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Providing Shell Point residents with trusted wealth advisory services and peace of mind. LEG-408-15_Legacy_Planner_Booklet_v1.1.indd 1

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A Welcome From Our Executive Director Welcome to the The Legacy Foundation, a specialized non-profit organization created to provide financial and wealth planning concierge services exclusively for Shell Point residents. We focus our efforts on serving the unique, personal concerns of individuals like you, without any cost or obligation whatsoever on your part. What kind of services does The Legacy Foundation provide? We can assist you with your estate planning, investments, and personal financial management. And, if your personal values and goals include the desire to create a significant and lasting legacy with your philanthropy, we can help you make your dreams come true. We work alongside your bankers, financial and tax advisors, attorneys, and other professionals to provide seamless legacy planning services. The foundation’s trained professionals can offer assistance in all aspects of wealth planning. We call this the Legacy Service. The Legacy Service includes: • • • • • •

A complimentary review of your current estate plan and advance directives (power of attorney, healthcare directives, living will) to help you achieve your objectives Wealth transfer planning, from simple wills to complex estates, utilizing the latest estate and tax planning strategies Assistance in identifying trusted professional estate (trustees and personal representatives) and gift administration service providers Helping you with strategies to make your philanthropy more rewarding Basic financial management services, including assisting you to review bills, bank and investment statements, tax returns, and helping you manage your money more effectively Referrals to trusted and experienced legal, financial, and tax professionals

To assist you in putting your financial affairs in order, we have developed this Legacy Planner to give you a single, convenient resource for compiling information on the vital “Four P’s” of your estate: People, Property, Plans, and Professionals. Having a list of your assets, goals, and important people in one place will make it easier for you and your loved ones to fulfill your personal financial wishes in the future. We are here to serve you and welcome the opportunity to become a part of your professional advisory team. Please contact us today at (239) 466-8484 or at JeffCory@legacyshellpoint.org to schedule an appointment (there’s never a cost or obligation.) We promise to provide you with the professional expertise, services, and personal caring attention designed especially with Shell Point residents in mind. Warm regards,

Jeff Cory, CFP, ChFC, AEP Executive Director

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Our lasting legacy shares with the world how we intend to be remembered. It’s a celebration of our life, passions, and convictions, and our belief in a better and brighter tomorrow. The Legacy Foundation is dedicated to assisting individuals to achieve their lasting legacy through a client-centered approach to wealth planning that honors people and their unique interests, goals, and values.

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Sound Stewardship Never Retires.

Sharing the Rewards of Life.

You’ve lived a meaningful life and now you are enjoying the benefits of your years of thoughtful planning. Good management of your resources has provided the retirement you dreamed of, but it is also a time when sound financial management is more important than ever.

You’ve spent a lifetime working toward important goals, touching the lives of those around you. Your ability to influence others into the future can be achieved through legacy planning.

Keeping up with changing tax laws and economic conditions is a challenge when expert counsel is often needed and appreciated. Finding someone to trust with such matters is important. That’s where The Legacy Foundation comes in. The foundation exists to provide Shell Point residents and their loved ones with services and programs in wealth management, estate design, and philanthropic planning to help them achieve their financial goals while maintaining peace of mind. We provide this service with unmatched personal and professional support, located right here in our community.

As a partner in philanthropy, The Legacy Foundation assists individuals in supporting their favorite charities by providing expertise with gift planning and administration services. The foundation offers numerous options for those who wish to support Shell Point or their favorite charities though philanthropy, including current gifts, bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, and endowment funds. See pages 16-18 to learn more about specific gift opportunities at Shell Point and to learn more about our Legacy Society.

Introducing the Legacy Planner. Part of the joy of a long and successful life is reaping the material benefits of your hard work and careful money management . . . but then what? Have you prepared for a day when illness or incapacity might require someone to help you manage the affairs of your life? If you needed to locate your important financial records and hand them off to someone today, could you do it? The truth is that it is often quite difficult to keep track of everything you own, especially if you’ve dealt with various advisors and professionals over the years. But someday your loved ones and trusted advisors may need access to your accounts, plans, and documents. Would that information be easy to find? Where would they start? It’s because of critical questions like these that we created this organizer for you and your loved ones. By jotting down a list of your assets, liabilities, family and professional contacts, and other vital facts and preferences, you’ll have a neat, all-in-one place record that can be accessed easily. The Legacy Planner will tremendously help those who serve you today and in the future. 4 LEG-408-15_Legacy_Planner_Booklet_v1.1.indd 4

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Legacy Planner: It may be a bit overwhelming when you begin organizing and listing your personal records. But it’s less intimidating when you consider the “Four P’s” and divide the process into categorized segments of related information. The “Four P’s” of the legacy planning process are:


Identify the important individuals and organizations in your life.


Record your financial and investment holdings.


Define the plans you already have in place or wish to create.


List anyone entrusted with your legal, financial, and physical health.

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PEOPLE Please use the spaces below to list vital information about significant individuals in your life, such as children, siblings, friends, other close relatives, etc., and how they can be reached.

Personal Information Title: Name: Home Address: Occupation: Date of Birth: Social Security No.: Place of Birth: Citizenship (if other than U.S.A.): Did you serve in the Armed Forces? o Yes o No Years Served: Service Branch: Home Phone: Cell: Email Address:

Marital Status o Single o Married o Widowed o Divorced Wedding Date: Maiden Name: Place of Marriage:

Spouse Information Title: Name: Home Address: Occupation: Date of Birth: Social Security No.: Place of Birth: Citizenship (if other than U.S.A.): Did you serve in the Armed Forces? o Yes o No Years Served: Service Branch: Home Phone: Cell: Email Address: Former Marriages: (Husband) o Yes o No (Wife) o Yes o No Info on Prior Marriage(s): Divorce Decree: Property Settlement Agreement: Comments or Personal Notes:

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11/3/15 3:32 PM

Family Information Child’s Name

Birth Date



Spouse Name

Phone Number

Children of previous marriage

Birth Date



Spouse Name

Phone Number


Birth Date



Spouse Name

Phone Number

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11/3/15 3:32 PM

PEOPLE Does your spouse have special needs? o Yes o No Do any of your children have permanent disabilities? o Yes o No If yes, please explain (spouse and/or children): Deceased Children

Birth Date



# Children

Others to be considered

Birth Date



# Children

Phone Number

Next of Kin

Charitable Organizations (that depend on your support)

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11/3/15 3:32 PM

PROPERTY Use these pages to record where your investments and other assets are held, and with whom.

Checking and Savings Accounts (Including Time Certificates or Money Market Funds) Type of Account


Owner and Type of Ownership

Account Number

Current Value

Real Estate Type

Location (State)


Purchase Date

Cost Basis

Mortgage Balance

Market Value

TOTAL Do you have renter’s insurance on your Shell Point residence? o Yes o No Company: Agent Name: Phone:

Long Term Care Planning Initial date of residency at Shell Point: Type of contract at Shell Point: Long Term Care Insurance

Insured Name


Policy Number

Daily Benefit

Benefit Period

Charitable Income Plans Do you have any charitable trusts? Charitable Beneficiary

o Yes o No Type Trust

Do you have any charitable gift annuities?

o Yes o No Charitable Beneficiary




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11/3/15 3:32 PM

PROPERTY Life Insurance (Individual, Group, Mortgage) Insured Name


Beneficiaries Primary

Beneficiaries Contingent

Name of Insurance Company

Plan of Insurance

Policy Number

Death Value

Marketable Securities (Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds) Owner

How held? (Individually, Jointly, Trust)

Investment Company

Current Value

*You may prefer to attach a recent statement from your investment firm.

Other Assets Plan


Copyrights Patents Trademarks Other Other Other

Retirement Plans / Employee Benefits Plan Individual Retirement Account Individual Retirement Account KEOGH 401(k) or 403(b) 401(k) or 403(b) Tax-Deferred Annuity Qualified Pension or Profit Sharing Plan Split Dollar, Stock Option, or Thrift Plans Deferred Compensation Agreement



Investment Company


TOTAL 10 LEG-408-15_Legacy_Planner_Booklet_v1.1.indd 10

11/3/15 3:32 PM

Business Name: Location: Business Activity: Value: (Note: If farm, include value of machinery, livestock, grain in storage. List value of kind under real estate.) Net profit (before owner’s earnings & taxes): For year 20 Projected future change: For year 20 Business life insurance beneficiary: Are any family members involved in business? o Yes o No Name(s): Form of Business: o Sole Proprietorship o Partnership o C Corporation o Professional Corporation o S Corporation o Personal Holding Company Buy/Sell Agreement: o Yes o No (Funded) Describe: Owner/Key Employees


% Owner of # Shares

Annual Income from Business

Include in Buy/Sell?

At death business is to be: o Continued by Heirs o Liquidated o Sold to Surviving Owners o Other o Sold to Key Employees Please describe any unique qualities of your business that you believe are pertinent to your estate design:

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11/3/15 3:32 PM

PROPERTY Miscellaneous Assets Type Personal Effects / Autos Personal Effects / Autos Furniture / Furnishings Antiques Collections / Hobbies Precious Metals / Gems Jewelry Oil and Gas Interests Works of Art Limited Partnerships Mortgages / Contracts Recreational Vehicles Other




TOTAL Liabilities Type Current Bills Bank Loans Notes Payable Other Other

Owed on what property and to whom?


TOTAL Future Inheritances Husband: From Whom? Age: Wife: From Whom? Age:

$ $

Federal Income Tax Information For year 20 Adjusted Gross Income: $ Taxable Income: $ Projected Change This Year: $ $ It may be beneficial to review the last two years’ tax returns.

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11/3/15 3:32 PM

PLANS Please use these spaces to include information about arrangements you have made about your estate, healthcare decisions, etc.

Existing Plans YOU


Do you have a will? o Yes o No o Yes o No If yes, when was it last updated? Have trusts been created? o Yes o No o Yes o No If yes, when was it last updated? Have durable power of attorneys been created... for property? o Yes o No o Yes o No for healthcare? o Yes o No o Yes o No Do you have a current living will? o Yes o No o Yes o No Are pre-nuptial agreements in effect? o Yes o No o Yes o No Are community property agreements in effect? o Yes o No o Yes o No **If your answer is yes to any of the previous questions, please attach copies of your current wills and all trust agreements in which you or a member of your family have an interest, whether as a beneficiary, fudiciary, or holder of a power of appointment.

Current Desires for Distribution of Property

Do you desire to remember Shell Point or another charity in your estate plan? o Yes o No 1. If married, at death of first spouse: All to surviving spouse Other Desires: 2. If single, or at death of surviving spouse: Gifts in Kind: Recipient Property Gifts of Fixed Amounts: Recipient Property Gift Percentages: Recipient Property Do you desire to establish a minor’s trust to manage the wealth of your estate in the event that both parents are deceased? Other Desires: 3. Common Disaster: Recipient Property 13 LEG-408-15_Legacy_Planner_Booklet_v1.1.indd 13

11/3/15 3:32 PM

PROFESSIONALS Please list any individuals and organizations entrusted with your current or future care. These are not necessarily the same people listed as family and personal contacts on p. 7. Your professionals would include professionals or groups responsible for your personal legal, financial and physical health, such as doctors, attorneys, CPA/accountants, insurance agents, financial advisors, trustee, personal representative, attorney-in-fact, healthcare surrogate, etc.

Choice of Personal Representative Personal Representative: Address: Phone: Email: Alternate: Address: Phone: Email:

Choice of Trustee Trustee: Address: Successor Trustee: Address:

Choice of Healthcare Surrogate/Attorney-in-Fact Healthcare Surrogate: Address: Phone: Email: Alternate: Address: Phone: Email: General Durable Power of Attorney: Address: Phone: Email: Alternate: Address: Phone: Email:

14 LEG-408-15_Legacy_Planner_Booklet_v1.1.indd 14

11/3/15 3:32 PM

Professionals or Advisors Attorney(s) Insurance Advisor(s) Company Name: Company Name: Name: Name: Office Phone: Office Phone: Email: Email: Company Name: Company Name: Name: Name: Office Phone: Office Phone: Email: Email:

Tax Accountant Safe Deposit Box Company Name: Bank: Name: Address: Office Phone: City, Sate, Zip: Email:

Financial Advisor Company Name: Name: Office Phone: Email:

Burial and Funeral Home Plans Have you pre-planned your burial or cremation? o Yes o No Your preferred funeral home: Contract #: Contract Date: Your preferences regarding your burial:

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11/3/15 3:32 PM



n the early 1960s, local businessman and real estate developer, Berry C. Williams, was inspired by a vision for a retirement community along the shores of the Caloosahatchee in an area long known as “Shell Point.” This vision took root in a significant charitable gift of 75 acres of prime waterfront property by Mr. Williams to The Christian and Missionary Alliance for the development of Shell Point Retirement Community. Since its founding, this spirit of philanthropy and giving has been at the core of the mission and ministry of Shell Point. And today, the importance of philanthropic support to our vision for the future is just as vital. Your gifts today and in the future will allow Shell Point to not only remain a leader in the industry, but will allow us to expand and improve the care we give to all residents and their loved ones.

addition, some forms of legacy giving may offer you significant tax savings, allowing you to maximize gifts to family members and loved ones while achieving your charitable objectives. Finally, as a member of Shell Point’s Legacy Society, your gift will help inspire others to give meaningfully to their community…to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

The Rewards of Giving You can become a member of Shell Point’s Legacy Society a number of ways. You may: 1. Name Shell Point as a beneficiary in your will or revocable living trust. A sample bequest may read, “I give and bequeath to Shell Point Retirement Community, 15000 Shell Point Blvd., Fort Myers, Florida 33908, an amount equal to ___% (percentage) of my estate.” (Or designate a specific sum of money, or otherwise describe the gift.)

The Shell Point Legacy Society honors the generosity and commitment of Shell Point family and friends who have chosen to remember Shell Point Retirement 2. Include Shell Point as beneficiary of an Individual Community through their estate plans. Members of Retirement Account (IRA), 401(k), 403(b), or the Shell Point Legacy Society are inspired by our other retirement plan. community and its impact on the lives of everyone it touches today, and in the future. 3. Create a charitable remainder trust to provide you with income and current tax savings, with the Members of the Shell Point Legacy Society share a remainder, or a portion thereof, given to common bond of generosity that nourishes Shell Shell Point. Point’s extraordinary achievement and ensures the programs and services we provide for our entire community for generations to come.

The message is simple; you can make a difference in the lives that follow by remembering Shell Point in your will or estate plan. A legacy gift to Shell Point is a promise to the future that can bring immediate rewards. You will feel the joy that comes with giving. You will experience a new peace of mind knowing others will share in the blessings that have come to you over a lifetime. In

4. Name Shell Point as the beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy or annuity contract, or purchase a new policy for the benefit of Shell Point. 5. Purchase a charitable gift annuity that provides you with current income and tax savings, and benefits Shell Point. 6. Gift a remainder interest in a home or farm to Shell Point, which allows you to receive a current income tax deduction while you continue to live on the property.

16 LEG-408-15_Legacy_Planner_Booklet_v1.1.indd 16

11/3/15 3:33 PM

7. Establish a charitable lead trust to benefit you, your loved ones, and Shell Point. 8. Place a bank account or Certificate of Deposit (CD) “In Trust For” (ITF) or “Payable On Death” (POD) to Shell Point Retirement Community. 9. Title a brokerage account to “Transfer On Death” (TOD) to Shell Point Retirement Community. A “TOD” account allows an individual to retain complete ownership rights to an account during his/her lifetime, while the assets would pass directly to Shell Point upon the owner’s death, bypassing probate. 10. Lifetime cumulative gifts of cash, securities, real estate, and other property of $100,000 or greater will qualify for membership in the Shell Point Legacy Society. As well as all planned or estate gifts (of any amount) listed above.

A Lasting Legacy... Where Do You Begin? Legacy gifts to Shell Point begin with a heartfelt commitment to our community and the family and friends who call this place “home.” Careful planning will produce the greatest benefits for you, your loved ones, and Shell Point Retirement Community. Here are a few things to think about: • Consider your current financial goals and future needs, including management of your affairs during your lifetime and upon your death. • Consult with your attorney, CPA, or other professional financial advisors to develop or revise your plans. • Have your legal counsel draft the necessary will, trust agreements, or other estate planning documents.

• Financial advisors can assist with change of beneficiary designations for life insurance, annuity, and retirement plan accounts, as well as “Payable On Death” (POD) titling of brokerage accounts. • Contact your bank representative to place an account or Certificate of Deposit (CD) “In Trust For” (ITF) or “Payable On Death” (POD) to Shell Point. • Review your plans periodically to incorporate tax law changes and to consider your changing needs, goals, and intentions. • Contact The Legacy Foundation at (239) 4668484 to learn more about giving opportunities to Shell Point, or to receive more specific details or a personalized illustration outlining the benefits of a charitable gift plan. • Let us know of your plans. You will be enrolled as a member of Shell Point’s Legacy Society.

To Honor Your Generosity Benefits of membership in the Shell Point Legacy Society include: • Recognition of your name in select Shell Point publications as a member of the Shell Point Legacy Society. • Invitation to the annual Shell Point Legacy Society luncheon. • Special announcements and invitations to select Shell Point events. • A beautiful certificate of membership and Shell Point Legacy Society member gift.

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11/3/15 3:33 PM

How Legacy Gifts Benefit Shell Point Through the years, philanthropic-minded individuals, just like you, have helped us enhance community services, expand and improve our facilities, develop new programs, and become a nationally recognized leader in continuing care retirement communities in America.

Designating Your Gift What you choose to support at Shell Point is entirely up to you. You may designate your gift for any purpose that contributes to our mission and is acceptable to the board of directors. Gifts to Shell Point may be designated to any number of significant programs, including: Shell Point General Fund: Unrestricted gifts to our general fund allow Shell Point to take advantage of unexpected opportunities and allow us the flexibility to designate gifts wherever the need is greatest at the time. The Waterside Medical Complex and The Larsen Pavilion: Gifts to the Waterside Medical Complex and The Larsen Pavilion will be used to enhance healthcare and wellness programs and services to allow us to take advantage of the latest innovations in equipment, technology, and care. Hope Hospice at Shell Point: Gifts to Hope Hospice at Shell Point are used to help us provide the best medical, social, and spiritual care to the individuals, family members, and loved ones in our community hospice program.

Memory Care at Shell Point: Gifts to support the Memory Care program are used to enhance the growing services in behavioral health and dementia-related care offered to residents at Shell Point.

A Named Endowment Fund: The Gift That Keeps On Giving A named endowment established for the benefit of Shell Point is an investment in the future. Endowments may be established to generate income indefinitely for whatever purpose you have designated. That makes them uniquely valuable to Shell Point, and therefore especially attractive to individuals who wish to leave a legacy to Shell Point. Endow a Program: A minimum gift of $100,000 may establish a named fund to support the following programs and facilities: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Memory Care Resident Support Group Hope Hospice at Shell Point The Larsen Pavilion Rehabilitation Center Lecture/Speaker Series Employee Education Chaplaincy Program Resident Activities The Shell Point Academy for Lifelong Learning Physician “Chair” Shell Point Fine Arts Program or Service of your dreams

Special Giving Opportunities From time to time there is the need for funds for special projects and programs. Please contact the Legacy Foundation at (239) 466-8484 to discuss gifts for facilities, programs, or services not included in the list above.

If you have already included Shell Point in your estate plans, or are considering doing so, we would like the opportunity to say thank you. Having additional information about your plans will assist us in improving our organizational planning and also make us better aware of your particular interests within our community. We would also like to recognize your generosity and show our appreciation, if you so desire, by including you in the Shell Point Legacy Society. Please visit the Legacy Foundation office or call (239) 466-8484 and speak with a member of our team.

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11/3/15 3:33 PM

Trust The Legacy Foundation to Make Your Future More Rewarding

Thank you for your interest in The Legacy Foundation. We hope you’ll find this Legacy Planner to be a useful and valuable tool. Your loved ones and advisors will surely appreciate the convenience of an all-in-one reference. If it’s time for you to review your current estate and wealth planning documents, or you’d like to learn more about making the most of your estate plan and philanthropy, contact Jeff Cory, CFP, Executive Director of The Legacy Foundation, at (239) 466-8484 to schedule an appointment today. You can also visit our website at www.legacyshellpoint.org to learn more about: • • • •

Estate plan design Philanthropic opportunities at Shell Point Latest tax strategies Charitable plans that can increase your current income and save taxes • Becoming a member of the Shell Point Legacy Society • And, much more!

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11/3/15 3:33 PM

15010 Shell Point Boulevard | Fort Myers, FL 33908 | (239) 466-8484 | www.legacyshellpoint.org

Welcome to The Legacy Foundation at Shell Point, a specialized non-profit organization created to provide financial and wealth planning concierge services exclusively for residents of Shell Point. We work alongside your bankers, financial and tax advisors, attorneys, and other professionals to provide seamless legacy planning services. We call this the Legacy Service. We are here to serve you and welcome the opportunity to become a part of your professional advisory team.

Contact us today at (239) 466-8484 to schedule your complimentary appointment!

The Legacy Foundation at Shell Point recommends that each person should consult with his or her qualified advisors about their specific situation before making any decisions. This publication is intended to provide accurate, general information, not legal or tax advice. We do not disclose any non-public personal information about our current or former clients except as instructed to do so by such individuals. We restrict access to non-public information to those professionals our clients request to assist in the completion of legal, tax, and financial services. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect a client’s non-public personal information.

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