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New port-mobile unloader launched For operators looking to consign conventional pneumatic systems to the past, Siwertell’s newly launched port-mobile unloader offers a cost-effective, flexible alternative, with the added benefit of gentle cargo handling. Read more about this on page 4.

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New port-mobile unloader meets wideranging market demands


Next-generation road-mobile units set unrivalled unloading standards


Expanded digital presence enhances customer collaboration


Digital upgrades improve performance, efficiency and machine monitoring


Latest news


Seminars offer an excellent platform for customer engagement

Dear reader, Siwertell has once again shown its excellence in the bulk handling industry by winning this year’s prestigious International Bulk Journal (IBJ) Best Ship Loading/Unloading System award for the fifth time since 2009, and its sixth in total. We received the accolade at the awards ceremony held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in November. The award recognises our efforts to create bulk handling equipment that meets the long-term needs of all types of market requirements. It has always been Siwertell’s aim to lead the development of futureproof products, which can offer efficient operations many years after delivery and even when requirements and regulations change. A very good example of this is our new contract with Yara International in Norway (page 19), where the customer decided, after 38 years of operating its existing Siwertell unloader, to add another unit. Another notable example is our next-generation mobile unloaders, which feature wide-ranging upgrades to ensure that they meet all of today’s requirements and tomorrow’s.

Siwertell News is Siwertell’s customer magazine Publisher: Siwertell AB, part of Cargotec, P.O. Box 566 Gunnarstorp, SE-26725 Bjuv, Sweden Editors: Emily Brækhus Cueva, Malin Pekberg (, Layout and production: Emily Brækhus Cueva Cover: Siwertell Printed by: Tryckaren Engelholm The opinions expressed by the authors or individuals interviewed do not necessarily represent the views of Siwertell.

We have also invested a huge amount of time, energy and resources to make it possible for us to compete and grow in new segments. Our new port-mobile unloader (page 4) is excellent proof of our capability to develop products that are highly competitive, not only in price, but are also able to offer the market all the advantages that a Siwertell machine delivers in terms of capacities and environmental credentials, together with high efficiency and low operational costs. In a world full of changes, a company’s digital presence is more and more important. Read more about Siwertell’s brand new website and our active engagement across major social media channels on page 12. Siwertell is always working to create long-term relationships with all our clients. You can see this in action at our Siwertell service conference in the Philippines earlier this year (page 20).

Siwertell ship unloaders and loaders are based on unique screw conveyor technology, in combination with belt conveyors and aeroslides, and provide a totally enclosed dry bulk handling operation. Virtually any dry bulk cargo can be handled. The Siwertell portfolio includes ship unloaders, mobile ship unloaders, ship loaders, horizontal and vertical screw conveyors as well as complete dry bulk terminal solutions. All Siwertell solutions are designed to ensure sustainable and efficient cargo operations. Siwertell is part of Cargotec Corporation.

I hope that you have had a successful year and I wish you all a pleasant read.

Per Karlsson President

Product launch

Innovative port-mobile unloader designed to meet wide-ranging market demands text PETER GÖRANSSON photos SIWERTELL illustration MAGNUS NOSTELL

For operators looking to consign conventional pneumatic systems to the past, Siwertell’s newly launched portmobile unloader offers a cost-effective, flexible alternative, with the added benefit of gentle cargo handling


or decades, Siwertell road-mobile unloaders have catered for port operators requiring equipment that can be redeployed on different projects, in different ports, at a moment’s notice, with no additional re-tooling or construction work.

Up-scaled alternative Building on these capabilities, Siwertell has launched a new totally-enclosed port-mobile unloader, offering operators a scaled-up version of its road-mobile unloader, without the infrastructure costs and restrictions of a large-scale, static system.



“Many ports already benefit from Siwertell’s popular range of road-mobile unloaders, which offer competitively-priced flexibility and mobility,” says Peter Göransson, Sales Manager and Senior Advisor for Siwertell. “For operators looking for a port-based system retaining similar flexibility during operation, but needing to discharge much larger vessels at a higher capacity, then our new port-mobile unloader is a fantastic option.” The capabilities of the new port-mobile unloader mean that Siwertell enters a segment where conventional pneumatic systems are commonplace, but enables it to offer a considerable improvement in this arena.

The port-mobile unloader offers the same discharge rate as a pneumatic system, but generates less cargo degradation”

Development drivers A major operational advantage that the new port-mobile unloader offers is high through-ship efficiency and therefore fast port-turnarounds, as a result of its superior reach into cargo holds. “Unlike a pneumatic unloader that can only operate its intake nozzle in a vertical direction in the hold opening, practically all areas of the cargo hold, including the troublesome area underneath the hatch opening and corners, can be reached with a Siwertell unit,” Mr Göransson notes. “This is thanks to the +/- 30-degree movement in the unloader’s vertical arm, which directly translates into unloading efficiency improvements and less material for the payloader to move at final clean-up.”

Another key advantage is the ability to offer operators low cargo degradation rates. “High-speed pneumatic conveying is not beneficial when handling sensitive cargoes such as grain,” Mr Göransson explains. “Damage to cargo from the handling process can easily wipe out any other benefits that a ship unloader may offer. “The Siwertell port-mobile unloader offers the same discharge rate as a pneumatic unloader. However, it generates less cargo degradation because of its dramatically lower conveying velocity.”



Smooth, consistent cargo flows

Immediate capital gains

The Siwertell port-mobile unloader is designed for smooth, consistent cargo flows from the ship to receiving trucks. To minimise the impact of truck-changeovers and an irregular truck supply, the unloader is equipped with a large-volume intermediate surge hopper. This hopper allows discharge operations from a ship to continue even if no trucks are imminently available. An intelligent control system monitors the level of cargo in the hopper and prevents over-filling, as well as controlling the discharge rate to the hopper.

The new port-mobile unloader is highly standardised to reduce the capital investment for a customer and is available in two sizes; a 400t/h and a 600t/h capable of servicing vessels of up to 60,000 dwt.

As standard, the unloader features a double-truck loading system, with the possibility to order an optional third loading system. “The unloader has total truck-loading flexibility,” says Mr Göransson. “As the loading systems are not interlinked, one, two or all three loading positions can be used independently and simultaneously. Through our experience, the independence of each system delivers the fastest truck loading operation possible.”

Long-term efficiency New port-mobile systems are based on the same technology as Siwertell’s proven road-mobile unloaders and will offer operators matching operational longevity and reliability and low maintenance and running costs. Their totally-enclosed conveying lines ensure close-to-zero spillage and dust creation. Diesel engine specifications also meet the strictest regulations on exhaust and noise emissions.



Further adding to its low capital expenditure credentials, the port-mobile unloader retains a lightweight design and can begin work straight away, without requiring rails or any other additional infrastructure or preparatory reinforcement to the quay. It is also Siwertell’s smallest-footprint 600t/h unloader to date. When not in use, the port-mobile unloader can quickly relocate and stow elsewhere, leaving port thoroughfares and key operational areas clear. “It is fitted with a set of heavyduty rubber tyres and an advanced steering system ensures that the unloader is pre-programmed with a number of driving modes as well as manual steering,” he adds. “These elements allow it to navigate sharp curves and obstacles. “The port-mobile unloader can be used to relocate capacity quickly to precisely where it is needed,” continues Mr Göransson. “Like all screw-type unloaders, it can switch seamlessly between cargoes, adding to its operational flexibility. “Our customers can feel secure in the knowledge that today’s investments will pay back many times over, whatever is round the corner.”

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Mobile unloaders


road-mobile units

set unrivalled unloading standards text JÖRGEN OJEDA photos SIWERTELL

A forward leap in design brings greater automation, boosted environmental benefits and intelligent maintenance requirements to Siwertell’s next-generation road-mobile unloaders


n a short space of time, automation has gone from a futuristic dream to a default mode of operation in ports. Many facilities now handle huge volumes of cargo from one mode of transport to another without human interaction taking place, enabling extremely efficient, nonstop movement of dry bulk. These efficiencies are being realised not only at the largest ports, with the largest systems, but even in situations where assets are not fixed, but mobile. Few technologies can rival the operational flexibility and uptime of Siwertell’s road-mobile ship unloaders, which have for decades been used in scenarios demanding the ability to regularly relocate unloading capacity around or between port facilities. Able to fold down onto a semi-truck trailer and be up and running at a different location within 90 minutes, these unloaders have allowed customers to keep their operations ‘asset-light’ by using space at jetties and quays only when a ship is docked.

Next-generation showcases advances Siwertell road-mobile unloaders are available in three different sizes – the Siwertell 5 000 S, 10 000 S and 15 000 S – the largest offering an unloading capacity of up to 500t/h for discharging ships up to 15,000 dwt. It now offers these mobile unloaders 8


Our latest units feature a three-pronged environmental approach”

as next-generation models, showcasing the very latest environmental, connectivity, and streamlined maintenance credentials. All road-mobile unloaders offer flexible architecture, allowing them to be redeployed at a moment’s notice; a small footprint, making it possible to manoeuvre to an optimal

position relative to the vessel’s open hatch and to save key operational time at busy facilities by keeping port thoroughfares clear of traffic; direct truck or train loading capabilities that cut double-handling of cargoes; a low weight, requiring no construction or reinforcement work to the quays on which it operates; and no infrastructure requirements.

These are prized capabilities and next-generation road-mobile unloaders build on them. Most notably they offer the newest version of Siwertell’s electrical system and field-bus, which features the company’s latest programmable logic controller (PLC). “This ensures that Siwertell engineers in Sweden can securely connect to the unloader and identify when a fault or downtime has occurred and


9 9

trouble-shoot the issue,” says Jörgen Ojeda, Director Mobile Unloaders, Siwertell. “The PLC can receive sensor input and run diagnostics on a constant basis, meaning that if there is a fault somewhere in the system likely to manifest in a mechanical problem, it is virtually impossible for it to go undetected and unresolved before such a failure occurs,” Mr Ojeda continues. “Also, to better determine the position of the conveying arm system, some of the limit switches have been replaced with inclination sensors, allowing a significant reduction in cabling,” he adds. “This provides scope for software developments, which, for example, in the future might include automatic unloading.” Meanwhile, a larger LCD touch-screen displays more explanatory information such as fuel levels, loads and alarms and warnings to facilitate trouble-shooting and information retrieval during unloading.

Boosted environmental benefits In addition to an overhaul of the unloader’s electronic systems, up-rated trailer lighting and a common electronic-braking (EBS) platform, which ensures safer transportation on the road, new environmental technology further adds to the machine’s credentials. Drawing on Siwertell’s long-standing expertise in clean, environmentally friendly cargo-handling operations, next-generation units can be fitted with advanced diesel engines compliant with EPA Tier-4 and European emissions stage IV standards – some of the most stringent environmental regulations in the world today. These regulations feature requirements on the exhaust content of sulphur oxides (SOx) and nitrogen oxides (NOx), whose elevated levels in ports has been of major concern to environmental authorities thanks to their high concentrations in ship exhaust fumes and harmful effects on the human respiratory system. Through selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems and specially-tuned turbo-charging systems, advanced engines can manage harmful SOx and NOx contaminants before they leave the exhaust. The importance of safe, clean handling of some of the most difficult bulk cargoes has always been a priority from the smallest to the largest of Siwertell’s 10


designs. Next-generation road-mobile unloaders retain the dust-free unloading capabilities of their peers with stand-out environmental advantages being the elimination of cargo spillage and the negligible amount of dust escaping into the atmosphere. This is further addressed using specially equipped dust filters. “Our latest units feature a three-pronged environmental approach,” explains Mr Ojeda. “Dust filters, the latest diesel engines, and the virtually dust-free operating profile common to all Siwertell machines greatly reduce atmospheric emissions and their associated health risks to populations in and around a port.”

Port-mobile potential Some customers need small unloaders, but without the full road-mobile capability. If a degree of in-port mobility is required, Siwertell offers a port-mobile gantry solution, equipped with selfpropelled rubber wheels, to accompany its next-generation units. “Our port-mobile gantry solution offers an economical and technically-advanced solution for handling vessels out of the range of our road-mobile applications,” Mr Ojeda notes.

“These port-mobile gantry-fitted unloaders are suitable for handling vessels up to 20,000 dwt, depending on vessel configuration.” The port-mobile gantry can be applied to all Siwertell roadmobile units; for the largest unloader, the 15 000 S, this solution delivers a rated capacity of 500t/h for handling cement and 400t/h for handling grain.

Additionally, a re-design of the conveying system results in the ability to achieve higher capacities with heavier materials such as alumina and calcium oxide, and a lower power consumption demand when handling other lighter materials such as cement, fertilisers and grain.

Maximising all system capabilities

Next-generation units can also be ATEX classified, necessary when working with organic material, and fitted with Siwertell’s specially-designed 4S Siwertell Sulphur Safety System, designed for handling sulphur.

Capable of maintaining continuous, efficient unloading once the set-up phase is complete, all Siwertell next-generation roadmobile units feature a double-bellows unloading system as standard, allowing for sequential loading of trucks or wagons with a maintained through-ship unloading capacity 25-30 percent higher than with a single-bellows system.

Meanwhile, a new design of the hydraulic oil tank allows the next-generation unloader to get the most out of its supply of hydraulic oil, reducing the overall requirement, while a new oil cooler, pumps and pump drive gearbox enhance reliability and minimise downtime.

Returning customer opts for a nextgeneration unloader

Earlier this year, Siwertell secured an order for a nextgeneration, road-mobile ship unloader for an undisclosed client. The 10 000 S trailer-based, diesel-powered unit will be used to unload cement at a rated capacity of 300t/h. It will join the customer’s existing Siwertell 10 000 S road-mobile unloader, which it has been operating successfully since 2015. “This contract adds to our growing list of repeat orders for road-mobile units,” says Jörgen Ojeda, Director of Mobile Unloaders, Siwertell. “The customer is very satisfied with the performance and reliability of its existing unit and turning to Siwertell technology once again was not a difficult decision. “Customers like the operational flexibility road-mobile unloaders offer, particularly for discharging ships at multiple locations. The road-mobile unit is an excellent choice in this case because the customer does not have its own terminal. It rents space at an available jetty when a cement vessel is due.”

each year, along with remote support and trouble-shooting via modem connection. It also provides valuable discounts for spare parts. “All our products are inherently robust and reliable, but proper care and maintenance are important for a long working life with minimal downtime,” says Mr Ojeda. “Our service contracts provide a cost-effective way for owners to protect their investments and get the best results from them.”

Customers like the operational flexibility road-mobile unloaders offer, particularly for discharging ships at multiple locations”

The customer has signed a Siwertell Service Contract that covers both units. It includes two inspection and service visits SIWERTELL NEWS




digital presence enhances customer collaboration text EMILY BRÆKHUS CUEVA photos SIWERTELL

Siwertell is embracing the digital age with a new website and wider social media networks; moves that will enhance its global business communications, boost customer engagement and improve customer service


in action and an Issuu account that incorporates informative brochures and customer magazines.

n an industry inherently defined by traditional business practices, Siwertell is making a conscious shift towards more contemporary digital mediums to reinforce its commitment to customer-centricity.

An important information source

The shift comes in the form of a new website, launched in October this year, incorporating a regular blog and an active presence on four major social media channels; Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. In addition to these, Siwertell has a YouTube channel where viewers can watch its equipment

“Our new website is part of Siwertell’s identity, reflecting our modern, forwardlooking approach to dry bulk handling and customer relations,” explains Per Karlsson, President, Siwertell. “It showcases our wide range of marketleading products and services, while also serving as an important source of information and communication for our



existing clients, potential clients and industry professionals.” Siwertell’s new website offers improved functionality for customers and operators. “Naturally, potential customers want to know about existing deliveries and past projects, so we have added a customer case archive that illustrates the scope of our operations,” continues Emily Brækhus Cueva, Marketing & Communications Manager, Siwertell. “These are continuously updated to create a diverse information platform for all trades and needs and

demonstrate our position as a reliable, efficient and environment-friendly solutions provider. “New visual aids help users to better understand the functions and features of Siwertell equipment and terminal solutions. As well as adding vibrancy and usability to the site, images, illustrations, infographics and interactive functions provide a quick overview of the capabilities and advantages of each Siwertell product.” The website also includes an extended careers page. This promotes

available positions and additionally includes colleague testimonies to provide an insight into Siwertell’s company culture and work environment, as well as conveying a true flavour of what it is like to work in the dry bulk industry.

A forum for discussion An important move to further engage industry stakeholders is Siwertell’s new blog. It has been designed as an information hub for all aspects of dry bulk cargo handling. The blog includes the latest industry news and trends,

information about different bulk cargoes and on-going commentary and analysis on the major issues currently affecting the industry, including environmental protection, sustainability and safe operations. “It also acts as a platform for tips and advice, as well as highlighting and discussing potential problem areas linked to bulk handling operations,” Ms Brækhus Cueva adds.


13 13

Companies cannot ignore social media The exponential global shift of businesses into the digital arena means that even if a company does not have a widespread digital presence, customers and competitors may have. Therefore to have some ownership of this virtual space is essential. “There is nowhere to hide in today’s digital domain,” she says. “If a company over-promises and under-delivers, then social media channels make swift judgements. This is a good opportunity for quality businesses like our own. “Concise, accurate online information also means that customers have a good understanding of what we can offer, and therefore set realistic expectations about the value that a Siwertell unit can deliver their operations.” According to business intelligence portal Statista, the number of worldwide social media users is estimated to reach approximately 2.95 billion by 2020. Social media influences decision-makers and stimulates industry interest and demand. These factors alone make it vital for a business not to ignore them.

Opportunities to connect “Social media offers unparalleled opportunities to connect with our customers and increase brand loyalty and awareness,” explains Ms Brækhus Cueva. “It gives customers the opportunity to see the very heart of our company. It also enables us to better understand our marketplace, to know who our customers are and what they like, and how they feel about our brand. “People prefer to do business with people; sharing content and news online means that we can improve interactions with customers and partners, and showcase a larger number of bulk handling opportunities.



“With increased visibility, our customers’ businesses will also gain greater exposure and a more prominent search engine ranking, and so will our own,” Ms Brækhus Cueva notes. Additionally, potential new customers can find out more about Siwertell by browsing these channels; when selecting a supplier, testimonials from existing customers are extremely important and can strongly influence a decision. Our customer case archive complements these.

“We believe that our wider online presence provides better customer service and response to customer needs. It also strengthens our industry voice, articulates thought-leadership, facilitates collaborative, social dialogues and humanises our brand,” she adds. “Through our digital channels we hope to demonstrate what embodies us as a company and further deepen the relationships that we have with our customers.”

People prefer to do business with people; sharing content online means that we can improve interactions with customers and partners�

Engage with Siwertell across these channels


15 15


Digital upgrades improve

performance, efficiency and machine monitoring text BENGT ESTBERGER photos OL A JOHANSSON

Siwertell’s new PLC unit and radio remote-control system have been specifically developed for its mobile unloader range, improving efficiency and incorporating a high-performance, cost-efficient remote monitoring system


rogrammable logic controllers (PLCs) are the building blocks of modern control systems, designed to endlessly receive sensor input and repeat a sequence of commands without wearing out moving parts. They have proved to be extremely reliable, which is why their replacement is often a low priority for most operators. Obsolescence is the key driver for PLC changes; however there are a broad range of benefits that a new PLC or control system could offer before this point.



Siwertell recognises these benefits and in line with its continuous commitment to develop products that offer customers operational advantages, it has developed a new PLC unit and a radio remote control system for its mobile ship unloader range. Both developments are designed to provide fully-integrated solutions that increase operational efficiency.

Cost-efficient remote monitoring Siwertell undertook substantial software developments following the company’s

major overhaul of its mobile ship unloader technologies in 2016. Its new PLC system employs user interface touch-screen technology and a fourcolour graphic operating panel, which communicates directly with the PLC system. “Mobile ship unloaders manufactured before 2016 have PLC systems that are now considered obsolete, these are ideal candidates for a PLC upgrade. Our latest PLC technology was developed specifically for mobile applications and incorporates

a high-performance, cost-efficient remote monitoring system, which reduces service and maintenance costs and equipment downtime,” explains Bengt Estberger, Manager Mobile Services, Siwertell. Customers benefit from a Netbiter gateway, a complete machine-tomachine solution that enables operators and Siwertell technicians to monitor equipment remotely via the web. “Through remote access to the PLC, our global network of service technicians can access a list of installations and data reports, monitor equipment handling behaviour and diagnose problems securely,” he says. “This allows simplified fault-tracing,

comprehensive real-time troubleshooting and significant reductions in service visits.”

An ideal combination To complement its new PLC unit development, Siwertell has updated its remote-control solutions. The new radio remote control system combines safe and reliable operations with improved performance. Certified for use around the world, customers do not need to apply for a license to use the system. “To make sure we continue to meet customer needs, Siwertell has developed systems that meet the demands of the industry today,” adds Mr Estberger. “The upgraded radio remotecontrol system comes as a package

with two handheld devices. Information is displayed directly on a built-in screen, allowing for quick and easy information retrieval. The system includes a base unit and a handset for the bellows. “The price is also a distinct advantage; customers benefit from a 30 percent reduction in the purchase cost of the new remote-control unit compared with our previous system.” Both new systems are available with all new mobile unloader units and can be retrofitted to most existing roadmobile unloaders. “Customers do not need to wait to take advantage of the remarkable range of benefits from our control system and PLC upgrades, they are available now,” he notes. SIWERTELL NEWS SIWERTELL NEWS

17 17

Latest news Siwertell wins repeat industry award success with ‘Best Ship Loading/ Unloading System’ Siwertell has won a prestigious International Bulk Journal (IBJ) award for the sixth time since 2009. This year, it took the prize for the Best Ship Loading/Unloading System. It was presented to the company at the IBJ awards ceremony held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in November 2017.

“IBJ awards are well-respected in the bulk industry and highlight its ongoing achievements,” says Per Karlsson, President, Siwertell. “To win the Best Ship Loading/Unloading System category, Siwertell has been judged to offer the market the most efficient, safe and innovative dry bulk cargo handling systems. We are enormously proud of our technology and winning this particular award for a second year running shows that we are not alone in recognising our market-leading qualities. “However, we are in no way complacent,” adds Mr Karlsson. “We continue to explore new opportunities and refine and develop our product range to ensure that we maintain a market-leading position and offer the industry the best technology we can deliver.” Siwertell recently answered a market demand with the launch of its high-capacity coal unloader, capable of a continuous rated capacity of over 3,000t/h. The unit can serve bulk carriers of up to 200,000 dwt, some of the largest in existence, quickly, cleanly and safely. Siwertell’s innovative approach to dry bulk handling can maximise throughput, increase productivity, raise returns on investment and protect the environment. “They are the total package,” notes Mr Karlsson. “Our largest units can withstand a minimum of eight million stress cycles and all our systems are designed for efficient, long-term operation, lowering the total cost of ownership and cost-per-use. Their flexibility also allows operators to benefit from in-built future-proofing, enabling them to respond quickly to emerging market trends.”

From the left: Sylvia Boer, Head of Communications, Damen Shipyards; Hanna Fors, Project Coordinator, Siwertell; Daniel Frostberg, Service Director, Siwertell; Ray Girvan, Publisher, International Bulk Journal



Siwertell secures new fertiliser unloader order for operations close to the Arctic Circle

“This technology is the only safe and acceptable discharge method that can be used in sensitive marine environments such as a Norwegian fjord, where very strict environmental regulations are in force and air and water pollution is totally out of the question.” Designed to work in the harsh Arctic climate, the Siwertell ship unloader is also equipped with an advanced electrical control system, including the Siwertell monitoring system, known as SIMON; a PC-based human machine interface (HMI), which offers quick trouble-shooting, easy unloader start-up, an analysing tool for problem-solving, a preventive maintenance guide and remote access by Siwertell engineers. A collision protection system against objects on the quay, as well as a CCTV system for safe operation is also included in the unloader delivery.

Siwertell road-mobile delivery prompts positive experience Siwertell has secured a contract for an ST 490-M ship unloader from Norway’s leading mineral fertiliser producer, Yara International. The new unit will join a long-serving, existing Siwertell unloader at the company’s Glomfjord site, ensuring the continued efficient, safe and clean unloading of various fertilisers.

Siwertell has delivered a new road-mobile unloader for Turkish aggregates company, Güzey Bazalt Beton Sanayi Maden ve Tic Ltd Şti. “The customer required a mobile, high-throughput cement handling solution,” explains Jörgen Ojeda, Director Mobile Unloaders.

“Yara was one of Siwertell’s first customers, taking advantage of our unique screw-type unloading concept in 1979,” says Peter Göransson, Sales Manager & Senior Advisor, Siwertell. “Its wealth of experience operating a Siwertell unloader, combined with our ongoing support and aftercare were big influences in Yara’s decision to once again invest in Siwertell’s proven technology.

“Crucially, Güsey Bazalt Beton only rents space at its jetty in Trabzon, Turkey, sharing it with various other operators,” Mr Ojeda continues. “As such, fixed assets such as turret-mounted gantries were out of the question, so the company had to find a solution that would allow it to easily relocate any unloading system once operations were complete. Operational success for this customer was dependent on the ability to deliver a mobile system with a quick set-up and stowing time.”

“Our diverse and lengthy experience with bulk handling systems was also an important factor in winning this contract,” he adds. The new unloader will predominantly handle various types of rock phosphate discharging ships of up to 20,000 dwt and maintains a continuous rated discharge of 600t/h, with a peak capacity of 700t/h.

Güsey Bazalt Beton chose a trailer-based, diesel-powered Siwertell 10,000 S Next Generation road-mobile unloader to answer these requirements. It has previously used a similar Siwertell unit, owned by another Turkish customer for unloading operations in Trabzon.

Norway’s stringent environmental regulations meant that in addition to high discharge capacities, Yara needed an installation designed to meet these requirements as well. “Siwertell’s screw-type ship unloader was chosen for its environmental credentials, which include high levels of efficiency and a totally-enclosed conveyor system, eliminating dust emissions and spillage,” explains Mr Goransson.

With a double-bellows system and a rated capacity of 300t/h for handling cement, the unloader offers extremely efficient operations. It has a short set-up time and can arrive on site and be operational within 30 to 45 minutes. The totally-enclosed, screw-type handling system is fitted with dust filters and creates minimal cargo disturbance in the hold during the unloading process, keeping the jetty dust-free and ready for the next operation.



Customer care

Seminars offer an excellent

platform for customer engagement text TONY ARONSSON photos SIWERTELL

A Siwertell service conference held in Cebu, Philippines, discussed Siwertell’s use of digitalisation to optimise and maintain assets in the field, as well as the company’s response to future energy demands


ver the past few years Siwertell’s regional service seminars have generated valuable ideas for enhancing maintenance and customer service on a local, regional and global basis. The same approach proved to be an excellent way of engaging with Siwertell customers at a maintenance and service seminar held at the Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel, on Mactan Island in Cebu, Philippines, in May this year.

Seminars work “We invited all customers in the Asia Pacific region to our Siwertell maintenance conference this year 20


to meet, discuss and exchange maintenance experience with other Siwertell users as well as company representatives,” says Tony Aronsson, Asia Pacific Regional Manager. “We planned the event to provide a good balance of information delivery and interaction with the delegates, along with ample opportunities for networking. “Siwertell machines are usually in place for a very long time, so regular service and maintenance isn’t just about ensuring our products stay in operation. It’s also about helping our customers adapt to changes in their markets and technological advancements. To do that,

there needs to be a two-way dialogue. We have to capture our customers’ thoughts and ideas to find out exactly what kind of service they need, and to incorporate their experiences into our own understanding. “By itself, our innate knowledge of the company’s products does not guarantee that operators of Siwertell machines will automatically come to us for service, repairs and maintenance in the highly competitive Asia Pacific region. The onus is on us to better understand the needs of our customers than the competition,” he continues. “There are definite advantages to

coming to us for service, but we have to explain what they are. We have to ask important questions; how can we improve, modify and adapt the service we offer today to better meet our customers’ requirements.”

Why Siwertell service? Siwertell servicing offers customers the ability to enhance the performance of existing machines. A good example is a programmable logic controller (PLC) upgrade, Siwertell’s latest units can be used to monitor equipment handling behaviour and diagnose problems

securely, ultimately resulting in a predictive – rather than reactive – maintenance schedule and almost no lost time. “Good maintenance appropriate to the local operating conditions, the materials handled and the annual throughput is the key to long service life,” says Mr Aronsson. “We used the morning sessions to demonstrate the critical importance of regular, well-planned maintenance and the long-term value of using high quality original spare parts.



“Delegates took away the message that with expert maintenance and appropriate upgrades, there is virtually no limit to the working life of Siwertell equipment. We encourage our customers to take full advantage of the advice, support and flexible Siwertell CARE service arrangements that we offer. In the long-term, there is no doubt that customers who adopt this approach get the very best from their investments.�

Valuable interaction In his closing remarks, Mr Aronsson thanked the delegates for their contribution to a very worthwhile four-day programme, and confirmed that he will be carefully considering all their comments and suggestions to deliver the services that they want, reinforcing Siwertell’s organisation as a total service provider in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.



Outline of seminar programme DAY 1 ● Welcome dinner and introductions DAY 2 ● Welcome and introduction ● Presentation: New components; discussion about Siwertell’s new high-capacity ship loader, enclosed belt conveyors, port-mobile unloader, and breakthroughs in biomass handling ● Presentation: Siwertell Service – who we are; discussion about Siwertell’s unique service, maintenance and optimisation offering, with reference to case studies in Indonesia, Colombia and Nigeria ● Workshop: brainstorming with clients; what do they want or expect from a service provider? DAY 3 ● Presentation: What is digitalisation?; Siwertell’s new innovations in remote-monitoring and trouble-shooting, automation of processes and discussion about how it will affect clients’ businesses. Online spare parts ordering. ● Workshop: what are the rewards of digitalisation – and the risks? ● Networking DAY 4 ● Presentation: Future – biomass? Will the Paris climate agreement lead to an increase in uptake of biomass as a replacement for coal? How might this affect our customers? ● Networking


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Siwertell News - 2017  

Be the first to discover our newly launched Port-mobile ship unloader, find out why Siwertell road-mobile unloaders are so hot on the market...

Siwertell News - 2017  

Be the first to discover our newly launched Port-mobile ship unloader, find out why Siwertell road-mobile unloaders are so hot on the market...