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Dear SIP customers, As I write, our „20 years SIP“ anniversary year is drawing to an end, it is cloudy, dark and cold outside, and summer, sunshine and the dolce vita all seem very far away.

of course, all of the crazy people who share my passion! I got to know some more cool people on this year‘s scooter trip to Croatia – more on that later.

To get a little of that feeling back I recommend Youtube and our 20 year anniversary video in particular: When I look at those pictures I always feel glad that I decided to do „something with Vespas“ after leaving school rather than going for a normal job. Instead of pursuing a sensible career I find myself spending a lot of my life either on old Vespas or at least surrounded by them – and,

For those of you who aren‘t doing a serious job or know people who aren‘t averse to taking things easy: drop by at our workshop here in Landsberg, have a coffee on our couch, browse through our magazines, take in some videos, talk petrol, and dream of the summer. Take it easy you guys!

Ralf, SIP Scootershop Team

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Built by Eugene Tan, an architect from Singapore. It took one and a half years to plan and complete; the Vespa consists of more than 10,000 Lego bricks and weighs approx. 20kg. The scale is 1:1!

In July, Ralf from the SIP team visited Bel y Bel in Barcelona and got to test drive the Zero scooter – a hot ride. The guys there also make the VESPA office chairs that are on sale in our shop.

It‘s finally caught up with us: thanks to our friends from Vespassione, very nice you guys! We are donating € 500 to the Arche Landsberg, and you can see how we got wet-through here:


COMPANY PRESENTATION: TUCANO URBANO TUCANO URBANO has been manufacturing accessories and clothing especially for scooter and motorcycle drivers for over 15 years. „In moto, always in moto…“ is the Italians‘ motto. If you take a stroll through one of the big European metropolitan cities like Milan or Paris you can be pretty much certain of seeing a TUCANO URBANO product on almost every scooter. We also think the products from this Milan-based company are great. As importers for Germany we stock all of the current wind/weather protection leg covers and grip muffs, as well as many more functional items of clothing such as gloves, NANO rainwear, functional underwear, etc. for you! You can find TUCANO URBANO products at:





Four longterm employees of SIP Scootershop celebrate their jubilees: from left to right Moritz Kohrs, 15 years at SIP Scootershop, Andrea Schulz-Gebhardt, 5 years at SIP Scootershop, Julia Reif, 5 years at SIP Scootershop, Ralf Jodl, CEO, Sebastian Bauch, 5 years at SIP Scootershop, Alexander Barth, CEO. Congratulations, thanks for the motivated work and we are looking forward together to the near future to come!

SHIRT SIP 20 YEARS melange, front print, combed cotton, 85% cotton, 15% viscose, 150/sm² part no: 9528552M

22,90 €

KIDNEY BELT SIP unisex, size M/L, embroidered logo, 100% polyester, 100cm part no: 95251000



smart, the driver of the car sits always on a Vespa.

Follow Felix and his round the world trip on his Vespa on his Facebook page that he updates every day!

19,00 €

HELMET “PXENTIAL“ Helmet PIAGGIO Vespa, grey/silver, open face helmet, 950g

part no: 6054706M

109,00 €



Don‘t worry if your adrenalin level rises when the Joyride is coming up. This is a common symptom among scooter enthusiasts. Last saturday the time had finally come. St.Peter clicked ‚like‘ and we finally exchanged a tough workweek‘s hammer and sickle fore the dolce far niente of a scooter rideout around the lake. Rollerkö‘s Pömmi had designed a special shirt for us, including Ammersee waves, Alpine upland, a

SIP TV Video

happy bunch of scooterists and a blue-white Bavarian summer sky. There are still some shirts available online. It was soon getting crowded in front of our shop and people were talking petrol and checking out new arrivals. A recordbeating number of visitors! As the historic center of town was blocked (city festival. in the evening persistant rain. nemesis?) the ride started via Kaufering, Finning and Schondorf, to Armin‘s petrol station in Greifenberg, which was already stuffed with people. Where would we be without enthusiasts like him? For 20 years he has been renting the petrol station to provide a habitat for excentric guys with vintage rides. We drank blue bowle from the petrol pump, octane-free beer and enjoyed the great atmosphere. More than 160 scooters. Wow!! After an hour we continued around the Ammersee, past the Stegen pier, Inning and Breitbrunn to Klaus‘ K68 bar in Herrsching. He was ready to receive us and provided the hungry mob with bbq and saussages. Those who were still thinking in breakfast terms, could enjoy cappuccino and freshly backed croissants. The countless scooters blocked the road almost

completely. Quite a challenge for transit traffic, and an excellent entertainment for us. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to this beautiful spot in Herrsching too, to continue along the lake (near world champion Thomas Müller‘s hometown Pähl), past Diessen and Riederau to our destination in Utting: Roberto Pinello‘s Italian oasis - the VC Utting‘s base camp. There we got cool beer and bianco, bubbling prosecco and tasty pizza. A perfect way to let our Joyride come to an end. No rain, no accidents and a happy crowd are only some of the reasons, why there will be another Joyride in 2015... A warm thank you goes to Armin and his friends in Greifenberg, Klaus and his team at K68 and Roberto and the Trattoria team. These cool guys make our Joyride special. Same goes for crazy visitors, such as the two Belgian guys who had joined us. After the tour they went right on to king Ludwig‘s castle in Füssen and back home on Sunday. Chapeau!

Pictures: Video:


SEASON OPENING 1ST OF MAY 2014 IN BERLIN Berlin, here we come! For years I had been planning to join the season opening in our capital. But as the springtime is incredibly busy here in Landsberg, I had wound up postponing my trip from one year to the next. But this year, I got a tempting offer. Jan and Ludwig (thanks, guys!) took my Rally in their VW van and all I had to do was fly to Berlin and hop on my scooter. First stop on the first of May: The beautiful Café Racer 69 in Schöneberg - an interesting melange of Sportsters (Harley), Vespas, accessoires and Café. A great place to hang out! From there we continued to the Winterfeldplatz where 150 scooters of all brands

and ages had gathered. Although there are no organizers, the event started at some point and the scooters hit the streets of Berlin. Hold on.. that was Rea Garvey (Reamonn) on a fenderlight Vespa. Huh. Short stop at the Esso station. I supposed the owner ducked and covered when he saw us coming. Once the scooters were filled and we had stocked up on beer and smokes, we continued along the Königsallee towards the Grunewaldturm at the Wannsee. On our way there we passed the Spinner bridge - a popular meeting point for bikers. Some had a snack in the beer garden by the lake. Me - the tourist - had a Berliner Weisse (beer with woodruff), then we drove back to the Siegessäule. We circled around the monument, took pictures and made plans for the evening. In the end I must say that this event of sorts (which has a decade long history) is still worth a visit. A spectacle for scooterists and passers-by.

With two season-openings in a row (Augsburg and Berlin), my season 2014 starts just as it should... Pictures & video:




Gerhard Z.


Veit N.


Saban B.

DBM QUARTERMILE STOCKACH PENTECOST 2014 The closer you get to the equator, the hotter it gets. If you believe your old geography teacher, Stockach has to be located somewhere between 30°S and 30°N!




Salvatore R.


Bernhard W.


Stephan S.

As if to make up for the rainy Lake Scooters run in 2013, the sun was shining like mad this time. But it takes more than temperatures well above 30°C to keep Vespisti from coming to Lake Constance. From all over Germany they had gathered for a weekend of shared Vespa fun. The Lake Scooters team was well prepared for their 21st run in Wahlwies and offered not only a traditional breakfast and live bands at night, but also a selfmade Swimming pool, to cool down the heated guests. On Saturday you had the chance to put your scooter on the test bench of Vollgas Motorroller.




Matthias D.


Jesco S.


Julian J.

CLASS 3 – 200ER: #



Jesco S.


Tim G.


Markus O.

„Despite the insane temperatures, we‘re absolutely happy with the weekend. All in all we had almost 500 over night guests this time. There were also plenty of visitors at the racetrack in Singen. One rider fell, but wasn‘t injured, so we‘re also very happy with the race.“, says Karin Sieber of the Lake Scooters SC‘s organizing crew.




Gerhard Z.


Christoph C.


Stefan B.




Gerhard Z.


Salvatore R.


Torsten D.




Matthias D.


Bernhard W.


Marc-Oliver N.

After a short night from Saturday to Sunday, round about 60 riders had come to compete at the first DBM race of the season 2014. Just like last year the track was shortened to 250m in order to guarantee a 200m braking distance. The racers were the ones who suffered most from the tropical heat. No wonder, ice cubes were quickly relieved of their everyday duties and served as a cooling system inside their racing leathers.



MEETS SCOOTER & SERVICE The sweet smell of fuel, welding and rubber: Scooter & Service (owned by Wolfgang Riehn) is not a ‚boutique‘, but the home of fine handiwork. As „Wolle“ has been a longstanding customer of SIP Scootershop, a visit to his workshop in Hamburg had long been due. First of all, we (i.e. Alex and myself) are getting lost in a brickwall brownfield. On our way to Scooter & Service, we are walking past a garage, paintshop and some artists. When we finally arrive there, we are impressed by the 600m² space. Way bigger than your standard workshop. We instantly see that Wolle is passionate „What do you think I would do, if I won the lottery. No worries, I‘m not playing. But what do you think I would change in my life if I was incredibly rich? Right: Nothing at all. Well maybe I would put a closed sign to my door, so I could finally finish my own projects“. A Carribean holiday without tarmac, scooters and welding set is


Of course we also sell some of Scooter & Service‘s outstanding products, labelled „SERIE PRO by SCOOTER & SERVICE“.

not even considered an option. Walking through the holy halls we see a matt black PX with a watercooled Husqvarna cylinder, one-off shocks and some other lovely details. Unfinished! „It‘s a shame I have so little time. With this scooter I want to prove that 50 hp in a daily rider are possible“. Scooter & Service has been founded 15 years ago and Wolle knows virtually any carb and ignition setting by heart. „Because that‘s what I do all the time“. There‘s 50 pcs. lefthand curly exhaust sitting on a blue plastic tray. Another project waiting to be finished. Inside the workshop, there are 3 hydraulic lifts at which Wolle and his team of 5 are working in parallel. There‘s enough work in the pipeline for another 3 month and 30 scooters are currently waiting for additional hp. Some of Wolle‘s customers are coming up north all the way from Austria. This is also where the famous Scooter & Service exhaust systems are welded and optimised to meet the customer‘s individual needs. Located in the center of Hamburg, this is a proper little manufacture, producing high end scooter parts. We are impressed. Now Wolle takes us to the test bench, where he spends night after night, improving his exhaust systems and making the finest adjustments to his tuning

crankshafts, so they won‘t give in to the power of the tuned engines. Wolle and his shop: El Dorado for scooter enthusiasts. He always has some projects on display and is always happy to chat with visitors. Pictures:



The best thing about a scooter rally for me is the riding. I like seeing old friends over a few drinks like most people but more than anything I want to ride my vespa and see places. Just as well the VVC usually pick great locations and arrange rideouts amongst some lovely countryside, villages and towns. Swanage is situated on England‘s south coast in the county of Dorset. This turned out to be a real bonus due to us having perfect warm, sunny weather for the entire weekend! Thursday morning came and after collecting my orange Motovespa from Retrospective Scooters in London, where it was in for some maintenance, I headed out to Denham, Buckinghamshire to meet a friend I was riding with. After coffee and planning a scenic route on minor roads, we set off for Swanage around midday. Our journey was pleasant enough, stopping occasionally for photo opportunities in Windsor, the New Forest and Wimborne Minster before arriving around 5pm at Ullwell Cottage Park, just outside of Swanage and the base for the weekend. Most visitors were staying in static caravans but not me as I had my ‚bijou‘, tiny 2-man tent; I prefer camping anyway - more of an adventure! After pitching the tent, the night was spent at the park‘s onsite bar/restaurant catching up with friends before heading to bed around midnight. I woke early and headed out on a coast walk as the sun was rising in a clear blue sky. Being

a fan of 35mm film photography, this was a good opportunity for fotos and not be missed as far as I was concerned. I got back to the site at 8am after a walk up to ‚Old Harry‘s Rocks‘; two pinnacles of weathered chalk rock on Dorset‘s Jurassic Coast. After breakfast, the 40-50 vespas and their riders assembled outside the park‘s reception area ready for the day‘s ride, starting with Studland Bay where we caught the ferry across the narrow stretch of water to neighbouring Poole. We had an hour‘s coffee stop before setting off along sunny country lanes until we reached Wareham, our venue for lunch. I grabbed a few shots and a bite to eat and then it was on to Kimmeridge Bay followed by Corfe Castle along yet more scenic roads. A few fotos later, I joined the others up by the castle and spent some time soaking up the sun until we headed back to the holiday park. I stopped off in Swanage, wanting to get some images of the scoot on the seafront & pier. Dinner was a traditional steak pasty and pint of local pear cider at the Square and Compass pub, in the village of Worth Matravers overlooking the sea; it doesn‘t get much better than that! As dusk approached we rode back into Swanage for a coffee at one of the seafront bars before heading back for the night and a couple of drinks in the bar. You can read the complete report online! Text & pictures: Paul Hart, Complete report:


„I like seeing old friends over a few drinks like most people but more than anything I want to ride my vespa and see places.“


From the outset, the predictions were not exactly rosy. Regardless of this, we seven intrepid Vespisti carried on. At eight o‘clock on a September morning, we started out in a southerly direction, under foreboding skies and their potential contents. We had planned to first reach the ‚Weissensee‘ before nightfall, with the ultimate destination being the ‚CroVespa 2014‘ rally, organised by our friends from the Rijeka Vespa club, taking place in Opatija.


SIP TV Video

Our waterproof clothing became almost immediately necessary in the Ziller valley and from then on it felt as though we were pushing the rain front along before us. Every time we stopped for an invigorating cappuccino, the sun put his hat on and lifted our spirits sufficiently for more of the same. Once we had reached Weissensee we decided that, due to our long-established habit of never pre-booking, we should push on towards Villach with more choice of temporary abode. We were heartily welcomed at the ‚Goldenen Lamm‘ hotel and after a soul-warming shower we celebrated our hitherto efforts with much ‘Schnitzel’ and roast chicken in the hotels very own brewery! The next morning, following a continental breakfast and the worst coffee in the world (!) we travelled on over the Slovenian ‚Wurzenpass‘ along with the ‚Vrsicpass‘ near Trieste, the birthplace of the espresso coffee. Being noticeably in need of at least a snickers


(please see TV ad for details) I gladly took part in the seemingly never-ending trek through the drizzle, in a case of the blind leading the blind. Our quest included finding ‚The best pizza in town‘, according to the helpful ‚TripAdvisor‘ app tip. And then finally, BINGO! We were not disappointed. This Friaulistic coastal town was kissed awake by the, already sorely missed, sun and we resumed our journey fully attired in our TUCANO URBANO waterproof outfits due to the almost inescapable first acceptable, later (as we had come to expect) domestic pets. The first groans of drowning from certain members of the crew were successfully ignored and we ploughed collectively on over small, badly maintained Slovenian roads, constantly surprising us with blind curves and dark unmarked bends. Buzet arrived through the night and we

rewarded ourselves with piled plates of pasta with truffles! To motivate myself, I remembered how beautiful this stretch of coastal road can be on a Vespa, if the sun is shining that is...The remaining journey towards Opatija continued as we had come to expect on this trip, through the rain! A somewhat desolate behaving Croatian customs officer, who had very obviously already commenced with his daily ration of Slibowitz, showed us the way we thought we had lost. The greater the relief then as we, completely soaked, reached the already booked hotel in Buzet and undertook a collective bee-line for the wellness and sauna area. The skies simply refused to brighten up but the hotels own one-man-show played dutifully on, with his Hammond organ and entertained our group along with an estimated 1.000 years of collective age distributed upon varies sofas and couches around the room. Outside remained dark and wet. We attended the CroVespa welcome party, organised by the Rijeka Vespa Club and due to sods law allowing a breakdown-free journey here, now it was time for a payback! One of our scooters lost a tooth from its clutch cog so it was a case of out with the old and in with the new. Oil refilled, kicked twice. Brumm! The constant consultation of all ‚Wea-

therCheck‘ apps promised no improvement on the weather front and so we decided to leave the otherwise sun-blessed Adriatic coastline and shot back up past Trieste on the motorway towards the wonderful Lago di Garda. These high-speed capers presented us with our next mechanical challenge. A heat-seized piston, occurring under precarious circumstances, but the rider had his ride firmly under control. Pull the clutch, roll to a stop, change the piston, kickstart twice. Brumm! Not forgetting, under these circumstances and location, the finest cappuccino from the nearby Autogrill along with an expert audience to comment upon our efforts. The sun was waiting on our arrival in Garda and did not let us out of its sight for the whole two days we stayed. The return route was already decided before we embarked upon it, and as with last year we followed the beautiful Sarn valley and went over the Penser mountain pass. Following Sterzing and Innsbruck we took a small detour through the charming Leutausch valley, through Garmisch-Partenkirchen and from Peiting back onto the B17, home to Landsberg am Lech. Looking back it was damp, it was wet, it was good, definitely never boring and certainly never to be forgotten. As we say in German ‚Auf die Schnelle in die Pelle‘!

Text: Christian (SIP) Pictures: Video:

VESPA WORLD DAYS MANTOVA 2014 According to the organisers, the Vespa World Days 2014 (also known as Eurovespa) in Mantua were attended by nearly 10,000 Vespa drivers and 310 Vespa clubs from 32 different countries. The Vespa World Days 2014 took place in and around the historic Italian city of Mantua from 12th until 15th June 2014. For four days, everything in the provincial capital – which has a population of 47,000 and has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 2008 – revolved around the Vespa. The programme included cult events, culture, music, party and friendship. All in all, 310 Vespa clubs from 32 different countries with 4,000 Vespas registered for the event in advance. In addition to the European fans, clubs from Argentina, Brazil, Israel, the USA, Jordan, Russia and Kuwait attended the event. On the Saturday, the corso – a colourful

rally of around 10,000 Vespa scooters stretching for nearly 10 kilometres – made its way to San Benedetto. The almost endless procession was cheered by the local population and car drivers along the route. It was once again clear that the Vespa is much more than just a means of transport: A Vespa is a passion. A Vespa is something that brings people together, it not only breaks down barriers, it caters for limitless communication. If the company‘s figures are to be believed, with over 18 million sales since 1946, the Vespa has certainly conquered many hearts. In Mantua, classic Vespas stood side by side with new models and unique conversions. And next to them their drivers – happy to be there, but sometimes exhausted from their long journeys. The Vespa World Days take place every year under the aegis of the Vespa World Club, which works together with 40 national Vespa clubs worldwide. The next destination and venue of the Vespa World 2015 is already finalised: In 2015, the Vespa fans will be meeting up at the Croatian city of Biograd on the Dalmatian coast:


I FEEL AT HOME HERE AT SIP SCOOTERSHOP “I feel at home here and I am completely accepted by everyone!“ Christoph Kriebel speaks these words with a sense of ease, and it is clear that they come from the heart. The 23-year-old, who has been working at SIP since 2012, where he is completing his apprenticeship as a Wholesale and Export Business Executive, was born unable to move his right hand or his right leg properly. Yet despite his handicap, when it comes to most things, Christoph Kriebel is an independent adult. He travels by bus from his home in Schwabhausen to his job at SIP Scootershop GmbH in the Landsberg Nord industrial estate and the same applies to his journey to vocational college in Munich. He found his job at the job centre, through the vocational support centre in Landsberg. SIP Scootershop GmbH also offers apprenticeships for Office Executives, Warehouse Management Executives, and Warehouse Clerks. The company has 32,000 items in stock, of which 24,000 are immediately available. At least 600 packages are sent all over the world each day via every manner of delivery route. Most orders are made online, and, with the exception of major orders, their details are immediately forwarded to the delivery department. The company works on a daily basis in two shifts until 10 pm. And SIP Scootershop now manufactures roughly 1,200 of its own items. Since September, Christoph Kriebel has been one of seven apprentices. His apprenticeship sees him gaining experience in all of the company‘s departments and he is currently working in the incoming goods section. Several

employees with physical or mental disabilities are employed in the company. „It isn‘t about the subsidies – I don‘t even know if we‘ve applied for any, and it isn‘t about fulfilling some quota or other either,“ highlights Managing Director Alexander Barth. „For me, it is social responsibility that takes centre stage,“ he says, explaining his engagement in this area. And it is plain to see that Alexander‘s words are anything but empty slogans: the SIP Scootershop, which was established in 1994 and now employs 80 members of staff, has been employing staff with physical and mental disabilities on permanent contracts for over eight years. „Irrespective of the aspect of social responsibility, these employees enrich the individual teams. We are a big family that offers them stable

employment, and they are in good hands here,“ highlights Barth, who draws a positive balance from employing staff with disabilities in his company over the years. And this is certainly clear when talking to Christoph Kriebel. „I feel very happy here and I am completely accepted by all of my colleagues,“ he explains, adding that „everything is fine“ and he enjoys going to work each day. Kriebel lives at home with his mum and his two younger brothers, who are also completing apprenticeships. In his leisure hours he enjoys meeting his friends and going to concerts. For the future, Christoph Kriebel wants to successfully complete both his apprenticeship at SIP and his driving lessons, which he has recently begun, so he can finally get his driving license.



AUGSBURG ROLLERKÖ 2014 Ride-outs seemed to be very popular everywhere, with two separate events happening in Munich last weekend alone, this Saturday though was reserved for the Augsburg happening along with the best of the rest of the summer weather. Alex, along with the rest of the boys from the ‚Rollerkö‘, could not have had more luck with the weather as we were accompanied by clear, sun-filled skies from the early morning along with comfortable scootering temperatures. We set out on the 40 km ride to Augsburg from the SIP HQ, taking the scenic route with our eight Vespa convoy. On our arrival we were greeted by the sight of a decent amount of scooterists and their rides already causing considerable congestion in the city-centre. Luckily an intrepid Text & pictures:

Vespisti improvised himself into the role of a ‚traffic warden‘, quickly bringing a sense of order to our collective chaotic capering. We started off together at half past one, covering about 40km through the picturesque forestry our way to Balzhausen and the ‚Lenderstuben‘ country pub and restaurant. We quickly overfilled their car-parking area and quenched our thirsts and stilled our hungers in their wonderful ‘Biergarten’. With an impressive turn-out of over 200 scooters at this years Augsburger end of season ride-out, an enjoyable time was had by all attending! A big shout-out to Alex and the ‚Rollerkö‘ boys for the excellent organisation of this truly unmissable event, as always, it was great fun!


A look behind the scenes

WHAT‘S UP, DETLEV? „Finishing time at SIP, time for a relaxing beer with my colleagues. And then this trap! You sure have to watch out when you work in the incoming goods department at SIP ...“


POSTER I SPY PICTURE white matt, l=1190mm, w=840mm, DIN A0 part no 95719953

10,00 €

HAND GRIP COVERS TUCANO TUCANO URBANO, heatable, for handle bar with /without handle bar end weights part no TUR333EV

159,00 €

NECK WARMER TUCANO URBANO, light grey, unisex, size one size, 90% polyester, 10% polyamide part no TUR69534

23,90 €

2 0 S I P O P E N DAY


O P E N DAY 10


M AY 2 0 1 4

It was just phantastic. Weather perfect, food delicious, visitors in good mood - what else can you ask for? Our recommendation is to check the pictures and our small SIP TV Video to get an impression of our Open Day 2014. We were blown away how many people showed up and what long journey people made just to celebrate with us. Clubs, friends, special guests, customers and competitors - the list is long and it is not possible to name everybody here. A special thanks however to Vespa Club Biella team that came all the way from Italy to be here with us - incredibile ragazzi! „Salut“ to the Scooter Club du Sudest gang that made it from the very south of France

SIP TV Video

to Landsberg and brought not just wine, oil and other delicious specialities from their area but also lots of good vibrations and energy. Zini from Stoffis Garage, Vespa Club Basel (Switzerland) and so on. Thanks for sharing a phantastic day with us! DJ Leo played rarest and best Soul vinyl and in the late afternoon everybody started for a ride out to the historic center of Landsberg. We counted more than 800 visitors in the end - wow!

Video: Text & pictures:



940 - 8,00 €



970 - 14,90



52M - 22,9


S I P O P E N DAY 2 1


tn par


tn par


tn par


MODS & ROCKERS „Mods vs. Rockers“, „Biker’s Vest or Parka“, „2T or 4T“, „Rocker or Mod“. The eternal rivalry between scooter and motorcycle enthusiasts continues since the 1960s. Thailand has a simple resolution for this conflict. “Mods& Rockers” is the name of an event which unites both parties, and the success of

this event is unstoppable. At the end of 2013 it was staged again in the North of Thailand. Many Mods and Rockers took the trip, e.g. from Bangkok. The unifying motto: “Let’s ride on your pride”. We have some impressions as well as a nice video for you.

INTERMOT Köln Internationale Motorrad-, Roller- und E-Bike-Messe Köln, 1.–5. Oktober 2014

Image gallery Intermot 2014

SIP Scootershop at Cologne


We have made a tour on the motorcycle and scooter fair Intermot in Cologne and absorbed the latest trends and developments in the motorcycle market for you. First impression: Old and retro and retro look are and will remain in vogue and had been the eye-catchers of the Cologne motorcycle show. Ducati is expanding its model range with the Scrambler. The new entry-level model of the Italian brand comes in four variants on the market. Ducati considers the purist machine a modern interpretation of that Scrambler the company had 1962 to 1975. The bikes had been presented in yellow shipping containers, good idea! A Superbike supercharged engine is one of the most spectacular news at this year‘s Intermot. You cannot tell Kawasaki half-heartedness,

with the Ninja H2 R with 1 liter capacity and 300 horsepower under the butt, that should be enough in most everyday situations. Moto Guzzi with its V7 did a good job as well - but where are the scooter news? VESPA has unfortunately displayed only the known range of models, situated directly opposite our SIP Scooter Shop booth, good neighbors! New releases at PIAGGIO?. The rumor speaks of a GTS Touring with 350cc engine, who knows whether is there any truth !? Piaggio MP3 500 i.e. revised. The three-wheeled scooter has changed technically and optically. It is available in the Business version and the Sport version. The highlight of the three-wheeler: PIAGGIO MP3 500 can be driven with the car license if it was issued before January 19, 2013 over her in Europe. HONDA FORZA 125: Honda has something new in the

eighth liter class: a high-end GT scooter coming with Start / Stop automatic. The Intermot is always worth a visit, the atmosphere in the halls is unique, the outdoor area offers plenty of activities and attractions, and last but not least there was our SIP Scootershio booth in Hall 7. As mentioned above in the direct vicinity of VESPA Stand we did exhibit a lot of vehicles and accessories as well as news from the manufacturer MALOSSI. Our staff was happy to answer all scooter and life issues. On a video wall we showed the latest video clips and there was the opportunity to win € 200!

Pictures & video:


11-14 /06/15

11-14 /06/15





CROATIA The VESPA World Days 2015 are taking place in Croatia and the event is being hosted by the Vespa Club of Croatia. It will take place in Biograd / Zadar.

Indianapolis In 2015, the Amerivespa, held by the VCOA (Vespa Club of America), is taking place in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The start of the scooter season in Landsberg! The Vespa Veterans‘ Club Germany, the VCVD, Oldtimerfreunde Munich and guests from Austria, Italy and Switzerland are all expected to attend, and we are especially looking forward to welcoming visitors arriving by scooter. A Vespa 400 Club from southern Bavaria will also be attending with some rare Piaggios cars from the 1950s. DJ Leo Ernst (Atomic Cafe Munich) will provide the music. At around 3pm we are planning to make a scooter trip into Landsberg old town! Alternative date if the weather is poor: Saturday 16th May 2015. Video of 2014: www.

The Vespa Village will also be there: Obala Kralja Petra Kresimira IV Street, from the harbour to the Kornati Hotel, the location goes until the beach and directly to the sea. The Vespa Village will only be open to registered Vespisti. There will be capacity for 2,800 participants, registration began on 15th December

The event will include a tour around the worldfamous Indy 500 racing circuit and, of course, the Gymkhana skill-testing games that are so popular in the USA. Further information and registration are available here:

BUTCHER´S GARAGE St. Petersburg - Alexander Mazan from the city of the tsars is a long standing SIP customer and has one of the most stylish workshops that we‘ve ever seen. Alex continues to surprise us with his expert conversions and their superb level of handicraft expertise, such as his INVADER project here, which is based on an ACMA dating from the 1960s. Malossi cylinders, BITUBO shock absorbers, SIP tubeless rims and much more make this VESPA a genuine custom scooter.


FILL HER UP PLEASE! Armin from Greifenberg, scooter legend of the 1980s and Vespa enthusiast to this day, gave us these amazing old fuel dispensers as a 20th anniversary gift. The fuel has now been replaced by coloured water – and our eyes almost watered when we saw these amazing items in our shop in Landsberg! Thank you very much!

20 YEARS OF SIP SCOOTERSHOP Our 20 year anniversary year has come to an end – wow. We had some great times this year, starting with our Open Day at the start of May, when one of our customers baked a gigantic anniversary cake for us. Our Joyride event also took place in celebration of our 20th anniversary, with T-shirts, stickers, a Youtube film and much more. The media also covered the event well. It‘s all over now and we‘re cleaning up, as is necessary after every good party, and making plans for our 25th anniversary ... Video:

SIP SCOOTERSHOP VOTED BEST MAILORDERSHOP A great honor for us, sign of your confidence and of course an incentive - according to the online platform Trustpilot we are the category winners in the field SCOOTER with well over 2,200 reviews from our customers. With the achieved so-called Trustscore of 9.2 (Nov. 2014), we are very proud, but want to

continue to improve. Our customers particularly value our high availability, the huge assortment, quick deliveries, technical advice and informative website and catalogs. Here we will continue to improve, lots is already in planning. Also Trustpilot itself is quite taken with the many positive reviews about us and

recently produced a case study video about working with us - we‘ll keep you up to date here.







STATOR PLATES FOR THE VESPA On older Vespas, the stator plates are often defective, but most stator plates for contact breaker ignition sets are no longer manufactured at PIAGGIO. There are still a few suppliers but they only offer products of varying quality. That‘s why we‘ve turned to this topic. The SIP stator plates are assembled by hand in our Austrian wiring loom workshop. Each stator plate is measured and tested. For the ignition-, light-, and charge coils, we only use branded products from Italy in OEM quality. The contact breakers and capacitors come from EFFE, Italy. This means there aren‘t any solder connections, coils or cable breaks in the stator plate that may only work intermittently.

The SIP stator plates are hand-made in Austria piece-by-piece.

High quality European components that lead to reliable sparks.

We have also had new moulds manufactured especially for the aluminium base plate. The SIP base plates are now available in four different versions, which means we can cover all small frame engines with contact breaker ignition sets. The two-coil stator plates are available with interior ignition coil and 6V 15W light coil, and for external ignition coils with 6V 15W and/or 6V 25W for models with full beam lights. Along with the charge coil, the three-coil stator plate is also fitted with the 6V 10W (parking/brake light) and 6V 25W (headlights/horn) light coils. All 2/3 coil small frames can be fitted with these stator plates, even if national differences lead to different PIAGGIO reference numbers. Product: www.

The final check: Every ignition set is measured by hand.



GOLD WHO COULD WANT MORE? POLINI has obviously opened a bling-bling department, and the latest result is a VESPA which is completely covered in real 23 carat gold! It‘s a homage to the best known and most sold scooter product in the world. 500 leafs of high quality, pure leaf gold were required, and the final result is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, with gold covering the large sections and finest details alike, everything covered with shiny precious metal! The fine, gossamer and fragile gold leafs had to be laboriously prepared and applied piece-by-piece with a pair of tweezers, with the final creation being the result of several days‘ hard work. Behind all the gold is a fiery heart: a POLINI 130ccm cylinder, a POLINI 24mm CP carburettor fired by a reed valve manifold, digital 12V ignition, a strengthened double-spring clutch and some more enhancements. In short, a beautiful and unique Vespa, with 23 gold on the outside and full of testosterone on the inside.



Juan & Ruth Lopez, Naranja Hai Scooters from Asuncion, Paraguay Farid Ishak from Singapore Didier Vacher, France It‘s what many of us secretly dream of doing. Didier Vacher is living the dream, and has spent the last six months travelling around the world on his 4T 200cc LML. The infamous world traveller dropped by at the SIP headquarters with any number of stories in his bag. With his exciting stories, Didier has given us added motivation for continuing with the SIP scootershop project for the next 20 years, full speed ahead. June 2014

Manuela & Jake Finnish Scooter Club, Finland Vespa Club Moscow with 10 Scooterists, Moscow July 2014

Tim Surtees, Andrew Kay and Simon Bell from York, UK August 2014

Jana & Moritz aus Bremen, on their way to Greece Vespa Club des Savoies, Switzerland September 2014

Mark Broadhurst, MB Development „It has been a great honour to have worked with SIP from the early days and a privilege to have seen the company grown to the size it has. It´s an inspiration!” October 2014

Eugene & Kay, Philippines If you ever drop by at our shop in Landsberg, make sure you check out our guest book!


14 0 2 C ES N O EAS S G IN C A R R E T O SCO racing FFI-SIP O T S free VESPA identg, acc w the a in s it g the 4 c x 1 in winn ar 20 ther e r o e n t f a A p The ye gu ar‘s ason. otchin this ye sful se team n succes pring, s ly ig e e b h t m h tre wit ce“ in and ex France ing Ra in ing r c p y a S a r „ , w ur nately under u t t 12 ho g r o o g f trainin m. Un season during ur tea e o racing n r f o o o f b s collar cesse ations at suc ke his expect he gre ffi bro t o t t dorfer S a n e d e p to re legen hi Pes le ic b M a , n er, and e as u howev d plac r , 3 e r and w fi in g f the the Comin s out o ‘ podium at 2013. estnut s r h e c im. As n e e h in h t the w Liedols pulled o t in n ust t o n d, Aug “ eve ade it ttende also m & Race a n ll e u f R so w ck o ing „ s were . The la follow o race bering o w t s t t s a r h the fi somew to be proved

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SIP TV BROADCAST YOUR SCOOT! Since 2009, we have presented you with reports about scooter rallies, races and events in high definition on our YouTube channel. We recommend that you subscribe to our channel so you will be informed automatically when we add a new clip.

SIP Joyride Vespatour 2013

SIP Shop Opening 2013

SIP Customshow Landsberg 2013

SIP Vespa Roadtrip France 2013


OFFICINA SUPERSPRINT In 1995, Mauro and Andrea were attending grammar school in Milan. They loved travelling, starting with the train or bike and they then got into Vespas, which proved to be the start of the fire. They started with tinkering and restoration work before buying more Vespas and selling them on, gaining experience and learning more skills. „OFFICINA SUPERSPRINT“ was born. The Vespas have now been joined by old BMW motorcycles, Lambrettas, Alfas, etc. – anything with old style. With their RIDE! RIDE! RIDE! video is where the guys from Milan reproduce our VESPA spirit:

Video „Ride! Ride! Ride!“

BITUBO TRAINS SIP SCOOTERSHOP Here at the SIP Scootershop team we always want to be able to offer you the best service and professional advice. In addition to all our professional work tinkering with Vespas and other scooters, all the hours we spend at the workshop and sometimes at the road side, we also invite experts from the manufacturers to come and visit us from time to time. In this way we get to find out about the latest technical innovations at first hand, as well as everything regarding the new products; we can also give your feedback to the manufacturers and in this way we enjoy a fruitful collaboration. In November, chassis specialist Matthias Greiff from the BITUBO Importer company Alpha Technik dropped by and spent the day training and informing the SIP team on all the latest developments. Matthias works in the racing department at Alpha Racing, where he manages the Superbike championship drivers – so he‘s someone who knows what he‘s talking about. Here you can find all BITUBO products in our Webshop:


N E E R G A L U FORMynthetic fully s







“I love the SIP master cylinder… Thanks for all your help with my build Martin! And thanks to the SIP Team! You rule!“

st i l s t r a P er CNC

370000 Art . 56 00 d 300564 . n i t l r y A c r e ast 0 SIP M 637770 ose 5 . H t r g A n i rak ABM B 09 t . 710170 older r h A p m u P nt 00 Brake Pro fro M G 709300 B . t r r e b A r o k abs Shock Pro bac M 02110 G B ber Art . 140 r c o c s 0 b 13 a EVO Shock 017000 OLINI P r e d Art . 22 n i l y C R a c in g 6000 Z t . 5000 t FRAN r s u A a h x E m R a c in g 00 ion 20m t i n g 934950 I . t C r I A N TRO 0 VESPA 509200 Race 4 . N t E r R A F 1mm NEW ASCO 5 Clutch N 750 I P t f t . 13490 ha r s k A n a r C R a c in g 600 . 90002 t -50-46 r 4 5 A 8 e 5 it lfram Gear K P Smal I S e n i g g Kit en Bearin


CHICAGO DREAM CUSTOMER SCOOTER FROM THE USA We would like to present you with an especially impressive customer project: the small-frame from SIP customer Chris Hafner from Chicago. He has painted his series 1 V50 in baby-blue, and at first glance, although his scooter looks like an attractively restored Vespa, nothing else grabs the attention. The fiery ingredients have also been discreetly installed, however, making Chris‘s scooter into a technical beauty. Have you got a superb restoration or customizing project behind you that you would like us to report on in the next issue of CURVE? Then please send us your photos and description to


CHRISTMAS SHOPPING AT SIP / DECEMBER 2014 This year‘s annual Christmas shopping event at the SIP Scootershop was attended by more than 200 people. A used parts market with some sensational bargains was set up, and mulled wine, sausages and waffles were also on offer. Just as in every year, the food and drinks were free to all the visitors, although those who wanted to could make a voluntary donation to our collection box. This year we managed to collect € 200 which we are donating to the hospice charity in Landsberg. Thanks to all of those who came along!. Thanks to all of those who came along!

NEW: RACING EXHAUST SIP PERFORMANCE 2.0 Over the past decade, racing exhausts from Scooter & Service and other tuners have set new standards in the area of VESPA tuning. They have also been suitable for the growing number of engines that exceed 22 HP. It is therefore high time for us to add our own response. An exhaust developer in the SIP team looked into the topic to success. His answer is called the „SIP Performance 2.0“. The body has been newly developed and it‘s quite a bit bigger in volume. It still fits with the centre stand and wide-base tyres though. The exhaust is hand manufactured from stainless steel and normal steel with a clear-varnish finish by JL Exhausts. The manifold is suspended with springs on both sides. The mounting bracket on the traverse easily copes with the vibrations of the silencer. It can be driven with a standard cylinder or an engine that is road- or bottom-end tuned. Depending on the engine it is possible to achieve between 18-32 HP and 110-150 km/h. The exhaust is available with a choice of different screw-on silencer versions: carbon, black aluminium, stainless steel.


Part no: 20110 - from 289 €


MODERN | LAMBRETTA | EXCLUSIVE PARTS These three catalogues are available in a printed form or can also be perused at your leisure online. They cover pretty much all of the retail products we have available here at SIP. There is something there to suit every style of Vespa. | Order Your catalogue:




When eastern Germany fell victim to a huge flood in 2002, our customers showed solidarity and gathered donations which we eventually doubled and sent to the partner town of Landsberg, Waldheim. The idea of SIP AID was born.

JULY 2014 – SIP SCOOTERSHOP DONATES € 4,000 TO THE SOS CHILDREN‘S VILLAGE SOS departmental manager Christoph Rublack (centre) is very pleased and there have already been certain urgent measures that have been supported with the donation. At a visit to Dießen he told the SIP Scootershop employees (from left) Stefanie Schönauer, Gudrun Pfundmayr, Uwe Kabrhel and Robert Kerner all about life at the SOS children‘s village and answered the many questions from the interested visitors.

SEPTEMBER 2014 - SIP SCOOTERSHOP SUPPORTS THE LANDSBERG ARCHE It‘s caught up with us – it was finally our turn to join in with the ice bucket cold water challenge. We donated € 500 to the Arche charity in Landsberg. The video was great fun, and we hope the employees and all the disabled people at the Arche have a lot of fun with our donation!

ORDERING You can order from SIP using the following methods : With an ordering form or postcard, by fax, by phone and over the internet at our website – Orders received over the internet are processed immediately and where possible, despatched from our warehouse on the same day.

PAYMENT We accept the following methods of payment: Credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Payment and Cash-on-Delivery (by UPS in many European countries). New: Paypal Express, give it a try!

MINIMUM ORDER ndun Pfu Gudr auer, k, n c ö la h c b u ie S toph R Stefan Chris right: ager left to l man ta r n From e e tm Kern depar obert mayr, und R brhel a K e Uw

NEW! As of now we do no longer have a minimum order value. That means, if you want to, you can order as little as a plug connector. From an order value of 250 EUR we deliver free of charge within Germany.

SIP EXPRESS SIP Express shipping. - Anyone who orders before 14.00 hrs. CET , using our SIP Express SPEED service (6 € surcharge) can be reassured that their order will be processed, packed and despatched on the same day using either DHL or UPS. It can also be sent using the UPS Express Saver service, whereby UPS guarantee the delivery of your parcel before noon on the following weekday.


SIP ARE VERIFIED! The SIP scooter shop has been successfully verified by the German Federal Transport Authority and is therefore officially authorised to manufacture vehicle components. An ABE was created for the SIP brake calliper. It is now legally valid for use in road traffic. The SIP Performance brake calliper is fully CNC-milled from aluminium. The 31.5mm sized piston diameter guarantees a clearly superior braking performance. We have also given the brake calliper a brake pad with a bigger pad width and therefore a non-tilting contact surface. Special additional internal drill holes enhance the ventilation. The brake callipers are anodized and come in the vibrant racing colours of silver, gold, black titanium and red. Retail price: € 115.-. Recommended for upgrading several VESPA models.


Verifizierung gemäß Anlage XIX StVZO


(as at December 2014) Add us as a friend on your Facebook account and benefit from exclusive Facebook offers and get the latest information which we only provide via this channel. We also ask our Facebook friends the versions or designs they like the best long before new products are planned.

SIP CUSTOMER OF THE MONTH Pub rocker Dawn from Jakarta, Vespa PX enthusiast, SKA band singer, Tattoo-fan, with his girlfriend and his PX Racer with SIP accessories all over it...

PRODUCT AND INSTALLATION PRESENTATIONS? Hot new products or one or the other complicated assembly procedure simplified and explained completely. The SIP tutorial channel combines entertainment with informative content.

SIP tutorial channel on YouTube

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SIP Customer Magazine "CURVE" 4/2015 english  

Dear SIP customers, As I write, our „20 years SIP“ anniversary year is drawing to an end, it is cloudy, dark and cold outside, and summer, s...

SIP Customer Magazine "CURVE" 4/2015 english  

Dear SIP customers, As I write, our „20 years SIP“ anniversary year is drawing to an end, it is cloudy, dark and cold outside, and summer, s...