keg Festival, Mirabeau Park Hotel, (509) 467-7744 or 13-15 InlandCraftAnnualSale&Exhibition,Spokane ConventionCenter,(509) 20-2233rdAnnualChristmasArts&CraftsShow,SpokaneFair & Expo Center, AnnualFallFolkFestival,SpokaneCommunityCollege, (509) 747-2640 or Annual Black andWhite Gala, Red Lion Inn at the Park, (509) 458-2618 or

Please remember to contribute generously and find out how you can help feed Spokane’s hungry by donating either food or funds. Contact Second Harvest Food Bank at (509) 534-6678 or online at, or restaurants and caterers can donate to Feed Spokane at


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Community Events

North Idaho Events ONGOING EVENTS:


JULY 2009

2ndFridays,April-December:ArtWalk,DowntownCdAgalleries& shops, 5-8pm (208) 664-3194 4thFridays,JanuarytoApril:MusicWalk,DowntownCdA,5-8pm Wednesdays:HotRodCaféCruiseNights,PostFalls,(208)777-1712 Farmer’s Market, Downtown CdA, 4-7pm Thursdays:“ThunderThursday,”HotRodCaféSummerBikeNight, Post Falls, (208) 777-1712 Thursdays:RiverstoneParkinCdA,SummerConcertSeriesinJuly & Aug. Saturdays:Farmer’sMarket,cornerofHwy95&PrairieinHayden Sundays:June.-Aug.CdASummerConcertsintheCdACityPark

7 Hospice Wine Tasting, Hayden Lake Country Club, (208) 772-3211 or 7MardiGrasattheEagles,DowntownCdA,(208)661-9335 13 Annual Chocolate Walk, CdA, (208) 415-0116 14AnnualKids’Carnival,DowntownCdA,(208)676-0917 14SweetheartBall,GreyhoundPark&EventCenter,StateLine, (208) 704-3692 21 Annual mARTi Gras Benefit, (800) 688-5253 21-23 GreatWestGymFest,CdAResort,(208)772-9443

(Dates to be announced) AnnualJulyAmishPowWow,GreyhoundParkandEventsCenter, Post Falls, (800) 523-2464 or Annual Schweitzer Summer Celebration, Sandpoint, (208) 263-9555 19th Annual Tour des Lacs,

DECEMBER 2008 1 Children’sChristmasPartyonMainStreet,PriestRiver, 1-31 Journey to the North Pole Cruises, CdA Resort, (208)664-7280,(800) 1-31HolidayLightShow,CdAResortBoardwalk,(208)688-5253 5 ChristmasonMainStreet,PriestRiver, 5-6 Pottery Show, Kootenai County Fairgrounds, 6 JacklinArtsandCulturalCenterSoireeHolidayParty& Fundraiser, (208) 457-8950 6HaydenHolidayParade&LightsCelebration,(208)772-4411 6 Yuletide Celebration, Wallace, (208) 753-7151 6 Christmas in St. Maries, (208) 245-3563 6-8 Christmas Festival, Wallace, (208) 753-7151 or 7 Winter Fest Celebration, Harrison, (208) 689-3669 or 13 Coeur d’Alene Symphony: Christmas Showcase, Dec.13-144thAnnualBluegrassConcert,(208)457-8950 22-24Santa’sTraditionalSchweitzerVisitatSelkirkLodge, Sandpoint, (208) 263-9555 or 31NewYear’sEve,Schweitzerparties,(208)263-9555or

MARCH 2009 (Some dates to be announced) 13Coeurd’AleneSymphony:RegionalTalent, 14 St. Patrick’s Day Parade, CdA, (208) 415-0116 or AnnualWine,SteinandDine,GreyhoundPark&EventsCenter, (208) 773-5016

APRIL 2009 2-5 Lake City Playhouse, James and the Giant Peach, (208) 667-1323 4-5TropicalDaysatSchweitzerMt.,Sandpoint,(208)255-3031or 4 Coeur d’Alene Symphony: Chamber Concert, 25 Coeur d’Alene Junior Miss, CdA High School

MAY 2009


2Coeurd’AleneSymphony:SeasonFinale, 4Coeurd’AleneSymphony:ChamberConcert, 9 NorthernPacificDepotDay,Wallace,(208)752-0111


JUNE 2009

1JourneytotheNorthPoleCruises,CdAResort,(208)664-7280, (800) 684-0513 ext.7811 or 1HolidayLightShow,CdAResortBoardwalk,(208)688-5253 1SchweitzerLightsUptheNightParade,(800)831-8810 1 Polar Bear Plunge, Sander’s Beach 1-31 EagleWatchingatWolfLodgeBayandBeautyBay 15TasteofSandpointCommunityFood,WineandBeerEventCedar St. Bridge Marketplace

12-13 Car d’Lane, Downtown CdA, (208) 415-0116 or 19SandpointSummerSamplerFoodTastingatFarminPark 21 IronMan Coeur d’Alene Triathlon, (877) 782-9232, (208) 664-3194 or 26-27QuiltShow,NorthIdahoQuiltGuild,(208)664-044

AUGUST 2009 (Some dates to be announced) 6-16AnnualSchweitzerFallFest,Sandpoint,(208)263-9555 AnnualHuckleberryFestival,Schweitzer, Annual BrewFest, Silver Mountain, Annual Wooden Boat Festival, CdA, (208)664-3194

SEPTEMBER 2009 (Some dates to be announced) 11-13AnnualPendd’OreilleWineryHarvestParty,Sandpoint 24-27 Annual Idaho State Draft Horse and Mule Int’l, (208) 687-1831 Annual Coeur d’Alene Honda’s Chili Cook-Off, CdA, (208) 667-1189 or AnnualSchweitzerFallFest,Sandpoint,(208)263-9555

OCTOBER 2009 (Some dates to be announced) 2-434thAnnualCuster’sFallAntiqueandCollectorsSale,Spokane Fair & Expo Center, (509) 924-0588 or ArtfromtheHeart,AnnualFallArtsFestival,(208)664-2867or 31 Trick or Treat, Downtown CdA, 4-6pm AnnualBoysandGirlsClubMasqueradeBall,GreyhoundPark& Events Center, (208) 661-9316

NOVEMBER 2009 (Some dates to be announced) AnnualPostFallsChamberAuction,GreyhoundPark&Event Center, State Line, (208) 773-5016 AnnualWinterSwap,KootenaicountyFairgrounds,CdA, GunShow,KootenaiCountyFairgrounds,CdA,(208)587-9145 AnnualVeteran’sDayCeremony,Veteran’sMemorialPark,CdA Annual Holiday Light Show Parade, Downtown CdA, (208) 667-5986 or AnnualFestivalofTrees,KootenaiMedicalCenter,(208)666-8733 Annual Journey to the North Pole Cruises, CdA Resort, (208) 664-7280 or AnnualHolidayLightShow,CdAResortBoardwalk,(208)688-5253

The Community Action Partnership serves five North Idaho counties with food bank, energy, telephone, and financial assistance for our low-income population, enabling them to become self-sufficient. Please remember to contribute generously and find out how you can help North Idaho’s hungry. (888) 725-3663 2009


Sizzle’n Hot List Reservations EDSIDE IS HTRON NORTH

Sometimes the best thing to make for dinner is ...

Restaurant & Location Phone BROWNE’S ADDITION NWOTNWOD 315 Martinis & Tapas, CdA, Idaho..................................................(208) 667-9660 & WEST SIDE 360 / Cavallino Lounge at the Hotel Lusso, Downtown...................(509) 624-1133 98 Twenty Wine Bar, North Side ....................................................(509) 468-9820 EDIS TSEW Alpine Bistro and Bakery, Downtown...............................................(509) 327-7040 DOWNTOWN Ambrosia Bistro & Wine Bar, Spokane Valley...................................(509) 928-3222 Angelo’s Ristorante, CdA, Idaho......................................................(208) 765-2850 Anthony’s at Spokane Falls, Downtown...........................................(509) 328-9009 UNIVERSITY LLIH HTUOS DISTRICT Arbor Crest Winery Tasting Room, Downtown..................................(509) 747-3793 Arbor Crest Winery, Wine Time........................................................(509) 927-9463 Bangkok Thai, University District.....................................................(509) 325-8370 YTHILL ISREVINU Barn on Trezzi Farm Country Italian, Shopping.................................(509) 238-2276 SOUTH Barrister Winery, Downtown............................................................(509) 465-3591 Beacon Hill Catering & Events, Events, Catering & Parties..............(509) 482-3556 YELLVALLEY AV ENAKOPS Bennidito’s Pizza, South Hill............................................................(509) 455-7411 SPOKANE EKALLAKE YTREBIL & & LIBERTY Beverly’s at the Coeur d’Alene Resort, CdA, Idaho..........................(208) 664-4000 Bistango, Downtown.......................................................................(509) 624-8464 Bistro on Spruce, CdA, Idaho..........................................................(208) 664-1774 OH ADI HTRON NORTH IDAHO BitterSweet Bakery and Bistro, South Hill........................................(509) 455-8658 Bluz at the Bend, North Side...........................................................(509) 483-7300 Bonsai Bistro & Sushi Bar, CdA, Idaho............................................(208) 765-4321 YWINE LDNEITIME RF YLIMAF Brambleberry Cottage & Tea House, Downtown..............................(509) 926-3293 Brews Bros. Lounge, Downtown......................................................(509) 456-5858 C.I. Shenanigan’s, Downtown.........................................................(509) 455-6690 Café Carambola, CdA, Idaho...........................................................(208) 676-8784 EMIT ENIW SHOPPING Café Dolce, Downtown....................................................................(509) 747-5638 Café Neo, North Side......................................................................(509) 467-5961 Calypsos Coffee Co., CdA, Idaho....................................................(208) 665-0591 ARTS, CULTURE GNI&PPOHS Capone’s Pub & Grill, CdA, Idaho....................................................(208) 667-4843 ENTERTAINMENT Capone’s Pub & Grill, Post Falls, Idaho...........................................(208) 457-8020 Caruso’s Sandwich Co., CdA, Idaho................................................(208) 765-1001 GNIRETAC Caruso’s Sandwich Co., Hayden, Idaho...........................................(208) 762-4676 PARTIES, CATERING SEITRAP & Caruso’s Sandwich Co., Post Falls, Idaho.......................................(208) 457-1906 & EVENTS Caruso’s Sandwich Co., Spokane Valley..........................................(509) 891-4100 Caterina Winery, Wine Time............................................................(509) 328-5068 Cedars Floating Restaurant, CdA, Idaho..........................................(208) 664-2922 Chapala Mexican, University District................................................(509) 484-4534 Chaps Café and Coffehouse, West Side.........................................(509) 624-4182 Chef in the Forest, Hauser Lake, Idaho...........................................(208) 773-3654 ChocoPerfection, Shopping.............................................................(800) 332-1773 Ciao Mambo, Hayden, Idaho...........................................................(208) 772-9555 Clinkerdagger, Downtown................................................................(509) 328-5965 Coeur d’Alene Cellars Barrel Room No. 6, CdA, Idaho.....................(208) 664-9632 Coeur d’Alene Cellars, Wine Time...................................................(208) 664-2336 Curley’s Bar & Bistro, Hauser Lake, Idaho.......................................(208) 773-5816 Cyrus O’Leary’s, Downtown............................................................(509) 624-9000 Daanen’s Delicatessen, Hayden, Idaho...........................................(208) 772-7371 David’s Pizza, University District......................................................(509) 483-7460 DeLeon Foods, North Side..............................................................(509) 483-3033 Doma Coffee Roasting Company, Shopping....................................(208) 667-1267 Domini’s, Downtown.......................................................................(509) 747-2324


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Restaurant & Location


Downriver Grill, North Side..............................................................(509) 323-1600 Dry Fly Distilling, Univeristy District..................................................(509) 489-2122 Elk Public House, West Side...........................................................(509) 363-1973 Elkins Resort, Priest Lake, Idaho....................................................(208) 443-2432 Europa, Downtown..........................................................................(509) 455-4051 Fast Eddie’s, Downtown..................................................................(509) 455-8752 Fat Daddy’s, North Side..................................................................(509) 464-3644 Feast Catering Co., Downtown........................................................(509) 879-9568 Ferguson’s Café & Catering, Downtown..........................................(509) 741-7383 Fiesta Mexicana, South Hill.............................................................(509) 455-7117 G.W. Hunters Family Restaurant, Post Falls, Idaho..........................(208) 777-9388 Gordy’s Sichuan Café, South Hill.....................................................(509) 747-1170 Grande Ronde Cellar, Wine Time.....................................................(509) 455-8161 Greenbriar Catering & Events, Events, Catering & Parties................(208) 667-9660 Herbal Essence, Downtown............................................................(509) 838-4600 Heros & Legends, Downtown..........................................................(509) 747-2085 Hill’s Restaurant & Lounge, Downtown...........................................(509) 747-3946 Iron Horse Bar & Grill, CdA, Idaho...................................................(208) 667-7314 Isabella’s Restaurant & Gin Joint, Downtown..................................(509) 624-0660 Italian Kitchen, Downtown...............................................................(509) 363-1210 Jimmy’z, Downtown........................................................................(509) 838-7613 Knipprath Cellars, Wine Time..........................................................(509) 534-5121 Kusina Filipina, North Side..............................................................(509) 489-4146 Latah Creek Winery, Spokane Valley...............................................(509) 926-0164 Le Piastre, CdA, Idaho....................................................................(208) 665-0585 Liberty Lake Wine Cellars, Wine Time..............................................(509) 255-9205 Lincoln Center, The, Parties, Catering & Events...............................(509) 327-8000 Lindaman’s, South Hill....................................................................(509) 838-3000 Linnie’s Thai Cuisine II, South Hill...................................................(509) 535-2112 Little Italy’s Wine Bar, Wine Time....................................................(209) 777-7778 Lone Canary Winery, Wine Time......................................................(509) 534-9062 Luigi’s, Downtown...........................................................................(509) 624-5226 Luna, South Hill..............................................................................(509) 448-2328 Madeleine’s Café & Pâtisserie, Downtown......................................(509) 624-2253 Maggie’s, South Hill........................................................................(509) 536-4745 MAX at Mirabeau Park Hotel, Spokane Valley..................................(509) 922-6252 Melting Pot, The, Downtown............................................................(509) 926-8000 Michael D’s Eatery, CdA, Idaho.......................................................(208) 676-9049 Milford’s Fish House, Downtown.....................................................(509) 326-7251 Mizuna Restaurant and Wine Bar, Downtown..................................(509) 747-2004 Moon Time, CdA, Idaho...................................................................(208) 667-2331 Moose Market Lounge, CdA, Idaho.................................................(208) 664-7901 Mountain Dome Winery, Spokane...................................................(509) 928-2788 Moxie, Downtown...........................................................................(509) 456-3594 My Simply Gourmet Personal Chef, Spokane..................................(509) 981-5272 Niko’s Greek Restaurant & Wine Bar, Downtown.............................(509) 624-7444 Nodland Cellars, Wine Time............................................................(509) 927-7770 Northern Lights Brewing Co.,University District................................(509) 242-2739 Northern Quest Casino, Spokane...................................................(509) 242-7000 O’Doherty’s, Downtown..................................................................(509) 747-0322

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O’Doherty’s, Spokane Valley...........................................................(509) 924-2578 Okane, South Hill............................................................................(509) 448-1779 Okanogan Estate & Vineyards, Wine Time.......................................(509) 476-3646 Old Spaghetti Factory, Downtown....................................................(509) 624-8916 Olive It Café, North Side..................................................................(509) 413-1589 Onion, Downtown............................................................................(509) 747-3852 Oval Office, Post Falls, Idaho .........................................................(208) 777-2102 Palm Court Grill at the Davenport Hotel, Downtown.........................(509) 455-8888 Peacock Room at the Davenport Hotel, Downtown..........................(509) 455-8888 Picabu, South Hill...........................................................................(509) 624-2464 Qdoba, North Side..........................................................................(509) 468-8500 Qdoba, South Hill............................................................................(509) 747-8737 Rain Lounge, Downtown.................................................................(509) 456-5656 Raw, Downtown..............................................................................(509) 747-0556 Red Lion Bar & BBQ, Downtown......................................................(509) 624-1934 Ripples, Downtown.........................................................................(509) 326-5577 Robert Karl Cellars, Wine Time.......................................................(509) 363-1353 Rock City, Downtown.......................................................................(509) 455-4400 Rocky Rococo Pizza, Downtown......................................................(509) 747-1000 Safari Room at The Davenport Hotel, Downtown.............................(509) 455-8888 Salsa Factory, Rathdrum, Idaho......................................................(208) 687-2464 Satellite Diner, Downtown...............................................................(509) 624-3952 Sawtooth Grill, Downtown...............................................................(509) 363-1100 Scratch Restaurant, Downtown.......................................................(509) 456-5656 Shogun, Downtown.........................................................................(509) 534-7777 Soulful Soups, Downtown...............................................................(509) 456-1190 Spencer’s, Downtown.....................................................................(509) 744-2372 Steam Plant Grill, Downtown...........................................................(509) 777-3900 Steelhead, Downtown.....................................................................(509) 747-1303, Downtown....................................................................(509) 838-0630 Swinging Doors, North Side............................................................(509) 326-6794 Syringa Japanese Café & Sushi, CdA, Idaho....................................(208) 664-2718 Talotti’s, Downtown.........................................................................(509) 747-8940 Tapas Tango at the Wine Cellar, CdA, Idaho.....................................(208) 664-9463 Taste of India, North Side...............................................................(509) 327-7313 Thai Bamboo, CdA, Idaho...............................................................(208) 667-5300 Thai Bamboo, North Side................................................................(509) 777-8424

Restaurant & Location


Thai Bamboo, South Hill.................................................................(509) 232-8424 Thai Bamboo, Spokane Valley.........................................................(509) 444-8424 Thai on First, Downtown..................................................................(509) 455-4288 TimberRock Winery Tasting Room, CdA, Idaho................................(208) 667-5155 TimberRock Winery, Wine Time ......................................................(208) 777-9669 Tim’s Special Cut Meats, Shopping................................................(208) 772-3327 Tomato Street, North Side..............................................................(509) 484-4500 Tony’s on the Lake, CdA, Idaho.......................................................(208) 667-9885 Top of India, Spokane Valley............................................................(509) 927-0500 Townshend Cellar, Green Bluff, Wine Time......................................(509) 238-1400 Twigs Bistro & Martini Bar, South Hill..............................................(509) 443-8000 Two Seven Public House, South Hill................................................(509) 473-9766 Villaggio, South Hill.........................................................................(509) 532-0327 Vin Rouge, South Hill......................................................................(509) 535-8800 Vino! A WineShop, Wine Time.........................................................(509) 838-1229 Vintage Hill Cellars, Wine Time........................................................(509) 624-3792 White House Grill, Post Falls, Idaho.................................................(208) 777-9672 Whitestone Winery, Wine Time........................................................(509) 647-5325 Wild Sage American Bistro, Downtown............................................(509) 456-7575 Wine Cellar Tasting Room, The, Downtown . ...................................(509) 455-8161 Wine Cellar, CdA, Idaho...................................................................(208) 664-9463 Zola, Downtown..............................................................................(509) 624-2416

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Get Outta Town!

Get Outta Town!

Palouse, Washington BY: Celeste R. Shaw


In a world of endless small talk, constant traffic jams and overburdened schedules, I offer you an invitation; a declaration of intent, a word of mouth recommendation, to trust that once in a while, we are purely victims of serendipity. On a storybook sort of day, I experienced this providence. So I offer for your consideration, on a day off, with someone—anyone you love—to journey south of Spokane to the small romantic com-


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munity of Palouse. Here, in this tiny township of 1,000, its lovely and charming community will immediately captivate you. Park on quaint Downtown Main Street, and begin with a quest to discover some of the best antiques in the Northwest. Jackie at St. Elmo’s has sweet and wonderful salvaged treasures, and if you want to dig lavishly through stuff, welcome to Open Eye Antiques. You will know if owner Heidi Kite is running the store; her contagious

laugh will fill you with pleasure. Palouse has a long-time reputation for being a community of art. In October 2005, Nelson Duran, a Washington State University architecture major, and his wife Pamela, purchased the original bank building in Downtown Palouse. Built in 1889, the 6,000 square-foot building became The Bank Left Gallery and Tea Room. It was named by its previous owners for several reasons: the building was a bank, and the bank left; the build-

Get Outta Town! ing is situated on the left bank of the Palouse River; and like the Left Bank in Paris, the Bank Left is located in the art district of the Palouse, so the designated title remains. To enter into this landmark is to transcend between past and present. Original grandeur ceilings, windows, vivid color-washed plaster, ornate moldings and intricate nostalgic peeling wallpapers will enchant you. A young boy growing up in Honduras, Nelson was nurtured by his mother, Elida. In addition to being blessed with artistic talent, his mother refined his love for culinary appreciation. “Food is Art,” he said. “The romance of life and culture are the essence of art.” I sat at a 1900 mahogany tea table while sipping chocolate (which I have collected recipes for since I was a child), overlooking the Palouse River and visiting with my endearing host, Nelson, who continues to sustain my awe of his and his wife’s accomplishments, and the addition of their tender yet vital presence in this quintessential town. Pamela, who spent time in France, has infused the café with touches of elegance and charisma. Fresh rosemary topiaries grow with obvious delight in aged terracotta pots at each unique vintage table. Period china awaits each customer’s arrival. The menu is simple but artfully exquisite. Serving organic salads, fresh breads from Le Panier in Seattle, gourmet cheeses, Honduran coffee, a variety of drinking chocolates and discriminating desserts including Lavender Crème Brule. Perfect portions arrive in graceful style with intimate service. The tea room seats approximately 35 people and may be reserved

for special events. Dinner is served Saturdays, and the menu is a compilation prepared at the owner’s discretion. Once a month, a special menu is presented with consideration of Nelson’s Honduran

mother’s recipes. The consignment gallery consistently showcases the art of 20 to 60 local artists and craftsmen, including Nelson’s collections. One glimpse and even the most inexperienced eye recognizes the legitimate reveal of his perception of life’s wisdom and a window to his human spirit. The first Saturday of each month a reception is held for a select featured artist. Does it surprise you such a place is in such a tiny town? It shouldn’t. Palouse is a place that has been renowned for art, community and beauty, and its deep sustenance to persevere continues. Tell me, have you been where aspiration and passion exist? I can give you really good directions—and a phone number.



A Taste Worth the Trip

A Taste Worth the Trip By: Gwendolyn Warnica

Walla Walla, Washington: A town so nice, they had to name it twice!


If you haven’t been to Walla Walla recently, now is an excellent time to go. The town has changed dramatically in recent years. Once known for their sweet onions, Walla Walla is now home to more than 1,600 acres of grapes grown by the more than 90 wineries currently producing and distributing wine. Since the beginning of 2000, there has been an explosion in the number of wineries in the region, which has led to an increase in residents and visitors. Consequently, there are more hotels, restaurants, wine bars and wine tours than ever before. The Walla Walla experience must include a visit to some of the vineyards. There are many in close driving proximity, and there are several wine-tour organizations. Blue Stocking Tours is operated by a couple of local gals,

Jacqui and Becky, and offers regional-package wine tours. Downtown tasting rooms offer an easy walking tour to sample several wineries within a few blocks. Events throughout the year such as the Holiday Barrel Tasting, Feast Walla Walla, Spring Release and Vintage Walla Walla celebrate local wines. Walla Walla Gourmet Getaways run from February through March and provide cooking classes, dinner and wine with an overnight stay. According to Jordan Small, communications associate with the Walla Walla Wine Alliance, more educational classes and tours are being planned. En route to our destination, we stopped on Main Street in Dayton to enjoy panini sandwiches at a little café called Home Baked Goodness and perused the charming gift shop while sampling the pastries and coffee at the Country Cupboard. Once we arrived in Walla Walla, we found an array of restaurants that range from the tasty and authentic Mexican food at La Casita to the innovative and delicious menus of the Whitehouse-Crawford. Whitehouse-Crawford’s Chef Jamie Guerin has created a diverse menu with dishes varying from Vietnamese-style calamari with ginger to organic chicken cooked under a brick with proscuitto and artichokes

with an avocado-olive puree. All the delectable desserts are created in-house, and I sampled a superb lemon meringue pastry puff with raspberry sauce. I look forward to visiting Walla Walla again to discover more wineries and restaurants. This town is a culinary and wine enthusiast’s delight that is definitely a surfeit taste worth the trip.

find your way to SOME fun in Walla Walla Walla Walla Tourism :: (888) 998-4748 Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance (509) 526-3117 Walla Walla Valley Chamber :: (509) 525-0850 Walla Walla Gourmet Getaways :: Blue Stocking Tours :: (509) 522-4717 Ash Hollow :: (509) 529-7565 Fat Duck Inn :: (888) 526-8718 Seven Hills Winery :: (509) 529-7198 White House Crawford :: (509) 525-2222

GETTING THERE Walla Walla is a three-hour drive from Spokane. Take I-90 West to US-195 South. Next go WA-26 West, then turn left onto WA-127. WA-127 becomes US-12 and will take you the rest of the way.


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