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February 2011

Honoring Christ by serving the needs of children and families

A Note From Bob In a recent Sheridan House Staff Bible Study, we discussed the importance of encouraging one another (Hebrews 10:25). As Christians, we sometimes forget how an encouraging word can make someone’s day or change the course of a life. As each positive word sets root in the heart of a recipient, God is at work.

W hen Brian arrived at Sheridan House in 2006,

Since February is the “love month” with Valentine’s Day smack in the middle of it, we thought it would be a wonderful challenge for all of us to decide this would be the month we would work to encourage everyone around us. Here’s the challenge: every day, we should pray that God puts someone in our path that we can be a blessing to. Whether it’s a lady standing behind you in line, a bag boy at Publix, or a family member who knows just the right buttons to push in your life, choose to speak encouraging words to them regardless of their words or response. It is an issue of control, isn’t it? Who do you allow to take control of your words?

Words are so powerful. They can build or destroy. They express love or hate. Let’s make a conscience effort this month to speak love. As the children’s song reads, “Oh be careful little mouth’s what you say…” When chosen carefully, our words are capable of developing tomorrow’s leaders and influencing our community for Christ.

he was quite a character. We couldn’t figure out if he was extremely brilliant or just “out there;” but he was always entertaining. Brian didn’t graduate from Sheridan House. Since he never really worked the program, his mom sent him to live with his father in Virginia. No one on the residential team thought that Brian had learned much from his experience at Sheridan House; however, after 5 years, Efrain Figueroa, his behavioral specialist, received this e-mail from him: I’m doing wonderful. People in Virginia are so much nicer that in Florida. I was shocked. In the tenth grade, I went to a military school. I learned a lot about respect. I’m proud to say that even though it

Forty years ago a man named Ed Venet looked at me while I was working at a gas station he owned. He said, “You can do more than this you know?” Seems so simple, but those encouraging words changed my life. I can’t think of a better way to spend this month sharing Christ’s love.

Brian in 2006

was helpful to me, Sheridan House taught me way more about life. 11th grade was the most fun, life changing, and learning year of my life. I had a lot of girlfriends, went to the prom, met best friends, got all A’s B’s and C’s, did amazing on my report cards, and had a successful year. Now here I am in the last year of high school. I am planning to work next year while attending community college and then go to Virginia Commonwealth University.

Serving Him,

I just checked out the Sheridan House website and noticed your position is called a behavioral specialist. It should really be father because you were a father to me, just like Mom and Pop. It’s so funny to think of things now. I didn’t understand all that was going on then, but now everything makes sense. I love you (even if that’s considered weird) as a father which you were to me. You are someone I look up to as an example.

I only talk to Robert, Anthony and occasionally Ryan from the home. Interestingly, we consider Sheridan House to be the best times of our lives. I guess the sense of family you gave us really did change our lives. I owe you a lot and one day if you are in trouble, I want to be there to help you. Thank you so much.


Broward Coker

We never know how or when God will cultivate the seeds we plant…we just know we are here to plant them!

As Broward Coker drove by Sheridan House on Flamingo Road day after day, he felt a strong calling to “Go see Bob.” So in the fall of 2009, he stopped by the Family Resource Center to meet with Bob Barnes. That day, he offered his handyman services to us as a volunteer even though he was unemployed at the time; and he hasn’t stopped serving since. “There’s something that needs to be done here every day and I like working with my hands.” Whether he is putting desks together, working on electrical outlets, setting up for a meeting/event, or organizing donations in our maintenance building care corner, it is obvious to everyone that in every task Broward is joyfully serving Christ. The Lord has really used Broward’s time of unemployment as an opportunity to highlight his servant’s heart and, in turn, bless the Sheridan House family beyond belief. Chuck Matsoff, marketing coordinator, stated, “Broward is by far one of the nicest men I’ve ever met. I’m blown away by his thoughtfulness every day. He has been a huge blessing to my family…huge.” Paul Duame, facilities manager, who oversees Broward’s projects and works with him day-in and day-out said, “Broward is very generous not only with his time, but also with his money. He gave towards the residential program’s Frisbee golf project and even made bags for each child to carry the supplies. Simply put, he just cares about Sheridan House.” When asked what his highlight of serving has been, Broward smiled and said, “When I had the opportunity this summer to help the boys make racecars that was amazing. I also helped when the girls made pens in the woodshop and they were so appreciative. Each girl wrote me a thank-you note with the pens they made. I still have them in a box at home and read them from time to time. I may not get a check for the work I do here, but that was a major payday for me!”

We are proud to report that Broward is currently employed by Crossroads Paving Solutions on a part-time basis. Even though he isn’t here all day, every day, Broward is at Sheridan House every free moment he gets. We are truly thankful for him. Working with Broward on a daily basis has been a true blessing, honor, and joy for us all.



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