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The popular Wrangler ® line of single-action revolvers has been expanded to include models with Ruger ® Birdshead pattern grips. These new models all feature a 3.75'' cold hammer-forged barrel, are chambered in .22 LR, and are offered in three attractive Cerakote ® colors - black, silver and burnt bronze.

® firearm , this



The acquisition, ownership, possession and use of firearms is heavily regulated. Some models may not be legally available in your state or locale. Whatever your purpose for lawfully acquiring a firearm – know the law, get trained, and shoot safely.


MARK IV ™ 22/45™ LITE

PC CARBINE professional hunting fishing Marlin Trapper is compact, handling, first Ruger-made Marlin American-made lever-action was manufactured with great pride and attention to detail. You can expect the same time-honored design as the traditional combined with Ruger’s trusted reputation for producing high-quality, reliable firearms.



This new 22/45™ Lite model features a ported, anodized aluminum receiver with a natural finish that nicely contrasts its black grip and barrel. With one-button takedown, two 10-round magazines, and a 1911-style grip angle, it’s the perfect .22 caliber training pistol.


and an ideal rifle for hunting and protection against dangerous game. MODEL 1895 TRAPPERMARLIN® RUGER ® AMBASSADOR BLAKE BARNETT AND THE MARLIN ® MODEL 1895 SBL The



This new Ruger Custom Shop ® model boasts left-side ejection and a left-handed charging handle and push-button cross-bolt manual safety, all fed from a detachable 10-round rotary magazine specially designed for this rifle. Right-handed shooters will also appreciate the left-side charging handle – particularly those shooting from the bench.



™ Chambered in .45-70 Govt., the Model 1895 Trapper was conceived by


The versatile MAX-9® is sure to meet your personal protection needs. Comfortable enough to conceal in an inside the waistband holster or pocket holster, this micro-sized pistol has it all - without compromising on capacity or features.

This PC Carbine™ model is chambered in 9mm Luger and offers a minimalist solution for the hunter or outdoorsman. It was designed for those who want to transport their carbine in an efficient, convenient package without compromising shooting performance or ease of deployment.

guides. The



Chambered in .380 Auto, the Ruger ® LCP ® MAX fits 10+1 rounds into the same footprint as the LCP ® II. A 12-round accessory magazine slightly extends the grip length while doubling the capacity of the legacy LCP ® .

® Model 1895


Drop-in Performance in Premium Hardwood and Laminates


Boyds Gunstocks are American-made, innovative gunstocks, manufactured to the highest quality stan dards and at an affordable price. These are the foun dational principles that have guided Boyds Gunstock Industries for over four decades. Boyds continues to utilize input from customers, industry experts, and our own experience to provide relevant and function al products for the firearms owner. This unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and perfor mance allows Boyds to enjoy the title of “World’s Largest Aftermarket Gunstock Manufacturer.”

From a precision rifle build to the recondition of a family heirloom, the products from Boyds will cover the entire spectrum of use. Check out for your next “Better with Boyds” build.


Products like the Prairie Hunter and Heritage as well as the Classic and Platinum will appeal to those with the most traditional taste. The At-One and Agility set a new standard in versatility and adjustability. Boyds manufactures two-piece stocks for your pump, lever, or semi-auto as well. Specialty rimfire stocks like the Barracuda, Blaster, and Evolution have revamped many old rimfire favorites. When a conversation is started around Boyds, it is likely to mention what is quite possibly their signature design—the Featherweight, Varmint, and Rimfire series of thumbhole stocks.

This issue’s cover brought to you by:

With gunstocks that fit over 1,200 individual models of firearms, Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks has been the premium resource for aftermarket gunstocks for more than 40 years. Specializing in products that improve the entire shooting experience has made Boyds the largest aftermarket gunstock manufacturer in the world. Boyds offers products for the staunch traditionalist as well as those who embrace the mod ern concepts in adjustability.

We’re a new kind of specialty materials company, ready to tackle the world’s most complex material science challenges.

SIG SAUER worked with Avient to develop their first-of-its-kind P320 TXG tungsten infused grip module to deliver perfectly balanced weight without compromising comfort or performance.



“We are a holographic company,” Bailey said. “But it was hard to watch the evolution of opticsready pistols take place without being involved. We would have loved to introduce a holographic sight, but the ability to scale this technology down that small is still out of reach. The next best thing was to design and develop our own LED-based sight.”


19 87, the publishing company where I worked was taken private in a leveraged buyout. The new owners promised us that quality was a top priority and then promptly fired all the quality control folks. It was my first (but not last) experience learning the truth of the adage, “actions speak louder than words.”

Slaton L. White, Editor

It is a world-class organization. When I asked him how the company achieved this distinction, he said that holography had been around for decades, but it took a handful of brilliant individuals working together to advance holography as a firearm optic.



Performance and dependability. Now those are rock-solid pillars on which to build a successful business.

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EOTECH produces high-grade optics for the lawenforcement community, special-operations profes sionals, and civilian consumers. Best known for its Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS), in 2016 EOTECH expanded its optics line by introducing the Vudu line of premium magnified optics. The manu facturer also has a footprint in night vison and ther mal imaging products and recently branched out into LED pistol-sight optics.

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The credibility EOTECH gained during this time helped it grow into an optics powerhouse. Over the years I’ve seen such powerhouses collapse because success bred complacency to the point where a com pany failed to keep up with market developments.




Years later I interviewed a CEO who told me that if management was truly committed to building a quality product, the employees would not fail to build a quality product. “It comes from the top,” he said. “It means you put in place the procedures and the people to make that happen.”

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Innovation helped elevate EOTECH into a world-class company. Product performance and dependability help keep it there.

Not EOTECH. Though committed to holo graphic sights, the company recently ventured into the LED pistol-sight market with the EFLX red-dot sight.



Pillars of Success

You’ll see an example of that commitment to quality when you read our interview with John Bailey, vice president of marketing and product management at EOTECH (see page 38). An unre lenting focus on product quality ensures that EOTECH’s expanding product line meets the exacting standards set by the company’s design and manufacturing teams.


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“At that time, EOTECH wasn’t a brand and had no identity, so we licensed the product to Bushnell as the HOLOsight,” he said. With Bushnell’s help, EOTECH achieved commercial recognition and the attention of military groups around the world.

That flexibility and ability to pivot product devel opment to meet new consumer demands is the sign of an innovative, well-run company. But there is something else at work here as well.

Bailey notes that EOTECH is proud of its ability to design and build advanced optical technology for firearms “that will improve their performance, whether it’s hunting, competition, home defense, or protecting the community or country. It also means that they can depend on these products.”



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Bill Brassard, senior director of communications for NSSF, has helped facilitate the relationship with the AFSP and VA and notes that the industry and partners are working collaboratively to develop many educational assets. NSSF recently launched a securestorage video featuring professional shooter, veteran, and mother Julie Golob. Walk the Talk America is partnering with companies to distribute information al brochures with gun sales offering free, anonymous mental-health screening tools. These tools and oth ers—when carried by the right messenger who respects firearms ownership—can help make a differ ence for someone in crisis.


Representatives from Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Glock, and Magpul participated in the roundtable and noted that manufacturers and retailers would be able to help share messaging that was developed between NSSF and the VA and other suicide prevention orga nizations.“Noone can do everything, but everyone can do something,” Bartozzi concluded. “I don’t know a more connected or committed group than this indus try, and together we are going to make a difference.” (

“Suicide is preventable and not inevitable,” said Dr. Miller. “Veterans believe that firearms are impor tant to them for readiness and safety. We need to respect that while at the same time increasing time and space in a suicidal crisis.”

NSSF Partners with Veterans Affairs on Suicide Prevention BRIEFS

ing a panel discussion. Participants also discussed viewing the firearm community as a protective factor, not a risk factor, and recognize the fact that no one in the industry wants something that they produced to be used in a way that it was not intended to be used.

by J odi S temler

The event, a partnership between NSSF and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), was hosted at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus in July and consisted of representatives from firearms manufacturers, suicide prevention organiza tions, health professionals, and regional and national VA staff.Bartozzi noted that participants were investing their personal and professional time while also work ing together to give all Americans who may consider taking their own life a little more time. He reminded the audience, “The messenger matters; our industry can help bridge the gap between the suicide preven tion community and gun owners to support secure storage while protecting the right to bear arms.”

NSSF and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs hosted a suicide prevention roundtable.

In 2016, the NSSF launched a partnership with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and subsequently released a toolkit for ranges and retailers. In 2018, NSSF and the VA developed a formal partnership, and the meeting in Denver was designed to broaden industry’s participation to deliver suicide prevention education messaging to gun own ers. One motivation for this increased education about warning signs and reaching out to persons who are struggling is that 69 percent of veteran suicides in 2019 involved a firearm.


About half of Americans who died by suicide in 2019 used a firearm, and suicide makes up nearly two-thirds of firearms-related deaths. Dr. Emmy Betz, professor of emergency medicine at CU Anschutz and the director of the Firearm Injury Prevention Initiative, noted that only 10 percent of individuals who survive a suicide attempt go on to die by suicide later in their life; however, almost 90 per cent of people who use a firearm to attempt suicide die. This high lethality increases the need to increase more time and space to keep people safe during this high-risk period.

A primary focus of the meeting was identifying ways to make it easy for people to secure their fire arms, whether through lockboxes or safes or even out-of-home storage in times of immediate crisis. Hold My Guns is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect responsible firearms owners with voluntary firearms storage through a national net work of partnering FFLs. Founder and executive director Sarah Joy Albrecht encouraged the VA to better understand the firearms community. “It’s important to come at this from a place of recognizing that firearm ownership is normal,” Albrecht said dur



utting time and space between a suicidal impulse and having access to lethal means can save a life. This was the reminder shared by National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) president and CEO Joe Bartozzi and Dr. Matthew Miller, Executive Director for VA Suicide Prevention and acting Executive Director of PREVENTS, as they welcomed a group of about 40 to the first-ever Firearm Industry — Veterans Health Administration Suicide Prevention Roundtable.

She recommended a community health approach and noted that, “Cultural change will take repeated

messages from trusted messengers over time.”

Investing in Time and Space


“Both cases are specifically designed to meet dif ferent needs of competitive shooters, law enforce ment officers, the military, and firearm enthusiasts,” said Dennis Piretra, NANUK’s vice president of mar keting and commercial strategy. “We prioritized the requirements of professionals, including protection, fit, versatility, and security.”

Key features for the NANUK 988 4-up rifle case include high-grade custom-cut closed-cell foam to specifically fit popular AR15 rifles, three soft-grip handles for easy carry and transport, two large and strong polyurethane wheels for easy mobility, and six PowerClaw latches to keep the case closed andThesealed.NANUK

The NANUK 988 4-Up Rifle Case and 910 Pistol Optic Ready Case are designed and built to provide firearms with the maximum level of protection in custom-made foam and protective cases. NANUK’s indestructible cases keep firearms and gear secure and safeguard them from the repeated drops and shocks that occur in the field.

All NANUK cases are built with a shock-resistant NK-7 resin shell that’s waterproof, dustproof, impact resistant, and lightweight, with rounded corners, thick walls, and oversized details. Equipped with pat ented PowerClaw latches that use compressive force to clamp the lid tight, NANUK cases never open acci dentally. And they’re backed with a lifetime warranty. (

The NANUK 910 Pistol Optic Ready Case fea tures high-quality closed-cell PEF foam for the base and soft cushioned foam for the lid for long-term per formance and protection. The case can accommo date a pistol with a trigger lock installed, and the case can be locked using the two integrated, reinforced eyelets and NANUK TSA padlocks.

ith more than 14 years of experi ence developing world-class protec tive cases for valuable gear, Canadian manufacturer NANUK knows something about protective cases for firearms. Recently, the company added two new firearm cases to their product line-up: the 988 4-Up Rifle Case and 910 Pistol Optic Ready Case.

NANUK Unveils Two New Firearms Cases


910 Pistol Optic Ready Case is designed for a single classic-style or Glock pistol with mounted optics and three single-stack magazines. The precision-cut foam fits a wide range of hand guns, including many of the Gen4 Glocks; Springfield Armory XD series; Smith & Wesson M&P 9 M2.0; Sig Sauer P226, P227, P229, P320, and

The NANUK 988 4-Up Rifle Case is long and deep and can store up to four AR15 rifles at an overall length of up to 39.75 inches with different optics installed, including scopes, red dots, and everything in between. The case can be locked using the two inte grated, reinforced eyelets using two NANUK TSA padlocks.

P36; Heckler & Koch VP9, VP9L, SFP9, SFP9L, and VP9 S; and Beretta APX, 92X, and M9A4. Compatible optic sights include the Trijicon RMR, SRO, and Reflex; Sig Sauer Romeo Series; Aimpoint Acro Series; and Leopold Delta Point Pro Series.

The most successful college basketball coach of all time, UCLA’s John Wooden, once said, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” Such is the philosophy of AG Composites’ highly skilled stock finisher Blake Williams. His is an extremely difficult job that requires painstaking attention to detail, but the former U.S. Marine has taken the position to a whole new level.


thinking of ways to improve our product and pro cess. While doing all this, he has fun and is a source of motivation. We are truly glad he is part of the AG team.”

to own a firearm. For each of the five personas (Skills Builder, Hunter, Family Guardian, Urban Defender, and Prepared for the Worst), the report describes their demographics, how they describe themselves, motivations for purchasing, details of each phase along their purchase journey (Awareness, Research, Purchase, Post-Purchase), products purchased, and much“Theremore.are many differences between firearm owners, so it’s important for companies to not treat every customer the same,” Bacon says. “For example, in the Awareness Phase, the Urban Defender is more likely to build interest in purchasing a firearm through sales or promotions while the Family Guardian is more likely to build interest through social media. Similarly, brand reputation is important to the Skills Builder throughout the purchase journey, whereas the Urban Defender is less likely to consider brand reputation in their purchase journey.”

The new consumer segmentation and purchases report is available for $3,500. To purchase a report, contact Lee Davis-Clark (Lee@southwickassociates. com) or Nancy Bacon (Nancy@southwickassociates. com). Custom research into specific market niches is also available, as are reports identifying top brands, sales by retail channel, market size, and more.

“I have always believed in hiring great people, then giving them the freedom to do their job with out micromanaging them,” says AG Composites owner Matt Tandy. “Blake is a huge asset to AG Composites. He is dedicated to his work, takes time during his day to teach employees, and is always

and turn it back in to be inspected again.”

Williams has been with AG Composites for four years. “I love working here,” he says. “We have a great team that is dedicated to making the best quality stocks in the business. The owners take great care of the employees and the company itself.”Williams has been a shooter since early child hood when he got his first .22. He became a much more avid firearm enthusiast while in the Marines. He became familiar with AG Composites through a fellow Marine when he was working for a local moving company and doing some firearm refinish ing and custom work on the side.

.S. firearms consumers come in many forms. To help businesses understand the distinct segments, or personas, that make up the U.S. firearms and accessories mar ket, Southwick Associates has released a new report defining these personas. This report builds on recent persona research by explaining the process, or journey, consumers go through when first becom ing aware of their need for a firearm all the way through their post-purchase experience.


“My job as the finish technician makes me responsible for preparing rifle stocks to be painted and/or camouflaged,” Williams says. “It’s a job that requires a high level of attention to detail. By using a variety of hand tools and approved filler materials, I first look at each stock we produce to identify any blemishes or cosmetic defects. My goal is to repair the defect in a way that it will not be visible and cannot be felt when the stock is completed. The fin ished stock is then inspected by the quality control team, who will either pass it or fail it. Should it fail, the technician and I will address the issues, fix them,

Southwick Associates is a market research and eco nomics firm specializing in the hunting, shooting, sportfishing, and outdoor recreation markets. For more than 30 years, Southwick Associates has estab lished a proven reputation for delivering comprehen sive insights and statistics assisting business and strate gic decisions across the entire outdoor industry— from government agencies, industry associations, and non-profit organizations to affiliated businesses and manufacturers. In addition to custom market research, Southwick Associates also provides syndi cated participation, media consumption, and equip ment-purchase tracking studies utilizing their propri etary sportsmen panels. (


“Selling to all firearms and accessories consumers using one-size-fits-all messaging and product design will minimize marketing success,” says Nancy Bacon, vice president at Southwick Associates. “Consumers’ motivations, and therefore their shopping and product preferences, vary widely, from recreational to selfdefense, to hunting and competitive shooting. Our new report defines each distinct firearm consumer segment and explains how to best connect with and serve each of these unique personas.”


The new 120-page report, presented in an easy-toread graphics-based format, is available now. The study covers all U.S. firearm buyers from 2015 through 2020, with a special survey conducted in 2021 to ensure the “COVID bump” consumer is represented. Consumers are segmented based on their motivations



ederal’s Terminal Ascent is a new addition to its line of high-performing ammo. But it’s genesis goes back nearly 40 years.




In the early 1980s, entrepreneur Jack Carter headed to Africa and tangled with a seemingly immortal Cape buffalo. The animal withstood seven hits with conventional cup-and-core bul lets fired from a .375 H&H. Still standing, it took another several hits from a .458 Win. Mag. before finally succumbing.

extremely aerodynamic. This fact became impossible to ignore as times changed and extended-range hunting became popular, creat ing a whole new class of shooters who craved higher ballistic coefficients.

The ordeal made a profound impression on Carter. Back home, he went to work on a tougher, deep-penetrating expanding bullet design. His creation, proved in action a few years later when he returned to Africa in 1988, featured a rear half made of pure copper and a lead-filled cavity in the front half.


Although Edge TLR’s accuracy spec hit one minute of angle (MOA), far-shooting hunters still wanted more. Federal’s R&D wizards massaged and finessed the Edge TLR, and in 2020, the result was finally ready: Terminal Ascent, a descendant of the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw that posted 10-shot groups of .6

Federal engineers responded in kind, stream lining the Trophy Bonded Tip to push its ballis tic coefficient to an industry high for a hunting bullet. They changed the nickel coat from natu ral silver to black, and introduced it as the Edge TLR. As an initial foray into the long-range world, it was good, but not perfect.

But its story didn’t actually begin with its introduction in 2020. Rather, Terminal Ascent is the result of a pedigree that goes back decades, the progeny of landmark Federal bullets that came before it.

Ultimate Performance

The bonded lead frontal core ensured imme diate expansion. Because of the bonding, it couldn’t separate from the copper shank; as a result, weight retention averaged 90 percent or more. Combined with the all-metal shank, these features meant the aptly named “Bear Claw” couldn’t fragment, couldn’t pancake on impact, and always drove deep. Purchased not long after by Federal, the design went on to become one of the best dangerous-game projectiles of all time.


MOA or less in factory test tunnels. Computer engineering and Doppler testing perfected the Terminal Ascent’s profile, resulting in excellent ballistic coefficients and match-grade accuracy. Grooves around the shank and nickel plating reduce chamber pressure and enable greater speed. Terminal Ascent maintains the solid metal shank and bonded lead frontal core that made Carter’s original bullet such a success while a cutting-edge composite tip aids aerody namics and resists erosion from in-flight air friction and Althoughheat.traditional cartridge favorites such as the .270 Win. and .30-06 Sprg. occupy the Terminal Ascent realm, the line is really focused on top-performing modern cartridges such as the 6.5 PRC, .280 Ackley Improved, and others. Designed for ultimate performance, Terminal Ascent delivers flawless execution. But that’s to be expected. After all, look at its pedigree.


In the years that followed came another break through that built on the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw concept: Trophy Bonded Tip, a superb polymer-tipped bullet that performs in stellar fashion on impact. Available in a vast spectrum of big-game cartridges, the Trophy Bonded Tip is one of history’s all-time great hunting bullets. However, by modern standards, it’s not

Since hitting the scene, Federal Premium Terminal Ascent has reigned as the world’s best all-range hunting bullet—a projec tile that does what once seemed impossible, pro viding match-grade accuracy, consistent expan sion at extreme long-range, and high-weight retention and deep penetration at any distance.


“Our product team puts a strong emphasis on leading with innovation and advanced technology to create the best products possible for our end users,” says Brendan Rynne, footwear senior cate gory manager, for 5.11. “We are honored to receive this award as a testament to our many hours of work and dedication to creating the A/T 8-inch HD Additionalboot.”key


tevens Shotguns has added yet another quality addition to its lineup of over-under shotguns with the introduc tion of the 12-gauge 555 Sporting model. With new, added features, the 555 Sporting is designed specifically with the sporting clays and trap shooter in mind.

features that help accomplish the boot’s overall superior functionality are the



5.11 won the footwear category for the boot’s ability to distribute weight, improve stability, and return energy to provide all-day performance while also offering protection from heat and the sun. The A/T 8-inch HD boot features the brand’s patented A.T.L.A.S. (All Terrain Load Assistance System) Technology—an advanced footwear system designed to offer enhanced support, optimal perfor mance, and maximum comfort. In addition, the boot features a heat-reflective strobel sock, which reflects heat from pavement and concrete away from the foot, while a new infrared-refracting leath er drops surface temperature, providing a cooler and more comfortable wearing experience.

The 555 Sporting Model Joins the Stevens Line

The lightweight aluminum alloy receiver on the 555 Sporting is scaled to gauge and incorporates a steel insert that reinforces the breech, minimizing weight and maximizing strength. Added features, such as a raised ventilated rib with mid-bead and front fiber-optic sight, give shooters a competitive advantage. In addition, Treglia says the adjustable cheek riser accommodates any shooter at a price that’s unmatched among comparable models.

The Stevens 555 Sporting over-under shotgun line has been designed specifically for sporting clays and trap shooters.

“The 555 over-under shotguns come in at an afford able price point, but maintain the quality and usability that is associated with the Stevens line of shotguns,” says Jessica Treglia, senior brand manager for Savage Arms. “The 555 Sporting model further adds to this unparalleled line of over-under shotguns with a diverse set of features ideal for the competitive shooter.”


5.11 Tactical, the global innovator of purpose-built apparel, footwear, and gear, was recently announced as the winner of the 2022 Innovation Award in the footwear category for its A/T 8-inch HD boot from the Network American Association of Uniform Manufacturers & Distributors (NAUMD).

NAUMD is a non-profit global network of com panies that outfit hundreds of millions of workers around the world. Its annual Innovation Awards rec ognize unique designs, advanced technology, and excellence within the public safety uniform, image apparel, and workwear industry.

Other features include 3-inch chambers, Turkish walnut stock and forend with adjustable comb height and a 14.5-inch length of pull, 30-inch ported barrels for recoil reduction, a single selective mechanical trigger, tang-mounted safety, and manual extractor. The gun comes with five extended chokes (F, IM, M, IC, and C). SRP: $991.

A.T.L.A.S. Plate for support and weight distribu tion, Ortholite Comfort Foam Footbed for allday comfort, an Echo-Lite Foam EVA/outsole for energy return with each step, Force Form for high-impact protection, an aggressive and high-traction ASTM outsole for improved trac tion, and TPU welding. The boot also has a per forated tongue that creates added breathability and airflow.


CCW and Combiningself-defense.”exceptional style with the proven performance of these micro 9mm pistols, the Sports South


exclusive Stainless Hellcats definitely deserve a close look for EDC. SRP: $614-$649. (springfield-armory.COM)

Springfield Armory Announces Exclusive Two-Tone Stainless Hellcat and Hellcat OSP Pistols

Rosenberg’s outdoor industry career began in 2007 as product market ing manager for Surefire. There, he worked with the director of product management and learned to define and execute all aspects of the go-tomarket strategy for all new products. He then climbed the ranks as region al sales manager, national accounts manager, national sales manager and then, in 2014, director of commercial sales. In 2015, Rosenberg left to assume the role of vice president of sales for Springfield Armory. In 2019, Rosenberg returned to Surefire as the vice president of sales and market ing. While there, he drove sales across all product lines for the U.S. and international commercial and law enforcement sales channels.

hristensen Arms, a manufacturer of state-of-the-art precision firearms and custom carbon-fiber barrels, has hired Jeremy Rosenberg as senior vice president of sales. In his role, Rosenberg will be responsible for all sales activities, including management of the sales team and the national accounts man agers. He will report directly to CEO Jason Christensen.

In addition, the OSP version fea tures a removable cover plate that

allows direct mounting of a micro red dot in the Springfield Micro footprint for the lowest possible profile. This allows for co-witnessing with the pis tol’s U-Dot sight system, made up of a high-visibility tritium and lumines cent front sight paired with a tactical rack U-notch rear. The U-Dot sights are offered on both the OSP and stan dard

“Jeremy has an outstanding and proven track record in outdoor indus try sales with experience in both Fortune 500 and startup companies,” said Christensen. “He has lead sales for some of the industry’s most iconic brands, and we could not be more pleased to have him taking the lead as senior vice president of sales.”

Springfield Armory has released twotone stainless-steel Hellcat and Hellcat OSP micro 9mm pistols, exclusive variants developed specifically for sale by distributor Sports South. The Hellcat and Hellcat OSP (Optical Sight Pistol) have proven themselves to be class-leading concealed-carry options. The three-inch barreled micro compact pistols feature an impressive capacity of 11+1 with their patented magazine (13+1 with the included extended mag). Both offer ings ship with one 11-round magazine with pinky extension and optional flush-fitting floorplate as well as the 13-round extended magazine.


“Christensen Arms provides some of the industry’s most technologi cally advanced firearms on the market,” Rosenberg said. “I’m excited to use my skills and leadership to help increase the sales growth for this super-premium brand. As an outdoor enthusiast and sportsman, I’ll be right at home with Christensen Arms.”

Sports South exclu sive Hellcats in stainless steel take everything that made the original Hellcat great and add an eye-catching two-tone look,” says Phil Rawlings, vice president of sales and LE for Springfield Armory. “These new Hellcat and Hellcat OSP pistols from Sports South make a great option for



Christensen Arms Hires Jeremy Rosenberg as Sr. VP, Sales

WH: SportEAR was launched in the sporting-goods marketplace in January 2000. It quickly became rec ognized as the best technology and product line in its class. But as the company evolved, the name didn’t properly represent what we really offered.

Weston Harris: To do for hearing what Oakley did for eyewear, what Under Armour did for fit ness wear, and what Kuiu did for performance clothing. In other words, to create the most inno vative offerings to cover all of one’s hearing needs from early life to later years for those who pursue outdoor active lifestyles.

WH: Back in the 1970s, all that was available was cheap ear muffs and foam ear plugs. Later in that decade the first electronic ear muffs became avail able, and I used them when I was shooting jack rabbits with my 12-gauge Benelli in Nevada in the summer. Then came large, behind-the-ear hearing aids, followed by improved, more compact, and more affordable electronic ear muffs.


Sb: How has hearing protection changed in your lifetime?


WH: The digital technology takes the physical sound wave and converts it to binary signals, allow ing us to recreate a brand-new sound for the user. Without getting too technical, digital technology screens background noises and filters out unwanted noises in milliseconds, constantly and automatically giving the user a comfortable listening experience. At AXIL, we will custom-make an earbud or hear ing aid with this digital technology inside to give a user the very best available hearing technology.

eston Harris has devoted his entire life to hearing protection. He founded SportEAR in 2000 to take advantage of developments in digital technology to enhance hearing protection for target shooters and hunters. Now under AXIL, Harris and company have evolved a comprehensive hearing product line geared for the active outdoor lifestyle. AXIL offers a full line of medical-grade hearing aids with protection and all-in-one earbuds to cover outdoor applications. The company also offers earmuffs, earplugs, and supplements for proper ear care.

SHOT business: What is AXIL’s mission?

SB: The company was originally known as SportEAR. Why the name change?

Marketplace feedback from audiences outside of the hunting industry told us these consumers simply did not connect with SportEAR. So, AXIL was formed in 2012 to create a far wider reach. In 2017, SportEAR was brought into the AXIL orbit. The marketplace response has been overwhelmingly positive.

SportEAR featured the first 100-percent digital product lineup, and it took the industry to a whole new level. Now a user could have digital technolo gy that could be programmed exactly to their hearing profile while getting automatic hearing protection against loud noises, such as gun fire.

SB: How do your digital earbuds work?

Digital technology is completely changing the hearing-protection industry.

SB: Many older shooters have been told that over-the-ear muffs offer the best protection. Do earbuds offer the same level of protection?

Weston Harris, founder and CEO, AXIL

Now Hear This!


SB: How do you go about conceiving and designing your products?

SB: How does your online clinic for hearing tests work?

SB: In the shooting sports, there seems to be more emphasis on hearing protection these days. What would you say to a newcomer to the sports in regard to hearing protection?



way to ensure superior hearing protection is to properly seal off the ear canal from incoming sounds. Here, an in-ear seal is a better approach than ear muffs.

WH: I have more than 27 years of experience working directly with thousands of customers and patients from my retail hearing clinics. I take the best of their feedback and the best of my expertise and imagination, and then I look at the most innovative companies on the planet and see how they are doing things. At that point I align myself with engineers and product devel opers from around the world in order to create cutting-edgeAdvancementsproducts.indigital technology are now allowing me to create products that have been in my head for two decades. This is a very excit ing time for innovations in the hearing space, and AXIL is leading the way.

WH: Our online clinic lets you test your hearing in a very simple and affordable way. You go to the Online Hearing Test (found in the naviga tion bar on the AXIL website), plug in your headphones or earphones to your computer, and follow the on-screen instructions. Then, after saving your hearing test results, you send them to us for evaluation. The last step is to set up an appointment with one of our hearing pro fessionals to find the best solutions for you.

WH: They say a cure sells far more than preven tion. But when it comes to hearing loss, there is no cure. Never take your hearing for granted. Your hearing is so advanced that you essentially have 90,000 “strings on a piano” between your twoInvestears. in great ear protection now and always wear it when you need it. Do that and you will reap massive rewards with your hearing later in life. Our products help you enjoy all of the great sounds of life.

Custom 90 ear buds are customfitted to the user’s ear canal.

WH: The best approach is to properly seal off the ear canal from oncoming loud sounds, and here an in-ear seal of the ear is the best way to go. Properly sealed in-ear protection will give some one up to 50 percent better protection than tradi tional head muffs. Head muffs are best used when someone wants to double up on their hearing pro tection, say at an all-day competition or if you plan to shoot a full course of Sporting Clays.

XGS Premium Custom Fit ear buds deliver comfort and superior hearing

“We have a very aggressive approach to mar keting across all of our brands, not just Benelli,” DeBolt says. “We’ve gone to the edges of the earth to film content and documentaries that are truly aspirational. Not everybody will go to that extreme to hunt, but we know from the com ments we receive that they love to see those expe riences and live it through those mediums.”

Hunting may be considered a traditional sport, but the ways in which retailers are reaching hunters continue to evolve. DeBolt believes that innovative dealers—those who are willing to try new tactics— are the ones who will make the biggest impact and reap the most rewards.

ore than two years after the otherpationresurgencepandemic-drivenbegan,particiinhuntingandshootingsports

by robert a sadowskiFYI by shannon farlow

Unlike other gun manufacturers, Benelli USA has long employed a strictly direct-to-dealer model. By avoiding the wholesale distribution channel, Benelli USA is able to develop closer relationships with their dealers and provide them with an increased level of support. This high-touch approach ultimately helps Benelli’s dealers better connect with their customers.

remains strong. Across the country, first-time and former hunters are con tinuing to head afield. Savvy firearms man ufacturers and retailers have been working hard to turn these newcomers into lifelong hunting enthu siasts, and Benelli USA and their dealer network are spearheading the efforts with a multipronged strategy.

Marketing is another way Benelli USA is helping their dealers reach hunters. The company invests heavily and consistently in marketing efforts—even during times when the broader shooting sports industry is experiencing a slowdown. When other brands are pulling back on their advertising, Benelli keeps their foot on the gas pedal.

Growing the Sport

Benelli USA is committed to helping its dealers reach a new generation of hunters.

classes, and that makes a huge difference,” DeBolt says. “Some of them are very good at doing pro gramming and bringing value-add to their customer base. Hopefully, that person comes back in their store more regularly and is investing in more prod ucts as they become more engaged in the sport.”

World-Class Content

Creating educational content that’s tailored for online and digital platforms is another key piece to Benelli’s strategy. As more hunters turn to the internet to learn about products and techniques, Benelli is working overtime to provide that con tent—and it’s paying off.

“We don’t do business with every dealer in the marketplace, but we tend to develop relationships that create destination points for our brand,” says Tom DeBolt, chief operating officer/general man ager of Benelli USA and president of Stoeger Industries. “We see it as a privilege to be able to partner with those key dealers and try to bring the level of service that they expect, the level of train ing, product knowledge, and, of course, a flow of new products between the five different brands we have as a company. Where you find our products, you can find a wide assortment, and you’re going to find a deep level of expertise.”

“Many of them have developed an online pres ence, for example, and are adding that buying option as they become omni-channel retailers. They bring expertise on a local level and offer training

Tom DeBolt, chief operating officer/ general manager of Benelli USA and president of Stoeger Industries, is an ardent turkey hunter.

As a company, Benelli USA partners with their retailers and conservation groups to help get new hunters into the field.

Access to land remains one of the biggest obsta cles for hunters everywhere—especially those

Long-Term Commitment



“Obviously, people are connecting and doing research in the digital world. We continue to invest in that through social media, through digital platforms, and through compelling content because our customers want to learn about their products today and they want to learn in different ways,” DeBolt says. “They’re always moving for ward, and we have to do the same.”

High-Touch Approach

Marketing and advertising programs are two ways in which Benelli USA helps their dealers reach hunters.

currently to make sure we’re well aligned with pulling new people into the firearms world and getting them using the products. The worse thing for us is when somebody buys something and doesn’t use it. That’s a one-time engage ment. Our goal is to get them coming back repeatedly. That’s good for the industry, good for our business, and ultimately good for the future of shooting sports.”

who are new to the sport. As more people get outdoors, public lands are becoming increasing ly overcrowded and overhunted. In many states, private lands are often tied up in long-term leas es. On top of that, simply knowing where to start looking for places to hunt can be con founding for first-timers.


“It’s very important for all of us who are established and have a history of being in the outdoors to welcome these new hunters in. We have to bring them into the fold because they’re going to be the fuel that helps us grow our industry long term,” DeBolt says. “We need to be educating the consumer about what’s new and what innovations are happening, but we also have to be aware of how we get them out to the field. That’s critical.”

Editor’s Note: Additional research for this article conducted by Miles Hall. (

As a company, Benelli USA partners with their retailers and conservation groups to help get hunt ers into the field. They also encourage their team members to spend time outdoors and actively par ticipate in helping grow the shooting sports. A number of Benelli employees are actively engaged in mentoring new hunters, veteran hunters, and youth hunters by taking them on hunts locally.

630.800.6377 / 1/2_Horizontal.indd 1 7/25/22 8:46 AM

“We really believe in the programs that the conservation groups and the state-level DNRs are running to promote first-time hunters. We take a lot of time as a team to take people shooting or hunting. We’re not a huge organiza tion, but we encourage everybody to take peo ple out to the field, whether it’s shooting clays, hunting for the first time, or teaching different types of classes to get people comfortable shooting firearms. We are committed to that long term,” DeBolt says. “Many of our retailers are also looking forward and trying to do more of this. We’re partnering with several of them


by Robert Sadowski

he shift to first focal plane (FFP) riflescopes continues to gain momentum, and companies that traditional ly offered only second focal plane (SFP) scopes are now jumping on the bandwagon. Red-dot optics is another hot market, as options for pistols—fullsize, compact, and subcompact models—contin ue to evolve as well. Here’s a look at some of the new glass that will be offered in 2022.

This year retailers will see enhanced focus on first focal plane riflescopes and on red-dot handgun sights.

Axeon offers an affordable lineup of riflescopes and red-dot sights. The Prism 3XRD 3x30mm Prism Dot Scope (SRP: $129) features an illuminated etched-glass ballistic reticle, fixed 3X magnification, tactical-style turrets, and red or green illumination options. The 4-16x50mm SF IGF riflescope (SRP: $299) is both a solid performer and a solid value. This optic features an illuminated G126 Tree reticle with MOA calibrated subtensions, plus quick-adjust exposed turrets. The reticle can be illuminated in either green or red with five brightness settings. The 6-24x50mm (SRP: $299) is Axeon's first long-distance scope with a G-126 Tree Reticle. The unit uses a SFP reticle and has locking zero-reset turrets. Need glass for distances under 150 yards? The 4-16x44mm (SRP: $129) features 4-16X magnification with a 44mm objective in a 1-inch tube. The 7XRGB20 (SRP: $79) RGB dot sight is designed for the AR platform with three different colors and seven brightness reticle settings. (




Two new rimfire riflescopes come on board in 2022: a 3-9x40mm with a DZ22 reticle (SRP: $180) and an illuminated DZ22 reticle (SRP: $180). The DZ22 reticle was specifically designed for .22LR rimfire ballistics, with drop points out to 125 yards. Two new Elite Tactical riflescopes—the DMR3 3.5-21x50mm FFP (SRP: $1,199) and the XRS3 6-36x56 FFP (SRP: $1,699)—are tailored to meet the demands of law enforcement and military professionals, as well as long-range and precision rimfire competition shooters. The DMR3 delivers precision to 1,000 yards and beyond in a lightweight, compact package, while the XRS3 offers the highest magnification in the Elite Tactical scope family along with superior tracking and reliability. Both scopes are equipped with the new etchedglass G4P reticle design featuring a floating dot center POA, floating holdover dots, refined line widths, quick-acquisition bars for low-magnification settings, and a more-open reticle space above the horizontal stadia.



The new Prime 1800 laser rangefinder (SRP: $249) is packed with features such as ACTIVSYNC display system, 1,800-yard range, scan mode, and far/near target modes. Hunters will like the reintroduction of the Elite 4500 lineup of scopes with three new and improved Elite 4500 4X models. New models include a 1-4x24mm (SRP: $230), 2.5-10x40mm (SRP: $270), and 4-16x40mm (SRP: $300). All have four-times magnifi cation range, capped turrets, and are equipped with a Multi-X reticle.


The new Fusion X rangefinding 10x42mm binocular (SRP: $699) features one-mile ranging capability as well as an all-new ACTIVSYNC display system that changes the color of readouts from black to red based on lighting conditions. Near/far ranging modes allow users to home in on the target while ignoring objects in the foreground and background.



Zeroing is often a frustrating time- and ammo-consuming process. The new ZEUS (Zero Under Eight Seconds) has a motor that adjusts the reticle without the need to manually adjust the windage and elevation turrets. All you do is take a picture of the target with your phone; the sight will do the rest. The ZEUS has two reticle options, a 2 MOA red dot and a line-dot reticle that will allow you to keep the rifle from canting. Powered by two rechargeable CR123 batteries, it will deliver more than 5,000 hours of continuous use on the brightest level. The unit mounts to any Picatinny rail. SRP: under $600.



CT has micro, sub-compact, compact, and full-size pistol sights covered with two new reflex sights in two sizes. The CT RAD Micro Pro (Rapid Aiming Dot) electronic sight (SRP: $275) is an ultra-compact open reflex sight for micro, sub-compact, and compact pistols. The CT RAD Pro elec tronic sight (SRP: $300) is a full-size sight for full-size pistols. Both sights feature a red 3 MOA aiming dot and a large window for quick acquisition, and both automatically adjust the aiming dot’s brightness to reflect ambient lighting conditions. Both also detect movement of the firearm and auto matically turn on the reflex sight. The CT RAD footprint is compatible with the Docter sight pattern and can be used with existing pistol manufacturer optic plates. (


German Precision Optics USA (GPO) is releasing two new lightweight and compact rangefinding binoculars this year. The Rangeguide 8x32 and 10x32 both feature an eye-safe Class 1 laser for a fast .25-second response time with true-range angle technology that calculates the proper distance to the target after measuring the angle to the target. Scan mode provides three readings per second via its orange OLED display that offers nine adjustable brightness levels and operates with manual or automatic brightness functionality. The Rangeguide even measures ambient temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius, humidity, and air pressure to help with shot placement on long-range shots. The unit will reliably range a tree at 1,093 yards and a deer out to 766 yards. The display provides both the line-of-sight distance and the user’s choice of adjusted distance, angle, or temperature.


Constructed with a robust 34mm one-piece, aircraft-grade aluminum tube, the new 1-10x28mm FFP riflescope (SRP: $1,799) uses a single-piece eyepiece with a removable throw-lever for fast changes in magnification. The low-profile elevation turret uses a push/pull locking system, and the windage turret is capped for a secure zero. The unit uses an illuminated, glass-etched reticle and FFP design for estimat ing distance at any magnification and lighting condition.

The Rangeguide also features a diopter focus and orange display focus adjustments on both left and right sides of the ocular tube. GPO’s premium cut-brass-geared focus-wheel system allows for a tight, consistent turning radius without any center focus wheel free play. The entire body is protected with an armor coating that makes it tough enough to use in any outdoor environment. SRP: $1,099.99, 8x32;



What sets the new Frontier 34 FFP scopes apart from the compe tition is the glass. Hawke uses index-matched lenses that offer exceptional clarity throughout the entire field of view. Frontier 34 FFP models include a 3-18x50mm (SRP: $1,299) and 5-30x56mm (SRP: $1,399), both of which are built on a 34mm mono-tube chassis with exposed Zero, Lock ‘n Stop turrets. Illuminated reticle options include either a Mil-Pro Ext or MOA Pro Ext, which are calibrated for the amount of magnification in the scope. These scopes were designed with long-range shooters in mind. (




Built from aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, the lightweight TD-3C open-reflex red dot is designed for handguns. The unit has a 3 MOA red dot as well as a 34 MOA segmented circle, allowing the user to choose the reticle they wish to use. It has the same mounting footprint as an RMR and features a side-loading battery tray. Expect 50,000 hours of battery life.

The Phenom UHD 20-60x85mm UHD (Ultra High Definition) spotting scope (SRP: $899) is equipped with a 20-60X eyepiece with superb sharpness from edge to edge. Features include a knurled mid-body focus ring for easy grip, even with gloved hands. The chassis is made from lightweight magnesium. (

The Holosun AEMS (Advanced Enclosed Micro Sight) Core rifle sight is lighter and shorter than the standard 20mm micro-style optic, but offers twice the lens sur face area for a wider field of view. It weighs only 3.9 ounces (without the mount) and is constructed of 7075 aluminum. The left side of the optic contains two intensity-adjustment buttons, and the right side has a battery compartment for the 2032 battery. Other features include Shake Awake technology and a single 2 MOA dot reticle. SRP: $352.93, red reticle; $370.58, green reticle. (


Thereticle.waterproof and fogproof Patrol 6HD features Leupold’s Professional-Grade Optical System, which delivers the light transmission, glare reduction, and resolution that professional guides and shooters demand. An anti-cant in-scope electronic reticle level, meanwhile, simplifies mounting and improves long-range accuracy. Its lightweight design dis perses recoil energy for unrivaled durability, and a removable throw-lever allows for quick magnification changes.


The INTEGRIX 1-8x28mm FFP riflescope features an etched-glass range-estimating T-Dot MOA reticle. Built on a 34mm tube, the unit uses Japanese and German glass and features 10 brightness levels. The oversized windage and elevation turrets are zero-resettable, and the scope is powered by a single CR2032 battery. The UTG DSR Micro is a rugged and compact dot sight well suited for AR-style rifles. The unit features a red illuminated 3 MOA single dot with eight adjustable brightness settings. It's optimized for low power con sumption and powered by a single CR2032 battery, so users can expect 30,000 hours of battery life on the middle brightness setting. The ACCU-SYNC QR scope rings and cantilever mounts offer a wide variety of different height profiles (from low to extra high), compatible tube diameters (including 1 inch, 30mm, and 34mm), and offset lengths. The quick-release mounts feature squared recoil stops and a generous tension-adjustment range, making for quick installation and removal and reliable return to zero. The mounts are also compatible with Picatinny rails. The ACCU-SYNC QR Side Mount for AK-style rifle platforms is a tension-adjustable quick-release mount optimized to fit a wide variety of AKs equipped with optic side rails. Constructed from lightweight 6061-T6 alumi num, the mount allows the shooter to use iron sights and features a Picatinny rail and two side M-Lok accessory slots. (



The ultra-lightweight, low-profile design of the Patrol 6HD deploys quickly, while its 1-6X magnifi cation lets you engage targets anywhere—from tight corners to open fields. Two models will be available at launch, both with a 30mm main tube and Rear Focal Plane configuration. One features 1⁄4-MOA adjustments using a traditional capped dial and is equipped with and Illuminated FireDot Duplex reticle. The other still has 1⁄4-MOA adjustments, but comes equipped with Leupold’s CDSZL2 dial system, allowing two full two turns of elevation adjustment with a locking dial, making it compatible with the company’s Custom Dial System. The CDS-ZL2 model has an illuminated CM-R2

With 1 2-yard accuracy, 6X magnification, and Leupold’s True Ballistic Range/Wind (TBR/W) technology, the RX-1500i TBR/W rangefinder is designed to give hunters accurate readings no matter the conditions. Equipped with Leupold’s proprietary DNA ranging engine for lightning-fast accuracy, the unit uses ballistically calculated ranges to keep you on target even when faced with extreme uphill and downhill shots. The wind feature provides 10 mph full-value wind hold to help you calculate a hold value.


Own the night with the KONUSPY-13 Digital Night Vision Binocular with 3.6x-10.8x power (SRP: $540). The unit offers an impressive 1920x1080 resolution and is suited for both daytime and nighttime observation. The unit also allows the user to take pictures and record videos. The Absolute 5-40x56mm (SRP: $1,187) riflescope is designed for the competitive shooter in mind. It boasts a wide magnification range (5X to 40X) and a side parallax wheel, lockable push/pull turrets resettable to zero, and a laser-etched, illuminated half mil-dot reticle with red and blue light for all lighting condi tions. When you think of the two new Diablo riflescopes, think performance at a competitive price. Both models are built on a 30mm tube and feature newly designed push/pull turrets that are both lockable and resettable to zero. The 4-16x50mm (SRP: $510) comes with a ballistic reticle, and the 6-24x50mm (SRP: $530) uses a variation on the half mil-dot with additional aiming points for long-range shooting.



The new Optika5 2-10x42 PA riflescope (SRP: $349.99) features side parallax adjustment from 10 yards to infinity. This versatile riflescope delivers razor-sharp image focus at close ranges and the ability to dial in at longer ranges. Built on a one-inch tube, the scope has a SFP reticle available in either Z-Plex or Z-Plus. The new MeoPro HD Plus binoculars are a completely redesigned Gen 2 version of the award-winning MeoPro binocular line. Available in two models, 10x42 HD (SRP: $499) and 8x56 HD (SRP: $749). Hunters will appreciate the edge-to-edge clarity, wide field of view, and outstanding low-light performance in this mid-priced binocular series. (

5 combines the lightning-fast accuracy of Leupold’s DNA engine with the acclaimed Archer’s Advantage software, making it the most ballistically advanced rangefinder on the market. Using your bow's ballistics, shot distance, and angle compensation, the RX- FullDraw 5 calculates laser-accurate ranges based on your gear. Loaded with features designed for the modern archer, like Flightpath technology, it takes the guesswork out of achieving the perfect shot every time. Flightpath uses the same ballistic solution to determine if your arrow will clear obstructions between you and your target.

The new 5-42x56mm FFP MOA riflescope (SRP: $4,200) features a total elevation travel of 130 MOA. The 26-degree wide-angle eyepiece delivers an enhanced field of view. The 1.5-15x42mm SFP MIL riflescope with tactical turrets (SRP: $2,630) features a new 42mm objective lens that offers excellent low-light performance in a compact scope. The 1.5X magnification and bright illuminated-dot reticle work together to deliver fast target acquisition. The 1-10x24mm Shorty FFP MIL riflescope (SRP: $2,750) is a compact and lightweight scope that weighs only 17.8 ounces. (


The waterproof RX-FullDraw 5 delivers bright and clear images with a high light transmission OLED display. A 6X magnification makes ranging long distances easy, and the unit can hit 1,200 yards on reflective targets, 1,100 yards on trees. (

Three new features of the RX-FullDraw 5 set it apart from its predecessor, the RX-FullDraw 4: an optional 20-yard pin solution for the Flightpath technology, a Rain/Fog mode, and a lower mini mum arrow velocity. The 20-yard pin solution makes it easier for archers to make a clean shot at close range even in thick brush or cover. Rain/Fog mode, also known as Last Target mode, returns the last distance the laser reads, bettering your chances of getting an accurate range on a target in rainy or foggy conditions. The lowered minimum on velocity inputs is meant to accommodate tra ditional archers and others who shoot lighter draw weights and, thus, lower velocities.


The waterproof RX-1500i also features a bow mode, which generates arrow drops out to 175 yards with a bow-specific setting. A Trophy Scale feature allows you to easily measure game in the field, and a high light transmission LCD display delivers exceptionally bright and clear images throughout the day. It can range out to 1,500 yards on reflective targets, 1,200 yards on soft targets such as Thetrees.RX-FullDraw



The new SLx 3x MicroMagnifier with the ACSS Pegasus reticle combines high-clarity 3X magnifica tion with a miniaturized body and a built-in ranging reticle. The micro design reduces the unit’s foot print compared to traditional magnifiers, and it is ideal for close-quarters use on AR-style rifles. The SLx RS10 Mini Reflex is a pistol-ready miniature reflex sight that offers a true daylight bright 3MOA ret icle, multi-coated lenses, night-vision compatibility, and ultra-long battery runtime with a side-loading battery slot.

PA has partnered with Holosun Optics on a new co-branded optic called the HE509-RD with the ACSS Vulcan reticle system. This red dot offers all the versatility of the Holosun HE509-RD with its Solar Failsafe and Shake Awake technology and PA’s ACSS Vulcan reticle system. The Vulcan’s center aiming point is a 10 MOA chevron, which is surrounded by a large outer circle. When the optic is centered on a target at arm’s length, this circle falls outside the optic window, leaving only the center chevron for precision sighting. If the user’s aim moves off target, the edge of the circle comes into view, guiding them back to center. It’s a unique approach to sight acquisition and aim correction.

The lightweight and compact Wraith 4k Mini 2-16x32 digital riflescope can detect objects up to 300 yards in the dark and displays them on a 1280x720 FLCOS screen. Features include full-color 4K digital daytime and high-resolu tion digital night-vision imaging, 2-16x32 magnification, video recording capabilities with audio, and 14 reticle options. (



The new tM35 thermal imaging clip-on device (SRP: $5,554) offers impressive enhanced vision in twilight conditions or when hunting at night. The tM35 is compatible with the Z8i, Z6(i), Z5(i), and Z3 series riflescopes with an additional adapter (SRP: $249). The unit is activated when the user takes aim and shoots and is then deactivated when the user puts the firearm down. The automatic brightness adjustment automatically adjusts the bright ness of the display to the ambient light conditions. Runs for seven hours on a rechargeable battery.



The PLx 1-8x24mm FFP compact riflescope has a 9.4-inch overall length and weighs a mere 18.5 ounces. It features premium-grade Japanese ED lenses, AutoLive Motion-Sensing illumination technolo gy, and the reticle brightness settings range from night-vision compatibility to fully daylight bright. Reticle options include the ACSS Raptor M8 Yards, ACSS Raptor M8 Meters, and ACSS Griffin MIL M8.

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The all-new LRP S5 FFP riflescopes are designed for precision, long-range shooting. There are two models: a 3-18x50mm (SRP: $3,299) and a 5-25x56mm (SRP: $3,599). Both are equipped with a 34mm tube with an external elevation turret with the Zeiss Ballistic Stop feature. The all-new Zeiss External Locking Windage Turret (ELWT) feature allows the shooter to pull out on the locking collar, make necessary adjustments, and then lock in the selected setting. The new ZF-MOAi and the ZF-MRi illuminated reticles represent MOA and MRAD smart reticle designs, respectively. (


The DXT2 Big Dot, R3D, Minimalist, and DXW2 sights will now be available for the Taurus GX4 micro-compact 9mm pistol and the Taurus G3c. In addition, the DXT2 Big Dot and R3D night sights will now be available for the optics-ready Hellcat Micro-Compact OSP. (


The new XS Lever Rail and Ghost Ring sets (SRP: $110) for Henry .45-70 leveraction rifles give hunters increased range and capability afield. Made of anodized aluminum, the XS Lever Rail is CNC machined and features a Picatinny-style rail to accommodate XS Ghost Ring sets or any optic from scout scopes to red-dot sights.


More than 15 years ago, the Ultradot 4 helped jump-start the market for red-dot handgun sights. Now, because of repeated requests by shooters, it is re-introducing the Ultradot 4. The tubular sight has a 25mm/1-inch tube and four dot sizes (2, 4, 8, and 10 MOA). SRP: $269.95. (


The REAP-IR (SRP: $6,999-$9,499) and IR-HUNTER (SRP: $6,499-$8,999) line of thermal-imaging systems have been updated with new and improved system controls for faster system response and reduced lag while a new manual focus adjustment for 60mm versions provides improved image quality at all distances. A new USB-C connector allows the use of external battery packs for extended time in the field. User-selectable reticle choices include MRAD, MOA, .223 BDC, .308 BDC, and 300BLK BDC options. (


With best-in-class elevation travel.

Ready for the hunt.

There is no room for mistakes in long-range hunting. Sometimes, to harvest a mature species, equipment is pushed to extreme limits. You can take the shot - and make it a good one - with the ZEISS LRP S3 425x50 riflescope. Offering a staggering 160 MOA or 46.5 MRAD of elevation travel, this scope has more total elevation travel than any hunt will require. Tested to withstand 1,500 g-force of shock over multiple impact cycles, the all-new ZEISS LRP S3 is ready for the most demanding hunts. Are you ready?

ZEISS LRP S3 First Focal Plane Riflescope



by Brad Fitzpatrick


points for jumpers and a kill switch if sensitive memory needs to be wiped away. For those of us who don’t need these impressive capabilities, it’s still a great all-purpose watch that offers a suite of workout and sport applications that are too


iving in the digital age as we do, there are few aspects of our lives that haven’t been impacted by technology. We listen to music, communicate, navigate our world, and socialize via tech tools, so it should come as no sur prise that new tech products are becoming more important to shooters and hunters.

It would be impossible to cover all the new gad gets that have come onto the scene in 2022, so we’ve whittled this year’s list of new technology for shoot ers down to a few of our favorites.

Here’s a look at some of the best new tech products for hunters and shooters this year.

a green or white flashlight, night-vision capability, and a stealth mode (which stops storing and shar ing GPS coordinates and disables wireless and communications capabilities). There’s a jumpmas ter mode for calculating high-altitude release


There seems to be no limit to the technology Garmin incorporates into their watches. Take, for instance, the new tactix 7 Pro Ballistic, which pro vides weather reports, helps you navigate in the field, and provides sophisticated ballistics solutions so you can make accurate shots under any condi tions. The tactix 7 Pro Ballistic integrates with your rangefinder and compatible weather meter to provide holdover and windage adjustments. This makes the tactix 7 a great choice for hunters and shooters, but this watch was built to serve elite military operators as well. As such, it’s MIL-STD 810 tested and comes with such tactical features as

Steiner’s new Predator 10x42 LRF binos aren’t as bulky as competing RF binoculars, but they offer a long list of standard features that include angle-compensated ranging out to nearly 2,000 yards, a Fast-Close-Focus center-focus knob, and four different measuring modes. Two buttons mounted on the bridge of the binos allow you to toggle among the different modes (standard, rain, long-distance, short-distance) and settings and make instant range measurements. The scan mode allows you to continuously take range measurements, which is beneficial for hunters because it allows you to familiarize yourself with the terrain and know the distance to a target as soon as it appears.


Bottom Line: These versatile rangefinding binocu lars aren’t a burden in the field, and they’re an excel lent MSRP:value.$1,954.99.

Steiner optics have a reputation for being robust and durable, and the Predator 10x42 LRF is no exception. Waterproof construction pre vents damage when hunting or shooting in poor weather conditions, and the advanced Predator Diamond Coating allows for maximum light transmission and supreme clarity and fidelity, even in low-light conditions. Should something happen to your Predator binos in the field, don’t worry—they’re backed by Steiner’s Heritage Warranty. Best of all, the SRP is under $2,000, which is considerably less than the cost of com peting models.


Bottom Line: The tactix 7 Pro Ballistic is the ulti mate digital multitool for hunters, shooters, and weekend warriors. SRP: $1,599. (GARMIN.COM)

Bottom Line: A lightweight, versatile safe that pro tects your gear while still offering immediate access to your firearm.



SRP: $291.99. (

Interior space measures 13.5x9.5x3.1 inches, which is plenty of space to store a couple of small handguns, extra magazines, and a light. The padded interior keeps your firearms safe and prevents damage, but the GlideVault isn’t just for guns. Passports, important documents, jewelry, and cash can all be stored in the GlideVault, which can then be secured in a hid den location within the home. At 26 pounds, the GuideVault is light enough to take with you while you travel on the road, and the cable lock allows you to secure firearms in motel rooms or vehicles. Power is supplied by easy-to-find and affordable AAA batteries. With its white exterior finish, the GlideVault is less conspicuous than other safes, making it less likely to draw atten tion from visitors.

If you store firearms in your home, you have a responsibility to keep your guns secure and safe. However, you may also need to access your gun in a hurry in the event of an attack, so you must have a sophisticated storage system. Snapsafe’s new GlideVault is the perfect solution. With an external housing of one-gauge steel and dual internal locking lugs, the GlideVault is robust and strong. The doors are pry resistant and a five-foot steel cable and a pre-drilled housing allow you to secure the safe so it cannot be removed. When you need to reach your firearm in a hurry, the spring-assisted door provides instant access. To gain entry to the box, punch in your pre-programmed four- to six-digit access code onto the tempered glass touchpad. You can

also access the vault using a barrel key or the micro USB port.

Many hunters and shooters prefer to use binoc ulars with built-in rangefinding capabilities. However, there are two primary issues with binos with built-in rangefinders: they’re heavy and they’re very expensive. At 35.8 ounces,

numerous to list. The battery is solar charged and lasts up to 28 days.

The RX-1500i TBRW is also ideal for bowhunters. In bow mode this rangefinder provides arrow drop out to 175 yards, and it features Trophy Scale, which helps estimate antler size, an excellent feature that helps with deer management by reducing “buck fever.” This rugged rangefinder weighs well under a halfpound and fits neatly in a pocket, making it great for any hunting or shooting application. It’s also a great value.

Bottom Line: When you need a lightweight, portable, weather proof rangefinder that provides accurate readouts, this affordable Leupold won’t let you down. SRP: $299.99. (

GATORZ offers stylish, protective eyewear with a hightech twist, and all these glasses are made in the USA.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re a military operator working in dangerous environments or a competitive shooter trying to read the ballistic profile on your cell phone, these glasses have you covered. SRP: Laser Defender, $285-$320; OPz Lenses, $220-$250. (

Also new from GATORZ is their OPz lenses, which are available in five different frame styles. OPz lenses offer the glare-reduction properties of polarized lenses, but still allow the wearer to view digital screens, which is more important than ever in today’s world. This makes it easy to view cellular phone screens, computers, holographic sights, digital watches, and any other display that would typically require you to remove standard polarized lenses.

Rangefinders have become standard equipment for hunters and shooters, and Leupold’s new RX-1500i TRBW is lighter and more sophisticated than competing models. At its core is Leupold’s high-tech DNA (Digitally eNhanced Rangefinding) engine that accurately measures distances to a half yard, and True Ballistic Range/Wind capabilities provide fast and accurate ballistically calculated range readouts (not straight-line horizontal distance, as is the case with other rangefinders) that compensate for shot angle and even help compensate for wind. The Leupold provides you with a 10 mile-per-hour full-value wind hold, which allows the shooter to place their first shot on target. In addition, 6X magnification helps you zero in on your target, and the Leupold will range reflective targets to 1,500 yards and soft targets, such as trees, to 1,200 yards.


When we think of new high-tech equipment for hunters and shooters protective eyewear rarely comes to mind, but GATORZ is offering two new protective glasses that are designed for operating in today’s environments. Their Laser Defender glasses are ANSI Z87.1/Mil-Spec rated and offer protection from harmful laser wavelengths, which is an especially important feature for law enforcement and military professionals, pilots, or anyone else who is exposed to harmful lasers. Available in two popular frame designs (Specter and Magnum), these lenses offer between 23 per cent and 51 percent visible light transmission, and there’s even a photochromatic that shifts between 40 percent and 12 percent VLT for working in changing light conditions.



Follow #GUNVOTE on: Protecting your rights has never been more important than it is today. The politicians who exploit tragic events to strip away our freedoms have been exposed. Send them a message! Be a voter in the 2022 elections to protect your rights! Register to Vote – Go To GUNVOTE. ORG

The plan was to sell the flies through advertisements in the classified sec tion of sporting magazines, and the first offer from Cabela’s promised five hand-tied flies for 25 cents.


Mary Cabela has been a force for conservation and a voice for the positive impact hunters have on wildlife and habitat for decades, but she and her hus

band of 60 years, Dick Cabela, are best known for their success in the outdoor retail market—a success story that began in a basement in Chappell, Nebraska.

“Dick traveled to the AFTMA [American Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association] show in Chicago,” Mary said. “He found a man selling flies in the back of the show, and he bought all his flies for $25.”

by Brad Fitzpatrick

That’s no average feat, but it’s exactly the type of ambitious goals Mary and the Cabela Family Foundation have set. Three years ago, the CFF spear headed the largest conservation-based international lion relocation in the his tory of Africa, and biologists estimate that by 2050 the descendants of these cats may represent 10 percent of Africa’s entire wild lion population. CCF also supports the Dick and Mary Cabela Sustainable Use Area in New Mexico where Boy Scouts learn outdoor recreation and conservation skills.



Dick and Mary Cabela met and began dating in high school. They graduated in May 1955, and were married by November of that year. Dick worked in his family’s furniture business, and scattered around the store were old copies of Field & Stream, Sports Afield, and other outdoor publications. When work was slow, Dick thumbed through the ads and later mentioned to Mary that classi fied ads must work since they appeared in outdoor magazines time and time again. Inspiration struck.


Mary Cabela helped her husband Dick transform their mail-order fly store into one of the world’s largest outdoor retailers. Today, the mother of nine is using the Cabela Family Foundation to spearhead some of the most ambitious conservation projects on the planet.


ary Cabela was born on May 4, 1937 in Casper, Wyoming. That means Miss Mary, as she’s known to those close to her, is 85 years old. You’d scarcely guess that to see her buzzing around Mungari Camp in Mozambique’s Zambeze Delta, though. That day I met with Mary for an interview beside the fire pit in Mungari she’d just completed a project that involved relo cating twelve cheetahs from across southern Africa to the delta, expanding this vulnerable big cat’s range and possible distribution by 30 percent worldwide.


“We got one response to the original ad,” Mary said. “Ernest Lindell of Casper, Wyoming.” She jotted Lindell’s name and address on a recipe card, which she stored in the pantry.

Since 2018 the Cabela Family Foundation has expanded the population of lions and cheetahs, all the while respecting local humans and promoting their welfare.


In its infancy what would become known as Cabela’s was a large stack of Mary’s recipe cards in the pantry, and each person on those cards received a mimeographed sheet with products for sale. Soon thereafter the first Cabela’s catalogs began shipping. From the pantry the business office was relocated first to a shed in Dick and Mary’s backyard and then to the basement of the family furniture store. Next, the company migrated to a vacant American Fence Company store and then to a former American Legion Hall.

Managing two companies while raising a young family was demanding work for two


Three generations of the Cabela family gather during the 2018 cheetah move. Hunting and support from the Cabela worthwildlifecommunitiesandlivesFoundationFamilyisturningaroundinAfricaconvincinglocalthatisaresourcesaving.

After receiving a lukewarm response to his first ad, Dick decided to change tactics. On his sec ond attempt he promised customers five hand-tied flies for free; they need only to send a quarter for postage and handling. It was the first of many for ward-thinking marketing concepts Cabela employed, and it worked. Dick returned to the AFTMA show the following year and purchased bamboo fishing rods, of which he sold seven. Mary collected the names, wrote them on her rec ipe cards, and stored them alongside the flour and oats in her pantry. Over time, the stack of cards grewSellinglarger.flies and cane poles provided the foun dation for what would become a multi-billion-dol lar business. In those earliest days, though, Dick and Mary concentrated on collecting names and addresses on those recipe cards, raising children, running a furniture store, keeping the mortgage paid, and making a profit on the goods Dick pur chased at AFTMA and other trade shows. Dick’s brother, Jim, who had been working as a bank tell er following his time in the military, joined the company, and in 1961 Cabela’s was born.

“It was a perfect partnership,” Mary says with a laugh. “Dick was the yang, Jim was the yin. So, they worked well together.”

twenty-somethings. Dick and Mary would sometimes hire a babysitter so they could work until two o’clock in the morning in the base ment fulfilling orders and building new product catalogs.“Sometimes Dick wouldn’t even sleep,” Mary told me as we sat by the fire in Mungari Camp under albizia trees draped with lianas. “I don’t know how he’d do it. I’d make him breakfast, and he’d go straight from the basement to the furni ture store.”

Participating in the SHOT Show® is a BIG DEAL for your business. Only at the SHOT Show will you find a full range of manufacturers, products, partnerships and opportunities that can help any retailer or range, both large and small, better serve its community. Nowhere else does the hunting and shooting sports industry come together to connect and support each other and the customers they serve. There’s nothing like the SHOT Show experience.

The SHOT Show is a trade-only event. Professional affiliation required.





During the cheetah relocations Mary was accom panied by her sons Dan and Dave, her daughter Carolyn, and Dave and Carolyn’s families. Three generations of the Cabela family gathered togeth

er to celebrate a conservation milestone and a leg acy built one recipe card at a time.

 Part of Mary Cabela's mission is to not only conserve African wildlife, but to help reduce conflicts with local villagers. Prior to relocating 24 lions in 2018, the foundation explained to local villagers how the lions would be monitored and tracked.

Dick and Mary knew that at the rate the business was growing they’d need a proper facility that had plenty of room for office space and to store mer chandise.“The John Deere store in Sidney had been sit ting empty, and they wanted us to buy it,” Mary told me. They eventually purchased the building for one dollar per square foot, and it became Cabela’s first world headquarters.

had a “virtual fence” constructed that would alert the biologists and the villagers if one of the collared lions ventured close by. Today, the villagers in Coutada 11 receive meat from hunter-harvested tro phies (roughly 10 pounds of fresh protein for each family each week, free of charge), harvest rice planted using funds generated by hunters, and have access to a medical clinic. Children in the village attend a school that is fully funded. Hunting and support from the Cabela Family Foundation is turn ing lives around in Africa and convincing local com munities that wildlife is a resource worth saving.

Mary cabela is passionate about conservation, but she's also passionate about spreading the message that hunters contribute more to conservation efforts than non-hunters.

According to Mary, part of her mission is to not only conserve African wildlife, but to help reduce conflicts with local villagers living with wildlife. Prior to relocating the 24 lions in 2018, officials from the Cabela Family Foundation and Zambeze Delta Safaris explained to local villagers how the lions would be monitored and tracked. Each village


In 1992 the first Cabela’s showroom was built on the interstate outside Sidney. The company’s cata log—once a single mimeograph sheet—was now hundreds of pages in length and distributed to 50 states and over 100 countries.

Mary Cabela is passionate about conserva tion, but she’s also passionate about spreading the message that hunters contribute more to conservation efforts than non-hunters. Since 2018 the Cabela Family Foundation has expand ed the population of lions and cheetahs substan tially, all while respecting local human popula tions and promoting their welfare—and they’ve done so with funds raised by the hunt ing community.

When I asked Mary what helped to make Cabela’s so successful, she told me that it was about hiring the right people. Cabela’s did hire some of the best talent in the outdoor industry, and many of their former employees remain in the outdoor business today. Spend much time in the outdoor market place, and you’ll quickly encounter sever al of Cabela’s alumni.

“Dan is the executive director for the founda tion, and he comes to me with ideas for projects,” Mary said. “And I always say yes.”


 Mary Cabela with a team of lion movers.

“When I saw the first store I thought, ‘I can’t believe this is ours.’”

Cabela’s was sold in 2017, three years after Dick’s death, but that hasn’t stopped Mary’s involvement in the outdoor indus try. After traveling to Africa first in 1989 (Mary had only hunted birds prior; Dick came into their home in 1989 and announced that she needed to learn to shoot a rifle because they were leaving for a Zimbabwean safari in two weeks’ time), she developed a passion for Africa and African wildlife. Her work at the Cabela Family Foundation and Mary’s nine children and dozens of grandchildren keep her busy much of the time.

To play an active role in some of the world’s most ambitious conservation projects visit the Cabela Family Foundation.

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To say that the Cabela’s brand was built from the ground up isn’t completely accurate. Actually, the company started in Dick and Mary’s basement, so seeing the light of day was an improvement. A few hand-tied flies, a classi fied ad, and a pantry overflowing with handwritten recipe cards were catalysts in the cre ation one of the world’s largest and mostrespected outdoor retailers. Mary Cabela has helped shaped the future of our industry. By overseeing ambitious conservation projects and introducing her own family to the world’s remaining wild places she’s helping secure a future for the wildlife that so inspired her, too.

( Dick Mary Cabela relaxing at sunset after a day afield in Mozambique in



My interview with Mary Cabela ended after 20 minutes. I was scheduled to leave camp the follow ing morning. Mary and her family would spend the next week in Mozambique’s Coutada 11 moni toring the cheetahs before she flew back to the United States. Without stopping at home (Mary had already packed for both trips), she would trav el with her family to Alaska to fish, one of the activities she and Dick enjoyed most.


or nearly 30 years, EOTECH has produced highgrade optics for the law-enforcement community, special-operations professionals, and civilian consumers. Best known for its Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS), in 2016 EOTECH expanded its optics line by introducing the Vudu line of premium magnified optics. The manufacturer also has a footprint in night vison and thermal imaging products and recently branched out into LED pistol-sight optics.

SHOT Business sat down with John Bailey, EOTECH's vice president of marketing and product development, to discuss the company's unrelenting focus on product quality, rather than quantity, As the company likes to say, “When there are zero margins for error, compromise is not an option.”

John Bailey: It’s really an interesting story where everything seemed to happen at the right time. Holography has been around for decades, but it


by Slaton L. White


EOTECH’s unrelenting focus on quality and innovation has helped the optics manufacturer stay on target with its end users.

SHOT business: EOTECH is the world-leading holographic weapons-sight manufacturer. How did it get to such a pinnacle?


At that time, EOTECH wasn’t a brand and had no identity, so we licensed the product to Bushnell as the HOLOsight. With Bushnell’s help, we achieved commercial recognition and the attention of USSOCOM [United States Special Operations Command]. We eventually became the standard CQB optic for all U.S. Special Forces, DEA, FBI, and military groups around the world. This credibility, along with the expiration of the assault weapons ban in 2004, quickly grew EOTECH into an optics powerhouse.

took a handful of brilliant individuals and technology working together to advance holography as a firearm optic. The first prototypes were the size of a sewing machine. Unwieldy yes, but it confirmed the concept. At around the same time that laser diodes got smaller and we were able to miniaturize the overall system, the AR-style rifle transformed from a fixed carry-handle type to flat-top models that better accepted an optic such as ours.

SB: EOTECH has long touted the benefits of its Holographic Weapons Systems (HWS) technology over standard red-dot sights, which utilize a LED light source and reflex sight. Just what are the benefits of HWS tech nology? How does it achieve this?



 Now that EOTECH is no longer a division of a large defense contractor, it is nimbler and better able to accommodate changing market conditions.

JB: The EOTECH HWS is often lumped into the category of red dots. It is true that it does have a red dot, but the differences between red-dot technology and holographic technology are many.

the HWS has is that it is not dependent on the front glass for the reticle. In fact, if the user were to experience a catastrophic incident where the front glass were to break or be damaged, the sight would still work and maintain zero. Further, the back glass, where the reticle is captured, can also be broken and the user will still be able to see and use the reticle in the remaining pieces of glass. Red dots are dependent on their front glass to reflect the dot back to your eye; if damaged or broken, the dot may not be seen or the zero maintained.

Sb: Now that EOTECH is no longer a division of a large defense contractor, is it nimbler and better able to accommodate changing market conditions?

tic holds, and range estimation. The most com mon reticle, known at times as the doughnut of death, is a 68 MOA ring with an 1 MOA aiming dot. Because the HWS is powered by a laser diode and not an LED, the aiming dot is a true point source and offers the smallest dot in the industry. Here, you have a large reference ring to get you on target quickly, but a very precise aiming dot to provide accuracy.

 John Bailey, EOTECH's vice president of marketing and product development.

HWS also has an advantage over a red dot when using a magnifier. With the HWS, the dot size does not magnify with the target. The user maintains the small 1 MOA aiming dot, but now can see the target 3X to 5X closer. Red dots grow in size consistent with the target when viewed with magnification, so there is no additional gain in accuracy like we find in holography.



A major limitation for red dots is that the dot is at a different focal plane than the target. This causes the user to shift their focus slightly to focus on the dot and then shift back to the target. An HWS reticle is focused at the target plane so you don’t have to shift your focus. You maintain your target focus and see your reticle

JB: We are innovators in technology. Our holo graphic technology is still some of the most advanced optical technology for firearms in the last 25 years. For the customer, though, it means prod ucts that will improve their performance, whether it’s hunting, competition, home defense, or protect ing the community or country. It also means that they can depend on these products. We lead with technology in the way we test and validate our new products under development as well as current products being produced every day. Sophisticated equipment to simulate recoil, thermal shock, water submersion, and more are all included in our pro cess to ensure that the products we build will with stand all conditions and situations of its users.

Red-dot sights are simple in design. They con sist of an LED light positioned at the rear of the sight that is aimed at the front lens. The lens has filters that bounce or reflect the red light back to the user in the form of a dot. One limitation is that the dot needs to be big enough for the user to find quickly and align with the target, but small enough so that it doesn’t obscure the target and reduce accuracy. Holography overcomes this com promise. EOTECH can incorporate any reticle design to include things such as stadia lines, ballis

Other advantages include the rectangular win dow for better field of view, common battery options, and an integrated mounting base that removes the need for additional mounts. Finally, the HWS is 100-percent made in the USA.

JB: When EOTECH was acquired by L3, it immediately benefited from an infusion of money that helped grow the brand and meet increasing demands. But with that came a lot of corporate bureaucracy, red tape, and multiple levels for deci sions. This really slowed us down. On top of that, EOTECH was the only commercial product and company in their portfolio, so we were often mis understood or overlooked. Now that we are inde pendent again, we have removed the corporate stiffs and have built a team that includes many past EOTECH employees that were key to the compa ny’s initial success. They have been joined with other like-minded, proactive, and eager individuals interested in taking EOTECH to a new level of greatness. Product development, investment, bud get, and marketing decisions are now all made inside the building. Areas such as speed to market, clear and consistent communications to our chan nels, thorough but rapid international licensing, and top-notch customer service are all areas of major focus.

SB: EOTECH likes to call itself a “technology innovator.” Just what does that mean for your customers?








SB: This year EOTECH introduced its first LED optic. What is that product and what made EOTECH go that route?

 Although EOTECH is best known for its holographic sights, the company recently entered the LED-based pistol-sight market. It's an especially good sight for home defense.

JB: We are a holographic company, but it was hard to watch the evolution of optics-ready pis tols take place without being involved. We would have loved to introduce a holographic pistol sight, but the ability to scale this technology down that small is still out of reach. The next best thing was to design and develop our own LED-based pistol sight instead. The EFLX Mini Red Dot is a rugged, “full-size” micro red dot that includes features like an aluminum housing, top-loading 2032 battery, and common DeltaPoint Pro footprint. One area that stands us apart from other pistol optics is our clear, trans parent glass lens. Most red dots use colored coat ings to help reflect the dot, but we were able to achieve a very crisp, visible dot while maintaining a very clear window. In addition, we made the aspect ratio of the window the same as our Holographic Weapon Sight, so the field of view is generous. That, in turn, enhances the user’s ability to quickly find the dot. With an SRP of $389, we feel this will be a very competitive prod uct in the premium pistol-sight market.

SB: Night vision gets a lot of attention these days. How important is that market segment to you?

SB: Many of your employees are veterans. How does their service in the military help EOTECH achieve its goals?

JB: It’s an extremely important category for us. One of the few benefits we had while under L3 was access to their night-vision and thermal products. We became the “go-to” resource for LE and federal agencies across the country. This year, we partnered with Theon Sensors, a Greek manufacturer of high-quality, military-grade NV/ IR devices, to develop an EOTECH-branded line of products. This lineup includes both mono and binocular NV systems and clip-on NV and ther mal optics. These products compete head to head with the L3 products in both performance and price while offering some additional features and benefits. We are excited to get these products in the hands of our military and LE agencies.

JB: For years, EOTECH has been a leader in the firearms optics industry, but with a very limited line of products. The logical next step was to venture into

the magnified optics space by developing premium riflescopes that match the high-quality, high-perfor mance characteristics of our holographic sights. But the riflescope market is extremely crowded, and it’s difficult to stand apart. We went in with the goal of meeting or beating our competition in every way. This includes areas for the consumer such as features and benefits, warranty, clarity, craftsmanship, and price while providing solid margins and customer service and support for our dealers. This strategy helped us develop the Vudu line of riflescopes that include both first- and second-focal plane offerings and a wide variety of magnification ranges from which to choose. We pushed the boundaries of what can be optically achieved, and that is evident in our 1-10X and 5-25X super-short scope. We are very proud of the Vudu line, and it is doing very well. We believe we carved out a nice chunk of the premium scope market, and we will remain dedicated to grow this line and our position.

SB: What was the inspiration for the creation of the new Vudu riflescope line? How has it been received by your customers?

JB: It helps in many ways. First, the military is exceptional at molding individuals into hard-working,


KICK’S CHOKES Be they decoying ducks or long-distance geese, Kick’s High Flyer Choke Tubes are hunter-tested performers. They deliver the finest patterns and superior results, shot after shot. Precision machined in the USA to exacting-tolerance standards. We use 17-4 ph grade stainless steel and exclusive diagonal ports to improve pattern density by up to Kicks-ind.com20%.For more information on High Flyer Chokes and all our other offerings, please see us online at  The design of EFLX LED pistol sight gives the user a generous field of view.


respectful, mission-oriented people. These are attri butes every company is looking for in an employee. Second, their training and/or combat experience helps us better understand what products are needed, how they must be designed, and how they must per form. In addition, we have many veterans in our sales and marketing departments who have a Rolodex of contacts, and they understand the complex nature of military budgets, solicitations, and future programs. This experience and knowledge carry into interna tional Ministries of Defense and Ministries of Interior and helps us get the right products to the right end users.

Project ChildSafe® promotes responsible firearms storage and is a nationwide e ort that aims to help prevent firearms accidents by providing free information and gun locks—to date, more than 40 million free gun locks have been distributed.

FixNICS® is a program NSSF® developed to improve the reporting of all prohibiting record to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). FixNICS has helped improve background checks across 16 states and resulted in a 240% increase in records submitted to the FBI. This e ort was the model for the Fix NICS Act passed by Congress on a bipartisan basis and signed into law by the President in 2018.

Suicide Prevention

Project ChildSafe®

The firearms industry actively partners with local and national suicide prevention organizations to help communities engage in safe firearm-storage practices and understand risk factors and warning signs related to suicide. The Department of Veterans A airs and NSSF are also launching a pilot program to help prevent suicide among active servicemen and women and Veterans.

Operation Secure Store®

Operation Secure Store® works with Federal Firearms Licensees and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to prevent thefts, and keep criminals from stealing guns by making gun stores more secure.

Don’t Lie For The Other Guy™

The “Don’t Lie for the Other Guy” campaign, run in cooperation with ATF, helps educate retailers to detect and prevent illegal “straw” purchases and conducts outreach to the public through in-store, outdoor, radio and social media advertising.






Springfield Armory breaks into the hunting market with the Waypoint 2020 bolt-action rifle.

by Brian McCombie



irearms from Springfield Armory have a well-earned reputation for quality and performance among handgun and MSR-platform customers. But in 2020 the Geneseo, Illinois-based manufacturer launched itself into a completely new market segment with the Model 2020 Waypoint, Springfield’s first boltaction hunting rifle in the modern era. “We recognized that Springfield Armory, while extremely well-known in the self-defense community, was relatively absent in the hunting firearms market,” says Steve Kramer, vice president of marketing for Springfield Armory. “The fact is that Springfield Armory has many passionate hunters on its staff, so it was decided that we wanted to deliver a rifle that we would be proud

The Waypoint action features a fluted bolt and dual locking lugs that travel on precisely machined raceways for extremely smooth cycling. An enlarged ejection port, sliding extractor — for reliable operation in the most adverse conditions — and a hybrid dual-plane feed ramp all add up to fast and secure lockup of theThebolt.Waypoint

So, how did a manufacturer known for its tactical firearms and expertise not only enter, but make some real noise in the hunting world? Springfield’s staff knew they wanted to make a bolt-action rifle, but pretty much everything else was in the “To Be Decided” category, including cali bers, various features, and price points.

What Springfield needed to do here was solve a daunting conundrum: The engineering had to be perfect, but at the same time the design had to lend itself to efficient manufac

During the prototyping process, Springfield’s R&D Team examined numerous custom fea tures — including custom triggers, carbon-fiber barrels, and various stock configurations — to figure out which features could be incorporated into the manufacturing process without break ing the bank. Springfield’s R&D Team also reached out to a number of industry experts for feedback on the various features they were building into the prototype rifles. This included consultations with hunters having decades of field experience as well as professionals in the firearms manufacturing process.

 Five QD mounts are strategically placed to allow the rifle to be slung in a variety of configurations.

Just as important, though, were Springfield’s concentrated efforts to mate the available man ufacturing technology with a process that would make the finished rifle more affordable. “While the bolt-action rifle is obviously not a new concept, technological advancements in recent years have opened new ways to make them even better,” says Kramer. “With the Model 2020 Waypoint, we sought to employ the latest manufacturing techniques and materials to deliver an extremely advanced bolt-action rifle at a price point far below a custom rifle.”

very hard since its launch to keep up with orders for it.”

2020 was a near-instant hit with hunters. “We’ve been very pleased with the response to the Model 2020 Waypoint's release, with extremely strong demand for the rifle,” says Mike Humphries, Springfield’s media rela tions manager. “The company has been working

“As far as caliber selection went, we leaned toward the newer calibers on the market,” Baumbach says. “If we were able to generate good results with the latest cartridges, we knew tried-and-true cartridges like the .308 Win. would fall right in line.”

to take into the field. We also realized that there is a great deal of crossover between serious hunters and fans of our other firearms, such as our 1911s.”

And the rifle had to be accurate — very accurate. “Accuracy is a result of repeatability,” Joseph says. “By harnessing cutting-edge manu facturing techniques, Springfield Armory was able to reduce variables to promote consistency and precision, two absolutely necessary quali ties in a rifle that comes with a .75 MOA accu racyAsguarantee.”Josephnotes, Springfield Armory spent more than two years of intensive product devel opment and refinement to create the rifle. Different calibers and prototypes were tried, various barrel configurations were examined, and thousands upon thousands of rounds were fired during development.

the engineering of the rifle had to be perfect, but at the same time lend itself to efficient manufacturing.

That realization initiated a multi-year project to develop a rifle that quickly has made serious inroads into the hunting market. Introduced in early 2020, the Model 2020 Waypoint features a premium carbon fiber stock, custom painted in either Evergreen or Ridgeline camouflage pat terns, and the option of a steel or carbon fiber barrel. It also boasts an impressive .75 MOA accu racy guarantee (with quality ammunition), and is offered in 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, and .308 Win.

 A 1-inch Pachmayr Decelerator butt pad helps to provide maximum recoil reduction.


But what Springfield’s staff all agreed upon were the larger goals they had for a new hunting rifle. “We wanted to deliver a rifle that offered custom-grade features and performance, but at a production-rifle price range,” says Alex Joseph, director of marketing for Springfield Armory. “Actually, it’s relatively easy to make a high-performance rifle for a very high price. It’s much harder to make one like the Model 2020 Waypoint at the price we can sell it for.”

turing. And, just as important, the process had to be repeatable. “It would be easy to make a custom-grade gun in small numbers. Making one at a large scale with repeatable results is where it got tougher,” says Chris Baumbach, Springfield’s R&D department and lead engi neer on the Model 2020 Project.

Hence, the many “6’s” in the Waypoint arse nal, as in the 6mm Creedmoor, the 6.5

“With the goal of providing hunters with a custom-grade rifle, we developed a wide range of custom-level components as well as precision manufacturing. While this is manageable with the small production numbers associated with traditional custom rifle builders, applying this to the scale of production Springfield Armory is capable of is a totally different matter. Strict quality control efforts are a must, and we believe the results speak for themselves with this rifle,” says Kramer.

 Ammunition is fed by a detachable AICS-pattern, single-stack magazine.

Creedmoor, and the 6.5 PRC offerings, in addi tion to the workhorse .308 Win.


The carbon fiber barrel trimmed approxi mately seven ounces off the Waypoint in 6.5 Creedmoor versus the stainless-steel fluted-bar rel version. Both barrels are free floating, too. When it came to the trigger for the Waypoint, engineers decided that a really good trigger just wasn’t enough. The rifle required a trigger that would minimize the possibility of

In the field, the 2020 Waypoint was easy to carry, took a beating without a hiccup, and helped me score ten animals, including my muley, two aoudad, and a handful of hogs. At my home range, I was able to peg three- and five-shot groups of .50 inch to .75 inch with nearly every brand of 6.5 Creedmoor ammunition I used. Although that’s the kind of accuracy that will let one compete in a long-range shooting competition, the Waypoint 2020 is definitely a hunting rifle .—BMC.


In December 2020, I headed to West Texas on a mule deer and wild hog hunt with a Model 2020 Waypoint chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. The rifle was sub-MOA accurate, with a fine trigger and smooth-working bolt. My rifle featured the carbon-fiber wrapped barrel and the stock was finished in the Evergreen pattern.


Of course, there were hurdles to overcome, and the prototyping process weeded out which fea tures could be kept and those which simply didn’t fit within the larger manufacturing limita tions of producing a rifle with a relatively wide price-point appeal.

Over a dozen people saw the rifle on that hunt and their reaction swere the same: “What a really cool-looking rifle!” And once they held it, all of them added, “Wow, that’s so damn light. I need one of these!”

For example, a great deal of work went into developing the carbon fiber barrel that is optional on the Waypoint. As Baumbach notes, the carbon-fiber barrel that was finally settled on is, “jacketed in a roll-wrapped carbon fiber sleeve and loaded under tension so 95% of the sleeve doesn’t contact the barrel, providing cooling air gaps and promoting cold-bore to warm-bore repeatability.”

Retailers and their customers can expect additional offerings and variants in the Model 2020 line in the future — once Springfield gets caught up on current orders. (

The Waypoint’s stock features five QD mounts strategically placed to allow the rifle to be slung in a variety of configurations. The removable SA Radial Brake on the rifle effective ly reduces recoil by directing gasses outward.

To create a perfect fit between bolt and receiver, Springfield machines both after heat-treating them to ensure the dimensions of the finished steel match the required specifications. In addi tion, the bolt is nitrided for wear and corrosion resistance. The Waypoint’s receiver, bottom metal, barrel shank, and muzzle brake are Cerakoted.Springfield


deliver many features usually associated with cus tom-rifle investment. With the Model 2020 Waypoint, Springfield Armory has hit that sweet spot on the pricing scale between a custom rifle that costs thousands of dollars and a $1,000 offthe-gunrack rifle. In essence, the Waypoint offers hunters a high-end custom-grade rifle at a price far below what it would cost for a custom-built rifle.

That’s a lot of features for an “affordable” hunting rifle. With a suggested retail price that runs from $1,699 to $2,399, it certainly is not an “entry-level” rifle. For the price, though, it does

 The removable SA Radial Brake (left) rifle effectively directs gasses outward to reduce recoil. Thread protector (right).

Armory settled on a detachable AICS-pattern single-stack magazine to feed ammunition. The magazine disengages easily via a latch inside the trigger guard. A 1-inch Pachmayr Decelerator butt pad provides maxi mum recoil reduction and shooting comfort, and an optional three-axis adjustable cheek comb allows the shooter to dial in the perfect fit for repeatable shooting comfort.

hanging up on the brush, clothing, and back packBaumbach’sstraps. team selected the low-profile TriggerTech trigger with a non-snag safety that employed Springfield’s Frictionless Release Technology. It is user adjustable from 2.5 to 5 pounds with a patented, free-floating roller for a crisp, clean Springfieldpull.worked closely with AG Composites to develop the rifle’s premium line of carbon fiber stocks. Each stock is hand-laid, made from 100% carbon fiber and is pillar bedded. The Waypoint’s stock weighs in at just 1 pound 15 ounces with a standard comb, and 2 pounds 11 ounces with optional adjustable cheek rest.

 Model 2020 Waypoint with optional carbon fiber wrapped barrel; the stock is finished in camouflageRidgelinepattern.



From the largest manufacturers to the smallest retailers, NSSF® fights to preserve our legacy and secure our future as a critical member of American industry. We fight with resources that promote legal gun ownership. We fight with initiatives that educate the public about responsible firearm ownership and safe participation in hunting and the shooting sports. And we fight on Capitol Hill and in state capitols nationwide—right alongside you—to ensure your ability to operate as a lawful and important business in your community is not infringed.

FightYour Is Our Fight


home-defense guns and used Browning and Winchester 12 gauges.

Cal Custom Guns, Fallbrook

by robert a sadowskiWHAT’S SELLING WHERE

At the handgun counter, .38 cal. M&P Shields, Smith 629s, Sig P2022s, and Ruger LCRs are in the fight. “Our sales have not slowed, and demand may increase at our store. Our customers are the best, they give us wonderful support,” said co-owner Kristy Berain.

MTShedhorn Sports, Ennis


Handgun sales are steady. Glock 19s, Sig P365s, Springfield Hellcats, and the new S&W M&P M2.0 are all moving quickly.

This general sporting goods store is 40 minutes due west of downtown Minne apolis. It uses 1,500 out of 6,000 square feet to market their inventory of about 650 firearms. The store also carries soft goods, archery, camping, bait, and it even refills propane tanks.

At the start of rifle season, the top sellers are Ruger Americans, the Savage Axis, and Marlin lever-actions, in a mix of calibers—.45-70, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .308. Hunting ammo stocks are good, and the store even has a few difficult-to-get loads such as .300 Win. Mag and .243. Shotguns are turning as well, with a mix of Turkish


Located 70 miles outside the

KS Olathe Guns, Olathe

Fever, Victoria

CO Family ColoradoFirearms,Springs


Sitting just one mile from the southeast entrance to Camp Pendleton, this retailer has been serv ing southern California for 40 years. The step-down, below-street-level store keeps more than 300 firearms in stock, with an additional display of over 60 Model 94 Commemorative Winchesters.

have good inventory and are looking to have one of our best fall seasons on rifles,” said counter salesman Sam Harer.

A corner store in a large, suburban strip mall, this 2,000-square-foot retailer stocks nearly 1,000 rifles and handguns and has four employees. Handguns are a significant focus for this retailer, especially Glocks. “We stock a lot of Glocks. Our store has two counters filled with Glock displays,” said counter salesman Matt Lovell. “It’s the largest Glock display in this part of the country.”

This well-established independent keeps over 1,000 sporting and homedefense firearms in stock. It also sells soft goods. “Inventory may be the best it has been in a decade. Except for a few ammo calibers, like 6.5 Creedmoor, our shelves are full. We can sell just about anything our customers are looking for,” said floor manager Jeff Day.

As expected, the store’s top three sellers are Glock 43Xs, G48s, and 19s, along with Model 10s. Another significant seller is the FNX-45. Modern Sporting Rifles in the upper price range—Armament A2s, FN Tactical IIs, and Adams Arms—are locked in a battle for first place.

Shotguns are what’s turning at this store. High-school trap season is bringing good numbers on everything from Rem ington 870s to Stoeger Condor Field guns and Benelli Super Black Eagle IIs. Used Brownings and Winchesters are also in high demand. Shotgun ammo inventory is improving.MSRsales are steady. Best sellers in clude CMMGs and Del-Tons. Bolt-actions, especially in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308, are also hot. Browning X Bolts lead the cat egory, but Tikkas and the Savage Axis are moving as well.

“Our bolt-action business has moved back into the forefront over MSRs. We

MO Razorback Armory, Des Peres Located in west suburban St. Louis County, this retailer stocks about 200 new and used firearms in a mix of long guns, handguns, and MSRs. It also features custom MSR and 1911 build outs. Handguns have had a good summer, as the shop has moved high numbers of Sig P320s and P322s. Other high-selling pistols include Glock 43xs with Shield Arms magazines, which increase overall capacity to 15 rounds. Remington 870s are in stock for the first time in two years. The store has also seen good turns of Moss berg Tactical shotguns. Shotgun ammo is in short supply.

One of the most significant growth seg ments here has been suppressors. “We do a lot of custom suppression modifications. The big change has been that we can elec tronically process the paperwork, which takes about four months to complete. It used to take more than a year,” said coowner Jesse Rolfes.

Handgun sales continue to increase, with high turns going to Colt Pythons and Anacondas in .357 and .44 Mag., Glock 20s, and all things 1911, along with bigbore Ruger Bolt-actionAlaskans.riflesales are up. A mix of Christensen Arms, Coopers, and Reming tons are getting the most turns. MSR sales are steady, with Daniel Defense and Ruger 556 in the high spots.

Handguns have been selling well all summer. Glock 19s, Hellcats, and Sig P365s have been turning daily. Shotguns are in stock and turning with a mix of higher-end upland guns from Benelli and Browning.

entrance to Yellowstone Park in western Montana, this 34-year-old retail store keeps 12 employees busy stocking over 1,000 guns. While flooding and a wet summer have slowed sales, Covid is still ratcheting up traffic.

“Since the pandemic, the demand for out-of-state tags has skyrocketed. It sends our fall accessories business through the roof and puts a great strain on hunting ammo sales. Although we have a better selection than expected, it’s hard matching customers with the exact manufacturers they want,” said buyer Lindsey Wilson.

retailer stocks nearly 3,000 firearms and sports a 12-lane indoor shooting range with more than 11 full-time employees. The in ventory is a mix of traditional hunting and defense guns. The store carries a signifi cant inventory of used firearms.

Sales have continued to impress owner Sherwood Davis. “We have done well this year and are on track to come close to our early pandemic numbers. I’ve found that if you can keep inventory on the floor, it flies out the door,” he said.

High retail price points have ruled this season, with Barretts, FN rifles, and Desert Eagle pistols continuing to sell as soon as the inventory arrives. Other big handgun movers include Beretta 92s, Sig P365s, and Shield EZs. One pistol that has been slow to realize sales has been the S&W 30 Super Carry. “The new Super Carry has not gotten the attention we expected. I do think that with time and a little more marketing, it could be one of our biggest sellers,” said Davis.

MSR sales are steady at three a week with a mix of mostly Ruger 556s and some FNs and HKs. Browning X-Bolts are topping the list in .308 and .300 Win. Mag.

Just south of I-80 in northwest Pennsylvania, this well-established gun store and distributor keeps thousands of firearms in stock while serving a rural community. Boltaction guns have seen a big improvement in inventory, and this store is relieved to see manufacturing meeting orders. “It has been great to see inventory catching up, and our shelves are filling. In fact, it has been a relief to see life approaching normal,” said owner TomHandgunPrice.

Located in southern New Hamp shire west of Nashua, this store keeps over 1,000 guns in stock and inventories a com plete line of reloading supplies. With inven tory improving across the board, this retailer has a positive outlook on the fall hunting season.“Like many stores, we were completely cleaned out in 2020. Although it has been a struggle for everyone in the industry, we have finally brought our stocks up to pre-pandem ic levels,” said manager Nevin Donavan.

This metro Louisville dealer stocks an average of 400 firearms with three employees. Handgun sales, mainly in smaller concealed-carry lines such as the S&W M&P Shield EZ and Model 442 and HK P2000, continue to move at near-pandemic numbers.

AR Pawn Gallery, Clarkedale

sales continue to remain steady, with compacts and sub-compacts leading the category. Sig P365s, Springfield Hellcats, Glock 19s, and Smith Shield EZs continue to post consistent numbers.


As for MSRs, this store is still sell ing three units a week. “It’s nice to have bolt-action rifles in stock, and we expect a good fall. MSRs are slower to move, but they are most definitely hanging on and will continue to sell well,” said owner Der rick Meyer. Sport IIs and M&P 15-22s post the best numbers.


KY River City Firearms, Louisville

Sales of personal defense shotguns are down, but those of traditional hunting guns are up nicely. Winchester and CZ are all avail able and starting to move quickly. MSR sales remain steady; Ruger 556s, S&W M&P 15 Sport IIs, and Black Diamond are turning the best.

NH Milford Firearms, Salem

A few Ruger Americans in 6.5 Creed moor are turning. However, Tikka is lead ing the bolt-action category with the T3X in .308.

Located near the crossroads of Highway 231 and I-65, this

This firearms and fish ing tackle store rests between Bangor and Bar Harbor in the northern third of Maine’s coastal communities. The store is a mix of home protection and hunting firearms as well as e-bikes. It stocks close to 500 new and used guns.

sales are flat, with one S&W M&P 15 Sport II or Ruger selling every week. Sales of bolt-action rifles are slowing. Winchester and Marlin .30-30s and Ruger Americans and the Savage Axis in 6.5 Creedmoor see the most interest. Rimfire rifles in .22 are still moving, mainly because the store now has adequateHandguninventory.inventories are high. The SCCY CPX-1, Taurus G3, Ruger LC9, and Jimenez JA 9 see the most sales.

Shotguns that are selling include the Remington 870 Express, Mossberg 500, Stoeger pumps, and Browning semi-autos.

ME Wiley Sports Center, Ellsworth

While overall inventory is substantial at this store, Donavan mentioned that prim ers and .410 shells are extremely difficult to obtain.Handguns are particularly hot. Glock and Sig P320s and P365s dominate the hand gun counter. Other strong sellers include CZs and Smith Shield EZs. Rifles from Ruger and Remington are back in stock and sell ing. MSR big sellers include Ruger 556s and Sport IIs. Sporting shotguns are steady.

This small, independent pawn shop stocks an average of 250 firearms and is located off Interstate 55 40 miles east of Fort Smith. “We’re a small shop and we cater to a price-point shopper. While we do have demand for more expensive firearms, they are almost exclusively ordered, not some thing we regularly stock,” said manager Kelly Elam.MSR

While the summer brought high de mand for .22s and handguns, this re tailer thinks 2022 will be one of the most significant years for bolt-action rifles. “We can finally get bolt long guns. I’m not sure if it has been the lack of availability or the pressures of the pandemic, but my customers are looking hard at new hunt ing rifles,” said manager Brandon York. Browning X-Bolts top the list in .308 and .300 Win. Mag. Additional big sellers in clude Savage Axis and Ruger Americans.

Grice Gun Shop, Clearfield

KY Sherwood’s Guns, Bowling Green






Engineered with advanced materials designed to wick moisture, the Bone-Dri Shotgun & Rifle Case protects firearms from rust. Unlike any other gun cases, Bone-Dri cases are engineered with Absorbits moistureremoval material, which automatically draws moisture from the firearm. Furthermore, the case can be used an unlimited number of times; simply recharge the material after use by placing it in the sun or drying with a hairdryer on low heat. Constructed with heavy-duty industrial 800D PVC nylon and equipped with lockable mil-spec zippers, this soft case easily withstands heavy wear and is guaranteed for life. Will hold one shotgun or one rifle with optics (up to 50 inches in length) and ammunition. SRP: $99.99. (


The AR-TT Takedown Tool is a revolutionary device designed to replace the archaic mallet and pin punch set. Originally created for disassembly and reassem bly of an AR platform firearm, it works with many other types of firearms as well. The hammerless impact technology design delivers up to 5,000 psi of pres sure to remove and install detent pins, takedown pins, pressure pins, cotter pins, roll pins, and more. In addition, the AR-TT features brass tips that won’t mar a gun and a black-oxide coating to ensure it will never rust. Its sleek design is easy to use and takes up little space in an armory kit. SRP: $34.99.




Wildlife Research Center is now offering more of its premium scents in pressurized spray cans. Buck Nip is a powerful deer attractor made from a secret recipe of plant derivatives. The Intense Curiosity Scent really brings in the deer. Golden Scrape with Scent Reflex Technology is made with premium Golden Estrus Scent, intruding Buck Scent, fresh scraped earth, and Territorial Musk to simulate fresh scrape activity. It’s a good option for making scent trails, mock scrapes, and freshening scrapes. Golden Estrus Elk is a premium elk scent now available in a high-performance Super Charged scent spray. These three-ounce pressurized cans come standard with a high-output sprayer designed to separate the premium scent from the pressurized air used to propel it. Some spray scent aerosols may be diluted with propel lants, which can contaminate the scent. Only high-quality propellant-free scent is dispersed from WRC cans. SRP: $15.99-$19.99. (


by slaton l white



Designed for maximum comfort and function for EDC practitioners who live an active lifestyle, the Modular Belly Band 2.0, which represents a refinement of the original multi-configurable, ergonomic Modular Belly Band, takes the belly band concept to the next level with several upgrades. Most significant is a new polyester jersey outer shell that delivers a soft, form-fitting feel against the skin while maintaining breathability so wear ers can stay cooler on hot days or during strenuous activity. Further, the jersey outer comes with an anti-microbial feature that withstands up to 25 handTowashes.ensure the concealed firearm stays in place, the band includes antislip panels. These panels minimize rotation or slippage of the band so the holstered firearm stays comfortably positioned where you want it. The Modular Belly Band 2.0 is designed to accept Crossbreed’s Modular holster. These holsters feature model-specific Kydex pockets with a leather backer that includes a hook panel that secures to a corresponding loop panel on the Modular Belly Band 2.0. With the modular system, the hol stered firearm can be custom-positioned for optimal comfort, carry posi tions, and draw angle. Simply secure the holster to the Velcro panel and stretch the elastic band over the top to secure. This system also comes with two integrated pockets that fit most semi-auto pistol magazines as well as a pocket for a mobile device. SRP: $74.95. (

High Ready’s outstanding comfort level comes from three major design fea tures. First is its innovative backing plate composed of a ballistic nylon front over a closed-cell foam body. The back portion of the plate that rides against the wear er’s chest is lined with Galco’s Comfort Cloth, an Adaptive Performance Mesh that provides padding and moisture wicking.


The Goldfinger, a new AR15/AR10 single-stage flat-face match trigger, is a selfcontained, one-piece assembly in a mirror-gold finish that is drop-in ready with no user adjustment required. Made from 8620 alloy steel and S7 tool steel, the trigger delivers an ultra-smooth break with no gritty feeling and no feel of creep prior to the hammer release. The pre-set factory trigger pull is 3.5 pounds, and the positive trigger reset allows the user to quickly secure an on-target follow-up shot.





Now available for the Glock 20/21 with or without red-dot sights, Galco’s High Ready chest holster system is the latest in an expanding line of torso-worn hunt ing and outdoor holsters. High Ready is ideal for comfortably carrying a largeframe semi-auto when hunting, fishing, camping, or hiking in bear country. Positioning on the chest keeps the handgun clear of gear carried near the waist line or on the back. It also allows rifle carry on either shoulder and helps keep the handgun dry when wading, a feature that makes the holster a great choice for rid ing, whether on an ATV or horseback.

The Goldfinger AR15/AR10 single-stage trigger is hand-assembled and tested in the company’s Texas facility. A minimal lock time is designed into the trigger assembly using a controlled hammer weight and balance activated by a rocket wire hammer spring. This assures repeatable function when using either commer cial or military-grade ammunition. SRP: $235.

Third, a pair of inch-wide tubular webbing harness straps distribute the weight of a heavy handgun for maximum comfort. One strap goes over either shoulder while the second wraps around the torso for effective weight distribution.Allinall, the rigid open-top Kydex holster pocket offers full slide coverage, provides fast draw and easy holstering, and facilitates a full firing grip. The holster pocket accommodates most red-dot sights. SRP: $169. (

Second is a unique harness construction that allows the holster to pivot at three independent attachment points, maximizing freedom of movement and minimizing restriction. Three quickly operated secure metal side-release buckles attach the holster component to the harness straps at the pivot points.



Simply draw the blade in a slicing motion entirely through and out of the sharpener while keeping the blade flat against the blade guide. This motion is all it takes to achieve a consistent angle from the heel to the tip. After sharp ening to a keen edge, turn the hones over with the hardened steel facing up. Increase the angle by one notch (five degrees) to finish the blade to a razor edge. SRP: $89.99. (



The V-Sharp Classic II uses two high-quality, 325-grit diamond rods that sharpen the blade on both sides simultaneously using calibrated spring ten sion, making it ideal for kitchen, fillet, hunting, and most other flat-blade knives. This high-quality model has a hand-crafted steel frame, solid rubber base, and a durable black powder-coat finish.


by slaton l white


The BA30 has a straight-pull-back bolt, which Bushmaster claims is the quickest on the market. Interchangeable 18- or 24-inch barrels offer .308 Winchester or 6.5 Creedmoor flexibility, and the barrel is topped with a bold Snake Charmer muzzle brake and wrapped with a generous length of M-LOK handguard and top rail. The magazine release is interchange able for ambidextrous use, as is the DM2S trigger. The adjustable, skele tonized stock allows the user to customize their shooting experience on the go. The receiver is Type III hard coat-anodized. A 10-round mag is included. SRP: $1,799.99. (



As a result of our efforts, we became the face of the industry on TV, print, and radio. Can you believeMostthat?media

There was a time, however, when media would never come close to a business in our world unless it was something they would call “newsworthy” (in other words, something ugly). This was bothersome to me because I felt dealers were a positive force for good in their communities. So, I decided to see if I could change the rules of the game.

TV stories all showed how special, unique, and humanistic the shooting sports could be. Having a mother and son at a gun range was not at all what the reporter expected, which just added to the special feel of the story.

When dealers show media the real face of our industry, we all benefit.

One of the reasons I went to all this trouble to secure favorable media coverage was to show the real face of the industry. When I looked at the guests who were coming in to shoot, take classes, and buy guns and accessories I realized these were the same folks Jayne and I saw at our shopping malls. These new folks were the future of our industry, and we needed to provide them with exceptional service and a welcoming atmosphere, things that were in short supply at many gun stores back then. I believed then (as I do now) that positive media coverage could encourage more people to walk through the door.

Working with members of the mainstream media, many of whom have no working knowledge of firearms, can be frustrating. Positive coverage doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a lot of time and effort.

pulled up to the store. They walked in, cameras rolling. I acted surprised, but was very open and enthusiastic about showing them around. They had some very good questions, and I answered each and excited as it went along, and I was able to get them to even shoot on the range for the story. That story ran the cycle (every news show for 24 hours). Soon, the other networks came to us and did the same kind of thing. The CBS affiliate set an appointment to come in on Christmas Day. They encountered a mother and son who just happened to stop by (actually, I called them and begged them to come in) and filmed and interviewed them on the Theserange.

But how?

I can laugh about this now, but what I did was every bit as naïve as it was cunning. I targeted the local ABC News affiliate, which was our highestranking station at the time. I thought a call from me directly from the store would be a dead end, so I went to a pay phone near the store and called the news department. In my best Oklahoma hick voice, I said how much I loved the station and, specifically, the news folks. I then asked if anyone there had both ered to see if this new gun range in town was safe. “I think the name is H&H Range.”

In 1981 broadcast TV (not cable) was the source for news and entertainment. Back then newspapers were also strong and typically dove deeper into mat ters than a time-constrained TV news feed could. My wife, Jayne, and I grew up in this world and under stood (at least a little) its power and reach. Knowing full well we had nothing of which to be ashamed, we desperately wanted to tell our story.

people had a stereotype in mind when they pictured a typical gun owner and a

The Real Face

Over the years many of the reporters became shooters. If they moved on to another market, they would reach back to us to get clarifications on a story on which they were working. We wrote up a guide that explained how to handle and secure positive news coverage and shared it with other dealers. That led to a media training program done with and throughWorkingNSSF.with mainstream media, many of whose members have no working knowledge of fire arms and our industry, can be frustrating. Positive coverage doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a lot of time and effort. (And, yes, I do understand that some news outlets simply refuse to see the real face of our industry.) But this investment can yield a big payoff. The Simple Truth is dealers are the face of the indus try. And we have a great story to tell.

by miles hallTRUTH

typical gun dealer. But here I was, a short (and sort of round) person who was clean shaven, had all his teeth, married outside the family circle, and spoke fairly well, who was now a voice for safety, correct facts, and the beauty of the shooting sports. Over the next three decades we did thou sands of news interviews. Some of those included national outlets, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and Inc. We also conducted interviews with local newspapers as well as industry magazines.

Author bio: Miles Hall was founder and president of a multi-million-dollar firearms retail store and gun range in Oklahoma for 36 years. He is now a senior advisor helping FFLs around the country run more efficient, profitable businesses. (

oday a growing list of frontline firearm retailers and ranges are willingly doing interviews on their local TV stations. This, along with an ever-growing list of other media and promotional outlets, is helping our industry show its true self to the world in a positive way like never before.



I then hung up and ran back to the store. To my utter amazement, in less than an hour a news crew

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