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World ap-Art magazine n.8 - 2015

World ap-Art

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- Author: Silvia Cataudella

- Publisher: Ufficio legale: via Roma 73 73039 Tricase (LE) - Indication: numbering exits

- Art director: Silvia Cataudella

- Copy editor: Giovanna Esposito, Carlotta Mascherpa. - Graphyc and web designer: Silvia Cataudella. - Cover: Caterina Zacchetti - ISSN 2283-7590

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ap-Art “What I strive most to achieve in art is to make you forget the material. The sculptor must... communicate whatever struck his sensibility, so that a person beholding his work may experience in its entirety the emotion felt by the artist while he observed nature. � Medardo Rosso

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Promoter, graphyc and web designer of the group: Silvia Cataudella (Silviacat).

Silvia, Italy

Giovanna, Italy

Nicola, Italy

Carlotta, Italy

Beatrice, UK

Caterina Italy

Daria, Russia

Sandra, Italy

Charlene, USA

Copy editor: Giovanna Esposito Carlotta Mascherpa.

Digital artists: Charlene Murray Zatloukal (Rustic Goth) Kayan Kwok Salvatore Salafia (Supersal)

Salvo S. Italy

Salvo B. Italy

Dolls makers and Designers toys: Idania Salcido (Danita art) Daria Lapto Silvia Cataudella. Illustrators: Sandra Lagozino Charlene Murray Zatloukal Leonardo Prencipe.

Laura, Italy

kayan, China

Leonardo, Italy

Davide, Italy

Painters: Silvia Cataudella Ilaria Vista (Ohmydolls!) Idania Salcido (Danita art) Charlene Murray Zatloukal Leonardo Prencipe Beatrice Roberts Davide Magliacano Salvo Bonfiglio.

Ilaria, Italy

Idania, Mexico

Sculptor: Caterina Zacchetti. Photographers: Laura Ghellere Nicola Bertoglio Salvatore Salafia.

ap-Art The


It ‘s definitely a world ap-Art, the one where young creatives meet, to discuss and share their fantasies... It ‘s definitely a world ap-Art, the one where the only rule is believing in the value of our own inspiration, while remaining open to discussion and contamination. It ‘s definitely a world ap-Art, the one where unlimited passion blends with professional skills and with a pinch of madness! It ‘s definitely a world ap-Art, the one where the priority is to create, and finding together new ways to do it better. In conclusion, it is definitely a world ap-Art where we want to invite you: an adventure made of painting, sculpture, videos, design, graphic, with no boundaries to our fancy; an opportunity to meet, and to give strenght together to our ideas! Our “Wonderland” is a space for art exhibitions, an ideas-sharing lab, a virtual place to publish, comment and sell our works; to share thoughts and useful news about the amazing world of arts (contests, exhibitions etc); to post tutorials to show our know-how and much more...

New Year

One year since our first printing: it has been a year full of Art with talents that make this magazine new and unique. A place to dream, wonder, learn. After the first year, we decided to keep going without advertising and sponsors. Being faithful to our initial manifesto, we will concentrate on Arts and Ideas to share, remaining proudly independent. We will have changes next year: someone left the group, while others are going to join us, but the spirit and the meaning of our group are still the same: spreading our deep love for Art in all its forms.

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New members of World ap-Art

Leonardo Prencipe

My world definitely my workshop; it is to live close to my brushes, almost creating an intimacy with them. It is to create something that didn’t exist before; to be in front of a plane canvas that I will shape with a concept, in a way that will create different emotions in every onlooker, every personality. Summarising, my own universe, as everyone’s, is what allow me to live in the real word.

Painter/illustator Contact

Davide Magliacano Painter Contact

My world ap-Art...made of giant Babel towers that climb from the deepest and darkest corners, up to challenge the sky and beyond. In these desolate and abandoned landscapes, traces of life are hidden behind an opaque glass or a flickering light on the corner of an alley. In my world Ap-art life is not seen but perceived trough feel. Come to discover my World ap-Art









ap-Art Through different media and styles, the artists aim to present society through their eyes and emotions.

“Selfie � illustrator/Photoshop, 2011.

Domenico Principato

Silvia cat Disembarkation It’s a work about sadness and desolation, but hope and dreams. In a symbolic way it showed immigration landing, subject so real in Italy nowadays.

“Disembarkation ” Crayon on paper A4 , 2014.

Laura Ghellere

Sandra Lagozino It’s the story of Jonah, a young tree that lives in a flowerbed of a small garden. Jonah wants to become a human being and the Wind, his friend, grants his wish. Once he become a human being, the young tree doen’t recognizes his Flowerbed any more, his garden, his Elder friend, the oldest tree in the neighborhood. This is not the world he wanted or imagined.

Sandra Lagonzino Illustration for the storybook “Un albero di nome Giona” Watercolour, coffee, spices, fibre tip on white cardboard (A4 paper format)

These two illustrations show the “journey” of Jonah from flowerbed to the world surrounding, a world lived by wacky characters, who speak an unknown language, a fast and confused society. Jonah discovers, in this way, the real freedom within himself. Don’t deside to be other than you and live for what you are.

Nature and Artifice Man is his garbage. This is subject in Leonardo’s works. Environment impact makes by our modern society and what we will left ot next generations.

Leonardo Prencipe

Nicola Bertoglio








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Caterina Zacchetti Did your passion show itself in your early age?

I always loved art as a means of expression, even as a child. For many years I looked more into drawings; later, during academicals education, I came closer to plastic arts and I discovered it as my true passion. Tell us about your artistic training. After the Liceo Artistico ( U. Boccioni – Milano ), I enrolled at Accademia di Brera, in the plastic arts department. At the time, I began experimenting with different materials: clay, wood, stone, plaster and wax. It was a very experimental period, full of achievements and defeats, but everything concurred to make me understand what were “my materials”. After the Academy, I moved abroad (Spain) and I started working mainly with clay, as well as welding and forging iron. From iron, I moved onto copper, which is now the main material I work with, together with clay. what about materials do you use for your creative process? I always start with the drawing, and then I start modelling with the clay what I drafted on the paper. I love clay, because it is a natural material, used since ever, which gives infinite possibilities of modelling and expression even with its natural colours. What is the name of you art feature on the magazine cover? The title is “Le mille e una notte”, “One Thousand and One Nights”.

Can you describe it and tell us what was your inspiration for this work? Sometimes I create sculptures that recall mythological or fairy creatures. In the present case, the sculpture recalls the magical atmospheres of the homonymous oriental novels. Do you work as an artist full time? At the beginning, I had very many jobs, and with the time I started to determine my goal, which was to work within the arts. I started teaching ceramic and held courses dedicated to secondary school pupils. At the moment, I left the teaching activity and I concentrate on my work as a sculptor. What artists or people have influenced your style? Can I reply telling you who didn’t influence my style? I didn’t look at Botero, to whose works my sculptures are often compared. Of course, this does not mean that I am not admiring the Columbian sculptor and his works. I just think that what we aim to communicate is deeply different. Where do you work? Describe your studio or space where you work. My workshop is a big and light room. It is just below my flat and this is very comfortable, the location allows me to spend very long hours in the studio! I got there everything I need to model and to forge, and is my personal space for chaos and creativity!

What kind of subjects do you like to represent? What do you want to communicate through them? I always create female figures, sometimes by themselves, sometimes with a cat. The figures are soft and curvy, sweet or naughty, coquettish or engaging. I try to represent women in all their facets, from motherly to sensual. Themes in your works are often animals, horses in particular. Are you quoting something, rendering homage to a particular theme of the traditional figurative arts? Or has it a different meaning? Some years ago I started to introduce animals in my sculptures: horses and cats. They are both animals that I always loved. I always lived with them and therefore I had the opportunity to appreciate their harmony of their forms and postures, from a aesthetic point of view. I really adore them, so I like to make them accompany my sculptures.

Did you ever expose your creations in a museum or in a gallery? EI exhibit in many galleries in Italy and I am also represented in international fairs by Galleria Palma Arte: this gives me the opportunity to get known abroad as well. Did you experience differences between the way to work and conceive arts in Italy and abroad? In the last years, I noticed a big drop in the Italian art market, at least in my experience. Abroad, everything seems to run as usual. But I was never present at fairs abroad, but I am aware that both attendance and sale rates are very different. In some countries, for examples, there are facilitations for the purchases of works of art, such as state loans, interest free. This is certainly a good way to motivate people to get closer to arts and to make them able to purchase works that they like.

What is your dream project? My dream is continue to live from my artistic output: this makes me happy and allows me to express my thoughts and feelings. I am a very reserved person and I love to express myself without the need of words, just digging my hands into the clay and letting everything flow. Why World ap-Art? what are you looking for in this group? World ap-Art is a beautiful initiative and I am happy to be part of it: it is a group of artists who believes in cooperation. In the arts, it is important to get inspired from others and not to get secluded.








Landscape ap-Art A painted landscape is always more beautiful than a real one, because there’s more there. Everything is more sensual, and one takes refuge in its beauty. (Fernando Botero)

Davide Magliacano “Aria di Mare� watercolor on paper 35x55cm.

Salvo Bonfiglio “Processione” 220x200 oil 2013

Sandra Lagozino

“Albero giallo� Watercolor on paper.

Leonardo Prencipe “Amerigo Vespucci” oil on canvas 50 x 70 cm

Laura Ghellere

Silvia cat

“Alone” crayon on paper 2014

Kkayan Kwok

Nicola Bertoglio The work will be printed on aluminum plates Chromaluxe fixed to a wooden panel mdf by small magnets. The structure is naked without a frame. The work is a unique piece. 92X30 cm A4

World ap-Art magazine n.8 - 2015