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Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16


To Knowledge


The exchange of information between people with diverse experience and perspectives is fundamental to the creation of new knowledge and innovation. In Sheridan’s Library and Learning Services (LLS) strategic plan, Connections to Knowledge 2013-2020, we mapped out a strategy to build a teaching university-level Library that supports and cultivates learning in the digital age. The university library is transitioning from a print warehouse to the centre for academic discovery outside of the classroom and this creates new opportunities. The modern academic library acts as a conduit for ideas as skilled information specialists connect students to quality resources and link experts in a common space equipped with advanced technology. In 2015-2016, Sheridan’s Library Team connected our community to knowledge through our collections, academic support services and learning spaces. Members of LLS moved beyond the Library and Learning Commons spaces and interacted with students in the classroom and virtually through SLATE. With the launch of SOURCE (Sheridan’s institutional repository) in October our efforts extended beyond Sheridan’s physical presence. SOURCE supports the exchange of ideas by disseminating and making discoverable examples of Sheridan’s scholarly output, undergraduate research, creative activities and teaching excellence to knowledge creators around the world. Library and Learning Services 2015-2016 Annual Report focuses on the role the team played in connecting our users to ideas and expertise to support the creation of new knowledge in the advancement of the academic mission.

Joan Sweeney Marsh Director, Library and Learning Services

Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16 3 Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16

COLLECTION CONNECTIONS In 2015/16 the Collections team focused on providing access to more resources in online formats and acquiring materials to support our growing degree programs. The Library dedicated approximately $1.6 million to Library collections in the 2015/16 year. In the face of the decline of the Canadian dollar, the collection maintained steady growth adding over 30,000 digital and print books to the collection. The Library now includes more than 350,000 books with over 290,000 in digital format. The Collections team transitioned over 60 journal titles to online-only format further supporting the Library’s goal to build and provide access to digital collections. Faculty and students now have remote access to these titles 24/7 when in the past they had to visit the Library. Access to digital content was further enhanced with the growth of the Library’s streaming video collection to over 40,000 films. In keeping with the Creative Campus initiative and Sheridan’s dynamic curriculum, the Library expanded service offerings to include board games and gaming consoles available for loan. In response to student input, the roll-out of a Zine Collection is under development. With the addition of a Digital Curator and Special Collections Librarian in 2015/16, the Library began the process of developing and acquiring special collections to support the unique teaching and learning activities at Sheridan. This coming autumn Library and Learning Services will unveil Material ConneXion, Sheridan’s first major special collection of innovative and sustainable materials at Hazel McCallion Campus.

Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16


LIBRARY LINKS Improving the experience of students, faculty and staff interaction with library systems and technology was the focus of the Technical Services team in 2015/16. Increased technical efficiencies were achieved along with enhanced resource discoverability for library users. The MARC Record Loading Project Team was formed to ensure that records for our rapidly growing collection are being added to the Library catalogue in an efficient and timely manner. The team is well on the way to achieving the goal of a clean and current Library catalogue. The seamless delivery of online resources requires coordination amongst staff members. In 2015/16 the Technical Services Team developed a tool to help track changes to digital e-resource packages. The team worked behind the scenes linking collections to multiple systems making Library collections discoverable to the Sheridan community. In support of Ontario Colleges Library Services, Sheridan played a key role in the development of a manual to assist member colleges implement the new RDA cataloguing standard used in libraries world-wide. Key Library Technology Projects 2015/16 • Technical development and roll-out of SOURCE, Sheridan’s institutional repository • Launched Syndetics to provide cover images in the Library Catalogue and Summon • Upgraded the Summon 2.0 system to offer advanced searching features and embedded research guide recommendations • Enhanced our understanding of collection use through the launch of BC Analytics software • Initiated a project to provide Sheridan with an e-Reserves system • Improved journal management using 360 Link The Library Technical Services Team continues to support the broader Sheridan IT community by contributing to the Intranet Renewal Project, the IT Change Advisory Board, and the Centre for Teaching and Learning’s Teaching and Learning Technology Committee. Connecting Through Events Library and Learning Services partnered with members of the Centre for Teaching and Learning to host the inaugural Digital Discovery Day (d3) in the Library Learning Commons at Trafalgar campus. The day-long conference was initiated to foster curiosity, educate, and engage attendees in topics related to educational technology. Faculty and staff from across the College were invited to learn about and share the creative ways technology can be effectively used in the classroom and higher education. Approximately 50 people attended the d3 event and feedback was positive, with participants noting they left with ideas they can apply along with new connections at Sheridan. Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16


SOURCING SCHOLARSHIP Library and Learning Services’ commitment to enhancing scholarship, research and creative activities (SRCA) flourished in 2015/16, as we explored new ways to engage with and support SRCA work at Sheridan. Sheridan’s new institutional repository, SOURCE, launched in October, 2015 at the school’s inaugural Scholars and Creators Conference. It joins thousands of colleges and universities in which institutional repositories preserve and disseminate the scholarly, creative, and artistic output produced within the institution. The goal of SOURCE is to contribute to the world’s knowledge as well as to showcase and share the range of Sheridan’s talents and expertise in teaching and learning. SOURCE currently contains scholarly journal articles, books, theatre productions, and videos contributed by Sheridan faculty, along with exemplary student work. SOURCE has seen visitors from all parts of the world including Spain, Japan, Israel, Russia, Sweden, Italy, Malaysia and China who are discovering the exciting works created within the Sheridan community. Traffic arrives to SOURCE directly through searches in Google, Google Scholar, and by browsing SOURCE directly at The Scholars & Creators Hub at Trafalgar Library is a new space where the Sheridan community can gather to discuss their creative efforts and gain assistance with all aspects of scholarly communication, including research support, navigating the publishing process, increasing one’s scholarly profile, and learning about trends in the open access movement. The space is ideal for those who want to connect with peers and learn more about ways to engage in and share their scholarship and creativity with the world. Involving students in research has been identified as a high impact educational practice that enhances learning and sets students up for success. As the liaison librarian to the Sheridan Office of Undergraduate Research and the Centre for Teaching and Learning, the Scholarly Engagement & Applied Research Librarian works with these teams and faculty liaison librarians in order to identify ways to enhance undergraduate research opportunities and student research skill development.

Susan Shepley Scholarly Engagement & Applied Research Librarian

Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16


Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16


BUILDING BASICS Students continued to seek academic supports; 2793 new clients registered with the Tutoring Centre. Approximately 30% of these students were International students, and over 40% were English as a Second Language Learners (ESL). Students registered with Accessible Learning made up 30% of the students using tutoring services. Appointments with Staff Tutors were in high demand with a total of 10,481 appointments taking place over the year. The Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) program saw growth in size and popularity in 2015/16. In some courses the program was incorporated into the Student Timetable, which greatly increased student inclination to participate in the program. Peer Assisted Learning Leaders facilitated group study sessions for students in 580 sessions for advertising, business math, math, and gaming courses. In September, the Trafalgar Campus Tutoring Centre relocated to a prominent and accessible location in front of the main Library doors. This was the first transformation and update of the Tutoring Centres made possible by a generous donation from International Insurance. The outside wall of the new space features a sign printed in 18 languages that is intended to welcome to Sheridan’s ESL and International Students. Since relocating, there has been a noticeable growth in awareness and use by the students on campus. The department launched new orientation videos from the perspective of recent Sheridan graduates about acculturation to studying in Canada, academic supports and academic integrity. The videos were produced in Mandarin, Punjabi and Hindi in conjunction with the International Department and the Production House. Thousands of potential and incoming students viewed the videos during international recruitment and orientation events. In an effort to enhance tutoring supports for Sheridan’s ESL community, Tutoring Centre staff partnered with staff and faculty to introduce new services. As a result, English Tutors offered Conversation Circles for ESL students strategically scheduled around ESL and LINC class schedules, and a new pilot Critique Conversation Circle was introduced for ESL students in the arts.

Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16


Sheridan Students by Numbers:

Appointments by Numbers:

267 participated in Conversation Circles

4,353 English

388 recieved online English tutoring

2,654 Math

94 were employed as Peer Tutors

1,755 Java

365 recieved help from Peers

1,536 Business Math

28 were employed as Peer-Assisted Learning Leaders

Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16 Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16

9 9

Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16


COMMITTED COLLABORATORS This year saw a continued integration of information literacy into curriculum and a continued focus on universal access to Library services. The User Services Team connected with faculty and students in the classroom, in meeting rooms and in Library spaces. Our connections to the community extended beyond physical spaces with virtual engagement on the Library website, through SLATE and on social media. An information literacy plan was developed in 2015/16 to ensure continual improvement in teaching and learning and to identify and participate in scaffolding opportunities presented in the curriculum. Enhancements to the information literacy program are a result of increased collaboration with the Centre for Teaching and Learning and include an improved program review process as well as the development of a model designed to intentionally scaffold research and information capabilities in a proposed degree program. In an effort to better contribute to retention and persistence, the Liaisons worked with teaching faculty to develop more research guides tailored to course-level assignments and in doing so, saw an increase in usage of the guides. The Liaisons also collaborated with teaching faculty to embed library instruction into the curriculum by hosting library instructional modules on SLATE or by assigning marks to information literacy components of assignments. To ensure alignment between the Library User Education program and Sheridan’s academic mandate, the liaison librarians were actively involved in both Senate and the Academic Innovation Strategy committees. The Library’s User Services Team further strengthened connections to our college partners through participation on the Sheridan Social Media Committee. Library Team members also worked to ensure universal access to our collections and services by participating on the Accessible Teaching and Learning Committee, the International Centre’s pre-orientation trip to India and through ongoing consultation with the Aboriginal Initiatives Office. Increasingly, the Library is developing and acquiring skills to support our diverse student population. For example, the Library hired two new technicians with ESL skills and experience working with international students. These technicians also provide academic remediation on weekends and evenings to provide as much support possible in creating a climate of academic integrity. The Library opened our doors to the community by hosting workshops and events in our spaces. The Team held the first Citation Week event and first Copyright event with interactive activities to engage our community in the discussion on how to use information in an appropriate and ethical manner. The Library hosted Science Literacy Week and a Zine Festival to promote the Commons as a place where students not only learn but also explore their identities as creators.

Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16



Library and Learning Services spaces are the central hub for academic activity outside of the classroom at Sheridan. Study and work spaces must reflect the requirements of the various assignments and models used to assess student learning. The modern library must provide both collaborative learning spaces and advanced technology to support learning alongside quiet spaces for reflection and concentration. This year, the Library introduced zoned spaces at the Davis Campus to support learning activities. The zoned space model will roll out at the Hazel McCallion Campus in the year ahead with the Trafalgar soon to follow.

Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16


Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16


HONOURED HOSTS Library and Learning Services, and the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design co-hosted a Sheridan Creative Campus Series event entitled Typeforming: The Evolution of Typefaces. The event launched with the world premiere of the film Carl Dair at Enschedé: The Last Days of Metal Type. The film is significant for its portrayal of the now-obsolete techniques of producing metal type by a master of the craft, Paul Rädisch, and for being shot by the legendary Canadian typographer, Carl Dair. Following the film, an international panel of renowned type and design experts Mathew Carter, Allan Haley, Rod McDonald, and Charles Nix, engaged the audience with a discussion on the form of typography and how its history contributes to its future. The event also featured an exhibit on the contributions of Carl Dair and Rod McDonald to typography using, in part, a display previously commissioned by the Library for the Trafalgar Learning Commons, and served as the launch for Epistles to the Torontonians, a print book specifically published for the event by Coach House Press that contains letters and articles by Carl Dair. The Library has ensured the knowledge and historical materials presented at Typeforming are included in its Special Collections and further digitally preserved and made available on the Internet through Sheridan’s institutional repository, SOURCE.

Patricia Buckley Digital Curator and Special Collections Librarian

Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16


An attendee photographs a portion of the Sheridan commissioned exhibit that featured the contributions of Carl Dair and Rod McDonald to typography.

Epistles to the Torontonians, a book published by Coach House Press with Sheridan College was launched at the event.

Mathew Carter, Allan Haley, Rod McDonald, and Charles Nix, engaged the audience at Typeforming: The Evolution of Typefaces with a discussion on the form of typography and how its history contributes to its future.

Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16




Susan Shepley with Elaine Ursel and Nagwa Abou

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Claire Wollen (October 2015), You Too Can Be a

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Research Whiz! Presentation open to all Sheridan

for the Best Source for Reference and Education

faculty and staff, Oakville, ON.

Resources category, for the SIIA CODie Awards.

Presented a second time at Trafalgar Campus,

Sam Cheng (December 2015), Chair of the

Oakville, and at Hazel McCallion Campus,

organizing committee for the Ontario Library

Mississauga, and Davis Campus, Brampton.

Association Copyright Symposium.

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Academic Support to First Year International Students. International Pre-Departure Orientation, Ahmedabad, India.

Engagement and Institutional Repository Working Group of the Undgergraduate Reserach and Creative Activities Standing Committee of the

Presented again for the Pre-Departure Orientation,

Senate. Disbanded October 2015.

Chandigarh, New Delhi and Jalandhar, India. Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16


Karen Lints (Member), Social Responsibility

College Union Catalogue and Libraries’ Digital

and Community Service Working Group for the

Repository (CUCLDR) Steering Group.

Academic Innovation Strategy. Marian Traynor and Madeleine Crew (Members), Advisory Council for Sheridan Accessibility. Marian Traynor and Madeleine Crew (Members), Accessible Teaching and Learning Committee.

Disbanded December 2015. Shelley Woods (Co-chair), Academic Integrity Policy Working Group. Shelley Woods (Chair), Joan Sweeney Marsh and Marian Traynor (Members). Tutoring Centre Steering Committee. Shelley Woods (Member), Assessment Centre Working Group. Shelley Woods (Member), Grading Policy Committee. Disbanded February 2016. Shelley Woods (Member), Teaching and Learning Senate Sub-Committee. Susan Shepley (Member), SRCA Faculty Outreach Sub-Committee.

Force: Metadata Working Group. Irene Sillius (Member), OCLS CUCLDR User Interface Working Group (Collect). Irene Sillius and Philip Wong(Members), OCLS Sirsi Planning Committee. Karen Lints (Member), Connect5 Conference Planning Team. Jennifer Hance and Philip Wong (Members), OCLS Video On Demand Steering Committee. Jennifer Hance (Member), OCLS Sirsi Steering Committee. Joan Sweeney Marsh (Chair), Ontario College Libraries eBook Consortium. Joan Sweeney Marsh (Special Advisor), Oakville Public Library Board of Directors. Marian Traynor and Madeleine Crew (Members), Heads of Libraries and Learning Resources (HLLR) AODA Committee. Philip Wong (Member),Ontario College Library

Susan Shepley (Member), Pilon School of Business

Services (OCLS) eBook Technical Task Force:

Research and Partnership Local Area Council Sub-

Repository Group.


Sam Cheng (Chair), OLA Copyright Users’

External Committiee Work


Holly Ashboune (Member), OCLS Digital Media

Sam Cheng (Member), OCLS OUR Licensing Project

Service Working Group.


Holly Ashboune (Member), OCLS eBook Outreach

Sam Cheng (Member), HLLR Copyright Committee.


Marian Traynor (Member), College Council.

Irene Sillius (Member), OCLS eBook Technical Task

Task Force. Irene Sillius (Member), OCLS Bibliographic Standards Working Group and the Sub-Committee for Cataloguing Manual. Irene Sillius and Shelley Woods (Members), OCLS Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16



Total Library Expenditure $4,526,735

* Financials in the charts above do not include Tutoring expenditures.

Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16



VISION Commit to new approaches in the design, delivery and integration of services to support our rapidly changing academic and information environments.

MISSION Support Sheridan’s vision by providing access to relevant collections and services, advancing teaching and learning, nurturing academic excellence, and cultivating creative spaces for research, study, collaboration and discovery.

VALUES Knowledge Sharing Academic Integrity Universal Access Exceptional User Experience

Library and Learning Services Annual Report 2015/16


CONTACT US | 905-845-9430 ext. 2482 | Illustrations included in this report have been created by Vivian Zhou, a first-year student in Sheridan’s Bachelor of Animation program.

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