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the number one thing we are looking for is the ability to process on the fly – to pull together disparate bits of information

For our pupils to succeed in the modern world, they need to be able to think creatively. Laszlo Bock of Google said recently about their recruitment policy, “…the number one thing we are looking for is the ability to process on the fly – to pull together disparate bits of information.” What are we doing as a school to encourage boys to be creative learners who can process on the fly? Digital tools can provide some outstanding opportunities for pupils to work creatively, as the recent Radio 4 programme “my teacher is an app” explored. What I valued most about the discussions on that programme was hearing how other educators recognise the outstanding opportunities that digital tools give our learners to be creative in the classroom. I am lucky enough to be involved with a research project with the Independent Boys’ School Coalition over the next two years looking at “Boys as Makers”. I will be exploring ways in which technology can enable our pupils to work collaboratively and creatively, where there is genuine engagement with and enthusiasm for the task, and where pupils have to apply what they have learned about a subject in an unfamiliar context. Making stop-motion animations is one area that particularly interests me, and I have been getting some of my physics classes to make animations to illustrate scientific concepts. The pupils have used an iPod touch to build up a video a frame at a time using the software ‘I can animate’. It can be a lengthy and painstaking process, but pupils really enjoy the tactile experience of moving around little plastic discs to represent the particles in a gas, and I think it really helps them to internalise and fully understand the intricacies of the underlying microstructure. Perhaps the most exciting result of the lesson was that pupils began to do

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some quite spontaneous but rather sophisticated peer-review: they noticed the scientific inaccuracies in each other’s animations. I have rarely seen this level of reflection about written work before. In the Modern Languages Department, pupils have been using video and audio tools to record their role-play in a target language. Teachers have observed that because the exchanges were being recorded, pupils took more time ensuring that the grammar was accurate and they were not satisfied unless until their accents were as clear as they could be. Similar results have been found in English and Drama when using these tools. In Music, Third form pupils work to create an original soundtrack to a short film they have produced. In Design Technology, pupils use digital tools to generate and develop their designs, and then fabricate their creations using the laser-cutting stage. These lessons help develop the processing skills that Laszlo Bock is looking for in new employees at Google. I would like pupils to use technology to enhance their learning in a subject, to work creatively, to produce content, and not just to act as consumers.

Congratulations to the five new prefects who were appointed at half term

Max Stone (e), Ed Coulson (m), Ned Temple-Pedersen (b) Max Bridge (d), George Campbell (c)

Speech & Drama Winners Congratulations to Freddy Downham (3a) and James Allan (5m) who both took first place in several classes at the Bath Festival of Speech and Drama. Freddy came first in the 14-15-year-old Shakespeare class with a superb soliloquy from Hamlet and also came first in the Open Class, with a very accomplished Restoration drama piece. James gave a stirring performance of ‘The Prince’ in

Romeo and Juliet Act 1, Scene 1, and consequently came first in the 15-16-yearold Shakespeare class. The judge praised James’ ability to grab the attention of the audience and the credibility of his portrayal. Both performers were classed as Outstanding with scores of 90 marks and over.


Careers Convention

New Head of School ROBERT FOLKES (a)

Delegates representing over 40 career areas, from Accountancy to Veterinary Science, met with the L6 in March during the L6 Careers Convention. OS and current parents gave their time voluntarily to talk to the boys about their day-to-day jobs, as well as the skills and academic

achievements the boys would need to aspire to if they were to pursue a particular career path. The event started with a ‘Careers Fair’, and each boy also had the chance to see four delegates of his choice in small group sessions on the Friday evening and the Saturday morning.


Design & Technology Success Noah Chillingworth (5m) and Luke Besse (5b) have both progressed towards achieving an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship, after competing with 1380 top national Design & Technology students and passing a demanding design exam. We would like to congratulate both boys who have been working towards this first step for a number of years. They now move on to interview stage at Engineering Departments in two distinguished Universities.

Stop Press... Congratulations to our Mathematicians and Physicists

Ten Tors Training Weekend Ten Tors training continued at the weekend for both the Lyon House and CCF Fourth form teams, who will be undertaking the 35-mile event in May. The boys experienced a mix of weather, from

sunshine on Saturday, to a wet and wild Sunday that tested waterproofs and resolve to the limit.


L6 Chemistry Trip to Bristol University The L6 Chemistry pupils went on an exciting trip to Bristol University and one of the leading Chemistry Laboratories in the UK. Our day began in their extremely high-tech lab, using state of the art equipment, by which we were all impressed with. Our first task which, with a little guidance turned out to be quite an easy one for us, was to try to extract caffeine from tea. This was followed by a highly entertaining lecture about the process of trying to use sugar to cure cancer and ended with us taking away the moral that we can do anything if we put our minds to it. The second lecture was also great fun, as there was a lot of practical science to see. One part of the demonstration included liquid nitrogen, which involved freezing a banana, some eggs and a rubber glove. The opportunity then came for us to melt some solid CO2 with our 1p coins. At the end of the day we all got back on the coach in great spirits, reflecting on how it had been a fantastic trip. We all gave well deserved thanks to Dr Hamon for organising it. BY JACK HILLAN (L6c)

Over 100 boys took part in an Intermediate Mathematics Challenge. Sherborne boys achieved eight gold, twenty-five silver and thirty-four bronze certificates. In the Physics Challenge and Olympiad there were four silver and ten bronze awards. For further details see the website:

Back to School Workshops for Parents Parents were invited to share in a unique opportunity to go ‘Back to School’ for a morning and experience first-hand what life is like in the classroom in the 21st century. By participating in lessons parents were asked to question, explore, plan, think and collaborate with each other. By working in partnership with parents to support the boys’ learning, we ensure that our students develop the habits of mind that will set them up for life beyond their school. BY VICTORIA CLAYTON HEAD OF LEARNING DEVELOPMENT

CCF Field Trips

The Royal Navy section travelled to HMS Raleigh in Plymouth and went power boating. The boys enjoyed staying on a naval base and had the pleasure of marching to breakfast. The boys reached a level of proficiency which means they should progress onto more powerful boats for their next trip.


The Army section of the CCF was involved in a variety of activities on their field day this term. In the morning they visited the Armoured Trials and Development Unit based at Bovington Camp where the cadets had the chance to see some of the modern equipment and vehicles currently in use by the British Army, including Warthog and Challenger 2. They were also put through their paces by two Physical Training Instructors on the

obstacle course, before then moving into a blank-firing exercise on Lulworth training area. This involved section attacks, patrol skills and an observation exercise based on a Forward Operating Base (FOB) as found in Afghanistan. The Royal Marines detachment was superbly hosted by the Commando Helicopter Force at RNAS Yeovilton. The boys were able to climb inside a Sea King helicopter, fire weapons in the Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (which is like a large video game) and get their hands on lots of Royal Marines kit, including their Arctic Warfare equipment. The boys were very impressed by the enthusiasm of the pilots and Royal Marines who joined them for the day.

Duke of Edinburgh Training Expedition SHERBORNE DEVELOPMENTAL SENIOR CRICKET TOUR ZIMBABWE It had been 18 years since any independent school from England had visited Zimbabwe, due to numerous historical political issues; however Sherborne School embarked on a 10-day trip to Africa. This was an important session for the boys and they responded well to the challenge. It meant the squad was as prepared as possible before going into their games. There were four matches, played in different towns against different teams. The Zimbabwean teams were very strong, but our boys made a valiant effort and by the last match they finished only two runs down. This was a great opportunity for a team to experience a different country, culture and have the opportunity to play on first-class cricket grounds against first-class opposition. Their game certainly grew as a result. BY TOM FLOWERS MASTER IN CHARGE OF CRICKET

The walking expedition for twenty Silver DofE boys took place on Dartmoor this term. Although it was only halfway through March, we were blessed with the hottest day of the year so far, with beautiful sunshine and clear skies. This meant that the night was clear and cold and made getting out of the tents in the morning a little more difficult; still, once underway, with our packs on our backs, we breathed in the cool clear air and walked with purpose over the moors. Everyone was cheerful and positive, and we reached our destination in record time, a testament not only to the boys’ fitness, but to their positive mental attitude. We are looking forward to our next trip to the Brecon Beacons. BY LAURIE PHIPPARD MASTER IN CHARGE OF DofE

The boys joined forces with girls from Leweston School and spent weekday mornings in Spanish immersion lessons at the Academia Hispánica. Afternoons and evenings were filled with tapas, churros, visits to the local historic and artistic sights, flamenco and Andalusian horse shows, lunch and drinks on the terrace, and linguistic exchanges with local Spanish schools. With the IGCSE exams only weeks away, the Córdoba trip provided the boys with an excellent opportunity to improve their confidence and skills in Spanish, especially listening and speaking. Living in the city of Córdoba for a week also allowed them to soak up the culture and Spanish way of life, to add fresh motivation and meaning to their studies. BY JOSEPHINE BERGANZA HEAD OF SPANISH

We were honoured to have with us Professor Anthony Quainton, the Distinguished Diplomat in Residence at the American University in Washington DC, former Head of the Foreign Service, and US Ambassador to four countries, including Kuwait. He spent the week giving nine Politics lessons to the U6 on US politics. He also spoke to the Agora and Copeland Societies about the life of a diplomat, and adjudicated at the Junior Debating Society final. The Professor was visiting as part of the Foundation’s programme to support academic enrichment.


Confirmation Retreat This year’s Confirmation Retreat began at Salisbury Cathedral where The Reverend Canon Charles Mitchell-Innes led the boys on a meditative pilgrimage. The boys were inspired by the magnificent building, the beautiful stained glass windows and the sheer space and light in the Cathedral. They prayed and meditated at different places within the building, as they were reminded of the Christian journey that they would be dedicating themselves to on their Confirmation. The impressive font in the centre of the nave made a huge impact on the boys. Here they remembered the promises made on their behalf at their baptism and which they would affirm for themselves the following day. Around the font is written a verse from the prophet Isaiah which says, ‘Do not fear, for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name; you are mine.’

The second half of the Retreat day was spent in St Paul’s Church in Sherborne, where the boys were led in a discussion by the Chaplain on the words that were around the font. They discussed what made them afraid and how God promises that ‘perfect love casts out all fear’. While Confirmation would not assure them of an easy, trouble-free life, they were reminded that God promises to be with them through the good and the bad and that

‘nothing can separate them from the love of God in Jesus Christ our Lord’. The day ended with all the boys renewing their baptismal vows in the school chapel at the Candlelight Eucharist, where two boys, Oshi Corbett (L6d) and Edward Lillingston-Price (4c), were baptised by the Bishop of Sherborne. BY LINDSAY COLLINS CHAPLAIN

Presentation on Applying to US Universities Nineteen members of the Fifth and Sixth forms met with our two Princeton Scholars, Reid Fritz and Amelia Bensch-Schaus, to talk about Higher Education in the USA. They were joined by Upper Sixth formers James Vitali (f) and Liam Reithofer-Taylor (f), both of whom hold offers to study in the States next year.

“I found that the talk opened up an interesting and exciting set of opportunities after Sherborne” current pupil



The boys were met in Córdoba by their Spanish “parents”, with whom they spent the week, learning plenty of useful Spanish phrases, developing a taste for the Spanish siesta and late night supper times. They charmed the Spanish families with their impeccable Shirburnian manners.

Former US Ambassador teaches at Sherborne


Spanish trip to Córdoba

MUSIC ROUND UP ORCHESTRAS The opportunity to play alongside professional musicians is an unrivalled one, and so the first Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra partnership day was an historic occasion. A member of each Bournemouth section – woodwind, brass, strings and percussion – played alongside the Joint Schools’ Symphony Orchestra. Sectionals, too, enabled repertoire development and the whole orchestra played with increased assurance by the end of the day. The evidence of the success of the BSO Partnership Day became obvious in the outstanding concert given in St George’s, Bristol. The Sinfonia concert given at Leweston included a repertoire by Bizet, Coates and Mendelssohn.


Prep Schools’ Choral Day Sherborne Abbey is more used to the School’s male voice choir than that of nearly 100 Prep School children, who spent the day rehearsing in the Music School, before performing Choral Evensong in the Abbey.

The Scholars’ Concert Outstanding performances were given by the Music Scholars. This was a tour de force of instrumental prowess and reflected the increasing number of ex-cathedral choristers who are now award holders at Sherborne. Particularly impressive, and unusual, was the fact that three of the new Music Scholars – Joss Nelson(3e) (French horn), Peter Folkes(3a) (saxophone) and Sam MacDonald(3c) (piano) – performed in their first Scholars’ Concert.

Abbey House Music Concert

Sherborne Young Musician of the Year

This was a fabulous evening to celebrate and appreciate the Abbey House musical talent, variation and vision. With parents in attendance they were treated to a cornucopia of music from rock guitar through to drum solo. The rousing rendition of ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’ was to be the highlight of the evening. BY MICHAEL MCGINTY HOUSEMASTER, ABBEY HOUSE

Sherborne hosted the ‘Sherborne Young Musician of the Year’ competition. It involved all schools and colleges within a wide radius of Sherborne and the standard of competitors was high. Five Shirburnians entered – all advanced musicians. Douglas Mak (4c) won the competition with performances on the piano of Chopin’s Ballade in G minor and Liszt’s Liebesträum. As one of only three entrants under 18, he did exceptionally well to win. In addition to receiving prizes awarded by the Mayor at the end of the competition, he now goes forward to the Douzelage competition in July, where he will compete against entries from eight or more other countries.

Lent in a Tent Our intrepid Abbey House housemaster, Michael McGinty, is half way through his 40 night expedition to .... his back garden! For the Abbey House charity, the RNLI, he has agreed to spend 40 nights of Lent sleeping in his tent. The aim is to raise as much money as possible towards the cost of a new £5m lifeboat station at Swanage. If you would like to sponsor Mr McGinty and this worthy cause, please go to his Just Giving Page:

THE IRONMEN OF THE GREEN RETURN Between 8am on Saturday and 8pm on the Sunday, the boys and staff of The Green cycled an amazing 10,480km in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. This was the second part of their Ironman challenge having swum 17,000 lengths two years ago. The determination and character shown by all the boys involved was fantastic to witness, especially during the last hour when the target was tantalisingly close, but not guaranteed. Many boys pushed themselves way beyond what they thought was possible and I hope that this sense of achievement will flow to other areas of their lives. Now comes the challenge of raising £10,000 for this excellent cause so close to many of our hearts. If you would like to contribute please go to our JustGiving Page: BY ALI HATCH HOUSEMASTER, THE GREEN

This annual competition is run for all cadet organisations in Dorset, the CCF, the Army Cadet Force and the Air Training Corps. The event consisted of a boot run, an obstacle course and a shoot. The Sherborne team won not only the CCF trophy, but also won the overall Dorset Cadet Challenge trophy. The team of Hugo Potts (U6e) (Captain), Ben Newton (U6d), Ruari Ross (L6b), Tom James (L6b), Ed Scott (L6c), Charlie Upton (L6a), Noah Chillingworth (5m) and Angus Huntington (5e), all did exceptionally well. BY ROB LE POIDEVIN CONTINGENT COMMANDER COMBINED CADET FORCE

Parent Lecture The new initiative to provide parents with a specific pastoral lecture programme is proving very popular. The second of these lectures, given by Andrew O’Keeffe, Neurosurgeon and Old Shirburnian was riveting and parents were told about fantastic advances in technology. During his early years as a doctor he became interested in the prospects of interfacing the human brain with computers and using stimulation of deep brain structures to treat conditions such as chronic pain and Parkinson’s disease. ‘Andrew O’Keeffe on Saturday was a true inspiration. His lecture on ‘The Brain’ was so eloquently conveyed and was absolutely fascinating and left us talking about it all weekend. Made all the better to discover that he was an Old Shirburnian’! Current Parent. Next Lecture: Saturday 26 April, Evelyn Stewart - ‘The Importance of Sleep’. To reserve your place please email Cathie Graham at

Harper House Charity Ceilidh The Charity Ceilidh was a fantastic success and everyone who attended had an excellent evening. To top it all they managed to raise over £1,500 for AMMF, the Cholangiocarcinoma Charity.

School House Strictly Come Dancing

Dorset Cadet Challenge Winners

School House Upper Sixth and their friends from Sherborne Girls and Leweston participated in a Strictly Come Dancing extravaganza held on 22 March. This was a charity fund raising event in memory of Dr Jim Edwards (Father of Tom Edwards, Head of House 2012-13) and proceeds raised went to the British Heart Foundation. The retiring collection on the evening was in memory of Mrs Sand Martin, (Mother of Will Martin, School House 2012-13) with proceeds going to Cancer Research UK. Throughout the Lent term, eight pairs had dance lessons led by Caron Parry, a professional instructor. On the evening, each pair danced an individual Cha Cha and a group Tango. The format closely followed the television show with films shown of rehearsals and interviews of the dancers, then comments from a panel of Judges (Miss Berganza, Mr Paterson, Mr Donnelly and Mr Jackson). This all made for a visually rich experience and, together with the array of lights, recorded music and live music, courtesy of the School House Strictly Band, comprising of Robert Folkes, Jack Blakey, Max Creswell and Will Glasse, the evening was a harmonious colour, sparkles, nerves, rhythmic beats, crescendos, laughter, spins, smiles and cheering, with plenty of audience participation. After some entertaining comments from the judges, that ranged from cutting pointedness to syrupy abandonment, always in the best possible taste and from the perspective of complete novices, the finalists were decided: Pablo SagnierMur / Imi Hamer and Hassanal Shah / Maddie Haggas. After an exhilarating dance-off final it was left to the audience to decide the winner, with the result of Pablo and Imi claiming the title. Tom Edwards presented the prizes of unique hand-made trophies. Congratulations and hearty thanks go to all the other dancers. Special thanks goes to the host for the evening, Ed ‘Brucey’ Benney, who ensured that the show flowed exquisitely with the Forsyth gags that we have all grown to love (and moan at!). To date nearly £5,000 has been raised for the charities and we hope there is still more to come. BY KESTER JACKSON HOUSEMASTER, SCHOOL HOUSE

Fifth form CCF Complete their Cadre Course on Dartmoor

CCF Biennial Inspection Parade

The CCF cadre course has just finished with a day and night navigation exercise on Dartmoor. The cadre course is a leadership development package for Fifth form CCF cadets to help prepare them for the increased responsibility of being a Sixth form boy in the CCF, where they will be responsible for much of the training. The cadre course lasts six months and boys learn how to deliver military-style instruction, and complete a drill and weapon handling package, it culminates in a navigation phase, in which boys are assessed for the National Navigation Award Scheme bronze or silver award. The twenty-four boys who successfully completed the course are now eligible for promotion and will have learned a lot about themselves and are now equipped to take on a leadership role in the CCF.

Wednesday 26 March saw the CCF parade as part of its Biennial Inspection. The purpose was to demonstrate that the CCF is meeting its training obligations in order to retain the support of the MOD. The boys had practised hard, working on their drill, they were proud to show their parents another aspect of their life in a busy boarding school. It was fantastic to see so many parents and family members in attendance giving their support to the boys. The inspecting officer was Colonel Charlie Lambert, who was recently the New College Commander at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, and who enabled our CCF to visit Sandhurst in 2013. Colonel Lambert gave an inspiring speech about leadership during the Annual CCF Sixth form Dinner, which had relevance far beyond the military environment. BY ROB LEPOIDEVIN CONTINGENT COMMANDER COMBINED CADET FORCE

LOOKING FORWARD... Over the Easter break the following trips are taking place: Fourth-form German Exchange Trip, Fourth-form Classics Trip to Pompeii, Portuguese Tennis tour. • 26 April - 12:00-13:30 – Parent Lecture, The Importance of Sleep (Evelyn Stewart). Limited places; book via email to Cathie Graham • 27 April - 19:30 – Lower Sixth Higher Education Forum • 2 May - 13:30-14:15 – Lunchtime recital: Sherborne Abbey Festival, Chamber Music (Abbey) • 2 May – 15:45-16:30 – Sherborne Abbey Festival, Jazz at the Tindall • 3 May – Fourth Form Parent / Staff Meeting • 3 May – 10:30-11.15 – Sherborne Abbey Festival, Close Harmony & The Unplugged (Abbey) • 15 & 16 May – 20:00 – Junior Drama Production – The Birds * • 17 May – 19:30 – An Evening of Dinner & Jazz (Charity Event) * * T: 01935 812249

TERM DATES • Travelling day: Tuesday 22 April • Term begins: Wednesday 23 April • Exeat: Saturday 3 May to Monday 5 May (inc. Bank Hol) • Half Term begins: 16:00 Friday 23 May to Sunday 1 June • Commemoration: Saturday 28 June SHERBORNE SCHOOL ABBEY ROAD SHERBORNE DORSET DT9 3AP T: 01935 812249 E: Registered Charity No. 1081228

Photographs: Kenny Primrose, Alexander Davidson (4f), Jack Hillan (L6c), Alex Dunham, Rob LePoidevin, Laurie Phippard, Jim Kimber and Others



round up



Water Polo The Water Polo team are on tremendous form, having won six of the eight fixtures played this term. Sherborne made it into the semifinals of the plate round in this year’s ESSA championships . Captained by Hugo Potts (U6e), the team have enjoyed wins against Marlborough, Cranleigh, Clayesmore, Cheltenham and Blandford. Max Baldwin (4b) represented Dorset at the South West County Championships and Hugo Houlton (5d) has been selected to train at Exeter RTC as a potentially elite player. Abbeylands seized the trophy in the House tournament after an unbeaten run, followed by Wallace and The Digby. BY CLAIRE GREENROD


It has been an excellent season for Sherborne Hockey. There have been some outstanding 1st XI performances, which include beating Canford twice, becoming County Champions and reaching the last 16 of the National Plate competition. Both our U14 and U16 sides progressed through the County Championships and to the regional preliminaries. The U14 side won this tournament beating Truro in the semi-finals and Millfield in the final; they then headed to the Regional Finals where they finished in second place. With a great number of wins across the board, Sherborne Hockey is in a strong position. I sense exciting times lie ahead! BY MATT WOODS

The Swimming Team have had a great term with some very positive results. From the three galas, both the Seniors and the U16 have had two first places and a second. The Senior team of Tom Atwell (U6f), Fergus Huins (U6a), Jasper Slawson (L6e) and Ed Budd (L6m) also had an outstanding performance at the Bath Cup and Otter Medley, which was held at the Olympic Pool in London, where they smashed both previously-held School records. BY LUCY MCMILLAN

Basketball The Basketball team have played eight fixtures this year, winning five of them, most notably against Canford (46-33) and Marlborough (66-54). Hubert Wong (U6b) and Ross Collington (U6c) have acted as joint captains and both have played a significant role in the team’s success. Hubert has averaged nearly 20 points per game, scoring an impressive 29 points against Taunton School last week. Ross Collington is playing basketball for only his second year, but has made excellent progress in the centre position. He scored a season high of 16 points against Marlborough recently, but his particular strength is his defensive work, as he denies opponents who dare to drive into the key near the basket and take him on. BY BEN RYDER

Range Shooting Development has continued again this year and we are delighted to announce that two of our boys have been selected to shoot for England: Orlando Parr (U6b) and Michal Choroszewski (U6e).

Rugby Sevens The 1st VII won the shield at the Colstons Sevens tournament, and this was followed by winning the plate at the Worth Sevens tournament. Both William Homer (U6m) and Richard Galloway (U6m) have been picked to play for the England U18’s. William played his debut match for England against Wales at Neath on Saturday 23rd March, helping the England team to a 43-12 victory. BY DAVID MUCKALT

Cross Country The Inter-House Cross Country Competition took place in the beautiful grounds of Sherborne Castle. This year’s competition saw a particularly high standard of running, with strong performances in both the Junior and Senior races. The course consisted of a loop around the Castle grounds, taking in the dreaded ‘Jerusalem hill’, a section of woods and a deer park. In the overall competition Harper won the Juniors, while The Green were victorious in the Senior category. BY JAMES SEWRY (U6d)

Fives The Senior Fives team have had plenty of fixtures this term, including a number against adult sides. Despite only winning a few of these difficult games, they have held their own and impressed their adult opponents with their powerful shot selection and ability to move around the court. In particular Gregor Tims (L6a) and Henry Newman(L6c) have been a formidable pairing and have won a number of their games. BY NICK SCORER

FOOTBALL The quality of football has continued to improve, despite the terrible weather this term. There have been some significant victories for the 1st team, the 1-0 victory against a strong Clifton side and the school’s first ever victory over Beechen Cliff. In the Bath and Wilts Schools League, we finished in a very respectable second place. There have also been some good results elsewhere in the school, including a Mini Colts A 5-1 victory over the ever-robust Gryphon side, which shows that the future of football at Sherborne is promising. BY RICHARD FALDER

Skiing Earlier this term the Sherborne School ski team departed to Meiringen/Hasliberg in Switzerland, to compete in the DHO British Schoolboys Ski Racing championships. The group of eight boys ranging from Third form to Upper Sixth competed in a variety of events in excellent conditions. The Seniors enjoyed a victory over Millfield in the Dual Slalom and the Juniors progressed to the final of the plate competition, before narrowly losing to Wellington College in the final. Our boys competed in the slalom events individually for the first time, with an outstanding performance from Ben Nokes (4m), who came sixth overall in his age group. The Giant Slalom, together with the high-speed races, were the highlight for some of the boys, with Louis Down (3m) posting some fantastic times. Tom Perkins (3a) looked agile through the gates, despite never having raced before. Skiing at Sherborne continues to progress and we hope to be competing for medals soon. BY THOMAS MASON

Judo In the first half of term, the Judo team enjoyed being hosted by Winchester College for a round of 16 matches. Although we lost, there were some excellent individual performances, in particular Rufus Johnson (U6d) and Louis Street (3b), who both won one of their matches with ippon in just 3 seconds, and Conrad Cowan (4m), who made the throw of the match to win with full ippon. The fixture provided a great platform for the team to build on for the Judo Nationals. Each player had a three minute match against everyone in their category. The Judo team’s great skills and determination secured Sherborne School fourth place out of the 26 schools. There were also some outstanding individual performances which resulted in five of our boys winning medals: Ed Pickard (U6a) Gold, Rufus Johnson (U6d) Silver, Max Scheuner (3f) Silver, Peter Angkasith (4e) Bronze and Louis Street (3b) Bronze. BY CARAGH STANDEN

Sheborne News Lent 2014  
Sheborne News Lent 2014