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1:00PM EST Allen County Fairgrounds . Lima, Ohio

We proudly feed and recommend

SALE SCHEDULE: Friday, November 2nd

9:00 am The 16th Annual Harvest of Excellence Sale offering will be on display. Cattle may also be viewed at the farm.

Brad, Melanie, Ashlie & Hannah Tyler & Natalie State Route 309, Lima, Ohio Brad 419.303.3399 • Tyler 419.236.4375 Herdsman: Kurtis Klingaman 269.366.6195

16th annual

Saturday, November 3rd

11:00 am Lunch will be served compliments of the Winegardner family. 1:00pm The 16th Annual Harvest of Excellence Sale


Auctioneer Col. Kevin Wendt ............419.566.1599 or 614.789.1627 Ringmen Rob Chapman ............................................269.209.3944 Dick Carmichael .........................................615.584.0997 Delvin Heldermon .......................................405.205.1116 Mike Reindel ..............................................419.235.3607 Kent Jaeke .................................................405.408.2440 Consultants John Boddicker, AMAA ..............................816.431.9950 Tyler Humphrey, ACA ................................419.230.3450 John Jacobs...............................................260.273.8235 Ryan Dunklau ............................................402.369.2025


Brad Winegardner ....................................419.303.3399 Tyler Winegardner ....................................419.236.4375 Melanie Winegardner ...............................419.302.5531 Natalie Winegardner..................................765.238.0801 Kurtis Klingaman.......................................269.366.6195

NOVEMBER 3, 2012 1:00PM EST Allen County Fairgrounds · Lima, Ohio

Located on State Route 309, one mile East of Interstate 75.

Most sale consultants will be present sale day as well.


Holiday Inn ................................................419.879.4000 Hampton Inn .............................................419.225.8300 Howard Johnson .......................................419.222.0004

Harvest of Excellence Consignment Invitation Making a purchase in our sale creates the eligibility to consign in a future sale. Please contact Brad or Tyler Winegardner by April 1, 2013 to discuss your involvement in the 2013 Harvest of Excellence Sale.


Rocking J Ranch, Dr. John McCullough, Dunk Cattle Co., Reindel Family, Barker Family, Rogers Family, Tom Farms, Simpson Family and Bob Duis.


to retain two flushes on each lot at sellers expense. A minimum of eight transferable eggs unless otherwise noted.


Check-out page 10 for more information on our Junior incentive program.

Dear Friends, It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that we welcome you to our 16th Annual Harvest of Excellence production sale! We feel very honored that you have taken the time to view our cattle, either in person, online or through this catalog. We have been working very diligently on this set of heifers and it is safe to say the quality runs deep. Once again we have been very fortunate to be involved with Jerry Adamson and the Rockn J Ranch. It has given us the opportunity to place embryos from our very best donor cows while Jerry and his crew have the space and the ability to calve them out. For years the Winegardner name has been synonymous with quality cattle. Now, more than ever that statement could not be truer. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality seedstock in the market today and in doing so bring forth excellence for our clients. We are very proud of the bulls that we have raised and they are proving themselves in today's very competitive industry. Our family is very important to us and that is why it makes so much sense for us to work with you and your families as you take these calves on to the

shows and then place them in your own herds. We have been very blessed to have had much success in the Showring. Nothing pleases us more than to be able to pass those genetics on to you so you are able to find your own success. As always, there are many people we would like to thank. First and foremost we want to thank God for all of the blessings he has given us and to give Him all of the praise and glory! We also want to say that we would not be where we are today without the help, love and support of our families and close friends. We are very blessed to have each and every one of them in our lives (you know who you are)! We want you to consider this your official invitation to our 16th annual sale. Lunch will be served beginning at 11 am. We look forward to seeing you and working with you this next year. Sincerely,

Brad, Melanie, Ashlie & Hannah and Tyler & Natalie



Candy Cane 508Z Chianina 16.48% â–Ş May 8, 2012 Man Up x Ms. Rockn Candy (Eye Candy)

Where do I begin, this brockle faced female is truly a special beast. She is the natural of these three and obviously you can see this cow is making a statement as just a three year old. This may female is so rare to combine all of the look in the world, with as much mass, center body, and structural correctness you could ever find in one. This one is ready to go win the jackpots as well as compete on a national level. Fun is unlimited with this one.

Man Up, Sire of 1a and 1d.

Miss Rockn Candy, Dam of Lot 1a, 1b, 1c and 1d. 4 WINEGARDNER HARVEST OF EXCELLENCE SALE

Candy Apple 426Z Chi 12.74% Reg. Maintainer 25% â–Ş 04.26.12 Breathe Easy x Ms. Rockn Candy (Eye Candy)


We mated Ms. Rockn Candy to Breathe Easy as just a heifer and the results were a promotional sire named Blue Print, sold to Trausch Farms. So obviously we flushed her back that way. Wow did it work again with these two solid black heifer calves. 426Z is built to me the ultimate show heifer. Her added extension and killer look is amazing with ever so coveted big sweep to her ribcage. Not to mention with the new 6.25 rule change in the Chianina association it is unbelievably hard to get those highly sought after double registered females.

Candy Land 422Z Reg. Chi 12.74% Reg. Maintainer 25% â–Ş 04.22.12 Breathe Easy x Ms. Rockn Candy (Eye Candy This one of the sisters is just a little different. So flat and functionally it is scary. What a look she still has and combines this with impeccable structural soundness. This female will be loads of fun next summer when you are going to try and win the big ones. Have fun with this future donor.


The Rockn Candy Daughters


Three Embryos Man Up x Ms. Rockn Candy (Eye Candy) These three embryos are full sibs to the lot 1A. Think of the endless possibilities here. We are guaranteeing one pregnancy if transferred by a certified technician.


Lucky Day Reg Chi 15.14% Reg. Maintainer 25% ▪ 01.12.12 Who Da Man x Hotline x He’s Tuff Here is a January double registered female that is ready to win. This heifer not only has the look and functionality of a big time breeding cow, but her pedigree is off the chart. Thinking about this one in the ring this winter it could be overwhelming, better yet think about the donor potential in a couple years.

2 Real Fun 414Z Registered Chianina 7.67% ▪ 04.14.12 Eye Candy x Real Deal Here is a Black and White heifer that will certainly catch your eye. What a look she has, in fact she grabbed my eye from a distance in the Rockn J pasture. If you are looking to show competitively no matter what level, this is the one for you.


Allison Registered Chi 7.79% ▪ 03.28.12 Monopoly x Heat seeker


Year after year the Reindel family keeps contributing greatly to our sale. We can never thank them enough. This female is out of their Heat Seeker cow that has raised numerous big time show heifers and this one is no exception. Her added width, center body and structural soundness make her extremely fun to work on especially when they have the look from the side like she does.

The Ace Daughters

Ms. Rockin Ace, Dam of Lot 4

If you have been around our program you know how the Ace cow has become so influential. She just continues to click no matter what bull we mate her too. This year it’s the ever so popular Monopoly. We can’t decide which one we like the best, take a look, these females are good.





4a Ms. Ace 503Z

4b Ms. Ace 420Z

Registered Chianina 12.43% ▪ 05.03.12 Monopoly x Ms. Rockin Ace

Registered Chianina 12.43% ▪ 04.20.12 Monopoly x Ms. Rockin Ace

4c Ms. Ace 414Z

4d Ms. Ace 409Z

Registered Chianina 12.43% ▪ 04.14.12 Monopoly x Ms. Rockin Ace

Registered Chianina 12.43% ▪ 04.09.12 Monopoly x Ms. Rockin Ace


Three Embryos Who Da Man x Ms. Rockin Ace

These embryos will be full sibs to last year’s high seller for $47,000 to the Johnk Family of Iowa. With Who Da Man semen bringing over $ 2,000, don’t miss this opportunity to own these potential great ones. We are guaranteeing one pregnancy if transferred by a certified technician. HARVEST OF EXCELLENCE SALE WINEGARDNER 7

Miley Cyrus 327Z Reg. Chi 11.26% Reg. Maintainer 25% ▪ 03.27.12 Heat Wave x Miley (Who Da Man x Black Impact)


This female here is definitely a Harvest of Excellence success story. Not only was her mother the high selling female in 2009 but she went on to be a many time champion including supreme overall at the Nebraska State Fair. It took me a while to convince Dunk to let me have her for the sale and you definitely can see why he didn’t want to part with her. It’s hard to make one so fault free in her structure and yet make one this good looking and powerful. We think she can run hard all year as a Chi, Maintainer, or commercial.

Miley (Who Da Man x Black Impact), Dam of Lot 6

Ringtone Registered Maintainer 31.25% ▪ 02.06.12 Ringer x (Aftershock x Cheaptrick x Angus) It’s pretty easy to fall in love with this one. Functional easily describes her from head to toe. The Maintainer ring better watch out when one walks in with all that mass and center body, combined with a perfect structure and a great look from the side Ringtone is ready to roll right out the gate, have fun every time with this one.


Caroline Registered Chi 6.8% ▪ 04.10.12 Heat Wave x (Aftershock x Cheaptrick x Angus) This one is a lot like her older sister in many ways, so good at the ground, and so practically built. This is a heifer that looks good every time you look at her. The possibilities are unlimited here.


Chloe 218Y Reg. Maintainer 25% Low percent Chi 5.12% ▪ 02.18.12 Breathe Easy x Chloe (Who DA Man x Meyer 734)


These Who DA Man daughters are obviously treating us very well. This is Chloe’s first calf and what a job she did. This Breathe Easy daughter has brood cow written all over her. It’s hard to describe how massive and big bodied she is while still be very attractive and sound structured. Big time Maintainer and future donor cow here.

Lollapalooza Registered Maintainer 62.50% ▪ 01.05.12 Sooner x Analyze This Cowy, cowy, cowy, sums this one up. So broody and functional it makes us scratch our head. What a donor in the making here. Did I mention she will be loads of fun in the show ring too.

9 Pearl Registered Chi 11.93% ▪ 05.18.12 Monopoly x Pearl (Heatseeker x Shedaisy) This one has big time show heifer written all over her. So balanced and proportional in her kind, makes her way fun to be around. Remember anything that goes back to the Shedaisy cow turns into something special.


Rachel Registered Maintainer 50% ▪ 04.04.12 Wisdom x (Heat Wave x Chiangus) I have known the Rogers/Barker family for practically all of my life. Now that Richard and Renee’s kids are old enough to show we have gotten even closer. Wow have they raised a really good double registered one here. This female is built for the ring from every angle. She has that look that says,” wow I am going to be a killer big heifer.” Not to mention think of the donor potential here.


Sarah Registered Maintainer 37.5% ▪ 04.16.12 Mercedes Benz x (Heat Seeker x Stout) This is an outstanding maintainer female raised by the Simpson family. I have been around this year and seen several really good Mercedes Benz females and this certainly is one as well. We truly love the look and balance this one has, oh did we mention she is crazy good haired and gentle as it gets.


Simple Choice Registered Low Percent Chi 4.37% ▪ 02.16.12 Simple Math x (Who Da Man x Outrageous) Dr. John McCullough and the Barker family have been so good to us over the years. This female is just another reason why. High performing, stout and powerful easily sums this one up. This one not only will show very well but will absolutely raise the kind that are topping all of the sales.


Steal Your Heart Registered Half Blood Simmy ▪ 04.03.12 Steel Force x Kadabra If you are looking to run hard in the low Simmental division here she is. Not only is this one of the hairiest half bloods we have ever been around but she is simply that good. She’s got that unbelievable look from the side with worlds of mass and power. Steal Your Heart will definitely do that the first time you see her.


Winegardner Show Cattle

Juniors may receive credit awards for exhibiting registered heifers purchased at the Harvest of Excellence Sale. Terms are as follows: 1. Must be a certified Junior Association member; 2. Reward comes in credit form to be used at future Harvest of Excellence sales; 3. Heifers resold following purchase are not eligible; 4. Exhibitors must provide proof of entry, show placing and a professional grade photo of winning animal at said show.

NATIONAL JR. HEIFER SHOW $ 1,000 Grand Champion Heifer $ 750 Reserve Grand Champion Heifer $ 500 Division Winner $ 250 Reserve Division Winner $ 100 Class Winner MAJOR STATE FAIRS (IL, IN, IA, KS, MO, NE, OH, OK, SD, TX) $ 250 Grand Champion Heifer $ 125 Reserve Grand Champion Heifer MAJOR JUNIOR HEIFER SHOWS (Denver, Fort Worth, Kansas City, Louisville, AK-SAR-BEN) $ 500 Grand Champion Heifer $ 250 Reserve Grand Champion Heifer $ 100 Division Winner


BEST PROGRAM $ 500 Champion of respective breed in points at the end of year. $250 Reserve Champion of respective breed in points at the end of year.

2013 Junior Nationals Maine-Anjou/Chi Junior Nationals June 15-21 2013 • Grand Island, NE Shorthorn Junior Nationals June 24 -29 2013 • Des Moines, IA

The Lucy Daughters Lucy (Lutton son)

Lucy Registered 1/4 Blood Simmy â–Ş 04.07.12 Mamas Boy x Lucy (Lutton son) This female and her sister are for sure a different twist on this sale. We realize that they are not the chunky clubby type but take a good look here. This quarter blood Simmental is extremely good. Great looking and fault free from any angle with a huge rib cage. No matter how you show this female, commercial or AOB at some shows, she will be a contender. But most importantly the mating decisions on down the road are endless. Have fun with this one. She is big time.

Lucy Unregisterable â–Ş 04.12.12 Whiplash x Lucy (Lutton son) The other Lucy daughter in the sale is a good one too. I know all you could show her as is a commercial, but think about this one as a future donor and let your imagination run wild. This female is so sound and functional in every way. No matter what you breed her to, you should have success.


Ashton Registered Chi 8.75% ▪ 04.02.12 Who Da Man x (Grizz x Heat Seeker)


Everyone knows the Who DA Man females are the ultimate show heifers and this one is no exception. Ashton is so sound and correct in every way while having that killer look and great sweep to her rib cage. This is the kind that wins the big ones and raises the high sellers.

Libby 421Z Registered Chi 11.26% ▪ 04.21.12 Heat Wave x Libby (Who Da Man x Kadabra) This red one is special to us. Her mother was a wonderful show heifer for Hannah just a few years ago and this is her second calf. There is no doubt this female is good. It’s really hard to put this much bone and power on one and still be this feminine and cowy. This one will be a lot of fun to drag around all year no matter what level you take her to.


Kelsie 512Z Registered Low Percent Chi 5.85% ▪ 05.12.12

Warfare (Monopoly x Thrill Seeker) x (Who Made Who x Meyer 734)

This black and white heifer simply has the look. Her added balance, structure and rib shape makes her one of a kind with that awesome color pattern. Not to mention this one’s mother flat clicks every year.



Milk Lady 413Z Registered Low Percent Chi 3.4% â–Ş 04.13.12 Milk Man x Who Da Man's Mother (Windsor x Sim x Angus) This solid white pink nosed female is extremely rare. This one is cool looking and you will see what I mean. This is the kind that will raise those killer show steers everyone is craving.

Silver Sally Registered Low Percent Chi 3.4% â–Ş 05.04.12 Monopoly x Who Da Man's Mother (Windsor x Sim x Angus) The off colored ones are flat in and this female will make you understand why. What a cool look she has with tons of bone and power. Not to mention she is really good haired and great minded.


Zimmer Registered High % Maine-Anjou ▪ 03.05.12 BK Unlimited Power x Why Not (Money Man) This is a Buck bred female that is one of a kind. It’s pretty obvious that Jirl and his crew are mating the right kind of purebred Maine’s and this heifer is just another example. She is so functional, moderate and cowy, but still has that wonderful show heifer look. We absolutely love these easy doing functional kind of Maine cattle, because they make great show heifers and awesome cows.


Tess Two Purebred Shorthorn ▪ 04.23.12 NPS Bloodstone 657 x KH Cecelia Luck This female is the kind we are all searching for, moderate, huge bodied and great looking. Not only will she run every weekend, but she will be a great donor cow that can raise great purebreds and awesome plus cattle.

Poppin Girl 10z ET Purebred Shorthorn ▪ 03.07.12 Waco x Poppin Girl 2R1 This is a powerful solid red female. This one has what it takes to run at the big level. These Waco’s are making a name for themselves throughout the country. Did I mention this one is crazy haired and ready to go.

22 21-25


Polka 11Z ET Purebred Shorthorn ▪ 04.16.12 Cloud 9 x Golden Polka Here is a beautiful colored great built female with loads of potential. This one has that added look and balance with worlds of structural soundness. Give her time and she will be ready to roll come spring time.

23 Polly Reg. Shorthorn Plus Reg. MaineTainer 25% ▪ 04.04.12

Thriller x (Brutus x Vegas) It’s hard to find females that can run in any breed. This is the kind that can compete at any level. She is moderate, stout and super sound, with a great look from the side. Did I mention this heifer is TH free by parentage.

24 Augusta Pride 303Z Reg. Shorthorn Plus Reg. Chi 8.75% ▪ 03.03.12 Who Da Man x Augusta Pride (Aviator) This female is a full sib to Dunk and our promotional Bull Man on a Mission. What at crazy good look she has, with all that power, bone and great hair coat. This heifer will be a major contender by springtime with that awesome breeding cattle build.


Sadie 506Z Reg. MaineTainer Reg. Low Percent Chi ▪ 05.06.12 Warfare (Monopoly x Thrill Seeker) x Black Impact The pair of Warfares in the sale are both really good. This female is very unique. Her mother is a ¾ Maine that has flat worked for us. This one is young but her better days are ahead. Give her time and she will be a fun one to show as a maintainer in the spring.


Candy Corn Registered Chi 7.35% ▪ 04.17.12 Eye Candy x Kadabra This female is one Dad and I spotted at the Rockn J south Ranch. It wasn’t hard to find her. So good in her design, perfect structured and crazy big haired. This female will be loads of fun all year long.


Tinkerbelle Registered MaineTainer ▪ 04.02.12 Dirty Hairy 2 x (Full brother to Shooby x Irish Whiskey) Moderate, stout and chunky easily describes this female. The possibilities are endless with this one no matter if in the show ring or as a donor.

28 Addy 419Z Registered Chi 9.38% ▪ 04.19.12 Naughty Pine x Kadabra This one has the freak look we all love. Her neck is a mile long and still has the power and a huge rib cage. This heifer is one that will catch your eye every time you walk into the pen.


Layla 426Z Registered Chi 16% ▪ 04.26.12 Monopoly x Shedaisy (Impulse) The Shedaisy daughters have always been successful and we feel this female will follow in her sister’s footsteps. What a look she has, great necked, square built and really sound. This heifer will be tons of fun come spring and summer when the Shedaisy daughters hit their stride.

30 Maggie 328Z Registered Chi 12% ▪ 03.28.12 Monopoly x Maggie (Full Sib to Who Da Man)

This brood cow in the making is special to us. Maggie has been such a productive cow for us over the years and this female is as much like her as any we have ever had. Huge bodied, sound and functional easily sums this one up.


Domnet Hereford ▪ 04.13.12 Purple Currency x (Dakota 0230 x Domnet 4163) As many of you know we like different and this purebred Hereford definitely is. What a good look she has from nose to tail. Awesome necked, big bodied and really sound. This female not only will run hard every weekend but is the caliber to take a run at the majors.



Alima 03.26.12 Who's Destiny x Heat Seeker

Outstanding show heifer prospect here. Wait until you see her show day. She had a bad case of ringworm and we were unable to take her photo. This heifer has outstanding future potential. HARVEST OF EXCELLENCE SALE WINEGARDNER 17

We would like to Congratulate the following families! Simpson Family Topmiller Family Vickrey Family Udell Family Heintz Family Wisnefski Family



8865 Harding Highway Lima, Ohio 45801

2012 Harvest of Excellence Catalog  

Winegardner Show Cattle's 16th Annual Harvest of Excellence Sale Catalog - Designed by: The Showtimes!

2012 Harvest of Excellence Catalog  

Winegardner Show Cattle's 16th Annual Harvest of Excellence Sale Catalog - Designed by: The Showtimes!