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VOL-5 No. 31 ISSUE - 238 DATE: 13-03-2011



C\nbpw {]Xo-£-Iƒ ]qh-Wn-bp-∂n√! kpZoLamb 30 h¿j-߃°p bm{X-°m¿°pw hninjym hnZym¿tijw A[n-Im-cØ - n-te-dnb bp.-Un.F-^v. Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \K-c-k-`-bpsS apJ-Omb am‰p-sa∂ {]Xo-£bmWv Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \nhm-kn-Ifn¬ DW¿Øn-bX - v. \n¿`m-Ky-sa∂p ]d-bs´ h©n Ct∏mgpw Xncp-\° - c Xs∂. ]pXnb GsX-¶nepw ]≤Xn-I-fp-am-bn-´m-bn-cn°pw {]`mX ]{X-߃ ]pd-Øn-dß - p-Is - b∂ {]Xo--£t- bmsS ImØn-cn-°m≥ XpS-ßnbn-´v \mfp-I-tf-sd-bm-bn. ImWp-∂sXm-s°bpw alm-kzo-Ic - W-ßf - psS tLmj-bm{Xm hm¿Ø-If - m-Wv. Ahn-cm-a-ambn XpS-cp∂ Cu {]{Inb F{Xtbm amk-ß-fmbn XpS-cp-∂p. hnP-b-{io-em-fn-X-cm-b-hsc BZ-cnt°≠ kmwkvIm-cnI ]mc-ºc - y-amWv \ap-°p-≈-Xv, AX-{Xbpw \∂v. ]s£, ]cn-[n-bn-√mØ Cu {]bmWw Ftßm-´mWv? AYhm F¥n\mWv? \ΩpsS Poh¬ {]iv\-ß-fn¬ \n∂pw {i≤ Xncn-°mt\m? AtXm \K-c-k` kzbw ]cym-]vX-amtbm? ]{Xm-e-b-Øn¬ e`n-°p∂ ]cm-XnIfpw ]cn-`-h-ßfpw \K-c-k-`-bpsS A\m-ÿb - p-ambn _‘-s∏´ Imcyßsf kw_-‘n-®m-Wv. Im\-bnse amen-\y-߃ tImcn hgn-h° - n¬ Znhk-ßt- fmfw Iq´n-hb - ° v p-I, X∑qew

∞n--Iƒ°p-ap-≠m-Ip∂ bm{Xm XS w, tdmU-cp-In¬ Im\-bpsS kao]w Icn-¶√v Iq´n-bn-Sp-I, tdmUnse Ipgn-Iƒ AS-bv°m-Xn-cn-°p-I, C\nbpw Smdp sNømØ tdmUp-I-fpsS Ah-ÿ, amen\yw Iq´n-bn-´n-cn-°p∂ ÿe-Øp-\n∂v Ah am‰w sNøp-∂X - n-ep≈ A\m-ÿ, Hme-aS- e - pIfpw sXßn≥X-Sn-Ifpw C´v AhnsS InS∂v bm{X-ap-S° - p∂ kml-Ncy- w . Ch Hgn- h m- t °- ≠ - X t√? CsX√mw sIm®p-Im-cy-ßf - m-sW∂p ]d-bp-∂X - n¬ A¿∞-an-√. Zn\-߃ Ign-bp-t¥mdpw Ah-sb√mw henb Imcy-ßf - mbn amdp-∂p. ta¬]-d-™h \ne-hn-ep-≈-hbm-Wv. ]cn-lmcw ImWmØ a‰p henb Imcy-߃ thsd. Hcn-°¬ IqSn Ah Hm¿Ωn-∏n-°-s´. Hcp ]m¿°v, ]pXnb _kvÃm‚ v, IΩyqWn‰n lmƒ, Bh- i y- Ø n\v tSmbv e ‰v kuI- c y- ß ƒ, bphm°ƒ°pth≠ Ifn-ÿew XpSßn ]eXpw ]cn-l-cn-°-s∏-SmsX InS°p-∂p. {]Y- a hpw {][m- \ - h p- a mbn th≠Xv amen\y kwkv ° - c W πm‚ns‚ ÿm]\w Xs∂-bmWv F∂ hkvXpX Hcn-°¬IqSn Hm¿Ωs∏-Sp-Øs - ´.

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March 13 to 19, 2011

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cp Zbm-h[ l¿Pn IqSn Aßs\ cmPysØ AXyp-∂X \oXn-]oTw X≈n. \nb-a] - c - hpw am\p-jn-Ih - p-amb D∂-Xm-Z¿i-ßfpw Ah-bpsS km[p-Xbpw [m¿anI-amb HØp-Xo¿∏p-Iƒ°-Xo-Xa - mb hnlz-eX - I - fpw Hcn-°¬IqSn FÆ-a‰ a\pjy-kvt\lnIfn-ep-W¿Øn-b, cmPy-Øns‚ a\x-km-£n-sb-Xs∂ A`n-kw-t_m-[\ sNbvX Hcp tIkn¬ aq∂v ]Xn-‰m-≠mbn Poh-Oh - a - mbn Ign-bp∂ jntamK kztZ-in\nsb Zbm-h[ - Ø - n\v hnt[-ba - m-°W - s - a∂v Bh-iy-s∏-Sp∂ l¿Pn kp{]ow tImS-XnbmWv X≈n-b-Xv. apwss_-bnse InMv FUvthUv kvamcI Bip-]-{Xn-bnse Hcp Poh-\-°m-c-\m¬ _em-’w-K-Øn-\n-S-bn¬ {Iqc-ambn B{I-an-°-s∏-´, apwss_-bn¬ \gvkm-bn-cp∂ AcpWm ju¨_m-Kn-\p-th≠n Fgp-Øp-Imcn ]n¶n hncm\n ka¿∏n® l¿Pn-bmWv \ncm-Ic - n-°s - ∏-´X - v. Acp-Wsb _em-’wKw sNøm-\p≈ {ia-Øn-\nsS Igp-Øn¬ \mb-®-ße apdp°n hen-°p-I-bm-bn-cp-∂p. XpS¿∂v Cu lX-`m-Ky-bpsS Xe-t®m-dn-te-bv°p≈ hmbp-k-©mcw XS- -s∏-Sp-Ibpw Xe-t®m-dns‚ {]h¿Ø\w \ne-b° v p-Ib - p-am-bn-cp-∂p. ImgvNbpw tIƒhn-bp-an-√m-sX, Ac-®p-sh® `£Ww am{Xw Ign-°m-hp∂ \ne-bn¬, 60 hb-kp-ambn I´n-en¬ Poh-O-h-ambn InS-°p∂ Acp-WbpsS t]cn-emWv l¿Pn ka¿∏n-°-s∏-´-Xv. Acp-W-bpsS NnIn-’m-tc-J-I-fpsS ASnÿm-\-Øn¬ ]cn-tim-[n-°p-tºmƒ Zbm-h-[-Øn-\p≈ kml-N-cy-an-s√∂v PÃn-kpam-cmb am¿°-WvtUb ISvPp, ⁄m≥kp[m an{i F∂n-h-c-S-ßp∂ _©v Nq≠n°m-´n. Zbm-h-[-hp-ambn _‘-s∏´v cmPyØv Hcp \nb-ahpw C√mØ kml-N-cyØn¬, Kpcp-Xc - a - mb ÿnXnbnep≈ tcmKn-Isf Poh≥ c£m D]-Ic - W - ß - fpw Syq_neq-sSbp≈ `£-Whpw ]n≥h-en®pw kzm`m-hnI ac-W-Øn\v A\p-h-Zn-°m-sa∂v tImSXn Nq≠n-°m-´n. {]tXyI tIkp-If - n¬ sslt°m-SX - n-bpsS A\p-aX - n-tbm-sSbpw D]m-[n-I-tfm-sSbpw Zbm-h[w A\p-h-Zn-°m-sa∂v PÃnkv am¿°-WvtUb ISvPphpw PÃnkv ⁄m≥kp[m an{ibpw AS-ßp∂ _©v A`n-{]m-b-s∏-´p. C°m-cy-Øn¬ tUmŒ¿am-cpsS hnZKv[kwLhpw _‘p-°fpw sslt°m-SX - nbpw tN¿∂mWv Xocpam-\s - a-Sp-t°-≠X - v. Zbm-h[w kw_-‘n® {]tXyI \nbaw ]m¿e-sa‚ v ]mkm-Ip-∂Xp-hsc Acp-W-bpsS tIknse hn[n \ne-\n¬°p-sa∂v kp{]ow-tIm-SXn hy‡-am°n-bn-´p-≠v. sagvkn In√n-Mv, PpUo-jy¬ a¿U¿ (in-£-bn-√mØ henb Ip‰w) BtWm-sb∂ {]iv\w Ah-ti-jn-°p-Ib - m-sW∂v Npcp-°w. `c-W-L-S-\-bpsS 226˛mw hIp∏v {]Imcw Zbm-h-[-Øn\v A\p-aXn \¬Im-\p≈ A[n-Imcw sslt°m-S-Xn-°p-s≠∂v Nq≠n-°m-´nb kp{]ow tImSXn AXn-\m-h-iyamb \S-]-Sn-{I-a-ßfpw Nq≠n-°m-Wn-®n-cn-°p-∂p. sslt°m-SXn No^v PÃn-kn\p ap∂n¬ Zbm-h-[-Øn-\p≈ At]£ e`n-®m¬ c≠w-K-ß-fn¬ Ipd-bmØ PUvPn-amcpsS s_©v cq]-h-XvI-cn-°-Ww. aq∂v hnZKv[ tUmŒ¿am-c-S-ßp∂ kan-Xn-bpsS klmbw tImSXn tXS-Ww. Hcp \yqtdm-f-Pn-Ãv, a\x-imkv{X hnZ-Kv[≥, ^nkn-jy≥ F∂n-hc - S- ß - p-∂h - c - m-bn-cn-°Ww saUn-°¬ kwLw. kwÿm\ k¿°m-dp-If - p-ambn Btem-Nn®v F√m \K-c-ß-fnepw CØ-c-samcp kanXn sslt°m-SXn ap≥ssI-sbSpØv cq]-h-XvI-cn-°-W-sa∂pw tcmKn-tbbpw tcJ-Ifpw ]cn-tim-[n®pw Bkv]{Xn A[n-Ir-X-cpsS A`n-{]mbw IW-°n-se-SpØpw kanXn sslt°m-S-Xn°v dnt∏m¿´v \¬I-W-sa∂pw kp{]ow tImSXn \n¿t±-in-®n-´p-≠v. CXp kw_-‘n®v Xocp-am-\-saSp-°p∂ {]{In-bbv°v Hcp am\p-jnI kv]¿iw (lyp-a≥S-®)v \¬Im-\p≈ kp{]owtImSXn-bpsS Xocp-am\w F{Xbpw DNn-Xhpw A`n-\-μ-\o-b-hp-am-Wv. tUmŒ¿am-cpsS kwLsØ \nb-an-°p-∂-tXm-sSm∏w _‘p-°ƒ°pw (A-O-\-Ω-am¿, `mcy, `¿Ømhv, ktlm-Z-c-߃ XpS-ßn-b-h¿) sslt°m-SXn t\m´o-k-b-bv°-W-sa∂pw ASpØ _‘p-°sf e`n-®n-s√-¶n¬ kplr-Øns‚ klmbw tXS-Ws - a∂pw tUmŒ¿am-cpsS kwL-Øns‚ dnt∏m¿´v Ch¿°v \¬I-Ws - a∂pw F√m-hc - p-tSbpw `mKw tI´-tijw am{Xta sslt°m-SXn Xocp-am-\s - a-Sp-°m-hq-sh-∂p-sam-s°-bp≈ kp{]ow-tIm-SXn hn[nbn¬ \ng-en-°p-∂Xv CXm-Wv. [m¿an-I-ambn sXt‰m icn-tbm-sb∂v Xn´-an-√mØ Hcp hnj-b-Øn¬ ˛ sagvkn In√nMv AYhm bpY-t\jy aX {]am-W-ß-fp-ambn _‘-s∏´ H∂m-sW∂v IcpXp∂ Ht´-sd-t∏-cp≠v ˛ Cu {]iv\w tImS-Xn-bp-tSbpw AXp-hgn cmPy-Øn-t‚bpw a\- m-£n°v ap∂n¬ sIm≠p-h∂ Fgp-Øp-Imcn ]n¶n hncm-\n-tb-°mƒ Xocp-am-\sa-Sp-°m-\p≈ Ah-Im-iw, AcpW Ign-bp∂ sI.-C.-Fw. Bip-]-{Xn-bnse Poh-\°m¿°v BsW∂v tImSXn A`n-{]m-b-s∏-´n-´p-≠v. A-cpW Pohn-°-W-sa∂v Ah¿ hy‡-am-°n-°-gn-™-Xp-am-Wv. `c-W-L-S-\-bntem {Inan-\¬ N´-ß-fntem Zbm-h-[Øn\v hyh-ÿ-bn-s√∂v tI{μ k¿°m-dn-\p-th≠n lmP-cmb At‰m¿Wn P\-d¬ Kpemw C hl≥hXn hy‡-am-°n-bn-cp-∂p. tImS-Xnsb klm-bn-°p-∂-Xn\v \nban® Aan-°kv Iyqdn ap≥ tkmfn-kn-‰¿ P\-d¬ Sn.-B¿. A¥ym¿Pp-\bpw Zbm-h-[Øn\v A\p-Iq-e-am-bn-cp-∂n-√. Zbm-h[ Xocp-am\w _‘p-°ƒt°m kplr-Øp°ƒt°m tUmŒ¿am¿t°m am{X-ambn hn´p-sIm-Sp-°p-∂Xv A]-IS- I - c - a - m-sW∂v Nq≠n°m´n kwc-£-I-s\∂ \ne-bn¬ "tÉn'\v C°m-cy-Øn¬ DØ-c-hm-ZnXzw \¬InbmWv kp{]ow tImSXn hn[n ]pd-s∏-Sp-hn-®X - v. F¥m-bmepw Poh≥ (sse-^v) ssZhZØ (tKmUv Knh¨) amsW∂pw AXv Ih-cm≥ B¿°pw Ah-Im-i-an-s√∂pap≈ hnizmk {]amWw tImS-Xn-tbbpw \bn-®p-Im-Wp-sa∂v hniz-kn-°p-I.

p-Ip-am¿ W v j n h hn. ]{Xm[ - n-]¿

Tripunithura News: Views and opinions expressed in this newspaper are not necessarily those of Tripunithura News. Tripunithura News reserves the right to use the information published herein in any manner whatsoever. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the information published in this edition, neither Tripunithura News or any of its employees accept any responsibility for any errors or omission. Further Tripunithura News does not take any responsibility for loss or damage incurred or suffered by any subscriber/reader of this newspaper as a result of his/her accepting any invitation/offer published in this newspaper. No part of this newspaper may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the publisher.

Good things happen when you get your priorities straight.

- Scott Caan

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t^m¨: 2785007, 9895763536

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March 13 to 19, 2011

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IrXn-Iƒ Dƒs∏-SpØn kwKoX- ] - c n- ] m- S n. XpS¿∂v Bibhn\n-abw. kwKo-Xh - n-Zzm≥ Isse-amaWn H.-F-kv. XymK-cm-P≥ (thm- ° ¬), Fw.- P n. N{μauen (h-b-en≥), \m©n¬ F.-B¿. Acpƒ (ar-Zw-Kw), Be-∏pg B¿. tKm]n-\mY {]`p (L-Sw) F∂n-h¿ \bn°p-∂p.

Third year in a row Students 13 & above English Grammar Classes (10 days only) Starting April Ist (Batch One)

Contact:Ph: 9495973825

tIcf hniz-I¿Ω k` ]qWnØpd imJ-bpsS 27-˛m-aXv hm¿jnI s]mXp-tbm-Khpw IpSpw- _ - k w- K - a hpw acSv Imfm{X kvIqfn\p kao-]Øp≈ imJm Hm^o-kn¬ IqSp-∂p. cmhnse 10 aWn°v BNmcy hμ-\Ø - n-\p-tijw {]kn-U‚ v hn.-]n. iin-[-c≥ ]XmI Db¿Øpw. XpS¿∂p \S-°p∂ hm¿jnI s]mXptbm-K-Øn¬ sk{I-´dn hn.B¿. iin hm¿jnI dnt∏m¿´v Ah-X-cn-∏n-°pw. ap≥h¿jsØ hchp Nnehp IW-°p-Ifpw Cu

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amb Cu tImgvkn- t ebv°p≈ {]th-i\w kuP\y- a m- W v. B¿´v Hm^v enhnwKv t_knIv tImgvkv ]q¿Øn- b m- ° n- b - h ¿°p th≠n \S- Ø p∂ Cu b⁄-Øn-te-bv°p≈ cPnkvt{S-j≥ Bcw-`n-®-Xmbn kwLm-S-I¿ Adn-bn-®p. cPnkvt{S-j\pw IqSp-X¬ hnh-c߃°pw _‘- s ∏- t S≠ sSe- t ^m¨ \º- c p- I ƒ: 9446024047, 9995076070, 9495716716, 9447407565.

2 Bedroom Flat for Rent 3 Bedroom Flat for Sale

At Trissur 3 Bedroom Flat for Sale 16, 6, 5, 8 Cent Plot for Sale. Contact No. 8891618142, 9446744612.

Opp.DOWN TOWN, Ph: 2777660

k\m\ anj≥ kvIqƒ 94-˛mw hm¿jnIw k\m\ anj≥ kv I qfns‚ hm¿jn- I hpw ]q¿h hnZym¿∞n kwK-ahpw 18-˛mw XobXn sh≈n-bmgvN D®bv°v c≠p-a-Wn°v Bcw-`n-°p-∂p. sI.-_m_p Fw.F¬.-F., ap\n-kn-∏¬ sNb¿am≥ B¿. thWp-tKm-]m¬, Iu¨kn-e¿ ]pjv]-aWn XpS-ßn-b-h¿ ]s¶-Sp-°p-∂p. hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ Iem-]-cn-]m-Sn-Iƒ Ah-X-cn-∏n-°pw.

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BZw-]n-≈n-°mhv `K-hXn t£{X-Øn¬ ao\-`c - Wn Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd BZw]n-≈n-°mhv `K-hXn t£{X-Ønse ao\-`-cW BtLmjw G{]n¬ Bdn\v _p[-\mgvN hnhn[ ]cn-]m-Sn-It- fmsS \S-°pw. cmhnse A©v apX¬ \n¿am-eyw, A`n-tj-Iw, {][m\ ]qP-Iƒ F∂n-h-bv°ptijw Hº-Xn\v tZhn°v A¿∏n-°p∂ AXn-{]-[m-\a - mb hgn-]mSv Nm¥m´w \S-°pw. cmhnse 11 apX¬ D®bv°v c≠phsc `‡-P-\-ßfpsS hI {]kmZ Du´v. sshIp-t∂cw 6.30\v Zo]m-cm-[\, \nd-am-e, hnf-°p-sh-bv]v, cm{Xn Hº-Xn\v henb Kpcp-Xn.

ss]¶p\n D{Xw D’hw 19-˛\v ss]¶p\n D{Xw D’hw am¿®v 19-˛\v i\n-bmgvN cmhnse 7.30\v ]©-cXv\ Io¿Ø-\m-em-]\ - t- ØmsSbp≈ kwKoXm¿®-\t- bm-sSbpw 11.30\v `‡-P\ - ß - f - psS hI \nthZy kZy-tbm-sSbpw \S-°pw. IqSmsX cmhnse \men\v A„m-`n-tj-Iß - fpw sshIo´v Bdn\v {iotIm-hn¬ Ae¶m-cw, \nd-am-e, hnf-°p-shbv]v F∂n-hbpw \S-°pw. Ggn\v \μ∏ tat\m≥ B≥Uv ]m¿´n imkvXmw-]m´v Ah-X-cn-∏n-°pw. 8.30\v Iq´∏ \nth-Zyw.

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Pages 12 Published every Sunday



March 13 to 19, 2011

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Neighbourhood Events

acSv en]n kvIqƒ & sUsI-b-dns‚ 4˛mw hm¿jnIw BtLm-jn®p

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Kh. kwkvIrX tImtf- P n¬ kmlnXy hn`m-K-Øn-t‚bpw Fd-Wm-Ipfw taJe ¢Ã-dpI-fp-tSbpw tIcf kwÿm\ D∂-X- ]-T\ kan-Xn-bp-tSbpw B`n-ap-Jy-Øn¬ lkvXenJnX ]T-\i - m-kv{XsØ- ∏ ‰n \S∂ GI- Z n\ \mj-W¬ skan-\m¿ tIc-fØnse hnhn[ tImtf-Pp-Ifn¬ \n∂p ]s¶- S pØ A≤ym-]I - ¿°pw hnZym¿∞nIƒ°pw Cu hnj-b-Øn¬ Xmev]-cy-ap≈ Pn⁄m-kpIƒ°pw Gsd D]-tbm-K-{]Z- a m- b n- c p- ∂ p. hnhn[ ssh⁄m- \ nI hnj- b - ß fn¬ `mc-X-Øns‚ {]mNo-\amb kwkvIr-Xn-bpsS ]T-\߃ Xmfn-tbm-e-I-fn-emWv tcJ-s∏-Sp-Øn-bn-´p-≈X - v. `mcX-Ønse hnhn[ k¿Δ-Ie - mim- e - I - f nepw Kth- j W tI{μ-ß-fn-ep-ambn e£-°W-°n\p lkvXenJ-Xß - ƒ kwc-£n-°-s∏-´p-h-cp-∂p-≠v. {io]-fl-\m-`-kzman t£{XØn¬ Xs∂ aq∂p e£tØmfw enJn-X-߃ kwc£n-°-s∏-´p-h-cp-∂p-≠-t{X. Xr∏q- W n- Ø pd Kh. kwkvIrX tImtf-Pv, ]ndhsØ Nn∑bm C‚¿\m-jW¬ sk‚-dns‚ Kth-j-Whn-`mKw sse{_-dn, XΩ\w {io kpIrXo{μ dnk¿®v sk‚¿ F∂n- h n- S - ß - f n¬ lkv X enJnX tiJ- c - ß fpsS kwc- £ - W hpw ]T\hpw \S- ∂ p- h - c p- ∂ p- ≠ v . Xr∏q- W n- Ø pd Kh.

acSv en]n kvIqƒ & sUsI-b-dns‚ 4˛mw hm¿jnIw acSv hSt° tNcp-hmcw lmfn¬ \S-∂p. IYm-Imcn cmP-e£van tat\m≥ hm¿jn-Im-tLmj ]cn-]m-Sn-Iƒ DZvL - m-S\w sNbvXp. CS-∏≈n AarX kvIqƒ {]n≥kn∏¬ hnP-be - £van A≤y-£X hln® NS-ßn¬ en]n kvIqƒ {]n≥kn-∏¬ e£van tat\m≥ Bap-J-{]kwKw \S-Øn. ]q¿Æ-{Xbo Pb-{]-Im-iv, acSv ap\nkn-∏m-en‰n sshkv sNb¿t]-gvk¨ APnX \μ-Ipam¿ F∂n- h ¿ Biw- k - I ƒ A¿∏n- ® p. Ipamcn ]m¿hXn Pb-Ip-am¿ kzmK-Xhpw amÿ KuXw IrjvW≥ \μnbpw ]d-™p. XpS¿∂v Ip´n-I-fpsS hnhn[ Iem-]-cn-]m-Sn-Iƒ D≠m-bn-cp-∂p. kwkvIrX tImtf-Pn¬ Ch imkv{Xo-ba - mbn kwc-£n-°p∂- X n\pw ssat{Im- ^ nenw sNøp-∂X - n-\p-ap≈ {]h¿Ø\-߃ ]ptcm-Ka - n®p hcp-∂p. ]t£ BsI-bp≈ Xmfn-tbme-I-fn¬ 80% hy‡n-I-fpsS ssIh-i-am-I-bm¬ Ch \in∏n-°s - ∏-SmsX kwc-£n-°s - ∏Sp-∂-Xn\pw Ch-bpsS ip≤oI-cn® ]mT-t`-Z-߃ Xøm-dm°p- ∂ - X n\pw Cu cwKØv {]h¿Øn-°p-∂-h-cp-sS-bn-Sbn¬ Ah- t _m[w kr„n°m≥ Cu skan-\m-dn\p Ign™n-´p-≠v. Kh. kwkvIrX tImtfPv {]n≥kn-∏mƒ s{]m^. {]k∂- b psS A≤y- £ - X - b n¬ tN¿∂ tZiob skan-\m¿ ln¬]m-ekv ]mc-ºcy ]T-\tI{μw ta[mhn tUm. sI.sI.-F≥. Ipdp∏v DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp. s{]m^. IrjvWI - pam¿, sI.-Un. tim`\, tUm.

]n.-hn. {io\n-hm-k≥, APnXv {]km-Zv, hnjvWp inh-Zmkv F∂n- h ¿ Biw- k - I ƒ t\¿∂p. tUm. F≥.-sI. KoX kzmK-Xhpw tUm. kn.-]n. {]`m-tZhn IrX-⁄-Xbpw tcJ-s∏-Sp-Øn. AU-bm¿ {KŸ-im-e-bptSbpw Kth-j-W-tI-{μ-Øns‚bpw ta[mhn tUm. sI.F≥. hmkp-tZ-h≥ Cf-bXv lkvXenJnX imkv{X-Øn\v Hcp BapJw F∂ hnj-bsØ-∏‰ - nbpw {ioi-¶c - m-Nmcy k¿Δ-I-em-ime lkvX-enJnX hn`mKw A≤y- £ ≥ tUm. F≥. hnP- b - t am- l \≥]n≈ lkv X - e n- J nX imkv{X-Øns‚ taJ-eI - s - f-∏‰nbpw {ioi-¶-cm-Nmcy k¿ΔI-em-ime thZ-]T - \ hn`mKw ta[mhn tUm. kn.-F≥. \oeI-WvT≥ lkvX-en-Jn-X-ßfpsS ]T\ ]cn-tim-[-\-I-sf∏- ‰ nbpw Xncp- h - \ - ¥ - ] pcw

]uckvXy Kth-jW tI{μØn-t‚bpw lkvX-en-JnX {KŸm-e-b-Øn-t‚bpw Ub-dŒ¿ tUm. ]n. hnim-em£n lkvX-en-Jn-X-Ønse {]mNo\ {KŸ-ß-sf-∏-‰nbpw apJy {]_-‘-ßfpw tUm. kcnX atl- i z- c ≥, tUm. A\n¬Ip- a m¿ F≥.- F - k v . j¿Ωn-f, tUm. hn.-]n. DZ-bIp- a m¿ F∂n- h ¿ hnhn[ hnj-bß - s - f-∏‰n D]- {]-_‘ - ßfpw Ah-X-cn-∏n-®p. Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-db - nepw ]cnk-c-ß-fnepw C\nbpw \nch[n kzImcy hy‡n-I-fpsS ]°¬ lkvX-en-Jn-X-߃ kq£n-°-s∏-Sp-∂p-≠v. Ch \in-®p-t]m-ImsX kwc-£n°m\pw Ch-bnse Adn-hpIƒ ]pd-Øp-sIm-≠p-hc - m\pw Cu skan-\m-dns‚ ktμiw Dƒs°m- ≠ p- s Im≠p \mw Xøm-dm-th-≠X - m-W.v

tZiob imkv{X-Zn-\m-N-cWw \SØn Xncphm-¶pfw almflm amXr-`qan ÃUn k¿°nƒ, Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd ap\n-kn-∏¬ XpS¿ hnZym-tI{μw F∂n-h-bpsS B`n-ap-Jy-Øn¬ imkv{X-Zn-\m-N-cWw kwL-Sn-∏n®p. tN¿Øe ]≈n-∏pdw ]´mcyw sslkvIqƒ A≤ym-]I - \pw Be∏pg Pn√m hnZym-cwKw Iem-kmln-Xy-thZn I¨ho-\d- p-amb Fkv.sI. kp\n¬ Zn\m-Nc - Ww DZvLmS\w sNbvXp. bqWn‰v sshkv {]kn-U‚ v tcjva Sn. A≤y-£X hln-®p. imkv{X-Zn-\m-Nc - W `mK-ambn sslkv°qƒ hnZym¿∞nIƒ°mbn C¥y≥ imkv { X⁄sc ]cn- N - b - s ∏- S p- Ø p∂ ¢mkv bqWn‰v {]kn-U‚ v at\mPv kn.-F-®v., t_kn¬ t]mƒ (sk-

tZiob imkv{X Zn\m-N-cWw Be-∏pg Pn√m hnZym-cwKw Iem kmln-XythZn I¨ho-\¿ Fkv.-sI. kp\n¬ DZvLm-S\w sNøp-∂p. - I. kp\n¬ F∂n{I-´-dn) F∂n-h¿ \bn-®p. Fkv.-F-kv.- W≥\m-b¿, Fkv.s F¬.-kn. ]co-£bv°v Xømsd-Sp-°p∂ h¿ t\XrXzw \¬In. NS-ßn¬ _mehnZym¿∞n-Iƒ°mbn lnμn, ae-bmfw thZn sk{I-´dn sshimJv hnP-b-Iphnj-bß - f - n¬ A¿≤-Zn\ skan-\mdpw am¿, Znhy Pb≥, Aa¬ _m_p F∂nh¿ kwkm-cn-®p. kwL-Sn-∏n-®p. skan-\m-dn\v ]n.-B¿. \mcm-b-

temI h\nXm Zn\w BtLm-jn®p tIcf imkv{X-km-lnXy ]cnjØv Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd hn`m-KØns‚ B`n- a p- J y- Ø n¬ am¿®v F´v temI h\n-Xm-Zn\-ambn Fcq¿ Fkv.-F≥.-hn.bp.- ] n. kv I qfn¬ sh®v sshIo´v 5.30\v Imcy-]-cn-]mSn-I-tfmsS \S-∂p. Xr∏q-WnØpd t£a- I mcy IΩ‰n

sNb¿t]-gvk¨ ssiePm cmPs‚ A[y- £ - X - b n¬ tN¿∂ ktΩ- f - \ - Ø n¬ taJem sk{I-´dn Fw.-sP. km_p kzmK-X-am-iw-kn-®p. sIm®n dnss^-\dn kvIqƒ {]n≥kn∏mƒ tUm. sI.]n. kpPmX DZvLm-S\w sNbvX tbmK-Øn¬ taJem {]kn-


U‚ v B¿. XymK- c m- P ≥ t]m‰n A[y-£-\m-bn-cp-∂p. Iu¨kn-e¿ im¥n\n jmPn Biw-k-Iƒ t\¿∂p. "kv { XoIƒ°pw Ip´nIƒ°pw \n¿`bw k©-cn°mhp∂ \mSv' F∂ hnjbw hrμm taml≥Zmkv Ah-Xc - n∏n-®p. s]¨]n-dhn \mS-Ib - m-


{X- b psS A\p- ` h hnh- c Whpw {Kq∏v N¿®bpw kv{Xo kulrZ {]Xn-⁄bpw \S∂p. taJem Kmb-I-kwLw Fkv.-]n. Hm¿°kv{Sm Km\w Be-]n-®p. cmPn \μn ]d™p.

Opp.Main Office, Tripunithura Dealers in Post Quality Ph: 2777329, Coffee, Chicory &94470 Tea 48861

am¿®pw [¿Æbpw am‰n-h®p \nba-k`m Xnc-s™-Sp∏v {]Jym-]n® kml-Nc - y-Øn¬ am¿®v 21\v Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd sdbn¬th tÃj-\n-tebv°v \S-Øm≥ \n›-bn-®n-cp∂ _lp-P\ - a - m¿®pw [¿Æbpw am‰n-h-®-Xmbn {Spd sNb¿am≥ hn.-]n. {]kmZpw I¨ho-\¿ hn.-kn. Ptb-{μ\pw Adn-bn-®p.

almflm {KŸ-ime kam-Z-cW kZ v

kam-Z-cW kZ v {]ikvX t\mh-enÃv kn. cm[mIr-jvW≥ DZvLm-S\w sNøp∂p. kao]w tUm. sI.Pn. ]utemkv, Cfa\ lcn XpS-ßn-b-h¿. hnhn[ cwK-ß-fn¬ ]pc-kv°m-c-߃ t\Snb tUm. sI.-Pn. ]utem-kv, ^mŒv ]fl-\m-`≥, Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd IrjvW-Zm-kv, sI. KncnPm h¿Ω, kmPp Aø-ºn≈n, APn hniz-\m-Y≥ F∂n-hsc almflm {KŸime kwL-Sn-∏n® kam-Z-cW kZ- n¬ BZ-cn-®p. kam-Z-cW kZ v {]ikvX t\mh-enÃv kn. cm[mIr-jvW≥ DZvLm-S\w sNbvXp. Cf-a\ lcn A≤y£-\m-bn-cp-∂p. s{]m^. sI. Ac-hn-μm-£≥, Xnc-°Y - m-IrØv tPm¨ t]mƒ, {ioh-’≥ sP. tat\m≥, s{]m^. amen\n lcn-l-c≥, tUm. kn.-F-kv. Pbdmw F∂n-h¿ ]pckv°m-c- tP-Xm-°sf A\p-tam-Zn®p {KŸ-im-e-bpsS D]-lm-c-߃ \¬In. Kpcp-h-μ-\-a¿∏n®p-sIm≠v kpNn{X hntiz-iz-cs‚ tamln-\n-bm´ Ah-Xc - W - hpw cqt]jv tat\ms‚ Io¿Ø-\m-em-]-\hpw \S-∂p, ]n. kptc-{μ≥, Un. at\m-l-c≥ F∂n-h¿ {]kw-Kn-®p. kmPp Aø-ºn-≈n, APn hniz-\m-Y≥ F∂n-h-cpsS s]bn‚nwKv {]Z¿i-\hpw D≠m-bn-cp-∂p.

a¿®‚ vkv Atkm-kn-tb-j≥ Xncp-hm-¶pfw bqWn-‰ns‚ `mc-hm-ln-Iƒ a¿®‚ vkv Atkm-kn-tb-j≥ Xncp-hm-¶pfw bqWn‰ns‚ 2011-˛2012 Ime-b-f-hn-te-bv°p≈ ]pXnb `mchm-ln-Iƒ: t_m_n tP°∫v ({]-kn-U‚ v), cmP≥ ]n. tPmk^v (ssh. {]kn.), kmw tXmakv (sk-{I-´dn), sdPn. F.-]n. ({S-j-d¿), kPn Icn-am-¶pfw (tPmbn‚ v sk{I-´-dn). IΩ‰n saº¿am¿: iin-[-c≥ sI.F-kv., sI.-]n. skbvXv apl-Ω-Zv, APn h¿§o-kv, tUm. knhn ]n. ]pe-b-Øv, hna¬Ip-am¿, cmtPjv Fw.-B¿.F∂n-h¿.

Opp.Main Post Office, Tripunithura Ph: 2777329, 94470 48861

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March 13 to 19, 2011

Fkv.F≥. PwKvj\v ]pXnb apJw \mev ] Xv e£- Ø n- t esd cq] apS°n _n]n- k n- F ¬ sIm®n dnss^- \ dn hnI- k n- ∏ n- s ®- S pØ Xr∏q- W n- Ø pd {io\m- c m- b W PwKvj\v ]pXnb apJ-Om-b-bmWv CtXmsS ssIh-∂n-cn-°p-∂-sX∂v ]d-bmw. Ht´sd ]pXnb kuI-cyßfpw kwhn-[m-\-ß-fpw. Hmt´mam-‰nIv {Sm^nIv kn·¬ knÃw BWv ]pXn-bX - mbn G¿s∏Sp-Øn-bn-cn-°p∂ Hcp kwhn-[m-\w. s{Ubn-t\-Pp-Iƒ°v aosX B¿ …m_p-Iƒ ÿm]n®pw _mcnt°- U p- I fpw aoUn- b - \ p- I fpw Db¿Ønbpw tdmUp-Iƒ sa®-s∏SpØn Ah-bpsS hnkvXrXn h¿[n∏n-®n-cn-°p-∂p. tdmUn-\-cn-Inse CShpw hnkvXr-Xa - m-°n-bn-´p-≠.v sI.F-k.v C - .-_n.-bpsS henb sshZypXn Sh-dn\p ]Icw A¨{Ku≠v tI_nfnMv kwhn-[m\w G¿s∏-Sp-Øn-bXns‚ ^e-am-bn-´m-Wn-Xv. PwKvj\n¬ {Sm^nIv s]meo- k n- \ mbn ]pXn-sbmcp Iym_n\pw \n¿an-®n-´p≠v. C°-gn™ s^{_p-hcn 28\v sshIo´v 5.30\v Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd ap\nkn-∏¬ sNb¿am≥ B¿. thWptKm-]m-¬, {]Xn-]£ t\Xmhv kn.F≥. kpμ-c≥, sIm®n FÆ ip≤oI-c-W-ime FIvkn-Iyq-´ohv Ub-dŒ¿ C. \μ-Ip-am¿ F∂n-h-cpsS km∂n-[y-Øn¬ sI. _m_p Fw.F¬.- F . BWv PwKv j - \ nse ]pXnb kuI-cy-߃ DZvLm-S\w sNbvX-Xv. Akn- v IΩo-j-W¿ Hm^v s]meokv ({Sm-^n-Iv), t__n hnt\m-Zv, Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd k¿°nƒ C≥kvs]-Œ¿ ({Sm-^n-Iv) Sn.-B¿.

Neighbourhood Events

kuP\y Hmlcn ]cn-io-e\ ¢mkv apØq‰v skIyq-cn-‰okpw "Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd \yqkpw' tN¿∂v Xr∏qWn-Øpd \nhm-kn-Iƒ°p-th≠n Hmlcn ]cn-io-e\ ¢mkv kwL-Sn-∏n-°p-∂p. ho´n¬ Ccp-∂p-Xs∂ Hml-cn-bn¬ ^e-{]Z-ambn \nt£]w \S-Øm-\p≈ am¿§-\n¿t±iw \¬Ip-∂p. {]apJ Hmlcn hnZ-Kv≤¿ \S-Øp∂ ¢mkv XnI®pw kuP-\yam-bn-cn-°pw. ]s¶-Sp-°m-\m-{K-ln-°p-∂h - ¿ DS≥ Xs∂ Xmsg ImWp∂ \º-dn¬ hnfn®v t]cv cPn-ÿ sNtø-≠-Xm-Wv. t^m¨: 9447603556, 9947611300, 9895763536.

Letters to the Editor

˛ t{]a Pn. ]njm-tcmSn

A≠¿ k¿´n-^n-°‰v Hm^v t]mÃnwKv

Fkv.-F≥. PwKvj-\nse ]pXnb {Sm^nIv kn·¬ kwhn-[m\w sI. _m_p Fw.-F¬.-F. DZvLm-S\w sNøp-∂p. Pb-Ip-am¿, s]t{Sm-s\‰v knknsI enan-‰Uv Fw.-Un. Fw.-F≥. \oe-IWvT≥, _n]n-kn-F¬ sI-B¿ P\d¬ amt\-P¿ (t{]m-PŒ - k v )v sI.-F≥. cho-{μ≥, _n]n-kn-F¬ sI.B¿ P\-d¬ amt\-P¿ (F-®v.B - ¿) Fkv. tkma-ti-J¿ XpS-ßnb Ht´sd DtZymKÿ {]ap-J¿ NS-ßn¬ ]s¶-SpØp. t\csØ hml-\-ß-fn¬ k©cn-°p-∂h - cpw Im¬\-Sb - m-{X-°mcpw Fkv.-F≥. PwKvj-\n¬ H´-\-h[n sshj-ay-߃ A\p-`-hn-®n-cp-∂p. ]cn-an-X-amb ]m¿°nMv kuI-cyw, {Sm^nIv kn·¬ k{º-Zm-b-Øn-

t‚bpw btYm-NnXw th≠ _mcnt°-Up-If - p-tSbpw A`m-hw, sabn≥ tdmUn-t\mSv tN¿∂p≈ Ce-{ŒnIv t]mÃv XpS- ß n- b h kr„n® sshX-cW - n-Iƒ Nn√-ds - bm-∂p-am-bncp-∂n-√. PwKvjs‚ Ct∏m-gsØ Cu hnI-k\w KXm-KX kvXw`\w Hgn-hm-°p-sa∂v am{X-a√ s]mXp-P\-ßfpsS kpc-£n-XXzw h¿[n-∏n°p-Ibpw sNøpw. Xs∂-bp-a√ kao] {]tZ-iß-fnse hyh-kmb ÿm]-\-ß-fntebv°p≈ hml-\ß-fpsS kpc-£n-X-Xzhpw XS w IqSm-sX-bp≈ hml\ KXm-KXw H∂p-IqSn sa®-s∏-Sp-Ibpw sNøpw.

Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-d-bpsS apJ-Im¥n am‰m≥ ^vfb¿ Ae-b≥kv Xr∏qWn-Øp-d-bpsS apJ-Om-bbv°v A]q¿hIm¥n ]I¿∂p-sIm≠v {]apJ C≥{^m-kv{SIvN¿ B≥Uv tlmkv∏n-‰m-en-‰okv Iº-\n-bmb ^vfb¿ Ae-b≥kns‚ "kn‰n kvtI∏vkv' kn‰n hn√mkv ]≤Xn \n¿ΩmWw XpS-ßn. tNmbvkv, `h≥kv, Nn∑-b, {KntKm-dn-b≥ ]ªnIv kvIqfp-Iƒ°pw kq∏¿ am¿°-‰pIƒ°pw sk‚ v tacokv s^mtdm\m kndn-b≥ N¿®v, Pm°-ss_‰v N¿®v, ]gb Icn-ßm-®nd ]≈n, Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd t£{X-a-S°w ]pcm-X-\amb ]Øv t£{X-߃, ap…ow ]≈n F∂nhbv°v kao]w IÆ≥Ipf-ßc - b - n¬ \n¿am-Wam-cw-`n-®n-cn-°p∂ "kn‰n-ktv I∏vk'v t{]mP-Œn¬ \mev s_Uv dqap-Ifpw tlmw Xnb-‰dpw ASßp∂ hn√- I - f m- W p- ≈ - X v . ChnsS \n∂v _kvÃm≥Uv ˛ sdbn¬th-tÃ-j≥ F∂n-hn-Sß-fn-tebv°v Hcp Intem-ao-‰td hcn-I-bp-≈p. 54 e£w cq]-bmWv "tem©nMv ss{]kv'. Xr∏qWn-Øp-d-bpsS ]cn-k-cØv as‰mcp hn√m t{]mPŒpw ^vfb¿ Ae-b≥kv \n¿Ωn-®p-h-cnI-bm-W.v A∏m¿´p-sa‚p-Iƒ, hn√m t{]mPŒp-Iƒ, Ita-gvky¬ kvt]bvkp-Iƒ F∂n-h-bn-eqsS AkwJyw t]cpsS BZ-chv ]nSn-®p-]‰n tIcf-Ønse ASn-ÿm\ LS\m hyh-km-bØ - n\v ]Xn-‰m-≠n-te-sd-°m-e-ambn henb kw`m-h-\Iƒ A¿∏n-®p-h-cp∂ ÿm]-\-amWv ^vsfb¿ Ae-b≥kv. ¢mkn-knkhpw ka-Im-en-IX - bpw ka-RvP-k-ambn ktΩ-fn® Pohn-X-ssi-en-

bmWv ^vsfb¿ Ae-b≥kv hmKvZm\w sNøp∂-Xv. Im°-\mSpw CS-∏-≈n-bn-ep-ambn \n¿amW-Øn-en-cn-°p-∂tXm \n¿amWw ]q¿Øn-bm-bncn-°p-∂tXm Bb, ^vsfb¿ Ae-b≥kns‚ 10 hnhn[ t{]mP-Œp-I-fmWv ªqs_-dn, ss{S≥, tIm¿s_¬, tUm^n-sS¬, Z amƒ F≥.-F®v 47, ssk_¿ kn‰n, hm´¿ s^bvkv, A{Snbw F∂n-h. c≠v t{]mP-Œp-Iƒ dnhyp sNbvXp hcnIbm-Wv. Chbv°v ]pdta tlm´¬ hyhkm-bØn-tebv°pw ^vsfb¿ Ae-b≥kv {]th-in®n-cn-°p-Ib - m-Wv. 144 kyq´v apdn-I-tfm-Sp-Iq-Snb Fb¿t]m¿´v {Km≥Un F∂ Cu tlm´¬ t{]mPŒv 2012 Ahkm- \ - t Øm- s Stbm 2013 {]mcw- ` - Ø ntem IΩoj≥ sNøp-sa∂v ^vsfb¿ Ae-b≥kv Fw.Un. CΩm-\p-h¬ tP°∫v ]d-™p. kvam¿´v kn‰n bmYm¿Yy-am-Ip-∂-tXmsS sIm®n taJ-ebn¬ hnI-k\ - Ø - n\v h≥ km[y-Xb - ° v mWv hgn Xpd-∂n-cn-°p-∂-sX∂pw dnb¬ FtÉv taJ-ebn¬ \qdv iX-am\w hf¿® {]Xo-£n-°m-sa∂pw At±lw ]d-™p. Adp-]-Xn-\m-bn-c-tØmfw s{]m^-j-W-ep-Iƒ ]pXn-b-Xmbn Cu taJ-ebn-tebv°v IS-∂p-h-cp-∂-tXmsS 45,000-tØmfw hoSp-I-fpsS A`mhw A\p-`-h-s∏´p XpS-ßpsa∂v CΩm-\p-h¬ tP°∫v ]d-™p. Fs´mºXv t{]mP-Œp-I-fn-embn F´v e£w NXp-c-{ib- S n- b psS \n¿am- W - a mWv ^v s fb¿ Aeb≥kns‚ B`n-ap-Jy-Øn¬ \S-∂p-h-cp-∂-Xv. _‘-s∏-Sm-\p≈ \º¿: 9846238000. Marketing Feature

k¿, ss{]h‰v amt\-Pvsa‚ v ÿm]-\-ß-tfbpw Ip-ØI apX-em-fn-amtcbpw klm-bn-°p∂ coXn-bn-emWv tI{μ-˛-kw-ÿm\ k¿°mcp-If - psS {]h¿Ø\w F∂-Xn\v DØ-tam-Zm-lc - W - a - mWv t]mtÃm^o-kp-Iƒ ("A≠¿ k¿´n-^n-°‰v Hm^v t]mÃnwKv') \n¿Ø-em°n-bX - .v]n. {]Im-cw Ab-b° v p∂ Bƒ°v ckoXn ÃmºSn®v In´p-am-bn-cp-∂p. CXn\p ]I-ca - m-bn, sdPn-tÿtUm, kv]oUv t]mtÃm Ab-bv°-W-sa-¶n¬ IqSp-X¬ ]Ww Bh-iy-am-b-Xn\m¬, km[m-c-W-°mcpw Iº-\n-Ifpw a‰pw ss{]h‰v sImdn-b¿ Iº- \ n- I sf kao- ] n- ° pw. sSe{Kmw \n¿Øn- b - t ∏mgpw t^mtWm{Kmw \n¿Øn- b - t ∏mgpw s]mXp- P - \ w, ss{]h‰v samss_¬ t^mWp-Is - f-bm-Wm-{i-bn-®X - v. IØ- b - ® - X n\v sXfn- h n- \ mbn bp.- k n.- ] n. dko‰v FSpØphbv°p-∂Xv henb Iº-\n-Iƒ°pw k¿°m¿ ÿm]\-߃°pw kuI-cy-am-bn-cp-∂p. F∂m¬ IΩyq-Wn-t°-j≥ a{¥me-bØ - ns‚ 23.2.11-˛se DØ-chp {]Im-cw C¥y-bn-sem-´msI]n. \n¿Ø-em-°p-I-bm-Wp-≠m-b-Xv. CXp {]Imcw tImSn-°W-°n\v cq] X]m¬ Un∏m¿´p-sa‚n\v \„-ap-≠m-Ip-sa∂p am{Xa-√, tI{μ-˛k - w-ÿm\ k¿°m¿ ÿm]-\ß - fpw s]mXp-ta-Jem Iº-\n-Ifpw a‰pw ss{]h‰v sImdn-b¿ ÿm]-\-߃°v Cu tPmen Gev]n®p sImSp-°p-Ibpw sNøpw. IΩyq-Wn-t°-j≥ & sF.Sn Un∏m¿´vsa‚n¬, Iptd-tb-sd-t∏-cpsS sXmgn-eh - k - c - ß - fpw CXp-aqew \„-s∏-Sp-sa∂ Imcy-Øn¬ kwi-b-an-√. bp.-kn.]n. kwhn-[m\w Xncn-®p sIm≠p-ht∂ Xocq. ss{]h‰v _kp-Iƒ IqSp-X¬ k¿Δokv \S-Øn, IqSp-X¬ Bsf Ib-‰m≥ sIF-kv-B¿Snknsb ]n∂n-em-°p-Ibpw sIFkv-B¿Sn-kn°v ssI°qen sImSp-°p-Ibpw hg-ßn-bn-s√-¶n¬ NoØ ]d-bp-Ibpw a‰p- ]-e hn[-Ønepw k¿°m-dn\v \„-ap≠m-°p-Ibpw sNøp-∂Xp t]mse-bm-Wn-Xv. ˛ i¶-c\ - m-cm-bW - ≥ Xncp-hm-gn-tbmS

Fkv.-F≥. PwKvj≥ CubnsS ]cn-jvIc - n® Fkv.F - ≥. PwKvj≥ {Sm^nIv kn·ens‚ DZvLm-S\w sNbvX sIm®n dnss^-\d - nbpw _n.-]n.F√pw kwbp‡-ambn ]Wn-I-gn-∏n® \ho-I-cW {]h¿Ø\w X∑-b-Xz-am-bn. F∂m¬ Dt±-in-®{X ^ew kn≤n-t®m F∂p Rm≥ kwi-bn-°p∂p. Af-bn¬ D≈Xv ]pd-tØ-Xn-t\-°mƒ hep-XmWv F∂-Xmbn am{Xsa Fs∂ \nK-a-\-Øn-se-Øn-®p-≈p. apºp-≠m-bn-cp-∂-Xnt\-°mƒ {Sm^nIv tªm°mWv Ct∏mgp≈-Xv. CXn\v AdpXn hcWsa-¶n¬ t]´-bnepw ]me-Øn\v Xmtgbpw kn·¬ kwhn[m\w G¿s∏-Sp-Ø-Ww. Cu ZuXyw IqSn _n.-]n.-F¬, sIm®n dnss^-\dn Gs‰-SpØv \S-Øn-bm¬ am{Xsa {Sm^nIv tªm°n\v Adp-Xn-h-cp-Øm≥ Ign-bq. ˛ Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-d-∏≥, Fcq¿

kp`m- j nXw - bw' almP w - .v b P - a- mW ©e N "at\m w p Wv g m p-∂-X Ft∏m a\ v n - c X t \ S hnX hnPa \ - ÿw henb Po G‰hp bw.

n`nx civa-K-a-\oy X m Z- n - ym m- tc w) ∂ DZym jvtW ¿Δ-th-Z -Im-cio¿ x (A-Y ac-W s f \i -ivan-Iƒt c m K - ßrZ-b-c pDZb - f m b p-∂p. l -∏n-° ß W m-Xm-° f \ i n C√ - K - ß s tcm . mw. ∂p {iod . I ˛s

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Pride of Thripunithura

March 1319, to 19, 2011 March 13 to 2011

Bflmhp t\mhp-∂-h¿°v BZym-£cw ]I¿∂ A£-c-a-μncw aoUnbw hnZym-e-b-ß-fn-e-bv°p≈ IpsØm-gp-°n¬ anj≥ kvIqfns‚ AwK-_ew Ipd-™Xv kzm`m-hnIw. kº∂ h¿§-Øns‚ Ip´n-Iƒ°v ]mTy-hn-j-b߃ am{X-a√ - , ]mtTy-Xc hnj-bß - ƒ°pw ]cn-ioe\w \¬Ip-tºmƒ amXm-]n-Xm-°ƒ AØcw hnZyme-b-߃ tXSn-t∏m-Ip-∂-Xn¬ A¤p-X-s∏-tS-≠-Xn√. Cu bmYm¿∞yw t_m[y-s∏-´-Xp-sIm-≠mImw 2011-˛2012 A≤y-b-\-h¿jw XnI®pw ]pXp-a-bp-≈-Xmbn-Xo-cp-∂X - v. F¬.-sI.-Pn. apX¬ ae-bmfw˛Cw-•ojv ¢mkp-Iƒ, Iºyq-´¿ ]T-\w, sse{_dn kuIcyw, kvtImf¿jn∏v ]co£m kuIcyw, kuP\y bqWnt^mw-˛] - p-kvXI - ˛D®`£Ww e`y-X, hml\ kuIcyw, A¿∏W t_m[-tØm-sS-bp≈ tkh-\w, anI® in£-Whpw Iem-˛-Im-bnI ]cn-io-e-\hpw XpSßn A®-S-°-ap≈ hnZym¿∞n hnZym¿∞n\nIsf kaq-l-Øn\v D]-tbm-K-{]-Z-am-b coXn-bn¬ cq]-s∏-Sp-Øp∂ {Inbm-flI coXn Ah-ew-_n°m\pw A≤ym-]I c£m-I¿Ør kwL-S\ cq]-Iev]\ sNbvXn-´p-≠v. Npcp-°-Øn¬ ]q¿Δ-Ime {]Xm]w hos≠-Sp°m-\p≈ ]cn-h¿Ø-\-Øns‚ ]mX-bn-emWv k\m\ anj≥ kvIqƒ. Aßns\ tdm_n≥k a-ZmΩ-bpsS ZuXyw (Mission) AXns‚ e£y-ÿm-\Øp-Xs∂ FØp-sa∂p \ap°p {]Xo-£n-°mw. AXn\v A`yp-Z-b-Imw-£nIfptSbpw ]q¿Δ hnZym¿∞n-I-fp-tSbpw c£n-Xm-°-fp-tSbpw A≤ym-]I-cp-tSbpw kwbp‡ kwcw-`-Øn\v XpS°w Ipdnt°-≠n-bn-cn-°p-∂p. Xr∏q-Wn-Øpd P\-ssa{Xn t]meokv tÃj\n¬ \n∂v \qdp-ao-‰¿ Ing-t°m´p anj≥ kvIqƒ tdmUn-eqsS \S-∂m¬ ImWp∂ hnim-e-amb ssaXm-\a - p≈ sI´n-Sa - mWv k\m-\- an-j≥ kvIqƒ.

AXn\p t{]cn-∏n-®-sX∂ bmYm¿∞yhpw ad-®p-hbvt°≠Xn-√. Ime-Øns‚ am‰w Dƒs°m-≠psIm≠v hnZym-e-b-Øns‚ ssien-bnepw am‰w hcp-Øm≥ _‘-s∏-´-h¿ kzoI-cn® \S-]-SnIƒ ÿm]-\Ø - ns‚ hf¿®bv°v ]q¿Æ-ambpw A\p-KpSn.-F. taml-\≥ (]q¿Δ-hn-Zym¿∞n) W-am-bn-cp-∂p.]T-\Ø - n¬ anIhp ]pe¿Øp∂ hnZym¿∞nIƒ°v t{]m’m-l\w \¬Im≥ Ccp-]-Øn-c≠v c£n-Xm-°ic-W¿°pw Bew-_-lo-\¿°pw BZym-£cw Ipdn-°m≥ Ah- fmWv apt∂m´p h∂-Xv. AXn¬ hnc-an® A≤ym-]-Icpw kcw \¬Inb IrkvXy≥ anj-W-dn-amcpsS tkh\w Dƒs∏-Sp-∂p-sh-∂Xv kt¥mjw ]I-cp∂ Imcyw-Xs - ∂. ssh⁄m-\nI tIcfw F∂pw IrX-⁄X - m-]q¿Δw Hm¿Ωn-°pw. F≥tUm-hvsa‚ v ([-\-k-lm-bw) G¿s∏-Sp-Øp-∂-Xp-hgn P\htc-Wy-h¿§-Øn\p am{Xw hnZym-`ymk kuI-cy-߃ Hcp-°n-bn-cp∂ k-º¿°-Øn-\p≈ thZn hnI-kz-ca - m-Ip-Ib - m-bn-cp-∂p. Hcp Ime-L-´-Øn¬ P∑w-sIm≠ At\-Im-bn-c-ßsf PmXn-bp-tSbpw hcpw Xe-ap-dbv°v A£-c⁄ m\w ]I¿∂p \¬IpaX-Øn-t‚bpw t]cn¬ A[x-ÿn-X-sc∂p ap{Z-IpØn apJy-[mc-bn¬ tºmƒ `mhn hmKvZm-\-ß-fmbn Ah¿ amd-W-sa∂ Bflm¿\n∂pw AI-‰n-\n-dp-Øn-bn-cp∂ t]mb Imew C∂pw Ncn-{X-Øm-fp-I∞-amb B{Klw A≤ym-]-I-cpsS `mK-Øp-\n∂pw D≠m-Ipfn¬ s]mSn-]n-Sn®p InS-°p-∂p-s≠∂ Imcyw ]ecpw kuI-cy-]q¿Δw ∂p-sh∂ \oXn-t_m-[-amWv c£m-I¿Xr-kw-L-S\ hnZym-e-bad-°m≥ {ian-°p-∂p. DS-aI - ƒ°v F∂pw ASn-aI - ƒ Bh-iy-am-bn-cp-∂p. Øns‚ i‡n-t{km-X-kmbn amdm≥ \nan-Ø-ambn Xo¿∂-Xv. AXp-sIm-≠p-Xs∂ hnZym-hn-lo-\-cmb Hcp hn`mKw kaq-l-Øns‚ BwK-teb `mj-bpsS kzm[o\w CXc hnZym-`ymk ]n∂m-ºp-d-ß-fn¬ "B\-μ-I-c-amb ASn-a-Ø-Øn¬' hnebw {]m]n-®n- ÿm]-\-ß-fn-te-Xp-t]mse anj≥ kvIqfnepw Ne-\-߃ cp-∂p-sh∂ bmYm¿∞yw C∂pw ]e¿°pw A⁄mX IY-bm-Wv. kr„n-®p. Im¬ \q‰m≠p ap≥t]-Xs∂ ChnsS \gvkdn Cu A\o-Xn-s°-Xnsc ]S \bn® kmaqly hnπ-h-Im-cn-I-fpsS kvIqƒ Bcw-`n-®p. AXv ]n∂oSv Cw•ojv aoUnbw F¬.-sI.i_vZw ]s£, H‰-s∏-´-Xm-bn-cp-∂p. Iq´mb i_vZw t]mepw h\-tcm-ZPn, bp.-sI.-Pn-bp-sam-s°-bmbn amdn. H∂mw ¢mkp apX¬ \-߃ am{X-ambn sI´-S-ßn. A\p-k-cn-°m-\-√msX AS-cm-Sm≥ AdnCw•ojv ]T\w Kuc-h-am-bn-Xs∂ \S-°p-∂p-≠v. \mep Unhnbm-Xn-cp-∂-h¿, Ah-kcw In´n-bm¬ cmP-`-‡n-bn¬ Bthiw sIm≠n- j-\p-I-fn¬ \mev A≤ym-]-I¿. F¬.-sI.-Pn., bp.-sI.-Pn-bn¬ cp-∂-h¿, Ch¿ \ΩpsS im]-am-bn-cp-∂p. ASn-a-Ø-Øns‚ Nß-eHc-≤ym-]n-Ibpw Hcp "Bb'bpw. Adp-]Xp hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ s°´p s]m´n-°m≥ t]io-_-e-a√m th≠-sX∂pw hnZym-`ym-k-amWv H∂p apX¬ \mep-hsc ¢mkp-I-fn¬ ]Tn-°p-tºmƒ 15 Ip´nAXn\v A\n-hm-cy-sa∂pw a\- n-em-°nb IrkvXy≥ anj-W-dn-am-cmWv Iƒ F¬.-sI.-Pn., bp.-sI.-Pn-bn-ep-ambn ]T\w XpS-cp-∂p. Hcp DW¿Øp-]m-´mbn Ah-i¿°v Bew-_-am-sb-Øn-b-Xv. IS¬ IS`uXnI kml-Nc - y-߃ h¿≤n-®t- XmsS Cw•ojv s∂-Ønb anj-W-dn-am¿ ˛ "N¿®v Hm^v Cw•≠v k\m\ anj≥ kvIqƒ' 1917-˛¬ kam-cw`w Ipdn®v Cu kc-kzXo t£{Xw Du∂¬ \¬In-bXv s]mXp hnZym-`ymk ÿm]-\-ß-fn¬ hnZym-`ymkw \ntj[n-°-s∏´ Zp¿∫e hn`m-K-߃°p th≠n-bm-bn-cp-∂p. "tdm_n≥k' F∂ Cw•-≠p-Imcn aZmΩ kl-{]-h¿Ø-I-tbmsSm∏w sIm®n alm-cm-Pm-hns\ I≠v Ahi hn`m-K-߃°v hnZymFINANCIAL SERVICE CENTRE `ymkw \¬Im-\p≈ hnZym-ebw ÿm]n-°m≥ th≠ ÿew A\p-hZn-°-W-sa∂v A`y¿∞n-°p-Ibpw cmPmhv Bb-Xn\v A\p-aXn \¬InSreelakshmi Shopping Complex, Statue Jn, sb-∂p-amWv Ncn-{Xw. Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-dbv°v {]uVntbm {]Xm-]tam Thrippunithura, Cochin, Kerala. Tel: 0484- 2784790 C√m-Xn-cp∂ H≥]-Xc ]Xn-‰m≠v ap≥]v \ΩpsS kmaqly hyh-ÿn9633449928, 9447798200 Xnbpw km[m-c-W-°m-cn¬ km[m-c-W-°m-cmb P\-k-aq-l-Øns‚ Reg.Office: B12, Gopal Nagar, Delhi-110033 PohnX kml-N-cy-ßfpw Zpcn-X-]q¿Æ-am-bn-cp-∂p. A°m-eØv Pohn-®ncp-∂-hcpw C∂v Pohn-X-Øns‚ kmbw-k-‘y-bn¬ FØn-\n¬°p-∂hcpw km£y-s∏-Sp-Øp∂ Ht´sd KX-Ime IY-\-I-Y-Iƒ \ΩpsS Icf-en-bn-°p-∂-h-bm-Wv. hnZym-`ym-k-tØ-°m-fp-]cn Hcp-t\-csØ `£-Wam-bn-cp∂p A∂v as‰-¥n-t\-°mfpw A`n-Im-ay-am-bn-cp-∂X - v. AXpsIm≠p Xs∂-bm-hWw D®-`-£-W-Øn\v {]m[m\yw \¬Im≥ A[nFixed Deposit Ir-X¿ \n¿_-‘n-Xc - m-bX - v. t…‰pw ]pkvXI - hpw XpS-ßnb ]T-t\m-]I - c-W-ßfpw kuP-\y-ambn hnX-cWw sNbvXn-cp∂ Hcp Imehpw 12 amkw ˛ 8.5%, 13 apX¬ 24 amkw hsc ˛ 9.5%, 25 k\m\ anj≥ kvIqfns‚ BI¿j-W-am-bn-cp-∂p. ]≈n-°qSw BcwapX¬ 36 amkw hsc ˛ 10.5%, 3 h¿j-Øn\p apI-fn¬ 11%. `n®v Ggc ]Xn-‰m-≠m-b-t∏mƒ πm‰n\w Pq_nen BtLm-j-߃ \Sko\n-b¿ kn‰n-kWv .5% IqSp-X¬. Ph: 0484 2784790. °p-∂p. ]q¿Δ hnZym¿∞n-Ifpw A≤ym-]I - cpw c£n-Xm-°fpw Ie-hd - bn-√msX ]n≥Xp-W® Hcp alm-kw-cw-`-am-bn-cp-∂p, AXv. sshZypXn IS-∂p-sN-√m-Xn-cp∂ B ÿm]-\sØ sshZyp-Xo-I-cn-°p-Ibpw IpSnsh≈ kwhn-[m\w Hcp-°p-I-bpw, AIØpw ]pd-Øpw tÃPp-Iƒ°v AS-t°≠ XpI Imem-h[n Imem-h-[n°v e`n-°p∂ XpI cq]w \¬Ip-Ibpw hm´¿Sm¶pw ]pXnb InWdpw ÿm]n-°p-Ibpw Ce{ŒnIv sse‰p-Ifpw ^m\p-Ifpw Bh-iy-Øn\v LSn-∏n-°p-Ibpw 7436 3 h¿jw 10000 sNbvXp-sIm-≠p≈ \n¿Ωm-W{- ]-h¿Ø-\ß - ƒ°v {]mapJyw \¬In. 5813 5 h¿jw 10000 {XnZn-\-ß-fn-embn \S-Ø-s∏´ BtLm-j-߃ Iem-˛-km-aq-ly-˛-kmw4371 7 h¿jw 10000 kvIm-cnI \mb-I-cpsS km∂n≤yw sIm≠v {it≤-b-am-bn-cp∂p. H∏w anI® Iem-]-cn-]m-Sn-I-fpw. Bb-Xn\v Np°m≥ ]nSn® ]q¿Δ hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ Xß-fpsS {]nb hnZym-e-bsØ s\t©mSp tN¿Øph-®Xv C∂pw s]mXp-ka - qlw \μn-]q¿hw Hm¿°p-∂p. sImgn-™p-t]mb ]sØm≥]Xp \o≠ h¿j-ß-fn¬ AS-t°≠ XpI Imem-h[n Imem-h-[n°v e`n-°p∂ XpI FhnsStbm D≠mb Xmf-∏n-g-I-fmImw ]q¿Δ hnZym¿∞n-I-fp-am-bp≈ kpZr-V-_‘w hnt—-Zn-°m≥ Imc-W-sa∂v shdp-tX-sb-¶nepw \mw 74360 3 h¿jw 100000 ZpxJ-tØmsS Hm¿°p-∂p. Chn-sS-\n∂pw ]Tn-®n-d-ßnb ]e-c-ptSbpw 58130 5 h¿jw 100000 Ip´n-Isf ]n∂oSv Cw•ojv aoUnbw kvIqfp-I-fn-tebv°v B\-bn-®Xv 43710 7 h¿jw 100000 Ip‰-t_m-[-tØmsS Nne¿ Hm¿°p-∂p. ]e-tc-bpw- km-l-N-cy-ß-fmWv


sUt∏m-kn‰v kvIoap-Iƒ

P\-\n[n Iymjv k¿´n-^n-°‰v

BZmbw 11.50% 14.40% 18.40%

an√y-\-b¿ sUt∏m-kn‰v

BZmbw 11.50% 14.40% 18.40%

do C≥h-Ãvsa‚v sUt∏m-kn‰v AS-t°≠ XpI


Imem-h-[n°v e`n-°p∂ XpI


10000 10000 10000

1 h¿jw 2 h¿jw 3 h¿jw

10824 11948 13449

8.24% 9.74% 11.50%

dn°-dnßv sUt∏m-kn‰v kvIow AS-t°≠ XpI


Imem-h-[n°v e`n-°p∂ XpI


10000 10000 10000

12 amkw 24 amkw 36 amkw

12520 26250 41550

8.67% 9.38% 10.28%

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March 13 13 to to 19, 19, 2011 2011 March


N°w-Ip-f-ßc {iokn-≤n-hn-\m-bI t£{X-Øn¬ 2011se {]XnjvTm hm¿jnI atlm-’hw C∂pw \mtfbpw


∏qWnØpd N°w-Ip-f-ßc kn≤n-hn-\m-bI t£{X ({S-Ãv)-Ønse {]XnjvTm atlm’hw ]Xn-hp-t]mse Cu h¿jhpw am¿®v 13, 14 Xob-Xn-I-fn¬ Rmbdpw Xn¶-fp-ambn hnhn[ A\p-jvTm-\-ß-tfm-sSbpw Iem-hn-cp-∂p-I-tfmsSbpw BtLm-jn-°pw. C∂v sshIp-t∂cw Bdn\v Zo]m-cm-[-\bpw ip≤n-I-e-i-]q-Pbpw \S-°pw. Bdp apX¬ Ggp hsc cm[m-a-lm-tZ-h¿ B≥Uv ]m¿´nbpsS `‡n-Km-\m-arXw. Ggv apX¬ hrμm kptcjv Ah-X-cn-∏n-°p∂ A„-]-Zn-I-t®cn. 14\v Xn¶-fmgvN cmhnse A©n\v \n¿am-ey-Z¿i-\w. Bdn\v hnti-jm¬ A„-{Zhy KW-]-Xn-tlm-aw, Ggn\v cp{Zm-`n-tj-Iw, ]qP F∂nh \S-°pw. ]Øn\pw ]Xns\m-∂n-\p-ambn KW-]-Xn°v 25 Ie-iw, D®-]q-P, ]qaqS¬, apcp-I\v 25 Ie-ihpw ImhSn A`n-tj-Ihpw D®]q-Pbpw \S-°pw. sshIp-t∂cw A©n\v \S Xpd°pw. 5.30\v \mZ-kz-c-I-t®-cn. Bdn\v Zo]m-cm-[-\. Ggv apX¬ 8.30 hsc hnim¬ \μp, Bjn-Iv, hnth-Iv, Im¿Øn-I, kzmXn XpS-ßn-b-h¿ Ah-X-cn-∏n-°p∂ cmam-bW ]mam-sse. N°w-Ip-f-ßc {iokn-≤n-hn-\m-bI t£{X-Øns‚ {]i-kvXn°v ]n∂n-semcp sFXn-ly-ap-≠v. AXv Cßs\-bm-Wv. GI-tZiw 80 h¿j-߃°p apºv N°n¬ FÆ-bm´n hnev]\ \S-Øn-bn-cp∂ Hcp N°m-e≥ C∂v ImWp∂ t£{X-Øns‚ hSt° `mKØv ]S¿∂v ]¥en®v \n∂n-cp∂ B¬a-c-Øns‚ Nph-´n¬ Hcp hn{Klw {]Xn-jvTn-°p-I-bp-≠m-bn. AXn-\p-tijw At±-l-Øns‚ Pohn-X-Ønepw hym]m-c-Ønepw Db¿®-bp-≠m-bn-t]m-epw. F¥m-bmepw At±-lØns‚ Pohn-X-tijw Cu B¬Ød {]Xn-jvTbv°v apºn¬ hgn-t]m-°cpw `‡cpw Ipºn-´p-Xp-S-ßn. 1969˛mw ImeL´-Øn¬ Nm™n-a-T-Øn¬ kqcy-\m-cm-b-W-

ø-cpsS ÿeØv KW-]-Xnsb {]Xn-jvTn-°m-\p≈ \S-]-Sn-I-fm-bn. ÿeap-S-a-bmb kqcy-\m-cm-b-W-øcpw sX¿eIv ^¿Wkv Iº-\n-bp-Sa N{μ∏n≈n aT-Øn¬ cma-kzm-anbpw At±-l-Øns‚ Pmam-Xmhv tUm. Fkv. IrjvW-øcpw ap≥ssI-sb-Sp-ØmWv CXv \S-Øn-bXv. 1971 am¿®v 14\v AØw \mfn¬ X{¥n ]pen-b-∂q¿ henb \mcm-b-W≥ \ºq-Xn-cn-∏mSv {]Xn-jvTm-I¿aw \n¿Δ-ln-®p. At∂ Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-d-bpsS lrZ-b-a-[y-Øn¬ Hcp apcp-I-t£-{X-an√t√m Fs∂mcp tJZw tUmŒ¿°pw Iq´¿°p-ap-≠m-bn-cp-∂p. ITn-\-{i-a߃s°m-Sp-hn¬ c≠p h¿j߃°ptijw sXm´-Sp-Øp-Xs∂ Hcp apcpI-t£{Xw Db¿∂p-h-∂p. apcp-I-{]-XnjvT \S-∂Xpw am¿®v 14-˛-\m-Wv. A∂v Xncp-hm-Xnc Bbn-cp-∂p-sh∂v am{Xw. X{¥n ]pen-b-∂q¿ henb \mcm-b-W≥ \ºq-Xn-cn-∏m-Sv. Aßs\ c≠v `K-hm-∑m-cp-tSbpw {]Xn-jvTmhm¿jnIw Hcp-an®v Htc-Zn-hkw BtLm-jn-°m≥ Ign™p XpS-ßn. CØ-h-Wbpw am¿®v 13, 14 Xob-Xn-I-fn-emWv BtLm-jw.

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March 13 to 19, 2011

Tripunithura's Durbar


Nne Nn√-d-°m-cy-߃

inYne Nn¥-Iƒ

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5 ko‰p-I-sf-¶nepw In´ntb Xocq. ˛ J.S.S. A©p-tK-l-a-sX-¶nepw \r] ]mWv U - h ¿°p sImSp°Ww ˛ {ioIr-jW v ≥ kqNn IpØm≥ ÿew-t]m-epw..... ......-sIm-Sp-ØnSm ˛ Zptcym-[-\≥. **** s\©n¬ doØv hcpw-hsc ""cm{„o-bØn''¬ XpS-cmsa∂ Nn¥ A]-lmkyw ˛ sh≈m-∏n-≈n. F√m ""ko\n-b¿tamÃv kn‰n-k≥kn\pw'' sshZy-imkv{Xw ]cm-P-b-s∏-Sp-∂-Xp-hsc kap-Zmb kwL-S-\-I-fn¬ XpS-cm≥ ]‰ptam? **** tem´dn am^nbs°Xnsc \S-]SnsbSp-°msX apJya{¥n F∂pw tI{μ-Øn-tebv°v t{]a-te-J-\-߃ Ab-bv°p-Ib - mWv ˛ sN∂n-Øe apJy-a-{¥n-bpsS ]cm-Xn-I-fn¬ tI{μ \S-]-Sn-bn-√mØXv A¤p-X-Icw ˛ sslt°m-SXn t{]a-te-J\w Ab-bv®m¬ \S-]Sn hcptam amtj? **** tXma-kns\ kn.-hn.-kn. B°m≥ Fhn-sS- \n-s∂¶nepw {][m-\-a-{¥n°v kΩ¿±-ap-≠m-bn-cp-∂pthm? (lnμp Zn\-]-{Xw) ]I¬t]mse DØcw hy‡w. **** Un.-Fw.-sI. ˛ tIm¨{Kkv {]iv\w ˛ Un.-Fw.sI. a{¥n-k-`-bn¬ XpScpw Original decision - “OUT” Con. review - ‘NOT OUT’ **** ""Km¿ln-Im-Xn-{Ia \ntcm-[\ \nba ]cn-c£'' B¨Ip-´n-Iƒ°pw "hnZyp-O‡n Ka-\m-K-a\ \nb-{¥W b{¥w' F∂v kzn®ns\ hnti-jn-∏n-°p-∂-Xp-t]mse -˛ H∂pw a\ n-em-bn√! **** Xnc-s™-Sp-∏n¬ a°ƒ a’-cn-°p-∂X - n¬ kzm`m-hnI-ambpw FXn¿∏p-≠.v F∂m¬ Ft‚Xv Hcp cm{„ob IpSpw-_-amWv ˛ Hcp tI{μ-a{¥n ""F≥ ]p≈-b-√hm?''.......... tIƒ°q, tIƒ°q tI´p-sIm-t≠-bn-cn°q! **** kz¥w IpSpw-_Ø - n¬ 14 h¿j-Øn-\ptijw \S∂ hcp-Wns‚ hnhm-l-®-S-ßn¬ ]s¶-Sp-°m≥ s\{lp IpSpw-_-Øn¬\n∂pw Bcp-sa-Øn-bn√ ˛ dnt∏m¿´v as‰mcp cm{„ob IpSpw-_w. ****

Kottavathil Jokes

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March 13 to 19, 2011

Parents,Children & Youth of Tripunithura

ighties Cutton n 50 1 jest Rs. only

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Just Bornn Kids Space Dear kids, Let our Tripunithura know what your talents are. We do not and will not judge any of your contributions. This is your space. If space permits we will incorporate all your contributions. For next week Issue




Pages 12 Published every Sunday



March 13 to 19, 2011

Neighbourhood Events

MARKET STATUS Market Status still remains Bearish. In the chart attached, you can see that the Red dotted Candlestick remain isolated from the white dotted ones. Also, you may notice the long tail on top of the real body of the candlestick, which indicates the selling overpowered the bulls. If 5400 is broken down, we might see NIFTY breaking down below the critical 5200 region very soon. In a broader sense, as long as NIFTY remains below 5616, it is clearly bearish.

SATISH KUMAR March 5, 2011

Improve Your English....Now!

GEN NEXT GETS A FEEDBACK: MIND YOUR ENGLISH Poor Communication skills and inhibition to express oneself in English have become the bane of next generation by S. Sangameswaran As all of us are aware, English is the richest language in the world and it has influenced our life to no small extent. English education has been instrumental in bringing about a political awakening throughout the country. English education has opened to us the priceless treasures of Western literature. We are living in the age of science. The important scientific truths are explained only in English. So the learning of English (Reading, Writing and Speaking skills) is necessary for scientific studies. English is the only means of our participation in the world outside. Hence the need for skills in both spoken and written English. Raju had turned up with high hopes at a campus interview held by an MNC at one of the city colleges recently. But his excellent academic record was not good enough to get him through. For, he failed miserably when his communication skill in English was put to test. Raju is not an exception. A number of students who step out of college campuses cannot bank upon their English language proficiency to get a job. Are these students reluctant when it comes to talking in English? Thomas Wilson, certified corporate trainer, suggests that there is an urgent need to improve the communication skill of the student community. “It is a sort of reluctancy which has come out of the psychological barrier these students have developed. Though a global language, they approach it with some sort of panic for they fear they will be laughed at if they make a mistake. A major section of society still feels English is something

_yq´n Hcp tS_nƒ kv]q¨ ]m¬∏m-S, Hcp sNdp-\m-cß-bpsS \ocv, Hcp tS_nƒ kv]q¨ sh≈-cn-°m-\o-cv, Ac Sokv]q¨ ]©-kmc F∂nh A©v tS_nƒ kv]q¨ ]men¬ Ie¿Øn \nXyhpw Igp-Øn¬ ]pc-´nbm¬ Igp-Ønse Icp-hmfn∏v amdpw. ssIbp-tSbpw Imen-t‚bpw ap´p-I-fn¬ ]m¬∏mS ]pc´n arZp-hmbn Xncp-Ωn-bm¬ N¿Ω-Ønse ]cp-]-cp∏v amdn arZp-eX e`n-°pw. \mtem At©m s\√n° Hcp I∏v ]men¬ C´v Hcp cm{Xn hbv°p-I. ]nt‰∂v CXv Ac®p Xe-bn¬ tX®v Hcp aWn-°q-dn-\p-tijw jmw]q tX®p Ipfn-°p-I. apSn°v Xnf-°hpw BtcmKyhpw e`n-°pw. IÆp-If - psS £oW-aI - ‰ - m≥ Dd-ßn-sb-Wo-‰b - p-S≥ sNdpNq-Sp≈ ]men¬ ap°nb ]™n I¨t]m-f-Iƒ°p ]pdØp hbv°p-I. Znh-khpw cm{Xn Dd-ßm≥ t]mIpw-apºv ]men¬ ap°nb ]™n-sIm≠v apJhpw IgpØpw XpS-bv°p-I.

which the British has left behind. On the whole, our social milieu is not conducive enough for the promotion of the language.” The situation is quite different in the case of students who are educated in CBSE schools where English is the compulsory mode of communication. Family background and circumstances where they grow up too influence the English proficiency of a student, said P.M. Sebastian, Head of the Department of English, Scared Heart College, Thevara. “It is not that our students are handicapped to speak the language. The root cause for the problem is our education system which gives importance to reading and writing English. The spoken part is not stressed upon by many institutions. Most Malayalis have learnt English only as a second language. So he/she cannot communicate like a Malayali who lives outside Kerala who has to use the language as part of daily routine,” said Beena Manoj, a faculty with the Department of English, St. Teresa’s College. Teachers too are responsible for this drawback, feels Remadevi, a bank employee, whose daughter is taking Spoken English classes. “Except for a few, we’re not happy with the teachers she had in school and college. We realise the importance of communicating in English, especially in front of an interview board,” Rema said. According to C.S. Jayaram, former HOD, Department of English, S.H. College, Thevara, there hardly exists any student - teacher interaction in language class as the class strength is above 100. “Students usually give less importance to communication skills when they give more importance to their areas of study like computers or science,” he said.

A Sophisticated 50 Days Course for improving your Communication (Both spoken & written) & Correspondence Skill in English Language. English education has opened to us the priceless treasures of western literature. We are living in the age of Science & Computers. The important scientific truths are available only in English. English is the only means of our participation in the world outside. So the learning of English is necessary for your success in life. Magical things happen when you choose the mindset of positive expectancy. Acknowledge your talents & capabilities. Monitor your thoughts and be open to possibilities. Success is all about having the courage to take new ideas.

Human Beauty Blossoms in Humanity, Sincerity & Courage What you learn from our effective English Course...... * English Grammar (To revive your memory) * Vocabulary (To improve your Word Power) * Face job interviews with confidence * How to excel in your Jobs/Profession * Add charm & interest to conversation * Build your image & bring vigour to your Spoken & Written English * Correspondence (How to write different classes of letters) * Personality Development (Exhaustive Notes are given for the complete course)

Course Duration: 50 Days Moderate Fees Payable in Two installments Special Batches on Saturdays, Sundays & Convenient timings for Ladies & Employed persons For Details Contact: S. Sangameswaran

1-A, Royal Nest, Phase-I, Chinmaya Mission Road, Tripunithura - 682 301. Mobile: 99473 66495, 94465 74819 Vacation Batches Start From 25-03-2011 ADMISSION NOW OPEN

Pages 12 Published every Sunday




March 13 to 19, 2011

Bh-iy-ap≠v Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-d-bn¬ ]mN-I-tPm-en°pw a‰p ho´p tPmen-Iƒ°pw Ignhpw a\- p-ap≈ kv{Xosb Bh-iy-ap≠v. (]m¿´v ssSw)

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Spoken English & Grammar classes for school going children are held at V.M. Residency Near Petta Bus stop. For Details Please Contact

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Ph: 0484-2778768/27778968 s{]mhn-j≥, t_°-dn, _pIvÃmƒ Email:

Weak in English?


A chance to improve English skills Improve Your English

(for ladies and children) Yoga, Music (Vocal), Bharatanatyam, Cinematic Dance, Jewellery Making, Mime (also stage programmes)

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March 13 to 19, 2011

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kr„n 2011

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Pn√bnse HºXv eb¨kv ¢∫p-I-fpsS kwKaw Xr∏q-Wn-Øp-d-bn¬ \S-∂p. doP\¬ sNb¿am≥ hn.F≥.-Sn. \ºq-Xncn A[y-£X hln-®p. Fw. inhm\-μ≥, tPm¨ kmw, tdmbv t]mƒ, tUm. BÃn≥ ]bkv F∂n-h¿ {]kw-Kn-®p. G‰hpw \√ t{]mPŒp-Iƒ \SØn H∂mw ÿm\-sØ-Ønb ¢∫n-\p≈ kΩm\w Fcq¿ eb¨kv ¢∫n-\p-th≠n {]kn-U‚ v kn.-Pn. {ioIp-am¿ G‰p-hm-ßn.

SUNDAY OPEN 1pm to 5pm

RNI No: KERBIL/2006/17913. Printed, Published and Owned by V.Vishnu Kumar and Printed at Viani Printing, Lisie Hospital Road, V P No: 1916, Kochi - 18. Published at Sreelakshmi, 1st floor, Above Vandana Medicals, N.F.Gate, Tripunithura. Editor: V. Vishnukumar Ph: 0484-2785007, 9895763536

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Issue 238  

Vol 5 No 31

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