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Tips on creating a stylish and chic tropical retreat!

By fantasticSims

owering over the small beach town of Sunset Valley sits the Wolff estate. Built when the ultra modern and abstract designs were all the rage, there was very little landscaping done. Sitting on the most desired location in town, the sterile structure was in desperate need of revamping. When I received the news that the Wolff’s were ready to start a very long overdue renovation, I jumped at the opportunity. With such amazing views of the ocean, I decided that tropical themed landscaping was perfect.

For the landscaping, I wanted a slightly wild look to match the fabulous tropical views. I used a variety of large leaf, flowering plants and small foliage. Many rocks were placed around creating interest, breaking up the greens of the landscape Stone paths weave in between the main home and the new luxurious Jacuzzi. A small exposed sitting area offers great views of the town and the beach below.

Here you can see the before picture of the large and bland pool area. I added the Jacuzzi and put it in a raised platform. This created a separate area, but also visually the two spaces flowed together nicely. Keeping with the theme, large plants surround the tub.

Tropical Foliage & Elephant ears (right) by fantasticSims TSR

TSR Reality Group


Abatros Garden 3 Bedroom 3 Bath Luxury Home ! g n i t is L w Ne

Licensed Realtor matomibotaki

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Kitchen Dark Chocolate Smoke Alarm Fish By Shino&KCR

Linea Natura Kids Deskchair By Buffsumm

Lilith teen room - Big wall shelf By spacesims

Panel Study Painting By peskimus2

e small

Lilith teen room - Pillows By spacesims

Sweet and Sassy Get these Fun new looks For Summer!

By JavaSims

The most anticipated Expansion Pack of the year has finally arrived‌. Here is a Simmers look inside the beautiful Isla Paradiso

Photography and words by fantasticSims

Isla Paradiso is made up of several islands spread out over sparkling blue waters. Steep emerald green mountains dotted with lush foliage and vivid flowers create a stunning setting for this tropical paradise. On the main island sits the town square. Brightly painted buildings surround the large central park. Residents in floral patterns and bathing suites with glistening suntans lazily walk from store to store, collecting supplies. Everything from shopping and school to the hospital and resorts are located on this large central island. Many expensive homes and the few paved roads make up the neighborhoods here. Several docks with house boats line the shore. There are many smaller islands that make up the rest of the town, all featuring more private homes and docks for future residents. The water channels offer great snorkeling and scuba diving, along with other fun water sports. Water taxi’s and house boats travel between the islands as the main means of transportation.

Pictured (Opposite page) The town Square, Entrance to the City (above) Residential Views (below)

There are three Resorts in Island Paradise. Each offering its own amenities and style. Some of the resorts offer a luxury suite where you can see, while others you simply check in and “turn in for the night�.


La Costa Verde is a large Spanish styled resort sitting high in the hills of the Main Island. Amenities: large pool with a fountain, poolside bar, gym, and dinner hall. Rooms: The luxury suite was rather disappointing. The rooms were very cramped and I could barley navigate around the double bed.

Sparkling Sands - More modern in design, this resort also is located on the Main Island. Amenities large wrap around pool with water slide, outdoor fire pits, pool side bar, hot tub, museum artifacts, dining hall. Rooms: “Check In for the Night” no viewable rooms. Tower Rooms

Hobart's Hideaway - Small beach side cottages offer a rustic relaxing getaway. This resort is located on the second large island Amenities small dining hall, beach access, fire pit Rooms: “Check In for the Night” no viewable rooms. Beach Cottages. Luxury suite is a small room located on the dock.

In this tropical paradise, there are many different water sports. Snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing are added. Scuba diving only is offered after you have some experience with snorkeling. As you become a more experienced diver, locations are opened up for exploring. The coveted Mermaid Cove becomes available at level 10.

Pictured (Opposite Page) Windsurfing, (Above) Scuba Diving in Isla Paradiso

There are several fun new dĂŠcor items included in this EP. The items range in style from nautical chic to rustic island retreat.

There are several bright and exotic landscaping plants and trees. Also many indoor plants added with this EP.

With the many islands that make up Isla Paradiso, the main mode of transpiration is by water. There are several new and fun ways to island hop, get to the scuba diving locations or just go for a leisure ride. The main one being the water taxi which is easily called upon.

As we know the latest update brought builders fun new docks for constructing our homes over water. With this EP we are introduced to the the houseboat! Here are get to choose from several different sized bases. Some are long and shaped in the style of a typical boat, while the larger ones are more of a floating platform. There aren’t many additional build items included, but the few are nice none the less.

The clothing with this new EP is not very extensive. The styles very from chic beach goer to full Spanish Matador. There are several new tops for both male and female and very few bottoms. Full outfits are nonexistent for the males, but there are some dresses and a couple pants sets for females. This goes the same for the Formals. The only other addition are bathing suites, a scuba wet suit with attached BC and tank, and pair of sandals for women. The only accessory here is the lifeguard whistle. And a pair of sunglasses.

Only 3 female bathing suites are added to the game. Males get only 2 new pairs of trunks.

Only a handful of hairstyles for males and females are included



There are not many BuyDebug items with this EP. Just a few treasure chests, some tree planters (not shown), the new gnome of course and the required items for the house boats.

Links It's all About Details by Francheska05 Links: 1. Make-Up Category a. Aquamarine Eyeshadow: Lipgloss: b. Sun Godess Model: Eyeshadow: Lipgloss: Blush: c. Enchanting Mermaid Model: Eyeshadow: Lipgloss: d. Tropical Beauty Eyeshadow: Lipgloss: 2. Hair Category a. b. c. 3. Accessories Category a. nails: bracelet: b. Hat: Glasses: c. Necklace: d. Footwear: d(1). d(2). 4. Just for Him Category a. Cute Surfer Model: Hair: Necklace: Bracelet: b. Sexy "Lifeguard" Model: Hair: Necklace: Headband: d. Footwear:

Special thanks to al the artists who's content we used. With out these amazing creations our games and this magazine would not be nearly as fantastic! We've tried our best to include everyone, but I’m sure we have missed quite a few‌ Fantastic Makeovers

Simplistic Summer Issue 5  

Summer Fun!

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