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January 2010


A New Year’s Resolution.

Honoring Christ by serving the needs of children and families

A Note From Bob -

This morning I received a great big gift basket of cookies. As my eyes kept wandering toward the basket, I kept thinking how good one would taste. I finally opened them up sometime between breakfast and lunch. People do eat brunch don’t they? In my mind, cookies seemed to make an excellent food for brunch. As I enjoyed my last bite, a few of our employees came in my office to remind me that it’s time to start getting in shape for the 2nd Annual Family Values 5K on February 6th. My initial thought was their timing couldn’t be worse. Did they really ruin the wonderful taste of chocolate chips still melting in my mouth? However, upon further reflection, I had to admit their timing couldn’t have been better. Several new students will be entering our residential program at the first of the year. They need our assistance and support. Let’s partner together to Restore a Life and Save another Future. Won’t you join me in for this annual fun run/ walk? There is no entry fee to participate and registration is easy and available at Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of children right here in our community!

God Bless,


Stepping Out for Children & Families - 5K

Family Values 5K Run/Walk Stepping Out For Children & Families Saturday, February 6th, 2010 8am Event Check-In 9am Shotgun Start

Sheridan House Family Ministries 1700 S. Flamingo Road • Davie, FL 33325

To participate visit:

• Register & customize your sponsorship webpage • Track your donations from family & friends • Mark your calendar & join us in Stepping Out For Children & Families We encourage your family to join you.

All proceeds will benefit Sheridan House Family Ministries. “Honoring Christ by serving the needs of children and families.”

Single Parent Ministry Christmas Toy Shoppe By: Miriam Duame

“Mom, I really would love to have an iPod for Christmas this year; it’s the only present I really want.” Ana, a single mom, sadly responded, “Son, I would love to be able to purchase an iPod for you; but this year, it is just not possible.” As Ana and her son entered the Sheridan House Christmas Toy Shoppe to serve as volunteers, they were amazed by the plethora of toys on display. They were both excited to serve all day and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the moms smile as they selected toys for their children. Among the many toys we received from very generous donors, were a couple of iPods we set aside for moms with older children. So, when I pulled Ana aside and asked her if she would like one to give her son for Christmas – not knowing anything about the interchange between her and her son -- Ana was absolutely overwhelmed! Tears of joy welled up in her eyes as she said, “I can’t believe you are asking me this question. This is the only present my son asked for this Christmas!” It was such a joy to bless hundreds of single moms in need with toys for their children. After the moms shopped for their children, they were escorted to an efficient team of gift wrappers who lovingly wrapped each toy and placed a child’s name on it. The moms also enjoyed breakfast biscuits donated by Chick-fil-A and refreshment tables loaded with holiday goodies baked by The Douglas and Whiteman families. To top off the day, volunteer elves carried their Christmas gifts and bags of groceries to their cars including Cornish hens provided by Lift Up America. As the event ended, a very grateful and happy boy who received a bike exclaimed excitedly, “This is the best day of my life!” THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! We are honored to partner with you, our donors and volunteers, as we provided not only toys and food to our single parent families, but more importantly, the hope of Christ this past Christmas.

by Dr. Bob Barnes

If you are a parent of a schoolaged child, January isn’t really the beginning of your family’s year; it is half-time. Your year began in August as the children started school and all their extra-curricular activities. The question is - what should you do during half-time? Coaches utilize the half-time break to instruct and encourage their players to finish strong and be successful. They evaluate and make the necessary adjustments. That’s exactly how parents should view the first few weeks in January. As you reflect on this past year, are there any regrets regarding your parenting or family decisions? Ask yourself the question, “What would I have done differently with my children this first half of the year? What got away from us as a family?” As you review the first half - and you must - was there too much in your family schedule or was it just not enough of the best stuff? Chances are, it was a little of both; too busy and not making the best use of this year. This January, take full use of the half-time and finish the year strong. The most important element in our children’s lives is their personal faith development. It will directly affect each and every decision they make and it will ultimately determine who they will become and how they will spend eternity. Therefore,

it is imperative for you, as the parent, to put their spiritual development on the calendar each day. Some people have developed the habit of waking up early each morning to workout. Since their personal health and wellness are important to them, they make it a priority. Show your family that your #1 priority is their spiritual development. Lead your family each morning as they work out their salvation. Paul challenges us to work out our salvation God has placed in us when we come to Christ (Philippians 2:12). Helping your children work their salvation into their daily lives takes time, but it is extremely practical. Get the family disciplined to eat breakfast together at a table. While the children are eating, take a few minutes to read a passage from the Bible, and then spend the remainder of breakfast discussing what you just read. Finish breakfast with prayer. At the end of the day, be sure to follow-up with each of your children. Sit on the side of the bed with your children and pray with them before they go to sleep. Ask them what requests are on their hearts. Guide them through their prayer concerns and remind them later of answered prayer. Every great coach has a vision of victory for their players. As a parent, remember to look at the end of the game. In the years or months to come, when you are

dropping your children off on a college campus, what do you want to make sure they know? I have to say, there are few parents who wish they had spent more time honing the children’s soccer skills. I’ve never actually heard a parent say that they were disappointed that their children went off to college and walked away from soccer. No one has said that college so overwhelmed their children that they dropped a sport from their schedule. Over and over parents have asked me, “What did you do with your children to keep their faith in tact while they were in college?” My response was and is, “Both of my children actually grew their faith while they were away in college because it was a priority in their lives.” Paul told his “children” at the Philippian church that they did what they needed to do when he was with them. Now, he was challenging them to continue to work Christ into the center of their lives when he wasn’t with them. The same is true for our children when they are away at college and on their own. This is half-time. Don’t go back out and play the same game during the second half. Make the appropriate adjustments. Go for the win. So, when the day comes for you to drop your child off at college, you’ll be able to say, “I’m glad I did!” rather than “I wish I had!”


A New Year’s Resolution. By: Scott Barrett

Doesn’t it seem that it’s practically impossible to turn on the news, read a paper, or surf the internet without seeing headlines that blare, “We’ve Got Trouble.” I remember vividly the 1960’s American television series Lost in Space when the Robot, acting as a surrogate guardian, would wave it’s arms and say to the young actor, “WARNING! WARNING! DANGER WILL ROBINSON.” whenever it sensed a problem. Some days, it feels like the Robot is following us every waking moment to remind us of all the problems we face in our lives. I’m sure each of us handles this bombardment of negative news in different ways. I have a very good friend who gives the impression that he is looking for a concrete bunker to hide in. You can hear the frustration and panic in his voice when we have everyday conversations. For me, I typically try to take control - particularly when it comes to economic and financial matters. It’s as though I tell God, “Please stand by. I’ll call you if I’m really in a crisis, but I’ll manage this situation.” However, when I examine my motive behind wanting control the situation, it really speaks to the fear I have that things won’t turn out how I want. Paul writes in the book of Romans, “...Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.”

Each day our actions affirm or convict our belief systems.

Whenever we fret over life circumstances, aren’t we immediately demonstrating our unbelief in a God who spoke the heavens into existence and who also numbers the hairs on our heads? For years, I would read the story of Peter denying Christ to the servant girl and wonder how Peter could reject him so quickly and publicly. However, when we live our life out of fear or anxiety, don’t we call into doubt the very nature of God? Just as Peter did; don’t we publicly deny Him by our lack of trust? Each day our actions affirm or convict our belief systems. It reveals who the central focus of our lives really is - us or God. It reveals who we place our ultimate trust in - ourselves or God. As the New Year dawns upon us, it’s often customary to make a New Year’s resolution. Usually they’re resolutions about losing weight, exercising more, quitting smoking, or other sundry changes. We usually desire to make improvement that help make us a better person. How about making a resolution to be a stronger believer? In the book of Mark, the father of a young boy asked Jesus, “...’But if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us.’ ‘If you can?’ said Jesus. ‘Everything is possible for him who believes.’ Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, ‘I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!’” Rather than, or in addition to the typical News Year’s resolution, why don’t we also ask Jesus to “help us in our unbelief?” While the world wants us to worry and fret, we must remember that we serve a sovereign God who is in control!






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