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A note from the Editors We, Amy & Ina would like to take this opportunity to thank our marvellous magazine staff for all their hard work and input into this second issue of Simplistic, without you we would never have made it. We would also like to thank the creators who have been featured, you make our games so much more interesting and enjoyable. A special thanks goes to Simtech Forum, our host. This forum is very friendly and family based and we are so happy to be associated with all the superb and talented members on there. We are always on the lookout for new and interesting simmers to boost their creations. You can nominate yourself or anyone you feel deserves a shout out within the magazine. You can contact us at Happy Holidays everyone xx

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Happy Holidays From The Editors

Just a touch of green warms up this modern living room. White Forest Wall IV By Pralinesims TSR

Bell Decor By Simcredible TSR

Sculpture Peace By Shino&KCR TSR

Candle Tree By Shino&KCR TSR

All that glitters is gold in this chic living room

Download Here Without list: (the preview image is contained in the .rar file with the pose names) With list:

Small Spaces This drab garage apartment posed a big design challenge. The need for privacy and storage were a big desire for the space. Given the studios downtown location and the exposed duct work, the designer added a slight Industrial Chic look to the area. Using spring colors and more modern touches, the perfect light and open space was created. The large garage door was the first to go. With the help of BBIB Construction, we moved the entrance and replaced the old worn Before windows.


By placing a room divider by the entry, a small “bedroom” area is created. A smaller dresser and bookcase provide yet another “wall” allowing for a private sleeping area. The opposite side there is now a small study nook.

DESIGNER TIP: When furnishing small spaces use undersized furniture. Love seats and arm chairs create a perfect intimate sitting area, with out crowding the small room.

Replacing the old counters and updating the appliances finished the small kitchen. Given the new layout there was now room for a two person eating area.

Even the small bathroom was kept in the design theme and colors. Also updating the fixtures.

This small space relied heavily on its color pallet to help create an airy and comfortable feel. DĂŠcor items such as floral pictures and small dĂŠcor items and many large plants, played on the spring colors. Keeping window treatments simple and elegant kept the area from feeling too closed in. The fabric textures were kept slightly rough, but simple as to not overwhelm the small space.

French Countryside This outdated living room was a designers dream. The large open area and many windows were the prefect setting for the homeowners desire for a chic and french country theme.

First the fireplace and windows were replaced. The wallpaper was removed and painted with a simple texture in a deep red. The floors were redone in a deep rich wood.

Rich mocha, luscious reds and evergreen set the tone of the room. Evoking the homeowners memories of small coffee houses and the rich greenery of France.

For the window treatments, a heavy fabric was used but kept just a few shades lighter than the deep woods. The many plants in picked up in the greens for the chosen pallet and added to the lush atmosphere.

Dark woods were kept consistent throughout the room. The fireplace, like the curtains, was painted just a few shades lighter. This kept the room from being too dark.

DESIGNERS TIP: When decorating in a theme, remember to keep it consistent through out the room. Use decor items to create the mood. ‌ Vintage posters by a french artist keep with in the french country theme.

Chic and stylish furniture were chosen and a lighter shade of the red was used. This added a small contrast to the deep red walls and picked up on the ornate wall design below the chair rail. Adding the textured rug in the same lighter tone filled the room and created a large, but cozy seating area.

Ocean Retreat This large bedroom with its beautiful views of the ocean had great potential. Because of the homes location and the home owners love of the sea, a nautical theme was chosen. Keeping in with the homes modern architecture, a chic and slightly rustic design was used, mimicking the great interiors of a beach cottage. Before

First, the small windows were changed to allow for more light and to maximize the scenic views. Well placed shutters allowed an unobstructed view of the sea, while adding the feeling of privacy. After

Layering the rugs, warmed up the room and helped to create the beach cottage look that was desired‌ A few throw pillows added to the feel of the room.

DESIGNER TIP: When choosing a color pallet, keep in mind of the homes location. Staying true to the landscape allows the interior design to flow smoothly with the outside views of the room.

The rooms shutters, painted in the color pallet, but using a distressed finish,added to the worn cottage look. Placing them opposite of the windows, helped to fill up unused space Only a few, well placed dĂŠcor items were used. This allowed for the rooms theme to show while staying true to the homes modern deign.

Cool blues pick up the ocean views in this modern bedroom.

Using different patterned stripes and fabric textures helped create visual appeal and added to the nautical theme.

After Before

Simple but bold paintings break up the stark white walls and mimic the views from the large windows.

All these items are free to download. Head on over to Simtech Forum where you will find the links. These are your gifts from 1st to the 18th December there are still more to see

Seasons Greetings From the Magazine staff

Simtech Forum says‌ To all our new members Davisconfuse MizViz petter41 ChefRochelle charmiedrengen Crazy Pink Chicken insanitypress76 Floweroscotland76 Jaguwar BabiiKitten suzuyaxx daisy215 niama Laia JNY28 Sylentwhysper rosepetal darlabubbles kittyhh1 insertAWESOMEusernamehere Akezai Lystra

e m o c l We Come as a guest, leave as a friend xxx

Artist to Watch

By fantasticSims

Sleek and shiny skin, doe eyes and luscious lips, no I’m not talking of the ever loved Barbie, but of the pretty little Sims 3 Models used by none other than DiamondRose @ TSR. Not only do her models capture your attention, but its her clothes that really grab you. Only a handful of creations, she’s already caught the attention of many Sims 3 players. With feminine floral patterns, elegant, modern cocktail dresses and sultry lingerie, DiamondRose is definitely a Sims 3 clothing designer to be taken seriously. Still new to the world of creating, this amazing artist has room to grow and work on her already stunning skills. If you don’t have her dresses in your Sims closets, then you are missing out on a real talent, that should definitely be watched.


Price Unfurnished: 22108 Price Furnished: 37637 Furnished: Fully Decorated: Throughout Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Stories: 2 Lot Size: 20x15

Gray Ashai by evanell

Price Unfurnished: 157418 Price Furnished: 459523 Furnished: Fully Decorated: Throughout Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3 Stories: 3 Lot Size: 50x50

The Victorian by Cerulean Talon

Check out these amazing Victorian homes all available for free only at

Price Unfurnished: 91350 Price Furnished: 179233 Furnished: Fully Decorated: Throughout Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3 Stories: 2 Lot Size: 40x40

Victoria by camarossz28

Price Unfurnished: 51154 Price Furnished: 136461 Furnished: Fully Decorated: Throughout Bedrooms: 2 Bathrooms: 2 Stories: 2 Lot Size: 40x30

Fairytale Cottage by ruby1023

Pictures from MMM Cycle 2

Peace and Goodwill to all From the Freelance Staff

Lets Cook With Mama J Tis the season to be jolly tralalala la la la la. I love Christmas. The one time my whole family comes together. The gifts, the merriment all make my day special. The one headache‌.The Dinner ! Now with help from mama J my dinner will be extra special this year. She has prepared some key pieces to make any dinner table shine and get those all important taste buds flowing. Now to don my apron and get serving. Are you ready kids? Here comes a mighty feast. Merry Christmas mama J and thankyou for making my dinner extra special with these lip smacking All recipes by mama J


Simtech Forum says‌ To all our November and December babies









Jack Wilson





A short story collaboration from 3 of our staff members Scenic pictures by Glitt, Family pictures by mama J and words by InaMac69

Coming Home…. The Journey It was a cold, icy morning. Ray and Mina had been travelling all night long on the Alaskan waterways. Do you think we will make it on time? Asked Mina, we still have so far to go. We will make it, we have to. Anne would never talk to us again if we didnt get there in time. Ray replied. They both stared out over the water, so still and blue, the hills on either side covered in thick snow and then they saw it… the port house. They are nearly there, a few more hours and they would see her.

As they watched the port house looming ever closer they both felt a little excited, or was it guilt for not coming back sooner. Ina was deep in thought, I wonder who will be there. Its been so long since we saw her. You know Mina, we should do this more often Raycut into her thoughts, he has a knack for doing that but then I suppose as twins they often think alike. He had always been the more assertive one, the one who would take control of the situation. It was his idea to move away. To make it big in Alaska.

It was Ray’s turn to get excited Mina look, down there the port He said pointing at the little house, while almost knocking her over Yes I see it Ray, Oh we should get ready to go They went inside the cabin to gather their belongings, Mina and Ray were almost there. A few more hours and they would see her again.

As the slow moving ferry made its way through the icy water, the night sky was closing in. Ladies and gentlemen please return to your cars ready for disembarking. Pedestrians go to the left cabin waiting area and stay clear of the walkways. Thankyou for travelling with us and have a Merry Christmas. The deep male voice boomed over the intercom system

They made their way to the waiting area along with the handful of other passengers. Ray said it would be best to travel without the car in case the weather turned and they got stuck. This way they had a better chance of making it on time. They could see the port house clearly now and knew it was only a little while longer until they were with her.

Ray look, its King, he is still here, as if he was waiting for us to come back. Mina had helped raise the young stallion with Joe the port master. She had a natural way with horses and this was one of the many things she had missed while being away. I see him and look the fairy house s still here too, I wonder if Tammy is still there Ray had been friends with Tammy, she was one of the first of the fairyfolk to have the courage to come out of hiding, she was 208yrs old and still had a few years left. Do we have time to stop and check Ray asked No not now we have only a few hours left to make it Mina said in a low voice

Anne had booked them a taxi which stood alone in the cark park. Mina and Ray loaded their bags into the trunk and gave the driver the address. Not long now and they would see her again. They both fell silent. Deep in their own thoughts. Mina, was thinking of the day they left. It almost broke her heart. Ray too was thinking of that day 3 years ago, almost to this very day. He was a headstrong 21yr old with big ideas. It was he who had convinced Mina to go with him. As they crossed the bridge they knew it would only be a matter of minutes. How would she react? Would she welcome them in open arms or would she turn them away? I’m scared Ray said Mina almost in a whisper Me too Mina me too Ray asked the driver to stop on the corner. He paid the man and wished him happy holidays. They stood on the corner for what seemed like hours, it was in fact only a few minutes. There it was, home. The only home they had known. Where she was waiting.

Mom They were home. When they were toddlers their mom, the only mom they can remember, had fostered them. She was a fairy and had fought against all the red tape to open up her home to orphaned children. Mina and Ray had been the first to be allowed by the authorities to stay. She had shown them love, had guided them both. She had always been there and yet they left. They left her heartbroken. Yes she had other children with her but the bond they shared was magical.

My Family

They climbed the steps and slowly opened the door. They felt it, the feeling of love. Anne was already there along with Peter. Mom look who is here Anne said with tears rolling down her cheeks Honey looked up and jumped to her feet, are they really here, my children you have come home. She almost fell over Anne who was sitting in front of her. Come in come in and give me a hug.

Mina and Ray rushed to their mom, were here mom. Merry Christmas. Not long after they arrived more of their brothers and sisters arrived. George, Kathy and Vlad. The family was complete. Honey was overjoyed at having her family all together in one house for Christmas. Gifts were exchanged and kisses under the mistletoe. The stereo playing holiday classics. Rudolf the red nosed reindeer……. Honey sat and her heart filled with joy silently wept tears of happiness. Anne and Mina helped with dinner. It was never a traditional dinner at Honey’s house. She always made sure everyone had their favourite food and Mina’s was cookies. Mina loved her family and decided she was going to stay here. Ray could go back alone as Mina’s place was at her moms side to help run this foster home, to give the love she had received from Honey. She knew this was what she wanted to do. She would tell Honey tomorrow. Today was Christmas day and Mina was home. Never to leave again. Merry Christmas everyone she said as her family came in to eat.

Simtech Forum Each issue we will run a lucky lottery for our members. All you have to do is be an active member on the forum and we the admin will do the rest.


The winning number for November is 336 Congratulations to

aenau Prize = 500sp The winning number for December is 521 Congratulations to

candygurl84 Prize = 750sp Remember to claim your prize by sending a pm to ArtsyAmy495 or InaMac69 before the release of the next issue.

Featured Creator Interview By InaMac69

Tasha 77 I (InaMac69) recently had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing and one and only Tasha 77. To me this lady oozes talent from her fingertips, not only does she make the most stunning sims but she has now turned her talents to creating custom content for the sims 3. Is there no end to her capabilities. Grab a cuppa and join me in looking into what makes Tasha so special.

Before we start lets find out a little about the creator behind the scenes So Tasha tell us about you, I am sure our readers would love to know Hmmm, Well I am a mother of two wonderful children, a boy and a girl. Have a loving and hard working husband. I love to read, write and do anything that has to do with art or creating.

Your family sounds wonderful. Creativity certainly runs through your veins my dear Please tell us when did you join the simming community and who was the first person you became friends with? I have been playing the Sims since “The Sims 2”. I didn’t join the community till late 2010 or early 2011. The first person I became friends with was Judyree. I am still good friends with her now. At what stage did you realise you had a special talent in creating sims? It was when others told me. I was learning and growing fast. They said I had a flare for making Sims. Do you have any hints or tips on how to make unique looking sims? Unique Sims is best made from the mind. Not from other people’s creations. Some fun ways I started out with making my Sims were from magazines, Get a bunch of different looks. Create all different looks by mixing them up all of the face and or body parts. The randomizer is a good way to create something unique and funny sometimes to. Also there are sliders.

I have not tried the randomiser in so long, maybe I should give that a go. These tips are fab, I am pretty sure there will be some simmers out there rushing off to try your tips. You are now expanding your talents into the wonderful world of CC creating, how did you start? I have always wanted to make CC. This was a dream and honestly I feel I still don’t understand it all completely. I started with paintings and lips you help me with that Ina, lol and thank you so much.

It was my pleasure sweetie Where do you get your inspiration from? My inspiration on clothing creations, which I love to do. This would be my dear friend Reiner aka “cshenrich”. He is a brilliant CC clothing designer. He has taught me everything I know. I thank him so much for making my dream come true. I wouldn’t be making what I am doing now without his kind help.

It always makes me smile to know there are simmers out there willing to pass on their knowledge to help others Do you have a favourite cc creator and why? Yes I do, Saliwa Sims. She is brilliant, wonderful. Everything she does is completely her style. I could probably guess her clothing without even seeing her name on it.

I have to agree with you on that one, I love her creations. She has such a unique style.

We all know the world of fashion is vast, for our readers can you in your own words, describe how you see fashion Fashion is freedom. It is art; let it be what you want it to. Feel it, see it and create it. How often do you get to play the game? I really don’t play the game anymore. I much rather create for it.

I think that is the story of all creators out there LOL What is your favourite EP and why? My favorite EP as for now is Super Natural. I love all monsters and creatures. Whats next on the horizon for Tasha 77 ? I am sure I am not the only one who wants to know. For now I am happy where I am. I will keep trying to get better with time and practice.

Just one final question then you are free to carry on creating Is there any advice you would give to new simmers just starting out? Have fun!!! Don’t give up. Don’t get to serious about anyone who tries to bring you down. Reach out to simmers who really want to help. Remember, everyone has to practice to get where they want.

Thankyou so much for taking time out for us Tasha, you are truly an inspiration. xx Thankyou Ina x

You can find Tasha at BTBSims Words by InaMac69 Pictures supplied by Tasha77

Picture from MMM Cycle 2

Simplistic Challenges With each issue Simplistic will be hosting a variety of challenges. These will range from home make-overs to sim making, Each new challenge will bring new and fun things to do to suit every simmer. From the experienced to the new comer. We value you all and hope to see you join in the fun. We will also have prizes, the host for each challenge will let you know what they are. Look out for the next batch of challenges. In the next issue there will be a short story challenge, for all budding writers, who wore it best, for simmers who love to dress up, a pudding sim make-over and lots more. Challenges will be advertised at Simtech Forum and FB along with various blogs and tumblr

Christmas Card Challenge This issue we held a special challenge just for Christmas. We had 2 fabulous entries and we felt that X-Tina just had the edge here.

By LoopyLou

Look out for your prize X-tina it will be getting sent to you soon.

Congratulations -X-tina

Who Wore

Words by InaMac69 Pictures supplied by

Even though the blue of this dress emphasises the bold red hair and deep olive skin the angle of the shot does not show her off to her full potential. A round of applause goes to her creator Buttonsginger

e It Best

y Shanz_Is and Buttonsginger

0 10/1

With her fabulous curves we think Chrystal just had the edge here. The colour of the dress coupled with her shimmering blonde hair just made this lady shine. Congratulations to her creator Shanz_Is


Picture from MMM Cycle 2

Picture from MMM Cycle 2


Additional game pics by Fantasticsims

Party Season Wear Continues with YA through to Elder


Simtech Games ARCADE On the forum we have a section dedicated to arcade games. These were added at first, for something extra to to Boys Girls do. Recently though they have been the source of a gender war LOL Its boys v girls At the moment the boys hold high scores in pool and winter bow arrow as well as some others but the girls are hot on their heels. InaMac holds most of the highest scores overall.

Games & Leader Shanghai Mahjongg - InaMac - ArtsyAmy

Freecell Solitaire - InaMac Wordo

Magic Balls - ArtsyAmy Sugar Sugar - Jacko

Bowling - Jacko Winter Bow Master - Joe Cube Buster - ArtsyAmy Free Kick Champ - Jacko Sushi Go Round - InaMac Sergeser - InaMac Deluxe Pool - Jacko Colors - Goodywood Balloon Tower - InaMac Balloon Defence 4 - InaMac Star Ball - InaMac AntBuster - InaMac Pacman - ArtsyAmy Bricks Breaking - Jacko Pool Jam - Jacko Star Bubbles - ArtsyAmy Jewel Quest - InaMac Bedazzled - Jacko

Have you got what it takes to be on the leader board ?? Why not join us and have a go. Which side will you be on ? Boys or Girls as you can see its “Girl Power” that wins

Simtech Forum Affiliates We have a section on the forum for members blogs, websites and forums. If you want to add your banner with link to your own site then contact InaMac and she will give you all the info on sizes etc needed.

All pictures are clickable

ht t p://t s3 cc.f orumot

Simplistic Magazine and Simtech Forum Would like to wish you all a very

Links We would like to say a big Thankyou to all the wonderful and creative Custom Content makers out there in the sims community. Without you our sims and homes would not look so good. Also a big shout out to all the fabulous Pose Makers. Taking pictures is so much easier with your incredible poses. Clothing Party Season Female Teen ory/sims3-clothing-female/title/teen-formal-dress-/id/1171262/ ory/sims3-clothing-female/title/teen-bow-dress-/id/1169378/ /sims3-clothing-female/title/free-off-the-shoulder-embellish-dress-foref/id/1155501/ Female YA/A s/category/sims3-clothing-female/title/baroque-cutwork-lacedress/id/1177150/ gory/sims3-clothing-female/title/girl-gone-wild/id/1178459/

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BUYERS GUIDE LINKS Fairytale Cottage by ruby1023 Victoria by camarossz28 2219 The Victorian by Cerulean Talon Grey Ashi by evanell

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Simplistic Issue 02 Winter Edition  

Bumper seasons spread, party wear also including make overs, story and much much more

Simplistic Issue 02 Winter Edition  

Bumper seasons spread, party wear also including make overs, story and much much more