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May 2013 Josh today – Offensive Lineman for the Miami Dolphins

Josh with his mom, during his days at Sheridan House

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Honoring Christ by Serving the Needs of Children and Families

A Note From Bob -

Why Help? Few people actually say it out loud, but many probably ask themselves the question, “Why should I help?” There are Biblical answers to why we help others. One is the call to love your neighbor and then the parable where Jesus tells of a man helping a total stranger. That’s really the only answer we need. But there’s more! It’s such a privilege to be part of something that really works... That changes lives and futures. Right now Sheridan House is helping more children and families than ever before in our history. These are children who would have quit school but have gone on to graduate from high school and gone on to college. These are kids who would have become a burden to society; but are now teachers, police officers, pastors and leaders. They have moved from being a burden to being leaders. More significantly, they are children and families who are discovering a relationship with Jesus Christ!

You can’t walk a mile in our shoes...

You CAN Join Us for the Journey. A person or family, who is a Sheridan House Family Monthly Investor, makes a huge difference in the most important social and spiritual issue of our day: the erosion of the family. The investment you make in your own family is vital; and when you join the family of Sheridan House Family Ministries you’ll extend that loving touch to other families as you help us provide Answers for Today’s Family.

As a Sheridan House monthly investor your gift helps provide:

• Marriage and Parenting Seminars and the daily podcasts, blog and radio show. • Counseling services to help families and marriages stay on the right path. • Survival skills, training and support for single moms and their children. • Residential homes for boys and girls dealing with behavioral and emotional problems.

Today literally thousands of children and families are impacted by Sheridan House every month.

Please consider becoming a Sheridan House Family Investor today. Together we can make a difference and together we can change this culture! By each of us giving a little each month, we can work together and make a huge difference in the life of literally thousands of children and families.

When you help Sheridan House you are doing more than helping to change a life, you are helping to change a culture. America can be changed by your house and my house.

Three ways to give monthly:

And yes, we need your help. We are asking everyone who receives this to consider giving a monthly gift to Sheridan House. We are purposely not suggesting an amount… just asking that you help us help others. Please give what you can and together we can make a difference. Please use the enclosed envelope to give this month’s gift.

Use the enclosed envelope to send your gift.

Go online and make a one-time donation at then click guest and follow the prompts. [Or, go online and set up a secure recurring donation at www. If you need assistance, we can guide you through the process. Call 954-583-1552.]

Thank you.

Set up a recurring donation with your personal online banking system.

Josh’s Story... Joshua had to attend four different schools. Every school they placed him in soon wanted him transferred out.

By the time a friend recommended Sheridan House to Josh’s mother, he was literally “a straight “F” student” and his mother was, in her own words, “losing all hope for my son.” The reality is that Joshua’s mother, who is phenomenal, never gave up on him and was not about to let him fail.

Joshua then tried out for the Miami Dolphins in the summer of 2012 and made the team! After spending a year at Sheridan House, Josh changed his ways and left making all “A’s.” He took what he learned at Sheridan House and eventually graduated from Hollywood Hills High School with a 4.0 grade point average (GPA). Sheridan House helped turn around the lives of Joshua and his mother who said, “Only God knows where Josh would be without the help of Sheridan House.” But the story of Joshua Samuda is still being written… he obtained a full academic and athletic scholarship to the University of Massachusetts and became an All-American offensive lineman [#50] and graduated in 2012.

Joshua then tried out for the Miami Dolphins in the summer of 2012 and made the team! Last season he played in several games as the center wearing #64 and the familiar teal and orange of his hometown team! At Sheridan House Joshua learned that God loves him no matter what. The children at Sheridan House learn to give 100% of their effort at everything they do. When you help Sheridan House, you are helping a generation find their gifts and reach their God given potential.

It is incredibly rewarding to see young men and women, like Josh, turn around and invest their time helping kids. It works!

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1700 S. Flamingo Road, Davie, FL 33325 (954) 583-1552 •


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May 2013 Family Advocate  

The story of Joshua Samuda ... then a Sheridan House kid, now a Dolphin's football player.