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IRREPRESSIBLE FRESHNESS By Lynn Schneider Author Edith Wharton once said, “A classic is classic not because it conforms to certain structural rules, or fits certain definitions – it is classic because of a certain eternal and irrepressible freshness.” I like to think that Shell Point Life magazine is a classic. Not necessarily because we are breaking ground as a retirement community publication (although I believe we are based on the number of other communities across the country who have contacted us for advice on how to create their own version of a Shell Point Life). Or because it has won numerous awards and received a great deal of positive recognition (which I am pleased to say it has). Rather, I think it is a classic because the stories we tell are about the amazing people who live and work here; stories that truly convey what life at Shell Point is all about. I also like the idea of irrepressible freshness. In fact, I think that conveys the approach that we have taken here at Shell Point when it comes to our marketing and communications efforts and it helps to sum up why we proposed a magazine concept five years ago. We are always looking for ways to improve our methods for telling the Shell Point story, whether through our advertising and marketing



endeavors or through our internal and external communications. Ventures such as SPTV and Shell Point Life magazine have helped us in these efforts. To keep things fresh, we have encouraged numerous individuals to participate in the creative process so that the magazine is not the reflection of one person but of many. One such individual has been Rochelle Cherniawski, who joined Shell Point four years ago as a communications specialist and has been serving as the assistant editor for the past few years. Irrepressible freshness is a wonderful way to describe Rochelle’s positive outlook on life, her optimistic attitude, and even her quirky sense of humor. She has done a wonderful job in working with the various contributors to the publication, as well as with Wendy Iverson, the senior graphic designer for the magazine and a key component of the Shell Point Life team. That’s why I am pleased to announce that I am turning over the role of editor of Shell Point Life to Rochelle Cherniawski starting with this month’s issue. I have complete confidence in Rochelle and know she will bring her own touch of irrepressible freshness to the publication as it continues to grow!


Dotty Morrison (Cellana) captured photographs of beautiful birds in their natural habitats during a cruise she took in April. She won the trip during a Shell Point event.


Shell Point Life | August 2011

He covers the sky with clouds, He supplies the earth with rain, and maketh the grass grow on the hills. PSALMS SALMS 147:8 147:8 P

Shell Point Life is published monthly for the residents of Shell Point Retirement Community. AVP of Communications Lynn Schneider Editor Rochelle Cherniawski Art Director Rich Cerrina Senior Graphic Designer Wendy Iverson

Contributors Teri Kollath, Robyn Church, Mary Franklin, Bev Chandley, Inga Bredahl, Rachael Dula, Darlene Coulombe, Randy Woods, Bev Patten, Jessica Clark, Melody Desilets, Tim Stephenson, Sarah Nadal, and Susan Uhleman Do you have story ideas or photos to share? Contact Rochelle Cherniawski, assistant editor, by calling 239-454-2055 or e-mail: Or submit suggestions in writing to Rochelle at the Shell Point Welcome Center. Back Issues Available Online Is there an issue of one of the magazines that you just have to have? Was your friend or family member seen in a recent issue but you lost it? You can find the current issue as well as the back issues of the magazine at

15101 Shell Point Boulevard • Fort Myers, FL 33908 (239) 466-1131 • Shell Point is a non-profit ministry of The Christian and Missionary Alliance Foundation, Inc.




In honor of the five-year anniversary of Shell Point Life, we are offering a quiz to reward our most loyal readers with some fun prizes. Answer the following questions and return your completed quiz to either Service Desk no later than Friday, August 12. Winners will be drawn from all the entries with the correct answers and will be notified in mid-August to claim their prizes. Be sure to include your name below. Helpful Hint: All back issues of Shell Point Life are available online at Clip and turn in to Service Desk


Quiz Your Knowledge of Shell Point Life 1. Before Shell Point Life, what was the name of the community’s original newsletter? A. Currents B. Compass C. Connections D. The Village Courier 2. How many pages did the first issue of Shell Point Life contain? A. 16 B. 20 C. 24 D. 30 3. What national landmark has appeared on the cover of Shell Point Life? A. Statue of Liberty B. St. Louis Arch C. Mount Rushmore D. Lincoln Memorial 4. What resident sport has not been featured on the cover of Shell Point Life? A. Tennis B. Swimming C. Golf D. Baseball 5. Which Shell Point doctor has been featured on the cover of Shell Point Life? A. Dr. Nesselroade B. Dr. Hicks C. Dr. Hirchack D. Dr. Elmquist 6. What resident program is featured annually on 4 pages in the May or June issue? A. Photo Show B. Court Dinners C. Welcome Coffees D. Bridge Group


















8. What is the only city skyline to be featured on a cover of Shell Point Life? A. San Francisco B. Miami C. Tampa D. New York City G


7. How many times has a bird been on the cover of the magazine? A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four


The premiere issue of Shell Point Life magazine was unveiled in August 2006 as an improved replacement for the Courier, the community’s monthly newsletter. The new name, Shell Point Life, was selected to convey a sense of the vibrant lifestyle available at Shell Point. The new publication featured a larger format with full color throughout. The first edition focused on one of Shell Point’s best features — its waterfront location and close proximity to area beaches.

9. How many times has President Peter Dys appeared in a group photo on the cover? A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four 10. What is the name of the vendor that prints the magazine each month? A. Press Printing B. Kinko’s C. Magazines R’ Us D. Printer Pros YOUR NAME: COURT:


SEPARATE BONUS DRAWING! List up to three Shell Point residents you think have interesting stories that have not been published in Shell Point Life: Name:

Interesting Fact:

Eagles Preserve resident Baltasar Corrado recently visited his native Puerto Rico to attend the grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony for a government building named after him. He was honored for his decades of public service work for the country.

A Man for

Puerto Rico Baltasar Corrada Returns to his Home Land to Accept High Honor B






rowing up in a large family, the second of fourteen brothers and sisters, Baltasar Corrada developed an early love for life on his father’s 200acre farm in Puerto Rico. Being one of the oldest children of his big family, Baltasar remembers summers when academic studies could be put aside and time was spent helping his father grow sugar cane, oranges, and plantains. Whether riding in a truck to the marketplace in Santurce to sell plantains or traveling along to butcher houses where cattle would be weighed Above: The Supreme Court building in San and sold, Baltasar enjoyed what he Juan, Puerto Rico. Right: After serving Puerto could do to help his family, and he eas- Rico as Resident Commissioner to the U.S. ily entertained the vision of following Congress, Mayor of San Juan, and even Secretary of State, Baltasar Corrado in his father’s footsteps. However, this was the 1950s when eventually was appointed to be a Supreme Court Justice of the Commonwealth of Puerto Puerto Rico was going through tremenRico, where he served from 1995 to 2005. dous change into a culture of manufacturing and industrialization. United States future for Puerto Rico and for you.” Baltasar relates, “That was surely pharmaceuticals and electronics were creating jobs in Puerto Rico, but also reducing the good advice, and I decided to become a lawyer.” After graduating with a BA in Social agricultural focus of the country. Science from the University of Puerto Rico, Fatherly Advice Baltasar went on to the University of Puerto Although Baltasar may not have underRico School of Law for his Juris Doctor stood the significance at this time, his father degree. The first in his family to study law, his did. His response to Baltasar’s desire to be a siblings followed the pursuit of higher educafarmer was, “Baltasar, your farm is in your head. tion. His family boasts a lineup of successful Go, study, become a professional. That’s the careers: a lawyer, a PhD in city planning


from Johns Hopkins, an electrical engineer, a retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Colonel, a priest who is now a bishop in East Texas, a general manager of a dairy processing company, nuns in educational settings, and a nun doing missionary work in health and education in Haiti. While in his first year of law school, Baltasar met Beatriz, who twas completing a degree in Secretarial Science at the University of Puerto Rico. In between classes and seeking some university socialization, Baltasar noticed a crowd of guys surrounding a young lady who was asking questions from a book of trivia from the popular $64,000 Question game show. He joined the crowd, made it to the finals in sports, opera, and history questions, and won most of them. It seemed that he made it to the finals with Beatriz, as well. “She was impressed by my intellectual ability, and I was impressed by her beauty. We dated for three years, married after I graduated from law school, and we’ve been Continued on next page Shell Point Life | August 2011


A Man for Puerto Rico Continued from page 5

married for 51 years now,” he relates. After graduating law school in 1959, Baltasar joined a large firm where he practiced private law for sixteen years. During this time, he also served pro bono as a lawyer appointed to the Puerto Rico Civil Rights Commission. He says, “I developed an urge to become involved in public service.” In 1976, he was elected the Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico to the U.S. Congress; and Baltasar, along with his wife birthday on April 10, 2005, reachand four children, moved to work in ing the age of mandatory retireWashington, D.C., with a home in ment by Puerto Rican law. Springfield, Virginia. From 1977 until 1985, Moving to Fort Myers Baltasar held this position, having non-votAround this time, Baltasar’s ing status in the House, but voting in committees and introducing bills in Washington daughter Ana was living in Fort Myers, with her husband Ralph Gregg, an anesthesiolofor the good of Puerto Rico. In November of 1984, Baltasar was gist for Lee Memorial and Health Park, and elected mayor of San Juan, the capital city of their two children Michael and Jamie. It was Puerto Rico. At that time, Baltasar, Beatriz, Ana who introduced Baltasar and Beatriz to and their three high school-aged boys moved Shell Point, where planning for the develback to the island, leaving their daughter opment of Eagles Preserve was under way. Ana at George Washington University Law Interested in the health facilities for their older age, and enthuSchool. siastic about Shell As Mayor of San Juan Point’s motto of profrom 1984 until 1988, viding lifestyle with Baltasar dealt with a variety lifecare, Baltasar and of issues, such as economic Beatriz chose a unit at development, sustaining Eagles Preserve. economic growth, Touring several improvement of tourism, times during construcand health and educational tion, Baltasar recalls, services. But he quips that “I liked the environpart of the job as mayor also ment, the lifestyle, the meant being interrupted health services, and during any of this work by everything else about potholes that had to be Shell Point. We have fixed. The mayor was never good neighbors, have immune from the urgent made good friends, minutia of life! and we have a Baltasar went back great view of the into law as a solo practi14th hole of the tioner until 1993, when golf course!” Pedro Rossello, the newlyIn addition to elected governor, the attractions appointed him Secretary of offered at Shell State of Puerto Rico. This — Baltasar’s father’s response to Point, family is position, much like that of his considering becoming a farmer. their other attraca lieutenant governor, ended two and a half years later when Baltasar tion to Florida, with three of their four chilwas appointed as Supreme Court Justice of the dren living in the state. One of their sons Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Baltasar remains in Puerto Rico working in the marserved as justice for 10 years until his 70th itime industry.

“Go study, become a professional. That is the future for Puerto Rico and for you.”


Shell Point Life | August 2011

Left: A grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the new Baltasar Corrada Del Rio building in San Juan which will house offices for the Puerto Rican Senate. L-R: Supreme Court justices stood with Baltasar – Miriam Pabon, Rafeal Martinez, and Erick Kolttoff. Inset: Baltasar’s granddaughter, Mayra Corrada, a Puerto Rico resident, ident. also attended the event.

A beautiful stained glass wall was will also honor Baltasar. The design features a likeness of Baltasar, and symbols of his public service and old family home. Recognition in Retirement

Even in retirement, Baltasar’s diverse and exciting career has not gone unnoticed. This past May, in acknowledgment of Baltasar’s accomplishments, the Puerto Rican Senate honored him by naming a newly-constructed building The Baltasar Corrada Del Rio Building. This new public building houses offices for the Puerto Rican Senate. Baltasar expressed his heartfelt and humorous appreciation to an affirming audience saying, “I feel very honored. Usually such action comes only after you die!” The building will further honor Baltasar when the designs for a stained glass wall are completed. The wall will picture Baltasar’s face and representations of the U.S. Capitol, the San Juan City Hall, the reflecting pool of the Puerto Rican Supreme Court Building, and a three-columned house. The house is a depiction of the Corrada family home in 1940 after a very good harvest. Over the years, his career has certainly provided a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Baltasar remembers a key highlight from 1978 when he was in Washington and he sponsored a bill that was passed to increase the number of federal judges in Puerto Rico from three to seven. Considering the impact of his work throughout the many facets of his successful career, Baltasar Corrada has certainly proven to be a man for Puerto Rico and proven the truth of his father’s words: Your farm is in your head.

Reveling in the Red, White, and Blue Our nation’s 235th birthday was cause for a big celebration! With festive entertainment and bold colors embellishing The Village Church, it truly was a red, white, and blue affair. Nearly 900 residents and guests came to celebrate this holiday the Shell Point way, complete with a delicious cherry crisp dessert and patriotic entertainment. As the musical group Essence took the stage, the audience knew they were in for a treat. Starting with the Star Spangled Banner, Essence held the audi-

ence’s attention and hearts. They continued to inspire and entertain with songs such as Apple Blossom Time; It’s a Long Way to Tipperary, and State Medleys. They ended the concert with a moving God Bless America, reminding us how blessed we are to live in a free country. Our nation’s birth and ultimate independence is certainly an occasion to celebrate. Shell Point residents once again proved their sense of community and patriotic pride on this momentous Fourth of July American holiday.

Sponsored by

Shell Point Life | August 2011


Volunteer Honored Recently, Rickie Coleman (Cameo) was honored by Hope of Southwest Florida for her outstanding volunteer contributions to Hope Hospice at Shell Point. Teri Kollath, manager of volunteer services and The Academy, caught up with Rickie to discuss her recent honor and her ongoing service.


Shell Point Life | August 2011

TK: Your full name, Frederica Coleman, is quite a name. How did you get it? RC: I was named for my maternal grandmother, who was known as Freddie. So I became Rickie. TK: What kind of girl were you when you were growing up? RC: I was always an outdoor girl, always active, and always riding my bike. TK: In your career, what kind of work did you do? RC: I was a speech pathologist in a school for 34 years, driving the short distance each day to southern Indiana from my home in Louisville, Kentucky. TK: You must have found great satisfaction in your work if you did it for 34 years! RC: It was very gratifying to help kids through their speech difficulties. While it was a slow process, it was very rewarding. TK: What brought you to Shell Point? RC: I came to Shell Point about four years ago to look after my mother when she lost her vision due to macular degeneration. My mother is able to live in her own home in Macoma with a variety of support. TK: Tell me about a typical day for you at Shell Point. RC: My day begins at 4:00 a.m. I start at my mom’s place by helping her and her dog, Bitsy, get up and ready for the day. We have coffee as I read her the paper. After that, it’s time for my exercise class. I also do the shopping for both of us. I put a lot of miles on my golf cart and bike as I ride back and forth throughout the day! TK: Even though you take care of your mom throughout the day, in the evenings you serve many more Shell Point residents. RC: Yes, I serve as co-chairman for the Auxiliary Dining Companions on the Memory Care Unit of the Pavilion. We serve both dining rooms on the second floor and we are very proud of that. It’s the perfect time for me to volunteer because Mother rests during the early evening hours.

TK: How did you get started in this volunteer service? RC: My hero is Lucille Loveless (Macoma). She has done this for 16 years or more and she taught everyone. She is my go-to person. In fact, I take my cell phone with me each evening so I can call if we need her. She always runs right over. TK: Why do you spend your spare time volunteering? RC: People need to eat and I’m glad I can help. It’s the perfect job for me. I wanted to volunteer in the Pavilion, and I found the Dining Companions to be the best fit for a former speech pathologist who is used to working one-on-one, in small groups, in an intimate setting. TK: This is a very much needed volunteer service, isn’t it? RC: Oh, yes! We could use many more volunteers at dinner time. There is another group that assists with eating on the third floor each day at noon. Barbara Maruchi (Lakewood) chairs that group of the Auxiliary Dining Companions. There is always a need for more Dining Companion volunteers.

In recognition of her selfless dedication to volunteerism, Hope of Southwest Florida presented Rickie Coleman with a pin and certificate acknowledging her 500 hours of service last year.

TK: You were recently honored by Hope of Southwest Florida for your volunteer service with Hope Hospice at Shell Point. RC: Yes, several of the patients I help to feed each evening in our Pavilion Memory Care Unit are hospice patients. I received a pin and a certificate for giving 500 hours of service last year. But it’s really a team effort. We have a wonderful group of Auxiliary volunteers! Everyone is truly dedicated. TK: Why did you become a hospice volunteer? RC: I experienced some deaths in my family early on. I became a hospice volunteer back in Louisville about 20 years ago as a way to support people when they needed it most. I am so proud to continue my hospice service right here in the Pavilion at Shell Point.

Known as her badge of honor, Rickie wears a reminder of her achievements and the recognition she has received for her volunteer work.

TK: Is there any special background needed to take part in this volunteer service? RC: No, not at all. We are there to help everyone learn what they need to know and we are always together in the main dining rooms. I think volunteers are surprised at how attached they get to the residents. That is a real plus!

TK: If a Shell Point resident would like more information about volunteering on the Larsen Pavilion Auxiliary Dining Companions committee, what should they do? RC: Call me to learn more! I can be reached at 466-5598.

Teri Kollath

TK: Thank you for your continued dedication! RC: It is my pleasure and an honor.

Shell Point Life | August 2011


Brad Miller, Founder of Interior Plant Scapes

P lant Partners

Interior Plant Scapes Helps Enhance Shell Point’s Natural Surroundings Both Indoors and Out By Lynn Schneider

Shell Point, which has a well-deserved reputation for its beautiful natural environment, is blessed with a team of professional landscaping experts under the leadership of landscape manager Steve Morton. This dedicated group maintains the landscaped beauty of The Island, The Woodlands, and Eagles Preserve. They also work closely with the golf course maintenance crew who maintain the fairways and greens of Shell Point’s championship 18hole golf course. But, there is one more group that helps keep the scene green at Shell Point – a company called Interior Plant Scapes. “Living plants can enhance the atmosphere and image of both public and private spaces,” said Brad Miller, who founded Interior Plant Scapes (IPS) in Fort Myers in 1983. “In corporate settings, such as entrances, lobbies, or offices, plants bring forth the freshness of the outdoors, boosting morale and productivity of employees and visitors alike,” he said. “As for private homes, patios, and balconies, live plants help to enliven our personal living areas with a touch of a natural environment that creates a calm and happy ambiance. Our clients find that plants can be very restorative in any environment.”

A Non-Gardener’s Delight Although silk floral arrangements and plants are often used for convenience sake, they often become dusty and tend to look worn out after a while. But many people are hesitant to use live plants because they think they need a green thumb to be able to keep them looking their best, or they simply don’t want the hassle of maintaining live plants. “That’s where our service comes in,” said Brad. “We offer several options to make utilizing live plants easy for individuals or businesses – and we love when people tell us, ‘I don’t have a green thumb,’ because potted plant care is our specialty.” For instance, at the entrance to the new Rehabilitation Center at Shell Point and the lobby of the Larsen Pavilion, IPS used decorative cobalt-blue ceramic urns filled with Adonidia Palms (Christmas Palm) and Variegated Arboricola (Dwarf Scheffelera) to welcome visitors, soften hard architectural lines, and create a positive first impression at the entrance to the two buildings. Brad said, “These particular plants are hardy and can withstand plenty of direct sunlight and heat. They are a good

Shell Point Landscape Manager Steve Morton

“We’ve got our very own ‘Dream Team’ of talented landscape technicians. But with such a large, sprawling campus, it helps to have a partner in keeping Shell Point beautiful.”

selection, too, because they are the same plants that are used in the landscape around the Pavilion and blend well with the overall design. That is a unique feature of our sub-tropical climate – many of the same plants that are used as landscape plants are also very suitable for containerized plantings and as house plants.” However, it is apparent that it’s not just the plants that are the stars of the show. Each decorative container also adds an essential design element. “There is this Shell Point Life | August 2011


“In corporate settings, such as entrances, lobbies, or offices, plants bring forth the freshness of the outdoors, boosting morale and productivity of employees and visitors alike.”

Above: Decorative ceramic urns filled with live plants greet guests at Shell Point’s Rehabilitation Center. Right: An IPS employee poses with potted plants at an installation. amazing symbiotic relationship of plants and planters,” Brad said. “It’s like one plus one equals three, because the plants and the decorative containers together create something that is better than the sum of the parts.” The Vietnamese ceramic planters used at the Pavilion are the most popular planters IPS uses right now. “The colors and styles are so vibrant and the dense clays of Vietnam create an extremely durable planter so they are suitable even for commercial settings.”

Dream Team Brad explained that what really sets their company and service apart is their people, especially their gardener technicians. “Our gardeners are what really distinguish our plantings,” he said. “They are the ones who keep the plants fine tuned and lush.” The IPS gardeners handle all the details of watering, grooming, pruning, and fertiliz12

Shell Point Life | August 2011

ing. That’s no small job when you consider how many potted plants are featured throughout Shell Point’s many buildings. Outfitting the Larsen Pavilion was not Brad’s first experience in dealing with Shell Point. For more than 10 years, IPS has been providing plant services at Shell Point. Originally, the company began at the Sundial and Harbor Court buildings, and then continued to expand their services as Shell Point grew. Their gardeners care now includes the Oakmont, Rosemont, Lakewood, and Parkwood buildings. It’s not just the common areas that receive IPS’s special brand of green thumb attention. Some Shell Point residents have hired IPS for their own potted plantings. When Frank Main moved into his new home in Sundial on The Island, he hired IPS to design and install an area of potted plantings at the entrance to his home. He loved the small courtyard area created by the decorative balusters, but just knew something

was missing. When he saw IPS gardener Alex caring for the common area plants at Sundial, Frank inquired if Alex could do the same for him. Brad and his team designed a potted garden area using Palm and Dracaena varieties in beautiful terra cotta planters. Best of all for Frank, all his new plantings are cared for by Alex - including new plant change-outs as needed.

A Fresh Alternative Brad said that one of the reasons his company has worked so well with the

Above: The baluster entrances in a number of Shell Point’s residential buildings help to create a private entrance, but the addition of plants and personal touches make the entrance warmer and more inviting. Right: When Sundial resident Frank Main noticed an IPS employee caring for plants in the building’s common area, he asked if they could do the same for him.

Shell Point staff is that his brand of plants and plantings is unique and quite different from traditional landscaping. “The thing with landscapers is that they need, well, land! We have a tongue-in-cheek slogan that says, ‘If you need a shovel, you got the wrong guys.’ That’s why what we do is called plantscaping!” The beauty of plantscaping is that you can add plants and planters anywhere conventional landscaping doesn’t work. In addition, there is so much hardscape in the typical building project that large areas of concrete, asphalt, or pavers is hard to avoid. That’s when the IPS team moves in and softens the cold, hard concrete and adds life where plants otherwise could not exist. Their plantscaping has been the perfect complement to the beautiful buildings and hardscape areas of Shell Point.

Special Presentation

Thursday, September 8, at 2:45 p.m. Social Center/IS Presented by Brad Miller, Interior Plant Scapes • Plants and Planters – Guaranteed Gorgeous • Live Plants as Living Art – Design, Scale, Texture, Color & Style • 12 Bullet-Proof Plants for your Patio or Home • It’s a Colorful Life – Do’s & Don’ts of Flowering Plants • Plant Care - Secrets of the Professionals

Shell Point Life | August 2011


Holy Matrimony, Cherished Images On Wednesday, June 29, memories of wedding day bliss came rushing back to the more than 250 residents who visited the Resident Activity Center to peruse the collection of vintage wedding photographs of their friends and neighbors. A total of 62 photos were featured at the event, with each court at Shell Point represented by at least one classic wedding image. Here are some highlights.

Fritz and Jean Knox (Lakewood)

Ken and Ruth Davis (Royal Bonnet) 14

Shell Point Life | August 2011

Jim and Marian Davey (Parkwood)

Lee and Fran Lancaster (Arbor)

Ruth and Phil McGuire (Harbor Court)

Kay Woycke (Arbor)

Theodore and Shirley Robbins (Parkwood)

Shell Point Life | August 2011


IRA Charitable Rollover: The Renewal of a Popular Tax-Wise Giving Strategy BY TIMOTHY A. STEPHENSON,


I recently met with a Shell Point resident who is using his IRA to make strategic gifts that will make Shell Point a better place while producing a positive effect on his federal income taxes. Shell Point, The Village Church, and many other charities are eligible recipients of IRA Charitable Rollovers. What is an IRA Charitable Rollover?

In late December 2010, Congress resurrected the popular IRA Charitable Rollover that allows individuals 70½ or older to make taxneutral or tax-advantaged gifts to charity during 2011. The law uses the term "qualified charitable distribution" to describe an IRA charitable rollover. A qualified charitable distribution is money that individuals who are 70½ or older may direct from their traditional IRA to eligible charitable organizations. The provision has a cap of $100,000 for charitable distributions from individual IRAs each year.


Individuals may exclude the amount distributed directly to an eligible charity from their gross income. Donors do not receive a charitable deduction, but will receive a written acknowledgement of their gift. They’ll receive an IRS Form 1099 showing the distribution, but it will not be taxable as long as it is made directly to the charity. The charitable transfer qualifies toward the required minimum distribution. The Benefit of Giving

This is a fantastic giving vehicle, and one that a number of individuals have taken advantage of in the past several years. Many people use this opportunity to give the required minimum distribution, therefore avoiding the additional taxation that comes with IRA income. Does this opportunity interest you? Please contact the Legacy Foundation at 466-8484 if you would like more information or if you would like assistance in making a charitable rollover from your IRA.



FineMark National Bank & Trust Answers Your Questions





Question: With recent bank failures nationwide, how can I be sure my money is secure? And how can I find out the current financial status of my bank?


First of all, the most important thing to know is that your money is safe in an FDIC-insured bank like FineMark. In the 77-year history of the FDIC, not a penny of insured deposits has ever been lost. Even though the severe economic recession has caused an increase in bank failures, the FDIC has significantly decreased the expected cost of bank failures in 2011. Following are two ways to obtain information about the financial status of your bank. First, the FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) allows you to view or download detailed reports on their website at: Make sure you click on “view or download data” and then select “Uniform Bank Performance Report”. When you enter your bank’s name and click “search,” a report will be generated with everything from income statements and balance sheets to the bank’s loan mix. If you would rather not decipher a lengthy report, visit Bauer Financial online at: 16

Shell Point Life | August 2011

They are a leading independent bank rating firm. On this website, you can search for the rating of a specific bank or search by state to see ratings statewide. Recently, FineMark was awarded the rare and prestigious 5-star rating. Banks with 4- and 5-star ratings are financially sound, are either profitable or had only an insignificant loss for the reporting quarter, and are operating well above regulatory capital requirements. Send FineMark Your Questions

Do you have a banking or financial question? FineMark is currently accepting questions from Shell Point residents to be answered in this Q&A column which appears monthly in Shell Point Life. Stop into the FineMark office on The Island and leave your question with Tiffany Williams or call 461-5999 to speak with any member of the FineMark team.



NOT Solicitation

2011 Shell Point


Concert Series









Reiko, Violinist & Friends


Each day, a staff of more than 850 employees works around the clock to ensure that Shell Point residents are cared for, served, and satisfied. And for that, we are fortunate. Much of what these employees do goes unseen. Yet, there are certain instances of employee service that act as reminders of how much they do to maintain our satisfaction and comfort. Take, for example, a hurricane evacuation. Some of us lived at Shell Point through Hurricane Charlie, and some of us have only heard about it. In the event that we are called to evacuate to the shelter, there is a team of dedicated staff members who leave their loved ones and personal property behind to get everything ready at Shell Point, get us into the shelter, and then care for us while the storm rages outside. When all is quiet after the storm, these same employees check our homes to see if we can safely return. After we are appropriately cared for and returned to our homes, the staff members can then make contact with their family and friends and see how their own homes fared in the storm. Day to day, we have a great team of employees that make our lives at Shell Point so very special. Yet, as residents we are not permitted to offer tips to Shell Point employees. However, we have the opportunity to show our appreciation by contributing to the Employee Christmas Fund to offer employees a gift in early December. Now is the time to start considering how you want to show your appreciation. For more information regarding the Employee Christmas Fund, contact chairperson Dick Rockstroh (Turban) at 433-5252. And remember, this is appreciation, NOT solicitation!

A Night of Favorite Classical & Pops Thursday,

Tickets Just


August 18 7:30 p.m. Call 454-2067 for tickets

Healthcare & Medicare Reform Seminar For months now in the news, we have been hearing about health care reform, Medicare reform, and balancing the federal and state budgets. There’s certainly a great deal of political wrangling going on these days, and no one is quite certain what might be on the road ahead. Please join Elder Law attorLance McKinney neys Lance McKinney and Beth Prather of Osterhout, McKinney & Prather PA for a Legacy seminar as they present: Healthcare and Medicare Reform – The Devil is in the Details. Another topic to be touched on during the semiBeth Prather nar is Don’t Get Scammed! A Look at Fraud and Identity Theft. Learn how to protect yourself and your financial health in a risky world.



Healthcare and Medicare Reform The devil is in the details Wednesday, August 24 10 a.m. Grand Cypress Rm/Wdl The seminar is free; however, please sign up at either service desk.

Shell Point Life | August 2011


By Dotty Morrison Left: The Carnival Glory Cruise Ship. Right: Roatan’s Mahogany Bay

My first cruising experience took me to four different countries where I encountered more than 100 species of birds, 60 of which I had never seen before. I also enjoyed the spectacular sunsets, elegant dinners, and the rush of the open sea.

As the crowd gathered in the Church Auditorium after the Shell Point Walk-a-Thon in November of 2010, we all eagerly awaited the chance to hear our name drawn for one of the many exciting prizes awarded to participants. When Mary Franklin announced, “And the winner of the Shell Point Walk-A-Thon grand prize, a cruise for two, is Dotty Morrison,” I had no idea what an exciting gift I had received. Cruising was something I had never done before! We boarded the Carnival Glory and departed from Miami on April 3, headed for Cozumel, Mexico. My “life list,” which includes the count of all the species of birds I have ever seen, had hovered around 396 for quite a while, so I knew a trip to Central America would increase the number considerably. While moving out of the Port of Miami, a Brown Booby greeted us from a buoy in the bay and became the first new species of bird to be added to my life list. Upon reaching Mexico on the second day, I quickly reached my first goal - 400 lifers - with a beautiful, yellow-breasted bird

known as the Bananaquit. A walk down a dusty road presented a Hooded Oriel and Couch’s Kingbird. From there, I headed to a park with Mayan ruins where Warblers and the Cozumel Emerald (hummingbird) diverted my attention from ancient history. Ken Burgener of Carefree Birding, an eco-tourism group based on Sanibel, led 11 of us, including three friends from Texas, on three more days of a birding experience like no other! In Belize, the American Pygmy Kingfisher and the Vermilion Flycatcher posed for photos. We then traveled to Roatan Island, Honduras, and enjoyed a visit to a hydroponic farm. Our last port was Grand Cayman, where the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Garden yielded many wonderful birds, including a Northern Parula on its way to the U.S., a bright-colored Western Spindalis, and my 450th lifer, a West Indian Woodpecker. Although seeing 60 new species of birds in five days was the most exciting part of my adventure, I learned that cruising is an amazing way to see four countries in four days. This first cruise will not be my last!

Dotty Morrison

Clockwise from top left: Bananaquit, Cozumel Emerald, Western Spindalis, Vermilion Flycatcher, West Indian Woodpecker, Northern Parula, Couch’s Kingbird, American Pygmy Kingfisher.

Travel with Us Presenting the Resort Services 2012 Travel Lineup The Resort Services 2012 travel lineup is set! Now is the time to mark your calendar to embark on a new adventure. More detailed fliers will be distributed as each trip nears its departure date.

South America February 10 The first trip of 2012 will have you discovering the wonders of South America during a 15-day cruise on the fabulous Celebrity Infinity. Ports of call include Santiago, Chile; the Chilean Fjords; the Straits of Magellan; Cape Horn; Uruguay; and Buenos Aries, Argentina.


March 18 Bridge lovers unite! All aboard the Holland America Westerdam for an eight-day Caribbean cruise where an onboard bridge director will be present, and ongoing bridge tournaments will be held throughout the cruise. Ports of call include Bonaire, Curacao, and Half Moon Cay.

Columbia River June 1* The Lewis and Clark Expedition first made the Columbia and Snake Rivers known to Americans, and this fabulous nine-day riverboat trip will bring it to 20

life for the adventurous Shell Point residents who make the journey. The adventure will begin in Spokane, Washington, and end in Portland, Oregon. Along the way there will be many options for bringing out your inner explorer. Choose a side trip to Hell’s Canyon, Mount St. Helens, or explore a variety of other sights. The majesty, geology, and history of the Columbia River Gorge make it a special American treasure. Program Coordinator Bev Chandley will be traveling through the Columbia River Gorge with this group. *The flier for this trip has been distributed and immediate reservations are requested to insure the riverboat does not withdraw the group room reservations. Sign up now to avoid missing out on this amazing travel opportunity.

Shell Point Life | August 2011


September 5 Music lovers will enjoy traveling to the Branson Music and Show Tour. It’s a fiveday trip to see the best shows and acts that Branson has to offer. The show schedule is not quite set, but we are assured the group will see the amazing Shoji Tabuchi and comedian Yakoff Smirnoff. Superior accommodations Comedian will be enjoyed by the group, Yakoff and airfare and all other transSmirnoff portation costs will be included in the price.

Italy August 12 If you’ve ever wanted to travel to Italy, you will want to sign up for the twelveday Italian Rhapsody Luxury Land Tour. Immerse yourself in Italian culture and history as you travel with a small group on a chartered motor coach to the most beautiful and fascinating places Italy has to offer. Designed specifically for senior tour groups, this Isings travel exclusive is being led by world tour specialist Kent Kauffman. Three nights will be spent on Lake Como in the Italian Lakes District, three nights in Tuscany, three nights on the Amalfi Coast, and two nights in Rome. From these locales the group will travel to Milan, Pisa, Pompeii, Vatican City, Florence, Tuscany, Sorrento and beyond.

Thanksgiving Cruise Rest assured, although the cruise schedules are not yet available, there will be an annual Thanksgiving cruise offered to Shell Point residents! Watch for future details. Learn More

If you have questions regarding any of these trips, please call program coordinator Bev Chandley at 454-2239 or Jeanne VanHouten from Isings Travel at 1-800562-7672.

2011-2012 SHELL POINT

CALENDAR OF EVENTS As the list of special events and programs offered at Shell Point continues to grow, we wanted to offer a quick glance at some key dates to add to your calendar. Please note, FAPA represents the Fine & Performing Arts Concert Series and all events are subject to change. Stop by either service desk of visit to obtain your calendar of events. OCTOBER


10/11 SP Singers Fall Concert


10/17 Fall Dance

1/8-9 Season of Praise: King’s Brass 1/12

Concerts & Conversation: Evan Drachman


Legacy Gala


Speaker Series: Joel Sonnenberg

NOVEMBER 11/4-5 Resident Craft Bazaar 11/4-6 The Village Church World Focus Weekend

Health and Wellness Expo

1/22-29 Global Impact Wee 11/1-18 Resident Life Signature Event 11/7

SWFL Symphony: Schumann & Brahms



Speaker Series: Richard Piccioto


Concerts & Conversation: ETA3


SPOT Performance


Season of Praise: An Evening with C.S. Lewis


Barbary Coast Dixie Band


FAPA: Steve Amerson and Laurie Gayle Stephenson

11/11 Legacy Golf Tournament 11/17 FAPA: Dick Hyman & Peter Appleyard 11/29 Concerts & Conversation: Olga Caceanova & Constanin Finehouse

FAPA: Cantus


Tree Lighting and SP Singers


Concerts & Conversation: Yooni Han


Gift Shop Christmas Party


FAPA: Christmas with the Boston Brass

12/11-12 Season of Praise: Christmas - Jan Mulder


3/9-11 Resident Art Show 3/10



Spring Fashion Show


Spring Dance


SWFL Symphony: Bruch & Beethoven


SP Singers Spring Concert


Volunteer Reception

12/12 Holiday Sounds 12/19 SWFL Symphony: Holiday Pops 12/24 The Village Church Candlelight Service

Speaker Series: Dave Sanderson

APRIL 4/2-13 Resident Photo Show

12/25 Christmas Cantata 4/24

Variety Show

Shell Point Life | August 2011


To include a listing for an upcoming event or activity, please contact Mary Franklin, resort services manager, at 454-2152 or email:

Mac Users


Thursday, August 4 11:30 a.m. Palm Grill/WDL Calling all Macintosh users! Beat the summer heat and join your fellow Mac users for lunch and discussion. Bring any topics you would like to discuss.

McGregor Grill for Lunch


Friday, August 5 11:00 a.m. Island pickup 11:10 a.m. Woodlands pickup 11:20 a.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 1:30 p.m. approximate return Cost: $5.00 (lunch on your own) Just a short trip down the road, McGregor Grill is a gem of a lunch spot just waiting to be discovered by its nearby Shell Point neighbors. The restaurant is a local favorite, and offering a casual dining atmosphere that you and your friends are sure to enjoy. McGregor Grill also has a friendly, professional staff who will make sure you enjoy your visit. Casual lunch selection prices are all under $10.

Shell Point Market Place


Friday, August 5, 12, 19, 26 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. 12, 19, 26 RAC/IS Market Place is bustling with excitement each Friday in the Resident Activity Center. Our newest vendor, Paradise Handmade Soap Co, sells specialty soaps, lotions, and balms. You will also find fresh-ground peanut butter in a myriad of flavors. And, on the last Friday of the month, Just Jewelry and Miche Bags bring great gift ideas!

Fall Computer College Roundup Saturday, August 6 10:00 a.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL This will be your chance to meet a few of the Computer College instructors and ask questions. Find out what level class would be best for you and be informed of class details.


We “R” Country Concert


Monday, August 8 1:15 p.m. Social Center/IS Gather up your friends and join Harry Hales and We “R” Country for some old town favorites and toe tapping tunes! The music from this good-time country band will make you want to swing your partner ‘round and ‘round!

Singles Summer Dinner Trip – Hotel Indigo


Tuesday, August 9 4:30 p.m. Island pickup 4:40 p.m. Woodlands pickup 4:50 p.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 8:00 p.m. approximate return Cost: $8.00 (dinner on your own) The singles are heading downtown to explore the beautifully renovated Hotel Indigo and enjoy a fine meal at Vino De Notte. The restaurant, which is located in the historic Collier Arcade building adjoining the hotel in the city’s River District, mixes contemporary charm with a soupcon of nostalgia in the form of mural-sized black and white images taken decades ago just steps away from the dining room. Italian with a flare is their specialty and entrée prices are above average. After the dining


PROGRAMS • PARTIES • MOVIES • OUTINGS • EXCURSIONS Saturday DVD: Mr. Holland’s Opus (1995)

experience, the group will venture up to the “Phi in the Sky” rooftop lounge to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the historic downtown river district.

Modern Marvels: Candy


Thursday, August 11 2:00 p.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL Over the years, candy making has evolved from a handmade operation to high-tech mass production. Learn about the Hershey’s Factory in Pennsylvania, See’s Candies and their famous boxed chocolates, Schimpff’s Confectionery and their use of small kettles, and Jelly Belly and their original gourmet jelly beans! From saltwater taffy to scorpions on a stick, join the History Channel for this veritable smorgasbord of sugary delights. Sample treats will be served.

Cirque Du Soleil presents Alegría


Friday, August 12 1:30 p.m. Island pickup 1:40 p.m. Woodlands pickup 1:50 p.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 6:00 p.m. approximate return Cost: $61.00 (snacks on your own) Germain Arena Alegría is a mood, a state of mind. The themes of the show, which means “jubilation” in Spanish, are many. Power and the handing down of power over time, the evolution from ancient monarchies to modern democracies, old age, youth—it is against this backdrop that the characters of Alegría play out their lives. There are limited tickets available for this moving piece of theatre full of athleticism and artistry. Arena and crowd maneuvering will be required for this event.


Saturday, August 13 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL Richard Dreyfuss gives the performance of a lifetime as Glenn Holland, a passionate musician who dreams of composing one truly memorable piece of music. Reality intrudes when he reluctantly accepts a day job as a high school music teacher. In time, however, Mr. Holland realizes that his real passion is teaching, and his legacy is the generations of young people he inspires.

Beach Day


Monday, August 15 8:30 a.m. Island pickup 8:40 a.m. Woodlands pickup 8:50 a.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 3:00 p.m. approximate return Cost: $16.00 Delnor Wiggins State Park Beach, Naples That’s right folks – beach day is here again! Pack up your favorite book, lounge chair, and sunscreen for a day that is sure to put a smile on your face. A picnic lunch will be served – including dessert!

Organist Crawford Wiley


Tuesday, August 16 3:15 p.m. The Village Church/IS In celebration of our musical Americana theme for August, Crawford Wiley will captivate us with his melodic abilities on the Allen Organ. A few of his selections will include Franck's 3rd Chorale in A minor, Mendelssohn's Sonata no. III and other works, including favorite Hymn Preludes. A native of Naples, Florida, Crawford has studied with Claire Faasse and is currently studying for a BM in Organ performance with Dr. Ed Dunbar at Bob Jones University.

“Road Trip” Members Art Exhibit at Alliance for the Arts


Friday, August 19 3:15 p.m. Island pickup 3:25 p.m. Woodlands pickup 3:35 p.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 6:30 p.m. approximate return Cost: $12.00 (includes donation and light refreshments) This is the all member art exhibit where Alliance for the Arts members contribute nonjuried work pertaining to their memories and impressions of old family vacations. There are bound to be some great stories to go along with these pieces and Shell Point has been invited to take a pre-opening, behindthe-scenes tour with Krista from the Alliance. Be there to learn the inside story on some of the amazing works that will be displayed. After the tour, residents will have time to enjoy the opening reception before the return trip.

Roy’s — The Wait for this Dinner Outing is Over!


Monday, August 22 4:15 p.m. Island pickup 4:25 p.m. Woodlands pickup 4:35 p.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 8:00 p.m. approximate return Cost: $8.00 (dinner on your own) Location: Bonita Springs Nowhere else will you find a culinary experience encompassing the flavors, textures, and colors found in Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine. Combining the freshest ingredients with European sauces and bold Asian spices, each creation leaves you with the feeling that you’ve just found paradise. Entrees are priced higher than average but prefix three-course dinners are available from $35.95. Many residents rate this establishment their #1 favorite! Shell Point Life | August 2011



Library Book Talk



Tuesday, August 23 2:15 p.m. Social Center/IS Bill Saunders of Turban will discuss Jon Meacham’s American Gospel; God, The Founding Fathers and the Making of a Nation. The book, written by a distinguished scholar, tells of how our founding fathers believed in creating a nation in which religion should not be singled out for either special help or harm. All Shell Point residents and their friends are invited.

“Classic Bells” with the Southwest Florida Handbell Choir


Tuesday, August 23 6:30 p.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL With transcriptions of classical pieces and original works, the Southwest Florida Handbell Choir is coming to Shell Point to awe and inspire. Directed by Michael Helman, this concert will feature pieces such as Bach’s Arioso, In the Beauty of Holiness by Arnold Sherman, and Divertimento by Mozart. There will certainly be a selection for every music connoisseur to enjoy.

Striking out is a good thing at Gator Lanes


Thursday, August 25 12:30 p.m. Island pickup 12:40 p.m. Woodlands pickup 12:50 p.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 5:00 p.m. approximate return Cost: $15.00 (includes 2 games and shoes. Snacks on your own) Let’s bowl! Has it been a while since you enjoyed the fun of bowling? Feel young again while seeing if you can still get a strike, or maybe a spare, or perhaps just keep it out of the gutter! Gator Lanes of Fort Myers is a smoke free environment – another reason this outing should be full of good, clean fun and lots of laughs.


Shell Point Life | August 2011




Nuevo Flamenco Guitar with Michael Anthony


Friday, August 26 2:30 p.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL Michael Anthony (transportation department) and his Spanish guitar have created quite a stir within the Shell Point community. With his unique nuevo flamenco flair, Michael pours elegance upon his audiences with songs such as Summer Samba, And I Love Her, and Till There Was You. Join him for an afternoon of musical finesse.

Saturday Shopping at Miromar Outlet Mall


Saturday, August 27 9:00 a.m. Island court pickup 9:10 a.m. Woodlands pickup 9:20 a.m. Eagles Preserve pickup 3:00 p.m. approximate return Cost: $8.00 (lunch on your own) Boasting more than 140 outlets shops, Miromar is consistently ranked among top shopping destinations in Southwest Florida. Bargains are everywhere, and searching for them is half of the fun. Coupons for savings brochures will be distributed on the bus and the discount brochure can be picked up at the visitor information kiosk, Columbia Sportswear, or Timberland Factory Store. Restaurant options are Bon Appetit French Bistro, Café Italia Ristorante, La Bamba Mexican Restaurant, Luna Pizza, Luna Rossa Italian Grill, Naples Flatbread & Wine Bar, Port Java Café, Subway, and Waterside Seafood & Grille Co. See for more information.

Movie Night: Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)


Monday, August 29 6:45 p.m. Social Center/IS This romantic film utilizes Audrey Hepburn’s flighty charm as she plays Holly Golightly, an enchanting woman who loves to wear designer dresses and costume jewelry. George Peppard, her upstairs neighbor, soon finds that his friendship with her has turned to love and threatens the delicate balance of both of their lives.



Employee Photo Show and Contest Voting


August 30 - September 2 All day Resident Activity Center/IS The employee photo show and contest will be on display in the Resident Activity Center beginning Tuesday, August 30, and residents are put to the challenge of voting for their favorites! While perusing the photos, take time to vote for your favorite photo in each of four categories. Winners will be announced at 4:00 p.m. on September 2 and the display will stay up throughout the weekend.

Presidents and Their First Ladies Tuesday, August 30 2:00 p.m. Grand Cypress Room/WDL William and Sue Wills are back to present two different couples in one delightful afternoon! Andrew and Rachel Jackson: Rachel never served as First Lady, but was a First Lady Elect because she died between the election of her husband and his inauguration. Although this story is short, it is a moving one of devotion between a hardnosed General and his beloved. Ulysses and Julia Grant: This story chronicles the great belief a wife had in her husband even when it seemed that the only thing he could do correctly was fail. His last act of love and courage made Julia one of the richest Presidential widows.



Authentic Maine Lobster Bake with all the Bells and Whistles Monday, September 19 6:00 p.m. Woodlands Commons Cost: $30.00 More delicious dinner details to follow!

Sign-up required for this activity. Call Island (454-2282) or Woodlands (454-2054)

Special event bus will be running

Walking required

Walking up and down stairs

Americana event

The Weekly Reminder Gets Company New Library Acquisitions, Birthday/Anniversary List, and Shopper Added In the June issue of Shell Point Life, it was announced that additional updates would be made to the Weekly Reminder. The time has come! Beginning this month, there will be even more changes to the newly redesigned Weekly Reminder. According to Mary Franklin, manager of resort services, the Weekly Reminder will soon feature the Library list, Resident Birthday and Anniversary list,

and the popular Shopper. “Including these pieces in the Weekly Reminder will cut down production and delivery time,” said Mary. The Weekly Reminder will be printed in its normal format on the first and second Friday of each month. However, the third Friday will feature the Library list as well as the list of birthdays and anniversaries for the following month. And the fourth Friday of each month will include the Shopper. Mary explained, “In the event that a month has five Fridays, the spe-

cial inserted pieces will appear on the final two Fridays of the month.” It is important for residents to note that if they would like to post a listing in the shopper, it must be turned in to the Resident Activity Center no later than the 15th day of the month. All other aspects of the Weekly Reminder will remain the same. If you have questions regarding the new format of the Weekly Reminder or the updated schedule of special inserts, please contact Mary at 454-2152.

SUPPORT GROUPS Cancer Support Program 1-on-1 mentoring The goal of this resident-led program is to establish group mentoring connections between newly diagnosed cancer patients and cancer survivors. Contact Barbara Maruchi (Lakewood) at 433–9488.

Diabetes Group Appointment Both insulin and non-insulin diabetics are encouraged to attend this meeting. Each monthly meeting covers a different topic and includes open discussion. This group is currently taking a summer break.

Healing Journey Grief Support Cancer Support Group Wednesday, August 3, at 1:30 p.m. Osprey Room/IS Ladies and gentlemen are all encouraged to attend the resident-led Cancer Support Group. The intent is for a meaningful and uplifting session. Contact Barbara Maruchi (Lakewood) at 433-9488, Reta Ariss (Turban) at 433-4139, or Don Wilson (Turban) at 466-3953.

Caregiver Support Group Therapy Tuesdays, August 2, 16, and 30 10:30 a.m. 2nd Floor Med. Ctr. Conference Rm/ IS This therapeutic group is aimed at helping residents deal with the issues of being a caregiver for someone with a memory disorder. The resident with a memory disorder may be cared for in independent living, assisted living, or skilled nursing. Contact Mardee Lader at 415-5435.

Wednesdays, May 4, 11, 18, and 25 2:45 p.m. Hospitality Room/IS Healing Journey is on break during the summer. Please call Dotty Morrison (Cellana) at 337-4015 or the church office at 454-2147 if you or a friend is in need of grief support.

The Vision Enrichment Group The purpose of this group is networking and sharing stories and information. Contact Angie Prichard at 454-2134 for more information. This group is currently on break.

Walk With Me Support Group Masked Marvels Sleep Apnea Support Group The purpose of this group is to bring awareness and support to those dealing with the challenges of Sleep Apnea. Contact Larry Chrouch (Eagles Preserve) at 481-7188.

Parkinson’s Support Group Monday, August 1, at 10:15 a.m. Village Church Hospitality Room/IS This group provides support to Parkinson’s patients, as well as their family and friends. Contact Janine Hammond, case manager, at 454-2186 for more information.

Thursday, August 25 Coffee and dessert at 1:30 p.m. Meeting at 1:45 p.m. Hospitality Room/IS Share your caregiver experiences with friends, embrace spiritual support, and renew inner strength. Contact Joyce Seckinger (Lucina) at 466-1354 for more information. “There are only four kinds of people in the world: those who have been caregivers, those who are currently caregivers, those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers,” — former First Lady Rosalynn Carter

Shell Point Life | August 2011


August Events

THE ARBOR Tue ......2 ......Birthday Party w/Vicki Lei-keyboard (CMR)..3:00 p.m. Wed ....3 ......Card Sales (1FL) ..............................................11:45 a.m. Thu ......4 ......Broadway Musicals DVD (1SR) ......................1:00 p.m. Mon ....8 ......Graham Milligan Chorus (CMR) ....................1:00 p.m. Tue ......9 ......Ladies’ Pizza & Movie (1CK)(1SR) ................4:00 p.m. Thu ....11 ....Broadway Musicals DVD (1SR) ......................1:00 p.m. Thu ....11 ....Tune Toppers Trio (CMR) ................................3:00 p.m. Fri........12 ....Shopping/lunch w/ KC to Community Thrift Store

KING’S CROWN Mon 1 ......Shopping Trip to Wal-Mart (L) ...................... 9:00 a.m. Tue .. 2 ......“Down on the King’s Crown Farm” Party (COM) .................................... 4:00-6:30 p.m. Thu .. 4 ......Celebrate August Birthdays w/

and The Edison Restaurant (1FL) ................8:45 a.m. Wed ....17 ....Anniversary Dinner w/Leslie Gregory-harp* (CMR) *Residents and spouses only, please ..................5:00 p.m. Thu ....18 ....Broadway Musicals DVD (1SR) ......................1:00 p.m. Mon....22 ....Fiddlin Bill (CMR) ............................................3:00 p.m. Tue......23 ....Mens’ Pizza & Movie (1CK)(1SR) ..................4:00 p.m.

Song’s To Remember (COM).................. 2:00 p.m.

Thu ....25 ....Broadway Musicals DVD (1SR) ......................1:00 p.m.

Fri .... 5 ......Shell Point Gift Card Sales (GS) ..................11:30 a.m.

Mon....29 ....Lunch w/ KC to Ballyorney Irish Pub (1FL)..10:15 a.m.

Sat .... 6 ......Leslie Gregory, harpist (DR) ..........................12:00 p.m.

Tue......30 ....Side by Side duo (CMR) ..................................1:00 p.m.

Sat .... 6 ......Celebrate Lucille Ball’s Birthday with a

Wed ....31 ....Shell Point Gift Shop Card Sales (1FL) ........11:45 a.m.

Movie Marathon ..................................1:00-4:00 pm Sun .. 7 ......Afternoon Movie Adam’s Rib SCR ................ 2:00 p.m. Tue .. 9 ......Entertainer Vicki Lei “I Could’ve Danced All Night” (COM) ..2:00 p.m. Tue.... 9........America Dances! 1897-1948 – Dance Music History (GS) ........................6:30 p.m. Fri .... 12 ......Community Thrift Store &

LARSEN PAVILION Mon ....1 ........Music Trio (3 DR) ............................10:15 a.m. Mon ....1 ........Music with Dot (2 DR) ....................10:00 a.m. Tue ......2 ........Ruth Rodgers, Piano (3 DR)............10:00 a.m.

Lunch at Edison Restaurant (L) ................ 9:00 a.m.

Thu......4 ........RC Meeting (3 IRR) ........................10:00 a.m.

Mon 15 ......Golden Road Quartet (COM)........................ 6:30 p.m.

Thu......4 ........Resident Council Meeting (3 DR) ..10:00 a.m.

Tue ..16 ......Learn about E.C.H.O.,

Thu......4 ........Birthday Bash (2/3 DR) .................. 2:30 p.m.

Tim Albright Speaker (COM) ................10:00 a.m. Tue ..16 ......Food Advisory (DR) ........................................2:30 p.m. Thu ..18 ......Viva Italian Night Dinner w/

Mon ....8 ........Music with Dot (2 DR) ....................10:00 a.m. Mon ....8 ........Special Music (2 DR) ......................10:30 a.m. Tue ......9 ........Ruth Rodgers, Piano (3 DR)............10:00 a.m.

Italian Music entertainment (DR) ........4-6:00 p.m. Sat ....20 ......Tom Cannon, Entertainer (COM)..................1:00 p.m. Mon 22 ......Farewell and Good Luck in College Party for Hans (COM)................................6:30 p.m. Tue ..23 ......Celebrate the Dog Days of Summer

Mon....15 ......Music with Dot (2 DR)

............10:00 a.m.

Mon....15 ......Music Trio (3 DR) ............................10:15 a.m. Tue ....16 ......Ruth Rodgers, Piano (3 DR)............10:00 a.m. Thu ....18 ......Music Styles of the South Dinner

w/ Pet Visit (COM) ....................................2:00 p.m.

with Bob Shey (1Main DR) ........ 4:15 p.m.

Tue ..23 ......Dog Days Movie Classic Old Yeller (GS) ........6:30 p.m.

Sat ......20 ......Tom Cannon, Piano (2 DR) ............ 2:30 p.m.

Thu ..25 ......Old Time Summer Favorites

Mon....22 ......Music with Dot (2 DR) ....................10:00 a.m.

w/ Tune Toppers (COM)............................2:00 p.m.

Tue ....23 ......Ruth Rodgers, Piano (3 DR)............10:00 a.m.

Mon 29 ......Ballyorney Irish Restaurant (L)......................10:30 a.m.

Mon....29 ......Music with Dot (2 DR) ....................10:00 a.m.

Tue ..30 ......Homemade Cookies & Milk (GS) ................ 2:00 p.m.

Tue ....30 ......Ruth Rodgers, Piano (3 DR)............10:00 a.m.


Shell Point Life | August 2011

In Memory of Dr. Samuel G. Ferrell Shell Point Remembers Contributions of Early Leader The Board of Directors and management staff of Shell Point Retirement Community were deeply saddened last month by the announcement of the death of Dr. Samuel G. Ferrell. Dr. Ferrell played a significant role in the early development of Shell Point Retirement Community, then known as Shell Point Village. Anyone who knew Dr. Ferrell knew of his commitment to the mission of The Christian and Missionary Alliance denomination, as exemplified in his many years of devoted service. With early pastorates in Pennsylvania and Mississippi, he was best known for his long and dedicated service to the C&MA in south Florida and, more precisely, in the greater Fort Myers area. His prominence in Fort Myers and knowledge of key decision makers in the community were critical in the site selection for Shell Point Retirement Community and its early development in the late 60s and early 70s. Working under the leadership and vision of Dr. Nathan Bailey, president of the C&MA during that time, Dr. Ferrell was perhaps the individual most directly responsible for the community’s location along the banks of the Caloosahatchee River in Fort Myers. It was his engaging personality and optimistic enthusiasm as he described the potential for the community that persuaded land owner and developer Barry C. Williams to donate the land that was

used to develop Shell Point. Dr. Ferrell participated in the early design and development of the project and was an enthusiastic promoter who helped tackle the multiple challenges experienced during the community’s early days. He also served as the Executive Director of Shell Point for more than two years while simultaneously serving as the pastor of The Village Church. Dr. Ferrell provided significant influence in the early years of Shell Point’s history and was honored for his contributions and service by Shell Point at the 2008 Gala, which celebrated the community’s 40th anniversary. His efforts and contributions to this community and his service to God’s people will never be forgotten.

Planning for the Future B Y R I TA S O U T H E R N ,


People are often uncomfortable thinking about or talking with others about the end of their lives. However, learning about end-of-life arrangements and talking in advance with your loved ones and your health care provider can help lessen fears. Such preparation can also let those close to you know how you would like matters to be handled, making it more likely that your wishes will be carried out. We all plan for other life events, like births, graduations, weddings, and birthdays, but often we leave preparation for the end of our lives until the very end. Advance directives are important tools to have in place as individuals work to convey their thoughts and preferences to their family and friends. You have the right to decide what kind of care you want or do not want, to choose where you want to spend the last days of your life, and to make clear what you would like from people close to you. A health care advance directive is a paper that expresses a person’s wishes about his or her health care. Advance directives, as the term indicates, are written in

advance. Some people write them when they are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Others put their wishes into writing while they are healthy, often as part of their estate planning – like writing a will or buying life insurance. Types of health care advance directives include: • Living will – a written form that describes if you want certain life-prolonging medical care provided, withheld, or withdrawn if you are unable to make your own decisions and you have a terminal illness or are in a persistent vegetative state. • Health care surrogate designation – a written document naming another person as your representative to make medical decisions for you if you are unable to make them yourself. You can include instructions about any treatment you want or do not want, similar to a living will. You can also choose an alternate surrogate. If you choose a health care surrogate and alternate, be sure to ask them if they agree to take this responsibility, discuss how you would like matters handled, and give them a copy of the document.

• Do Not Resuscitate Order (DNRO) – a form to identify people who do not wish to be revived if they are not breathing or if their heart stops. The DNRO is a specific document from the Florida Department of Health. Your attorney or health care provider may have copies available for your use. The DNRO form is requested and signed by you, or your legal representative, and must be signed by your doctor in order to be legally valid. Shell Point maintains a central database that allows health care staff to access your advanced directives at any point in the health care continuum, once you have provided those documents. It is good practice to spend a few minutes reviewing your advanced directives at least once a year to ensure that the documents continue to reflect your wishes and accurately represent any changes that have been made regarding your specific circumstances or those you have chosen to represent your interests. If you have any questions regarding the documents you have on file with Shell Point, please call Pat Cunningham at 454-2299. If you have not yet completed the related forms, the Legacy Foundation is a great resource for initiating advanced directives. Call 454-8484. Shell Point Life | August 2011


Bigger, Better, Bolder! Rotary Club Scores with Golf Tourney at Shell Point PHO





“Bigger, Better, Bolder” was the battle cry for the 2011 Rotary Cup Golf Tournament hosted by The Rotary Club of Fort Myers at Shell Point Golf Club. On Saturday, June 18, dozens of Rotarian volunteers and 132 players from all over Southwest Florida descended on the beautiful Shell Point Golf Club for the biggest, better-than-ever, boldest event of the season. President Peter Dys was in attendance and greeted all the players alongside Rotary Club President Bob Beville. “Shell Point Retirement Community and Shell Point Golf Club were great partners and a terrific host venue for the event,” said Bob. “We Above: L-R: Betsy Allen, Adam Redenshek, Dan Allen and set out to completely Larry Wier. Left: Mike Mongoven, Bob Beville, Peter Dys, revamp our annual golf and John Kimbell tournament this year and, based on the Cherry Robson, results, we definitely Paul Dover, and achieved that goal.” Patricia Bell at the He continued, “We check in table helpwanted to create a ing register players. great golfing experience for our members while at the same time raising funds toward our club’s charitable projects. In Southwest Florida, golf is a yearround pastime and many of our members are downright passionate about their golfing Leah Kirby, Cathy Haas experience. That’s why we and Victoria Stephan raising money and selling tickets prior to the start of chose Shell Point Golf tournament play. Club. There is no better place to enjoy the golf experience than at of their spirited play. In addition to best the tournament committee passed out the Shell Point Golf Club.” team scores, individual players had the prizes to winners and also gave away raffle After registration and a quick conti- opportunity to participate in various con- prizes and numerous gifts. nental breakfast, golfers hit the links for a tests for best drive, closest to the pin, best For a Good Cause rousing scramble. During the tournament, putt, and other traditional golf games. Proceeds from the event benefited the Rotary Club member Phil LeBoutillier, a Following the tournament, the players gathprofessional photographer, took photos of ered to enjoy a delicious luncheon provided Quality of Life Center in Fort Myers and the each team and captured some action shots by King Creole Cajun Creole Catering as Rotary Club’s local Trust Fund that supports


Shell Point Life | August 2011

rlo Christi Pritchett Sa

and Gay Thompson

many charitable causes throughout the year. Quality of Life Center of Southwest Florida is a nonprofit organization that has provided services in education, youth enrichment, personal and community development, and social services for at-risk youth and families since 1990. Quality of Life Center strives to strengthen family and community by cultivating self-development and self-discipline while building confidence and cultural awareness.

June and John Kimbell

Cherry Robson and Michael Spreck elmeier

Lunch was provided by Cajun Creole Catering

Steve Pontius, Bob Beville, and Bob Sheehan

132 players enjoyed a great lunch.

Marianne Dabinett massage therapist with the Shell Point Salon and Spa offered mini massages to players. About Rotary

Chartered in 1922, the Rotary Club of Fort Myers has proudly served the community for 89 years and is the oldest Rotary Club in Southwest Florida. More than 185 members, including many of the area's leading business, government, and civic professionals are Rotary club members. These volunteers work locally, regionally, and internationally to combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training, promote peace, and eradicate polio under the motto “Service Above Self.� Rotary International is the world's first service club organization, with more than 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs worldwide.

Above: Samantha Howes passes out prizes to raffle winners.

Right: From the Quality of Life Center L-R: Jacquie Williams, Angela Pena, James Mathews, Laura Diaz and Tambra Morrison.

Shell Point Life | August 2011


Local Teen Prepares for Special Olympics at Shell Point Golf Club B










Jacob Miller, an autistic 16-year-old golfer, can be seen practicing at Shell Point Golf Club with his father, Bob, each week. Residents of Sanibel Island, Jacob and Bob have been participating in the Special Olympics together for the past four years. “Jacob has actually been playing in the Special Olympics since 2007,” explained Bob. “He first started by entering into the skills portion of the competition. After that, we began playing together. Eventually, he will go solo.”


Jacob and Bob MIller practice their golf game for the Special Olympics at the Shell Point Golf Club.

Shell Point Life | August 2011

This is the first year that Jacob and Bob have used the Shell Point Golf Club for their practice facility. By working with Michael Mongoven, director of golf, they were able to make arrangements to practice on the course weekly. And Jacob even signed up to participate in the Junior Golf Camp that was offered at the course in June. “Shell Point Golf Club has been so flexible and accommodating,” said Bob. “Their willingness to work with us and our schedules has given us the chance to practice for the competition more often than we would have anywhere else. We are close to home and the staff at the course is wonderful to work with.” Jacob’s favorite hole is number 18. In

fact, he recently tackled the hole like a pro. Jacob explained, “I got a birdie on 18. I like 16 and 17 too. My favorite part of golfing is putting. And I like hitting from the reds and greens!” And after attending Shell Point Golf Club’s Junior Clinic in June, Jacob has found that he can hit faster and further on the driving range. Jacob and Bob are looking forward to taking advantage of those skills when they participate in the regional competition on August 6 in Naples. “We are hoping to qualify for the state tournament that will be held in Orlando in September,” said Bob. “More than anything, we just like to joke around and have fun.”

All-Natural and Toxin-Free Nail Care Now Available at the Shell Point Salon R




At the Shell Point Salon and Spa, our nail care outshines the competition! Our goal is to provide professional nail care services that support natural nail health through professional technique and quality products. Our services specialize in replenishing hydration, antioxidants, and collagen.




the skin preventing hydration from escaping. Vitamin A, C, and E are antioxidants that feed the skin. The skin on your hands directly effects your nails and cuticles. Dry skin on hands dehydrates cuticles and the nail bed as moisture is pulled from these areas to help hydrate the skin. QTICA Intense Total Hydrating Therapy STRIVE FOR NATURAL Not All Polish increases moisture in Artificial nail enhancements is Created Equal your skin by 10 times can damage the matrix of the We have recently nail and obstruct proper cuticle and lasts up to 8 hours introduced a new growth. It is caused by dehydrat- with a layer of protecing the nail bed which reduces product line that protion. Rough, parched, the density and leaves deep motes natural nail and/or irritated hands ridges. Artificial nails can also health — Zoya polish. require QTICA Hand promote or conceal infection. This new Repair Balm. polish is completely toxin free! Unlike many other polish brands, Zoya polish does not contain harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, or camphor. Those chemicals found in other polish brands are, quite simply, not beneficial to the health of Completely natural nails. In addition toxin-free to its natural ingredients, Use QTICA Natural Nail Growth Zoya polish achieves an outstanding Stimulator to improve growth and see up finish that is resistant to chipping to 1/4” of nail growth in 14 days! without the use of any toxins. QTICA Natural Nail Growth Save Your Skin with QTICA Stimulator is the solution to dry, Treatments for Men and Women weak, peeling, or splitting nails. This QTICA treatments are used to miracle in a bottle for problem nails treat dull or flaky skin on both women strengthens and hydrates nails to preand men. In essence, QTICA treat- vent cracking. QTICA’S natural forments are a “prescription” for dry and mula promotes up to a quarter inch of damaged skin from head to toe, nail growth in just two weeks! including hands, feet, lips, and cutiAsk your nail tech about QTICA cles. Three of the active ingredients Intense Lip Balm, Foot Repair Balm, in QTICA are honey, beeswax, and and Cuticle Repair Balm. These prodantioxidants. Honey acts as a natural ucts deliver results, are affordably priced, anti-biotic to heal cuts and cracks. and highly concentrated – delivering Beeswax seals over even fine cracks in lasting results.

10% off Zoya and QTICA Products

Zoya and QTICA nail and skin treatments have been featured in People, Allure, Vogue, Lucky, and In Style magazines as the best of the best. And we think you will agree! In fact, we are offing special savings this month on these wonderful new products. Throughout the month of August, enjoy 10% off Zoya and QTICA retail products!



QTICA Overnight Intense Hand Repair Balm for rough, raw, chapped hands.

s QTICA Intense Lip Repair Balm



QTICA Intense Total Hydrating Therapy for dull, flaky, tired looking skin Shell Point Life | August 2011


Officially Opens its Doors to Public Residents and Staff Gain First-Hand Access to the Store Prior to its Grand Opening Weekend B

On Tuesday, June 28, an enthusiastic crowd of residents and staff members became the very first to shop at Shell Point’s new Community Thrift Store. As the doors opened at 9 a.m., the eager shoppers dispersed throughout the store, finding deals on televisions, linens, household items, jewelry, clothing, furniture, and much more. And in addition to the already low prices featured throughout the store, the Shell Point shoppers received an additional 25% off all purchases. “The entire event was very well organized,” said Ann Wharton (Cameo). “It was very calm and contained. Each person truly had an opportunity to see what was on display without the hassle of fighting a crowd. And people were there to help if you needed anything. It was brilliant.” Power in Numbers

A dedicated group of around 20 staff members and volunteers helped shoppers navigate through the store, rang up orders, and carried large purchases to vehicles in the parking lot. Teri Kollath, manager of volunteer services and The Academy, said, “More than 75 residents have stepped into a variety of volunteer roles at the Thrift Store – and five more residents signed up to volunteer on the first day! Jobs include receiving and processing, pricing and sorting, marketing and promotion, and more. Anyone who wants to learn more about volunteer opportunities at the Thrift Store can call me at 454-2254.”


Shell Point Life | August 2011





2. 3.

Resident volunteer, Carol Palermo (Royal Bonnet) said, “I love volunteering in the thrift store. I do a lot of pricing, sorting, and restocking. I wanted to do this to help my friends. And, truthfully, I love seeing what people bring in and what bargains people get!” The First Days

Dawn Boren, director of resident life, expressed, “The first day of operation at the Thrift Store was certainly a success. It’s important to recognize that the positive outcome of this venture was made possible by countless acts of generosity. First of all, we’ve had a seemingly endless supply of



1: The first official purchase of the day was made by Paul Williamson of Eagles Preserve. “I bought a piece of luggage for a cruise. It’s just what I was hunting for, and it was a great price!” 2. Cheryl Wells of the Shell Point Salon was close behind. “I found a great tablecloth, some cute napkin rings, a couple of very heavy-duty antique lamps, and even a sweet bear for my grandson. I was impressed with the wide selection of merchandise that was available. I will definitely be back!” 3. A grand-opening shopper displayed some items she found in the home goods section of the store.

donations from residents, staff members, and people from the surrounding community. Additionally, the Thrift Store is blessed with an outstanding staff of employees and volunteers who combined their drive and determination to pull it all together. We are looking forward to the continued success of this exciting endeavor.” Shell Point residents and employees resumed their first-hand access to the Thrift Store on Wednesday, June 29. By the end of its second day of operation, more than 465 residents and 250 staff members had shopped at the Thrift Store. “I want to say a big ‘thank you’ to all of our resident volunteers,” said Debbie Zeis, manager of the new store. “We could not have done it without their enthusiastic

Clockwise from top: A dedicated group of residents and staff helped shoppers navigate through the store and make purchases. E.J. Erb purchased a sofa for her Macoma residence. Dianne and Dwain Glascock of Fort Myers found some decorative items for their home. A grandopening shopper found a beautiful painted plate.

support. Plus, we want to thank all the departments and Shell Point staff who have supported the Thrift Store effort, including project development, facility operations, marketing, finance, information systems, security, purchasing, the 2190 call center, and the resident life team. This has truly been a group effort and a highly successful one at that!” Grand Opening Weekend

The Community Thrift Store officially opened to the public with a Grand


Spiritual Salvation Revealing Hope in Prison Ministry Alliance International workers Don and Joan Ewan spent more than 30 years working in Ecuador. While teaching at the Alliance Academy, God laid the burden on Joan’s heart to minister to the international women being incarcerated at the El Inca Women’s Prison in the capital city of Quito. It was from this tiny beginning, years ago, that the Lord raised up the “Soul Light Link” prison ministry. Soul Light Link

Opening Weekend taking place from Thursday, July 7, through Saturday, July 9. Throughout the weekend, all shoppers saved a total of 25% on their entire orders. A couple from Fort Myers, Dianne and Dwain Glascock, learned about the Thrift Store Grand Opening in the newspaper. “As soon as I read about it, I knew we had to come and take a look,” said Dianne. “I’m glad we did! I’ve found some great decorative items for our home.”

E.J. Erb, who recently moved into Macoma, purchased a couch at the Thrift Store. “I have a large studio and needed something for when my daughters come to visit. This is perfect!” Dianne Morton, transportation and resource service manager, said, “We were honored to welcome our first shoppers. Offering a 25% discount was simply our way of saying ‘thank you’ for shopping with us. We hope that everyone will come back for even more great deals.” Location and Hours

The Community Thrift Store is located next to Planet Fitness in the Miner’s Plaza on the corner of McGregor and Gladiolus (in the old Kiwanis Thrift Store location). The store is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. All are welcome to shop as well as make donations. Proceeds from the store will help provide services to meet the needs of seniors in our area.

is a non-profit ministry that the previously hardened prison reaches South American women. As a result of her faithfulness imprisoned women with the and obedience to God, there was a good news of Jesus Christ. new joy that became evident in the Prison is typically a place faces and voices of the women. And of hopelessness and despair. with that hope and joy came a new It’s a place of utter darkness, purpose for each of them – to share where the women are hard and Join guest speaker the Light in their own homes and Joan Ewan on calloused. But, by God’s grace, communities upon their release. August 17 at Joan was used to bring the Joan’s most recent burden has 10:15 a.m. in the Light of Jesus into their world been for a “halfway house” for Village Church of darkness. Many of the priswomen coming out of prison to help Hospitality Room. oners came to a saving knowlthem build new lives. Joan will share edge of Christ behind those prison bars. They this encouraging opportunity as she presents began meeting regularly for worship and Bible at the Women’s Ministries Global Outreach study, as the women encountered hope meeting on Wednesday, August 17, at 10:15 beyond hope. Under the direction of God’s a.m. in the Hospitality Room at The Village Spirit, Joan had won the respect and trust of Church. Refreshments will be served.

Shell Point Life | August 2011


As the ship cruised the calm waters through the Trudy Quimby Queen Charlotte Islands, (Lucina) enjoys a everyone enjoyed snowmomentary rest capped mountains and between excursions the pristine landscape Ella Wolf (Eagles Preserve) before arriving in sings to entertain the crowd. Juneau for the day. Some in the group rode the tram to the Ron & Gary Matthews at the keyboards top of Mt. Roberts, preparing for an inspisome ventured on to rational concert. Mendenhall Glacier, while others toured Auke Lake looking for wildlife including whales, seals, and otters. As the ship gently floated thru stunning Disenchantment Bay, the group marveled at Doug Allen breathtaking views of spectacular Hubbard (Rosemont) Glacier – the longest tidewater glacier in enjoys the view North America. After hearing a loud slamof icebergs at ming sound like the clap of thunder, all were Yakutat Bay. speechless as this very active glacier calved off icebergs the size of 10-story buildings! Both additional ports of call, Sitka and Ketchikan, provided opportunities for the ms Westerdam travelers to relive the history of the gold docks in rush and enjoy natural encounters with Ketchikan. Alaska’s wildlife. Spotting otters, humpHubbard back whales, deer, bear, and bald eagles was Glacier A pink flamingo poses a regular occurrence. at Butchart Gardens One evening, the group presented an Randy and Karen Woods on the bow of the ms Westerdam impromptu talent show! The acts were: Ted and Carol Ashley (Coquina) dancing the Cha-Cha, Ida Shiels (Coquina) and Elva Matthews (Cellana) telling humorous stories, Ella Wolfe (Eagles Preserve) singing a special song, and Karen and Randy Woods playing a piano duet. Ida Shiels and The ship also docked in Victoria, British Elva Matthews Columbia where we toured the regal Royal B.C. Museum, Beacon Hill Park, and the Parliament Buildings. A highlight of this last stop was a visit to the Butchart Gardens. It seemed like a holy hush fell over the 50-acre property as the group strolled around the natural sanctuary under the canopy of trees and A group of 31 Shell Point residents morning worship service, led through blossoms of delMendenhall Mendenhall Glacier Glacier and friends embarked on the adven- by Randy and guest musiphinium, geraniums, roses, ture of a lifetime with Randy Woods, minis- cians Ron and Gary fox glove, and poppies. ter of worship and music of The Village Matthews, celebrating the The group’s expectaChurch, and his wife Karen, as they cruised wonder and majesty of tions were far exceeded as aboard the ms Westerdam through Alaska. God’s creation. Throughout they viewed the tapestry of The journey that began in Seattle led the the week Ron and Gary precreation on land and sea. group of travelers through Alaska’s scenic sented inspirational music Throughout the trip, the wonders, wildlife, history, and culture for the group as well as a speShell Point travelers were To begin their first day at sea the group cial concert open to all the amazed at the wonder and gathered on the observation deck for Sunday ship’s passengers. majesty of God’s creation.

Cruising in Arctic Alaska


Shell Point Life | August 2011

A Song for Every Voice B










This month, as Resort Services celebrates musical styles from North to South and East to West, be sure to share in the joy of making music by singing with your friends and neighbors at Shell Point. It makes no difference what genre you sing, just as long as you enjoy singing out a tune. There is so much joy that comes in sharing a song. There are two unique singing opportunities in our community, the Shell Point Singers and The Village Church Choir, and everyone is encouraged to participate. Shell Point Singers

The Shell Point Singers is a community choir which provides a singing experience that allows residents the opportunity to share their time and talents. This season, the Shell Point Singers will present a fall concert featur-

Village Church Choir



ing a sing-a-long of popular music, a Christmas concert with traditional Victorian carols, and a spring concert collaboration perShell Point Singers formance with the Bay Singers of Choir will present a Christmas concert with Bonita Bay. The Shell Point Singers will resume internationally acclaimed pianist Jan weekly rehearsals beginning on Monday, Mulder, along with the Celebration August 15, at 3:15 pm. All Shell Point res- Orchestra consisting of members of the idents interested in singing are welcome to Southwest Florida Symphony and local join. Register by attending the rehearsals instrumentalists. In the spring, The Village on stage at The Village Church. There is a Church Choir will sing with Craig $10 registration fee to participate which Courtney, celebrated composer/arranger, pianist, and editor of the Beckenhorst Press. covers the cost of music. Weekly rehearsals will resume for The The Village Village Church Choir on Wednesday, Church Choir August 3, at 5:45 p.m. The Village Church Come One, Choir sings the best of tradiCome All tional and contemporary It’s always good to welcome new voices sacred music as it regularly shares in the worship serv- to share in the joy of singing. If you are ices, holiday services, and interested in learning more about either participates in special con- choir, do not hesitate! Join in the joy of certs with guest artists. This singing with the Shell Point Singers and/or season The Village Church The Village Church Choir this season.

Combined Choirs Celebrate and Sing at Shell Point The campus will be abuzz the first for the choirs to sing under the weekend of August as the choir from direction of Dr. John Wilson, Fort Lauderdale‘s New Presbyterian Church director of music ministries at visits Shell Point for their summer retreat. New Presbyterian Church, This choice destination will give opportu- where he administers a full nity for the singers and guests to relax and program of adult, youth and enjoy the resort lifestyle that is characteris- children's choirs along with tic of our community. handbell ensembles. A highlight of the weekend will occur Before joining the staff of on Sunday morning, August 7, The New Presbyterian New Presbyterian Church choir will perform with The when the sanctuary will resChurch, John was director Village Church choir on Sunday, August 7, at 10:15 a.m. onate with glorious praise as of music ministries at Coral The Village Church Choir joins Ridge Presbyterian Church for 12 will include piano and organ music by John with members of the New Years. There he oversaw 15 choirs, and his wife, Lisa. Of course, the congrePresbyterian Church in a time including the 100-voice chancel gational singing will be a significant part of worship and celebration. The choir, which appeared weekly on the of this worship service as well. combined choirs will sing sevinternational television program All are welcome to attend The Village John Wilson, direceral anthems during the 10:15 The Coral Ridge Hour. Church as we continue to grow in the grace tor of music mina.m. Worship Service. Other music to celebrate this and knowledge of our Lord and celebrate istries at New It will be a special privilege Presbyterian Church festive day of choral fellowship God’s goodness in song.

Shell Point Life | August 2011


ration Cooking demonst stitute at the Culinary In

Beach Fort Lauderdale


Jupiter Inle t Lig serving mari hthouse — ners for 15 0 years

East Coast Explorers Overnight Trip Was “A Little Bit of This and That” B Y B E V C H A N D L E Y,


The recent Academy on the Go trip to the Fort Lauderdale and Jupiter on Florida’s east coast included a little bit of everything. Before arriving at the first scheduled destination, the group had a little spare time, so the driver improvised by taking a scenic coastal drive along the Fort Lauderdale Beach waterfront. Many in the group had never seen this coast before and were impressed at how beautiful and clean it all looked. One resident was thrilled to see her old high school on this side trip. During the first scheduled stop, the chefs at the Culinary Institute led a cooking demonstration followed by the presentation of a flavorful lunch. Many residents remarked that the intricate weaving of flavors in the sauces impressed them the most. But that was before the intensely delicious multi-layered mousse confection made an appearance for dessert! A short ride after lunch took the group to the Museum of Science and Discovery. Residents broke into small clusters to explore exhibits, test their reflexes, drive mock race cars, challenge their scientific problem-solving abilities, and scoped out archaeological remains. Later, dinner at the tropical Mai Kai restaurant featured an amazing Polynesian dance show. It was sur-

prising how many different dances were performed and that each dance had specific cultural symbolism. The dance narrator did a great job explaining them all to the audience. The next day brought a taste of the outdoors as the group ventured north to the Loxahatchee River and the Jupiter Lighthouse Museum. The history of the area was certainly interesting, but the highlight for many was the big climb up the many stairs of the lighthouse itself. Scenic water views of the Intracoastal Waterway, Jupiter Inlet, and the wave-intense Atlantic Ocean rewarded climbers for their effort. Although some of those stair climbing calories burned were negated with a visit to Hoffman’s Chocolate, it was still a nice way to end our Florida east coast trip! This Academy on the Go group sure enjoyed the “little bit of this and little bit of that” proLois Hendrix tested her vided on this fun Nascar overnight educapotential tional field trip. On the return trip back to Fort Myers residents were asking to be signed up for the next overnight trip already, saying “We don’t even care where it is going, we just know it will be fun!”

The group poses fo ra

photo under a large Banyan tree

e Dancers at th Mai Kai

Below: Barbara Milligan, Gayle Richardson, Ruth McGuire, Joan Morgan, and Bev Chandley proudly display certificates of accomplishment for climbing the many stairs to the top of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse.

Above: A WWII Naval housing building and the lighthouse are now part of a museum. Jackie and Gus Ormrod pose by the lighthouse sign. Above right: Exploring the Museum of Discovery: Renee Maxwell, Ann Estlund, Jean Gilmore, Shirley Groves, Anna Marie Tesorierio, and Joan Morgan.

Shell Point Life - August Edition  
Shell Point Life - August Edition  

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