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World ap-Art magazine n.5 - 2014

World ap-Art

ISSN 2283-7590


- Author: Silvia Cataudella

- Publisher: Ufficio legale: via Roma 73 73039 Tricase (LE) - Indication: numbering exits

- Art director: Silvia Cataudella

- Copy editor: Giovanna Esposito

- Graphyc and web designer: Silvia Cataudella, Salvatore Salafia - Cover: Ilaria Vista - ISSN 2283-7590

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ap-Art “The work is an absolute necessity for me. I can’t put it off, I don’t care for anything but the work; that is to say, the pleasure in something else ceases at once and I become melancholy when I can’t go on with my work. Then I feel like a weaver who sees that his threads are tangled, and the pattern he had on the loom is gone to hell, and all his thought and exertion is lost..” Vincent Van Gogh

World The

Silvia, Italy

Ilaria, Italy


Melanie, UK

- Promoter: Silvia Cataudella (Silviacat) - Copy editor: Giovanna Esposito

- Graphyc and web designer: Silvia Cataudella, Salvatore Salafia (Supersal)

- Digital artist: Charlene Murray Zatloukal (Rustic Goth), Domenico Principato

Sandra, Italy

Domenico S. Italy Despoena, Greece

- Dolls makers: Idania Salcido (Danita art), Melanie Ashton (Anthropomorphica)

Idania, Mexico

Darren, UK

Mariangela, Italy

- Illustrators: Domenico Scalisi, Sandra Lagozino, Mariangela Licciardello, Charlene Murray Zatloukal, Domenico Principato

- Painters: Silvia Cataudella, Ilaria Vista and Rosanna Vista (Ohmydolls!) , Despoena Leonis, Idania Salcido (Danita art), Charlene Murray Zatloukal

Salvo, Italy

Giovanna, Italy

Charlene, USA

- Sculptors: Domenico Scalisi (Nobu Happy Spooky) , Melanie Ashton - Designers toys: Silvia Cataudella, Darren Clegg.

Domenico P. Italy

Laura, Italy

- Fashion designer: Domenico Principato - Photographer: Laura Ghellere

ap-Art Visual arts

The visual arts are those creations we can look at, such as ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, filmmaking and architecture. These definitions should not be taken too strictly as many artistic disciplines (performing arts, conceptual art, textile arts) involve aspects of the visual arts as well as arts of other types. Also included within the visual artsare the applied artssuch as industrial design, graphic design, fashion design, interior design and decorative art. The current usage of the term “visual arts” includes fine art as well as the applied, decorative arts and crafts, but this was not always the case. Before the Arts and Crafts Movement in Britain and elsewhere at the turn of the 20th century, the term ‘artist’ was often restricted to a person working in the fine arts (such as painting, sculpture, or printmaking) and not the handicraft, craft, or applied art media. The distinction was emphasized by artists of the Arts and Crafts Movement who valued vernacular art forms as much as high forms. Art schools made a distinction between the fine arts and the crafts maintaining that a craftsperson could not be considered a practitioner of the arts. The increasing tendency to privilege painting, and to a lesser degree sculpture, above other arts has been a feature of Western art as well as East Asian art. In both regions painting has been seen as relying to the highest degree on the imagination of the artist, and the furthest removed from manual labour - in Chinese painting the most highly valued styles were those of “scholar-painting”, at least in theory practiced by gentleman amateurs. The Western hierarchy of genres reflected similar attitudes.

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o m e

New member of World ap-Art

Laura Ghellere

My world a way to look at things through my soul filter. Reality is not just what you see but what you perceive with your senses and spirit. My pictures contain a lot of ingredients which characterize the subjects they represent, rebuilding their “nature” and essence. Photography can be a very effective means to convey your idea of the world. And when your work is appreciated and succeeds in exciting someone else’s feelings, that means your world ap-art is not only yours. As a photographer I would like to help people to discover what is hidden beyond every appearance and share all these emotional secrets, my world ap-art, with them. Photographer. Contacts

A b o u


What is your color and why? Mariangela

I don’t have a favorite color, all colors belong to me. I love too much all colors for emphasising anyone.


regardless of my works, my favourite color is definitely green in all its shades. Green, for me, conveys immensity, and is both relaxing and exciting. I can’t explain these feelings, because each color touches different chords within us. When I paint, I like to alternate works with sharp chromatic contrasts to others candid, intangible and ethereal.


I love all colors, they make my life better. It is very rare that I create something in black and white, and honestly I like more painting than drawing. Anyway, if I have to make a choice, maybe my color is red. Red because it is intense and passionate. It ‘s warm and cozy.

Laura: Red is my favorite color. I think it does represent our most intimate emotions and feelings and it’s the symbol of our spiritual and physical boost to grow and develop on and on.

Melanie: Green, for moss and lichen and the many and varied hues displayed through the seasons. To me it is hope, comfort and exquisite beauty.


I don’t have a favourite colour. The colours i use are very dependant on how i am feeling at that moment and how i wish to evoke emotion in anyone looking at my work. When i make a strong, bold, powerful sculpt i tend to use primary colours to emphasise the sculpt.


My favorite color is green in its more vibrant varieties and in the blue side (turquoise, aqua,

seaglass). It makes me feel happy and alive.

Charlene: My favorite color is’s bright and sunny. Salvo: my favourite color is blue, I loved it since I was a child. It makes me feel serene. Despoena: my favourite colour is crimson but I do not wear crimson clothes or accessories. brown, blue and black for my clothes.

I prefer








e w


When did you begin to paint? Have you got an academic training? I started painting very early, thanks to my family that supported the strong curiosity and passion I had for drawing and art in general. So the choice of the artistic school and, later, of the Academy of Fine Arts became natural for me: drawing wasn’t anymore just a game, but a subject of study. Since then, I have experimented and improved different techniques looking for a unique and personal style; I keep trying, since I’m never satisfied and I always like to put myself to test! Besides painting, do you use other artistic techniques? I experience everything but my first love remains painting. How would you define your art? My art is a sort of therapy, besides being pure passion, a safe place where, while I create, I suffer, I remember, I scream, I erase, I get angry, I cling to hopes, I fight, I find peace, love and the scent of my mother’s cake, all at the same time. I paint all women’s beauty, their childish sides, their flaws and their bravery.

Name three artists whose works inspire you, and explain the reason of your choice? I passionately follow various artists and it’s hard for me to pick just three! I love the Pop surrealist artist Mark Rydens, always caught between nostalgic elements and disturbing archetypes . Then I would mention Kris Kuksi: his artworks could seem a subtle rococo decoration, but actually they are a baroque pile made by the waste of Western Civilization. And I can’t forget Frida Kahlo, whom I love immensely, fascinated by the ways she portrayed her tragedy. Her painting is pain made art, suffering from which she drew strength, at the same time staying rebel, unconventional, disquieting and absolutely original. Which feelings or thoughts or visions do you want to convey through your painting? ? In my works I analyze myself, looking for answers to my questions and to the questions of the women who live near me. My dolls’ eyes are the same as mine, looking far to get away from everything that hurts or, simply, that I don’t like. A look that imagines its tale when it doesn’t like something, that creates a story like a place to shelter, with sweets and plushes opposed to blood and blades, that represent the wound inside each one of us. The mouth has a disenchanted expression, a small mouth that goes downwards because it’s too honest to pretend a smile. My dolls don’t frown even if their weep is desperate; they are a bit clumsy just like me, who am timid and awkward, seemingly calm but with a mess inside. Some of our wounds are inflicted by life, some are by our choice, so I paint piercings and tattoos that tell some pages of each doll’s story. In my artworks where you can see more than one doll, I would like to represent the union and the support that I’d like to see among women; unfortunately I’m convinced that we are really far from the friendship that exists among men. The figures are often half animals or surrounded by animals, since I love Nature, an amazing shelter for the Soul. My dolls depict the changing condition of each woman, our complications, our search for colors to fight our inner darkness...the fact that we are often unintelligible in our simplicity. Each doll hides a secret, and it’s your task to find the key to enter their world (they have often a lock on their forehead). The more I feel bitter, the more I put sugar!

Your female figures are both childish and sexy, disturbing and lovely, sad and provoking. Why do you call them “dolls”, and where do they come from? They are “dolls” because we often judge by appearances; because we don’t want to understand the chaos and the multitude of emotions which distinguishes us. They are strong and provocative women, but also vulnerable and sensitive. Dolls since they are often used and then thrown away as a broken toy. Dolls with a red lipstick, but with rimmel pouring down their cheeks: I am a doll, and you are dolls, and you surround me, so that I have new emotions to paint everyday! Which part has goth and horror imagery and culture in your works? Not very important, though you can find some references. Tell us something about your upside-down figures. I feel always downturned, and so I have the need to paint this sensation. It is not an uncomfortable feeling: as a matter of fact, with my upside-down dolls, I would like to convey a precise message, the importance of fighting to remain what you are. I think that is not marginalization, but a victory, when you manage not to please people at any costs! It’s an issue that is very dear to me, so I painted an entire “upside – down” collection: you don’t have to match the canons of a sick system to feel suitable! What do you think about contemporary Italian art? I believe that art has never been so alive. Creativity has expanded to unimaginable limits. From painting to photography, from ceramic to videoart, you can find an amazing variety of expressions: only painting and sculpture were considered arts once, while now you can express yourself by different means... The situation is even more unbelievable regarding female artists: up to fifty years ago there have been only one thousand women in the entire human art history, while, in the last half century, we can count 50000 women artists only in Italy. Female creativity has freed itself in a very impressive way! A precious abundance of creative urges which typically belongs to our times. A nightmarish fairytale that your dolls could tell. My dolls could tell each kind of nightmarish tale, above all those with knives and severed heads, and strawberry blood everywhere, of course supported by an army of stuffed animals, in a wood made by marshmallows and biscuits!

Why did you join the World Ap-Art group and which are your expectations about it? I joined this group because I believe in collaboration among artists: of course I’d like to be more involved but I have many commitments to manage. Art world is a fantastic world, but very challenging at the same time, so I think that helping and supporting each other makes us stronger. I wish that this group had more and more followers and helped us to go further on our artistic path.





e w

The exhibition at RAL8022 was an excellent opportunity to show my works. In occasions like this, I’m always a bit agitated (but this is part of me); I’ve known artists, I shared thoughts but basically I don’t expected anything exact. I appreciated the fact that there were people who gave us a chance to expose for free, I think it’s essential to be known, to have new contacts and create new partnerships. The restaurant was delicious and on the black walls of the showroom my dolls came to life! Curious observations, nope! Questions and comments were almost always related to the technique, the lock on the forehead of my characters and where do the figures that I paint come from. What I liked most was watching people intent to observe my work: there is no bigger thrill for me!

Ohmydolls! and Silviacat at the event









can fly

Domenico Principato imagination, that enchants us and creates unreal images, is the only thing that makes us free to fly


Laura Ghellere

Anthropomorphica Flame Of Hair And Wild Of Spirit This young one, flame of hair and wild of spirit enjoyed tremendously to scamper up the crag and chase the goats onto the highest precipice. Arms outstretched to the blowing winds she would laugh and twirl around. Perhaps, not the most sensible of pastimes but for Nuala caution was something to be fed to the wild wind. To stand high up on the crag with hair blowing one way and her dress the other was one of life’s joys. Nuala would call out and listen to her voice disappear and in wonderment of where it would land, she chased all the way back down the crag to try to catch it at the bottom. Mostly the goats tried their best to ignore her, though on better days they humoured her shenanigans as she ran at them and shooed them ever upwards. On a day much like any other, Nuala ran the goats up to the top of the crag, the goats took to grazing and Nuala to twirling. High up in the sky another was twirling, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say circling. A huge eagle had seen the goats and was carefully choosing lunch! The goats at once recognised the fast approaching shadow and in a panic of hooves and horns sped hastily over rock and tussock to save themselves from the winged devourer.

Nuala spinning with eyes shut was blind to the kerfuffle, laughing and giggling as dizziness took her, except dizziness, this time, had a very firm grip and if she was not mistaken was taking her up higher and higher! Nuala opened her eyes to see the ground fast disappearing from below her feet, oh the joy! She had never been up that high before and let out a little shriek. Confused by the sounds emanating from his talons the eagle looked down, imagine his surprise to see not one horned and bleating but a human child, wriggling and shrieking. He dropped her right away! I never did find out if she managed to catch her voice at the bottom but perhaps you could ask for me at the roots of the old Willow tree...


SilviaCat This is the story of a girl who loved to dance. Since her childhood her best friends were her dance shoes. Dance was like flying for her, slightly moving on her toes. Her mind saw beautiful landscapes while floating in the air, near a hot air balloon. You have always wanted to fly, imagining it as a dance. You move fast on the tips, do you see where these clouds came from? The hot air surrounds and lifts you; watch how that cloud twists! Gentle and majestic, you raise above everything. Looks like magic, your skill. The clouds and the wind pass by, you don’t feel time anymore, but just a sweet song. Galleggi nell’aria leggera, vicino a una mongolfiera. Hai sempre desiderato volare, immaginavi fosse come danzare. Ti muovi veloce sulle punte, guarda queste nuvole da dove son giunte? L’aria calda ti avvolge e ti solleva, quella nuvola come si contorceva. Soave e maestosa, ti ergi sopra ogni cosa. Sembra magia, questa tua maestria.

“Ballerina” Crayon on paper A4 2014

Le nuvole e il vento ti passano accanto, non senti più il tempo, ma solo un dolce canto.

Ohmydolls! “So far” Pencil on paper digital reworking

Rustic Goth “Steampunk Flight” Digital created in Photoshop Size: 8” x 10”

Sandra Lagozino “Folletto� sketch of study for stage costumes watercolor and mixed media on paper cm 35x50 1998

N e w s

Still in exposition.

World ap-Art magazine n.5- 2014

World ap-Art n.5  

This magazine is online thanks to the contribution of a group newly formed by international artists, whose aim is to spread a common vision...

World ap-Art n.5  

This magazine is online thanks to the contribution of a group newly formed by international artists, whose aim is to spread a common vision...