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May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

FINDING BALANCE By Rochelle Cherniawski, editor A few months ago, Dawn Boren, director of resident life, invited me to be a member of the OurQuest team, a group of staff members involved in promoting and supporting the new LifeQuest initiative at Shell Point. As the details of LifeQuest began to emerge, including the six dimensions of wellness, I started relating it to my own life. Physical: I could run a mile if I had to. Emotional: I can be emotional sometimes. Educational: I received a well-rounded education. Spiritual: I attend church. Community & Social: My favorite! Natural Environment: I have three windows in my office and appreciate the beauty of my natural surroundings. I was feeling pretty good about my overall wellness. I had the six dimensions covered! In fact, I was the perfect person for Dawn to ask to be on the OurQuest team! Then, during a recent OurQuest meeting, Dawn shared the wellness assessment tool. After running down the list of questions related to my engagement in each of the six dimensions, I was shocked to discover

Romans 15:13

that I’m actually pretty unbalanced. Even though I exercised regularly before a vacation to Maui last year, I’ve since lost the drive to work on my physical health. And although I was an astute student at Michigan State University, I need to recognize that my college days are long (and I mean long) behind me. A review of the remaining four dimensions revealed similar results. I’ll admit, at first I felt pretty deflated to realize that I wasn’t truly living the balanced life that I had imagined. But as I learned more about LifeQuest and continued to relate it to my own life, I found that I could easily set goals for myself in each of the six dimensions to strive for better balance. Getting involved in LifeQuest has completely opened my eyes to the true meaning of wellness! As the community officially kicks off LifeQuest this month, I hope that you embrace the opportunity to reflect on your own wellness and challenge yourself to set MyQuest goals. What’s your quest?

Shell Point Life is published monthly for the residents of Shell Point Retirement Community. AVP of Communications Lynn Schneider Editor Rochelle Cherniawski Art Director Rich Cerrina Senior Graphic Designer Wendy Iverson Graphic Designer Kathy Grove Contributors Mary Franklin, Robyn Church, Bev Chandley, Ginny Miller-Plaza, Suzanne Zavada, Melody Desilets, Teri Kollath, Randy Woods, Glenda Stephenson, Inga Bredahl, Dawn Boren, Sarah Nadal, Jessica Clark, Tim Stephenson, Steve Morton, Dianne Morton, Dotty Morrison, Peggy Holton, Susan Uhleman, and Jan van Laer Do you have story ideas or photos to share? Contact Rochelle Cherniawski, editor, by calling 239-454-2055 or e-mail: Back Issues Available Online Is there an issue of one of the magazines that you just have to have? Was your friend or family member seen in a recent issue but you lost it? You can find the current issue as well as the back issues of the magazine at

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Chris Fenwick (Turban) is an avid triathlete. He competed in five sprint triathlons in 2012 and is currently training for an Olympic triathlon.

Shell Point is a non-profit ministry of The Christian and Missionary Alliance Foundation, Inc.

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Shell Point Life | January 2013

Hitting the SPOT Shell Point’s Own Theater Wows Audience with Dual Performance

The Widow’s Mite


early 400 Shell Point residents gathered to enjoy a night of laughter and bliss for the fall performance of SPOT on November 15. Celebrating its tenth year of performances, the productions of The Widow’s Mite, by C.B. Gilford and A Bench in the Sun, by Ron Clark, were just as well directed and performed as ever. The first production of the evening was a one-act play, The Widow’s Mite, produced and directed by Ruth Deuber of Periwinkle. The play told the tale of Mrs. Bennett (Maryann Bennett of Oakmont), an aging and penniless widow, and her clever decision to use her full imagination and knowledge of other people’s greed to set herself up in the best

hotel in town. This charming and whimsically amusing play kept the audience entertained and guessing Mrs. Bennett’s next move! The second play was equally as engaging. Produced and directed by Kate Sullivan of Eagles Preserve, A Bench in the Sun followed the satirical friendship of Harold (Phil Hilton of Lakewood) and Burt (Bill Brooks of Eagles Preserve) living in a retirement community. The audience was full of laughter as the two characters spent their days bickering on the infamous bench in the sun. The party livened up when Adrienne Bliss (June Hanson of Oakmont),

A Bench in the Sun

Above L-R: Guy McMillan as Mr. Lewis, Dick Uhleman as Mr. Satterfield, Maryann Bennett as Mrs. Bennett, John Littlejohn as Waldo, and Susan Uhleman as Valerie. Inset: Ann Erickson as Mrs. Owens.

a once famous actress, moved into the community, making the duo into a trio. With news that the retirement home was closing, the trio drew together to save their home. Once again, the cast and crew of SPOT brought together members of the community to provide a night of camaraderie, love, and laughter. The many hours of hard work were appreciated and visible to all that were present. They certainly hit the SPOT with another great production.

Calling all resid ents interested in p articipating in a SPOT prod uction!

L-R: Phil Hilton as Harold, June Hanson as Adrienne Bliss, and Bill Brooks as Burt. Left, Many Johnson as the activities announcer.

Auditions for th e next production will be held on March 4! More details will be revealed as audi tions draw near .

By Rochelle cheRniawski


hris Fenwick (Turban) vividly remembers the exact moment of his personal wakeup call. During an afternoon training session at the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office in Gainesville, Chris and his fellow deputies were reviewing videos of their traffic stops when he leaned over to the person sitting next to him and scoffed, “Who’s that fat slob?” He was shocked to hear the blunt response, “That’s you.” Staring back at the screen in disbelief, Chris (Turban) felt a twinge of disgust that ignited a fire deep within. He recalled, “I was the true stereotype of a cop, and had the powdered sugar from a donut stuck to the front of my uniform to prove it.” Growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, Chris was never the athletic type. Although he managed to remain thin throughout his childhood, he started gradually gaining weight once he reached his 20s. And over the years, his sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits caught up with him. Chris will always remember that day at the sheriff’s office when he came to the shocking realization that it was time to take action and improve his health. “That was a hard reality to face. I was in my 40s and I was tremendously out of shape. My weight had gotten up to 220 pounds and exercise was not even on my

mind. But, I knew I looked like a slob, so I decided to start running.” At first, he could hardly make it 10 feet. Yet, with encouragement from other deputies, he kept going. His weight quickly dropped to 190 pounds. “That was all from running,” he shared. “But I felt like running really wasn’t my thing.” Wanting to do more than run, Chris began cycling and swimming. “I was bad at all three,” he joked, “so I decided to put them all together and try a triathlon.” There are a variety of triathlon events, with different distances and levels of difficulty. Perhaps the most well-known triathlon is the Ironman. It includes a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and 26.2-mile run. Other triathlon events include a half Ironman, an Olympic triathlon, and sprint triathlons. Chris explained, “Sprint triathlons are perfect for people like me. Different events are set up for different distances, but they are all in the same general range of a quarter mile swim, 10 mile bike, and 5k run.” Chris competed in his first triathlon in 1996 during the Law Enforcement Games, an annual event involving officers throughout the state of Florida. He was 53 years old. “I decided that I couldn’t do any worse than come in last. I actually ended up getting third place in my age category. That was my first one, and I’ve been going strong ever since!” Continued on page 6

chRis Fenwick tuRned on a dime some 30 yeaRs ago and ReveRsed his outlook on health. eveR since then, he’s tapped into his passion FoR competing in tRiathalons to stay active and Fit.

Shell Point Life | January 2013


Continued from page 4

outdoorsman One of Chris’ favorite things about training for triathlons is the ability to enjoy the great outdoors. “I don’t like doing indoor exercise, so triathlons work for me that way. I do weight training in the gym, but then I like to get out and be in nature.” Chris finds that training outside is especially important when it comes to swimming. “Swimming in open water is much different than swimming in a pool,” he explained. “When you swim in a pool, you go 25 yards, hit a wall, and push off. When you swim in open water, there aren’t any walls to push off of. You swim 25 yards, then another 25 yards, then another, until you’ve completed the swim.” That draw to the open water was one of the things that piqued his interest in Shell Point. After 13 years with the Baltimore County Police Department, 20 years with the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office in Gainesville, and two years with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in Daytona, Chris was enjoying an active retirement in Deland. Yet, even though he and his wife, Mary Ann Maguire, were physically active, his wife did have some physical challenges, and they found that homeownership was getting to be an overwhelming responsibility. “We liked the place we had built, but it was getting to be too much for us to handle. So, we started looking for a community that took care of more of the details. A continuing care retirement community was the last thing on our minds. Actually, I had no idea what a CCRC was!” Chris went on Google Earth and started searching down the west coast of Florida. When he came across a satellite image of Shell Point, he was awe struck. “I zoomed in for a closer look and immediately determined that there was no way a retired cop


Shell Point Life | January 2013

and retired social worker would be able to afford it.” Through a little light research, Chris and Mary Ann learned about the benefits of a CCRC and discovered that Shell Point is exactly where they wanted to be. They also found that the price of retirement at Shell Point was more affordable than they imagined. The couple moved to Turban in 2011 and quickly confirmed that they chose the perfect place to enjoy their retirement while living an active lifestyle. Chris is able to take full advantage of Shell Point’s beautiful surroundings while continuing to train for triathlons. His favorite running path is around The Island, down to The Woodlands, through Eagles Preserve, and back to The Island. “It’s a little bit better than five miles,” he shared.

“i don’t like doing indooR exeRcise, so tRiathlons woRk FoR me that way. i do weight tRaining in the gym, But then i like to get out and Be in natuRe.” Satisfying his preference to swim in open water, Chris and Mary Ann swim together at Lover’s Key about three times a week. “I bike over while Mary Ann drives.” Chris also trains with a triathlon club called Geared Up. “Mondays we swim for an hour. Wednesdays we swim for an hour and then run for an hour. And usually on the weekends, depending on if we are racing or not, we usually have a long bike and a long run.” Chris recommends triathlons to everyone, regardless of age and fitness level. “In our club, Geared Up, our youngest member is eight and our oldest member is 76. There is camaraderie among our people who do everything from the Ironman all the way down to the sprints. You don’t have to be a super jock; you just have to have the intestinal fortitude to push through. That’s all it is. Anybody can do these. I recommend it just for the exercise.” In 2012, Chris participated in five

sprint triathlons. “Each one is different,” he commented. “But every time, I’m just in it for the recreation. I’m not the guy that lives and dies for triathlons. I just like the way they keep me in shape.”

the call of duty In April of 2012, Chris started volunteering with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office in the VOICE (Volunteer Observers Impacting Community Effort) program. “I’ve always been a cop and have an affinity toward police work. I just wanted to stay involved.” He volunteered around three days a month, but realized he had more to offer. So, in November, Chris decided to check into the option of seeking an official position with the sheriff’s office. “I was really up for anything, as long as I felt like I was truly contributing and using my 35 years of experience.” Just over a week later, he was notified by the head of Human Resources that he was a perfect match for a position performing background investigations on potential deputies. “I felt that would be a great way to use my expertise.” Two weeks later, following his own background check, physical exam, and drug test, he was back on the job. “That was the first week of December,” he recalled. “It’s hard to believe. I really had no real reason to go back to work, but I just sort of fell into the position. They were looking for someone and I fit the bill.” In his new position, Chris works four 10-hour days. Yet, he remains committed to maintaining his healthy lifestyle and continuing to exercise by training for triathlons. He will compete in his next triathlon, his first Olympic triathlon, in Naples on January 12. “I’m ready for a new challenge,” he claimed. “It will be a ninetenths of a mile swim, a 25-mile bike, and a 6.2-mile run. I did a triathlon in Longboat Key in October that was a half-mile swim, 20-mile bike, and 5-mile run. It was sort of like a transition between the sprint and Olympic triathlons.” Deputy Chris Fenwick, who once didn’t even recognize himself in a video, has successfully transformed his lifestyle and become an inspiration for people of all ages to get out and get moving! Right: Chris Fenwick is an active triathlete. He competed in five sprint triathlons in 2012.

led Chris to B efore the wakeup callthat ing a sedentary transform his life, he was liv participating lifestyle and never considered in athletic events.

Nature’s Notebook








The Winter Queens L A N D S C A P E


Above: When winter arrives in Southwest Florida, The Java Glory Vine blooms beautifully in the courtyard at Sand Dollar.

Bougainvillea blooms beautifully at Shell Point throughout the winter months. While it can be found throughout the community, it is most prominently featured along the berm on Shell Point Boulevard.

In Southwest Florida, winter is a time when plant growth slows and some species become dormant. Winter can also be an occasion of reflection, contemplation, and perhaps a period of melancholy. Fortunately at Shell Point, we have three plants that are at their most radiant during the winter months. In a triumvirate of majesty, these monarchs will compete for your attention and brighten the winter months. Like the regents of antiquity, our queens are swathed in the purple color of royalty and claim territories worthy of their strength and tenacity.

Bougainvillea is an undeniable empress. She reigns over the landscaped berm on Shell Point Boulevard. Interestingly, while her flowers are small, white, and inconspicuous, she compensates with copious amounts of modified leaves, known by plant scientists as “bracts,” that transform into a vibrant purple color. The kingdom of The Java Glory Vine (clerodendrum x speciosum) is limited but spectacular. She rules over the center of the Sand Dollar courtyard on The Island. With bright red flowers and purple sepals covering the vine, she commands immediate atten-

Left: The Star Burst Bush wows in February and March with its bright explosion resembling a beautiful display of fireworks.

tion upon entering her realm in winter. When the mirror on the wall was asked “Who is the fairest of them all?” it may have answered “The Star Burst Bush.” Clerodendrum quadriloculare is the newest sovereign at Shell Point, located in a tiny principality on the south side of The Village Church. With flowers that mimic an explosion of fireworks, her beauty is stunning, yet ephemeral and fleeting. You must have an audience with the queen during February or March. We invite you to witness the majesty of our Winter Queens at Shell Point to vanquish the winter blues with their glorious blossoms.

Calling All Photographers! 2013 Shell Point Photo Contest It's time to get ready for this year's Photo Contest! Entry forms, rules, and a list of categories will be available at either service desk on Friday, February 1. All photos will be due by Friday, March 1. 8

Shell Point Life | January 2013

The Photo Contest will be on display from Monday, March 25, through Friday, April 5. Ribbons will be awarded during the Gala on Tuesday, March 26. Also, for the first time this year, the awards will include the Ted Boynton Annual Best of Show

Award for juried photos. This new award has been created to honor Ted Boynton (Macoma) for his many years of service to the Photo Club. More details will be revealed in the February issue of Shell Point Life.

Do You Know Your Neighbor? B








With 24 courts that comprise Shell Point, it can be hard to get to know your neighbors. Whether you have been here for years, or recently joined the community, there are always new people to meet! With that in mind, Resort Services is proud to announce a new program for 2013 - Do You Know Your Neighbor. Do You Know Your Neighbor is a monthly program to help bring together like-minded residents with common interests. Each month there will be a program focusing on different themes within the


Shell Point community. These themes celebrate the different types of occupations, educational backgrounds, hobbies, or places of origin of our residents. It will be a fun and exciting way to really get to know the people that live around you. Do You Know Your Neighbor will vary slightly from month to month. From trivia games, to recipe swaps, or even special guest speakers, each program will provide participants the opportunity to learn more about others who share similar interests.

Kick-Off Event The January event, Do You Know Your Neighbor: Christian University/ College Alumni, will take place on Tuesday, January 15, at 3:15 p.m. in the Social Center on The Island. For more information about the event, see the Happenings Calendar on page 28.

Mark your calendars for the upcoming monthly themes: January:

Christian University/College Alumni


Florida Natives


Inspirational Educators (Teachers/Administration)


Fitness Fanatics (athletes, past or present)


Big Ten Schools


Travelers of the World


Life Savers (Medical Professionals)


Ivy League Schools


Kitchen Experts


Salute to the Military





Shell Point Life | January 2013


A December to Celebrate Employee Christmas Gift Makes the Season Bright for Residents and Staff B








) E










This year we all received numerous calls for donations from a variety of sources. Knowing the many ways we are called to give, the amount that was donated to the Employee Christmas Gift is a true testament to the appreciation that residents feel for Shell Point staff. This year, residents contributed a total of $342,000 to the growing family of 920 employees. Full-time staff members who have worked at Shell Point for at least one year received a gift of $490. The remaining staff received a pro-rated amount based upon hours worked during the year. What a joy it was to see their smiles and tears of joy as they opened their envelopes and exchanged hugs and handshakes with the residents who were privileged to distribute the gifts. It’s wonderful to live in a community where such love abounds between residents and staff. I am joined by the committee in extending a special thanks to Resident Council Chairman Bill Lanpher (Oakmont), who provided great leadership and direction throughout the campaign. And we thank Joan Perry (Harbor Court), who was not on our committee but graciously volunteered to recruit the team that had the joy of handing out the gifts. Also, we thank the employees who helped organize the marketing, financial, and administrative aspects of the campaign.

Most of all, we thank each resident who gave from their heart to our wonderful family of employees. By contributing to the Employee Christmas Gift, you showed your love and appreciation for those who help make Shell Point such a great place to live! Thank you from the 2012 Employee Christmas Gift Committee: Renee Maxwell (Harbor Court), Eleanor Perkins (Parkwood), Gerayne Tomkinson (Eagles Preserve), Jim Whitton (Oakmont), and Paul Peterson (Rosemont).


Shell Point Life | January 2013


uest Expo AT S H E L L P O I N T

Exploring The Six Dimensions of P Wellness and Committing to MyQuest Fitness Classes Shell Point Specialty Doctors SP Salon and Spa The Walking Place Lee County Parks and FineMark National Bank Recreations and Trust Lee Memorial Trauma Center Sun Harvest Citrus Volunteerism The Legacy Support Groups Travel & Education Spiritual Services Social Opportunities The LifeQuest Expo will be held on Tuesday, January 8, in The Village Church Auditorium from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. This event will showcase 50 booths representing all six dimensions of wellness. The information available at the event will certainly support and help you achieve your MyQuest goals. Representatives from the Shell Point Medical Center will be on hand to conduct mini health and memory screenings, answer medical questions, and talk about physician services. This is a great opportunity to meet many specialty doctors and their staff. The Shell Point Pharmacy will review the new insurance plans, answer medication questions, and provide information on the many sundries and medical supplies available at their location on The Island. Learn about the many rehabilitation services available at Shell Point, along with other support services, including Resident Support Groups and Services, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Hospice. The Resident Support Services team will be available at the “Ask a Case Manager” and “Update Emergency Contact Information” booths. The Hospitality team will showcase an interactive display on designing healthy menus that are also creative, tasty, econom-

Housekeeping & Security Healthy Eating, CROW Nutrition Education Shell Point Therapy Assisted Living / Skilled Nursing Medical Center Pharmacy Vendors from the greater Fort Myers community who deliver wonderful services and products to attain wellness goals will also be present at the event. Florida Reading and Vision Technology, Inc., Sun Harvest, and Walk with Lindy are just a few that will be onsite to support your wellness goals.

MyQuest More than 50 booths at the Expo will feature services that support your good health.

ical, and have the ability to be “repurposed.” Be sure to stop by and learn about the Legacy Foundation and many financial support services and programs. Other Expo booths will feature Facility Operations, Fire Safety, Housekeeping, Transportation Services, and Shell Point’s various avenues of communication that keep you well informed. The LifeQuest Expo will also provide information on various healthy lifestyle choices you have here at Shell Point. Staff from the Resident Life team and The Village Church will be on hand to share exciting news about physical fitness classes, personal training, the marina, resident gardens, travel and education opportunities, monthly social activities, volunteerism, cultural events, spiritual care, and special interest programs.

Make sure to stop by the MyQuest booth and turn in your commitment card, found in the back of the LifeQuest brochure. MyQuest makes LifeQuest very personal, and is a tool for you to use when setting your own confidential goals. It is important to reflect and honestly assess your current state of overall wellness prior to setting your goals. Challenge yourself to find balance in all six dimensions of wellness. An OurQuest team member will be on hand during the Expo to answer questions and to provide your free LifeQuest t-shirt for turning in your commitment card. The Expo will also feature give-a-ways, door prizes, and healthy refreshments. Be sure to join us on Tuesday, January 8, to learn more about how to take advantage of the many programs and services Shell Point offers to develop and maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle!

Shell Point Life | January 2013


OurQuest… Strengthens LifeQuest B










In support of the LifeQuest initiative, a group of employees were appointed to serve on the OurQuest committee to represent all six dimensions of wellness. Each OurQuest committee member serves a leadership role in one or more of the dimensions of LifeQuest. The OurQuest team is committed to ensuring that the six dimensions of wellness remain prominent within our community. Additional committee members represent the levels of lifecare and will educate and lead the LifeQuest philosophy throughout each building and to every resident and employee. “LifeQuest will encourage residents to enjoy life to the fullest through the six dimensions of wellness at all ages and abilities,” said Inga Bredahl, activity supervisor for assisted living. Our goal is to be sure that LifeQuest 12

Shell Point Life | January 2013


programs, services, and resources are available to all residents. “The LifeQuest initiative represents the strongest response yet in leading our residents into meaningful longevity,” commented Dr. Carol Clark, physician and medical center director. To help strengthen this initiative and help tell the story of LifeQuest, the OurQuest team includes staff representatives from Communication and Marketing, Information Technology, and Sales. The OurQuest team meets on a monthly basis to help develop LifeQuest tools and communication pieces while also assisting in educating the staff to the mission of LifeQuest. Volunteer coordinator Melody Desilets said, “I want to see the staff encourage residents to set their MyQuest goals, so that each resident can grow on many personal levels.”

Each committee member will be involved in the evaluation process in order to make recommendations to improve upon existing programs and also make recommendations for new programs or services. Some of the most important goals will be to strengthen communication, internal resources, and points of service delivery or referrals between departments. “I’m excited about this initiative and the idea of helping to bring continuity to all the wonderful services and programs available at Shell Point,” expressed Janine Hammond, resident support services manager. We believe that an interdisciplinary approach to support the overall success of each individual person’s quest for wellness is necessary as one goes through periods of transition here at Shell Point. The OurQuest team will look for opportunities

The OurQuest team is comprised of key staff members that play a significant role in supporting the LifeQuest initiative. L-R: Mary Franklin, resort services and wellness manager, Melody Desilets, volunteer coordinator, Dr. Carol Clark, Medical Center director, Bev Chandley, program coordinator, Linda Jansen, director of information systems, Dr. Chris Votolato, director of behavioral health, Michelle Smith, fitness supervisor, Inga Bredahl, assisted living activities supervisor, Suzanne Zavada, program coordinator, Mary Moore, moving resources coordinator, Rochelle Cherniawski, communications specialist, Teri Kollath, Academy and auxiliary manager, and Dawn Boren, director of resident life. RIGHT: The graphic representation of LifeQuest illustrates that each person’s individual MyQuest goals are connected to the six dimensions of wellness and supported by the OurQuest team.

to improve processes, strengthen outcomes, and remove barriers that prevent residents from meeting their individual MyQuest goals. “As a member of the OurQuest team, I am dedicated to ensuring that Hospitality Services provides opportunities for residents to make good nutritional choices in all levels of LifeCare,” shared Linda Rakos, assistant director of hospitality services.

As the OurQuest team develops, we are looking forward to working very closely with residents who will be identified to serve on a resident LifeQuest Advisory Board. We see both committees working collectively to share suggestions for the good of the LifeQuest program. In the meantime, we invite residents to share any and all ideas with any one of the OurQuest team members.


uest AT S H E L L P O I N T

What’s your Quest? P Shell Point Life | January 2013


BOOST BRAIN POWER Challenge Your Mind to Learn Something New in the New Year B


















Coffee With A Neighbor

Our January Coffee takes us on a house swap to England. Join Phyllis and Jerry Ingalls for House Swap Family Revisited on Wednesday, January 30. Legacy Seminar

Katie Nixon, executive vice president of Personal Financial Services of Northern Trust, joins Timothy Stephenson, executive director of the Legacy Foundation, for the January Legacy seminar on Wednesday, February 20. Academy On The Go

On Wednesday, January 9, we will travel to Naples for our educational field trip to Experience the Naples Botanical Garden – All Grown up! What a privilege to have such a fine botanical garden so close. The gardens have had time to mature in the several years they have been open and our guided tour will take us through two very different gardens, the Brazilian Garden and the Lea Asian Garden. Personal roaming time will be available. For The Love Of Learning

The Anatomy of Words begins on Monday, January 7, and offers everyone enamored with the English language an opportunity for an enlightened discussion. Watch the fun, or participate! It’s up to you. Either way, bring your sense of humor as Floyd Jamison (Parkwood), Harold Greenlee (Coquina), and Frank Sevier (Harbor Court) facilitate. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain begins on Wednesday, January 9, and offers to prove to everyone that drawing is a skill that can be learned by every normal person with average eyehand coordination. You will learn these perceptual skills Herb Sklar with instructor Herb Sklar (Eagles Preserve). Also beginning Wednesday, January 9, 14

Shell Point Life | January 2013

On Wednesday, January 9, we will travel to Naples for our educational field trip to Experience the Naples Botanical Garden.

Herb Sklar will introduce another brand new art class this semester, Color, Color, Color. This course will provide all the instruction in color theory that you need to make hundreds of colors from only three tubes of color acrylic paint (the primary colors of yellow, red and blue; and white). Intermediate Bridge Session one begins on Wednesday, January 9, with Susan Willoughby. This will be a combination of Standard American and Two Over One. All conventions, which will constantly be reviewed, remain the same. The Mah-Jongg instructors are giving us another opportunity to learn this fascinating tile game that is very popular at Shell Point. Mary Jane Atkinson (Parkwood), Karen Liberles and Mac Nickels (both of Eagles Preserve) offer Mah-Jongg Basics beginning

Thursday, January 10. Also on Thursday, January 10, we welcome David R. Serra, executive director of the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation, Inc., to share information about the president who said, “We review the past not in order that we may return to it, but that we may find in what direction, straight and clear, it points into the future.” Straight Talk: Calvin Coolidge will illuminate not only this great president, but also presidential history in general. Professor Adrian Kerr looks to Rome this month as he presents four sessions on Ancient Rome, The History of its Rise and Fall on all four Tuesdays in January, beginning Professor January 8. As always, Adrian Kerr he begins at the very beginning of history and brings us right up to date by the final session.

On Monday, January 21, we again welcome guests from the annual Village Church Global Impact Week to share their unique perspective with us in the Academy. This year, the presentation will be on Russia After 20 Years: The Post-Soviet World, Church and Alliance Ministry. We welcome back Thomas Tyrell, retired international lawyer and former economic advisor to the UK government, to review the European Union with three sessions on Europe in Crisis on Thomas Tyrell January 23, 24 and 25. On Monday, January 28, award winning maritime author and lecturer Robert Macomber returns to the Academy for a three-session look at The Forgotten War – The Kaiser’s Place in Paradise. This focus on the Building of Germany’s Pacific Empire is sure to come alive for us with Macomber’s unique experience, historical documentation for his award winning- books, and his exciting presentation skills.

Apple iPad

For e-reader technology, the T3 instructors offer a course on Tuesday, January 22, by Dick Uhleman (Nautilus) Roundtable: eReaders and eBooks. Tablet Technology is focusing on a presentation of the Apple iPad with “Over – Easy” Class #1: Why Do I need One? Will it replace my PC? on two Mondays, January 14 and 21, taught by Penny Modrich and Bruce Findley. The other Tablet class they are offering for January is Apple iPad – Class #2: Got One, Now What? on two Mondays, beginning January 28. The Computer College

The first basics class for the semester is Computer College Prep School on Mondays, beginning January 7, taught by Alice and Gerry DeBaun (Eagles Preserve). Richard Nelson (Lakewood) offers Technology: Today And Tomorrow (T-3) another basic class Computer College Prep For classes in cellular technology, we School on Windows 7 Laptops on begin on Thursday, January 17, when Bruce Wednesdays, beginning January 9. Findley (Sundial) presents Smartphones – Keyboard Typing will be offered by Apple iPhones. On Tuesday, January 29, Megs Singer (Tellidora) on Tuesdays, beginBruce follows up with Three Residents ning January 29. Who Said “No” to Century Link, showing Russ Kraay (Oakmont) will teach a how they saved a significant amount of “How To” Using Word 2007 or Word money by saying, “Goodbye” to their land- 2010 on Mondays, beginning January 28. line telephone service. Dean Traxler (Rosemont) will teach Penny Modrich (Nautilus) joins Bruce how to Organize Files for Easy Retrieval Findley on two Fridays, beginning January on Tuesdays, beginning January 17. 25, for Using Skype & Facetime on If you were looking to buy a new laptop iPhones and iPads. or desktop, Jim Rodulph’s (Rosemont) class, Bruce Findley teaches alternatives to Specifications for Buying A New Laptop “Lifeline” that work beyond your home or Desktop Computer, is for you! Join Jim environment with Personal Safety Alert on Monday, January 21. Devices on Wednesday, January 30. Joe Cramer (Lakewood) will teach a class on the computer software program that allows you to chat and see family and friends around the world for free with Skype Basics on Tuesdays, beginning January 29. Dean Traxler returns on two Thursdays, beginning January 24, for The Power of Right Clicking Windows 7, where you can learn how to be in command of your computer with the power to make changes using Professor Adrian Kerr presents a four session course on right clicking. the rise and fall of ancient Rome, beginning January 8.

Two of our Lakewood residents, Marty Gibson and Lucille Peterson, continue their very popular course Writing Your Memoirs on a Computer on Tuesdays, beginning January 8. Lois Sheehan (Lakewood) teaches how to make one-of-a-kind cards for all occasions in Designing and Making Greeting Cards with a Hallmark Program on Tuesdays, beginning January 8. Introduction to Picasa will be taught on Wednesdays, beginning January 9, by Larry Brock (Eagles Preserve), giving us a chance to learn a free photo editing and organizing application from Google and the associated Picasa Web Albums. Floyd Jamison (Parkwood) offers What Can I Do with Speech Recognition on two Wednesdays, January 9 and 16. Adobe Photoshop Elements will be taught by Harold Seer (Parkwood) for serious photographers who would like to turn their snapshots into beautiful pictures on Fridays, beginning January 18. Lowell Schulz (Sundial) teaches those all-important ways to protect the data and programs on your PC with Data Protection, Backups and Password Management on two Thursdays, January 10 and 17. Please refer to the brochure for the Academy of Lifelong Learning at either service desk, or online at for more information, including any fees. Please continue to confirm your class selections in the Weekly Reminder, as any last-minute changes will be posted there or on SPTV, channel 11. You can also see an interview with most instructors on SPTV. We continue to welcome ideas for future courses, and offers to lead presentations. I look forward to seeing you in an Academy class soon!

Shell Point Life | January 2013


Tech Tip The Necessity of Completing Regular Computer Maintenance B









Have you ever wondered why your computer seems to get slower and slower the more you use it? Many people often attribute this to the computer’s age. Yet, in reality, it just means your computer needs a good cleaning! Throughout time, your computer builds up programs that have been installed but are no longer being used, a stockpile of temporary files, and possibly even viruses and malware. Before you know it, these issues can slow your computer to a crawl. Fortunately, there is a solution. Just as we get regular oil changes for our cars and change air filters on our air conditioning units, we must perform regular deep cleanings on our computers. Shell Point’s new Technology Support Services program can help. We have a variety of maintenance con-



tracts that are based on how much you use your computer. Maintenance contracts offer users a service discount compared to the cost of calling for our service on a regular basis. Routine maintenance performed through a maintenance contract ensures that your computer is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible! Please note: this isn’t a solution to fix an old computer. For example, if you’re still running Windows 3.1, it might be time to consider an upgrade. However, for a computer that just isn’t running in its prime anymore, this could be a simple solution! For more information regarding maintenance contracts with Shell Point’s Technology Support Services, pick up a copy of our brochure at either service desk, or call 4548248 to discuss which plan is best for you.


Thursday, January 17 2:00 to 3:30 pm The Village Church Auditorium

All are invited to attend the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Larsen Pavilion Auxiliary

*appreciation *entertainment *refreshments

Come and celebrate with us!

(Auxiliary volunteers, don’t forget to wear your blue jackets)

Shell Point Life | January 2013

Start Your New Year with

Magnificent Sounds

Shell Point Concert Series Brings Two Entertaining Performances in January

Southwest Florida Symphony

The Discovery Concert: Berlioz at Shell Point Symphonie Fantastique Monday, January 28 7:30 p.m. The Village Church/IS

10th Anniversary ConcertSeries 2012-2013

Concerts & Conversations

Thomas Pandolfi

Leif Bjaland will conduct the fascinating Discovery Concert featuring the music of Berlioz, one of the greatest composers of music from the 19th century. Berlioz’s masterpiece, Symphony Fantastique, will hold you spellbound as the Discovery Concert explains how the piece was created by the composer. Visuals will accompany the music and Maestro Bjaland will speak directly to the audience, lending his extensive knowledge of the concert. The Discovery Concert is an excellent way to be introduced to and learn more about classical music. Newcomers and aficionados alike will enjoy this informative and entertaining concert. Guest Conductor & Artistic Advisor – Leif Bjaland

Leif Bjaland served as the music director for the Sarasota Orchestra for 15 years. He has guest conducted with the San Francisco Symphony, National Symphony, Florida Philharmonic, Louisiana Philharmonic, Fort Worth, Nashville, Detroit, Rochester, Utah, Madison, Akron, Colorado, and a host of other fine symphonies across the country and around the world. Bjaland is currently serving as the Leif Bjaland artistic advisor for the Southwest Florida Symphony Orchestra during the national search process for the appointment of its next music director. He is also the music director of the Waterbury Symphony in Connecticut.

Thursday, January 31 7:00 p.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL Young American pianist Thomas Pandolfi is an exciting virtuoso who, with each passing season, is becoming more and more sought after by audiences worldwide. He is repeatedly showered with superlatives by critics for his passionate artistry and amazing technique. His orchestral appearances often feature beloved masterpieces by Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, and Liszt. Thomas Pandolfi’s career has already included performances with such European orchestras as the George Thomas Pandolfi Enescu Philharmonic and the Cluj Philharmonic of the Republic of Moldova. He has also performed with American Symphony Orchestras throughout the country. Thomas Pandolfi is a graduate of The Juilliard School, where he earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees as a scholarship student. The Washington Post acclaimed Thomas Pandolfi as “an artist who is a master of both the grand gesture and finesse.” Seating is limited, so get your tickets today at either service desk.

Single tickets: $25

Single tickets: $20

For more information about the Shell Point Concert Series, visit Tickets for these and all concerts are available at both service desks. Shell Point Life | January 2013


TREATING JOINTS FROM HEAD TO TOE New Orthopedic Surgeon Seeing Patients at Arbor Medical Center B






The team at Joint Implant Surgeons has been seeing and treating Shell Point patients for years. Now, a new member of the group is accepting appointments at The Arbor Medical Center. Dr. David Eichten is an orthopedic surgeon who takes pride in helping patients get rid of pain so they can return to the activities they love.

Dr. David Eichten grew up in Minnesota and attended medical school at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. During medical school, he spent two years working with Dr. Fenning at Joint Implant Surgeons. Also during that time, Dr. Eichten spent a month at Shell Point working with Dr. Hirchak, Dr. Champan, and Dr. Hicks. After five years of osteopathic residency in Dayton, Ohio, Dr. Eichten returned to


Fort Myers to work with Dr. Fenning and Dr. Humbert. Dr. Eichten sees patients at The Arbor Medical Center on Fridays from 8:45 a.m.


There comes a time in every pet owner’s life where they must venture away from their furry friend. During a vacation or unexpected emergency, they want to know that their pets are in good hands. Pat Cunningham, resident support services, helps by keeping a list of residents who are interested in volunteering as pet sitters and dog walkers. She is currently seeking new volunteers to add to the list. If you are interested in helping a neighbor by volunteering as a pet sitter, please contact Pat by calling 454-2299 or emailing her directly at


Dr. Eichten sees patients at The Arbor Medical Center on Fridays from 8:45 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

Shell Point Life | January 2013

to 11:30 a.m. “I look forward to serving the residents of Shell Point. I can provide joint pain relief through cortisone injections or physical therapy. If it is determined that surgical intervention is needed, we can provide that as well. Either way, I’m passionate about getting you back to the activities you love and helping you get rid of pain.” To set an appointment with Dr. Eichten, call 239-337-2003 or visit

Experiencing the Joys of Pet Companionship While Helping a

Neighbor in Need

Improving and Maintaining A Balanced Life in the New Year B









The January Health Connection offers programs to impact your physical health, as well as educational opportunities to help you make more informed decisions about your health. Call either of the service desks to sign up for any of the January programs.

Wellness Specialty Classes Michelle Smith, fitness supervisor, kicks off the New Year with two Balance and Mobility Training sessions. Balance and Mobility Training Level 2 – Session B will meet January 3 through March 28. Level 2 are for those who can stand on one foot for 20 seconds. The class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in The Island Health Club. Balance and Mobility Training Level 1 – Session B will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays starting January 7 and running through March 27, from 1:45 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., in The Island Health Club. Level 1 is for those looking to begin a structured balance program and would like to gain strength, increased flexibility, and added confidence. The Shell Point fitness The cost of each session team will conduct the is $120 for 12 weeks. Senior Fitness Test Have you set a throughout January. MyQuest goals to work on your physical dimension? The Senior Fitness Test is a great tool to get you started. The SFT is a series of exercise-related tests that will measure your current fitness level in the areas of strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. The results will allow participants to see where they stand based on age and gender. Participants will have greater awareness of areas of improvement for setting future goals. The Shell Point fitness team will conduct these 20-minute tests. To sign up, contact Michelle Smith, fitness supervisor, at or 454-2107. Accredited instructor, Bev Chandley,




will be teaching T’ai Chi Chih on Tuesdays, from January 8 through February 26. T’ai Chi Chih is a gentle practice that can improve balance, sleep patterns, muscle tone, blood pressure levels, patience, weight control, energy levels, and sense of joy. The group session meets at 4:30 p.m. in The Island Health Club. The cost is $40 for eight classes. Commit to be Fit with Nordic Pole Walking! – Session 3 is a great fitness opportunity starting January 22 and gathering each Tuesday and Thursday until January 31. Lindy Smith, AFAA certified group exercise instructor, will provide the Nordic Poles. Wear closed-toe shoes, sun block, and a hat. The sessions start 3:30 p.m. in the Oak Room before heading outside. The cost is $20 for four classes.

in the Osprey Room. It is great for those who prefer full makeup or just a light trace. The cost is $5 per person

Your Medical Community

Dr. Barry Blitz from the Florida Urology Physicians Services will discuss What’s New in Urology. He will touch on a variety of topics, including Low T, incontinence, cancer, erectile dysfunction/BPH, and clinical research. Dr. Blitz will be Dr. Barry Blitz will discuss What’s New in in the Social Center on Urology on January 17. Thursday, January 17, at 9:45 a.m. Do you suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome? Join Dr. Nina Burt from the Elmquist Eye Group on Friday, January 18, at 1:15 p.m. in Shell Point is unveiling a new opportu- the Social Center to discover treatment nity to enhance your quality of life. The options. Symptoms may include dryness, LifeQuest Expo on January 8 will scratchiness, a burning sensation, highlight all of the programs and redness, or the feeling that someservices offered at Shell Point in thing is in the eye. that represent the six dimensions Jack Adams of Audiology of wellness. The expo will be open Consultants of Southwest Florida from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at is a new addition at the Arbor The Village Church for you to Medical Center. He will discuss explore at your own pace. For Communication Strategies for more information please turn the Hearing Impaired on Join Dr. Carol Clark on January 16 as she to page 11. Wednesday, January 30, at 1:00 Dr. Carol Clark, A.R.N.P., presents Maximizing Your p.m. in the Social Center. Jack Relationship with a will lead an informative talk on will cover a variety of topics as Primary Care Physician. Maximizing Your Relationship they relate to audiology. with a Primary Care Physician. The talk will include the strategies for how to maximize the benefits of your visits with medical providers Shell Point is pleased to announce that and achieve the LifeQuest wellness goals you are seeking. Learn the strategies on The Island Health Club pool has received Wednesday, January 16, at 1:15 p.m. in the permission to keep the pool open through July. This is great news to those who reguSocial Center. Take the guessing out of makeup appli- larly attend the Aqua Motion class taught by cation. Makeup Made Easy – Session 1 led fitness coordinator Melanie Brod each by Robyn Church, salon manager, and Monday through Friday at 9:15 a.m. The Kendal Colosimo, esthetician, will review pool will also be available for recreational the Fitzpatrick method for selecting the right use as well. This announcement will cerfoundation for flawless skin. The class will be tainly make the transition to the new held on Wednesday, January 23, at 3:15 p.m. Aquatic Center much smoother!

Shell Point as Your Resource

Heatlth Club Pool

Thanksgiving on the Caribbean

A Holiday Enjoyed On and Off Holland America’s Nieuw Amsterdam B









L-R: Herb Wilcox and Rebecca Trout, Ed Gibbs and Bev Simone, Al and Barb Snyder.

Cruise vacations mean different things to different people. Have you ever noticed that you can talk to travelers who go on the same cruise and find their trip stories so dissimilar you think one of them must have been on the wrong ship? Everyone who enjoys going on a cruise seems to enjoy them for their own reasons. Some enjoy the salty air and gentle rocking of the ship. Some cannot wait to explore the various exotic ports of call along the way. Then there are others that order room service and relax in the lap of luxury in their cabins the entire time. Last but not least, we must include those who just can not get enough of all that wonderful, and oh so plentiful, food.

View from San Cristobal, Puerto Rico National Monument


Shell Point residents who went on the Thanksgiving Caribbean cruise last fall had the option to experience eco lagoon tours in glass bottomed boats and kayaks, tour historic forts and lighthouses, sample exotic delicacies, cast their eyes upon (and even touch) critters from the pristine Caribbean waters, make special purchases from various island crafters, bask in the sun on beautiful, sandy white beaches, attend shipboard classes and seminars, enjoy island Bar-B-Qs, or gaze upon miles and miles of ocean splendor. While everyone may not have attended all the activities, the one important thing the entire group did share was the experience of enjoying a Thanksgiving adventure with old and new friends, family, fellow residents, and people from all over the world. On cruises, there is always something to suit the interests of each and every traveler! 20

Shell Point Life | January 2013

Sea urchin

Mollusk in its conch shell

Sea cucumber

Sea urchin

Shell Point Cares Supports

Lee County Heart Walk B









The alarm clocks went off early for 39 residents and 23 employees who rose before the sun, tied up their laces, donned their blue Shell Point Cares shirts, and traveled to historic downtown Fort Myers to support the American Heart Association on December 8. Once the group arrived they had time to walk around Centennial Park and visit community information booths. Everyone made sure to stop by the Shell Point booth where health care marketing specialists Adrianne Gerard and McKenzie Millis were informing participants about the wonderful Shell Point community. There was also entertainment from the stage with anchors from WINK News hosting the program. Lex Roulston (Parkwood) was honored by The American Heart Association for his contributions. One hour later, the crowd embarked on the three-mile walk, heading through downtown, over the North Fort Myers Bridge, and back to the park. As you looked out over the sea of 5,300




Above: Marj and Larry Fose with their daughter Kim Left: Don Schorr (Cameo), Penny Modrich (Nautilus), Mary Franklin, Cheryl Cooper, and Melanie Brod

walkers it was very clear there was something special happening. Participants who are stroke or heart survivors were given red baseball caps to wear. Survivors certainly held their head up high with a strong sense of pride! Shell Point participation was made possible by the contributions of the Community Thrift Store. In total, the Lee County Heart Walk raised $422,035 towards improving the cardiovascular health of all Americans.

Lex Roulston (Parkewood) and Walt McCollum (Lakewood) pose with a fellow survivor.

Above: Heart Walk Surviors Ken Axtell (Sundial) Linda Forcey (Parkwood), and Penny Modrich (Nautilus)

Shell Point Life | January 2013


Sharing the Holiday Spirit B











During the holidays, many courts organize get-togethers and parties. It is also during this time of year that a number of courts pool their resources to support worthy causes. This year, we heard about two court parties that made the season bright for others in need.

Donating Joy on Wheels

Rosemont residents spread holiday cheer by raising enough funds to donate 14 brand new bicycles to the Toys for Tots campaign.

“We wanted to do something that really celebrates the spirit of Christmas,” said Phil Gannon (Rosemont), who organized the campaign. “So about five years ago, we started the tradition of bringing a toy to donate at the Christmas party, putting them under the big tree in The Woodlands Commons.” This year, in addition to the large quantity of toy donations under the tree, Rosemont residents contributed 14 brand new 21speed bikes. “We contacted Gavin’s Ace Hardware, and they gave us a special price on kid’s bikes,” said Phil. “Before long, Rosemont residents had stepped up to buy 14 of them – 7 boys’ bikes and 7 girls’ bikes!” Phil says the toy donations add a unique dimension to their annual gathering. “We have a nice meal and sing some Christmas carols, but it’s these donations that really celebrate the spirit of Christmas. The best part is picturing the faces of young people seeing these bikes for the first time on Christmas Day!”

Feeding the Hungry Photos by Jeanne Fuchs and Mortn Zablotsky (Oakmont)

When Oakmont residents gathered for their November court party, a SOUPer Supper, everyone was encouraged to bring non perishable food items. It was the first time that Oakmont residents associated a food drive with a social event. Oakmont social chair Jane Hoden felt called to make a difference. She explained, “Through my church, Sanibel Community Church, as well as the Harry Chapin Food Bank, I learned the reality that one out of four children in this state are food insecure. I know we can’t solve the problem, but I know we can help to chip away at it.” Almost everyone who attended the event participated in the food drive. Some brought a few items, while others brought full bags of food. In the end, Oakmont residents donated 331 pounds of food to the Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida. The donation will help the food bank distribute food in Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Hendry, and Glades counties. Clockwise from top right: Paul and Jane Hoden; Charles and Helen Higgins; Miriam Kaplan, Bradford and Adrianne Prokop, and Al Kaplan; and Norm and Beth Miller. 22

Shell Point Life | January 2013


Extravaganza a Success! The joyous sounds of Christmas music and a strategic path of striped candy canes led visitors to join in the shopping experience at both the Gift Shop and the Social Center on November 29. The Gift Shop Extravaganza featured book signings, new Christmas items for sale, complimentary gift wrapping, and demonstrations by resident suppliers. One demonstrator even had a hazelnut cracking device and offered those who mastered the apparatus a fresh hazelnut to eat!

Due to the success of this year’s extravaganza, the Gift Shop is pleased to announce that this event will become an annual start to each holiday season. Partly due to the success of the extravaganza was a new component, a raffle drawing where winners received items donated by the generous suppliers of the Gift Shop. Maxine Brooks (Eagles Preserve) was delighted with the outcome of the event, stating, “Guests enjoyed cookies and punch as they awaited the names to be announced for the prizes. The ambiance was one of generosity and holiday spirit, and we look forward to many more years of festivities.” The Gift Shop thanks all who participated in the event, as well as the diligent volunteers who made this year’s extravaganza such a success!

Shell Point Life | January 2013


You are cordially invited to attend a formal Gala Celebration


Gourmet Refreshments by Chef Mike Gavala of


Join us as we celebrate the people, places, and events that provide the framework for this unique community.

Friday, January 11, 2013 at 2:45 p.m. or 6:45 p.m. The Village Church Auditorium on The Island at Shell Point Entertainment by Leslie Ellis and The Craig Turley Orchestra

Watch for your personal invitation to arrive in the mail.

Happy New Year! A Time for Assessment and Assurance BY TIMOTHY STEPHENSON,

Each year, New Year’s Day is a time when I tackle several projects around our house. It is the time to change the batteries in the smoke detectors. It is the time when I organize my tax file and start a new one for the New Year. It is also a time to reassess where we are with our investments and make any adjustments that need to be made. Our faith leads us to reevaluate things from time to time. But that is always with the assurance from the Scriptures that God is faithful. “Yet this I call to mind and therefore I have hope: Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions 24

Shell Point Life | January 2013






never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” — Lamentations 3:21-23 The world around us is unstable and the news is not always as positive as we would prefer. However, God promises us that with every day comes a renewing of his compassions and promises. I’m sure that is true for New Year’s Day as well. As we start the New Year it is in knowing He is faithful. Perhaps at this New Year’s time, it would be helpful to take a fresh look at your business and financial affairs and make sure things are in order. If you would like help in evaluating things, please call us at the

Legacy Foundation at 466-8484. We would be happy to sit down with you and make sure everything is in order. Then you can plan for a truly Happy New Year!

Q& A

FineMark National Bank & Trust Answers Your Personal Banking Questions B Y T I F FA N Y W I L L I A M S , M A N A G I N G E X E C U T I V E , F I N E M A R K N AT I O N A L B A N K & T R U S T


Does the FineMark office at Shell Point have SaFe DePoSit boxeS? if so, what can the boxes hold?


Yes, the FineMark National Bank & Trust office located on The Island does indeed has safe deposit boxes. Each safe deposit box is an individually secured container, held within the bank vault. Currently, there are about 160 available boxes, ranging in size from 3” x 5” to 10” x 10”. Safe deposit boxes are used to store valuable possessions, such as gemstones, precious metals, currency, marketable securities, and important documents that need protection, such as wills, property deeds, and birth certificates. Safe deposit boxes and the vaults they are housed in are manufactured to be highly resistant to theft, fire, flood, and other disasters. However, the fact that they are “resistant” means there is not a 100% guarantee

against damage. If you have a safe deposit box, make sure you follow these steps: 1. Seal items in airtight bags or plastic containers, and write your name on everything 2. Make copies of documents and take pictures of all items 3. Keep a list of the box’s contents along with copies of documents and photos of items that you store in your safe deposit box The bank or the FDIC does not insure the items in your safe deposit box. If you are concerned about the safety of the items in your safe deposit box, check whether your homeowner or tenant insurance policy covers you against damage or theft. Many policies cover box contents up to a specific

2013 Investment Outlook —

Market Trends, Tax Changes and More Katie Nixon is the chief investment officer for the personal financial services business at Northern Trust. In that capacity, Katie leads the national investment management practice for Northern Trust’s Personal Financial Services (PFS) business from the firm’s Chicago headquarters. Her responsibilities include investment policy development with a particular focus on portfolio construction and implementation. Join us as Katie delves into the investment outlook across multiple investment categories in 2013. Katie will highlight market trends and expound upon national and international opportunities, tax changes, the effects of recent legislation, and more. This 45-minute presentation will be followed by Q&A. Light refreshments will be served. The seminar is free; however, seating is limited and reservations are required. To reserve your seat, please contact either service desk.

dollar amount, even those items lost or damaged when out of the box. If you have any questions about safe deposit boxes, call the Fine Mark office at 239-461-5999. The friendly and professional team of banking experts are always happy to help.

The Legacy Foundation presents

2013 Investment Outlook Monday, January 28 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Grand Cypress Room

SPEAKERS: Katie Nixon, Executive Vice President, Personal Financial Services Northern Trust and Timothy A. Stephenson ChFC, Executive Director The Legacy Foundation at Shell Point LS01 Shell Point Life | January 2013


To include a listing for an upcoming event or activity, please contact Mary Franklin, resort services manager, at 454-2152 or email:

Blizzard: Shell Point Style


Thursday, January 3 2:15 p.m. Social Center/IS Experience a blizzard at Shell Point! There will be a documentary from The History Channel of some of the most devastating blizzards Train stuck in snow to hit our nation. While watching this interesting and historical documentary, you will have the chance to enjoy an icy cold treat.

Shell Point Market Place


Friday, January 4,11,18,25 8:30a.m. – 11:30 a.m. 11,18,25 Admin Courtyard/IS Fruits, veggies, plants, jewelry, honey — the Shell Point Market Place has it all! Check out the unique variety of products sold each week by local vendors.

Shell Point Walking Club: Lovers Key State Park


Saturday, January 5 8:00 a.m. Meet at The Island Clock If you are physically fit and looking for an adventure into real Florida, choose a three- or 26

Shell Point Life | January 2013

six-mile walk on the recreational trails at Lovers Key State Park. The Black Island and Eagle trails wind along the banks of canals through a maritime hammock and offer many opportunities to see wildlife. The Black Island Trail boasts the highest point in Lee County, gradually rising to 30 feet. Refreshments are available. For sign up and more information, call Bob Chamberlin (Royal Bonnet) at 4543917 or Goz Gosslin (Turban) at 466-1594.

Golf Croquet


Monday, January 7 2:00 p.m. Bocce Courts/WDL All are welcome at Shell Point’s first ever game of Golf Croquet. Although many people are familiar with the game of croquet, not very many people have heard of this version. Come out to the Bocce courts to learn more about the game and its history, and maybe even give the game a try. Light refreshments provided.



Life Quest Expo


uest AT S H E L L P O I N T

Shell Point Garden P Society Meeting

A Soothing Afternoon with Sentimental Sounds

Veteran’s Club Meeting



Thursday, January 10 2:15 p.m. Social Center/IS Enjoy an afternoon of listening and relaxing to this five-piece, local Fort Myers band. You may even get the urge to dance as you are inspired by the sounds of your favorite songs!


Thursday, January 10 2:15 p.m. Manatee Room/IS “Holiday event” is the topic for this month’s meeting. Bring an 8x10 or larger print. The goal is to help each other become better photographers by learning how to self critique. Herb Sklar (Eagles Preserve) will present techniques on how to take better photos at the zoo, followed by sign-up for the February 25 Photo Safari to the Naples Zoo.


January 11 10:00 a.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL The Veterans’ Club welcomes Dr. Robert Buker (Oakmont) to share the story of how he went from being a missionary to being drafted into the army during the Vietnam War. All are welcome to hear more about his intriguing story.

The Apple Group

Wednesday, January 9 11:00 a.m. Oak Room/WDL All residents are invited to its monthly meeting where Todd Roy of the Edison Estates returns by popular demand to discuss, “Nurturing Your Southwest Florida Vegetable Garden: Fertilizers, Pest Control, and More.” He will bring slides of historic Edison and modern gardens.

Photo Club

Saturday DVD: The Magic of Belle Isle (2012)


Tuesday, January 8 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Church Auditorium/IS It is time to set and commit to your MyQuest goals. Visit the booths of experts representing all six dimensions of wellness. Booths will include healthy educational information, mini health screenings, specialty health vendors, and Shell Point services. There will also be plenty of door prizes and healthy snacks. Bring your MyQuest commitment card and receive a free LifeQuest T-shirt.


Friday, January 11 1:30 p.m. Oak Room/WDL Today, many PC owners have begun using iPhones and iPads. This being the trend, The Apple Group welcomes all those who have, or are interested in learning more about the Apple family of products. This month, Wally Mercer (Lakewood) will review Apple’s newest operating system, Mountain Lion. Attend and learn about the many new and enhanced features of the system, including their new sharing and cloud-based synchronization features!

OS X Mountain Lion Information Forum


Saturday, January 12 10:00 a.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL Bruce Findley (Sundial) will outline details about the spring T3 classes. Class instructors will be on hand to answer questions, you can learn which iPad classes fits you best, you can explore some of the new classes being offered, and you are always welcome to just have fun! Refreshments and door prizes will be included during the event!


Saturday, January 12 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL Morgan Freeman stars in this heartwarming dramatic comedy as Monte Wildhorn, a wheelchair-bound author. When Wildhorn moves to a rural town, he finds himself befriending a single mother and her three kids. Before long, this family helps to reignite Wildhorn’s passions for writing.

Square Dance Interest Meeting


Monday, January 14 9:15 a.m. Osprey Room/IS Have you ever square danced? Are you interested in learning how? Well then do-si-do and allemande to this informational meeting and help start up a Square Dance group here at Shell Point.

Parrot Key Caribbean Grill Lunch on the Bay!


Monday, January 14 10:30 a.m. Island pickup 10:45 a.m. Woodlands pickup 11:05 a.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 1:30 p.m. approximate return Cost: $6.00 (lunch on your own) Waterfront dining is fun for everyone. And you’ll have no worries about the weather at Parrot Key Caribbean Grill, because all the seating is under cover. Enjoy a bit of paradise on this colorful and flavorful lunch outing. If you are in the mood for Mango Tango Grouper or Pulled Pork in Paradise, you’re in luck! Entrees on their fun and diversified menu are typically priced between $8 and $15. Shell Point Life | January 2013




Do You Know Your Neighbor: Christian University/College Alumni


Wednesday, January 16 10:00 a.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL Looking to host a festive party for your court or for your family? Consultants from Pottery Barn will host an elegant morning tea with creative ideas of how to decorate your tables when you entertain. A followup trip to Pottery Barn will take place in February!

Computer Club


Thursday, January 17 2:15 p.m. Manatee Room/IS Special guest Alex Irigoven, from Cartridge World in Fort Myers, will discuss computer printers and ink cartridges. He will have a short video presentation, and then will answer your questions pertaining to printers and ink cartridges.





Tuesday, January 15 3:15 p.m. Social Center/IS Calling all graduates from Christian universities and colleges! Regardless of your school or denomination, let’s all come together to see how many different Christian schools are represented here at Shell Point. Bring a shirt, mug, photos, or anything else that you have to support you school! Light refreshments will be provided. See more about the new Do You Know Your Neighbor program on page 9.

Tea and Table Top Settings with Pottery Barn


Shell Point Life | January 2013

Wallis Simpson Royal Obsession

Fleamasters Flea Market with Live Music!


Friday, January 18 10:00 a.m. Island pickup 10:10 a.m. Woodlands pickup 10:20 a.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 3 p.m. approximate return Cost: $7.00 (food on your own) Let’s go shopping! Spend the day at Giant Fleamasters Fleamarket. With more than 900 retail stores, there’s plenty to see and do. From paintings to pets to electric bikes, Fleamasters has a million items you won’t find in ordinary stores. The Fleamarket might just be best place for Florida souvenirs, home decor, antiques and collectibles, hair care, jewelry, more. Snack bars and coffee shop are located on site. Enjoy live music in the music hall from 11:30-2:30 while you relax and rest your feet.

Sunday Matinee: 84 Charing Cross Road (1986)


Sunday, January 20 2:30 p.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL In this story about love and the love of books, Helene Hanff (Anne Buncroft), a New York writer, writes a letter to a small London bookshop requesting some rare English Classics. Frank Doel (Anthony Hopkins), the reserved English bookseller, answers her request, igniting a touching and humorous correspondence that spans two decades and develops into an extraordinary friendship.




Monday, January 21 1:00 p.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL Professional actress Joanna Olsen invites you into the world of post-World War I London as she portrays the life of Wallis Simpson, one of the most infamous women of her time. Delightful and captivating, this is a onewoman show about an ambitious Baltimore socialite who ultimately becomes the Duchess of Windsor.

Library Book Talk


Tuesday, January 22 2:15 p.m. Social Center/IS Phil Gannon (Rosemont) will be reviewing Jonathan Haidt’s The Righteous Mind; Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion. The author, who considers himself a liberal, presents the thesis that whether a person is a liberal or conservative, they have six intuitions: caring, fairness, liberty, loyalty, authority, and sanctity. Phil will review the book using Power Point and a YouTube interview with the author. Discussion and refreshments will follow.

Beach Day


Thursday, January 24 8:30 a.m. Island pickup 8:40 a.m. Woodlands pickup 8:50 a.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 3:00 p.m. approximate return Cost: $16.00 (ice cream on your own) While the northern part of the country deals with freezing temperatures and shoveling snow, we can all enjoy a day at the beach! Join your friends for a day at Delnor Wiggins

Sign-up required for this activity. Call Island (454-2282) or Woodlands (454-2054)

State Park beach in Naples. Shell Point will supply the picnic lunch and beverages. All you need is your beach supplies, perhaps a lightweight beach chair, and a beachy attitude! A bath house and shade area are adjacent to the picnic site. Our traditional stop for ice cream at the Royal Scoop Creamery will be included on the trip back.

Organ Concert with Ned Spain


Friday, January 25 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Woodlands Commons/WDL Ned Spain will be returning once again for an Organ Concert, making this the seventh time that he has performed here at Shell Point. A New York native, Ned began playing the organ while serving in the Marine Corps, playing organ music before the movies at base theater. Join in celebrating the art of organ playing for his delightful concert!

It’s Hockey Time! Florida Everblades Game


Saturday, January 26 5:30 p.m. Island pickup 5:40 p.m. Woodlands pickup 5:50 p.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 10:15 p.m. approximate return Cost: $30.00 (snacks on your own) Last year your Florida Everblades won the Kelly Cup National Championship! They have a title to defend as they try to earn their way to a repeat championship in 2013. The Greenville Road Warriors will have their chance to challenge the champs as we cheer from the stands. Arena, crowd and bleacher navigation is required for this outing..

Movie Night: King Solomon’s Mines (1950)

Special event bus will be running


Monday, January 28 6:45 p.m. Social Center/IS Get ready for an adventure as you follow the story of Allan Quartermain as he searches for an explorer that went missing while on a hunt for the fabled diamond mines of King Solomon. The story takes place, and was entirely filmed, in the wilds of Africa.

Il Pomodoro Cucina Italiana- Dinner Trip


Tuesday, January 29 4:15 p.m. Island pickup 4:25 p.m. Woodlands pickup 4:35 p.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 7:30 p.m. approximate return Cost: $7.00 (dinner on your own) Il Pomodoro Itaniana Cucina is just down the road, but offers a menu selection with dishes that sound anything but local! Sure they have many of the classic Italian dishes, but they also offer many signature dishes such as Cavatelli Arrabiatta and Spaghetti Caprese. Sign up today to enjoy an evening out with friends, or make new friends, as you dine in style at Il Pomodoro! Entrée prices range from $14.99 to $19.99.

Walking required

Presidents and Their First Ladies: Jerry and Betty Ford

Walking up and down stairs


Wednesday, January 30 3:15 p.m. Social Center/IS The always enjoyable Presidents and Their First Ladies program is returning to Shell Point with a brand new show! Enjoy an afternoon of history portrayed dramatically as you are given insight into the life and relationship of Jerry and Betty Ford.




Edison Ford Antique Car & Boat Show


Saturday, February 2 9:00 a.m. Island pickup 9:10 a.m. Woodlands pickup 9:20 a.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 1:30 p.m. approximate return Cost: $26.00 (food on your own) More than 100 antique cars will be on exhibit from local car clubs and other classic car owners on the Ford lawn, in a fitting tribute to the legacy of Henry Ford. Owners will be on hand to answer questions about their cars and offer the histories behind the vehicles. At 11:00 a.m. there will be a Model T tour and lecture presented by the Edison Ford staff. There will also be antique boats on display at the Royal Palm Yacht Club. Food will be available at the Ford Cottage Terrace. Henry and Clara Ford will be in costume and conducting informal optional tours throughout the day. Sign up today for this early February event.

Shell Point Life | January 2013



January Highlights KING’S CROWN Tues 1 Thu 3 Thu 3 Fri 4 Fri 4 Mon 7 Mon 7 Tue 8 Fri 11 Fri 11 Mon 14 Mon 14 Wed 16 Fri


Fri 18 Sat 19 Mon 21 Tue 22 Thu 24 Fri 25 Mon 28 Mon 28 Tue 29 Wed 30


....New Years Good Luck Menu (L) ......................11-1:00pm ....Shopping Trip: Wal-Mart (L) ..............................9:00 a.m. ....January Birthdays w/ Jennifer Gilmore (COM)..2:00 p.m. ....Speaker Series: Life Quest (COM) ....................10:15 a.m. ....Shell Point Card Sale (GS) ................................11:30 a.m. ....Lunch Trip: Fancy’s Southern Café (L) ............10:15 a.m. ....Italian Love Songs w/ Vicki Lei (COM) ............2:00 p.m. ....Life Quest Expo (VC) ..........................................9:30 a.m. ....Brighten your Day with Flowers Class (COM) 10:15 a.m. ....Shell Point Gala (VC)..........................................2:45 p.m. ....Bargain Shopping: Thrift & Dollar Store (L) ....9:00 a.m. ....Jean Packard Trio (COM) ....................................2:00 p.m. ....Viva Italian Night w/ Jerry Blumenfeld on the Accordion (DR)..............................4-6:00 p.m ....Health Series: Linda Rakos-Healthy Eating in the New Year (COM) ............................10:15 a.m. ....Coffee & Cannoli’s (GS) ....................................11:00 a.m. ....Tom Cannon Sing Along (COM) ......................1:30 p.m. ....Resident Council (COM) ....................................2:00 p.m ....Food Advisory (DR)..............................................2:30 p.m ....New Resident Dinner (DR)..................................5:00 p.m. ....Lunch Trip: Nervous Nellie’s (L)........................10:15 a.m. ....Nature Walk: Orchid House (L) ........................10:00 a.m. ....Entertainers: Side by Side (COM) ......................2:00 p.m. ....Pizza Party (DR) ..................................................4-6:00 p.m ....National Croissant Day (DR) ..........................7-9:00 a.m.

Shell Point Life | January 2013

Tue 1 Wed 2 Fri 4 Mon 7 Tue 8 Tue 8 Tue 8 Wed 9 Thu 10 Fri 11 Fri 11 Mon 14 Tue 15 Wed 16 Thu 17 Tue Thu Fri Tue Wed Thu

22 24 25 29 30 31

....Brainteasers (1FL)..................................................9:00 a.m. ....Birthdays w/ The Diamonds (CMR) ..................3:00 p.m. ....Life Quest at Shell Point (CMR) ........................9:30 a.m. ....Lunch Trip: Fancy’s Southern Café (1FL) ........10:30 a.m. ....Life Quest Expo (VC) ..........................................9:30 a.m. ....Resident Council (CMR) ....................................2:00 p.m. ....Game Night (3DR) ..............................................6:30 p.m. ....Art w/ Evelyne: Color Pencils (4CR) ................10:00 a.m. ....Shopping Trip: Target (1FL) ................................9:30 a.m. ....Great Italian Painters (1SR) ..............................10:00 a.m. ....Legacy Gala (VC) ................................................2:45 p.m. ....Gourmet Coffee & Cannoli Tasting (1FL)........10:30 a.m. ....Dante Presents WWII Michael Boulet Show (CMR) ................................................3:00 p.m. ....That’s Amore Poetry Reading (CMR) ................3:00 p.m. ....New Resident Dinner w/ Ron Stone on the Sax (DR) ........................................ 5:00 p.m. ....Arbor Cats & Owners Picture Gallery (DR) ........All Day ....Italian Dinner w/ Vicki Lei (DR) ....................4- 6:00 p.m. ....Lunch Trip: Nervous Nellie’s (1FL) ..................10:45 a.m. ....Food Advisory (CMR)..........................................2:15 p.m. ....Pizza Party at the Gazebo ..................................12:00 p.m. ....Trip to the Orchid House (1FL) ..........................2:00 p.m.

LARSEN PAVILION Thu 3 ......Birthday Bash (2DR) ............................................2:30 p.m. Fri 11 ....Gerry Bloomfield (3DR) ......................................2:30 p.m. Wed 16 ....Ice Cream Social (3DR) ......................................2:30 p.m. Thu 17 ....Winter Wonderland Luncheon (1DR)..............11:00 a.m. Sat 19 ....Tom Cannon (2DR)..............................................2:30 p.m. Thu 24 ....Al Gervais Keyboard Entertainer (3DR) ............2:30 p.m. Fri 25 ....Ali the Entertainer (2DR) ....................................2:30 p.m. Every MonSing-a-long with Dot (2DR) ..............................10:00 a.m. Every Tue..Piano with Ruth Rodgers (3DR)........................10:00 a.m. Every WedMusic Social with Art (3DR)............................ 10:00 a.m. Every WedPet Therapy with Eli (3/2 DR) ....................2:30-3:00 p.m. Every Sat ..Pet Therapy with Sammie (3/2 DR) ............10-10:30 a.m. Recurring Activities: • Catholic Communion will be held each Sunday in residents’ rooms at 10:00 a.m. • Vespers meet on 3rd floor on Sundays at 2:45 p.m., and Mondays and Wednesdays at 3:45 p.m. on 2nd floor. • Bible Study with Eleanor will be held on Mondays at 9:30 a.m. on 3rd floor. • Bible Stories & Songs with Bud will meet Tuesdays at 3:00 p.m. on 3rd floor. • Hymn Sing will take place on Saturdays at 3 p.m. on 3rd floor.

SUPPORT GROUPS Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Diabetes Group Appointment

Neuropathy Support Group

Thursdays, January 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 4:30 p.m. Sabal Room/WDL Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and woman who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others recover from alcoholism. This “open” meeting of AA welcomes those who struggle with alcohol as well as those who support them. For more information, contact the intergroup phone number 275-5111.

Friday, January 4 1:00 p.m. Social Center/IS Both insulin and non-insulin diabetics are encouraged to attend this meeting. Each monthly meeting covers a different topic and includes open discussion.

Wednesday, January 16 11:00 a.m. Oak Room/WDL This group provides support and education opportunities for those dealing with neuropathy. Contact Lenny Wodarczyk (Parkwood) at 443-4769 or Melvin Bleiberg (Eagles Preserve) at 693-3016.

Healing Journey Grief Support

Parkinson’s Enrichment Support Group

Healing Journey is a series of sessions which examine the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual effects of grief. Although Healing Journey is on hiatus until February, Dotty Morrison (Cellana) and Judy Mayers (Junonia) are available to meet with anyone who wishes to talk about grief issues. Please call Dotty at 337-4015 to make an appointment.

Monday, January 7 10:15 a.m. Village Church Hospitality Room/IS This group provides support and educational opportunities to those affected by Parkinson’s Disease as a patient, caregiver, family, or friend. Each meeting includes a speaker covering topics related to Parkinson’s, group discussions, and emotional support. For more information, contact Janine Hammond, resident support services manager, at 454-2186.

Cancer Support Program 1-on-1 mentoring The goal of this resident-led program is to establish group mentoring connections between newly diagnosed cancer patients and cancer survivors. Contact Barbara Maruchi (Lakewood) at 433–9488.

Cancer Support Group Wednesday, January 9 1:30 p.m. Manatee Room/ IS Ladies and gentlemen are all encouraged to attend the resident-led Cancer Support Group. The intent is for a meaningful and uplifting session. Contact Barbara Maruchi (Lakewood) at 433-9488.

Memory Care Groups Note: Individual assessment is required before joining one of the following groups: Tuesdays, January 8 and 22 Group 1: 9:15 a.m. or 10:30 a.m. 2nd Floor Educational Room #1 Pavilion Rehabilitation Building/IS Wednesdays, January 2 and 16 3:00 p.m. 3rd Floor Game Room/Kings Crown

Caregiver Support Group Therapy Tuesdays, January 8 and 22 9:15 a.m. or 10:30 a.m. 2nd Floor Educational Room #2 Pavilion Rehabilitation Building/IS This therapeutic group is aimed at helping residents deal with issues of being a caregiver for someone with a memory disorder. The resident with a memory disorder may be cared for in independent living, assisted living, or skilled nursing. Dr. Nancy Spencer facilitates the group and can be reached at 454-2043. Sign up is required.

These therapeutic groups are designed to provide education and support to those residents who have some type of memory disorder. The objectives of the groups are to identify practical strategies that would help residents better manage their memory loss, address long-range planning, and offer an environment that fosters a sense of purpose and heightened self-esteem. Kathy Fratrick, L.C.S.W., facilitates the group and can be reached at 454-2073. Individual appointments are also available.

The Vision Enrichment Group Tuesday, January 15 10:15 a.m. Social Center/IS The Vision Enrichment Group is a place to network and to share stories and information. Florence Putnam (Eagles Preserve) is the chairperson. For more information, contact Angie Prichard at 454-2134 or Sandee Weber at 225-2929.

Walk With Me Caregiver Support Group Thursday, January 31 Coffee and dessert at 1:30 p.m. Meeting at 1:45 p.m. Village Church Hospitality Room/IS Attend the Walk With Me Support Group to share your caregiver experiences with friends. Each meeting offers the opportunity to embrace spiritual support and renew inner strength. Contact Joyce Seckinger (Lucina) at 466-1354 for more information.

Shell Point Life | January 2013


Exploring LifeQuest at the Salon & Spa We Are Here to Help You With Your MyQuest Journey B








As you begin the New Year and plan your MyQuest journey for 2013, keep in mind that the Shell Point Salon & Spa can represent four dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, educational, and community and social. Emotional: Relaxation brings on a sense of emotional wellbeing. People need and enjoy the “power of touch” experienced during a shampoo, haircut, manicure, pedicure, facial, or massage. As human beings, we all have this need. Physical: The physical dimension of wellness is satisfied by treating physical needs through massage, facials, manicure and pedicure, shampoo, and other services that help you feel your best while also helping to enhance and maintain a positive self image. Educational: The Salon & Spa offers regular educational programs through the Health Connection. Classes such as Skin, What Type Are You?, Makeup Made Easy, and Reflexology, offer opportunities for educational enrichment.


Community & Social: Each day in the salon we build friendships while sharing life’s triumphs and struggles. The atmosphere in the Salon & Spa at Shell Point is upbeat, friendly, helpful, and compassionate. The community & social connection is felt by both residents and staff members at the salon!

See for Yourself Please plan to visit the Salon & Spa table at the LifeQuest Expo on Tuesday, January 8. We will have product samples and information to help you determine how our services compliment your MyQuest goals. Also during the event: • Enjoy a mini massage and discuss how your LifeQuest goals will benefit from this therapy • Learn the benefits of facial and skin care while observing a demonstration of one of our signature treatments • Learn about the benefits of our “medipedi” by Footlogix • Discover the “power of touch” through a hand massage with QTICA AntiAging Cream • Consider hair replacement therapy by Bosley • Learn about quality products such as toxinfree nail polish by Zoya & Tea Tree Oil • Receive a complimentary paraffin hand wax (while supply lasts)

Happy New Year Offer for your MyQuest Journey


Customers with Free Services

Don Modrall of Eagles Preserve became our first customer to pay for eight massages and receive his ninth massage for free with the Salon & Spa’s customer rewards program. Don appreciates the benefits of a weekly halfhour massage and says it helps “keep his body tuned up.”


Shell Point Life | January 201332

SPECIAL FOR JANUARY 5% off one service of your choice Nail • Skin • Hair • Massage one per person Visit the Salon & Spa table at the LifeQuest Expo for a special 5% savings toward your first step on your MyQuest journey. One coupon per person.

Shell Point Life | December 2012

Crafting a Memorable Performance A Drama Teacher and Pupil Reunite at Shell Point By Sarah Nadal, marketing assistant B






, M




Dr. Mary Hardwick (Nautilus) enjoyed a 27-year career as the former director of theatre at Clarion University in Clarion, Pennsylvania, where she taught students the fine arts of speech communication and acting as well as directing many plays. Even though she is retired, Mary’s students still seek her expertise. One of Mary’s students, Terry Wickline, recently flew to Fort Myers from Pittsburgh to consult with Mary to prepare for a leading role.

and theatre, after a career as a registered nurse. Now I have had the privilege of working with her again and I couldn’t be happier to coach her in this next season of life.” When Terry found out that she’d landed two different roles in her acting company’s upcoming season, there was no doubt in her mind as to who she’d like to train with. “Mary has a remarkable understanding of character and is so in touch with humanity,” shared Terry. “She has a way of seeing things and offering suggestions in a way that no one else can.”

Setting the Stage Mary and Terry first crossed paths in the late 1980s when Terry spent two years studying theatre with Mary at Clarion University. Mary taught Terry how to craft a memorable performance from just a few lines of dialogue. “When you work off a script, you have to invent a lot. As an actor or actress, you have to take the few lines a character has on the page and create a real person out of them. What are their thought patterns? What are their interests? The character on the page is not three dimensional, but flat, and as the interpreter, you want that person to become real,” explained Mary. Mary and Terry had a very productive working relationship at Clarion University. “During this time, Terry played a major role in all the productions I directed,” shared Mary, “and it was a joy to teach her as she pursued her BA in speech communication

Making Magic Last May, Mary welcomed Terry to her home in Nautilus to start what Mary graciously dubbed “spadework,” in other words, the hard preliminary drudgery of bringing magic to the otherwise two-dimensional character of Avdotya from Anton Chekhov’s Ivanov. Mary shared, “We focus on the senses as we develop Avdotya. How does this character interact with those around her?” Terry explained, “Mary is helping me practice as I will be performing this role as part of a Chekhov Festival through the Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre (PICT). We will be focusing primarily on Avdotya, although I also received the role of Murashkina in a short play called Drama (A Comedy).

Continued on next page Shell Point Life | January 2013


CRAFTING A MEMORABLE PERFORMANCE Continued from page 33 While they practiced lines from Act II, Terry explained, “In this scene, I play a widow who is berating her partner during a high-stakes card game when he is clearly in over his head.” As Mary looked on, Terry carefully delivered her line. “Well, don’t play if you don’t know how. What makes you think you can lead with your opponent’s suit! Then you wonder why you are stuck with your ace!” “No, no - you’re not angry. You’re not judgmental,” Mary directed. Her fingers traced imaginative patterns in the air as she passionately illustrated the nuances of facial expression and intonation for her pupil. “You’re sitting there with your two children and your husband and he has just said some-

thing silly. Don’t be afraid to trout him!” With an unconscious wave of her hand and a tilt of her head, Terry returned to the beginning of the scene. As Terry redelivered her line with a ramrod spine and the hint of a smile, Mary brightened. “Yes! Show me your superiority! You think I’m a nincompoop! Make me feel dumb!” As their session drew to a close, Mary laughed and admitted that Terry’s final delivery was an exercise in perfection. “Your performance was so believable and real. Your audience will burst into laughter – and that is exactly what you want to do. Well done!" Terry gave all the credit for her progress to Mary. “Mary is absolutely brilliant and such a joy to work with. That’s why I flew down from Pittsburgh to see Mary again,” said Terry. “She’s the best in the business, and I’m so humbled to sit at her feet and learn. Working with Mary always broadens my concept of character, and enriches my attempts at creation. As an actor, I always feel a bit myopic and it takes someone like Mary to broaden the scope. She not only has a brilliant director's eye, but she also has the actor's sensitivity to detail and truth.”

Putting It Into Practice

Terry Wickline, one of Mary Hardwick’s former drama students, traveled from Pittsburgh, PA to Shell Point to get some help from her former Clarion University professor in preparing for an upcoming role in Anton Chekhov’s Ivanov . 34

Shell Point Life | January 2013

After studying intensively with Mary for three days, Terry returned to Pittsburgh and headed straight into rehearsals with the other members of her acting troupe. “Rehearsals start with ‘table work,’ which involves reading the script aloud with other actors. Then, we work with set pieces and props in a mock-up of the stage to practice our timing and become spatially aware of our performance area. Throughout this process, the actor, director, and playwright finalize what will eventually mesh into the final production,” explained Terry.

Mary Hardwick, Shell Point resident and Former Clarion University theater director, has plenty of experience as an actor as well.

Opening Night Last summer, Terry unveiled her polished performance as Avdotya in Ivanov, as well as an additional role in a shorter play. “As you can imagine, the schedule was quite complicated having all shows up and running at various times during that time period. I could be in a matinee at two o’clock, and return the same day for an evening performance in an entirely different show. But, all the hard work that I put in with Mary’s help paid off - the theatres where we performed were always at least two-thirds full for our early performances, with full houses on the weekends.” Terry attributes her success to her wonderful teacher. “I have worked with many different directors in many theatres and companies of all sizes, but none can compare to Mary; she is simply in a class of her own. I am grateful each and every day that she shares her artistic abilities with me. We have a very special bond and I feel so blessed to have her in my life as such a dear friend. I owe my successes in the theatre world entirely to her. Mary should be lauded for her gifts — you have a real diamond in your midst at Shell Point!”

Shell Point Resident Photographer

Featured in Exhibit at Ding Darling B






Shell Point resident Sallie Rich will have her most recent collection of photographs on display at the J.N. “Ding” Darling Wildlife Refuge Center from Wednesday, January 2, through Thursday, February 28, 2013. The exhibit, Great Blues in Love, captures the mating habits of Great Blue Herons. This is the third time Sallie’s work will be shown at “Ding” Darling. Sallie, a self-taught photographer, has been interested in the art of photography since she was just seven years old. The talent comes naturally to her, as her attention

to detail, composition, and line are tremendous. But it is her fine, complete capture of color and texture that make her photographs exceptional. When Sallie settled in Captiva in 1987, she got her first real camera, an Olympus IS1. With this new device, Rich was able to capture the magnificent wildlife that Southwest Florida is known for. From birds to sea creatures to the local flora and fauna, Sallie’s trained eye and steady hand has captured all Florida has to offer. Rich moved to Shell Point six years ago.

For a wildlife photographer, it seems like a stroke of destiny. As she pointed out, “Nearly every bird Ding Darling has on its list is also present at Shell Point. And I have the best view from my home. I see the sun come up every day and I have dolphins playing right outside my front yard every day. There’s a new painting and a new sound every single hour!” Making a hobby into life work is something that very few people get the chance to do. Getting the opportunity to touch people though your art is something that every artist strives for. Sallie has managed to do both. Her hobby has helped define who she is, and she, in turn, has taken her art and touched the lives of countless wildlife refuge visitors from around the world. Sallie’s latest exhibit, Great Blues in Love, will feature 30 photographs that she captured of Great Blue Herons exhibiting mating behaviors and rituals. “I found a secret spot on Captiva and positioned myself there every day for three weeks. Whether hot, cold, wet, or with my forehead bleeding from no-see-um bites, I was ecstatically happy the whole time!” In fact, after the first day of viewing the activity in the nest, Sallie went out and bought a bigger and better camera – a Canon Mark II D. “I’d drive, with the new 400mm lens and my breakfast and lunch, from Shell Point to the nest site. Arriving before sunrise, I usually stayed until three or four in the afternoon. I was there as long as I had the light Captiva artist Robert Rauschenberg called ‘Venetian.’” Great Blues in Love will be on display in Auditorium B of the Education Center at “Ding” Darling from January 2 through February 28. Gallery hours at “Ding” Darling are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week. Rich will discuss her work with visitors to the exhibit on Sunday, January 13, and Sunday, February 10, from 1 to 3 p.m. Sallie said, “Through this educational exhibit, I hope to share a unique and astonishing insight into the natural world which most people might otherwise never experience.” Shell Point Life | January 2013


Olympic Greatness Citius, Altius, Fortius – Faster, Higher, Stronger! field events, and ramp bowling. Whether participating as an athlete or cheering from the crowd, every person who took part in the 2012 Olympic Games at Shell Point felt the joy of the friendly competition.

Closing Ceremonies The gold, silver, and bronze medal winners of each game were draped with their medals during the Closing Ceremonies on Sylvia Chamberlin and Willie Demarest proudly displayed Friday, November 16. Each wintheir custom-designed court flag during the Opening ner had a moment in the spotlight Ceremonies. The Royal Bonnet flag won the first place as they came up to the stage. prize, as determined by a vote from Shell Point employees. The winners of the court flag design competition were The Olympic motto encourages athThe Games also announced during the Closing letes to give their best during compeCeremonies. Shell Point employees voted For three days, athletes competed in a for their favorites, awarding third place to tition and to view this effort as a victory in itself! The Shell Point athletes are a variety of physical and educational chal- The Arbor, second place to King’s Crown, lenges throughout the entire campus. and the first place gold medal to Royal perfect reflection of this motto! Athletes were challenged in 33 events and Bonnet. Grand Entrance many residents came out to cheer them on as The week-long event closed with Mary they participated in kayaking, tennis, bil- Franklin ringing the bell three times to sigThe Opening event brought the liards, table tennis, bocce, trivia, and many nify and celebrate not only the success of games to a start on November 12. All 24 more events. The Larsen Pavilion, The the winners but the camaraderie and sense courts proudly ushered in their one-of- Springs, The Arbor, and King’s Crown athletes of community felt throughout the entire a-kind court flags. Dawn Boren, director competed in events such as Wii competitions, week by all 631 participants. of resident life, motivated the large An enthusiastic group of Eagles Preserve residents gathered around crowd exclaiming, “There is only ONE their court flag while sharing in the joy of the Shell Point Olympics. Shell Point!” President Peter Dys rallied the crowd when he demonstrated his all-around athletic abilities on the big screen. Then, The Jamminators came out on stage and amazed the audience with their rhythmic talents playing on trash cans, lids, and even the stage itself! Scott Moore, vice president of operations, laid down the rules of the Olympics, ensuring that no cheating, fixing of the games, or enhancement medications would be used throughout the week of competition. And Dr. Bill Lanpher (Oakmont), resident council chairman, officially opened the games by lighting the Olympic flame.


Shell Point Life | January 2013

Athletes were challenged in 33 events and many residents came out to cheer them on as they participated in kayaking, tennis, billiards, bocce, trivia, and many more events.

To see more photos from the Shell Point Olympics please visit www.facebook/shellpoint

Shell Point Life | January 2013


In Recognition of Service & Ministry Pastor Ken and Elaine Nesselroade Celebrate Retirement B






Throughout his life of ministry, Pastor Ken Nesselroade has impacted countless individuals through meaningful personal connections, memorable sermons, and lasting community enrichment efforts. Yet, perhaps the most influential years of Ken’s career have been those that he and his wife, Elaine, spent at The Village Church at Shell Point. And now, after 12 years of dedicated service to the community, Ken and Elaine are looking forward to retirement.


Shell Point Life | January 2013


hen he reached high school, his interest in singing led him to participate in choirs, quartets, and small singing groups. During his junior year of high school, when he sensed God calling him to enter the ministry, Ken was unsure of his ability. “I considered the call to ministry to be a cruel trick because I was very intimidated of speaking in front of groups of people. It was a grave concern on my part that I was being asked to fail.” Yet, he followed the calling, “I was more afraid of not doing God’s will. If God was who He said He was, He knew me better than I knew myself and I needed to trust Him.” So after graduating from high school, Ken enrolled at Kentucky Mountain Bible College. It was there that he met Elaine. She shared, “I remember the first time I saw Ken. He was eating ice cream at a little shop on campus. We didn’t talk then, but we ended up having several classes together and began chatting during my second year at the school. He was very polite and a lot of fun. But, it was a very conservative setting and we had to abide by a lot of rules and regulations. Ken had to get permission from an administrator in order to ask me on a date. We’ve been together ever since that first date!” Upon receiving his graduate certificate from the Bible College, Ken attended Asbury University and married Elaine after his first year there. It was at Asbury that he rounded out his education with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education in history and English. “I wanted to have some background that was broader than just ministry. I thought that education would be a good setting for that, and I loved English and history.” Following graduation, Ken and Elaine had two sons and pastored for four years in Margate, New Jersey, at Trinity United Methodist Church. In 1972, Ken and Elaine transitioned to the Christian & Missionary Alliance and served pastorates in Ypsilanti, Michigan (5 years); Marion, Ohio (16 years); and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (7 years). Each new transition was a challenge for Ken and Elaine. “It’s a major passage,” shared Ken. “It involves saying ‘goodbyes’ to people that you value, not just saying ‘goodbye’ to a job that you love. It also involves buying into new people when you don’t know them very well. It requires a great deal of trust and forgiveness. It wasn’t easy, and it was often painful, but we always made our peace with each church before moving on to the next assignment.”

Called to Serve Shell Point In November of 1999, the opportunity for a new assignment came to Ken when he received a phone call from Jim Davey (Parkwood). At the time, Jim was serving as the senior pastor of The Village Church at Shell Point and was seeking an associate pastor. Ken was familiar with Shell Point. His brother, Dr. David Nesselroade, has been a physician at Shell Point since 1986. “I had been down to Shell Point to visit David many years earlier. Elaine and I were really impressed by Shell Point.” Ken came to The Village Church in October 2000 as associate minister for pastoral care. And, when Pastor Davey retired in 2001, Ken became the senior minister of The Village Church. David reflected on the blessing of Ken accepting the position at Shell Point, “As my older brother, Ken taught me all of the boyhood fundamentals. He was probably my biggest fan, always encouraging me in all that I did. By watching Ken I learned how to treat my parents with respect, treat girls and women with dignity, treat my education as a blessing, and treat the Word of God with diligence. Now that we are both here at Shell Point, our love and friendship has greatly deepened. It is something for which I daily thank God.” Continued on next page

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Admirable Accomplishments Throughout the past 12 years, Ken has been responsible for shepherding the various ministries of church while caring for the spiritual needs of the entire Shell Point Retirement Community. “We are doing great work here of integrating. If there is one thing I have been blessed to participate in, it would be integrating the church into the community.” The first way that Ken was able to integrate the church into the community was by getting the worship services broadcast on SPTV. “With the interest of sharing worship services with the greater Shell Point community, we took a gift that was given to The Village Church and gave it to Shell Point to buy the equipment and hire the staff to start an onsite television program. From there, we were off and running.” Ken was also instrumental in launching the resident chaplaincy program that has blossomed under the leadership of Sue Stranahan, director of spiritual services. Sue explained, “We started with a vague idea of how spiritual services should be provided and worked together to accomplish the goals. I have appreciated Pastor Ken’s insight, inspiration, wisdom and encouragement along the way to making the vision a reality.” Elaine became involved in the chaplaincy program in 2004. “Throughout my life, I’ve always loved working with children. When we came to Shell Point, I knew I wouldn’t be working with children. For several months, I wondered what I could do to stay involved. Ken encouraged me to investigate opportunities to visit with residents. So I approached Sue about the chaplaincy program and she took me under her wing. She guided me through 400 hours of training to become an assistant chaplain. It is a great fit for me. I like knowing that I am helping and I enjoy brining comfort to others in need. I really became attuned to memory care unit and found that while serving those residents I am also gaining something in return. Even though we are retiring, I will still work on the memory care unit as a volunteer assistant chaplain.” According to Sue, it was a natural calling

for Elaine, “She is a very kind person. Gentle. Unassuming. She immediately puts people at ease so they are comfortable confiding in her and talking to her. She is a very caring person and thrived in the role of spiritual care.” Continuing the mission of integrating The Village Church with the greater Shell Point community, Ken helped launch an employee chaplain program and appointed Don Steenhoek to serve the needs of the Shell Point staff. Ken said, “Although the church is self funded, self governed, and free standing, our success is predicated on understanding and

of The Village Church. As he looked out over the congregation, he shared, “I remember the many emotions Elaine and I felt upon arriving at The Village Church. What a blessing it was for us to be called to serve first in the area of pastoral care and then, after Pastor Davey retired, as your senior pastor. Our years at The Village Church and Shell Point Retirement Community have been the crowning years of our entire ministry.” According to Peter Dys, president of Shell Point, “The critical thing that both Ken and Elaine provided was an unquestion-

The critical thing that both Ken and Elaine provided was an unquestionable love for the — Peter Dys, Shell Point President people of Shell Point. relating to our community. It seemed to me that we needed to be involved in every part of the community’s life, and the staff of Shell Point is a big part of that.” Another way that Ken as ensured that the church remains integrated with the Shell Point community is through the work of Randy Woods, minister of worship and music. “Hiring Randy was one of the best things I have done. He has elevated the music ministry of the church, organized the season of praise concert series, and participated in the life of our community through a number of key areas. I think he was a real gift from God in that sense.” Randy recognizes the blessing that comes from the opportunity to work alongside Ken and also get to know him on a personal level. “I greatly appreciate Pastor Ken’s support and encouragement. He’s always affirming and quick to promote the music ministry in our church and the special programs in our community. Outside of work, Ken has also been a good biking buddy. He usually lets me ride ahead of him so I feel macho. Yet, although he is behind me, I always know he is really in the lead — looking out for my best interests.”

Ready to Retire In October of 2011, Ken announced his plans to retire from his role of senior minister

able love for the people of Shell Point. Their deep respect for each individual is evident in everything they do, especially in helping people deal with difficulties and hardships. That love and commitment has never wavered. The Shell Point population has grown stronger because of their involvement and dedicated service.” Jim Davey added, “Ken has been a healthy game-changer at The Village Church. He has shown a great deal of courage and wisdom all along the way. He has built and encouraged a pastoral staff that is highly skilled and blends its talents in mutual support. He has fostered a trusting spirit because he himself trusts and believes in others.” Reflecting on his years of service to Shell Point and his upcoming retirement, Ken shared, “Elaine and I have been so blessed to serve the Lord here at The Village Church at Shell Point. We believe God prepared us through early years of service for this time and place. Truly, He saved the best for last.” And although Ken and Elaine don’t have any definite plans for retirement, he said, “I’m going to stay involved in ministry in some level. I’m not sure what that means, but I have every confidence that God has something for me to do and I’m anticipating him telling me when He is ready.”

Through the years: Ken and Elaine Nesselroade have served The Village Church and Shell Point Retirement Community since 2000.

I’m going to stay involved in ministry in some level. I’m not sure what that means, but I have every confidence that God has something for me to do and I’m anticipating him telling me when He is ready.

Honoring Ken and Elaine Nesselroade The entire community is invited to participate in three special events planned to help Pastor Ken and Elaine celebrate their official retirement.

Sunday Morning Worship Sunday, January 13 • 10:15 a.m. Village Church Auditorium During the Sunday morning worship service, special time will be devoted to recognizing and appreciating the ministries of Ken and Elaine Nesselroade. Several special guests will briefly express appreciation to them. All are invited.

King’s Brass Concert

Celebration of Ministry

Sunday, January 13 • 6:15 p.m. Village Church Auditorium

Wednesday, January 16 • 6:45 p.m. The Village Church Auditorium

The King’s Brass will recognize Ken and Elaine while dedicating a song to them in celebration of their years of service. Tickets for this event are $10 and can be purchased at The Village Church office. For information, call 239.454.2147.

Residents, employees, and friends are invited to a program celebrating the ministries of Ken and Elaine Nesselroade. The evening will contain a variety of elements, including videos and speakers, lasting about one hour and 15 minutes, followed by a dessert reception. Complimentary tickets are required, and can be obtained at the church office. Shell Point Life | December 2012


Carry the Light Experience Global Impact Week from January 20 through 27 The Village Church is especially pleased to celebrate 125 years of Alliance missions during Global Impact Week 2013. During the course of this meaningful week, missionary guests will be welcomed from North and Central Asia, Senegal, and Bosnia. The theme will be “Carry the Light” as each event is designed to increase our awareness and encourage our engagement with ongoing worldwide initiatives. The Alliance Regional Leadership Couple for North and Central Asia will be






Sunday Church Services Sunday, January 20 10:15 a.m. Leader for North and Central Asia, speaker 6:15 p.m. Evan Evans, speaker Academy Class Monday, January 21 10:00 a.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL Leadership Couple for North and Central Asia present After 20 Years: The Post-Soviet World, Church, and Alliance Ministry. Missions Banquet Monday, January 21 6:00 p.m. (doors open at 5:30) Leadership Couple for North and Central Asia, speakers. Complimentary tickets available at church office Women’s Ministries Global Outreach Tuesday, January 22 10:15 a.m. Church Hospitality Room Leader for North and Central Asia, speaker





speaking during the opening service on Sunday morning, January 20, and again at the Monday night banquet. Evan Evans from Senegal and Mark Byrom from Bosnia will also be sharing repeatedly throughout the course of the week. Dr. Peter Nanfelt (Eagles Preserve), former missionary and denominational president, will help to conclude the week by speaking Sunday morning, January 27. The week promises to be both informative and challenging. Everyone is warmly invited to attend and participate.

Tuesday Evening Service Tuesday, January 22 7:15 p.m. Village Church Auditorium Mark Byrom and Evan Evans, speakers Wednesday Evening Service Wednesday, January 23 7:15 p.m. Village Church Auditorium Evan Evans and Mark Byrom, speakers Fellowship Coffee Friday, January 25 10:15 a.m. Social Center/IS Evan Evans and Mark Byrom Friday Evening Service Friday, January 25 7:15 p.m. Village Church Auditorium Carry the Light featuring various speakers Sunday Church Services Sunday, January 27 10:15 a.m. Dr. Peter Nanfelt, speaker 6:15 p.m. Evan Evans, speaker



In 1991, Russia reemerged at the dissolution of the U.S.S.R., shaking off years of communist oppression. For the west, it represented hope for the future. Yet today, many of us in the United States are not any closer to truly understanding this mysterious land. Shelly has lived and worked in Russia for almost 20 years. She has seen, firsthand, the effects on the people she loves, as political and economic ups and downs collide with centuries-old tradi-

tions. She has watched as a whole generation has grown up in an era of freedom not known by their parents. She has also been a partner as the hidden church of Christ has emerged and grown in a land that tried to stamp out personal expressions of faith. Everyone is invited to hear Shelly share her personal insights and inspirational stories of how God is working in Russia and other

former Eastern-bloc countries. This month's Global Outreach meeting, which is part of the 2013 Global Impact Week, will be held on Tuesday, January 22, at 10:15 a.m. in the Hospitality Room of The Village Church. Come early to enjoy some refreshments.


Presented by the Village Church at Shell Point Reitrement Community

Tim Zimmerman & The King’s Brass Classic Hymns with Contemporary Flair The first concert of the New Year in The Village Church's Season of Praise Concert Series will be presented on Sunday, January, 13 at 6:15 p.m. by Tim Zimmerman & The King’s Brass. It has become a grand tradition at Shell Point to begin the New Year with Tim Zimmerman & The King's Brass as they present hymn

Sun., January, 13 • 6:15 p.m.

classics with a contemporary flair. Featuring a special musical dedication to Pastor Ken three trumpets, three trombones, a tuba, and Elaine Nesselroade in recognition of percussion, and keyboards, these instrumen- their support of the church concert ministry talists blend together to create a time of through the years. innovative worship that will be Tickets for this holiday concert s t e k enjoyed by all generations. are just $10 each and are available in Tic As part of their retirement celethe church office or online at: bration, The King's Brass will present


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Herb Sklar

Les David son

In early December, 28 members of the Shell Point Photo Club reveled in the bright autumn weather as they toured Babcock Ranch during a photo safari. Riding on converted buses, without windows to inhibit picture-taking, the group viewed the many biomes of the ranch. They photographed Brangus cattle, horses, and turkeys in the grassland prairie. In the cypress swamp, a boardwalk provided chances to experiment with light, shadow, and reflections. Large ponds provided opportunities for photos of alligators, roseate spoonbills, egrets, herons, and anhingas. Sharing photos at the December photo club meeting allowed all to see the same scenes through each others’ lenses. Excitement is already building for the group’s next photoography outing. More details will be revealed in a future issue of Shell Point Life.

Dotty Morrison

John Ippensen

Gerry Langberg

Les Davidson Background photo by Gerry Langberg

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