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What a month. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been four weeks since Shaw Media purchased The Herald-News and produced the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first print edition of the newspaper. The four weeks since then have been spent hiring staff, reporting, editing, taking pictures, talking with many local residents and officials, and working our tails off putting out a newspaper and posting stories on our website every day. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not saying each day has been a home run â&#x20AC;&#x201C; or even a bunt that somehow got a runner to first base. But I do think, in our first month, the paper has been full of local news. I know no better way than that to demonstrate that we are committed to being the local news source for the Joliet area than by consistently providing a strong local news report. We know we have more to do, and we know we have to earn your trust and faith that we are in it for the long haul. I know some of you arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t thrilled with some of the changes, whether it be the layout, the order items appear in the newspaper, or the change in comics. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s understandable. We know there are some delivery issues for some of our readers. We apologize for that, and our circulation staff is working hard to correct those problems. But we are just getting started. The team is almost assembled, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re sorting out who covers what and familiarizing ourselves with our readership. When I think of what we could be when weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re settled and really start cooking ... I just smile. And then I get back to work. A few items Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to share with you:

VIEWS Kate Schott Sports report

Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve heard from many of you regarding our sports section, and how you miss schedules and roundups for local teams. We agree they are important to have, and not including them has been purely a staffing issue. Dick Goss is pretty amazing, but even he can only do so much in a work day. We have additional staff starting in the sports department this week to help us beef up our local sports report, specifically in compiling roundups of games and schedules. We thank you for your patience as we get our team assembled.

Size of paper changing

If the print product you are holding right now seems a little smaller, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re right. We have switched the printing of The Herald-News from the Tribune to Paddock, which publishes most of Shaw Mediaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s suburban newspapers. Doing so meant we had to shrink the width of the paper to fit its press. Switching printers will not diminish our commitment to providing you with the local news you are craving.

Get your events posted on our website

I wanted to remind readers and local organizations about our partnership with SpinGo, an online system that provides a calendar page for our website. It allows users to post their entertainment-related events. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s simple to use, and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s free.

We want to hear from you! K_\?\iXc[$E\nj`jcfZXk\[Xk )(.,Fe\`[XJk%`eAfc`\k%K_\^\e\iXc eldY\i`j/(,$)/'$+(''% @]pflnXekkfj\e[lje\nji\c\Xj\j#`e]fidXk`feXYflk\m\ekjfi jkfip`[\Xj#j\e[\dX`cjkfe\nj7 k_\_\iXc[$e\nj%Zfd% <dX`cc\kk\ijkfk_\\[`kfikffg`e`fej7k_\_\iXc[$e\nj%Zfd%I\d\dY\ikf`eZcl[\pflieXd\#X[[i\jj Xe[g_fe\eldY\in_\i\pflZXeY\ i\XZ_\[g_fe\eldY\ijXe[\oXZk X[[i\jjn`ccefkY\glYc`j_\[ %K_\ nfi[c`d`k`j*''nfi[jg\ic\kk\i% =fiZljkfd\ij\im`Z\#ZXcc/''$ *0.$0*\dX`cZljkfd\ij\im`Z\7j_Xnd\[`X%Zfd% 8e[m`j`kljfec`e\Xknnn%k_\_\iXc[$e\nj%Zfd%

I\gi\j\ekXk`m\jn`ccY\fe _Xe[]ifdj\m\iXcZfcc\^\jXe[ special needs students le`m\ij`k`\j`eZcl[`e^Afc`\kAle`fi GC8@E=@<C;Ă&#x2020;;`jki`Zk)')n`cc _fjkXe@<GXe[,'+:fcc\^\E`^_k :fcc\^\#Jflk_\ie@cc`ef`jLe`m\i]fijg\Z`Xc\[lZXk`fejkl[\ekjXe[ j`kp#C`eZfce:fcc\^\#<cd_lijk k_\`i]Xd`c`\j]ifd-kf/g%d%=\Y% :fcc\^\Xe[8lifiXLe`m\ij`kpkf ((#XkGcX`e]`\c[Jflk_?`^_JZ_ffc% _\cgXejn\ihl\jk`fej]fi]Xd`c`\j Xe[jkl[\ekj% K_`j]i\\\m\ekn`ccgifm`[\ =fi`e]fidXk`fe#ZfekXZk;`jki`Zk `e]fidXk`fe]fijkl[\ekjn`k_ )')Ă&#x2039;j;\\>iXm\jXk/(,$,..$+('/ jg\Z`Xce\\[jn_fnXekkf Xkk\e[Zfcc\^\#`eZcl[`e^i\hl`i\[ fi\dX`c[^iXm\j7gj[)')%fi^% [fZld\ekXk`fe#\ekiXeZ\i\hl`i\Judicial Candidates Forum d\ekj#Zfcc\^\\og\ZkXk`fejXe[ K_\N`cc:flekp9Xi8jjfZ`Xk`fe jkl[\eki\jgfej`Y`c`k`\j%

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However, if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to drive more traffic to your listing, you can pay a little to get it promoted better on the site. You can access it â&#x20AC;&#x201C; either to view upcoming events or to add your own â&#x20AC;&#x201C; by visiting and clicking on â&#x20AC;&#x153;eventsâ&#x20AC;? in the blue navigation bar along the top of the website. If you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t see the navigation bar, but do see three parallel lines in the left-hand corner next to The Herald-News, click on that to get menu options. We encourage nonprofits, schools, entertainment venues and more to utilize this system. You also can send emails to As always, thanks for reading The Herald-News.

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s+ATE3CHOTTISEDITOROF4HE Herald-News and the Morris Daily Herald. She can be reached at kschott@shawmedia. com or 815-280-4119.

Eighth-grade students work in Lori Piazzaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s class at St. Mary Nativity School in Joliet on Thursday. See story page 3.

QUICK NEWS College night planned for


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CORRECTIONS 8ZZliXZp`j`dgfikXekkfK_\ ?\iXc[$E\njXe[`knXekjkfZfii\Zk d`jkXb\jgifdgkcp%Gc\Xj\ZXcc \iifijkffliXkk\ek`feYpg_fe\Xk /(,$)/'$+(''% @ek_\Xik`Zc\#Ă&#x2C6;JkXk\Ă&#x2039;jXkkfie\p efn`emfcm\[Ă&#x2030;k_XknXjfegX^\) f]k_\=i`[Xp#AXe%*(#)'(+#\[`k`fe f]K_\?\iXc[$E\nj#`k`eZfii\Zkcp jkXk\[k_\eXd\f]k_\gXib[`jki`Zk Xkkfie\pgi\j\ekXkk_\AXe%)0 d\\k`e^%K_\eXd\f]k_\gXib [`jki`ZkĂ&#x2039;jXkkfie\pn_fnXj`e Xkk\e[XeZ\`jDXkk:XdgY\cc% K_\?\iXc[$E\nji\^i\kjk_\\iifi%

‘For us, we have to recruit’ By LAUREN LEONE–CROSS cc\fe\Zifjj7j_Xnd\[`X%Zfd JOLIET – St. Mary Nativity Principal Larry White said recruitment prospects looked promising after five families toured the school during an open house last week, held in conjunction with National Catholic Schools Week. “This is the time where, as Catholic schools, you start to look for your enrollment for next year,” he said. “Our success and our existence is driven by enrollment, so we have to recruit. Public education is provided for every student. For us, we have to recruit. We have to get our name out there.” It was just a few years ago that Diocese of Joliet officials shuttered Saint Patrick School and Saint Joseph Catholic School due to low enrollment or budget issues. However, several Catholic schools remain strongholds in the community. Teachers and students at parochial schools celebrated National Catholic Schools Week by holding open houses, charity fundraisers and fun activities, including pep rallies, teacher-student sports games, and even a Pajama Day on Friday. The nationally celebrated week, however, also included an announcement that Mount Assisi Academy of Lemont, an all-girls Catholic school, would close its doors by this summer. Earlier this month, it was announced that six Archdiocese of Chicago schools were slated to close by the end of this year, but the archdiocese granted reprieves to two of the six schools after major fundraising efforts. The Diocese of Joliet declined to provide enrollment figures for area schools, saying some numbers are a reflection of the economy and not a reflection of the performance of the schools. “If one looked at those numbers, it wouldn’t be a fair assessment,” Edward Flavin, diocese spokesman, explained Thursday. “It would

G_fkfjYpCXk_Xe>fldXjÆ cXk_Xe^fldXj7j_Xnd\[`X%Zfd

ABOVE: Third-grade teacher Debra Orive helps Jack Maurer, 8, and Kathryn Kauer, 9, as they work on math problems during class Thursday at St. Mary Nativity School in Joliet. RIGHT: Eighth-grade students work Thursday in Lori Piazza’s class at St. Mary Nativity School in Joliet. look as though some of these schools were on the brink of going out of business, when that’s not the case. It would look as though the numbers are going down because people do not want to enroll in Catholic schools, when a lot of it has to do with the economy.” The Diocese of Joliet has not announced any local school closings, and Flavin, when asked if there would be any, said, “I would say no, based on what we have in front of us.” The Joliet diocese does not have a school watchlist, such as the Archdiocese of Chicago

uses to keep track of schools with low enrollment and budget problems. But school performance is monitored. “We do not have a watchlist ... but when you run a report for numbers, there’s going to be a top and there’s going to be a bottom, so we have a reality on where people stand at the end of the day,” Flavin said. The impact of the economy has been seen at local Catholic schools, including St. Mary’s. But the schools and the diocese do try to help families in need. White said St. Mary Nativity, established in 1907, has

about 185 students enrolled for the 2013-2014 school year. That’s down 15 students from the previous year. “I believe [the issue is] financial with the tuition situation with private schools,” White said. “People are struggling financially. More than anything else, for the majority of families that left, it was for a financial reason.” St. Mary Nativity in creased tuition by 1.5 percent for the 2013-2014 school year – the first increase in three years, White said. He’s noticed an uptick in parents seeking financial aid, primarily through the diocese’s

Catholic Education Fund, he said. “Here, the Joliet Diocese, they have the Catholic Education Foundation, which does an outstanding job of providing assistance for families,” White said. One area school reporting an increase in enrollment is Saint Joseph Academy, which opened downtown in September 2010 – just months after the Diocese of Joliet shuttered Saint Joseph School amid the 115-year-old institutions’ ongoing financial struggles. Saint Joseph Academy is not a diocesan school but does emphasize a Catholic education and celebrates Catholic Schools Week with its own activities. Tony Kambich, a Saint Joseph alum who has helped establish schools in suburban Chicago and in Uganda, was the driving force behind Saint Joseph Academy opening, said Jan Novotny, principal at the school. The school opened with just

See RECRUITMENT, page 15


COVER STORY | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+

Catholic schools celebrate despite tough times





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Plainfield park politics: Others watch, wonder ‘What’s going to happen next?’ By VIKAAS SHANKER mj_Xeb\i7j_Xnd\[`X%Zfd PLAINFIELD – Plainfield and Will County elected officials have been keeping track of the tumultuous infighting between Plainfield Township Park District commissioners, and they’re saying things need to change for the sake of village residents. On Wednesday, the park district saga escalated to allegations of ethical misconduct when during a public meeting board of commissioners Vice President Janet Silosky accused President Peter Hurtado of trying to sell his own product to the park district. “They seem to not be operating on the same wavelength,” Plainfield Mayor Michael Collins said of the board’s decisions since newly elected Silosky and Commissioner Peter Steinys formed a majority vote with Hurtado in May. “I think it’s very unfortunate they’re having all these problems.” While Collins felt that all elected boards operate differently, he said all trustees and commissioners should be aware of their responsibility to the public. “I think they can succeed,” Collins said. “But they need to work in unison, something that’s not happening right now.” Plainfield Township Supervisor Tony Fremarek said communication issues between commissioners could be a major factor in the performance of the board. “If you look at what’s going on there, they could have handled things much better,” Fremarek said. “As an elected official, it certainly appears they have a lack of direction. There should never be a point in time where there’s a lack of communication. That’s unacceptable.” When the new elected board took their seats in May, Hurtado, Silosky and Stei-

Elected officials speak their minds ?\i\`jn_XkcfZXc\c\Zk\[ f]]`Z`Xcj_Xm\kfjXpXYflkk_\ GcX`e]`\c[Kfnej_`gGXib;`jki`Zk 9fXi[f]:fdd`jj`fe\ij% ›È8jjffeXjk_\pjkXiknfib`e^ kf^\k_\i#k_\pËccj\\gif^i\jj%ÉÆ DXpfiD`Z_X\c:fcc`ej% ›ÈK_\`i[\Z`j`fejdX[\`kjf Xep^ff[k_\pXZZfdgc`j_`jY\`e^ [ifne\[flkYpYX[e\nj%ÉÆ GcX`e]`\c[Kfnej_`gJlg\im`jfi Kfep=i\dXi\b% ›È@kdXb\jlj\m\edfi\ ZfejZ`fljf]fliifc\jXj\c\Zk\[ f]]`Z`Xcj%ÉÆGcX`e]`\c[GlYc`ZC`YiXip ;`jki`ZkYfXi[Gi\j`[\ekJ_Xife B`ec\p% ›ÈK_\pj\\dkfY\dfi\ j\c]$j\im`e^k_Xej\im`e^k_\ Zfddle`kp#Xe[k_XkËjefkn_Xk glYc`Zj\im`Z\`jXYflk%ÉÆN`cc :flekp9fXi[D\dY\iI\\[9`Yc\# ;$GcX`e]`\c[% nys formed a majority vote. Commissioners Mary Kay Ludemann and Larry Newton voted against them on every controversial item, and say they have been left out of the loop on issues concerning the park district. Using their majority, Hurtado, Silosky and Steinys pushed through several changes that brought dozens of park district residents to protest at board meetings. At least 40 people attended Wednesday’s special meeting. Three days after forming the new board in May, the majority let go Executive Director Gregory Bott, who was going to retire in a month. They brought in Village Trustee Garrett Peck as executive director over Gregory Bettin, a park district administrator who was being groomed for the position. Ludemann called the move irresponsible because of Peck’s lack of experience compared to Bettin, who was the park district’s supervisor of planning.


Plainfield Township Park District building. Peck made a number of controversial personnel decisions during the time he was hired until his Jan. 23 resignation, including laying off Bettin and another longtime planning department employee, and firing Joel Schumaker, a maintenance employee who was soliciting other employees to join a union. Garrett Peck The state labor <o\Zlk`m\ board has or;`i\Zkfi dered the park district to rehire Schumaker. Peck also restricted communication between commissioners and park district employees in July, according to a memo he wrote, which was forwarded to The Herald-News. Until the week of his resignation, Peck publicly had the support of Hurtado, Silosky and Steinys while they were being pressured by the residents to fire him. But nearly a week after

Peck’s resignation, Silosky publicly revealed what she said was unethical conduct committed by Hurtado. “We all are watching and wondering what’s going to happen next,” Plainfield Public Library District board President Sharon Kinley said. “It makes us even more conscious of our roles as elected officials.” Kinley said that library board trustees are aware of the by-laws of the board, and that it’s important for any elected official to act according to the rules laid out for them. “We’re very set, very careful about that,” Kinley said. Will County Board Member Reed Bible, D-Plainfield, said there’s an indication that some park board members aren’t listening to the wishes of the community. “They seem to be more self-serving than serving the community, and that’s not what public service is about,” Bible said, adding that it may be time for the board majority to resign. “If you’ve lost their

confidence, maybe it’s time to step aside.” Hurtado and Silosky have run with strong tea party support during bids for state office and the park board. But Will County Board Member Stephen Balich, R-Homer Glen, says the recent accusations or any personal disagreements don’t define them as tea party members. “That isn’t what the tea party is about,” said Balich, who is one of the founders of the Will County Tea Party Alliance. “When two directors are gone and it’s not even a year, there’s a serious problem. They should just drop whatever happened in the past and get beyond that. They need to address things administratively.” Balich said the tea party stands for three basic principles: fewer taxes, fewer regulations and less government. And the board needs to worry about those concerns. “Are you standing up for these? If not, then you shouldn’t represent yourself as the tea party,” Balich said.

Seven-Day Forecast for Will County TODAY



Partly sunny and frigid





Cloudy with snow, 1-3”




Snow showers possible

Mostly sunny and colder







A blend of sun and clouds




Today 7:04 a.m. 5:10 p.m. 8:28 a.m. 8:59 p.m.

Sunrise Sunset Moonrise Moonset

Monday 7:03 a.m. 5:11 p.m. 9:02 a.m. 10:07 p.m.





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Not as cold with a little snow



Forecasts and graphics provided by AccuWeather, Inc. ©2014

Bill Bellis

Chief Meteorologist

Regional Weather

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Shown is today’s weather. Temperatures are today’s highs and tonight’s lows.


Hi Lo W

Hi Lo W


Hi Lo W

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88 52 57 56 45 74 60 92 46 39 81 76 15 88 55 46 77 86 75 61

88 53 64 55 43 73 54 93 38 39 79 68 1 87 49 46 80 85 78 56

Johannesburg Kabul London Madrid Manila Mexico City Moscow Nairobi Nassau New Delhi Paris Rio de Janeiro Rome Seoul Shanghai Singapore Sydney Tokyo Toronto Vancouver

77 39 50 46 89 77 17 87 82 73 46 91 54 45 72 87 81 62 28 41

75 44 48 41 90 74 17 87 83 75 45 92 54 28 50 87 82 62 24 36


Hi Lo W

Evanston 15/-1

Elgin 11/-6 De Kalb 9/-6 Aurora 10/-9 Sandwich 10/-6

Hammond 18/3

Oak Lawn 14/2 Yorkville 10/-6

Ottawa 10/-3

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Oak Park 14/-1

Today Hi Lo W

Morris 12/-1

Kankakee 14/-2 Monday Hi Lo W

Today Hi Lo W


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Aurora 10 -9 pc 14 -2 pc Joliet 12 -6 pc 15 5 pc Peoria Bloomington 12 -2 pc 15 8 pc Kankakee 14 -2 pc 17 7 pc Pontiac Champaign 18 2 pc 21 9 pc Kenosha 11 -5 pc 16 4 pc Rock Island Deerfield 14 -3 pc 16 5 pc La Salle 10 -4 pc 15 8 pc South Bend Elmhurst 13 -4 pc 16 4 pc Munster 15 -1 pc 17 4 pc Springfield Gary 17 -4 pc 19 8 pc Naperville 11 -4 pc 16 2 pc Terre Haute Hammond 18 3 pc 21 13 pc Ottawa 10 -3 pc 16 8 pc Waukegan Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.

Hi Lo W

11 -3 pc 14 -1 pc 9 -5 pc 19 0 pc 16 3 pc 25 10 pc 12 -3 pc

Hi Lo W 17 17 16 18 20 26 16

9 7 5 3 12 16 4

pc pc pc pc pc pc pc

UV Index

River Stages

Joliet Regional Airport through 3 p.m. yesterday

The higher the UV Index™ number, the greater the need for eye and skin protection.

Fld: flood stage. Prs: stage in feet at 7 a.m Saturday. Chg: change in previous 24 hours.

High ...................................................... 31° Low ...................................................... 21° Normal high .......................................... 33° Normal low ........................................... 17° Record high ............................. 64° in 1989 Record low ............................. -11° in 1996


24 hours through 3 p.m. yest. ............ Month to date .................................... Normal month to date ........................ Year to date ....................................... Normal year to date ...........................

0.11” 0.10” 0.05” 1.78” 1.85”

Heating Degree Days Index of energy consumption indicating how many degrees the average temperature was below 65 degrees for the day.

Yesterday ............................................... 39 Month to date (normal) ................... 39 (40) Season to date normal ............ 4277 (3629)



1 10 a.m.


1 2 p.m.

0 4 p.m.

0-2 Low; 3-5 Moderate; 6-7 High; 8-10 Very High; 11+ Extreme

Air Quality



...... 3.13 ...... 1.61 ...... 6.75 ...... 1.02 ...... 4.08 ...... 2.66 ....... 6.29 .... 11.61

.... none .. +0.01 .. +0.02 ... -0.03 .... none ... -0.13 ... -0.01 .. +0.13

Weather History

Reading as of Saturday

95 0 50 100 150 200


near Russell .............. 7 near Gurnee .............. 7 at Lincolnshire ...... 12.5 near Des Plaines ........ 5 at River Forest ......... 16 at Riverside ............... 7 near Lemont ............ 10 at Lyons .................... --



0-50 Good; 51-100 Moderate; 101-150 Unhealthy for sensitive groups; 151-200 Unhealthy; 201-300 Very Unhealthy; 301-500 Hazardous Source:

Albuquerque Anchorage Atlanta Austin Baltimore Billings Boise Boston Burlington, VT Charlotte Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Dallas Denver Des Moines Detroit Honolulu Houston Indianapolis Kansas City Knoxville Las Vegas Little Rock Los Angeles Louisville

Hi Lo W 45 27 64 46 54 23 38 50 40 64 14 35 29 35 32 17 27 79 65 25 20 53 52 38 64 40

31 17 47 29 31 2 28 28 13 47 -4 16 14 26 12 4 8 67 42 9 4 36 38 25 49 20

pc s c c c pc s c sn c pc pc sn sn pc s pc sh r pc pc sh s sn pc c

71 44 41 41 34 61 43 75 19 32 70 52 -14 72 33 37 64 66 65 40

pc c pc pc s pc sh s pc pc r r pc s c r c s s sh


Hi Lo W 49 28 61 54 35 14 36 33 25 56 17 34 24 44 32 25 19 79 56 26 31 50 52 40 60 39

28 15 47 38 24 -7 21 24 8 35 5 22 11 35 8 10 9 68 47 17 16 35 38 29 48 27

sh pc sh c sn sn sn sn pc r pc pc pc c sn pc pc sh c pc pc sh pc c pc pc

Today 60 35 39 30 74 45 6 59 73 49 34 78 46 19 48 72 66 46 7 26

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Memphis Miami Milwaukee Minneapolis Nashville New Orleans New York City Oklahoma City Omaha Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Pittsburgh Portland, ME Portland, OR Raleigh Sacramento St. Louis Salt Lake City San Diego San Francisco San Juan, PR Seattle Tampa Toledo Washington, DC

39 82 13 8 45 71 51 30 23 82 52 63 39 44 46 64 56 24 33 61 59 84 42 79 26 57

27 72 0 -2 28 56 31 18 6 63 32 46 20 21 31 46 33 11 16 52 40 73 31 64 6 32

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Monday 59 19 39 30 75 45 13 58 72 55 39 78 46 10 34 73 64 40 7 22

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Shown are noon postions of weather systems and precipitation. Temperature bands are highs for the day.

Almanac Temperatures

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Peotone 14/-3

Coal City 12/-1


69 50 34 41 35 58 44 74 25 30 70 52 -6 72 39 43 64 62 63 46


National Weather

Joliet 12/-6

Streator 11/-2


Gusty winds surged through the Great Lakes region and into western Pennsylvania on Feb. 2, 1983. It was so windy that Punxsutawney Phil had a hard time holding on to his shadow.

Seattle 42/31 Billings 23/2

Minneapolis 8/-2

Denver 32/12 Kansas City 20/4

San Francisco 59/40 Los Angeles 64/49

Chicago 14/-4

Detroit 27/8

New York 51/31 Washington 57/32

Atlanta 64/47 El Paso 58/37 Houston 65/42

Miami 82/72


WEATHER | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+

Much colder with clouds and sun

Sun and Moon




Defendant testifies in road-rage murder case Says it all started with a tap on the horn By BRIAN STANLEY YjkXec\p7j_Xnd\[`X%Zfd JOLIET – A tap on the horn started a road-rage incident that led to his being charged with murder, defendant Christopher Yeoman testified Friday. The Lemont man facing a second-degree murder charged after a 2011 road rage incident in Romeoville admitted feeling “angry” and “upset” during the confrontation. But Yeoman, 41, and his wife, Amanda, told jurors it was Frank Egas’ overreaction to a “hurry up” tap of the horn that escalated into the fight that led to his death. About 4:30 p.m. June 2, 2011, the Yeomans and their three children, then ages 10, 8 and 7, were heading to the bank and Steak ‘n Shake when their Chrysler Voyager pulled up behind Egas’ Toyota Solara at the intersection of New Avenue and 135th Street. Christopher Yeoman said Egas remained stopped and appeared to be looking down at something in his car when the turn arrow turned green, but he gave them the middle finger when Yeoman honked. Egas then turned onto 135th Street and stayed in the

middle of the two westbound lanes, frequently blasting his own horn and holding up his middle finger, Amanda Yeoman said. “Chris asked, ‘What’s wrong with this guy?’ [While] the kids were crying,” she testified. She said Egas also sped up and slowed down to keep in front of their minivan – cutting them off four times. The couple both said it appeared Egas would continue going straight when they approached the Christopher intersection of Route 53, but Yeoman when Christopher Yeoman moved into the left turn lane, the Solara cut over again and stopped. “I got out to basically tell him what I thought of his driving [while] I had my kids in the car and they’re scared. And tell him ‘I just honked because you had the green arrow,’” Christopher Yeoman said. Yeoman said Egas shouted, “What are you going to do? Hit me?” before he and his wife walked back to their minivan. “I got back in and he got out

– pounding his chest saying ‘Let’s go, [expletive].’ I walked back to him. He put his hands up. I was scared he was going to hit me so I defended myself by hitting him once.” Egas was knocked to the ground and prosecutors say the impact caused brain injuries that led to his death three months later at the age of 64. The Lake County Coroner’s office – Egas was in a facility in Barrington when he died – ruled Egas’ death was a homicide. Under cross-examination by Assistant Will County State’s Attorney Chris Koch, Yeoman admitted his frustration with Egas’ driving grew as they continued down 135th Street, but he did not turn off into any parking lots or side streets to withdraw from the situation. Yeoman also said he has never knocked anyone out before. “You hit him pretty good, didn’t you sir?” Koch asked the defendant. “Apparently,” Yeoman replied. Witness testimony in the case is expected to conclude Monday. Yeoman is charged with second-degree murder and three counts of aggravated battery.


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By FELIX SARVER JOLIET – Snowfall this weekend brought new challenges for Joliet mail carrier Lori Dean. Dean said she found herself having to park away from mailboxes to avoid sliding into them. The snowy main roads were bad Saturday morning but they improved throughout the day, she said. “I’m dealing with it day by day,” she said. Area residents such as Dean may find relief from the snowy weather Sunday but the snow may return again Tuesday. National Weather Service meteorologists were predicting mostly sunny weather for Joliet on Sunday, with temperatures as high as 14 degrees but with wind chill as low as five degrees below zero. Weather in Will County may be partly cloudy Sunday, with high temperatures between 12 to 16 degrees. Wind chill is expected to be as low as five to 15 degrees below zero.


Mitchell Fenske, 11, of Joliet makes a snow fort near his home on Saturday while his dog, Lily, plays nearby. The weather may be sunny on Monday, with temperatures as high as 16 degrees during the day and as low as four degrees at night, according to the National Weather Service. More snow is expected for Joliet on Tuesday in the afternoon and at night. Temperatures may be as high as 22 degrees.

Between three to five inches of snow were predicted for Saturday’s weather in Joliet, according to the National Weather Service. Wet snow covered many roads around the city and in neighborhoods Saturday. Several residents were clearing their drive-

ways of snow throughout the day. Because the Joliet area was issued a winter storm watch on Saturday by the National Weather Service until 6 p.m., city officials said they would station the police department’s command vehicle in the parking lot of Dominick’s at the southeast corner of Essington and Caton Farm Roads. Motorists were encouraged to use the center to report any incidents of damage to personal property. City officials also notified residents that whenever there is a snowfall within any 24-hour period that results in 2 or more inches of snow accumulation – and until snow removal is completed – it is “unlawful for any person to park a vehicle or permit a vehicle owned by that person to be parked at locations on any street or highway where parking is normally permitted.” Vehicles parked in viola-

tion of the ordinance are subject to being towed, city officials said. Because of the recent snowfall, Illinois State Police District 5 – which covers Will, Grundy and Kendall counties – has asked motorists to take precautions if they travel and advised against any unnecessary travel. ISP recommended people who do venture out bring a charged cellphone, car charger, food, water, warm clothing and blankets in case they become stranded, as well as drive at a safe speed and wear a seatbelt. The weather has been terrible thus far for Joliet resident Dolores Baudino. She said she tries to avoid going outside whenever possible and when she needs to visit the library or the grocery store, her daughter will help her get around. “I’m ready to go out to my son in Texas, where it is 70 [degrees],” she said.




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Congratulations Wayne Bessette on your 30th Anniversary serving the Joliet community as a State Farm Insurance agent! Your dedication and integrity are admired and appreciated by many!

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LOCAL NEWS | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+

Snow storm in Tuesday’s forecast





Plainfield police, fire academy provide hands-on experience Course starts Feb. 13, will run through April By VIKAAS SHANKER mj_Xeb\i7j_Xnd\[`X%Zfd PLAINFIELD – Residents can learn how police and fire officials use tools like the Jaws of Life and perform traffic stops and car extrications at the 12th Plainfield Citizen’s Police and Fire Academy course. Plainfield Police Chief John Konopek and Plainfield Fire Chief John Eichelberger are inviting residents to attend the free 10-week program to learn more about how law enforcement and fire protection authorities do their jobs and plan for

emergencies. “You get to know why we do stuff, the taxpayer-funded tools that we buy, and why we need and use them,” Plainfield Fire Protection District Deputy Chief Jon Stratton said. The lessons include lectures and hands-on instruction. Residents will be able to hold real equipment that first responders use, including the Jaws of Life extraction tool used for getting people out of cars in emergencies. Stratton and Plainfield police Officer Mark Siegel started the pro-

gram about 12 years ago to show the capabilities of police and fire responders working as a group. Stratton said residents will learn about how they can prevent fires, how fires are investigated and how firefighters perform automobile extrications during the course. They also will learn about equipment inside a police car, evidence collection and re-enactments of dangerous police stops. “With extinguishers, some citizens have come up years later and said they’ve had to extinguish fires in their homes like we taught them,” Stratton said. “And with Plainfield, we’ve had floods, tornadoes, fires, you never know what can happen.”

Stratton said graduates of the program have gone on to participate in the Illinois Emergency Management Agency and citizen emergency response teams. The program will start Feb. 13 from 7 to 9 p.m., and will continue at the same time every Thursday through April 17. Those interested, however, need to register by Tuesday. Residents can print and fill out registration forms by visiting the main village website,, and scrolling down on to the PDF file under “Citizen’s Police & Fire Academy.” Registration forms can be dropped off at the Plainfield Police Department, 14300 S. Coil Plus Drive, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday or Tuesday.

Several people sought in thefts at Victoria’s Secret By BRIAN STANLEY YjkXec\p7j_Xnd\[`X%Zfd BOLINGBROOK – They’re no Angels. Police are investigating whether two recent lingerie thefts that happened within 24 hours of each other are related. About 6:30 p.m. Jan. 16, three black women who appeared to be in their late teens or early 20s came into Victoria’s Secret, 641 E. Boughton Road, Lt. Mike Rompa said. After filling shopping bags with $1,129.50 worth of bras, panties and clothing, the trio ran past out the doors, activating alarms. Rompa said it appears the women fled on foot. At noon the next day, a woman about the same age came into the store with a “male dressed up as a female,” according to police reports. The two people left when an employee asked if they needed assistance, but returned two hours later and started filling shopping bags with merchandise. After running out the doors, these two were seen getting into a gold Buick Century nearby. Rompa said $1,469.95 worth of products was stolen in the second theft.


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will hear plans for upcoming season

By THE HERALD–NEWS JOLIET – Billie Limacher is a finalist for a Lincoln Award, a statewide recognition of efforts to promote tourism. Limacher of Joliet will be recognized Monday during the 2014 Governor’s Conference on Travel & Tourism during the Excellence in Tourism Awards presentation. Limacher, 92, was the major force in the creation of Bicentennial Park, which was later renamed Billie Limacher Bicentennial Park. She is president of the park, which is on the west bank of the Des Plaines River as it runs through downtown Joliet. In addition to commemorating the early history of Joliet, the park theater provides a venue for shows throughout the year and its band shell is the setting for summertime outdoor concerts. Limacher is one of 15 Lincoln Award finalists. She was nominated by Bob Navarro, chief executive of the Illinois & Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. “Biliie’s role in bringing visitors to downtown Joliet could not be more valuable to our community, as the events attract tourists to this great region,” Navarro said in a written statement announcing Limacher’s nomination.

By BOB OKON Yfbfe7j_Xnd\[`X%Zfd JOLIET – The Joliet Slammers will give a preseason preview Monday. Front office staff from the minor league baseball team will meet with the Joliet City Council Baseball Committee at 4:30 p.m. at City Hall. General Manager Chris Franklin said food, ticket prices and special events will be among the topics. The team has looked for ways to use city-owned Silver Cross Field for more than baseball, and one successful holdover from 2013 will be family movie nights. “The movie nights were wildly successful,” Franklin said. “The attendance exceeded our expectations.” The biggest showing was 750 people, and attendance ranged from 300 upwards, he said. The Slammers also plan to make “two-dollar Tuesdays” a season-long promotion. The discounted ticket offer was piloted last season. Franklin was part of new management that came un-

der new ownership in 2013. Part-owner and chief executive Josh Schaub also will be at the baseball committee meeting. Mayor Thomas Giarrante, who heads the baseball committee, said it will be interesting to see what the Slammers develop for the food menu this year without Levy Restaurants running the concessions. He is looking forward to more flexibility on the menu. Giarrante said he thinks the new ownership did well in the first year and believes the team will continue to improve on the business end. “They’re telling me that they’re doing better this year on selling advertising,” the mayor said. Besides selling tickets and food at the ball park, minor league teams generate much of their revenue by selling advertising space on outfield walls and getting corporate sponsors for events at games. Franklin said the team has had a busy off-season and had more time to prepare this year than in the first season: “It’s been a good experience this year.”


Billie Limacher of Joliet is a finalist for a Lincoln Award, a statewide recognition of efforts to promote tourism.


SPECIAL PEOPLE Diana Stonitsch


2295 Essington Road, Suite 101 Joliet, Illinois




Community TV (All Volunteers) Channel 6

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LOCAL NEWS | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+

Billie Limacher up for Lincoln Award Baseball committee




Kinzinger proposes new disaster aid formula Changes would help rural areas like tornado-stricken Diamond By JESSICA BOURQUE aYfliihl\7j_Xnd\[`X%Zfd The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s denial of public assistance to Illinois counties affected by the Nov. 17 tornadoes has inspired U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Channahon, to take action. “Our formula for distributing federal disaster resources should be based on where the need is greatest, not arbitrary population numbers,” Kinzinger said in a recent news release. The congressman is referring to FEMA’s formula for calculating public disaster assistance, which multiplies the state’s population by $1.35 to determine eligibility for funding. Based on that calculation, Illinois was denied the $3 million in funds Gov. Pat Quinn requested earlier this month. Now, a piece of legislation, titled “The Fairness in Federal Disaster Declarations Act of 2014,” has been introduced by Kinzinger and fellow representatives Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, John Shimkus, R-Collinsville, Aaron Schock, R-Peoria, Cheri Bustos, D-East Moline, and Bill Enyart, D-Belleville. The legislation proposes a new formula for evaluating disaster areas, adding new criteria to the formula and

assigning specific weight to each criteria. The representatives aim to make the calculation more fair for rural areas, like Coal City and Diamond. “The fact that we are in a state with Chicago really throws that calculation off,” Diamond Mayor Terry Kernc said. Because the entire state’s population is used in the calculation, Kernc said smaller communities are overlooked even when damage is substantial. The new legislation would put more emphasis on the localized impact factor on the formula, making damage assessments for a specific area, as opposed to statewide, account for 40 percent of the Adam entire calculaKinzinger I$:_XeeX_fe tion. According to the news release, the representatives also are asking FEMA to factor in other economic circumstances, including a community’s tax base and median income, when calculating the need for public assistance. “If you’re like Washington and have lost 50 percent of your community, how are you expected to recover with-

Illinois Concealed Carry Permit

ÈFli]fidlcX]fi[`jki`Ylk`e^]\[\iXc[`jXjk\i i\jfliZ\jj_flc[Y\ YXj\[fen_\i\k_\e\\[ `j^i\Xk\jk#efkXiY`kiXip gfglcXk`feeldY\ij%É U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger I$:_XeeX_fe

out aid?” Kernc said. “That being said, I certainly support this piece of legislation.” FEMA already has approved $2.3 million in federal aid for individual home and business owners, but has denied aid for local governments to help with clean-up expenses. The U.S. Small Business Administration has approved $12 million in tornado recovery funds so far, with an application deadline of Monday. Additional help was announced last week through a new disaster relief program through the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago. Victims can apply for $5,000 grants from Feb. 3 through July 25 by visiting a FHLB’s affiliated branch. A list of branches can be found at Members.

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By AMANDA FRAZER BOLINGBROOK â&#x20AC;&#x201C; For the second year in a row, one Bolingbrook resident will host an event to benefit those afflicted with the same disease she was diagnosed with five years ago: cancer. Romance the Night Away Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dance will be Feb. 15 at Bolingbrook Golf Club. The event will consist of a dinner, dance, cash bar and auction. Proceeds will be donated to two teams participating in the 2014 Relay For Life of Bolingbrook, a fundraising walk that benefits the American Cancer Society. â&#x20AC;&#x153;My family and I do this so no other family has to hear the phrase, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;You have cancer,â&#x20AC;&#x2122; â&#x20AC;? event coordinator Cathy Kalnicky said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They remember how it devastated them and they would just like it to be gone.â&#x20AC;? Kalnickyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s team, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Save Second Base,â&#x20AC;? and fellow Relay for Life participant Rich Johnsonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s team, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cancer Kickers,â&#x20AC;? will receive the eventâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s proceeds. The teams will then donate the money to Relay For Life. Kalnicky, a nurse, was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 2009. The same year, she decided to form a Relay For Life team, which now consists of her family, friends and neighbors. Her experience as an oncology nurse drew her to support the efforts for a cure to all cancers. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just support breast cancer; Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m an equal-opportunity cancer supporter,â&#x20AC;? Kalnicky said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There is not anybody out there that you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know that has somehow been touched with cancer, whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s themselves, in their own family or a friend.â&#x20AC;? Kalnickyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s daughters, Cathy, Rebecca and Hannah, and husband, Bob, supported her desire to participate in Relay For Life. â&#x20AC;&#x153;When you are diagnosed with cancer it affects everyone,â&#x20AC;? Kalnicky said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I am a person who was very blessed with a loving and caring family and friends. They were

If you go WHAT: IfdXeZ\k_\E`^_k

Joliet Professional Pharmacy

welcomes Kim Hess PharmD, RPh (formerly of Dominicks) to our growing team

8nXpMXc\ek`e\Ă&#x2039;j;XeZ\ WHEN: -1*'kf((1*'g%d% =\Y%(, WHERE: 9fc`e^Yiffb>fc] :clY#)''(If[\f;i`m\ COST: K`Zb\kjXi\+,\XZ_ fi0'XZflgc\`]gliZ_Xj\[ Y\]fi\=\Y%(%8]k\i=\Y%(# k`Zb\kjXi\,'\XZ_fi0,X Zflgc\% ATTIRE: J\d`$]fidXc INFORMATION: =fi`e]fidXk`fefikfgliZ_Xj\k`Zb\kj# ZfekXZk:Xk_pBXce`ZbpXk -*'$)'.$.+/*fiZbXce`Z7 cldZ%\[l#fiI`Z_Af_ejfeXk -*'$)+/$)/-(fiIAVi\cXpYYiffb7c`m\%Zfd%

there with me every step with prayers, good wishes and just to check on me.â&#x20AC;? After chemotherapy and a bilateral mastectomy, Kalnickyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cancer went into remission three-and-a-half years ago. But her road to recovery was long. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The first year [of Relay for Life] I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t walk, so I made it around the track once during the Survivorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Lap and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all I could make,â&#x20AC;? she said. The next year, Kalnicky was determined to do more. In cold and rainy weather, she walked for 45 minutes. Last year, she walked 8 miles. Kalnicky said she began organizing the Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day dinner event with Johnsonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s help after an organization that used to coordinate the event stopped doing so two to three years ago. Last year, Kalnicky said, the event raised $3,500. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s goal is $5,000. Besides the meal and dance, auction items at the event will include Chicago Blackhawks tickets, White Sox tickets, passes to the John Hancock Observatory and several restaurant gift cards.

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LOCAL NEWS | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%ZfdÂ&#x203A;Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+

Cancer survivor hosts event to benefit Relay for Life


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Dozens of action figures stolen from collector By BRIAN STANLEY YjkXec\p7j_Xnd\[`X%Zfd CRETE TOWNSHIP – If “The Walking Dead” didn’t walk away, we have a case for Green Lantern. Twenty-seven Green Lantern action figures and 25 “Walking Dead” action figures were among the collectibles reported stolen from a house in January. A 41-year-old man called Will County Sheriff’s deputies Jan. 19 to report more than $3,000 worth of action figures had been stolen from his

Goodenow Road residence. The collectors items were going to be put on new shelves in the living room, but went missing between Jan. 5 and Jan. 19. The victim told deputies a construction crew had been working in the house during that time. The Green Lantern figures were valued at $1,500. “The Walking Dead” figures were valued at $1,300. Also reported stolen were 12 “Star Wars” action figures valued at $240 and five “Predator” action figures valued at $100.

Police raid house, make drug arrest By BRIAN STANLEY YjkXec\p7j_Xnd\[`X%Zfd BOLINGBROOK TOWNSHIP – Police said a man ran out the back door when the cops hit the front door Thursday. Will County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Kathy Hoffmeyer said the Gang Suppression Unit received a search warrant for a residence in the 500 block of Payton Lane, which was executed about 9:15 a.m. “Upon entering the residence, deputies observed a man run out the back door and a foot chase ensued,” Hoffmeyer said. Arnsaiz Code, 27, was eventually caught and brought back to the house where police found

four grams of narcotics inside. Police reports did not indicate what kind of drugs were found. Code was charged with delivery of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and obstructing a police officer. He is being held in the county jail on $250,000 bond. According to jail records, Code was arrested by Joliet police in September 2011 on charges of delivery of marijuana and drug possession and had missed his court appearances in that case when he was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs the following April. Code also has several traffic violations and an arrest for destroying evidence since 2008.

POLICE REPORTS Efk\kfi\X[\ij1@e]fidXk`fe`e Gfc`Z\I\gfikj`jfYkX`e\[]ifdcfZXc gfc`Z\[\gXikd\ekjXe[k_\N`cc :flekpJ_\i`]]ËjF]]`Z\%@e[`m`[lXcj c`jk\[`eGfc`Z\I\gfikjn_f_Xm\ Y\\eZ_Xi^\[n`k_XZi`d\_Xm\efk Y\\egifm\e^l`ckp`eZflik% EXk\`j_X:fe^f#)+#f]k_\(,)'' YcfZbf]FXbJki\\k`e;fckfe#nXjXii\jk\[Ypj_\i`]]Ëj[\glk`\jK_lij[Xp feXZ_Xi^\f]`[\ek`kpk_\]k% FdXi@%<cXppXe#)+#f]k_\-'' YcfZbf]BXk_\i`e\Jki\\k`eCfZbgfik# nXjXii\jk\[YpCfZbgfikgfc`Z\ K_lij[Xp]fi]X`c`e^kfZfdgcpn`k_ k_\m`fc\ekf]]\e[\iX^X`ejkpflk_ i\^`jkipi\hl`i\d\ekj% ;\e`j\K%?`efafjX#**#f]k_\)+'' YcfZbf]GcX`e]`\c[IfX[#nXjXii\jk\[ Ypj_\i`]]Ëj[\glk`\jK_lij[Xpfe

Z_Xi^\jf]k_\]k#X^^iXmXk\[YXkk\ip Xe[Yli^cXip% K\m`eA%C\\#)(#f]k_\(+''YcfZb f]<e^c\nff[8m\el\#nXjXii\jk\[ YpAfc`\kgfc`Z\K_lij[XpfeXZ_Xi^\ f]i\Zbc\jj[`jZ_Xi^\f]X]`i\Xid% ;\Xe[i\;%Fn\ej#))#f]k_\(.'' YcfZbf]:_\jkelk?`ccIfX[`eGcX`e]`\c[#nXjXii\jk\[YpAfc`\kgfc`Z\ K_lij[XpfeZ_Xi^\jf]dfe\pcXle[\i`e^#gXik`Z`gXk`e^`eXZfek`el`e^ ]`eXeZ`XcZi`d\\ek\igi`j\#]iXl[Xe[ [\]iXl[`e^X]`eXeZ`Xc`ejk`klk`fe% ;Xe`XcA%G`\iZ\#)*#f]k_\)0'' YcfZbf]9Xi?XiYfiIfX[`e8lifiX# nXjXii\jk\[Ypj_\i`]]Ëj[\glk`\j K_lij[XpfeXZ_Xi^\f]k_\]k% N`cc`Xd=%Jd`k_#)(#f]k_\/'' YcfZbf]?lkZ_`ejJki\\k#nXjXii\jk\[YpE\nC\efogfc`Z\K_lij[Xpfe Z_Xi^\jf]j_fgc`]k`e^Xe[Yli^cXip%

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St. Mary works to gain student enrollment ›I<:IL@KD<EK

:fek`el\[]ifdgX^\* The school opened with just 23 students, but now serves just over 40 children in prekindergarten through ninth grade. “When we first started out, we thought we were going to get a lot of the kids from Saint Joseph when it was shut down. We were hoping for, maybe, 60 kids starting out. Unfortunately, because of the economy, that wasn’t the case,” she said. But, she said, she thinks the school has found its niche. That “niche” is offering personalized learning for children and allowing them to work at their own pace, with elementary grade levels taught with Montessori-based philosophy, she said. “There are kids here who respond better in a smaller learning environment,” she said. “We’re an alternative without in any way wanting to threaten the existence of the Catholic schools in the area.” Novotony said Saint Joseph Academy’s expand-

ed enrollment over the last four years doesn’t mean the school is immune to the poor economy. “Our big splurge is putting out an advertisement during Catholic Schools Week. Many people don’t even know we exist. We are frugal. We have to be very frugal,” she said. “Everybody is dealing with enrollment issues. This economy would hurt any private school.” The school’s biggest funding source is tuition, and because the school does not receive any subsidies from the Diocese of Joliet, it also must rely heavily on generous donors and consistent fundraising efforts, she said. The school also relies on volunteers, and some families volunteer in exchange for tuition discounts, she said. “There’s people who believe in what we’re doing and will send us a $10 check, a $1,000 check, and everything in between,” she said. “It’s a challenge because we don’t have a funding source. It’s not easy but you take one look at a child who’s happy here, or who may not have been succeeding elsewhere, and you say ‘You gotta do it.’”

LEMONT – Mount Assisi Academy of Lemont will close in June, according to a news release from the school. The news release cited low enrollment, an increasing deficit and the small number of nuns available to serve the school as reasons for its closing, and said the religious community has subsidized the academy for years in a way that is unsustainable. The Catholic girls school at 13860 Main St. in Lemont has educated young women from the southwest Chicago area for 63 years. “We deeply regret the heartache that this causes and promise to support our current students and families in any way that is possible as they seek other educational settings and work through the closing and the transition that it calls for in their lives,”

ÈN\[\\gcpi\^i\kk_\_\XikXZ_\k_Xkk_`jZXlj\j Xe[gifd`j\kfjlggfikfliZlii\ekjkl[\ekjXe[ ]Xd`c`\j`eXepnXpk_Xk`jgfjj`Yc\Xjk_\pj\\bfk_\i\[lZXk`feXcj\kk`e^jXe[nfibk_ifl^_k_\Zcfj`e^Xe[k_\kiXej`k`fek_Xk`kZXccj]fi`ek_\`ic`m\j%É Therese Ann Quigney Gifm`eZ`XcJlg\i`fiJ`jk\i Provincial Superior Sister Therese Ann Quigney said in the news release. The school has seen a steady decline in enrollment accompanied by various levels of funding deficits during the last seven years, according to the release. No future plans have been made for the building, which is still property of the School Sisters of St. Francis of Christ the King and is adjacent to the Provincial Center of the Sisters, Alvernia Man-

or Retirement Community and Our Lady of the Angels House of Prayer. The school will hold a meeting for the students and families of the junior class at 7 p.m. Wednesday to discuss future possibilities, the release said. Development Manager Carrie Peters said one of the options that will be addressed is whether to make the school a senior academy next year so the junior class can finish their high school careers at Mount Assisi.


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LOCAL NEWS | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+

Mount Assisi Academy of Lemont to close in June










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2 *








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JOLIET: N. Ridge Plaza Shopping Center on Larkin Ave. • VERNON HILLS: East Townline Rd. & Lakeview Parkway • BOLINGBROOK: North of Boughton Rd. at Weber Rd. EAST AURORA: S. Route 59 & 75th St. • ELGIN: Randall Rd. & Route 20 • MT. PROSPECT: Elmhurst at Dempster • BATAVIA: N. Randall Rd. & Mill St. • DEKALB: Sycamore Rd. at Barber Greene Rd. (Northland Shopping Center) LOMBARD: W. Roosevelt Rd. at S. Main St. • W. AURORA: Corner of W. Galena Blvd. & Reimers Dr. • SCHAUMBURG: 1055 E. Golf Rd. (1 block west of Woodfield Mall) • PALATINE: West of Hicks Rd. at E. N.W. Hwy. BRIDGEVIEW: W. 87th at S. Harlem Ave. (Southfield Plaza) • W. CHICAGO: Rt. 59 & Rt. 64 CRYSTAL LAKE: S. Main St. at N.W. Hwy. • WESTMONT: E. Ogden Ave. & N. Warwick Ave. ROUND LAKE BEACH: Corner of Rollins & Rt. 83 TINLEY PARK: S. 71st Cir. & 159th St. McHENRY: N. Richmond Rd. and McCullom Lake Rd. in the McHenry Commons Shopping Center ALGONQUIN: S. Randall Rd. and Corporate Pkwy. in The Esplanade of Algonquin

Majority of audience in favor of project By DAN FARNHAM []Xie_Xd7j_Xnd\[`X%Zfd LEMONT â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Sports clubs turned out last week to support the proposed Lemont Sports Complex. Recent board meetings have included extensive public comment, mostly from people opposed to the $21 million project. However, at the meeting last week, a majority of the audience was in favor of the project. Members of Lemont Hornets Youth Football, Lemont Bears Wrestling Club and Raiders Futbol Club, as well as parents of travel sports participants, showed support

for the sports complex. Many comments echoed Lemont Mayor Brian Reavesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; arguments that there are several sports clubs eager to use the facility and the events bring a lot of potential shoppers to town. Parents and club members talked about how they drive long distances to go to practice facilities early in the morning. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We would gladly welcome indoor and outdoor practice time,â&#x20AC;? said Jason Nash, president of the Lemont Hornets and Lemont Bears. Jen Egan related how the sports complexes she takes her children to are crowded and how parents get their shopping

Ă&#x2C6;N\nflc[^cX[cpn\cZfd\`e[ffiXe[flk[ffigiXZk`Z\k`d\%Ă&#x2030; Jason Nash Gi\j`[\ekf]k_\C\dfek?fie\kjXe[C\dfek9\Xij

errands done during the down time. Pat Stanton, a business and property owner in Lemont, said he would welcome the proposed complex as a chance to bring in more revenue and help the business community. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no down side,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Everybody benefits from this.â&#x20AC;? Reaves said he had no updates on the status of project. He said the cold weather, along with his commitments to the Metra Board, have delayed him, but he has planned meetings to discuss the feasibility of the complex.

Reaves reiterated that the project is still in its planning stages and little has been finalized. He said reports, such as the village having already chosen a name for the facility, were ridiculous. In other business: s4HEBOARDAPPROVED a new Class A-8 liquor license that will allow for the opening of the Pollyanna Brewing Company, a microbrewery to be at 431 Talcott Ave. Lemont Mayor Brian Reaves said the brewery is waiting for state and federal licenses, but hopes it will be open by October.

Channel 6 discussion C<DFEKĂ&#x2020;K_\C\dfekM`ccX^\9fXi[[`jZljj\[cXjk n\\bk_\]lkli\f]k_\C\dfek:fddle`kpK\c\m`j`feFi^Xe`qXk`fe#XcjfbefneXj:_Xee\c-% M`ccX^\8[d`e`jkiXkfi>\fi^\JZ_X]\ijX`[k_Xk j`eZ\k_\m`ccX^\\ek\i\[XeX^i\\d\ekn`k_k_\ C\dfekM`[\f8ZZ\jjC\X^l\`e(00/#k_\efegif]`k _Xjj\\e`kjmfclek\\ij[n`e[c\% Jfd\f]k_\i\dX`e`e^mfclek\\ij#n_fXkk\e[\[ k_\d\\k`e^#jX`[k_\pefcfe^\i_Xm\k_\\e\i^pkf kXg\Xcck_\\m\ekjk_\plj\[kf% Fe\`[\XnXjkfdXb\k_\Z_Xee\cXC\dfek?`^_ JZ_ffcgif^iXd%JZ_X]\ijX`[_\_XjkXcb\[n`k_ C\dfek?`^_JZ_ffc;`jki`Zk)('Jlg\i`ek\e[\ek DXipK`Zbefi#n_f`jfg\ekfk_\`[\X#Ylknflc[ efkY\XYc\kfX[[`kkfk_\Zlii`Zlcld`ek`d\]fik_\ e\okjZ_ffcp\Xi% JZ_X]\ijX`[Zfek`el`e^k_\Z_Xee\cnflc[i\hl`i\ lg^iX[\jkf`kj[\ZX[\j$fc[\hl`gd\ek% K_\m`ccX^\Yl[^\k\[((#''']fik_\fi^Xe`qXk`fe ]fi]`jZXcp\Xi)'(*$(+#n_`Z_nflc[efkY\\efl^_ kfgXp]fi\m\eYXj`Z$c\m\ce\n\hl`gd\ek#_\jX`[% Fe\]le[`e^fgk`fe`jkflj\GlYc`Z#<[lZXk`feXc Xe[>fm\ied\ek8ZZ\jj]\\j]ifd8KKXe[:fdZXjk#JZ_X]\ijX`[% K_\]\\nflc[Y\XdXo`dld*,$Z\ekX[[`k`fekf dfek_cp:fdZXjkY`ccjXe[nflc[Zfcc\ZkXe\jk`dXk\[(*#'''\XZ_p\Xi%


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LOCAL NEWS | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%ZfdÂ&#x203A;Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+

Sports clubs back Lemont Sports Complex




Lemont students learn business skills by organizing clothing drive By DAN FARNHAM []Xie_Xd7j_Xnd\[`X%Zfd LEMONT – A winter clothing drive run by two Lemont High School seniors has seen success on multiple levels. Maggie Ernst and Bridget Lynn organized the project through the school’s chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America. During the week before

winter break, they held a competition among third-period classes to see which could donate the most items. The winner earned a pizza lunch. “We thought it would be most beneficial for the community and get the school most involved,” Ernst said as to why they chose to make the drive a competition. At the end of the week, they had collected 364 items

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of clothing, which were donated to the local Goodwill office. FBLA cosponsor John Aspel said Ernst and Lynn learned the different aspects of running a community service project, including planning, implementing and presenting a report on it. The duo also entered the project in the Community Service category at the FBLA’s Central Northern Area

Conference regional. There was little question about the outcome because they were the only entry in the category, but Ernst and Lynn were able to gain something from the experience. “It wasn’t a competition necessarily,” Lynn said. “It was more presenting what we can do for the community.” Ernst and Lynn said they are still debating whether

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they will enter their project in the state competition, which they qualified for by winning the regional. Neither has any plans of pursuing a business career, but both think business skills are important to learn. They also learned about the giving nature of Lemont High School. “We really do have a really good student population at Lemont,” Lynn said.

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Revenues are declining as assessments, state aid drop

near the schools in the last 10 years. As a result, a lot of sidewalks have been put in.”

are very uncertain what our revenues are going to be from them moving forward.” The $1 million cut will happen in $250,000 increments every school year, with the first cut coming out of the 2014-15 budget, Bugg said. At Wednesday’s school board study session, the board discussed how it could trim the budget for next year. The district’s hazardous bus routes and after school assistance program are two areas that will be examined. “Every bus route costs this district $33,000 and we run 32 regular [education] bus routes,” Bugg said. “If we can reduce two or three of those, that’s $100,000 in savings.” The district currently offers bus service to children who live within a mile and a half of their school building if the student lives in a “hazardous area,” Bugg said, meaning they do not have a safe, walkable path to school. Areas with no sidewalks or those with railroad tracks could be deemed hazardous, which was the case for several Coal City children when the hazardous bus routes were created, Bugg said. “The board has not reviewed their bus routes in a long time,” Bugg said. “Since that time, a lot of houses have been built

Tornado victims needing to rebuild their homes will have one less thing to worry about now that Coal City school district will not be collecting the land cash and facilities fees typically charged to homebuilders.

By JESSICA BOURQUE COAL CITY – The Coal City School Board may have to make some tough decisions as it plans to cut $1 million from the budget in the next four years. Coal City Community Unit School District 1 is faced with declining revenues. “The board is well aware of the fact that there will be some revenue shortages in the future,” Superintendent Kent Bugg said Thursday. “They’re just trying to plan ahead so we don’t get hit with those all at once.” Each year, the state has paid out less in public aid to schools, only delivering 89 percent of this year’s promised amount. Bugg said the district also has seen a decline in the total assessments that help determine how much the school can levy from taxpayers. The district is still negotiating a new five-year contract with Dresden Station – the district’s largest taxpayer – to lock in the station’s levy amount but expects it will be less than it was in previous years. The previous contract expired in 2011. “Sixty-seven percent of our revenue comes from taxes generated by the Dresden Nuclear Power Station,” Bugg said. “We

“This is a little piece of good news for those families who already have enough to worry about,” said Shawn Hamilton, Coal City School Board member. “Every little bit helps.” Coal City residents building new homes must pay fees to the school district that are used to purchase new land or update the existing facilities, Hamilton said. For a three-bedroom home,

No impact fee for tornado victims

the combined fees can be about $5,000, Bugg said. The board reached out to the district’s attorney to see if they could have the fees waived or somehow rebate the funds back to tornado victims. “[The memorandum said] because these subdivisions were platted before the fees were put in place, those individuals will not have to pay them,” Hamilton said. “They’re safe.”





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LOCAL NEWS | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+

District 1 prepares for budget cuts



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Funeral Homes

Funeral Homes

Funeral Homes

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Crest Hill, on Theodore St.

Pisut Funeral & Cremation Services 2320 Black Road, Joliet 815-744-0022

1211 Plainfield Rd. Joliet, IL


Risen Lord Cemetery & Cremation Columbaria 1501 Simons Rd. (127th) Plainfield/Oswego


To advertise in this directory, please call (815) 280-4101

Man charged with bank fraud A used car broker ripped off banks in Joliet, Plainfield and Crest Hill over the last two months, police said. Deandre D. Owens, 22, would deposit forged, stolen or invalid checks into his personal and business accounts and withdraw cash amounts the next day, Joliet Police Lt. Brian Dupuis said. Owens, of the 1700 block of Chestnut Hill Road in Plainfield, was arrested Thursday morning at Lily Cache Road and Route 30 in Plainfield while driving a Mercedes SUV. He was booked into the county jail on charges of money laundering, participating in a continuing financial crimes enterprise, fraud, four counts of defrauding a financial institution and misappropriating financial property. He is being held on $275,000

bond. “Beginning in the first week of December he would deposit forged checks, stolen checks or checks from closed accounts into his business and personal accounts at First Midwest Bank,” Dupuis said. “He would then withdraw cash amounts from the ATM for a total of $17,000 there.” Owens also got $8,000 from several local branches of Chase Bank using the same methods, Dupuis said. Owens was identified partly through surveillance video showing him getting cash at the ATMs while driving the Mercedes, Dupuis said. Records show Owens has an auto wholesaler license from Indiana and has done business since 2012 as Owens Car Gallery – based in Delphi. Dupuis said police seized the SUV Owens was driving when he was getting the cash.

Setting the Standard of Excellence


SPINE SURGEON ANTIQUE AND COLLECTIBLES SALE Hershman Building 1301 Copperfield Ave., Joliet 60432

Fri., Feb. 7 & Sat., Feb. 8 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Rare Books • Dolls • Teddy Bears • Zebra Collections Linens • Records • Tea Pots (including Silver) • Jewelry Fur Coats • Capes and many more items. Cash only. Credit cards and checks not accepted.

Dr. Rebecca Kuo, M.D., J.D. Specialist in surgical and non- surgical treatments of neck and spine.

J O L I ET 963 129th Infantry Dr. Suite 100 Joliet, IL 60435 815.741.6900

BO L I NGBRO O K 396 Remington Blvd. Suite 131 Bolingbrook, IL 60440 630.679.1111

Regular Hours: 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and 1st Saturday of the Month

(815) 300-7642 for more information.


LOCAL NEWS | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+

By BRIAN STANLEY YjkXec\p7j_Xnd\[`X%Zfd





Canal Alliance Congress ON SALE NOW! to be held in late March Honors 30th year of I&M Canal National Heritage Corridor By THE HERALD–NEWS CHANNAHON – The Canal Corridor Association will mark the 30th anniversary of the Illinois & Michigan Canal National Heritage Corridor when it meets in March. The corridor runs the 96mile length of the historical Illinois & Michigan Canal from Chicago to LaSalle, creating tourism and recreation opportunities along the route. The Spring 2014 Canal Alliance Congress will include presentations on recreation and history. The session will offer opportunities for Canal Corridor Association members to collaborate on future activities and projects. The meeting, which will include representatives from

organizations in the corridor, will be March 26 at Four Rivers Environmental Center at 25055 S. Walnut Lane, Channahon. “We’re really excited to follow up on the success of the first such event held last winter, where more than 50 organizations from across the Corridor were represented,” Dennis Bieschke, a Lemont board member of the Canal Corridor Association, said in a news release. The event will run from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Advance registration is required. The registration deadline is March 14. Call the Canal Corridor Association at 815223-1851 to register. Cost is $30 for members and $50 for nonmembers. A continental

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breakfast and lunch is included. The program includes updates on local and regional projects, as well as presentations on national programs. The keynote speaker will be Candy Welch Streed, program and partnership director of the Silo & Smokestacks National Heritage Area. Streed’s presentation is “Where the Story of American Agriculture Comes to Life.” Craig Williams, a senior planner at Alta Planning, will make a presentation on how to attract bicyclists to trails in the corridor. Members of the Canal Corridor Association also will have an opportunity to showcase their activities and plans.


A Mighty Fortress Is Our Basement Sunday, February 9 3:00PM


With The Ides of March Featuring Jim Peterik Friday, February 14 8:00PM

Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra


TRISHA YEARWOOD Friday, February 28 8:00PM For complete show descriptions, please visit

102 N. Chicago St.

Buy 2 filler syringes

Joliet, IL 60432

and receive 3rd syringe for FREE ($500 savings!) FEBRUARY ONLY!

Sp Valen ecial tine’s Show Day !

A 501 ( C ) 3 Not-For-Profit Organization

For Tickets Call

815-726-6600 or visit  Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons EDWARD PLAINFIELD MEDICAL OFFICE ! 815.267.8830 LIMELIGHT MEDSPA ! 815.609.SKIN MORRIS ! 815.318.5010


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Step onto the red carpet and discover the only buffet in town that can be called “Epic,” featuring mouthwatering dishes, delicious soups, delightful desserts, and so much more. So grab a seat and get ready to dig in with these great offers.

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VALID FEB. 6, 2014 & FEB. 9, 2014. Present coupon to cashier prior to ordering. Valid only at Hollywood Casino Joliet. Subject to availability. Alcohol and gratuity not included. Dine in only. Cannot be combined with any other food discounts or offers. Cash sales only. Valid for up to four (4) people. No cash value. Hollywood Casino Joliet is not responsible for lost or stolen offers. Void in the event of printing error and if duplicated or altered. Non-negotiable. Must be 21 to enter the casino. Offer not valid for patrons who are excluded from Hollywood Casino Joliet. Please do not leave minors unattended in non-restricted areas. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, crisis counseling and referral services can be accessed by calling 1-800-GAMBLER (1-800-426-2537).

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The Herald-News | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+



| Obituaries


Cemetery in Fairmont. Visitation will (Michael) Gaydos; grandchildren, for Tri State Fire be on Monday, February 3, 2014 at Jonathan (Darcy), Jennifer, Dept., member of Tezak Funeral Home, 1211 Plainfield Jacqueline and Jessica Forkal, Traci the Romeoville Golden Ager's and OBITUARIES Road, Joliet, IL from 2-8 p.m. with a the American Motorcycle and Joseph Gaydos and Julie BETTY How DRISCOLL to submit (Jonathan) Hamelau; greatParastas Service to take place at Association. KATHRYN L. COKE 7:00 p.m. Obituary and Tribute Wall grandchildren, Beckett Forkal and He is survived by his loving Betty Driscoll, Nee Gallhager. Age Send information to obits@ Madelyn Hamelau. children Diane (Larry) Trueblood, for Ellen Forkal at Passed away Wednesday Kathryn L. Coke nee Hampton, age 84, or call Preceded in death by her beloved or for Debra (John) Garrett, David (Beth) January 29, 2014 at Presence St. 82, of Mokena formerly of New 877-264-2527. information, 815-722-0524. husband, Michael Forkal; parents, Hupke and Denise (Chris) Arnold; Joseph Medical Center, Joliet, IL. Lenox and Posen, born and raised in Harry and Lucille (nee Grossman) Arrangements entrusted to: grandchildren Marissa, McKenzy, Betty is survived her husband of Brookhaven Mississippi, passed Most obituaries appear Moroney; and sister, Theresa (John) Alexander, Logan, Emerson, Nicole, 58online. years, To Martin Driscoll; her son, away on Friday, January 31, 2014. leave a message of Hrpcha. Lauren, Lindsey, Johnny and John (Rose) Driscoll; 6 Beloved wife of the late Charles condolence in the (Tony) online guest Ellen was a lifelong resident of Tamela; great granddaughter Kyla; Traci Odette, Coke; loving mother of Cynthia (Al) grandchildren, book, go to theherald-news. brothers Clifford and Alan (Joann) John Jr. (Jennifer) Driscoll, Meagan Joliet and graduated from Stein and Denise (Harold) Towry; com/obits Providence Catholic High School. Hupke; sister Marion Tyner also (Nathan) Caliendo, Micheal Cherished grandmother of Luke She was a parishioner of St. Bernard numerous nieces and nephews. (Tanna) and April Towry and Adam (Christine) Driscoll, Colin Driscoll, Church in Joliet and St. Catholic He is preceded in death by his Jennifer (Stephen) DriscollHite; and great grandmother of Mary Assumption Byzantine parents Arthur and Emma Hupke; Terpening; 12 great grandchildren; a Drew and Scarlett Towry and Catholic Church later known as brothers Howard and Arthur Hupke; DAVID I. HUPKE brother, Joseph Gallhager; and Madison McDonnell; dear sister of Annunciation Byzantine Catholic sisters Winifred and Berneice numerous nieces, nephews and Ruth (Will) Allgood, Bobbye (late Church. Ellen enjoyed playing bingo, Hupke. Age 82, passed cousins also survive. Jack) Schroeder, and Carolyn (late cooking and baking for her family's Visitation Monday 3 to 8 pm at away Thursday Preceded in death by her sons, Jim Herrington) Gratsonis; She was frequent visits and visiting with her the Anderson Memorial Chapel, 606 James (Kimberly) and Joseph January 30, 2014, at preceded in death by her parents Townhall Dr. in Romeoville. Funeral Alden Nursing Jesse and Ida Hampton (nee Upton), Driscoll; a brother, Danny Gallhager; furry friend, Baby. She enjoyed watching the Chicago Bulls and Home in Naperville. Tuesday February 4, 2014, 10 am at and her parents, Farrell and Kate children Charles "Steve" and Amy attending her son's band Late of Romeoville, the funeral home chapel. Interment Gallhager. Coke; grandson Drew Towry and performances. Ellen's grandchildren Bethania Cemetery in Justice. She was a military advocate and formerly of brother Jesse (late Shirley) and great-grandchildren were the Chicago. Veteran of helped wounded veterans. She Hampton. (815) 886-2323 the Korean War She was a member of Lincolnway loved dogs and especially her pride light of her life and her family was her most important asset. She will and joy, Max. serving US Army, a Christian Church in New Lenox. be dearly missed by everyone who Funeral Services will be Monday, volunteer Fireman Family will receive friends on knew her. for Tri State Fire February 3, 2014 at 9:30am, at the Monday, February 3rd, 2014, at The family would like to offer a Dept., member of Woodlawn Funeral Home, 3201 W Kurtz Memorial Chapel 65 Old special thank you to all of Ellen's the Romeoville Golden Ager's and Frankfort Way, Frankfort, IL 60423, Jefferson Street, Joliet, IL 60431. the American Motorcycle from 3 until 9pm. Funeral service on Interment Abraham Lincoln National doctors and caregivers. In lieu of flowers, donations in Association. Cemetery Elwood, Illinois. Visitation Tuesday, February 3rd, 2014 at Ellen's name to JOHA Foundation, Sunday 2:00pm-8:00pm. He is survived by his loving 11:30 am in the funeral home 2614 W. Jefferson Street Joliet, children Diane (Larry) Trueblood, chapel. Interment to St. John Illinois 60435 or Joliet Area Debra (John) Garrett, David (Beth) Cemetery in Mokena. Info Community Hospice, 250 Water Hupke and Denise (Chris) Arnold; or Stone Circle, Joliet, Illinois 60431 grandchildren Marissa, McKenzy, 815-806-2225. would be appreciated. Alexander, Logan, Emerson, Nicole, A celebration of Ellen's life will Lauren, Lindsey, Johnny and “A Tribute begin on Tuesday, February 4, 2014, Tamela; great granddaughter Kyla; to Our Mother” meeting in the funeral home chapel brothers Clifford and Alan (Joann) at 9:40 a.m. then driving in Hupke; sister MarionSylvia Tyner also F. Holden procession to Annunciation ELLEN J. FORKAL 10, 1934 to February 2, 2011 numerous nieces February and nephews. Byzantine Catholic Church in Homer BETTY DRISCOLL He is preceded in death by his took to his loving Home; He saw her getting tired, Arthur andher Emma Hupke; Ellen J. Forkal (nee Glen for a Liturgy of Christian Burial parentsGod a cure wasand not Arthur to be. He wrapped her in his loving arms and to take place at 11:00 a.m. brothers Howard Hupke; Moroney), age 88, Betty Driscoll, Nee Gallhager. Age whispered “Come be with Interment to follow at Mt. Calvary sisters Winifred and Berneice me”. She suffered much in silence, 84, Passed away Wednesday at rest on Friday, Cemetery in Fairmont. Visitation will Hupke.her spirit did no bend. She faced her pain with courage, until January 29, 2014 at Presence St. January 31, 2014, the very end. She tried so hard to stay with us; but her fight was be on Monday, February 3, 2014 at Visitation Monday 3 to 8 pm at comforted by the Joseph Medical Center, Joliet, IL. not in vain. God took her spirit to his loving Home; and Freed Tezak Funeral Home, 1211 Plainfield the Anderson Memorial Chapel, 606 Betty is survived her husband of love of her family. her from the pain. A Mother is a beautiful flower plucked from Road, Joliet, IL from 2-8 p.m. with a Townhall Dr. inabove. Romeoville. 58 years, Martin Driscoll; her son, Ellen is survived Heaven She isFuneral a gift God gives to children; to brighten Parastas Service to take place at Tuesday February 4, 2014, 10 amlives at with love. by her loving John (Rose) Driscoll; 6 their 7:00 p.m. Obituary and Tribute Wall the funeral home chapel. Interment grandchildren, Traci (Tony) Odette, children, Michael Forkal, James for Ellen Forkal at Bethania Cemetery in Justice. John Jr. (Jennifer) Driscoll, Meagan (Michaeleen) Forkal, Richard Love you, from Mary Helen, Theresa, Evon, Deborah, Chris, or for (Nathan) Caliendo, Micheal (Christine) Forkal, and Mary Rita & grandchildren, great grandchildren, information, 815-722-0524. (815) 886-2323 (Michael) Gaydos; grandchildren, and great great children. (Christine) Driscoll, Colin Driscoll, Arrangements entrusted to: Jonathan (Darcy), Jennifer, Jennifer (Stephen) DriscollTerpening; 12 great grandchildren; a Jacqueline and Jessica Forkal, Traci and Joseph Gaydos and Julie brother, Joseph Gallhager; and (Jonathan) Hamelau; greatnumerous nieces, nephews and grandchildren, Beckett Forkal and cousins also survive. In sons, Loving Memory of Madelyn Hamelau. Preceded in death by her Preceded in death by her beloved James (Kimberly) andFrances Joseph A. Legan Driscoll; a brother, Danny Gallhager; husband, Michael Forkal; parents, THE COMMUNITY’S CHOICE and Lucille (nee Grossman) and her parents, Farrell8/4/1912 and Kate - Harry 2/2/2005 Moroney; and sister, Theresa (John) Gallhager. FOR SUPERIOR HOSPICE CARE Every dayand in some small way Hrpcha. She was a military advocate Ellen was a lifelong resident of helped wounded veterans. She SINCE 1982 We miss you more than words can say. loved dogs and especially her pride Joliet and graduated from JACH is a non-profit, Medicare certified hospice serving patients in Will, Grundy & Kendall Counties. Catholic High School. and joy, Max.In our hearts you Providence will always stay Along with parts of Cook, DuPage & Kankakee Counties. She was a parishioner of St. Bernard Funeral Services will be Monday, and remembered everyin day. Catholic Church Joliet and St. February 3, Loved 2014 at 9:30am, at the Mary Assumption Byzantine Woodlawn Funeral Home, 3201 W 250 Water Stone Circle, Joliet Catholic Church later known as Jefferson Street, Joliet, IL 60431. Love, 815-740-4104 Annunciation Byzantine Catholic Interment Abraham Lincoln Kathleen, Roy,National Scott, Kim, Cassie & Ryan Cemetery Elwood, Illinois. Visitation Church. Ellen enjoyed playing bingo, cooking and baking for her family's Sunday 2:00pm-8:00pm.


Chicago, IL, Gregory (Rosie) Moroz of Makanda, IL, and William Moroz of New York City, NY; nine grandchildren, Michael Moroz, Jessica (Frank) Weglarz, Lauren Umek, Jason Belford, Kristie (Shane) Stokes, Katarena Moroz, Anastasia Moroz, Christopher Moroz and Alex Moroz; one great-granddaughter, McKenna Dunnaway; one sister, Irene Cicenas of Oconomowac, WI; and numerous nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her husband, George Moroz (April 20, 1972); her parents; and three brothers. Funeral Services for Margaret Moroz will be Monday, February 3, 2014 at 9:15 a.m. from the Fred C. Dames Funeral Home, 3200 Black at Essington Rds., Joliet, to St. Ambrose Catholic Church in Crest Hill for Mass at 10:00 a.m. Cremation rites will be accorded following services and inurnment will take place at Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Joliet, at a later date. Memorials to a charity of the donor's choice in her name would be appreciated. Visitation Sunday, February 2, 2014 from 2:00-6:00 p.m. at the funeral home. For information 815-741-5500 or

CAROLYN M. OLIVER Carolyn M. Oliver nee: Churchill, age 80, passed away Friday January 31, 2014, at Rosewood Care Center. Survived by her two daughters Pam (John) Offerman and Marie (Jonathon) Kuykendell; grandchildren Julie (Nick) Maile, Kimberly (Don) McKinney, John Charles (Nina) Offerman; great grandchildren Annabelle, Allison, Samantha and Charlotte Maile, Layla McKinney; one sister and numerous nieces and nephews. Preceded in death by her husband Charles E. Oliver; two sons Charles F. and Robert D. Oliver; parents George and Ada (McClain) Churchill. Born in Joliet, a lifelong resident. Retired from Sears. Private Funeral Services will be held Wednesday, February 5, 2014, at the Blackburn-Giegerich-Sonntag Funeral Home. Interment Plainfield Township Cemetery. Visitation Tuesday 4-7 p.m. Memorials to the Alzheimer's Association would be appreciated.

Jamie L. Overton February 1, 1975

Happy Birthday Dear Jamie! We know how happy you are to have your Opus with you. We miss you so much, life will never be the same without you. You are always in our hearts. We treasure all the love and all the wonderful memories. Our peace comes from know you are at peace. Till we are all together again. All our love. Dad, Mom, Amy, Dan and Mason

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Obituaries | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+

Hospital in Naperville after a long illness. Born in New Haven, IL, living in the JOHN A. LIBERATORE RUTH E. KEENE area most of his life. Chicago Born: Dec. 29, 1933 Born: Aug. 11, 1918; in Plainfield Retired in 1999 from Argonne Died: Jan. 27, 2014 Died: Jan. 30, 2014; in Plainfield National laboratory after 38 years of service. A life member of I.E.E.E. John Anthony “Our Ruthie Keene is in heaven”. Don enjoyed woodworking, Liberatore. Age 80. This is the word that passed traveling in his RV and riding his Passed away Thursday night January 30 between Monday, January 27, bike. family and friends. Her worthy soul Preceded in death by his parents 2014 at Presence took flight at 8:45 p.m. This good Harry Glen and Virginia (Goforth) Saint Joseph Medical lady's life had hung by a thread for 2 and a sister Sandra Kay Roe. Center. Born or 3 days, and she simply had to Survived by his loving and December 29, 1933 to the late close her eyes and await the devoted wife Judith (Carpenter); his Anthony and Concetta (nee Petro) trumpet sound. Everybody knew son Jeff (Christine) of Wheaton, IL; Ruth Keene, one of God's models of Liberatore. Former owner of his father's shoe grandchildren Ian and Megan; his caring, loveliness and Christianity. nephew David Glen (Donna) Roe shop, Tony's Shoe Shop, in Ruth was 95 on the 11th of last and his niece Cheryl (Pat) Campbell, Lockport, IL. Later he attended August. Born in 1918 in Plainfield, both of CA and his brother-in-law Naperville North Central College she lived most of her entire life Kenneth (Susan) Carpenter of and received his BA degree. After there. She was the last surviving Moline, IL. teaching several years at Rockdale child of a family of 11. Ruth is In lieu of flowers, memorials to Grade School, he returned to survived by her children Garry the Salvation Army or ASPCA would (Thelma) of Auburn, WA, and Daryl college to the University of Illinois be appreciated. Visitation for Don where he obtained both a MA and “Butch” (Linda) of Plainfield, 2 will be on Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014 at administrative certificate allowing grandsons, Brian (Tracy) Keene of the O'NEIL FUNERAL HOME, 1105 E. Burien, WA, and Joel (Nicole) Keene him to become a beloved and 9TH ST. (159TH ST.), LOCKPORT respected principal of Rockdale of Shorewood, IL, and 4 great from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Services until his retirement. grandchildren, Travis, Tyler, honoring Don will begin at 6:30pm. John's life centered on his family. Benjamin and Olivia Keene, her Private Interment with family will sister-in-law Rita (Ray) Yahnke and He was passionate about be at Wheaton Cemetery, Wheaton, researching his ancestry and the numerous nieces and nephews. IL. For directions and to sign guest Italian culture and spent many Ruth was preceded in death by book: hours reading about the history of her husband, Max A., son Kenneth, 815-838-5010 World War II. parents Fred and Anna Yahnke, Survived by his wife of 36 years, sisters Esther ( Paul, Vernon) Urtubees Modine, Mae (Joe) Farrell, Dennie Liberatore; his sister, Helen Brandolino; stepdaughter, Nannette Edna Yahnke, and brothers Elmer (John) Ranzini; grandchildren, (Jeannette), Henry “Hank”, Harold Shannon, Lacy and Anthony Ranzini; (Hazel), Robert “Bob” (Phyllis, nephew, David Brandolino; nieces, Kathleen), John (Caryl), Ray (Rita) Toni Ann Brandolino, Diane and Donald (Marilyn). Brandolino, Marrianne Fleming and In lieu of flowers, memorial Jackie (John) Costenaro. contributions may be made to MARGARET M. MOROZ Preceded in death by his parents. Sharon United Methodist Church, Born: March 31, 1921; Joliet, IL Private Funeral Services for all of 23913 W. Lockport St., Plainfield, IL Died: Jan. 27, 2014; Peoria, IL his family were held Saturday, 60544. Visitation : Wednesday, February February 1, 2014 with interment at Margaret Mary Resurrection Cemetery. 5th 4:00-8:00 PM at OvermanMoroz (nee Baca), In lieu of flowers, please jot down Jones Funeral Home & Cremation age 92, passed away a memory or thought about John Services, 15219 S. Joliet Road Monday, January 27, (Corner of Rt. 30 & 59), Plainfield, IL and send it to his family. 2014 at Proctor Arrangements by: Fred C. Dames 60544. Additional Memorial Unity Point Health Funeral Home. For more Visitation: Thursday, February 6th Center in Peoria. information: (815) 741-5500 or 11:00-11:30 AM at Sharon United Born March 31, 1921 in Joliet, she Methodist Church 23913 W. was the daughter of Ignatz and Lockport St., Plainfield with a Helen (nee Arvey) Baca. Memorial Service to follow at 11:30 She graduated from St. Joseph AM at Church. Pastor Rebecca Hospital School of Nursing and Rutter officiating. Private Family worked as a registered nurse for Interment at Plainfield Township many years in San Bernadino, CA, Cemetery. For more information, Washington, D.C., and Joliet. please call 815-436-9221 or She was a former member of St. Mary Assumption Parish, Holy Family Catholic Church and St. DONALD GLEN MCGHEE Ambrose Catholic Church. She was Died: January 30, 2014; Naperville, active in her children's school activities and served as President of IL St. Mary Assumption Mother's Club. Margaret loved to swim and Donald Glen garden, and could plant and grow McGhee “Don” anything. Age 74, of Surviving are her six children, Bolingbrook, James (Judy) Moroz of Hopewell, IL, passed away Kathleen Moroz of Battle Creek, MI, peacefully Lynette Moroz of Orlando, FL, Thursday, Thomas (Terri Cigelnik) Moroz of January 30, 2014 at Edward Chicago, IL, Gregory (Rosie) Moroz Hospital in Naperville after a long of Makanda, IL, and William Moroz illness. Born in New Haven, IL, living in the of New York City, NY; nine grandchildren, Michael Moroz,


| Obituaries




William R. Pry, "Bill", Age 70, died peacefully Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at the Joliet Area Community Hospice Home with his family by his side, following a courageous battle with cancer. Born in Martinez, CA, a Minooka resident since 1983. A U.S. Air Force Vietnam veteran. Retired from ITW Signode in 2006 after over 30 years of service as a shipping manager. He was an enthusiastic auto mechanic and enjoyed working in "Bill's Garage". He was an outdoorsman who enjoyed fishing, snowmobiling, riding ATV's and was considered an expert marksman. He was a good man who loved spending time with his family and friends. Preceded by his granddaughter, Mya Anderson (2003); his parents; one sister, Lori Pry; and one brother, Elmer "Butch" Pry, Jr. Survived by his loving and devoted wife of 51 years, Dorine M. (nee Leisner) Pry of Minooka; one daughter, Tina Anderson of Plainfield; three sons, Tony (Martha) of Channahon, David (Penny) of Minooka and Michael Pry of Aurora; four grandchildren, Benjamin, Lillian, Andrew and Paige; one sister, Jean (Richard) Guanci of Las Vegas, NV; two brothers, Pat (Laurie) Pry of Arizona and John Pry of California; numerous nieces, nephews and cousins also survive. Funeral Services for William R. Pry will be held Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at 10:30 a.m. at Plattville Lutheran Church, 5475 Bell Road, Minooka, IL, 60447. Pastor Brett L. Reedy officiating. Interment Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery where full military honors will be conducted under the auspices of the U.S. Air Force. In lieu of flowers, memorials in his name to Joliet Oncology Hematology Associates would be appreciated. Visitation Monday 4-8 p.m. at the Fred C. Dames Funeral Home, 3200 Black at Essington Rds., Joliet, IL. For more information: (815) 741-5500 or

Shirley M. Putzler (nee Seeman) passed away peacefully after a brief illness, January 29, 2014. Age 80. Survived by her three children Ronald Bogart, Michael (Jan) Bogart and Nancy (James) Clark. Six grandchildren Wayne Bogart, Lauralyn (Ken) Randles, Anthony Bogart, Melissa (John) Esselman, Linnea Edman and David Edman. Eight great-grandchildren Kaylee, Austin, Dylan, Logan, Elizabeth, Maddy, Jayden and Hunter. Her brother Donald (JoAnn) Seeman. Numerous nieces and nephews also survive. Preceded in death by her husband Joseph Putzler, her parents Donald and Helen Seeman. Born in Joliet and a lifelong resident. Graduate of Joliet Township High School Central. Retired from Joliet Central High School. Funeral services will be held at the Carlson-Holmquist-Sayles Funeral Home, 2320 Black Road, Monday, February 3, 2014 at 12:00-Noon. Interment Elmhurst Cemetery. Visitation Monday from 10:00 AM until time of services at 12:00-Noon.

Died: January 29, 2014

Died: January 29, 2014; Joliet, IL


Rivera, Thomas E. "Chico". Age 84, a lifetime Joliet resident, passed away peacefully at home on Tuesday, January 28, 2014. A U.S. Army Korean war veteran. He was honorably discharged as a Sergeant in December of 1952. Preceded in death by his beloved wife of 49 years, Louise H. (nee Colombo); his parents, Jay and Helen (nee McCowan) Rivera; and one brother, Donald (late Dorothy) Rivera, Sr. Beloved father of Richard T. (Nancy J.) Rivera of Joliet; proud and devoted grandpa of Renee C. Rivera and Randall D. Rivera, all of Joliet; two sisters, Barbara (Richard) Dapriele of Lockport and Patricia (Ronald) Nickleski of Lemont; one brother, Dennis (Susan) Rivera of Joliet; fond uncle of numerous nieces and nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews; and several cousins also survive. Thomas attended St. John Grade School and Joliet Catholic High School. He retired in 1986 from the U.S. Post Office where he was a clerk for 36 years. Member of the American Legion Harwood Post #5 where he also bartended for many years. He was a 60-year member of Holy Family Parish, serving as usher for several years at the 4:00 p.m. Saturday Mass. Life member of the VFW Cantigny Post #367 and the Irving A.C. Member of the Joliet Rivals Club, where he really enjoyed the activities there, especially playing poker with the guys. Also a member of St. Joe's Senior Club. Funeral Services for Thomas E. Rivera will be Monday, February 3, James 2014 at 9:15 a.m. from the Fred C. 07/18/50 Dames Funeral Home, Mitchell - 3200 Black at Essington Rd., Joliet to Holy Family Alsip 02/01/09 Catholic Church for a Mass of Christian Burial at 10:00 a.m. Interment Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. Time has gone by, it has been 5 years now I have been getting through some way, In lieu oflife flowers, memorials in his some name how to Joliet Area Community Hospice or Holy Family School There has been too many times that would be appreciated. I needed my dad since then Visitation Sunday, 2, To get through some tough times or February just needing my friend 2014, 2:00-6:00 p.m. at the funeral home. For information: I get a smile on my face with all the 815-741-5500 memories of our fun or But they are overshadowed by the

Mass. Life member of the VFW Cantigny Post #367 and the Irving A.C. Member of the Joliet Rivals Club, where he really enjoyed the activities there, especially playing poker with the guys. Also a member of St. Joe's Senior Club. Funeral Services for Thomas E. Rivera will be Monday, February 3, 2014 at 9:15 a.m. from the Fred C. Dames Funeral Home, 3200 Black at Essington Rd., Joliet to Holy Family Catholic Church for a Mass of Christian Burial at 10:00 a.m. Interment Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorials in his name to Joliet Area Community Hospice or Holy Family School would be appreciated. Visitation Sunday, February 2, 2014, 2:00-6:00 p.m. at the funeral home. For information: 815-741-5500 or

name to Joliet Area Community Hospice or Holy Family School would be appreciated. Visitation Sunday, February 2, 2014, 2:00-6:00 p.m. at the funeral home. For information: 815-741-5500 or

In Honor of My Mother


Born into this world January 21, 1920 She received her wings February 1, 2002

Has it been twelve years, mom? How it seemed to have gone by so quickly but yet I still feel the sadness of your leaving as if it were just the other day. To help me focus on the joy of your life I remember those happy times, and replace that sadness with that joy. Now that I am becoming more gently seasoned myself, I look back and realize the time it took you and Dad to prepare those holiday meals for all of us, and how difficult physically it must have been as the years went by. I remember the wonderful smells of all those flavors, the tree that glistened as we sat around opening gifts. That preparation of the meals was done at all the holidays for all of your children, your grandchildren and at times the extended families. You made those times so very special and yet neither you nor dad complained of all the hard work. Although....I do recall how, after having eaten the main meal around noon, hangin’ out all day and warmin’ up left overs for supper and then finally leaving that evening, how you and Dad INSISTED on cleaning up the rest yourselves. Hmmmmm. I now, as that more gently seasoned person, realize that you had both hit that exhaustion phase of the day and needed to rest. Perhaps it should have been said way back then: THANK YOU. Thank you for those times, for those laughs, the noise of everyone talking all at once. Thank you guys for always welcoming many people into your home at any time. Thank you for memories that so many times are forgotten over the years, but can be recalled when that joy flt feeling is needed. I feel you now more than ever, Mom. Was that your hand that brushed my tears away? Are those your wings that hold me tight when I feel insure? I love you Mom and miss you very much. Keep dancing with your Kewpie. You don’t hurt anymore. Until I hug you again, Mary

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heartache of missing someone

I have a good life but a bit of me will always be sad Because I must go on without my best friend, my Dad See you later Dad, Corey

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KENNETH J. SHAIN Kenneth James Shain, age 60, of Cherry Valley, IL, formerly of Joliet, IL passed away from complications of pneumonia on Saturday January 4, 2014 in Rockford, IL. Preceding Kenneth in death was his mother, Ann Shain. Kenneth was a passionate and ingenuous man who enjoyed life. He was passionate working with his hands, working on and building cars, cooking, and in carpentry. Kenneth loved the people who surrounded him in his life dearly. Surviving Kenneth are his two

Born: January 27, 1920; Lake City, IA Died: January 29, 2014; Ft. Myers, FL Genevieve A. Williams, formerly of Joliet, Illinois, passed away on January 29, 2014 at the Larsen Pavilion, Shell Point Retirement Community, Ft. Myers, Florida. She was born on January 27, 1920 in Lake City, Iowa. She is preceded in death by her husband, Lee C. Williams, and her parents, Yates and Ada Allen of Churdan, Iowa. She is survived by two daughters, Mary Lee Marchant (Dave) of Cape Coral, Florida and Jane E. Doty (Art) of Batavia, Illinois. She is also survived by three

(Dave) of Cape Coral, Florida and Jane E. Doty (Art) of Batavia, Illinois. She is also survived by three grandchildren, Tracy Barnett of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Scott Doty of Naperville, Illinois, and Steven Doty, of Arlington, Virginia. Private memorial services will be held at a later date. Memorials may be made to First Presbyterian Church, 805 Western Avenue, Joliet, Illinois 60435.

CHARLES J. ZON Charles J. Zon, age 90, passed away peacefully on Friday, January 10, 2014. Charles is survived by his son Mark (Catherine) Zon; one sister, Rose Louden; grandchildren, Martin and Marissa Zon. Three nieces and four nephews also survive. Preceded in death by his parents Julia (nee Valentini) and John Zon; one brother John Zon and sister inlaw Jackie (nee Caron) Zon. Charles was born on July 14, 1923 in Charlemont, Massachusetts and graduated from high school in Greenfied, Massachusetts. He went into the United States Army serving in W.W. II. Upon his discharge Charles worked as a bricklayer in Massachusetts and Florida for a number of years. In the mid-fifties he moved to Joliet and was a union bricklayer in local # 14 until his retirement. Charles was a member of the Joliet Ski Club and skied wherever the trip destinations were, enjoying friends and acquaintances. His later years were spent living in Florida enjoying the beaches and warm weather. I would also like to extend my utmost gratitude to the Robert Gunter family for making my father's final years as pleasurable as one could want. I can never thank you enough. A Celebration of Charles' life will begin on Monday, February 3, 2014, with prayers in the funeral home chapel at 8:50 a.m. then driving in procession to the Cathedral of St. Raymond Nonnatus in Joliet for a Mass of Christian Burial to be celebrated at 9:30 a.m. Inurnment to follow at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery. Visitation will be on Sunday, February 2, 2014 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Tezak Funeral Home, 1211 Plainfield Road, Joliet, 60435. Obituary and Tribute Wall for Charles J. Zon at or for information, 815-722-0524. Arrangements entrusted to:

Oscar-winning actor Schell dies at age 83 The ASSOCIATED PRESS VIENNA – Austrian-born actor Maximilian Schell, a fugitive from Adolf Hitler who became a Hollywood favorite and won an Oscar for his role as a defense attorney in “Judgment at Nuremberg,” has died. He was 83. Schell’s agent, Patricia Baumbauer, said Saturday he died overnight at a hospital in the Austrian city of Innsbruck following a “sudden illness.” It was only his second Hollywood role, as defense attorney Hans Rolfe in Stanley Kramer’s classic “Judgment at Nuremberg,” that earned him wide international acclaim. Schell’s impassioned but unsuccessful defense of Nazi judges on trial for sentencing innocent victims to death won him the 1961 Academy Award for best actor. Schell had first played Rolfe in a 1959 episode of the

TV program “Playhouse 90.” Despite being type-cast for numerous Nazi-era films, Schell’s acting performances in the mid-1970s also won him renewed popular acclaim, earning him a best actor Oscar nomination for “The Man in the Glass Booth” and a supporting actor nomination for his performance alongside Jane Fonda, Vanessa Redgrave and Jason Robards in “Julia.” Austrian Cabinet minister Josef Ostermayer described Schell as one of “the greatest actors in the German-speaking world,” the Austria Press Agency reported. The son of Swiss playwright Hermann Ferdinand Schell and Austrian stage actress Noe von Nordberg, Schell was born in Vienna on Dec. 8, 1930, and raised in Switzerland after his family fled Germany’s annexation of his homeland.

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OBITUARIES | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+

Kenneth loved the people who surrounded him in his life dearly. Surviving Kenneth are his two LENORE G. RUHLAND sons, Ryan Shain of Joliet devoted Born: April 04, 1926; Ripon, WI and Nicholas Shain of Lockport; his Died: January 31, 2014; Naperville caring father, Edward (Gail) Shain of Shorewood; his loving sister, Lenore G. Ruhland Deborah (David) Petersen of Cherry (nee Maslowski) Valley; and many other aunts, Age 87, of uncles, nieces and nephews. Channahon, passed Kenneth wished to be cremated, away Friday, January and memorial services will be held 31, 2014 at Tabor on a later date. Hills Nursing Home in Naperville. Born April 4, 1926 in Ripon, WI to THELMA M. WELCH Frank and Gertrude Maslowski, she was a long time Joliet/Channahon Thelma M. Welch (nee Lackie) of resident. Attended Osborn Country Channahon, passed away peacefully School, and graduated from Ripon on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at High School. She worked for several the Joliet Area Community Hospice years as an office clerk. She married Home, at the age of 86. Alfons Ruhland on January 12, 1952, Born in Lonoke, Arkansas, the and traveled with him in his job in daughter of the late William and construction to Kentucky and Lena Lackie. Tennessee before moving to Joliet She is survived by her beloved in 1958. She enjoyed playing bingo, husband of 65 years, Lloyd M. sewing and quilting, and loved Welch. Loving mother of Lloyd Jr. traveling through the years, (Karla) Welch, Iva (Bruce) Cook and especially winters in Florida. Don (Sharon) Welch; cherished Preceded in death by her husband grandmother of 9; sweet great and parents. grandmother of 12; and dear aunt of Survived by her son, James numerous nieces and nephews. (Suzanne) Ruhland of Naperville, IL Thelma will be fondly and grandchildren, Brigette Rachel remembered for her love and Ruhland and Brittany Roxanne dedication to family and friends. Ruhland both of Naperville and son, She was a long time member of the Jerome Ruhland of Colorado First Baptist Church in Channahon, Springs, CO. and will be greatly missed by those Funeral Services for Lenore G. who knew and loved her. Ruhland will be Monday, February 3, Funeral Service for Thelma M. 2014 St. Ann Catholic Church, Welch will begin at 10:00 AM on 24500 S. Navajo Drive, Channahon Monday, February 3, 2014 at First for Mass at 11:00 a.m. Entombment Baptist Church in Channahon, Resurrection Mausoleum. located at 24455 W. Eames (Rt. 6). Memorials in her memory to St. Ann Interment Abraham Lincoln National Catholic Church or the charity of Cemetery, Elwood. donor's choice would be For those wishing to leave lasting appreciated. Visitation at the memorials the family asks that you church MONDAY MORNING 9:00 please consider Families of Faith a.m. until time of Mass at 11:00 a.m. Christian Academy. For information: Fred C. Dames Visitation Sunday, February 2, Funeral Home, 815-741-5500 or 2014 from 3:00 to 7:00 PM at First Baptist Church, Channahon. For information:





Sunday, February 2, 2014 The Herald-News / GX^\*'

Senate study pushes for school funding equity billion pension shortfall put Illinois in dire financial shape in recent years, with crucial money being stripped away from schools as a backlog of bills piled up. Since 2009, Illinois schools have seen over $800 million in cuts, according to the state Board of Education. Democratic State Sen. Andy Manar, the education committee’s other co-chair, said he became more aware of the impact of such cuts when his son’s elementary school art class was moved to a janitor’s closet to save the Bunker Hill School District money. As it stands now, Illinois schools get their money from the state in a variety of ways. In addition to “general state aid” – money distributed to districts to help offset the basic cost of educating students – schools get separate grant money to

By KERRY LESTER The Associated Press SPRINGFIELD – A new report by a state Senate education committee says that streamlining Illinois’ school funding formula would provide better equity to all districts. According to the document released Friday, putting the vast majority of state funds into one pot, then dividing up resources based on need, would serve as a fairer distribution method than the current system, which factors in a district’s poverty for some types of state aid but not others and also treats funding for Chicago schools differently. As the state grapples with an estimated loss of $1.5 billion in revenue if lawmakers allow the temporary income tax increase to expire as scheduled next January, committee

AP file photo

Teachers strike Jan. 12, 2012, outside Zion-Benton High School in Zion after negotiations between the teachers union and District 126 broke down. An education funding advisory committee is urging for the state’s school funding formula to be changed to provide more equity to rich and poor districts across Illinois during tough economic times. Lawmakers, who will detail the proposal Monday, aim to turn the report into legislation by the spring. members say it’s an ideal time to have a conversation about changes. “Whatever money we have, we’d like for schools to be fund-

ed fairly,” said state Sen. Dave Luechtefeld, an Okawville Republican and co-chair of the eight-member committee. Overspending and a $100



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fund specific programs, including transportation, special education and vocational training. While general state aid is divvied up based on districts’ respective poverty levels and various aspects to determine need, much of the other grant funding is not. In addition, Chicago school funding is entirely different than the rest of the state. Since the mid-1990s, the city’s schools have gotten a block, or overall percentage, of available state funds based on their enrollment and need. The city can spend the money as it sees fit. Manar argues that as times get lean, wealthier districts that have more property tax dollars going toward their schools have an advantage over the poorer districts and can more easily offset cuts in state aid.

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1004 E. Galena




By GRANT SCHULTE The Associated Press LINCOLN, Neb. – With yet another obstacle removed for the Keystone XL pipeline, opponents were pressing forward with a lawsuit to challenge the project, public protests and an effort to inject the issue into the November elections. Supporters and opponents both were quick to claim victories with the U.S. State Department report released Friday, which raised no major objections to the pipeline. The oil industry, some union groups and congressional Republicans called on the Obama administration to move forward with the project, while a coalition of landowners and environmentalists said there is still cause for denying a federal permit. The project would ship 830,000 barrels of oil a day from Canada to Texas Gulf Coast refineries. Meanwhile, farmers and ranchers in Nebraska who oppose the pipeline are planning to run for seats on a state board that regulates power stations that are needed along the project route. And national activists said they have recruited more than 75,000 volunteers willing to participate in civil disobedience, should President Barack Obama approve the Keystone project. The project now goes to a 30day comment period and a review by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and other agencies. Obama has 90 days to make the decision on the pipeline, but the White House on Friday disputed the notion that the report is headed to a fast approval. Oil began flowing last week through an Oklahoma-to-Texas section already approved by Obama. “There’s no question, if the president approves this permit, that there will be civil disobedience,” said Jane Kleeb, executive director of the group Bold Nebraska, which has helped organize opposition

AP photo

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie speaks Saturday during a ceremony in New York to pass official hosting duties of next year’s Super Bowl to representatives from Arizona. Fellow Republicans are assessing the damage of new allegations that Gov. Christie knew about a traffic-blocking operation orchestrated by top aides.

AP photo

Atkinson, Neb., rancher Bruce Boettcher, who opposes the Keystone XL pipeline, kicks up sand on his land Sept. 29, 2013, to demonstrate the fragility of the sand hills near the planned route of the pipeline. The long-delayed Keystone XL oil pipeline cleared a major hurdle Friday as the U.S. State Department raised no major environmental objections to the controversial pipeline from Canada through the heart of the U.S. in the state. “We’ve said from the beginning that we will support the landowners and what they want to do and what they think is best for their property. I think you’ll see some landowners driving really slow on their county roads to block the [pipeline] trucks.” Project backers said the report – the latest in a five-year review by state and federal agencies – bolsters their case for the pipeline and eliminates the need for further delays. The Keystone XL is “not about energy versus the environment. It’s about where Americans want to get their oil,” said Russ Girling, CEO of pipeline developer TransCanada. “Keystone XL will displace heavy oil from such places as the Middle East and Venezuela, and of the top five regions the U.S. imports oil from, only Canada has substantial greenhouse gas regulations in place.”

Opponents were planning to host vigils throughout the nation Monday and “pipeline meet-ups” throughout February to encourage people to raise the issue with candidates in the 2014 election. They also were waiting for a Nebraska judge to rule on a lawsuit challenging a state law that allowed the project to proceed. A ruling is expected by late March, and whatever the outcome an appeal to the Nebraska Supreme Court is a near certainty. Kleeb said 115 landowners in Nebraska still refuse to sign agreements with pipeline developer TransCanada and would engage in nonviolent civil disobedience if the company tries to lay pipe through their land. She said her group also plans to run candidates for the Nebraska Public Power District, a state board that approves and regulates power projects.

Christie going on offensive about accusation By ANGELA DELLI SANTI and PHILIP ELLIOTT The Associated Press TRENTON, N.J. – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is going on the offensive after a former loyalist said he has evidence the Republican governor knew more than he has admitted about an apparently politically motivated traffic jam ordered by one of his staffers last year. The governor’s political team sent an email Saturday to donors, along with columnists and pundits who might be in a position to defend Christie, bashing the man Christie put in a top post at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the accusations the man’s lawyer made in a letter Friday. The email said the former Port Authority official, David Wildstein, “will do and say anything to save David Wildstein.” The action from Christie’s supporters comes as Republicans are debating the im-

plications of the scandal that this year has surrounded the administration of the possible 2016 presidential contender. It was sent at a moment when Christie is in the spotlight with his state hosting Sunday’s Super Bowl. Christie’s team criticizes the initial report Friday about lawyer Alan Zegas’ letter as “sloppy reporting,” noting that Wildstein did not present any proof to back up the claims that his lawyer made. The note also denies that Christie knew about the traffic jam or its political motive until after it was over and bashes Wildstein on a variety of fronts, characterizing him as a litigious teenager, a controversial mayor and for his past career as an anonymous political blogger. The email, headlined “5 Things You Should Know about the Bombshell That’s Not a Bombshell” was obtained by The Associated Press and confirmed by Christie’s office. It was first reported by Politico.

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Keystone XL foes undaunted by State Department report

Polls open in tense Thai national election




By THANYARAT DOKSONE The Associated Press

AP photo

Yves Gomes, a student at the University of Maryland, who’s parents were deported, poses for a Jan. 17 photo inside his great uncle’s house where he lives in Silver Spring, Md. Even though his legal status was once in limbo, today Gomes attends the University of Maryland, where he pays in-state tuition.

More states grant in-state tuition to immigrants By KIMBERLY HEFLING The Associated Press WASHINGTON – Giancarlo Tello paid $14,000 more than other New Jersey high school graduates to attend Rutgers University, the state’s flagship public college. Why the difference? Tello spent much of his childhood in the U.S. without legal permission after his parents moved from Peru when he was 6. That changes if he re-enrolls this fall, as he plans, because of a law recently signed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie that provides in-state tuition to immigrants like him. Supporters of immigrants’ rights are energized because after years of contentious fights, New Jersey and three other states passed statutes last year that will allow such students who came to the U.S. when they were minors to pay in-state tuition. Fifteen states now have such a statute, said Ann Morse of the National Conference of State Legislatures. In addition, university boards in Hawaii, Michigan and Rhode Island have granted

these students in-state tuition. To qualify, high school graduates typically must meet requirements such as living in a state for a set number of years. Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Mississippi, New Hampshire and Virginia have bills under consideration that would extend the in-state benefit, said Tanya Broder, a senior attorney with the National Immigration Law Center. Supporters next plan to step up lobbying on a related issue: making these students eligible for state financial aid, including scholarships or grants. Already, California, New Mexico and Texas have laws spelling out this right, and it is under consideration in states such as Washington. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., and Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo., filed a bill in Congress that would provide money to states that offer instate tuition or financial aid to these students. “It’s an economic issue, and it’s an issue of fairness,” Murray said. In this time of financial austerity, the bill faces a difficult road.

BANGKOK – Thailand’s tense national election got underway Sunday amid signs of disruptions at several polling stations and fears of violence, a day after gun battles between protesters and would-be voters broke out at a busy Bangkok intersection. The extent of disruptions was not immediately clear when polls opened nationwide, but there were early indications that dozens of polling stations in Bangkok would not open because protesters blocked delivery of ballots or stopped voters from entering. At least seven people were wounded in Saturday’s clashes, including an American photojournalist, when gun battles broke out at a busy Bangkok intersection between government supporters and protesters intent on derailing the polls. The exchange of fire was the latest flare-up in a monthslong campaign by

AP photo

An anti-government protester takes cover after firing his pistol Saturday at pro-election demonstrators in Bangkok, Thailand. Gunfire rang out across a busy intersection in Thailand’s capital for more than an hour Saturday as clashes between protesters and government supporters erupted on the eve of tense nationwide elections. protesters to overthrow Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s beleaguered government, which they accuse of corruption. The turmoil raised the prospect of more violence Sunday, when polls opened for an electoral contest that has devolved into

a battle of wills between the government and protesters – and those caught between who insist on their right to vote. Protesters say they plan to fill the streets of the Thai capital to prevent voters from reaching polling stations.


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Russia slams support for Ukraine opposition

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Toronto mayor ticketed for jaywalking in Vancouver

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UN chief pushes for quick return to Syria talks

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NATION & WORLD | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+

SC Supreme Court to rule on public autopsy reports


| The Herald-News



HOW TO SUBMIT DX`cjlYd`jj`fejkfe\nj7k_\_\iXc[$e\nj%Zfd%G_fkfjj_flc[Y\j\ekXjXkkXZ_d\ekjkfXe\dX`c% JlYd`jj`fejXi\jlYa\Zkkf\[`k`e^]fic\e^k_#jkpc\Xe[^iXddXiXe[Xgg\XiXjjgXZ\`jXmX`cXYc\%

Sunday, February 2, 2014 The Herald-News / GX^\*+

High-yield short-term bonds

Dear Mr. Berko: I have $130,000 sitting in my money market account earning less than 0.25 percent. My broker has recommended that I put some of this money in Puerto Rican tax-free bonds that yield more than 10 percent, as well as taxable bonds from several South American countries and from various other foreign countries with even higher yields. I can afford a moderate amount of risk, but I’d appreciate your looking over the enclosed list and helping me pick out some issues you think are the safest in the bunch. And if you have any other suggestions on how to get better than 10 percent safely, I’d appreciate your recommendations, too. – RP, Rochester, Minn. Dear RP: Are you that desperate? I don’t speak Balochistanian, Venezuelan, Swahili, Sinaloan, Kashmiri, Elbonian or Kosovan. And though those governments’ officials will be enriching themselves at the public trough for decades to come,

I doubt their bonds will survive that long. The Venezuelan bonds, maturing in 2033 and yielding 29 percent, should make a few more interest payments before they default. Then I’m certain as rain that in the following few years, American bondholders (including major U.S. banks and large mutual funds) will demand the U.S. government confiscate Venezuelan assets to reimburse them for their inevitable investment losses. The only names on that list with better than a 50-50 chance of survival are the Puerto Rican municipals. There are two reasons: an enormous U.S. business presence in Puerto Rico and the Obama administration’s belief that Puerto Rico is a strong candidate for statehood. Though I don’t object to a speculative $10,000 investment in this Puerto Rican junque, I suggest you purchase it through one of the large discount brokerages or a firm that trades on the New York Stock Exchange. This outfit you’re working

VIEWS Malcom Berko with is a schlock house with bond markups that are big enough to choke a python. Meanwhile, burn that list. To improve the survivability of your speculative bond portfolio, I suggest that you invest only in maturity bonds that will come due in less than four years. Keeping short maturity dates is how many high-yield junk bond mutual funds have been able to post double-digit returns in the past couple of years. The following list of short-maturity issues will give you an idea of what to look for: Dendreon: 2.875 percent (not rated) bonds, maturing in January 2016, trade at $660 per $1,000, with a 25 percent yield to maturity. Dendreon (DNDN-$2.99) is a $300 million-revenue biotech company with no earnings, a negative book value and a negative cash flow. It has

been public since 1992. J.C. Penney: 6.75 percent bonds, maturing in October 2015 and rated CCC-, trade at $910 per $1,000 face value and have a 12 percent yield to maturity. J.C. Penney (JCP$8.80), a $12 billion-revenue retailer, has an $8.70 book value and a negative cash flow, and it may not be profitable for a while. Harrah’s: 10.75 percent bonds, maturing in February 2016 and rated CCC-, trade at $810 per $1,000 face value and have a yield to maturity of 22.04 percent. Harrah’s, a privately held company, has well-known money-losing casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Global Geophysical Services (GGS-$1.61) is an unprofitable $300 million-revenue provider of seismic solutions to the oil and gas industry. The 10.5 percent bonds, rated B-, mature in May 2017, trade at $781 per $1,000 face and have a 20.02 percent yield to maturity. GGS has a $1.62 book value and a $78 million cash flow.

Toys R Us: is a privately held, barely profitable retailer. Its 10.375 percent bonds, maturing in August 2017, trade at $819 per $1,000 face value. They are rated CCC and yield 16.2 percent to maturity. All those bonds have an infinitely better chance of survival than those long-maturity foreign issues. They are just a few names of the many publicly traded shortterm junk bonds. If your broker doesn’t have a ready list, he can locate hundreds of issues by perusing the portfolios of the many junk bond funds that own those and similar issues. If he doesn’t have the wherewithal to do that, his firm’s bond department probably has a ready list of high-yield short-term bonds from which he should be able to give you some recommendations. s0LEASEADDRESSYOURFInancial questions to Malcolm Berko, P.O. Box 8303, Largo, FL 33775, or email him at

Small investors on edge as stocks drop worldwide By BERNARD CONDON and KEN SWEET The Associated Press NEW YORK – January’s global sell-off in stocks has left many small investors more puzzled than panicked – and unsure how to act. They’re holding on for now as prices continue to tumble, but their anxiety is mounting. The number of small investors who say they feel “bearish” soared this past week, according to a U.S. survey. Some stock funds have been hit with their biggest withdrawals since 2012. AP photo If more people start selling, Traders work Friday on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. it would reverse a new and Stocks fell sharply in early trading Friday, as investors fretted over surprising trend in some of disappointing earnings from companies like and more the world’s biggest economies: individuals moving back into trouble in overseas markets.

stocks after years of shunning them. “After [the] upswing last year, it probably isn’t going to continue,” said Ken Duska, a retiree in Mingo Junction, Ohio, who is sticking with his investment plan for the moment, though he’s not sure that’s wise. Small investors around the world were on edge even before growing signs of a slowdown in China and plunging emerging-market currencies dragged many stock indexes down to their worst start of a new year since 2010. They worried stocks were overdue for a drop, after soaring by double-digit percentages in countries like the United States, Japan and France in 2013. In the U.S., many noted, the market had not fallen by

10 percent or more, known on Wall Street as a correction, for more than two years. Now, with the Dow Jones industrial average down 5 percent from a recent peak, one is closer at hand. “The question is, ‘Is this all of it, or is there significantly more to come?’ ” says Greg Sarian, a managing director at the Sarian Group at HighTower, a wealth advisory firm in Pennsylvania. Anxiety has ramped up in Asia, too. That country’s main index, the Kospi, is down 3.5 percent since the start of the year. In Japan, the Nikkei is off 8.5 percent, after soaring 58 percent last year. The Hang Seng in Hong Kong has fallen nearly 5.5 percent, after a 3 percent gain.

Robert Wall >\e\iXcDXeX^\i

Kate Schott <[`kfi

Sunday, February 2, 2014 The Herald-News / GX^\*,


Future of state’s income tax State lawmakers return to Springfield on Tuesday, and are expected to take up this session the future of the state’s income tax. The right thing to do is to keep their word to the public and allow the increase to roll back beginning in 2015. The history of the tax increase is dubious in and of itself: It was passed in January 2011 with the help of lame-duck lawmakers, some of whom went on to find gainful employment working for the state of Illinois. The increase hiked the tax on personal income from 3 to 5 percent for individuals, and on corporate income from 7.3 to 9.5 percent. While this unpopular increase was negotiated, lawmakers decided that it should be temporary, and that by 2015, rates should decline to 3.75 percent for personal income and 7.75 for corporate income. The argument against allowing the tax to roll back is that it will create budget deficits: Gov. Pat Quinn’s office of management and budget projects the state budget deficit would grow to $1.9 billion in 2015 and $4.1 billion in 2016 if legislators keep their word to taxpayers. But that seems more like an argument for the state to adjust its spending priorities, something that is long overdue. Illinoisans haven’t been paying the full price of the government they have, which is evident from the $100 billion in unfunded pension obligations and backlog of unpaid bills the state has accrued. The chief benefit of the income tax increase has been to enable the state to continue spending beyond its means. Despite all-time highs in collected revenue, the unpaid bills remain, as does the pension chasm and the state’s lowest-in-the-nation credit rating. Rather than focusing on retaining a “temporary” tax increase, legislators instead should spend the time before the tax increase rollback to create a government we can afford. We also need to find revenue streams beyond the old standbys of “sin taxes” on tobacco, booze and gambling, gambling and more gambling. One sure-fire way to generate more revenue without hiking taxes is to grow the economy and attract new jobs. To do that, Illinois needs a tax policy that makes it more attractive to outside investment, not less. High taxes on people and companies are not a selling point. Lawmakers included a sunset clause in the tax increase legislation for a reason. Now is the time for them to make the tough decisions they did not make in 2011.


To the Marine corps: Let Sgt. Hutchins go I can’t believe I’m writing these words: Marine Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins III is going on trial – again. Twice, Hutchins’ conviction by a military court martial for unpremeditated murder in Iraq has been overturned because of factors precluding a fair trial. That means that twice, following Hutchins’ initial conviction in 2007, he has been released from the brig a free man. After his conviction was overturned the first time, there were eight months of freedom in 2010. Then, on the day his wife Reyna found out she was pregnant with their second child, Hutchins, a third-generation Marine, returned to prison. Last summer, the military’s highest appeals court overturned his conviction a second time. For the past six months, Hutchins has been living with Reyna and their two children, Kylie, 8, and Aidan, 2, while teaching marksmanship at Camp Pendleton. A new baby is

VIEWS Diane West on the way. Now, he – and they – must prepare for a new trial, his third. Why? This twisting story with serial breaking points goes back to the night of April 26, 2006, somewhere in the Sunni Triangle west of Baghdad. Remember the Sunni Triangle? This was the pre-“surge” center of insurgent operations against our forces, who were daily coming under attack, usually by roadside bombs, or IEDs. Our Marines also had daily encounters with the insurgents behind these IED attacks, capturing “high-value targets,” and then being ordered to set them free again. Sometimes there was insufficient “evidence” to hold them. Often, there was no jail space. Remember the bad old

days of “catch and release”? Saleh Gowad was one such official “high-value target,” the mastermind behind a series of IED attacks decimating U.S. ranks. According to previous court testimony, Gowad had been caught and released three times by that April night in 2006 when Hutchins’ eight-man squad was on the hunt for him. The plan to kill him, according to the Los Angeles Times’ recent recap of Hutchins’ case, was “developed as a warning to other Iraqis not to attack Marines with sniper shots or buried roadside bombs.” The squad, later known as the Pendleton 8, kidnapped and killed the wrong Iraqi man, and then faked evidence that he had been caught burying an IED. Nonetheless, the Times points out, in the months following the incident, “attacks on Marines in the region dropped.”

See WEST, page 36

THE FIRST AMENDMENT :fe^i\jjj_XccdXb\efcXni\jg\Zk`e^Xe\jkXYc`j_d\ekf]i\c`^`fe#figif_`Y`k`e^k_\]i\\\o\iZ`j\k_\i\f]2fiXYi`[^`e^k_\]i\\[fdf]jg\\Z_# fif]k_\gi\jj2fik_\i`^_kf]k_\g\fgc\g\XZ\XYcpkfXjj\dYc\#Xe[kfg\k`k`fek_\>fm\ied\ek]fiXi\[i\jjf]^i`\mXeZ\j%


OPINION | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+


John Rung Gi\j`[\ek



It be nice to see ‘Made in the USA’ label again



To the Editor: @]fle[k_\Xik`Zc\#`ek_\ ?\iXc[$E\nj#k`kc\[ÈN\Xck_>Xg1 N_p`kdXkk\ijÉm\ip`ek\i\jk`e^% @k_`eb#_fn\m\i#k_\Xlk_fic\]k flkX]\nk_`e^j% J`eZ\n\_Xm\jfd\\c\Zk`fej Zfd`e^lg#k_\[f$efk_`e^:fe^i\jjXe[N_`k\?flj\e\\[jkf ]`e[jfd\k_`e^kf^\kflid`e[j f]]k_\cXZbf]XZZfdgc`j_d\ek Zfd`e^flkf]NXj_`e^kfe#;%:%# k_\j\gXjk-p\Xij%Jfn\_Xm\ k_\Èn\Xck_^Xg%É @nflc[glk`ki`^_klgk_\i\ n`k_fk_\iÈkXcb`e^gf`ekjÉjlZ_ XjÈ^cfYXcnXid`e^%É K_\n\Xck_pXi\^iX[lXccp Y\Zfd`e^k_\e\nd`[[c\ZcXjj Xe[k_\fc[d`[[c\ZcXjj`j Xci\X[pfe]ff[jkXdgj#d\[`ZX`[ Xe[n\c]Xi\%C\kjjkfgkXo`e^ Xe[fm\i$i\^lcXk`e^\m\ipYf[p kf[\Xk_Xe[i\[lZ\k_\j`q\f] k_\È]\[\iXc^fm\ied\ek%ÉIX`j`e^k_\Èd`e`dldnX^\ÉnfeËk Zlkk_\dljkXi[#`kn`ccfecpc\X[ kfcXpf]]jXe[_`^_\igi`Z\jfe ^ff[jjfc[% G\i_Xgjn\j_flc[iX`j\ k_\È`dgfik&\ogfikkXo\jÉjf

WRITE TO US N\n\cZfd\fi`^`eXcc\kk\ij%C\kk\ijdljk`eZcl[\k_\ Xlk_fiËj]lcceXd\#_fd\X[[i\jj#Xe[[XpXe[\m\e`e^ k\c\g_fe\eldY\ij#n_`Z_Xi\i\hl`i\[`ek_\\m\ekXlk_fi dljkY\ZfekXZk\[]fiZcXi`ÔZXk`fe%8[[i\jj\jXe[g_fe\ eldY\ijXi\efkglYc`j_\[%C\kk\ijXi\c`d`k\[kf+'' nfi[j#Xe[dljkY\]i\\f]c`Y\cfljZfek\ekXe[g\ijfeXc XkkXZbj%8ccc\kk\ijXi\jlYa\Zkkf\[`k`e^]fic\e^k_Xe[ ZcXi`kpXkk_\jfc\[`jZi\k`fef]k_\\[`kfi%<dX`cc\kk\ijkf fg`e`fe7K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd%DX`ckfK_\?\iXc[$E\nj# C\kk\ijkfk_\<[`kfi#)(.,Fe\`[XJk%#Afc`\k#@C-'+*,% hlXc`kp^ff[jk_Xklj\[kfY\ dXel]XZkli\[`ek_\LJ8ZXeY\ Yifl^_kYXZb_\i\% @knflc[eËk_likkf_Xm\Xcck_\ jkXk\jgXjjÈi`^_kkfnfibÉc\^`jcXk`fe#g\i_Xgjn\j_flc[_fc[X ÈZfejk`klk`feXcZfem\ek`feÉXe[ dXb\Èk\idc`d`kjÉXe[Èi`^_kkf nfibÉXgXikf]fli:fejk`klk`fe% ÈC`Y\ikpXe[aljk`Z\]fiXccÉefk aljkX]\n% N\Xcjfe\\[kfdXb\jfd\ j\i`fljZ_Xe^\j`ek_\nXpn\ \[lZXk\flib`[jXe[fligXi\ekj f]kf[Xpe\\[kf^\k`emfcm\[ `en_Xkk_\jZ_ffcjXi\k\XZ_`e^_fnXYflkn\jkXikn`k_ c\Xie`e^YXj`ZÈi\X[`e^#ni`k`e^ Xe[Xi`k_d\k`ZÉY\]fi\n\^\kkf

ÈZfdglk\ijZ`\eZ\%É KXo\j#i\^lcXk`fejXe[gffi nfib\k_`ZXi\Z_fb`e^f]] fliXY`c`kpkfgif[lZ\ÈhlXc`kp ^ff[jÉXkXeX]]fi[XYc\gi`Z\% @kjli\nflc[Y\e`Z\kfj\\ \m\ipk_`e^cXY\c\[ÈDX[\`ek_\ LJ8ÉfeZ\X^X`e% Raymond Malmgren E\nC\efo

Separation will not guarantee success

To the Editor: N\e\\[XgiXZk`ZXcgcXekf X[[i\jjk_\8j`XeZXig% Fm\ii\XZk`fe`jefkk_\jfclk`fe%Gil[\eZ\`j%

K_\:figjf]<e^`e\\ij_Xj gifgfj\[\`^_kgcXejÆfecp fe\`emfcm\ji\$j\gXiXk`e^k_\ @cc`ef`jI`m\ijpjk\d]ifdCXb\ D`Z_`^Xe%J\\1^cdi`j%Xec%^fm& ^cdi`j$i\gfik 8D`cnXlb\\AflieXcJ\ek`e\c \[`kfi`XcRÈ8efk_\iM`\nÉ#?\iXc[ E\nj#AXe%(*#)'(+T\o_`Y`k\[ ^cXi`e^fd`jj`fej`edXb`e^X n\XbZXj\]fij\gXiXk`fe% K_\Xik`Zc\gi\j\ekjk_\JXe`kXipXe[J_`g:XeXcXj`]`kn\i\ fecpX_l^\j\n\iXe[jkfid [iX`e[`kZ_Æc`jk`e^j\n\iXe[ ]cff[Zfekifclg^iX[\jXjk_\ fecpj\gXiXk`feZfjkj% Fd`kk\[`jk_\fk_\iZf$fi`^`eXc `ek\ek1nXk\iYfie\Zfdd\iZ\ Zfee\Zk`e^fliXi\Xn`k_8kcXek`Z j_`gg`e^cXe\j#D`jj`jj`gg`&F_`f I`m\iYXj`e#Xe[>lc]Jflk_% 8cjfc\]kflkXi\\Zfefd`Z Zfjkj&ZXjlXck`\j#ZfifccXip& i\j`[lXc`e]iXjkilZkli\Zfjkj# Xe[X[[`k`feXcZXiYfe$Ylie X]]cl\ekgfcclk`fe]ifddXib\[cp `eZi\Xj\[cXe[kiX]]`Z% Le[\iXj\gXiXk`fejZ_\d\# Zfddf[`k`\jZflc[kiXm\ck_\ @cc`ef`jNXk\inXpkf#jXp#C\dfek#k_\e_Xm\kfY\f]]$cfX[\[ Xe[i\cfX[\[fekfkilZbfiiX`c

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Former Marinees have urged military to let Hutchins go ›N<JK :fek`el\[]ifdgX^\*, Strange. Or not strange. The identity of the killed Iraqi remains contested, along with a shocking number of other clues to this “crime scene.” Or maybe not shocking. This was, of course, a battlefield. And it was a battlefield gone wrong, spinning out of U.S. control because of the fundamentally flawed, ultimately failed Bush counterinsurgency strategy of “nation-building” in Iraq. Seven of the Pendleton 8 were out of prison by 2007, with none of them serving longer than 18 months. After a botched defense, squad-leader Hutchins, however, drew a 15-year-sentence, later commuted to 11 years. Babu Kaza, Hutchins’

appellate attorney, has long contended that had Hutchins received a fair trial to begin with, he would never have been convicted of unpremeditated murder, or received more than a time-served sentence. By now, Hutchins has served more than six years behind bars. Former Marines such as author Bing West have urged the military to drop the case and let Hutchins go free. But no. Six years is not enough for the Marine brass. In their decision to re-try Hutchins, they seem less to be seeking justice than re-enacting a version of catch-and-release; or, in this case, release-and-catch. Release Hutchins, then catch him again. I call that cruel and unusual punishment. Why is the Marine Corps doing this? And why now?

A Marine spokesman speaks of the seriousness of the charges against Hutchins, but sounds unconvincing. Meanwhile, hanging over this case is the specter of undue command influence that goes back to public comments Navy Secretary Ray Mabus made about Hutchins in 2009. The Navy Secretary, of course, oversees the Marines. For related reasons, Hutchins recently requested a defense team and military judge from outside the Marine Corps. The majority opinion that overturned Hutchins’ conviction last summer didn’t address the issue of undue command influence, but one of the appellate judges ruling in Hutchins’ favor highlighted Mabus’ comments as “disturbing and inappropriate.” The same words might be used to describe this

dogged prosecution. It has ground on, even as literally thousands of Iraqi and Afghan detainees, men who killed many Americans, have received clemency, many from U.S. commanders. Why not some clemency for our own – Hutchins, and the rest of the veteran-prisoners of Iraq and Afghanistan known as the Leavenworth 10? The question goes unanswered, the silence juxtaposed this week with another round of Taliban releases from Afghanistan jails, and the president’s promise to close Guantanamo Bay. There is more to the Hutchins case than is widely known. Last year, it came out that not long after Mabus’ 2009 comments, Reyna Hutchins received word from the FBI that she was on an al-Qaida hit list. So, too, was Tom Bolinder, a founder of the Military

Combat Defense Fund, which has helped defray Hutchins’ legal expenses. The list was drawn up by Paul Rockwood Jr., an American convert to Islam and follower of the late jihad-imam Anwar al-Awlaki. Rockwood would be featured in al-Qaida’s Inspire magazine. Fearful months passed before Rockwood’s capture and conviction on terrorism-related charges in 2010. He’s serving an eightyear sentence. Now, the Marines have Sgt. Hutchins in their sights instead. There’s something wrong with this picture.

s$IANA7ESTSNEWBOOK is “American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character” from St. Martin’s Press. She blogs at, and she can be contacted via dianawest@ Follow her on Twitter @diana_west_


Joliet Central’s Jailen Jones drives to the basket during the second half Friday against Lockport in Joliet. Central came from behind to defeat Lockport, 55-52.




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SPORTS | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+


Sunday, February 2, 2014 The Herald-News / GX^\*.





Joliet Central overcomes Lockport Smaller lineup ignites offense as Steelmen end three-game skid By DICK GOSS JOLIET – Antonio Dyson opened at a wing Friday night and did not get involved much offensively in the first half when Jonah Coble carried the load. In the second half, Joliet Central coach Jeff Corcoran used his small lineup more often. Dyson became the man in the post and responded, scoring 12 of his 14 points after the break as the Steelmen rallied to beat SouthWest Suburban Blue rival Lockport, 55-52. “When we went to the smaller lineup, that allowed us to have more quickness on the floor,” Central coach Jeff Corcoran said. “We like to run and Larry [Thompson, the Lockport coach] likes to slow it down. But we had to slow down in order for us to get better looks.” Those looks came during a 15-0 run over a seven-minute span that turned a 33-25 deficit into a 40-33 lead with 6:37 left. Lockport (10-9, 4-3), which led 25-21 at half, battled back and had a shot at tying in the closing seconds, but John Campbell’s long 3-point attempt misfired. Jerry Gillespie, a 5-foot-5 junior, and 5-10 sophomore Taquan Sims manned the guard spots during most of the Steelmen’s decisive run. Dyson benefitted, finishing 5 of 9 from the field and 4 of 4 from the free-throw line. Coble scored 21 points on 6-of12 shooting plus 8-of-9 free throws. He scored six points in the 15-0 run. “At the beginning of the season coach [Corcoran] moved me into the post sometimes,” Dyson said. “We did more of that tonight, and it worked. But it was defense that really brought us the lead and the win.” “What having the smaller lineup in did for us was we got better penetration and were able to draw fouls,” Coble said. “We were shooting


Joliet Central’s Jaylen McGee drives to the basket during the first half of Friday’s game against Lockport in Joliet. Central defeated Lockport, 55-52. Joliet Central wore green uniforms in homage to Joliet East. the bonus, and we wanted to get to the line.” Central (12-7, 4-3), which snapped a three-game losing streak, forced 24 Lockport turnovers while committing 18. The Steelmen, donning the old Joliet East green uniforms for the second time since separate programs were restored at Central and West a few years ago, went 21 for 29 at the free throw line while the Porters went 18 for 22. “It was a combination of their athleticism and their ability to get our kids to play too fast, plus my inability to get a group on the floor during their run that could sustain and not turn the ball

ÈN_\en\n\ekkfk_\jdXcc\ic`e\lg#k_XkXccfn\[ ljkf_Xm\dfi\hl`Zbe\jjfek_\]cffi%N\c`b\kf ileXe[CXiipRK_fdgjfe#k_\CfZbgfikZfXZ_Tc`b\j kfjcfn`k[fne%9lkn\_X[kfjcfn[fne`efi[\i ]filjkf^\kY\kk\icffbj%É Jeff Corcoran, Afc`\k:\ekiXcYfpjYXjb\kYXccZfXZ_ over,” Thompson said. “Grover [Anderson, Lockport’s senior lead guard] had a tough time handling the ball. They kept rotating quickness in there and we were turning our backs at inopportune times. That’s a fundamental thing we have to do better. The guys receiving passes have to be stron-

ger, too.” Anderson led Lockport with 17 points, including a perfect showing at the freethrow line after making all 13 attempts. He is shooting 77.9 percent from the line (74 for 95). “Grover shoots his free throws well,” Thompson said. “But they gave him no

uncontested shots. You think our scoring will come from him and John Campbell, and they’re going against guys two or three inches taller and 20 pounds heavier.” Campbell chipped in with 14 points and led all rebounders with seven. Lockport held a 17-9 rebounding edge in the first half and finished with a 29-21 advantage. The Porters, who had Ralph Blakney, Jaylandt Gilmer and Tyrail Trussell back from last week’s ineligibility, played without guard Deiondre Taylor, whose grandmother passed away, and reserve center Austin Zborek, who had suffered a mild concussion.


By DEAN CRIDDLE J_XnD\[`X:fii\jgfe[\ek FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS – Lincoln-Way West senior Joshuan Glover put a perfect finish to an almost perfect weekend Saturday at the IHSA boys bowling state tournament at St. Clair Bowl. Holding a 92-pin lead entering play Saturday, Glover used a 300 game as a catalyst for series scores of 741 and 684 as he put the finishing touch on a record-settling state championship effort. Glover, who seized control of the two-day tournament Friday, opening with series of 791 and 751, shot 225 in his first game Saturday before thrilling the overflow crowd at St. Clair Bowl with the third perfect game of the tournament and his first of the season. “I felt good on every shot.

Every one was in the pocket,’’ Glover said. “I really wanted to bowl a 300 and do it for my mom [Tonya]. I promised her that I would bowl a perfect game for her as a birthday present this year and I hadn’t gotten one until today. “Happy birthday, Mom.’’ The 300 was just one of several outstanding games bowled by Glover, whose total of 2,967 pins set a state tournament record. Glover, who averaged 247.3, broke the record of 2,963 set by Alex Henseler of Salem in 2008. “I had no idea that I had broken the record until the last game was over and my coach came over and told me,’’ Glover said. “To be a senior and bowling in my last state tournament, to win a state title ... well, it doesn’t get any better then that.’’ Brandon Biondo of Algon-

Area highlights State champion:Afj_lXe>cfm\i#C`eZfce$NXpN\jk% Others in Top 10:*%;XbfkX Mfjkip#Ifd\fm`cc\2.%QXZ_J\^Xkkf#D`effbX2('%Af_eBXl]]dXe# D`effbX% Teams:,%D`effbX2()%CfZbgfik2 (*%9fc`e^Yiffb% quin Jacobs was second with a 2,878 total. Biondo averaged 239.8 for his 12 games. Rounding out the top five bowlers were Dakota Vostry of Romeoville (2,841), Perry Sibby of Richton Park Southland College Prep (2,873) and Livio Boizon of Chicago Whitney Young (2,767). Vostry’s strong effort provided a positive ending to Romeoville’s outstanding season. The Spartans were among the

Joliet area’s top teams all season but finished a disappointing eighth in the sectional, with Vostry the only individual to advance to state. Rockford Guilford rallied from 171 pins down at the start of the day to win its second state title. The Vikings, who also won the title in 2011, finished with 13,107 pins. Threetime state champion Tinley Park Andrew was second with a 13,002 total and host O’Fallon placed third with 12,970 pins. Machesney Park Harlem (12,727) and Minooka (12,602) rounded out the top five teams. Minooka was led by Zach Segatto, who placed seventh with a score of 2,747, and John Kauffman, who was 10th at 2,678. Both bowlers earned allstate recognition Segatto did not have the season he wanted but was outstanding in the postseason.

He enjoyed a solid regional at Channahon Lanes, won his second consecutive sectional title at the Andrew Sectional and then kept up his torrid pace at state. Kauffman finished second in the regional, battled through a subpar sectional and stepped to the fore at state. Kai Devine chipped in with 2,436 for the Indians. Chris Dombrowski totaled 2,332 and Alex Guglielmucci joined the lineup Saturday and shot 1,222 for six games. Defending champion Lockport made the cut after Friday and finished 12th. The Porters had a new lineup as eight seniors were on last year’s state team. Sophomore Brandon Bonomo finished at 2,557 to lead Lockport. Bolingbrook finished 13th Friday, narrowly missing a chance to continue into Saturday’s finals.

SPORTS | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+

L-W West’s Glover pockets state title






Plainfield East rallies past Plainfield South Win gives Bengals first place in Southwest Prairie Conference at 7-2 By DICK GOSS PLAINFIELD – It has been awhile since the Plainfield South boys basketball team was not in first place in the wild Southwest Prairie Conference race. For most of Saturday afternoon’s battle at Plainfield East, it appeared the Cougars would hold onto to the No. 1 spot despite Friday night’s 6039 loss at Plainfield North. However, the Bengals had other ideas. East went on a 14-0 run midway through the fourth quarter and made the big plays down the stretch to escape, 60-57. That leaves East 7-2, North 6-2 and South 6-3 in the SPC. The game, which began at 5 p.m., was the makeup for a previous postponement and nearly was postponed again because of weather. The snow that fell Saturday limited the crowd, but those who braved the elements witnessed a thriller. After Corey Evers’ layup put South (10-11, 6-3) ahead, 57-56, with 30 seconds left, East senior guard Nick Novak drove for a layup to put the Bengals back on top, 58-57, with 22 seconds to go. He also was fouled, missed the free throw and chased down the rebound in the left corner. Sophomore Jordan Reed was fouled and made two free throws, his only points, with 15 seconds remaining to make it 60-57. Evers’ 3-point attempt bounced across the rim and the Bengals (13-7, 7-2) won the rebound battle as time expired. Shane Ritter has been the last-second, 3-point hero all season for South, and Novak’s job was to make sure he did not get the last shot. “I told Nick it was like he was asking for a date,” said East coach Branden Adkins, whose team beat Minooka 5747 Friday. “We’ve seen the tape on him [Ritter] beating North a couple months ago,” Novak said. “I had to stay all over him, not let him get out on


Plainfield East guard Elyjah Goss (32) blocks a shot by Plainfield South’s Corey Evers during the Bengals’ 60-57 Southwest Prairie Conference victory Saturday in Plainfield. Plainfield East improves to 7-2 and is in first in conference while the Cougars fall to 6-3 and third in the SPC. the side.” Ritter nailed four 3-pointers and led the Cougars with 18 points. “It started off lackluster with not many here, and it wound up a game everyone wanted to see,” South coach Tim Boe said. “It slipped away from us. For the most part, our kids stepped up and met the challenge. We made shots the first half and got good looks the second half. Sometimes the ball goes in and sometimes it doesn’t.” “You have to give South a lot of credit after they lost last night to North,” Adkins said. “They’re a scrappy team. They’ve been in first place a while now and nobody really talked about them. “Nothing was going right for us for three quarters. We didn’t have the energy. We’ve won four in a row, and this is the type of game we would not have won three weeks ago.”

Aaron Jordan, who has committed to Illinois, led East with 15 points, 13 in the second half. He sat the entire second quarter with two fouls, and the Cougars grabbed a 2821 halftime lead. For much of the night, Evers did an excellent defensive job on him. “I think we had him [Jordan] frustrated a bit,” Boe

said. Novak addressed his teammates in the locker room at halftime. “We went over our goals,” he said. “One of them is winning out in the conference.” East’s Joshua Smith had 14 points, nine rebounds and took the ball at Snowden, finally fouling him out. Myles

Ward scored 14 and Novak had eight of his 10 in the fourth quarter. Novak’s steal and layup with 2:49 left climaxed the 14-0 run that gave the Bengals their first lead 5251 with 2:49 left. Center Miles Snowden scored 14 for South without missing a shot and Evers had 12.

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Coal City dominates late, claims Interstate 8 title

Bass powers L-W Central win

By MARK JOHNSON daf_ejfe7j_Xnd\[`X%Zfd COAL CITY – When the fourth quarter began Friday night, Coal City had already blown an 18-point lead and been forced into 22 turnovers by the Reed-Custer defense. The fourth-seeded Coalers recovered and dominated the fourth quarter almost as thoroughly as they had the first. They defeated No. 2 ReedCuster, 75-66, and won the championship at the Interstate Eight Conference boys basketball tournament for the first time in its eight-year history. Coal City went 10 for 10 from the field in the fourth quarter, and its five turnovers were its lowest total in any quarter. Reed-Custer went 7 for 22 from the floor in the final quarter. “I think they executed better than we did down the stretch,” Reed-Custer coach Mark Porter said. “We looked a little bit like a deer in headlights, and we didn’t execute very well in the fourth quarter, and I thought they did. ... They found the open man, they attacked the basket. Things we wanted to take away, we weren’t able to.” The decisive stretch was a 10-2 Coaler run early in the quarter that featured nothing but short baskets, most of which came in transition. Segal Arias made two of those baskets, and he had 10 of his career-high 22 points in the fourth quarter. “Honestly, I would give a lot of the credit to my teammates for giving me open looks. We broke their press,” Arias said. “Usually they’re always pressing, so we just wanna push the ball and look for the open guy. Usually there’s always an open guy downcourt.” Three-pointers from Neil O’Donnell at the 3:34 mark and Travis Schoonover at 2:02 brought Reed-Custer within four and three points, respectively, but after Schoonover’s 3-pointer, the Coalers scored six of the next seven points

STAFF REPORT NEW LENOX – Brad Bass scored 25 points and grabbed 14 rebounds Friday night to lead Lincoln-Way Central to a 61-52 SouthWest Suburban Blue victory over Andrew. Alex Parks chipped in 14 points and Kevin Mampe added 12 for the Knights (118, 3-4).

MEN’S BASKETBALL Indianapolis 80, Lewis 66:


Coal City’s Nick Peters dunks the ball Friday night against Reed-Custer. The Coalers won, 75-66, to win its first Interstate Eight Conference tournament. and the Comets never again got closer than six. “They did a great job,” Coal City coach Brad Boresi said of his players. “We gave away some turnovers in the second and third quarters. Fourth quarter, great job. We finished, executed at the end and closed out the championship game.” A blowout seemed possible early, as the Coalers built a 24-6 lead less than a minute into the second quarter. Coal City was 10 for 14 from the field in the first; Reed-Custer was 3 for 20 and did not make a 3-pointer until Schoonover connected at the 5:08 mark of the second quarter to end an 0 for 9 start. Schoonover’s was the first of four 3s made by the Comets by halftime, which allowed them to close within 35-30. Three more 3s in the third quarter helped the Comets tie the game at 49. Coal City, conversely, did not attempt a 3-pointer the entire game. “The kids understand that we’re not out of games. I mean, the way we play, the pace that we try and set, the number of 3s that we shoot,” Porter said. “Usually what happens is eventually we end up finding a group of five that can come in and they wind up causing four or five turnovers in a row, and we knock down a few threes, and the next thing you know, a 15-point lead has evaporated

to one or two pretty quickly.” Though Arias led all players in scoring, Nick Peters filled up the stat sheet for Coal City (135) with 16 points, 18 rebounds, seven assists, four blocks and two steals. Brennen Shetina, who joined Peters on the all-tournament team, scored 20 points to go with six assists, three steals and two rebounds. Reed-Custer (12-9), which had its best finish in the tournament, received 16 points from Schoonover, 15 points, six rebounds and four blocks from Brent Headrick and 10 points from Austin Hauck. Eleven players scored for the Comets.

Lewis’ bid for three straight wins over a top-10 opponent fell short as No. 10 Indianapolis drained 11 3-pointers and forced 17 turnovers en Jeff Jarosz route to the Great Lakes Valley Conference victory. The Greyhounds (16-2, 8-2) went 11 for 19 from Julian Lewis 3-point territory and turned the Flyer miscues into 29 points. The 17 turnovers are a season-high for the Flyers, who entered with the fewest turnovers in the country. Indianapolis shot .532 overall. Jeff Jarosz finished with a team-best 16 points for Lewis (15-3, 7-3), including three 3-pointers. Julian Lewis had 13 points on 6-of-8 shooting and added a game-high nine

rebounds. Ryan Jackson scored 11 points.

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL Lewis 111, Indianapolis 105 (3OT): No. 20 Lewis need three

overtimes before disposing of No. 16 Indianapolis in a battle for the GLVC East lead. Jamie Johnson led Lewis (15-3, 9-1) with a career-high 28 points, including seven 3-pointers, eight rebounds and six assists. Mariyah Brawner-Henley picked up her 17th double-double of the season with 23 points and 18 rebounds. Jess Reinhart had 16 points and 10 rebounds. Kristin Itschner chipped in 22 points, eight rebounds and six assists. Nikki Nellen scored 13 points.

GIRLS BASKETBALL Joliet Central loses two: Jo-

liet Central (10-12, 2-7) fell to Lincoln-Way East 66-31 and to Sandburg 47-38 in SouthWest Suburban Blue games.

MEN’S VOLLEYBALL Lewis sweeps: The No. 10

Lewis University men’s volleyball team extended their winning streak to six with a 25-16, 25-21, 26-24 sweep of NAIA opponent Missouri Baptist at Neil Carey Arena. Outside hitter Will McCall led the Flyers (7-2), hitting .400 with eight kills. Greg Petty and Patrick Lilly added four kills. BJ Boldog chipped in 15 assists and Scott Pifer 10.



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Central Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA Jk%Cfl`j ,+ *. () , .0 (/, (), Blackhawks,- ** ('(* .0 (00 (,:fcfiX[f ,+ *, (+ , ., (-, (+) D`ee\jfkX ,- )0 )( - -+ (*. (+' EXj_m`cc\ ,. ), )* 0 ,0 (+) (.) ;XccXj ,+ )+ )( 0 ,. (,- (-' N`ee`g\^ ,- )- ), , ,. (,0 (-, Pacific Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA 8eX_\`d ,- +' (( , /, (/0 (*. JXeAfj\ ,, *+ (, - .+ (-- (** Cfj8e^\c\j ,. *' )( - -- (*+ ()) MXeZflm\i ,- ). )' 0 -* (+) (+. G_f\e`o ,, )- (0(' -) (,0 (-+ :Xc^Xip ,+ )' ). . +. ()/ (.' <[dfekfe ,. (/ ** - +) (+. (0+


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Knfgf`ekj]fin`e#fe\gf`ek]fiFKcfjj Saturdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Results BlackhawksXkJXeAfj\e Jk%Cfl`j+#EXj_m`cc\*#JF 9fjkfe+#<[dfekfe' KXdgX9Xp)#Dfeki\Xc(#FK :fcfiX[f.#9l]]Xcf( G_`cX[\cg_`X)#Cfj8e^\c\j' Kfifekf-#FkkXnX* :fcldYlj+#=cfi`[X( G_f\e`o*#G`kkjYli^_( D`ee\jfkXXk:Xc^Xipe ;XccXjXk8eX_\`de Sundayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Games ;\kif`kXkNXj_`e^kfe#((1*'X%d% N`ee`g\^XkDfeki\Xc#effe Mondayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Games BlackhawksXkCfj8e^\c\j#01*'g%d% <[dfekfeXk9l]]Xcf#-g%d% FkkXnXXkG`kkjYli^_#-g%d% MXeZflm\iXk;\kif`k#-1*'g%d% :fcfiX[fXkE\nA\ij\p#-1*'g%d% :fcldYljXk8eX_\`d#0g%d% G_`cX[\cg_`XXkJXeAfj\#01*'g%d%

Central Division W L Pct @e[`XeX *, (' %../ :_`ZX^f )* )) %,(( Bulls (/ ). %+'' :c\m\cXe[ (- *' %*+/ D`cnXlb\\ / */ %(.+ Atlantic Division W L Pct Kfifekf )+ )( %,** 9iffbcpe )' )* %+-, E\nPfib (0 ). %+(* G_`cX[\cg_`X (, *( %*)- 9fjkfe (, ** %*(* Southeast Division W L Pct D`Xd` *) (* %.(( 8kcXekX )* )( %,)* NXj_`e^kfe )) )* %+/0 :_Xicfkk\ )' ). %+)- FicXe[f (* *, %).(

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Southwest Division W L Pct GB JXe8ekfe`f ** (* %.(. Ă&#x2021; ?fljkfe *( (. %-+- * ;XccXj )- )( %,,* . D\dg_`j )+ )' %,+, / E\nFic\Xej (0 )- %+)) (* Northwest Division W L Pct GB FbcX_fdX:`kp *. (' %./. Ă&#x2021; GfikcXe[ ** (* %.(. * D`ee\jfkX )* )) %,(( (* ;\em\i )) )) %,'' (* LkX_ (- )0 %*,- )' Pacific Division W L Pct GB C%8%:c`gg\ij ** (- %-.* Ă&#x2021; G_f\e`o )/ (/ %-'0 * >fc[\eJkXk\ )/ (0 %,0- + C%8%CXb\ij (- *' %*+/ (, JXZiXd\ekf (, *' %*** (Saturdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Results E\nFic\Xej//#Bulls.0 @e[`XeX0.#9iffbcpe0NXj_`e^kfe0-#FbcX_fdX:`kp/( ;\kif`k((*#G_`cX[\cg_`X08kcXekX()'#D`ee\jfkX((* ?fljkfe('-#:c\m\cXe[0) D\dg_`j00#D`cnXlb\\0' JXe8ekfe`f0,#JXZiXd\ekf0* D`Xd`('-#E\nPfib0( G_f\e`o(',#:_Xicfkk\0, KfifekfXkGfikcXe[e LkX_XkC%8%:c`gg\ije Sundayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Games FicXe[fXk9fjkfe#effe Mondayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Games BullsXkJXZiXd\ekf#0g%d% FicXe[fXk@e[`XeX#-g%d% GfikcXe[XkNXj_`e^kfe#-g%d% G_`cX[\cg_`XXk9iffbcpe#-1*'g%d% ;\kif`kXkD`Xd`#-1*'g%d% D\dg_`jXkFbcX_fdX:`kp#.g%d% E\nPfibXkD`cnXlb\\#.g%d% JXe8ekfe`fXkE\nFic\Xej#.g%d% :c\m\cXe[Xk;XccXj#.1*'g%d% C%8%:c`gg\ijXk;\em\i#/g%d% KfifekfXkLkX_#/g%d%

WHAT TO WATCH Menâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s college basketball Gli[l\XkG\eeJkXk\# ('1*'X%d%#9KE Jflk_=cfi`[XXk:`eZ`eeXk`# ((X%d%#:9JJE M`i^`e`XXkG`kkjYli^_# ((1*'X%d%#<JGEL D`Z_`^XeXk@e[`XeX#effe# :9J

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The Vince Lombardi Trophy is displayed between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos helmets before Fridayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a news conference in New York. The Seahawks and the Broncos will play Sunday in the Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

Your Super Bowl XLVIII winner is ... As I was saying . . . so youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to know whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going to win Super Bowl XLVIII, and I suppose youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to know by how many points? For whatever itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s worth, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s prediction time, and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m done tossing coins, throwing darts and consulting psychics. I think Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got your winner! As you know and are probably tired of hearing by now, if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been following me here all week, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve covered a lot of Super Bowls. I honestly believe this one may be the best matchup ever. I have changed my mind on whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going to win this one at least once every day this week, and most days multiple times. I can make a heck of an argument for either the Seahawks or the Broncos. I am a firm believer that defense and the ground game is the surest path to a ring. So I have to pick Seattle, right? Not so fast my friends. Clearly Seattleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s defense performed better, much better over the course of the season than Denverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. But when it comes to defending the run you may be surprised to know the two clubs finished tied at seventh. We also want to know whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

VIEWS Hub Arkush hot now, clearly the most important factor in identifying Super Bowl winners in recent years. For just the playoffs, Denver is third in total defense, while Seattle is sixth, the Broncos are second stopping the run and Seattle is ninth, and the Broncos are second in points allowed, but Seattle is first. Seattle also had a better ground game than the Broncos during the regular season, rushing for 136.8 yards a game to 117.1 for Denver. However, Russell Wilson scrambled for 539 yards on the season, 33.7 a game. The formula that has been working against the Seahawks and Wilson in recent weeks is to keep him in the pocket. Denverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s running backs actually outgained Seattleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, 117.1 a game to 103.1 for Seattle. So Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m taking Denver? Mmm, I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know. Another thing I believe and one of the few things I have been sure of this week is Seattle is one of the



Pay a $0 Joinerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fee Fee when you you join during our Membership Sale- a savings of up to $1 $120! 20! *Valid at any Greater *Valid Greater Joliet Area Area YMCA YMCA location. New New members only. only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. offers. Some restrictions restrictions may apply. apply.

top two defenses in the league, and Denver is the top offense. Both are so good, I think theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll cancel each other out. As long as the officials donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get in the way but do call the game well, I expect several huge plays from both of those units. Peyton Manning will go after Richard Sherman early, not necessarily to beat him but to make sure the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Hawksâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; defense knows it needs to cover the whole field. That will open running lanes and it will be Knowshon Moreno, not Lynch, who leads the ground war first. It will be a game of big plays, and both clubs will make their share; the stars will play like stars. But the Broncos will own the time of possession, not Seattle, in the end the Seahawk defense will be gassed and Manning will drive his Broncos late to the winning score. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m making it Denver 31, Seattle 27.

s(UB!RKUSHCOVERSTHE.&, for Shaw Media and HubArkush. com. Write to him at harkush@


JlYd`jj`fejZXeY\\dX`c\[kfe\nj7k_\_\iXc[$e\nj%Zfd%G_fkfjj_flc[Y\j\ekXjXkkXZ_d\ekjkfXe\dX`c% JlYd`jj`fejXi\jlYa\Zkkf\[`k`e^]fic\e^k_#jkpc\Xe[^iXddXiXe[ileXjjgXZ\`jXmX`cXYc\%

Coordinator brings global perspective to JJC DENISE M. BARAN-UNLAND [lecXe[7j_Xnd\[`X%Zfd


ayna Crabb touched the surface of the Coliseum, awestruck that it had existed longer than the U.S. and suddenly appreciating the history and cultures of countries far older than hers. As Crabb approaches her one year anniversary as Joliet Junior College’s first international student services coordinator, she’s nearly ready to launch a fully developed program for international students, one that will foster global perspective for all JJC students. “It encourages the students to expand their reach and explore new cultures, either through on-campus activities or study abroad,” Crabb said. “It provides them with exposure to other cultures which increases their intellectual curiosity and ability to empathize with other.” JJC offers many advantages to international students, Crabb said. Attending college in the U.S. costs less at the junior college level than it does at a traditional fouryear university, even at paying a higher, out-of-district cost. Students can take core subjects at JJC and then transfer, saving money. “Sometimes students come from countries where their careers are determined by exams. They don’t have a lot of choices,” Crabb said. “Coming to a community college lets them explore different fields of study.” JJC provides student housing – rare for a junior college – Crabb said. The school is also reasonably close to O’Hare International Airport and the cultural sites of Chicago. Junior college extras often include tutoring and remedial courses. This eases international students’ transition into the American classroom, Crabb said. For example, non-native English language speakers at

Photo provided

Inge-Martin Tverborgvik (Norway), Vedrana Markovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Lisa De Wett (South Africa), Dayna Crabb (JJC international student services coordinator), Yasmin Sedlmeir (Germany), Kangni Mombou (Togo) enjoy a Joliet Slammers game. Benedictine University in Lisle when she learned about the international coordinator opening at JJC. In 2009, as part of overseeing international admissions at Benedictine University, Crabb had visited to China and Vedrana Markovic Vietnam, talked to potential Jkl[\ek]ifd9fje`X students and loved it. Xe[?\iq\^fm`eX “The Vietnamese are so nice,” Crabb said. “They are excited to see Americans and JJC can enroll in the Eneager to learn about your glish for Academic Purposes life, practice their English program. This intense study and help you out.” of reading, writing, listening, This past year, Crabb speaking and grammar can hosted field trips to Chicago broaden the international and Joliet Slammers games, student’s American cultural moderated JJCs internationknowledge, Crabb said. al student club and actively Students going from the recruited new students EAP program to English 101 through the website, social often average a 3.12 grade media, global publications point average for that class, and in-country presentaCrabb said. She added that tions. The 10 current internathe program has received tional students at JJC began state approval and is current- feeling less isolated, she said. ly waiting on federal Stu“One international student and Exchange Visitors dent had thought she was the Program approval to issue only one on campus,” Crabb student visas specifically for said. EAP. Crabb will soon host a Crabb said she was the webinar to a Pakistan advisdirector of enrollment at ing center for several dozen

È@`ek\iXZk\[n`k_jf dXepg\fgc\#efkaljk ]ifddpZlckli\finXp f]k_`eb`e^%É

students wishing to study in the U.S. “Through Skype, I was able to video chat with a student from Jamaica and walk him through the online procedures for admission,” Crabb said. Inge-Martin Tverborgvik, of Norway, learned about JJC in 2010 when he was a foreign exchange student. Tverborgvik praised JJC for its friendliness and helpfulness, everyone from Crabb to his professors, especially business professor Wayne Gawlik. Tverborgvik called Gawlik a “great teacher,” one that guided the process of transferring to a four-year university to study international business. Gawlik even tried arranging an internship for Tverborgvik, he added. Tverborgvik said teachers in Norway don’t typically take extra the time to help students. “They clock out at 2 and they’re out the door,” Tverborgvik said. Vedrana Markovic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

said friends shared their JJC brochures with her. She originally leaned toward pharmacology but when a human relations teacher “absolutely blew my mind away with many different perspectives,” Markovic switched to psychology. Markovic is now studying at Governors State University in University Park but she still marvels at JJC’s diverse student population. “I interacted with so many people,” Markovic said, “not just from my culture or way of thinking.” In October 2013, Crabb presented at schools and advising centers in Vietnam; she also participated in a higher education fair. In Vietnam, Crabb said, 45 percent of the population is under the age of 25. “We have a very stereotypical view of what Vietnam is like,” Crabb said. “They have a large, growing middle class population – and even millionaires – in their country. Outside my hotel room was a Chanel and a Louis Vuitton store. It was pretty

PEOPLE | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+







PEOPLE BRIEFS Sen. McGuire ‘Principal for the day’ at Joliet West FeAXe%(+#@cc`ef`jjkXk\J\e% GXkDZ>l`i\nXjÈgi`eZ`gXc]fi k_\[XpÉXkAfc`\kN\jk% DZ>l`i\m`j`k\[8d\i`ZXe ^fm\ied\ekXe[\Zfefd`Zj ZcXjj\jXe[jgfb\kfjkl[\ekj XYflkk_\mfk`e^gifZ\jjXe[ fk_\iXjg\Zkjf]Y\`e^XjkXk\ j\eXkfi% DZ>l`i\Xcjf[`jZljj\[k_\ e\n_Xe[j$]i\\Z\ccg_fe\cXn%

Plainfield student earns honorable mention

C`e[j\pD`cc\if]GcX`e]`\c[ <Xjk?`^_JZ_ffc\Xie\[Xe _fefiXYc\d\ek`fe]ifdk_\ :fcc\^\f]=`e\Xe[8ggc`\[8ikj =88 Xe[;\gXikd\ekf]LiYXe GcXee`e^f]k_\Le`m\ij`kpf]@cc`ef`jXjgXikf]k_\;`jZfm\i=88 ?`^_JZ_ffcLiYXeG\Z_XBlZ_X Zfdg\k`k`fe% D`cc\inXjXnXi[\[XLe`m\ij`kpf]@cc`ef`j^`]kZXi[Ypk_\ ;\gXikd\ekf]LiYXeGcXee`e^%

White Oak Library Pony Week events set

=ifd=\Y%/kf(,#XccYiXeZ_\j f]k_\N_`k\FXbC`YiXip;`jki`Zk#n`ccZ\c\YiXk\k_\`ek\ieXk`feXc_`kKMj_fnÈDpC`kkc\ Gfep1=i`\e[j_`g`jDX^`ZÉn`k_ gif^iXdj]fik\\ejXe[kn\\ej# ^iX[\jj`ok_ifl^_()% 8cc9ife`\jXe[G\^X$j`jk\ij are welcome. K_fj\`e^iX[\jj`okf()ZXe nXkZ_È<hl\jki`Xe>`icjÉXk :i\jk?`cc9iXeZ_Xk)g%d%=\Y%/ Xe[Xkk_\Ifd\fm`cc\9iXeZ_Xk )g%d%=\Y%(,Xe[gXik`Z`gXk\`e k_\ÈDpC`kkc\GfepÉki`m`X\m\ek Xkk_\CfZbgfik9iXeZ_Xk-1*' g%d%=\Y%('#Xe[Xkk_\:i\jk ?`cc9iXeZ_Xk-1*'g%d%=\Y%()% Gi\]\iZiX]kj6K_fj\`e^iX[\j j`okf()ZXedXb\ÈC`kkc\ J_i`ebp;`ebjÉXk-1*'g%d%=\Y% ((Xkk_\Ifd\fm`cc\9iXeZ_Xe[ Xk-1*'gd%=\Y%(*Xkk_\CfZbgfikXe[:i\jk?`cc9iXeZ_\j% :_`c[i\eX^\j('kf(+dXp

\eafpÈ9\$Kn\\eDpC`kkc\Gfep G\ic\i9\X[jÉXkk_\Ifd\fm`cc\ 9iXeZ_Xk+g%d%=\Y%()%

‘Wednesday Morning Walkers’ at Thorn Creek

ÈN\[e\j[XpDfie`e^NXcb\ij#ÉX]i\\gif^iXdjgfejfi\[ Ypk_\=fi\jkGi\j\im\;`jki`Zk f]N`cc:flekp#n`ccY\]ifd.1*' kf0X%d%=\Y%,#XkK_fie:i\\b EXkli\:\ek\i#)+.Dfe\\IfX[# GXib=fi\jk%NXcb\ijdljkY\Xk c\Xjk((p\Xijfc[% =fccfnj\XjfeXcZ_Xe^\j# \eafpc`^_k\o\iZ`j\Xe[\og\i`\eZ\eXkli\]`ijk_Xe[feknf d`c\jf]K_fie:i\\bNff[jË n`e[`e^kiX`cj%?`b`e^`jfeeXkliXcjli]XZ\kiX`cj#fm\ile\m\e k\iiX`e%K_\kiX`cdXpY\n\k fidl[[p2gc\Xj\n\Xijkli[p j_f\j%:Xcc.'/$.+.$-*)'% K_\=fi\jkGi\j\im\;`jki`Zk n`ccdXb\i\XjfeXYc\df[`]`ZXk`fejkf\ejli\Xccg\fgc\_Xm\ Xe\hlXcfggfikle`kpkf\eafp [`jki`Zkf]]\i`e^j%=fidfi\`e]fidXk`fe#m`j`kI\Zfee\ZkN`k_EXkli\%fi^&8;8%

Joliet student-athletes earn academic honors

E`e\Afc`\kKfnej_`g?`^_ JZ_ffcXk_c\k`Zk\Xdjn\i\i\Z\ekcpXnXi[\[k_\@?J8K\Xd 8ZX[\d`Z8Z_`\m\d\ek8nXi[ ]fik_\)'(*$(+j\Xjfe%K_\ XnXi[i\Zf^e`q\jk\Xdjk_Xk dX`ekX`eX^iX[\gf`ekXm\iX^\ f]*%'fi_`^_\ik_ifl^_flkk_\`i i\jg\Zk`m\j\Xjfe%K_\gif^iXd `j[\j`^e\[kfi\nXi[k\Xdnfib efkfecp`eZfdg\k`k`fe#Ylk`e k_\ZcXjjiffdXjn\cc% Afc`\k:\ekiXc?`^_JZ_ffcXe[ Afc`\kN\jk?`^_JZ_ffck\Xdj i\Z\`m`e^k_`jXnXi[n\i\1^`icj mfcc\pYXcc#^`icjZifjjZflekip Xe[YfpjZifjjZflekip% Afc`\kKfnej_`g?`^_JZ_ffc :\ekiXcXe[N\jkZfdY`e\[  k\Xdji\Z\`m`e^k_\XnXi[n\i\ ^`icj^fc]#^`icjjn`dd`e^Xe[ [`m`e^#Xe[^`icjk\ee`j% – The Herald-News

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L-W orchestra students play with IPO musicians

Photo provided

The Lincoln-Way high school soccer players raised $4,600, which was donated to Larry Johnson, vice-president of the Silver Cross Foundation, at the January 22 basketball game between Lincoln-Way North and Lockport high schools.

Area high schools raise money for breast cancer awareness, research

8cc]fliC`eZfce$NXp_`^_jZ_ffcj1C`eZfce$NXp :\ekiXc#<Xjk#Efik_Xe[N\jkYfpjĂ&#x2039;jfZZ\i gif^iXdjiX`j\[+#-''cXjk]Xcc]fiYi\XjkZXeZ\i XnXi\e\jjXe[i\j\XiZ_% K_\k\Xdjgi\j\ek\[k_\`i[feXk`fekfCXiipAf_ejfe#m`Z\gi\j`[\ekf]k_\J`cm\i:ifjj =fle[Xk`fefeAXe%))[li`e^_Xc]$k`d\XkX_fd\ YXjb\kYXcc^Xd\XkEfik_ZXdglj% K_`j`jk_\]`ijkp\Xik_XkXcc]fliC`eZfce$NXp

_`^_jZ_ffcjfZZ\igif^iXdjaf`e\[kf^\k_\ikf iX`j\dfe\p]fiYi\XjkZXeZ\iXnXi\e\jj%;li`e^ XeFZk%('kflieXd\ek#k_\gcXp\ijjfc[K$j_`ikj# _\c[iX]]c\j#Xe[Xjb\[]fi[feXk`fej% GcXp\ijk_XkXkk\e[\[k_\gi\j\ekXk`fe1:\ekiXc ZXgkX`ej#:fc\J\e\jXZXe[AKJZ_d`kk2N\jk ZXgkX`ej#@XeDZ>iXk_#KfepGifjg\ifXe[B\m`e JkXe`jq\njb`2<XjkZXgkX`ej#:fefi?l^_\jXe[ 8cXe?\ieXe[\q2Xe[Efik_8cc$JkXk\D`[]`\c[\i FjmXc[fJXcXqXi% â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Herald-News

JWHS journalists to team partner with PBS

AFC@<KĂ&#x2020;Afc`\kN\jk?`^_ JZ_ffcaflieXc`jdjkl[\ekjn`cc ^X`e_Xe[j$fedlck`d\[`XXe[ aflieXc`jdjb`ccjk_Xebjkfk_\ GlYc`Z9ifX[ZXjkJpjk\d% G9Ji\Z\ekcpj\c\Zk\[Afc`\k N\jkkfgXik`Z`gXk\`ek_\E\nj ?fliJkl[\ekI\gfik`e^CXYj gif^iXd%K_\gif^iXdZfee\Zkj _`^_jZ_ffcXe[d`[[c\jZ_ffc jkl[\ekjn`k_cfZXcG9JjkXk`fej Photo provided

Senior Ashley Satcher (standing), senior Lauren Johnson (sitting) and teacher Jennifer Galloy demonstrate how to upload video footage for a news podcasting assignment for the student voice section of PBS News Hour Media Literacy. Students are practicing with the new curriculum to familiarize themselves with various multi-media platforms.

Xe[aflieXc`jkjkfgif[lZ\k_\`i fnele`hl\m`[\fi\gfikjfe e\njkfg`Zj%AflieXc`jdk\XZ_\i A\ee`]\i>XccfpXggc`\[]fik_\ gif^iXdfeY\_Xc]f]k_\_`^_ jZ_ffc%G9Jn`cckiX`e>Xccfpk_`j jldd\i%Jkl[\ekjXi\i\hl`i\[ to create a complete video Xjj`^ed\ekYpDXpkf\XieX jk`g\e[kfgliZ_Xj\\hl`gd\ek% K_\pXcjfn`ccY\gX`i\[n`k_X cfZXcaflieXc`jkXjXd\ekfi% â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Herald-News

Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;HARE & MIDWAY Book Ticket Online


gXik`Z`gXk`e^`ek_\ZfeZ\ikj n\i\1?XeeX_9lib_Xi[k#:\ekiXc2BXk`\Bc`gjk\`e#:\ekiXc2 C`eZfce$NXp[`jki`Zk)(' fiZ_\jkiXjkl[\ekj#le[\ik_\ KXpcfiI`qqlkf#:\ekiXc2DXib DXZ_X#N\jk2D\X^Xe9Xie\kk# [`i\Zk`fef]dlj`Z[`i\Zkfi :\ekiXc28c\oBiX_lc\\#:\e;Xm`[;XeqdXpi#gcXp\[j`[\ kiXc2:cXi\DXpcfe\#Efik_2 Ypj`[\n`k_d\dY\ijf]k_\ @cc`ef`jG_`c_Xidfe`ZFiZ_\jkiX BXk_\i`e\I\pefc[j#Efik_2 9iffb9iXle#<Xjk2Xe[DXi`jjX ]fik_\XeelXcpflk_ZfeZ\ik _\c[XkC`eZfce$NXp<Xjk?`^_ N\YY#<Xjk% K_\@GFgi\j\ekjj\m\e JZ_ffc% ZfeZ\ikjXp\Xi`ek_\C`e<XZ_p\Xik_\@GFjgfeZfce$NXpEfik_G\i]fid`e^ jfijknfpflk_ZfeZ\ikj]fi jflk_cXe[Xi\X\c\d\ekXipXe[ 8ikj:\ek\i#(00''?Xic\d 8m\%#=iXeb]fik% ale`fi_`^_jZ_ffcjkl[\ekj% â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Herald-News C`eZfce$NXpjkl[\ekj

American Hustle (Digital) (R) 9:45AM 12:50PM 4:00PM 7:15PM 10:25PM August: Osage County (Digital) (R) 10:20AM 1:10PM 4:10PM 7:05PM 10:15PM Devilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Due (Digital) (R) 9:45AM 8:40PM Frozen (2013) (Digital) (PG) 11:20AM 2:00PM 4:40PM 7:20PM 10:00PM Frozen Sing-A-Long (Digital) (PG) 10:00AM 12:40PM 3:20PM 6:00PM Groundhog Day (1993) (Digital) (PG) 2:00PM Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The (Digital) (PG-13) 12:10PM 3:30PM 6:50PM 10:10PM I, Frankenstein (3D) (PG-13) 10:00AM 11:15AM 12:30PM 3:00PM 4:15PM 5:30PM 8:00PM 9:15PM 10:30PM I, Frankenstein (Digital) (PG-13) 1:45PM 6:45PM

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Last Vegas (PG-13) 1:40PM 4:30PM 7:20PM 10:00PM

Classic Series tickets now on sale: Ground Hog Day Sunday, February 2 at 2:00 PM & Wednesday, February 5 at 2:00PM and 7:00 PM.

Tyler Perryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s A Madeaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Christmas (PG-13) Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa ÂŽ 1:10PM 3:20PM 5:35PM 7:45PM 10:00PM 1:45PM 4:15PM 7:15PM 9:35PM Walking With Dinosaurs (3D) (PG) 3:15PM 7:40PM

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Good For Today Only

The Herald-News | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%ZfdÂ&#x203A;Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+

Photo provided

Lincoln-Way District 210 students stand with IPO Muisc Director David Danzmayr during intermission of the IPO Youth Concerts held at Lincoln-Way East High School. Standing with Maestro Danzmayr (center) from left to right are: Hannah Burkhardt, Katie Klipstein, Taylor Rizzuto, Mark Macha, Meagan Barnett, Alex Krahulec, Clare Maylone, Katherine Reynolds, Brooke Braun, and Marissa Webb.


| The Herald-News


PEOPLE BRIEFS L-W Central honors students

C`eZfce$NXp:\ekiXcjZ`\eZ\k\XZ_\ij _fefi\[jkl[\ekj]fik_\dfek_jf]Efm\dY\i Xe[;\Z\dY\i)'(*XjJZ`\eZ\Jkl[\ekjf]k_\ Dfek_%K_\jkl[\ekjËk\XZ_\ijgifm`[\[k_\ efd`eXk`fej%Efm\dY\in`ee\ijn\i\1;fd`e`b 9l[qpejb`#efd`eXk\[Yp;Xm`[DlcZfei\p#Y`fcf^p2Aljk`e\;Xl^_\ikp#efd`eXk\[YpJXdXek_XKXpcfi#Z_\d`jkip28j_c\pDlig_p#efd`eXk\[YpI_fe[XJkXibcXl]#_fefijY`fcf^p2AXZfY KfcY\ik#efd`eXk\[YpA\ee`]\iDXc`kf#\c\d\ekj f]Y`fcf^p2Xe[E`Z_fcXjJXYXk`e`#efd`eXk\[ Photo provided Sarah Highfill, Lincoln-Way Central science department Yp;i%;Xm`[9XiXe#_fefijg_pj`Zj%;\Z\dY\i chair, congratulates two of the Science Students of the n`ee\ij`eZcl[\KXpcfiI`qqlkf#efd`eXk\[Yp Month winners. Students are: Justine Daugherty and ;i%;Xm`[9XiXe#_fefijg_pj`Zj% – The Herald-News Nicholas Sabatini.

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C elebrations

Matthew & Christine (Briski) Brennan Wedding Christine Marie Briski and Matthew John Brennan were united in marriage at St. Jude Catholic Church in New Lenox on June 8, 2013 by Rev. Donald Lewendowski. The bride is the daughter of Robert and Margaret Briski of New Lenox. The groom is the son of Kevin and Teresa Brennan of New Lenox. Matron of Honor was Lindsay Briski. Best Man was Robert Brennan. Bridesmaids were Christine Kenney, Michelle Burke, Kate Draksler, Ann Draksler, Amanda Brennan and Abby Summers. Groomsmen were Dan Briski, Zach Prkut, Sean Batson, Cliff Coppenbarger, Bob Briski and Rob Anderson. Ushers were Tyler Bettenhausen and Doug Masura. Ring bearer was Brent Briski. Flower girls were Audrey Briski and Aubrey Ortberg. Greeters were Alexandra and Bailey Brennan. The bride is a graduate of Illinois State University where she received her Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology. She is employed by Lighted Way Children’s Development Center. The groom has served 6 years in the United States Air Force and is currently in the process of completing his degree in Criminal Justice. The couple honeymooned on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Robert and Mary Picha 50th Anniversary Robert and Mary Picha of Havana, IL will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday, February 8, 2014. They were wed on February 8, 1964, at the St. Patrick’s Church, Joliet, IL. Mary is a florist and receptionoist. Robert retired by Caterpillar in Joliet, IL June 1, 1998. Mary and Robert have three children, Margaret (John) Hanson, Lewistown, IL, Susan (John) Bailey, Channahon, IL, Kathryn (Robert) Legler, Plainfield, IL, and 4 grandchildren, Andrea Hanson, Joseph Bailey, Veronika and Karoline Legler.

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We don’t just play bingo at Willow Falls. THE INN


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Assisted Living & Memory Care 113 studio and one bedroom apartments 3 gourmet meals daily Supportive care services available Beautifully landscaped grounds Physical therapy on site

Independent Living

Studio, 1 & 2 bedroom condos Washer & dryer in unit 2 meals daily Housekeeping services

1681 Willow Circle Dr. Crest Hill, Illinois


Supportive Care Services available for an additional fee.

The Herald-News | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+

Hickory Creek students excel at IESA speech contest
















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| The Herald-News






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BRIDGE by Phillip Alder


This week, we have been looking at unusual responses. Now, for a change of pace, let’s have an unusual defensive discard. Look at only the North and East hands. South is in three notrump. West leads the heart two: 10, jack, ace. Declarer then runs six club tricks. What discards should East make? The bidding was interesting. South might have overcalled one no-trump, showing 15-plus to 18-minus points, a balanced hand and at least one heart stopper. It would have given a good description of his hand -- but would still probably have reached the right contract from the wrong side. Note that three no-trump by North is unbeatable. (Five clubs by North is defeated only if East finds a most unlikely spade lead.) After the two-diamond overcall and three-club advance, South might have cue-bid three hearts, hoping partner would convert to three no-trump with a heart stopper. But would North have treated queen-10-doubleton as sufficient? Against three no-trump by South, West correctly led his heart two. Lead the lowest from any tripleton when you have not supported partner’s suit. But if you have supported, lead top of nothing, here the seven. East should realize that if South has the ace and queen of diamonds, the contract is unstoppable. Declarer will take the diamond finesse after running the clubs. So, to speed up play, East’s first discard ought to be the diamond king! If South does not immediately claim, East then pitches two spades and another diamond. Here, West clings to a guarded diamond queen and the contract goes down one.

The Herald-News | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+

A discard that may speed up the play



| Advice


Man stands up for groomâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s role in planning Dear Abby: Why is a wedding always about the bride? Why is the groom often ignored and the occasion not about BOTH of them? I find this offensive as a man who, by tradition, is supposed to â&#x20AC;&#x153;take care of her,â&#x20AC;? but is ignored as a partner in the relationship. The whole deal about the day being about the bride is sexist, as far as Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m concerned. Television shows like â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bridezillasâ&#x20AC;? make men look like idiots who have no value in a marriage. What are your thoughts? â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Man Who Matters In Florida Dear Man Who Matters: These shows you refer to depend on shock value to attract and sustain an audience, and some of the goings-on that are portrayed are so far-out as to be freakish. Please donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t mistake reality TV for reality because nothing could be further from the truth. Much has changed regarding marriage customs in the last decades. Traditionally, weddings

DEAR ABBY Jeanne Phillips were paid for by the parents of the bride. There was little monetary input from the groomâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s family, and they did not expect to assist in the planning of the event. Today, however, many couples postpone marriage until they are older and financially independent. They pay for their own weddings and plan them as partners. Dear Abby: Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m a senior in high school who is already taking college classes. I have told my mom I plan to become a special education teacher. I have been an aide in the special ed class for three years now, and I love it. My mother and grandmother are not supportive. They keep trying to talk me out of going to college to do

what I love. They say I should be a nurse, so I can earn better money, and they tell me I wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be able to find a job if I become a special ed teacher. What should I do when they keep bringing this up? â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Thinking About My Future Dear Thinking: Let me first tell you what not to do. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into an argument over this. As much as you are thinking about your future, so are your mother and grandmother. Because you are taking college classes, talk with a counselor at the school about the kinds of job openings there are for special education teachers. Visit the library and do some research. Both would be intelligent ways to get a glimpse of what will be in store for you if you choose to go into that field. sWrite Dear Abby at www.

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Double-jointedâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; people are really hypermobile Dear Doctor K: This may be a silly question, but here goes: Do people who are â&#x20AC;&#x153;double-jointedâ&#x20AC;? have twice as many joints? Dear Reader: I can see how you might think that. If the question is silly itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s because the medical term we use is imprecise and misleading. The term makes it sound as though â&#x20AC;&#x153;double-jointedâ&#x20AC;? people have two joints in places that other people have only one, or that they have twice the normal amount of motion. Neither is true of people who are double-jointed. In fact, the vast majority of humans have the same number of bones and joints. So, who are the people that are called double-jointed? Remember that kid in grade school who could bend his thumb backward until it touched his wrist? Or the girl who could wrap her legs behind her head? They might have called themselves double-jointed. The correct terminology for people with greater than normal flexibility of their joints is â&#x20AC;&#x153;hypermobility.â&#x20AC;? That simply means the joints (and surrounding structures, including ligaments and tendons) are able to bend farther than average. In most cases, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not clear why a person has this extra mobility. Most people with hypermobility are otherwise normal and

ASK DOCTOR K Anthony L. Komaroff healthy. Hypermobility can cause problems in people who dislocate their shoulder, hip or kneecap â&#x20AC;&#x201C; but most people who have these dislocations are not hypermobile. Hypermobility is usually harmless. However, there are two uncommon diseases that cause hypermobility and other more serious problems. The first, Marfanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s syndrome, leads to abnormal connective tissue including tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, bones and cartilage. People with Marfanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s syndrome can have problems involving the heart and major blood vessels, sudden collapse of the lungs, arthritis, and problems with the lens and retina of the eyes. The other, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, can also cause weakening of the walls of major blood vessels. Unusual hypermobility of the joints has been described in people (particularly children) with chronic fatigue syndrome. It also has been reported in people who inherit, or who develop later in life, a disorder of the mitochondria, the little â&#x20AC;&#x153;battery packsâ&#x20AC;?

that provide energy inside every cell in our body. In most people, flexibility tends to decline with age. A few things may explain this age-related decrease: s4INYINJURIESINTENDONSAND ligaments that occur throughout life; s$IMINISHEDMUSCLEMASSAND tone; s"IOCHEMICALCHANGESTHAT occur in connective tissues as we age. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not to say that the loss of flexibility is inevitable in all people as they age. Just look at some older yoga masters. But as for those kids who could wrap their legs around their heads when they were in grade school? Chances are, if you asked them today, they wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t find that trick quite so easy â&#x20AC;&#x201C; unless, for some reason, they had been practicing doing it every day. Thanks for asking a â&#x20AC;&#x153;sillyâ&#x20AC;? question. I think many people are confused by the term â&#x20AC;&#x153;double-jointed,â&#x20AC;? so I hope Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve cleared things up

s$R+OMAROFFISAPHYSICIAN and professor at Harvard Medical 3CHOOL6ISITWWW!SK$OCTOR+ com to send questions and get additional information.

Girl gifted dog from best friend, mother dissaproves Dr. Wallace: I really, really need your help. My best friend moved to Florida. She had the cutest little dog in the world. Every time I visited her house, I would play with FiFi. I loved her, and she loved me. The day before my friend and her family moved, my friend called me and asked me to come over to her house because she had a big surprise for me. While walking over to my friendâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s house, I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t imagine what the surprise might be. When I arrived, I couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t believe my eyes! She had FiFi all dressed in pink and she said she was giving her to me because she knew that I loved her and would be good to her. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve had FiFi for a week, and now my mother is telling me that Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got to find another home for her, and if I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t, then FiFi will have to go to a local animal shelter. My mom says that owning a dog is expensive and that our family is not rich. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m 13 and I have no way of earning money. Next year, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be able to earn money by babysitting. Dr. Wallace, please help me convince my mom to let me keep FiFi. I love my mother, but I also love FiFi very much. Please help! â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Very Sad Daughter, Minneapolis, Minn. Dear Mom: Please allow your very sad daughter to become an extremely happy young lady by saying two little, but compassionate, words â&#x20AC;&#x201C; â&#x20AC;&#x153;FiFi stays.â&#x20AC;? This wonderful puppy will soon win her way into your heart and will bring the entire family much joy! FiFi will become a faithful, loyal family member for many wonderful years to come, and trust me, in a short time, you will love FiFi as much as your daughter does.

â&#x20AC;&#x2122;TWEEN 12 & 20 Robert Wallace Dear Daughter: Promise your mother that you will be willing to forego all Christmas and birthday gifts this year so the funds can be used to support FiFi. You and your family can earn extra money by recycling cans, newspapers, etc. and this will help the environment as well. Dr. Wallace: My daughter has asked me to write to you for your opinion on our rules for her. She thinks weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re much too strict, but my husband and I feel she is being influenced by her friends too much and, at times, she is even rebellious. This is a difficult time for my daughter, my husband and me. Any advice will be appreciated. â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Mom, Columbus, Ohio. Dear Mom: â&#x20AC;&#x153;The biggest problem in managing teens is a lack of knowledge on the part of the parents â&#x20AC;&#x201C; knowing whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important and what is trivial, when to stand firm and when to be more flexible,â&#x20AC;? says Dr. Robert Masland, chief of adolescent medicine at Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hospital in Boston and one of the leading authorities on this subject. He says the key to parent-teen harmony is communication. Teens need to understand the reason for the rules they are to follow, and if at all possible, should be part of the decision-making process. Most successful parents are superb listeners to their teenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s comments, and are in total harmony giving praise when warranted and discipline when warranted. sEmail Dr. Robert Wallace at rwallace@




HOROSCOPE By BERNICE BEDE OSOL E\njgXg\i<ek\igi`j\8jjfZ`Xk`fe TODAY – PflnfeËke\\[kfkXb\Xep`[c\ k`d\k_`jp\Xi%Pfln`ccY\]fZlj\[Xe[ gi\gXi\[kfd\\k\m\ip[\dXe[k_Xkpfl ]XZ\%Pfln`cc_Xm\efkiflYc\XZ_`\m`e^ n_Xk\m\i`k`jk_Xkpflj\kflkkf[f%Pfl n`ccY\_`^_cpfi^Xe`q\[#Xe[pfli`[\Xjn`cc Y\n\cc$[\]`e\[Xe[i\X[pkfY\glk`ekfXZk`fe%8]`eXeZ`Xclg^iX[\`jXcjfm\ipc`b\cp% AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) –;fefkXccfn Xepfe\kfgcXpn`k_pfli_\XikfiZXccpfli \dfk`feXcjkXY`c`kp`ekfhl\jk`fe%>`m\ pflij\c]jfd\k`d\kfk_`eb%LeZ\ikX`ekp Xifle[pflicfm\c`]\`j\m`[\ek% PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) –J\Zi\k\eZflek\ijdXpc\X[kfXk_i`cc`e^X[m\ekli\% 9\ZXlk`fljXYflkj_Xi`e^[\kX`cjXYflk gi`mXk\X]]X`ij%Efn`jX^i\Xkk`d\kfkXb\X gc\Xjli\ki`g`]pflZXe% ARIES (March 21-April 19) – PfldXp_Xm\ Xelei\Xc`jk`Z`[\XXYflkpfli\em`ifed\ek Xe[pfliZlii\ekgfj`k`fe%9\jli\k_Xk pflËi\Zc\XiXYflkpfliiXe^\f]fYc`^Xk`fej% TAURUS (April 20-May 20) –<dfk`feXc[\Z\gk`fedXpc\X[pfl[fnek_\nife^gXk_% Pfldljk]XZ\n_Xk\m\i`jXkk_\_\Xikf] k_\dXkk\i`]pflnXekkfglk`ki`^_k%9\ gi\Z`j\Xe[Zfdgc\k\cp_fe\jk% GEMINI (May 21-June 20) –@kËjY\jkefkkf gifd`j\Xepk_`e^k_XkpflZXeËkXZklXccp [\c`m\i%PflXi\gife\kfjg\e[`e^kff dlZ_i`^_kefn%I\j`jkk_\k\dgkXk`fekf X^i\\kfXepaf`ek]`eXeZ`Xcm\ekli\j% CANCER (June 21-July 22) – Pflicfm\i dXp]\\ck_\e\\[kfi\jfikkf\dfk`feXc YcXZbdX`c`]pfl_Xm\Y\\ee\^c\Zk`e^_`j fi_\ie\\[j%9liepfli\e\i^pk_ifl^_ g_pj`ZXcXZk`m`k`\j% LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) –9\ZXi\]lcn_Xkpfl jXpkfpfliZfcc\X^l\jkf[Xp#fik_\pdXp d`j`ek\igi\kpfl%K_`ebZXi\]lccpXYflkpfli i\XZk`fej%KXb`e^X[iXjk`ZXggifXZ_n`cc efkdXb\lg]figXjkd`jkXb\j% VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) –:_`c[i\edXp Z_ffj\kf]`YXYflkk_\`in_\i\XYflkj kf[Xp%KiXm\c`e^n`ccnfibflkn\cc#n_\k_\i ]fiYlj`e\jjfigc\Xjli\%8mf`[^\k$i`Z_$ hl`Zb`em\jkd\ekjZ_\d\j% LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) –GifYc\djn`k_ ^Xj#f`cfinXk\i`epfli_fd\dXpd\jj lgpfli[Xp%9\ZXi\]lc`]pflZ_ffj\kf]`o pflifneXggc`XeZ\j%8]Xd`cpd\dY\idXp Y\fm\i`e[lc^\ek% SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) –9li\XlZiXk`Z [\cXpjdXpZXlj\Xeo`\kpkf[Xp%>\kXccf] pfligXg\ij`efi[\iZXi\]lccp%8mf`[`ejk`klk`fejfi_fjg`kXcj`]XkXccgfjj`Yc\% SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) –8Ylj`e\jjki`gdXpc\X[kfXe\nfggfikle`kp%9\ n`cc`e^kfdXb\Xepdfm\k_Xkn`ccYifX[\e pfli_fi`qfej% CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) –F]]\i`e^ ^ff[jfij\im`Z\jdXpY\XnXpkfdXb\ XY`kf]\okiXZXj_%K_`ebXYflknXpjkf `eZcl[\k_\n_fc\]Xd`cp`eXYlj`e\jj m\ekli\%


Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia star in “At Middleton,” a film that matches two parents stuck in unhappy marriages who, for one carefree day, get a refresher course in puppy love while wreaking havoc on a stodgy university’s sacred institutions.

Farmiga, Garcia give ‘At Middleton’ a passing grade By AL ALEXANDER Dfi\:fek\ekEfn College-set romances traditionally major in minors expelling hormones and vomit in massive quantities. Not “At Middleton.” It matches two parents stuck in unhappy marriages who, for one carefree day, get a refresher course in puppy love while wreaking havoc on a stodgy university’s sacred institutions. It’s corny. Dare I say, sophomoric. But stars Vera Farmiga and Andy Garcia are such delightful troublemakers you’d be remiss to deny it a passing grade. Co-written and directed by newcomer Adam Rodgers, “At Middleton” effectively taps into college’s ability to inspire new perspectives on the world. So, it is with Farmiga’s Edith and Garcia’s George, a passive aggressive heart surgeon with a ticker as hard as stone. They’ve come to bucolic Middleton College (actually Gonzaga and Washington State) to introduce their respective 17-year-old offspring (Spencer Lofranco and Farmiga’s look-a-like sister, Taissa) to one of the Northwest’s most prestigious universities. George, a smotherer, has come willingly; Edith, a free spirit, grudgingly. Naturally, this being a movie about new beginnings, these opposites start

to attract after they wander from the crowd during a campus tour. What ensues is typical of whirlwind, one-day romances like those in “Before Sunrise” and “Last Chance Harvey” that unfold in a heightened reality where pot smoking, stealing bikes and impromptu performances in front of the drama club are presented as plausible, everyday occurrences. It’s hard yielding to the film’s incessant quirkiness at first, but Farmiga and Garcia are so committed to the material that you feel like a killjoy if you don’t go along. You draw the line, though, when Rodgers hints that their equally opposite kids, Lofranco’s Conrad and Taissa Farmiga’s Audrey, might hook-up as well during their half-hearted search for their AWOL parents. Like his dad and her mom, they are complete opposites. Conrad, an aspiring disc jockey, couldn’t care less about school, while Audrey is unhealthfully obsessed with getting in so she can study under her hero, renowned linguist Roland Emerson (Tom Skerritt). As hard as the two young actors try, they fail to captivate, not to mention stir chemistry. It’s also hard to get past the fact that Taissa and Vera Farmiga are sisters in real life, not mother and daughter. The strong resemblance

between the siblings was much better used in “Higher Ground,” in which Taissa, 21 years younger, played Vera’s character as a teenager. Here, you can’t help wondering if Vera wasn’t a bit insulted by being asked to play Taissa’s mother. Yet, both seem to be enjoying themselves, particularly Vera, who, like Garcia, relishes the chance to let herself go acting like a mischievous kid. Her Edith is the ringleader of this devilish duo, but it doesn’t make much prodding to get George to pop open his bowtie and make an endearing fool of himself. The best thing about “At Middleton” is its bold ending, which completely throws convention to the wind, resulting in several bittersweet moments almost certain to elicit a tear or two. It’s not unlike the Oscar-winning classic “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg,” which “At Middleton” repeatedly references during George and Edith’s eventful afternoon spent far away from their indifferent spouses and indignant children. That’s pretty haughty company to tie yourself to, and “At Middleton” doesn’t come close to achieving the gravitas of that Deneuve masterpiece. But it does cover you in warmth. And what could be more ideal to fend off a frigid winter’s day?

The Herald-News | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+

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Cavanaugh. Animated. The gang finds adventure in Paris while Stu Pickles works. ’ Å (1:30) TBS ››› “Shrek 2” (2004, Comedy) Voices of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy. Animated. A green ogre must meet his wife’s parents. (DVS) (2:00) TCM ›››› “The Lost Weekend” (1945, Drama) Ray Milland, Jane Wyman. A boozing writer lands in Bellevue. Å (2:00) TNT ››‡ “Why Did I Get Married?” (2007, Comedy-Drama) Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson. Eight married friends grapple with commitment and betrayal. Å (DVS) (2:30)

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gural Kitten Bowl: Why should puppies have all the fun? Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl gets competition this year from this new special featuring frolicking felines. Model, actress and television personality Beth Stern hosts, and veteran radio sportscaster John Sterling provides play-by-play.

± 5:30 p.m. FOX 32 Super Bowl XLVIII: Football the way it was meant to be played — outdoors

and subject to the whim of the elements — comes to the NFL’s biggest day as the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks square off at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., in Super Bowl XLVIII. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman call the action for Fox.

± 7 p.m. CBS 2 The Good Wife: When Zach

(Graham Phillips) discovers that someone is remotely accessing Alicia’s (Julianna Margulies) webcam, Alicia and Cary (Matt Czuchry) suspect someone at Lockhart/Gardner is spying on their firm. Will (Josh Charles) gets in too deep when he tries to help one of Alicia’s old clients.


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properties Lakefront Family Paradise Near Morris Goose Lake is a recreational community nestled amongst 3 beautiful lakes. It is located 6 miles west of Interstate 55 and just east of Morris. Todayís featured property is on over 2 acres on Lincoln Lake which is the areaís largest lake that supports boating, skiing and fishing. Youíll enjoy your own large private sand beach and 2 brick patios. This Cape Cod home that was built in 2005 has approximately 3,000 square feet that includes a finished walkout lower level. There are 4 big bedrooms among which is an 18x14 master suite. No waiting -

3 full baths. The focal point of the main level is the 2 story living room with a stone fireplace, gleaming hardwood floor and wooden circular staircase that leads to a 42x15 loft. Hereís a family-size kitchen with lots of cabinets and all stainless steel appliances. Children in Goose Lake attend Coal City Schools. This is a fine home in the picturesque setting of your dreams that you should see without delay. To view multiple photos, go to - use MLS number 08509649 for quick access.

Address: 2470 Wahoo Court, Morris Size: Approximately 3,000 square feet, 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths Room Sizes: Living room 16x15; kitchen 16x16; loft 42x15; family room 25x15; laundry room 15x14; master bedroom 18x14; additional bedrooms 14x12, 15x13 and 15x14 Price: $699,900 Realtor: Andrew Cook, Managing Broker, Coldwell Banker Honig-Bell, 815942-2705, 815-530-7800 or e-mail






Ultimate Professionals Call Today For A Free Market Analysis!


Spring Coldwell Realty Banker Executives Realty Honig-Bell Success Shorewood Shorewood Shorewood Shorewood

*MLS: MRED Date: 1/1/2013-11/2/2013, Type: Office Status! Sold Priced: All Construction Type: All Bedrooms: All Bathrooms: All Property Types: Residential: (Detached Single, Attached Single, 2 to 4 Unites, Mobile Homes), Lots and Land: (Vacant Land, Deeded Parking) MLS Areas! 486, Agentmetrics (R) Information not guaranteed.


) Graduate Marketing St. Mary’s Notre Dame ) Sold over 1 million in sales in less than 1 year! ) Although newer to the Industry Shannon has been around real estate her entire life! 426 Ravinia, Shorewood Beautiful 3 bdrm, 2.1 bth. Great location! Raised hearth fireplace in great room. Updated kitchen with large dining area. 1st floor laundry. 1/2 bath on 1st floor. Master suite bath-walk in closet & private balcony. Attached garage. All appliances. Fenced.

SHERRY LEWANDOWSKI 815-690-5873 ) Real Estate Expert Since 1996! ) Certified Distressed Property Expert ) Accredited Buyers Agent

Del Webb, Shorewood $161,900

Spacious two bedroom ranch duplex. 2 full baths. Huge 15 x 20 Family Room. Stunning kitchen with under cabinet lighting and 42” cabinets. Custom up/down cellular blinds throughout. Backyard with patio. Very private!


| The Herald-News


Energy-efficiency trend here to stay BRANDPOINT Remodeling trends come and go, which is a good thing if you're talking about shag carpet or avocado-colored Formica. But some trends have both staying power and universal appeal, such as the strengthening movement toward homes that are more energy efficient and eco-friendly. Upgrading a few key systems can help homeowners involved in remodeling projects improve their homes' energy efficiency and operate their households in a more environmentally conscious way. If you're planning some remodeling, keep these "green" points in mind: Energy-efficient appliances: Household appliances account for nearly 35 percent of a home's energy consumption, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration's Residential Energy Consumption Survey. Reducing the amount of energy appliances consume can help homeowners lower utility bills and save hundreds of dollars over the lifetime of an appliance. The federal ENERGY STAR program provides consumers with a valuable reference when shopping for energy efficient appliances. Solar options: Currently, the most common uses for solar power in homes are in heating water and generating electricity. Installing rooftop solar panels can help save money on energy bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. After the initial installation investment, solar panels can quickly recoup their costs when used to generate electricity for a home. Many homeowners find that their solar panels not only supply all the electricity their homes need, but also generate an excess that homeowners can then sell back to the local electricity company, for additional cost savings. More efficient cooling: Air conditioning accounts for more than 41 percent of the energy a home con-

sumes, according to the Energy Information Administration. Fortunately, innovative options have emerged to help cool homes more efficiently, using less energy to produce better results. The Art Cool Gallery, for example, is a wall-mounted unit with a picture frame for customized artwork - a duct-free way to deliver cool air to a room.

Home-selling tip

Few upgrades fit equally well in a bathroom or kitchen, but a skylight affords unique benefits to either room. In baths, fresh air skylights admit natural light and provide passive ventilation while providing more privacy than windows. In kitchens, they can reduce the need for artificial lighting and help carry moist air and cooking fumes out of the room. Photo provided

Did you know

Water heating accounts for nearly 18 percent of a home's energy consumption, according to the Energy Information Administration survey. Replacing an older, less efficient electric water heater with an ENERGY STAR-qualified solar water heating system can reduce hot water costs by 50 percent, says. These heaters also reduce a home's carbon dioxide emissions by half and can last as long as 20 years.

Decorating tip

Look for lamps embellished with geodes and natural gems, feather-adorned pillows and sharkskin as a rich table finish. Stone and stone veneers make for an interesting organic interior wall covering, as do sticks gathered in groups as triptychs or propped up against the wall.

Upgrading a few key systems can help homeowners involved in remodeling projects improve their homesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; energy efficiency and operate their households in a more environmentally conscious way.

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2.875% (2.925% APR)

2.75% (2.812% APR)

12 Year Fixed 3.125% (3.168% APR)

Garden guide

Be sure to flush your gutters clean, and if you've noticed icicles in certain areas in the past, consider installing a heating cable to help keep the water melted and moving down the gutter and into the yard.

!"#"$%& $"#% '(%)* +,-.%/$ $' ,0&%)1)"$"02 3 /)%&"$ 455)'647* 849"#,# 7'40 $' 647,% ': ;<=*

Stacey Clement Mortgage Loan Specialist, NMLS 572197 Call me at 815-955-5283

722 Essington Rd., Joliet |

Which home upgrades are worth the expense? Dfi\:fek\ekEfn Compromises will be made when it comes to buying a home, but certain features are definitely a priority, such as air conditioning, basements and houses hardwired for technology. The National Association of Realtors released results of the 2013 Profile of Buyers’ Home Feature Preferences, which examined the importance buyers placed on 33 features and 12 rooms commonly found in homes. The survey analyzed responses from 2,005 households who purchased a home between 2010 and 2012. Realtors use the survey results to assist buyers in finding a home, and “it’s interesting and sometimes surprising to see what buyers think is important when choosing the right house for them,” said Jessica Lautz, manager of member and consumer survey research for the National Association of Realtors. It also can give good insight into which upgrades might pay off in a home you’ll eventually sell.

3 bdrs, 2 bath

The typical recently purchased home totaled 1,860 square feet with three bedrooms and two baths and was built in 1996. “What’s surprising is that everyone wants three bedrooms and two baths. It doesn’t matter if it’s a single female or a family with two parents and two children,” Lautz said. Slightly more than half the homes purchased were single-level, and “that’s probably important for people who are older and are looking to avoid having to climb stairs, but it also was an important feature for single women,” Lautz said. Single men preferred a home with a finished basement.

AC, walk-in closets

For all buyers, the most desired home feature was central air conditioning, with

65 percent of buyers considering it very important. “Air conditioning is important all over the country but even more so in the South, where 79 percent said it was very important,” Lautz said. It’s also something people are willing to pay extra for in order to have it in their home. Sixty-nine percent of the buyers who did not purchase a home with air conditioning said they’d be willing to pay on average an extra $2,250 to have it, the survey found. The next most important feature was a walk-in closet in the master bedroom; 39 percent of buyers considered this feature very important, the survey said. Closely behind was having a home that was cable-, satellite TV- and/ or internet-ready; 37 percent considered this important. “I found it very surprising that more people did not feel it was important to buy a home that is cable-, satellite-, TV- and internet-ready,” Lautz said. While it might not have topped the list of priorities, 94 percent of buyers bought a home that was wired for technology.

All about kitchens

Kitchens tend to be the gathering areas in the home, and 89 percent of buyers had an appetite for an eat-in kitchen. “People want a communal space where they can watch their kids while they cook or have a drink with friends,” Lautz said. New kitchen appliances were also a big draw for married couples and single men. Sixty-nine percent of buyers who did not purchase a home with new kitchen appliances would be willing to pay $1,840 more for a home with this feature. Luxury countertops of granite and stainless steel were big draws as well. “You turn on HGTV and they’re on every program,” Lautz said. “Even though stainless shows off all those fingerprints, people still want it.”





An all brick 4 bdrms ranch in Cresthill sitting on 1.5 lots w/a buildable 1.5 lot included. Also, a large completely remodeled kitchen w/custom cabinetry. A new 1/2 bath. 3 season rm attached to the home & oversized 2.5 car garage. Partial bth in full bsmt. Central air. Newer carpeting thruout. All kitchen appls, plus the washer & dryer are included. Truly making this house a great family home! Call Ron Pruss Or Visit

Handy, creative person wanted. 2 bedroom Bungalo in the desirable, older, quiet, quaint area of Crest Hill. 2 car garage. Nice lot. An opportunity to do it your way. MLS#: 08517383. Go to and for information and education Call Burneva McCullum for help or questions 779-279-4711

RON PRUSS 815-725-3800


15617 W. WATERFORD LANE, UNIT 15617, MANHATTAN, IL. $125,000 *** $100 DOWN & SELLER PAYS 3% FOR CLOSING COSTS *** Foxford - 2 bedroom duplex home - one and a half full baths - basement - no association fee - one car garage. HUD owned home - 203K eligible - sold “as is” - many more homes like this so call for more info! | |

All brick 3 bdrm, 2-1/2 ba home on 2 wooded acres. Beautiful views from all windows. Architecturally enhanced Brazilian hrdwood flrs, custom staircase & cathedral ceilings. Gourmet kit, quartz counters, commercial stove and Italian exhaust fan. Huge Master bdrm suite with luxury bath.

RYAN BEHRENS 815-791-1715

CAROL BOLAND 815-354-2102


1203 LIBERTY, MORRIS, IL. $97,850. *** $100 DOWN & SELLER PAYS 3% FOR CLOSING COSTS *** 3 Bedroom ranch home - one and a half full baths - full basement - yard. HUD owned home - 203K eligible - sold “as is” - many more homes like this so call for more info! | |

RON & DARLENE GERSCH 815-482-6498

Newly refreshed and wonderful Shorewood ranch set on an extra wide lot. Lovely family room with soaring knotty pine ceilings, gorgeous book shelf and fireplace. Completely remodeled kitchen with new stainless steel double oven, dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator. Spacious three bedrooms with master bath. Finished basement family room and workbench area. Fenced back yard with patio. Wonderful home. $189,900.

TOM HOOKS 815-741-5074 PLAINFIELD SCHOOLS- $204,900!

Wlimington Investors - $45,000

This one is a must see! Must get inside this well cared for home in Grand Prairie! Walk to shopping, mall, gym and park! Lovingly cared for 3 bedroom , 2 ½ bath quad level! Newer siding and roof in ’05! Beautiful hardwood floors in Living/Dining room with oak Pillars! Kitchen has ceramic tile, island with granite and new oven-open to Family room with brick fireplace! Master suite has vaulted ceiling and private bath! 2nd bath has Jacuzzi tub! Updated lighting and 6 panel doors thru-out! Basement can be finished! Park like fenced yard with patio! 2 car garage! To view interior pictures visit

Attractive 2 bedroom ranch home in Northcrest subdivision in Wilmington. Large eat-in kitchen. 1 car attached garage. Large yard. Central Air. Some attention required. Great opportunity for the handy personto make it their way. Make an offer! |

KEN SAIEG 815-741-5656



Townhouse with many upgrades – end unit with view of open courtyard – 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths – master suite w/sitting area and balcony – jacuzzi – no grass to cut or snow to shovel – kitchen has hardwood floor and built-in wine rack – wood burning fireplace with gas starter in living room – Plainfield schools – short sale (as is). Call or email Marc or Nancy Freeman (The Freeman Team) 815-744-7726 or

MARC FREEMAN 815-741-3100 thefreemanteam@

TLC. Newer Floorplan!! wood laminate floors in Den, liv rm2 &Bath kit. A Favorite 2 Bedroom, Lower level fam rm with fireplace. deck On off and Sun Room! Automatic AwningWood W Screen Expanded Patio! Backs Up To Beautiful Landscaping! kitchen....... $131,000 Freshly Painted Throughout! Many Extras! An Active Adult Community, Pool, Clubhouse & Fitness Center. Immediate Close Ok!

KATHY BLESSENT 815-351-2588

The Herald-News | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+




| The Herald-News


SHOWCASE of HOMES ELEGANT LIVING ON 4.5 ACRES IN MANHATTAN 13532 W Bruns Rd…Custom brick & stone approx. 3,180 sq ft home boasts designer finishes galore! Brazilian cherry hardwood floors throughout, 4 fireplaces, 3 bedrooms including 20x21 master suite with 21x14 bath. Main floor office, partly finished basement, 3 car garage, 65x40 brick paver patio surrounds 20x44 in-ground pool, pool house & full bath. Asking $499,900.

Contact Lee Hansen today at 815-478-3872 to make an appointment to see this lovely property – preview even more photos at

JOLIET - $164,900

SHOREWOOD - $149,900

3540 Lakeshore Dr…Ground-level ranch duplex in Townhomes on the Lake! 1200+ sq ft, 2 bedrooms on the main level including 16x13 master with private bath & walkin closet. Full finished basement with 23x28 rec room, brick fireplace, 3rd bedroom & 3rd full bath! Ceramic tile floor & granite counters in kitchen & dinettte, 15x15 family room opens thru sliding door to patio. Call Susie today at 815-263-5988 to see this home today! Preview multiple photos at

20844 S River Rd…On 1.51 acres just south of Seil Rd. Hardwood floors in all 3 bedrooms & 23x15 living room, 2 baths, solid 6 panel doors, basement. The 3 car detached garage with loft is ideal for the auto enthusiast or home hobbyist! Call Donna or Rick today to see this home – preview multiple photos at www.

Susie Scheuber 815-263-5988 815-744-1000

Rick & Donna Gray 815-955-2705 815-955-2706 815-467-3140

JOLIET - $151,900

DWIGHT - $209,000

2402 Vesta…3 bedroom ranch on 76x140 lot, Plainfield Schools, easy access to major interstates! Vaulted ceilings in 24x13 living room with stone fireplace & kitchen with ceramic floor. 2.5 car detached garage. Call Rosalie today at 815-2638641 to schedule a private showing – view photos at

302 E Chippewa St…Just off I-55! Restored Victorian on double corner lot with elegant gardens & pond! 3,000+ sq ft, 4 bedrooms plus office up, 3 baths, hardwood floors thru main level, unfinished attic. The carriage house with kitchen & large upstairs offers related living potential! Contact Kimberly at 815-666-9485 plus preview multiple photos of this charming home at

Rosalie D’Andrea 815-263-8641 815-744-1000

Kim Engelhardt 815-666-9485 815-942-2705


2328 Carnation Dr, Crest Hill 202 Diana Ave, Shorewood 1220 Chartwell Trace, Shorewood 911 Lynwood Ct, Shorewood 1210 Glen Mor Dr, Shorewood MLS 08439060…2nd flr condo in The Village, MLS 08523954…On 85x146 lot min from I-55 & I-80, MLS 08523772…In The Vintage, 3,304 sq ft, 4br MLS 08476508…Split-level w/sub-bsmt, 3,800+ MLS 08471384…Ranch duplex backs to the stocked Plainfield Schools, 2br, fresh paint, updated 3br, vaulted 17x20 fam rm, new furnace plus updated incl 15x21 luxury master suite, 4.5ba, fin bsmt. sq ft, main flr 4th bedroom, 3.5ba, $289,000 pond in Fox Bend. 2br, 1.5ba, 18x15 liv rm opens to windows, $59,900 Fran Hondros 815-715-1235 roof. $158,000 Tammy Tschida 815-378-9608 $361,988 Fran Hondros 815-715-1235 Judy Archer, Managing Broker 815-791-9027 patio, $164,900 Marie Clucas 815-325-4966

24800 Jensen St, Shorewood 1105 Ridge Rd, Shorewood MLS 08436877…In River Oaks South, updated MLS 08445857…Split-level on 75x150 lot, new carpet & wood laminate flring, siding & roof! 3br, loft, hardwood flrs in 2 of the 4br & liv rm, fpl, sun rm, new fam rm fpl, $239,900 Marie Clucas 815-325-4966 roof 2013, $217,500 Heather Voudrie 815-272-5181

25929 S Cobblestone Ln, Channahon 25738 S Red Stable Ln, Channahon 26249 S Rachel Dr, Channahon MLS 08521923…Bank-owned 1500+ sq ft home, MLS 08523364…Hunters Crossing townhouse, MLS 08465890…On almost acre lot, 2600 sq ft home fin basement family rm & 4th bedroom. Liv rm gas Minooka Schools, wood flring, 2br, 2ba, fin English w/4br, 2.5 baths, fam rm fpl, fin bsmt. 3 car tandem fpl, $174,900 Sue Jeziorski 815-592-3236 bsmt. $150,000 Sue Jeziorski 815-592-3236 gar, $279,900 Candy Salomoun 815-927-1320

25551 S Mallard Dr, Channahon 716 Clifford Dr, Minooka 11904 Winterberry Ln, Plainfield 1604 Grand Highlands Dr, Plainfield 6718 Clear Creek Dr, Plainfield MLS 08428848…In Hunters Crossing West, Minooka MLS 08439389…In Grand Ridge, 1,920 sq ft, new MLS 08523561…Heritage Oaks townhome, 2,250 MLS 08524874…In Wesmere, 2,624 sq ft, new MLS 08463176…End-unit ranch townhouse in Schools, 2,500+ sq ft, 4br, 2.5ba, 20x15 fam rm, roof, 4br, hardwood flrs in 12x28 kit/din & liv rm w/ sq ft, 3br, 2.5ba, fam rm w/fpl, main flr den, partly carpet, 4br incl master w/bath & 7x17 closet, loft, Aspen Falls, 2br, 2ba, sun rm, fin bsmt, $149,900 bsmt, $217,500 Donna Leonard 630-936-0984 fpl. $244,900 Sandy Ledesma 815-970-0985 fin bsmt, $269,900 Lesa Meade 815-483-7233 fam rm fpl, $244,900 Brian Wabick 708-704-1119 Nancy Leggett, Managing Broker 815-790-4526

1813 Hampton Ct, Plainfield 14820 Penn Rd, Plainfield 4118 Rivertowne Dr, Plainfield 13107 Taylor St, Plainfield 2022 Fairfield Dr, Plainfield MLS 08450124…In Brighton Lakes, 3br, 18x14 fam MLS 08394975…Overlooking the river! 2br, 1.5ba, MLS 08494550…End-unit detached townhouse in MLS 08331429...4br 2.5ba home on 85x142 lot in MLS 08525994…In the Clublands, 2800+ sq ft, rm w/fpl, hardwood flrs, fin bsmt. $214,909 Renee wood laminate flr in liv rm, bsmt, garage. $108,000 Riverside Townes! 2br, prof fin bsmt, new roof & Dunmoor Estates now $350,000! 14x23 kit w/island. hardwood flr in liv & din rms, 4br incl master suite. Fpl, Saban 708-828-1013 Lora Lausch, Managing Broker 815-953-3132 siding 2012! $139,900 Lesa Meade 815-483-7233 Lora Lausch, Managing Broker 815-953-3132 fin bsmt, $259,900 Gabrielle Shenberg 815-210-5578


LOCAL SALES OFFICES Joliet 815-744-1000 Shorewood 815-207-4002 Plainfield 815-609-4360 Plainfield 815-436-2232 Channahon 815-467-3140

The Herald-News | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+

216 S Emery St, Joliet 624 Big Timber Dr, Unit 2, Joliet 1003 Black Rd, Joliet 224 SW Circle Dr, Joliet 1096 Chovan Dr, Joliet MLS 08524105…Brick ranch on 50x140 lot, 2br, MLS 08524627…3br 2ba condo, approx. 1,500 sq MLS 08445241…Joliet limestone home on MLS 08484501…Ingalls Park, 41x38 6-car gar MLS 08497030…Brick ranch condo, new carpet updated bath, bsmt, lge deck, 1 car gar. $84,900 ft, wood laminate flring in din & liv rm w/fpl. 1 car 100x250 lot, 2,912 sq ft, orig hardwood flrs, 2 fpl, w/heat & water! 3br, 2ba, 4 season rm, screened & wood laminate flring, 2 br, 2ba, liv/din combo, Lora Lausch, Managing Broker 815-953-3132 gar. $133,900 David Roth 815-725-2355 enclosed pool, $450,000 Gina Schaal 815-693-6517 porch, $137,500. David Roth 815-725-2355 $99,900 Jim Skorupa 815-693-2970

12.9% finance w/low down payment. One hour loan approval.Your job is your credit.


(If we can’t nobody can)

Lee Hansen of Coldwell Banker Honig-Bell

(815) 744-1821

Se Habla Espanol, Ricardo, (815) 693-3638 (In Joliet by Sam’s Club)

88 closed transactions for a sales volume of $19 Million!

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| The Herald-News


WOODBRIDGE CONDO! Just redecorated with neutral colors this beautiful unit offers 2BRS, 2 baths, updated furnace/air, and all the amenities of this wonderful community! $74,900 - Call Jim Karges today!

BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME PLAINFIELD! Located in the highly acclaimed Streams of Plainfield this huge lot is ideal for an executive home no backyard neighbors with a pond view! $33,000 - Call Nancy Hibler today!

Jim Karges 815-474-1144

OAKWOOD ESTATES - SPACIOUS & SECLUDED! 2 story condo offering 4BRS, 3.1 baths, main flr master, Florida room, FR w/frpl, main flr lndry, bsmt Jim rec room, dual furnace/air, much more! Karges $220’s - Call Jim Karges today! 815-474-1144

OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE! Situated on Plainfield Rd. this would be ideal for a tax/insurance office, small plumbing co, etc. 4 offices and a room with an overhead door, private bath & lots of parking! $900/ mo - Call Nancy Hibler today!

Nancy Hibler 815-263-5791

BRICK BUNGALOW - JUST $69,900! West side home offering 2BRS, enclosed front porch, spacious LR & DR, eat-in kitchen, full bsmt and extra deep lot! Possible 10K grant for qualified buyers! Call Judy Georgantas today!

SPRAWLING BRICK RANCH! Spacious 1,800 sq/ft home offering a formal LR&DR w/frpl, bonus room, sunroom, a 39x27 bsmt rec room w/frpl, fenced yard & 2.5 car garage! $164,900 - Call Judy Georgantas today!

Judy Georgantas 815-207-0228

Nancy Hibler 815-263-5791

CHASE LAKE - 1ST FLOOR CONDO! Large kitchen w/eating area, formal LR & DR, FR, 2BRS, 2 baths, laundry room, covered patio, all appls & 2-1/2 car attached garage. Spacious, clean & bright! $127,500 - Call Nancy Hibler today!

Nancy Hibler 815-263-5791

Judy Georgantas 815-207-0228

RIVER BLUFF ESTATES - DUPLEX LOTS! Located in Shorewood, one of these lots would be the perfect place to build your dream home! There are no HOA’s & a great location! 3 to choose from! Call Grant Chignoli today!

Grant Chignoli 815-922-7692


The Herald-News | K_\?\iXc[$E\nj&K_\?\iXc[$E\nj%Zfd›Jle[Xp#=\YilXip)#)'(+


19840 Tanglewood Drive, Elwood, IL









| The Herald-News


This quality constructed home is nestled on a 3/4 acre lot in a serene, scenic, subdivision in Elwood. The exterior of the home is constructed of Bedford stone that is also featured inside the home. The interior of this home is all plaster walls, including the attached two car garage. The kitchen contains loads of cabinetry, Corian counters, breakfast bar, work desk, pantry, built-in ovens, cooktop, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator. The open kitchen flows into the family room that has a full wall, Bedford stone fireplace, builtin bookcase wall, recessed lighting and a sliding door to the massive brick paver patio. Through the entry foyer with an original recessed ceiling, lighting dome and plaster arches is the large, airy living room that flows gracefully through an additional archway to the formal dining room. There are three roomy bedrooms including the master suite with spacious, private bath, dual sinks and large closets. The good sized remaining bedrooms share a second bathroom with the third bathroom attached to the main floor laundry room complete with washer and dryer! The basement is finished with an oversized family room and plenty of additional storage areas. The huge yard has a vast paver patio and sidewalk with built-in seating. The attached two and ½ car garage is also finished with a plethora of additional parking on the extensive driveway. The home has newer windows, A/C and gutter guards. Priced at $230,000. you simply must see this exquisite home in person!

Give Nancy Hibler of Karges Realty a call today @ 815/263-5791 for your personal tour.



. Impressive 4 Bedroom Custom-Built Home w/ Den! . Luxurious Master Suite w/ Luxury Bath & Bonus Room! . Grand 2-Story Foyer Opens to Huge Open Floor Plan! . Bsmt has Tall Ceilings & Rough-In Bath – Ready to Finish! . Gourmet Kitchen w/ Granite, All New SS Appl & Island! . Spacious Patio Overlooks Huge Lot w/ Mature Trees! . Dramatic 2-Story Family Room w/ Brick Fireplace! . Priced to Sell!

This desirable 4 bdrm home boasts a large family rm, main floor office & laundry rm, formal dining & living rms. Eat in kitchen with loads of cabinets, breakfast bar and all appliances. 2nd Floor features a loft area plus 4 bedrooms. Large Master Suite with WIC & luxury master bath with separate shower & tub. Large brick patio $299.999 Call Rebecca Parks 815-355-6864

Rosemary West RE/MAX Professionals Select 630-807-9700

Rebecca Parks The Radcliffe Team Realty Executives Success 815-355-6864



This extraordinary 2-story home is situated on a huge corner lot in a great neighborhood! Featuring 4 spacious BRS, 3 full and 1 half baths, formal LR & DR, FR w/hdwd floors, a superbly finished bsmt, 3 car tandem garage, fully fenced yard w/paver patio, prof. landscaping, much more! $315,000 – Call Nancy Hibler at 815-263-5791 for more details or your private viewing!

Custom built in 2002, this 3600 sq. ft. home backs to a large aerated pond in Shorewood where Minooka schools serve the neighborhood. Expansive kitchen & family room, living rm, dining rm, den & laundry/mud room all on 1st floor! Beautiful hardwood & fireplace offered. Never ending master suite, large bedrooms + bonus room. Full basement/3 car garage! $380’s! Call Mark Meers today (815)347-7900 Additional info:

Nancy Hibler Karges Realty 815-725-1700 815-263-5791

Mark Meers Spring Realty 815-347-7900

Sunday February 2, 2014

“Flicker nuts over nuts!” Photo By: Lisa


Local/Regional & OTR Drivers

Assembler $10/hr Joliet

Mechanical aptitude and hand tool / assembly / auto repair exp working with large equipment. 1st /2nd Shifts 630-679-9100

Auto LEAD / EXPERIENCE TECHNICIAN for high volume auto repair shop. Must have valid drivers license. ASC certification a +. 815-634-0004 Bob's Advanced Auto & Tire Coal City CASHIER – Good starting pay. Flexible hours, days, nights, weekends. Plainfield area. Call 815-514-6242


15-bed Geropsychiatric unit in Chicago; Involves strategic planning, program administration, and development. Req's Master's degree in related field and 3+ yrs acute care inpatient psych mgmt exper. in a hospital. Resume to: Terry Good, fax: 1-804-684-5663 EOE


All Freight Systems OTR Drivers Wanted!!!

Home weekly and 4 weeks Vacation. Majority, 2013 APU equipped trucks. Full Benefits and Retention Bonus. 800 mile avg. length of haul. 913-281-1203 ext. 1213 Driver Now hiring MOVERS and DRIVERS with valid Class C lic. Training provided. Heavy lifting involved. Wages + tips TWO MEN AND A TRUCK 815-609-6200 12407 Rhea Dr, Plainfield, IL

DON'T NEED IT? SELL IT FAST! The Herald-News Classified Call 877-264-2527 or

Owner / Operators: Bolingbrook

Requires Class A CDL, min 2 yrs exp We want YOU! Clean MVR. Pay based on exp. Live your dream by owning & Benefits avail after 90 days operating your own flatbed truck delivery service. Mon-Fri, HOME WEEKENDS. Exciting consistent year round CALL: 708-331-6258 work! Drivers: $2000 Sign On Bonus! Great Income potential! # Low Class-A 2yrs Exp. Company Drivers startup costs! .44cpm East & .40 all other. Be home EVERY night with Health/Dental/401K-Local, Region- your family! al & OTR. Owner Op's 78% of line Work with the #1 haul 100% FS Plate Program, No Home Improvement Center electronics. in the Midwest. Tom: 800-972-0084 Ext 6855 For more information call: Drivers: Immediate Openings! (630) 972-8679 or e-mail: Sign-On Bonus! Home Weekends! BOLIGeneralManager@ CDL-A & 1+ yrs Exp. Req. 1-800-593-3590 Drivers: Regional OTR CDL-A positions for postal routes based out of Regional Company Bolingbrook, IL. $19.24/hour plus Drivers Needed $4.98/hour USPS Health & Welto run out of the fare. Not a local position. Apply: Joliet terminal

Field Service Technician

We are seeking a skilled service technician to perform service and routine calibration to industrial weighing equipment. Qualified candidates will possess a strong electronic and mechanical aptitude and be proficient in computer technology. Ability to work alone and a good driving record is required. Applicants must have a neat appearance and good customer service skills. E-mail resume to: or fax to 815-463-1215

Highway Transport Offers: Paid Orientation Excellent Benefits


Wanted in Joliet. F.T. Excellent wages. Please email resume to: security@

Send your Classified Advertising 24/7 to: MECHANICS & DETAILERS Full Time. Apply at:

Spring Brook Marina 623 W River Dr, Seneca

Email: classified@ Fax: 815-477-8898 or online at: placeanad

Seniors Helping Seniors In-home services is an exceptional program of caring and care for seniors by seniors. We provide Companion Care, Homemaker Services, Personal Care, Yard Work, Transportation, 24-Hour Care and More!

Call 815-710-0005 for a FREE consultation!

Silver Chain With Fingerprint Thumb Lost by mall in Joliet around New Year's. REWARD 815-293-0615 ~ 815-347-0615

Twin Oaks West, Clean, Updated 1 bedroom, oak kitchen, appls, blt-in-micro, walk-in-closet, A/C, free heat. 815-744-1155

Cat: all white cat, very friendly, found around Hickory St., in Crest Hill, 815-726-6626 2006 CHRYSLER SUPREME

4 door, everything works good. Approx 82K miles, $6700. 815-730-7745 ~ 815-348-0315

Joliet ~ Bellarmine Drive

Spacious 3BR TH, 1.5BA, appl. W/D in bsmt, heat, A/C, $980/mo. Tenant pays all util.815-730-6873

2010 Chevy Impala LS

Ext warr transferable, very nice car! Mokena: 4 rms, near train, nice $12,500 815-254-4372 yrd, city water, half of gar., no pets, $900/mo.+sec., 708-717-5535

Nanny and/or Caregiver (elderly) Available Mon-Fri 6am-6pm, 30 yrs exp., Call for more details 815-603-7775


LPN OR RN full/part time needed for 25 Year Old Male COMPETITIVE SALARY 815-603-9599 Minooka area


Contact the Better Business Bureau - or Federal Trade Commission

18 mos. current or 24mos. out of last 48 mos. T/T exp. CDL-A with Tanker and Hazmat


Will County Humane Society in Shorewood is looking for a PT Fundraising / Volunteer Chair. Responsibilities include increasing both the organizations revenues, and volunteer numbers & participation. Minimum 2 years fundraising experience required. Up to 25 hrs/week. Salary based on experience. View job description at Submit your resume to: willcountyhumanesociety@ No calls or in-person inquiries.

*$500 Sign-On Bonus* Requirements:

CDL-A with Tanker, Hazmat and TWIC required FURNITURE STORE WAREHOUSE DELIVERY - Valid drivers license a TWIC card assistance available “SAFETY FOCUSED QUALITY must. Furniture experience helpful. Full time. Apply in person: Mikes DRIVEN, our CSA rating reflects our commitment” Furniture, 830 E Cass, Joliet EOE/M/F/V/D

Hiring Now! Midas Auto Service and Tires needs experienced mechanic. 1802 N. Larkin, Joliet 815-725-6500. Apply in person or submit resume to:

Part-Time Fundraising / Volunteer Chair



Is a Wonderful Choice Confidential: Financial Assistance; Housing; Medical. You choose the Lic'd Family Open or Closed Adoptions 1-888-442-3678 We Care We Help Lic #492043

Be your own boss as an independent contractor!! Contractors needed to deliver, build, maintain, and service single copy sales delivery routes in the BrookfieldWestchester area. Deliveries are one day a week. Must have reliable vehicle, valid drivers license, insurance, and a good driving record.

1 bath, all appliances, garage. No pets/smoking, $990/mo. 815-467-2718

1 King Set $199

King Bed New $149 Twin $79 -- Full $89 New in Plastic Warranty 630-717-8545 Can Deliver 5pc Living Room Set $399 Can Separate 630-717-8545 New Leather Sofa $499 630-254-6165 Can Deliver


Newer house, 4 bedroom, 2 bath. Plainfield schools, $1375/mo+sec. Available now. 815-325-9128


Heat, C/A, appl, pay all util, lndry hook-up. $800/mo + sec + ref Affordable Cathedral/ Joliet + credit check, 1 year lease, no Studio-1BR, util incl., elevator. $105-$140/wk, $455-$607/mo, pets, near metra. 815-886-1316 Lndry, Guest Library, Nr. Bus & Dwntown. (815-726-2000)

Lay On back stretcher $150 CREST HILL 527 Pasadena Life Gear w/memory foam, locks 2BR w/ balcony, appl included. legs in place, and can rotate upside Secure bldg, no pets, $950/mo. down, 708-269-5117 By Appt. 815-592-3782 Lay On back stretcher $150 Crest Hill, Near Weber, Updated Life Gear w/memory foam, locks legs in place, and can rotate upside Clean 2BR, balcony, ceiling fans, electric entry, eat-in-kit. No pets, down, 708-269-5117 Rent Special. 815-744-5141 Movie Projector $190 JOLIET 2 BEDROOM DUPLEX DGLAX LCD w/mowing brackets Appliances, W/D, C/A, off Brand New 99” pull down screen St parking, $725/mo + security. 708-269-5117 815-514-9496

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JOLIET EAST LG 3BR, 1BA, formal dining room, heat furnished, $875/m+sec. 210 N. Eastern Ave. AKC/OFA! Imported parents on site. 708-481-9128 Contact Nicole Austin Great family dogs and protection. at 630-427-6204 or $950 - $1250/ea. 815-685-4764 Joliet West 2 Bedroom. Huge Closets. Words cannot describe! I PAY CASH FOR HOUSES 2216 Oneida West. $825/Mo incl Any Location. Any Condition. SHIH TZU PUPPIES/2 MALES water. No pets. 815-671-1005. Ron Orloff 815-730-1300 NEWSPAPER DELIVERY Caregiver seeking to take care of Parents on premise with papers your loved one. Have been certified Early morning newspaper delivery and 1st shots, $400/obo. BREAKING NEWS JOLIET, 3111 Heritage Drive, 2BD, needed in suburban Illinois areas. 815-557-8099 ~815-722-7637 in CA. and IL Crest Hill, Joliet, available 24/7 at new carpet, fresh paint, no st Must be at least 18 years of age, Lockport area. 614 929 0327 pets/smoking. $900/mo, 1 & sec have a valid drivers license and dep. Call Gail 815-577-3117 Excellent caregiver seeking an insured vehicle. employment in Joliet area. Please call 708-342-5649 and Rockdale Lg 2 bdrm $695 also NEED CASH? nice 1 bdrm $550 both remodeled leave name, contact info and Please call 773-343-6204 I will buy your Guns, ammo, and painted NO Pets 1 yr lease & town you reside in. coins & antique motors. deposit 815-466-0035 Call Rick at 630-674-0832. Being the FIRST to grab Rockdale Newly Renov Lower 2BR reader's attention makes Call today to place your ad Quiet, appl, carpet, water included. your item sell faster! PIT BULL “LILY” Send your Help Wanted Off St. 1 car, $650 + sec, no pets. 877-264-2527 Female, 9 years old, approx 815-439-1065 Highlight and Advertising 24/7 to: 60 lbs, white with brown spots. border your ad! Lost on Sun, Jan 26, Reed & Mack WANTED SCRAP METAL Email: helpwanted@ Streets in Joliet. 815-616-2370 Garden Tractors, Snowmobiles, Appliances, Anything Metal 877-264-2527 815-210-8819 Fax: 815-477-8898 The Herald-News Classified Free Pick Up 7 days a week It works. CAREGIVER 24 Hour Shifts Needed Thur., Fri. & Sat. in Coal City. Will give details, hours & pay. Must have exp/references. Diane 815-382-0438


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Page 62 • Sunday, February 2, 2014


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rejected. Lot 4, Goodspeed's Subdivision of the west 305 ½ feet of block 5, Pre-bid: in Bowen and Grover's Subdivision Mandatory Attendance on of the North ½ of the south east ¼ project site for the entire pre-bid of section 15, township 35 north, site orientation on Wednesday, range 10 east of the third principal February 14, 2014 beginning meridian, according to the plat promptly at: thereof recorded March 5, 1885 as 511 Lehman in Joliet Twp. document number 134909, plat 07-15-411-017 book 5, page 28, in Will County, TIME: 10-10:15 AM Illinois. Insurance: Contract documents and detailed The successful bidder shall be specifications may be examined at required to purchase insurance the following location and on the as set forth in the General Condifollowing terms: tions. Examination: All examinations of contract documents and bid specifications from the Will County Land Use Department can be accessed at www.willcounty Questions should be directed to Elizabeth Dunn

MBE/WBE Outreach: Women owned and minority owned contractors are encouraged to submit a proposal. The County of Will and Will County Land Use Department reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Bids submitted may not be withdrawn for a period of thirty (30) days following the bid opening without written consent of the Bid Document: Entire bid packet awarding body. DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY(IES): shall be downloaded from the web511 Lehman in Joliet Twp. site, completed, and returned, as (Published in the Herald-News 07-15-411-017 directed in the bid document. If February 2, 2014. HN073) pages are found to be missing or INSERT LEGAL DESCRIPTION sections are left blank from the Bid FOR EACH ADDRESS: Documents, the proposal shall be Sealed bids shall be received by the Will County Land Use Department, Building Division, 58 E. Clinton St., Ste. 500, Joliet, Illinois until 3 o' clock p.m. local time on February 28, 2014 at which time all bids will be publicly opened and read aloud for:

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NOTICE PUBLICATION POLICIES This publication reserves the right to edit or reject any ads without comment. This publication is careful to review all advertising but the burden of truthful content belongs to the advertiser. We use standard abbreviations and we reserve the right to properly classify your ad. All ads are subject to credit approval. We reserve the right to require prepayment. We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. CHECK YOUR AD Please check your ad the first day it is published. If you see an error, call us immediately and it will be corrected for the next available publication date. Our liability is for only one publication date and shall not exceed the total cost of the first day of publication.

PUBLIC NOTICE REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS PURCHASE/DELIVERY OF ROCK SALT VILLAGE OF ROMEOVILLE, ILLINOIS The Village of Romeoville will receive cost proposals for the purchase and delivery of salt for use in five ion exchange softening facilities until 4 p.m. local time, Friday, February 10, 2014, at the Village Public Works Facility, 615 Anderson, Romeoville, IL 60446. The services include the purchase and delivery of 120 to 250 tons of salt per month for five water treatment plants in the Village of Romeoville, located at the addresses in the attached table. Proposal shall include 12 months worth of deliveries starting in March 2014 and ending in February 2015. Salt needs will vary based on Village water usage. Salt shall be industrial-grade mine-run southern rock salt by Cargill, bulk white crystal southern rock salt by Morton, or North American Salt, or equivalent. Product data sheets for salt must be included with cost proposals. Proposals are to be addressed to the Eric Bjork, Interim Public Works Director, Village of Romeoville, 615 Anderson, Romeoville, IL 60446, and shall be marked “ProposalPurchase/Delivery of Rock Salt.” Supporting Request for Proposal Documents may be obtained from Strand Associates, Inc.®, 1170 South Houbolt Road, Joliet, IL 60431. Supporting Documents may be examined at the offices of the Village of Romeoville Public Works Facility, 615 Anderson, Romeoville, IL 60446. Interested parties are required to comply with all laws, including those relating to the employment of labor and the payment of the general prevailing rate of hourly wages in the locality in which the work is to be performed for each craft or type of worker or mechanic needed to execute the contract or perform such work, also the general prevailing rate for legal holiday and overtime work (including, but not necessarily limited to 820 ILCS 130/0.01 et seq. the “Prevailing Wage Act”) as ascertained by the Illinois Department of Labor for Will County, Illinois shall be paid for each craft or type of worker needed to execute the contract or to perform such work. If at the time this Contract is executed, or if during the term of this Contract, there is excessive unemployment in Illinois as defined in the employment of Illinois Workers on Public Works Act, 30 ILCS 570-0.01 et seq., as two consecutive months of unemployment exceeding 5%, CONTRACTOR agrees to employ Illinois laborers. An “Illinois laborer” is defined as any person who has resided in Illinois for at least 30 days and intends to become or remain an Illinois resident. The Village of Romeoville reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals, to waive any technicality, and to accept any Proposal which it deems advantageous. All Proposals shall remain subject to acceptance for 85 days after the time set for receiving Proposals. The Strand Associates project manager is Chris J. Ulm P.E., who can be contacted at Strand Associates, Inc.®, 1170 South Houbolt Road, Joliet, IL 60431, (815) 744-4200 regarding the project. Published by the authority of the Village of Romeoville Dr. Bernice E. Holloway, Village Clerk Dated at Romeoville, Illinois January 29, 2014 (Published in the Herald-News January 31, February 2, 3, 2014. HN093)


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Sunday, February 2, 2014 â&#x20AC;˘ Page 63

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