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Pic & model by Kittymeow

JomSims is a well-known, talented custom content creator for The Sims4. He ha He has his own website,, where he offers exclusive cc clothing, living room, dining room, and bedroom sets. There are many awesome c out all he has available. He also has many more items available for both Sims3 & All of his social media links are available on his website. *Feel free to like, follow,

as been providing amazing cc for our games since 2009. c for The Sims4. He has jewelry, accessories, makeup, creations to download & enjoy! You simply have to check & 4 at his TSR page (link at end of this feature/article.) comment, or share his cc & link back to his website.

•Sims 3 TSR CC Downloads


•Sims 4 TSR CC Downloads

1. The numberswoman (Sims4, Sims3, Sims2) 2.Cyclonesue (Sims3, Sims2) 3.sim_man123 (Sims4, Sims3, Sims2) 4. ShinoKCR (Sims4, Sims3, Sims2) 5. Angela (Sims4, Sims3, Sims2) 6. Cashcraft (Sims3, Sims2) 7. Murano (Sims3, Sims2) Mentor - AnoeskaB (Sims3, Sims2)

Madaez Bedroom by JomSimsCreations

Simplistic Magazine Sims & Modeling Thread

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Article by InaMac69

Article by InaMac69

Article by InaMac69

Article by InaMac69

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Simplistic Magazine Sims & Modeling Thread

MartyP’s Blog

•Sims 3 TSR CC Downloads •Sims 4 TSR CC Downloads

TSR Download Links for MartyP’s favorite Creators: •Eckinege •Pralinesims •Anto •Nightcrawler Sims •Madlen/MJ95 •EsyraM •Harmonia •Saliwa •Zuckerschnute2 •Pinkzombiecupcakes

Article by InaMac69

Article by InaMac69

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SM T-shirts & Tanks made by Birba 32

Pic by kittymeow

Pic by xjojox

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InaMac69 CC Finds - MartyP (Sims 3) I am Fabulous Toddler Nike Outfit Sunday's Best

InaMac69 CC Finds - JomSims (Sims 3) Countryside Bakery Amelia beauty set Fashionistas stylies 3 collection

Thanksgiving by InaMac69 Giving Thanks Pictures Sims 3 Thanksgiving Cushion Set Sims 3 Aruba dining room Owl Cushions Straight in Line Dress Nightcrawler-TRIXIE

Xcheekyangelx Sims 4 CC Finds Article: Hair Jeans Jacket Boots Scarf Nails and Septum piercing Bodysuit Blush Eyeliner Freckles Lipgloss

ArtsyAmy495 Creator Showcase - JomSims • Madaez Bedroom Set The Sims Red Carpet launch Party Event on Facebook™ ☼☼ RED CARPET DOWNLOADS ☼☼ •The Sims 3™ Painting for use as your Red Carpet background: •The Sims 4™ Painting for use as your Red Carpet background: •4K UHD Image for Photo Mounting: *Credits to Thomas J Chee - TheReds Studio for all the background Paintings.

•Simtech Community Forum • • •Ecoast.Tumblr

Community Photo Sharing AD CONTRIBUTORS • Jendowoz • JoeJoe11 • kittymeow • wbombje • wrswrs2 • xjojox • MizoreYukii

Jendowoz MartyP Creator Showcase Article: Female Model mp autumn leggings set Praline sims eyebrows n55 metallic nails smoky filled eyeshadow Venus 9 poses Set – goofball mp long-sleeved mini-dress MJ95 Madlen Aprilia Boots Ekinege Elpis Skin joanneBernice sky sun eye set SLYD leather shoulder/clutch bag Kijiko version 2 3d eyelashes ADE_Darma Iggy hair and headband Chanel watch, TAOUME jewellery set SClub WM 06 eyeliner Male Model Mp patchwork design geometric Mp 5 Male poses set – evil Kijiko version 2 3d eyelashes mp eye bag effect Stealthic Histeria Male Hair joanneBernice Aqueous eye set Male snuff Wristband SLYD super star sneaker set SClub basis skin III SClub wm29M eyebrows Sepentrogue facial hair Beard style 24 Birba32 Man colourful pants

MartyP Favorite CC - Jendowoz Article: mp_Expressive eyeliner_n2 Puma fitness outfit mp Nathalia’s Dress mp perfect fit jeans mp bandage dress mp Olivia’s dress mp Adidas mesh fitting outfit Choker by Toksik Toksik Jealousy hair Madlen Lydia boots Chanel watch face modeleur 3 Nightcrawler confetti hair – blonde Nightcrawler gigi hair – brunette, side ponytail Nightcrawler_(c)AF_Hair27 - redhead SLYD super star sneakers S-Club WM thesims4 Eyeshadow 14 S-Club WM ts4 eyeliner 13 S-Club LL ts4 earring 12(f) Sintiklia - Lipstick 48 MP - eyeshadow N1

MartyP Favorite CC - KittensMeow10 Article: Expressive Eyeliner N2 Adidas Mesh Fitting Outfit Nathalia’s Dress

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Simplistic Magazine Issue 10 (November 2016)  

Welcome to our newly revised magazine to be released monthly! In this issue we introduce our new Creator Showcase, CS Challenge, and Communi...