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URGENT, Inc. 1000 NW 3rd Ave., Ste #100 Miami, FL 33136 Office: 786.439.1544 Camp Cell#’s: Ms. Nelson (305) 586.6694


Muti Emily (305) 915-3195


Urg en CAMPUS EMERGENCY emp t, Inc’s owe m 800-227-0354 i ss r min ds to ing you ion is ng help tran CAMP TEAM sfor m Vice President Saliha Nelson Camp Managers Shedia Nelson Emily Gunter Camp Counselors Devin Reyes Magalie Gabriel Shamina Gilmore Vanessa Rodriguez After Care

Photo Courtesy: Shangazi Shamina Gilmore

Counselors Belinda Cain


Quinecia Hall

Parents/Adult family members


Jr. Camp Counselors

Always welcome to chaperone fieldtrips Chaperone Sign up during After Care

Where: University of Miami,


1111 Memorial Dr.

Destyni Chism-Lewis Deivon Greene Shanel Hyler Cecily Newbold

NO VENDING MACHINE ACCESS AT ALL Before Care 7:30am—8:30am After Care: 4-6pm Late Fee: $5/min PLEASE BE ON TIME TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD(REN)

Dooly Memorial building Coral Gables, FL Courtesy Shuttle Departs Promptly at 8:30am Location: URGENT, Inc. Center for Empowerment & Education


Camp Assistants Namiya Crespo Shanice Hyler Stephen Hyler Justine Rosen

1000 NW 1st Ave., Ste# 100 Miami, FL 33136

Certified Teacher 2nd Week Issue

Program generously supported by:

Inside this issue:

The Youth Empowerment After School Program is generously funded by The Children’s Trust. The Children’s Trust is a dedicated source of funding created by voter referendum in 2002 to improve the lives of children and families in Miami-Dade County by making strategic investments in their future – because all children are our children.

Upcoming Trips




Jokes & Shout Outs 4

This Week’s Fieldtrips CAMP CLOSED JULY 4TH

Friday: July 6, 2012 Wear Green Fieldtrip T-shirt On Campus Fun Day! Morning Activities Biscayne National Park Build a Park activity Afternoon Activities Water play Games and Swimming for swimmers

NEXT WEEK’S FIELD TRIPS! Wednesday, July 11th Nursing Simulation UM Lab & Venetian Pool SIGN UP FOR FREE MARLIN TICKETS DURING AFTERCARE Date: July 11th game

Friday, July 13th Morning: Biscayne National Park Leads Build a Park Activity Afternoon: Water Play Swimming in pool for swimmers

Required: Complete and submit Water Play Activities Liability Form by June 21st Bring a FULL COVERAGE 1 piece swimsuit and towel Any campers not wearing appropriate swimsuit will not be permitted to participate in water related activity. Only swimwear permitted in water, no cover ups, t-shirt or non swim wear permitted in water.

CAMP SHOW AUDITIONS Thursday, July 19 Starting at 1pm by class Singers/dancers: bring a CD, only family friendly music and “G” rated movement will be considered All well prepared routines under 2 minutes will be considered EVERYONE WILL PERFORM IN CAMP SHOW WHAT THEY LEARNED AT CAMP

Call (305) 915-3195 for more details

SAVE THE DATES Wednesday, July 25th

Thursday, July 26th Must See Camp Show!

Family Fun Field Day

Where: Cosford Cinema

Time: 1pm-3:30pm

Time: 3:30pm—6pm

Sign up to bring a yummy dish during After care

Cost: $10/Adults $5 youth under 18yrs.

Potluck dinner and Camper Recognition Day Time: 3:30pm—4:30pm Volume 1, Issue 1

Late courtesy shuttle provided after show to URGENT, Inc. CE2 for pick up at 6:30pm

Friday, July 27th Fieldtrip Broward Science Center Exhibits Imax film “Batman” Late pick up from 5-6pm

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CAMPER EDITORIALS Interviews of Campers Interviewee: Benjamin Gallardo Age: 6 Grade: 1st Benjamin likes to play soccer. His family is nice and he wants be a soccer player. He likes to do work at camp. He wants to play more at camp. What he likes about himself is that he likes to play.

Interviewee: Richard Age: 7 Grade: 3rd Plays sports, video games. Family is nice his father brought him a flat screen television. He wants to be an lawyer. He likes going outside an playing soccer. He wants to go outside more. He likes that’s his a boy. By Lia Latty

ADVICE COLUMN by Maniyah Wright and Tamia smith Are you having a bad hair day ?

Hair solutions:

When you are having a bad hair day it is simple ways to  make it look decent but yet cute. Below we are going to list ways that you can look cute on your worst days. We  are also going to list the hair problems and the ways you can make your hair cute is the solution.

Wild afro: Put a scarf around it so it can look fashionable like Erykah Badu No edges: Use the black hair spray on the part were there is no hair and put an bow on the side of your head Short hair: flat iron it and then put on some leave in conditioner to make it curly and look fuller. Long hair getting in your face: put it in a ponytail but leave a piece of hair out so you can make a bang and add a ribbon to the ponytail. Uneven hair : flat iron the short side.

Hair Problems:  Wild afro  No edges  Short hair  Long hair getting in your face  Uneven Hair

 

Love your hair and provide with proper daily maintenance

Jokes by Destiny Moore & Deja Vaughn Knock knock? Who’s there? Honey comb. Honey comb who? Honey comb your hair. What did the baby corn say to the mama corn? Where’s Pop corn.

What did the mummy say to the MAHALO NEWS CREW! skeleton when they got mad at each other? Melanie Armentero, Jessarlin CasI‘ve got a bone to pick with you tillo, Ty’jah Everett, Kyerstein Ferreira, Brooke Gibson, Leah GonzaWhat do you get when you lez, Myha-Simone Hall, Destiny put a nosy person on paper? Moore, Brittney Webster, Taylor Diaz, Lia Latty, Yashara JeromeA newspaper. Gachelin, Lauren Morejon, Hanna Perry, Tamia Smith, Deja Vaughn, Why are fish so smart? Because they live in schools. Jasmine Williams, Maniyah Wright Why can’t animals take test? Too many cheetahs. Page 3

Animation with IT Women Animation is a cool thing for technology. What my group did was illustrate where our character would be landing in the cartoon. We decided that our character would land in a colorful rainbow of mud. Also, the sky will be full of colors like blue, green, purple and pink. It will be windy with rocks rolling and grass swaying. That’s a little something that we put together. I also learned that animation can take a very long time to create. What I am going to do is learn more about 3D animation. This is going to interesting. I really enjoyed learning about animation.

Bollywood Dancing Ms. Vanessa’s class is doing a Bollywood dance to Jai-ho. Ms. Shanel is doing this because she loves to teach children. Ms. Vanessa’s class is doing this dance for the end of camp show and to show what they know. They have been practicing in the cinema and on the patio. Ms. Shanel teaches with the help of the counselors. By Hanna Perry

By Brittney Webster

SHOUT OUTS by Jasmine Williams and Taylor Diaz Mzee Deivon helps others without being asked. Shangazi Vanessa is fun and very active. Shangazi Justine is very energetic and has lots of fun stories.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Precious Gachelin—June 28 Leeah Mena-Paulk— July 3 Naudia Williams– July 5 Alyssa Rhodd – July 16 Ashley Rhodd– July 16 Richard Turner – July 19 Damien Gill – July 19

SHOUT OUTS to URGENT, Inc’s Team! Mahalo Nui Loa To URGENT, Inc.’s Team!

Thanks for making camp fun by sharing and showing URGENT, Inc’s Core Values: Learning Innovation Patience Compassion Responsibility Reciprocity Teamwork Page 4


Hiding Behind Eyes

Lonely life no friends

Behind the eyes where people can’t see

I feel I have to change the way I am I feel no one likes me! By Hanna Perry

You’ll find me I’m invisible Look at my face and I’ll give a smile However people don’t think They don’t see what’s right in front of them

Bullying Kids that are bullied should standup

I go everywhere But people are blind to what they can’t see Which is me

And say something

Because I hide behind eyes

By Myha-Simone Hall

By Kyerstein Ferreira


I Am Invisible

Pretending to be someone I’m not

Am I the bear who no one likes?

Desperate to follow the crowd So I won’t be left alone Trying to be a leader But

Do they see me? I’m so self-conscious about what they thought I cut my head with a pair of scissors Now everyone’s sad

No one wants to follow a

Maybe I wasn’t invisible after all


By Jasmine Williams

By Lia Latty Reflection Heartbroken Heartbroken because of love No friends but the one above Joining clicks and getting remade Not even thinking about college Not even Miami Dade By Tamia Smith

I am ugly not wanted because of the refection I am I am Unknown to the world. By Brittney Webster Page 5

Me at Camp

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