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Summer 2012 Edition

Sullivan’s $20,000 Youth Scholarship Program

As Described by Kirbie Day ... Favorite Daily Hair Care Product: Mane ‘N Tail, Revive & Kleen Sheen

Favorite Barn Tool: Air Express III

Favorite Show Day Product/Equipment: Oster 610 Showmaster Clippers Favorite Show Day Aids: Full Tank Exhibitor’s Favorite Hobby: Showing cattle, running & softball Favorite Movie: Bridesmaids Favorite Sport Team: Texas Rangers Favorite University: Texas A&M Favorite Stock Show: Hereford Junior Nationals All Time Favorite Calf: Mindy ‘Dub’ Favorite Breed: Herefords/Polled Herefords Proudest Accomplishment: Being crowned National Polled Hereford Queen and Grand Champion Horned Hereford Heifer, 2011 National Junior Hereford Show Future Goals: I look forward to graduate from Texas A&M and then attend nursing school. I also hope to continue to raise functional Hereford cattle.

Kirby’s hard work and dedication has not only won her championships, but made her the bright young lady she is today. She has now built her own registered herd that will take her to the next level.

Special Thanks to my family for their support and the gift of showing cattle.

Kirbie Day Showman ...

Grand Champion Horned Heifer, 2011 National Junior Hereford Show

Family: Parents Paul and Kaylynn, sibling Colby Location: Waxahachie, Texas Champion Title: Grand Champion Horned Hereford Heifer, 2011 National Junior Hereford Show Animal name: KLD RW Mindy ‘Bouncy’ Sire: RW Dakota Dam: RW Mindy Breeder: Kirbie Day Clipper: Mark Kelly Show Day Help: Mark Kelly, Robyn Samsel, Jade Schneider, Mark Sims and Myself Daily Care Help: Myself and Mark & Eathel Kelly Feed Supplements: Vita-Ferm & Sure Champ Feed Brand: High Pro

My two year term on the National Junior Angus Board of Directors

2009 - 2010 Sophmore Livestock Judging Team Butler Community College

I have know Clint’s dad for over 20 years. It is an honor for us to feature Clint. His perseverance, infectious personality, and competitive spirit in every aspect of life is the true meaning of the ‘Will of a Champion’.

Clint Laflin, Fifth Generation Angus Breeder Nickname: The Governor Family: Parents Guy Laflin and Heather & Cory Fuesz, sibling Cash Location: Olsburg, Kansas College: OSU Show Ring Success: Champion Cow/Calf Pair, ‘12 NWSS Angus Show

Clint Laflin

Showman ...

As Described by Clint Laflin ...

Favorite Show Day Product: Tail Adhesive & Final Bloom

Favorite Daily Hair Care Product: Stimulator Comb Favorite Barn Tool: Turbo Fans and Air Express III Exhibitor’s Favorite Hobby: Showing cattle, watching sports and spending time with family and friends. Favorite University: Oklahoma State University Favorite Stock Show: Reno All Time Favorite Calf: The first calf I ever showed, Laflins Lightning Favorite Breed: Angus Biggest Challenge: Cerebral Palsy (CP) has been my biggest challenge to overcome. The physical challenges or differences have made it difficult to keep my strength up in order to show. Overcoming My Challenge: I have relied a lot on my family to help me prepare for the show ring. Whether it is trying to make an arm brace to clip on cattle, or constructing a walker that has larger wheels to get around better in the show ring. Another way I have overcome this challenge is putting the time into strength training to the keep my muscle strength up. It has been a long process but there is nothing that I can not overcome. Proudest Accomplishment: I remember telling my dad when I was 12 that I wanted to show. Growing up, it was hard for me as it seemed like everyone kept making exceptions for someone else to show my calves because of my CP. Finally, two years ago in Reno, NV, my father and I were sitting outside the show ring talking about the show the next day, and we knew it was time for me to finally have the chance to experience the show ring. Even though I was nervous, it was a time that felt so surreal. I finally got the chance to live my dream that I had been looking forward to for years. The best part of being able to show ... Even though I was third in class, I felt like a champion to have well respected guys within the breed come up to me and shake my hand to congratulate me on a job well done. Future Goals: I hope to stay involved in the Angus breed & the agricultural industry. I hope to receive a masters at OSU & pursue a career in sales.

Special Thanks to my family & friends. Without them, I would not be who I am today. They have helped me see the bigger picture and overcome my challenges in life.

Favorite Daily Hair Care Product: Kleen Sheen & Double Dip

As Described by Kyle Anderson ... Favorite Barn Tool: Air Express III Double Blower System Favorite Show Day Product/Equipment: Pink Oil Exhibitor’s Favorite Hobby: Working outdoors, boating and four-wheeling Favorite Movie: The Hangover Favorite Sport Team: Green Bay Packers Favorite University: Iowa State University Favorite Stock Show: National Western Stock Show All Time Favorite Calf: Destiny Favorite Breed: Angus Proudest Accomplishment: Receiving the honor of exhibiting the Grand Champion Heifer at the 2011 National Junior Angus Show. Future Goals: I want to keep a strong tie to the Angus breed and look forward to continuing to build my breeding program; with success in mind.

The Anderson’s female dominated the Angus 2011 show season. From the beginning to the end, she was always fresh and ready. Proof that hard work pays off.

Special Thanks to my family as well as Dameron Angus for all of their help and support through my junior show career.

Kyle Anderson

Showman ...

Grand Champion Owned Heifer, 2011 National Junior Angus Show

Family: Parents Cindy and Scott, siblings Shane, Chase and Reese Location: Chrisman, Illinois Champion Title: Grand Champion Owned Heifer, 2011 National Junior Angus Show Animal name: Dameron Northern O109 ‘Destiny’ Sire: First Rate Dam: Dameron Northern Mist 3113 Breeder: Dameron Angus Purchased From: Dameron Angus Clipper: My father, Scott Wall and I Show Day Help: My father, Scott Wall and I Daily Care Help: My brother Chase and I Feed Supplements: Femininity and Stimulate Feed Brand: Custom feed ration

Favorite Daily Hair Care Product: Revive & the Smart Comb

As Described by Becca ... Favorite Show Day Product/Equipment: Hair Wizard, Pink Oil, and my Bling Showstick Favorite Barn Tool: Air Express III Double Blower System and Roto Brush Favorite Show Day Aids: Accelerator Exhibitor’s Favorite Hobby: Showing cattle and sheep Favorite Movie: The Lorax and Titanic Favorite Sport Team: Denver Broncos (Peyton’s New Team!) Favorite University: Purdue Favorite Stock Show: National Western Stock Show All Time Favorite Calf: Winnie, my heifer this year Favorite Breed: Maine-Anjou

I have watched the Chamberlin family get ready on show day. It is truly a family affair; parents, kids, Uncle Goat, Aunt Dru, etc. working hand-in-hand. I don’t know of anyone that does it better.

Proudest Accomplishment: Winning the Indiana State Fair my first year in 4-H. Future Goals: I want to be on a winning livestock judging team and become a vet. I would also really like to win a Junior Nationals before I am done showing and of course, win the team fitting contest would be great too!

As Described by M aci ... Favorite Show Day Product/Equipment: My Bling Showstick Favorite Barn Tool: Air Express III Double Blower System and EZ Foamer Favorite Show Day Aids: Calf Calm Exhibitor’s Favorite Hobby: Showing cattle and playing softball Favorite Movie: The Smurfs Favorite Sport Team: New York Giants Favorite University: Purdue Favorite Stock Show: Junior Nationals All Time Favorite Calf: Lucky Lady, my first heifer I showed by myself and I beat Becca. Favorite Breed: Maine-Anjou Proudest Accomplishment: Beating a lot of good steers with my market heifer at the AGR. Future Goals: I would like to go to Purdue and become a dentist.

Chamberlin Sisters

Showman ...

Grand Champion Heifer, 2011 Indiana State Fair, shown by Becca

Grand Champion Market Heifer, 2011 AGR Holiday Classic, shown by Maci

Family: Parents Clark and Mabrey Chamberlin, sisters Maci and Becca Location: Winchester, Indiana Maci Champion Title: Becca Champion Title: Grand Champion Market Heifer, 2011 AGR Holiday Classic Grand Champion Heifer, 2011 Indiana State Fair Animal name: Miss Sweetie Animal name: Miss Dottie Girl Sire: Monopoly Dam: 548 Sire: Hot Commodity Dam: Miley 80T Breeder: Dan Young Breeder: Brian Goettemoeller/Dale Goff Purchased From: Brian Goettemoeller Purchased From: Brian Goettemoeller Clipper: Brian Goettemoeller and Jeremy Baldwin Clipper: Brian Goettemoeller Show Day Help: Brian Goettemoeller, Jeremy Baldwin Show Day Help: Brian Goettemoeller, Josh, Ben and Caleb Streitmatter, Dillon Durham, Streitmatter boys, Mom, Dad, Becca and I Mom, Dad, Maci and I Daily Care Help: Mom, Dad, Becca and I Daily Care Help: Mom, Dad, Maci and I Feed Supplements: Glu-Coat Feed Supplements: Glu-Coat Feed Brand: Show-Rite Feed Brand: Show-Rite

Sullivan’s BLACK HEAT Neck Sweat™ Change your front end with BLACK HEAT! This NEW, double-stretch, closed cell SBR copolymer neoprene black sweating material has been scientifically proven after hours of research to be the best material to reach maximum sweating potential for cattle. The bonding of this advanced micro fiber neoprene with the velvet knitted fabric creates more sweating results than any material we have ever tested. The No-Fray design features fabric binding sewn around the outer edges to prevent tearing and to add strength. Velcro is permanently sewn in place for your convenience. Dramatic results in just 3 to 5 days! Availabe in three different sizes.

Sullivan’s Hair Shedding Comb™

Removing dead hair has never been so easy. The larger 4” wide head covers more area than previous shedding combs. The rounded stainless steel teeth gently penetrate deep into the hair coat removing the old dead hair and leaving the healthy hair unharmed. Simply pull the shedding comb through the hair coat in the direction you are training the hair before washing/rinsing. Repeat daily until shedding is complete. It’s simple, effective and saves hours. Always remember ... the faster the dead hair is shed out, the quicker new healthy hair will arrive.

Sullivan’s BODYGUARD™ The First Of Its Kind! Finally, a PREVENTER for ringworm that you can feed. This top-dress feed supplement nourishes the body with the proven natural anti-oxidants Dried Kelp, Garlic, Oregano leaf, Olive Leaf, and Grapefruit Seed which have been proven to support the animal’s immune system to ward off fungus infections. Contains strong levels of Vitamins A, E, & D to provide needed nourishment to the animal brought on by a lack of sunlight, a major cause of ringworm. Provides a full body of protection to the animal from the inside, out. Simply feed daily to cattle, sheep and swine. Don’t wait for the outbreak of ringworm, defend your animal with the BODYGUARD. NEW Sullivan’s Show Stick Colors

New, fun stylish patterns and colors: Mossy Oak, Diamond Tread Plate Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Purple Zebra. Plus, special summer limited edition patterns: Fire, Tie-Die, Wood Grain, Barbed Wire, Skull and Cross Bones. All show sticks available with their regular grip or the putter grip, a more stable and controlled grip with a great feel.

All NEW Items!! Stock Show U Apparel Check out the many new apparel and speciality items available through Stock Show University. 100% of the proceeds go toward educating livestock youth.

Now IMPROVED with teeth added in the flex area.

Sullivan’s FLEX Brush™

A flexible brush with a comfortable, adjustable nylon strap and the exact same pliable teeth as our popular massage brush used for training hair and washing livestock. Expect improved comfort and control as the Flex Brush naturally contours to the animal’s body shape.

Another livestock industry first from Sullivan’s ... the Innovative Leader.


SENSATION by Sullivan’s


The Smart Sensation like no other. Healthy for hide and hair, the Smart Sensation gently massages the hide to stimulate blood flow that releases the natural oils from the skin to coat the hair and promote healthy hair growth. With the 129 precisely placed ball-tipped teeth, you can actually see the Smart Sensation brush create hair separation off the skin allowing air to flow deep into the hair base for added hair stimulation and hair growth. The advantage of the Smart Sensation is how it amplifies the volume of the hair as it lifts up from the hide without causing curls, kinks or matting that are often associated with rice root or massage brushes. The Smart Sensation is similar to human vent hair brushes but has been designed with the proper size for show cattle and a more comfortable handle application. Cattle love the feel of the stimulating Smart Sensation!


A slightly deeper basket with a reinforced back stop and raised sides. With a reinforced attachment point you will see no more breakage as seen in previous forks. Comfortable grip on a wood handle. Quality, unbreakable, impact resistant basket.

SMART Feed Pan™

This large, 22 quart capacity feed pan holds one gallon more feed than previous feed pan designs. Ideal for holding today’s high fiber feed rations. Large, open handle design provides a comfortable grip. The large diameter at the bottom of this feed pan prevents tipping and spills.

Patent pending.

Sullivan’s SMART Series SMART Bucket™

Soft, comfortable grip. Convenient pour spout. Flat back, 20 quart capacity bucket. The most uniquely designed bucket you have ever seen.

SMART Sensation™ Described above

SMART Comb™ The Smart Comb™ is just that ... a multi-tasking, yet lightest weight comb on the market, with interchangeable blades that securely snap in and out of a plastic handle that allows you to pick the blade of choice. Available as a complete package or as an individual comb.

SMART Flex Brush™

Described on opposite page


SMART Bucket


SMART Sensation

SMART Feed Pan


Rachael Carlson - Plattsburg, MO

Frederich ‘Cuatro’ Schauer IV - Beeville, TX

Sarah Ayer - Calhoun, KY

Jennie Johnson - Craig, NE

Possesses the ambition and drive to become a leader. A first class young lady that is a model for the junior livestock industry. Good things happen to good people ... for a reason.

2012 Fort Worth Grand Champion Steer, who is a leader in and out of the show ring. Deeply involved in FFA, 4-H, academics and church. Cuatro is proof you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Responsibilities on her family farm have shaped Sarah’s work ethic and character. Her Kentucky State Fair Grand and American Royal Reserve Steer demonstrate her commitment and passion for this industry. Sponsored with Blue Grass Show Supply

Entrepreneur. Developing her own livestock photography business. Champion steer at AK-SAR-BEN, Nebraska State Fair. Jennie is a tremendous quality person with communication skills to succeed. Received the honor of Sullivan’s Best Presented Scholarship Application.

Sponsored with Mid-Missouri Feed

An Asset Worth Investing In!

20, $1,000 Scholarships - 1,087 applicants from 44 states! Sullivan Supply is committed to supporting the next generation of America’s agriculture through the distinguished Sullivan Supply/Stock Show U Youth Scholarship program. We have been honored to gift $70,000 in scholarships to deserving individuals over the past three years. Congratulations to all of this years 1,087 determined applicants representing 44 states. A special thank you to the scholarship selection committee of industry leaders (non-Sullivan Supply employees or family members) who volunteered their time for our mission.

With the quality of applications that we receive each year for this distinguished scholarship, it gives us great confidence and faith in the future of livestock production. Best wishes and congratulations to all 1,087 applicants. John and Dede Sullivan, Sullivan Supply, Inc.; Dan Sullivan, Sullivan Supply South, Inc.; And our entire staff and dealers

Check for a listing of our Gold and Silver Star honorees.

Kelli Retallick - Glen Haven, WI

Zach Bartenslager - Lewisburg, WV

Brittany Blum - Howe, TX

Lauren Grimes - Hillsboro, OH

Possibly the most qualified application submitted out of 1,087 from 44 states. The model for commitment and accomplishments. ‘Step up’ is Kelli’s middle name. Sponsored with Kegley Show Supply

Multiple State Fair Champion Steers, champion quiz bowl team, high livestock judging individual, yet with all of Zach’s success his best feats are his caring and giving spirit. Sponsored with Scottsdale Supply

A well rounded, accomplished champion who is a dedicated leader, judge and FFA representative. She is a humble winner in her community, school and the show ring.

Historic Angus family yet Lauren blazes her own trail. Louisville Percentage Simmental Champion, many Angus champions and 2012 National Junior Angus Show Committee chairman. Busy & bright. Sponsored with Highland Enterprises, Provico, Ohio Valley & White Show Supply

Cameron Curry - McAlester, OK

Ty Webster - Runnells, IA

Brazos Williams - Clarendon, TX

Luke Bolin - Prairie Grove, AR

Officer and leader in 4-H, FFA and community service. A third generation Hereford breeder, Cameron is committed to beef production and presently operates his own fitting service.

Skilled cattleman beyond his years. Ty makes his own decisions with his cattle operation. Bar none, one of the most talented young fitters in the land.

A fourth generation cattleman dedicated not only in the show ring, but in his community as well. Has high goals for a career in beef E.T. production.

Extremely involved in his community and school, this champion strives to make a career in a breed association and to continually build his own herd. His involvement in and out of the ring shows his kind spirit to help others. Sponsored with Five Star Show Supply

Congratulations 2012 Winners

Bailey Core - Pleasantville, IA

Logan Davis - Newcastle, OK

Shelby Rogers - Hamilton, TX

Jonathan Heaton - Toulon, IL

National Champion competitor in every arena. Poised, involved leader, 4.0 GPA. Success happens here. Dedication and commitment is a way of life.

A natural born leader who has the dedication, passion and talent for showing. Repeat Grand Champions in Tulsa and Oklahoma State Fairs.

Positive attitude, dedication and love for Herefords make her a real champion in all aspects of life. A NJJHA director and heavily involved leader.

Family values and outstanding sportsmanship are the Heaton’s family rule that developed Jonathan’s success. National Champion Heifers and National Champion Judging awards followed.

Jake Bloomberg - Berwick, IL

Charles Boyd - Mayslick, KY

Emma Vickland - Longmont, CO

Autumn Robison - Markle, IN

High individual in the National 4-H Livestock judging contest, three time Supreme Champion Female at the Illinois State Fair. 4.0 GPA. A national competitor in the ring and in livestock judging.

Multiple NJAS Champion Bred and Owned Bulls and Females. Fifth generation purebred breeder, Charles’ true grasp of beef production for his age is unmatched. Sponsored with Blue Grass Show Supply

This is the profile of a true champion in and out of the ring. National Champion cattle and National Champion Livestock 4-H Judging Teams yet a humble, respectful sportsman. Sponsored with Bauman Show Supply

Current president of the Indiana Junior Beef Cattlemen’s Assoc. Past AJSA board member. A natural born leader that excels in and out of the ring. Sponsored with Sinnamon Show Supply

As Described by t h e B r u m l e y F a m i l y ...

The dedication of showing and caring for a champion is a tremendous honor itself. The Brumley’s patience and knowledge that it takes to breed and show your own national champions is the industry’s highest accomplishment.

Favorite Donor: Two donors at the top of our list are /S Lady Peerless 180L ‘Sammie’ and BF Flirtatious 71T ET ‘Flirt’. Sammie is owned with Albin Farms and is our foundation donor, running on 11 years. Flirt is the first female bred and raised by us who has went on to be crowned multipule National Champion titles; and has produced a national champion in her first calf crop. Flirt is owned with Bar 1 Ranch. Favorite Breed of Cattle: Herefords! All-Time Favorite Champion We Raised: A tie between mother and daughter - BF Flirtatious 713T ‘Flirt’ and BF 743 Burlesque 092X ‘Cher’, owned with the Colyer Family and Gohr Angus and Hereford Ranch. Feeding Program/Regimen: We believe in consistently feeding high quality mixed feed from Cache Commodities out of Utah. Along with a select group of supplements from Sullivan Supply - Golden Flo, Show Bloom, VitaFerm Sure Champ pellets and seasonally Hide and Hair. Proudest Moment/Biggest Accomplishment to Date: Winning Denver with bred and raised by the family is pretty special. Although, all of the kids accomplishments at Junior Nationals over the years has been priceless. Heard Health: We follow a very strict vaccination and working program that is conducive to their environment. Sires Used for 2013 Calf Crop: Their new herd sire C North Face 1107 ET, AH JDH Cracker Jack 26U, ECR L18 Extra Deep 9279, CRR Helton Helton 980, CRR About Time 743 and NJW 98S R117 Ribeye 88X ET. Favorite Barn Tool: Sullivan’s Massage Brush - A.K.A. The Blue Mint Future Goals: Our goal is to continue to raise cattle that are nationally competitive, but most importantly go on to excel in the pasture and donor pen. Favorite Sire of the 90’s: JR 257T Rancher Y131 Favorite Sire of the 2000’s: C-S Pure Gold 98170 What is your biggest challenge of breeding cattle: We find our biggest challenge is to continuously improve genetics with new outcross pedigrees to keep up with competitive aspects of the business. Any advice to those wanting to develop a cow herd: Invest in genetics that will pay off in the pasture by consistently producing offspring that are marketable, competitive and make cows; don’t get caught up in just winning ribbons and banners.

Brumley Farms

Owners: Don, Skeeter, Kari, Brooke & Bryce Brumley Location: Orovada, Nevada Cow Herd: 125 Registered Hereford Females Herd Mechanics: We run a straight bred Hereford cowherd with a select group of commercial recipient cows and registered Angus females. Years in the Industry: Close to 40 years Marketing Opportunities: The Red Carpet Event a joint annual fall production sale This is an incredible industry with so many wonderful people and many we are proud to call our friends.

VITA HAIR™ is an advanced nutrient package that infuses the hair with proven hair vitamins for ...

• Faster Hair Growth • Thicker Hair • Increased Shine • More Body & Volume • Healthier Skin • Improved Nutrient Absorption

How do the VITA HAIR™ Nourishing Vitamins work? Biotin vitamin is the first vitamin thought of when considering HAIR GROWTH. The major benefit of Biotin is its ability to strengthen both the hair follicle and the hair shaft, where the hair is produced, which prevents hair breakage and dryness. This is a scientifically proven crucial step in the natural hair growing process. One of the chief things that slows hair growth is damaged hair. Biotin enriched hair has increased elasticity of the cortex which prevents breakage. This enables healthy, FASTER HAIR GROWTH. Biotin also thickens the actual hair cuticle providing a fuller appearance.

Pro-Vitamin B-5 is considered the king of all HAIR CARE vitamins. Pro-Vitamin B-5 stimulates healthy scalp circulation which leads to improved hair health. It coats the hair and seals its surface, lubricating the hair shaft making the hair shine. It possesses superior long term moisturizing properties because of its unique ability to penetrate and nourish the hair shaft. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that stimulates circulation to the skin and supports capillary growth. The skin needs to have proper circulation in order to keep the hair follicles alive and thriving. When there are more capillaries, the circulation improves leading to increased nutrient absorption into the hair follicles, which speeds hair growth.

Sullivan’s - Trusted by Champions.


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Sullivan Supply Profiles of a Champion 2012 Insert  

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