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She says you don’t have to do a complete overhaul with either one, but make sure the kitchen and bathroom spaces are well kept. Maybe that means caulking the sink, adding a backsplash, servicing appliances or simply clearing off the counters.


You want buyers to have a good first impression of your home, and that starts with what they see first: your landscape and home’s exterior. Be sure to keep your lawn well maintained, 2. CLEAN IT UP and make any needed cosmetic fixes like painting your front door. Clark-Walker said If you don’t do anything else, you need to clean and clear out any clutter in your house. she had a client whose front door was in need “Everything needs to be clean,” Clark-Walker of fresh paint, and once she did that, the urges. offers started coming in. “You want the things that greet them Dust, wipe down molding, vacuum, clean carpets or just hire a professional to handle all when they come in to give them a good of the dirty work. Even the best homes won’t impression,” she says. Cleaning out plant beds, adding some sell if they aren’t clean. colorful foliage or pruning an overgrown tree You can also get a small storage space to can help your property stand out. put furniture, clothing and other items that are cluttering up your home.

Make a good first impression by enhancing your landscape’s curb appeal.

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Hoovers Magazine May 2016  

Hoovers Magazine May 2016