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BACKGAMMON Backgammon is one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world. In our Backgammon a sophisticated functionality is integrated within a simple and intuitive user interface. We have analyzed massive user data, looked into gaming behaviour patterns of players, and created an upgraded product experience that is significantly better than competitor products on the market. It includes 3 different gameplays, wide selection of board visuals, and beautiful dice animations. We can customise limits and features according to the local markets, which makes the game extremely successful.

> +100 features under the hood > 3 different gameplays > Wide selection of board visuals > Beautiful dice animations

MOBILE Our Backgammon looks even better on mobile devices. With fully redesigned user interface it really stands out on the mobile platform. It is a product that your users will enjoy.


DOMINOES Dominoes is a popular multiplayer game that combines the elements of skill and luck and is enjoyed in many countries around the world. Current Dominoes is the 2nd generation game that is based on crucial experience gained from developing and operating its predecessor. The upgraded product experience was created based on the vast user data analysis. It has a beautiful game design and the smoothest gameplay available on the market.

> 3 different multiplayer options > Intelligent auto-matching algorithm > Game history with video playback > Certified Random Number Generator > Notification of internet connection loss > Fully customisable filters in the lobby

MOBILE Dominoes is an excellent product for mobile platforms and our game is fully supported through all modern mobiles and tablets.


BURA Bura is a two-player heads up game where you have to outsmart your opponent to collect points. It is one of the most beloved card games in post-soviet countries. Its online version truly takes every authentic detail of the game and transforms it into the outstanding gaming experience.

> Authentic detailed design > Realistic board and card styles > Constantly fine tuned

SEKA Seka is a simplified version of Poker, with specific gameplay rules and modified mechanics. It is an example of multiplayer card game, which was built around the local gaming culture.

> Fully customisable > Smart localisation > Simultaneous play on 4 different tables > Notification of internet connection loss > Gameplay restore feature

MOBILE Our customised multiplayer card games are greatly enjoyed by players across online and mobile channels.


JOKER A very popular card game widely enjoyed in post Soviet Union countries. It is played by three or four players and lasts for 24 rounds. It is fully supported across smartphones and tablets.

> Attractive illustrations

> Fast load and smooth gameplay

> Intuitive user interface design

> Familiar game experience

YOUR PREFERRED GAME NOT LISTED HERE? We always search for popular games in local markets and then adapt the gameplay to transform them into online products. Our card game engine can be adjusted to almost any card game in the world. We work with complicated gameplay rules and tailor design and interface to the local markets. 5

WHO WE ARE Singular is an international game development company with 4 offices and 2 development bases around the world. More than 100 developers continuously strive to make the world’s most INNOVATIVE and OUTSTANDING iGaming solutions. We are the fastest, most dynamic software development company with expertise in gaming and modern technologies. We specialise in developing fully CUSTOMISED products that are tailored to the specific local markets.

WHAT WE OFFER We make the world’s most flexible Gaming Platform, with powerful back-office tools and 5000+ casino games. Our portfolio also includes: Betradar Gold certified Sportsbook, 3D Poker with Microgaming’s award-winning backend, virtual and LIVE casino games, localised slots, multiplayer games, lottery products, virtual games for land-based betting shops, Business Intelligence suite, and payment solutions - all of them supported across online, mobile and retail channels.



SINGULAR Vincenti Buildings 28/19 Strait Street Valletta VLT1432, Malta +356 (35) 500 657 info@singular.uk www.singular.uk

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