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For TOMORROW’s Genomic Technology.... TODAY Since it first entered the criminal legal practice, DNA has become an indispensable tool in fighting crime, allowing both unambiguous identification of the criminal by traces of biological material left at the crime scene, as well as acquitting innocent suspects. Understanding how DNA evidence is obtained and evaluated allows the defence to find pitfalls in the evidence and in data interpretation.

was obtained, whether it can be interpreted in a way different form that of the prosecution expert, explain what is the significance and the probative value of the evidence and how it can be successfully challenged in court in order to minimize its impact or even dismiss it completely. We will also provide Expert Witness testimony in court should this be required”

A match between the defendant and a biological sample recovered from the crime scene does not and should not automatically mean conviction, even if it is a complete match. DNA is a means of identification and, as other means of identification, it is prone to errors, uncertainties and conflicting interpretations.

The company has published extensively in legal press on the use of DNA in legal practice including the book “Dealing with DNA evidence: A Legal Guide”, which, as the first of its kind, treats DNA evidence within the framework of English Law.

As a trusted and ethical provider of genetic testing services within the UK and Europe, Medical Genomics has been at the front line of genetic research, as founder of the company Andrei Semikhodskii explained in a recent interview:

Medical Genomics provides expert witness services not only in England but in other countries, like India, Libya, Russia and others. As DNA experts for the defense we took pat in the most notorious murder case in India - Noida double murder case which became the subject of the recent book "Aarushi" and the film "Talvar"

“At Medical Genomics we will guide you through DNA evidence in your particular case, help you to understand how DNA evidence


Forensic mag summer 2015  
Forensic mag summer 2015