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FEDERAL PREMIUM DEBUTS GOLD SHOT Show is known for new products, but it’s also a great place to sharpen your business skills.

2017 SHOT Show Opens


he election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States is good news for the shooting-sports industry. “But we cannot become complacent with what appears to be some breathing room with the incoming Trump administration,” says NSSF President Steve Sanetti. “We have had ‘breaks’ like this before and allowed ourselves to believe that our panic-buying customers would simply become steady non-panic-buying customers—and paid the price with planning that didn’t address slumping sales and a relaxed public demeanor.” To Sanetti, there is no better way to get a jump on the year’s challenges than to fully embrace the SHOT Show. “This is your chance, right here at the 2017 SHOT Show, to work smarter, not harder, in the coming months and ensure we don’t suffer a downturn as in the past,” he says. “That begins with the products that will stock store shelves across the country. Word from our partners at SHOT Business is that there are not only hundreds of new guns and products making an appearance here for the first time, but dozens upon dozens of firearm favorites that are getting facelifts and features like never before. These are the things

to get excited about—these are the things that will keep your customers excited, too. “Products don’t sell themselves, of course, so we’re here to help you discover the best ways to keep turn rates high and your customers coming back for more. For manufacturing exhibitors, the new Supplier Showcase will allow for the first time nearly 250 outside material and service providers to connect directly with you at the show. Then there are the more than 100 new exhibitors featuring dozens upon dozens of innovative, never-before-seen products in the NEXT 2.0 Pavilion. And if you’re looking for the business planning, inventory management, trend analysis, and team-building strategies that will help you succeed shortterm and long-term, then we have you covered with SHOT Show University, Retailer Seminars, our Law Enforcement Educational Program, and the all-new Executive Management Seminar. “Ours is the greatest industry in America,” Sanetti says, “and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it. Enjoy the show. Take in all it has to offer, and then tell the customers back home all about it. Together, we’re going to be a big part of ‘Making America Great Again!’”

Serious clay-target shooters have always been picky about the ammo they use. They have learned that premium shotshells deliver consistent performance, an important element when one lost target can mean a match. “That’s why many of these shooters have relied on Federal Premium’s Gold Medal shells,” says Dan Compton, Federal Premium product specialist. “But we don’t like resting on our laurels, so we’re unveiling an improved design—Gold Medal Grand—at the 2017 SHOT Show.” The new loads produce less felt recoil, more reliable ignition, improved shot hardness, and excellent reloadability. Ten 2 ¾-inch 12-gauge loads will be available with 1 ¹∕8- and 1-ounce shot in No. 7 ½ and No. 8 shot. SRP: $10.95 per box of 25. Booth #14551. (

A two-piece wad utilizes SoftCell technology to help produce more uniform patterns.


001_SHD01_NEWS_P1.indd 1

1/4/17 11:04 AM


KAHLES K624i 6 – 24 x 56 left | right version

.: Innovative parallax adjustment integrated in the elevation turret (patented) .: Parallax adjustment from 50m to infinity .: Illuminated reticle in the first focal plane .: Left or right version available (windage turret position)






left ver

ersion ht v

Come see us in booth #12120



c hoice r u ! Yo

The unique selling point of the K624i is the optional left side windage turret location. This is possible because the elevation and parallax adjustment are combined on the top turret. These highly innovative capabilities make the K624i the most ergonomic scope for right or left handed shooters. Now all primary adjustments including elevation, parallax, and windage can be manipulated without breaking shooting position!

Never miss THE MOMENT!

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12/8/16 4:51 PM


BENELLI DEBUTS SUPER BLACK EAGLE III Building on the excitement created by last year’s celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Super Black Eagle, Benelli is introducing the new Super Black Eagle III at the 2017 SHOT Show. Since its introduction in 1991 as the first 3½-inch 12-gauge semiauto, the SBE has earned an unmatched reputation for reliability in the worst conditions, especially among waterfowlers. This new version is sure to become one of the most-asked-after shotguns of 2017. The new gun contains a number of improvements that will make your customers want to trade in their SBE IIs for the new model. Although it’s still clearly a Super Black Eagle, it’s slimmer than the SBE II, notably in the stock wrist. It’s lighter, too; shoppers will feel the difference when they pick it up. They’ll notice a different contour in the pistol grip as well that many will find more comfortable than the original. Some of the changes make the gun easier to operate in the harsh conditions of waterfowl hunting. A new shell latch and enlarged loading port make it easier to slide shells into the magazine, even with numb fingers. There’s an enlarged safety, and a cutout in the trigger guard around the flat shell drop button to make it easier to find, and an enlarged bolt release button. For me, the Easy Locking Bolt closes the deal all by itself. The one weakness of the Benelli inertia system and its rotary bolt is that if the bolt isn’t slammed shut upon loading, or if it’s bumped the wrong way in the blind, it can be knocked out of battery, leading to a misfire, which almost always happens at the worst time. The SBE III’s Easy Locking Bolt, first developed for the Ethos, ends that problem forever. A simple, patented spring and detent ensure that the bolt closes fully every time. Your turkey hunting customers can ease the bolt shut in the woods without fearing a misfire. The ComforTech recoil-reduction system, a series of soft inserts in the stock to cut vibration, and soft butt and comb pads, is now in its third generation. The new comb pad is larger and softer, and the system does work, as I was able to find out for myself on an October waterfowl hunt in Canada. Even in such a light gun, recoil with 3½-inch loads was quite manageable. All of us on the trip found the gun easy to hit with, and, as with all Benelli semi-autos, the SBE III allowed us to tailor the stock dimension to fit everyone in the group. The gun comes with five choke tubes, two extended tubes for waterfowl hunting and three flush-mounted tubes. Retailers will like the new hard case, which, unlike the old Benelli cases, is rectangular and flat, making it much easier to stack and store. SRP: $1,999, Max5 camo; $1,899, black. Benelli promises that guns are already in production and available now. Booth #13656. (benelli —Phil Bourjaily


004_SHD01_NEWS_BEN SBE.indd 4

The new Super Black Eagle III is slimmer and lighter. It also has a different contour in the pistol grip.

The semi-auto shotgun comes with five choke tubes—two extended tubes designed for waterfowl hunting and three flush-mounted tubes.


1/4/17 5:28 PM

National Shooting Sports Foundation¨

2017 events Calendar January 17-20

June 5-7


NSSF Industry Summit

Las Vegas, NV

Austin, TX

April 4-5

June (TBD)

NSSF Congressional Fly-In

SHOT Show Exhibitor Academy

Washington, DC

Las Vegas, NV April 20-23 April 23-26 October 26-29 November 9-12

August 2-4

NSSF Import/Export Conference

NSSF Shooting Sports Fantasy Camp

Washington, DC

Las Vegas, NV

January 23-26, 2018

SHOT Show May 8-10

Las Vegas, NV

Firearms Industry Compliance Conference Arlington, VA


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12/9/16 1:31 PM

Slaton L. White, Editor James A. Walsh, Art Director Margaret M. Nussey, Managing Editor David E. Petzal, Shooting Editor Paul Catalano, Assistant Art Director Judith Weber, Production Manager Hilary Ribons, Editorial Assistant


Larry Ahlman, Barbara Baird, Scott Bestul, Philip Bourjaily, Christopher Cogley, David Draper, Jock Elliott, William F. Kendy, Mark Kayser, David Maccar, Peter B. Mathiesen, Brian McCombie, Richard Mann, Tom Mohrhauser, Robert Sadowski, Robert F. Staeger, Peter Suciu, Wayne Van Zwoll

Gregory D. Gatto, Vice President, Publishing Director ADVERTISING: 212-779-5316

Jeff Roberge, Advertising Director Brian Peterson, Western Sporting Goods Sales Katie Logan, Southern Sporting Goods Sales David Hawkey, Northeast Sporting Goods Sales Amanda Gastelum, Integrated Marketing Director Ingrid Reslmaier, Marketing Design Director


Tara Bisciello, Business Manager


Robert M. Cohn, Consumer Marketing Director Stephanie Fry, Fulfillment & Planning Manager


Alison Klein, Senior Production Manager




For nearly 30 years, Santa Cruz Gunlocks has been keenly focused on designing and manufacturing the highest quality rapid access gun racks for Law Enforcement and Military applications. Now, more than ever, there is a need to securely and accessibly store and transport long-arms in buildings and vehicles. With our weapon mounting systems, you will be able to do so, while maintaining immediate accessibility at all times. With a wide selection of gun racks for vehicular, marine, aeronautical, indoor, and custom tailored applications, Santa Cruz Gunlocks is your weapon security partner. Come visit us at booth N265 in the NEXT Pavilion to learn more.


Santa Cruz Gunlocks LLC. Webster, NH • phone: (603) 746-7740 e-mail:

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Chairman, Tomas Franzén Head of Business Area, Magazines, Lars Dahmén Chief Executive Officer, Eric Zinczenko Chief Financial Officer, Joachim Jaginder Chief Operating Officer, David Ritchie Chief Marketing Officer, Elizabeth Burnham Murphy Chief Digital Revenue Officer, Sean Holzman Vice President, Integrated Sales, John Graney Vice President, Consumer Marketing, John Reese Vice President, Digital Operations, David Butler Vice President, Public Relations, Perri Dorset General Counsel, Jeremy Thompson

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For editorial inquiries, visit Venetian Level 3, San Polo 3501, in the Sands Expo & Convention Center.

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LIGHT NOTHING YOU HAVE SEEN BEFORE Revolutionary, Patented High DeямБnition Light Projection Technology


BC_056058_SBDD117P.indd 1

12/15/16 9:15 AM


By Popular Demand


CVA’s customers wanted something special. The manufacturer listened By Slaton L. White

ine extensions are a popular way for a manufacturer to extend the life of a product or tweak it in ways that appeal to another subset of customer. Sometimes they make sense; sometimes they don’t. CVA’s latest line extension to its popular Accura line of premium muzzleloaders—the Accura PR (Plains Rifle), which is being introduced at the 2017 SHOT Show—falls into the former category, as it is a direct result of customer input.

“This is a very special rifle for us,” says Chad Schearer, director of advertising and media relations for BPI Outdoors (parent company of CVA). “The Accura PR (Plains Rifle) basically is a continuation of the Accura MR (Mountain Rifle), which we introduced three years ago and has proven to be very popular. The MR has a 25-inch barrel and was designed for spotand-stalk hunters as well as hunters who wanted a rifle that was maneuverable enough for use in the cramped quarters of a treestand or ground blind. We found out that people loved

the way that it shouldered, the way that it handled, and its overall balance. But we also found out that some consumers were pushing us for a longer barrel. This customer wanted that longer barrel in order to get a little better powder burn and better velocity. That’s why the Accura PR will be offered with a 28-inch barrel.” Like the rest of the line, the Accura PR will feature a stainless-steel Bergara barrel, and like the other rifles in the line, that barrel benefits from a special nitride weatherproofing process. Widely used in military applications, the The 28-inch barrel on the new CVA Accura PR is a result of customer requests for a longer barrel for improved velocity.


008_SHD01_NEWS_CVA.indd 8

nitride process actually hardens the outer layer of the steel, making it far more durable and corrosion-resistant than even chrome-lining. The process turns the 416 stainless-steel barrel a dark black, giving the rifle a distinctive look. “What’s important to know is that this process isn’t a coating,” Schearer says. “It actually changes the molecular structure of the barrel steel so rust can’t penetrate on either the outer surfaces or inside the bore—where you really need it. The added value of the nitride process is that a hunter doesn’t have to clean the rifle right away. He can continue to hunt without worrying about damaging his firearm.” I was able to use the Accura PR on a mule deer hunt in Montana last fall. The hardest part of the hunt was waiting for the buck to come into range. When it finally did, I squeezed off the shot. I don’t think the deer went more than 20 yards before falling. In the steep country in which we were hunting, I was happy that we were able to quickly recover the animal. Later, while preparing the carcass for processing, we found the 270-grain PowerBelt Platinum bullet. It had expanded perfectly, creating a massive wound channel. As Schearer says, “The 28-inch barrel is a push from our consumers.” By responding to that “push,” the PR fills a nice niche in the line between the Accura MR and the Accura Long Rifle (LR), which has a 30-inch barrel. Other features of the Accura PR rifle include an ambidextrous stock, an ambidextrous cocking spur, an adjustable trigger, a CrushZone recoil pad, a DuraSight Dead-On one-piece scope mount, a Palmsaver aluminum ramrod, a Quake Claw sling, and the Quick Release Breech Plug (QRBP). “The QRBP is an important part of this gun,” Schearer says. “It allows a hunter to quickly remove the breech plug without having to fish a tool out of his pack.” Retailers looking to close the deal should remember to tell a potential customer that the Accura PR comes with a lifetime warranty. “We have found that this is very important to the consumer,” Schearer says. “I would also stress that the rifle comes with many value-added features, including a Konus scope package. You won’t have to mount or bore-sight the scope. Finally, I would stress the accuracy of the Bergara barrel and that nitride weatherproofing process, both of which are guaranteed by CVA. All in all, it’s a terrific package.” SRP: $540, nitride stainless steel with black stock and Dead-On scope mount; $600, nitride stainless steel with Realtree Max-1 XT and Dead-On scope mount. Booth #14814. (


1/3/17 2:57 PM

Regardless if it got broken, busted, shattered, cracked or crushed. No matter what happens, the answer will absolutely always be, “YES, THAT’S COVERED.”

Find out more at Covers the following series of riflescopes, binoculars and spotting scopes: Trophy / Trophy Xtreme / Legend / Elite / Elite Tactical / AR Riflescopes

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12/7/16 12:20 PM


mentals of marksmanship in relation to hunting, defensive, or sport shooting. Attendees learn how to shoot from 15 to 400 yards, along with shooting in alternate positions—including standing, kneeling, prone, and seated. Of special importance is the emphasis on how to build redundancies into a shooting platform for maximum performance. Cost: $750.

The Leupold Optics Academy is designed to help shooters understand the role optics plays in achieving consistent accuracy.

Dangerous Game Scoped Rifle, Three Days ➤ Specific

How to See What You Shoot The Leupold Optics Academy aims to improve any shooter’s game By Barbara Baird


t is a long-held tenet of hunting and shooting that you can’t hit what you can’t see. That’s why quality optics remain a crucial ingredient of accurate shooting. Another important component is an in-depth understanding of just how the shooting system as a whole affects performance. In this regard, optics manufacturer Leupold & Stevens saw a knowledge gap that it felt uniquely qualified to plug. The plan was to hold a series of courses (which included live-fire exercises) that would help hunters and shooters gain a better understanding of just how optics work.

Leupold officially opened its Optics Academy last year. Located on about 1,500 acres in Madras, Oregon, about 2½ hours southeast from its headquarters in Beaverton, the site had been used by its tactical sales representative in order to work with engineers from the plant out in the real world, testing the scopes they designed. “Most people don’t understand the importance of the optic itself. They get a bunch of input from people who tell them to buy a scope of equal or greater value than the gun that it’s sitting on,” says Michael Baccellieri, product applications training coordinator at the

Leupold Optics Academy. “Our training is universal and not opticsspecific. In fact, it’s great to have a competitor’s product on the line.” Last summer, Leupold held its first women’s media event at its headquarters and the new academy site. After a tour of the plant, where we followed the course of design of a riflescope, we were whisked out to Madras to learn basic ballistics and long-range shooting techniques. For some of us, it would be the first time we shot long-range rifles, and the resulting thwack on metal targets was music to our ears. Under Baccellieri’s tutelage, I ranged

way out there

shots out to nearly one mile before the mirage and dust got to be too much for the spotter. Regardless of the course a hunter or shooter may take, the academy aims to teach shooters how to manipulate their optics and set them up on guns to fit applications for shooting. At this time the five courses being offered range from basic to specific, the costs of which vary depending on the type of instruction required.

General Scoped Rifle, Three Days ➤ This

to where the predator might become the prey, such as when hunting African game, this course teaches you how to apply shooting skills at close- and medium-range distances. It includes training scenarios guaranteed to get blood pressure up while learning to apply the cool factor to your shooting. Cost: $750.

Basic Optical Sight Defensive Pistol Course, Two Days (ITAR Restricted) ➤ This

is a standard defensive pistol course. From basic drawing and holstering to advanced drills, this is a great course for beginners. Leupold rents firearms with DeltaPoint Pro sights for this course. Cost: $450.

Precision Scoped Rifle 1, Four Days (ITAR Restricted) ➤ Long-range

shooters will appreciate the skills taught in this course—from basic external ballistics to density altitude training. Baccellieri says this course is perfect for SWAT sniper teams who want to extend their range, and for long-range competition shooters who want to extend their game. Cost: $950.

course teaches the funda-

Patrol Designated Marksman, Three Days (ITAR Restricted) ➤ Created

Although most experienced shooters are reasonably versed in the function of their optic, few know more than the basic operation. The Leupold Optics Academy is designed to focus on the optic in addition to the platform on which it is mounted. Understanding how the two work together can take a shooter to a new level of performance. The General Scoped Rifle course is a good starting point for many shooters as it teaches marksmanship fundamentals. Once those are clearly understood, instructors help attendees extend their range and accuracy.


010_SHD01_NEWS_LEU_ACAD.indd 10

at the request of lawenforcement agencies, the Patrol Designated Marksman course allows patrol officers to bridge the gap between the duties of a standard patrol officer until SWAT snipers arrive on scene. “Now these patrol officers can be a semi-precision, semi-surgical asset on location,” Baccellieri says. Cost: $750. Booth #13023. (


1/4/17 11:26 AM

Colt revolvers earned their place as an icon in American history, and now they will forge a new chapter in America’s future. The Colt Cobra® features one of the finest double action triggers available today. The fiber optic front sight, steel frame and revised grip structure make shooting .38 Spl +P intuitive and easy. Available only at Colt Stocking Dealers.




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11/17/16 4:41 PM


2017 SHOT Show Auction

Weatherby and Kimber both step up to the plate

Weatherby Mark V Accumark is part of the SHOT Show auction.


he Hunting Heritage Trust has partnered with two of the most iconic names in the firearms industry to create a series of collectible 2017 SHOT Show Auction offerings. The special firearms are the firstever created for the SHOT Show Auction by Weatherby and Kimber. The 2017 SHOT Show Auction Weatherby was designed in combined recognition of Weatherby’s 70th Anniversary, the introduction of the new Model Mark V, and the introduction of the powerful new 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum cartridge. This is the only Weatherby rifle ever offered in the history of the SHOT Show auction. It combines brand-new Weatherby fea-

tures with innovative engraving and design. The centerpiece of the special rifle is serial number PM000070 in celebration of Weatherby’s 70th anniversary. The new Mark V features the first significant refinements to this classic rifle since its introduction in 1958, maximizing the rifle’s fit, feel, and performance. All Weatherby Mark V Accumarks are guaranteed to shoot subMOA, and the new 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum is the fastest production 6.5mm there is. The Mark V is mounted with a Leupold Vari-X III 4.5x14, an appropriate scope for the longrange capabilities of this Weatherby. The gun features

engraving by Heidi Roos of Baron Engraving, engraver of other SHOT Show auction guns. A one-of-a-kind paired Kimber Super Match II 1911 pistol and a Kimber SuperAmerica .308 Traditional rifle, custom-engraved and offering unique “Super” serial numbers, are featured as a 2017 SHOT Show auction package. The special package marks the first time that Kimber firearms have been featured in the SHOT Show auction, and the first time that a themed handgun and rifle have ever been offered by one manufacturer. The paired Kimber Super Match II 1911 and Kimber SuperAmerica Traditional rifle will each feature serial numbers emphasizing their “Super” status among target shooters, hunters, and collectors. The 1911 will feature serial number “SUPER1911” and the rifle will carry serial number “SUPER308.” Both guns feature coordinated hand-engraving by Rob Bunting of

Baron Engraving. The new Super Match II 1911 is designed for competition right out of the box, with all-new features and an accuracy guarantee of oneinch 5-shot groups at 25 yards. The .45 ACP features Kimber adjustable sights, fancy walnut grips, and a match-grade trigger. The Kimber SuperAmerica Traditional rifle offers an extraordinary combination of design and performance features that provide classic bolt-action elegance, reliability, accuracy, and light weight. This .308 features a polished 22-inch barrel with a match-grade chamber and is guaranteed to shoot sub-MOA. The stock is hand-rubbed AAA-grade walnut with an ebony forearm tip. In addition, the rifle is fitted with a Nightforce 2.5–10x42 NXS compact riflescope. The featured auction items are available for viewing at and will be on display at the booth at SHOT Show. Booth #15147. The auction closes at 5 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) Friday, January 20, 2017.


Light-weight Aluminum Frame .44 MAG, .357 MAG in 6” Barrel and .44 MAG in 5” Barrel

Visit the Kahr Firearms Group Booth,




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1/3/17 3:17 PM

A MATCH MUD IN HEAVEN. A5 Wicked Wing Cerakote®

Maxus Wicked Wing Cerakote®


BC_055713_SBDD117P.indd 1

11/30/16 3:49 PM


BC_056444_SBDD117P.indd 2

12/27/16 1:53 PM

THE NEW REMINGTON SMOOTH, LIGHT & CRISP SINGLE-ACTION TRIGGER Consistent and smooth, with short reset OPTIMIZED GRIP ANGLE Reduces felt recoil and increases shootability

EASY LOADING DOUBLE STACK MAGAZINES One of the industry's highest magazine capacities per caliber

ERGONOMIC POLYMER FRAME Fits 95% of all shooters

Maximum capacity. Complete control. This is shootability. Introducing the ultimate home security system. Combining one of the highest capacities available with super-slim, ergonomic grips, our new full-size handgun is the perfect fusion of defensive preparedness and easy-shooting comfort. #LiveReady Maximum capacity: 18+1 rounds of 9mm,

Ergonomic polymer frame comfortably fits 95% of shooters

Smooth, crisp and light single-action trigger for maximum accuracy REMINGTON.COM

BC_056444_SBDD117P.indd 3

12/27/16 1:53 PM






BERGARA The B14 BMP is the new long-range precision rifle from Bergara. The main chassis is machined from 7075 T6 aluminum.

Tale of the Tape

Though the 6.5 Creedmoor still gets a lot of attention, there’s a whole lot more going on this year for hunters and target shooters


By Richard Mann he tale of the tape with regard to rifles in 2017 has more to do with a single cartridge. The 6.5 Creedmoor seems to have taken the rifle world by storm, and more and more rifles are now available for that cartridge. However, that’s not the only news. Although new MSRs do not dominate this year, a major manufacturer has entered that playing field. You should find plenty new to like in the rifle world for 2017, with new rimfire offerings, new youth offerings, and plenty of threaded muzzles.

BROWNING The BAR Safari 100th Anniversary model will feature

a steel receiver with special engravings of military and hunting scenes highlighted in gold finish. The stock is Grade V Turkish walnut in oil finish, and production is limited to 100 rifles in .30/06.

Barrett ➤ The

Barrett Lightweight Rifle is a bolt-action rifle designed to be carried farther on long days in the field and perform like a Barrett at critical moments. The stock is crafted from carbon fiber to provide an ultralight yet stiff platform. The actions are scaled for their specific caliber, and precision barrels are contoured for their application. There’s nothing one-size-fits-all about this rifle. SRP: $1,799. Booth #11371.


incredibly smooth B14 action and barrel incorporate a barrel nut that allows shooters to replace or change barrels, and the magazine well is contoured so it can be used as a support brace. With a near-vertical AR-style grip, the BMP is very comfortable and allows for ambidextrous use. It’s available in .308 Win. and 6.5 Creedmoor, with threaded #5 contour barrels. This rifle has a sub-MOA guarantee and weighs 9.5 pounds. SRP: $1,699. Booth #14516. (

Browning ➤ John

M. Browning designed the original Browning Automatic Rifle, which was commissioned by the U.S. Army, in three months, and variants of the classic design have served with distinction from World War I until the Vietnam War. For 2017, Browning will commemorate 100 years of the BAR by offering a special semi-auto sporting version—the BAR Safari 100th Anniversary model. It will feature a steel receiver with special engravings of military and hunting scenes,

Bergara ➤ The

B14 Series BMP (Bergara Match Precision) Chassis Rifle is new from the ground up. The main chassis is machined from 7075 T6 aluminum and incorporates QD-swivel attachments and Magpul M-LOK slots. The

BARRETT The Barrett Lightweight Rifle is a departure from the norm for Barrett. The stock is crafted from carbon fiber to provide an ultralight yet stiff platform. The actions are scaled for their specific caliber, and precision barrels are contoured for their application.

highlighted in gold finish. The stock is Grade V Turkish walnut in oil finish, and production is limited to 100 rifles in .30/06 with a 22-inch barrel. SRP: $2,699.99. A new BAR MK 3 DBM semiauto featuring a matte-black finish, an 18-inch barrel, a black composite stock and forearm, a 10-round detachable box magazine, integrated Picatinny scope mounts, a front sling swivel stud, and two QD-sling-swivel cups is also available for 2017. Available in .308 Win. SRP: $1,469.99. Browning’s new X-Bolt Medallion Safari Grade bolt-action rifle features a deep-polished blued and fluted heavy sporter barrel, with gold-accented engraving and receiver engraving in a polished blued finish. The stock is a glossfinished, checkered, grade IV/V walnut, with a rosewood forend and pistol grip caps. It’s available


016_SHD01_PRD_RIF.indd 16

1/4/17 11:39 AM






KODIAK 700 ®

The 2016 Viking and full line of Yamaha ATVs and Side-by-Side Vehicles. The Yamaha Viking features the ultimate combination of performance, durability, comfort and value – and is engineered to tackle the toughest hunts 24/7. It features Yamaha’s legendary, ultra-durable Ultramatic® automatic transmission, exclusive On-Command® 4WD, best-in-class terrainability, and so much more. Plus, like all Yamaha ATVs and Side-by-Sides, it’s Real World Tough™. If you’re searching for the ultimate ATV or Side-by-Side, call off the hunt and get a Yamaha.

For your nearest Pro Yamaha dealer and to learn more about the full line of Yamaha ATVs and Side-by-Sides, visit ATVs shown are recommended for use only by riders age 16 years and older. Yamaha recommends that all ATV riders take an approved training course. For safety and training information, see your dealer or call the ATV Safety Institute at 1-800-887-2887. ATVs can be hazardous to operate. For your safety: Always avoid paved surfaces. Never ride on public roads. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing; never carry passengers; never engage in stunt riding; riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix; avoid excessive speed; and be particularly careful on difficult terrain. · For Side-by-Sides: Always protect the environment and wear your seat belt, helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Read the owner’s manual and product warning labels before operation. · Specifications subject to change without notice. Professional riders depicted on a closed course. Models shown with optional Genuine Yamaha Accessories. ©2016 Yamaha Motor Corporation. U.S.A. All rights reserved.

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12/15/16 11:39 AM


CZ-USA The Bren 2 took years of input and data from use in the worldwide war on terror and put it all together in a smaller, lighter package. A shorter gas system allows for barrel lengths down to 8 inches, with settings for normal and suppressed use. in short-action calibers, including the 6.5 Creedmoor, and other chamberings up to .375 H&H. SRP: $1,869 to $1,899.99. Also new in the X-Bolt lineup is the Hell’s Canyon Long Range model, which features a Cerakote burnt-bronze finish on all exposed metal surfaces. The heavy sporter contour barrel is fluted. The composite stock has textured gripping surfaces and a palm swell, and is finished in A-TACS AU Camo, with Dura-Touch Armor Coating. Available in 6.5 Creedmoor, .270 WSM, .300 WSM, 26 Nosler, 7mm Remington Magnum, 28 Nosler, and .300 Winchester Magnum. SRP: $1,229.99 to $1,299.99. Browning’s AB3 bolt-action rifle will now be offered in a Micro Stalker model that features a black composite stock with a 13-inch length of pull for smaller-stature shooters. The new AB3 Micro Stalker has features found on Browning’s latest value-price bolt-action design, including a 60-degree bolt lift, a detachable magazine, an Inflex recoil pad, a bolt-lock override button, and a free-floating barrel. Available in .243 Win., 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm-08 Rem., and .308 Win. SRP: $599.99. Booth #10744. (

mount are standard. It is available in 5.56 NATO or 300 Blackout. SRP: $1,169. The ACR Designated Marksman has a midweight FNC 1:8 twist barrel, allows for tool-less barrel change, and comes with a highreliability piston system. It also has a PRS-style buttstock, a Geissele two-stage trigger, and an AAC 51 T flash hider/silencer mount. Extra barrels in 18.5, 16, 14.5, or 10.5 inches are available for $585 (per barrel). SRP: $2,569. Booth #14229. (

CMMG ➤ The

MkW ANVIL XBE, an allnew mid-sized AR-rifle platform, is chambered in .458 SOCOM. The most defining feature of the new MkW ANVIL is that the rifle utilizes CMMG’s unique Powerbolt design, which allows the rifle to use a modified AR10-sized bolt for increased durability. The rifle is also built on an AR10-sized frame, with the upper receiver shortened by ¾ inch to minimize weight and increase ergonomics. It comes with a 1:14 twist 16-inch barrel, a billet upper and lower receiver, and a single-stage mil-spec trigger, and weighs 7.5 pounds. SRP: $1,849.95. The MkW ANVIL

XBE2 is similar to the XBE, but it comes with a Geissele SSA twostage trigger, a Magpul MOE pistol grip, and a CTR carbine stock, with a six-position receiver extension. SRP: $2,149.95. Booth #32011. (

CZ-USA ➤ The

ever-evolving needs of military forces led to the further development of the Bren platform. Whereas the 805 was built to a specific set of predetermined requirements, the Bren 2 took years of input and data from use in the worldwide war on terror and put it all together in a smaller, lighter package. A shorter gas system allows for barrel lengths down to 8 inches, with settings for normal use, suppressed use, and adverse conditions. The aluminum receiver is shorter and thinner, shaving weight from the rifle. The Bren 2 is currently available only for military/LE special order. CZ’s first stainless rimfire, the 455 American Stainless Synthetic, is meant to be a hardy, long-lived rifle that can be passed down through the generations. With the same swappable barrel system as all of CZ’s 455 rifles, both barrel and action are finished in a matte

Bushmaster ➤ The

CMMG The MkW ANVIL XBE is an all-new mid-size AR rifle platform, chambered in .458 SOCOM.

new Minimalist SD Carbine from Bushmaster has an AAC Square Drop Handguard that’s compatible with Key Mod accessories, a lightweight FNC 1:8 twist barrel, and a mil-spec Mission First Tactical Minimalist stock and pistol grip. An ALG Defense trigger and an AAC 51 T flash hider/silencer

FN The M249S, a semi-auto version of the SAW, features a cold-hammer-forged, 18.5-inch, chrome-lined barrel, and is chambered for 5.56 NATO.


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1112 12 M MA MAGNUM A GNUM T TA TARGET, A RGET, T,, 3 T 338 LAPUA Con n figuration, Single-Shot Magnum Magn num Target Action, Target Configuration, Pillar-Bedded Wood od-L Wood-Laminate Stock

110 BA STEALTH, .338 LAPUA Factory-Blueprinted Savage Action, Monolithic Aluminum Chassis Machined From Billet, M-LOK Forend, One-Piece Picatinny Scope Rail, Adjustable AccuTrigger, Fab Defense GLR-16 Buttstock, 24” Barrel, Muzzle Brake

110 FCP HS PRECISION, .338 LAPUA Tactical Configuration, HS Precision Fiberglass Stock, One-Piece Scope Rail

111 LONG RANGE HUNTER, .338 LAPUA Lighter Weight Hunting Configuration, One-Piece Scope Rail

SAVAGE DELIVERS THE SELECTION, ACCURACY AND THE POWER TO GET IN THE CLUB. Want to hit a target from a mile away? Here are four great options from Savage to make it happen. Available in tactical, hunting and target configurations, you’re sure to find your match. Each rifle delivers our legendary out-of-the-box accuracy at extreme range, thanks to our hand-straightened button rifled barrels; zero-tolerance headspace control and crisp, adjustable AccuTrigger. Utilizing the 338 Lapua Magnum, the most popular ultra-long-range cartridge of Snipers and target shooters alike, you have the power to reach out to 1,000+ yards… and yes, even a mile.

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MARLIN For 2017, Marlin has announced the return of one of its most popular rifles, the 1894 Cowboy. Available in .357, .44 Magnum, and .45 Colt, these 100 percent American-made rifles feature a straight grip American black walnut stock, a receiver and bolt machined from solid steel, a polished 20-inch octagonal barrel, and Marble sights. SRP: $1,041. The standard 1894 with a round barrel is also available for $789. To further celebrate the reintroduction of the 1894, Marlin is offering a limited-edition

version in .45 Colt with B-grade American black walnut stock, highly polished metalwork, and an engraved gold-inlaid receiver. Only 1,500 rifles will be offered. SRP: $1,349. Another lever-action that has been missing from the Marlin line for some time is the 444. Chambered for the .444 Marlin and built on the 1895 action, this rifle has an American black walnut pistol grip stock, 22-inch round barrel, and Marble sights. SRP: $789. Booth #14229. (

MARLIN For Marlin collectors, the limited-edition 1894 is sure to be a hit. Available in .357, .44 Magnum, and .45 Colt, these American-made rifles feature a straight-grip American black walnut stock, a polished 20-inch octagonal barrel, and Marble sights.

MOSSBERG The MMR is now available in two new models, one with a muzzle brake.

bead blast. Barrel length is 20.5 inches, and the bolt and bolt handle are finished in black nitride. Available in .22 LR, .17 HMR, and .22 Magnum. SRP: $434 to $451. Famous for its use in rimfire competition, the 455 Training Rifle Rustic shares all the same popular features of its 452 predecessor—a 24.8-inch barrel, a tangent rear sight, and a beechwood stock with a Schnabel forend. The biggest difference is the ability to swap the barrel and/or stock—a trait of all CZ 455s. An ideal rifle for introducing youth to the shooting sports, the Training Rifle is shipped with a 5-round magazine, but single-shot adapters and 10-round magazines are available. .22 LR only. SRP: $399. Built to be an ideal first gun for young shooters, the .22LR Scout has a 12-inch length of pull. With its simple leaf rear and blade front sights, learning the basics of sight picture has never been easier. The 11mm dovetails on the receiver make adding a scope a breeze. The muzzle is threaded 1/2x28, allowing for suppressor-hearingsafe shooting without the need for muffs or plugs. Shipped with a single-shot adapter to teach ammo conservation, any of the 455’s magazines will fit. SRP: $339.

Several new chamberings have been added to the 527 American bolt-action rifle line. These include the 7.62x39 with a 21.9inch barrel and a 6.5 Grendel with a 24-inch barrel. Both feature newly developed flush-fitting bottom metal and a 2-round magazine. Extended 5-round magazines are available. Both rifles ship with one-inch scope rings. SRP: $733. Another new addition to the 527 line is the Rustic. It has the same features as the standard American but wears a beechwood stock that has been hand-finished to give it an aged patina look. It is available in 7.62x39 or 6.5 Grendel. SRP: $733. The suppressor-ready CZ 527 is handy and equally happy shooting steel or taking down hogs. Chambered in 300 Blackout or 7.62x39, it’s got enough knockdown power for most medium game at shorter ranges. Using flush-bottom metal, it ships with extended 5-round magazines but can work with factory flush mags as well. SRP: $748. Built on the incredibly precise 557 short-action, the new Varmint model adds a stout 25.6-inch barrel in a heavy profile that tapers to a 0.863-inch muzzle. Anchored in a newly

HOWA The Verde is built on Howa’s legendary 1500 action and is available in the most popular chamberings, with a 20-inch lightweight, 22-inch standard, or 24-inch magnum contour barrel. The action is pillar-bedded in a Hogue overmolded stock.


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FN 15™ M4


FN N 15™ M16 6

We lc ome t he c i v ili a n - re ady PAR A ve r sion of t he le ge nda r y M 24 9 SAW. O rigina ll y de signe d for a irb orne wa rrior s, t hi s lighter, more compac t conguration is the four th in our seriies of se mi-a au tomat ic ve r sions of FN mili t a r y ri f le s. Au t he ntic to the last detail,, bat tle -proven across the globe, and now ready for your co olle c t ion. T he world’s s mo o s t bat t le - prove n f ire a rms.™


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RUGER The new 10-22 Takedown Lite features a cold-hammer-forged barrel tensioned in an aluminum-alloy barrel sleeve. The modular stock has a low comb and standard length of pull, but the rifle ships with an additional high comb, standard-length-of-pull stock module.


designed walnut stock, it has a healthy palm swell, laser-cut stippling, and a flat forend. With ergonomics as the guiding principle, the result is an incredibly comfortable rifle to get behind, whether you’re punching paper, ringing steel, or knocking off prairie dogs. New for 2017 is the addition of .243 Win. to the available chamberings. SRP: $865. Booth #11955. (cz-usa.

new DPMS GII AP4-OR utilizes GII technology with a forged monolithic bolt carrier, dual ejectors, an Aermet extractor, a steel feed ramp, and reduced bolt geometry. The upper receiver has been improved for left-handed shooters, and the rifle, opticsready, is shipped without open sights. Available in .308 Win. SRP: $1,349. Booth #14229. (dpmsinc.



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➤ The


➤ The

FN M249S is a semi-auto version of the M249 SAW light machine gun, which was originally developed by FN Herstal as the FN MINIMI and adopted by the U.S. military in 1988. The rifle features the signature 18.5-inch FN cold-hammer-forged, chrome-lined barrel and operates from a closedbolt position. Chambered in 5.56 NATO, the rifle will accept a magazine or a linked ammunition belt

and offers a 4- to 6.5-pound trigger. The rifle weighs 16 pounds, is 40.7 inches long, and has an 18.5inch barrel. SRP: $8,799 to $9,499. The FN 15 DMR II has been reengineered for enhanced performance and features the all-new FN proprietary rail system with M-LOK, which provides extreme rigidity and less deflection, ensuring that all mounted accessories remain affixed without shift. Like its predecessor, the rifle offers an 18-inch

1/3/17 3:34 PM

match-grade cold-hammer-forged barrel with a 1:7 twist, a Surefire Pro Comp muzzle device, and an upgraded mil-spec lower with a Timney trigger and Magpul MOE grip and buttstock. SRP: $1,999. The FN 15 Tactical Carbine chambered for the popular 300 AAC Blackout is duty-ready straight out of the box. Equipped with the new FN proprietary rail system, the carbine provides exceptional strength and durability, and offers a

stronger, more rigid platform for accessories and optics. In addition, the FN 15 Tactical Carbine 300 BLK II, like its rifle and carbine siblings, features a 16-inch alloysteel cold-hammer-forged and chrome-lined barrel, a carbinelength gas system, a low-profile gas block, a Surefire ProComp muzzle brake, and Magpul MOE furniture. SRP: $1,599. Improving upon the existing platform with the addition of FN’s proprietary rail system, enhanced mil-spec lower receiver, and legendary match-grade free-floating chrome-lined, cold-hammerforged barrel, the second-generation FN 15 Tactical Carbine offers extreme durability and performance. Features include the threeprong flash hider, the mid-length gas system, and the H1 buffer to decrease recoil. It’s fitted with a Magpul grip and buttstock and the M-LOK accessory-mounting system. SRP: $1,599. Booth #13662. (

Howa ➤ The

Kuiu Vias and Verde rifles from Howa are built on the leg-

endary 1500 action and are available in the most popular chamberings, with a 20-inch lightweight, 22-inch standard, or 24-inch magnum contour barrel. All metalwork is finished in a gunmetal-gray Cerakote finish, and the barreled action is pillar-bedded in a Hogue Overmold stock. Other features include a two-stage HACT trigger, a three-position safety, and sling swivel studs. SRP: $782 to $811. The Lithgow Arms LA101 Crossover rimfire rifle (available from Howa) comes in .22 LR, .17 HRM, and .22 Magnum, and features a Cerakote titanium-colored finish, a cold-forged barrel, an adjustable length of pull, a threaded muzzle, and a two-position safety, and is compatible with CZ 45 and 455 detachable magazines. SRP: $1,079. The German-made Webley & Scott semi-auto rimfire rifle from Howa has a 19-inch standard or bull barrel and is housed in a carbon-Kevlar stock. Features include a threaded muzzle, a 10-round detachable magazine, and an interchangeable Picatinny rail. SRP: $362 to $463. Booth #3036. (

SAVAGE Left to right: The new rimfire lineup includes the bolt-action B22 and the semi-auto A22.


POSSIBLE A small-frame pistol with a big personality. Taurus worked with PolyOne’s industrial design team to engineer the new Taurus SPECTRUM™ with next-generation ergonomics, comfort and style. Fresh Thinking. Smarter Designs. Advanced Polymer Materials.

For more idea inspiration, visit or call 1.866.POLYONE.

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REMINGTON The 700 Magpul is fitted with an adjustable Magpul hunting stock and a detachable magazine.

Mossberg ➤ Mossberg

has added two new MMRs to its line. The Tactical Optics Ready MMR is offered with or without a Vortex StrikeFire II red/green dot sight. This is an optics-ready AR15 that is shipped without open sights. It has a six-position stock, a forwardassist M-Lok handguard, a 1:8 twist barrel, and the new Mossberg JM Pro drop-in 4-pound trigger. SRP: $1,253 to $1,399. The other new MMR from Mossberg is the MMR PRO. This rifle is similar to the opticsready MMR but comes with an 18-inch, 1:8 twist 416 stainless barrel with a Silencerco ASR muzzle brake. SRP: $1,393. Mossberg has several additions to the Patriot line. First is the Patriot Predator, which comes in a synthetic, flat dark earth stock with a 22-inch barrel and threaded muzzle. It is available in .223, .243, .308, and 6.5 Creedmoor. SRP: $441. Two additional Patriots are available in .223: the Patriot Synthetic and Super Bantam. Both retail for $396. For those who love the value and performance of the Mossberg Patriot but would like a higher-end, dressed-up version, Mossberg is offering a Patriot Revere with high-grade walnut stock, rosewood grip and forend caps, and an upgraded blue finish. Finally, in addition to the Patriot Predator, four more Patriots will now be chambered for the 6.5 Creedmoor. Booth #12734.


Remington ➤ Four

new bolt-action rifles of note are available from Remington for 2017. The new 700 Magpul is a perfect cross between a hunting platform and a tactical platform, as its adjustability in the comb and length of pull allow for a perfect fit. In addition, the 22-inch heavy barrel is threaded for the addition of a silencer or other muzzle device. Another welcome feature is the detachable magazine. It’s available in .308 Win. and .260 Rem. SRP: $1,175. Continuing a 12-year-long run of CDL SF Limited rifles chambered in classic cartridges, this year you will see the rifle in .300 Weatherby Magnum. SRP: $1,225. Remington’s 700 AWR (American Wilderness Rifle) is a big-game rifle built for durability and accuracy. From the stainlesssteel-barreled action and a durable Cerakote coating to the 5R rifling and a durable and rigid stock, this rifle is one that can weather the elements. It replaces the XCRII line of 700s and is available in .270, .30/06, 7mm Magnum, and .300 Magnum. SRP: $1,150. An addition to Remington’s popular and affordable 783 line is a new rifle with a walnut stock. It will be available in .308, .270, .30/06, and 7mm Magnum. SRP: $499. Booth #14229. (


➤ The new 10-22 Takedown Lite from Ruger features a cold-ham-

mer-forged barrel tensioned in an aluminum-alloy barrel sleeve. It has a threaded muzzle and is fitted with a thread cap. Easy takedown enables quick separation of the barrel from the action for ease of transportation and storage. It also has the Ruger Modular Stock System with a low comb and standard length of pull, but it ships with an additional high-comb standard length-of-pull stock module. SRP: $659. Booth #11940. (


➤ Savage has big news for 2017 with the introduction of several MSR rifles. The new MSR 15 Patrol and MSR 15 Recon redefine the category, with the kind of tack-driving accuracy and seamless performance you’d expect from a Savage. Both have buttonrifled 16-inch barrels with 5R rifling, a long-lasting Melonite QPQ finish, and Savage’s trademark zero-tolerance headspace control. These rifles also feature the proven .223 Wylde target chambering and a standard gas system. SRP: $849, MSR 15 Patrol; $999, MSR 15 Recon. But Savage did not stop with the AR15 platform. The new MSR 10 Hunter and MSR 10 Long Range address some longstanding shortcomings of MSRs designed for larger cartridges. Both feature a compact AR10 design that feels and handles more like an AR15, and both utilize custom-forged uppers and lowers for a look unlike anything afield or on

the range. Available chamberings include the .308 Win. and 6.5 Creedmoor. The Hunter has a 16to 18-inch barrel, and the Long Range has a 20- or 22-inch barrel. SRP: $1,399, MSR 10 Hunter; $2,199, MSR 10 Long Range. Along more traditional hunting rifle lines, Savage is offering the 11/111 DOA Hunter. Available in many popular big-game chamberings, it has a black synthetic stock, a matte blue finish, Weaver Grand Slam rings, and a Bushnell Trophy Scope. SRP: $684. Savage line extensions include a purple version of the popular, youth-oriented Rascal rifle. SRP: $191. Also, stealing the modern and attractive looks of the Savage A17, Savage has added a .22 LR to the A series. SRP: $281. The B Series of rimfires is also getting a boost with the introduction of the B17, B22, and B22 Magnum boltaction rimfire rifles. They feature a new ergonomically designed stock with a higher comb, a toptang safety, and target-style and vertical pistol grips. All in all, the B Series includes a dozen new models in configurations that include heavy and suppressorready barrels. All B Series rifles feature a 10-round rotary magazine and the AccuTrigger. SRP: $281 to $413. Booth #14551. (


➤ Two 1886 rifles are new from Uberti for 2017. The first is the 1886 Lever Action Sporting in .45/70 with a 26-inch barrel, a col-


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1/4/17 11:39 AM

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12/7/16 1:35 PM


WEATHERBY The Vanguard Adaptive Composite rifle is intended for precision work. The Speedlock system is a quick and easy locking system for adjusting both length of pull and comb height.

or-case receiver, an octagonal match barrel, a walnut stock, and fully adjustable sights. SRP: $1,879. The other is the 1886 Lever Action Hunter Lite. It is also available in .45/70, but with a 22-inch, round, match-grade barrel and half-length magazine. SRP: $1,829. Booth #13656. (

Weatherby ➤ Last

year Weatherby announced a new bolt-action rifle designed just for women. It was called the Camilla, but it never made it to market. It is ready for delivery this year. It’s a good-looking rifle, ergonomically configured to fit women shooters. Available in four shortaction chamberings. SRP: $849. The heart of the Vanguard

Adaptive Composite (VAC) is the renowned Vanguard action. It is affixed to a composite target stock that features the Speedlock system, a quick and easy locking system for adjusting both length of pull and comb height. The full and lowered forend offers an improved grip for shooting while standing as well as a stud to which a bipod or a sling can be attached. Available with a threaded 20-inch #3 contour barrel, the VAC is chambered for the .223 Rem., 6.5 Creedmoor, or the .308 Win. SRP: $1,269. For 2017, Weatherby will be chambering the 6.5 Creedmoor in select Mark V rifles such as the Accumark, Accumark RC, Ultra Lightweight, Terramark, Terramark RC, Arroyo, Arroyo RC, Outfitter,

RRA 1911-A1 PS2300 Basic Limited Pistol

and the Outfitter RC. Booth #12729. (

Winchester Repeating Arms

➤ For 2017, the legendary Model 1866 lever-action is now available in a Grade I Short Rifle. The receiver, crescent buttplate, and forearm cap are brass with a bright-polish finish. Stock and forearm are Grade I American black walnut with a satin-oil finish. A folding ladder rear sight and Marble Arms gold bead front sight are standard. Available with a 20-inch barrel in .44-40 Win. and .38 Special. SRP: $1,299.99. The XPR Hunter Mountain Country Range bolt-action features a polymer stock in Mossy

Oak Mountain Country Range camo. Other features include an MOA trigger system, Perma-Cote matte-blued metal surfaces, a detachable box magazine, a steel recoil lug, a two-position thumb safety, and an Inflex Technology Recoil Pad. Available in all popular cartridges, from .243 to 338 Win. Mag. SRP: $599.99. Two new XPR Hunter Compact models are also being offered. The XPR Hunter Compact features a 13-inch length of pull. It will be offered for all popular short-action cartridges, from .243 Win to .325 WSM. SRP: $549.99. The XPR Hunter Compact Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo version has a suggested retail of $599.99. Booth #13329. (

RRA .45 ACP 1911 PISTOLS RRA’s legendary steel-framed 1911’s are back and performance-tuned for accuracy and reliability.

RRA 1911-A1 PS2000

1911 POLY PS5000




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12/14/16 5:01 PM

SHOTGUNS browning ’ s exquisite enhancement


iver johnson ’ s folding truck gun


mossberg sends out shockwaves


A World Of Choice

Smoothbore manufacturers place a premium on versatility By Richard Mann

b r o w n i n g The B15 over/under shotgun line has been exquisitely enhanced by the gunsmiths of Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal. These B15s will be offered in four grades, each with a choice of exceptional engravings and unparalled wood quality.


hotguns remain the most versatile firearms in the world, and versatility best explains the new offerings for 2017. Manufacturers are building new pursuit-driven shotguns and continuing to tweak current offerings to provide even more niche specialization of their products. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a get-in-the-duck-blindmud over/under or a behind-the-truck-seat compact scattergun, this year no one can argue there’s a lack of diversity in this category.

Benelli ➤

The 12-gauge Super Black Eagle 3 is available in black synthetic, Realtree Max-5, Mossy Oak Bottom Lands, and Gore Optifade Timber. This inertiadriven shotgun, which features

an oversize bolt handle, bolt release, and safety, is chambered for 2 ¾-, 3-, and 3 ½-inch shells. The shotgun ships with a carbon-fiber rib and five chokes, and either a 26- or 28-inch barrel. SRP: $1,899, black; $1,999,

camo. Booth #13656. (benelli. com)

Browning ➤

As Browning enters the fifth year of the High Grade

Program, it’s now offering a Citori 725 12-gauge Trap model in Grade V and Grade VII models. The Grade V will have either 30- or 32-inch barrels. SRP: $5,339.99. The Grade VII will also be available with 30- or

b e n e l l i The 12-gauge Super Black Eagle 3 is available in black syn-

thetic, Realtree Max-5, Mossy Oak Bottom Lands, and Gore Optifade Timber. This inertia-driven shotgun features an oversize bolt handle, bolt release, and safety, and can take 2 ¾-, 3-, and 3 ½-inch shells.


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1/3/17 3:44 PM



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11/30/16 3:24 PM


IVER JOHNSON Two new and interesting .410 shotguns from Iver Johnson should appeal to those looking for a behind-the-seat truck gun or a shotgun sized for youths. The IJ700-18 has an 18-inch barrel and is only 34 inches overall. It weighs just 4 pounds 8 ounces. It comes with a blued barrel, a silver receiver, a walnut stock and forend, a rubber buttpad, and sling swivels. Its most unusual feature is that it folds in half for storage and transport. The IJ700-26 is the same gun but with a 26-inch barrel and an overall length of 41.5 inches. SRP: $175. Booth #15553. (

i V e r J o H n s o n The new .410 IJ700 Iver Johnson shotgun folds in half, making it an ideal truck or camp gun. It is astoundingly light at 4 pounds 8 ounces, and it comes with a blued barrel, a silver receiver, a walnut stock and forend, a rubber buttpad, and sling swivels.

C Z - U s A The All-American (left) is a high-end competition gun. The

Swamp Magnum over/under (right) is built for the duck blind.

32-inch barrels. SRP: $6,399.99. Another addition to the smoothbore lineup includes a Citori 725 Sporting Golden Clays 12-gauge with either 30- or 32-inch barrels. It will have Sporting Golden Clays engraving on the right, left, and bottom of the receiver. SRP: $5,349.99. Browning will also be offering a B15 over/under shotgun that has been exquisitely enhanced by the gunsmiths of Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal. These B15s will be offered in four grades, with a choice of exceptional engravings and wood quality. Along those same lines is an A5 High Grade Hunter with special engraving that depicts pheasants on the left side and mallards on the right, surrounded by intricate scrollwork. The 12-gauge has 3-inch chambers and 26- or 28-inch barrels, and will be offered in a gloss finish with grade 2.5 walnut. SRP: $1,859.99. The A5 and Maxus Wicked Wing shotguns are semi-auto waterfowlers that feature receivers and barrels coated in a duckblind-mud- and water-resistant

Cerakote burnt bronze camo finish. Banded extended choke tubes, Briley extended bolt handles, and oversize bolt releases are standard, as are composite stocks in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo. Both 3- and 3½-inch models are available. SRP: $1,979.99, A5 Wicked Wing; $1,739.99, Maxus Wicked Wing. For those eaten up with claybusting craziness, the BT-99 Trap and Micro Trap come with adjustable buttplates and combs. Both feature a Graco Pro Fit adjustable comb and buttpad plate. The Micro version has a 13¾-inch LOP; the full-size version has a 14 ³⁄8-inch LOP. The Micro is offered with 30- or 32-inch barrels, and the full size can be had with 32- or 34-inch barrels. SRP: $1,799.99. The Cynergy Composite Ultimate Turkey over/under shotgun is available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo. This is a 12-gauge with a 3½-inch chamber, and it comes with either 24or 26-inch barrels. It has a Marble Arms Bullseye rear sight, a fiberoptic front sight, and a short


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1/3/17 3:44 PM

© 2017 O.F. Mossberg & Sons

ENGINEERED TO THE SPECS OF FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE. STAND AND SALUTE THE TACTICAL RIFLES from Mossberg.® We are America’s oldest family-owned firearms manufacturer and have been building dependable, hardworking rifles and shotguns since 1919. American built. American strong. ARM YOURSELF WITH MOSSBERG.





Safety Tip: Teach all members of your household the rules of safe firearm handling and STORAGE.

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12/5/16 3:20 PM


Picatinny rail to mount red-dot optics. Five Invector-Plus choke tubes, including the Extended Ultimate Turkey and Spreader, come with the shotgun. SRP: $2,339.99. Booth #10744. (

CZ-USA ➤ The

All-American—featuring drop-in replacement parts, including locking blocks—is the sporting clays half of the company’s Trap Combo. It has a four-way comb,

combined with adjustable buttplate hardware, that will allow you to tune cast, toe, and LOP for a perfect fit to your shooting style. AllAmericans fire the bottom barrel first, the purpose of which is to reduce recoil going into the second shot. Blacked-out extended chokes in a mid-thread pattern, a blackedout action, and select wood round out the package. SRP: $2,499. For competitors who want a nicer version of CZ’s affordable 612 Trap, the Target model has selectgrade wood with a glossy oil finish.

The metal gets a deep polished blue. With a tuned trigger system, raised rib, and comfortable Monte Carlo stock, this is a clay-killing machine. A set of extended chokes and a pair of Bradley-style white beads are standard. SRP: $549. For those wanting a light, classy pump gun to carry in the field, CZ has put together an ideal candidate. Built on a gauge-specific 7075 aluminum action, this 28-gauge has a deep glossy blue finish and selectgrade Turkish walnut. A set of interchangeable chokes lets you

tune constriction, and the full forend and pistol grip make this lithe shotgun feel like the shotgun gods have blessed you. With 28-inch barrels, the shotgun weighs a scant 5.4 pounds. SRP: $429. For those wanting to whack waterfowl with a vengeance, CZ’s Swamp Magnum is the shotgun with which to do so. The Swamp Magnum is the only over/under in the line that has an automatic safety that engages every time the action is opened, making it more duckblind-friendly. With polymer stocks


028_SHD01_PRD_SHG.indd 32

1/3/17 3:44 PM


s t o e g e r The M3000 Tactical can be had with either a field or pistol

grip and with an 18.5-inch barrel. This inertia-driven gun will accept 2 ¾- or 3-inch shells, and has a fixed Cylinder bore. The P3000 is a 12-gauge pump version with similar features.

in either black or Realtree Max-5 camo, and with all metalwork blacked out, these over/unders are ready for the mud, rain, blood, and tears for which duck blinds are famous. SRP: $929 to $1,029. Booth #11955. (

Escort ➤ The

Missione semi-auto is available in 20- or 12-gauge, with 3-inch chambers. The 28-inch barrels are chrome-plated, with a ventilated rib, a Hi-Viz Spark front

The Shockwave is an ATF-approved shotgun with a 14-inch barrel and an overall length of only 26 inches. This 12-gauge is built on the 590 action and features a Raptor grip and corncob forend with a strap. With a matte-blue finish and cylinder bore, the 590 Shockwave is a whole lot of wickedness in a defensive-style shotgun. SRP: $455. The 510 Mini Muddy Girl 410 might be the ideal shotgun for the young shooter who is looking for a bit of feminine flair in her first scattergun. It has an 18.5-inch barrel, a ventilated rib, and a fixed Modified choke. It is also adjustable for length of pull and is covered in the vibrant Muddy Girl camo. SRP: $469. The Mossberg Compact Cruiser AOW is available with an 8- or 10-inch barrel, an ATI T3 pistol grip and folding vertical handgrip with a strap, a parkerized finish, and a Cylinderbore choke. SRP: $910 to $980. Booth #12734. (

sight, a stainless receiver, and a Turkish walnut stock sporting rubber grip panel inlays. Sling swivels, five extended chokes, and a hard case come standard. SRP: $715. Booth #1425. (

Stevens ➤ Stevens

has made its 555 over/ under line even more versatile with the new 555 Compact. The stylish shotgun has a mid-length forend and a compact, 13.25-inch LOP, making it perfect for small-

m o s s b e r g The Shockwave is an ATF-approved 12-gauge

Cylinder-bore shotgun with a 14-inch barrel.



We changed the way the industry thinks about cleaning with our innovative Breech-to-Muzzle® portable systems. Now, we’re doing it again with a line of biodegradable chemicals formulated to the exact specifications of Otis engineers, offering your firearms next-generation protection that old formulations can’t match.

Learn about the full line of Otis chemicals at SHOT Show booth #14213.

028_SHD01_PRD_SHG.indd 33

1/3/17 3:44 PM


er-framed shooters. Like the original 555, it features a light aluminum receiver that’s scaled to gauge. In addition, it sports a Turkish walnut stock and forend, shell extractors, a manual safety, and a single, selective mechanical trigger. It ships with five interchangeable choke tubes. Available in .410, 28-, and 20-gauge. SRP: $692. Stevens is also offering an enhanced version of the original 555. It has an Imperial walnut stock and laser-engraved filigree ornamentation. It is available in .410, 28-, 20-, and 12-gauge. SRP: $863. Booth #14551. (

adjusted for cast, moved up or down, and tilts for a perfect fit. The Monte Carlo stock has an adjustable comb in Turkish walnut and is drilled for a recoil reducer. Weight is 8.8 pounds. SRP: $1,450. The Mono-Trap has a 34-inch barrel with porting and extended chokes. It features a Monte Carlo stock in Turkish walnut with an oil finish. A target rib with a fiber-optic sight is standard. The TT-15 MT is an ideal entry-level trap gun and ships with Modified, Improved Modified, and Full chokes. SRP: $1,035. Booth #15749. (tristararms.

w i n C H e s t e r The SXP Shadow Marine Defender (left) has a synthetic pistol grip. The SX4 Waterfowl comes with 3- or 3 ½-inch chambers.



➤ Three new 12-gauge shotguns make up Stoeger’s new entries for 2017. The M3000 Tactical can be had with either a field or pistol grip with an 18.5-inch barrel. This inertia-driven gun will accept 2¾- or 3-inch shells and has a fixed Cylinder bore. SRP: $599, field stock; $649, pistol-grip stock. The P3000 Tactical is a pumpaction 12-gauge available with a field or pistol-grip stock and an 18.5-inch barrel. It, too, will accept 2 ¾- or 3-inch shells, and it has a fixed Cylinder bore. SRP: $299, field stock; $349, pistol-grip stock. The P3500 12-gauge is offered in either black synthetic or Realtree Max5, with a 28-inch barrel. It will accept 2¾- or 3-inch shells, and has a red-bar front sight and a ventilated rib. Accessory chokes are available. Booth #13656.



t r i - s tA r The TT-15 DTA

(left) is very user-friendly. The Viper Max is a versatile turkey gun, available in camo or black synthetic.

➤ The Viper Max is designed to shoot 2¾-inch light target loads as well as 3.5-inch turkey loads. It features a two-piston system, and a light- and heavy-load piston are included with the gun. The spare piston stores in the top of the forearm so it is always with the gun. It is available in Realtree Max-5 with a 26-, 28-, or 30-inch barrel. A black synthetic version with a 28-inch barrel is an option. A fiber-optic sight and three choke tubes are included. SRP: $640 to $730. The Double Trap Adjustable (DTA) comes with 30-inch barrels, an adjustable high-post target rib, ported barrels, and colorcoded extended chokes. It also features a fully adjustable buttpad system that allows the shooter to change LOP. The buttpad can be

Winchester Repeating Arms

➤ The Super X4 12-gauge autoloader is based on the proven Active Valve gas system and offers enhanced ergonomics, with easier to access operating controls. It’s lighter and faster cycling than its predecessor. The shotgun is offered in four models—the SX4 Composite, SX4 Waterfowl, SX4 Field, and SX4 Field Compact— all with 3- or 3 ½-inch chambers. SRP: $799.99 to $939.99. The new SXP Shadow Defender and Shadow Marine Defender pump shotguns feature synthetic pistol-grip stocks with textured gripping surfaces and are supplied with two interchangeable comb pieces. Offered in 20- and 12-gauge, with 3-inch chambers, the alloy receivers are drilled and tapped for bases and rings, and a tactical ribbed forearm offers better control. The Marine Defender features matte hard-chrome plating on the barrel, magazine tube, and slide arms for added resistance to wear and the elements. Barrel length is 18 inches. A Cylinder choke tube is supplied. The 12-gauge Defender retails for $449.99, the 20-gauge for $469.99. The Marine Defender retails for $499.99 in 12-gauge, and $519.99 in 20-gauge. The new SXP Turkey pump shotgun is available in either 12or 20-gauge and features a composite stock and forearm in a matte black finish. The black alloy receiver is drilled and tapped for scope bases, and Truglo fiber-optic adjustable sights are standard. The 12-gauge version has a 3½-inch chamber with a 24-inch barrel. SRP: $439.99. The 20-gauge has a 3-inch chamber and 24-inch barrels. SRP: $439.99. Booth #13329.



028_SHD01_PRD_SHG.indd 34

1/3/17 3:44 PM

BC_055875_SBDD117P.indd 1

12/6/16 2:17 PM


Our legacy was born of fire and continues to burn with the mission to create our new line of 2017 gear designed to get you out there and keep your fire burning.

BC_056043_SBDD117P.indd 2

12/9/16 4:10 PM

T H E R E A R E T I M E S YO U N E E D A F I R E .

legendary products for people who love life outdoors. Come check out


BC_056043_SBDD117P.indd 3

BOOTH #13905

12/9/16 4:10 PM








B R O W N I N G The new Black Label 1911-22LR gray full-size and

compact models are available with or without a rail. The slides on both are machined aluminum, and the barrel has a gray anodized finish. Both come with fiber-optic sights.

Niche Market

Across-the-board demand, especially for anything 1911, is spurring some innovative designs By Richard Mann


ust as in 2015, handguns remained the top-selling firearms in America last year. We are continuing to see suppressorready variants, and these are not limited to centerfire handguns. The demand for new and varied 1911s remains strong, and one manufacturer has upped the ante with a high-grade line of custom revolvers. Although most of the innovation is occurring with polymer-framed handguns, the real news for 2017 is the niche specialization of various models.

Browning ➤ The

B R O W N I N G The Black Label 1911-380 Medallion Pro comes in full-size and compact versions, with stainless-steel slides and black frames.

Black Label 1911-380 Medallion Pro model, in full-size and compact versions, features a matte-black frame and a blackened stainless-steel slide with silver brush-polished flats. The grips are made of intricately checkered rosewood with a gold Buckmark. Barrel length on the full-size model is 4¼ inches; on the compact model, it’s 3 5∕8 inches. SRP: $799.99; $879.99 with night sights. Black Label 1911-22LR Medallion full-size and compact versions will also be offered with similar features for $669.99. The New Black Label 1911-

22LR Gray full-size and compact models are available with or without a rail. The slides on both are machined aluminum, and the barrel has a gray anodized finish. The frames are composite, with a machined 7075 aluminum subframe and slide rails. Sights are fiber-optic. SRP: $699.99; $719.99 with the rail. A Black Label 191122LR Medallion full size and compact will also be offered with similar features for $669.99. To keep up with the demand for suppressor-ready firearms, the new Buck Mark Field Target Suppressor Ready 22LR model will feature a heavy, round,


038_SHD01_PRD_HND.indd 38

1/3/17 4:11 PM

AT 40 US 22 T 1 SI # VI OTH BO


E L E C T RO - O P T I C S



MILSPEC - ADVANCED - INTUITIVE ROMEO4T™ is the ultimate sight for accurate target acquisition. Redesigned for 2017 to be “ruggedized” to meet MILSPEC demands, the Romeo4T™ is the only sight you’ll need. 4 integrated reticle options, (MOTAC) motion activated Illumination control, battery and solar - dual power system. Designed by SIG SAUER in Oregon and assembled in the USA.

Learn more at

BC_056037_SBDD117P.indd 1

12/9/16 2:18 PM


FN The FNS Compact offers the same features as the standard FNS models, but it has a 3.6-inch barrel and is designed to be snag-free for better concealment and a faster draw. The front sight also has a larger dot for faster target acquisition. The FNS Compact has a 12- or 17-round capacity, depending on the magazine used, weighs 23.4 ounces, and is 6.7 inches long. SRP: $599. Booth #13662. (

F N The 9mm FNS compact would

be ideal for snag-free concealedcarry. It also can share magazines with the full-size FNS.

5 ½-inch suppressor-ready barrel in matte blued finish. It also will offer an integral scope base with a Pro-Target rear sight and front blade sight. Grips are Cocobololaminated target. SRP: $599.99. The new Buck Mark Lite Flute UFX model will feature a 5½-inch steel barrel with an alloy sleeve and fluting in a matte blued finish. ProTarget rear sights and a Truglo/ Marble Arms fiber-optic front sight are standard. Grips are Ultragrip FX ambidextrous. SRP: $559.99. Booth #15537. (


C Z - U S A Top to bottom: The 805 Bren S1 Pistol is an interesting SBR

candidate; the new version of the P-09 is suppressor-ready, with a threaded barrel; the unique Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol; the SP-01 Phantom has been brought back due to popular demand.

➤ For 2017, Cimarron is offering five new single-action revolvers. The George S. Patton Engraved Model P has a 5.5-inch barrel and is chambered for .45 Colt. It is nickel-plated and laser-engraved, and has poly-ivory grips with Patton’s GSP insignia and a lanyard ring. SRP: $747.50. The Texas Ranger Engraved Model P has a 4.75-inch barrel and is chambered for .45 Colt. It has a nickel-plated finish and is also laser-engraved. The poly-ivory grips have the Texas Ranger insignia on both sides. SRP: $772.20. Cimarron’s Bad Boy is a singleaction revolver chambered for the .44 Magnum. It comes with a 6- or 8-inch octagonal barrel, a flat-top pre-war frame, adjustable sights, blue finish, and two-piece walnut

grips. Suggested retail: $570.70. The new Pistolero is a sleek, classically designed single-action for Old West firearms collectors or re-enactors and is chambered for the .45 Colt. It has a 4.75-inch barrel, with a blue finish and casehardened frame. It is also available in nickel. SRP: $484.65, blue; $552.15, nickel. The El Malo is a single-action Colt replica designed to be used by hunters, historic re-enactors, or Old West collectors. It’s chambered for the .45 Colt and is available with a 4.75-, 5.5-, or 7.5-inch octagonal barrel. It has the standard blue and case-hardened finish. SRP: $544.74. Booth #15335. (


➤ The 805 Bren S1 Pistol with its 11-inch barrel has proven a popular SBR candidate for customers wanting to convert it into an NFA firearm. Those who don’t wish to register with the ATF can equip it with CZ’s adapter kit, which allows easy installation of aftermarket arm braces. Chambered in .223 Remington/5.56 NATO, and now 300 Blackout, the pistol uses the STANAG magazine from the AR15/M16. Picatinny rails top and bottom mean it easily accepts optics and lights, and an effective two-port muzzle brake helps keep the pistol solidly on target and


038_SHD01_PRD_HND.indd 40

1/3/17 4:11 PM

BC_055883_SBDD117P.indd 1

12/7/16 11:50 AM


D A N W E S S O N The Valor Blue is a blued-steel version of Wesson’s popular Valor. It’s a Commandersized 1911 and comes in either 9mm or .45. It wears a set of red-and-black double-diamond G10 grips with polished flats and bead-blasted rounds. It also features a lowered and flared ejection port, a tactical beavertail, and an extended thumb safety.

reduces recoil and muzzle flip. SRP: $1,799 to $1,899. Falling somewhere between the Scorpion Pistols and Carbine, the EVO 3 S1 Pistol is perfectly set up for those who desire a two-stamp gun. The extended forearm will hide most suppressors and offers M-LOK attachment points. With a 7.7-inch barrel and a 5-inch flash can, the barrel is extended to just past the forend. A factory folding stock is an aftermarket option for this unique 9mm. SRP: $949. The latest addition to the CZ line of handguns is the P-10 C. This pistol is decidedly CZ, from the way it feels to the way it shoots. With the CZ grip angle, the P-10 avoids that brick-in-the-hand feeling that has plagued many in the striker-fired genre, allowing it to point naturally. Interchangeable backstraps allow it to fit a wide variety of hands. Designed to minimize creep and stacking, the P-10’s trigger breaks at a clean 4 to 4.5 pounds and rebounds with a short, positive reset. It has a fiber-reinforced polymer frame, a nitride finish, a generous trigger guard, and metal three-dot sights. Capacity is either 15+1 or 17+1,

MAKE YOUR RIFLE GREAT AGAIN. VISIT US AT BOOTH 16129 The world’s finest rifle barrels and lightweight shooting systems.

038_SHD01_PRD_HND.indd 42

1/3/17 4:11 PM

depending on the mag used. The CZ P10-C is available in 9mm Luger or .40 S&W, and a suppressor-ready variant is available in 9mm. SRP: $499 to $541. Loaded with features, but without all the flash of the Urban Grey series, the 9mm standard black P-09 Suppressor-Ready now comes with high night sights and extended magazine bases, in addition to the obligatory extended, threaded barrel. SRP: $629. A new addition to the P-09 is the Kadet Kit. It is a scaled-up version of the P-07 kit to fit on the longer P-09 frame. Topped with the new Shadow 2 serrated target sight and a rear height-adjustable-only sight, the P-09 Kadet Kit ships with two magazines. SRP: $249. Due to demand, CZ has brought back the SP-01 Phantom. This is essentially a polymerframed SP-01 Tactical, with interchangeable backstraps and mag compatibility with the standard 75 platform. The SP-01 Phantom has long been a favorite in the CZ community and has the distinction of being the current sidearm of the Czech Army. Starting from scratch, CZ engineers took the best features of the original Shadow and improved

upon them. The higher beavertail and an undercut trigger guard bring the shooter’s hand closer to the axis of the bore. Increased weight at the dust cover/rail helps keep the muzzle down during recoil. The Shadow 2’s swappable mag release has an adjustable, extended button with three settings to allow shooters to set it in the most comfortable position. The new trigger components provide a smooth DA and crisp and clean SA pull while drastically reducing trigger reset. Available only in 9mm. SRP: $1,299 to $1,399. Booth #11955. (cz-usa. com)

Dan Wesson

➤ The A2 stands as a testament to the most-copied pistol design in history. Drawing its lineage from the 1911 A1, the A2 and A2 Commander in .45 Auto are Dan Wesson’s vision of what the third generation of the military 1911 could have looked like. A lowered and flared ejection port, modern combat sights, a tactical beavertail, and an extended thumb safety, as well as a hint of undercutting to the trigger guard, make this one combat-ready pistol. The

A2 will be produced in limited numbers. SRP: $1,363. Customers have been asking for a blued-steel version of the Dan Wesson Valor. The new gun has the same features and attention to detail as its other stainless pistols, but it comes in a more traditional material and finish. Wearing a set of red-and-black double-diamond G10 grips with polished flats and bead-blasted rounds, the Valor Blue, in either 9mm or .45, is a classic beauty. SRP: $1,766. When police departments approached Dan Wesson to build a more reliable, durable 1911 to replace what they’d been carrying, the company developed a model just for them. The frame sports a Picatinny rail, 25-LPI checkering, an undercut trigger guard, and a recessed slide stop. This pistol is equipped with an ambidextrous thumb safety, an extended magazine release, and a detachable twopiece mag well. It’s finished off with a set of G10 grips and either a matte stainless or black Duty finish. Available in either 9mm or .45 Auto. SRP: $1701 to $2,012. A fully stainless take on the Commander-length slide with an Officer-sized frame, the Pointman Carry is easily concealed and also

IVER JOHNSON The Pocket Ace is a new derringer from Iver Johnson. It is chambered for .22LR and is a four-barrel single-action pistol. Made in the U.S., it is built from stainless steel and has a rotating firing pin, an integrated ambidextrous safety, and a 2-inch barrel. Overall length is 4 inches, and it has an unloaded weight of 7 ounces. Booth #13162. (iver


The Pocket Ace is a four-barreled, single-action derringer that is chambered for .22 LR.

N I G H T H AW K C U S T O M Available in .38 Special/.357 Magnum, the

Korth Super Sport can be ordered with a pre-fitted 9mm Luger cylinder. The Korth Sky Hawk (inset) is a compact 9mm revolver intended for concealed-carry and personal protection.


038_SHD01_PRD_HND.indd 43

1/3/17 4:12 PM


incredibly comfortable to shoot. With features closely mirroring the full-size Pointman Nine, its reduced grip length makes it disappear under even thin cover garments, and its 9mm chambering makes recoil nearly non-existent. SRP: $1,597. Equipped with a Trijicon RMR and with an extended, threaded barrel, the Fury is a double-stack beast begging to be unleashed on paper and steel. Chambered in 9mm or 10mm, capacities are 18+1 and 14+1, respectively. It also has a crisp, super-short-reset Elite Series trigger job. SRP: $4,899. Booth #11955. (

R E M I N G T O N The reintroduced R51 is available with a Crimson Trace Laserguard. Its low-bore axis helps

tame +P 9mm recoil, and its snag-free profile makes it ideal for covert carry and personal protection.

Nighthawk Custom ➤ Nighthawk

has teamed with a German revolver manufacturer to offer a line of wheel guns that deliver the impeccable quality and precision that customers have come to expect from Nighthawk. Since the 1950s, Korth has been the premier revolver manufacturer in Europe. These marvelously machined wheel guns are built just north of Frankfurt. Their triggers

Many pursue excellence. We define it.

Rangemaster CRF 2000-B and 1600-R: extended, precise LoS ranging and onboard ballistics

Visus: a classic masterpiece and iconic design

At Leica, the only thing we’ve ever pursued is elevating the standard for sport optics performance and excellence. We’ve done exactly that with our new lineup of Rangemaster compact rangefinders, Geovid HD Edition 2200 rangefinding binoculars, Noctivid binoculars, and Visus and Magnus i riflescopes. Each

038_SHD01_PRD_HND.indd 44

Noctivid: our best binoculars ever

Geovid HD-B and HD-R Edition 2200: innovation, extended ranging and onboard ballistics

Magnus i: the pinnacle of performance

reaching beyond what was ever thought possible, each elevating Leica’s own definition of sport optics “excellence.” See for yourself our new standards of sport optics excellence. Booth 12519.

1/3/17 4:12 PM

BC_055807_SBDD117P.indd 1

12/2/16 4:11 PM


Magnum revolver like this, they’d have thought they’d died and gone to doughnut heaven. But the Super Sport is not just a pistol for old cops; this thing is ready to compete head-to-head with any handgun made. It comes with Picatinny rails and a four-way adjustable front sight that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. A prefitted additional cylinder for the 9mm Luger can be ordered. SRP: $4,799. Booth #12579. (


R E M I N G T O N The RP is a very

affordable, high-capacity, polymer-framed striker-fired pistol. It is available in either 9mm or .45 Auto.

TAURUS The Curve now comes with a brighter Viridian red laser and light, boasts a longer battery life, and has a strobe mode. It also has an instant-on mode integrated into the trigger shield. The Curve offers shooters a complete light/laser/pistol system out of the box. It weighs 13 ounces and is only 5.2 inches long. SRP: $419. Booth #14240. (

TA U R U S The Curve is now

available with a brighter Viridian red laser. It also has an instant-on mode.

are so smooth and stack-free, they’ll make your knees weak. Initially, Nighthawk will be offering three of these revolvers, which have been configured to Nighthawk specifications. The Sky Hawk is a compact six-shot revolver chambered for 9mm Luger, but neither half- nor full-moon clips are required. Every part is machined from billet steel or aluminum, and it’s available with a 2or 3-inch barrel. A gold bead front sight, Hogue grips, hard-coated frame, a TSA-approved travel case, a cleaning rod, a grip-removal tool, lubricating oil, a lanyard, and a proprietary speed loader are standard. SRP: $1,699. The Mongoose is a six-shot duty-size fighting revolver, available with either a 3-, 4-, 5 ¼-, or 6-inch barrel. Like the Sky Hawk, all parts are fully machined, and the handgun is available with either a black or silver finish. With its ergonomically designed and easy-to-access cylinder release, and its skeletonized, high-speed hammer, this .38 Special/.357 Magnum revolver will amaze you with the precision you can deliver on target. A pre-fitted additional cylinder for the 9mm Luger can be ordered. SRP: $3,499. Had old-time police PPC shooters seen a .38 Special/.357

➤ The R1 10mm Hunter Long Slide is a handgun built with the hunter in mind. From the accurate, 6-inch, match-grade barrel to the match-quality, fully adjustable sights, Picatinny rail, and VZ Operator II G10 grips, this pistol will get the job done at distance. SRP: $1,310. The Remington 1911 R1 Limited is a handcrafted version of the most trusted pistol platform in history, with all the features today’s top competitors demand. Accuracy and speed are key in competition, and with the Limited’s matchgrade trigger and barrel, wide serrations, and ambidextrous thumb safety levers, it is race-ready right out of the box. Available in 9mm or .40 S&W, the Limited has fully adjustable match sights, G10 grips, and a PVD finish. SRP: $1,250. As the name implies, the Remington R1 Tactical is a fighting pistol. It comes with a Trijicon rear sight, a beveled oversize ejection port, a PVD finish, a Trijicon front sight, an ambidextrous safety, checkered mainspring housing, a stainless match barrel, a Picatinny rail, VZ G10 grips, and two 8-round magazines. SRP: $1,250. Re-engineered and reintroduced, the Remington R51 has the same appeal for personal protection and concealed carry as it did two years ago. Its low-bore axis helps tame +P 9mm recoil, and its snag-free profile makes it ideal for covert carry. The single-action design allows for one of the best triggers in its class, and at $448, it will not break the bank. A version of the R51 with a Crimson Trace Laser Guard is available for $648. The big pistol news from Big Green is the new RP high-capacity, striker-fired polymer pistol. Available in 9mm or .45 Auto, with a respective capacity of 18+1 or 15+1, this is a seriously sized duty pistol with a very slim grip profile. At 26.4 ounces total weight, the balanced slide helps control muzzle rise and makes the 9mm version


038_SHD01_PRD_HND.indd 46

1/3/17 4:12 PM

Featuring Accubond CT ÂŽ


With its bonded, polymer tip bullet, Expedition Big Game provides the tough, accurate, and deep penetrating hunting performance that is perfect for use on big game.

Check out the Winchester Ballistics Calculator on Accubond is the registered trademark of Nosler, Inc.

BC_055572_SBDD117P.indd 1

11/28/16 2:40 PM


R U G E R The LCP II has been upgraded.

It now has a larger grip surface, an easy-to-rack slide, and better sights.


possibly the smoothest-shooting duty-size pistol on the market. The RP is also affordable. SRP: $489. Booth #14229. (


The Schmeisser SLP-9 9mm is a strikerfired pistol imported from Germany. Its special DARE System (Double Action Rapid Engagement) resets the firing pin after a 3mm release of the trigger. This allows fast precision taps after the first round has been fired in DA. The SLP-9 also allows for multiple trigger pulls in the event of a misfire, and the bore axis is extremely low to help with recoil reduction and fast follow-up shots. The 17-round magazines, with capacitycheck indicators, are made of anti-corrosive steel with a special anti-friction coating and a high-impact polymer floor-plate. The ambidextrous magazine-release catch can be pushed from either side, allowing use for both leftand right-handed shooters. This is a well-thought-out 9mm pistol, with lots of features that should endear it to duty or personal protection service. Booth #16154. (

➤ Ruger’s LCP II features a short, crisp, singleaction trigger with an inner trigger safety, improved sights, a larger grip surface, an easyto-rack slide, and an improved slide-stop mechanism with last-round hold-open. The LCP II comes with a pocket holster and holds 6+1 rounds of .380 ammunition. SRP: $349. The striker-fired American Compact features a trigger with a short take-up and positive reset. It has a modular grip system, can be fieldstripped easily, and has an ambidextrous slide stop and magazine release. SRP: $579. The new Mark IV is a revised version of the ever-popular Mark III. The Mark IV is available in Target and Hunter versions, and its most notable feature is how easy it is to take apart. It has a simple, one-button takedown for quick and easy fieldstripping. A recessed button in the back of the frame allows the upper receiver to tilt up and off the grip frame without the use of tools. Booth #11940. (


➤ The 1858 New Army Buffalo Bill Commemorative .44-caliber limited-edition Black Powder has an 8-inch barrel, blue finish, and simulated ivory grips. It is a replica of the 1858 Remington carried by Buffalo Bill. It also has ornate handchased floral engraving on all external components, and a gold inlay on either side of the barrel carries the Western hero’s name and significant dates. SRP: $1,049. Booth #13656. (

038_SHD01_PRD_HND.indd 48

1/3/17 4:12 PM

Your Voice in Washington Political Action Committees (PACs) are an extremely effective tool in educating our members and contributing to the success of candidates who share our point of view. The NSSF PAC’s purpose is to support the election of candidates who, as elected officials, will make the best decisions for you and the future you share with NSSF. It enables us to participate in the public policy debates and work for outcomes that protect the rights of our companies and its employees.





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12/9/16 1:27 PM










Boots on the Ground

This year should see steady demand for new footwear


By Peter B. Mathiesen lthough the presidential election did nothing for boot traffic in 2016, the weather did manage to keep turns moderately above average. Most footwear retailers kept their inventory tight and were able to clear shelves by the holidays, creating a strong need for product in 2017. One big trend—safety footwear that is morphing over to hunters— gained traction again in 2016, and the selection continues to improve.

On other fronts, military and law-enforcement contracts were flat while domestic boot production was steady in the higherpriced sporting and work-related categories. European manufac-

turers struggled with a declining Euro, but they stayed in the black with lower production and raw-material costs. Here’s a look at what’s newer, lighter, and ready to sell.

Arctic Shield ➤ The

windproof and water-resistant Arctic Shield Boot Insulators, which slip on over boots, use the company’s Retain heat-retention technology to keep feet warm and

toasty in cold weather. Constructed with a polyester shell and liner, the insulators are so lightweight and packable, they will easily roll up and fit into a coat pocket or backpack. Other features include durable

G E O R G I A B O O T S The FLXPoint Series of waterproof work boots

is designed to deliver greater flexibility and comfort, along with features required for on-the-job safety. Available as a 6-inch or 8-inch hiker and a 10-inch Wellington.


050_SHD01_PRD_FOOT.indd 50

1/4/17 11:48 AM

Now equipped with the patented Triggertech Trigger Control System, Barnett’s re-designed 2017 lineup allows you to squeeze off smooth and lethal shots every time. • Frictionless Release Technology • Anti-Dry Fire Protection • Responsive to Pulls of Just 3 lbs.


BC_055523_SBDD117P.indd 1

12/21/16 2:47 PM


YKK locking zippers, speed clips to easily attach to your pack or bag, and an adjustable draw cord at the top of the boot insulator to cinch up around your ankle. Available in Realtree Xtra camo in sizes Small through 2X Large. SRP: $59.99. Booth #1143.

B O G S The Bozeman Camo uses seamless construction to reduce weight. The rubber exterior is laminated over a four-way-stretch inner bootie.


Bogs ➤ The

Bozeman Camo uses seamless construction that helps reduce overall weight by 30 percent. The rubber exterior is handbuilt and laminated over a fourway stretch inner bootie made from 7mm Neo-Tech waterproof neoprene insulation. The footbed features dual-density EVA and DuraFresh for optimal comfort, and the interior is lined with Bogs Max-Wick to absorb sweat. The outsole uses rebound technology to provide comfort, and the non-marking and self-cleaning BioGrip chemical and slipresistant tread helps shed gravel and mud. There is a stabilizer with a dual insole that adapts well to multiple foot widths to provide underfoot support. It is also completely waterproof and comfort rated to -72 degrees F. Sizes 8 to 14. SRP: $250. Booth #10132. (

Browning ➤ New

from the ground up, The Buck Shadow is available in three insulation options—uninsulated, 400-gram Thinsulate, and 800gram Thinsulate models. Depending on the insulation selected, this lightweight boot is ideal for nearly all types of hunting, from a backcountry hunt to cool days sitting in the treestand. OutDry technology keeps the boots waterproof, and the proprietary Silent Cell single-injected midsole provide a long-lasting underfoot cushion with improved rebound and superior collapse

resistance. The exclusive SymmPlate integrated external shank helps keep the boot steady and more stable over rough terrain, especially when you’re carrying a pack. The exterior uses TecTuff performance leather wrapped around the toe bumper and heel of

5.11 Using 5.11’s Speed 3.0 Jungle outsole, the Cable Boot adapts well to rock, concrete, and uneven surfaces. The triple-stitched reinforced rubber toe and Kevlar panels offer protection and enhance durability. The exterior is sewn with Rough Out cow suede leather. The interior uses a Slipstream low-friction anti-microbial lining for moisture control, along with a supportive Ortholite X-40 footbed. Available in Storm and Dark Coyote, in regular widths 4, 5, 6-12, 13, 14, 15, and in wide 7-12, 13. SRP: starts at $139.99. Booth #13162. (

the boot for added protection. The Buck Shadow will be available in four camo patterns: Mossy Oak Country, Realtree Xtra, ATACS AU, and ATACS FG. Sizes include 7 to 13. SRP: Starts at $179. Booth #10744. (

Danner ➤ The

Powderhorn offers a rugged, full-grain leather upper and Gore-Tex liner for waterproof protection. The tongue includes a mesh layer to better regulate temperature and airflow while wicking moisture away from the foot. Multi-density foam around the ankle area aids cushioning and support, and the Bi-Fit integrated shank system improves firmness in the heel and allows for improved flexibility in the forefoot. The Powderhorn features Danner’s classic stitch-down construction for extra durability and stability in any terrain. In addition, the deep-lugged Powderhorn outsole provides superior traction and adaptability no matter where the hunt leads. The Powderhorn will feature a non-insulated model as well as a


050_SHD01_PRD_FOOT.indd 52

1/3/17 4:28 PM






MEOTAC 3-12x50 RD

The new MEOTAC ® 3-12x50RD 34mm riflescope delivers unequalled clarity, accuracy and confidence in combat to tactical missions to serious range work. MeoLux coatings bring 99.8% transmission per lens surface while an RD illuminated mildot gives a clear tactical advantage in close quarter, mid-range and long-range engagements in daylight or dead of night. Robust Z-Stop turrets, side focus parallax adjustment and integrated illumination control are mounted on the center cube for lightning quick adjustments when the clock is ticking down. When it’s all on the line... go on offense. TM


BC_056028_SBDD117P.indd 1

@ meoptaUSA

w w w.meoptaspor


1- 80 0 - 828 - 8928

12/9/16 1:57 PM


IRISH SETTER Featuring EnerG technology underfoot, the VaprTrek LS delivers comfort and sustained support via an energyreturning core sandwiched between layers of EVA and TPU dualdensity midsole. The Anti-Torsion chassis— along with a rubber outsole with multi-tiered lugs—delivers superior support on uneven or rocky ground. The selfcleaning lugs shed debris with every step. A contoured last mirrors the wearer’s foot shape for excellent fit. Lace-to-toe eyelets help customize the fit. The uppers provide comfort and performance features, including quickdry linings that wick away foot moisture, UltraDry waterproofing for long-lasting protection, a memory foam collar for instant comfort, a Cushin Comfort Tongue that provides comfort in the shin area, and ScentBan scent control that eliminates odors within the boot. Armatec technology adds durability and abrasion resistance in high-wear areas on the heel and toe. The boots are offered in 7- and 9-inch heights with noninsulated and 400-gram options. Available in Realtree Xtra camo pattern. Sizes: 8 to 14 D, 8 to 12 EE, 13 and 14. SRP: starts $179.99. Booth #10047. (irishsetter

R I D G E Expanding on

recent improvements to the Dura-Max collection, the 8-inch Non-Zip in Coyote Brown is ideal for publicsafety professionals as well as active outdoorsmen. The collars and shafts now have more built-in flexibility for added comfort.

400-gram and an 1,000-gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation version. Sizes: 7-12, 13, and 14. SRP: $239.95 to $269.95. Booth #10770. (

Georgia Boots

➤ The FLXPoint Series is composed of waterproof work boots designed to deliver greater flexibility and comfort, along with features required for on-the-job safety. Available as a 6-inch or 8-inch hiker and a 10-inch Wellington, the boots are made from supple SPC leather with flexible Strobel construction. The collar is generously padded while the interior mesh displaces moisture. A CC6 Comfort Core footbed delivers the stability and comfort required for long days on hard surfaces. The outsole is oiland slip-resistant rubber with an abrasion-resistant heel. Choose either a soft or composite toe.

Sizes: D, 7 to 12 EE, 8 to 13. SRP: $169.99 to $189.99. Booth #11340. (


➤ One of Haix’s most popular selling boots, the Airpower R1, will get an update for 2017. The new Airpower XR2 will sport less weight and a more comfortable footbed. It will also feature Haix’s new ultralight composite safety toe. This generous toe box won’t sacrifice safety. The super-comfortable and supportive insoles use a built-in arch support that helps reduce fatigue. Just like the R1, the Airpower XR2 is NFPA-certified 1999-2013 as well as ASTM and CAN/CSA for toe protection, puncture, and electrical hazards. It is also NFPAcertified for emergency medical operations. There’s a breathable, waterproof Crosstech inner liner that’s also chemical and blood-

borne-pathogen resistant. Other features include a climate system for temperature balance with sun-reflect leather to keep feet cooler. A lacing system with a center zipper offers quick on and off. The side lacing allows subtle adjustments to meet the needs and unique sizing of the wearer. The heat-resistant EH-rated rubber sole is puncture-protective. Sizes range from 6 medium to 14 wide in half sizes. SRP: $299. Booth #20158. (

Kenetrek ➤ The

Bridger Ridge Run race, one of the most technical, grueling trail races in the world, requires runners to negotiate 20 miles of unforgiving terrain. Named for the race, the new Bridger Ridge Light Hikers are lightweight (just 2 pounds per pair), yet incredibly supportive. The boots use a waterproof,


050_SHD01_PRD_FOOT.indd 54

1/4/17 11:48 AM

Focused On

Precision NEW


Experience Nikon’s Specialized Optics and Reticle Systems at SHOT Booth 11221

Become Undeniable. All Nikon trademarks are the property of Nikon Corporation.

BC_056237_SBDD117P.indd 1

12/15/16 10:28 AM


R O C K Y The Hunt Maxx is a

rugged, durable, and comfortable hunting boot designed to keep feet warm and dry in cold and wet conditions.

that locks the foot into the heel pocket to avoid slippage. Circumferential ventilation channels run vertically along the rear two-thirds of the shaft of the sock from the welt down to the heel and arch areas. The micro channels help increase airflow and reduce heat buildup by allowing air to circulate in and out of boots. Hexagonal-patterned knitting in the high-impact and abrasion zones around the forefoot and above and below the heel, including the lower Achilles, provides abrasion resistance. The targeted areas with the hexagonal pebble design also feature full-density cushioning to help defend against abrasion. The midweight style has additional full-density cushioning in the shaft of the sock. Offered in crew height in desert tan and black. SRP: starts at $24.50. Booth #10740. (


breathable Event Membrane, have extra padded uppers, and double stitching throughout. Heavy-duty toe bumpers and reinforced “K” straps tie into the supportive footbed for increased stability. Depending on the level of support needed, the boots, which were designed and tested in Bozeman, Montana, are available in men’s and women’s high and low versions. The low is a perfect warmweather boot, and with a good sock will stretch into three seasons. Meanwhile, the high has a water-

proof, breathable Event Membrane to keep you dry in wet conditions. Sizes: 8 to 11.5 in whole and half, 12, 13, and 14 in whole medium widths. SRP: starts at $125.99. Booth #1318. (

Farm to Feet

➤ Along with the company’s classic construction, including a seamless toe closure and 100 percent American materials, the new Fayetteville sock uses micro-channel circumferential ventilation

and hexagonal reinforcement for improved comfort. Made with ultra-soft 19.5-micron U.S. merino wool on a 200-needle-knitting machine, the Fayetteville provides the comfort of a thicker sock, but in a lightweight package. The Lycra fiber knit-woven into the skeleton ensures the sock stays in place while at the same time providing muscle support and a comfort compression fit. Running from the top of the sock through the bottom of the arch, the Lycra fiber creates a snug fit

➤ LaCrosse Footwear has partnered with Sitka Gear to introduce the Alphaburly Pro, the first rubber hunting boots in Gore Optifade Elevated II and Waterfowl Marsh patterns. Built with natural, hand-laid rubber over insulating neoprene, the boot combines durable comfort and scent-free protection. An embossed neoprene liner increases air circulation to regulate foot temperature in cold or heat, making the boot ideal for a variety of seasons and end uses. The cushioning EVA midsole and unique outsole pattern are designed to shed mud and debris. The new Alphaburly Pro will feature a non-insulated and 800gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation. The Alphaburly Pro Gore Optifade Waterfowl Marsh will be available in 1,600-gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation. Sizes: 6-15, whole only. SRP: $169.99 to

THOROGOOD Located in Merrill, Wisconsin, Thorogood Shoes will celebrate 125 years of footwear manufacturing this year. This footwear, work, and outdoors manufacturer is one of just a handful of “Made in USA” production factories left in America. The new Omni series boot is a multi-purpose classic crossover boot that’s perfectly suited for the job site or when stalking whitetails. Sporting a trial 30-day comfort warranty, the boot uses Gore-Tex waterproof protection with a removable, military-grade PU footbed. The direct-attach construction and dual-density PU Omni outsole grips slick surfaces as well as treestand grates. There is generous padding on the tongue and drop back collar, making climbing more comfortable. The Omni series is available in a 6- and an 8-inch style. Options include non-insulated and insulated (200 grams and 600 grams of Thinsulate Ultra) versions. Sizes: medium and wide widths, 8-12, 13, 14, with Mossy Oak Breakup. SRP: starts at $189. Booth #20040. (


050_SHD01_PRD_FOOT.indd 56

1/3/17 4:28 PM

National Shooting Sports Foundation¨

Thank You! The American people have spoken. We have elected a president pledged to protect the Second Amendment and a Congress that will respect our hunting and shooting sports traditions and that will protect the lawful commerce in firearms. We thank all those Americans who supported NSSF’s 2016 #GUNVOTE voter education and registration initiative. You should know that we remain steadfast in our mission to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.


BC_055982_SBDD117P.indd 1

12/9/16 1:28 PM


$199.99. Booth #10770.



Lowa ➤ The

new Tibet GTX Superwarm combines Lowa’s top-of-the-line backpacking boot design with a new Vibram Mottarone Arctic Grip slip-resistant sole. This feature-laden boot is ideal for carrying a large pack while hunting over rugged terrain in cold and icy weather. A water-repellent Nubuck and buffalo upper is lined with Gore-Tex Duratherm for waterproof performance and breathability, and PrimaLoft 400 insulation provides increased warmth. The outsole is crampon and snow spike compatible, and is combined with a PU midsole package. The shaft offers maximum ankle support, and a rubber rand increases durability and abrasion resistance. The boot also features Lowa’s patent-pending FlexFit/ Tongue Stud, Balance Insole, Climate Control System, C4 Comfort Tongue System, AWP (Asymmetric Walking Position), and I-Lock. Sizes: 7.5 to 12 D, 13, 14, 15. SRP: $435. Booth #10232. (lowa-

Muck Boots ➤ Available

summer 2017, waterproof Arctic Vortex AG in Mossy Oak Country Muck Boots feature Vibram’s Arctic Grip on the outsole, a new groundbreaking sole technology that grips slick surfaces for safer traction. Arctic Grip is the most advanced coldweather gripping system Vibram has ever created, allowing hunters to tread up steep, mountainous terrain with confidence. The 8mm of CR Foam and a fleece lining wrapped in a soft rubber outer layer will help keep feet warm

W O LV E R I N E The Vortex, through its Vibram Arctic Grip

technology, offers unparalleled grip on slippery, wet ice. Wolverine’s EPX anti-fatigue technology also brings comfort to support feet on the longest days.

and dry, even in extreme cold. (The boot is rated to –60 degrees.) Finished in Realtree Xtra. Sizes: 7-15, whole only. SRP: $189.95. Booth #10951. (


➤ Expanding

on recent improvements to its popular Dura-Max footwear collection, Ridge introduces an all-new boot, the 8-inch Non-Zip in Coyote Brown, ideal for public safety professionals and the active outdoorsman. The collars and shafts of the Coyote now have more built-in flexibility for added comfort and freedom of movement. AirWater vents in the uppers allow for breathability and quick drying, and the outsoles have been upgraded and are completely stitched to the uppers for improved durability. Sizes 4-11.5 and 12-15. Sizes: wide 6-11.5, 12-14. SRP: $104.50. Booth #20021.


Rocky ➤ The

L O WA The Tibet GTX Superwarm features a new Vibram Mottarone Arctic Grip slip-resistant sole.

Hunt Maxx is a rugged, durable, and comfortable hunting boot designed to keep feet warm and dry in cold and wet conditions. It does so through a new waterproof technology, Rocky Waterproof VP. The membrane carries a one-year guarantee. For all-day comfort, the Hunt Maxx boots use a padded pigskin leather collar along with Rocky’s Energy Bed insole

with memory foam. The boots are wrapped in full-grain leather, and 900-denier nylon with protective molded rubber toe and heel guards provides extreme durability. The 8-inch boots feature 800 grams of Thinsulate Ultra insulation and are available in Rocky’s proprietary Venator camo pattern. Sizes 8-11.5 D and EE, 11-13. SRP: starts at $209.99. Booth #11340. (

Wolverine ➤ The

Vortex, through its Vibram Arctic Grip technology, offers unparalleled grip on slippery, wet ice. Wolverine’s EPX anti-fatigue technology brings comfort to support feet on the longest days while working on hard surfaces like concrete. The boot also features the Boa lacing system, a glove-like fit that is quick to adjust and is extremely durable. The upper is crafted with premium waterproof leather welded to a molded TPU shell. There is a breathable waterproof membrane with a moisture-wicking mesh lining, a removable Dual-Density PU EPX Anti-Fatigue footbed, and an ultralight compressionmolded EVA midsole. A nylon shank provides additional support. The boot is wrapped in 600-gram Thinsulate Ultra Insulation for warmth. Sizes include 7-12 M, 13, 14, and 7-12, 13 Extra Wide. SRP: starts at $200. Booth #10340.

(wolverinebootsandshoes. com)

Vertx, a tactical and outdoor brand of apparel and gear, and Last Shadow, manufacturer of night-vision and thermal-optic equipment, have teamed to offer the 2017 SHOT Show Giveaway Package. The package includes an all-expenses-paid, three-day, two-night experience in Texas. The package, valued at more than $10,000, includes a nighttime ground hog hunt using night-vision optics, a two-hour helicopter hog hunt, and a nighttime bowfishing experience. The package also includes use of guns and unlimited ammo. “On behalf of the Vertx team, we’re very excited to offer such a unique experience,” says Darrell Morrow, vice president of Vertx. “Much like the brand itself, our giveaway represents our objective of innovating in all aspects of our business with input from end users. The experience we’re offering is a testament to that objective. I’m proud to partner with Last Shadow, on this giveaway. “For the night ground hunt, Last Shadow will provide you and your guest with the latest night-vision and thermal-optic equipment, and train you to use it. You will then traverse the Texas landscape in search of hogs. The helicopter hog hunt is one of the most popular hunting experiences in the world. Hunting hogs from a helicopter doesn’t compare to anything else. The package includes use of guns and unlimited ammo.” “I have been a Vertx customer for a number of years and know they have a great product line,” says Barrett Blume, owner of Last Shadow. “That’s why I was excited for the opportunity to work with them on their 2017 SHOT Show giveaway. The experience that we have built with the Vertx team is one that will truly be unique and remembered by the winner.” You can enter the giveaway (once) through the website ( or stop by the Vertx booth and place five entries. Booth #126. Vertx is a premier tactical and outdoor brand for the modernday prepared professional. Vertx designs world-class apparel, bags, and packs that are created by best-in-class designers to combine a low visual profile with superior functionality. Since its inception in 2009, Vertx has earned the trust of the nation’s top operators for exceptional performance, fit, and durability.


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1/3/17 4:28 PM

KF Series

New for 2017! Pocket size 24mm Model. Compact roof prism body structure allows for easy carrying and transporting. Fully multi-coated optics ensure maximum light transmission (applies to 42mm, 32mm & 24mm models only). Phase correction-coated prisms enhance resolution and contrast (applies to 42mm, 32mm & 24mm models only). Precise center focus feature makes it possible to bring details into sharp focus with just a movement of the finger. Impact resistant, high-quality aluminum housing and O-Ring Sealed Construction Allows for Use in Adverse Weather Conditions.

Visit us at booth 531 FUJIFILM, FUJINON, VALUE FROM INNOVATION, and PROFESSIONALLY RENOWNED OPTICS are trademarks of FUJIFILM Corporation and its affiliates. Š 2017 FUJIFILM North America Corporation and its affiliates. All rights reserved.

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11/30/16 4:13 PM

f e at u r e s

4-H Benefits From Historic Pledge


nvesting in youth shooting programs promises to deliver a big payoff down the road. That’s why it’s so important for the shooting sports industry to support programs that help develop the next generation of shooters and hunters. One organization that has long helped steer the youth of America in the right direction is 4-H, the youth development and outreach program of the nation’s land-grant universities. It is designed to help young people develop knowledge, skills, and abilities that will benefit them, their families, and their communities throughout their lives. Participants in the National 4-H Shooting Sports Program learn marksmanship, safe and responsible use of firearms, and the principles of hunting and archery, in addition to leadership and citizenship skills. Last fall, Honey Brake, a hunting lodge in Jonesville, Louisiana, pledged $1 million to the Louisiana 4-H to permanently fund educational trips and camps. Honey Brake representatives Tack Robinson and Drew Keeth visited the LSU campus to sign an agreement for the largest donation from a single donor in the history of the Louisiana 4-H program. Honey Brake hosted the Louisiana 4-H annual Guns and Gumbo fundraiser over the summer, stepping up to the plate after the original event site became inaccessible due to high Mississippi River levels. “Louisiana 4-H serves more than 200,000

4-H is dedicated to providing a variety of shooting opportunities for young sportsmen.

youths annually, and Honey Brake breathed new life into our biggest fundraising event,” says Paul Coreil, LSU AgCenter vice chancellor emeritus and chair of the Guns and Gumbo committee. “Now they’re making history again with this pledge.” The LSU AgCenter operates the Louisiana 4-H programs. Honey Brake has also hosted 2016 4-H Junior Leader and the Southern Regional 4-H Development meetings. “Honey Brake is committed to youth and to wildlife habitat conservation, and 4-H shares our passions,” says Keeth, who is Honey Brake’s CEO. “These young leaders have servants’ hearts, and we just want to help.”

“The Honey Brake pledge is key to expanding and nurturing our youth through camping and education opportunities that surpass our expectations,” says Bill Richardson, LSU vice president for agriculture. “Louisiana has one of the best 4-H programs in the country,” says Mark Tassin, LSU AgCenter associate vice president for 4-H Youth Development. “I am proud to have been involved with 4-H all my life, and I am thankful for the heart that Honey Brake shows for our youth and our environment.” Louisiana 4-H Foundation executive director Patrick Tuck says plans for other new partnerships are in the works, including shooting sports competitions and training camps, youth wetlands education programs, wildlife photography, and outdoor skills television shows. Honey Brake, located on 20,000 acres near Larto Lake in Catahoula Parish, is one of the largest wetlands restoration projects in the U.S. It provides several outdoor recreation opportunities, such as waterfowl and deer hunting, fishing, sporting clays, and tours for bird watchers. “The outdoor skills industry is now aligned with Louisiana 4-H in previously unimaginable ways,” Tuck says. “This announcement embodies a boundless spirit for 4-H youth development and environmental conservation.” Booth #2521. (

LOWA Mountain Hunting Boots Three Levels of Performance. One Uncompromising Standard of Excellence.

Tibet Superwarm GTX®

Irox GTX® Mid

Innox GTX® Mid

Featuring Arctic Grip Technology

Our 2016 Hunting Collection covers the mountain: From the insulated TIBET SUPERWARM GTX® that’s designed for big mountain,cold weather hunting to our IROX GTX® MID that blends backpacking boot stability with a lighter-weight athletic design, to the fast & light INNOX GTX® MID that’s ideal for bag-it-in-a-day hunts. All made with our DuraPU® midsole for outstanding durability and support, and all starring LOWA’s acclaimed fit, premium materials and enduring quality. LOWA is the only outdoor footwear manufacturer to have earned ISO 9001 status for highest quality construction and process standards. GORE-TEX®, GTX®, GORE®, and GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® and design are registered trademarks of W.L. Gore & Associates Inc. VIBRAM®, the Octagon Logo, and the Yellow Octagon Logo and the color Canary Yellow are registered trademarks of Vibram S.p.A. ©2017 LOWA Boots, LLC.

060_SHD01_FEA_4H.indd 60

visit booth


to see our 2017 Task Force & Hunting collections

1/3/17 4:39 PM

It was the first gun you ever shot. The only gun you ever wanted. And the last gun you’d ever part with. Generations of American shooters have grown up with Daisy. Rest assured we’ll be here for generations to come.

It all starts with a




This is the world’s only ten-shot break barrel air rifle. This is the revolutionary new Swarm Maxxim. Ideal for hunting and pest control, our patent-pending 10x quick-shot technology enables you to shoot up to ten pellets without reloading. Simply break the barrel and fire for lightning-quick follow-up shots. Swarm Maxxim is the first of its kind—and the difference is in our DNA.



Introducing the

.22 CAL. 975 FPS .177 CAL. 1300 FPS

BC_055670_SBDD117P.indd 1

11/29/16 4:16 PM

BC_055913_SBDD117P.indd 2

12/7/16 3:40 PM

Know your limits: it’s the only way you can push beyond them. Leupold®. American to the Core. See more of the optics and gear that goes where others can’t, at SHOT booth 13023.


BC_055913_SBDD117P.indd 3

12/7/16 3:40 PM


Get a Grip

A new outersole gives Muck Boots superior performance in wet, icy conditions


o hunters really need yet another boot from which to choose? Muck Boots thinks so, and its track record concerning such things is pretty good. Recognizing the need for a premium, weatherproof boot for use in wet, muddy, and cold conditions, The Original Muck Boot Company launched in 1999 with the sole purpose of building the most comfortable, highperformance footwear on the market.

Today, Muck Boots has steadily grown to more than 80 styles of rubber and leather footwear, all designed to tackle tough conditions in the work, agriculture, lawn and garden, outdoor sporting, equine, and urban-commuting markets. The brand has become one of the fastest growing lines in waterproof footwear. All Muck Boot products are 100 percent waterproof; the boots also provide all-day comfort with the company’s signature neoprene bootie construction. In the fall, Muck Boots will introduce its new Arctic Vortex AG men’s hunting boot in Mossy Oak Country. What sets this boot apart is an aggressive Vibram Arctic Grip on the outsole— a groundbreaking sole technology engineered


to perform on wet ice. Arctic Grip is the most advanced cold-weather gripping system Vibram has ever created, allowing hunters to tread up steep terrain with sure-footed confidence. The boot also features 8mm of CR Foam and a fleece lining wrapped in a soft rubber outer layer, keeping feet warm and dry in the most extreme temperatures while on a hunt. “Incorporating the Vibram Arctic Grip technology into our new hunting boot strengthens our collection and gives our customer a different boot to choose from for every type of hunting,” says Sean O’Brien, president of the Original Muck Boot Company. “The Arctic Vortex AG Hunting Boot will be the boot of choice for cold, wet, and icy conditions, offer-


ing three times the amount of traction when compared to regular rubber outsoles.” The Arctic Vortex AG will be offered in men’s sizes 7 to 15. SRP: $199.95. A pair of the waterproof boots weighs 2 pounds 8 ounces, and is temperature rated to minus 60 degrees. Also coming in the fall, Muck will continue to expand its collection of women’s hunting footwear. The women’s category is now the fastest growing sector in the outdoor sporting industry. The Women’s Woody PK, an allcondition hunting boot, will be offered in Mossy Oak with pop colors of Prism Violet and Coral, as well as a Girls with Guns collaboration boot in gray and teal. Booth #10951. (muckboot —W.H. Gross Muck’s Arctic Vortex AG features an aggressive Vibram Arctic Grip sole designed for superior traction in cold, wet conditions.


Featuring a Red or Green Laser and 150-Lumen LED White Light with Instinctive Activation™, Laserguard® Pro™ offers the ultimate advantage in personal protection. Available now for Glock, Smith & Wesson and Springfield Armory firearms, including Laserguard Pro + Holster Combos.

BOOTH #16731

064_SHD01_FEA_MUCK.indd 64

1/3/17 4:45 PM

















BC_055426_SBDD117P.indd 1

W W W.T E N P O I N T C R O S S B O W S . C O M

11/18/16 3:34 PM

FROMthe NSSF # gunvote no social media stunt


out of the dark


who is the customer ?


safe and secure


the linchpin

More Than Just a Hashtag

#GUNVOTE helped register and educate pro-gun voters in 2016


By Robert F. Staeger ext year a pro-gun majority in both houses of Congress will be joined by a like-minded chief executive presiding in the White House. The electoral results, surprising to many, were no accident, but instead the outcome of massive voter registration and education outreach initiatives. Among these efforts was the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s #GUNVOTE, a voter registration, education, and mobilization initiative to which leading members of the industry generously contributed, most notably Smith & Wesson and Hornady Manufacturing.

Don’t be misled by the hashtag at the beginning of the initiative’s name—this isn’t merely a social media stunt. “For the November elections, we worked to get that trending,” says Lawrence Keane, NSSF senior vice president for government and public affairs and general counsel. “But it was a much more comprehensive effort than just a hashtag.” The money raised for #GUNVOTE went to outreach efforts of all sorts, from NSSF-produced videos and social media to direct mail, print, and outdoor media buys in select “battleground” states. “It’s about making sure that voters who cherish their firearms freedoms and our hunting and the shooting sports heritages register to vote, become educated on where the candidates in their area stand on our issues, and then on Election Day, armed with those facts, they go to the polls and #GUNVOTE,” says Keane. States were targeted on whether they were a presidential battleground or could determine who controlled the Senate. “I’d say #GUNVOTE was an overwhelming success,” says Keane. “The effort was ramped up significantly over previous elections. With the generous support of our industry members, we were able to register and educate millions of gun voters, exponentially more than

By all measures, #GUNVOTE was a resounding success in helping to safeguard American gun rights.

ever before.” Moving forward, retailers will continue to play a very important role in #GUNVOTE efforts in future elections. “Out of everybody in the industry, they’re the ones who come in direct con-

nssf salutes its # gunvote contributors

“We are extremely grateful for all the contributors to our #GUNVOTE program,” says Lawrence Keane, NSSF’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel. “This was an effort that we launched years ago, but this year we focused heavily on it because the stakes were so high for the

future of our industry. Because of the generous contributions of the organizations listed here, the firearms industry is in a much better situation going forward with a more stable political environment.” Smith & Wesson Hornady Manufacturing

O.F. Mossberg & Sons Olin Corporation/Winchester Glock SIG Sauer Browning Arms Company Sturm Ruger & Company, Inc. SilencerCo Remington Outdoor Company Leupold & Stevens, Inc. Taurus Holdings, Inc.

tact with the voters on a daily basis,” says Keane. “They’re the ones who interact face-to-face when people come into their shops to buy firearms, ammunition, or accessories. And they’re the ones who can help voters understand the importance of the election and direct them to where they can find out more information.” Part of that education is sharing the website,, which lets voters know how to register to vote and where their polling place is on Election Day. It also makes sure they know where to go to learn more about the candidates on the ballot. “While we are thankful for the financial contributions we received from some retailers,” says Keane, “their most important role in making #GUNVOTE a success is in engaging their customers and by getting and distributing #GUNVOTE stickers at their store. Even though the election is over, #GUNVOTE will continue, building on its success for 2018.”


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Out of the Dark

NSSF-AFSP partnership is committed to reducing firearms suicide


By David Draper t’s a fact. Firearms are used in nearly half the suicides committed in the U.S., and suicides make up by far the largest number of gun-related fatalities each year. Because of these numbers, the subject of suicide prevention deserves the attention of the firearms community and the industry. With that in mind, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to develop effective measures aimed at educating the industry, gun owners, and the public about suicide prevention.

“The firearms industry has long been at the forefront of successful accident-prevention efforts and programs aimed at reducing unauthorized access to firearms,” says Stephen L. Sanetti, president and CEO of the NSSF. “Since two-thirds of all fatalities involving firearms are suicides, we are now also in the forefront of helping to prevent these deaths through our new relationship with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.” With more than 90 chapters throughout the U.S., the AFSP has a powerful grassroots ability to distribute appropriate suicide prevention messages. NSSF has a similar ability given its strong relationship with firearms retailers, shooting ranges, and the firearms-owning community. By combining their core strengths, both organizations can create a powerful and meaningful campaign that has the potential to save lives. “Through our work, we know if you can educate people, both those who own firearms and those who do not, about why suicide occurs, including what warning signs to look for and what to do if someone displays those signs, we can get those people help before they attempt to take their life,” says Bob Gebbia, CEO of AFSP. “If we can educate the firearmsowning community, we can potentially save thousands of lives, and the best way to get the information out there is to work directly with the firearms industry. This is an ideal partnership as the membership of NSSF represents the stores, hunting clubs, and ranges who interact with people who might purchase or rent a firearm. It’s ready-made to get the information to folks who need it the most.” Announced in mid-2016, the partnership initially focused on developing informational campaigns and distributing the messages via six AFSP chapters in four states—Alabama, Kentucky,

A partnership between NSSF and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention seeks to develop effective measures aimed at educating gun owners and the shooting sports industry about suicide prevention.

Missouri, and New Mexico. This pilot program’s first project was a co-branded educational brochure titled “Firearms and Suicide Prevention” distributed through firearms retailers, shooting ranges, and other related organizations. The material explains the conditions that lead to suicide such as depression and stressful life events like serious financial difficulties, warning signs to look for, how to help someone in crisis and, important for gun owners and their families, options for securely storing firearms so that someone going through a difficult period does not have access to them. “After this initial testing via the four-state pilot program, we can discover if the messages are resonating and make any necessary tweaks before taking our efforts nationwide,” says Gebbia. “Once we roll it out and take it to scale around the country, our hope is

we can actually see a reduction in the suicide rate over time through these coordinated efforts between NSSF and AFSP. We’re excited about the possibility of saving tens of thousands of lives over time in the hope of achieving our Project 2025 goal of reducing the annual suicide rate 20 percent by the year 2025.” Although a 20 percent reduction is a bold goal, it is one that is achievable, particularly when organizations such as the AFSP and NSSF can work together for the greater good. Talking about the topic of suicide, pulling it out of the darkness and into the light, as the AFSP puts it, is the first step toward prevention. It’s been shown that suicide results from the culmination of several health and life factors, with the decision to act often being made in minutes. Keeping firearms securely stored puts space between the period of risk and the means to

act, and sometimes that space can help save a life. “At the same time AFSP was looking for a partner with credibility in the firearms community, NSSF member retailers and shooting ranges were asking NSSF to look into developing a national suicide prevention program. The timing was perfect, and our work with AFSP is the result,” says Bill Brassard, Jr., senior director of communications for NSSF. “This doesn’t mean the person behind the retail or range counter is going to be a counselor of some sort. He or she is in a good position, however, to hand customers the AFSP-NSSF suicide prevention education brochure. No one truly knows when they or a family member might need such information.” As we all have experienced, members of the firearms community are extremely helpful and supportive of each other, whether that means introducing newcomers to the shooting sports or educating others on the responsibilities that come with firearms ownership. Without a doubt, that supportive attitude will extend to retailers and ranges helping customers better understand and help prevent suicide, and show the AFSP that the firearms industry is serious about preventing unauthorized access to firearms that can lead to tragic events. “From our very earliest conversations, I walked away feeling the NSSF was really serious about suicide prevention,” says Gebbia. “They really wanted to do something about the loss of life through firearms. Through our talks, we learned a lot about the firearms community and they learned about suicide. Now we have built a trust and are looking for the best ways to work together. We’re thrilled about how it’s working already and the potential for more positive change in the future. We really hope 10 years from now the results will prove us right.”


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from the nssf

Who Is Your Customer, Really?

New NSSF report helps manufacturers and retailers better understand the needs of the customer By Christopher Cogley


efore you can meet the needs of the customer, you need to know exactly what those needs are. The new Consumer Segmentation Report, released last summer by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, provides the kind of insight retailers need to better understand their customers’ motivations for participating in the shooting sports, and it does this by looking at those customers in an entirely new way. “Historically, we’ve always conducted research on different segments of the general population, but we recognized that several different groups can all have the same wants and needs,” says Jim Curcuruto, director, industry research and analysis for NSSF. “So, with this study, we looked at those motivating factors and categorized consumers based on their needs.” The reasoning behind this methodology is that it’s much easier for manufacturers and retailers to meet their customers’ needs if they focus on the motivations that brought those customers into the market, rather than trying to make assumptions about what they want. In order to discover what those specific motivating factors are, NSSF worked with Southwick Associates to survey a population of gun owners, then tallied the results not based on the respondents’ age, gender, ethnicity, or other traditional demographic factors, but rather by the type of firearms owner they are. The change in approach yielded some extremely insightful information that’s outlined in the Consumer Segmentation Report. “Based on the research, we identified eight specific consumer segments, and we let the data tell the story of each one of them,” Curcuruto says. The Consumer Segmentation Report outlines, in detail, the different kinds of customers who are likely to walk through the doors of any local gun store as a way to help the industry understand exactly what it is these consumers are looking for. Among the segments identified, for example, are the “Protector” segment, which makes up 26 percent of the firearms purchasing population and is motivated by personal protection and interested in specialized firearms with specific features. Another segment is the “Social

The Consumer Segmentation Report, prepared by NSSF, can help retailers better understand customers in an entirely new way.

Shooter,” which represents 8 percent of the market. These customers just want to have fun shooting and are driven by price and versatility. For each of the segments identified, the report highlights its top motivators, its purchase drivers, and the features these customers are most likely looking for in a firearm. Just because the report breaks customers into segments based on their participation motivation, however, doesn’t mean it doesn’t also take the needs of specific groups into account. Two of the identified segments, “Guardian Gary” and “Debbie Defense,” for example, are identified consumer segments that have identical motivators but very different purchase drivers; women (Debbie

Defense) are typically more interested in protection firearms that are easy to handle and conceal and have lasting quality and reliability, while men (Guardian Gary) are more likely to be driven by price and versatility when purchasing a personal protection firearm. “If you’re a retailer, you can look at this report, then check your inventory and see if you’re carrying firearms that appeal to each of these segments,” Curcuruto says. “It also shows how to vary sales techniques based on the segment into which a customer falls.” Despite the valuable insights the report contains, Curcuruto says that NSSF understands that the information outlined in the report isn’t static. “The segments will naturally

evolve over time,” he says. “But even though the report is a snapshot of the market as it is today, it will certainly continue to be relevant for several years.” NSSF is already working to provide updated information and more in-depth insights that will be released in the coming months. “This report was Phase One of a two-phase project,” Curcuruto says. “In the next phase, we plan to tell an expanded story for each of those eight segments, so that you’ll have a better idea of how to reach those segments with advertising and marketing campaigns that speak to your customers’ needs and allow you to be more effective at getting them to buy your brand or visit your store.” Although plans aren’t finalized yet, Curcuruto says that NSSF is also looking at expanding the reach even further to one day include location-based mapping reports that will allow members to see the prevalence of each of the different consumer segments that make up their potential customer base so they can adjust their product lines, marketing, and inventory to better meet the specific needs of the customers in their area. “It all boils down to knowing your customer so you can sell to their needs,” Curcuruto says. “The more effective we are at meeting consumers’ needs, the more effective we’re going to be at getting more people involved in the shooting sports.” And when we do that, we all win. The report is free to all NSSF members and can be obtained at or by contacting NSSF (203426-1320). For more information, visit and click on the “Research” tab at the top of the page.


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Safe and Secure

Industry embraces Project ChildSafe and the ORS initiative By David Draper


ecure firearms storage and responsible use should be at the core of every gun owner’s list of commandments. To reinforce that top-of-mind awareness about safe and secure firearm storage among the public and industry, the National Shooting Sports Foundation maintains the “Own It? Respect It. Secure It.” initiative under the lauded, successful Project ChildSafe program.

Project ChildSafe has helped to greatly reduce fatal firearms accidents.

Launched in 2014, the ORS initiative has seen participation grow to more than 1,400 manufacturers, retailers, media outlets, and other organizations. Large companies such as Vista Outdoor, Colt’s, Mossberg, Cabela’s, and Sportsman’s Warehouse all participate, as do smaller organizations such as retailers, ranges, and outdoor media. Each company has taken it upon itself to promote the “Own It? Respect It. Secure It.” message through placement of the initiative’s logo and brand messaging in advertisements, videos, websites, and social media outlets. Since the campaign’s inception,

these combined efforts have reached millions of gun owners, reminding them to securely store their firearms when not in use to help prevent access by children or other unauthorized persons. “In a sense, we’re harnessing the power of companies’ existing communications and outreach to gun owners to remind them to use their safe storage devices to help prevent accidents, thefts, and mis-

use,” says Bill Brassard, Jr., senior director of communications for NSSF. “We’re also promoting genuine gun safety. There are a lot of organizations that call themselves firearms safety groups in order to mask their real agenda of gun control. By helping to promote ‘Own It? Respect It. Secure It.’ companies remind not only gun owners, but the public as well, that industry programs like Project ChildSafe are true gun safety initiatives.” The program, which could be considered the firearms industry’s equivalent to the beverage industry’s “drink responsibly” campaign, is totally voluntary with no fee or outside cost to the participating company. The benefits, however, are significant and include demonstrating in a visible way that a company, and the industry as a whole, cares about firearms safety. Bottom line? It’s also been amply proven that these campaigns really work.

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The Linchpin


NSSF helps raise awareness that sportsmen are the key to America’s conservation efforts By David Draper f you shoot or hunt, you’re an integral part of the wildlife conservation efforts on both the state and national level, and the National Shooting Sports Foundation wants the world to know how we, as an industry, give back millions of dollars to support conservation. Through a number of programs and initiatives, NSSF has long worked to educate the public, industry members, hunters, gun owners, and teachers and students about the contributions the industry and gun owners make in support of wildlife conservation as a result of the PittmanRobertson Act excise taxes on guns and ammunition.

Through the provisions of the Pittman-Robertson Act, excise taxes on guns and ammo help fund wildlife conservation efforts throughout the country.

In 2016, these dollars amounted to more than $1.1 billion made available to state fish and wildlife agencies through the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration (WSFR) Program. These funds are allocated through state agencies charged with managing fish and wildlife, offering hunter education classes and creating new opportunities for recreational shooters and hunters through development of shooting ranges and courses. Since the funding began in 1937, the WSFR has provided more than $18 billion for conservation and outdoor recreation— opportunities that benefit all Americans, not just hunters,

target shooters, and anglers. “State fish and wildlife agencies have legislative mandates for the conservation, restoration, and management of fish and wildlife in their states,” says Tom Decker, wildlife biologist for the USFWS northeast region. “The collection of this scientific information, and the application and decisions it allows state wildlife managers to make, would not be possible without this source of funding. It is a system that is envied by wildlife managers from other countries. We want to help folks in the U.S. who are the source of these funds to be aware of the excellent work that is done in each state.”

To help educate the public, NSSF has long provided videos free of charge to schools and other educational outlets to help teach children of all ages how wildlife and habitat have benefited from the contributions of hunters and other firearms owners. (Those videos can be seen at In 2012, NSSF assisted the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in the promotion of the 75th anniversary of the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration program, spreading the message to millions of Americans. The NSSF also produces and distributes the Hunter Pocket Fact Card, which is a great resource for hunters to keep in their wallet. It outlines the most current statistics on the vital role hunters and recreational shooters play in wildlife conservation and includes talking points to help discuss the merits of hunting in a positive, fact-filled way. An educational infographic is also available via download (http:// that illustrates how the PittmanRobertson Act works and how it funds fish and wildlife restoration. The infographic is also now available in Spanish and can be accessed by contacting Tisma Juett, NSSF manager, recruitment and retention, at In the spring of 2016, NSSF staff members accompanied

state and federal wildlife professionals on a bear study in Connecticut, just one of the many wildlife science projects in the U.S. every year funded by the WSFR. The resulting article was distributed through the USFWS and NSSF, further educating the public and industry about how WSFR funds help carry out on-theground science and emphasizing how important these funds are to the future of all wildlife. Without the support of hunters and recreational shooters, wildlife conservation as it is currently practiced in the U.S. wouldn’t be possible. That wildlife, along with the wild places it lives, would not be available at the level all Americans enjoy today. It’s up to us, with help from the NSSF, to educate the public about the role we all play in conservation. “Firearms and ammunition manufacturers have long been an integral part of this unique funding mechanism, collecting the excise taxes that hunters and shooters pay on their products and providing those funds to the federal government prior to distribution to state wildlife agencies,” says Steve Sanetti, NSSF president and CEO. “The WSFR program is the linchpin that holds U.S. conservation together. It’s a system that all sportsmen and women participate in and can be proud of.”

“The WSFR program is the linchpin that holds U.S. conservation together. It’s a system that all sportsmen and women participate in and can be proud of. Firearms and ammunition manufacturers have long been an integral part of this unique funding mechanism, too.”


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Spirit of a Warrior

Browning’s new Wihongi Signature series weapons are inspired by the designer’s Maori ancestry By Christopher Cogley


rom basketball to rugby, New Zealand’s national sports teams have adopted an unusual pregame ritual that’s inspired a stream of viral videos that are taking the world by storm. The ritual is a version of the traditional war dance of the native Maori people called the Haka, and it’s performed by New Zealand’s athletes as a way to help them harness the tradition of the warrior spirit before they head into battle. As a direct descendant of the Maori, Jared Wihongi understands the power of that warrior spirit better than most, and it’s a spirit he’s hoping to help others tap into with a new collection of tactical knives from Browning that bears his name.

Inspired by the warrior traditions of Wihongi’s ancestors, the Jared Wihongi Signature Series from Browning is a collection of edged weapons that are immediately recognizable by the ornate, stylized markings of the Maori warriors tat-

tooed across their blades. “For the Maori, these were markings that were worn by their warrior ancestors,” Wihongi says. “You carved them into your weapons and tattooed them on your body, not only to honor your ances-

tor, but as a way to carry his spirit—his Mana—into battle with you.” The carvings are incredibly ornate and beautifully complex. But make no mistake: The weapons in the Wihongi Signature collection are not

works of art meant to sit on a shelf. They are serious tactical weapons designed by an expert martial artist who, in addition to being a descendant of the Maori, has spent decades studying the finer points of edged-weapon fighting.

Jared Wihongi, inspired by the warrior traditions of his Maori ancestry, has designed a new line of signature Browning tactical knives.


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1/3/17 5:15 PM

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12/8/16 10:27 AM


The initial Jared Wihongi Signature Line will offer six models (including the folder shown here) that have been designed to cover a wide range of tactical applications and situations.

Although he was born in Salt Lake City, Wihongi spent his childhood in his father’s native New Zealand, and it was here that his interest in martial arts began. He spent years developing his skills and fostering his love of the martial arts. When he was 20, he took his passion to the next level when he moved to the Philippines to study the blade fighting system of PekitiTirsia Kali. Since then, Wihongi has earned multiple black belts and attained a prestigious rank

076_SHD00_FEAT_Wihongi.indd 78

in the system that few others have ever achieved. Wihongi moved back to Salt Lake City and began a career in law enforcement that included 10 years as a SWAT Operator and a head use-of-force instructor in the Salt Lake City Police Academy and Training Unit. It was during this time that Wihongi was introduced to the team at Browning who were developing a line of tactical knives for serious operators who knew how to use them. Wihongi

lent his expertise to the team and has been helping design Browning’s Black Label line of weapons ever since. “I come at design from more of the end-user side of things,” he says. “So I tend to look more at the practical aspects and the diverse features that I know the people I train in the military and law enforcement are looking for.” And while he has always tried to design knives that fulfill those needs, with the weapons in the Wihongi Signature Series, he also wanted to incorporate something much more personal. “I wanted to make sure these weapons were designed to perform in real-world knife-fighting situations, but I also wanted to honor my heritage, my ancestors,” he says. “I wanted to help people all over the world understand that heritage and the warrior spirit of the Maori.” With that goal in mind, the weapons in the line carry traits of both Wihongi’s Maori roots and his Filipino knife-fighting background. The initial Wihongi Signature Line includes six mod-

els designed to cover a wide range of tactical applications. The line includes a Tomahawk ($69.99) that features a 420 stainless-steel head with a spike end mounted on a cord-wrapped handle with lightening holes for improved balance. Another standout in the line is the Kukri ($129), which has a deeply curved ³∕16-inch-thick blade made from 8Cr14MoV stainless steel and features full-tang construction with blood grooves and notches built into the blade. The line also includes a fixed and folder knife as well as an attachment folder and a double-edged dagger. All the weapons in the line feature the distinctive Maori motif and have the kind of practical balance and in-hand comfort that Wihongi demands in a quality tactical knife. But what sets these weapons apart isn’t just the designs of the blades or the markings they carry, it’s the spirit that each one of these weapons embodies. The spirit of the warriors who inspired them. And the spirit of the warrior who helped create them. Booth #10744. (

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Going Mobile

Desert Tech’s smartphone app helps take the guesswork out of shooting By Peter Suciu


hen someone says they are “phoning it in,” they usually mean doing the bare minimum in effort or quality. However, shooters who phone it in with Desert Tech’s new Trasol Trajectory Solutions app could be, quite literally, spot on. This new mobile smartphone app, available for Android and iOS handsets, was developed to provide precision shooters with first-round hit accuracy to 1,500 meters.

It is the first ballistic application to incorporate heads-up display (HUD) technology that offers intuitive drag-anddrop tools for quick input of range and wind without typing. The app utilizes the smartphone’s built-in cameras and on-board sensors, so all the shooter has to do is point the device at the target before taking the shot. Furthermore, the HUD can track moving targets to provide accurate lead solutions, and shooters can also use the photo/video capturing capabilities of their handset to log shots and even share with friends. The Trasol app features a number of advanced tools that can be activated or deactivated as needed. These include an automatic stability and spin calculator, tools that track Coriolis force and cant, tracking of core bore and zero settings, field condition zero profile tracking, multi-wind bands, and automatic density altitude calculator. All these features help a

shooter dial in a more accurate shot, says Jeff Wood, head of product content and compliance at Desert Tech. “The ballistic engine uses ballistic algorithms in bullet flight to deliver the best possible trajectory predictions.” Wood also notes that though it is a mobile phone– based app, cellular network connectivity isn’t necessary for many of the functions. “Connectivity is not required, but some of the essential tools require service to function,” Wood says. “If you do not have service, then you can supplement the phone sensors with a portable weather station, such as a Kestrel, and then enter the values manually.” Trasol is built around true 21st-century technology, but it was designed to be user-friendly for today’s shooters. It offers a single-screen ballistics entry point, which allows shooters to easily input and then verify all the variables. Graphic icons allow shooters to have quick

recognition and clarity of fields, and the app’s largebutton layout is arranged for easy use with gloves. Yet for all its features, this is still just a tool, and as with all shooting tools, skill is still necessary. Wood emphasizes that the app won’t turn a novice into a marksman, but it can help the experienced shooter do better. “Skills cannot be replaced with most technology,” he says. “No amount of skill can predict certain aspects of bullet flight, such as atmospheric changes, global position, and other factors. That is where Trasol connects the shooter to information he cannot gain through skill alone.” Having this additional data, and knowing what to do with it, can help a good shooter make exceptional shots. Trasol is another tool that Desert Tech has made to help dedicated shooters take their shooting to the next level—the top level. SRP: $9.99. Booth #31502. (

• 2 sizes fit almost all concealable handguns

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The Trasol Trajectory Solutions app from Desert Tech was developed to provide precision shooters with the information needed to ensure first-round accuracy out to 1,500 meters.

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For Women, By Women Weatherby’s new Camilla bolt-action rifle joins the Vanguard family By Barbara Baird


t started with a conversation among women—the “Women of Weatherby,” specifically. Jessie Duff, a member of this small yet influential industry group, thought women hunters deserved a rifle actually designed to fit their anatomy. She found a powerful ally in Brenda Weatherby, wife of Weatherby’s chief operating officer, Adam Weatherby.

“We had a blank canvas, and from that the Vanguard Camilla was born,” says Duff. “It’s the first rifle of its kind to be designed by women and built by Weatherby.” The Camilla, named in honor of Roy Weatherby’s wife, is made of Turkish A-grade walnut with a rosewood forend and grip caps. A lovely fleur-de-lis checkering pattern accentuates the gun. It comes with a 20-inch coldhammer-forged barrel, a hinged floorplate, and a fluted bolt. A high comb provides optimal cheek weld and eye-to-scope weld for faster target acquisition, and the short, slim forend reduces weight and provides a better overall feel for women shooters. But maybe the most important design feature is the recoil pad’s negative angle, which Duff pointed out to me last summer on the range at a women’s writer event at the Leupold Optics

082_SHD01_FEA_WEA CAM.indd 82

Academy. The smaller pad, the toe of which is canted away from the shooter’s body, fits a women’s shoulder and chest area better than the traditional design found on most rifles. Length of pull is 13 inches, which also helps a women achieve a better cheek weld. When it came time to shoot the rifle offhand at 100 yards, metal dinged and smiles broke out from the women gun writers in attendance. This rifle’s light weight made it manageable for shooting not only from a standing position, but also while kneeling and sitting. When I asked Duff about the rifle’s performance in the field, she said, “I carried it on a bear hunt recently, and it exceeded my expectations.” The Camilla is chambered in .223 Rem, .243 Win., and 7mm-08 Rem. SRP: $849. Booth #12729. (

Jessie Duff helped design the Camilla, the first Weatherby rifle built for—and by—women hunters.

1/3/17 5:27 PM

TARGETED RUBBER Durable traction at heel strike and takeoff

LEATHER & MESH Durable and abrasion resistant with airflow

MEMORYTECH MASSAGE FOOTBED Adapts to the contours of your foot and provides immediate cushioning

SUBLITE FOAM MIDSOLE Lightweight cushioning and support

FULL-FOOT FLEX GROOVES Improved flexibility and balance for natural movement



BC_055911_SBDD117P.indd 1

12/8/16 10:56 AM

f e at u r e s

Built To Last

The BAR providing covering fire during World War II’s Okinawa campaign in 1945. The rifle’s ability to work effectively in challenging conditions is one reason for its storied reputation.

After a century, Browning’s BAR is still going strong By Brian McCombie


n 1917, the Great War in Europe was in its third year. Here in the United States, John Moses Browning was working on an idea for a light, gas-operated machine gun that might help break the stalemated trench warfare being waged across the Atlantic Ocean. What was needed, he felt, was a relatively lightweight rifle that could be carried by an individual soldier, but that would still be able to fire fully automatic. Existing machine guns already had proved themselves deadly on the battlefields. But they were large and heavy, needed to be mounted on tripods or wheeled carriages, and required two- and even three-man teams to operate.

It took him all of three months, but John Browning came up with a rifle the U.S. Army quickly accepted: the BAR M1918, a.k.a. the Browning Automatic Rifle. Or, as we know it, the BAR. The .30-caliber BAR was considered one of the most effective light machine guns ever made, and it saw significant

action in World Wars I and II and the Korean War, and it was even used during the Vietnam War. Approximately 50 years after the BAR’s inception, the Browning BAR sporting version was introduced. While mechanically different from the original BAR, the sporting BAR featured a

similar look and was as tough and accurate as the original. It soon became the go-to rifle for many American hunters. All of which makes 2017 a doubly significant year for Browning: the 100 Year Anniversary of the BAR and the fifth decade of the sporting BAR.

“The longevity of the BAR is a testament to Browning’s commitment to high quality as well as the strength of the basic BAR design,” says Aaron Cummins, Browning’s product manager. “Of course, the sporting BARs are much different internally than the full-auto military BARs. But both are

When John Browning set out to design what became known as the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) a century ago, he wanted a relatively light .30-caliber rifle that could serve as a portable machine gun for infantry units. His concept has stood the test of time.


084_086_SHD01_FEAT_BAR.indd 84

1/3/17 5:41 PM



20 Glocks & receive 1 DAVIDSON’S


SPECIAL EDITION Cerakoted Glock 43 FREE!

Glock 43 IN A brand new mystery CERAKOTEd FINISH FOR THIS SHOT SHOW SPECIAL, buy 20 Glocks and receive a brand new mystery special edition Cerakoted Glock 43 from Davidson’s. ADDITIONALLY, FOR DAVIDSON’S Glock STOCKING DEALER PROGRAM, you’ll be able to purchase 5 extra Glocks IF YOU ORDER DURING SHOT SHOW. also, your name will be entered in a drawing for 1 of 10 special edition cerakoted Glocks. More details at

Visit us at booth#: 13946 and order your Glocks today! DAY

90 day terms apply to qualified dealers

attendance at the 2017 shot show not required to take advantage of THIS SHOT SHOW SPECIAL. dealers may call in their orders. offer valid from January 17th through January 20th, 2017. delayed shipping offered. For more information on the Glock stocking dealer program, visit Limit 1 per dealer.

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12/7/16 4:31 PM



A second-generation Bushnell Wireless Trail Camera delivers improved performance for remote scouting and property monitoring By Jock Elliott


Lt. Val Browning, son of John Moses Browning, was responsible for training troops in the function and use of the BAR in France during WWI.

Brownings, and that means they are built to last.” To celebrate these milestones, Browning is introducing new and upgraded BARs at the 2017 SHOT Show. The commemorative model is the BAR Safari 100th Anniversary rifle, and only 100 will be made. All are chambered in .30/06 SPRG. The stocks are made of oil-finished Grade V Turkish walnut, and there are special anniversary gold engravings on both sides of the receiver. With a 22-inch stainless-steel barrel and an overall length of 43 inches, the BAR Safari weighs in at just an ounce over 8 pounds. Browning is also making the BAR MK3 and BAR MK3 Stalker, BAR MK3 in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, and the BAR MK3 DBM. The MK3 models feature aircraft-grade alloy receivers and multi-lug rotary bolts as well as hammer-forged barrels. Detachable magazines with the unique Browning hinged floorplate allow a shooter to drop the floorplate, detach the empty magazine, and pop in a new magazine in seconds. These BARs are drilled and tapped for optics, too. “All of these 2017 BAR MK3s will also come with special 100th Anniversary serial numbers,” Cummins says. “It should add some collector value to these rifles as well as give people a chance to own a piece of Browning’s history. Not that we are going anywhere. We expect the BAR to be around for another 100 years.” Booth #15537. (

or hunters in the Age of Busy, scouting the place they plan to hunt—which may be miles away—can be tough. Even with the creative use of trail cameras to scout the terrain, finding the time to access them to collect images can be problematic. That’s where wireless trail cameras, which provide upto-the-minute alerts and remote access to images of passing game, come in.

Three years ago, Bushnell Outdoor Products pioneered the industry’s first carrier-approved plug-and-play wireless trail camera. Recently Bushnell upped the ante with the introduction of its second generation wireless trail imager. The Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor Wireless trail camera improves virtually every single performance parameter—including network coverage, camera resolution, camera trigger speed, and night vision—to make remote visual scouting faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before. And all for $200 less than first-generation models. “This is the most advanced scouting tool in the woods, in keeping with our philosophy of making scouting more effective without complication,” says Bushnell senior product manager Darin Stephens. “It combines all of our industry-leading features and technologies in one easy-to-use platform.” The Trophy Cam HD Aggressor Wireless is a self-contained, weather-sealed solution without messy wires to connect components. It offers wireless connectivity straight out of the box, with a SIM card and data included, and is ready to go to the woods immediately. The Aggressor Wireless includes a prepaid AT&T data plan that provides users with unlimited thumbnail images for the first 30 days. An exclusive smartphone app (free for both Android and iPhone devices) allows hunters to quickly review images or control camera settings from their device. Bushnell offers data plan renewals direct to consumers (no contract required) for as little as $9.99 per month. It also has negotiated with AT&T to include partner coverage areas, which expands the wireless coverage network by roughly 10 percent. Potential buyers can visit to view a detailed coverage map before purchase. In addition, the electronics have been enhanced to boost efficiency, including the ability to transmit at the margins of coverage areas. The camera itself has been radically improved and now offers high-resolution 14MP images and a reduction in the trigger speed from .8 second to .3 second. As a result, the camera sees motion more discriminatingly at a greater distance and with more width, giving it a huge improvement in detecting game. In addition, the Aggressor Wireless transmits upgraded thumbnails that have four times the resolution of the previous model. The Aggressor chassis also offers improved nighttime range and a

built-in GPS that sends daily location updates. “This makes it easy to locate the Aggressor Wireless in case it is dislodged by game or livestock or if it ‘grows legs’ due to human intervention,” Stephens says. He notes that every Trophy Cam camera comes with a free one-month trial of DeerLab, a web-based subscription service that analyzes data from your photos and from weather services to help create a profile for each buck on your property—including how often, when, and under what weather and wind conditions a buck tends to be on his feet—and potentially walking under your stand. “Intelligent use of a wireless trail camera—or even two or three of them—can substantially improve a hunter’s chance of success,” he says. The Aggressor Wireless sends images to a smartphone, email, or url within seconds after they are captured. It can run up to three months on one set of batteries. The Aggressor Wireless is compatible with SD cards up to 32 GB. SRP: $399.99. Booth #14551. (

The redesigned camera now offers highresolution 14MP images and a reduction in trigger speed, from .8 to .3 second.


084_086_SHD01_FEAT_BAR.indd 86

1/3/17 5:41 PM



BC_055843_SBDD117P.indd 1

12/6/16 12:06 PM


Blue MZ propellant from Alliant Powder delivers reliable ignition, consistent burn, and increased accuracy, with minimal maintenance.

The Next Step

Alliant Powder’s new Blue MZ muzzleloader propellant delivers state-of-the-art performance


ext to keeping the barrel clean and powder dry, choosing the right propellant is paramount to getting the most from your muzzleloader. Indeed, choosing the perfect charge can help you enjoy world-class accuracy while avoiding the agony of epic failures, even under extreme weather conditions. In recent years, muzzleloading enthusiasts have seen a steady procession of new and improved powders and projectiles. Longtime industry leader Alliant Powder has taken the next step in smokepole evolution with the development of its new Blue MZ propellant.

“We have seen an ongoing evolution away from the corrosive grit and grime of traditional blackpowder and early, barrel-fouling substitutes to easy-to-clean, high-performance products,” says Ben Amonette, Alliant’s powder product manager. “Blue MZ represents the next step in this process because it delivers a blend of reliable ignition, consistent burn, and outstanding accuracy along with unrivaled ease of use. Furthermore, Blue MZ’s superior ignition characteristics result in low standard deviations in velocity and pressure, which allows for superior accuracy with a wide range of projectiles. It’s a perfect match for #209 shotshell primers and works well with a number of popular bullets, including Federal Premium’s B.O.R. Lock MZ System.” Amonette notes that Alliant engineers optimized the chemistry and geometry of the Blue MZ 50-grain pellets so that each delivers devastating energy in a progressive manner that keeps even heavyweight projectiles rocketing downrange long after other loads falter. “Our ballistics tests back up our claims,” he says. “For example, Federal Premium’s .50-caliber, 270-grain Trophy Copper B.O.R. Lock MZ bullet was clocked at 1,699 feet per

second with a two-pellet charge and 2,029 feet per second when fueled by three pellets. And for hunters who want to wield a true hammer blow when gunning for the planet’s toughest big game, Blue MZ propels Federal B.O.R.

Blue MZ is available in handy 48-count clamstyle packs. Pellets are packed six to a tube, making for easy transport in the field.

Lock MZ 350-grain projectiles at 1,557 and 1,851 feet per second [two- and three-pellet charges, respectively].” New Blue MZ also takes the misery out of muzzleloader maintenance. “Marathon cleaning sessions spent slaving away with bore brushes, rags, and harsh chemicals are a thing of the past, thanks to a cleaner formulation that is free from both sulfur and charcoal,” he says. “In fact, Blue MZ allows fast and easy service with water-based solvents—further proof that its technology leads away from the corrosive grit and grime of traditional black powder and early, barrel-fouling substitutes.” Adding to its user-friendliness, Blue MZ is available in handy clam-style packs that contain 48 pellets tucked tightly into a series of small plastic tubes. Pellets are packed six to a tube, allowing easy transport afield while producing two to three shots per tube, depending on the shooter’s choice of charge. Finally, Amonette notes that while Blue MZ is considered a “premium, breakthrough product,” customers won’t have to break the bank to enjoy its benefits. At just $19.99 per pack (SRP), it’s priced very competitively. Booth #14551. (


088_SHD00_FEAT_Alliant.indd 88

1/3/17 5:43 PM














BC_056424_SBDD117P.indd 1

BOOTH 15120

12/20/16 1:11 PM


A New Light


A refreshed logo and new products are helping Taurus shine By Slaton L. White aybe Ecclesiastes said it best after all: “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Corporate rebranding efforts often follow a similar trajectory. A company decides what the brand will be and then devises messages and logos (and hopefully products) that reinforce that brand in the eyes of retailers and consumers. Some logos, such as the iconic scripted Coca-Cola and Browning’s Buckmark, perfectly reflect the company they represent and seem to never go out of style, while others (New Coke comes readily to mind) crash and burn on takeoff.

Don’t let the Plain Jane appearance fool you. The new Spectrum in .380 Auto will be available in a wide assortment of vibrant colors.

Changing a well-established logo is fraught with peril, if it’s not done correctly. Last year, Taurus embarked on just such a journey when the manufacturer decided that its longstanding logo had had its “season in the sun” and needed to be refreshed. The new look is being launched at the 2017 SHOT Show. “As a company and as a brand, we’re going through some major and exciting changes,” says Taurus president and CEO Anthony Acitelli. “So 2017 is a perfect time to implement a rebrand. The Taurus logo and the overall look and feel of the brand has not changed for quite some time. It was in need of a refresh and overhaul. The team worked hard to come up with concepts, test them with important audiences, and eventually deliver what you see today. The rebrand is also another indicator of what we’ve done as an organization in the last few years. We have a whole new mindset, new goals, and new capabilities. So in addition to our dealers, distributors, retailers, and consumers seeing the Taurus brand presented in a new light, they will also see actual differences in the way we go to market. We have the right team in place, we’ve

improved our quality, we have focused on delivering product in a timely manner, and—most exciting of all—we have new products. All of this plays into the rebrand and really has us moving forward with significant momentum and energy in 2017. And this is just the beginning.” One key driver of the change, Acitelli notes, is that the old logo was designed in the pre-digital age. It not only looks dated, but it’s also difficult to incorporate into modern advertising and marketing efforts. “We felt the new mark should be able to stand alone and symbolize strength,” Acitelli says. “It also needed to be reversible when incorporated on our products. It had to be clean, modern, and prominent.” As part of that cleaning-up process, Taurus eliminated the circle, which was felt to be “too confining,” around the old logo. Doing so allows for cleaner placement on products and marketing materials. “Part of the process,” Acitelli says, “is that the logo and the company needed to mean something to customers. The new logo had to symbolize traits such as authentic, aspirational, confident, and pas-

sionate that are not only important to Taurus, but are important to our customers as well. Some might call us bull-headed, but we prefer determined. It’s in our DNA to get the job done and do it right. And we’re not backing down from what matters most—quality and reliability. This is what makes us tick. This is what makes us Taurus.” And to show that determination, Taurus is unveiling the Taurus Spectrum at the SHOT Show. “This firearm raises the bar for .380 Auto semi-automatic performance,” Acitelli says. “It also introduces neverbefore-seen designs, materials, and ideas that are sure to change the way we look at firearms.” The Taurus Spectrum is a pocket/everyday-carry .380 Auto semi-automatic pistol with a capacity of 6+1. It features a unique trigger—the Zero-Energy Striker Fired System. You’ll also notice the pistol doesn’t look like other everyday-carry models. “The colors are what really puts this introduction over the top,” Acitelli says. “We have the ability to deliver more than 70 different versions of this model.” The functionality of the firearm has been enhanced through a partnership with PolyOne and the use of a proprietary polymer. “The polymer on the slide ensures better manipulation,” Acitelli says. “Almost all other firearm designs add mass or cumbersome serrations to the slide. The Spectrum eliminates material and brings in a new technology. This means shooters of all sizes and strengths will be able to more easily and safely work the slide. The overmolded grip also ensures better purchase on the firearm, making it more userfriendly when palms get sweaty or a good grip is harder to achieve.” Maybe most important for Taurus, the Spectrum is built in the U.S. “The Taurus Spectrum is the first pistol in our line that was completely designed, sourced, and manufactured in the United States,” says Acitelli. “This is a major accomplishment for our new product development team based in Miami. Spectrum is a direct result of their hard work and intricate understanding of firearms function and what consumers demand in our market. Look for more new products to follow this introduction.” Booth #14240. (


090_SHD01_FEAT_TAUR.indd 90

1/3/17 5:45 PM

BC_055864_SBDD117P.indd 1

12/6/16 1:50 PM

f e at u r e s

Stable Stock Market Grayboe enters the high-performance stock market with an affordable fiberglass epoxy line


By Robert Sadowski ou could say the apple didn’t fall very far from the tree. Ryan McMillan, son of Kelly McMillan, of the highly regarded fiberglass stockmaker that bears the family name, recently entered the business by founding a new stock-making company he calls Grayboe. And right out of the box, he’s making his mark. Grayboe constructs fiberglass/ epoxy stocks with a special formulation that speeds up the process, thereby making it far less labor intensive. That, in turn, allows Grayboe to offer the stocks for far less than the cost of traditional fiberglass stocks while still providing the performance enhancements for which lightweight fiberglass/epoxy is known. Grayboe’s Hunter model

stock—a traditional straight comb hunting stock—starts at $299 and is currently confirmed for Remington Model 700 long actions. The more-tactical McMillan A5-style stock with a vertical pistol grip is called the Renegade, and it starts at $349. It is available in Remington Model 700 long and short actions. Both are nearly half the cost of fiberglass stocks currently available. McMillan says it took two years “of intense R&D on the epoxyformulation-molding process” before the first production models saw light last spring. Right away, the price point and quality attracted the attention of Remington, and soon thereafter Grayboe began working with Remington to produce a lightweight yet nearly indestructible stock for Big Green’s Model 700 long action and the American

Wilderness Rifle. McMillan says the process was humbling. “If you can get on board—right out of the box— with a company like Remington, which has a stringent engineering process, that says a lot.” McMillan also reveals that three other big players in the consumer rifle market are now in talks with Grayboe. “It’s too early to name brands, but all have the clout of Remington,” he says. As for marketing strategy, McMillan says Grayboe is targeting the OEM and the rifle-builder market with a product that offers a high-quality off-the-shelf option with low cost and very short lead times. The company is also looking to distribute to the commercial market. “We spend an equal amount of time and energy on both of these markets,” he says, “but we see the

The Outlander stock in three camo versions, top to bottom: ATACS, Woodland Transition, and Kuiu. Grayboe uses a special epoxy-formulation-molding process to speed production.

volume of our business coming from OEMs.”

How Does He Do It?

➤ The process Grayboe uses is unique. “I don’t know of another manufacturer that uses an epoxyinjection-mold process,” says McMillan. Injection molding with polymers is not new; what is new is Grayboe’s use of an epoxy formulation in the injection-molding process. “There is really good science behind injection plastics,” he says. “With epoxy formulas, there are a lot of challenges to overcome. Cure time and the thick viscosity are just two among many.” The process and the formulation are proprietary, but in essence Grayboe injections are a two-part epoxy with fiberglass and other ingredients to gain the properties in the stock that are desired, such as strength. The stock is then cured through a company-owned process and then the mold is reused quickly. In that way Grayboe has vastly decreased the entire manufacturing time compared to that of a traditional manufactured fiberglass/epoxy stock. “The process allows us to maximize our time and come out with a really great product,” says McMillan. Unlike many polymer-andcomposite-stock manufacturers that use an aluminum bedding block, Grayboe goes a different route. McMillan says that the block is used as a supplement in polymer and composite stocks to make up for those materials’ inferior characteristics. “We had a customer who was using a polymer stock with an aluminum bed-

The Grayboe Renegade stock line also comes in various camo versions to suit customers’ tastes.

ding block and was getting so-so accuracy. When he switched to a Grayboe stock, the groups from the same barrel action shrunk by half, using the same ammo. The reason why an epoxy-based stock can deliver this performance is because an epoxy stock will bend, but it doesn’t break. It then goes back to exactly the same position. Other materials don’t have these types of properties.” Epoxy-based stocks also dissipate felt recoil better than other materials. “The stock absorbs the energy and dissolves it,” McMillan says. “Aluminum is stiff and doesn’t bend, so it transfers the energy through the stock and into your shoulder.” Grayboe doesn’t just have its eye on bolt-action rifle stocks, though it will debut a series of other hunting and tactical models in 2017. The manufacturer has set its sights on the long game because the process can be applied to nearly any product made from aluminum or plastic. Booth #13772. (


092_SHD01_FEA_GRY.indd 92

1/3/17 5:47 PM



Introducing the Caracal Enhanced F, full-size striker-fired semiautomatic 9mm pistol. Completely redesigned for 2017, the Enhanced F retains the same class-leading shooting characteristics and all the exterior dimensions of the original Model F, plus a few new upgrades. Made in the USA.


BC_055561P_SBDD117P.indd 1


11/28/16 1:53 PM


The MSR 15 Patrol is an entry-level AR. Driven by a midlength impingement system, it features the .223 Wylde chamber. It also has a dependable mil-spec trigger.

Soothsaying, Secrets, and Sales Savage unveils a new line of modern sporting rifles


By Richard Mann s the guy who writes up all the new guns for SHOT Daily, I’m precluded from participating in SHOT Show soothsaying, the annual pre-show ritual of predictions concerning what new guns will be introduced and which companies will offer them. However, I am engaged in a covert, alternate reality in which I must persuade manufacturers to tell me their secrets, all the while promising to keep them as such for three months. The secret that Savage will be offering MSRs was hard to uncover—and just as hard to keep.

Savage built its modern brand by offering accurate rifles at an affordable price. Somewhat surprisingly, the manufacturer never participated in the AR frenzy that has swept the nation during the last decade. Maybe Savage was

waiting until it could produce MSRs that were better, more useful, and easier to customize. Or maybe it held its cards until ready to offer something that, as Savage’s point man, Bill Dermody, says, “reflects the next phase of

AR15 evolution and aren’t just knockoffs of an old design.” For 2017, Savage will offer four MSRs: two AR15- and two AR10-style rifles. All feature button-rifled barrels with accuracyenhancing 5R rifling and a long-

lasting Melonite QPQ finish inside and out. “These are highperformance barrels you’d have to buy as an upgrade with standard AR15s,” Dermody says. As you would expect, these barrels are installed like the barrels on all Savage rifles, with obsessive attention to precise headspace control.

MSR 15 Patrol ➤

The MSR 15 Recon (top) has a 16-inch barrel with a .223 Wylde chamber. Like the Patrol, it will accept all standard AR accessories, from all manufacturers, including the variety of tactical accessories from Savage’s sister company, Blackhawk. The .308 Winchester MSR 10 Hunter (bottom) sports a 16-inch barrel and weighs just 7.5 pounds. The 6.5 Creedmoor chambering has an 18-inch barrel. Both models are lightweight and have plenty of power for all North American big game.

The Patrol is Savage’s entrylevel AR. It features the .223 Wylde chamber that allows shooters to safely enjoy optimal accuracy from .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO ammunition. It is driven by a mid-length directimpingement system. And as Dermody points out, “This isn’t a starter AR—it’s loaded.” It has a dependable mil-spec trigger and an A-frame gas block front sight with a Blackhawk rear sight. It also features all-new Blackhawk furniture with great ergonomics. Out of the box, it’s set up for serious shooters. It has a 16-inch barrel and a fixed front sight. SRP: $849.

MSR 15 Recon ➤

The Savage Recon also has a 16-inch barrel with a .223 Wylde


094_SHD01_FEAT_SAV_MSR.indd 94

1/4/17 12:02 PM


Enter for a chance to win a free pair of Rocky boots – we’ll select a winner each day of the show! BOOTH 11340 #ROCKYBOOTS

To enter take a picture with any of our floor decals and post it to Instagram Instagram® with #Rockyboots, or on Facebook® @rockyboots, #Rockyboots for a chance to win a free pair of boots! Take a picture with one of the special decals with the sticker seen here and you’ll also be entered into the ‘Boots 4 Life’ contest!


Come by booth 11340 to check out the new Rocky® C7 lightweight commercial military boots or our new Venator camo! ShotShow_ad_2017.indd 1 BC_056184_SBDD117P.indd 1

12/12/16 4:58 PM 12/13/16 10:32 AM


Purpose-built for long-range shooting, the MSR 10 Long Range has a two-stage target trigger and boasts 5-shot minute-ofangle accuracy. Available in .308 Win. and 6.5 Creedmoor.

chamber. Like the Patrol, it will accept all standard AR accessories, from all manufacturers, including the variety of tactical accessories from Savage’s sister company, Blackhawk. Upgrades include a Blackhawk Blaze trigger, a 12-inch free-floating hand guard, and a Blackhawk buttstock, pistol grip, and flip-up sights. It also has a stylish gas block and a custom-forged lower receiver for a decidedly different look. SRP: $999.

MSR 10 Hunter ➤

With the new MSR 10s, Savage tailored its barrels to the cartridge and purpose. The .308

Winchester MSR 10 Hunter sports a 16-inch barrel and weighs just 7.5 pounds. The 6.5 Creedmoor chambering has an 18-inch barrel. Lightweight and with plenty of power for all North American big game, the MSR 10 Hunter’s trigger receives secondary grinding and a painstaking polishing to help with precision shot placement. It also has a proprietary target chamber, an adjustable gas block, and the ergonomic Blackhawk pistol grip and backup sights. Understanding these rifles might not be used just for hunting, they also have an M-lok forend, to allow for tactical accessorization. SRP: $1,399.

MSR 10 Long Range ➤

Purpose-built for long-range shooting, the new MSR 10 Long Range boasts 5-shot minute-ofangle accuracy. It’s fitted with the Blackhawk Blaze two-stage target trigger and an adjustable gas block. Available in .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmoor, the .308 version has a 20-inch barrel and the Creedmoor a 22-inch barrel. Both have a Magpul PRS target-adjustable buttstock. This rifle has a side-charging handle that’s infinitely easier to operate than standard rearcharging configurations when shooting from a prone position

or with larger tactical riflescopes. SRP: $2,199. I didn’t foresee Savage’s leap into the MSR market, but when I got an early look at the rifles, I did venture a bit of prophecy (which I can only reveal now that the cat’s out of the bag): These rifles, just like all Savage rifles, will sell very, very well. Back when the AR trend first began sweeping the nation, I coined the phrase “America’s Rifle” as a true representation of the “AR” acronym. Bill Dermody has now coined another phrase that might catch on, too. He says “MSR” now stands for “Modern Savage Rifle.” Booth #14551. (


UNMATCHED ACCURACY & VERSATILITY The new Howa Chassis Rifle (HCR) features endless customization options with its CNC-machined aluminum billet chassis and stunning out-of-the-box accuracy.

Visit us at booth #3036 094_SHD01_FEAT_SAV_MSR.indd 96



1/4/17 12:02 PM

f e at u r e s

Kids & Clays Supports Families In Need


rom humble beginnings in 1999—when Glenn and Kathy Lubeznik, McDonald’s owner/operators in northwest Indiana, chaired the first annual Sporting Clays Tournament Event, which generated $16,000 to benefit the Chicago Ronald McDonald House—Kids & Clays has expanded exponentially. To date, it has raised more than $15 million through sporting clays, trap, and skeet events while also raising awareness of the important services Ronald McDonald House Charities provides.

The latest industry organization to step up to the plate is the National Shooting Sports Foundation. NSSF was a major sponsor at two sporting clays fundraiser shoots last fall. The 2016 Inaugural Ronald McDonald House of Connecticut Sporting Clays Tournament attracted 80 shooters and tremendous club support at Fairfield County Fish & Game Protective Association in Monroe, Connecticut. Through sponsorships, entry fees, and generous bidding for auction items, funds were raised to help support the construction of a new Ronald McDonald House in New Haven, Connecticut. NSSF also was a sponsor at a sporting clays shoot at Ten Mile River Preserve in Dover Plains, New York, benefiting the Ronald McDonald House

097_SHD01_FEA_KIDS.indd 97

of Greater Hudson Valley. “We are extremely proud as an organization and as an industry to assist Kids & Clays in making these fundraising events a success,” says NSSF president and CEO Steve Sanetti. “What a good feeling it is to be part of efforts that support the important services Ronald McDonald House Charities provides to children and their families. We want more people to know about both Kids & Clays and Ronald McDonald House.” Ronald McDonald Houses across the country serve as a “home away from home” for children and families during treatment at nearby hospitals and healthcare facilities. The goal is to not only provide close access to medical care, but also to keep families close together during

Kids & Clays sporting clays tournaments help support families in need.

such challenging times. “NSSF continues to make a very large difference in the lives of many within and outside of the shooting sports industry,” says Doug Jeanneret, executive direc-

tor of the Kids & Clays Foundation. “Countless families and their critically ill children are benefiting from their support.” Booth #2520. (kidsandclays. com)

1/4/17 12:03 PM

f e at u r e s

A Boost in Power

Midland upgrades its MicroMobile line


wo-way radios are not only convenient, they can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. Midland Radio has been producing quality radios for years, so it has the accumulated expertise to do it right. This year at SHOT Show, the company is introducing its newest two-way radio, the MXT115 MicroMobile.

The company made big waves in the 4x4, overlanding, side-byside/UTV, and hunting and fish-

ing markets when it first released its MXT100 MicroMobile. The unit outperformed CB radios,

delivering outstanding range and clarity, and ease of use. “When we launched the original MicroMobile product, enthusiasts loved it for its power, range, and compact size,” says Whitney Thomas, Midland Radio product manager. “We knew then we were onto something and looked for ways to build even more performance into the MicroMobile platform.” Midland has now upgraded its original unit with the new MXT115 MicroMobile. The radio employs eight repeater channels and 15 watts of power. The compact Midland MXT115 MicroMobile two-way radio features 10 NOAA weather channels with weather alerts.

(Handheld radios are typically 0.5 to 2 watts, and the original MXT100 was 5 watts.) This 10-watt power boost will drastically increase the radio’s range as compared with similar radios. The MXT115 MicroMobile features 10 NOAA weather channels with weather alerts and weather scan. In addition, the new radio features a USB charging port built into the unit’s face, allowing consumers to charge any electronic device—or their handheld Midland radios—from a vehicle. The radio is also compact, allowing it to be mounted nearly anywhere. A magnetic antenna mount provides longerrange communications with little or no obstruction. Other features include channel scan, programmable squelch, keypad lock, monitor mode, keystroke tones, backlit display, and silent operation. The MXT115 MicroMobile two-way radio is also compatible with most other GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) radios. SRP: $149.99. Booth #1046. (midlandusa. com) —W.H. Gross


26005 - S-TAC 2.5-17.5X56IRMOA

098_SHD01_FEA_MID.indd 98

1/3/17 6:01 PM

BC_055904_SBDD117P.indd 1

12/7/16 3:10 PM

f e at u r e s

By Design

At Timney Triggers, precision is everything By Jonathan Owen


n 1946, there were plenty of veterans whose favorite firearm was their service rifle. Back then, just as now, owners wanted to make those rifles better, especially the trigger. And, just like today, owners asked for a simple, reliable, crisp trigger that didn’t need a gunsmith to install it. Allen Timney saw the need and got to work on demilitarized Mausers, Springfields, and Enfield P-14 and P-17 rifles. Timney’s 25,000-squarefoot facility contains five new hightech CNC machines.


Quality Range systems with safety in mind backed by our outstanding customer service Call Us Toll Free: 800-370-0712

100_SHD01_FEA_TIM.indd 100

When Timney was ready to retire in 1981, he sold to the Vehrs, Paul and Rosemary. The Vehrs expanded the business, opening up international markets. They also brought their son, John, to work. Now he owns the company. Having worked virtually every job there, John discovered firsthand the strong and weak points in the trigger-manufacturing process. He understood that humans could be both, so he created a workflow process that took advantage of what humans did well and compensated for their fail points. Today, Timney is a unique marriage of high tech and high touch. Sitting on a sparkling white floor in the 25,000-square-foot facility, sophisticated five-axis CNC machines with robotic tenders crank out trigger components 24 hours a day, five days a week. This is precision, repeated over and over again, whether the Timney team is at work or at home asleep. The process turns a weak point into a foundational key to producing perfect parts. But triggers are for touching, and a machine can’t judge how a trigger should feel, much less how a Timney trigger should feel. So the perfected parts are handed off to trigger assemblers, people who pull them thousands of times a day. They are trained to know exactly how a Timney should feel, whether it’s going into an AR15, a treasured .22 rimfire, or a precision bolt-action hunting rifle. Assembly and testing occurs in the same room, and every trigger is tested in a real action for the gun for which it was designed. So, when you receive your Timney and install it in your Remington 700 rifle, you know your trigger has already has been tested 20 to 30 times in a Remington 700 action by an experienced technician. Timney produces 2,000 triggers a week, or 400 per day. That’s more than 100,000 annually. Not counting the robots, Timney employs 20 people, which works out to 5,200 triggers per employee per year. The all-time best seller is the Remington 700 series. No surprise there, given the remarkable number of those rifles in use. Currently, Timney makes seven triggers for the Remington 700. In something of a departure for Timney, two of these are two-stage triggers. The hottest sellers right now are the AR triggers—again, no surprise there. Six such triggers are now in the lineup: two for AR10 variants and four for AR15s. Two of the AR15 triggers are two-stage triggers, which Timney introduced last year. Spanning a growing number of trigger models, you’ll see the “Calvin Elite” moniker, named for Calvin Motley, the man behind several award-winning triggers. These are the best of the best. Trigger shoes and sears are made from carbon-nitrided tool steel, a process that yields a super-slick, super-hard finish. The current Timney factory is located in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, within a mile of numerous other industry players. So check the “Made in America” box along with the “high tech” and “high touch” boxes when you’re selling them to your customers. Booth #1846. (

1/4/17 12:07 PM

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11/29/16 3:55 PM


Radical Departure

CRKT’s Homefront just might change the face of field knives forever By Christopher Cogley

The Homefront is a workhorse knife that completely disassembles in the field, allowing the user to clean it and then quickly put it back together.


ometimes the simplest ideas can be the most complicated concepts to carry out. On those rare occasions when the especially determined and exceptionally talented designers figure out a way to transform those concepts into actual products, however, those seemingly simple ideas have the potential to radically raise the bar on expectations and forever change the way people view a particular product category. Renowned knife designer Ken Onion and the team at Columbia River Knife and Tool weren’t necessarily looking to create a new knife category when they set out to design the CRKT Homefront, which they launched late last year. They were simply looking for a way to develop a versatile workhorse of a knife that was easy for people to field-strip. What they delivered, however, was a knife that might very well change everything.

“With most folders, if I’ve just gutted a moose, I’m probably not going to want use the same knife to spread peanut butter on my crackers at lunch,” Onion says. “But you should be able to, right? I mean, if you look at most of the things a soldier carries into the field, he can take them apart, clean them thoroughly, and put them back together without any tools. Why not a knife?” It was that motivation that drove Onion and the team at CRKT to want to create a knife that could be taken apart, cleaned, and put back together in the field without any tools. It might seem like a simple idea, but the practical application proved to be anything but. “We worked with Ken and came up with several ways to make it work, but we could never figure out how to create something for mass production,” says Doug Flagg, vice president of sales and marketing for CRKT. “We truly believed in the concept, though. So about three

years ago, we made it a priority, and Ken dedicated himself to figuring out how to make it work.” Onion and CRKT went through the arduous process of trying to materialize an idea from concept to reality. There were the usual ups and downs, successes and failures. Each solution led to new problems, but the biggest challenge the team faced was one of simplicity. “Folding knives seem so simple, but the reality is that there are a ton of moving parts working together that the average consumer will never see,” Flagg says. “We had to figure out how to incorporate all those moving parts in a way that they were completely contained within the knife. You can’t have screws and other small parts falling out in the field when people are trying to clean it.” The design also had to be intuitive. If it required a user’s manual in the field, there wouldn’t be too many people who would be too eager to attempt the disassembly, no matter how much


102_SHD01_NEWS_CRKT.indd 102

they wanted to get it cleaned. “When you are introducing an entirely new concept into the market, the first generation needs to be so obvious that everyone can understand what it is and how to use it just by looking at it,” Onion says. “We knew from the beginning that was what we had to accomplish with this design.” The challenge wasn’t coming up with a solution; it was coming up with a solution that could be manufactured with consistent results. This proved especially difficult with the knife’s pivot point. “You can’t have any blade play at all. It can’t wiggle. But it also can’t be so tight that it doesn’t open smoothly every time. It’s a big challenge,” Onion says. “I probably had 20 different ways to do it, but the manufacturability was the problem. You had to be able to replicate it and have it work One challenge was to design a system that allowed easy opening but created no blade play in the process.


1/4/17 12:08 PM

BC_055924_SBDD117P.indd 1

12/7/16 4:24 PM


the same way every time. That’s not an easy thing to accomplish when you’re looking at mass-producing something like this.” To accomplish that daunting task, Onion went to the factories and worked with the manufacturing experts to figure out a way to turn his ideas into realistic solutions that could be consistently reproduced. “We got mad at each other, and we yelled, and cussed, and threw things. But then, finally, we figured it out,” Onion says. The solution came in the form of a small switch on the outside of the Homefront’s pivot point. By sliding the locking lever to one side and rotating the wheel at the base of the knife, the handles separate, leaving you with three easy-to-clean pieces.

Simple. And Yet… ➤

“The applications are endless,” Flagg says. “This concept is going to go across

every category—from tactical and hunting to everyday carry. This is going to change them all.” It’s not too difficult to see how easily that statement could become a reality, given how intuitive and effective the initial design is. When it’s fully assembled, the Homefront sports clean lines and a simple design. And with only three pieces to contend with, the knife doesn’t become much more complicated when it’s taken apart. Created to resemble the bayonet-style knives from WWI, the Homefront has a 3.5-inch blade that’s made from AUS 8 steel and features aluminum handles with a textured grip. And while these materials and this design seemed particularly fitting for the knife that introduced an entirely new concept to the market, Flagg says customers can expect the field-strip technology to soon be available in a wide range of blade types and handle materials. Several of these new designs that help take the con-

Designer Ken Onion says the trick to creating the Homefront was to come up with a design that could be easily mass-produced.

cept to the next level are available at SHOT Show this year, and additional applications will continue to hit the market for years to come. “Our vision is that this concept becomes a category all its own,” Flagg says. “Ken Onion did it before, when he

came up with the assistedopening knife, and I really believe that he just did it again with the field-strip knife.” Not bad for a couple of ideas that seem to be so simple. Not bad at all. Booth #15732. (


102_SHD01_NEWS_CRKT.indd 104

1/3/17 6:11 PM

See the latest in innovation from FLIR, booth #248.

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12/14/16 4:38 PM


Boyd’s offers wood stocks for more than 1,200 models, and each is a great way to dress up a firearm with an accessory sale.

Easy Upgrade

Boyds can quickly turn a run-of-the-mill stock into a one-of-a-kind shooter By Phil Bourjaily


oyds has been making gunstocks since 1981, and today offers furniture for more than 1,200 models. The walnut and laminate stocks begin at $129, making them the industry’s best deal in a wooden aftermarket stock. You can dress up almost any gun— including, of course, popular project guns like the Ruger 10/22, AR15, and Mosin-Nagant—but Boyds can accommodate almost any other long gun you can think of.

I recently had Boyds make a stock for my Savage 212 turkey gun after I decided to ditch the factory synthetic and dress the gun up in walnut. I was able to choose from among several custom options and upgrades, including a fleur-de-lis checkering pattern and black forend tip and grip cap. The stock arrived fully finished, and I dropped my barreled action into it in five minutes, making my run-of-the-mill production gun into a one-of-a-kind shooter for very little effort or money. Operating out of a 50,000-square-foot factory in Mitchell, South Dakota, Boyds tests each pallet load of blanks for moisture content, rejecting any that don’t fall within 2 percent of their standard. They are able to mill the blanks to 1/10,000 of an inch tolerances as they turn them into stocks of Boyds own design. Even though they offer many options to the consumer, they can make and deliver a stock, on average, in three weeks. Randy and Sheila Boyd own the operation, which had its beginnings when Randy’s gunsmith father had a heart attack. Randy took over his father’s shop near Geddes, South Dakota, in 1981, working in an old grain storage building heated only by a wood-burning stove during the harsh Dakota winters. Randy began making stocks to expand his gunsmithing business, and as the stocks became more popular, he switched to being a full-time stockmaker. Today Boyds offers stocks directly to consumers, through its network of dealers, and as OEM products. “We’re here at SHOT to reach the tens of thousands of dealers and the many hundreds of gun manufacturers, and let them know that Boyds Gunstocks are superior in form and function, as well as price and selection, to any other gunstock manufacturer on the planet,” says Boyds’ Richard Hoffarth. “Boyds already makes gunstocks for several gun manufacturers, and we would like to make stocks for more gun manufacturers. We want gun dealers to know that we offer good margins on our stocks, giving them an opportunity to satisfy their customers with a gunstock upgrade that makes the gun more accurate as well as far more functional in fit.” New for this year are stocks for the Savage A22 and the Howa 1500 Mini. Booth #2621. (



The Petzl Tactikka Core headlamp is ideal for close-up work, such as fielddressing an elk after sundown. But its mixed-beam design can also provide a wide beam when hiking out in the dark. A red stealth beam also protects night vision. The unit is powered by a rechargeable Core battery via a standard USB port. It also is compatible with AAA/LR03 batteries (not included) without an adaptor. SRP: $59.95. Booth #30307. (

106_SHD01_NEWS_BOYDS.indd 106

1/3/17 6:16 PM

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12/19/16 1:05 PM


Gear Head Works Debuts Tailhook


very year at SHOT Show, there’s a breakout company. In its second year exhibiting at SHOT, Gear Head Works might just be this year’s standout. Known for its innovative bullpup rifle upgrades, Gear Head Works is launching a series of patent-pending arm braces unlike anything else on the market. Dubbed the Tailhook, the braces look as good as they perform.

All three Tailhook models are rigid. Two are injection-molded, and the third is machined aircraft-grade aluminum. When viewed from the rear, the Tailhook is a 5 ½-inch-long ellipse formed from two halves joined by a hinge at the bottom and a push button latch at the top. One side attaches to the buffer tube. When the release latch is pressed, the other side rotates downward 90 degrees, forming an L shape instead of the ellipse. The lower arm of the L goes under the shooter’s forearm, providing support and stability. The still-vertical side of the L sits against the inside of the forearm, mitigating side-to-side movement. Because the L shape rests with the concave sides of the ellipse against the forearm, it is quite comfortable. This combination offsets the weight of the firearm better than anything else I’ve ever seen. When used as designed, better accuracy is the immediate payoff. You’ll find three models of the Tailhook displayed at the booth. Mod 1 is the machinedaluminum model. It simply clamps to a round

Three versions of the patent-pending Tailhook arm brace are at SHOT Show.

pistol buffer tube or any round adapter with an outside diameter of 1.18 to 1.20 inches. Because there is no defined front and back, it is configurable as either right- or left-handed and can be switched from one to the other. A limited-rotation QD sling point is machined into the stationary side of the ellipse that attaches to

the buffer tube. SRP: just under $100. Mod 2 is injection-molded and telescopes much like a typical AR15 stock. This allows for more compact storage options and lets shooters match their arm length to the brace. It comes with a castle nut, receiver-end plate, and proprietary buffer tube that prevents a rifle buttstock from being mounted. The first production run is tailored to right-handed shooters. SRP should be under $200. Mod 3 is another telescoping model. Made of machined aluminum, it has the added flexibility of a PDW design. Like a number of PDW-style stocks on the market, the Mod 3 Tailhook attaches to a pistol configuration via two rails. SRP has yet to be determined. Also on display are Tailhooks in use on Kriss SDP, CZ Scorpion, Uzi Pro, and an HK MP5 (full-size telescoping A3 style). You’ll also find some of Gear Head Works’ most successful products to date, including the patented Tavor FLEx swivel and the Scorpion reverse safety and fast paddle magazine release. Booth #3464. ( —Jonathan Owen





INTRODUCING THE NEW BATON MULTI-TOOL SERIES The Batons are about the same dimensions as the common ink marker and open up to reveal a variety of tools. See for yourself at booth #425

108_SHD01_NEWS_GRHD.indd 108

1/3/17 6:21 PM

FEEDS ON ALMOST ANYTHING WITH A RAIL. OVER 150 PISTOLS. ONE HOLSTER. You don’t need a different holster for every handgun. Omnivore locks on to virtually any handgun with an accessory rail—light-bearing or not. And releases on command with an intuitive thumb release. It’s the next generation of retention.


Multi-Fit with Level 2 Retention

BC_055969_SBDD117P.indd 1

Adjustable, 3-Position Thumb Release

Compatible with BLACKHAWK! Holster Mounting Platforms

Available in Light-Bearing Models



12/9/16 12:18 PM


The Value of a Name

With licensed products, the key is quality and performance By Slaton L. White


randed ancillary products are big business. It’s a cost-effective way for a company to extend the reach of its brand without having to add expensive factory floor space. The issue is finding the right licensing company so the products they develop reflect the values of the company that granted the license. It’s harder than it seems, but one company that has mastered the process is Utahbased Signature Products Group (SPG). “We do a lot of things with a lot of companies,” says Steve McGrath, SPG’s director of marketing and public relations. “In the shooting sports arena, we partner with Mossy Oak, Ducks Unlimited, and Realtree, among others. But our biggest relationship is with Browning. It’s a trusted name in the outdoors, a name synonymous with innovation and commitment to excellence. So, the products we create for them have to reflect that. And they do.”

For 2017, SPG is rolling out three new Browning-branded product categories: footwear, socks, and pet accessories. “The re-introduction of the Browning footwear line is a big deal,” McGrath says. “Back in the day, Browning was the first to come out with a lightweight upland boot—the legendary Kangaroo Featherweight.” The new hunting line will consist of three categories—big game, upland, and rubber. The

NEW Skeletonized front rest has non-marring material

big dog in the big-game category is the Buck Shadow. “This will be the signature boot, a lightweight 8-incher built for the spot-and-stalk hunter in demanding backcountry terrain, where light weight, stealth, and complete waterproof protection are essential,” he says. McGrath notes that the trend toward lighterweight boots continues to evolve. “Anyone can go lighter; that’s not the issue. Maintaining

NEW non-marring rear cradle with Shock Eliminator Technology rear pad

Non marring front and rear cradle 3” of front elevation

Precision “no wobble” elevation ram keeps you on target.

Cam over front rest locks

Adjustable weight tray accommodates a variety of weight types, including 25 lbs. barbell weights or lead shot bags.

quality and performance, that’s the fine line. I think we’ve struck a great balance with the Buck Shadow. We’ve got a lightweight boot that’s structured so it can handle the heavy loads when big-game hunters pack out. As for durability, we’re using topnotch materials, and we expect it to last. It is not a one-season boot.” The Buck Shadow will be available in three versions (one uninsulated and two insulated boots) with four camo options. The boots utilize modern technology such as Ortholite open-cell foam for long-lasting cushioning; OutDry, a patented lamination process that bonds the waterproof membrane directly to the boot’s outermost layer; and RidgeTrak outsole patterns, which help the hunter negotiate challenging terrain. “We like to say with this re-introduction that the boots will be where tradition meets innovation,” McGrath says. There will also be a footwear lifestyle line, consisting of a variety of trail hiking shoes that will reflect the quality for which Browning is known. Socks are an important piece of the footwear puzzle, too. “You can have a great pair of boots, but a pair of ill-fitting socks will ruin your day,” he says. “We will be delivering sized wool socks; it won’t be a one-size-fits-all deal. I would recommend that a retailer who sells a pair of Buck Shadows take two minutes to explain to the customer why he also needs to invest in quality socks. It makes all the difference in the world.” The pet products range from dog leashes and collars to vests. “Dogs are a huge part of the life of hunters and guides,” McGrath says. “They’re really family members, every bit as important to them as their children and spouses. On the performance side, you’ll see products normally found at waterfowl and upland lodges. Sized-tofit neoprene vests in appropriate camo for the duck blind and blaze-orange vests for a pheasant field. The casual line will consist of tastefully done accessories, because not everyone wants camo 24/7. One example is leather collars with the Buckmark logo—just another way for a guy to express his passion for the outdoors.” Booth #10744. (

1” of rear elevation Rigid steel tube frame

BOOTH: 12524

NEW Skeletonized front rest has non-marring material Windage adjustment

Up to 2.5” of elevation adjustment with oversized wheel on smooth ball bearings

NEW non-marring rear cradle with Shock Eliminator Technology rear pad Fingertip rear elevation adjustment

Rubber tipped feet offer no-skid support on any surface

Baffled tray keeps lead shot bags in place and holds up to 100 lbs. of lead shot - also holds weight bags full of sand or other media

The lightweight Browning Buck Shadow will be available in three versions with four camo options.

Battenfeld Brands • Designed with Precision • Engineered for Excellence • 573.445.9200

110_SHD01_NEWS_SPG.indd 110

1/3/17 6:28 PM

FN 15 5™ DMR R III



THE WORLD’S MOST BATTLE-PROVEN FIREARMS.™ Re - t hough t a nd re - e ngine e re d, t he FN 15™ I I f a mil y fe ature s t h e a l l -n e w F N H a n d g u a r d S y s t e m w i t h M - LO K a n d a u n i q u e b a r re l nu t t h a t e limin a te s t he ne e d f o r g a s t ub e a lignme n t . Born of the battleeld and trusted by the U.S. Military, these latestt versio ons of the FN 15™ plat form m have no equal. Own authentic. Own depend dable. Own legendary y. Own one of the world’s most bat t le e -ttes s te d f ire a r ms.


BC_055951_SBDD117P.indd 1

12/9/16 11:51 AM


James Marcotuli

President and CEO, Remington Outdoor Company

The Man at the Helm of Big Green Remington’s CEO reflects on the past and looks toward the future


By John B. Snow ames “Marco” Marcotuli has embarked on a journey that has taken him from a small town in western Pennsylvania, where he worked in his family’s business, to the top job at Remington, which celebrated its 200th anniversary last year. I caught up with the 57-year-old during a break in his busy schedule in order to ask about his plans for the company, which has weathered tumultuous change in recent years. Marco has plotted a course that focuses on building a foundation of solid business practices rather than making high-profile new-product announcements.

He believes this quiet approach to reconfiguring Remington, and its affiliated brands under the Remington Outdoor Company (formerly known as Freedom Group), will set the stage for profits and growth as Remington enters its third century of operation.

other areas of business we’re in step two.

SD: What about Marlin, which experienced production delays after the transition to Ilion?

JM: We got out in front of our skis some with a lot of strategic projects and initiatives, and we moved a bit too fast while we were chasing the consumer demand during the surge. The Marlin transition was an example of moving a bit too fast and needing different quality processes to be installed before we moved [production from North Haven, Connecticut, to Ilion].

SHOT Daily: What’s your take on Remington’s 200th anniversary?

James Marcotuli: I try to put in perspective how long ago 200 years was. When we look back, our flag only had 15 stars, we only had 18 states, and James Madison was our fourth president. It was a long time ago. It’s truly a historic milestone and a testament to the pride that goes all the way back to our founder, Eliphalet Remington II. We are the oldest continuing manufacturing company in the United States. And we’re still building great products. All American-made with American workers.

SD: How has Remington benefited from the Marlin experience?

JM: With the move to Huntsville, we took the

SD: How do you view Remington’s modern-day mission?

JM: Our mission is kind of simple. It is to have employees, customers, and shareholders say we’re a great team. You’ll notice the order I mentioned there: employees first, then customers, then lastly shareholders. Because really we believe that employees are mission-critical to providing quality products that deliver a strong value for the customers’ money.

SD: What are some of the challenges facing the company?

JM: We currently have some brand tarnish. Some of it has been self-inflicted and some of it may just be perceived. But regardless it’s our reality and we’ve gone to work on fixing it. The reality wasn’t created overnight, and it will take a lot of hard work and some time to fix. There are some early signs of progress taking shape: the RM380 and the V3 and the Marlin 336, even. We’ve also seen some great success in some of our acquisitions. Barnes is

James Marcotuli, CEO of Remington, is revamping the firearms giant by focusing on soild business practices.

a great example of that.

SD: What needs to happen to get the company back on track? JM: The plan has three basic steps. Step one is to build the core processes and the systems that most people would probably call blocking and tackling. And step two is to build the monitoring tools and institutionalize those core processes in step one to be second nature or instinct-like behaviors. Step three represents those big, company-wide, life-changing-type strategic initiatives. We’re really not going to start those until we have consistent, predictable results as proclaimed by our employees and customers. For right now we’re intensely focused on the core processes that cause sustainable results. In some areas we’re in step one and in


112_SHD00_NEWS_5MW_marc.indd 112

lessons learned from Marlin and this time we got a lot more in front of, and a lot more focused on, quality, and spent time installing quality control in each of the manufacturing steps. And we made sure we had those things locked down before we moved or launched anything. The manufacturing lines in Huntsville are some of our best now, and we’re migrating some of those best practices and processes to Ilion. This is nothing really fancy. It is just harnessing the pride of the employees to be disciplined and follow a rigorous process—whether it is a launch process or a manufacturing startup process.

SD: What’s the plan concerning Remington’s financial success?

JM: Profitability is really one piece of the equation. We think building our core processes and systems correctly and sticking to them are what is important. If you make sure you stick to those system fixes and process fixes, the profitability will follow. We don’t get that out of order. We don’t start with the profitability. If you have good-performing products and value, ultimately customers and profits will follow.


1/3/17 6:33 PM

BC_056293_SBDD117P.indd 1

12/15/16 12:46 PM


SD: Are the brands under the Remington Outdoor Company still for sale?

JM: We’re not for sale, and we’re really not worried about that at this time.

SD: What’s the status of the R51 pistol?

development, and manufacturing into one facility, one location. We traditionally have been decentralized, so we are able to centralize our operations in Huntsville now.

SD: What are your favorite Remington firearms?

SD: What is the future of Remington’s factory in

JM: I have two. My older favorite would be the


Model 700 my father bought me when I was a kid. And I’d say my newer favorite would be the R51. You might ask why, and I’d tell you I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in its development. I also like the size of it, the weight of it, and how I’ve seen it perform thus far.

JM: The R51 to me is really a great product.

JM: The Ilion facility and its workforce truly

A great pistol. We just launched it a little too early. We’re appreciative that all our consumers have been patient and have shown us probably more than we deserved here in terms of their patience. Our entire team has been focused on this and understands the frustration that the R51 delay caused, and we are taking steps to address this, including shifting production to Huntsville, to our new facility, where we have taken a different approach and installed more quality controls in the manufacturing process. Moving it to Huntsville did result in more of an extended delay of our re-launch, but our R51 production line is one of our best, and product development testing is yielding encouraging results. [Editor’s note: The R51 officially re-launched after this interview was conducted.]

remain a valued asset to the company. There’s a ton of experience and knowledge there. We’ve been producing Remington products in Ilion since 1816. In that time, we’ve produced more than six million Model 700s, nearly four million Model 1100s, and 11 million Model 870s. In addition, the V3 shotgun is being launched there. So it’s still a valued manufacturing asset.

SD: What was the reason for moving to Huntsville?

JM: Huntsville was an opportunity for us to consolidate engineering, marketing, business

SD: What’s your take on Remington’s evolving customer base and industry trends?

JM: We don’t really feel that the customer has changed that much. We still feel it is the person who is looking for products that provide value for their hard-earned dollars. At the same time [we’re trying to] remain relevant with some of the trends we see with [respect to] features and performance. Like everyone, we see continued growth in handguns. It’s a nice steady growth curve. The same in modern sporting rifles, and the shooting sports in general. We also see some strength in hunting products and accessories. I

don’t want to say more than this and tip our hand to the competition.

SD: How do you handle the breakneck pace of change at Remington?

JM: The first priority for me after I took the job was to connect with our employee base. So, since day one I’ve spent time at all our facilities, and now I rotate one week a month to each of them and visit pretty much all of them in a given month.

SD: What’s your connection with the outdoors and how do you unwind?

JM: I grew up dove hunting and bass fishing. My favorite tool is a chain saw. And it really doesn’t like the cedar trees out in my place in Texas. I like to drink beer, eat pretzels, and bass fish off my dock. I like to shoot, so that’s why dove hunting is my favorite. I don’t like to sit. Except when I drink beer on the dock.




With velocities up to 500 feet per second, the Air Bolt can turn your .50 caliber Dragon Claw airgun into the fastest bolt launching device on the market.

The Air Bolt unleashes 238 foot pounds of energy, more than any conventional archery device available.

Achieving 1 inch groups at 30 yards, the Air Bolt’s deadly accuracy means that you’ll get the job done, no matter what you’re aiming for.

The Air Bolt, available exclusively through Air Venturi, is a ground-breaking innovation that embodies the ideal marriage of airgunning and archery. And it’s just one of the exciting new things that the airgun world has to offer. Looking to expand your business? Look no further than Air Venturi.


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216 – 292 – 2570

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Scott Mayer Named 2016 Carl Zeiss Outdoor Writer of the Year


cott Mayer, assistant publisher/multi-media editor at Safari Club International, is the 2016 Carl Zeiss Outdoor Writer of the Year. A custom plaque recognizing his achievements and contributions to the hunting and shooting sports will be presented to him during the 2017 SHOT Show.

“Scott is an extremely gifted writer, producer, and champion of the outdoors,” says Joel Harris, head of global public relations for Carl Zeiss SBE, LLC. “He skillfully communicates the experiences with colorful insight along with accurate and in-depth technical information in a format that’s easy to digest. His passion and appreciation for the outdoors resonates throughout all of his work. We are proud to honor him with this award.” Mayer began his outdoor industry career in 1993 on the NRA technical staff, where he became American Rifleman magazine’s first shooting editor. In 2006, Mayer was named publisher of Shooting Times magazine, where he was also tasked with launching and leading Personal Defense TV, the

115_SHD00_NEWS_ZS AWD.indd 115

first television show of its kind. In 2008, Mayer returned to the editorial side of publishing, this time in the digital field, as editorial director for Guns & Ammo, Shooting Times, Handguns, and Rifleshooter online magazines, before moving to his present position with SCI. “Scott brings a lot to the table. He not only understands hunting and shooting, but he is keenly aware of the art, science, and technology of the shooting sports industry—knowledge that helps relay complex concepts to the reader in easily understandable terms,” says Steve Comus, editorin-chief, publisher, and director of publications for Safari Club International. “In addition, his knowledge and expertise in the digital world allows for SCI’s

SCI’s Scott Mayer has been recognized as the 2016 Carl Zeiss Outdoor Writer of the Year.

uncommon ability to meld print and digital together in symbiotic ways that result in more than simply the aggregate of both. Particularly impressive is his understanding of analytics in ways that enable him to figure out what works and what doesn’t—and then act on success.” Established in 2003, the Carl Zeiss Outdoor Writer of the Year Award is in its 13th year. Previous winners are: Wayne van Zwoll (2003), David Fortier (2004), David Petzal (2005), Ron Spomer (2006), John Barsness (2007), Terry Wieland (2008), Craig Boddington (2009), John Zent (2010), Andrew McKean (2011), Mike Schoby (2012), Thomas McIntyre (2013), Joseph Von Benedikt (2014), and Karen Mehall Phillips (2015).

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SJK ROLLS OUT NEW CAMO Slumberjack (SJK), known for hunting, camping, and overland gear, is further cementing its leadership role in the hunting market with the launch of its proprietary Perception DST camouflage. The cuttingedge camo pattern will be introduced on its first-ever, all-new fall 2017 apparel line. Inspired by the shadows and negative spaces of natural foliage, SJK’s Perception DST (Disruptive Shadow Technology) blends sharp outlines with blurred, shadow-like colors to effectively disrupt the human form at long range or in close quarters. By creating an illusion through depth of field and color adaptation, the pattern allows hunters to more easily blend in with varied terrain for the ultimate in concealment. “As an artist, I’ve always been intrigued by camouflage,” says Vince Mares, SJK product designer. “Even before my time in the Army, I had started collecting various camouflage patterns from all over the world. Working for SJK, I was excited to get an opportunity to create a camouflage pattern of my own design from the ground up. After an exploration of various

graphic-based patterns, I found that nature itself had the best solution with its shapes, colors, and shadows.” The new fall 2017 apparel line consists of four core pieces; a rainjacket and pants and a DriDown and synthetic jacket. Fully featured and equipped with Perception DST camouflage, each piece is made with “quiet touch” fabrics and DWR finishes to keep hunters undetectable and dry in the field. Built to be packable, SJK’s apparel line fits easily into day or overnight packs. For hunts where the forecast calls for rain, snow, or both, SJK offers the Windage jacket (SRP: $179.95) and pants (SRP: $149.95). A three-layer waterproof/breathable laminate sheds rain and melting snow while allowing internal moisture to escape. Articulation in the elbows, knees, and crotch provide outstanding mobility, while PU-coated No. 7 zippers keep out wind and rain. A relaxed, athletic cut is designed for comfort and layering. For cold-weather hunts where weight and packability are crucial, the Incog (SRP: $139.95)

SJK is introducing a new line of hunting clothing with a distinctive camo pattern.

down jacket is the perfect choice. Insulated with 600 fill-power DriDown insulation in the body and synthetic insulation in the shoulders (for durability while worn with a pack), the Incog packs and layers easily. Synthetic insulation is the way to go as it is impervious to wet weather, and the Grit (SRP: $99.95) jacket is stuffed with 60 grams of SJK’s SlumberLoft-PRO synthetic insulation. Packable, warm, and ready to take the edge off cold days in the field, the Grit is made to take hard use. Booth #10226. (


75 YEARS AGO AN AMERICAN ICON WAS SHAPED. Afififitfififififitfiwfififififififififififfififimfifififithfififijufitfififi bfififififififififiHfifitfiBufikfihfifififififithfifififitfififitfififififififi.fiUfififigfifiufififiufififififififififififififififififififififififififififififififififififififififi hfifififififtfififihfifitfififi.fiFufififififibfififfifithfififififififitfifimfififitfififififithfifififikfifivfifififigfifitfifififififfimfifififitfifififitfififi.

Once just a vision, PfifiufifififimfififififififithfifiU.S.A

now a legacy.

See it at Booth 14504

660 S. LOCHSA ST. | POST FALLS, ID 83854 | 800-326-2825 | W W W.BUCKKNIVES.COM

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and support the licensees that support the

NWTF. Like us, they’re dedicated to the conservation of the wild turkey and the preservation of our hunting heritage. BC_056299_SBDD117P.indd 1

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YOUR NEXT BRIGHT IDEA CENTERFIRE LIGHT AND LASER SIGHT With GripSense Technlogy You Choose Rapid Instant Gripsense Activation or Button Activation 1-800-LASER-03 ¥ © 2017 Lasermax, Inc. All rights reserved. Lasermax and the Lasermax logo are registered trademarks of Lasermax, Inc.


Folding Limb Saw with Sharpener

Disposable Gut Hook

Be sharp, be ready with the leader in sharpening and specialty tools. Smith’s®

SAFETY FIRST “What is your vision?” This is always his first question, says Charlie Baker, CEO of Range Systems, a Minnesotabased company that specializes in indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, modular and reconfigurable shoot houses, and private and in-home ranges. Whatever the vision, the desire for a safe shooting experience binds them and brings them to Range Systems. Range Systems doesn’t often bid projects blindly. That’s not their model. Instead, largely by word-of-mouth and digital marketing, they attract clients who want expertise and performance. The Range Systems design team first brings a client’s vision to life on paper. Then they talk budgets and, if needed, revise—without sacrificing safety. Once the client is satisfied they have the right range, Range Systems builds it. Range Systems built its name on shoot houses for the military. “Our shoot houses helped soldiers train safely in close-quarter live-fire situations with their service rounds in their service weapons,” Baker says. “We helped them achieve their missions and come home safe. And we are grateful for the opportunity.” That means something to Baker. Range Systems made the most of that first opportunity. Today their shoot houses are the industry standard, trusted by every branch of U.S. military and allied forces to boot. The company has grown from four employees to 40. And, their clientele reflects the breadth of the shooting community: about half are military, some 40 percent represent recreational ranges, and law enforcement makes up the balance. Recently, Range Systems introduced the Guardian Compact Clearing Trap (SRP: $125). At only 13 pounds and about the size of a chef’s knife block, it’s a big deal in a small package. Now in their third decade, Range Systems has evolved to meet the demands of a changing market, all the while keeping their uncompromising commitment to safety and performance. Their catalog is deep enough to build both into every project. And, for Range Systems, each one starts with the question: What is your vision? Booth #20321. ( —Shane Townsend

Field Caping Knife


provides serious solutions for the hunt, after the kill, and back at camp. Trust


Shot Show Booth #12515

The Guardian Compact Clearing Trap from Range Systems is about the size of a chef’s knife block.

Smith’s to keep you on top of your game when it’s time to perform.

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©2017 Smith's Consumer Products, Inc.

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Expanding The Horizon Smith & Wesson’s acquisition of Crimson Trace helps fund market growth By Slaton L. White

Smith & Wesson’s acquisition of Crimson Trace will help provide resources for product expansion and growth.


ast fall Smith & Wesson completed its acquisition of Crimson Trace Corporation, the industry leader in laser-sighting systems and tactical lighting for firearms. Crimson Trace has long been a key supplier of laser sighting systems for Smith & Wesson, and its award-winning innovations include the Lasergrips, Laserguard, and Rail Master platforms. Founded 22 years ago, the company has generated a 10-year compound annual revenue growth rate in excess of 10 percent, which no doubt made it attractive to Smith & Wesson. “Crimson Trace provides us with an exceptional opportunity to acquire a thriving company that is completely aligned with our strategy to become a leader in the market for shooting, hunting, and rugged outdoor enthusiasts,” said James Debney, Smith & Wesson president and CEO, when he announced the acquisition. “As the undisputed leader in the market for laser-sighting products, Crimson Trace serves as an ideal platform for our new Electro-Optics Division.” Lane Tobiassen, president and CEO of Crimson Trace, will serve as president of the new ElectroOptics Division of Smith & Wesson. “Smith & Wesson is a fullline powerful brand, and basically, it will create new opportunities for CTC,” Tobiassen says. “It’s all part of a grander strategy, using our laser-light foundation as part of the electro-optic division to open up a

118_119_SHD01_RANGE_CTC.indd 119

lot more opportunity. As for Smith & Wesson, the deal allows it to expand into other product categories in addition to those already in its portfolio. This all started when Smith & Wesson acquired BTI Tools and Taylor Brands knives. All this allows the company to evolve into a rugged outdoor-centered company through horizontal expansion.” CTC has invested heavily in the OEM business. Does Tobiassen see any issues here? “To date, there has been no effect whatsoever,” he says. “Our strategy is to continue in the same way and continue to expand on our mission to provide personal defense however we can. We are still doing business with OEMs and are adding more OEM SKUs.” Tobiassen is also confident CTC will remain where it is. “At this point, I see no change. CTC will remain in Wilsonville, Oregon, and the management and product development teams will stay in place as well. We’ll be operated as a semi-autonomous unit charged with developing innovative technology.” One big advantage that Tobiassen sees is the amount of resources S&W can bring to the table. “Smith & Wesson can give us capital for growth and for acquisition. It will allow CTC to operate in a way it couldn’t do previously, and allow us to expand our horizons and let us grow the laser sight market.” Booth #16731. (crimson

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Driving Commitment

A belief in the values of hunting and fishing help fuel the designs of Yamaha’s products By Justin Moore


ood design often begins with the recognition of a need. Yamaha Outdoors has long since understood exactly what the hunter and shooter wants in a motor product because the manufacturer itself is composed of dedicated outdoorsmen. It’s not hard to gather reliable data for new products when the people making the decisions are lining up to test accessories and products every season.

Now with more than a decade of SHOT Show experience, the manufacturer’s ties and business partnerships run deep in the industry. It works with many conservation groups, including Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation, and Safari Club International, to support safe, reliable access and open, sustainable use of our lands as well as wildlife conservation, management, and fair chase. “Through our participation at events like SHOT Show, our

many conservation and industry partners, our own Outdoor Access Initiative, and our personal passion and participation in the outdoors, Yamaha is active in the issues that matter to the outdoor community,” says Steve Nessl, the ATV and side-by-side marketing manager. In addition to its many conservation efforts, Yamaha also sponsors National Hunting and Fishing Day, and is a founding sponsor of Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA). Its own Yamaha Outdoor Access

The side-by-side market, represented by this Viking, has proved to be very popular with hunters, especially those who need to cover a lot of ground.

Initiative was founded almost 10 years ago and has since contributed millions of dollars to onthe-ground programs to support access to public lands and their safe, responsible use. Known for making durable and reliable ATV and side-byside vehicles, all of the Yamaha full-size models are built in its U.S. factory located in Newnan, Georgia. The result is thousands of American jobs designing and manufacturing products for an American market. It’s the personal experience in the field and

The Wolverine now boasts upgraded power steering and four-wheel-drive.

the focus on building specifically for hunters that allows Yamaha to excel in the outdoor market. “Yamaha makes products that are designed and manufactured here in the U.S. for hunters and shooters, and we’re proud to be more involved in the outdoors industry than any other ATV or SxS manufacturer,” Nessl says. The Wolverine R-Spec returns for 2017. It now features Yamaha’s proven Electronic Power Steering (EPS), which provides precise handling in rough terrain. It also utilizes the Ultramatic automatic transmission and On-Command fourwheel-drive. At the center of the Wolverine is a double overhead cam (DOHC) 708cc engine that provides the necessary power and torque to put you right at the front door of your blind. The Viking returns with classleading cab room and comfort, but without sacrificing the brute force and torque needed in a workhorse side-by-side. There’s enough elbow room to carry three full-size hunters, and it is wide enough to carry a fully loaded pallet weighing as much as 600 pounds in the assisted dump bed. It can also pull up to 1,500 pounds from the receiver hitch. How do you improve upon industry-leading cab room? Double it! The Viking VI offers enough seating and leg room for six adults and their gear. The Yamaha Grizzly and Kodiak are also returning for 2017 with new features and enough power for any of your hunting or recreational riding needs. Yamaha also features a full line of accessories, including gun racks, mounts, winches, soft side covers—anything that a hunter or shooter may need to outfit his ATV or side-by-side for hunting season. Booth #10243. (


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TACTIKKA CORE Regular or rechargeable batteries: Expect the unexpected.

Photo Š

Rechargeable multi-beam headlamp with red light mode Lightweight and compact, the TACTIKKA CORE provides maximum brightness, extended burn times, and includes a red stealth mode. In addition to the standard rechargeable CORE battery, this headlamp also accepts regular AAA batteries thanks to its Hybrid CONCEPT design. Expect the unexpected with your choice of two energy sources. 350 lumens. 100 hours.

BC_056385_SBDD117P.indd 1

12/19/16 12:52 PM

NEW PRODUCTS BROWNING The Crossfire 1AA USB rechargeable flashlight features a powerful (102 to 300 lumens) white LED that never needs to be replaced. It has both a two-hour and an 18-hour white light output mode and uses one 3.7-volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery or one AA alkaline battery (both Included). The USB port is protected by a rubber flap. The light is waterproof and submersible to 3 feet for 30 minutes. SRP: $54.99. Booth #15537. (

Outdoor Edge ➤ Designed

by retired bounty hunter Fugi Escobido and Outdoor Edge’s David Bloch, the Para-Claw is a paracord survival bracelet that includes a 1.5-inch hawksbill blade made from 8Cr13MoV steel with a BlackStone finish. The bracelet is adjustable and the blade locks securely into the glass/nylon guard

with a patent-pending locking mechanism. SRP: $29.95. Booth #1220. (

Traditions Performance Firearms ➤ With

a 22-inch chromoly fluted barrel, the Outfitter G2 is a light-

O U T D O O R E D G E The Para-Claw is an adjustable paracord survival

bracelet that includes a 1.5-inch hawksbill blade made from 8Cr13MoV steel with a BlackStone finish.


122_SHD01_NEWS_NPR.indd 122

mer lubricant engineered to withstand the elements in diverse climates and conditions. This year, FTI has made two important additions to its gun care chemical line: Tetra Gun Synthetic-Safe Triple Action Spray and Tetra Gun Dry Finish Lubricant. Unlike typical oil-based lubricants, Tetra Gun Dry Finish Lubricant is applied wet and then sets to a dry-like feel that is much less likely to attract buildup common in gritty conditions. Similarly, the new Tetra Gun Synthetic-Safe Triple Action Spray is an aerosol product that cleans and then evaporates, leaving a light lubricant coating on gun metals. This noninvasive formula is also gentle, and can be used safely on polymer frames. Booth #1646. (tetra

weight, easy-to-carry, and accurate break-action, single-shot centerfire rifle. In addition, the rifle weighs less than 6 pounds, and the point of balance has been moved rearward to accommodate smaller framed shooters. And, like other models in the line, the Outfitter G2 uses the transfer bar system and the trigger block safety. Available in .357 Mag., .35 Whelen, .44 Mag., .45-70, and .35 Rem. SRP: $439– $586. Booth #16532. (traditions

Adventure Medical Kits

➤ Drawing from leading experts in the field of emergency medicine, the new Mountain Series Medical Kits feature the most upto-date guidelines and medicalgrade products available for when wilderness emergencies arise. This new series features six kits, including the comprehensive Mountaineer, packed with quality supplies to treat 10 people for 28 days, to Real Avid the super-compact and ➤ Precision cut from ultralight Day non-hardened stainTripper Light Kit, less steel, the Carbon ideal for up to two Boss AR15 has been people on a day hunt. designed to clean 12 Housed in a new surfaces on the bolt trapezoidal-shaped bag carrier group. Scraping design, with darting to tools are located on provide increased volR E A L AV I D The the outside of the triume, all of the kits feaCarbon Boss AR15 angle design and can ture 2X PU-Coated cleans bolt carriers. be deployed with one 420 Denier Nylon that hand while liner locks protects the contents and detents keep them in place. A from the elements. The back of the 360-degree bronze phosphor kits now feature an exclusive kit brush is located in the middle of map that lists all supplies and clearthe tool to detail the bolt tail, and ly shows where they are located. a patent-pending brush, with The interior pockets use semibronze phosphor and nylon, transparent, lightweight nylon rotates to clean the bolt and other material and are organized and areas of the bolt carrier group. labeled according to injury, so kit SRP: $29.99. Booth #3657. users can quickly locate what they ( need. The Mountain Series kits are filled with quality components, including treatments like After Tetra Gun Care Bite, QuikClot, Easy Access ➤ FTI, Inc. pioneered synthetic Bandages, Glacier Gel, and After lubricants more than 30 years ago Burn. Available in April 2017. with its invention of the original SRP: $15–$200. Booth #3042. Tetra Gun Grease, a fluoropoly(adventuremedical


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SHOT Daily — Day 1 — 2017 SHOT Show  

SHOT Daily — Day 1 — 2017 SHOT Show

SHOT Daily — Day 1 — 2017 SHOT Show  

SHOT Daily — Day 1 — 2017 SHOT Show