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The 2014 Kane County Dining Guide is produced by the Kane County Chronicle, a Shaw Media publication. Cover Photo: Al Camaronchizo – Basque shrimp with chorizo/avocado slaw and chipotle aioli – is shown at Altiro Latin Fusion in Geneva. (Sandy Bressner photo) Page 3 Photo: JuRin Japanese Restaurant in Geneva serves traditional and specialty sushi rolls, including the Red Dragon roll (front roll in photo above) and the Rainbow roll. (Photo by Kane County Chronicle) Every attempt has been made to verify that the information in this guide is correct. Shaw Media assumes no liability for incorrect, omitted or outdated information. 2

Kane County Chronicle

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Charlie Fox’s


Chez Moi


Dairy Queen


East China Inn


Isacco’s Kitchen


Liu Brothers Bistro




State Street Diner


Dining Directory A & W Family Restaurant

Antonio’s Pizza Factory

Batavia Creamery

113 S. Lincolnway St., North Aurora (630) 844-9393

500 Lark St., Geneva (630) 232-6666

4 N. Island Ave., Batavia (630) 482-3729

A Toda Madre

Apple Villa Famous Pancake House & Restaurant

Batavia’s Diner

416 W. State St., Geneva (630) 845-3015

A’ Salute Lounge & Grill 2400 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 549-0181

Acquaviva Winery 47W614 Route 38, Maple Park (630) 365-0333

1961 W. Wilson St., Batavia (630) 406-8022

Arcedium Coffeehouse 60 Indiana St., St. Charles (630) 444-0610

Ari’s Kitchen


362 N. Randall Rd., North Aurora (630) 340-3569

90 N. Island Ave., Batavia (630) 406-9400

Atrium Café (located in Little Traveler)

Alibi 12 N. 3rd St., St. Charles (630) 461-7368

All Chocolate Kitchen 33 S. Third St., Geneva (630) 232-2395

Alley 64 212 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 513-6464

Altiro Latin Fusion 308 Anderson Blvd., Geneva (630) 232-7717

Amici’s Clubhouse 456 Redington Dr., South Elgin (847) 531-8820

Andres Restaurant 5 Webster St., Batavia (630) 482-9420

20 S. Van Buren St., Batavia (630) 879-7694

Beef Shack 2115 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 443-9797

Beef Villa 1225 W. Spring St., South Elgin (847) 888-9802

Beehive Tavern & Grille 204 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 584-0800

Bien Trucha

404 S. 3rd St., Geneva (630) 232-4200

410 W. State St., Geneva (630) 232-2665

Atwater’s Restaurant

Breadsmith Artisan Bread Bakery

15 S. River Ln., Geneva (630) 208-7433

Augustino’s Rock and Roll Deli

121 N. 2nd St., St. Charles (630) 584-2323

Briana’s Pancake Café

300 W. North Ave., West Chicago (630) 293-8602

572 Randall Rd., South Elgin (847) 429-2050

Aurelio’s Pizza

1910 Route 38, St. Charles (630) 584-2411

330 W. State St., Geneva (630) 262-8440

Bangkok Restaurant 119 W. State St., Geneva (630) 208-6836

Bar Louie 1602 Commons Drive, Suite 600, Geneva (630) 397-4300

Brown’s Chicken

Buckinghams Steakhouse & Lounge (Grand Victoria Casino) 250 S. Grove Ave., Elgin (847) 468-7000 Dining/Buckinghams.html

Bulldog’s Red Hots 32 N. Island Ave., Batavia (630) 879-9000


Dining Directory Cabooses Pub & Grill


Corfu Restaurant

300 Crescent Place, Geneva (630) 232-9448

185 N. Randall Rd., Batavia (630) 761-2620 home

2520 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 584-1099

Chico’s Tacos

455 Redington Dr., South Elgin (847) 608-1400

Calamity Jane’s Bar & Restaurant 9S593 Route 47, Sugar Grove (630) 466-4427

43W726 Main St., Elburn (815) 793-5330

Chapters Coffeehouse & Cafe

40W160 Campton Crossing Dr., Campton Hills (630) 513-8333

10 S. Batavia Ave., Batavia (630) 406-8005 ChaptersBatavia

Charlie Fox’s 131 S. Batavia Ave., Batavia (630) 761-3333

Charlie Fox’s 1188 E. State St., Geneva (630) 232-4321 Geneva.htm

Charlie Fox’s 3341 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 443-8888

Chelios’ Pub & Grill 1996 Kirk Rd., Geneva (331) 248-0182

Chez Moi 415 W. State St., Geneva (331) 248-0654

Chianti’s 201 S. 3rd St., Geneva (630) 232-0212

Chicago Turtle Factory 10 S. Riverside Ave., St. Charles (630) 584-2977 pages/Chicago-TurtleFactory/378005405620293


Kane County Chronicle

China Garden

China Taste 270 Randall Rd., Geneva (630) 262-9580

China Wok 641 W. State St., Geneva (630) 845-0088

Coronado Mexican Kitchen

Cotta A Legna 500 S. Third St., Geneva (630) 232-9448

Country House Restaurant 2095 S. Kirk Rd., Geneva (630) 208-8181

Daddio’s Diner 134 W. Wilson St., Batavia (630) 879-5299

Dairy Queen

Chinese Gourmet

1134 W. Wilson St., Batavia (630) 406-6922

612 Randall Rd., South Elgin (847) 741-1268

Dairy Queen

Claddagh Irish Pub 1702 Commons Dr., Geneva (630) 208-0337

Cocoa Bean 11 S. 7th St., Geneva (630) 845-2990

Coffee Drop Shop 227 S. 3rd St., #107, Geneva (630) 845-3255

Colonial Café 552 S. Randall Rd., St. Charles (630) 443-8338

Colonial Café 1625 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 584-4647

900 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 584-2658

Dawn’s Beach Hut 8 N. 3rd St., St. Charles (630) 513-0204

Dimples Donuts 328 E. Wilson St., Batavia (630) 406-0303

Divine Desserts Soup to Nuts 716 W. State St., Geneva (630) 208-8855

Domino’s 1450 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 377-3030

E & S Fish Company Inc. 311 N. Second St., St. Charles (630) 444-0168

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CAR SHO WEE WS KLY! ROOKIES I 1545 West Main St. • ST. CHARLES • 630-513-0681 ROOKIES II 2486 Bushwood Dr. • ELGIN • 847-551-9006 ROOKIES III 4607 West Higgens Rd. • HOFFMAN ESTATES (Poplar Creek Plaza) 847-645-0005 ROOKIES IV 12220 Princeton Drive (Rt. 74) • HUNTLEY EY 847-669-8600




Thurs - Sat


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“A Good Place to Be!”


E CoupE ons


Daily Specials Pation! Now Ope SOUTH ELGIN • 847-931-0400 • 480 Randall Road

Kitchen Open La


WEST DUNDEE • 847-428-4483 • 125 Washington Street


Mystery Diner Chez Moi

415 W. State St., Geneva (331) 248-0654 GENEVA – While the frigid cold swirled around outside, I was warming up with a hot vanilla latte, seated at a dainty table for two in a Parisian-style café – the perfect escape from a whirlwind of a winter and just what I needed to see me through the rest of the work day. The escape – Chez Moi. Chez Moi, which loosely translates to “my place” or “at home” in French, is a cutesy enclave in downtown Geneva. Its owner, operator, designer and executive chef Beth Simone Cull studied at the Cordon Bleu Culinary School. According to the Chez Moi website, Cull still travels back to France when she can, but – instead – brought a “slice of Paris a bit closer to home.” Chez Moi is primarily a breakfast and lunch spot. It can cater to the early morning on-the-go crowd and dine-in clientele. Menu items include breakfast sandwiches, ham-and-cheese croissants, crepes, French toast, galettes, quiches and salads. For caffeine cravings, Chez Moi satisfies with an assortment of specialty drinks, espressos and cappuccinos, using coffee from PapaNicholas Coffee in Batavia. The dining room’s exposed brick, ornate chandeliers and antique copper ceiling tile gave the room a vintage-chic feel. Seemingly, the front part of the restaurant’s interior is made to look like an outdoor café with light from outside streaming in; outdoor café-style chairs; chalkboards reading the day’s specials; and a dessert display case for carry-out traffic. The elongated portion of the dining room is slightly more decorous and equipped with a bar (serving beer and wine) at the back of the room. Around 12:30 p.m. on a Thursday the place was packed. 6

Kane County Chronicle

My dining companion ordered the Croque Madame ($9), a grilled ham and Gruyere cheese sandwich with Bechamel sauce and topped with a fried egg. Sandwiches come with a salad or fresh fruit. She also ordered the Diabolo Menthe, a lemon-lime soda with shot of mint syrup. My companion thoroughly enjoyed the Croque Madame, and said her “sandwich was flavorful and filling,” and that “the egg on top was a great way to tie the meat, bread and cheese of the sandwich together.” I ordered the Galette ($9-$10) – a traditional French savory crêpe made with buckwheat (gluten-free) and topped with a dollop of crème fraîche. The filling I chose was the sausage, egg, apples, arugula, smoked Mozzarella and balsamic glaze. You can substitute the buckwheat crepe for flour, which I recommend doing as the flavor of the buckwheat isn’t necessarily as appealing as flour to the American palate. We ended the meal with the Chocolate Bread Pudding ($4.50). Warm, sweet and savory, the bread pudding had a chocolate-sauce drizzle that added a hint of bitterness to the sugar component. My escape to Paris via Chez Moi proved a success and an experience that I undoubtedly will be duplicating. Until next time, bon appétit!

Dining Directory East China Inn

EvenFlow Music & Spirits

140 W. Wilson St., Batavia (630) 879-7676

302 W. State St., Geneva (630) 802-6582

East China Inn

Frankie’s Red Hots

915 Oak St., North Aurora (630) 896-8876

2526 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 513-5001

Eddie Gaedel Pub & Grill

316 W. State St., Geneva (630) 232-7151

117 N. Main St., Elburn (630) 365-9938

Egg Harbor Cafe

Kernel’s Gourmet Popcorn

Fio’s Pizzeria

477 S. Third St., Geneva (630) 208-8940

40W134 Campton Crossings Dr., St. Charles (630) 587-7777

El Casanova


1890 Mill St., Batavia (630) 406-0669

317 S. Third St., Geneva (630) 262-1317

El Molcajete

Firehouse Pizza & Grill

113 W. State St., Geneva (630) 232-1600

17 N. 4th St., Geneva (630) 262-8000

El Puente 112 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 377-8884

El Taco Grande 6 N. River St., Batavia (630) 406-8415

Fireside Grille 49 Sugar Ln., Sugar Grove (630) 466-4557

Five Guys 1314 Commons Dr., Ste. 5040, Geneva (630) 208-1909

Flagstone Crafts & Cocktails 101 W. State St., Geneva (630) 232-7994

FoxFire Restaurant 17 W. State St., Geneva (630) 232-1369

Francesca’s by the River 200 S. Second St., St. Charles (630) 587-8221

Front Street Cantina 577 S. Third St., Geneva (630) 232-2806

Gabby’s Kitchen 1650 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 549-0656

Gammon Coach House 3 S. Batavia Ave., Batavia (630) 482-3663

Gen Hoe 537 E. State St., Geneva (630) 232-8350

Geneva Ale House 319 W. State St., Geneva (630) 262-3877

900 W Main (Rt. Rt 64 64)) St. Charles



St. Charles

OPEN EVERY DAY 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Mystery Diner State Street Diner

630 W. State St., Geneva (331) 248-0646 GENEVA – There are very few things more quintessentially American than a diner. The sounds of a griddle sizzling, coffee cups clanking, incessant chatter from a cramped dining room and the round-the-clock smell of bacon and eggs create a sense of nostalgia. A charming, all-American town like Geneva would be amiss without one. When the iconic Mel’s Diner closed, I was thrilled to find that it was being replaced by another diner. The owners of Mel’s reopened as State Street Diner in the same location (630 W. State St.), offering customers a reinvented menu featuring American diner-type entrees alongside authentic Mexican food. After walking through a forest green door into a crimson-colored building on the corner of State and 7th streets, my dining companion and I scanned a slender baby-blue dining room for a place to plop. “Just sit wherever?” I questioned the waitress standing behind the counter – a pot of coffee in her hand. “Yep, sit wherever you want,” she said warmly. The row of tables lining the wall with the window were occupied, so we chose a two-top near the rear of the restaurant. My dining companion and I inspected a hefty menu serving a compilation of hearty as well as health-conscious American and Mexican breakfast items, salads, tacos, burritos and a bevy of burgers and sandwich selections.

My dining companion looked instantly intrigued – “I’ll have that.” I opted for a half order of the Biscuits and Gravy ($2.99) and a Southwestern Chicken Skillet ($8.99) with home fries (or hash browns) green peppers, onions and cheddar cheese with scrambled eggs and a side of wheat toast (English muffins are also available). The impeccable service continued when our orders appeared in front of us in no time at all. My attention quickly turned to the burrito. It’s heft and girth, and colorful splaying of homemade red ranchero sauce, melted cheese, guacamole and creme, certainly made an entrance. The tightly wrapped tortilla kept chicken, refried beans, rice, lettuce, avocado sauce and MORE cheese intact. As I sliced through its layers from top to bottom, I also realized that my mouth was no match for this burrito. Anyone with an appetite, on a budget and not wanting to sacrifice quality for quantity or price, needs to visit State Street Diner and get the Burrito Suizo with chicken, chipotle chicken, steak or carnitas. Sitting in a plateful of pork-infused gravy, the biscuits were soft and teamed nicely with the creaminess of the gravy.

“Do you have any recommendations – it’s our first time?” I asked.

It may seem strange ordering Mexican dishes at an American-style diner, but if you think about it; that is the epitome of American culture.

Pointing to the back of the menu, the waitress mentioned Mexican dishes such as the Burrito Suizo (starting at $6.99), comparing its size to that of a football.

The beauty of State Street Diner is that you can order bacon, eggs and flapjacks one day and Huevas a la Mexicana the next.


Kane County Chronicle

Dining Directory Geneva Diner

Graham’s 318

14 S. Second St., Geneva (630) 232-1288

318 S. 3rd St., Geneva (630) 845-3180

Gina’s Subs & Pizza

Gratto Italian Tapas

The Jalapeño Grille

2770 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 377-3220

207 S. Third St., Geneva (630) 208-9988

602 Geneva Rd., St. Charles (630) 587-1918

Gino’s East

Harners Bakery

Jalisco Tacos #7

1590 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 513-1311

10 W. State St., North Aurora (630) 892-4400

311 N. Second St., St. Charles (630) 443-1306




320 S. Randall Rd., South Elgin (847) 841-8700

4051 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 542-5080


HoneyBaked Ham & Cafe

4051 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 584-6300 dining/jambalaya.php

3641 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 762-1600

311 N. Second St., St. Charles (630) 377-4330

Golden Corral

1322 Commons Dr., Geneva (630) 345-8000

2030 Main St., Batavia (630) 406-5000

Gourmet Pizza 1479 E. State St., Geneva (630) 262-9393

Graham’s 302 S. 3rd St., Geneva (630) 232-6655


Italian Dreams Pizza & Pasta 615 S. Randall Rd., St. Charles (630) 513-0221

Jersey Mike’s Subs 1770 S. Randall Rd., Geneva (630) 845-9000

Jersey Mike’s Subs

House of Tokyo

2540 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 443-1300

2762 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 587-8711

Jose Maria’s


730 E. State St., Geneva (630) 232-9135

250 S. Grove Ave., Elgin dining/indulge/

JuRin Japanese Restaurant

Isacco’s Kitchen 210 Cedar St., St. Charles (630) 444-0202

1772 S. Randall Rd., #190, Geneva (630) 262-9590

Serving Breakfast All Day Long. Come Try Our Mexican Food!! 630 63 0 W. State Sta tate te St., St. Geneva Gene Ge neva ne va

(331) 248-0646


Mystery Diner Altiro Latin Fusion

308 Anderson Blvd., Geneva (630) 232-7717 GENEVA – If there is one restaurant that deserves to be at the top of a Fox Valley foodie’s bucket list, I can confidently say that Altiro Latin Fusion in Geneva is it. Often compared to the popular Geneva eatery Bien Trucha, and voted “Best New Restaurant” in the Kane County Chronicle’s Readers’ Choice Awards for 2013, the tapas-style enclave presents customers with inventive dishes fit with mostly locally-purchased, fresh, organic ingredients. Having visited Altiro twice now – once for dinner and once for lunch – the friendly service, contemporary-rustic decor and powerful punches of flavor exploding from nearly every item listed on the menu, has catapulted the Latin-infused eatery to elite status, without making it available exclusively to the financially unencumbered. That’s the beauty. With fair and honest pricing, it is a place that ANYONE can come, share and enjoy. The inventive array of cocktails are made with care, and the unique bevy of flavors swirling within synchronize together beautifully. Drinks will run about the same price as a tapas order. The Al Peppino ($9.99) cocktail uses jalapeño-infused vodka with organic agave nectar, cucumber cilantro and fresh lime. All of Altiro’s drinks are prepared with freshly muddled organic produce, organic agave nectar and freshly-squeezed juices. Dinner favorites included the Al Raviole ($9.99), which came with four large creamy-serrano, pestolathered, red-pepper ravioli casero topped with Basque jumbo shrimp; and the Al Camaronchizo ($10.99), which is four tacos filled with Basque shrimp and chorizo with avocado slaw and chipotle aioli. The menu can be slightly cumbersome to maneuver, 10

Kane County Chronicle

because rather than explaining what a dish is, it lists the ingredients, which tend to pop up in multiple menu items. It may behoove first-timers to ask fellow diners or the Altiro staff for recommendations. What is quickly becoming an Altiro specialty based on the dish’s popularity is the Al Mejillon ($9.99) – a bowl of Prince Edward Island mussels with chistorra, roasted tomato chile de arbol tequila sauce served with grilled rustic points. Dip any remaining bits of bread in the smokey, tomato-based tequila reduction sauce, which I would even consider drinking on its own. (Bloody Mary mix substitute?) The Spanish-influenced Al Calambre ($9.99) came with a jumbled layering of grilled skirt steak, roasted peppers, pina-red onions, chihuahua cheese and tomatillo-avocado salsa atop four pieces of grilled, open-faced, buttered Italian bread. This lunch-timeonly item has a seafood counterpart that comes with sautéed chipotle shrimp, melted chihuahua cheese, lettuce, avocado, grilled pina and Mayo. The Mexican Key Lime Pie’s festive arrangement on a slender piece of slate is equal parts visually appealing and sweet. Four spoonful-sized dollops of pie were topped with a sliver of strawberry that evened out the sweetness with a morsel of tartness. In one bite, the sugary dessert immediately refreshed the palate with a cold burst of flavor. Altiro’s menu will leave diners reeling from the innovative burst of flavors intricately spliced together in each dish. Try anything, or everything, and you will be happy with the outcome, regardless.

Dining Directory JuRin Japanese Restaurant

Last Shot Bar & Grill

Lumes Pancake House

588 Randall Rd., South Elgin (847) 488-1290

812 N. LaFox St., South Elgin (847) 695-5781

1902 W. Fabyan Pkwy., Batavia (630) 761-9676

Just Kabobs

1105 N. Washington Ave., Batavia (630) 879-0729

1825 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 443-3400

Kilwins 407 S. Third St., Ste. 186, Geneva (630) 232-7122

Kimmer’s Ice Cream 1 W. Illinois St., St. Charles (630) 762-9480

La Za’Za’ Trattoria 5 S. First St., St. Charles (630) 443-9304 stcharles.htm

Lew’s Drive-In

Lin’s Garden 2400 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 513-6060

Liu Brothers Bistro 1554 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 797-5155 liubrothersbistro

Los Burritos Mexicanos 2125 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 584-9610

Lupita’s Cocina 40W222 LaFox Rd., St. Charles (630) 377-0706

Macarena Tapas 1890 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 945-3458

Mark’s Second Street Tavern 221 S. Second St., St. Charles (630) 443-8325 Marks-Second-StreetTavern/213462795344200


Dining Directory Matsuri

North Avenue Charhouse

Open Range

507 S. Third St., Geneva (630) 208-9222

3755 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 443-6600

35 N. Water St., Batavia (630) 761-0145

McNally’s Irish Pub


Orlando’s Pizza

109 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 513-6300

211 James St., Geneva (630) 845-1570

821 E. State St., Geneva (630) 232-4900

Morano’s Pizza

Nouno’s Pizza

417 Hamilton St., Geneva (630) 232-4455

6N559 Route 25, St. Charles (847) 742-1392

440 E. Roosevelt Rd., West Chicago (630) 231-9393

Mother’s Pancake House 459 S. Randall Rd., North Aurora (630) 264-8007

Mr. Samurai

Nuova Italia 18 N. 4th St., St. Charles (630) 584-4040

O’Brien’s Pub & Grill

546 S. Randall Rd., St. Charles (630) 762-8500

12 N. River St., Batavia (630) 406-6922

Munchie P’s 415 E. State St., Geneva (630) 232-4282

O’Sole Mio 27 N. River St., Batavia (630) 454-4536

Muscle Maker Grill 1840 W. Main St., St. Charles (847) 660-7409

Oak Street Restaurant & Bar

Nancy’s Pizza 1772 S. Randall Rd., #220, Geneva (630) 262-0670

Niche Restaurant 14 S. Third St., Geneva (630) 262-1000

Pal Joey’s

Pal Joey’s 31 N. River St., Batavia (630) 583-6600

Panda Restaurant 320 E. Wilson St., Batavia (630) 406-9299

Papa Saverio’s Pizzeria 605 W. State St., Geneva (630) 845-5555

Penrose Brewing Co.

945 Oak St., North Aurora (630) 301-7202

509 South St., Geneva (630) 232-2115

Old Towne Pub & Eatery

Perk Up!

201 W. State St., Geneva (630) 232-7962

316 Crescent Pl., Geneva (630) 232-4509

Old Towne Pub & Eatery

40W450 Route 64, Campton Hills (630) 762-0222

40W290 LaFox Rd., St. Charles (630) 513-4240

Pizza Cucina

1554 East Main Street St. Charles, IL 60174 Carry Out Menu

630-797-5155 Liu Brothers Bistro uses all fresh ingredients and absolutely no MSG. Remit this coupon for one free Vegetable Eggroll on your next order Restaurant Hours: Tues.-Thurs. 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.; Fri. & Sat. 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sun. Noon to 9 p.m.; Closed Mondays


Kane County Chronicle

Dining Directory Pizzeria Neo

Puebla Modern Mexican

Rosati’s Pizza

31 S. First St., St. Charles (630) 377-8700

51 S. First St., St. Charles (630) 945-3408

615 S. Randall Rd., St. Charles (630) 584-8244

Pomodoro E Mozzarella Pizzeria E Grill

Randall’s Pancake House

Rox City Grill

1850 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 549-0589

Preservation Bread & Wine 513 S. Third St., Geneva (630) 208-1588

Prime Burgerhouse (Grand Victoria Casino)

305 Randall Rd., South Elgin (847) 628-6256

Ray’s Evergreen Tavern 1400 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 584-3535

Riganato Old World Grille 700 E. State St., Geneva (331) 248-0191

250 S. Grove Ave., Elgin (847) 468-7000 Dining/Prime.html


Pub 222

Rosati’s Pizza

222 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 584-4222

1545 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 513-0681

550 Kirk Rd., St. Charles (630) 513-9222

100 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 845-5800

Run-A-Way 120 Butterfield Rd., North Aurora (630) 299-3778

Salerno’s On The Fox 320 N. Second St., St. Charles (630) 584-7900

Salsa Verde 1850 Lincoln Highway, St. Charles (630) 444-0673

Schmidt’s Towne Tap 107 N. Main St., Elburn (630) 365-0100

A unique and inviting French-inspired café /crêperie:

“Best New Restaurant”

Kane County Chronicle, Best of the Fox 2012 West Suburban Living, Best of the West 2013

Open for breakfast, lunch, and select evenings. Professional catering available, or host your private event here! Seasonal/themed dinners, wine tastings, cooking demo classes, and more! 415 W. State St. in downtown Geneva (between Riley Drugs and Marberry Cleaners) • café phone: (331) 248-0654


Visit us to learn about upcoming special events:


Dining Directory Sergio’s Cantina

Smuzi Organic Juice Bar

Sweet Natalie’s

30 W. State St., Geneva (630) 845-9200

511 S. 3rd St., Geneva (630) 845-2465

228 S. Third St., Geneva (630) 232-7434

Shima’s Sushi Japanese Restaurant



40W222 Lafox Rd., #B1, St. Charles (630) 444-1790

Silver Lake Chinese Restaurant 881 S. Randall Rd., Elgin (847) 888-8088

Silver Lake Chinese Restaurant 518 Kirk Rd., St. Charles (630) 587-1888

Skippy’s Gyros 554 Randall Rd., South Elgin (224) 629-4976

50W187 Route 64, Maple Park (815) 895-5466

Spotted Fox Ale House 3615 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 584-2239

St. Charles Place 2550 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 377-3333

State Street Diner 630 W. State St., Geneva (630) 232-4235


Skippy’s Gyros 922 S. Randall Rd., St. Charles (630) 513-0900

Smashburger 842 N. Randall Rd., Batavia (630) 593-5029

Smitty’s on the Corner 15 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 762-1080

306 W. State St., Geneva (630) 208-7070

Sushi Café

207 N. Randall Rd., Batavia (630) 406-6463

Szechwan Restaurant 117 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 513-1889

Taco Fresco 902 S. Randall Rd., St. Charles (630) 377-8600

Tap House 3341 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 443-1664

Taqueria El Sazon 8 N. Island Ave., Batavia (630) 454-4526

Taste of Himalayas

454 Redington Dr., #A, South Elgin (847) 741-8444

110 N. 3rd St., St. Charles (630) 444-1575

Sushi Yama

Tastee Freez & Pikul Dogs

2400 E. Main St., #107A, St. Charles (630) 443-8890

818 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 444-0644

Sweet Grass Café

1111 Randall Ct., Geneva (630) 262-0450

716 W. State St., Geneva (630) 232-6646

Taylor Street Pizza


Award Winning Pizza!

“Voted Kane County’s BEST PIZZA 5 Years In A Row!



33 W. Main St. • St. Charles • 3341 14

Kane County Chronicle

Dining Directory Taylor Street Pizza

The Lodge Bar & Grill

Tribella Grill

40W301 Route 64, Wasco (630) 524-2511

41W379 Route 64, Campton Hills (630) 443-8000

1900 Mill St., Batavia (630) 406-9696

Thai Town

The Office

Tusk Thai Cuisine

574 Randall Rd., South Elgin (847) 289-8659

201 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 549-0287

102 N. River St., Batavia (630) 406-6995

The RendezVu Restaurant

Villa Verone Ristorante Italiano

1 E. Wilson St., Batavia (630) 406-9177

416 Hamilton St., Geneva (630) 232-2201

The Sugar Path

Village Squire Restaurant

The Elms

315 W. State St., Geneva (630) 262-3353

480 Randall Rd., South Elgin (847) 931-0400

912 Main St., Batavia (630) 879-1194

The Turf Room

Vino Thai

The Filling Station Pub & Grill

1033 Kilbery Ln., North Aurora (630) 906-9300

3825 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 443-8461

Thirsty Fox


104 E. Main St., St. Charles (630) 377-6634

477 S. Third St., Geneva (630) 377-8325

Tom & Eddie’s

Wise Guys Pizzeria

1042 Commons Dr., Geneva (630) 208-1351

325 Randall Rd., South Elgin (847) 742-0222

Town House Café

Wok ‘N Fire

105 N. Second Ave., St. Charles (630) 584-8603 literarycafe.html

181 S. First St., St. Charles (630) 444-3580

Thai Zie Noodles & Bar 11 N. 3rd St., St. Charles (630) 444-1690

The Dam Bar & Grill 65 N. River Lane, Geneva (630) 845-3266

300 W. Main St., St. Charles (630) 584-4414

The Latest Crave 227 S. 3rd St., Geneva (630) 262-8200

The Little Owl 110 W. State St., Geneva (630) 232-7994


BATAVIA 9 S. Randall Road

BATAVIA 140 W. Wilson Street

(630) 879-5668

(630) 879-7676

AURORA 3450 Montgomery Rd.

NORTH AURORA 915 Oak Street

(630) 898-8889

(630) 896-8876



Competitively Priced Waste Removal

Service First...Saftey Always

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630.587.8282 1660 Hubbard Ave., Batavia

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Kane County Dining Guide 2014  
Kane County Dining Guide 2014