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March 2011

Super Bowl Challenge!

Sheridan House Boys

Go Deep.

Honoring Christ by serving the needs of children and families

A Note From Bob Super Bowl Challenge At Sheridan House we have a “no yelling” policy. Our residential program practices the principles we teach through our parenting curriculum. There is never a need to yell at a child. Like Scripture says, “A soft answer turns away wrath.” However, during Super Bowl week, we broke our own rule for one hour by yelling as loud as we could at our annual Boys vs. Staff football game. Our effort to intimidate the boys and stay in the game backfired on us from the first play. In fact, the boys resorted to laughter as they slaughtered each staff member one by one. As you can see by the smile on the boys’ faces (see cover of me yelling at the top of my lungs,) hearing us yell had very little impact. It was exciting to see these boys compete (many for the first time) and laugh. It was evident they knew that the Sheridan House men would never do anything to harm them even with their battle cry. That too is a new experience for some boys.

Speaker: Kim Anthony

Pink tablecloths, pink flowers, pink handouts, chocolate hearts, lace, and tables laden with goodies… Was it a Valentine’s Day brunch, or was it a training class for single moms? Well…

it was both!

We should have sold tickets. The staff team completed very few passes. The boys ran circles around us and slowly realized all they had to do was send their receivers deep because we couldn’t keep up with them.

As single moms from several local churches arrived on our campus on Valentine’s weekend for an instructional class on “Dressing for Success,” they were warmly welcomed and loved on by staff and volunteers alike.

As we wrapped up the evening with a pizza party, the middle-school boys continued laughing while the Sheridan House men began limping. In fact, a few days have passed and I’m still limping.

With skill, humor, and creativity, Kim Anthony delighted the crowd as she taught what God has to say on the subject of dressing appropriately – Reverencing God, Respecting Self, and Regarding Others. Practical instruction, a parade of live models, much laughter and interaction made this a truly fun and productive morning for our moms. To top it all off, each mom walked out with a beautiful scarf – compliments of one of our donors – and an appointment card to “shop for free” in the Sheridan House Clothing Boutique.

Each home ended the night with a Bible study. One home discussed the topic of yelling. The take-away: Don’t let what people say or yell cause you to do things you don’t want to do. God is still in charge. The game was yet another example that investing in a child’s life and demonstrating Christ’s love is the greatest gift we can give them. Today’s youth will be tomorrow’s leaders. Thanks for helping to make this possible.

Serving Him,

A special thanks goes to you, our donors, for making these events possible -- especially Chick-fil-A for supplying warm chicken biscuits. Several more classes are in the works for the next few months, such as Cooking on a Budget, Preparing a Resume, and Interviewing Skills.

On Saturday, February 5th, we had over 230 people come out to the Sheridan House Family Ministries campus to “Step Out For Children & Families” at the 3rd Annual Family Values 5k. With the help of community churches, businesses, families and individuals, the 5k has raised just over $94,500 and counting. We are still hoping to surpass our total from last year of $105,000. Unlike most other 5k events where participants just pay an entry fee and show up to run, the Family Values 5k gives everyone a chance to truly become a part of Sheridan House. For the weeks leading up to the “race” each participant hit the pavement drumming up sponsorships and support for what we do. They sent out emails. They sent out text messages. They used Twitter and Facebook. It was all done in an effort to let their friends know what they are doing to help Sheridan House, and to promote Family Values. Don Marks, a Family Values 5k supporter stated,“The amazing thing about this event is how each person that comes out to run actually becomes a representative of Sheridan House to everyone they know. Our family loves the friendly competition that we have to see who can raise the most money for Sheridan House.” Once again our Top Fundraising Champion, Dan Whiteman, stepped up and showed what one person can do. With a couple of hundred friends on his email list, and a true passion for what Sheridan House does, he was able to raise nearly $20,000 all on his own! Sheridan House Family Ministries would like to thank everyone who partnered with us in “Stepping Out For Children & Families.” We are truly grateful for your support and involvement which made this a remarkable event.



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Make plans now to attend the There’s nothing quite like the feeling of helping kids and families, and there’s nothing like the Family Values License Plate to help you do just that! Get yours today. You’ll be glad you did!

Find out more at:

Sheridan House Annual Spring Auction on Friday, May 13th at First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale!

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