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february 2018

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Ken Larking An Interview with the Danville City Manager 36


The Happy Customer 6

2018 Showcase Magazine

Rave Awards 4 ShowcaSe Magazine |

february 2018



Paws for a Cause Meet Sugar




Rave Awards Hall of Fame 2018 Inductees 28

10 Years of “Fun in Record Time”





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Big Bear’s Wife Three Ingredient Valentine’s Day M&M Fudge



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Rave Awards

Investing in the Region’s Future

Making People Laugh Out Loud

Editor’s Letter

2018 Showcase Magazine

The Launch Place

Carol Metz





| february 2018 | Showcase Magazine 5

WE ARE HONORED TO BE RECOGNIZED FOR OUR Favorite Bank Favorite Mortgage Company Favorite Mortgage Loan Officer, Katie Smith Favorite Banker, Randy McDaniel Congratulations to fellow award recipients and nominees. Six locations in the Danville/Pittsylvania County areas, serving Southern Virginia since 1909.

6 ShowcaSe Magazine |

february 2018


| february 2018 | Showcase Magazine 7

Editor’s Letter

The Happy Customer Let’s talk about customer service. A few years back I purchased a gift at a big-box store, and then I found another gift for the person I thought she would enjoy more. The gift from the big-box store sat in my office unopened for a month before I returned it. After lengthy conversations with about four employees, including the manager, I learned I was stuck with the gift. It wasn’t opened. I had the receipt. I didn’t want cash back, store credit would have been fine. I had an almost embarrassing credit card balance with this store, so I could find something. But no, I left with the unwanted gift and the feeling this store’s staff didn’t care if I shopped there again. After calling corporate about the incident, I was told something similar to, “Hey, that’s the way the ball bounces.” Fast forward to today — my credit card balance at the store is zero dollars, and I haven’t stepped foot into one of its many locations since that day. It wasn’t about the return policy. It was strict, but I get it. My boycott is due to the way I was treated as a customer. One more story — I ordered takeout from a restaurant that shall remain nameless. My meal came with a side salad. The salad consisted of FOUR pieces of lettuce and a few tortilla strips. I called and was informed by the manager that my salad was correct. Seriously? Four pieces of lettuce and a few tortilla strips, not even a hint of the standard salad toppings, even though I could clearly see some tomatoes in the photo on the restaurant’s site. Not that big of a deal, but the manager was so rude that I decided never to visit one of these restaurants again. Luckily, there was a survey on my receipt. After my scathing report of a salad only fit for a rabbit, the district manager called me. I explained to her I would never go back because of the way the manager treated me. She was very apologetic and sent gift certificates. That was three years ago. The gift certificates are still buried in a desk drawer. This is the complete opposite of the big-box story where corporate was just as hateful as the store employees, but for me it had the same outcome. If you treat your customers poorly, you will lose them. Excellent customer service can solve many problems that businesses encounter. Studies show it costs nearly five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an existing customer. The best way to keep an existing customer is through good customer experience, and that costs nothing. Another example is great customer service strengthens your brand. In this social-media age, a poor customer experience can travel much further than the days before facebook and Twitter. Most importantly, customer service is how a business is remembered. February marks another year of RAVE favorites. Each year, our readers choose their favorites in a multitude of categories. There is a great variety amongst all the favorites, but the commonality with all of them is excellent customer service. These businesses and individuals take great pride in providing a positive customer experience to every patron who gives them a shot. The Rave favorites have a firm understanding of how they want to be remembered, and that is as a favorite in their community. Enjoy the issue.

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February 2018


showcase February 2018

CEO Andrew Scott Brooks Editorial Director Paul Seiple | G r ap h i c Des i g n e r Kim Demont | F i n a n c e M a n age r Cindy Astin | Advertising Lee Vogler | Marketing Director | 434.548.5335 Sly Milam | Marketing Consultant C h i ef P h o t o g r ap h e r Mariah Blankenship Springs C u s t o me r S e r v i c e Subscribe to Home Delivery for $24 per year 753 Main Street #3, Danville, VA 24541 Phone 434.709.7349 contriButinG Writers Paulette Dean | Paul Seiple Beth Stinnett | Lee Vogler contriButinG PhotoGraPherS Jameel Ausitn | Angie Barrett | The Launch Place Martinsville Henry County Department of Tourism Lee Vogler Cover Photo taken by Mariah Springs Carol Metz Showcase Magazine reserves the right to deny any advertisement or listing that does not meet Showcase Magazine standards. Submissions are welcome, but unsolicited materials are not guaranteed to be returned. Showcase Magazine assumes no responsibility for information, products, services, or statements made by advertisers or editorial contributors. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher is prohibited. c 2018 Showcase Magazine Inc.

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February 2018


10/11/2016 10:33:44 AM

| february 2018 | Showcase Magazine 11

Feature Carol Metz

Making People

Laugh Out Loud by Paul Seiple Photos by Mariah Springs


s a college student, Carol Metz began working in radio in 1983 at WYPR. “I was very lucky but it was because of someone else’s bad judgment. I walked into WYPR in the Downtowner on Main Street to ask for a job. I had no experience. I wanted a parttime job, and I thought radio would be fun,” Metz says. Someone was fired as Metz walked in. She was immediately hired. “Good timing on my part, I guess. I have loved all my days in radio, but those early days were very much like the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati. It’s great to have such a fun job.”

Metz lists meeting people and making new friends as the favorite parts of her job. She adds, “This job has introduced me to people of all walks of life and some of my best friends are my friends because I met them through this job.” One would think that an outgoing personality would be a criterion for an on-air personality, but Metz says most people would be surprised to find out that she is very shy. “I have to really talk to myself to get the courage to approach new people and groups. Radio actually compounds that because when you think about it, I am basically talking to myself. I don’t see my audience.”

Metz moved to WVOV in 1985. There she did DJ and news work. “I was hired at WAKG in 1987 as the afternoon announcer. In 1999, I moved into Morning Drive. I also took on the duties of Promotions Director in the early 1990s, “Metz adds.

While good times are abundant, one of the most challenging aspects of being on-air is having to deliver tragic news. “I was on the air when the planes hit the Twin Towers. Having to continue the days after 9/11 was very hard. It was all we talked about. The same goes for when we have bad local news,” Metz adds.

While in college at Averett, Metz learned about practical media experience from Jeanne Faulkner. “She taught me so much. She helped me understand everything from selling ads in the yearbook to writing a news story for newspaper and radio.” Metz is quick to add that she has learned something from everyone she has worked with, and she is still learning. “I work with people who have been in the business longer than me and people who are younger and not as experienced in radio. The veterans have a wealth of knowledge and techniques and the younger folks have a wealth of new ideas and knowledge of trends and how to navigate the ever-changing ways of the world and how we communicate and interact.” Denise Franklin, a popular WXII Channel 12 new anchor in the 1980s and 1990s was a great influence on Metz. “I loved her delivery and pose. I tried to imitate her style. I never got to meet her. Sadly, she passed last fall. I wish I had met her and told her what a positive influence she had on me.” 12 Showcase Magazine |

February 2018


When asked who her dream interview would be, Metz responds with Jesus. “I would really like to know what He would do in certain situations, and how does He really feel about how we live and act today. There are so many who claim to know those answers, but I would really like to get His Word on those issues.” Metz has seen the radio industry evolve over the years. “Technology has changed tremendously. There are no more records or CDs. Everything is on the computer now,” she says. For anyone looking to start a career in radio, Metz offers this advice. “Study communications, public relations, and marketing. Be prepared to work some crazy hours and be prepared to have a lot of fun.” Fun is what keeps Metz involved in the industry. “I love the people I work with and I the job. It is very satisfying and rewarding when someone tells you they ‘heard you this morning’ or ‘you made me laugh out loud today.’”

| february 2018 | Showcase Magazine 13

14 Showcase Magazine |

February 2018


| february 2018 | Showcase Magazine 15

Feature 2018 Rave Awards

2 0 1 8

RAVE FAVORITES 2018 Favorite places to go Autism Treatment Center

Car Wash

Building Blocks Center for Children with Austism

Lynskey’s Car Wash

Other Favorite Piedmont Regional Feeding & Oral-Motor Clinic

Auto Recycling Business Don’s Auto Recycling

Other Favorite River District Auto Spa

Church Sacred Heart Catholic Church Other Favorite Fairview United Methodist Church

Other Favorite AMA Autocylce

Credit Union


URW Community Federal Credit Union

American National Bank Other Favorite First Citizen’s Bank

Bookkeeping Service Harris, Harvey, Neal & Co. Other Favorite Computer Bookkeeping & Tax Service 16 Showcase Magazine |

February 2018


Other Favorite Valley Star Credit Union

Dance Studio Meredith Gravely School of Dance Other Favorite Danville Academy of Dance

Day Care/Child Care Provider Abundant Life Other Favorite Becky’s Kiddie Kollege

Dentist Office Paul Grekos DDS Other Favorite Danville Dental Associates

Event Location or Conference Center Cottontail Weddings & Events Other Favorite Atkinson Farms

Family Entertainment Spot Danville Science Center Other Favorite Danville Stadium Cinemas 12

Funeral Home

Museum/ Art Gallery

Staffing Agency

Townes Funeral Home

Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History


Other Favorite Wrenn Yeatts Funeral Home

Gas Station (Full Service) Woodson’s Marathon Other Favorite Riverside BP

Grocery Store Midtown Market Other Favorite Old Dutch Supermarket

Hair Salon Genesis Day Spa Other Favorite Cheveux Salon

Home Health Nursing Care Commonwealth Home Healthcare Other Favorite Piedmont Home Health

Insurance Agency Foster Insurance Other Favorite Bankers Insurance, LLC

Law Office Haymore & Holland Other Favorite Carter Craig

Local Golf Course Goodyear Golf Club Other Favorite Danville Golf Club

Local Non-Profit Danville Area Human Society Other Favorite God’s Pit Crew

Other Favorite Danville Science Center

Oil Change Service Center Woodson’s Marathon Other Favorite Cunnigham Tire

Pediatric Health Center

Other Favorite Adecco

Storage Unit Facility Iron Guard Storage Other Favorite Blairs Mini Storage

Tax Preparation Service

Children’s Healthcare Center

Computer Bookkeeping & Tax Service

Other Favorite Piedmont Access to Health Services: PATHS

Other Favorite Harris, Harvey, Neal & Co.


Walk-In Medical Clinic

Kare Pharmacy

Centra Danville Medical Center

Other Favorite Brosville Family Pharmacy

Other Favorite Med Express

Physical Therapy Center

Web Development and Design Office

Danville Orthopedic & Athletic Rehab Other Favorite Spectrum Medical

Private School Sacred Heart Catholic Church Other Favorite Carlisle School

Regional Race Track Virginia International Raceway (VIR) Other Favorite South Boston Speedway

KG Graphics Other Favorite McDarmonnt Web Design

Workout Spot Danville Family YMCA Other Favorite Curves

Yoga & Meditation Center Hot Asana Yoga Studio Other Favorite Danville Family YMCA

Spa Cheveux Salon Other Favorite Genesis Day Spa

Speech Therapist Office Danville Speech & Hearing Center Other Favorite Piedmont Regional Feeding & Oral-Motor Clinic

| february 2018 | Showcase Magazine 17

Feature 2018 Rave Awards

2018 Favorite Things to Eat Bakery

Coffee House

Mexican Restaurant

Danville Donuts

Crema & Vine

Los Tres Magueyes

Other Favorite Hall’s Pastry

Other Favorite Links Coffee Bar

Other Favorite El Vallarta

Bar & Grill


Overall Restaurant

Kickback Jacks

Links Coffe Bar

The 616

Other Favorite Buffalo Wild Wings

Other Favorite Chuck’s Deli

Other Favorite Me’s Burgers and Brews

Barbecue Restaurant

Fried Chicken

Pizza Place

Checkered Pig

Bro Pete’s

Dell’ Anno’s Pizzeria

Other Favorite Mama Possum’s

Other Favorite Danview Restaurant

Other Favorite Village Pizza

Breakfast Place

Home Cooking

Seafood Restaurant

Nikki’s Family Resturant

Danview Restaurant

Mayflower Seafood Restaurant

Other Favorite The Farmhouse Family Restaurant

Other Favorite Mary’s Diner

Other Favorite Red Lobster


Ice Cream Shoppe

Specialty Restaurant

The Farmhouse Family Restaurant


Cotton at Riverside Mill

Other Favorite The 616 Farm to Table

Other Favorite Coco Ni

Other Favorite The 616 Farm to Table

Burger Place

Italian Restaurant

Steak House

Mama Possum’s

Frank’s Italian Restaurant

The Golden Leaf Bistro

Other Favorite Me’s Burger & Brews

Other Favorite Joe and Mimma’s

Other Favorite Steaks on the Square

Chinese Restaurant

Japanese Restaurant

First Taste

Tokyo Grill

Other Favorite Long River

Other Favorite Bentto Japanese Express

18 Showcase Magazine |

February 2018


2018 Favorite Home Improvement Building Materials Business

Home Improvement Business

J.W. Squire & Company

Moss Home Improvement

Other Favorite Danville Paint & Supply

Other Favorite McVay’s Home Improvement

Cabinet Business

Home Furnishings Store

Old Oak Wood & Stone

Sherwood House

Other Favorite Adams Custom Cabinets

Other Favorite Furniture Depot

Carpet Business

Home Security Dealer

The Flooring Company

Gamewood Technology Group

Other Favorite J.W. Squire Company

Other Favorite Security Zome

Flooring Company

Hot Tub/ Swimming Pool Installer

The Flooring Company Other Favorite J.W. Squire & Company

Glass Company A-1 Economy Glass Other Favorite Piedmont Glass

Gutter Service B&P Roofing Other Favorite Moss Home Improvement

Heating Business Gibson Heating & Air Other Favorite Four Seasons Heating Cooling & Electircal

H2O Zone Other Favorite Summertime Pool & Spa

Interior Designer Rose Shields Interiors Other Favorite Chestnutt Lane

Landscaping Business Cutting Edge Other Favorite Haymore Landscaping

Modular Home Dealer Yates Home Sales Other Favorite American Showcase Modulars

Painting Business Danville Paint & Supply Other Favorite Sherwin Williams

Pest Control Business Four Seasons Pest Control Other Favorite Dodson Pest Control

Plant Nursery Harris Nusery Other Favorite Haymore Landscaping

Plumbing Business Drips & Drains Other Favorite R.A. Doss

Replacement Windows Business Moss Home Improvemnet Other Favorite Dan River Window Company

Lighting Store

Roof Installation Business

Womack Electric Supply

B & P Roofing

Other Favorite Butler Lighting

Other Favorite Jordan Roofing

Marble, Granite, Stone Installer Old Oak Wood & Stone Other Favorite The Stone Shoppe

| february 2018 | Showcase Magazine 19

Feature 2018 Rave Awards

2018 Favorite Things to Buy Alterations Shop


Domestic New Car Dealer

Alterations by Brenda

Goodwill Industries of South Central VA

Robert Woodall Chevrolet

Other Favorite ADP Sewing

Other Favorite Lifeway Christian Bookstore

Antique Store Chestnut Lane Antiques & Interiors Other Favorite Lou’s Antiques

Lizzy Lou Boutique

Appliance Store Danville Appliance Other Favorite Schewels

Awards & Trophy Shop Other Favorite Hobby Lobby

Brake Shop Other Favorite Woodson’s Marathon

Brewery Ballad Brewing

Audio Video Specialty Store Mike’s Performance Audio Other Favorite Sounds Unlimited

Auto Glass Center A1 Economy Glass Other Favorite Safelite Auto Glass

Auto Parts Store Advance Auto Parts Other Favorite AutoZone

Other Favorite Springfield Distillery

Clothing Store (Men’s) Abe Koplen Clothing Other Favorite Wood’s Menswear

Collision Center Steve Padgett’s Collison Center Other Favorite Stallings Collision Center

Computer Store Dewberry’s Computers

Auto Repair Center Buxton’s Westover Garage Other Favorite Flanigan Auto Repair

Bicycle Shop O.F. Newman & Son Inc Other Favorite Bicycle Medic February 2018

Other Favorite Linden Rose Boutique

Southside Brake & Tire

Art, Framing, Hobby Store

20 Showcase Magazine |

Boutique (Women’s Clothing)

Other Favorite Freeman’s Computer Repair

Custom T-Shirt Business Custom Embroidery and Screen Printing Other Favorite Piedmont Printing and Graphics

Other Favorite Barkhouser Ford

Dry Cleaners Majestic Cleaners Other Favorite Martinizing Dry Cleaning

Electronics Store Mike’s Performance Audio Other Favorite Sounds Unlimited

Event Rentals Big Sky Rents & Events Other Favorite Pretty Little Things Vintage Rentals

Eyewear Store Dominion Eye Center Other Favorite Sterling Optical

Fabric Store Barbee Fabrics Other Favorite Hobby Lobby

Farm and Lawn Store Collie Equipment Co. Other Favorite Leggett’s Town and Country

Flower Shop The Blossom Shoppe Other Favorite Motley’s Florist

Fuel Company (Local) Hardy Petrolium Other Favorite Davenport Energy


Furniture Store

Kids’ Clothing Store

Pet Store

Furniture Depot

Ntended For Kids


Other Favorite Sherwood House

Other Favorite Belk

Other Favorite Pet Smart

Hardware Store

Lingerie Store

Photography Studio

Riverside Hardware

Shhh…Intimacy on a New Level

Mariah Springs Photography

Other Favorite Tightsqueeze Hardware

Other Favorite Victoria’s Secret

Other Favorite Alan Dalton Photography

Health and Nutrition Store

Mattress Store

Pool/Spa Chemicals & Accessories Store

Nature’s Essentials Other Favorite Next Level Nutrition

Health Care Provider Danville Orthopedic & Athletic Rehab Other Favorite Med Express

House Cleaning Service Dust Busters Inc. Other Favorite Here to Help

Import New Car Dealer Danville Toyota Other Favorite Steve Padget Honda

Internet Provider Gamewood Technology Group Other Favorite Comcast

Janitorial Services FCS, INC Other Favorite Newman’s Janitorial Services

Jewelry Store Ben David Jewelers Other Favorite Eden Jewelry & Repair

Mattress Firm Other Favorite Ashley’s Furniture

Men’s Formal Wear Store Abe Koplen Clothing Other Favorite Wood’s Menswear

Motorcycle Dealer Triangle Cycles Other Favorite Thunder Road Harley Davidson

Nail Salon Salon One 11 Other Favorite Nails by Stacey

Office Supplies Store Office Plus Other Favorite Office Max

Party Supply Store Karen’s Hallmark

H20 Zone Other Favorite Summertime Pool & Spa

Print & Copier Equipment Office Equipment Sales DocuSystems Co Other Favorite Southern Office Supply

Print & Copy Store Office Plus Other Favorite PIP Printing

Shoe Store Rippie’s Other Favorite The Brick

Sporting Goods & Athletic Store The Brick Other Favorite Dick’s Sporting Goods

Other Favorite Party Palooza

Stationary Store

Pawn Shop

Other Favorite Office Plus

Riverside Pawn Other Favorite Candice & Dustin Family Pawn

Karen’s Hallmark

Thrift Store Gooodwill Industries of South Central VA Other Favorite Second Time Around

| february 2018 | Showcase Magazine 21

Feature 2018 Rave Awards

2018 Favorite Things to Buy Tire & Wheel Store Goodyear Auto Service Center (Mt. Cross) Other Favorite Cunningham Tire

Vacuum Cleaner Sales & Service Griffin Vacuum Sewing Superstore

Vapes Shop

Tow Service JJ Hogan Towing Other Favorite Southside Towing

Used Car Dealer Steve Padgett Honda


Winery 2 Witches Winery & Brewing Co. Other Favorite Tomahawk Winery

EA Vapes

Women’s Center

Other Favorite Mad Vapes

Danville Women’s Care

Wine Store

Other Favorite Danville OB-Gyn Associates

Vintages by the Dan Other Favorite 2 Witches Winery & Brewing Co.

Other Favorite Woodall Auto Mall

2018 Favorite People to See Artist

Bartender (List Bar Also)


Amber Wilson

Austin Bunn (Ballad Brewing)

Other Favorite John Thomas

Other Favorite Susan Feeny (Me’s Burgers and Brews)

Maggie Ashworth Hodges (Balanced Health Chiropractic)


Beauty Consultant

Stacy Allocca (Allocca Law)

Pam Pruitt

Other Favorite Sandra Chinn-Gilstrap (Clement Wheatley)

Other Favorite Alicia Crumpton


Boxing & Martial Arts Instructor

Judith Ostrowski (Danville ENT) Other Favorite Danny Gnewikow (Audiology Hearing Aid Associates)

Marcus Luck Other Favorite Kelvin Miller

Banker (List Bank Also)


Randy McDaniel (American National Bank)

The Golden Leaf Bistro

Other Favorite David Hawker (Virginia Bank & Trust on Franklin Trnpk) 22 Showcase Magazine |

February 2018


Other Favorite Poogie Scearce

Other Favorite Stephen Eggleston (Eggleston Chiropractic)

Counselor Bevin Lovelace (PATHS) Other Favorite Kim Hash

CPA (List CPA Office Also) Katherine McDaniel (Harris, Harvey, Neal & Co.) Other Favorite Vince Kania (Vince Kania & Accosiates)

Dentist Paul Grekos DDS Other Favorite Jarrod Brown DDS


Local Chef

Pet Boarding Facility

Dr. Stacy Lahti (Bellezza Aesthetics)

Chris King

Animal Medical Center

Other Favorite Dr. Keith Robinson (Complexions Dermatology)

Other Favorite Patrick Ruocco

Other Favorite Hollywood Pets



Pet Groomer

William Dove


Sarah (Petco)

Other Favorite Dennis Booth II

Other Favorite O.F. Newman & Son Inc

Other Favorite Mallory Betterton


Massage Therapist


Catherine Adkins (Genesis Day Spa)

Robin Lakey (Cheveux Salon)

Lisa Cotter (KARE Pharmacy)

Other Favorite Lisa Brooks

Other Favorite Ricky Grubbs

Other Favorite Vance Kiser (Piedmont Pharmacy)

Event Planner

Mortgage Company


Cottontail Weddings & Events

American National Bank & Trust Company

Lisa Carter (Photography by Lisa)

Other Favorite The Golden Leaf Bistro

Financial Advisor Barry Riddle (Davenport & Co.) Other Favorite Edgar Love (Davenport & Co)

Graphic Design Agency Demont Design Other Favorite KG Graphics

Hair Stylist Amber Wilson (Genesis Day Spa) Other Favorite Michelle Trainor (Poshe Salon and Spa)

Insurance Agent

Other Favorite Waterstone Mortgage Co

Moving Company Quality Movers

Other Favorite Allan Dalton (Allan Dalton Photography)

Physical Therapist Health Hylton (Spectrum Medical)

Other Favorite Frank Ferguson

Other Favorite Eric Lackey (Danville Orthopedic & Athletic Rehab)

Nail Technician


Cathy Salmon

Stephen Jannach

Other Favorite Janelle Gammon

Other Favorite Daniel Pomposini

New Business

Property Inspector

Cotton at the River Mill

Dan Morgan (House Call Home Inspections)

Other Favorite Crema and Vine

David Satterfield (Satterfield Insurance Agency)


Other Favorite Tammy L. Alderson (Bankers Insurance LLC)

Other Favorite Rev. Bruce Wilson

Local Band or Entertainer

Personal Trainer

Jason Springs

Ken Jones (Urban Fitness)

Other Favorite Norm Aquilo

Other Favorite David Gluhareff (VA Bootcamp)

Fr. Jonathan Goertz (Sacred Heart)

Other Favorite Rick Davis (First Choice Home Inspections)

Radio Station WAKG Other Favorite 109.5 Country Legends

Real Estate Appraiser Jerry Grubb Other Favorite Ken Reynolds, (Southside Appraisals)

| february 2018 | Showcase Magazine 23

Feature 2018 Rave Awards

2018 Favorite People to See



Travel Agency


James Buckner (Wilkins & Co Realtors)

Travel Center

Katie Rohrig (The Family Vet)

Other Favorite Holiday Travel Service

Other Favorite Mary Betterton (Brosville Animal Hospital)

Travel Agent

Waste Removal Service

Linda Sizemore (Travel Center)

First Piedmont Corporation

Other Favorite Michael Gobble

Other Favorite Quick Way Waste Management

TV Station (Local)

Yoga Instructor

River City TV

Maggie Ashworth (Hot Asana Yoga Studio)

Other Favorite Sallie Abreu (Ramsey Yeatts & Asscoiates)

Realty Company Wilkins & Co Realtors Other Favorite Ramsey Yeatt & Associates

Tattoo Artist Harry Aron

Other Favorite Star News

Other Favorite Jeremy Oakes

24 Showcase Magazine |

February 2018


Other Favorite Lauren Mathena (Hot Asana Yoga Studio)

| february 2018 | Showcase Magazine 25

26 Showcase Magazine |

February 2018


| february 2018 | Showcase Magazine 27

Feature RAVE Awards Hall of Fame

RAVE Awards

Hall of Fame Photos by Mariah Springs & Lee Vogler

Gamewood Technology Group Gamewood Technology Group, Inc. has been serving Danville and surrounding areas and states, in different capacities, since 1983. Gamewood is a communications company that provides integrated technology services and solutions to residential and business customers. Gamewood’s many different product lines cover digital, analog, voice, data, video, security, and entertainment products.

For both residential and business customers, Gamewood provides Internet, Voice and Television services. We provide Security Systems and Security Monitoring Services. And we also provide CCTV and DVR systems and services. For businesses we provide telephone systems sales, installation and maintenance. And, we provide structured network wiring solutions that include the sales, installation, testing, certification and maintenance of both wired and fiber-optic networks. Gamewood views great customer service is a commitment to providing high quality and cost competitive solutions to our customers in a timely manner, with professionalism and attention to detail. Great customer service includes communication, feedback, and providing local experts that can be called on when there is a need.

Ben David Jewelers Ben David Jewelers, founded in Danville in 1959 by Ben David, has a goal to help its customers & friends celebrate life, love, and success. The business considers itself lucky to be involved in its customers’ most important moments in their lives. Ben David’s offers great designer jewelry brands such as Hearts on Fire, John Hardy, Pandora, and Charles Krypell. It has an “on-site master jeweler” who does intricate jewelry repair and custom jewelry design and manufacturing. Jewelry repairs can be done while the customer waits. Ben David’s takes pride in giving exceptional customer experience. This year, Ben David’s will continue the Valentine’s Day tradition of allowing couples to get married in its store. Ben David’s will supply 28 Showcase Magazine |

February 2018


the minister, flowers, and everything you’ll need to get married. Just bring in a marriage certificate & of course... someone to marry.

Dominion Eye Center Dominion Eye Center was established in 1984. It is an ophthalmology and optometry group practice with an optical dispensary. Dominion offers eye exams, treatments for eye disease,

and performs eye surgery. The eye center dispenses contact lenses, eyeglasses, and low vision aids. Dominion three ophthalmologists, four optometrists, and a staff of over thirty-five. Duke Eye Center retina specialists see patients in the office on Thursdays to treat retinal eye disease. Dominion’s doctors and staff strive to deliver excellence in eye care with compassion and professionalism. Continued to Page 32

| february 2018 | Showcase Magazine 29

30 ShowcaSe Magazine |

february 2018


| february 2018 | Showcase Magazine 31

Feature RAVE Awards Hall of Fame Continued from Page 29

Docusystems Co. Docusystems celebrated fifteen years of business in 2017. The business started as a copier dealership and has grown into production print and is leading the way locally with 3D printing. Docusystems teams with the best in the print business. It is a Konica Minolta dealer. The popular Bizhub model fits its name as “the hub of your business.” A Bizhub is an all-in-one product. It scans, copies, prints, faxes, and can even email. Docusystems credits its longevity to continuing learning and excellent customer service. Owner David Hobson says, “We do things differently. I love hearing someone say, ‘You’re here already.’ Instead of saying, ‘I called you two days ago, where are you at?’” For most of Docusystems’ service calls, the average response time is 48 minutes. It’s through a good business model and great customer service that Docusystems continues to succeed.

32 Showcase Magazine |

February 2018


| february 2018 | Showcase Magazine 33

34 Showcase Magazine |

February 2018


| february 2018 | Showcase Magazine 35

Feature Ken LarkinG

Ken Larking

An Interview with the Danville City Manager Photos by Jameel Austin


an you tell us a little about your background? Where you were born, grew up, etc. I was born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, and moved to Calgary, Alberta, when I was around 10-years old. My family moved to New Jersey when I was around 11 and just outside Austin, Texas, two years later. We moved to Phoenix, Arizona, just before my first year in high school. During my junior year, we moved to Winston-Salem, and I’ve lived in the Southeast ever since. My fondest memories from Kitchener include the times my brothers and I would visit our grandparents’ house and play with the huge box of Legos they kept in their den. My memories of Calgary include when the City of Calgary paved the dirt roads in our neighborhood. You can say that was the first time I acknowledged the benefits of city government in my life. We lived in a rural part of New Jersey and became friends with kids in the area who encouraged us to play in the woods and to go fishing in nearby creeks. We used homemade fishing poles baited with breadcrumbs. (I don’t remember ever catching anything.) While in Austin, I played kicker/third string nose tackle for the JV version of our middle school football team. I tried to quit, but, apparently, if you are a boy in Texas, you play football. The coach refused my request. My interest in journalism started when I was in Phoenix. I joined the yearbook staff and became a photographer. When we moved to Winston-Salem, I was able to join yearbook again, but more was expected of me. I had to learn to write articles, headlines and captions, and was required to sell advertisements. I continued to have an interest in journalism while at Appalachian State University and joined the school newspaper staff. That is when I decided I wanted to become a print journalist. After college, I eventually

36 Showcase Magazine |

February 2018


landed a job as a local government reporter for a small newspaper. I was responsible for covering city council meetings, county board of commissioner meetings, and school board meetings in Catawba County, North Carolina, which is where Hickory is located. Over time, I gained an appreciation for the positive impact local government has on the everyday lives of people in the communities they serve. My passion for local government led to my returning to Appalachian State for a master’s degree in public administration and, eventually, an internship for the City of Hickory. I became Yadkinville, North Carolina’s town manager in 2003 and served that community for seven years. While there, the Town expanded the water plant and built an off-stream reservoir and water and sewer lines to underserved residences and businesses. We also built the Town’s only park on the main highway close to downtown. Whenever I’m near Yadkinville, I stop by that park and am thrilled to see kids playing on the playground, families using the picnic shelter, and people walking on the trail. In 2010, I joined former City of Asheville City Manager Jim Westbrook in Moore County, North Carolina. Mr. Westbrook became a mentor of mine until his tragic death in a car accident on his way home from the office in late 2012. In 2013, I was fortunate to become Deputy City Manager in Danville, which led to my eventual appointment to City Manager in April 2016. What are some of the duties of the city manager? In Danville, the city manager is one of three positions appointed by the City Council. In a council-manager form of government like the City of Danville, the city manager is responsible for carrying out the policy of City Council and running the day-to-day operations of the City. Continued to Page 40

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We are honored to be voted Favorite Financial Advisors. We deeply value the trust and confidence you place in us.

Barry R. Riddle

Edgar M. Love

(434) 836-5528 • 165 Holt Garrison Parkway, Suite 570-B | Danville, VA 24540

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The city manager may participate in debate during City Council deliberations and offer advice and recommendations on programs, policies, and budgets. Danville’s city manager, with the help of a deputy city manager, oversees 12 departments/divisions. These include police, fire, public works, public utilities, parks and recreation (and library), economic development, transportation (airport and mass transit), community development (planning, housing and building inspections), social services, and the support departments of finance, human resources and information technology. How does a typical day in the life of the city manager play out? There are no typical days for a city manager. My calendar includes everything from driving around the city with the public works director to visit job sites to meeting with a group of citizens to discuss how to improve the lives of our youth. During my career in local government, I’ve been able to do a lot of interesting things. For example, I’ve been inside an elevated water tank, spent a day as a refuse collector

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on the back of a trash truck (you’d be amazed at what people throw away), and stood inside an empty sewer plant clarifier basin. (I tried not to touch anything!) I’ve observed (from a safe distance) police SWAT raids, and helped patch pot holes. Of course, these are not typical days. Mostly, I spend my time working with staff to carry out the mission of the City of Danville as prescribed by the City Code, our annual budget, and the policies approved by City Council. This includes meetings to discuss progress on various projects where I help to provide direction and ensure that the appropriate resources are available. Outside of work, what do you like to do? Hobbies? My move to Danville almost five years ago has played a big part in what I like to do outside of work – especially when it comes to active living. I enjoy using the Riverwalk Trail and the mountain bike trails in Anglers Park, although I don’t get to do it as much as I would like. I ran my first ever 5K in Danville along the Riverwalk Trail three years ago and have been in several since then. I never Continued to Page 42

Demont Design

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saw myself as much of a runner, but have grown to love exercising along the trail and participating in these events. In addition to running and biking, I like to take yoga classes at the YMCA, Hot Asana, and during special events at local brewpubs and at the Community Market. I also enjoy photography, home improvement projects, watching sporting events, and reading. What’s your definition of a healthy community? My definition of a healthy community is one that is a desirable place to live. In the early stages of our budget process last year, we had a conversation about the characteristics of a desirable community. People typically want to live in a safe community with good schools, opportunities to make a decent living, quality housing at an affordable price, things to do, places to shop, good weather, quality healthcare, and opportunities for spiritual fulfillment. In Danville, we are fortunate to be able to check off many boxes when it comes to being a desirable community. However, like many communities, there are areas for improvement, and it’s up to us to identify those areas and make strategic investments in order to make improvements.

In recent months, leadership from many of the institutions serving our area have collaborated to create a pipeline of talent in precision machining that has inspired high school students to see the possible and convinced employers from all over the world that our region is where they want to be. We are building a culture of innovation in Danville that will lead to a brighter future that is available for all to seize, regardless of background. Why are you so passionate about Danville? Danville has so much potential! When I think about Danville, I think about all the people in our community who are working hard to make it a desirable place to live. When people ask me about Danville, I describe it as a train barreling down the tracks toward greatness. I invite them to get on board and be a part of what we are trying to accomplish because I know there are many people living in this community who are, in their own ways, working to help us reach our goals. It is exciting to play a part of Danville’s story as we reimagine ourselves.

Who inspires/influences you? I’ve had many people in my life that have inspired me and influenced who I’ve become. In general, all the creative people I am in contact with every day through work and this community inspire me.

Thinking back to 2017, what are you most proud of in terms of our city development? I am most proud of the results of all the hard work leaders in our community have put in over the years to position Danville to be a desirable place to live. For example, in March we broke ground on a 133-acre graded pad in the Berry Hill Industrial Park. We believe this graded site will be a game-changer, and we were able to reach this point only after years of time and effort put forward by leaders from Danville and Pittsylvania County to create a regional partnership, purchase property, secure grants and obtain permits.

Danville is full of truly remarkable people who are coming up with innovative ways to make our community a better place to live, work, and have fun. This includes City staff and City Council members who are always thinking about how to give Danville that “wow” factor and make people rethink what they know of their city.

This year, we also have seen development continue in the River District, which saw Spectrum Medical and Cotton open at the former Dan River Research Building, the opening of event spaces and brewpubs, continued expansion of loft apartments and new developments along Craghead Street.

Recently, the Virginia Municipal League awarded the City two Innovation Awards for programs that help our residents and promote the community. The first award was publication of the Dan River Twins children’s book by

It is this kind of economic development success that led to the Financial Times recognizing Danville as one of the top micro cities for economic potential.

In Danville’s case, the City Council has rightly recognized that we need to make improvements to public education, public safety, and economic development. Earlier this year, they took the bold step to make additional investments in these areas, which we believe will make a positive difference in the coming years.

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the Parks and Recreation Department. The second award was the work that River City TV is doing to inform our citizens and promote all the great things happening here.

February 2018


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Thinking back to 2017, what are you most disappointed with in terms of our city development? Unfortunately, while we’ve seen great economic success, it has not positively impacted everyone in Danville like I would hope. We continue to have higher than average poverty – especially when it comes to children in poverty. I am proud of the fact that this year, with the blessing and encouragement of City Council, the City convened both a Youth Task Force and a Gang Task Force to help serve this population. The purpose of the Youth Task Force is to bring youth-serving organizations together to discuss and implement best practices for engaging our youth in positive activities. The Gang Task Force consists of professionals in law enforcement, education and social services who work with people who are engaged in gang activity to help them find a better path. I commend City Council for recognizing that any gang reduction model should include prevention first, intervention next and suppression if necessary. After all, if we can prevent and intervene before any serious crimes occur, there are no victims and the youth continue to have opportunities for a productive future unhampered by past mistakes.

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What can we do as a collective unit to make the city better? In the coming months, there will be opportunities for the people of Danville to have a say in the future of their City. I would like to see everyone, regardless of background or economic circumstance, provide input into these processes. Whether it is neighborhood planning, a city-wide comprehensive plan, or City Council Members asking for ideas, everyone needs to let their voice be heard. I would also like to see everyone in the City serve as a positive ambassador for our community and region. We often hear of our economic development prospects and people looking to move into the region asking locals about their thoughts on Danville. If they hear good things, they are more likely to bring their businesses and talents to Danville, which will help our economic prosperity. At the end of 2018, what do you think people will be saying about Danville? I have a lot of confidence in Danville’s future success, so I think people will be saying that Danville is checking off more boxes when it comes to making it a desirable place to live.

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Feature The Launch Place

The Launch Place

Investing in the Region’s Future By Lee Vogler Photos by Lee Vogler and The Launch Place


ow do you reinvent and reignite a local economy? It’s a question that cities and counties across the nation ask themselves every day. And yet, some find success, while others struggle to make it happen. For those that succeed, what is a common thread?

in the region and consulting projects. After receiving a $10 million grant for five years from the Danville Regional Foundation in 2012, the SBTC was rebranded into The Launch Place and expanded its portfolio of service offerings.

Nearly every thriving local economy has a strong entrepreneurial system at its core. Fortunately for the Dan River region, that entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, and it’s cultivated by The Launch Place.

Since that rebranding in 2012, The Launch Place has been an active player in growing the local economy. With $3 million invested and 13 active portfolio companies, the numbers are impressive. The combined valuation of those portfolio companies is $52 million.

Originally called the Southside Business Technology Center (SBTC), The Launch Place was founded in 2004 when a group of CEOs, bankers, industry leaders and entrepreneurial enthusiasts in Southern Virginia wanted to simultaneously fill an economic and business community need. In its first five years of helping existing businesses in their development efforts, the SBTC was able to build a network of support, accumulating funding from local governments

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According to Fortune Magazine, 9 out of every 10 startups fail. It’s because of this high failure rate that most venture capitalists are hesitant to invest funds during the early stages of a startup’s life. The Launch Place, however, has sought to be that helping hand for many startups. “Currently there is a lack of capital available to early stage entrepreneurs,” says Troy Knauss, the Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Angel Resource Institute, Angel Investor and member of The Launch Place’s Board of

Directors. “The Launch Place not only gives capital, but the resources to make a company a company.” That is why the Launch Place offers business services like marketing and public relations, market research, financial analysis and other consulting, as well as office space, residential and office rent subsidies on top of the investment funds.

next investment Press conference

One of The Launch Place’s success stories is Roobrik, an online decision platform for caregivers of seniors. They received the maximum pre-seed investment in 2015, and then an additional $200,000 after closing three deals seven months later. Beyond the essential capital, the business analytics offered by The Launch Place helped Roobrik pull data on the interests of its audience in order to evolve its core product. Also, the public relations services provided by Marketing Director Kelly Fitzgerald helped Roobrik land appearances on several prime-time television shows to reach a larger audience.

Apply to Pitch at IdeaFest! Live Pitch Competition on March 29

February 12, 2018 11 am at The Launch Place 527 Bridge Street, Danville, VA

Even with the success The Launch Place has helped create over the past several years, the future seems even brighter. With its focus industries of Information Technology, Medical Tech and Advanced Manufacturing lining up perfectly with what the region’s economic development teams are recruiting, the probability for economic growth is Southern Virginia is high.

row 1 (l to r) regina haynes and Kelly Fitzgerald row 2 (l to r) eva doss, larry long and Varun Sadana

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Paws for a Cause Recently, I spoke with a group of teenagers that had found themselves in need of intervention by the legal system. I do not know what they had done, and as I told them, I did not have any desire to know. I just wanted them to learn about the laws protecting animals as well as to share some lessons I have learned from animals.

written by Paulette dean eXeCutiVe direCtor danVille huMane SoCiety

and active for them. Again, her happiness was apparent. Finally, a rescue group hours from her said they would take her. A couple of weeks later, they sent me a video of Dawn, romping with another dog in a fenced-in backyard. As I told the story of Dawn, I told them of the unhappiness she came from through the bad actions of others. She, though, was able to recover emotionally and physically from her earlier neglect and became wonderfully happy.

I told them about Dawn. You may remember her. A passerby saw an emaciated, injured white pit bull that was covered with flies. Her misery was apparent in the pictures and in her demeanor. She was seized, and the owners charged. We received custody of her in court and suddenly, her life became so much better. We named her Dawn This little girl is about two years old. She is a miniature pinscher in honor of the dawning of a new, mix and loves to cuddle. happy life. Dawn gained weight – a lot of it! – and became a favorite of the volunteers who wanted to walk her. She spent months danVille with us. She was an active dog, and the people who came to huMane SoCiety see if they wanted to adopt her realized she was too strong


I want those young men to recover from a hard start and live productive, happy lives. In fact, I hope all people – young and old – can learn the lesson of life from Dawn.

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Good Eats Big Bear’s Wife

From the Kitchen of

Big Bear’s Wife Three Ingredient Valentine’s Day M&M Fudge Written by Angie Barrett of Photo by Angie Barrett

Prep Time: 10M / Cook Time: 5M Total Time: 5H / Yield: 24 Pieces

INGREDIENTS 4 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips (1 large bag) 2 (14 oz ) cans sweetened condensed milk 1 bag regular Valentine’s Day M&M Candies Valentine’s Day Sprinkles


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Line a 8x8 pan with foil or parchment paper. Create a double boiler by placing a metal or glass bowl over the top of a sauce pan. Fill the sauce pan with about 1/2 a cup of water. Bring the water to a simmer over medium heat. (There should be enough water in the pan to simmer

February 2018


but not enough to touch the top bowl.) Add the sweetened condensed milk and semi-sweet chocolate chips to the top bowl. Heat the semi-sweet chocolate chips mixture until the chocolate chips are melted and the mixture is smooth, stirring every minute or so. Pour the melted chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk mixture into the 8x8 pan. • Sprinkle a layer of sprinkles and M&Ms over the fudge. • Let sit for 4-5 hours or until firm. • Cut into squares. • • •

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Explore Martinsville

10 Years of “Fun in Record Time” in MHC Written by Beth Stinnett Photos courtesy of Martinsville Henry County Tourism

The Martinsville-Henry County Visitor Center has been assisting residents and travelers to the community since March 2008. To celebrate our 10-year anniversary, here are some well-known and some surprising facts about the MHC Visitor Center and #VisitMartinsville. The Martinsville-Henry County Visitor Center became state certified through the Virginia Tourism Corporation in March 2008. Since then, the Visitor Center has been dedicated to educating tourists and locals about the many attractions and amenities in our area. The MHC Tourism Office has greeted tens of thousands of visitors, from every state in the U.S., as well as visitors from over 33 countries. In addition to our primary goal of providing local information, being state certified means that we also carry information on many other locations throughout the state of Virginia. Whether you are a visitor or resident, we have helpful information on travelling Virginia as well as a small amount of travel information on North Carolina, too. In addition to our travel resources, we also offer a variety of state and local souvenirs available for purchase. You will find shirts, hoodies, hats, postcards, key chains and much more featuring both Martinsville-Henry County and Virginia is for Lovers logos and branding, and each month the Visitor Center offers a sale on select merchandise. Locally made products are available and always changing, so be sure to check them out. The MHC Visitor Center and Tourism Division, #VisitMartinsville, expand the marketing efforts of local attractions throughout the community, state, and nation. Locally, we distribute information throughout the community, attend special events with mobile visitor center sites, and host events at the Visitor Center such as special performances and appearances to continuously promote the ways to have

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fun in record time in Martinsville-Henry County. On the state level, the Visitor Center promotes our local amenities through the Virginia is for Lovers website and publications, exclusive window clings at select state welcome centers, and Martinsville-Henry County brochure distribution throughout visitor and welcome centers throughout the state of Virginia. On a local, state, and national level, our office leverages the area through a variety of print publications, digital, through our website, television outlets, and social media outlets. Follow us on Facebook (VisitMartinsville), Twitter (@MHCTourism), Snapchat (visitmhc), Instagram (VisitMartinsville), and Youtube (VisitMartinsville)! In March 2018, the MHC Visitor Center will be celebrating its birthday over two nights at the MHC Chamber of Commerce Trade Show. At this two-day event on March 6th & 7th, guests can expect to participate in fun birthday themed activities and celebrate what makes MHC a great place to visit, work, live, and play. The MHC Visitor Center is located at 191 Fayette Street, in Uptown Martinsville, inside the New College Institute’s Building on Baldwin. We are open Tuesday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Saturday from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. and on Sunday from 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. For more information on the Martinsville-Henry County Tourism Office or to see what’s happening in MHC, check us out at

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Now is a great time to check in on your HVAC system. Regular inspections can: • Prevent future problems • Maintain the efficiency of your equipment • Help keep your home safe Plus, through the Danville Home$ave program, residential electric customers are eligible for a $55 MAIL-IN REBATE on a qualifying HVAC tune-up service once every three years!

Looking for more ways to save?

Visit our website for qualifying rebates and additional tips to help save on energy bills.

Looking for more ways to save? | 888.599.0450

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| 888.599.0450


Why Relationships Matter


ebruary is often looked at as the month of love –a month to celebrate the important relationships in our lives. Many of us are blessed with family and friends, who, in the end, bring this meaning to our lives. Yet there are many others who are isolated, or socially disadvantaged, who in turn are also limited in meaning. Relationships are associated with better health, happiness, advancement, achievement, increased self-confidence, and even life expectancy. Our daily contact with others is what makes our lives rich in meaning. Just think of your typical day – the people you connect with at work, in the community, or at school. Now, imagine how lonely your life would be without these connections. Many of us take making friends for granted and we may forget why they are so important, but having a variety of good relationships is all part of “living a good life”, opening up all sorts of opportunities. In spite of our individual skills or abilities, anyone of us who have experienced success have not realized it on our own. We owe our successes to the people that have informed, inspired, challenged, or coached us into performance or activity that lead to the successes we have enjoyed. From our parents, teachers, coaches, friends, and allies, our lives have been riddled with relationships that have made us better people. However, experience suggests that most people with disabilities have a deep social distance from typical, freely-given relationships. Isolation is one of the most profound problems facing people with disabilities, and more often than not it falls below our society’s radar. We know too many people who only relate with the human service professionals who are paid to be with them. While these relationships are vital to their health and safety, and can be rich with meaning, the reality is that half of the relationship is not given freely, as it only exists because that person is paid to be there.

The desire to connect with another person and build a satisfying relationship exists in all of us. We all understand that relationships and friendships are important to us all, but what about those who may find making new friends more difficult due to a disability or difficulty in communication? How can we help others to build meaningful connections? We can start by not treating people with disabilities differently. We can stop isolating people in disabilityspecific programs that separate them from the world that we all live in. We can reach out, say “hello”, and invite people in to be a part of our lives. Quite simply, when we build a relationship with someone who has some differences from us, we become more tolerant, and willing to accept, and even respect, their difference from us. Disability or not, we all need to connect, and somewhere inside each of us is a longing to be sincerely welcomed.

For more information about Community Engagement contact David Gusler at The Arc of Southside 434.836.3272 Ext. 102

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iF you would liKe to be Featured in a Future iSSue, Follow@ShowCaSedanVille and tag your PhotoS with #ShowCaSenine. 58 ShowcaSe Magazine |

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Every heartbeat, every moment It’s because of the special moments you share that we take your care so seriously. It’s for remembering every smile, every tear, and every time you lovingly looked into each other’s eyes. No matter what life may bring, our cardiovascular team puts their heart and soul into caring for you and your family so that many more special moments can be cherished. Their dedication, expertise, and remarkable care led Centra Lynchburg General Hospital to be named – for the seventh time – one of the nation’s 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals by IBM Watson Health. But we’re not in it for the recognition. We’re here for every heartbeat, every moment, every step of the way.

Learn more about the Centra Stroobants Heart Center and our expert cardiologists, surgeons, and nurses


100 Top Hospitals® is a registered trademark of IBM Watson Health™ | Bedford | Danville | Farmville | Gretna | Lynchburg | Moneta

Showcase Magazine February 2018  

The February 2018 issue of Showcase Magazine featuring the 2018 Rave Awards.

Showcase Magazine February 2018  

The February 2018 issue of Showcase Magazine featuring the 2018 Rave Awards.