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At Sims Hilditch we are passionate about creating homes t h at en h a nce t he q u a l it y of ou r cl ient s’ l i ves . We k now good desig n ca n ma ke people happy. Desig n is not just about mak ing somewhere look pretty – it is a thoughtful and intelligent process which considers interior architecture, lighting design, colour schemes, function a n d f l o w f r o m r o o m t o r o o m . Fo r u s , i nt e r i o r d e s i g n is about listen ing ca ref u l ly to what ou r clients say, distilling that information, and then using our expertise to deliver interiors of refinement. While Sims Hilditch is recognised as the go-to studio for English countr y houses, our look is happily much in demand for those liv ing in the cit y too. A s well as private residences, we undertake hotels, restaurants, and development opportunities. Over the years, our work has proudly featured in the H o u s e & G a r d e n To p 10 0 L e a d i n g I n t e r i o r D e s i g n e r s l i s t s , T h e To p 3 0 S u n d a y T i m e s I n t e r i o r D e s i g n e r s , a n d C ou nt r y L i fe’s B e s t 10 0 .

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– 10 –

Manor House New Forest

T his

late Victorian manor house, deep in the New Forest, is an

architectural gem of a propert y ow ned by a dy namic couple w ith six adult children, which meant achieving a design that would work as well for t wo people as for eight or more. While magnificent in its period detailing, the interior was in need of cohesion and a sense of flow. After meeting our clients, we agreed to reconfig ure the space to allow for contemporar y living w ithout jeopardising the building’s architectural character. We began by creating an elegant entrance hall where the former dining room had been. From here, one door leads into the k itchen-dining area and family snug; while at the other end, bi-folding doors open into a more formal draw ing room. This makes it possible to walk in an arc from one end of the house to the other, while enjoying glorious views of the wooded landscape that envelops the house. Inspired by our clients’ varied collection of art work , we paired heather y blues and dove greys w ith dramatic splashes of nav y and teal to form much of the palette. The result is a home that is as handsome inside as it is outside, able to expand and contract as visitors come and go.

e n t r a n c e h a l l : The beautifully proportioned, panelled entrance hall featuring grey-blue walls and a traditional stone floor is offset by the indigo blue of the 18 th century antique chairs. A collection of prints and maps makes an interesting focal point, as does the handsome globe lantern. The console table arrangement accentuates the feeling of harmony and symmetry.

— country —

– 11 –

— new forest manor —

ent rance ro o m : In the generous sized entrance room, the focal point is the limed wood, circular table above which an over-scaled oak-leaf-and-acorn chandelier hangs. Grey painted panelling, timber flooring and a natural sisal rug add to the feeling of calm, with accents of colour provided by a single cobalt cushion and flowers picked from the garden.

– 13 –

— new forest manor —

– 14 –

c u r t a i n de t a i l : The embroidered patterned print curtains introduce subtle colour and texture in the drawing room. The floral theme is picked up by the understated arrangement of garden flowers.

— country —

– 15 –

c h a i r de t a i l : Traditional, studded upholstery accentuates the comfortable dimensions of this bespoke, carved chair, with the same detailing echoed in the upholstered fender beyond. The ornate marquetry of the chest of drawers contrasts pleasingly with a simple, timber floor.

— new forest manor —

– 16 –

— country —

kitch en : The star pieces of the handsome kitchen-dining room are the two over-scaled glass globe lanterns above the island, around which the layout of the room pivots. The seasoned limestone floor and hand-painted kitchen furniture sit perfectly with the age and architecture of the house, while Roman blinds allow views to be enjoyed to the full.

– 19 –

sn u g : Elegant floor-to-ceiling cabinets have been designed with open shelving to allow vases, books and artwork to be displayed to great effect. Bespoke studded and piped L-shaped seating, lined with cushions, is both eye-catching and inviting. Wall lights have been positioned at low level for comfortable reading.

— new forest manor —

– 20 –

— country —

ma s ter bedr oom: The charming floral wallpaper in shades of lilac and cream provides a sumptuous backdrop to the master bedroom. The low, Louis XV style bed and painted bedside cabinets contrast with the height of two statement, ceramic table lamps. An ornate silver-framed mirror over the fireplace adds a note of elegance.

– 22 –

ma st e r b a t h r o o m: The scheme continues from the master bedroom into the adjacent master bathroom. The freestanding bath on silver gilt legs is painted in antique white to harmonise with the statement wallpaper. Carpet, curtains and soft furnishings create a relaxed and soothing atmosphere.

— country —

– 24 –

1 6 th c e n t u r y m a n o r The Cotswolds


back to 1555 this beautiful Grade II listed propert y has both

an impressive histor y and a fascinating human stor y. Having been ow ned by a particular family for some generations, it was sold by the current ow ner’s grandmother when he was just a boy. A lthough he was ver y young at the time, the sale greatly affected him. He vowed that as an adult he would buy back the house which had brought him so many happy childhood memories – a goal which he recently achieved much to the delight of his family. We were thrilled to be approached by the ow ners to help restore the house to its natural grandeur. We began by stripping away unsy mpathetic modern decor to rediscover original features, such as beautiful wooden panelling and magnificent stone fireplaces. Much of our inspiration came from the family’s inherited antiques, which we complemented w ith custom-designed furniture and upholster y. A ir y colour schemes and natural materials provided a harmonious backdrop for the family’s collection of art and objects.

e n t r a n c e h a l l : The flagstones and fireplace of the entrance hall have been beautifully complemented by the distressed timber of a refectory table. The buttoned, cream upholstered benches strike a more contemporary note, as do the bucolic oak-leaf chandelier and over-scaled white, ceramic jar.

— country —

– 25 –

— 16th century manor —

– 26 –

— country —

d r a w in g r oom: Coral pink cushions provide a cheerful accent of summer colour in a drawing room of muted greys and creams. Studding on both sofas and fenders is a traditional detail interpreted here in a more contemporary way. The symmetrical layout of furniture and lighting accentuates the harmonious, architectural proportions of the room.

– 28 –

de t a i l o f c h a i r a n d t a b l e : The simplicity of a contemporary, carved chair juxtaposed with the richness of an antique pedestal table makes a pleasing tableau at one end of the drawing room. The crystal pendants of the chandelier pick up light from the vista beyond.

— country —

– 29 –

f i r e pl a c e : The statement glass lamp base on the painted chest-of-drawers is akin to sculpture, displayed against a panelled mirror to magnify its effect. A bold contemporary artwork over the fireplace also adds a note of unexpected drama.

— 16th century manor —

– 30 –

st u dy : Bespoke cabinetry painted in rich tones makes a design statement of the study entrance. Crafted to house both books and AV equipment, the cabinetry maximises otherwise unused space.

— country —

ma ster b edro o m : Ocean greys and blues are the inspiration for the master bedroom, with its studded and upholstered bedhead and deep valance. Throws and cushions add warmth, with one coral cushion for accent. The rustic chest of drawers has a grain reminiscent of driftwood on the beach.

– 33 –

— 16th century manor —

– 34 –

— country —

– 35 –

mas t er b at hro o m/det a i l : Twin basins with matching twin mirrors and glass wall lights are housed in an inky blue wash-stand, echoing the sea colours of the master bedroom. The barely-there pattern of the wallpaper provides a backdrop that is both gentle and calming.

— 16th century manor —

– 36 –

guest b ed ro o m : Layers of tactile linen and wool strike a welcoming note in the guest bedroom where blue is paired with earthy tones. The curtain valance has been expertly designed to show the bold motifs of the embroidered curtain fabric to best effect.

— country —

– 38 –

G EOR G I AN RECTORY Oxfordshire

S et

in the rolling Oxfordshire countr yside, this manor house and

adjoining chapel are a beautiful example of classical Georgian architecture. The propert y was a lucky find for our clients who had their hearts set on moving their young family from London to the countr y. With three young boys and a busy life, they approached us to help them create a family home that also adhered to a traditional, countr y house aesthetic. A lthough tired in appearance, the propert y had beautiful bones and wonderfully preser ved period features which meant ver y little building work was required. This made it possible for the family to live in the propert y while it was renovated.  Our main design challenge was the elongated draw ing room, which had a fireplace at one end and TV at the other. We chose a natural colour scheme to unif y the t wo zones and devised a more sy mpathetic furniture layout to create a space that feels both comfortable and cohesive. We also introduced large glazed doors to separate the k itchen and living spaces on the ground floor. Both practical and beautiful, these offer privacy whilst allow ing inviting glimpses of the rooms beyond. Furniture is a mix of expertly sourced antiques and contemporar y pieces, w ith a textural palette that combines wools, linens and velvets.

e xt e r i o r : The scene is set before entering this period family home, with an original brick floor, antique lanterns hung from the ceiling, a sage-painted boot cupboard and an antique convex mirror. Baskets, trug and a garland of twigs add to the bucolic atmosphere.

— country —

– 39 –


sit t ing ro o m : Warm, sandy tones accented with coral create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in the family sitting room. Coir matting, simple wooden tables and oatmeal curtains form the core of the palette, with light flooding in from double aspect windows. Garden hydrangeas in simple terracotta pots provide the perfect centrepiece.

– 41 –


– 44 –

a dj o i n i n g dr a w i n g r o o m: The original semi-glazed doors open to the drawing room beyond. Here the scheme is lighter and airier to reflect the garden views, with floral curtains hung on simple poles. Button-back chairs and an upholstered ottoman bridge the classic with the contemporary.

— country —

– 45 –

dr a w i n g r o o m: Classical floral fabrics are a feature of the drawing room and accentuate the garden vistas. Other colours are kept muted, as with the oatmeal carpet and creamy sofas. Cushions of contrasting pattern and sizes add interest.


– 46 –

— country —

– 47 –

chi ld ren’ s b ed ro o m ( a b o ve ) : Beautifully drawn yacht wallpaper sets the tone for the marine-themed children’s room, complemented by the blue-and-white stripes of the upholstered bedheads. Thick gingham quilts add cosiness to the scheme, as do the illustrated cushions.

mas t er b edro o m ( l e f t ) : White, grey and lilac combine to make the prettiest of palettes for the master bedroom. Turquoise blue cushions and a pleated, ochre lamp shade introduce gentle accents of colour, while the deepbuttoned headboard provides the focal point to the room.


– 48 –

t h e o l d fa r m h o u s e Dorset

S et in idyllic English countr yside w ith views over paddocks and the R iver Stour, this 17 th -centur y, former farmhouse was a dream propert y for our clients. With one spouse hailing from the USA and the other often travelling for work , they longed to put dow n roots. We were delighted to be commissioned to help them create their ideal home, which would welcome friends and family from near and far. As w ith many old houses the original layout, whilst spacious, did not meet the requirements of a grow ing family. The addition of a t wostorey extension to the rear allowed the construction of a new k itchen, utilit y room and boot room, as well as t wo additional bedrooms and bathrooms. To fulfil our clients’ love of entertaining, we created an open plan k itchen w ith t wo islands, as well as an informal dining area and banquette seating for larger gatherings. To enhance the character of these new rooms, we designed coffered ceilings and other period details that dovetailed perfectly w ith the historical features in the original building. Punchy colours, statement wallpapers and bold prints have been artfully chosen to bridge the new w ith the old.

sn u g : Smokey blue walls, pigeon grey sofas and raspberry cushions create a feeling of warmth and intimacy in the family snug. Whimsical dog-themed cushions reflect the owners’ love of their characterful, canine companions.

— country —

– 49 –

— t h e o l d fa r m h o u s e —

– 50 –

ent rance: A lavishly decorated wallpaper of birds, leaves and trees wraps around the entrance room and continues up the stairs. An inherited 18 th century antique seat-on-wheels with rich patina makes for an intriguing focal point.

— country —

– 51 –

— t h e o l d fa r m h o u s e —

– 52 –

— country —

– 53 –

— country —

inf orm al d i ni ng ar e a : To one side of the kitchen is an informal, L-shaped dining area combining built-in seating and white wicker chairs. Three pendant lights are hung low over the contemporary, timber table, while baskets below the seating area provide useful, additional storage.

– 55 –

— t h e o l d fa r m h o u s e —

– 56 –


t h i n

you r s pac e

t h e

c i t y

s a n c t ua ry a n d

i t


you r

. T

f e e l s

— country —

h i s

ho m e i s

j u s t

i s

you r r ig h t


2 city

– 58 –

p r i m r o s e hi l l t o w n h o u s e Central London

For our clients, whose lives were shared bet ween the cit y and countr y, it was fundamental that their London tow nhouse should not feel like a t y pical London home. Part of our brief was to reference their love for the English countr yside in the design. Having said that, it was important to lose none of the grandeur inherent in the architecture. The design also needed to fulfil the practical functionalit y of an easyto-run home for someone work ing long hours in the Cit y, while also being a welcoming retreat at weekends. The lower ground floor space is comfortable and social, ideal for informal, cosy suppers. Hard surfaces, such as timber and stone, are low maintenance and durable, as well as pleasing to the eye. Our clients love blue tones on the warmer side of the spectrum. By juxtaposing blues w ith rich, brow n shades, we created a feeling of comfort. We also added pops of colour, such as the mustard tones in the basement snug. Texture was important in order to add character to the space, so we introduced special touches, such as the linen wallpaper in the study and the heav y, embroidered damask in the draw ing room.

— city —

– 59 –

dr awi ng ro o m : A dramatic, black-and-white vintage fashion photograph takes centre stage above the fireplace in the sitting room. Two vertical mirrors to each side pull the eye upwards so as to distract attention from the narrow proportions of the room. Bold cream-and-navy curtain fabric provides contrast to otherwise quiet shades.

— primrose hill townhouse —

– 62 –

kitchen: Grey cabinets, marble worktops and tongue-in-groove walls combine to create a kitchen that meets classic with contemporary. While the kitchen range has long gone, modern, ceramic tiles make a feature of the chimney alcove. A sturdy, painted shelf allows for an eclectic display of vintage objects.

— city —

– 63 –

f am i ly ro o m : The kitchen opens out into a comfortable family seating area, with a sofa, chairs and coffee table on a sisal rug. Jolts of yellow and cobalt have been used for accents, with candles, books, plants and lamps adding additional layers of comfort.

— primrose hill townhouse —

– 64 –

ma ster b edro o m : Shale coloured walls within the master bedroom create the feeling of being both cocooned and cosseted. They also highlight the original egg-and-dart cornicing, allowing the ceiling to become a decorative feature of the room. The luxuriously tactile bedspread adds to the feeling of warmth and intimacy.

— city —

– 65 –

— primrose hill townhouse —

– 66 –

ma ster b at hro o m : Twin basins set into a stone-and-wood, bespoke cabinet soften the feeling of a city bathroom, an effect highlighted by cream wall lights with traditional shades. Limestone panelling continues around the room at dado height providing a practical backdrop to the elegant freestanding, porcelain bath.

— city —

– 68 –

the garden house Greater London

T his

is a new-built propert y w ith which we were involved from the

start, work ing alongside the clients’ chosen architects. This provided an exciting opportunit y to create an entirely bespoke interior for a brand new home. The clients particularly wanted a classic Sims Hilditch look designed for three generations – our clients, client ’s mother and grow n-up children – so we needed to achieve a st yle that could comfortably cross the generations and seamlessly integrate family heirlooms. R ich earth tones such as blues, greys and dark brow ns form much of the colour palette which took inspiration from our clients’ extensive art work collection. This was a project that required a great deal of bespoke joiner y, custom designed furniture, specialist lighting design and AV equipment throughout. Happily, our clients were delighted w ith the result: a true marriage bet ween classic and contemporar y.

g a r de n r o o m: The garden room has been transformed into a useful second sitting room featuring built-in cabinetry. The arm chairs are deep and comfortable, upholstered in a rustic stripe that picks up the tones of baskets, vintage boxes and garden pots.

— city —

– 69 –

— the garden house —

– 70 –

— city —

– 71 –

ki t chen: Hand-painted units in slate grey and midnight blue harmonise perfectly with the English northern light, while also providing the perfect foil to the white Aga.

— the garden house —

– 72 –

— city —

d in in g r oom: The magnificent bespoke dining table has been juxtaposed with contemporary dining chairs in two-tone upholstery. Curtains frame the view, leading the eye to the garden beyond.

– 74 –

dr a w i ng ro o m : Colours have been chosen to accentuate the feeling of flow from garden to drawing room to dining room. Harmonious taupes are anchored by the rich blue upholstery of the twin arm chairs – a colour echoed by the botanical prints above the console. Cushions, throws and books add to the relaxed atmosphere.

— city —

– 75 –

c o n so l e : The symmetry of pictures, vases and baskets has been balanced by more informal arrangements of candles and cushions, giving the drawing room a welcoming ambience.

— the garden house —

– 76 –

g e o r gi a n a p a r t m e n t Bath

We were delighted to be part of the development team tasked w ith the restoration of a historic Grade I listed crescent apartment w ithin the beautiful Georgian cit y of Bath. Work ing w ith the existing bones of the propert y, we created a scheme that accentuated the interior architecture w ith clean lines and modern sy mmetr y. Cohesion is important in lateral spaces, so we chose a palette of calming neutrals overlaid w ith fresh accents of cobalt blue and mustard yellow. This created a feeling of harmony throughout, whilst also injecting a note of contemporar y character into a heritage building. Metal, glass and sheer fabric textures have been chosen to reflect light and emphasise the the airiness of the rooms. Touches of warm velvet, linen and wool add depth and contrast. Bespoke furniture has been designed to maximise the use of space. Lighting is also an important tool, both in terms of function and atmosphere. Carefully considered art work was chosen to complement the scheme, resulting in an interior that bridges seamless sophistication w ith modern cit y living.

si t t i n g r o o m: The symmetrical furniture arrangement highlights the proportion and architecture of the space while a contemporary chandelier adds a touch of drama.

— city —

– 77 –

— g e o r gi a n a p a r t m e n t —

sit t ing ro o m : One of the most pleasing features of the Georgian architecture are the three windows looking out to the vista beyond. Simple Roman blinds have been chosen so as not to distract from the view, with a pair of contemporary abstracts punctuating the space between them. Seating and consoles have low lines, so accentuating the height of the room.

– 79 –

— g e o r gi a n a p a r t m e n t —

– 81 –

b ed ro o m (ab o v e ) : The exuberantly patterned wrap-around headboard is the focal point in the bedroom, complemented by the brilliant blue of the glass lamp bases and white parchment shades. Twin footstools add interest to the space.

b at hro o m (lef t ) : This free-standing bath is contemporary in style and yet fits perfectly with the period architecture of the building. Floor-to-ceiling curtains accentuate the height of the room, while also adding softness to the scheme.

— g e o r gi a n a p a r t m e n t —

– 82 –

r e g e n t ’ s pa r k t ow n h o u s e Central London

L oc ated in one of London’s leaf y central areas, this elegant tow nhouse was completely transformed by reconfig uring the spatial arrangement and digging out a basement level. This new floor allowed us to install the beautiful open-plan k itchen and entertaining area for which our clients longed, as well as an intimate family snug. Light floods in through large glass doors at one end, which are fully retractable to make the most of the outdoor space.  As w ith many cit y tow nhouses the space was relatively compact. Fitted joiner y was key both to maximizing ever y available square centimeter and ensuring storage was tailored to meet the clients’ requirements. Bespoke cabinetr y becomes a feature of the rooms, accentuating order and sy mmetr y. It was also important to choose a colour scheme that would give cohesion throughout, so cool greys predominate, creating the perfect foil for accents of white, silver and heather. The result is a home that offers a soothing oasis from the stresses of busy cit y living.

— city —

– 83 –

f am i ly ro o m : The family room on the lower ground floor has cantilevered doors, which flood the space with light. It features clean-lined contemporary furniture and a palette of earthy colours with accents of blue and white. Limestone flooring is both attractive and durable.

— r e g e n t ’ s pa r k to w n h o u s e —

– 86 –

ma st e r b e dr o o m: Stone and white blossom wallpaper creates a pretty backdrop to the master bedroom. The tall, buttoned headboard adds a sense of scale to a room that is comfortable yet compact.

— city —

– 88 –

children’ s b ed ro o m: This tall, padded bedhead is perfect for the child who likes to read in bed, while also bringing a splash of pattern and colour into an otherwise quietly hued room. Space is compact, so a custom desk with drawers was commissioned to fit snugly under the eaves.

— city —

– 89 –

— r e g e n t ’ s pa r k to w n h o u s e —

– 90 –


e n

de s ig n e d f e e l j u s t


s pac e

m or e a b ou t

l o ok

v i s i t




w e l l


i n s ta n t ly

r e l a x e d

. It

m a k i n g

s o m e w h e r e

p r e t t y

t hou g h t f u l


i t


p r o c e s s

— country —


i s

n o t

v e ry i n de e d


3 ho t e l & r e s tau r a n t

– 92 –

bath pr iory Hotel

T he

Bath Prior y, which dates back to 1835, is renow ned for its

quintessentially English heritage and warm, elegant charm. Set w ithin beautiful landscaped gardens overlook ing Georgian Bath, this countr y house hotel beckons visitors from afar w ith its graceful tranquilit y. We were delighted to be appointed w ith the task of transforming the interior design of 11 bedrooms. However, w ith a requested five-month turnaround, in order not to disrupt future book ings, it presented a challenge of logistics that we embraced w ith confidence. As the hotel is privately ow ned, we worked closely w ith the ow ners to include collections of carefully selected art work , as well as introducing young, up-and-coming artists to their portfolio. Each room was given its ow n unique identit y, often inspired by particular paintings. However, it was also important that there was a cohesive design lang uage throughout that remained sensitive to the building’s histor y. Fabrics were key to the design, so we commissioned bespoke upholster y and bedheads in an array of wonderful textiles, including linen, velvet, wool and embroidered prints. These also reflected the clients’ love of colour, allow ing us to imbue g uest suites w ith character and comfort.

j a smi n e sui t e : Dove grey walls provide the background palette for this cosy suite, highlighted with rose pink upholstery and mauve velvet cushions. The embroidered, floral bedhead is the focal point of the room, which is beautifully complemented by the distressed tones of the chest-of-drawers.

— h o t e l & r e s ta u r a n t —

– 93 –

— b at h p r i o r y —

– 94 –

— h o t e l & r e s ta u r a n t —

ma g n olia s u ite: Sage green walls and sea green curtains provide a restful ambience, with burnt orange velvet cushions providing a jolt of contrasting colour. Checks and paisleys add layers of pattern for additional interest and comfort.

– 96 –

calcot manor Bar & Restaurant


it came to designing the public spaces for this acclaimed

countr yside hotel, the key was creating the perfect atmosphere for rest and relaxation. Discerning g uests choose Calcot Manor for both, so we needed to ensure a seamless transition from the hotel and spa to the welcoming, elegant restaurant and bar. We sought to give the restaurant a fresh identit y that also remained  sensitive to the building’s heritage and histor y, which spans an impressive seven centuries.  To achieve this, we dismissed the traditional barriers bet ween  k itchen, restaurant and bar. Instead we created a welcoming and vibrant interior that makes optimum use of the breathtak ing  views afforded by the surrounding gardens and countr yside beyond. However, we also applied rigorous attention to detailing in order to ensure that necessar y restoration work remained true to the original spirit of ever y stone and beam. In the restaurant, we achieved an atmosphere of convivialit y and comfort by mixing upholstered banquettes w ith either rattan or upholstered dining chairs. Elaborate chandeliers reference the leaf y trees that surround the building. We chose a natural colour scheme that is calm and air y, allow ing light and landscape to become the star pieces of the scheme.

di n i n g r o o m det a il: Smart but informal, the dining room features bold green-and-grey, striped upholstered seating with piped dining chairs of contrasting fabrics. Cushions have been chosen to provide accents of colour and pattern.

— h o t e l & r e s ta u r a n t —

– 97 –

— calcot manor —

– 98 –

— h o t e l & r e s ta u r a n t —

– 99 –

d in in g r oom: A pair of highly ornate, oak-leafed chandeliers provide the focal point in the conservatory dining area. The circular pedestal table punctuates the space, whilst also providing decorative interest.

— calcot manor —

– 100 –


e s ig n

l o ok s

i s

n o t

l i k e i t

. D

j u s t e s ig n

wor k s

— country —


w h at i s

i t


4 s erv ic e s

– 102 –

— services —

– 103 –

our expertise Intelligent Design

int eri o r archi t e c t u r e

a cces s or ies & s tylin g

More than just decorating, interior architecture draws on the

Draw ing on a wealth of experience in home dressing, our team

structure, materials and histor y of a building to inform how the

sk illfully transform your house into a home. We combine exquisite

interior can be adapted for contemporar y lifest yles. We redefine

homewares w ith personal artefacts, like framed photographs,

the use of space, work ing w ith other professionals where

to dress your home beautifully, ensuring a designer’s touch is

necessar y to add or take away structural elements and design

applied to ever y detail.

unique features. We specialise in k itchen and bathroom design kitch en d es ig n

as well as bespoke joiner y.

We recognise the key lifest yle role a k itchen can play, which is int eri o r d es i gn

why our specialist k itchen design team work w ith you to plan

Our passion for exquisite design runs through ever y thing we

ever y last detail. From designing a k itchen layout to suit your

do and also extends to the producers and craftsmen w ith whom

space to choosing finishes that meet your ever y requirement,

we work . Not only do we take great care to source the highest

we have the experience and the expertise to deliver exceptional

qualit y furnishings for our clients’ homes but we also work w ith


sk illed craftsmen in England and Europe to produce special bespoke items as required. Our specialist interior designers can accompany clients to antique markets, sale rooms, liaise w ith art advisers or commission one-offs as required.

p r oj ect ma n a g emen t While we pride ourselves on our creativit y, we also consider delivering a superlative ser vice to be part of our DNA . Our highly experienced project management team looks after ever y aspect of the design journey, from meticulous attention to budgets to ensuring time frames are deliverable. The team also runs the procurement process w ith zeal, g uaranteeing ever y single item from large to small is ready for installation as agreed.

— expertise —

– 104 –

— services —

– 105 –

t h e d e s ig n p r o c e s s C re a t i n g Yo u r P ro je c t

1 . de ve l o pi n g th e br ief The design process begins w ith a meeting to take the brief. We visit your propert y in order to get a first-hand impression and assess your requirements in person. We develop ideas in conjunction w ith you and any other professionals involved in order to present you w ith a design statement and an initial budget. 2 . c r e a t i n g t h e des ig n The bones of the design depend on layouts, which our sk illed design team take great care to draw up. Next, we create mood boards of fabrics and inspirational images to convey the concept, which we present to you in order to further develop the design. 3 . i n t e r i o r a r c h itectur e Follow ing the approval of the design concept, we progress w ith detailed specification of the interior architectural elements. These include detailed designs for k itchens, bathrooms, joiner y and lighting. 4 . f u r n i t ur e , f ittin g s & equip men t With all the interior architecture and floor plans settled, we develop a complete interior scheme, including samples of fabrics, carpets and specialist wall finishes as well as items of furniture, furnishings and accessories. We w ill also specif y bespoke items according to your requirements. At this stage budgets are agreed and fixed. 5 . pr o c ur e me nt We work w ith specialist artisan furniture makers for bespoke furniture and procure exceptional pieces from around the world to make your home a truly unique space. We are also able to source antiques and art work tak ing into account any pieces you may already ow n. 6 . i n st a l l a t i o n & d r es s in g We project manage the installation mak ing sure that ever y item arrives on time and is beautifully installed. Our design team personally ensures that finishing touches are in place before leaving you to enjoy your new home.

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e m m a s i m s hi l d i t c h Our Founder

A s the great-granddaughter of a Royal Academician and the daughter of an interior decorator, Emma grew up immersed in a world of art, architecture and design. Counter to family convention, she chose to study for a business degree before beginning her career in film production w ith R idley Scott where she developed her love of light, colour and detail. Juggling film crews, locations and sets, she also honed the organisational and design sk ills that are at the core of her business. While her three children were small, she started a cottage industr y mak ing curtains and other soft furnishings, which grew word-ofmouth into an interior design practice of note. In 2009, she launched this formally as Sims Hilditch, bringing interior architecture, interior design and project management under one roof. Emma is passionate about her belief that good design can transform not only how her clients live, but how they feel. By creating characterful, beautiful and intelligent interiors, she empowers her clients to radically improve the qualit y of their lives.

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t h e w hi t e h a r t Our Studio

L oc ated

in one of the most beautiful areas of the Cotswolds, we

discovered a piece of English heritage once k now n as the White Hart. Dating from the late 16 th centur y, it was one of the many countr yside pubs which had fallen into disrepair in recent years. We successfully purchased the building in 2013 and undertook a complete refurbishment w ith the aim to preser ve the building’s histor y while re-purposing it as a contemporar y design studio. The White Hart embodies the Sims Hilditch design ethos and is the ideal location in which to welcome our clients to discuss their ow n interior transformations.

e mma si ms h i l ditch : ‘ We believe true luxury is about quality of life, embracing the beauty of everyday living and allowing inspiration to flow from our surroundings.’

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s i m s h i ld i t c h

The White Hart Cold Ashton Gloucestershire SN14 8JR +44 (0)1249 783 087 w w w.simshilditch.com info@simshilditch.com

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Sims Hilditch Volume 2