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We love because He first loved us. 11 John John 4:19 4:19

DRAWN TOGETHER By Rochelle Cherniawski, editor When Tom Irwin, manager of the Palm Grill, told me about a piece of artwork that Nancy Koch hung in the Café Promenade, I was a little bit skeptical. You see, Tom explained that the artwork was a pencil drawing created by a resident of Eagles Preserve who started a weekly coffee club at the Café. My mind quickly filled with images of smudgy stick figures scribbled on a series of napkins. I’m not sure what that says about my personal creativity, or my faith in an avid coffee drinker’s artistic abilities, but I’m just paining my own picture here of my immediate reaction. My doubts were instantly erased when Tom and Nancy showed me the amazing artwork. The frame mounted on the wall held a detailed cartoon depicting the members of the coffee club. As Nancy pointed out each of the 21 faces included in the caricature, including her own, she stopped at Dick Wright and said, “He is the artist.” After calling Dick to inquire about his masterpiece, my initial interest in his artwork became overshadowed by the other details of his life, including his many travel adventures, his high-profile career, his role in bringing a world-class speaker series to Sanibel, and even his heartwarming love story. And, on top of everything, he was overwhelmingly nice! Who would have thought that the guy

behind a playful pencil drawing would have such an interesting story? Read all about Dick’s adventures, accomplishments, and artistic gifts on page 4. Another Shell Point resident known for sharing her gifts with others is Carol Ashley (Coquina). Carol didn’t start dancing until she was 43 years old, and she is clearly making up for lost time! This remarkable woman, whose personal motto is “If I’m resting, I’m rusting,” currently teaches 10 dance classes at Shell Point each month, including Ballroom Line Dancing and Seated Senior’s Dance classes. See page 10 to read more about Carol’s zest for life and passion for dance. This issue of Shell Point Life also includes the LifeQuest success story of E.J. Erb (Macoma). Turn to page 16 to learn how E.J. has overcome the odds throughout her life and continues to set new goals for herself. Of course, the big news that everyone has been eagerly anticipating is an update about new Aquatic Center. I’m pleased to report that details for an official grand opening celebration and tour can be found on page 31. I hope you share in my excitement as we look forward to the busy month ahead and the remarkable stories that are yet to come! Enjoy!

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Dick Wright has filled his Eagles Preserve home with various works of art that he has completed throughout the years.

Shell Point is a non-profit ministry of The Christian and Missionary Alliance Foundation, Inc.

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Shell Point Life | February 2014

Dining Out on

Friday, February 14 Whether it’s a great friend, your special valentine, or you simply want to treat yourself to a delicious meal, consider dining out at Shell Point this Valentine’s Day. The Palm Grill & Crystal Room will both be serving a special dinner menu and providing the added bonus of live entertainment.

Valentine’s Day PALM GRILL


Dinner: 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Dinner: 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Entertainment: 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Entertainment: 4 p.m. – 7 p.m.

The Palm Grill will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special dinner menu featuring a choice of Filet Mignon, Lamb Chops, Crab Cakes, Lobster Tails, Salmon Piccata, or The Loving Couple (One Lobster Tail with a Petite Filet Mignon). Prices will range between $17 and $28, and will include a Sweetheart Salad. Chef Todd will also be featuring some special Valentine’s Day desserts. Singer Daniel Klimoski will provide entertainment throughout the evening. The Palm Grill does not accept reservations, but callahead seating is available at 454-2059.

The Crystal Room will be serving a delicious Valentine’s Day Buffet, including Lobster Bisque, the extensive Salad Bar, hand-carved Slow Roasted Pork with Duxelle, Beef Braised with Apple Gremolata, Sautéed Chicken Framboise and Rock Shrimp, and Scallop Ziti. The buffet will also offer a variety of vegetables. Dessert choices will include Cherries Jubilee, Red Velvet Cake, and Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. Entertainment will be provided by jazz musician Susie Hulcher. The price for the Valentine’s Day Buffet is $16.95.

Wild About Style 2014 Spring Fashion Show & Luncheon Friday, March 28 • 12 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Take your personal style for a walk on the wild side with fresh fashions that are just right for spring. Featuring fashions from all your favorite Bell Tower Shops, this runway show will highlight the season’s most sophisticated and modern looks. Find more information in the March issue of Shell Point Life and look for a personal invitation to arrive in your mailbox. Please note date change: The Fashion Show is now on March 28th.

Save the Date

Shell Point Life | February 2014


Dick and his wife, Maureen, took a five-month vacation after their wedding. During their first big stop in Tahiti, they went to a church where every woman was wearing a white dress and white hat. The memory of their clothing and the spectacular sound of their voices stuck with him forever. This painting, inspired from that experience, was one of his first and only pastels.


Shell Point Life | February 2014

A couple from the Midwest who had returned from a remarkable vacation through Mongolia was intrigued to find a special package included in their daily mail delivery. They quickly popped the cap on the brown shipping tube to uncover the treasure inside. As they unrolled the white paper, a detailed pencil drawing came to life, revealing a special moment captured during their group trip in Central Asia. As they studied the whimsical caricature of their travel group, recognizing each detailed face in the crowd, they took note of the signature penciled on the bottom right of the page – Dick Wright.







While growing up in the expression,” he said. small coal mining town And at the age of 13, of Kingston, Pennsylvania, he became smitten with a Dick Wright (Eagles Preserve) young girl that lived just a began expressing his creativblock away. “I met ity through art when he was Maureen when we were in just three years old. “My second grade. And from mother let me sit in the living thirteen on, we were a couroom and use an ink well and ple. Even if we dated other pen and draw pictures on the people!” he laughed. desk. I can’t believe she let After leaving a lasting me do that!” impression on his high Throughout his formaschool by illustrating the tive years, his best friends yearbook, he was awarded were artistic twins. “Their a scholarship to Rutgers. father was an artist. We drew Following a trip to Myanmar, Dick created a custom cartoon of the tour group While studying journalism all day long.” and advertising, he served and mailed a copy to each person featured in the drawing. By third grade, Dick was as the manager of the footthe best drawer in his class. His creativity of the players and then developed a game of ball team. “My roommate was the quarterwas immediately evident as he transferred rolling dice to dictate plays.” back. He is still a great friend.” his active imagination to the page. A sports He did the same with boxing and horse By senior year, Dick spent most of his enthusiast, he began creating detailed draw- racing. time working. “By that time, I knew how to ings of made-up football teams. “The colors By fifth grade, he started experimentwere important,” he recalled. “I named all ing with oil paints. “Art was my way of Continued next page Shell Point Life | February 2014


THE TALENTED MR. WRIGHT Continued from page 5

get good marks without working as hard!” he admitted. “I had a job as a night watchman. I also cut hair for 50 cents a head on my overnight shift.” When his shift ended at 7:30 a.m., he literally ran to his fraternity house to cook breakfast. “I was the president of the fraternity. I told the cook that we couldn’t afford a raise, but that she could come in later. By taking over the duty of cooking breakfast, I effectively avoided the request for a raise and saved money for the fraternity because fewer guys came for breakfast! Plus, I got a free breakfast that way.” Dick washed dishes for lunch, waited tables at night, and, during football season, ate at the training table. He was also the president of the Air Force ROTC Honor Society and the president of the joint Air Force and Military ROTC Honor Society. “I was in charge of the military ball, which was the biggest dance of the year.” And although he never took a formal art class, he drew cartoons for the school newspaper and humor magazine. “I’ve just drawn wherever I’ve been.” Through it all, Dick also found time to write to Maureen every day as she attended Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia, and Tarrytown, New York.

Upon graduation, his resourcefulness and tenacity paid off, as he was rewarded with multiple job offers. “I took the one I thought was the best training ground – Vicks Chemical Company. I received excellent management training and spent a year on the road as sales trainee. The only problem was that we weren’t allowed to be married during that time because of the extensive travel involved. I was in a different hotel every night and went to 39 states in nine months.” After being recognized as Sales Trainee of the Year, Dick focused on fulfilling his ROTC service commitment. “Although the requirement was two years, I chose three years so I could be a jet fighter pilot. And I Dick and Maureen’s Eagles Preserve home is filled with artwork created by Dick and other artistic family members.


Shell Point Life | February 2014

finally got to marry Maureen!” The Wrights started their family right away. Nine months later, on the day their daughter was born, Dick was in air traffic control school and received orders to go to a remote site in Naknek, Alaska. He was not permitted to take any dependents. “It was a 15-month assignment,” he explained, “but they shortened it to 12 months. And, after six months, the commanding officer up there allowed me to bring my family up to Anchorage. It was still 300 miles away, but at least we were in the same state!” During his time in Naknek, Dick was not permitted to take furloughs. He did, however, manage to find a way to see his family. “I got out because I had to get flying time. When a plane came in to take the mail, I would bum it from them for a couple hours and try to get to Anchorage.”

When his service was complete, he went back to work for Vicks. After two years as a salesman, he was promoted to the home office in New York City. By the age of 30, Dick was working as national director of sales. He worked for Vicks for more than 15 years in marketing long range planning before Johnson & Johnson got word of him. “I became vice president of sales of the hospital division in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Then, I became the VP of sales of the consumer division. Finally, I was put in charge of new products. It was my responsibility to develop organization to get J&J into new businesses.” During his career, he had 400 people in the United States, 700 people in other countries, and five different advertising agencies reporting to him. He even wrote a management book on how to evaluate people and served on the company’s Board of Directors. He also continued to exercise his creativity, and was even commissioned to paint headshots of the board of directors for a couple different companies. “Those were not cartoons. They were pencil portraits.” Then, after 19 years with Johnson & Johnson, he retired at the age of 58.

Dick and Maureen moved to a cottage in the Pocono Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania and took advantage of the freedom to travel. “The cottage wasn’t winterized and it was horribly cold. So, we traveled to warm countries during the winter months!” One year, they ended up in Miami after a trip to Brazil. It was the middle of March, and they weren’t prepared to return to their cottage in the frozen mountains. Instead, they spent the month traveling the entire state of Florida. “We picked our three favorite cities and decided to return the next year to rent a house in each place for one month so we could determine where we would want to move.” It was no coincidence that the three cities they elected to explore further were all art communities – Sanibel Island, Vero Beach, and Key West. “We came to Sanibel for a month and got involved at BIG ARTS. A month later, we moved on to Vero Beach. But, after just two weeks

Dick’s wife, Maureen, says he is the most happy when he is expressing his creativity in his art studio.

there, Maureen said, ‘Let’s forget the rest of this and go back to Sanibel!’” Later that year, Dick and Maureen bought a lot, designed a home, hired a builder, and became true islanders. Dick joined the Board of Directors at BIG ARTS and took his first official art class. “I did one

two-week class every other year.” He also started a very successful speaker series, The FORUM, in 2002. “Throughout my 11 years managing The FORUM, I secured more than 90 high-profile speakers. They Continued next page

Dick launched and managed a remarkably successful speaker series, known as The FORUM, at BIG ARTS on Sanibel Island.

The FORUM welcomes an average of eight highprofile speakers each season. Clockwise from top: General Anthony Zinni, Former Govenor and Former Ambassador to China John Huntsman, and Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Paul Volker.

Shell Point Life | February 2014


THE TALENTED MR. WRIGHT Continued from page 7

the speakers when they arrived. “Maureen and I spent the weekend with the speakers, and often their spouses. We would take them to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and actually

them, but I correspond with those who have opened the door to us.”

were real, true experts. We had ambassadors from Pakistan, France, and many other countries. We had college Dick continued to manage professors. We also had The FORUM after he and really big names like Ted Maureen moved to Shell Point Koppel, Jim Lehrer, in 2007. And in 2012, he Ruth Bader Ginsburg, started a new group at Shell and Paul Volcker.” Point – The Coffee Boys. “I After the first year, wanted to get together and Dick made it mandatory have a place to meet guys for a to purchase the entire little while so we all had someseries in advance. thing to do. Plus, I thought it “Today, there is an eightwas a good way to welcome year waiting list for tickother men who moved here ets, even though people from Sanibel,” he explained. have no idea who the “We started with four, all from speakers will be. I never Dick enjoys drawing and sending custom cartoons to the people he meets Sanibel, and now we have more during his travels. had that problem in all than 20. And there will be of my years of marketmore.” ing – and that’s when I was getting paid for become friends with them. Out of the 92 Each Tuesday at 8:30 a.m., The Coffee it!” he laughed. speakers we had the honor to meet, every Boys meet in the Café Promenade for coffee One of the perks of organizing The single one of them has been a nice, kind, and conversation. “There’s no agenda. It’s just FORUM was the opportunity to entertain humble person! I try not to infringe on a fun way to get together.”

Dick calls this paining “Doubting Afghans.” The faces were created from his imagination, but the clothing was inspired by an internet search.

Recently, Dick completed a custom cartoon of the Coffee Boys. He didn’t tell anyone he was doing it. He just snapped a couple photos one day and took them back to his home studio to create the sketch. “I made it fun, showing people doing things they don’t really do. I’m the only one that’s not goofing. And, of course, I’m also better looking than the other guys,” he joked. Even Nancy Koch who runs the Café Promenade was featured in the drawing. He presented the framed art to Nancy last July. “She was so excited to get it. All of the guys liked it, too, and several went and got it framed. That was very rewarding.” The drawing now hangs prominently on the wall of the Café Promenade, directly above the area where the guys meet each Tuesday for coffee. “I love doing things like this,” he shared. “The most people I ever included in one drawing was when I did a cartoon of the Current Events group that I participate in at BIG ARTS. There were 84 faces in the crowd!” Board. He will also serve as the committee Over the years, Dick has found that peo- head of the 2014 Employee Christmas Gift ple laugh at everybody but themselves. Fund Campaign. “Nobody thinks they look like themselves, Although Dick has since passed the torch but they seem to always recognize the others.” on organizing the speakers for The FORUM, Although he is constantly working on he continues to serve on the board at Big Arts a new drawing, he doesn’t focus on the time and he also participates regularly in the it takes to complete his artwork. “I never Current Events group that is held there. He time myself. It probably takes and Maureen also travel for three 15 to 20 minutes per person. to four months each year. To date, But that’s not important to me. they have been to 113 different I’m just happy to be drawing. In countries. “We used to travel just fact, my wife said I’m never the two of us, but now we feel happier than when I am in my safety in numbers, so we go on little studio drawing cartoons group tours. I like to come back and laughing all day.” and draw a cartoon of the whole In addition to hanging his Dick always includes group doing something silly to artwork throughout his home, himself and Maureen make fun of them in a lightDick has displayed his drawings in each sketch that he hearted way. After a trip to Outer at two of the Shell Point art creates for his travel Mongolia, I did a drawing of companions. shows. He has also lectured at everyone playing an old Chinese the Shell Point Art Club. instrument and dancing. Then, I Additionally, Teri Kollath, manager of The got them reproduced and put them in tubes to Academy and Auxiliary, invited Dick to mail them out to everyone. I don’t tell them share his experiences of developing and about it in advance. They are always surprised. managing The FORUM during a Coffee And they really seem to enjoy it! They laugh with a Neighbor presentation last year. This a lot and always write back to thank me. These year, she asked him to be on The Academy are people we never knew before we went on

Nancy Koch of the Café Promenade was thrilled to receive the playful cartoon that Dick created to represent the members of The Coffee Boys. The drawing hangs prominently in the Café Promenade, directly above where the guys meet for coffee each Tuesday morning.

Dick and Maureen enjoy the feeling of living in an art gallery.

the trip. It’s quite something.” Now, the couple that has known each other for 75 years and has celebrated 58 years of wedded bliss is considering the options for their next trip. Dick said, “We aren’t quite sure where we will go next, but, as long as we are together, I’m sure it will be an amazing adventure.” Shell Point Life | February 2014



“Every day brings a chance for you to draw in a breath, kick off your shoes, and dance.” ~ Oprah Winfrey


Shell Point Life | February 2014

of the Ball

One Woman Enhances the Community as a Teacher, Dancer, and Volunteer B

When it comes to dancing,

Carol Ashley (Coquina) is making up for lost time. “I didn’t start dancing until I was 43, and I’m not going to stop now!” It all started 27 years ago when Carol was set up on a blind date with Ted Ashley and she revealed her interest in taking ballroom dancing classes. Ted quickly affirmed his shared interest in the activity. “He was schooled in Baltimore and had ballroom dancing as a part of his curriculum,” explained Carol. “I, on the other hand, was raised in a rural farming town, and opportunities for dance were practically nonexistent.” A week after that first date, Ted and Carol joined a formal ballroom dancing class. “When the teacher told us to get in ‘close position,’ she said she knew right then that we would be together forever,” laughed Carol. “I had been single for five and a half years and I didn’t think I would ever get married again. But, sure enough, we were married 10 months later. Our ballroom dancing teacher took credit!” Shortly after their marriage, Ted and Carol were elected to serve as presidents of the formal dinner dance club and were put in charge of planning a formal dinner dance every other month. Yet, although dancing had become an important part of her life, she remained laser-focused on her full-time teaching job. “I taught elementary education for 20 years before retiring to Florida in 1993. I missed






the children, though, and ended up returning to work full-time here in Lee County.” Licensed as a reading specialist for K-12, a general elementary teacher for K-6, and a special education teacher for K-12, Carol’s expertise was in high demand within the local school district. Even after serving for five years as a full-time educator, Carol was repeatedly asked to return as a substitute and to fill in where needed.

Carol and Ted Ashley discovered a shared interest in dance during their first date. Twenty-seven years later, they are still dancing together.

After moving to Shell Point in 2007, Carol realized that her job was limiting her involvement in the community. “When I moved here, I was working so much that I couldn’t do any of the activities during the week.”

Instead of accepting her fate of workrelated disconnection, Carol decided to combine her love of dance with her innate teaching talents for the benefit of her fellow Shell Point residents. “I started offering dance classes on Sunday afternoons,” she explained. And after relinquishing her full-time teaching responsibilities, she quickly replaced her busy schedule with even more dance classes and an impressive resume of volunteer service. Carol currently teaches 10 dance classes each month, including four Ballroom Line Dancing classes at The Island Health Club and six Seated Senior’s Dance classes, called the Happy Feet Dancers, offered for residents in assisted living. “Ballroom Line Dancing is great because it can be done with or without a partner,” she explained. “And the Happy Feet Dancers class is perfect for the assisted living residents because we do ballroom dancing steps that can be executed while sitting comfortably in a straight-back chair. We do a lot of toe and heel tapping, as well as hand clapping.” Skyler Bauer, The Springs activities coordinator, said, “The residents love Carol’s Continued next page Shell Point Life | February 2014


Point Market Place. A few days later, Carol and Ted boarded a cruise ship for a Christmas vacation on the open water. “We danced our way across the Caribbean,” she said. “I even learned a new flash mob dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller while we were on the cruise!” Carol’s commitment to teach, volunteer, and stay active are all a part of her inspiration to remain young and healthy. Carol said with a laugh, “If I rest, I’m going to rust. I’m going to keep moving!”

Carol leads residents in a Hula dance during a Happy Feet Dancers class at The Springs.

BELLE OF THE BALL Continued from page 11 enthusiastic spirit and always look forward to her visits. The seated chair dances are great exercise for the body and the brain.” In addition to teaching dance classes, Carol’s volunteer service includes commitments at Shell Point and within the local community. “I work a lot. I usher at my church and also help the church with a wonderful meal that feeds about 200 people each Wednesday. I am also a food buyer for the Harry Chapin Food Pantry. At Shell Point, I volunteer in the main library, at the Thrift Store, at the greeter desk at the Resident Activity Center, and in various roles at the Pavilion, such as the Pavilion library, beauty salon, and the friendly visitor’s committee.” When she can find a spare moment, she enjoys riding her bike and gardening. “I’m known as the flower girl in Coquina Court! My potted garden is a love for me. And when I have a day off, I get in 10 miles of bike riding.” But most of all, she finds time to dance. “I practice for an hour and a half every morning. I learn new dances from YouTube!” Carol also attends dance classes at her church. And, if the regular instructor is out, she will sub for the day. In fact, Carol will dance any time the mood strikes. This past Christmas, while she was out shopping, she heard a familiar tune and began strutting her stuff right in the middle of a store. “If there is music playing, I will dance!” she said. When she shared the story of her impromptu dance with her students, they 12

Shell Point Life | February 2014

quickly came up with the idea of doing a flash mob at Shell Point. So, Carol taught a line dance to around 80 people at her church and 30 people at Shell Point. Then, on Friday, December 20, the group of about 50 dancers debuted their choreographed routine in the middle of the Shell

In December, a group of residents participated in a Christmas-themed flash mob that Carol organized to take place at the weekly Market Place on The Island.

Carol’s Classes It’s fun and the music is great!

Ballroom Line Dancing •••••

Every Sunday in The Island Health Club

Happy Feet Dancers •••••

2nd and 4th Mondays at King’s Crown 1st and 3rd Thursdays at The Arbor 2nd and 3rd Thursdays at The Springs

2014 LifeQuest Expo BY MARY FRANKLIN, AND

Above: Sandi provided information about the variety of LifeQuest entrees available in the Shell Point dining venues. Above right: Sandi Brower, Pavilion nutrition services manager, and Linda Rakos, assistant director of hospitality services; are passionate about sharing information regarding the importance of a healthy diet. During the event, they shared news and tips to help promote wellbeing through wholesome nutrition.





Shell Point got the New Year off to a healthy start by hosting the LifeQuest Expo in January. During the event, residents and guests had the opportunity to learn more about the six dimensions of wellness by visiting more than 50 booths set up throughout the church auditorium. The physical dimension of wellness was strongly represented during the event. Shell Point representatives from the medical team, fitness staff, and hospitality services shared tips and tools to help enhance physical well-being. Outside physicians and support services also helped promote the physical dimension. Residents and visitors took an active role, receiving massages, testing their balance, and even completing the Senior Fitness Test. Continued next page Shell Point Life | February 2014


2014 LifeQuest Expo Continued from page 13 The Academy of Lifelong Learning had a dynamic presence in the educational dimension, displaying the artwork of students that recently completed art courses. Technology leaders Bruce Findley (Sundial) and Penny Modrich (Nautilus) were also on hand to share technology information and promote future classes. Shell Point departments, including Facility Operations, Communications, and Resident Technology Support, were on hand to answer questions about their areas of expertise. Residents also found outside resources, such as the Lee County Library and Adaptive Clothing. The Resident Life Team proudly represented the community and social dimension. Representatives from The Community Thrift Store, Fine and Performing Arts Concert Series, Resort Services Department, Volunteer Services, and Transportation

reminded residents how great it is to be a resident at Shell Point. Those who explored the spiritual dimension found information from The Village Church, the Spiritual Services Department, and the Health Above: Program Coordinator Bev Chandley (far right) shared information about resident life and travel opportunities with Expo attendees. Left: Beanie Cudahy (Turban) learned a few things about technology from Bruce Findley (Sundial).

Journey Support Group. During the event, it was clear that Shell Point is committed on many different levels and through various programs to help each resident along their spiritual journey. The “green� dimension, natural environment, really highlighted the many ways to enjoy the great outdoors here at Shell Point and our surrounding area. Ding Darling and C.R.O.W shared all of the great opportunities to enjoy their facilities

Left: Jenn Norling from the Shell Point Call Center enjoyed visiting with residents while sharing news about facility operations. Above: Pastor Andrew Hawkins shared information about The Village Church.

Clockwise from top Left: Wendy Iverson from the marketing department invited everyone to enter a drawing and offer story ideas for Shell Point Life magazine and SPTV. The Salon team welcomed representatives from Bosley to educate residents and guests about options for improving their hair. The Blue Goose from Ding Darling drew attention to the importance of appreciating and protecting the natural environment. Ann Erickson (left) of Eagles Preserve volunteered at The Academy of Lifelong Learning booth to discuss the various works of art on display.

and how to get involved by becoming a volunteer. Program Coordinator Bev Chandley, known for her love of the outdoors, was excited to share information on the Shell Point gardens and marina. Residents and guests enjoyed meeting the new Head Golf Professional, Gary Keating, and learning about the exciting new changes at the Shell Point Golf Club. Residents have a wide array of programs and services to choose from that will ensure emotional wellbeing and overall happiness. The Shell Point Resident Support Services team offered assistance while giving residents the opportunity to

update their emergency contact information. Residents also picked up information regarding the 10 Support Groups available at Shell Point. Financial security is important to one’s emotional wellness, and the Legacy Foundation and FineMark Bank were pleased to show their support. Also on hand was the Behavioral Health Department, sharing all of the services they make available to residents. Attendees walked out of the event both informed and motivated. One resident summed up the LifeQuest program, exclaiming, “LifeQuest encourages me to be the best I can be every day!”

Left: The Salon booth was a also a popular stop for those who wanted a free chair massage. Above: Representatives from Angels Family Inc. modeled and displayed their unique and custom-made clothing that uses velcro to allow for style with independence.

Shell Point Life | February 2014


E.J. Erb received a medal for being the oldest person to go parasailing during her recent cruise vacation.

LifeQuest Inspires Resident to

Reach New Heights

Having A Can-Do Attitude Helped E.J. Erb Achieve Goals of Traveling, Parasailing, and Shedding Pounds Ellen Jane Erb (Macoma), more commonly known as E.J., was raised in Decorah, Iowa and is the eldest of eight children. Family is very important to her, and she is very close to her brothers and sisters. They make it a goal to attend a semiannual family reunion. E.J. overcame the odds when she earned her GED. She passed with flying colors, learning that she completed the test at a college level. And at the age of 35, she found the need to prove to herself that she was smart. Thus, she enrolled in college night school and, 10 years later, earned her AA degree. She then went on to spend 22 years as a Mary Kay consultant. The company’s priority was on training and teaching their representatives the importance of self worth. She smiled and reflected, “I wanted people to feel better after a meeting with me.” E.J. and her husband adopted three children; Linda from Laos, Dee Maria from Cambodia, and Jennifer from Korea. Later in life, she adopted Diane, who is part Native American Indian. Today, E.J. has four grandchildren and six great-grand children. She is very thankful for her family and has come to realize that her entire life was a mission lifestyle right in her own home. E.J. moved into Shell Point in June of

2011. She is very thankful to be at Parasailing let E.J. be free and reflect for Shell Point and shares, “I feel right just a moment on the experiences she has about things. I love living here. had in her life. There have been many life God’s love permeates this place.” challenges, but E.J. did not let obstacles get In 2013, E.J. was inspired by in her way. LifeQuest. She explained, “There E.J. is currently one pound away from her was no pressure. You make up your weight loss goal and accomplished the amazown mind.” ing feat of being on a cruise and not gaining With her “can do” attitude, weight. After she reaches the 25-pound mark, E.J. set several LifeQuest goals. she is going to set another goal to lose the next Three of those goals were to go on 25 pounds. a cruise, go parasailing, and lose 25 more In addition to her personal improvepounds. She said, “Other people have ments, E. J. also appreciates that it is imporinspired me and I knew I tant to give back. A close could do it!” friend and prayer partner, In November of 2013 Ann Bushnell (Macoma), has those goals flew into really helped E. J. understand action. She was able to go the balance of a fulfilling life. with a group on a cruise to She spends time in the Art Key West and Cozumel, Club and Photo Club and is a Mexico. Her travel comsinger in both the Church Martha Grant (Cellana) and panion was Martha Grant Choir and Shell Point E.J. enjoyed cruising together (Cellena). They enjoyed Singers. And she squeezes in in November. their time relaxing and her 30-minute water exertaking in the sights. And during the cruise, E.J. cises when she is able. marked off goal number two as she experiThroughout her life, E.J. always perseenced the joy of parasailing! As she floated vered. Getting her GED, earning an AA at 500 feet in the air under the large parachute, the age of 45, and dealing with the many chalshe kept repeating, “Thank you, God! I love lenges that have come her way have all made being in the air.” Proudly she wears the medal her stronger. E.J.’s accomplishment of parasailshe was given from the cruise line as the oldest ing at the age of 75 reminds us all that it is person to go parasailing. never too late to soar to new heights!

LiFeQueSt GRoup DiSCuSSion with Janine Hammond Saturday, February 22 • 10 a.m. • Grand Cypress Room/WDL

ARE YOU WELL ORGANIZED? Janine Hammond, resident support services manager, will discuss the value of organizing personal records and important documents. It may not be an exciting activity, but it is an essential project that everyone should make time to do. Keeping well-organized files can alleviate stress for you and your family in a time of crisis.


uest AT S H E L L P O I N T

What’s your Quest? P Shell Point Life | February 2014



The Perfect Time to Focus on the Health of Your Heart













The Health Connection is offering opportunities to focus on the health of your heart this month! Nordic Pole Walking classes will get your heart pumping; a course about the importance of drinking fluids will reveal how hydration effects your heart rate and blood pressure; and Dr. Lee Bradford Lucas will be on site to discuss an alternative to open heart surgery. This month also brings opportunities to learn strategies for coping with hearing loss, options for those living with osteoporosis, and more.

trolytes in our bodies has a great impact on how our systems function. Drinking fluids serves a range of purposes in our bodies, such as removing waste through urine; controlling body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure; and maintaining a healthy metabolism. Without proper hydration, the body begins to shut down. Michelle Smith, fitness supervisor, will discuss the importance of water intake and ways to stay hydrated throughout the day on Monday, February 3, at 1:15 p.m. in the Social Center.

Wellness Specialty Classes

Your Medical Community

Shell Point Pole Walking C.A.R.E. Class, Sessions C and D Jack Adams of Audiology will be offered for just $20 per sesConsultants of Southwest sion. Session C will be held on Florida is a provider at the Arbor Saturdays, February 1 through 22, Medical Center. His presentaat 9:45 a.m. in The Island Health Shell Point Pole Walking C.A.R.E. Class, Sessions C and D will tion, How to Cope with the Club. Session D will be held on be held on Saturdays, February 1 through 22, at 9:45 a.m Frustrations of Hearing Loss, is Tuesdays, February 4 through 25, at applicable to not only those 3:30 p.m. in the Oak Room at The Woodlands. able clothing and closed-toe shoes. Water with the hearing loss, but also to anyone Confidence, Attitude, Reflexes, and will be provided. Please note: this workshop having to cope with the frustration of comEndurance will be integrated in the four- is recommended for participants who cur- municating with with week pole walking class. Lindy Smith, rently do not use a walker or cane. The cost someone loss. Nordic Walking expert, AFAA Certified of the workshop includes rental of specially- hearing Caregivers, family Group Exercise instructor and Golden designed Nordic Walking Poles. members, spouses, Hearts specialist, will lead participants on a and friends of positive fitness journey. Pole Walking is a corrective exercise that offers many health Audiologist Jack benefits. Each week will focus on one of the Adams presents How C.A.R.E. goals. Everyone will exercise at to Cope with the their own ability and mobility level. A sitFrustrations of Hydration is important because the ting and standing full-body warm up and Hearing Loss on cool down with stretches will round out the body is comprised mostly of water, and the Wednesday, February Pole Walking instruction. Wear comfort- proper balance between water and elec5, at 1:15 p.m.

Shell Point as Your Resource


Shell Point Life | February 2014

those coping with hearing loss are all ized training in minimally invasive total encouraged to attend to learn practical, joint replacement of the hip and knee and everyday suggestions for improving commu- offers the procedure to his patients rounication with anyone that is hearing tinely. impaired. Join Jack for this informative presDr. Heligman is board-certified by the entation on Wednesday, American Academy of February 5 at 1:15 p.m. in Orthopaedic Surgeons and Kings Crown Community is a member of the Room. American Academy of Osteoporosis to Joint Orthopaedic Surgeons, the Replacement will be held Florida Medical Society, the on Wednesday, February Lee County Medical 12, at 3:15 p.m. in the Society, and the American Social Center. Dr. David Medical Society. Heligman will give an Additionally, he has served orthopedic overview from on the board of directors at osteoporosis in the older Southwest Florida Regional adult to osteoarthritis signs Medical Center and is a past Dr. David Heligman will presand symptoms. He will also ent Osteoporosis to Joint president of the Jewish discuss options of what can Replacement on Wednesday, Federation of Lee County. be done to make life easier. February 12, at 3:15 p.m. in Transcatheter Aortic In 1987, Dr. David the Social Center. Valve Replacement Heligman joined with Dr. (T.A.V.R.) without open Fifer to form the Institute for Orthopaedic heart surgery is an alternative for those who Surgery and Sports Medicine. Dr. Heligman are not candidates for traditional open-heart now specializes in adult reconstructive sur- surgery. It involves a small incision between gery, including hip, knee, and shoulder the ribs and into your heart, instead of a replacements; shoulder rotator cuff surgery; small incision in your groin. Dr. Lee and arthroscopy of the knee, shoulder, and Bradford Lucas, Ph.D., Structural Heart ankle. Dr. Heligman has received special- Program Coordinator for Lee Memorial

Dr. Lee Bradford Lucas, Ph.D., Structural Heart Program Coordinator for Lee Memorial Health System, will be presenting Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (T.A.V.R.) on Friday, February 14, at 1:00 p.m.

Health System, will be presenting on Friday, February 14, at 1:00 p.m. in the Grand Cypress Room.

Hazelden Speaking Engagement Older Adults & Addiction Older adult addiction to prescription medications and alcohol has reached epidemic proportions, yet remains a vastly undertreated population due to misdiagnosis, ageism and misunderstanding. Join noted expert Carol Colleran to learn why older adults remain a vastly undertreated population despite showing the highest rate of success in recovery when provided age-appropriate treatment. Colleran’s presentation will focus on special issues and sensitivities related to working with older adult patients and their family members. She will also shed light on the circumstances specific to older adults such as painful or major life transitions, including Carol Colleran retirement or loss of spouse, which may result in unhealthy coping behaviors or addiction. Shell Point is proud to partner with Hazelden, a national nonprofit organization founded in 1949 to “help people reclaim their lives from the disease of addiction,” to present this lecture – the only one in their four-lecture 2014 Community Lecture Series to be offered in Lee County.

OLDER ADULTS AND ADDICTION Tuesday, February 18 6:45 p.m. Meet and Greet 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Lecture Church Auditorium/IS Join Carol Colleran for a look at the issues related to working with older adult patients and their family members.

Shell Point Life | February 2014


Live United Shell Point United Way Campaign 2014 B









At its meeting on December 4, 2013, the Shell Point Residents’ Council once again took action to sponsor the Shell Point United Way Campaign, which runs from January 15 through March 1. A goal of $75,000 has been set by the Residents’ Council for the 2014 Shell Point United Way Campaign.

mum efficiency and with the greatest impact.

2014 Campaign

In January, Shell Point residents received the United Way packet in their mailboxes, which included the Shell Point pledge sheet, envelope, and a brochure listing the 70 local agencies served by the United Way. Residents have the option of desigThrough one contribution to nating a specific agency to receive the United Way of Lee County, you Jerry Ingalls (Eagles Preserve) and Jodi Phillips of United Way. their donation by writing the are helping support more than 170 agency’s name at the bottom of the programs in 70 local partner agencies that munity. This is approximately 1 out of every pledge card. Your donation can be sent assist our friends, neighbors, family, and 2 people! through the internal mail to Administration, coworkers. Extensive volunteer involvement allows dropped off at either service desk, or mailed All United Way of Lee County dollars the United Way of Lee County to keep directly to the United Way in the provided remain local, helping people right here in fundraising costs extremely low. envelope. our community. On behalf of the local United Way and Volunteers annually evaluate agency Last year, United Way of Lee County performance and thoroughly study various the many individuals it serves through its agencies provided service to more than agency budgets to make sure United Way of agencies, we thank you for your generous 300,000 people throughout our local com- Lee County dollars are spent with maxi- support.

Did you know?

SANIBEL-CAPTIVA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE VOLUNTEERS TOUR SHELL POINT Shell Point recently welcomed 15 volunteers from the Sanibel-Captiva Chamber of Commerce for an informational presentation and tour of the community. During lunch, Rochelle Cherniawski, communications manager, shared an overview of Shell Point and the lifecare product, discussed the multitude of volunteer roles filled by Shell Point residents, and pointed out various Shell Point amenities that are open to the public. After the presentation, luncheon attendees took a brief bus tour of The Island and The Woodlands. The guests were pleasantly surprised and even a little overwhelmed to learn about all of the benefits that Shell Point offers to residents as well as the general public.


Shell Point Life | February 2014

Making Strides for Healthy Hearts BY GIN









Saturday, December 14, dawned with a cool breeze as Shell Point residents traveled to Centennial Park in downtown Fort Myers to join up with Shell Point employees for the Annual Heart Walk. The team of 45 walkers sporting bright blue “Shell Point Cares” T-shirts certainly stood out in the crowd. After an entertaining warm up, Lex Roulston (Parkwood) stepped on stage to address the crowd. Lex and his wife, Eileen are proud supporters of the Heart Walk. In fact, this year, Lex served as the co-chair of the event along with Dr. Paul Digiorgio, a local Cardiothoracic Surgeon. Lex shared personal experience with the crowd and encouraged everyone to be proactive about heart health, “Before I had a bypass surgery, I didn’t know anything about my heart. You don’t think about it until that surgeon opens up your

chest. But you don’t want to get to that point. There are ways to avoid that. You need to exercise and watch your diet!” Lex practices what he preaches, cycling three days a week and working out at the Shell Point Health Club. “We all have a chance to learn about our hearts, exercise, and eat appropriately,” he said. Following the presentation, walkers by the hundreds streamed down the

street and over the bridge for a perfect morning of walking for a great cause. Residents and staff member walked together, enjoying the sense of camaraderie while supporting the American Heart Association’s quest to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans. A special “thank you” goes to Shell Point’s Community Thrift Store for the generous donation to cover the registration fee for all of the Shell Point walkers.

Shell Point Life | February 2014


Academic Exploration Challenge Your Sense of Discovery with Classes Involving Travel, Investments, Technology, and More B
















teach you how to make your Apple iPhone or Android Smartphone a very good digital camera. He will also share tips on how to use it to send photos in email, receive emails, and put photos into your photo library. Penny joins Bruce for three sessions of Apple iPad: Apps! Apps! Apps! beginning Tuesday, February 11. You will have an Appy Day exploring the different apps that are available from Apple and how to find what you want from the more than 900,000 apps that are currently available!

many apps, as well as a voice search engine for the internet in Talking is the New Typing – Siri.

This month we offer two fascinating educational field trips. On Monday, February 3, we will travel to the Southwest Florida Military Museum and Library to LEGACY SEMINAR learn more about those who so valiantly For our February seminar provided by the fought for this country’s freedom. You will Legacy Foundation, Executive Director learn how three men discussing the possiTimothy A. Stephenson, ChFC, invites ble creation of a foundation to give local Dennis Landfried, vice president developmenvets a place to call their own grew into a tal of FineMark National Bank and Trust, to building full of history, stories, and memojoin him for Forensic Investing: CSI – Client rabilia, as well as a foundation right here in Sensitive Investments. This southwest Florida! presentation on Wednesday, On Monday, February 19, will explore the February 17, we offer hows and whys of a good one of our favorite investment strategy. opportunities, a day at the beach Exploring Florida’s real “snowbirds” with our own Dr. COFFEE WITH Iver Brook (Lucina), a A NEIGHBOR Dr. Gerald Langberg resident expert on the (Sundial) repeats (by popushorebirds that spend lar demand) a program he their winters on our shared last summer, own local beaches. Patagonia. Powerful in its There is nothing like On Monday, February 17, Academy on the Go will spend a day at the beach own way, a visitor has to up-close observation of exploring Florida’s real snowbirds with Dr. Iver Brook (Lucina). seek out this land to apprethese small creatures ciate the beauty for what it who have travelled to Penny and Bruce will share information is – a land of contradictions, isolation, fast southwest Florida all the way from the Arctic Circle. Bird lovers will enjoy listening to Dr. about WiFi, iCloud, and Bluetooth in Apple wind, natural ruggedness, and remarkably Brook share his knowledge and his passion iPad: What’s in the Air on two Thursdays, adapted wildlife. On Thursday, February 6, explore this diverse landscape through the February 6 and 13. for our fine-feathered seasonal visitors. If you would rather talk than text with photographs of one of our most popular your smartphone, then you will want to travelogue presenters. TECHNOLOGY TODAY attend the Talking is the New Typing – AND TOMORROW Bruce Findley (Sundial) and Penny Dictation. During the two-session course on FOR THE LOVE OF Modrich (Nautilus) continue to offer Thursdays, February 20 and 27, Bruce will LEARNING Kristie Anders, education director for focused opportunities to learn about tech- show you how to use the built-in micronology. Bruce begins a three-session class phone to “speak to text” instead of typing. the Sanibel Captiva Conservation on Friday, February 28, on iPhone, iPod Then, on two Fridays, February 7 and 14, Foundation (SCCF), will bring two special touch and iPad digital photography. He will Bruce will explain Siri, a voice interface to guests for her presentation this semester: 22

Shell Point Life | February 2014

bination of Standard American and Two Over One. All conventions, which will constantly be reviewed, remain the same. The Academy celebrates the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth with four programs focusing on his plays. The series begins on Thursday, February 6, with Shakespeare – Tragedies. This class will examine one of his greatest tragedies, Othello. The discussion will first explore the dramatic elements that support a true tragedy and how Shakespeare incorporated them into his plays. The series continues on Thursday, February 20, with Shakespeare – Tragicomedy, highlighting one of the playwright’s Romance plays, The Winter’s Tale. This story presents a plot that deals with jealousy and redemption while incorporating a companion set of contrasting actions which are truly entertaining. The play also contains a stage direction that has both amused and horrified audiences for more than 400 years. The series will continue in March. In Solar Astronomy, amateur astronomer

Dr. Gerald Langberg (Sundial) presents Patagonia on Thursday, February 6.

Wildlife Habitat Management Program Director and Herpetologist Chris Lechowicz, and an eastern indigo snake! Join them on Monday, February 3, for Snakes Alive! This is a rare chance to meet this snake that is listed as threatened by the state of Florida and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and to learn more about the research being conducted by the SCCF Pine Island Eastern Indigo Snake Project. Professor Adrian Kerr concludes his focus on Southeast Asia with Sandakan “The Land Below the Wind” – Borneo’s Gateway to Ecological Delights on Tuesday, February 4, and with Hong Kong: Fragrant Harbor and the Rise of The Dragon on Tuesday, February 11. Sandakan, originally the capital of British North Borneo, became famous for its “White Rajas” who ruled the island Doug Heatherly (Nautilus) during the nineteenth century. Its presents Solar Astronomy native people, the Dayaks, have only on Friday, February 7. recently given up their gruesome habit of head hunting. Today, Borneo is known as an ecotourism destination most notable is the Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and Rainforest Discovery Center. In his Hong Kong presentation, Professor Kerr will trace the country’s epic journey from a tiny and mostly uninhabited island given by Doug Heatherly (Nautilus) will give us the China to the British after the Opium War rare opportunity on Friday, February 7, to not of 1839 to a dynamic business-focused only look at the sun, but also to hear good colony that was returned to China under information about solar characteristics. He the 1997 “one country two systems” man- will then lead the group outside to observe the date. sun – safely and with the right equipment. Susan Willoughby begins session 2 of Artist Joanna Coke returns to Shell Intermediate Bridge on Wednesday, February Point on Friday, February 14, for two work5, for four Wednesday sessions that are a com- shops focused on color. In her morning

workshop, Understanding Color, we will learn how to look at color from its three basic characteristics – its hue, value, and intensity as we learn how to choose a color, and how to determine how light or dark it is, and how pure or muddy it is. In her afternoon workshop, Refresh Your Living Space, we will learn that interior décor and color are like any other fads – what goes around comes around. Whether you are downsizing or are just ready for a change, the trick is to learn and apply what is current now, with a new twist. Professor Adrian Kerr will share The Story of Burma – The Land of Temples in two sessions on Tuesdays, February 18 and 25. This two-part series of lectures is for those interested in the history and colorful culture of the varied ethnic patchwork that makes up Burma, one of Southeast Asia’s most enchanting countries. As always, Professor Kerr takes us from prehistory, right through Adrian Kerr to modern times. On Tuesday, February 18, we welcome Carol Colleran, CAP, ICADC, for a presentation on Older Adults and Addiction. Shell Point is proud to partner with Hazelden, a national nonprofit organization founded in 1949 to “help people reclaim their lives from the disease of addiction,” to present this lecture – the only one in the four-lecture 2014 Community Lecture Series to be offered in Lee County. A noted expert, and author of Aging & Addiction, Colleran will focus on special issues and sensitivities related to working with older adult patients and their family members. She will also shed light on the circumstances specific to older adults, such as painful or major life transitions, including retirement or loss of spouse, which may result in unhealthy coping behaviors or addiction. Beginning Wednesday, February 19, Herb Sklar (Eagles Preserve) will offer 10 fortunate people the opportunity to learn to Continued next page Shell Point Life | February 2014


ACADEMIC EXPLORATION Continued from page 23

draw in just six weeks during Drawing On The Right Side of The Brain. This class never fails to amaze students who come with only the desire to learn to draw, and leave with drawings they are truly proud of. Herb has created yet another new art class for those who are eager to stretch their creativity to new mediums or with new techniques. Palette Knife Painting (a free and loose way of painting) begins Wednesday, February 19, and continues for six weeks. Charlotte Stemple (Cellana) averages 50 public speaking engagements a year! On three Mondays, beginning February 24, she will teach anyone who would like to develop, or enhance, their own speaking abilities in Public Speaking. Maybe you lead a committee or a business meeting. Maybe you emcee an event now and then, or perhaps you make introductions. This series will help you feel comfortable during common public speaking opportunities. In Empty Nesters on Monday, February 24, Phyllis Langberg (Sundial) will take us through the life cycle of our Shell Point Island osprey family as observed and captured photographically from her patio. The view down into the nest from her 4th floor home affords an incomparable peek into the daily life of a pair of hardworking parents raising chicks with day-to-day routines you will recognize and some challenges you have probably never had to face! On Tuesday, February 25, Dr. Jonathan Shivers from Indian Creek Pet Hospital will join us to present a Healthy Pet Seminar geared especially toward residents of our tropical Florida environment. He will cover the special needs of the Florida pet. Come and meet this knowledgeable vet who works right down the road from Shell Point. Photographer, artist, and teacher Herb Sklar has prepared a special lecture for all who want to create a fabulous photo, and all who want to learn what distinguishes one. Join him on Friday, February 28, for How To Evaluate A Photograph, as he covers all the elements of a good, a great, and a fabulous 24

Shell Point Life | February 2014

Windows 8 for residents who already own a Windows 8 computer or tablet and can bring them to class. Paul Neighbors (Rosemont) helps those who want to learn more about how a computer and the internet work. Join him for three Wednesdays, beginning February 12, as he presents Understanding Your Computer. Megs Singer (Tellidora) will teach a course on three Thursdays, Beginning Wednesday, beginning February 6, on Facebook. February 19, Herb Sklar You will learn how to use Facebook (Eagles Preserve) will offer as much or as little as you want, as an Palette Knife Painting. active or a passive user. Please note the class size Terri Schulz (Sundial) will teach will be limited. a new course on Quicken on Thursday, February 20 and 27. Anna Smith COMPUTER COLLEGE of FineMark Bank will consult, as students In February you can begin at the very gain hands-on experience. beginning with Using The Keyboard and The Power of Right Clicking Windows Mouse/Touchpad on Wednesday, February 7 will be explored in two Thursday sessions, 19 and 26. Floyd Jamison (Parkwood) will February 6 and 13, by Dean Traxler help you obtain an overall understanding of (Rosemont). You will learn how to be in the versatility of keyboard functions along command of your computer with the power with the power of the mouse and touchpad. to make changes using right clicking. Internet Prep School – Help and Lucille Peterson and Marty Gibson, Support is another entry -level course. This both of Lakewood, provide another series of one, taught by Richard Nelson (Lakewood), the popular course Writing Your Memoirs is for people who have never used the on The Computer for five Tuesdays, beginInternet and have a great desire to learn ning February 4. how. Join him for this course that will take Jeff Hennick (Tellidora) provides a place on four Wednesdays, beginning hands-on workshop, Introduction To The February 5. Spreadsheet, designed to acquaint you with With some new computer skills under the many home uses of a spreadsheet on your belt, you can move up to After Prep three Thursdays, beginning February 27. School Basics with Joe Cramer (Lakewood) to improve those skills on six Tuesdays, Stay Tuned For more information, including any beginning February 18. Russ Kraay (Oakmont) will help you learn fees and registration requirements, please to create, edit, format, print, and save text doc- refer to the brochure for the Academy of uments or to copy them to an email in a How Lifelong Learning, available at either service To using Word 2007, 2010, or 2013 on four desk or online at There is also a calendar you can print online. Mondays, beginning February 3. In Specifications for Buying A New Please continue to confirm your class selecComputer on Tuesdays, February 4 and 11, tions in the Weekly Reminder, as any lastJim Plummer (Parkwood) will describe the minute changes will be posted there or on equipment and software characteristics to SPTV. You can register at either service consider when buying a new home com- desk. I continue to welcome ideas for future puter. On two Tuesdays, beginning February courses, and I look forward to seeing you at 18, Jim Plummer will also teach Help With an Academy class soon!

photo. This presentation will include great detail and multiple images.

Let the

music move you

From Big Band to Dixieland Shell Point Concert Series Continues with Two Performances in February Fine & Performing Arts Concert Series

The Glenn Miller Orchestra Tuesday, February 4, at 7:30 p.m. The Village Church The Glenn Miller Orchestra is one of the most popular and soughtafter big bands in the world today for both concert and swing dance engagements. With its unique jazz sound, the Glenn Miller Orchestra is considered to be one of the greatest bands of all time. As a young musician in the late 1920s, Miller toured with several orchestras and ended up in Los Angeles where he landed a spot in Ben Pollack’s group, a band that also included Benny Goodman. His true success came in 1938 when he formed the Glenn Miller Orchestra with this philosophy: “A band ought to have a sound all of its own. It ought to have a personality.” He and the Orchestra had several record-breaking recordings, including Tuxedo Junction, In the Mood, Pennsylvania 6-5000, and Chattanooga Choo Choo. The present Glenn Miller Orchestra was formed in 1956 and has been touring consistently ever since. The 19 current members of the Glenn Miller orchestra hail from all parts of the country. In January 2012, Music Director and male vocalist Nick Hilscher of Atlanta, Georgia took the helm as Music Director of the Orchestra, which performs an average of 300 shows a year and has toured all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America, and Japan.

Single Tickets $35 *Limited tickets available

Bonus Event

The Barbary Coast Dixieland Band Friday, February 28, at 7:30 p.m. The Village Church Since forming in 1967, The Barbary Coast Dixieland Band has played everywhere from the Mississippi paddle wheel boats to the Minnesota State Fair, and even in Nagasaki, Japan. This concert is a perennially popular performance at Shell Point. Bandleader Dick Peterson, along with Russ Peterson, Steve Pikal, Tom Andrews, Jim ten Bensel, and Fred Richardson, will have you tapping your feet to every note they play. As a complete stage show, not just a band, these versatile performers swap instruments on stage right before your very eyes – without missing a note! You will quickly discovery why The Barbary Coast Dixieland Band has been elected into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame and is rated among the finest Dixieland bands in the country.

Single Tickets $15

Tickets for all concerts in the Shell Point Concert Series can be purchased at either service desk. For more information, including the full concert lineup, visit or call (239) 454-2067.


Concerts and Conversations:

Washington Saxophone Quartet Monday, March 3, at 7 p.m. Shell Point Life | February 2014


To include a listing for an upcoming event or activity, please contact Mary Franklin, resort services and wellness manager, at 454-2152 or email:

Shell Point Walking Club


Saturday, February 1 8:00 a.m. Meet at the Island Clock Start the month off right by taking a brisk walk with the Shell Point Walking Club. Enjoy the sounds of the birds, the warmth of the early morning sunshine, the beauty of the community, and more! For sign up and more information, call Jim Plummer (Parkwood) at 337-2721 or Bob Chamberlin (Royal Bonnet) at 454-3917.

ArtFest Fort Myers


Saturday, February 1 9:15 a.m. Island pickup 9:25 a.m. Woodlands pickup 9:35 a.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 2:30 p.m. approximate return Cost: $7 (food available on your own) On the first weekend in February, ArtFest enlivens the Fort Myers waterfront with exceptional art, entertainment, and activities. At ArtFest, you’ll discover high-quality,

original art by more than 200 artists. Only one in five applicants is accepted as an exhibitor. Whether you’re a new or experienced art lover, you’ll find something wonderful to add to your personal collection or to give as a treasured gift. Note: ArtFest is a street event requiring quite a bit of walking, standing, and crowd maneuvering.

The Garden Society


Wednesday, February 5 11:00 a.m. Oak Room/ WDLS Join Melissa Bell, a Lee County master gardener, for a presentation about “Planting Your Southwest Florida Spring Vegetables and Herb Garden.” Melissa 's PowerPoint presentation will show her extensive experience in founding a community garden at a local church, growing her own produce for nearby markets, and also exhibit her love of herbs. All are invited to listen to this exquisite presentation.

Market Place


Friday, February 7, 14, 21, 28 8:30 a.m. 14,21,28 Administration Courtyard/IS Stop by the Market Place each Friday morning to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables from C&J Produce, beautiful handbags by Miche, only the best baked goods from Miss Sabrina, stylish Jewelry from Origami Owl, a variety of nuts from P&J Nuts, and just so much more! 26

Shell Point Life | February 2014



Lunch Outing to Brew Babies in Cape Coral


Friday, Feb 7 10:30 a.m. Island pickup 10:40 a.m. Woodlands pickup 10:50 a.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 1:30 p.m. approximate return Cost: $7.00 (lunch on your own) Brew Babies is one of the loveliest resident discoveries of quaint eateries in Southwest Florida. Brew Babies not only has delicious food, but they also have a lush and relaxed courtyard to welcome their patrons. This place is so inviting that it makes you smile and want to go in and stay for a while. Just sign up to see for yourself. Most entree selections are under $13.

Valentine’s Day Wreath Making by Janet


Friday, February 7 2:15 p.m. Social Center/IS Cost: $10 It’s time to put your crafty gloves on because Shell Point is having Janet Gravelin, designer and o w n e r o f Wreath Seasons, give a demonstration on how to decorate and create a stunning Valentine’s-themed wreath to celebrate February’s loving holiday. If you want to leave your wreath up longer, you will also have the choice to decorate a spring themed wreath instead. Wreaths and decorations will be provided.

Information Forum: From Web Presence to Web Influence


Saturday, February 8 10:00 a.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL Join web designer Mike Haber and events coordinator Sarah Nadal, both from the Shell Point marketing department, for an informative presentation that will examine how Shell Point utilizes the internet and

social media to promote the community and establish itself as an online authority in the field of senior care. The duo will discuss the pros and cons of the digital world from a marketing perspective, and will provide a detailed review of the newly redesigned resident website,

Saturday DVD: 42 (2013)


Saturday, February 8 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL In 1946, Jackie Robinson is a Negro League baseball player who never takes racism lying down. Branch Rickey is a Major League team executive with a bold idea. Rickey recruits Robinson to break the unspoken color line as the first modern African American Major League player. As both anticipate, this proves a major challenge for Robinson and his family as they endure unrelenting racist hostility, on and off the field, from players and fans alike. As Jackie struggles against his nature to endure such abuse without complaint, he finds allies and hope where he least expects it.

Meet the Shell Point Gift Shop Authors

Monday, February 10 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Resident Activity Center/IS From Insight to Delight – Come meet the authors behind the stories found at the Shell Point Gift Shop. You won't want to miss your chance to mingle with intellects and dreamers alike! See page 37 for more details about this unique event!

Cupcake Wars: Shell Point Style


Sunday, February 9 12:00 p.m. Island pickup 12:10 p.m. Woodlands pickup 12:20 p.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 5:00 p.m. approximate return Cost: $7 (food on your own) During “season,” Sundays are the day to head down to Bonita Springs to do some great shopping at Flamingo Island Flea market because, in addition to the extensive selecting of merchandise, they also have free bluegrass jam sessions from 12 until 4! The musicians come from everywhere and it is always great foot-stomping fun. Flamingo Island has 600 retail spaces, six restaurants, and sells just about anything you can imagine.


Wednesday, February 12 10:45 a.m. Social Center/IS Ever thought about combining icing with trivia? This month, it is happening at Shell Point! Trivia questions will be asked, but instead of shouting out the answer, each team will illustrate it on a cupcake using icing and sprinkles. Come and experience this wacky, fun, team-building program. Cupcakes and icing will be provided.

Beach Day

Flamingo Island Flea Market - and Fiddlers



Thursday, February 13 8:30 a.m. Island pickup 8:40 a.m. Woodlands pickup 8:50 a.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 3:00 p.m. approximate return Cost: $16 (ice cream on your own) Treat yourself or your special valentine to an early present by venturing out for the everpopular Shell Point Beach Day! Relax and enjoy the spectacular Southwest Florida winter weather. Bring your own personal beach supplies and chair. A picnic lunch will be provided and a traditional stop for ice cream will be included on the trip back to Shell Point. Shell Point Life | February 2014




Photo Club


Thursday, February 13 2:15 p.m. Manatee Room/IS What a great month for photography! The Photo Club meeting will feature a Critics’ Wall with the theme: Any Living Thing (non-human). Bring an 8x10 of your most creative interpretation of that idea! It's also time to pick up entry forms and rules for this year’s Photo Contest and Show. Which photos will give you a chance for a ribbon this year?

Veteran’s Club


Friday, February 14 10:00 a.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL Join the Veteran’s Club for their monthly meeting. Resident, Herb Wilcox (Eagles Preserve) served in the army and served in a civilian capacity. He has been completing research on the Spanish American War and how long the war really was instead of how long it was documented to be. His speech will include a PowerPoint presentation.

The Apple Users Group: Cyber Security


Friday, February 14 1:30 p.m. Oak Room/WDL Come to ask questions, seek advice, and share your concerns about the ins and outs of cyber security on the Mac. Guest speaker Marty Shaw will enlighten us about iPassword and we will discuss other security options. Do not miss this lively and informative discussion about cyber security. 28

Shell Point Life | February 2014




Valentine’s Day Dinner


Friday, February 14 4:00 p.m. at the Crystal 5:00 p.m. at the Palm Grill Enjoy this day full of love with the serenading sounds of fabulous entertainment along with the delicious food at both the Palm Grill and the Crystal Dining room. Daniel Klimoski will be performing at the Palm Grill from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Susie Hulcher will provide entertainment at the Crystal Dining Room from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. With heart balloons flying and the glimmering colors of pink, red, and white, there is no doubt you will be put in the heart-melting mood of Valentine’s Day!

Star Party


Saturday, February 15 6:30 p.m. Island pickup 6:40 p.m. Woodlands pick-up 6:50 p.m. Eagles Preserve pickup Golf Course parking lot Experience the beauty of the night sky on this Saturday evening. From sparkling stars to planets, you have a chance to see it all through the many telescopes that will be provided along with seating to just sit back, relax, and keep your eyes open for a shooting star! Flashlights will also be provided.

Sunday Matinee: Rear Window (1954)


Sunday, February 16 2:30 p.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL James Stewart plays a photographer confined to a wheelchair because of a broken leg. He is now bound to his New York apartment and watches his neighbors through his telephoto



lens. He soon becomes convinced that one neighbor (Raymond Burr) has killed his wife. He enlists his girlfriend (Grace Kelly) to investigate. This is one of Hitchcock’s bests.

Songs Lincoln Loved


Wednesday, February 19 12:45 p.m. Social Center/IS It has been widely acknowledged by Lincoln scholars that Abraham Lincoln was a poetic and sentimental man. Music played a large part in his everyday life. Suzanne and Jim are musicians who travel all around the United States and explore new directions by looking back into the roots of Americana music and lore. They have researched and recaptured many of the songs Lincoln loved – songs that affected and shaped him throughout his life. Join Suzanne and Jim, fulltime entertainers, for this fun and insightful program of the music which brought pleasure and consolation to one of America’s greatest men.

Southwest Florida Birds with Rachel Frieze


Thursday, February 20 2:00 p.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL Rachel Frieze, a research ecologist for Ecostudies Institute, will inform us of the different Southwest Florida birds that we see every day. She has done much research with the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge and has concentrated on the Mangrove Cuckoo, including its ecology and seasonal movements, along with the Brown-headed Nuthatch and the Eastern Bluebird. Learn about these beautiful creatures and how the Southwest Florida climate affects their everyday lives.

Sign-up required for this activity. Call Island (454-2282) or Woodlands (454-2054)


Computer Club presents Windows 8.1 Features, Part 2

Thursday, February 20 2:15 p.m. Manatee Room Mike Peterson from Computer Medics will be concluding a two-part series on Microsoft's newest operating system. Hear about the latest Windows features and the direction Microsoft is heading with their newest operating system.

Conner’s Steak and Seafood for Your Dining Pleasure


Friday, February 21 5:00 p.m. Island pickup 5:10 p.m. Woodlands pickup 5:30 p.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 8:00 p.m. approximate return Cost: $8 (dinner on your own) Dinner at Conner’s Steakhouse is bound to be a treat. Connors has some of the best steaks and freshest seafood around! Enjoy delicious appetizers, along with the wood-grilled steaks, chops, and seafood. A highlight of the menu is the parmesan encrusted Alaskan halibut. Entrées are priced between $11 and $30. Conner’s just might be the finest dining establishment in Estero.

Resident and Staff Table Tennis Tournament


Saturday, February 22 1:15 p.m. Tarpon Room/IS What better way to spend your Saturday afternoon than to challenge the Shell Point staff in a series of table tennis matches. This is your chance to show them that you are ready to hustle, hit, and never quit. All skill levels are welcome to participate in this enjoyable tournament. Come on out and bring your friends and neighbors as we “paddle” our way past the net to vic-

Special event bus will be running

tory! Tournament style will be determined when registration is complete.

Monday Night Movie: Random Harvest (1942)


Monday, February 24 6:45 p.m. Social Center/IS Paula Smith, played by Greer Garson, is the secretary of industrialist Charles Rainier, star Ronald Colman. She is also his wife, which Charles does not know. Shell-shocked during World War I, he doesn’t recall his days as her husband, John Smith. Advised not to endanger Charles’ fragile mental state, Paula cannot openly reveal her identity. She must find other ways to help him remember their life together. Random Harvest gathered seven Academy Award nominations including Best Picture and Colman as Best Actor.

Library Book Talk


Tuesday, February 25 2:15 p.m. Social Center/IS John Brannan of Royal Bonnet will review Dava Sobel’s Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of This Time. The author looks at the dramatic 18th century scientific quest to find a way for ships at sea to accurately determine their longitude. Refreshments will be served following the presentation.

Mark Twain Show


Thursday, February 27 2:00 p.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL This Mark Twain show is a little bit bluegrass and a little bit vaudeville as a group of traveling actors perform their renditions of

Walking required

Walking up and down stairs

several of Twain’s classic stories: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Jumping Frog of Calaveras County, The Prince and the Pauper, and more! It’s a fun, zany, and a huge attention grabber. Song and dance will be performed along with a special banjo appearance!

MARCH A Stitch in Time — 30th Annual Naples Quilt Show


Saturday, March 1 8:30 a.m. Island pickup 8:40 a.m. Woodlands pickup 8:50 a.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 2:00 p.m. approximate return Cost: $15 (lunch on your own) Boutique! Auction! Appraisals! Demos! Vendors! The boutique, the charitable auction of member-made small quilts, new and antique quilt appraisal, demonstrations, and, of course, shopping in the Merchant's Mall are features that keep people coming back to this show year after year. This annual quilt show is an opportunity for members to exhibit their quilts. It is a judged event, giving those entering an opportunity to receive feedback on the quality of their work. There will be a stop for lunch on the way home. Note: Sign up begins February 3.

Bonita Bay Singers


Thursday, March 6 7:15 p.m. Village Church/IS Mark your calendars for the Bonita Bay Singers program, “Sing, Sing, Sing!” This group is known for their good humor and obvious joy of singing; a wonderful blend of over 60 voices you do not want to miss. Shell Point Life | February 2014


Changing Horizons Support Group

SUPPORT GROUPS Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Thursdays, February 6, 13, 20, and 27 4:30 p.m. Sabal Room/WDL Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and woman who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others recover from alcoholism. This “open” meeting of AA welcomes those who struggle with alcohol as well as those who support them. For more information, contact the intergroup phone number 275-5111.

Cancer Support 1-on-1 mentoring The goal of this resident-led program is to establish group mentoring connections between newly diagnosed cancer patients and cancer survivors. Contact Barbara Maruchi (Lakewood) at 433–9488.

Caregiver Support Group Therapy Tuesdays, February 4 and 18 Group 1: 9:15 a.m. Group 2: 10:30 a.m. 2nd Floor Educational Room #2 Pavilion Rehabilitation Building/IS This therapeutic group is aimed at helping residents deal with issues of being a caregiver for someone with a memory disorder. The resident with a memory disorder may be cared for in independent living, assisted living, or skilled nursing. Dr. Nancy Spencer facilitates the group and can be reached at 454-2043. Sign up is required.


Shell Point Life | February 2014

Mondays, February 3 and 10 1:30 - 2: 30 p.m. Department of Behavioral Health/IS This therapeutic group offers coping strategies for residents dealing with end-of-life issues. Topics of discussion will include: 1) coping with chronic illness, 2) coping with stress of dealing with estate and end-of-life paperwork, 3) feelings of isolation/depression/anxiety, and 4) coping with reduction of cognitive abilities that make day to day life more challenging. This is not a memory support group. It is a group formed to help navigate the aging process as gracefully as possible. Pre-registration is required by calling Dr. Nancy Spencer at 454-2043 or emailing

Diabetes Group Appointment Friday, February 7 1:00 p.m. Social Center/IS Both insulin and non-insulin diabetics are encouraged to attend this meeting. Each monthly meeting covers a different topic and includes open discussion.

Healing Journey Grief Support Wednesdays, February 5 , 12, 19, and 26 2:45 p.m. Hospitality Room/IS Healing Journey is a series of sessions which examine the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual effects of grief. The series begins February 5 and runs through March 19. To learn more about this group, call Dotty Morrison (Cellana) at 337-4015 or the church office at 454-2147.

Memory Care Groups Note - Individual assessment is required before joining one of the following groups: Tuesdays, February 4 and 18 Group 1: 9:15 a.m. or Group 2: 10:30 a.m. 2nd Floor Educational Room #1 Pavilion Rehabilitation Building/IS Wednesdays, February 5, 12, 19 and 26 3:00 p.m. 3rd Floor Game Room/Kings Crown These therapeutic groups are designed to provide education and support to residents

who have some type of memory disorder. The objectives of the groups are to identify practical strategies that would help residents better manage their memory loss, address long-range planning, and offer an environment that fosters a sense of purpose and heightened self-esteem. The last Wednesday of every month will be facilitated for the caregiver who already has a loved one attending the Wednesday meetings. Kathy Fratrick, L.C.S.W., facilitates the group and can be reached at 454-2073. Individual appointments are also available.

Neuropathy Support Group Wednesday, February 19 11:00 a.m. Oak Room/WDL This group provides support and education opportunities for those dealing with neuropathy. Contact Lenny Wodarczyk (Parkwood) at 443-4769.

Parkinson’s Enrichment Group Monday, February 3 10:15 a.m. Village Church Hospitality Room/IS The goal of this group is to provide support and educational opportunities to those affected by Parkinson’s disease as a patient, caregiver, family member, or friend. Each group meeting includes a speaker covering topics related to Parkinson’s, as well as group discussion and opportunities for emotional support. For more information, contact Janine Hammond, resident support services manager, at 454-2186.

Shell Point C.O.P.D. Support Group Jack Hubbard (Lakewood) leads this informative group to share information among those who are oxygen dependent.The group meets quarterly; next meeting is April 22.

The Vision Enrichment Group The Vision Enrichment Group will be attending the Schepen’s Eye Symposium. The group will resume its regular meeting on March 4. Florence Putman (Eagles Preserve) is the chairperson. For more information, contact Angie Prichard at 4542134 or Sandee Weber at 225-2929.

Friday, February 28

Aquatic Center Grand Opening Tours & Special Presentation Come Take a Look!

apy. Swim Mart will be on hand to share the latest in aquatic fashions and equipment. And Dr. Bruce Becker, an expert in water fitness, will be available to answer your questions about aquatic exercise. Throughout the event, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing treat and the sounds of the steel drum as you explore the new state-of-the-art recreation center.

Join us as we tour the new Aquatic Center. Take a moment to explore the brand new shower and changing facility, then stroll by the relaxing Jacuzzi and the main recreation pool with its various amenities, including lap lanes, zero entry, and shallow and deep water areas. The therapy pool will feature demonstrations on how to use the adaptable water chair to access the pool ramp. by Dr. Bruce Becker Wellness staff members will be on hand Aquatic exercise can be a remarkably to talk with you about the Health Connections fitness schedule, including our effective tool for battling high blood prespopular water exercise classes, and intro- sure, obesity, insulin resistance, and other duce you to new Specialty Aquatic classes. chronic illnesses. Throughout the past 30 Personal Trainers will offer special, dis- years, Dr. Bruce Becker has researched the positive effects that aquatic exercounted introduction sessions cise can have on the human body. for those residents wanting more His presentation is filled with of a one-on-one approach to fact-finding evidence, the many their water fitness program. physical benefits, as well as the Program Coordinators will share positive effects on your brain, resinformation about poolside piratory system, and other intersocials and explain how you and nal organs. Learn how one can your court can use the new facil- Dr. Bruce Becker is help prevent, reverse, or control ity for your entertainment pleas- an internationally ure. The Rehab team will offer recognized expert in chronic disease through aquatic exercise. information about the rehabili- the field of aquatic Dr. Bruce E. Becker, MS, an tation benefits of aquatic ther- therapy.

Special Presentation

internationally recognized expert in the field of aquatic therapy, is a clinical professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Washington, and an adjunct research professor at Washington State University, where he directs the National Aquatic and Sports Medicine Institute. He has researched, written, and lectured extensively in the field of aquatic exercise for more than 30 years and is a frequent speaker at the World Aquatic Health Conference.

Aquatic Center Grand Opening Friday, February 28 Tours 11. a.m. – 2 p.m. Aquatic Center/IS Special Presentation by Dr. Bruce Becker 2:15 – 3 p.m. Social Center/IS

Shell Point Life | February 2014


Thanksgiving Abroad

A Holiday at Sea Filled with Relaxation and Exploration B Y B E V C H A N D L E Y, P R O G R A M C O O R D I N AT O R PHOTOS: BEV CHANDLEY




here are some folks who would that often come with cruising. Joyce When it came time to never dream of changing from Crawley chose to walk the 5K breast canleave the ship and explore their time-honored Thanksgiving cer walk to support an important cause. the islands, we found that traditions. But, that was not the case for the Reading on deck and lounging by the no matter where we 41 Shell Point residents who decided to pool were also great ways of enjoying the stopped, nature abounded. break with tradition and enjoy their outdoors aboard the MS Noordam. It seemed that every island Thanksgiving celebration aboard the had a few types of wildlife MS Noordam for a tour of various tropior natural features cal island paradises! distinct to their By the time the group docked at the region or habitat. first of seven ports, they had spent two Critter examples days at sea becoming familiar with the could be green ship and one another. While on the ship, monkeys, Lorikeet residents opted for classes in origami, line birds, Scarlet Ibis, 18" starfish, or endandancing, fitness, and gemstones. gered snail and turtle species. Another fun and lively shipboard From the topographic and geologic Clockwise from top: Lorikeets grooming, a very large event was the daily trivia contests, where starfish, and the MS Noordam in port. perspective, the group saw beautiful, lush Paul Peterson was able to shine. In fact, habitats surrounding a variety of volcanic Paul was the champion trivia challenge winEvenings aboard the ship were also filled formations, desert coastlines, sandy beaches, ner for five nights out of 12! with music. And, twice during the trip, Isings and, of course, the spectacular Caribbean sea. Many choose to walk the ship for their travel hosted private receptions to show gratOne port of call was Roseau, Dominica. exercise and to ward off unwanted pounds itude for their participants. Dominica had such friendly and good natured 32

Shell Point Life | February 2014

Gail and Cas Obie Above: What a great looking group. Right: Dotty Rudolph and Prue Harris Below: Rich Gordon is the man to spot wildlife.

Above: A tour boat heads for The Pitons – volcanic twin peaks in a World Heritage Site in St. Lucia. Left: Paul Peterson, Trivia Master. Below: Program Coordinator Bev Chandley attracted a colorful feathered friend, a Lorikeet.

people – even in traffic! Larimar is a naturally occurring gemstone only found in the Dominican Republic. It is a light blue stone reminiscent of the color of the great Caribbean Sea. The island is covered with Frangipani Trees that made the group feel like they were at Shell Point! St. Thomas is known worldwide for its fabulous Above: A local gemstome called Larimar. Caribbean shopping, but also boasts tales Below and right: A peacock and two parrots were of Blackbeard the pirate, offers among many island birds. shipwrecks to explore, and has beautiful botanical gardens to New friendships were forged wander through. and island experiences shared The grand finale port was to over those twelve days spent on Holland America’s own island, the MS Noordam. There is no Half Moon Cay. The weather question that as the ship left Half was wonderful as group memMoon Cay and headed to Fort bers walked the beach, enjoyed the shade of a Lauderdale, the adventurous Shell Point resirented sun “clamshell,” snorkeled, kayaked, dents were feeling that a Caribbean cruise was enjoyed the island barbecue, or stayed on the a perfect venue for allowing them the time to ship to enjoy the views of flying fish or the relax, enjoy nature, contemplate, and apprepeace and quiet of their own cabins. ciate the many gifts they have in their lives.


Peacock Pride Annual Shell Point Volunteer Recognition Event Thursday, March 20 • 7:15 – 8:30 p.m. The Village Church/IS Shell Point takes great pride in the volunteers that fill the community with colorful layers of complexity. As a peacock is proud of its feathers, so is Shell Point proud of those who create a vibrant community with a plumage full of generosity, dedication, and devotion. It is with honor that we invite our resident volunteers to an extravagant evening to celebrate the myriad of volunteer services. Shell Point volunteers will receive a personal letter of invitation from President Peter Dys.

Tech Tip: File Extensions Understanding the Basics and Importance of File Names B






Whenever I am troubleshooting issues on a device, there are many tools or resources that I pull from to help discover the problem. One of those gems is my knowledge of file extensions. While it may seem overly technical, a basic knowledge of these extensions can help you as you run into trouble. A file extension is how a computer defines how to treat each file that is opened or saved. While some programs use a specialized file extension, others use more common extensions for documents, pictures, etc. One problem that I have run into is the inability to open a scanned document. Most of the time, this is because the scanned document is saved as a picture, rather than a 34

Shell Point Life | February 2014





document, causing the computer to treat the file as an image. If you have a problem with a document opening, or not being able to edit the document as you wish, start by checking the file extension. Here are some helpful tips to get you started: 1. Locate and select the file by left clicking on it once. 2. Right click on the file and select “Properties.” 3. To determine the file extension, see the area that says “Type of File.” If you find a file type on your computer that is not included in the list above, simply do a google search for more information. If

you determine that a file type must be changed in order make edits, click “Save As” when the file is open, and simply select the appropriate file type. If you have any questions you can place a work order by calling 454-2190.

For reference, the following are common file extensions: Pictures: .jpg .bmp .png .tif Documents: .doc .docx .txt .pdf Website Files: .html .htm .xml .php Operating Files: .exe .reg .bin .log

Q& A

FineMark National Bank & Trust

Answers Your Personal Banking Questions B Y A N N A S M I T H , M A N A G I N G E X E C U T I V E , F I N E M A R K N AT I O N A L B A N K & T R U S T

Question: What is probate and why is it so feared? Answer:

Probate is a courtsupervised process for identifying and gathering the assets of a deceased person, paying the decedent’s debts, and distributing the decedent’s assets to his or her beneficiaries. Probate requires an attorney in the state of Florida. Probate assets are those assets that the decedent owned in his or her sole name at death. If you want to avoid probate, account titling is very important. For example, a bank account or investment account in the sole name of a decedent is a probate asset, but a bank account or investment account owned by the decedent and payable on death to another, or held jointly with rights of survivorship with another, is not a probate asset.

and also provides creditor protection. Creditors only have three months to file a claim against your estate. Serving Our Clients

Bank and investment accounts in the name of a Revocable Living Trust are not probate assets. Many individuals try to avoid probate because of the costs and time delays. However, probate has several advantages. Probate ensures that your will is validated

Your personal representative is the individual appointed in your will or assigned by the probate court to administer your estate. The personal representative can be an individual, a bank, or trust company. FineMark often serves in this role for our clients. If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by our office on The Island or call us at (239) 461-5999.


Client Sensitive Investments B













Forensic Investing sounds like an interesting title for an investment seminar. This month, our friends at FineMark Bank will once again take us on a worthwhile journey as we explore the hows and whys of a good investment strategy. Using the following definition: “The use of a broad spectrum of science and technology to investigate something after the fact,” we will explore how modern investment principles can make us stronger and Dennis Landfried wiser in this important area of our lives. FineMark National Bank & Trust This 45-minute presentation will be followed by Q&A. Light refreshments will be served. The seminar is free; however, seating is limited and reservations are required. To reserve your seat, please contact either service desk.


Forensic Investing: CSI

Client Sensitive Investments Wednesday, February 19 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL Presenters: Dennis Landfried, vice president private wealth advisor of FineMark National Bank & Trust, and Timothy A. Stephenson, ChFC, executive director of the Legacy Foundation LS02

Shell Point Life | February 2014


SPOT Auditions

A Special Salute to Shakespeare

Friday, February 28 • 4:00 p.m. Social Center/IS

February 6 and 20 Theater lovers and play readers will be interested in a special salute to Shakespeare hosted by The Academy of Lifelong Learning. The series begins on Thursday, February 6, with a focus on Tragedies and continues Thursday, February 20, with a look at a Tragicomedy. Each course will be presented by Ray Boyce (Rosemont), who studied Shakespeare at Oxford as a part of his ongoing passion for continuing education. See the Academy article on page 23 to learn more. The final two sessions of the Shakespeare series will be presented in March.

SPOT, more formally known as Shell Point’s Own Theater, is holding auditions this month for its next performance. This year SPOT will be play reading and performing a comedy by all-time favorite playwright Fred Carmichael, called, Don’t Mention My Name. It is full of laughs, mystery, and plenty of intrigue. If you have a love for the theater and an interest in play reading, then SPOT is just for you. Familiar faces and newcomers are all encouraged to audition for different roles and positions. SAVE THE DATE:

SPOT will perform Don’t Mention My Name in The Village Church Auditorium at 7:15 p.m. on Thursday, April 10.

Get Your Kicks on Route66 2014 Shell Point Resident & Employee Variety Show Save the Date! April 29 at 7:15 p.m. Church Auditorium/IS Save the date for this entertaining evening that celebrates the many talents found throughout Shell Point. This year, residents and employees alike will take to the stage with acts that have been inspired by the “Main Street of America”– Route 66. Route 66 began in Chicago and stretched through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Arizona before ending in Santa Monica, California. Acts can perform songs representing the states the route passed through, recite a poem reminiscent of the joys of long car trips, or perform an act that relives the simpler times of soda pop stands, cars with no air conditioning, and the once-a-year family vacation. Sign up by calling Leslie Brand at 454-2057 by April 1. Each act will have four minutes of fame! 36

Shell Point Life | February 2014

Route66 also known as the Will Rogers Highway and colloquially known as the Main Street of America or the Mother Road, was one of the original highways within the U.S. Highway System. Route 66 was established in 1926 — with road signs erected the following year. The highway, which became one of the most famous roads in America, originally ran from Chicago, Illinois, through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona before ending at Santa Monica, California, covering a total of 2,448 miles.

From Insight to Delight Meet the Shell Point Gift Shop Authors Behind the Stories Monday, February 10 • 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. • RAC/Island

Come meet the authors behind the stories found at the Shell Point Gift Shop. From mystery to intrigue and even cook books, you will find a genre to delight any book lover! Authors will be on hand to indulge eager readers of the back stories, the premise, and other interesting details about their books. Authors will personally autograph book purchases made at the Gift Shop, also located on The Island. (The Gift Shop accepts cash or checks only). In addition to meeting the Gift Shop authors, guests have an opportunity to win a gift certificate redeemable at the Shell Point Gift Shop. Several prizes will be given away, but guests must be present to win. You won’t want to miss your chance to mingle with intellects and dreamers alike!

A house without books is like a room without windows. ~Heinrich Mann

Annual Library Book Sale February 26 & 27 • 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Library Lounge/Resident Activity Center Don’t miss the biggest Library book sale to date! The biggest Library book sale is quickly approaching! Come purchase gently used books, including new releases and classics, as well as DVDs, audio books, and CDs. Come early, because with almost all items priced at just $1, this sale will be fast-paced! The sale will take place Wednesday and Thursday, February 26 and 27, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Library Lounge/Resident Activity Center.

Library Annual Fund Drive March 5 - 19 Please consider supporting your Shell Point Library by contributing a tax-deductible gift. Your support is greatly appreciated and allows the Shell Point Library to purchase the latest new materials, and to operate year round for your enjoyment. Thank you in advance for your continued support during the fund drive and throughout the year!

Shell Point Life | February 2014



Y S T E V E M O R T O N , L A N D S C A P E M A N A G E R

Nature’s Notebook


Travel is such good medicine. I feel energized and alive when exploring and discovering new lands, unknown plant specimens, and secret gardens. The only solace in returning home is the opportunity to plan my next adventure. Recently, I have begun to believe that the urge to travel is like your eye color, something that you inherit from your ancestors. Why else do some families seem perfectly content to remain anchored in their hometown while others are compelled to set sail? Recently, Stanford University genetic scientists claim to have isolated the gene that encourages the risky behavior of leaving the safety of your home for the uncertainly of travel. Despite being born in rural Missouri at a time when horses were still used for transportation, Clarence Morton became a world traveler. Sharing his adventures with my grandmother, Pauline, they traveled to Europe, the South Pacific, and often to his favorite country of Mexico. With her headscarf firmly in place, Pauline rode shotgun in a convertible Thunderbird on the Pan American Highway. From a hotel balcony in Havana, together they witnessed history in a mountainside battle during the Cuban Revolution. Whether as a random strand of DNA, or as my Muse in the classical sense, Clarence inspired me to travel and truly see. History does not reveal the thoughts and aspirations of Louis-Antoine de Bougainville’s grandfather, but we do know that Le Capitaine began his circumnavigation of the globe for the glory of France in 1766. Bougainville was not the first to sail around the world; there were fourteen captains and crews before him. However, his was the first expedition accompanied by professional naturalists, geographers, and contre les règlements, a woman! Bougainville and his voyage would have been quickly forgotten except for the plant collected in Brazil by the ships’ naturalist. 38

Shell Point Life | February 2014

Bougainvillea plants and their beautiful blooms can be seen throughout Shell Point and found around the world.

The thorny, woody vine scrambles and mounds up into great heaps. With lush, vibrant colors of purple, fuchsia, lilac, and salmon, the blooming Bougainvillea plant is unmistakable and unforgettable. While the flowers are small, white, and inconspicuous, we remember Bougainville’s gift to the world for the colorful modified leaves known as bracts. In their natural, equatorial habitat, Bougainvillea bloom year round; however, in South Florida the best flowering occurs when day lengths shorten and rainy season ends yielding large flowering displays in the fall, winter, and spring. Interestingly, just like Louis-Antoine the man, the Bougainvillea plant has wandered the globe and is now found in far flung

corners of the world. On the shore of Lake Maggiore, the temperate town of Locarno, Switzerland, is famous for the beautiful cascading displays of Bougainvillea juxtaposed against the backdrop of the snowy Alps. The plant can also be found in East Africa, India, the Canary Islands, Australia, North America, and the Philippines. You may have concerns that an arduous sea voyage is required for a fleeting glance of this Brazilian specimen of great beauty. Au contraire mon frère; upon taking a quick and simple circumnavigation of Shell Point Boulevard via automobile, you will find row upon row of purple flowers awaiting your discovery. Bon voyage!

SHELL POINT ANNUAL ART SHOW & SALE Paintings • Pottery • Sculpture Photography • Wood Carvings Stained Glass • Mixed Media Art in its truest form is a direct reflection of its creator, and with so many talented and uniquely different resident artists at Shell Point, it is no wonder that each Annual Art Show and Sale is different and special. In regards to the artists represented in this year’s show, Karen Hubbard (Lakewood), show coordinator, explains, “Every artist draws from inspiration, whether it is a spiritual, emotional, or even a physical muse. Like a snowflake, no two art forms are alike, and that is why we are so proud to present this annual event.

Each year offers a different experience for the beholder, where artist and guest can come together to enjoy art as it moves them.” Artists this year include painters, potters, sculptors, photographers, wood carvers, stained glass artists, and even mixed media artists. The event will take place throughout The Woodlands Commons from March 14 through16. From a “make your own greeting card booth” to surprise giveaways, there will be something to delight and inspire even a discerning art critic.

Shell Point Art Show & Sale March 14, 15, & 16 The Woodlands Commons HOURS: Friday & Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Sunday: 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

2014 Shell Point Photo Contest & Show Entries may be submitted between February 21 and March 21 B









Creativity, great composition, excellent lighting, the “Wow! factor,” the Decisive Moment – will all be important when the judging begins for this year’s Photo Contest and Show. Which of the categories inspires you? Do you love photographing the tropical flora and fauna of Shell Point or have you traveled to exotic locations? Do people’s festive moments bring out your camera or do you carefully plan how to reveal someone’s inner being in a portrait? Is your camera drawn to your pet or do you see the world in an abstract way? There are categories for everyone's personal passion! If you have shared the excitement of our Photo Club’s monthly Critics’ Wall, then you know this could be the best contest ever! December's talk by Joe Fitzpatrick, “How to


Win A Photo Contest,” challenged and inspired us all. Beginning February 1, you may pick up rules and entrance forms at either service desk. This year, photos will ONLY be accepted at the Island Service Desk. Entries may be submitted between February 21 and March 21.

Please read the rules on the sign up sheet carefully, because there are some changes this year: 1) Because of the overwhelming number of entries last year, each person will enter a maximum of 6 photos. Only two photos may be entered in a given category. All entries will be carefully checked for correct category placement, as well as date limitations. 2) Photographers with numerous past awards may enter a grouping of six photos on a single theme, to be exhibited in the Photo Show, and will not be eligible for ribbons. This year, all entries in this category will be reviewed by the Photo Club Board and must be submitted by March 3 at the Island Service Desk. Shell Point Life | February 2014


RESIDENTS’ COUNCIL Introducing the 2014 Court Representatives B









The Shell Point Residents’ Council is composed of a dedicated group of residents who serve on a volunteer basis to represent the interests and needs of their fellow residents living in their courts. The purpose of the Residents’ Council is “to facilitate communication between residents and administration of Shell Point on matters of general concern to the residents, including constructive criticism, suggestions and unresolved problems,” as stated in the Residents’ Council Bylaws, which were adopted on


Shell Point Life | February 2014

November 3, 1982, and amended and restated on November 1, 2006. The Residents’ Council holds regular monthly meetings, usually on the first Wednesday of each month at 8:45 a.m., in the Social Center, unless otherwise noted. All Shell Point residents are welcome to attend and hear the issues presented by each court representative, but only the acting court representative has the power to discuss and vote on issues. Executive management staff from Shell Point are also present at these

meetings to provide information and respond to resident issues. From time to time, staff from various departments are invited by the Council to attend and present informative updates on procedures and programs in their areas of responsibility. The Council consists of one representative for each court, elected by residents of that court from The Island, The Woodlands, Eagles Preserve, Palm Acres, King’s Crown, The Arbor, The Springs, and the Pavilion. A first and second alternate are also elected

for each representative to serve, as needed, in the case of an absence. The Council serves as the resident governing body to take action on the approval of sponsorship of proposed programs, such as the United Way, Employee Christmas Gift Drive, Library Fund Drive, Bakeless Bake Sale, etc. Each court representative also serves in the important role of the main contact for their court in the event that a hurricane threat may lead to an evacuation to the Shell Point hurricane shelter.

BACK ROW STANDING: L-R: Russell May (Junonia), Lynne Castellano (Sand Dollar), Hal Drake (Cameo), John Schulke (Turban), Don White (Periwinkle), John Bendall (Coquina), Lowell Schulz (Sundial), Janet Medina (Rosemont), Joan Perry (Harbor Court), David Sageser (Arbor), Bill Saunders (King’s Crown), Dick Uhleman (Nautilus), Lee Zenoniani (Lakewood), Ted Rodgers (Palm Acres), Walter Foster (Macoma) and Mary Wilcox (Lucina). FRONT ROW SEATED: L-R: Gerry Wilson (Cellana), Jerry Ingalls (Eagles Preserve), Megs Singer (Tellidora), Sylvia Chamberlin (Royal Bonnet), Rene Maxwell (Pavilion), Carol Ann Ormes (Parkwood), and Beverly Gredler (The Springs Alternate). NOT PRESENT: Herb Kallman (The Springs) and Barbara Peterson (Oakmont).

Shell Point Life | February 2014




April 4–5

A Biblically-Focused Weekend for Women The Village Church and The Academy of Lifelong Learning are teaming up to present Dare to Believe, a biblicallyfocused women’s weekend filled with impactful presentations, meaningful moments of reflection, and enlightening discussion. This conference will provide an entertaining, yet thought-provoking study of key female figures who dared to believe and demonstrated unwavering faith in God. The special guests for the weekend will be two gifted actresses and communicators, Nan Gurley and Bonnie Keen. Dare to Believe Musical Friday, April 4

the talented actresses portray the women God used to fulfill the covenant and bring in the Messiah. With cutting-edge dialogue, original music, and creative interaction with the audience, this musical will inspire viewers with the stories of women who dared to believe and pushed against the pressures and culture of their day. The scarlet thread of hope runs through the stories of Rahab, Tamar, Leah and Rachel, Deborah, Esther, Anna, and Mary. Like women today, these women knew this was their hour; this was their moment. Gentlemen are welcome to attend this dynamic performance.

On Friday evening, April Women’s Conference 4, Nan and Bonnie will present Saturday, April 5 Women Who Dare to Believe, Nan Gurley and Bonnie Keen On Saturday, April 5, a faith-based musical drama. During the performance, you will see 21 Nan and Bonnie will lead three sessions on women from the Scriptures brought to life as various women in the Bible. Session 1 will be

Make It A Girls’ Getaway Weekend!

Sessions Continue in February To Explore Faith Questions Y








In October 2013, the Women’s Ministries Bible Study featured three sessions that encouraged participants with God’s answers to three difficult faith questions that could cause “missing pieces” in one’s faith. There is still time to sign up for the remaining four sessions in February as the study explores “Missing Pieces – Real Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense,” by Jennifer Rothschild. The Tuesday morning sessions begin on February 4 at 9:45 a.m. For registration and workbook, call Jennifer Rothschild, Karen Chamberlain at 239-491-0804. Bible study teacher 42

Ticket Options

Full Conference: $45 Friday Only: $15 Saturday Only: $35 Don’t miss this opportunity to study God’s Word, enjoy fellowship with other ladies, and be encouraged as a woman of God! To register, pick up a brochure at The Village Church or visit For all other questions, please call (239) 454-2147.

Invite your friends to stay at The Guest House at Shell Point, just steps away from The Village Church! Your guests will love taking advantage of amenities like the Shell Point Salon and Spa and Shell Point’s brand new Aquatic Center! Call (239) 454-2123 for rates.



an overview study of Rachel and Leah. Session 2 will be a study of Anna. And session 3 will be a study of Jochebed, Mother of Moses, and Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Shell Point Life | February 2014

THE VILLAGE CHURCH WELCOMES SPECIAL GUEST GOSPEL SOLOIST Burt Kettinger • February 16 Burt Kettinger, the gospel voice of Moody Presents (1974-1987) and featured artist of Moody Radio’s Songs in the Night, will be the special guest soloist at The Village Church on Sunday, February 16, during the 10:15 a.m. Worship service. Burt Kettinger’s rich bass/baritone voice has been a source of comfort and encouragement for many years. Be sure to attend this Sunday morning Worship service; you will be inspired by Burt’s ministry in song.

Season of


Presented by The Village Church at Shell Point Retirement Community

Don’t Miss The Annie Moses Band The Annie Moses Band is a family of Juilliard-trained musicians and award-winning songwriters. They are universally ts acclaimed by critics and audiences alike for their electrifying instruTicke mental virtuosity and shimmering layered vocals. During their inaugural visit to Shell Point, they will lead an artistic renaissance that will inspire all generations in the discipline, beauty, and excitement of highly-skilled musicianship. Sunday, February 23 Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased at The Village Church p.m. at The Village Church/IS or online at


at 6:15

Global Outreach

CALLED TO KOUTIALA Special Guest Speaker Discusses How He and His Family Are Helping Families in Mali and Beyond, Despite Limited Resources B

What prompts a successful doctor of Internal Medicine to uproot his family of six (including children ages 17, 14, 12, and 10) from a comfortable home in New York, to move to one of the poorest countries on the African continent? At this month’s Global Outreach meeting, Dr. Wayne and Suzanne Spronk will give you their answer. A call to Africa is not new to the Spronks. In 2005 and 2007, Dr. Spronk worked in the Bongolo Hospital in Gabon, where he cared for patients with every imaginable need. In the Koutiala Hospital for Women and Children, known for its eight-year fight against infant mortality, Dr. Spronk will help establish a new adult medicine program, for men and women, along with









expanding the educational opportunities of Mali nurses and doctors. Are you ready for a morning of inspiration? Come to the Global Outreach meeting in the Hospitality Room of The Village Church on Wednesday, February 19, at 10:15 a.m. Bring a neighbor and come early for refreshments.

In addition to womens services, the Koutiala Hospital for Women and Children also provides urgent care, surgery, in-patient care, lab work, a pharmacy, and a pediatric center. Shell Point Life | February 2014


Sweet Deals from the Salon & Spa B











Thick Hair is Possible Did you know that it is possible to gain thicker and fuller hair through the use of special cleansing and styling products? It’s true! Moroccan Oil Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner is a luxury cleansing treatment that produces full and manageable hair. Kenra thickening glaze or Kenra Mousse #17 will boost volume where you need it the most. Keep the fullness and volume in your hair with a professional brand hairspray from the salon. Whereas department store sprays go on wet and make your volume fall flat, professional hair sprays hold in the volume and lock out moisture and humidity. We offer a range of sprays such as Ruth Deuber Vavoom, Kenra, Biolage, and Morrocan Oil in a (Periwinkle) variety of strengths and aromas.

Walk-Ins Welcome Men and women alike enjoy Linda Yau’s great cuts! She is available Monday through Friday in the Island Salon & Spa. And, in fact, Men’s Monday has been discontinued as men enjoy the salon all week long! Linda also accepts appointments. Stylist Linda Yau

Save 10%

on all Professional Products available in the salons during February.

February Facial Special Relax and renew with a Key Lime skin renewal that uses natural anti-oxidants to leave the skin radiant. This skin treatment is customized with ingredients like Matrixyl 3000, the latest in anti-aging ingredients. During this hour-long experience, your skin will be pampered to reveal both smoothing and soothing results.

Treat Yourself or Someone Special to a Valentine’s Day Gift Certificate Love is in the air this month, and we are celebrating with a special offer! If you purchase a $200 gift certificate for the Salon & Spa, you will receive the added bonus of your choice of a classic pedicure, ½ hour massage, or haircut and style for FREE! Limit three packages per customer.

Offer expires 2/14/14

For Appointments Call: 489-8400

Shell Point Life February 2014  

Monthly magazine that highlights the amazing lifestyle and wonderful persons that make Shell Point Retirement Community truly unique.

Shell Point Life February 2014  

Monthly magazine that highlights the amazing lifestyle and wonderful persons that make Shell Point Retirement Community truly unique.