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Experience The Hague with us! Absorb the cultural and social essence of this diverse city through the eyes of the international community and locals. You are The Underground!


Issue 16. May/June 2013




p.9 Bao Yao Fei

p.23 Urban Legend

Bao Yao Fei was born in The Hague 22 years ago, but his Chinese parents have been living in the Netherlands for 30. He speaks perfect English, Dutch and Mandarin, and just graduated from the Royal Academy of Art with the ‘Top Talent Award’ ...

Guy Tavares is the front man of both internationally acclaimed band Orange Sunshine and Santa Cruz. He is also a producer and gig organiser. The first time I heard the name Guy Tavares was when I was visiting a friend, Mikael Olofsson...

p.10 Nacht van de fooi Keep the change,

change the world! With this motto, six young ‘Haagsche’ ladies, including Undergrounds’ fashion reporter Lisette van der Ende, are raising awareness among young people of small-scale, sustainable charities in developing countries...


Issue 16. May /June 2013


Publisher The Underground is an

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independent monthly newspaper published by Simone Branson Harper Phone: + 31 (0) 6 815 050 49 Koninginnegracht 72 2514 AG Den Haag Full biographies of this month’s contributors can be found online

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his month we reveal some intriguing facts about The Hague and the diversity of the people that live here. For many people times are difficult, the financial crisis has hit hard and many small businesses are struggling to survive. But there is a positive side to the crisis as Joanna highlights in her article. I am in total agreement and feel that it can unite people. Good things can come from bad situations but only if people are willing to help and support each other, which is not hard and costs nothing. It’s nice to be nice! I have experienced first-hand how well this mindset works while setting up The Underground. Over the past year around 150 volunteers have put in time, energy and a lot of passion to help publish this paper and had no expectations. What they gained were friendships, shared contacts, new connections, expansion of networks and, on occasion, a job. So why not start making a difference? The Hague has recently launched PEP, which offers various English speaking voluntary jobs, or maybe you’d like to help out at the animal shelter in Wassenaar one day a month? Of course we all need the cash to keep a roof over our heads, but we don’t need cash to feel good about ourselves. I believe that by helping others we also help ourselves. So go on, treat yourself.

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Quote of the month: “Let me have a dig around Simone and see what I can uncover.” -Susan Gould-

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ideas. I really hope this transpires in the image.

Print: Wegener NieuwsDruk BV

In this work I express the negative aspect of the crisis as well as the positive. The economical crisis is a painful and scary experience for many people. I chose black and white as the

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language of the situation is very strict and straightforward, and About Adela Krubnerova

2970 Likes @TheUndergroundTH

I graduated from the Academy of Art,


Architecture and Design in Prague in the atelier of Conceptual art. I live in The Hague and work as a


freelance graphic designer and illustrator.

KORZO-2013-adv-220x310.indd 1

15-04-2013 17:27:17

doesn’t offer much choice in the given setup. Each individual should attempt to override known conventions and routines and find a new way of life. I’ve used the image of traffic/city as we easily accept another way when we find the usual route is suddenly unavailable. Then we just choose an alternative road. In life it seems to be much harder and sometimes unacceptable. The main message remains the thought that strong and great people always manage to find this new way inside of themselves. The search for individual excellence and uniqueness.

News & Views


Issue 16. May /June 2013

Issue 16. May /June 2013

News & Views


LOOKING FOR THE BRIGHT SIDE OF THE CRISIS @undergroundth • By Joanna van Bijsterveld

Wise Kid Say Art Project SAVE THE DATE: Zeeheldenfestival The preparations for the 33rd Zeehelden festival are well under way and like so many projects in The Hague is not without it’s problems. Following the loss of the main sponsor the financial committee have put in over hours to get the financial support so necessary to accomplish this unique festival. It has paid off for this year but the future of the festival remains uncertain. So, if anyone out there would like to sponsor or knows someone that would like to sponsor don’t hesitate to get in touch.

“Before we are born we are transparent people, we are magic” Ines, 4 years old Yuliya Sobotyuk came up with the unique idea for kids and visual artists to collaborate in her project called “Wise Kid Say.” She is encouraging children from around the world to submit quotes or sayings through her blog. Selected quotes will be chosen, and transformed into artistic visuals. Sobotyuk is hoping to eventually display these pieces of art in an exhibition, or develop a publication or book with these illustrations.

The programme committee were also put to the test after losing two members of their team, leaving just the three to search for, approach, negotiate and book all the acts, not to mention all the administration involved. They could really use your help next year and all you need, outside of time investment, is an interest in music (any kind) dance or theatre, slight organisational skills and a good sense of humour.

During this day visitors can take a peek inside the animal shelter, boarding department, animal ambulance and special animal rest home where senior dogs and cats can enjoy their last years peacefully with extra care and attention. National Animal Care also has a daycare where pet owners can leave their dog during the working day.

Of course many extra activities will be organised such as demonstrations of old crafts, a small country fair, wheel of fortune, an attic sale, a bouncy castle for the kids and a catwalk with all the adoptable animals. All revenues will go to the animals in need.

National Animal Care is located on the The Hague border, in the leafy town of Wassenaar on Zijdeweg 56.

Just note the dates (10 -14 July) because you won’t want to miss some of the sensational acts already booked, not to mention the very reasonably priced food and drink.

Considering adopting a shelter cat or dog? Or are you looking for a kennel to board your animal during your holiday? Visit the annual Open House Day of National Animal Care Wassenaar, taking place on Sunday 16 June between 11:00 and 16:00.

The shelter houses almost 200 stray or abandoned dogs and cats a year, some in terrible condition. The Open House Day is a great opportunity for National Animal Care to raise awareness and generate donations for its grateful task.

I could go on about the various committees and all the volunteers that dedicate so much of their time to ensure that the tradition that has become the Zeehelden festival survives, but we won’t.

Keep an eye on the site for updates and for the programme, which will be published in May.

House at National Animal Care

Worldmapping makes a difference Milou Tideman is going to Malawi with Worldmapping, an organisation that encourages youngsters to develop into committed world citizens. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world and Milou wants to help. While she is there she will visit small projects and learn about their problems. She will also be volunteering at various schools, helping out poor families and helping to construct and renovate houses for the elderly and orphans.

Support Milou by donating to 1555856 under the name S.Y. Wichers in Zoetermeer.

Reporters wanted Have you always dreamed of becoming a reporter? Are you interested in attending events for The Underground and reporting on this? We are looking for reporters for our following topics: shopping, fashion, music, art and design. Here is your chance! Send us your article to review: p.s. Submitting an article is easy! Check out our guidelines online.

By Maxime Zech

I Am a Woman, Hear Me ROAR! Women’s issues as they relate to the political, social as well as cultural and economic spheres of life have been a problem since cavemen started bonking caveladies on the head. When the feminist movement started challenging the idea of women vs. men and nature vs. culture, and the perception of women as objects to be moulded into man-pleasing machines, women’s issues began to change shape and nature, and became rather more complex. Several waves of feminism fought against inequality within social structures as well as social thinking. The first wave of feminism, which occurred during the 19th century, called for women’s suffrage or the right to vote and legal rights for women. The second wave, from the 1960s80s, focused more on sexuality, issues such as rape and violence were addressed and family structure as well as women in the workplace and the discourse on women’s legal rights was expanded. Third-wave feminism, which debatably started in the 90s, aims to challenge the portrayal of women in the media as a limited stereotype. Even though third-wave feminism is in place to expand upon the issues brought forth during second-wave feminism, I don’t believe that we are even out of the woods yet with second-wave feminism’s struggles. If you look at the news of late, the matters discussed and fought against during feminism in the 60s and 70s seem to still be a huge issue. A lot of these problems returned to the public discourse just last year during the Romney/Obama campaigns with women’s right to choose and equal pay being continually fought for. Todd Akin’s now infamous ideas on the vagina being able to repel rape sperm highlighted the way women are thought of, the lack of women in political positions, and it especially brought to question why the GOp is so blatantly out of touch with women’s issues. The still monumentally relevant global nightmare that is rape became an international campaign when in December of 2012, a 23year old medical student died in a hospital in Singapore after being gang-raped and thrown out of a moving bus in Delhi. As disheartening and depressing it is to know that rape happens all over the world, it is even more depressing to hear people defend it. It’s the way women dress, it’s the way women flirt. It’s the woman’s fault. If she would look more decent, this would never happen. Even though women still have to fight to be heard and thought of as equal and valid members of society, we are becoming stronger, more powerful and more vehement to be heard. ‘The Red Brigade’ is one of these groups of women who have decided not to allow this kind of thinking. They are a kind of mix between vigilantes and protesters. They actively speak against India’s rape culture and take it upon themselves to punish their tormentors. pussy Riot wasn’t going to be thought of as just a girl band, but stood up for human rights and political injustices, and took many risks to do so. ‘Femen’, known for their topless protests against patriarchy, call for an end of all religions, dictatorships and the sex industry. Women are constantly finding new ways to be heard and will never let the issues fade. And if we have to use Ryan Gosling’s gifted face to do that, then that’s our prerogative.

When it comes to “the crisis” there are not two, but several sides to the story, because it is affecting different countries to different degrees and at the same time individuals are affected differently, depending on their circumstances. Mainstream media often neglects to report on the positive side; of people coming together in solidarity and finding solutions. An example is Iceland, where through peaceful protests and solid arguments for alternative solutions, Icelanders were able to obtain gradual repayment of billions of euros on their own terms to Britain and the Netherlands for bailing out depositors of the failed bank Landsbanki. Those responsible for the banking crisis have been convicted. Agreements reached with the government and banks have eased the mortgage debt burden for more than 25 per cent of Iceland’s population. Subsequently, the people of Iceland embarked on re-writing their own constitution. The media coverage of Greece shows us images of a handful of “anarchists” again and again, rather than those of peaceful protesters; more than a hundred thousand people of all ages and backgrounds, that protested against further “austerity measures”, which include lowering the already pitiful wages of hard working people. The minimum wage in Greece is currently less than 600 Euros per month, while rent and other expenses are far higher than here in the Netherlands. We also didn’t see much footage of peaceful protesters in other European countries such as in Italy, Spain and France, where some protesters carried a sign “We are all Greek!”, showing solidarity and compassion for their fellow Europeans. In Volos, a Greek port town, people started an exchange system to support each other through the crisis – people exchange products and services without any money changing hands, using units of credit called TEM. The system is organised online, with members holding TEM accounts, which are debited with each virtual transaction. The initiative has now spread to several other towns and villages throughout the country and has reignited a sense of community, solidarity, integrity and above all, hope. The motto of the movement is: Nobody is alone in this crisis. In the UK, people have raised record breaking amounts of money for the charity Children in Need. Instead of giving less, people seem to be digging deep and giving as much as they can to help others in these difficult times. Fortunately, compared to the US and many countries in Europe, the Netherlands has not been affected quite as severely by the crisis. However, people are clearly worried and several small business owners started to feel the pinch several months ago. It has been a very long winter, literally and metaphorically for some. We need to take a positive stance, and stop feeding the fears if we want to solve the problem. Rebecca Joyner, owner of the Cheesecake Company on Torenstraat, shares her thoughts and shows us how she remains upbeat and positive despite the crisis. “When in the middle of a crisis period such as the one we are in now, I think it is important to stay calm and not to believe everything the media tells us. What I see is mass panic over the uncertainty of our financial future fuelled by the media. But when people stop spending money out of fear, they become part of the very problem they fear the most; it is a self fulfilling prophecy. As Charles Rosner said “You’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.” I try to stay positive by supporting and promoting fellow business owners as well as my own, because after all, the small businesses that make The Hague special. I don’t believe I am on a sinking ship, I see it more as having to guide my business through a big storm. It might not be easy but as long as I concentrate on supporting the small businesses locally, with optimism and belief, then I know that I am at least part of the solution.” Albert Einstein said:

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew”

If we refuse to buy into the fear and shift our focus to finding the silver lining in this seemingly dark cloud, we can still “have our cheesecake... and eat it too.”

Your thoughts? Share them with us! Minna Sun Kim : Underwater Cartoons ©




Issue 16. May /June 2013


Issue 16. May /June 2013




We all have a favourite singer or band. Sometimes it’s a particular song that means something to you. The Underground’s Dorine Schreiner asks people on the streets of The Hague:

Which song triggers a special memory or feeling for you?

Matt Greco (26), professional violinist “When I used to drive from Sydney to Queensland with my family, we always listened to Holiday by Madonna in the car. During the 12-hour road trip, we’d play this song multiple times and sing along loudly.”

Kelly Kelly (36), owner of Kelly’s Expat Shopping “My father always used to sing Tinseltown in the Rain by Blue Nile, which was his favourite. My sister and I grew up with it. I always request this song when I’m in a café. It brings back beautiful memories of him.”


By Lisette van der Ende

Earlier this year, I noticed a new trend in jewellery on online shopping sites. Old computer buttons or Rummikub stones as recycled accessories. I remembered a ring that I had seen my friend wearing, which was a special design by Koen Noordenbos, born in The Hague. Inspired by artist Ted Nooten who pushes boundaries in the bijoux industry, Koen makes accessible applied art. No object is save from the boundless ideas from Koen. Together with his ‘showroom suitcase’ I met up with him in a coffee bar on the Herengracht. After two unfinished studies at Willem de Kooning Academy, Koen decided to work at HYpO, a meeting place for young designers and artists from and around Delft. This special atelier is for art that has a low threshold. Currently Koen works in a depository of a secondhand store in Delft. At the depository, Koen tells me, he has all the attributes and space to come up with and develop ideas for what he loves best; making jewellery. Where did you get the inspiration for this collection? “I already had the idea for a long time. I love to make art with tangible products. A button invites people to interact, it calls up an emotion. A button invites people to touch it. Unfortunately many products are losing their value and function so I like to re-event new functions to products. I like to make accessible applied designs. I don’t see myself as a real artist, but more like a designer.”

Roald Mostertman (20), plumber/mechanic “We Just Don’t Care by John Legend reminds me of my first relationship. When we broke up, it was the first song I heard on the radio as I got in the car. Every time I hear it, it reminds me of that day.”

Nancy Novick (60), English teacher “Every time I hear I Feel Good by James Brown, I feel happy and alive. It’s so energising. It makes everyone want to get up and dance worldwide. The song makes me feel good, so it really does what it says.”

In response to that, what are the requirements for an object to be sufficient enough to make it jewellery? “Most of the time, I don’t design from a piece of paper. Usually, and I think this happens to a lot of designers; the product (jewel) develops and designs itself during the process of making it. My inspiration however comes from emotion.Nowadays we live in a fast moving consumer world. When people buy products, if we find something better or more useful or more expensive, we throw the old things away. people often don’t see the beauty of a product anymore; some products are losing their function. For example, first we had buttons on our mobile phones, now almost all phones have touch screens.” You like to recycle products? Are you a conscious sustainable designer? “I think I’m from both worlds. But the main intention of my jewellery is the beauty of the ‘depreciated’ objects. I believe, because of the recession, people have a strong desire for the past. They want to feel, have and touch something that used to be familiar. It’s like vintage clothes, vintage clothing takes people back in

time. These computer buttons for example refer to the digitisation era. The ‘Disco Dip’ cufflinks you can take back to the sixties. When I did my animation studies I always looked for perfection. But this made me blind for the products that I already made. (that were not perfect). I want to give rejected objects by mass consumers, like these buttons, a new function. I want to show these are still beautiful and useful objects but with a different function; jewellery.” How do you see your future? “Currently, my designs are available at the gift shop of museum, Beelden aan Zee in Scheveningen and at the design gallery Liefhertje Grote Witte Reus on the Stationsweg 137, near Holland Spoor. I’m working on a new collection. It’s in line with this collection but this time I will use different techniques. Also I’m going to make sayings visible. Very interesting and fun to design! I design with a lot of passion. In the future; I hope to make a part-time living with designing.”


For more information, visit

By Flore Touil


hequita and Alvin Chan are the proud owners of Maison Indochine. This Bed & Breakfast, based in downtown The Hague has two rooms available. Breakfast is served between 8:00 and 12:00. Guests are welcomed by friendly faces, kind words and helpful tips. However, this is not just about being hoteliers, for Chequita and Alvin it’s about the human experience. Why the name? “We wanted something that represented both of us.” Chan comes from Australia but originally from China. Chequita has always lived in The Hague, but her family is originally from Indonesia. Indochine is a mix of both and a French word. They both love French style and Maison was added for the French touch. Upon meeting this couple, you notice their harmony and happiness and it is quite contagious. The Bird Room and the Golden Room are two cosy and glowing spaces. They are very calming and welcoming. A home away from home only more ‘Chic’. They have a distinctive Asian vibe to them, with rich colours, lanterns, and some French elements, such as the chairs. Chequita decorated the Golden Room and Alvin the Bird Room. Each room has its own character. The bird room is a bit busier than the other, with its bird patterned wallpaper. Somehow they fit together and, by being different, avoid the impersonal, cold hotel standard.

“This B&B adventure started about two years ago .” How? This is more Chequita’s baby than Alvin’s. She used to work for Shell but didn’t want to anymore. She didn’t want to have a boss either. The couple had experience in hospitality; it also fitted with their personal character. The Bed & Breakfast came from there. They searched for an ideal spacious house for a year and then found it. They wanted somewhere away from the beach, which is already full of B&Bs. They settled for a place 10 minutes from the centre. The neighbourhood offers the best restaurants of The Hague, little shops and a pleasant, quiet atmosphere. Welcoming people into your home, because that is the principle of B&B, is not for everybody. You can tell it’s for this couple. They are the kind of people who instinctively know what their guests are looking for; whether it’s a bit quiet or a nice chat or hanging out for breakfast.

INFO What you need to know Contact: Chequita Eskak +31 (0) 6 502 87416 Piet Heinstraat 104 2518 CM The Hague

They meet people from all over the world. Even people who live in Amsterdam and want to have a little get-away. Very romantic. Some of their guests come back regularly, so often that they are like friends. An example is one of their regular guests who ”Comes into the living room and we share a beer and popcorn while watching a good movie.” It’s all about charming personality, a premium location and lovely rooms.

Would you or your business like to be featured in this section? More info:



s p i T & s New Fash i



Two different stores, one thing in common. Emma Joe loves Life claimed the title Best Store in The Hague this month. Jack by Jacky won the title in the category best second-hand store. Emma Joe Loves Life On the outside of this store at Dagelijkse Groenmarkt 30 you can already feel that Emma Joe is not a regular shop in the city centre of The Hague. The interior, scent and warm welcome by Esther, one of the staff members, confirms you have just walked into one of the best stores of The Hague. A unique concept store, where “having a full shopping experience’ is top priority. The founders of Emma Joe travel throughout the world to find the best perfumes, special bijoux and the most unique bags. Everyone who loves life will love Emma Joe.

er Li sett

e va n de te@t r En heun de derg roun

Issue 16. May /June 2013

Voted the best stores in The Hague!

on re port


Issue 16. May /June 2013

By Lisette van der Ende

MUST VISIT: Mode May 12 The Stock Sample Sale of Dutch fashion designers on Sunday May 5, in Rotterdam. Celebrate your freedom with a new wardrobe and buy your favourite designer clothes, fabrics or accessories.For more information visit TIP: For the online fashion shopaholics, get your special discount code at FASHION BLOG: A blog by a fashionista for all fashionistas. Keep up-to-date on the latest fashion shows/ news, lifestyle and the world according to journalist Simone Wijnands and her cat Henry. Not a blog for stylepussies! ONLINE SHOP: Shopping community with lots of good offers Job vacancies in fashion:

Jack by Jackie Among the second hand and vintage clothing collection you can find a broad variety of foreign brands like French Connection and Maison Scotch. Owner Jacqueline van der Bent was pleasantly surprised that a second hand shop won this particular prize. According to Jackie, winning this prize also shows how consumer behaviour is changing. personally, I think Jacky is right, buying second-hand clothes is now cool, luckily not a taboo anymore.

Shopping Night in The Hague 27 June 2013

My tip: Colour! Don’t be shy when it comes to trying out new colours both in clothes and make up. Whatever colour happens to be ‘in’ this season you can always find a shade of it to suit you. Even if you don’t feel confident wearing bright colours from head to toe, you don’t need to. One brightly coloured item (accessory/top/jeans) is all it takes to update your look and can be really flattering. So keep your mind open when it comes to colour.




r Virgin ia







By Virginia McDonald I photos provided by Bao Yao Fei

Bao Yao Fei was born in The Hague 22 years ago, but his Chinese parents have been living in the Netherlands for 30. He speaks perfect English, Dutch and Mandarin, and just graduated from the Royal Academy of Art with the ‘Top Talent Award’ and a €20,000 scholarship to start up his own fashion design label. Bao is a Wushu champion. It has been in his family for more than 300 years. His father is a trainer, his brother is a trainer and former world champion, Wushu is in his blood. “When I started walking I needed to start doing Wushu.” Bao didn’t like Wushu at first, but after placing himself in the top eight for Wushu in the Netherlands at the age of 13, he was proud to show the world his family’s tradition.

It’s the event fashionistas look forward to all year. During the annual Den Haag Shopping Night on 27 June, shops in downtown The Hague are open until midnight, and offer reductions of up to 40 per cent. Shopping Night is a fabulously enjoyable evening, with fashion shows and various happenings throughout the city.

Tea, Cake and Vintage Shopping! 2 June 2013 2012 saw the first edition of Thee, Taart and Textiel, an event held in a beautiful outdoor setting, where visitors can enjoy tea, coffee and organic cakes and sweets while perusing the large selection of vintage clothing. Due to the huge success of the event, and the demand for another, Sunday 2 June 2013 will see the second edition of Thee, Taart and Textiel held at De put swimming pool in Rijswijk. Expect cute polkadot dresses, retro jewellery and cool jackets, as well as a large range of men’s and children’s clothing.

My tip by stylist Efena Majomi

Fashio n

All proceeds from the event will be donated to charity, and you can help by giving away your pre-loved men’s, women’s or children’s clothing to the event. Email before the day for more info. When: Sunday 2 June, 2013 from 11:30 Where: De Put swimming pool Huis te Landelaan 29a, 2283 SE Rijswijk Admission: € 2.50 including a cup of tea or coffee - Kids get in free!

Where can we find the best Vintage shops in The Hague? Email

It is Bao’s rich heritage that has brought him to where he is now, by virtue of a disciplined ‘traditional’ Chinese upbringing. Days were perfectly planned. Bao would go to school, come home and have a snack, go to Wushu training, come home and have dinner, and then do homework before bed. Bao says he owes all his success to his disciplined life, even though he was always jealous of the other kids who got to play outside. Bao gets his passion for art and beauty from his parents, who taught him from a young age about the importance of his heritage, both Dutch and Chinese. “Because without history you’re nothing, you know?” “My parents are collectors of antique Asian art,” he explains, before joking; “When you are Chinese, everybody expects your parents to own a Chinese restaurant.” So what is he going to do with his €20,000 art scholarship? He’s not quite sure yet. It’s been sitting in his bank account for eight months, but he still can’t decide the best way to spend it. A disciplined perfectionist, Bao might use the money to polish his trade skills. “I want to go to Savile Row, to a tailor, I want to learn how to make the perfect suit, I want to learn from the best.” But then again, maybe he will do a master degree. Or maybe he will open his own atelier. He is still exploring and learning. Bao is inspired by nature and the beauty of the female form. He is also interested in the contrast with architecture, of right angles. He feels that the earth is soft and round like a woman’s body, and that architecture has hard shapes, more like a man’s body. He has a new obsession with the idea of the golden ratio, and the captive. He wants to explore the ideas of others and give his own version of them. He was taken aback recently by a sign in a window that read ‘less is less’. “I didn’t understand at first, but then I realised, yes! Less is less, why do we need more? Why can’t we be happy with less?” But it isn’t long before he is calling himself a hypocrite, recounting how he had just purchased four of the same shirts from COS because they fit him perfectly. An extraordinary artist who designs truly exquisite garments, Bao hates fast-paced, disposable fashion. He wants to create timeless pieces that women can wear forever and is optimistic about turning the modern day woman from a consumerist into a purist and he wants fashion to be durable, renewable and ecological. Who knows, maybe Bao will pop up at Amsterdam Fashion Week when least expected. Fresh from his training on Savile Row, still balanced and disciplined. Still inspired by Asian art and his heritage. Still unique.



Issue 16. May /June 2013

Issue 16. May /June 2013




By Trix van der Schalk I photo


ho was Marietje van Oordt? Vilan van der Loo interviewed Gerard Tremorshuizen for the weekly paper, Den Haag Centraal (8 March). During the interview, Gerard Tremorshuizen has this to say about Marietje, “I fell for her. I realise that full well. Had I met her when I was working and living in Indonesia, I would also have been one of her victims. My empathy for her is quite noticeable between the lines, and I fully understand why she did what she did.” Mr. Tremorshuizen is currently writing a book about Marietje van Oordt that will hopefully be published by the Tong Tong Foundation later this year. At the Tong Tong Fair at the Malieveld, from 22 May to 2 June 2013, an exhibition of photographs of Marietje’s life is planned.

ASK MOLLY I’m headed off to backpack through Latin America for the summer without my boyfriend. We won’t see each other for two months and contact will be limited. Should we stay together? First, you should take me with you. I could use a few months in the sun. Second, if you’re asking this question, you guys probably aren’t very serious. Two months is a long time to be apart early in a relationship, so why not take a break for the duration and see where things stand when you return? If you miss him terribly, you’ll see him when you get back and if not, I’m sure you’ll meet plenty of guys while travelling. I’m worried about getting my deposit back on my apartment when I leave at the end of the semester. Any advice on how to ensure I get my whole check? First, check with your rental agency or landlord. Often times they will do a preinspection to let you know what you need to clean or fix to pass the real inspection. Then, seriously clean. Dirty apartments are more likely to get written up for other problems. Finally, spackle is your friend. Fill in those holes in the wall and be sure to sand it down after it dries. I’m studying in the Netherlands and, when classes end for the summer, I’m looking for a good way to spend my summer vacation. Many of my friends are travelling but I don’t have the money to join them. I wish I could spend my summer travelling as well. Alas writing an advice column is hard work. Depending on how long you plan to stay here, consider taking a Dutch course. Your university may offer them for a reduced price and if you want to continue living here after graduation, speaking Dutch will go a long way in finding a job. Also you could think about volunteering. There are plenty of good causes around The Hague which would benefit from your skills. See for some ideas. Volunteering can be an excellent way to improve your resume as well. Need some advice? Contact Molly at

But this still doesn’t answer Trix van der Schalk’s question. “Who was Marietje van Oordt?” A beautiful young woman steps up on the front porch of a house along the Groote Lenkongweg in Bandoeng, Java, enters and introduces herself as Mrs. Krop. She wants to rent the Gedong Menu, a ‘gentleman’s residence’ on the outskirts of Batavia (now Djakarta) where the novelist Eddy du perron grew up. Her husband, she says, is a prominent employee at the Royal packet Navigation Company (KpM), and has entrusted her with the search for a house. With her big brown eyes and winning smile, the lovely lassie winds Mr. du perron senior around her little finger and the Gedong Menu is hers to live in.



eep the change, change the world! With this motto, six young ‘Haagsche’ ladies, including Undergrounds’ fashion reporter Lisette van der Ende, raise awareness among young people of small-scale, sustainable charities in developing countries. On 1 June, they are organising Nacht van de Fooi (Night of the tip) in The Hague for the first time.

smaller ones. They need our support as well,”Lorraine says. Wia: “This year the proceeds are going to four charities: Mama Alice in peru to help children with literacy, The Afri-Can Trust Foundation to support women and youth to create work and BOKO Africa foundation that offers women professional training on healthcare food and hygiene to prevent child mortality; The Sypo foundation for women in Uganda that provides micro financing to set up their own businesses.”

The concept of Nacht van de Fooi Nacht van de Fooi, the brainchild of Wies Maas, a student in Groningen nine years ago has become a Dutch national event organised every year by students. This year, eleven Dutch cities, pubs, clubs and restaurants are being asked to participate. Liza: “We ask establishment owners and staff if they are willing to support a chosen charity project by donating their day’s earned tip to Nacht van de Fooi.” Every establishment that participates, Bente continues, “will be linked to one of the four charity projects. And we want customers to get acquainted with them.”

Involvement The committee of six young women will be organising a discussion event at the Museum Humanity House to connect young people with charity foundations. Nora; “We want to show that young people already have the skills and knowledge to be entrepreneurs and can make a difference.” With performances of puurGelul (Haags literary platform, including Undergrounds’ contributor Jeffrey Huff), Anonymous Gentlemen and Amateur, this is an evening not to be missed! So what are you doing on Saturday 1 June? Make a big difference by making a small gesture!

Projects Stichting Nacht van de Fooi is supported by partner Impulsis, who will double the proceeds fundraised on this special day. What makes this charity event so special is that Nacht van de Fooi supports small-scale sustainable projects in developing countries throughout the world. “Every year, small charities can subscribe to our foundation for support. It’s important that, next to the bigger and familiar charity foundations, we do not forget the

Stay up to date about the programme. For more information about these enthusiastic ladies and the participating establishments visit www.

Eight months later the rent has still not been paid. Mr. du perron senior threatens to take Mrs. Krop to court, but the bird has flown. The house where the most fantastic parties had been given is now in a filthy and uninhabitable state. When Mrs. Krop turns out to be Marietje van Oordt, an amusing court case follows where Eddy du perron is a witness for the prosecution and Marietje tearfully performs as a tragic-comedienne. This account involving Marietje van Oordt is told in Du perron’s magnum opus, Country of Origin (Land van Herkomst). Another incident involving Marietje is recorded in the same book. “Marietje’s sympathies definitely go out to the other sex and she will not lightly forgo any opportunity of entering into a ‘relationship’. She wins over the gentlemen of creation with her magical smile and will not soon let them go. Well, recently she’d put her teeth into one again. Her new fiancé seems somewhat green and he says he believes in her, so why shouldn’t he marry the girl. His friends advise against doing so. ‘Are you really sure her name is Annetje van Dalen?’ they ask. In spite of his feelings for her, the young beau acquiesces – he would confront her he says. Marietje cries into a dozen hankies and says that they would go to the police to establish her true identity. The police are not surprised. Mr. von Hombracht, the police commissioner, tells her that if she continues playing such pranks he would treat her quite differently in future. The ‘relationship’ is broken off and Marietje is free once again. The upright fiancé says, ‘Live well, my lamb. I will walk away from here!’.” According to De Sumatra Post of 11 June 1915, after this incident Marietje was taken to hospital in Surabaya for cholera.

These two incidents foreshadow the remainder of Marietje’s life. She invents an identity, attaches herself to a man, gets him to do her a favour and subsequently finds herself in just the right social situation to obtain clothes, furniture, hats, jewellery and many other luxury items fraudulently. She never pays, inevitably gets caught and spends some time in prison but never for very long. She seems to suffer somewhat – she becomes ill or repents and stays with the Salvation Army for a while. But her cases all seem comical, rather as if she is a comedienne with a role to play in life if not on the stage. Many newspapers of ‘Nederlands-Indië’ have short articles mentioning Marietje’s various convictions of fraud from 1917 onwards. One newspaper even calls on readers to warn the community should Marietje be in the area. On 19 March 1926, she is even convicted of fraudulently attempting to commit suicide. It was discovered that instead of having taken poison on 20 February 1926 – the doctors had even gone so far as to pump out her stomach – she had eaten ‘red food dye’. She is mentioned so often in newspapers that she gains quite a bit of notoriety. She pops up in Medan or on Sumatra and suddenly again on Java only to disappear again. According to her own accounts she had a turbulent childhood. In the Rotterdams Nieuwsblad of 21 December 1928, she tells a journalist that Sergeant van Oordt had bought her for the price of 12.50 Dutch guilders and a square pot and that she had not been given a name before this. At the age of 14, a certain Krop was given permission to marry her. But what is true? What are we to believe coming from a woman who spent a lifetime in a fantasy world of her own making? The most poignant question, ‘Did Marietje van Oordt ever address the question of who she really was?’

Must see... The Indies in The Hague An age-old bond From 20 April to 15 August 2013 The Hague and The Indies are inextricably linked. Nowhere in the Netherlands did the former colony leave so many footprints as in the residence and nowhere was the loss of the Archipelago felt so strongly than by the ‘Widow of the Indies’, as the city was called. This year the Hague Historic Museum is devoting extensive attention to the memories of The Indies and the culture that the Dutch East Indies brought to The Hague. Using diverse themes – art, literature, travel, Indo rock and food – the museum illustrates the strong relationship the city had with the former colony.


What, might you ask, has an American comedian got to offer Dutch society? Originally from Chicago Greg Shapiro has lived in Holland for more than 20 years, married and had kids here, He’s even taken the huge step of becoming a Dutch citizen, or as he likes to call it, has become a ‘Superburger’. Which is also the name of the show he’s currently touring the country with. Greg has a fresh insight into the Dutch scene, free of its Calvinist shackles and ingrained traditions. Rather than the cheese and weed jokes, Greg is after enlightening the expat and Dutch punter with an informed grain of flatland witticism, such as the absurdity of the SNS bank rubbing shoulders with a Greek restaurant on the Grote Marktstraat, broken plates and windows?

TED is looking for a home

For a newly arrived expat, some things in Holland are just plain weird, and I have to admit, I also share the same feeling of aghast regarding the whole Zwarte piet thing. How the hell is that ok? Can you imagine blacking up in Bristol or philadelphia without being Djangoed? The whole thing just doesn’t wash, except off the skins of the kaaskopjes with their lurid fool clothing.

Ted is everything you would expect from a dog; tough, obedient, loyal and pure. And he loves to cuddle as well! He longs for a boss to give him firm directions and set boundaries and to take him out frequently and challenge him as he’s an energetic fellow. Do you think you can offer Ted a suitable and loving home?

On the flip side, would you ever see Obama or Cameron strolling the streets of their respective capitols unaided, unannounced without secret service or bulletproof glass, as Dutch prime Minister Mark Rutte was doing whilst we were sharing a coffee on the Grote Markt? I don’t think so. There was the Dutch pM chatting with Joe public on the high street, collar a mess, smile on his face, just doing his thing.

Check or contact us at 070-5179852.

Greg is not only a comedian in his own right, but also a promoter of fresh talent. A plan in the making is The Hague Comedy Festival. It’s the big gap in The Hague’s cultural landscape and Greg wants to be the guy to fill it. So expect to make a reservation around spring of 2014!



Issue 16. May /June 2013

Issue 16. May /June 2013




By Laura Dragulin | photos by Chris Schram


hen I was a little girl, I would dream about living in a huge glass house near the water to watch people sail their boats and I would be able to wave at them. But this story is not about me, it’s about a man and his passion for the city he was born. Chris Schram, the writer, the photographer and the brain behind the website, spoke to Laura Dragulin of The Underground. If you take a look at his website, you can find the perfect melange of history, culture, and civilisation. Above all, its mission is simple: to show the world how beautiful the city of The Hague is. Chris Schram’s project started in 1996 as a hobby. How everything started Forced to stay indoors for long periods in 1996 due to illness, Chris would spend time on the internet and he discovered with amazement that many people love The Hague and how little he knew about the city. Chris hardly knew his own city except for the downtown shops and cafés like many of us. For those who know The Hague well enough, Chris was born and raised in Loosduinen, in a period when the city centre was not as attractive as it is today. The green lamppoles had disappeared and only the elders knew how beautiful the city was before everything had been demolished, broken, or burned down. people were mourning the picturesque Staatsspoor Station, the theatres Kunsten, Wetenschappen, and Scala, the zoo next to the Malieveld, the historic Scheveningen, the canal between Loosduinen and the city centre. Everybody was saying that the city lost its beauty. “I started to look around with a book from around 1740, found at the City Archive (Gemeente Archief). I was amazed that the beauty was still there. From 1996, the historical green lamppoles were back and parts like Lange Vijverberg and Lange Voorhout came back to life,” remembers Chris. So this is how started. As Chris Schram confesses,”It was the right moment to start telling the world that we are still here, the beauty was lost but now it’s found. Visit, see, and enjoy! Know this city and start loving it again. Even if we were tempted to add the negative undertone before all is gone, the beauty of the city couldn’t be stopped. The lamppoles were back, the passage, Hotel Des Indes and other 19th century beauty were restored. The city

and its people put energy in bringing the city back to life and it’s still working.” Being a tourist in your own city If I’ve learned anything since I am an expat in the Netherlands, it’s that Dutch people are proud of their heritage and you don’t need to hire a guide to visit a city in Holland. Chris Schram, for example, can be your guide! I have asked Chris about his favourite spot in The Hague, but he couldn’t name only one. The answer was beyond expectations: “I love the city centre, with its ancient beauty and hidden spots. Lange Voorhout is fantastic. You can stroll where Descartes, Spinoza, Cassanova, Tsar peter, princes of Orange, royals, presidents, extraordinary and ordinary people have walked before since the 1540s. I love to walk along the canals Smidswater and Hooigracht, the former Jewish Island of Nieuwe Uitleg (prinsessegracht) and around the Bierkade. But most of all I love the 19th century part of The Hague.” The Hague is such a complex city and requires several days of your time if you want to get the real vibe. If you want to get in touch with the national heritage, Chris advises you to “visit the world of Louis Couperus, a Dutch famous writer, walk around in Archipel, Statenkwartier and Belgisch park. Visit the Regentessekwartier, be amazed by the Zeeheldenkwartier! Breathe the 19th century in Willemspark! Not only will you be impressed by the architecture of the ‘fin de siècle’ still present there, but you will find magnificent shops and great restaurants”. “Check out The Hague between city centre and the beach, walk around in the Frederik Hendriklaan, Statenlaan, Bankastraat and Nassauplein! Sit down for a moment on a nice spring, summer, autumn, or winter day and enjoy. Feel and experience how the architects of the 19th century made sure that you will enjoy what they have created. This city is a gold mine with its 19th century areas and they will only get more valuable as time goes by.” Another way to discover the city Chris Schram is also the owner of www.willemsvaart. nl. His company organises boat tours between the city centre and the sea. Walking along the canals of The Hague is what triggered this business idea as canals like the Koninginnegracht and Het Kanaal, which are the most beautiful, cannot be accessed with big boats. When I checked the website, the Willemsvaart experience struck me as being similar to the famous gondolas in Venice. Yet, Chris is more entitled to compare it with a travel back in time: “See it as a positive non-violent explosion of peace of mind. You travel back from the present to the past. You can visit ‘Westbroek’ with

its famous (European) Rose Garden and the peaceful open air tea-restaurant ‘Waterkant’. Walk from there to Belgium park (with Art Nouveau/Liberty style buildings, or Van Stolkpark”. “Stress will be a distant memory. Vacation, weekend, and free time should be like that. Free of worries, full of a brand new world in the style of those who travelled to the beach centuries ago. The Koninginnegracht and Het Kanaal were created because King Willem I (the one who arrived in the Netherlands in 1813 and which we will celebrate this year) wanted tourists to go the Bathhouse (now the ‘Kuhrhaus) by boat. The project of creating Koninginnegracht and Het Kanaal lasted about 40 years. But now, in 2013 ,this route over water can still be used. ‘Willemsvaart’ is named after the wise king who made our journey possible.” How can you book a trip and what’s in it for you? If you are interested in wandering through the mazy canals of The Hague, now is the best time to book a trip. They start from the gardens of Royal palace ‘Noordeinde’ to the Royal palace Huis ten Bosch, every day at 13:00 lasting two hours. The boat tours can be booked online ( / www. or at the Local Tourist Info Desk (VVV at the Spui). During the tours you will see 19th century The Hague, early 20th century The Hague, royal buildings, the first apartment flat (1925) and the green forest of The Hague (the oldest in the Netherlands). In the period May-November there are ‘Beach-Relax boat tours’. The 1,5 hour tour starts at the hostel of Stayokay at 10:30 and ends at the beach. It can be also a pleasant wait to commute, as you can travel in a comfortable way: no full trams, no traffic jams. At 13:00 there is a tour that goes from the city to the beach and back to the city again. These tours start and end at ‘Zieken’ near Central Station and Holland Spoor Station. They last a little more than two hours. Willemsvaart can also be booked as well for private boat tours, if you plan a special event, or you just want a lone, quiet tour. This is the perfect way to see the city and learn more about it. Go by boat to the famous Gemeentemuseum; combine that visit with the boat tour, and a visit of the most beautiful shopping street in the country “Frederik Hendrikstraat” and the beach. This tour can provide you high tea or just snacks or dinner at the boat, but you can also bring it yourself. The trip is ideal to relax and regain energy.


By Rebecca Seward

painted circa 1660-1661, it was one of three paintings of Delft by Vermeer and reputed to have been commissioned by Vermeer’s patron pieter van Ruijven. The other paintings of his home town are ‘House standing in Delft’ and ‘The Little Street’. It was not unusual for historical Dutch painters to paint their birth place as Dutch citizens were said to identify strongly with their place of origin. The painting is currently in the Mauritshuis in The Hague. It is Vermeer’s largest work at 98.5cm X 117.5 cm in size. This picture can also be found on Gold and Silver commemorative coins issued in 2011 by the Dutch Royal Mint. In the painting we can see the Rotterdam gates which were pulled down in 1836. The Schiedam gate is also visible; this was brought down in 1834 and was where taxes on goods travelling on the roads and water ways were collected. In the background skyline is the spire of the Nieuwe Kerk. This is a place of meaning for the people of Delft and the Netherlands as it is the final resting place of the Dutch monarchs and many of the House of Orange-Nassau. The church is not clearly seen and it is suggested that the proportions in Vermeer’s painting are designed to be smaller in order to show it in the distance. On the left side of the painting, the spire of the Oude Kerk can be seen as this is where Vermeer is buried. This spire can also be seen in the skyline of this view. It is unusual that the church is so concealed as landmarks and important buildings were often brought to the foreground in landscape pictures.

©Chris Schram

Vermeer however, has painted this view of Delft to portray a perfect snapshot in time; catching the colour of the sea and the brick work beautifully.



Issue 16. May /June 2013

Issue 16. May /June 2013

Homes & Living


the doctor, the bird And the Architect By Alix de Morant re you a bird? The question addressed by a new sportswear brand on A the corner of the Javastraat just echoed a question that preoccupies each inhabitant of The Hague. Why is a stork the emblem of the city? Even though the graphic, elegant, Chanel like look of the noble bird can reflect in some way the white collar mindset of the dormant capital, why stick to the stork when The Hague is mostly occupied by seagulls?

Top 5 questions to ask a recruiter in the Netherlands. What to ask to make sure that we choose the right company! It is not enough to know which profession to choose, you also need to know what questions to ask and how to formulate them in order to find a good match between you, the job and the company. Here are five questions that should help you to identify a positive workplace from a disaster-waiting-to-happen workplace. 1. The atmosphere at work Wrong question about the atmosphere at work is a direct and open one. It allows the recruiter to give you facts that are well received by the candidate. So avoid questions like: “Is the atmosphere at work nice?”, “Are your colleagues nice to each other?” The answer to those questions will only be affirmative. You don’t expect the recruiter to tell you that he allows mobbing and that last year three employees had heart attack. An indicator of whether the company provides good working conditions is the fact that co-workers meet outside of work, that they want to work in teams or that employees like each other. It is worth asking the recruiter about how they celebrate the success of the company and if they praise the teamwork. At the interview you can ask your future boss to tell you something about the team you will work with. The way he talks about them and how much he knows will prove whether the company offers a warm and friendly atmosphere. 2. Bonuses Inaccurate questions about the bonuses are general questions that don’t specify the requirements. For example: “Has the company got a bonus scheme?”, “Can I count on a bonus?” In the course of work you may find out that only “boss’s pets” get bonuses or that the rules for granting are so vague that the employee has no idea what to do to get a bonus. How to ask about bonuses? The question of bonuses must take into account statutory bonuses, that is, those which are described in the company’s work rules and policies. If an employer finds out that the company grants only discretionary bonuses, the candidate should ask about the requirements, the frequency and percentage in relation to remuneration. This distinction between statutory and discretionary bonuses is a key to the knowledge of the principles for granting bonus. Therefore, the questions should be: “Does the company grants statutory bonuses? What is the relation to remuneration?“ 3. Rotation Frequent rotation in the company is an indicator that something is going wrong. perhaps the atmosphere is bad or employees do not have a chance to develop their skills. The question of the rotation is not easy – it may arouse vigilance of the recruiter. You will not get a true answer if you ask this question with a high level of generality – for example: “How frequent is the rotation?” You will probably hear that it does not happen very often. A good question includes specific information: “How many people left the company last year?”, “What is the average length of employment?” Comparing that data to the number of employees throughout the company can indicate the frequency of the rotation. If 5 employees left the company, and the whole company has 20 employees, means that there is a problem in the organisation. To find out more you may ask: “For what reasons have employees left the company?” Keep in mind that the low rotation also provides a positive atmosphere in the company. 4. Training Many companies provide the opportunity for employee development. One of them is training. Wrong question about training will be a question that does not clarify the areas of training. For example, “Do you send employees to training?”Such question is usually answered in the affirmative way, and what we don’t know is that the training may be organized internally and relates only to procedures. Well asked questions include: training budget (if it exists, and if not, how much money is allocated for training of employees), how often employees participate in the training and what specific certificates you can obtain. 5. Career path Companies do not always opt for internal recruitment, therefore, you may ask your employer: “Are there people who were promoted to higher positions and what were these positions?”, “Does the company use internal recruitment and what is the procedure?”Such questions are forcing the recruiter to give you a specific answer. If the company does not appreciate and encourage the talent, the structure is flat and does not allow for the development. The interviewer, therefore, will not be able to answer any of these questions. Good questions about professional development opportunities should define what your career path might be within the company. If after the interview you get a sense that your development is limited to the position you apply for, it will be easier for you to decide whether to accept or refuse the offer. It is smart to prepare the questions before you meet the recruiter in the Netherlands and remember to have some back-up questions. If you listen carefully you get the answer to most of your questions during the interview. Other important issues need to be addressed and defined more precisely because you don’t want to start working in a company that does not meet your expectations and hinder your growth. Copyright: Together Abroad


By Denisa Caldová I photo by Markéta Tichavská Age: 48 Nationality: Dutch Place of birth: The Hague Education: High school Marital status: Married Lived in: Portugal and Spain

events. How did you meet your team? I don’t have any regular staff. I just hire them at the time that I’m sure I need them. We have a couple of contacts in payroll and I just call them and say how many waitresses I need and when I need them. It is far cheaper than if I kept them on a payroll myself.

What do you do?

What makes you really happy?

I work in the hotel and catering industry. I have a restaurant in The Hague. It is called De Ooievaer and we have been in operation for four years. There is going to be a lot of construction going on in the neighbourhood in the next few years. Therefore, I decided to look around for another venue. That is why I have BLU Events in Scheveningen now. It is a venue for events such as weddings or birthdays.

Backpacking. When I don’t have too many worries. Sometimes there are days when you get overflowed with bills and you think: “Well, is this it? Are we only working really hard to pay all the bills coming?” What makes me happy is when everything goes well. I can’t complain.

Why do you do what you do?

Nothing really. It has to grow organically. What I would like is not to specialise. Something new every week would be nice. Maybe having one particular event coming back every two weeks. You think of it, we can make it happen! Anything is possible. If you want to cook yourself, you can do it. There is a beautiful huge kitchen. There is a French woman who wants to do French cooking workshops.

It is an opportunity. I really believe in it. I have always been in the restaurant business. It is interesting to do things behind the scenes, planning, talking with people, and just making it into one special evening instead of doing the same thing seven days a week. How did you get interested in this area? My first job behind the bar was when I was 18 or 19 and I have done it ever since. Everything I know about the business is what I learned while doing it. Why did you pick this location for your business? Because I love the beach. The view is spectacular. I couldn’t think of a better place for

What features/expansions are you planning?

Is there anything else you would like to add? It is getting harder and harder to please people. You used to do just little things and people would appreciate that. But now they think that everything is normal. They always want more and more and pay less and less. Because of this attitude business is difficult.

@iStratBuzz @whitehurst_john Looking forward to attending and covering this amazing event on 14-15 May The Hague! #iStrategy #thehague

Mevrouw de AAnkoopMAkelAAr, A buyer’s estAte Agent! Buying a house is not a daily routine for most people. Buying a house entails emotion. Is the asking price not too high? Is the neighbourhood all right, and how is the structural condition of the house? What does ‘investigation obligation for the buyer’ mean? Is the Home Owners Association okay? There are many matters that have to be considered when buying a house in the Netherlands. There are estate agents that operate in the interest of the selling party, but there are also estate agents operating in the buyer’s interest. Mevrouw de Aankoopmakelaar is an estate agent who has years of experience and in the last five years she has performed as an agent for buyer’s interests only. She provides advice, compares values, reads all relevant paperwork but she also investigates the presence of any defects, obligations or details that may have something to do with the house. In short: Mevrouw de Aankoopmakelaar allays your concerns, negotiates with the selling party to get the lowest price and she makes sure all agreements are in print properly and carried out accordingly. An A-Z approach. All of this in English so that it is clear what you are buying and signing. Six days per week Mevrouw de Aankoopmakelaar is ready for you on the way to the house of your dreams! Mevrouw de Aankoopmakelaar Esther van Heteren phone: + 31 (0) 6-51714495

news! lAndlord should pAy the broker And not the tenAnt Rogier Snoek from RM Wonen NVM real estate agency in The Hague is satisfied that the Amsterdam District Court has decided that brokers are not allowed to represent two clients. Tenants who rent a property from a broker, are sometimes required to pay an agency fee to the broker. This happens, in practice, with tenants who rent a property by non-NVM brokers. This is prohibited by Dutch law. Rogier Snoek is pleased that this misunderstanding is now clear. Case A tenant responded to an advertisement for a house on the website pararius (by a non-NVM agency).

In The Hague, it seems humans have to compromise with the predominance of the feathery species. Colonies of these overfed creatures are dominating our territory, attacking our weekly garbage bags or threatening the Hofvijver tourist, trying to enjoy the innocent treat of a fish and chips. But let us believe in serendipity to give these birds a chance to raise our spirit to the level of art and culture. Built in 1901-1902, The Seagull (de Zeemeeuw ,Wagenaarweg 30) is an unique art nouveau architectural masterpiece. Watching over Madurodam’s miniatures, the blue and white building with its central roofline and two rectilinear wings gives the impression of a bird in flight. The Belgian architect Henry Van de Velde has designed the house for Doctor W. Leuring who was one of the initiators of the Haagse Kunstkring. One of the functions of De Zeemeeuw was to house Leuring’s collection of work by contemporary artists, among them were Thorn prikker, Jan Toorop, and Vincent van Gogh. We do not know exactly what role Leuring played in the design of his villa, but it was probably decisive. Since Leuring was a theosophist and a freemason, we can also figure his aspiration for a new approach to philosophical beliefs would have influenced not only the expressionist shapes of his residence but also the choice of the decoration. While Henry van de Velde was in charge of most of the interior design and furniture, Thorn prikker was responsible for the living room, a child’s bedroom and the mural: a 10X4 meter fresco that decorates the central hall. Thorn prikker — like Van de Velde— had evolved into a painter and is nowadays known as one of the early Dutch symbolists. But his work did not receive much praise outside artistic circles. partly because of this, he turned to decorative art. Using the specific technique of sgraffito the fresco he created for the Seagull resonates with theosophical and masonic symbolism: triangles, spheres are ornamenting the geometric framework and biblical figures occupy the centre. But the source of the painter‘s inspiration is derived from the shamanic animal tales of the Indian panchatantra. The intention of the artist, Thorn prikker, was to communicate in a universal way. Therefore we can imagine the fresco placed under the spherical glass dome that pierces the roof of The Seagull refers not only to the agnosticism of the freemason but also to its enlightenment. Esotericism, mysticism, and many variations between the two had indeed infused into The Hague’s artistic circles at the end of the 19th century. The theosophical beliefs of Rudolf Steiner had made a profound impact on a generation of writers, painters and choreographers and it is fascinating to observe how the seeds of his ideas have flourished into the organic curves of The Seagull. The villa is a private house and closed to the public. However it can still be the purpose of an inspiring walk through Westerbroekpark. A walk, that leads the wanderer to contemplate the scenery around him and the seagulls flying across the sky as emblematic of the richness of The Hague’s artistic past.

Those who were interested in the house should contact the listing broker. The tenant rented the house and had to pay to the broker €1660 in agency fees. Claim tenant The tenant believed that the payment of the broker fees was not legal. He did not hire a broker to help him find a house. He found the home himself through the website of pararius. The landlord hired the broker, thus the landlord should pay the broker and not the tenant. Therefore, the tenant wants a refund of the paid agency fees. Defense agency The broker confirms that the agency works on behalf

of the landlord and not on behalf of the tenant. The broker had no confirmation from the landlord and the landlord paid no compensation to the broker. This is not the problem of the tenant. The broker doesn’t work for the tentant. Conclusion The conclusion is that the tenant/expat never has to pay a fee to a broker when he finds the home himself, because the broker doesn’t work for the tenant. NVM real estate agents never ask agency fees by a tenant. See for all their listed properties or contact RM Wonen NVM real estate agency for more information.



Issue 16. May /June 2013

Issue 16. May /June 2013

People & Passions



By Susan Gould

If walls could talk there would be many stories to be heard about the life and times of the people of The Hague and Scheveningen. Just walking around the streets of The Hague is a pleasure in itself but when you look up at the buildings, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Dutch history. Scattered around the streets of The Hague and Scheveningen are several buildings with old and new wall paintings. Examples of more modern day paintings can be seen in the Roemer Visserstraat in the Moerwijk area of The Hague. These wall paintings are cleverly constructed and show a gateway to a garden and a flight of steps leading up to a doorway. You need to stand away from the painting to see them clearly but they add colour and interest to otherwise grey walls. These relatively newer paintings, however, do not offer up the interest or history of lives once lived but walk down Keizerstraat in Scheveningen and you will certainly see a slice of past life. There are two different kinds of wall art here showing the fisherwomen (vissers vrouwen). One is a larger than life black and white photograph that has been mounted onto the wall, which shows the fisherwomen in traditional costume as they went about their daily business in years gone by. You can still see these costumes once a year on Vlaggetjesdag in June around the harbour in Scheveningen when traditionally they celebrate the first catch of herring Towards the beach end of Keizerstraat, the second art work on view is a colourful wall mural. This is, unfortunately, showing some signs of graffiti damage but it does paint a picture of day-to-day life from an earlier period of time in this area of The Hague. Other works of wall art that can be found scattered around the city previously acted as advertising sites for businesses. A former article in The Underground highlighted how this was the way in which people used to market their businesses. If they did not pay the rent for the advertisement then it was painted over with someone else’s business details. An example of this can be seen on Frederik Hendriklaan 232, as seen in the photo on the right). These particular wall advertisements date from the beginning of the 20th century and are among the oldest remains of wall advertisements in the city. SHIE is an organisation in The Hague that helps to restore such wall advertisements with the help of The Hague Gemeente. Its website ( and leaflet Muurvlakte te huur available at the VVV Tourist offices, detail the 38 examples of wall advertisements that can be seen in the The Hague vicinity. A map is included as a guide. Once restored to former glory, SHIE works to get the adverts on to The Hague’s Monuments lists so that we can keep on enjoying them for years to come. p.s. Special thanks to Julie Spoor at the VVV for her help in the research of this article.



By Virginia McDonald I photos by debestpix

ust past China Town and not quite at station Hollands Spoor lies a distinctive building, once a tropical fruit warehouse and now a modern studio, the workplace of one of The Hague’s best designers, Frans Schrofer and the Studio Schrofer team. The inside is striking, but also eye-catching are the mood boards propped up all around. They illustrate the stories the team are hard working on; stories of problems and solutions, the positive, the negative, art, new technologies, and creativity. They reflect current issues of concern, the environment and the economy, new materials and developments in design. And all this progresses to a beautiful final product. “We use the mood boards to give a story of hope and link our present to the future.” Frans was born to artist parents in Voorschoten, but has called The Hague home for many years. He appreciates the space in The Hague and its effect on his design, “I feel a home base comfort here,” he explained. Co-owner Sonia Sin, originally from the USA, studied art history and marketing. She met Frans, they fell in love, and it didn’t take long for them to realise the business potential of joining forces. They’ve been working together for more than 14 years. Creative Ambassadors As Creative Ambassadors of The Hague, Sonia and Frans have been busy promoting the city all over the world, and produced the album Love/Live/Listen to The Hague in col-

laboration with musicians from the Royal Conservatorium. Schrofer designed a new bottle for Van Kleef Jenever as a project promoting local produce. “I did the Van Kleef project to help stimulate the local economy in The Hague,” Frans said. Also heavily involved in education, Frans works as a creative mentor for young designers, and both Sonia and Frans are passionate about stimulating the younger generations of Creatives in the Netherlands and abroad, and give lectures whenever they are invited to. At home and the World Schrofer’s designs are sold around the globe, from Asia to America and in Europe, but they are also found at home here in Holland. Do you remember the Wheel of Energy, the giant exercise wheel at Schiphol Airport? That was designed by Studio Schrofer, and his designs furnished ‘het Torentje’ during Jan peter Balkenende’s time as prime minister. Schrofer’s designs are economic and conscious so nothing is wasted or misused. “We don’t just design things for designs’ sake, they have to make sense.” said Sonia. This is evident in the award winning eco-friendly barbecue OlympiQ, which burns wood efficiently and cleanly. Studio Schrofer continues to work hard on new designs and concepts for the future. They are always challenging themselves to use new mediums, create new designs, meet new people and make new connections. A company sure to be around for many years in the future, Studio Schrofer is one of The Hague’s most treasured exports. Read the full story about this amazing and inspiring couple on our website:

did you know One aspect of Schrofer’s design philosophy stems from his personal passion for racing and for motor and frame construction which led to an early training in mechanics, and later formal education in electrical engineering. The strong technical background Schrofer brings to his company is key to developing furniture design concepts for clients. A graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven (1983), Schrofer first worked in consumer and industrial packaging. Here he learned how materials, shape, colours, texture, could affect consumers buying decision. These were instrumental lessons in his career as furniture designer. By the late 80’s Schrofer had created several collections local manufacturers such as Young International, Hennie de Young, Metaform and Vepa, Scanlight. Schrofer shared his extensive knowledge in packaging and design as a teacher at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague from 1987 - 2001. Technological developments continue to be a source of inspiration for Schrofer, who often engineers his own innovative component parts. Born into a family of artists and furniture designers, Frans Schrofer is the son of Willem Schrofer a renown painter in the abstract style of Mondriaan and van Doesburg, and the nephew of Jan Schrofer, a co-founder of the company Cirkel (merged with Ahrend in 1950s), who co-developed the iconic Revolt chair with Friso Kramer.

Issue 16. May /June 2013

Art & Design



By patricia Sousa

Kabul Pasolini Mohamed (68) was born in Cambodia. Her father was Somali, her mother Vietnamese. Since 1965, Kabul lives in the Netherlands. She makes photocollages. Returning themes are her family, Pasolini, politicians, Warchild and Europe. Her work has been shown at the Gemeentemuseum of The Hague and at art shows at the Amsterdam Outsider Art Museum. Her encounter with the cineaste Pier Paoli Pasolini was a decisive point in her life and her art career. Her name since then: Kabul Pasolini Mohamed. How do you define the main ideas that ground your artistic practice? “In the centre of my personal life and my art is world peace. I was born in phnom penh, Cambodia, and there have been wars and fighting in the countries I lived in. My father was always eagerly listening to the radio, following political developments. This has influenced me strongly. I choose the art of photocollage, it is a good medium to show the themes which are most on my mind.” Can you give us an example of a work or project that best represents your practice? ‘A self-portrait. On the left you see the globe with all the continents. The focus is on Africa, but you can also see Europe and Asia. I am in the centre holding roses.’ How would you describe Amsterdam’s art scene? Bearing in mind the Dutch art sector, what are - from your point of

view-the most interesting places? “Amsterdam has a vibrant art scene. No city has so many galleries in a small area as Amsterdam has. My work is exhibited at the Amsterdam Outsider Gallery. Interesting art places in the Netherlands are: The Central Museum in Utrecht and the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, both have young entrepreneurial new directors. And also the Van Gogh and the Stedelijk Museum. As for photomuseums; FOAM in Amsterdam and the Fotomuseum in The Hague. For art presentations, the ‘Kunst & Living’ in Rotterdam and ‘t Gooi in which I also participated.” How do you position yourself - as an artist - in the current political scenario in relation to the arts? “peace on earth is central in my work. Half of the money that I earn with my art goes to Warchild. The political situation in Somalia was very bad but is slowly getting better and I hope this will continue. I hope for continuous improvements in Southeast Asia, especially Cambodia and Vietnam, both suffered from wars but are now recovering and even getting prosperous.” Want to tell us about a place or an event we shouldn’t miss? “You shouldn’t miss the exhibitions at the Outsider Art Gallery in Amsterdam (, Kunst & Living ( and the Summer Expo of the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag ( and (expo in September 2013).” Saturday 21 September, Kabul’s exposition will take place at the World House in line with the The International Day of peace (

EXHIBITION: Constantijn and Christiaan Huygens From 25 April until 28 August 2013, the Grote Kerk in The Hague will be the venue for a special exhibition about two exceptional men of the Dutch Golden Age: Constantijn and Christiaan Huygens. Father Constantijn and his son Christiaan came from a warm, close-knit family that valued a broad-minded approach to parenting and freedom. This family was the fertile ground that fed the work of two exceptional men in a great and glorious age. In the mid-17th century, the Republic of the Seven United provinces was one of the world’s most powerful states, whose fleet was huge and whose trade extended to the farthest corners of the earth. © BBK/Door Vriendschap Sterker

Must see!

More than 100 replicas of the famous China’s ancient Terracotta Warriors are in The Hague. Where: The New Babylon, The Hague Location: Anna van Buerenplein 48, The Hague When: from 22 March until Juy 2013 Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 10:00 –18:30 Tickets:

O’Casey’s Irish Pub


Issue 16. May /June 2013



20th Anniversary Party at PAARD van TROJE Den Haag


Diary of a Music Festival Organiser By Richard Morris

Friday October 4th 2013



support act Mick Wilson (10cc) Presented by Veronica DJ Patrick Kicken Concert starts 19:30 at Paard van Troje Den Haag, The Afterparty is in O’Casey’s Irish Pub General Tickets on sale now through: O’Casey’s Irish Pub (€ 40,- p.p) Paard van Troje & nationwide (€ 45,- p.p. ex sevicecharge) / Meet & Greet tickets on sale now through: Six Degrees Entertainment (€115,- p.p. incl meet & greet artists, early access venue, meal at O’Casey’s) Afterparty tickets: Tickets for the afterparty in O’Casey’s will be on sale from 1st August 2013 onwards - FULL = FULL


love music festivals. About as much as I hate them. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to some great music festivals over the years— parkpop (NL), Liverpool Sound City (GB), Ravinia (U.S.) and FIB (ES) to name a few—however, I’m not the most outdoorsy of people and prefer to get my live music on in the comfort of four walls, flush toilets and nachos sans flies. I’m also a fan of small. And music festivals (generally speaking) are big. I also really love music, and outdoor music festivals (generally speaking) are often less about the music and more about who can drink the most, smoke the most, eat the most, pee the most and (generally speaking) be the most annoying to the people who come to music festival to enjoy, that’s right, the music, which is, after all, music festivals’ first name. So when I was asked recently why I would want to organise my own singer-songwriter festival here in The Hague, the answer was simple: I wouldn’t. But this is, after all, Music City, a town with some surprisingly awesome singersongwriters, and what would Music City be without a singer-songwriter festival? And it’s not really “my own” festival, it belongs to the singersongwriters, an under-acknowledged group of artists without whom we would have no music, no melodies, no lyrics, no songs to speak to our hearts and souls, and without whose passion and sensibility our lives, our worlds and our very existence would be as empty as plastic beer cups strewn onto grassy fields amidst thousands of other empty plastic beer cups. The fact of the matter is that I AM organising The Hague’s first international singer-songwriter festival (THISSFest 2013), and though it’s only been a mere 15 days since my whim was thrust out onto the realm of social media, to date more than 70 artists from 13 countries have signed up to play and online ticket sales are thriving. But the best part is the music, the dozens of Mp3s I receive by email every day from artists from all walks of life, whose songs are more than just music, melodies and lyrics, but an inspiration and the motivating force behind a music festival whose time has come. Enjoy the summer and enjoy the music and stop by The Hague International Singer-Songwriter Festival which runs at five emblematic Den Haag venues from 28 to 30 June during our city’s amazing festival weekend featuring the Global Battle of the Bands (29 June) and parkpop (30 June), one of Europe’s largest free music festivals. For more information, current line-up and online ticket sales, visit Richard Morris is the founder of the Secret Singer-Songwriter Society (S4), a registered Dutch nonprofit organization supporting independent artists and a variety of global humanitarian projects. The S4 are the organizers of THISSFest 2013.




By Woody I photos by

s there a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than by waking up one of your mates after an all-night party for coffee, egg butties and a long chinwag? Even better if it’s Pat Smith, the frontman of Splendid.

pat lives in Scheveningen with his partner Michelle and their stinkingly fabulous mutt, Fred. They live in a formerly gutted print works they converted into a light roomy loft space, something almost never found in Holland, and that’s also a good metaphor for pat too; the alchemist. Hard work, skill, belief and imagination can turn base metal into gold. The talk ranged from tattoo care, the politics of recession, to trying to plan holidays around gig commitments, weddings and work diaries, to surfing, band management and the shopping list. These are genuinely nice people, just doing normal things, but pat’s actually a bit of a star too. Splendid already have an intense gang of followers, if you’ve ever been to a Splendid gig in the Hague, and especially in Skiffa, you’ll know what I mean. The party pumps! And it just gets get better and better. I was treated to a listen of a rough cut of the new album “Sun Beats Down”, which will be released at the end of May - WOW! This is a whole new bag! Splendid is evolving, and to my ears are on the right track. There are a few references to the last album “Connect back to the stars”, but this is a whole new ball game. The tracks are built up from back line riffs with some of the funkiest drumming and solid groove bass lines since parliament. The guitar, brass and keys are layered in and dubbed up to the max with lyrics you want to listen to. The cocoon is off and Splendid are going to fly! Maybe it’s also because pat took over the management of the band as well as fronting it. Decisions are now being made and the time for prevarication is over. pat’s on a mission. The last album should really have cut it for them, but out of synch release dates and other mishaps meant the potential wasn’t reached, but now the helm is in the hands of the man with the plan and a new course has been set. Alongside the band pat’s also busy as a sound engineer at the Splendid studio in the Rivierenbuurt, mixing it up for other bands and singer-song writers. He’s also writing lyrics for other artists and by doing so he is sharing and educating the next crop. He’s also an artist, a sponsored surfer and a master of coffee and eggs! In these times of redundancy and bankruptcy, where every cent counts and even the fattest cat is only two months away from destitution there’s a lesson to be learnt from pat Smith. Think positively, do your own thing to the best of your ability, and strive to enjoy life. Self educate and make decisions based upon your own experience and not the cloud of internetted propaganda. Good things happen to good people, which sounds naive, but in this case it’s true. I remember years ago having a late night convo with pat after a Damned concert at the paard van Troje. I got on a rant about punk rock and the power of anger as an energy, and what that could mean to bands today, and pat just told me in his own easy-going way with a big grin and a laugh, “Naaah, we don’t do that shit, we just want to make people happy, to look for the nice things in life, the sun, the beach, life’s already hard enough, you don’t need to fill it up with even more negative stuff.” I’ve got to admit that at the time I was dumbfounded and it rasped against my grain, but actually he was right. Thanks pat.



Issue 16. May /June 2013

Issue 16. May/June 2013

Urban Legend


FROM MOZART FAN TO HOUSE DJ: AN INTERVIEW WITH KASpAR NOÉ Let’s be honest: when thinking of a DJ, most people wouldn’t exactly picture an artist with a background in classical music. There are, however, exceptions. Daniel Taylor sat down with classical music enthusiast turned- house DJ Kaspar Noé, to talk about the ins and outs of his seemingly extraordinary musical journey. What is it that made you want to make music? Where did it all start? “When I was eight years old, I became really interested in playing the violin. My mother bought me a 100-guilder violin from a second hand shop, and it wasn’t long before I started taking violin lessons. During this time I became fascinated with Mozart, which prompted me to start composing on sheet music.” Classical to house doesn’t seem to be the most logical transition... “Far from it. Back then, I wasn’t interested in electronic music at all. That all changed when at 17, I went on holiday to Ibiza with a few friends. We ended up staying at a friend’s halfsister’s house, who turned out to be one of the founders of the music festival Dance Valley. She introduced us into her world, which was full of DJs and producers. Going from after-party to afterparty, we ended up at a local club in Ibiza. That night, Jamie Jones was booked to play a three-hour set. During that performance, I felt like I was in another world. I couldn’t believe it. After that, he instantly became my idol. Back home, I began to immerse myself in electronic music, and started DJ’ing.” After that, you spent most of your time making music? “I would practice for days on end. Looking back, it did put a lot of strain on my social life.” You can’t have been very popular with the neighbours either. “Certainly not!” When did the ball really get rolling, so to speak? “After winning a mix contest organised by Michel de Hey, who hosted a weekly radio show on Fresh FM, my set was played live on the radio. That paved the way for performances in venues such as Amsterdam’s Studio 80. More recently, I got booked for a gig in London, which is coming up soon.” Any dreams for the future? “My biggest dream would be to perform at the famous DC-10 in Ibiza , which for me is the absolute Walhalla of music. I’m going to do my absolute best to turn that into reality. Check out Kaspar Noé: Soundcloud: Facebook: Kaspar Noé


Text & photos by pierre Francois


uy Tavares is the front man of both internationally acclaimed band Orange Sunshine and Santa Cruz. He is also a producer and gig organiser.

For all you hip-hop fans out there, you don’t want to miss the 2nd edition of “AGGA STAAT Op” (Agga – slang for The Hague – stands up). So get your booty down to the paard van Troje on the 8th May from 19:00 to see the hottest young hip-hop talent from The Hague. The line-up, chosen by the public, includes the Usainboyz, Team West, YOG’z, Snelle Jongens, pinas, Westeinde en Ballerhussle and is presented by Mekki. Tickets cost €5,- and are available from Xtreme 21 (Schoolstraat 23), SoSo Going (Koningstraat 1F,) and H3C (Fruitweg 240,). Tickets are also available from the organisation, send a mail to: Thursday 9 May, Raspy Stone is officially releasing their first EP in the Supermarkt, The Hague! After a couple of months of recording their first EP is here! This first release is their own production and is recorded by Rob Kanters (sound engineer & bassist). Love to see you the 9 May in the Supermarkt, Grote MArkt, at 21.00!!

The first time I heard the name Guy Tavares was when I was visiting a friend, Mikael Olofsson, in Stockholm. At the time, my band was struggling to find a rehearsing space and Mikael suggested I got in touch with Tavares, who might be in a position to help us. There was going to be a Toner Low gig at Dystopia a few days after I had returned home and, given that Tavares was putting up the show himself, I knew I was going to meet him. I then asked my Scandinavian host how I was going to recognise him. ”Go to the bathroom, and look at the wall … there’s a caricature of the man” said Mikael. Intrigued, I complied and went to check. There he was! Hanging between the toilet and the mirror was a black and white drawing of the Haagse Godfather of heavy rock ‘n roll. Months have passed since that moment now and I figured that I ought to interview this musical genius for my first interview for The Underground. Tavares is a pretty intense character who, besides playing drums and singing vocals in highly revered bands like ORANGE SUNSHINE and SANTA CRUZ, is also the owner of two very different record labels: Bunker Records for dark electronic

music and Motorwolf Records, for intense guitar rock. Not only that, he also experiments with UNIT MOEBIUS, his intense industrial techno music project that spawned an entire scene of followers in The Hague, where Tavares would in one night have three different roles: hosting the infamous Acid planet parties, performing with his band and promoting his label. All this was happening at the long gone ‘Blauwe Aanslag’ squat which Tavares described as “evicted, torn down and still a wasteland after all these years, despite the council propaganda for ‘improving the city’, but I guess the former city major Mr. Deetman seemed to have a personal grudge against squatters.” On the squat’s menu was ‘all-night dark and menacing acid house/industrial techno in a basement with strobes and smoke only, lots of LSD and non-stop cyberpunk movies’. When you see, hear or talk to Tavares, you could swear he still lives in the 70s: a long-haired middleaged man that laments the slow disappearance of civil liberties, sitting behind an enormous drum kit and wearing tainted sunglasses and a hair band. He is, after all, a veteran of The Hague’s musical scene. And when you hear a song like ‘Balls Knockin’ by ORANGE SUNSHINE, only then will you fully get the picture. I personally wouldn’t be surprised if all his songs are merely the transposition of his own acid flash-backs from his more than 15 years battling in the underground of The Hague, releasing four albums spanning twelve years and touring around the world with friends that, to Tavares’s surprise, “still want to co-operate with a compulsive and dictatorial

idiot like me!’ ORANGE SUNSHINE and our interviewee’s second main project SANTA CRUZ might not sound overly different to the non-initiated. Even though both bands really encapsulate super fuzzy 60’s/70’s jam rock, SANTA CRUZ is ‘much, much more layered than Orange Sunshine, exceeding all levels of ‘genre’! Talk about being a versatile musician from techno to heavy rock … all the way. The best way to sum up Tavares’ musical style is perhaps given by the man himself: “It’s all like Antonin Artaud’s Théâtre de la Cruauté, an intense and visionary stream of consciousness, whether it be a beautiful dream or a horrible nightmare...” As an artist that landed a Haagse pop Award for his involvement in the local music scene, I felt the need to ask his opinion about the city he calls home and how it has changed over the years. His answer was pretty melancholy but still, I could sense his pride. Tavares misses hanging out with heroin junkies, homeless people and hooligans, ‘I lived right in the middle of all this for 10 years, it was insane and, from time to time, even very cruel, yet utterly fantastic!” The Hague has since become a UN capital with a lot of red tape, however, “the many freaks that make crazy music and therefore still keep The Hague an interesting place for me, are still here” and THAT is one good reason for Tavares to stick around, albeit while keeping a low profile: “I’m just staying under-the-radar as much as possible in my underground hide-out, like many others in town, waiting for the next ‘fall’ of The Hague, hahaha...’

Issue 16. May /June 2013

Health & Beauty


Get Orthodontic

in Sh




nnovative re-balance pilates studio plus offers a friendly and Ibody creative atmosphere in which to exercise and focus on your posture and anatomy. We are celebrating over a decade and a half with our five instructors and physiotherapist. Our private studios are fully invested with new, state-of-theart equipment. Classes and courses cater for the international expatriate community as well as resident Dutch clients. English and Dutch is spoken by our professional, qualified instructors with a smattering of French, Spanish and German. Group matwork classes are small so you get the most out of your session. private sessions/personal training, duets, trio/quartets and circuit on large equipment are on offer at very affordable prices. See ‘times/prices’ page on our website below. New sessions: Intermediate/Advanced Matwork-Tuesdays at 10:00 Intermediate/Advanced Matwork-Saturdays at 10:00 Beginners Saturday at 11:00

The course is for EVERYBODY who is curious about the body! NOT to be missed! Fees: Early Bird (before June 1st) € 295.00. Normal fees: € 332.00. please download the flyer - to find out more. We host another STOTT PILATES® course which will run from 20-22 (3days) September-Intensive Chair (ICHR) Apply now as space is limited! Danish Instructor Trainer, (IT) Michael Christenson will teach. Iyengar Yoga for Beginners is extended now to 13:00 Mondays and on Tuesdays at 9:00 and 10:00, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11:00. NEW-pre and postnatal sessions with our new, pilates-trained physiotherapist including a theory workshop with partner and Baby massage classes (June)

Re-balance pilates studio plus is the original STOTT PILATES® studio in the Netherlands, bringing this international, contemporary approach to the fore, and is a long-term Host Facility organising courses for movement instructors/therapists and medics from all over the world. The studios also brought more recently for the first time to The Hague, “The Art of Exercise and Beyond”® -the spiral power of the GYROTONIC Expansion System®. Join us for a private session of either an hour or a half hour. Group sessions will be on offer shortly in GYROKINESIS®

ek e b r e V ien l e d n e W

World renowned teacher Liz Koch will hold a 2-day course (12 hours) on Saturday, June 29 and Sunday June 30th on ‘THE pSOAS’.

Our goal is to promote good posture, body awareness, creativity, and joy in personal power and autonomy. If you have a skill/talent to offer we urge you to let it out and encourage others to enjoy with you at our space. And we’d love you to LIKE us on Facebook. For all application forms see the ‘courses/workshops’ page on our site and/or contact via: SMS: 0629025515 T: +31 (0)70 363 9914 E:


HOW THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE CAN HELp YOU Living a fast paced lifestyle can result in a great mental and physical stress. Consequently our bodies become unconsciously “misused“ causing various problems such as, neck and shoulder pain, jaw pain, tension headaches and backaches. If you want to reduce the physical stress caused by daily hustle and bustle and learn to use your body correctly, Wendelien Verbeek can teach you this by learning to apply the Alexander Technique. Frequently too much muscle tension is used for very mundane movements and actions having a negative influence on our physical and mental state. The focus of the Alexander Technique lies in learning to stop reacting to stimuli in a habitual way and instead engage in an organized thought process. This encourages reduced tension and improves balance of the head, neck and back, called “The primary Control” by F.M. Alexander allowing greater freedom of movement throughout the whole body. Wendelien Verbeek became acquainted with the Alexander Technique through her cello teacher in London, where she had been living since 1972 . She suffered serious problems when bending her arm and by applying the technique the complaints disappeared. Becoming intrigued about the technique she joined the teacher training at The Centre for the Alexander Technique in 1984 in London. After qualifying in 1987, Wendelien worked in the UK as a tutor of Alexander Technique in many prestigious institutions such as: the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Eton and St. paul’s Girls’ School. Since 2005 Wendelien Verbeek has been living in the Netherlands teaching the Alexander Technique, not only to musicians, but also to people with tension caused by every day stress to the body. A session normally lasts 45 minutes and can be given in Dutch or English and in some cases the costs might be reimbursed by your insurance company. For more information please contact Wendelien Verbeek at: +31 (0) 70 3920 165 +31 (0) 6 2827 1602


Wine & Dine




By Holly Anderson

Fabulous Funghi Mushrooms have to be one my favourite ingredients to cook with as they soak up any flavour like a sponge and are packed with natural goodness. I have gone for Italian inspired recipes here but these little funghi can be used in just about any cuisine. •

photos and text by Gerrit Vermeulen

Restaurant Hardanz: A legend reborn! Hidden in the Nobelstraat lies cafe-restaurant ‘De Hardanz’; a true classic in The Hague with a new owner and a fresh crew. Old creaky wooden floors, barrels of booze, windows and doors on the ceiling, mirrors on the wall and paraphernalia everywhere. Under the restaurant lurks the basement catacombs with room for 160 people waiting for a good party. Invite your friends and drink, eat, laugh and remember. Good food with special wines and civil prices; the good old days are back! Address: Nobelstraat 11b, The Hague Opening Hours Wed – Fri: 17:00 – 01:00 Sat – Sun: 15:30 – 02:00 phone: +31 (0) 70 360 0271 Email: and

Mixed Mushroom and Gorgonzola Risotto Serves 4

• • • • • • • • • • •

1 onion, finely diced 2 cloves of garlic, crushed 2 tbs olive oil 3 sprigs of thyme 300g mixed mushrooms (field, porcini, portobello) 50g butter 1 cup aborio rice 1 cup white wine 2 ½ cups chicken stock 250g gorgonzola Salt and pepper

Fry onion and garlic in olive oil for five minutes on a medium heat stirring continuously. Add mushrooms, butter and thyme and cook for 15 minutes on a low heat. pour the rice into the pan along with the wine and cook until the wine has reduced. Slowly pour the chicken stock in ½ cup at a time. Leave until reduced, and then repeat the process. This should take up to 25 minutes. When the rice is cooked stir through gorgonzola and season to taste. Serve with a little chopped parsley and a squeeze of lemon juice if you like.

Baked Mushrooms stuffed with Pork Sausage Serves 4 • • • • • • • • • • •

6 large mushrooms, stalks removed 50g butter Drizzle of olive oil 6 sprigs of thyme 3 tbs Marsala wine 1 onion, finely diced 1 garlic clove, crushed 4 pork sausages 1 sprig rosemary Salt and pepper 200g breadcrumbs

place a little knob of butter in each mushroom then drizzle olive oil over the mushrooms and finish with a generous glug of Marsala. pop into a preheated 180 degree oven for 20 minutes. While they are cooking, fry the onion and garlic in a pan with a little butter. Remove the sausage skin and break the meat up and add to the pan along with the rosemary. Stir on high heat until sausage meat is golden. Remove from heat and add breadcrumbs and seasoning. Generously heap the stuffing into the par cooked mushrooms and return to oven for 30 minutes. Enjoy your meal!


By Sofia Lotto persio

Thank God It’s Friday, and you would like to have a few drinks after work. What bar in The Hague has a drinking menu with more to offer than just beer and cheap wines? The answer is Spark, a new bar near the Hilton hotel on the Maurtiskade. The dim lights and the stylish atmosphere should not intimidate those who are looking for the Dutch gezelligheid, as the bar is actually quite small and cozy. The terrace outside provides a nice hanging out spot for all the smokers or those who look for some fresh

air, which the Haagse weather is always so generous in providing. Spark’s unique cocktails and tasty Asian and European finger food want to attract both the crowd of the Hilton hotel, to which the bar is connected, but also the local or expat community of The Hague. It seems particularly attractive for women who want to have a Sex and the City cocktail evening ! Read the full review online:

Keuken van Waarden Azië Michelin star chef paul van Waarden and co-owner John Chau more than deliver and do so quite convincingly. Situated in the stately building opposite of the ‘Gemeentemuseum’, restaurant Keuken van Waarden Azië appeals to all of our senses. A shrimp dumpling with truffle sauce and green asparagus, the elegant white classical interior with black and red decorations, and the jazzy lounge music in the background. Throughout the restaurant, you will be greeted with the successful marriage of east and west, old and new. Fresh products, cool surroundings, interesting compositions, and smiling staff; Keuken van Waarden Azië will amaze your friends, loved ones, and business partners. Opening Hours For lunch: Tuesday until Friday 12:00 – 14:30 and Sunday 12:00 – 17:00 For diner: Tuesday until Saturday 18:00 – 22:00 and Sunday 17:00 – 22:00 Address: Stadhouderslaan 76r, The Hague Tel: 070-3464700

TIP! SAVE THE DATE Cocktails at Hotel des Indes

Indian Restaurant ‘Taj Mahal’ . Maliestraat 5 . 2514 CA . Den Haag . Phone: 070-3310 669

Every third Friday of the month. Drinks and cocktails at Hotel Des Indes!

Issue 16. May /June 2013

food for thought


Issue 16. May /June 2013

Wine & Dine




photos and text by Gerrit Vermeulen

ndian restaurant ‘Taj Mahal’ is situated in the cosy Maliestraat, a side street of uptown Denneweg with its rich variety of restaurants and boutiques. With this wealth of tasteful opportunities around the corner, I want to answer the simple question: ‘why and when would the reader choose restaurant ‘Taj Mahal’? The Dutch restaurant review site and ‘de Gouden Pollepel’, i.e., ‘ The Golden Ladle’, the famous national culinary section in the AD newspaper, have highly rated this restaurant. Let’s investigate! A tasty starter of papadum with chutney, mint dressing and a spicy sauce accompanied our glass of Argentinean Chardonnay. This was an excellent choice and the house wine remained convincing during the entire meal. As a starter, the onion Bahji and Samosa were full of flavour and surprisingly light. The main course arrived and filled our table with several colourful and aromatic dishes accompanied with rice and Naan bread; Lamb stewed in a mellow coconut milk with raisins, Biryani (mixed vegetables), traditional lentils and one mild and one spicy chicken curry. The complexity of the recipes and the freshness of the ingredients produce a rich flavour; you taste all the spices separately and as a combination at once. Deliciously interesting and nice to have so much choice! As it was Wednesday evening, the place was packed with British expats enjoying their traditional ‘curry night’. More familiar with the Indian Cuisine than I, the chaps from Manchester kindly explained to me in their rich Manchester accent: ‘every week we drive all the way from Rotterdam to get our curry here, lad? Does that help your article?’ Well, yes it does! The service from chef-owner Jamal and from our waiter Alex was warm and personal. So if you are a British ‘curry addict’ or just a couple looking for a romantic night, at ‘Taj Mahal’ you will feel right at home. Enjoy!

What You Need to Know: Where Maliestraat 5 2514 CA The Hague

Contact Phone: +31 (0) 70 331 0669

Opening Hours Mon-Sun: 17:00-23:00


Issue 16. May/June 2013


E: T: 015-2135999

Administrative and fiscal services For custom tailored work in the areas of administration and taxation. The needs of one entrepreneur are very different than the needs of another. We therefore adjust our services to the specific needs, wishes and expectations of you as our customer. We call it customized service.

Administration Setting up and management of your bookkeeping. Budget maintenance via monthly, quarterly and yearly reports. We can help you set up your administration which you can manage on your own. We offer periodic checking of your administration. We make up your annual report and account in compliance with all Dutch law and taxation requirements.

Payroll Services

Taxation Matters

Payslips provided for all employees, processing of all tax reports, registration of all employees at the required social services institutions and much more. Maintenance and accurate administration of all legal and union regulations. Proforma salary calculations in order to allow you an indication of the salary costs involved when hiring new personnel.

Registration and administration of all relevant taxation issues pertaining to your company, its staff and current tax legislation.



Advice offered on a variety of legal and fiscal issues.

Our rates for bookkeeping matters as well as settling your taxes are 50.64 Euro per hour.

- On starting your own business - On personnel issues - On financing your company - On the structure of your company - And much more...

Wildlife photographer of the Year place: Museon, Stadhouderslaan 37 2517 HV, The Hague Date: 01-12-2013 – 05-05-2013 Venetian glass place: Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Stadhouderslaan 41 2517 HV The Hague Date: until 9 June 2013

Exhibition of works sold by renowned art dealer place: Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Stadhouderslaan 41 2517 HV The Hague Date: Until 12 May 2013 How art saves the world place: Gemeentemuseum Den Haag,

For the yearly reports as well as the additional taxation related work we charge 76.48 per hour. Our rates are indexed at a yearly rate of 3%.

The Robe of Charity place: Atrium of The Hague City Hall, Spui 70 2511 BT, The Hague Date: Until 23 May 2013 Terracotta Warriors in New Babylon place: the New Babylon shopping centre next to The Hague’s Central Station Date: Until 1 July 2013

prins techniek - with 45 years of experience with tires. web

55th Tong Tong Fair (pasar Malam Besar) place : Malieveld, The Hague Date : 22-05-2013 till 02-06-2013 Time: 12:00 till 22:00 price: €8,00 - €13,00

Culinary tour of Avenue Culinaire place: Along The Hague’s Avenue Culinaire Date: 05-05-2013 Time: 15:00 till 21:00 price: €36,00 Classical concert by Russian composers place: Dr Anton philipszaal/Lucent Danstheater, Spuiplein 150 2511 DG The Hague Date: 11-05-2013 Time: Starting at 20:15

On 23, 24 and 25 May, the Dutch Beer Tasting Festival will take place at the Spuiplein in The Hague. During the festival dozens of Dutch breweries offer a variety of beers, from large brewers to small brewers of special beers from all parts of the country. The festival will also be the opening of the second edition of the Dutch Beer Week from 23 May to 20 June, 2013. Traditionally, Mayor of The Hague Jozias van Aartsen will open the festival.

Stadhouderslaan 41 2517 HV The Hague Date: Until end of August


Date: 13-09-2013 tm 14-09-2013 Time: 12:30 till 13:30 price: €200,


We do not claim to know everything and in some exceptional cases we need to call in the help of specialists. In these very specific cases we will inform you of the reason(s) for calling in a specialist and of the additional costs involved.


Leyweg, the Hague, 2548 Date: 18-05-2013 till 18-05-2013 Time: Starting at 10:00 price: Free

EVENT Night of the Refugees place: Rotterdam, Las palmas on, Wilhelminapier – The Hague, Malieveld Date: 09-05-2013 till 10-05-2013 Time: 23:00 till 03:00 price: Free

Gustave Caillebotte retrospective place: Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Stadhouderslaan 41 2517 HV The Hague Date: Until 20 May 2013

Advice offered on tax and taxation issues. Guidance and advice during tax audits.

Time:& price: €21,00 - €62,00 Heritage in Motion place: pathé Buitenhof, Buitenhof 20, The Hague


Among Prins Techniek’s customers are numerous expats living in the Hague, Noordwijk or Keyserswey 14-16 088-3852900 Prins Techniek Wassenaar, and assisting them has only increased his agenda as the word has spread about his 2241 CW Noordwijk 070-3852900 Spikes Spider NL great services and passion for his work.

price: €20,00 - €29,00 Open Jewish Houses place: The Hague Date: 04-05-2013 till 05-05-2013 Solo’s at the Sea 2013 place: Solo’s at the Sea, Thomas Schwenckestraat 42, 2563 BZ, The Hague Date: 02-05-2013 till 24-05-2013 Time: Starting at 18:30 price: € 37,50

The Robe of Charity place: Atrium of The Hague City Hall, Spui 70 2511 BT, The Hague Date: Until 23 May 2013

SPORT Delta Lloyd North Sea Regatta place: Haven of Scheveningen, Hellingweg 136, The Hague, 2583 DX Date: 17-05-2013 till 20-05-2013

MUSIC De Avondwinkel place: Bink 36, Brinckhorstlaan 36 Date: 02-05-2013 Time: 22:00 till 03:00 price: Free

Grand prix the Sea – WK powerboat place: Scheveningen Haven, Scheveningen, Netherlands Date: 24-05-2013 till 26-05-2013 Time: 9:00 till 23:00 price: Free

Liberty Festival place: Malieveld, The Hague Date: 05-05-2013 till 05-05-2013 Time: Starting at 13:00 price: Free

SDU The Hague Royal Ten Run place : Start Bezuidenhoutse weg (near Zandvlietcollege), The Hague Date : 26-05-2013 till 26-05-2013 Time: 12:15 till 14:00

Anime 2013 place:World Forum, Churchillplein 10, The Hague, 2517 JW, Netherlands Date: : 31-05-2013 till 02-06-2013

FAIR Summer Fair place: Winkelcentrum Hoge Veld,

JUNE NIGHT LIFE Roken als een Turk place: pIp Country Club, Binckhorstlaan 36 Date: 03-06-2013 Time: 22:00 till 04:30 ART The Hague Sculpture 2013 place: Lange Voorhout and museum statues at the seaside Date: June till September price: Free FESTIVAL International Singer – Songwriter Date: 28-06-2013 till 30-06-2013 price: €10,00 Kaderock place: Musicon/Kaderockgrounds, Soestdijksekade Date: 01-06-2013 Time: Starting at 12:00 price: €2,50 parkpop place: Zuiderpark, The Hague Date: 30-06-2013 tm 30-06-2013 Louis Couperus Festival place: Different Locations/Theaters Date: 07-06-2013 till 10-06-2013

29 Festival Classique place: Various indoor and outdoor venues Date: 08-06-2013 Time: Various price: Various EVENT Mermaid parade place: Beach in front of the Kurhaus, Scheveningen Date: 21-06-2013 Time: 18:00 till 02:00 price: €10,00 Culinary Dinner Tour place: Canals of The Hague Date: 15-06-2013 till 16-06-2013 Time: 12:00 till 22:00 The Hague Cultural parade place: Regentessekwartier, The Hague Date: 22-06-2013 Time: 14:00 till 20:30 price: Free Shopping Night place: Centrum of The Hague Date: 27-06-2013 Time: 18:00 till 23:30 Dutch Veterans Day place: Malieveld, hall of castle, The Hague Date: 29-06-2013 price: Free Vlaggetjes dag (Flags Day) place: port of Scheveningen Date: 08-06-2013 till 08-06-2013 Fabric Fair , Fashion and Interior place: Schalkburgerplein, The Hague Date: 23-06-2013 Time: 10:00 till 16:30 price: Free See our website for more events

TIp Every Friday: Quirky friday dinners check on our website or fb for cuisine and chef of the week!

Friday, May 24 can be noted as the kick off for the PopHotSpot Festival, a no-admission music fest, which takes place in The Hague for three weekends in a row. ‘The PopHotSpot’ is located in the cultural heart of the city, the Grote Markt, where bars and cafes, musicvenue De SuperMarkt and The Hague’s poptempel Paard van Troje join forces in programming and presenting a variety of live music. This collaboration of creativity reaches a peak in the summer, which results in the PopHotSpot Festival. For three weekends in a row the public on the Grote Markt are treated to performances from already (inter)nationally acclaimed artists combined with young and fresh talent. The festival line up includes artists from the likes of GOOSE (BE), Kees van Hondt, Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestar (D), Treetop Flyers (UK), Andy Frasco (USA), The Do not Touch My Croque Monsieurs and La Kinky Dub Machine. Within the festival a big ‘Surf & Turf BBQ’ will also be organized, at which there will be an BRAND NEW & EXCLUSIVE Retro-Cruisers (Volkswagen oldtimers) exhibition! More information: Line up confirmed | GOOSE (BE), Shantel & Bucovina Klub Orkestar (D), Kees van Hondt, Balthazar (BE), Treetop Flyers (UK), The Don’t Touch My Croque Monsieurs, HeavyLight, F, Lenny Ryan & The Leather Jackets, Friends of The Family, Andy Frasco, La Kinky Dub Machine, Mr. Wallace, pistoleros de la paz, The Dirty Reminders, Tiki Heads Location: Grote Markt, The Hague Admission: FREE!



Networking “Far from home? Got questions? Time for something else? Our helpdesks, English speaking Counsellors and Trainers are here to help. / / 0900 2 222 377 ACCESS” The Delft Writing Group meets once a month in Delft to share and critique submissions of all types. See for more information.

Courses & Workshops COUNSELLING INTERNATIONAL offers confidential individual counselling, couple therapy or conflict mediation by experienced multilingual professional Els Barkema-Sala, Mphil, MBACp. You may call for a FREE initial telephone consultation or for an appointment and check the website for more information. 071 528 2661

Lunch Time Stress-Fix Massage Special!!! From Monday through Friday, between 11am - 2pm. Reduce the stress of your day and join us for lunch! €40 - 45 Minute Lunch Time Massage (Valid 1/3-1/4) By Appointment Only. Contact Claudia Da Silva for more information 06 528 41 898 or visit Location: Schelpkade 37- 2514 KB Den Haag Driving lessons given in English or German in the area of the Hague and surrounding towns. Ron Keislair, for information telephone 06 44 302 594 or Molly Quell Consulting Social Media and Online Marketing Consulting Social Media Strategy and Development Tutorials, Workshops, and Training Website: Social Media lessons 1-on-1, with a focus on your needs. Twitter,Facebook, Webcare. Call or SMS Mark 0653577287 for an appointment. email: hourly rate 17,50 euro. Having an Image consultation will make you feel fantastic, boost your self confidence, suit your lifestyle and budget, no matter the occasion. Anne Bybjerg Møller Image Consultant Dasherwood: Offering English language text correction and editing, and Dutch to English translations. Contact: dasherwood.


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Rácz. International Translation & Editing Services

Are you a budding entrepreneur or just looking for a new job? Why not have your website or your CV translated to English in order to increase your chances on a broader scale? If working in a warmer climate is what you dream of, we will translate your documents to Spanish as well. Europe is at your doorstep, go for it! Contact your premier source for outstanding translations.

Planning a Party ? Reina van Nieuwkerk-Rácz Dutch into English Translation English Editing Proofreading Services Tel: +31-(0)70-888 2622 Mob: +31-(0)6 24 96 1088

For sale

• Great location • Spectacular harbour views • Free parking • 3 sunny terraces • For business or pleasure • Capacity: 30 to 250 guests • Affordable and flexible

Hope to see you soon!

For Sale: Fully loaded 2007 ACURA MDX with seating for 7; We are moving and must sell this premium Japanese built car. We imported the car from the US and have been the only owners. It has been well cared for and serviced regularly, most recently on 20 Feb 2013; serviced locally by Honda; ApK good until March 2015; recent new front tires;100% non-smoking. Asking price = EUR 26,000. If interested, call pippa at 06 2462 9599 Italia auto corse - alfa romeo and fiat specialist occasions sale spare parts sonoystraat 80-90 (near opcw) tel. 070 - 354 1842 Current occasions; 159 estate 1.8 (black 106000k m, 2008, 10.950 eur os), 147 GTA 240 pk (black 90000 km, 2003, 10.950 euros)

Holiday Homes


business cards

Communications in English

logo design

• Beginners’ and Pre-Intermediate Dutch Language Courses • English Language Courses • Negotiation Services for Expats with Dutch Government Agencies and Institutions


writing paper

advertising photo retouching

(digital) newsletters communication advise


All courses are one-to-one or in small groups. Call or email for a price list, entry form and syllabus.


Spring is in the air! All your beauty needs answered in one place! Quote “The Underground” when booking and get 5% discount on a treatment of your choice.

We offer: exclusive products, facials & anti- aging treatments, mani & pedi, eyelash extensions, tanning, massages, yoga lessons, weight loss program, waxing, hair styling and pampering parties! Alexanderplein 2 2585AZ The Hague 070 345 0215/0651137656

Tante Catoo woon & cadeau 06 13 57 12 77

Obrechtstraat 138b

2517 VZ Den Haag

Interested in Goal Setting, Dealing with Confidence Issues and.or Overcoming Obstacles & Saboteurs? Join a FREE NLp workshop. More information on www.

Art Classes for children between 6 and 18! On 10 minutes walking distance from Scheveningen Beach! Wednesday evening or Saturday morning! Social Media lessons 1-on-1, with a focus on your needs.Call or SMS Mark 0653577287 for an appointment. email: hourly rate 15 euro. Need a professional video production…? Video is a fantastic way to grab attention and spread a message, whether it is for

Always dreamed of

horse riding along the beach of Scheveningen? Enjoy the salty breeze that strikes through your hair as you ride along the coast . We organise horse riding throughout the whole year for beginners and experienced riders along the beach of Scheveningen.

Stalhouderij Het Fjordenpaard Jan Lips Overaseweg 158 4836 BC Breda (0031) 06 51382833

VIBOS Europa AG Everything for your home

* Offers services in home renovation, maintenance and restoration. * Small Projects, big projects and house restoration including roofing. * Plastering, tiling, painting, bathrooms and carpentry. Serving The Hague, Leiden and Delft areas.

Eye See You

FRANCE La Marteille. House in the country. Located near pompadour.Limousin in France. A lovely get away in the country for 2-4 people.2 bedrooms.2bathrooms. veranda.fully burner. etc. From: € 595,-. Bookings: www.

Home improvement

10% korting

op onze gehele collectie op vertoon van deze flyer


Contact: Viktor Samoylov & Jochen Schneider Tel: 06 587 60 30 Tel: 071 30 20 207

Handyman Services English speaking maintenance specialist. Carpentry –painting –kitchen.bathroom –minor plumbing. For a free estimate call Ronald 06 55913888

e See You Casa dell’Arte art courses and lectures in English for thrilling stories on flamboyant artists and their beautiful art. Afterwards you’ll never find art boring ever again!



business, events, promotion or personal. We are a team of video professionals who have experience in all forms of production and utilise the best of High Definition video equipment. Interested.. then please get in touch with

5 week Dutch course at the International Club starting May 14. For info visit Looking for an Ayurvedic Retreat or Detox? Visit our wellness page for information and contact details

Issue 16. May /June 2013

How may we help you?

Graham Montage painting, decorating and small joinery jobs in and around the home/office/ garden. The Hague area and English speaking. Email: or phone 06 428 689 97

Quality Carpentry and Building Services Kevin Larkin Carpentry was established over ten years ago in The Hague and provides first class carpentry and building services to customers in the area. All work is guaranteed and carried out to a high and professional standard. We are well known locally and can provide strong references from our past customers. Contact: brotherkevdotcom@yahoo. com


Contact us at

mr. drs. B.A.J. Spiegeler partner / attorney-at-law admitted to The Hague and Paris Bar



Issue 16. May /June 2013

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