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February 14, 2020 


Trade aid to farmers

Opioids a rural epidemic By James Henry


NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — The man picked up a hammer and then smashed it down on his hand. The woman unbuckled her seatbelt and then drove her car at full throttle into a dumpster. They hurt themselves with the sole intent of acquiring prescription pain medications. These true stories shared by Matt Niswander at the Young Farmers and Ag Professionals Conference in Noblesville depict just how devastating the opioid epidemic in rural America has become. Niswander is a first-generation cattleman. He and his wife, Colbie, and their three children raise Black Angus cattle at Niswander Farms, a U.S. Department of Agriculture-certified direct-to-consumer beef cattle farm. He previously worked in emergency medicine and now works full-time in his community as a family nurse practitioner, the owner of Niswander Family Medicine, a hometown, primary care family medical practice in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. See OPIOIDS, Page A4

USDA issues last of MFP payments By Tom C. Doran



President Donald Trump, for the third year in a row, addresses farm and ranch families at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 101st annual convention in Austin, Texas.

‘We did it’ Trump celebrates trade pacts at AFBF meeting By Jeannine Otto


What are opioids?

Opioid is a term used for the entire family of opiate drugs, including natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic. These drugs are chemically related and interact with opioid receptors on nerve cells in the body and brain, creating a feeling of euphoria. Opioid drugs include: Buprenorphine Codeine Fentanyl Heroin Hydrocodone

Hydromorphone Meperidine Methadone Morphine Oxycodone



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Vol. 42 No. 51

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AUSTIN, Texas — He might have exited the stage, as he has before, to the strains of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by the Rolling Stones, but President Donald Trump was able to take a victory lap for some promises kept to U.S. farmers and ranchers. “We did it. We did it,” Trump celebrated with the opening words of his address to members of the American Farm Bureau Federation at its annual meeting in Austin. Trump was able to celebrate not only the completion of Phase 1 of a trade deal with China, but the passage by the House and Senate of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, which replaces the North American Free Trade Agreement. “I’ve told everybody you’ve got to buy a lot of land and you’ve got to get bigger tractors now because we did a great deal with China, great for our country. We’re going to

“I’ve told everybody you’ve got to buy a lot of land and you’ve got to get bigger tractors now because we did a great deal with China, great for our country. We’re going to sell them the greatest product you’ve ever seen.” President Donald Trump sell them the greatest product you’ve ever seen,” Trump said. The president would sign the USMCA into law after he spoke to the gathered Farm Bureau members, but he pointed out the benefits for the nation’s ag producers. “It will massively boost exports for farmers, ranchers, growers and agricultural producers from north to south and from sea to shining sea. It also has tremendous im-

pacts on manufacturers and all of the other things good for everybody,” he said. Trump reminded the audience of the trade aid program, the Market Facilitation Program, that has resulted in $28 billion being distributed to farmers and ranchers impacted by tariffs on U.S. agricultural products going into China. He also addressed criticism that the largest farms were the primary recipients of the payments. “We’re getting that money, Sonny, to the small farmers, also. There were some statements, big farmers, no, we get them to the small farmers, we get them to everybody, big farmers, small farmers,” said Trump, referencing Sonny Perdue, U.S. secretary of agriculture, who traveled with Trump and a handful of Republican federal and state lawmakers to the Farm Bureau convention. Trump gained a laugh from the audience when he discussed the MFP payment formula. See TRUMP, Page A4

Promoting ag education Lt. gov. advocates opportunities in rural, urban areas By Jeannine Otto


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Whether you live in rural Illinois or in one of the state’s urban areas, one thing unites all Illinoisans — food. “Food connects us all, whether it’s at the dinner table or at the local market,” said Illinois Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton, as she spoke to the members of the Illinois Pork Producers Association at the annual Illinois Pork Expo in Springfield. Stratton addressed the members during their annual meeting. Food is a common bond, and those who produce it can help bring together the urban and rural parts of the state, the 48th lieutenant governor told IPPA members. “In so many ways, I consider you all to be such important

with farmers and the state’s farm groups, and she offered a glimpse of what she’s discovered on her travels. “I know that agriculture, outside of being our state’s No. 1 industry and largest industry, agriculture is woven into the very fabric of who we are as Illinoisans,” she said. Stratton said it is important that young people throughout the state have opportunities to have agricultural education and explore the job opportunities in agriculture. “How do we make sure our young people are better educated? When we think about education, we have to think about agricultural education and making sure that young people, not only in our agricultural communities, understand AGRINEWS PHOTO/JEANNINE OTTO and have access to and expoIllinois Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton sure to agricultural education,” speaks at the Illinois Pork Producers she said. Association’s annual meeting. With the governor’s budget address coming in March, unifiers of our state,” she said. Stratton said she is an advoStratton is the chair of the cate for ag education and for Governor’s Rural A ffairs expanding opportunities. Council and has traveled throughout the state and met See EDUCATION, Page A2

WASHINGTON — The third and final tranche of the 2019 Market Facilitation Program payments are being issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The final payment represents the remaining 25% of the total county per-acre calculation. The first tranche was comprised of the higher of either 50% of a producer’s calculated county per-acre payment or $15 per acre, which may reduce potential Perdue payments to be made in tranche three. The second tranche was 25% of the total payment expected. Of the $16 billion authorized for the program by President Donald Trump, $14.5 billion was aimed at assisting farmers suffering from damage due to trade retaliation by foreign nations. The funding was authorized under the Commodity Credit Corp. Charter Act and administered by the Farm Service Agency. The program’s remaining funding was to implement a $1.4 billion Food Purchase and Distribution Program to purchase surplus commodities affected by trade retaliation. See AID, Page A2

ARC, PLC program sign-up due By Tom C. Doran


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — The deadline to sign up for either the Agriculture Risk Coverage or the Price Loss Coverage program nears and farmers are encouraged not to wait until the last minute. “The clock is ticking. March 16 is the last day to make what is likely one of the most important business decisions you will make for your farming operation this year,” said Bill Graff, Illinois Graff Farm Service Agency executive director. “If you have not already visited your local FSA county office to make your election for either the ARC or the PLC program and to sign your annual enrollment contract, you should call and make your appointment now.” As of Feb. 6, 43,000 farms have signed up and 118,000 across the state are yet to enroll. “We’re getting down to the point that it’s literally becoming a math problem. We have to do over 4,500 contracts a day in Illinois through March 16. We did 10,000 contracts so far this week, but we really need to be doing closer to 15,000 contracts a week, and the more the farmers delay the bigger the math problem becomes. You can only do so many contracts an hour; you can only do so many a day,” Graff said. See SIGN-UP, Page A4

A2 Friday, February 14, 2020



| ILLINOIS AGRINEWS | www.agrinews-pubs.com

MFP payments in Illinois

Livestock: Those commodities in$23,530,119 cluded fruits, vegetables, Non-specialty crops: some processed foods, $1,071,606,484 beef, pork, lamb, poultry Specialty crops: and milk for distribution to food banks, schools $97,224 and other outlets serving Total: low-income individuals. $1,095,233,827 An additional $100 million was issued through the Agricultural Trade of USMCA,” said USDA Promotion Program to asSecretary Sonny Perdue. sist in developing new ex“While these agreements port markets on behalf of are welcome news, we must producers. not forget that 2019 was a tough year for farmers as COUNTY RANGES they were the tip of the Illinois’ total county spear when it came to unper-acre payments ranged fair trade retaliation.” from $87 in Piatt to $50 in Jo Daviess, and Indiana’s ELIGIBLE CROPS counties ranged from $80 Payments were made by in Tipton to Starke’s $44. FSA to producers of alfalfa Final payments will be 25% hay, barley, canola, corn, of those per-acre totals. crambe, dried beans, dry The county payment peas, extra-long staple cotrates were based on his- ton, flaxseed, lentils, long torical fixed average area grain and medium grain and yields. The total poten- rice, millet, mustard seed, tial payment amount for oats, peanuts, rapeseed, non-specialty crops is the rye, safflower, sesame seed, eligible area multiplied by small and large chickpeas, the non-specialty county sorghum, soybeans, sunrate per acre. f lower seed, temperate For each crop in a japonica rice, triticale, upcounty, the rates were de- land cotton and wheat. termined by multiplying MFP assistance for the fixed historical acres, these non-specialty crops the fixed historic yields is based on a single county and the payment rate for payment rate multiplied by unit for each eligible crop. a farm’s total plantings of “It’s been a great start to MFP-eligible crops in ag2020 for American agricul- gregate in 2019. Those perture with the signing of the acre payments are not dehistoric Phase 1 deal with pendent on which of these China and the signing crops are planted in 2019.


“I would love to see programs like FFA be expanded so we could have more young people who are interested in this huge industry,” she said. Stratton said that urban agriculture offers opportunities for urban residents and young people in urban areas to explore food production and related careers. “I think the main message for young people, in many ways, is that it is never going to be just being on the farm.

“I would love to see programs like FFA be expanded so we could have more young people who are interested in this huge industry.” Illinois Lt. Gov. Juliana Stratton Although that is important and we have to continue to have a new generation of young people interested in farming, but there’s the business side of it, there’s marketing, there’s communications, there’s so many angles where people can be involved in agribusiness. We have to make sure that this is an industry that is open and welcoming,” she said. Stratton recognized the IPPA for its female leadership in executive director Jennifer Tirey and Pam Janssen, the third woman to be IPPA president, whose term ended as she passed the gavel to Dale Weitekamp at the annual meeting. “I am so glad to see, at the pork producers, for example, women who are the president and executive director of this organization. We have to open up pathways of opportunity for women and people of color to know that agricul-

AGRINEWS ILLINOIS EDITION USPS366-170 ISSN0194-7443 Serving Farm Families Throughout Illinois

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A producer’s total payment-eligible plantings cannot exceed total 2018 plantings. County payment rates in the nation range from $15 to $150 per acre, depending on the impact of unjustified trade retaliation in that county. Dairy producers who were in business as of June 1, 2019, receive a per-hundredweight payment on Dairy Margin Coverage production history, and hog producers will receive a payment based on the number of live hogs owned on a day selected by the producer between April 1 and May 15, 2019. MFP pay ment s are limited to a combined $250,000 for non-specialty crops per person or legal entity. MFP payments are also limited to a combined $250,000 for dairy and hog producers and a combined $250,000 for specialty crop producers. However, no applicant can receive more than $500,000. Eligible applicants must also have an average adjusted gross income for tax years 2015, 2016, and 2017 of less than $900,000 unless at least 75% of the person’s or legal entity’s AGI is derived from farming, ranching, or forestry related activities. Applicants also must comply with the provisions of the Highly Erodible Land and Wetland Conservation regulations. Many producers were affected by natural disasters this spring, such as flood-

ture is an industry that is reached at 815-223available and open to all,” 2558, ext. 211, or jotto@ Stratton said. agrinews-pubs.com. Follow her on Twitter at: Jeannine Otto can be @AgNews_Otto.

ing, that kept them out of the field for extended periods of time. Producers who filed a prevented planting claim and planted an FSAcertified cover crop, with

the potential to be harvested qualify for a $15 per-acre payment. Acres that were never planted in 2019 are not eligible for an MFP payment.

Tom C. Doran can be reached at 815-780-7894 or tdoran@agrinewspubs.com. Follow him on Twitter at: @AgNews_ Doran.

www.agrinews-pubs.com | ILLINOIS AGRINEWS | Friday, February 14, 2020


Trade deals don’t impress markets By Tom C. Doran


GIFFORD, Ill. — Hope that the trade agreements announced in January would bolster the anemic commodity market were quickly quelled, leaving trade-watchers scratching their heads. President Donald Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu He signed Phase 1 of a U.S.-China trade agreement Jan. 15. One day later, the U.S. Senate followed the House’s suit and approved the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. Trump signed USMCA into law Jan. 29, and the agreement is now up to Canada for ratification. Curt Kimmel, Bates Commodities owner and commodity broker, analyzed the market’s blasé reaction in an interview at the firm’s Midwest Ag Expo booth Jan. 29.


Phil Foster, owner of Foster’s Mechanics in Paxton, Illinois, highlights a Sukup power sweep for grain bins displayed at the recent Midwest Ag Expo.

On-farm bin benefits Expand options and save money By Tom C. Doran


GIFFORD, Ill. — On-farm grain storage in Illinois and Indiana has increased the past 10 years. According to the U.S Department of Agriculture, onfarm storage has increased by 90 million bushels in Indiana to 860 million bushels and Illinois has seen a 50 million bushel jump to 1.48 billion bushels from Dec. 1, 2009, to Dec. 1, 2019. Phil Foster, owner of Foster’s Mechanics in Paxton, said during the Midwest Ag Expo farmers are installing or adding bins to avoid harvest downtime and have storage and marketing options. Poor field conditions extended the 2019 harvest, and there were just small windows of opportunities to get into the fields. When it was fit, the crop had higher than desired moisture content, forcing the need for drying and adding more cost at a time of low commodity prices. “On-farm storage and dryers provide an option where you don’t have to pay someone else for drying. You can save a lot of money by drying it yourself,” Foster said. There were reports of grain elevators shutting down early last fall because they were at capacity in the midst of harvest. “So, you have the downtime and you can’t do anything, it’s getting late in the season and you have to get things out. The weather turns and 25% of your corn is still out there in the field. The corn is going down and you’re losing yield every day it’s out there. Any way you can speed that harvest up is beneficial,” Foster continued. He added on-farm storage can also save in drying costs. “You can save a lot per bushel because if you try to dry we’ll say 1,000 bushels and it is 25% moisture, I think we figured that according to the elevator you come out with 840 bushels because it shrinks. That’s the on paper, and by the time you’re done you’ve pretty well paid $1,000 to have that dried down. So, if corn is down to $3.50 a bushel, you’re going to lose $1,000 off the top,” he said. “So, if you’re thinking it was going to be $3,500 you’re going to get for that semi load. Well, now that’s changed a lot. You’ll get $2,500 or a little less than that. “The normal rule of thumb is it would be half of what it would have cost you at the elevator. A lot of the cost just depends on where you’re at for natural gas, propane, power companies and how much you


AgriNews Field Editor Tom Doran (right) interviews Foster’s Mechanics LLC owner Phil Foster at the Midwest Ag Expo about grain drying and grain storage challenges and opportunities. use.” SAVINGS, RETURN There also is the opportunity to save on storage costs with on-farm bins. “Sometimes there’s the premium you can save just holding our crop until January. I hear a lot of guys say you can save 20 cents, 30 cents per bushels, just depending on if the basis has gone up or whatever the price of the commodity is at the time. That can be very beneficial,” Foster said. There is also an eventual return on investment. “We don’t know how long that return is going to be. Is it going to be two years, is it going to be five years? A lot of it depends on your marketing, how much you have to dry and all of that. So, that’s what can affect your payback on whatever you put in. But it’s going to payback and then once you have it paid for, then it’s just that extra income that you’re getting from that,” Foster noted. DEMAND It’s obvious by the USDA data there has been an increased interest in both onfarm and off-farm storage expansion for several reasons. Yields have increased over 10 years, and elevators are adding on because they may not have the storage to meet the demand. Also, on-farm bins are aging and small. “Nobody wants to use them because you have this small bin and you have to carry this sweep in, and it has a 6-inch unload, it takes forever, it takes too much time to do what they need to do. They don’t have the time to deal with that. They have a 10,000 bushel bin onfarm and they’re just going to haul it to the elevator instead because they can dump it fast there and not worry about that penny-pinching,” Foster said. “I think now the way the markets are and everything, your return on a grain storage

system can payback and it can make you money and make it to where in these tight markets you can get more of your premium dollar out of it and get the most you can for what you’re raising.” New grain bins have features that are more efficient, safer and easier to use on-farm. “You have power sweeps in a grain bin. You don’t have to carry it in. You can get 10-inch unload and you can unload or load a bin, 4,000 bushels an hour, or you can get 6,000 bushels an hour. If you get 6,000 bushels an hour that’s loading a semi in 10 minutes, and it used to be 45 minutes with a six-inch auger. That’s a big difference and you can just keep the semis coming. There are a lot of benefits,” Foster said. Wintertime is an ideal time to order grain bins and grain equipment as companies are offering winter discounts and farmers can lock in those deals and have a system in place for next fall. WHAT’S NEW Foster’s highlighted two new features during the Midwest Ag Expo, the Sukup Mixedflow Dryer and Sukup Paddle Sweepway. The Mixed-flow Dryer combines the grain quality of a mixed-flow dryer with the vacuum-cooling efficiency of a tower dryer. The result is high test-weight grain while burning less fuel per bushel dried. Maintenance is also reduced with mixed flow dryers because there are no screens that need to be cleaned on cool, damp days to maintain capacity and efficiency. The Paddle Sweepway is a new safety feature for grain bins compared to a typical auger. It’s a safe option to fully clean out a grain bin. This upgrade can be added to new or retrofitted to any existing Sweepway or U-Trough and Power Sweep for both drag conveyors and loop systems.

Does the lackadaisical move by the markets after the trade announcements indicate the market already factored those agreements in or is there more to it? “China has been going on for a year and a half. The trade was worn out. We did see the soybean market rally 60 to 70 cents ahead of that signing, so there is some thought that maybe we bought the rumor and now we sold the fact. “The thing is with this Phase 1 signing is it’s rotten timing from the standpoint that most of the boats are going to the southern hemisphere right now to ship the South American soybeans. We did see some sales prior to that Phase 1 signing. That was just to give them cushion until this South American crop came online. “If we’re going to get a positive from Phase 1, I think it’s going to be later on in June and July when they start booking new crop and shift those boats from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Hemisphere. “Also, South America has favorable weather. They have some dry spots and so forth, but the weather is favorable. So, to get bullish news in soybeans we need to see a port strike, dock strike, truck strike or something to get the trade excited. “The key is Canada and Mexico. Mexico is a huge buyer of corn and pork. We just need to get all of the countries to agree on (USMCA) because if we don’t see a general agreement there that could be another thorn in the side as we move forward.” Is the market to the point now where there has to be actual sales in the books before there is positive price movement after many months of talk? “Yes, there are loopholes in the Phase 1 contract with China. You can back out in 60 days. There’s a 30-day window before anything happens. They’re not going to say they’re going to buy soybeans on such a date.” China has been hit hard with the Africa swine fever with millions of pigs being culled, according to reports. What impact does that have on the U.S. hog market? “Reports are that China lost

40% of its hog herd. So, they’ve gone through the world market and there’s a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of excitement about coming to the U.S. Kimmel “So far, they’ve bought minimal from the U.S. They do have a company called WH Group that bought Smithfield Foods (based in Smithfield, Virginia) in 2013. So, they have that source if they need it. “The thing about it is it’s bullish long-term from the standpoint that they’ll start replenishing those gilts and sows, so we’ll see a breeding herd go there. They bought a lot of Danish hogs. “But with this flu in the hogs and the flu with the people, the concern now is that we’re not seeing people go out to eat or travel in China, so meat consumption could be put on hold. “The other thing is I think they shutdown the wild animal market and so hopefully they’ll come and buy traditional pork and beef versus wild animals.” A comment was once made by another commodity trader that a tweet can now move the market 25 cents one way or the other. “Never has a president gone public as much as he has. It’s kind of interesting that people weigh on that. And part of that is we’ve got so many computers trading the market now and they’ll read the headline or read Twitter and see it and react not knowing what the consequences are.” Brazil is projected for a record soybean crop of 123 million metric tons, breaking the previous high mark by one million tons. Historically, South American soybeans flood the global market once their crops are harvested earlier in the year and it shifts to U.S. soybeans later in the year after our harvest. How does that all play into U.S. and the global market? “It’s come to light over the years that we’re losing market share of the world and that’s a concern. You want to keep that market share. There are the different seasons and we have to use those different seasonals to our advantage that we know they’re going to be buying and we have to take advantage of that purchasing power to sell when that happens. “We can’t wait around for some more opportunities down the road because it’s just like clockwork. Those shippers are going to have the boats in the northern hemisphere to capture our fall harvest and then they’re going to move those boats to the southern hemisphere to capture that market. “The only way we’re going to get real market-sensitive is if we have an extreme problem in either the northern or southern hemisphere to kind of break that up.” Tom C. Doran can be reached at 815-780-7894 or tdoran@ agrinews-pubs.com. Follow him on Twitter at: @AgNews_Doran.

2020 Women in Agribusiness Summit Sept. 16-18 in Nashville NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The 2020 Women in Agribusiness Summit will be Sept. 16-18 at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel. The popular event, now in its ninth year, has fostered an international community of women who are passionate about agribusiness and sharing industry knowledge to help professional women know their business better. This year’s agenda will feature conversations and interactive dialogue about the top issues and challenges in the ag and food sectors, including sustainability, agtech innovations, traceability, consumer and product updates, yearly outlooks and trends, and management and professional development strategies. Attendees to the Women in Agribusiness Summit, who numbered 900 at the 2019 event from 43 states and seven countries, can expect networking opportunities and a long list of extra activities to complement the comprehensive agenda topics. Some of this year’s anticipated add-ons include: n A Futurity Leadership Workshop entitled “Fundamentals of Foresight: Where Food Meets the Future,” led by industry thought leader Jack Bobo. n Pre-event access to the

IGNITE Business Expo, where women business owners are invited to showcase their service or business offering in support of the agribusiness sector. n An opportunity to partake in a community service activity that includes a trip to the local Second Harvest Food Bank. n An industry tour to give a behind-the-scenes look at agrelated infrastructure. n A dynamic off-site reception. “What makes us different is that the Women in Agribusiness team supports women in the ag and food industry 365 days a year. While we do host this large annual event that is known for exceptional content and networking, we also support women-owned businesses, publish a news blog, post job opportunities, give scholarships to young women, host local networking Meet Ups in over 15 cities, provide leadership training and more,” said Joy O’Shaughnessy, WIA event director and COO at host company HighQuest Group. To learn more about the event, or join the list of sponsors and exhibitors, such as BASF, Corteva Agriscience, ING Capital LLC, Nationw ide and Smithfield Foods, visit womeninag.com. Register by April 3 to receive $300 off.

A4 Friday, February 14, 2020

| ILLINOIS AGRINEWS | www.agrinews-pubs.com

with high blood pressure, I’m going to see that. I’m obligated to treat your FROM PAGE ONE high blood pressure. If you come in with low oxThe very first appoint- ygen or fast respirations, ment on the first day he I’m obligated to treat that opened his clinic, the pa- as a medical professional tient asked for narcotics, morally and ethically. Niswander recalled. You come in now with “That was an instant the pain scale, you’ve got wake-up call for me. I a cough and your say, ‘I’m had to address that from hurting like a 10.’ I’ve got a moral and ethical stand- to do something for that, point, but also right? Now, I’ve from a business got this firststandpoint,” he line treatment said. “I didn’t of OxyContin do anything for that’s supposed him. He got mad. to be non-adThat’s typically dictive anyway, how that works so why not just out.” give him this There is no difOxyContin?” ference between A s patients prescription opi- Niswander beca me adoids obtained led ic t e d , t he y gally from a docquickly learned tor and heroin obtained how to abuse the system, illegally, Niswander said. Niswander said. “Actually, heroin and “These people figured opiate have the exact this game out really same reaction chemi- quick,” he said. “They cally in your body as come in, ‘Hey, I stubbed each other,” he said. “You my toe. Boy, it’s like a 10.” picture a heroin addict Well, it ain’t broken. You in your head and think know, it’s not even red. I of a drug addict on the don’t even see where you street corner with a nee- hit it. ‘It’s killing me. It’s dle hanging out his arm. killing me.’ So, we’ve got When you think of some- to do something about it. body addicted to pain We fix people. Medical pills, we don’t have that professionals fix people, same image, for some and if there’s a resource reason. It is literally the to fix it, we give it to same exact thing. It liter- them.” ally does the same thing A lot of towns and small to your body.” com mu n it ie s, wher e farmers get hurt, lack A COUNTRY IN CRISIS mental health resources, This is not just a “big- Niswander lamented. city” problem, Niswander “Let’s face it, farming stressed. is hard. Economically, In fact, he said, more financially, it’s tough,” adults are dying from he said. “You can get opioid overdoses in rural depressed. You can get America, at a rate of 10.8 anxious about it. And if deaths per 100,000 peo- somebody doesn’t have a ple, greater than the na- good support system, or tional average of 10.6. already has some menIn 2018, 130 Americans tal health issues underdied every day from an lying, opioids give you opioid overdose. that euphoric feeling. ‘I “If you loaded two just lost $100,000, but I jumbo jets full of people feel pretty good, though, and crashed it into the let’s keep trucking. That ground every single week, cow just ran me over, but that’s how many people I feel pretty good.’ That’s die because of opioids really what they do.” every week in this counNiswander emphasized try,” Niswander said. anyone can become ad“If two planes crashed dicted to opioids that are out of the sky right now, prescribed legally for a what would the federal legitimate injury. It only government do? They’d takes three days to beshut the airline business come addicted and for down. Everybody in the your body to crave the United States would be euphoria that opioids proup in arms about it. duce, he said. “It’s happening. It’s been happening, for de- WHAT DO WE DO NOW? cades. And nothing is If you suspect opioid being done, to that ex- abuse, try to have an tent.” honest conversation with Deaths caused by opi- that person, even though oids now exceed deaths it can be uncomfortable, caused by diabetes and Niswander advised. are getting closer to canDo not get angry, or ofcer and heart disease, fended. Be calm and clear Niswander said. about what you ask and Specifically in Indiana, say, know when to stop he said, opioid overdoses the conversation and talk have increased 22.5%. about it later and make For every 100,000 people, sure the person knows about 30 people have died you love them no matter — far greater than the na- what. tional average of 19, he Niswander also recsaid. ommended hav ing Looking at how often Narcan medication on opioids are being pre- hand. Narcan, “the anscribed by physicians in tagonist for opioids,” is Indiana, Niswander said the reversal medication there were a staggering for someone who has 74.2 opioid prescriptions overdosed on opioids per 100 people — again far and is very easy to adgreater than the national minister by nasal spray, average of 58.7. Only nine he said. states prescribe opioids In Indiana, it can be more than Indiana, he obtained for free by atsaid. tending a one-hour training session at the county HOW’D WE GET HERE? health department. FortyIn 1996, OxyContin nine Hoosier counties was marketed as a “cure- have already utilized all,” a non-addictive med- the program, giving out ication with an abuse-de- 13,721 kits, Niswander terrent coating for first- said. line treatment of any American Farm Burkind of pain, not just se- eau Federation and Navere pain from cancer or tional Farmers Union broken bones, Niswander joined forces to launch said. the “Farm Town Strong” “They had this huge campaign to raise awaremarketing push, all this ness of the opioid crisis’ research to back it up. impact on farming comPharmaceutical compa- munities. nies back then could take A website — Farmdoctors and nurse practi- TownStrong.org — protioners and nurses to the vides easy access to inforBahamas, or to the Pacers mation and resources that game, or the Tennessee can help struggling farm Titans game. You feel families and rural comlike you owe these people munities. something. I had a friend, Niswander also sucthey took him duck hunt- cessfully lobbied for a ing and gave him a shot- resolution at the recent gun,” he said. AFBF Convention to “Then in the early support a national pre2000s — I don’t want to scription drug database, get conspiracy theory on allowing physicians to you too much, but you’ll track narcotic prescriphear it in my voice maybe tions, even across state – the pain scale shows lines, and combat drug up as the sixth vital sign. misuse and unintentional So, a patient comes in overdose. the emergency room, we check their blood pres- James Henry can be sure, heart rate, oxygen, reached at 815-223-2558, temperature, respirations. ext. 190, or jhenry@ Now, we’ve got to add agrinews-pubs.com. pain to that. Follow him on Twitter “Well, if you come in at: @AgNews.



“We have a formula that, I think, Sonny, has been working very well. If it’s not, call me directly, and I’ll call Sonny and give him hell, OK?” Trump said to laughter from the audience. T he E nv i ron ment a l Protection Agency has been under fire from the U.S. ethanol industry for its handling of small refinery exemptions or SREs, which allow small oil refineries to not blend ethanol into gasoline due to economic hardship. The Trump EPA has granted over 80 SREs since 2017. “We are proudly promoting American ethanol. I recently approved E15 to be used all year round instead of eight months, and that’s a big thing for the American farmer. We’re providing unprecedented support to ethanol, support like you’ve never had before,” Trump said. He also didn’t miss a chance, in a presidential election year, to criticize his Democratic opponents. “The far left, they want to massively raise your taxes, crush your businesses with regulations, take away your health care and send bureaucrats in to interfere with your property and second guess every decision you make,” he said. Trump gave some indication of his confidence in the 2020 presidential race as he made a promise to the audience. “This is my third time in a row, and I promise I’ll be here next year, too. We’ll be here next year,” the president said with a smile. Trump showed why he remains popular among a majority of U.S. farmers and ranchers as he echoed their sentiments to continued and sustained applause and cheers from the Farm Bureau audience. “There are no better stewards of our precious natural resources than the American farmers who depend on the land and the environment for their very livelihood. You love your land. You’re going to take care of your land. You don’t need some bureaucrat in Washington telling everybody what the hell to do with your land,


Through late last week, one county had 80% of its farms enrolled, another was at 60%, several were in the 50% range, a large number of counties were around 40%, and some counties have only 8% of the farms signed up. “It’s going to be real tough for the counties that are lagging behind to get it done. I don’t want anybody to be left out,” Graff continued. There are no provisions for late filing. “If you do not make a selection by March 16, we will make that selection for you and what we will do is give the farm the same election that the farm had in 2018 under the old farm bill. But you won’t have a contract that you’ll get paid on in 2019,” Graff noted. “So, if you don’t make this election, the election is going to be made for you and it may not be the one that you want. It may not be the one that’s going to pay the best. “Especially farmers with wheat base and farmers that had a lot of prevent plant and failed acres, they really need to be going into the office and making some decisions right now.” The new program contracts must include the landowners’ signatures, making it that much more important to start the process now. Graff added that farmers can choose a particular program and if they need to make a change they can before the deadline. INFORMATION LINKS Information resources are available via links on the national FSA website, including the University of Illinois’ farmdoc and Texas A&M’s Agriculture and Food Policy Center websites. Both feature decision-making tools to determine which program may be the best fit for a farm or crop.

you love your land. When it comes to the environment, I will always trust a farmer over a Washington bureaucrat or a left-wing extremist,” Trump said. He also celebrated victories on two of the AFBF’s major issues — the federal estate tax and the Waters of the U.S. rule. In the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, that the president signed in December 2017, the federal estate tax exemption doubled, from $5.5 million to $11 million for single filers and from $11 million to $22 million for married couples. That exemption is in effect until 2025. In September 2019, Trump announced the repeal of the 2015 rule that expanded the definition of “Waters of the United States” as part of the Clean Water Act. “I terminated one of the most ridiculous regulations of all, the last administration’s disastrous Waters of the United States rule,” said Trump to loud and sustained applause. Trump echoed some of the AFBF’s concerns over the reach of the expanded WOTUS definition. “This rule gave bureaucrats virtually unlimited authority to regulate stock tanks, drainage ditches and isolated ponds as navigable waterways and navigable water. Sometimes you’d have a puddle, a little puddle and they considered that a lake,” Trump said. As he has done twice before at the AFBF annual meeting, Trump finished by celebrating U.S. farmers and ranchers. “Farmers have always been the keepers of our great American values. You champion the love of family, the dignity of work, and the glory of God. You teach your children to celebrate our nation, defend our freedom, honor our values and to always respect and cherish our great American flag,” said Trump as loud chants of “USA! USA! USA!” broke out along with applause. “I want to thank everybody. This has been such an incredible turnout, and I appreciate everybody for being here. Thank you all very much, this is a great honor and I’m glad we’ve been successful. We got those deals done,” the president said. Jeannine Otto To help farmers make informed decisions in the program selection process, FSA has hosted about 275 informational meetings. Upcoming meetings are: Q Feb. 18 — Jo Daviess County FSA office, 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Q Feb. 19 — Carroll County FSA office, 1 p.m. Q Feb. 20 — Ogle County FSA office, 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Q Feb. 21 — Carroll County FSA office, 9 a.m. Q Feb. 24 — Ogle County FSA office, 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Q Feb. 25 — Jo Daviess

Bonnie and Zippy Duvall. The wife of the American Farm Bureau Federation president lost her courageous battle with cancer on Jan. 18.

AFBF convention mourns passing of Bonnie Duvall By Jeannine Otto AGRINEWS PUBLICATIONS

AUSTIN, Texas — The annual meeting of the American Farm Bureau Federation was tinged with sadness as members and leaders of the AFBF mourned the passing of Bonnie Duvall, the wife of AFBF President Zippy Duvall. Bonnie Duvall died at home on Jan. 18 after a battle with ovarian cancer. “Our hearts are heavy for our good friend and for your president, Zippy Duvall, in losing Bonnie. You know what a pair they were and just fighters to the end,” said U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue in his address to introduce President Donald Trump. The president also expressed his sympathy to the Duvall family. “I want to take a moment to send our love and support to the president of the American Farm Bureau, a great guy, Zippy Duvall. Sadly, Zippy’s wife, a tremendous woman, married for 40 years, Bonnie, passed away last night,” said the president, who spoke to the AFBF members on Jan. 20. “We want Zippy and his entire family to know that we are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers. It was a very special relationship, and I just want County FSA office, 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Q Feb. 26 — Carroll County FSA office, 1 p.m. Q Feb. 27 — Ogle County FSA office, 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Q Feb. 27 — Jo Daviess County FSA office, 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Q Feb. 28 — Carroll County FSA office, 9 a.m. The ARC-County program provides income support tied to historical base acres, not current production, of covered commodities. ARC-CO payments are issued when the actual county crop revenue of a

to wish the family well. Zippy, we are with you 100%,” Trump said. Scott VanderWal, AFBF vice president, chaired the annual meeting and expressed the AFBF’s sympathies. “Zippy and Bonnie were partners in every respect for all of their 40 years together. She put her business degree to work keeping the books on their Georgia farm, enabling Zippy to turn his attention to serving his fellow farmers at the county, state and national levels,” VanderWal. said. “At moments like this our faith consoles us, knowing her soul is at peace, having gone on to our heavenly Father. We will forever be inspired by her sense of humor, love of farming and optimism in the face of adversity. She taught us all what it means to make every moment count,” he said. Bonnie Duvall is survived by her husband; their children, Lt. Col. Vincent (Erin) Duvall, Cora (Jared) Terry, Zeb (Katie) Duvall and Zellie Duvall; and five grandchildren. Jeannine Otto can be reached at 815-2232558, ext. 211, or jotto@ agrinews-pubs.com. Follow her on Twitter at: @AgNews_Otto. covered commodity is less than the ARC-CO guarantee for the covered commodity. PLC program payments are issued when the effective price of a covered commodity is less than the respective reference price for that commodity. The effective price equals the higher of the market year average price or the national average loan rate for the covered commodity. Tom C. Doran can be reached at 815-780-7894 or tdoran@agrinews-pubs. com. Follow him on Twitter at: @AgNews_Doran.

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www.agrinews-pubs.com | ILLINOIS AGRINEWS | Friday, February 14, 2020

Weed, compaction concerns Prevent plant’s impact on soil health studied By Tom C. Doran AGRINEWS PUBLICATIONS

GIFFORD, Ill. — Hardware, software, crop inputs and agronomic information were all in abundance at the Midwest Ag Expo Jan. 29-30. AgriNews stopped by the GMS Labs and AIM for the Heartland booth to speak with David Mowers, agronomic consultant for AIM for the Heartland and Nitrogen Pulse, about the past and upcoming growing seasons. Nationwide prevent plant acres are estimated at a record 11.4 million acres, topping the previous high mark of 8 million acres. Illinois had over 1.5 million prevent plant acres and Indiana had more than 944,000. What impact does that have in terms of soil health? “It’s good and bad. The problem is if the soils remained saturated they’d be in an anaerobic condition and they would not be able to conduct bene-

ďŹ cial biological activity. “However, most of those prevent planted acres drained o and there was something growing there and in a lot of instances it was weeds. But Mowers still that allows for microbial activity to take place and to some degree that’s quite beneďŹ cial. “Some cover crops favor microbial growth and actually make it better. It helps for nutrient exchange and water-holding capacity. “I think if they can get good weed control this year that will alleviate a lot of problems and they should see a better growth next year. “I would imagine some of this stu got awfully compacted, as much rain as they had on it and if a person tried to till it in vain they could do a lot of damage. It’s the aeration I think more than anything else. “There’s something to fallowing ground. In biblical times they did it once every seven years. In the west they do it with wheat

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(G) 2003 WHITE 8524, 24R30, RES, ROW CLUTCHES


(H) WHITE 8523 12R30�/23R15�, 2 BU. (G) ‘11 MF 8670, MFWD, CVT TRANS., SUSP. AXLE, 1580 HRS. BOXES, NOTILL, HYD. DRIVE

(H) 2012 NEW HOLLAND T6050, MFWD, 1150 HRS., W/ 855TL LDR. IN SOON


(G) ‘15 KUBOTA BX2670, 26 HP. DSL., MFWD, 60� MID MOWER

(H) ‘13 GLEANER S77, DUALS, 1319/1962 HRS.

(H) ‘14 GLEANER S67, DUALS, POWER BIN FOLD, 760/1009




(H) 1998 AGCO ALLIS 9735, 135 PTO HP, 2WD, POWERSHIFT, 4653 HRS.

NEW TRACTORS (H) MF 8735S, 320 HP, CVT, SUSP. FRONT AXLE (H) MF 6712, 120 HP., CAB, MFWD, LDR. (H) MF 4707, 75 HP, PFA, PLATFORM, W/ LDR. (H) KUBOTA M7-172, PREMIUM, KVT (H) KUBOTA MX5800, W/ LDR. (H) MF 2705E, 48 HP., 8 SPD, SYNCHRO SHUTTLE, W/ LDR. (H) MF 4710, CAB, MFWD, W/ LDR. (H) MF 1740H, 40 HP., HYDRASTAT, MFWD, W/ LDR. (H) MF GC1715, 25 HP., HYDRASTAT, MFWD, W/ LDR. (H) MF GC1723B, 25 HP., MFWD, TLB (H)(G) KUBOTA BX23S TLB USED COMBINES (G) ‘13 GLEANER S77, DUALS, 910/1306 (H) ‘12 MF 9540, DUALS, 1211/1758 HRS. (G) ’12 GLEANER S77 – DUALS - REV FAN - 809/1200 (G) ‘12 GLEANER S77 - 1273/1716 (H) ‘11 GLEANER A76, 1260/1692 HRS. NEW HEADS (H)(G) GLEANER 3308, 8R30 CORN HEAD





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and it conserves several things.â€? Weeds seemed to take over some of the prevent plant fields because the wet conditions delayed herbicide applications. What does that do to the seed bank? “That is a problem. You have a weed nursery. There’s no question about it. It was really diďŹƒcult this year with the growing conditions and everything else to get a good seeding established that would compete with weeds. If you could do that, it’s going to pay big dividends. “That’s going to be a problem these growers have. It’s going to take diligent weed scouting to make sure that they don’t let anything get out of hand.â€? This winter hasn’t been as cold as some in the past in terms of a hard freeze. What impact, if any, does that have on the soil and soil microbes? “Biologically it probably doesn’t do a whole lot, but physically it heaves the soil and does a lot for it to become more absorbent over the winter. “A year ago today it was 28 below zero or something like that. We had quite a bit of snow cover, so actually the frost wasn’t that deep last year. I think this freezing and thawing and freezing and thawing cycle helps soil conditions about as much as anything.â€? Any comments regarding nitrogen in the upcoming growing season? “One thing we’re going to have to worry about is nitrogen management. It’s going to be something that will be a focal point for farmers. A lot of fall nitrogen did not get applied, so we’re going to be in a bit of a situation there, especially if it stays moist in the spring, you are opening yourself up for problems. “There is talk of more corn acres. We’ll have a lot of ďŹ rst year corn this year because of the prevent plant acres.â€?


“We’ll have a lot of first year corn this year because of the prevent plant acres.� David Mowers, agronomic consultant

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A6 Friday, February 14, 2020

| ILLINOIS AGRINEWS | www.agrinews-pubs.com


Outlook for Feb. 14 - Feb. 20

Shown is Friday’s weather. Temperatures are Friday’s highs and Friday night’s lows.

Evanston 18/11 South Bend 18/9

Rockford 13/8 Rock Island 20/13

Chicago 17/12

Š2020; forecasts and graphics provided by

SUNRISE/SUNSET Rise 6:53 a.m. 6:52 a.m. 6:51 a.m. 6:49 a.m. 6:48 a.m. 6:47 a.m. 6:46 a.m.

Decatur 20/14

Quincy 24/20

Springfield Date Feb. 14 Feb. 15 Feb. 16 Feb. 17 Feb. 18 Feb. 19 Feb. 20

Peoria 18/14

Set 5:33 p.m. 5:34 p.m. 5:35 p.m. 5:36 p.m. 5:37 p.m. 5:39 p.m. 5:40 p.m.

Champaign 18/11 Lafayette 17/10

Muncie 20/12


Feb 15 Feb 23

Mt. Vernon 28/19

Vevay 27/16

Evansville 27/21



Mar 2

Southern Illinois: Friday: sunny, but very cold. Winds east‑southeast, becoming southeast at 3‑6 mph. Expect a full day of sunshine with fair drying conditions and average relative humidity 60%.

Indianapolis 22/15 Terre Haute 23/17


Mar 9

GROWING DEGREE DAYS Illinois Week ending Feb. 10 Month through Feb. 10 Season through Feb. 10 Normal month to date Normal season to date

0 0 3834 0 3333

Indiana Week ending Feb. 10 Month through Feb. 10 Season through Feb. 10 Normal month to date Normal season to date

0 0 3478 0 2898

Anna 30/20

Today Hi/Lo/W 18/11/s 17/12/s 20/14/s 27/22/s 18/11/s 14/6/s 28/19/s 18/14/s 24/20/s 13/8/s 20/13/s 21/16/s

Tom. Hi/Lo/W 40/32/pc 36/33/sn 40/32/pc 43/36/pc 37/34/sn 36/33/c 44/36/pc 38/32/sn 41/31/sn 36/31/sn 38/32/sn 40/33/pc

Sun. Hi/Lo/W 40/34/sn 38/27/pc 42/34/sn 50/33/sn 38/28/s 37/26/s 48/39/sn 41/31/sn 42/32/sn 38/24/pc 38/25/pc 42/33/sn

Indiana Bloomington Carmel Evansville Fishers Fort Wayne Gary Lafayette Indianapolis Muncie South Bend Terre Haute Vevay

Today Hi/Lo/W 26/17/s 17/10/s 27/21/s 18/10/s 16/6/pc 17/12/s 17/10/s 22/15/s 20/12/s 18/9/pc 23/17/s 27/16/s

Tom. Hi/Lo/W 43/36/pc 39/35/pc 46/38/pc 39/36/pc 36/31/pc 37/33/c 39/33/pc 42/35/pc 39/34/pc 36/31/c 43/36/pc 45/35/pc

Northern Indiana: Friday: frigid. Clouds and sun in the north and east; plenty of sunshine in the south and west. Winds west‑southwest at 4‑8 mph. Expect two to four hours of sunshine with fair drying conditions. Central Indiana: Friday: sunny, but frigid. Winds north‑northwest at 4‑8 mph. Expect a full day of sunshine with poor drying conditions and average relative humidity 95%.

For 24-hour weather updates, check out www.agrinews-pubs.com Illinois Champaign Chicago Decatur E. St. Louis Evanston Joliet Mt. Vernon Peoria Quincy Rockford Rock Island Springfield

Northern Illinois: Friday: frigid with brilliant sunshine. Winds east‑southeast at 4‑8 mph. Expect a full day of sunshine with fair drying conditions and average relative humidity 65%. Saturday: a chance for snow. Central Illinois: Friday: sunny and bitterly cold. Winds southeast at 6‑12 mph. Expect a full day of sunshine with fair drying conditions and average relative humidity 65%. Saturday: a chance for snow in the north and west.

Fort Wayne 16/6



Gary 17/12

Springfield 21/16

East St. Louis 27/22


Sun. Hi/Lo/W 46/39/sn 42/35/sn 49/41/r 42/34/sn 39/32/sn 38/29/s 42/33/sn 44/36/sn 42/35/sn 39/29/pc 45/37/sn 49/40/sn

Southern Indiana: Friday: plenty of sun‑ shine, but very cold. Winds east‑northeast at 4‑8 mph. Expect a full day of sunshine with fair drying conditions and average relative humidity 50%. Saturday: partly sunny.

SOUTH AMERICA A front will lead to showers and storms across Paraguay into southern Brazil Friday into the weekend. Another front will spread showers and storms from northern Argentina to Brazil early next week.

Weather (W): s–sunny, pc–partly cloudy, c–cloudy, sh–showers, t–thunderstorms, r–rain, sf–snow flurries, sn–snow, i–ice

Modest increase in cattle prices seen Unexpected events can cause strong market reaction By Martha Blum


DUBUQUE, Iowa — Calf, feeder and fed cattle prices are predicted to be stable to a bit higher during 2020. “In general, we’re looking for somewhat higher prices of 2% to 4%,� said Derrell Peel, Breedlove professor of agribusiness at Oklahoma State University. “There is a lot of volatility in these markets relative to trade, macroe c onom ic c ond it ion s and politics,� Peel said during a presentation at the Driftless Region Beef Conference, hosted by University of Illinois Extension, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach and University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension. Markets can be impacted by “black swans� — the unexpected, unknown things that are difficult to predict. “The coronavirus is looking like it is one of those events,� Peel said. “The markets tend to react very strongly to unknown things, and as we get more information, the markets settle back down.� Calf prices are close to where they were one year ago. “The second half of last year had a lot of challenges that we didn’t anticipate in the first half of the year, including feed market concerns and a packing plant fire in Kansas during August,� Peel said. “We are comparing prices to a lower base last year, so we think we’ll see modestly stronger prices particularly during that time period.� Most of the time, Nebraska is the epicenter for feeder cattle prices, Peel said. “Cattle prices tend to go down in all directors from Nebraska,� he said. “Iowa, Wyoming and Kansas have pretty similar levels to Nebraska, and the lowest prices are in Alabama and Georgia.� Fed cattle prices typically peak at the beginning of the first quarter and move to a seasonal low around Labor Day, Peel said. There were two big, pronounced spikes in boxed beef prices during 2019, he said. “The first spike was because of the packing plant fire,� he said. “It was very brief, and prices came back down after about two weeks.� Boxed beef prices typically increase from October into November as purchases of prime rib are made for holiday meals; however, prices were very

strong last year, Peel said. “That reflects a couple of things going on, including a lower than expected Choice grading percentage, so the Choice supply was relative Peel tight,� he said. “As we have grown the cowherd since 2014, we have added to the normal culling rate, so we added 1.3 million more cows to slaughter in 2019 compared to 2015.� That 25% increase in cull slaughter, Peel said, put pressure on the market. “I expect both seasonally and maybe because of meat markets, prices will begin to reflect that,� he said. “We normally expect cull cow markets to have a very strong season run-up from November through February and March.� So far this year, the culling numbers have been strong. “That’s part of what’s keeping the market under pressure and not exhibiting typical seasonal patterns, but I think they will kick in,� Peel said. Hay stocks from 2018 to 2019 increased nationwide 6.8%, and hay production was up 4.3% in 2019 compared to the previous year. “There’s a lot of quality issues because of the wet, cool weather during the first half of the year,� Peel said. “That really compromised the quality of the hay, so we’re encouraging

producers to test their hay.� The challenging weather in 2019 resulted in a smaller corn crop, and quality is also an issue, Peel said. “We’re anticipating a modest increase in average corn price, but not the kind that will cause major feedlot response unless a surprise comes along,� he said. “For the first time in three years, we have pulled ending stocks of corn below 2 billion bushels, but as long as corn ending stocks stay above 1.5 billion bushels, we won’t see a lot of market ration,� he said. “The biggest job of the market is to make sure we don’t run out of stuff, and they way we do that is when it looks like things are getting tight, the market starts raising prices to figure out who wants it the most.� The U.S. cowherd hit a bottom in 2014 and increased through 2019, Peel said. “The last time we did a cyclical expansion was from 1990 to 1996,� he said. “I don’t think we’re in the economic conditions to do a sustained liquidation, so I think it is not really a peak as much as a plateau for this year.� Steers on feed on Jan. 1 were up 1.3% in 2019 compared to 2018, Peel said. “Then they were down ever y quarter through

2019 until this January when they popped back up,� he said. “Heifers are still above year ago levels and have been since the second quarter of 2016, but I think we’re approaching a peak,� he said. “Feedlot inventory right now is at record level back to 1995, and we’re about at the peak so we’ll

start pulling that down.� Cattle slaughter was up 1.7% in 2019, and that will probably decrease this year, Peel said. “Carcass weights all of last year were below year earlier levels until the end of the year when they got well above year earlier levels,� he said. “Beef production will probably go up a

little bit even though cattle slaughter will be slightly lower because carcass weights will push the total production a little higher.� Martha Blum can be reached at 815-223-2558, ext. 117, or marthablum@ agrinews-pubs.com. Follow her on Twitter at: @AgNews_Blum.


www.agrinews-pubs.com | ILLINOIS AGRINEWS | Friday, February 14, 2020


Affordable health care plan clears hurdle By James Henry AGRINEWS PUBLICATIONS

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — Legislation that would let Indiana Farm Bureau offer an affordable health care alternative took another step forward, but will still require farmers’ vocal support to cross the finish line. Senate Bill 184 would allow INFB to offer a non-insurance, high quality and more affordable health benefit plan to its members — specifically those who are sole proprietors with fewer than two employees. After advancing 8-0 from the Senate Committee on Insurance and Financial Institutions, it passed the full Senate with a 49-0 vote on Feb. 4 and has been referred to the House, where it will now be considered. INFB President Randy Kron told AgriNews at the Young Farmers and Ag Professionals Conference in Noblesville that he was pleasantly surprised by the senators’ unanimous approval. “I give a lot of credit to our members, the grassroots showing up at the hearing. We had the room full of people, 50 people probably fit in there, and there were close to that many out in the hallway. So, farmers have showed up,” he said. “I know at the time there were a few votes that were borderline, and I think having people there telling their stories and having a show of the need helped push a few of them over to the yes side.” But this is only halftime, Kron stressed. A lot can happen — and still must happen — between now and the end of the legislative session, which will conclude March 11, he said. “We’re cautiously optimistic. We’ve had a lot of support. But it’s still a long ways to go,” Kron said. “We had a great grassroots effort in the Senate side. It’s going to take that and more on the House side,” he said. “It was impressive when the chairman of the insurance committee says, ‘Well, how many are here for Farm Bureau and this bill?’ Everybody’s hand went up in the room. I guarantee that has an impact when you do that. And then he’s like, ‘Well, there’s a bunch out in the hallway there, too.’ It will take that. They’ve got to see the need to be able to make this happen. “Call your state representative,” he said. “Have

communications with them. You don’t have to get down in the details. Just say there’s a need, we need some more affordable choices.” BIG DEMAND Kron Farmers are excited for INFB’s health benefit plan and have repeatedly asked Kron how soon it will be available. “I’m surprised by how many have told me they don’t even have insurance. There’s a real need out there,” he said. There are other options

ava i lable, but they require two or more employees. A family farm doesn’t necessarily meet that requirement. “The farm community is a little unique in the way we operate,” Kron explained. “You think, well, these farms, they’ve got two or more employees, but I was talking to an individual the other day, it was the dad, himself and the grandson. You look at it and you think, oh, they’re a business, there are three employees. He told me, ‘Oh, no, we all

work together, but we operate separately. We each have our own ground. We share equipment.’ “From appearance, you would look at it and think, oh, that’s a family, they’ve got three employees. But all three are sole proprietors, and that’s what we’re finding in agriculture. There’s a lot of that out there.” SPEAKING UP INFB is not replacing or taking away anything that is available now. It is just trying to bring another option to the market that is more affordable, Kron said. “In my four years as

serving as president, seldom do I go to a meeting that somebody and the conversation on the side doesn’t turn to health costs or health insurance and how it’s affecting their farms,” he said, citing a woman who told him at the Statehouse that the monthly health insurance premiums for her and her husband and 4-month-old child cost more than her mortgage. “Generally, the conversation is ‘I can’t afford it’ or ‘there are problems, it’s affecting our bottom line.’ Somewhere in there it turns to, ‘Can’t Farm Bureau do something to help us?’ We’re going to

try.” But INFB leadership cannot do it alone. “The grassroots, our members, are going to be key to this passing. I can’t stress that enough,” Kron said. “What worries me is the vote in the Senate looks really good. So, you can think, oh, it’s done. It’s not. It’s not going to be an easy lift. Don’t take your foot off the gas now, please.” James Henry can be reached at 815-223-2558, ext. 190, or jhenry@ agrinews-pubs.com. Follow him on Twitter at: @AgNews.

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Survey says… In an Indiana Farm Bureau Poll/ Bellwether Research survey, Hoosier farmers said healthcare costs is the top concern they face. Many Farm Bureau members go without coverage. of respondents said the cost of health care is important to the profitability of their business. under the age of 65 said they have chosen to not get treatment for a health condition because of the cost.

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Lamb/Chicken Buffet March 14 SYCAMORE, Ill. – The DeKalb County Lamb & Wool Producers will hold their annual Lamb/Chicken Buffet at 5:30 p.m. March 14 at the DeKalb County Farm Bureau, 1350 W. Prairie Drive, Sycamore, The meal prepared by 5-B’s Catering will feature carved leg of lamb, cranberry glazed chicken, buttered corn, red potatoes, salad, dinner rolls, dessert and choice of beverage. Tickets are $15 for adults and $8 for youth 5-12 years old; children 4 and under are free. Tickets can be purchased at the DeKalb County Farm Bureau office, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For more information, call 815-756-6361.

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Build a nutrient management plan By Andy Robinson

Site-specific nutrient management plans help maximize yield potential by minimizing nutrient loss, ultimately enhancing profitability. It should be an ongoing, year-afteryear process. A thorough nutrient management plan goes beyond soil sampling and subsequent application of recommended nutrients. It should also outline sustainable practices to protect the environment. Environmental resource goals are rarely achieved with a single conservation practice. A thorough nutrient management plan should include a menu of proven practices — based on the 4Rs of nutrient stewardship — to serve as your framework to achieve cropping goals, protect the environment and improve sustainability. Practices to control runoff and trap nutrients from leaving the field when used in combination can reduce agricultural non-point source pollution and enhance economically sustainable crop production. STEPS IN NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT PLANNING Follow these steps for developing accurate, achievable and sustainable site-specific nutrient management plans for your fields: n Obtain accurate soil information for each field or management unit. Examples include use of existing Natural Resources Conservation Service soil maps or may require a new farm soil map. Collect soil samples representative of all areas of a field and have them analyzed by an accredited soil sampling lab. n Calculate plant nutrient applications required. You should be able to get nutrient recommendations and harvest removal

information for common crops from the NRCS, local Extension offices, and university soil fertility publications and websites. n Estimate any applicable residual nutrient contributions from fertilizer or manures applied in previous seasons. n Apply animal manures and commercial fertilizers to supply nutrients when needed by using practices that ensure high use efficiency, such as right source, rate, timing and placement. n It’s important to keep records of nutrient sources, application dates, rates and methods for future reference. MAXIMIZE ECONOMIC RETURN Following the 4R nutrient stewardship principles — right source, right rate, right time, right place — not only optimizes nutrient management and nutrient utilization, but also is good business. Farmers have documented higher crop yield when adhering to better nutrient, soil and crop management practices. Improved fertilizer efficiency increases yield per acre and maximizes the input investment of each nutrient unit applied on every acre. And the additional, very important benefit? Adopting nutrient stewardship practices contributes to preserving natural resources, such as water quality and soil health, while minimizing the impact to the environment.

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AUCTION LOCATION: 877 E 900 S, COLUMBIA CITY, INDIANA. (Turkey Farm) ANTIQUE Tractors & Equipment: • 1954 Farmall Super MTA diesel tractor, 13.6x38 tires, pto, rear weights, (rare) • 1957 JD 620 gas tractor, PS, 13.6x38 tires, 3pt, pto, 1 remote, rear weights, 6180 hrs • 1957 Farmall 450 gas tractor, PS, 15.5x38 tires, fast hitch, pto, 2 remotes, rear weights, 4051 hrs • 1957 Case 400 WF tractor, 15.5x38 tires, hyd • 1964 Farmall 806 tractor, diesel, 18.4x34 tires, 3pt, dual pto, 2 remotes, shows 2581 hrs • 1953 JD 50 gas tractor, NF, 12.4x38 tires, 3pt, pto, 2 remotes, (nice) • 1953 Farmall Super A gas tractor, rockshaft arms, 3pt conversion, w/1 btm plow • 1951 Case VAC 13 tractor, gas, WF, 12x28 tires, 3pt, pto, 1 remotes, 12V (excellent) • 1955 Case VAC 14 tractor, gas, WF, 11x28 tires, 3pt, pto, 12V, (excellent) • 1961 Farmall 560 NF tractor, 15.5x38 tires, fast hitch, pto, 1 remote • Ford 8N tractor, 11.2-28 tires, Sherman trans, 3pt, pto, shows 922 hrs, new valve guides & seats • 1952 IH W4 tractor Tractors: • 2018 MF 7724 Dyna-6 MFWD tractor, PS, 480/80R46 tires & axle duals, 380/85R34 fronts, quick coupler, pto, 4 remotes, 920 hrs, 1 owner, warranty • 2015 JD 8270R MFWD tractor, PS, 480/80R46 tires & duals, 420/90R34 fronts, New Firestones, quick hitch, pto, 4 remotes, large screen, all activations, 5200 hrs • 2016 C-IH 100C Farmall MFWD tractor, 18.4x38 tires, CHA, 3pt, pto, 2 remotes, L620 loader, QT, joy stick, material bucket, 233 hrs, (warranty) • 1982 Steiger Panther KP 1325, 4x4, 12sp, 23.1x34 tires & duals, 3 remotes, 4400 hrs • 1993 Ford Versatile 846 4x4 tractor, 18.4x38 tires & hub duals, 4 remotes, 4967 hrs • 1974 JD 4230 diesel tractor, cab, 18.4x34 tires, 3pt, pto, 2 remotes, 5116 hrs • 1975 JD 4630 tractor, 18.4R42 tires, 3pt, pto, 2 remotes, 7737 hrs • 1972 JD 4620 diesel tractor, 20.8x38 tires, 3pt, pto, 2 remotes, rear & front weights, 5789 actual hrs • JD 3020 diesel tractor, Syncro, 15.5.x38 tires, 3pt, pto, single remote, JD 48 loader & bucket, 1 owner • 1968 JD 4020 diesel tractor, 18.4x34 tires, 3pt, pto, 2 remotes, Allied HD loader, material bucket, forks, (less than 500 hrs on Reman motor) • 1977 Ford 7600 diesel tractor, 18.4x34 tires, 3pt, pto, 2 remotes, power beyond, front & rear weights, shows 2494 hrs • 1972 Case 1370 tractor, 18.4x38 tires, 3pt, pto, 2 remotes, 3500 hrs • 1964 JD 3020 diesel tractor, NF, PS, 15.5x38 tires, 3pt, pto, 1 remote, 4249 hrs • 1975 IH 1466 diesel tractor, 18.4x38 tires & duals, 3pt dual pto, 2 remotes, 4975 hrs • JD 4010 diesel tractor, WF, 18.4x34 tires, 3pt, pto, 2 remotes, (shows 1165 hrs) • 1983 Case 2590 diesel tractor, 18.4x38 tires & duals, 3pt, pto, 2 remotes, 6848 hrs ($10,000 spent on PS at 5682 hrs) • 1976 White 2-105 diesel tractor, 18.4x38 tires & duals, 3pt, pto, 2 remotes, 4327 hrs • JD 4010 gas tractor, WF, 18.4x34 tires, 3pt, pto, 1 remote • 1972 Ford 3000 gas tractor, 16.9x24 tires, 3pt, pto, Ford loader w/material bucket, 2030 hrs • IH 574 utility tractor, 18.4x28 tires, 3pt, pto, 1 remote Utility Tractors, Skidloaders, & Forklifts: • 2017 Kubota SVL95-25HFC trac skid loader, 95 hp diesel, aux high flow hyd, cab, air, heat, material bucket, 331 hrs • 2015 Kubota SVL75-2HWC trac skid loader, diesel, aux hyd, cab, air, heat, material bucket, 2052 hrs • 2016 Kubota SSV65HFC skid loader, diesel, high flow aux hyd, cab, air, heat, material bucket, 605 hrs • 2011 JD 323D skid loader, tracs, cab, air, heat, 2sp, aux hyd, QT, material bucket, 3050 hrs • 2014 Bobcat S 590 diesel skid loader, cab, air, heat, aux hyd, QT, new tires, 810 hrs • 2005 Cat 246B skid loader, approx. 3481 hrs • 2014 Bobcat S 570 skid loader, diesel, 2sp, cab, air, heat, aux hyd, QT, keyless entry, 6’ material bucket, 745 hrs, 1 owner • 2008 Bobcat S175 skid loader, diesel, 2sp, cab, heat, aux hyd, QT, 72” material, 5’ rock tooth bucket, 2972 hrs, 1 owner • 2013 Bobcat S185 skid loader, diesel, aux hyd, cab, heat, material bucket, 1637 hrs • 2011 Gehl V330 skid loader, cab, air, heat, 2sp, QT, Pilot Control, aux hyd, 3780 hrs • Bobcat 763 skid loader, aux hyd, material bucket, 1078 hrs • 2013 Kubota L4600 HST, FWD, 46 hp diesel, LA 764 loader, 1143 hrs • Kubota L3710D FWD, 37 hp diesel, LA 681 loader, 1202 hrs • 2010 CIH 45 diesel tractor, 4x4, hydro, 3pt, pto, 1 remote, L350 loader, joy stick, 1511 hrs • Clark 5000lb gas forklift, 2 stage, side shift, high/low, dual pneumatic tires, 4’ forks, 5474 hrs • 6’ Bradco GSS72 rotary brush cutter for skid loader, QT • JD skid loader forks • 1996 Clark CDP 40 forklift, 8000 lbs, diesel, dual fronts, 2 stage, side shift • 96” Blizzard snow plow for skid loader • 66” material bucket for skid loader • rock bucket for Bobcat skid loader • 8’ Bobcat snow blade, hyd angle & wings • Quick Pic skid loader rock bucket • set of Bobcat steel tracks Manure, Livestock, & Hay Equipment: • 2010 Vemeer 504M Classic 4x5 round baler, silage, net wrap & twine, controller, 3533 bales (excellent) • 2017 10’ NH H7230 discbine, hyd swing, rubber rolls, new blades (warranty) • 1998 C-IH 8465 round baler, twine & net wrap, controller • 2017 10’ C-IH DC102 discbine, hyd swing, flail, new blades (warranty) • 10’ NH 1411 discbine mower, rubber rolls, hyd swing • 9’ JD 270 discbine mower, 3pt • NH 664 round baler, net wrap, controller • Vermeer 5x4 round baler, string • AC 303 small square baler, twine • 13’ NH 1431 disc bine, rubber rolls, hyd swing • 9’ NH 488 haybine, rubber rolls (1 owner) • 11.5’ JD 935 disc bine mower, impeller • 2010 16’ MacDon R80 disc bine, pivot hitch, (needs cutter bar work) • Framco 8’-12’ TI 4000 2 basket hay tedder rake, 3pt • New Idea 402 4 bar rake • NH 273 baler, twine • IH 4 bar hay rake, hyd drive • NH 169 hay tedder, 6 basket, pull type • NH 770 forage chopper, 2x30 corn head, hay pickup • 6’ MF 40 hay conditioner, pull type • Hoelscher 10 bale accumulator • NI 224 manure spreader, tandem, 2 beaters • NH 510 manure spreader, single axle, (rear beater needs work) • NI 200 manure spreader, single axle, triple beater • Kuhn Knight 8118 side slinger manure spreader • NH 791 tandem manure spreader, single beater, slop gate, poly liner • NI manure spreader, single axle • Knight Pro Slinger 8024 tandem axle manure spreader • Better Built 3500 gal liquid spreader, 4 yr old tank, 2 yr old

pump, 2 new tires • (2) Gehl 810 tandem forage wagons, triple beaters, roofs • Artsway 425 feed grinder w/ digital scales • Automatic roller mill, 4’ rollers, discharge augers, on trailer • 40’ feed wagon • NI 202 manure spreader, single axle, triple beater • Sitrex H90V8 8 wheel hay rake, center wheel, pull type, hyd fold, 1 owner • NI 213 single axle manure spreader, triple beater (excellent) • Flat rack wagon w/ 8 ton gear • New Idea 12A manure spreader • 2015 10’ NH H7230 disc bine mower conditioner, rubber rolls, hyd swing (like new) • NH 675 tandem axle manure spreader • Hovle 6000 slurry tanker, tandem, 28L-26R3 tires, top fill Harvest Equipment, Grain Carts, Wagons, & Augers: • 2009 J&M 1000-20 grain cart, 1000 bu. 1050 floater tires, 20” corner auger, hyd spout, roll tarp, scales • Killbros 555 gravity wagon, cement tires, brakes, lights, (brakes don’t work) • Killbros 355 wagon w/ ext, KB 12 ton gear, 14’ hyd drive auger • Killbros 400 center dump wagon, KB 10 ton gear, roll tarp • J&M 250 gravity wagon w/ Kewanee gear • J&M 350-14 gravity wagon, J&M 10 ton gear, Shurco roll tarp, lights (nice) • Killbros 350-20 gravity wagon, JD 1075 gear, 8 bolt, 12.5Lx16 tires, Rainbow tarp • M&W 300 bu gravity wagon, split bed, 13.5x16.1 tires, brakes • Yield weigh wagon, single axle, scales • (2) J&M 250 gravity wagons w/ gears • (2) Killbros 300 gravity wagons w/ gears • Killbros 300 gravity box • McCurdy 350 bu gravity wagon, KB 1280 gear • Killbros 350 gravity wagon, KB gear • J&M 250 gravity wagon, NI gear • Killbros 385 gravity wagon, ext, 1386 gear, truck tires • Killbros 350 gravity wagon, 10 ton gear, conveyor, hyd drive, 16’x6” • 14’ Flat rack wagon, steel top, JD gear • New (still in crate) 1.5 ton feed bin • 70’x10 Feterl swing away auger • 60’x10” Hutchinson swing away transport auger, hyd lift • 60’x10” Brandt swing away transport auger • (2) Behlen wire corn cribs (dismantled) • 24’x8 ring Brock grain bin, floor, Air Stream fan (OFFSITE) • 12’x7 ring GSI hopper tank, approx. 25’ load auger, 1ph (OFFSITE) • GSI Air Stream 1112 LP dryer, 1ph, 2129 hrs (OFFSITE) • DMC Transfer 700 air system w/ 4” pipe approx 75’ (OFFSITE) • Brock bin floor for 30’ bin • 72’x8” Mayrath auger w/ elec 10hp motor (fresh rebuild) • Parker gravity wagon w/ gear, roll tarp & Yetter Seed Jet • DMI gravity wagon, DMI gear • 35’ x 10” Mayrath belt conveyor, 16” belt, 8’ fold down trough, hyd drive Combines, Heads, & Head Carts: • 2009 CIH 7120 combine, AFX, Field Tracker, Premium cab, 620R42 straddle duals, Trimble, HID lighting, self leveling shoe, chopper, 2662 eng, 1910 sep • 2002 JD 9650 STS combine, RWD, 18.4R42 duals, 28L-26 rears, Contour Master, chopper, J&M ext, Ag Leader yield ready, 3434 eng 2468 sep • 2003 JD 9550 combine, 30.5x32 tires, 14.9x24 rears, chopper, Mauer ext, yield monitor, 4174 eng 2970 sep • 1979 IH 1460 combine, 28Lx26 tires, spreader, 2980 hrs • 1998 CIH 2388 combine, 30.5x32 tires, grain ext, chopper, Yield monitor, 4954 eng, 3725 sep • New Idea 708 combine, Perkins diesel, 24Lx26 fronts, 11L15 rears, choppers, w/ New Idea 815 grain table • 35’ JD 635F flex head, fore & aft • 30’ JD 630F flex head, full finger, fore & aft • JD 630F flex head, fore aft • 2006 JD 630F flex head, fore & aft, light package, high dam • 2009 8x30 CIH 3408 corn head, hyd deck plates, Field Tracker • 2009 35’ CIH 3020 flex head, Field Tracker • 2003 JD 925F flex head, fore & aft • 8x30 MF 883 corn head, knife rolls • 1996 6x30 JD 693 corn head, knife rolls • 6x30 JD 643 corn head, high tin • 1995 8x30 JD 893 corn head, hyd deck plates, Contour Master • 6x30 1994 JD 693 corn head • 6x30 JD 643 corn head • 30’ CIH 2020 flex head, fore & aft • 25’ Gleaner 8000 flex head • 8x30 CIH 2208 corn head, hyd deck plates, Field Tracker • 42’ Unverferth 542 head transport, dolly front, lights • 30’ J&M head cart • 20’ Killbros head cart • New Idea 844N corn head • 20’ homemade head cart • 20’ Killbros head cart • 25’ head cart • 17.5’ IH 820 flex head • 20’ CIH 1020 flex head, SCH cutter bar • Unverferth HT 25 head cart • 20’ EZ Trail head cart • 6x30 CIH 1063 corn head • 20’ CIH 1020 flex head, fore & aft • 6x30 IH 963 corn head • 20’ Unverferth HT12 head cart • 20’ Unverferth head cart • 20’ homemade head cart Fertilizer Equipment: • FDS fert spreader, 9 ton fert, 12 ton lime, tandem floaters, hyd drive fans, roll tarp, JD variable rate controller, (excellent) • Hardi Navigator sprayer, 1000 gal, 80’ hyd fold boom, 12.9x42 tires, rinse tank, inductor, hand wash tank, pto pump, Hardi contoller • 15 Knife Ag System 3000 anhydrous bar, 3pt, hyd double fold, no-till coulters, closing discs, Raven cooler & controller, new hoses 1 yr ago • 15 Knife Blue Jet anhydrous bar, hyd shut off, sealers, hyd fold • Hardi TR 500 sprayer, tandem adj axle, 500 gal, inductor, rinse tank, 14’ boom, pto pump, Hardi controller (like new) • 1993 Kenworth tender truck, 16 ton dry box, new air bags 1 yr ago, 452,300 miles • JD 6500 diesel sprayer, 500 gal, 4 wheel, 60’ boom, foamer controller • Spray Coup 3430 diesel sprayer, 300 gal, 60’ boom, controller • Wilmar tender box, 10 ton, 2 compartment • 2500 gal SS tank w/ saddle • Ag Chem spray system, 2400 gal SS tank, 70’ boom, pump, inductor • JM Innovations ATV sprayer, 150 gal, 45’ booms, Honda motor, new pump • Hardi 1000 sprayer, 1000 gal poly, tandem, 60’ boom, pto pump, contoller • Demco ATV sprayer, 200 gal, 20’ boom, Honda motor & pump, Tjet control • Century 500 gal sprayer, 30’ boom, hyd pump, flow meter, elec controls • 1000 gal SS tandem nurse trailer • Speeding pull type sprayer, 20’ boom, pto pump • 6x30 John Blue 500 gal 28% applicator, ground drive, coulters, 8x30 ext • 5 shank 28% applicator, 400 gal, pto pump • 1000 gal nurse trailer, 8 1/4 Briggs motor & pump • 1000 gal nurse tank on JD gear • 1600 gal nurse wagon, SS, 11 hp Honda, 3” pump, agitation, lights, JD gear • 1000 gal pull behind nurse, Dickey John controller • 500 gal poly tank w/ saddle • 500 gal alum tank w/ saddle • Western 6 ton dry fertilizer spreader • 2600 gal poly banded tank • 1600 gal poly banded tank

Tillage: • 2007 37.5’ JD 985 field cultivator, hyd fold, walking tandems, gauge wheels, 5 bar spike harrow, rear hitch • 33’ Landoll 743T VT Plus vertical tillage tool, hyd fold, Valmar 2420 cover crop seeder • 25’ CIH Tigermate II field cultivator, walking tandems, hyd fold, 5 bar spike drag, rear hitch & hyd • 33’ Sunflower 1435 disc, hyd fold, rock flex, walking tandems, gauge wheels, hyd fore-aft • 34’ Sunflower 5035 field cultivator, walking tandems, hyd fold, JD knock on sweeps, 5 bar spike drag • 7 shank JD 714 disc chisel, new blades • 9 shank CIH 6500 disc chisel, long springs, new blades & points • 7 shank Krause 4850-12 Dominator deep ripper, basket, (New Blades & Bearings front 200 acres) • 28’ IH 4600 field cultivator, hyd fold, 3 bar harrow, rear hitch • 12x30 JD 2510 S strip till bar, hyd fold, rear basket, NH3 coolers • 2013 1910 Commodity Cart, 520/80R42 duals, Trimble rate controller • 28’ CIH 496 disc, rock flex, hyd fold, rear hitch & hyd, level board • 37’ AC Chisel-o-vator, hyd fold, 5 bar spike drag, rear hitch • 29’ IH field cultivator, hyd fold, walking tandems, 3 bar tine harrow • 2013 38’ Unverferth 1225 rolling harrow, hyd fold, level bar • 33’ Unverferth 1225 rolling harrow, hyd fold, level bar (like new) • 25’ Krause soil finisher, rolling basket, hyd fold • 21’ JD 726 mulch finisher, hyd fold, 5 bar tine harrow • 20’ JD 722 mulch finisher, hyd fold, 5 bar tine harrow, rear hitch • 5 shank CIH 2500B in-line ripper, spring loaded • 5 shank Brent CPC 2000 disc ripper • 20’ Glencoe soil finisher, hyd fold, 5 bar spike harrow, rear hitch & hyd • 12’ JD 310 double offset disc • 7 shank Sunflower 431014 disc ripper, 5 bar spike harrow • 20’ CIH 4200 soil finisher, hyd fold, like new Unverferth double rolling harrow, 1 bar leveler • 21’ CIH 5 bar drag for 4200 • 7 shank Great Plains SS2000 inline ripper, spring loaded, hyd fold, gauge wheels (no-till shanks) • 21’ IH 490 disc, hyd fold • 24’ Dunham Ultra mulcher, hyd fold, danish teeth • 19’ Sunflower 6331 soil finisher, hyd fold, 5 bar spike drag • 28’ Brillion packer, solid wheels, hyd fold • 9 shank JD 712 disc chisel w/ FFC double level bar • 26’ Unverferth 1245 double rolling harrow, hyd fold • 35’ J&M 1212 rolling harrow, hyd fold, wing wheels • 4 shank CIH 2500 inline ripper, 3pt, new coulters, gauge wheels • 15’ Dunham cultimulcher, dual wheels • 9 shank IH 6500 disc chisel w/ Remlinger harrow • 7 shank JD disc ripper • JD 22A 1 shank subsoiler, 3pt • 6 shank Great Plains VT 6360 deep ripper, hyd disc • 13’ Dunham cultipacker w/ transport • 9 shank Bush Hog chisel plow, spring loaded • 13’ JD field cultivator, 3pt • 15’ JD 400 rotary hoe, 3pt • 4 shank Para-Till, 3pt • 30’ Kongskilde soil finisher, danish tine, hyd fold, 3 bar harrow, baskets • 15’ Hiniker rotary hoe • 15’ CIH cultimulcher • 15’ JD 400 rotary hoe • 9 shank CIH 6500 disc chisel, spring loaded • 5 shank Brillion V-ripper, 1 bar drag • 13 shank IH disc chisel, spring loaded • 12’ JD field cultivator, 3pt, 3 bar spike drag • 1 shank ripper, 3pt, Cat 1/2 • 11 shank, IH 5500 chisel plow • 15’ JD 950 cultimulcher, crowfoot front • 14’ Vertical till tool, Yetter coulters, pull type • 12 shank Bush Hog chisel plow, spring loaded, 3pt • 3 btm JD plow, 3pt • 20’ JD 400 rotary hoe, 3pt • 15’ Yetter rotary hoe Planters, Drills, & Seed Tenders: • 30’ 2005 JD 1990 air seeder, no-till, 350 monitor, 1 season on firmers & wheels • 24x30 JD 1770NT planter, no-till, Martin row cleaners w/clean sweep, Precision E-set meters, liquid pop-up fert, total tubular 28%, Flow Rite firmers, Set up Trimble, hyd drive, Tru count air clutchers, Yetter paddle closing wheels, KST conveyor fill (Total Rebuild 2018) • 2008 Great Plains Yield Pro 1225 planter, 12x24 twin rows, no-till, Martin row cleaners, Precision corn units, bean units, Keaton seed firmers w/fert, liquid 400 gal, 80 bu seed hopper, Mohawk closing wheels, Dickey John monitor, half disconnect • 2013 16x30 White 8816 planter, no-till, liquid 2x2 pop up, hyd down pressure, row shut offs, markers, Ag Leader (1 owner) • 12x30 1993 JD 7200 Conservation planter, FF, no-till, liquid, single disc fert, insect, finger pickup, monitor • 12x30 White 5100 planter, w/White 6900 11 row splitter, hyd fold, no-till, 2 monitors • 13/15 Agco White 6800 planter, no-till, markers, spike closing wheels, seed firmers, hyd drive, monitors, (2 yrs on complete rebuild) • 4/7 Kinze 3000 split row planter, dry fertilizer, monitor like new • 10’ Great Plains, no-till drill, Solid Stand 10, grass seed • 6x30 JD 7000 planter, dry fert, Precision corn meters, bean meters, monitor • 4x36 JD 7000 planter, liquid fert, corn & bean meters, monitor • 8/15 JD 7000 planter, no-till, row cleaner, Rebuilt Kinze meters, monitor • 6x30 White 5100 planter, no-till, dry fert, plates, pump, monitor • 6x30 JD 7200 Conservation planter, no-till, single disc dry fert, cross auger, monitor • 15’ Great Plains no-till drill, grass seed • 21x7 JD 8300 grain drill • 15’ Great Plains no-till drill, Center Pivot hitch, Yetter markers, grass seeder • 6x30 White 6100 planter, liquid, w/monitor • 15’ Great Plains no-till drill, Center Pivot hitch, harrow, 9590 acres • 15’ Great Plains no-till drill, Center Pivot hitch, harrow, 5185 acres • 6x30 JD 7000 planter, dry, insect, finger pickup, cross auger fill, monitor • 2 row JD 999 steel wheel planter • 18x7 IH 510 grain drill, grass seed (excellent) • Friesen Seed Titan 4SE, seed tender, 4 box, Honda GX160, elec start, tandem axle Construction: • 1999 Hitachi 200LC5 excavator, hyd thumb, 42” bucket, manual coupler, 6395 hrs (painted like JD) • 2001 Case 580L backhoe, 4x4, cab, heat, Extenda hoe, 2’ bucket, material bucket, 4 lever foot swing, 5091 hrs • 1972 Case 580B rops backhoe, shuttle transmission, 3 stick, 24” bucket, 16.9x24 tires, 4868 hrs • 2012 Toro Dingo 525 wide trac w/ bucket, HT trencher, HT auger, stump grinder, grapple bucket, leveler attach, 917 hrs • 1999 Bobcat X337 mini-excavator, thumb, cab, heat, 3’, 2’, 1’ buckets, QT, steel tracks, approx 4000 hrs • 2015 Kubota KX040-4R3T mini-excavator, diesel, tracs, cab, air, heat, 18” bucket w/thumb, 1712 hrs • Terex 7231 diesel payloader, 20.5x25 tires, material bucket • Ditch Witch 8020 trencher, JD diesel, vibratory plow, backhoe, front

blade, 4x4, 4 wheel steer • Byers SS salt spreader, 4.5 cu yard, B&S motor, remote control • 84” Jenkins grapple bucket, QT • 94” Material bucket for telehandler • (2) New Tile Carts, 12v hyd pump w/ corded or wireless remote, 11Lx15 implement tires, tile fittings box, 10’6” table, rear hitch Trucks & Trailers: • 2005 Peterbuilt 379 semi-tractor, Cummins ISM 370hp, 10sp, day cab, air ride, Jake brake, alum rims, full fenders, recent 5th wheel rebuild, 518,000 miles • 2011 Mack Pinnacle semi-tractor, Mack power, 10sp, day cab, air ride, 547,000 miles • 2007 Freightliner Columbia 112, Mercedes 450hp, 10sp, daycab, air ride, 888,042 miles • 2005 IH 9400 semi-tractor, ISX Cummins, 450hp, 10sp, mid roof sleeper, air ride, jake, new radiator • 2006 Freightliner Columbia semi-tractor, 142 Detroit, 515hp, 10sp, day cab, air ride • 2007 Freightliner Columbia semi-tractor, Cat C13, 430hp, 10sp, day cab, air ride, 412,150 miles • 2004 Mack 613 Vision semi-tractor, day cab, Mack 427, 10sp, air ride, wet kit, 553,460 miles • 1991 IH Eagle day cab semi-tractor, CAT 425, Eaton 10 sp, 676,213 miles • 2001 Sterling single axle semi, Cummins, 7sp, 22.5 tires, air ride, 182,030 miles • 1989 White GMC semi-tractor, Cummins, 9sp, 24.5 tires, shows 111,000 miles • 1994 Freightliner FLD semi-tractor, 12.7 Detroit, 400 hp, 10sp, day cab, air ride • 1998 Mack 613 Maxi Cruise semi tractor, Mack 300hp, 10sp, air ride, alum rims, 483,851 miles • 1975 Ford 750 dump truck, 10’ bed, V8, 5sp, air brakes, 80,500 miles • 1996 Chevy Kodiak grain truck, single axle, CAT 3116, 6sp, air brakes, 16’ bed & hoist, 41” sides, 150,000 miles • 1988 IH S 1900 Chassis, DT 466, 5 & 2sp, air brakes, air ride, 173,000 miles • 1998 IH 4700 chasis, 281,249 miles • 1996 Ford F700 truck, Cummins, 6sp, 202,000 miles • 1987 Ford F800 diesel fire truck, 5sp 2sp, 190” wheel base, 1000 gal tank, 1000 gpm Darley pump, 25,311 miles • 2007 Kalmar yard switcher, C-7 Cat, recent overhaul, auto, street legal • 2003 Ford F250 4x4 pickup, ext cab, gas, long bed, 131,000 miles • 1999 Ford F250 4x4 pickup, 7.3 diesel, ext cab, auto, gooseneck hitch, 180,000 miles • 2000 Ford F250 pickup, 7.3 diesel, 2wd, 300,000+ miles • 2005 Ford F350 XLT Super Duty, 2w, auto, gas, Stahl utility bed, new rubber, 234,305 miles • 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 pickup, 4x4, Lariat, V-10 Magnum, extended cab, 181,641 miles • 2008 Ford F350 4x4 pickup, crew cab, 6.4 diesel, 5 sp, South Bend dual clutch, chip, 215,945 miles • 2004 Ford F250 4x4 pickup, gas, auto, 7’ Blizzard snow plow, 97,828 miles • 1993 Dodge 250 pickup, Cummins, NV4500 trans, 5sp, gooseneck hitch, 150,000 miles • 2001 GMC Jimmy, 4x4, auto, 227,121 miles • 1990 IH 4900 chasis, DT 466, 5 sp, 252,714 miles • 2015 Wilson 40’ alum hopper trailer, 96” w 72” sides, Commercial hoppers, air ride, disc brakes, roll tarp, SS rear & front corners • 2014 Wilson 40’ alum hopper trailer, 96” w 72” sides, Commercial hoppers, air ride, disc brakes, roll tarp, SS rear & front corners • 2000 Wilson 34’ alum hopper bottom, roll tarp • 1994 Wilson 41’ alum hopper trailer, new roll tarp • 1996 Wheeler 38’ hopper trailer, roll tarp, (needs work) • 2002 JET 38’ hopper trailer, 24.5 tires, recent roll tarp • 32’ Agri-Traders hopper trailer, spring ride, roll tarp • 2007 Wilson 41’ Commander alum hopper trailer, 66” sides, ag hoppers, roll tarp • 1992 30’ 4 STAR alum livestock trailer, 4 comp, 8000 lb axles, rear slide gate • 2008 Moritz 16’ livestock trailer, LED lights, new tires • 2013 Haulass 40’ drop deck trailer, 70,000 GVW, oak floor, (low miles) • 30’ Load Trail low profile gooseneck trailer, 22,000 gvw 80% Firestone tires • 1979 Transcraft 42’ drop deck trailer, air ride, 2500 gal poly tank, Honda power & 3” pump • 1965 Rogers 35’ Lowboy trailer, 16’ well • 2004 18’ Lib tandem trailer, folding ramps, pintel hitch • 2003 12’ Cargo Express enclosed trailer, tandem, ball hitch, side door • 2008 18’ Sure Trac tandem trailer, ramps, pintel hitch • 2003 20’ Corn Pro tandem trailer, Landscape ramps, pintel hitch • 2008 Homemade tandem, trailer, 16’x6 1/2’, ramps, 6000lb Torsion axles, ball hitch • 14’ Bobcat trailer, tandem, bumper pull, ramps • 2013 Homemade 20’ gooseneck trailer, 5’ folding beaver tail, 3 ramps • 16.6’ Gooseneck trailer, tandem 7000lb Tor-flex axles, ramps, new tires • 2000 12’ Cargo enclosed trailer, tandem, rear ramp door, ball hitch • 8’x5.5’ Haulin tilt deck trailer • tri-axle trailer, pintel hitch (NO TITLE) • 15’ homemade car hauler Tires, Duals, & Weights: • 18.4 x 26 tires on 8 bolt rims • set of 11L x 15 rib tires • (2) sets of IH wheel weights • (9) IH stamped suitcase weights • set of 18.4x38 tires & rims • set of 15.5x38 bolt on duals • 11.2x28 tire on Ford rim • set of 13x38 tires, press rims, 9 bolt • 28.1x26 floater tires & rims • (2) sets of JD frame weights • (3) sets of IH 145 wheel weights • (10) AC suitcase weights • JD GP rim • 10x38 tires on IH rims • 12.4x13.6 tires on rims • set of IH tractor hubs Atvs & Lawn Mowers: • 2013 Kubota RTVX1100C UTV, diesel, cab, 4x4, hyd dump, alum wheels, 790 hrs • 2013 Kubota RTVCPX1140 UTV, diesel, 2 row seats, power dump, canopy, 285 hrs • Bad Boy buggy, 2 rows seats, camo, w/charger • 2016 JD TX 4x2 gator • Sportsman 500 ATV elec start (runs good) • 2014 Kawasaki 300 ATV, 4x2, racks, low miles • 2009 Kawasaki Prairie 360, Camo, auto trans, Hi/Low/Rev, gun rack • Kawasaki 300 ATV, 4x2, racks, windshield • 2013 Kawasaki 300 ATV, 4x2, racks, low miles • 2015 Kubota ZD 326-60 zero-turn, 26hp diesel, 60” deck, 133 hrs • 2010 Kubota ZD 331-72 zero-turn, 31hp diesel, 72” deck, 828 hrs • Grasshopper 727 zero turn mower, gas, 27 pro Commander, hyd front fold, 61” deck, complete bagger unit • 2008 Kubota ZD326S zero turn, diesel, 500 hrs, service records • Dixon 4518 zero-turn, 50” deck • Bolens garden tractor, 14hp, hydro, hyd lift, 42” deck, 33” tiller, 42” blade • 56” Bobcat mower push blade • 22” Toro self-propelled walk behind mower • Club Car CarryAll 294 UTV, dump bed, Honda gas, 1144 hrs Rotary Mower & Misc. Farm Equipment: • Schulte Giant 2500 rock picker, pull

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type, reel, 4 ton dump box • Shaver HD 10 post driver, 3pt, Shave Positioner, hyd swivel & tilt • 15’ BMB batwing rotary mower • 9’ IH sickle bar mower, 3pt • 6’ Woods S106 ditch mower, 3pt, pto (less than 2 hrs use) • 48” Land Pride Power seeder/slit seeder, pto, 3pt • 72” Land Pride RCF 2072 brush mower, 3pt • Land Pride PD10 post hole digger, 10” & 15” augers • 15’ Woods 3180 batwing mower, stump jumpers, airplane tires, chain guards, 540 • 5’ King Kutter finisher mower, 3pt • 5’ King Kutter rotary mower, 3pt • 5’ King Kutter rotary mower, 3pt • 8’ Western uni-mount snowplow • 7’ grader blade, 3pt • 8’ Bush Hog grader blade • 6’ grader blade, 3pt • 58” Land Pride RTR 1258 tillers, 3pt • (2) 50” Land Pride RTR 0550 tillers, 3pt • (2) Whiteman 36” power trowels, Honda motors, quick pitch • 12’ Utility trailer with tool box, single axle, sides (NO TITLE) • 6’ Land Pride grader box, scarifier teeth, 3pt • 8’ Agritek driveway grader, 3pt • Estes RPR Performance concaves for JD STS (like new) • 2012 Briggs 7000 watt B&S Elite generator, gas, Model 3470 • Lincoln SP 130T wire welder • 5’ grader blade, 3pt • Frontier 7500 watt diesel generator (elec/pull start) • Large animal portable digital scale, wheel kit • 42” Woods 3pt mower, CAT 1 hitch • Titan gas air compressor (never used) • Titan 7500 watt diesel generator (like new) • 500 gal fuel tank on gear • Hutchinson swing away hyd auger mover • Hiniker 8150 controller • Custom 1 row planter, Kinze unit, not complete • snow plow rubber cutting edge • GRANITE SCAFFOLDING: (36) 5x5 frame sides, (32) cross braces, (8) caster wheels, (18) leveling jacks, (6) alum 7’x19” walk boards, (8) 30” w/outriggers, (8) end panels 5’ toe boards, (8) 7’ side panel braces • Campbell Housefield air compressor • JD A18 power washer, 5/8 hp • Sears Craftsman bench grinder, 1/3 hp • (35) 10’-20’ Sioux HD steel gates • (50) T-steel post • Carolina Tool H10 power band saw • Pincor generator Model PTO-30-2 • Katolight 40kw Pro generator, pto • JD roll bar, 2520-4430 • Cyclone grass seeder, 12v • Husqvarna walk behind rear tiller • 24” lawn roller • Crown mortar mixer (gas) • lawn spreader, 200 lb tow behind • Craftsman walk behind rear tine tiller • Broadcast seeder, pull type, pto • 50 gal fuel tank for truck • Smidley 2 ton steer stuffer • FF grain spreader for 48’ bin • (8) 400 watt light fixtures • Craftsman chain saw & case • (7) 28% shanks & knives • (2) poly hog feeders • (2) Mirafount waters • bale spear, 3pt • assorted guard rail 20’ ± sections • (3) Utility dumpsters • HD grader blade, 3pt • JD 3pt top bar • fenders for AC WD/WD45 • IH H&M fenders • IH 706/806 fenders • IH Cub fenders • JD Styled & Unstyled hoods • VAC Case fenders • hyd lift cylinders • 3pt hitch snout boom • (6) Rolin spring loaded coulters • IH 2pt draw bar • Misc IH, JD, Ford tractor parts • (2) screw jacks • fast hitch tool bar • truck tool boxes • pickup fuel tanks • 15 ± misc chain binders • 2” Hard Maple live edge slabs • Walnut wood grade lumber • Sassafrass lumber approx 80 board ft • Ash lumber approx 2” to 1 1/4”, 250 board ft • Walnut lumber 2”, 400’ board ft • Maple lumber 1”, 8 board ft • 6” Vise More Farm Store: • 2010 Kubota KX121R3TA mini excavator, 40hp, C-A-H, 6 way blade, thumb, 18” bucket 1250 hrs. • 1999 MF 1260 diesel tractor, 4x4, 40hp w/ MF 1246 loader, material bucket, 612 hrs. • 2007 NH TC40DA diesel tractor, 4x4, 40hp C-A-H w/ NH loader, material bucket • 2019 Pequea NRMCR10 10 wheel hay rake w/center wheel (new) • 2019 Woods PSS72 DLC precision seeder, 2 boxes • 2017 Millcreek 3200 2.3 yd. manure spreader (new) • 10’ House rotary mower, pull type • 2013 Kubota ZD331 0-turn mower, diesel, 72” deck, 3859 hrs. • 2007 Kubota F2880-F, diesel mower, Cab/heat, 28hp, 72” deck, 60” blade, 2095 hrs. • 2013 JD Z915B 0-turn mower, 23hp, 48” deck, 543 hrs. • 2017 Toro 75936 0-burn mower, 26hp, 60” deck, ride suspension, 1219 hrs. • 2013 Bad Boy 0-turn mower, 26hp, 60” deck (only 117 hrs.) • 2013 Simplicity Legacy mower, 4x4 PS, 60” deck, hyd-lift, 971 hrs. • 2007 Toro 74262 mower, 25hp, 60” deck, 1587 hrs. • 1998 Toro Z325 mower, 25hp, 60” front mtd deck, 539 hrs. • 2009 Kubota GR2110, diesel 21hp, 54” deck, 1250 hrs. • 2013 Kubota ZG124E-48 mower, 23hp, 48” deck, 301 hrs. • 2007 Scagg STT-31 BSG mower, 31hp, 72” deck, 1477 hrs. • 2018 Landmaster LSC4 utility vehicle, 700cc, 6 seater w/ bed, 89 hrs.



Not all items will be available for Online Bidding. Please go to SchraderAuction.com to view the online catalog.

B2 Friday, February 14, 2020

Goodrich & Waddell Inc., 815-756-3606. See p. B3


Thurs., Feb. 27

PARIS, ILL.: 254.86 +/- Acres in 2 Tracts, 10 a.m., Moss Auction Team, LLC, 217465-4545. See p. B5

Wed., Feb. 26

| ILLINOIS AGRINEWS | www.agrinews-pubs.com

BLOOMINGTON, ILL.: 154 +/Acres, 10 a.m., The Louise Stahly Trust, First Mid Ag Services, 309-665-0048. IMPERIAL, NEB.: Farm Equipment, 10 a.m. MST, 21st Century Equipment, Western States Bank, ET AL, Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC, 844-847-2161. See p. B6 MGW.US.COM/LAKEWOOD: 74 +/- Acres Online Only, bidding begins to close at 1 p.m. CT, The Lakewood Properties, Martin,

GILTNER, NEB.: Farm Retirement Auction, 9 a.m. CST, Hunn Agri, Inc., Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC, 844-847-2161. See p. B6 WYANET, ILL.: 680 +/- Acres, 10 a.m., Paul R. Strouse & Lisa S. Caramia, Rediger Auction Service, 815-6997999. See p. C2 BUNKER HILL, ILL.: 59 +/- Acres, 11 a.m., Ag Exchange, Travis Selby, 217-304-1686. See p. B5

Fri., Feb. 28

MILAN, ILL.: Farm Retirement Auction, 9:30 a.m., David Porth, Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC, 844-847-2161. See p. B6 WYANET, ILL.: 160 +/- Acres, 10 a.m., Joanne M. Schertz

NO-RESERVE FARM RETIREMENT AUCTION Thursday, March 5, 2020 at 10:00 A.M. CST

Auction to be held at the farm: 18211 N. Mendenhall Rd., Princeville, IL 61559 HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: ’00 JD 8410 MFWD tractor, 7,145 hrs.; ’95 JD 8300 MFWD tractor, 7,538 hrs.; ’68 IH 856 2wd tractor, 6,066 hrs.; ’05 C-IH Patriot SPX3200 sprayer, 2,759 hrs.; ’07 C-IH 2588 2wd combine, 3,103/2,210 hrs.; C-IH 1020 30’ flex platform; CIH 1083 8R30” corn head; ’11 JD 1770NT CCS 16R30” planter; J&M 1050 grain cart; JD 2700 5-shank disc-ripper; JD 980 field cultivator; Bush Hog 12815 15’ batwing mower; (2) DMI D470 gravity wagons; Frontier RB2410 10’ 3-pt. blade; ’82 Ford 7000 grain truck; ’04 PJ 20’ flatbed trailer; 3-pt. forklift ; JD AMS equipment; Farm support items & more.

Full listing, photos & online bidding @ www.SullivanAuctioneers.com


Equipment Questions: Larry (309) 645-1434 Auction Manager: Matt Sullivan (309) 221-7001 Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC • Toll Free (844) 847-2161 www.SullivanAuctioneers.com • Lic. #444000107


3388 Lee Rd. • Lee, IL 60530 Lunch • Comfort Station Directions: West of Lee, IL on Lee Rd. 2 miles to sale site or from Route 39 go east on Rt 30, ¼ mile to Paw Paw Rd, then north 2 miles to Lee Rd. then east 1 mile to sale site. Watch for auction signs

Saturday February 22, 2020 • 9:00 AM

**Offering both Live onsite and online internet bidding on major items starting at 11:00 ** Tractors - Combine - Heads 2007 JD 8330, MFWD, 4024 hrs., power shift, 4 hyd., 60 GPM hyd. pump, auto steer ready, 1000 pto, rear wheel weights, 480/80R46 w/duals, 380/85R34 front tires, S/N: RW8330PO15027, One Owner; 2006 JD 9220, 4WD, 3766 hrs., 18 sp power shift, 4 hyd., auto steer ready, 710/70R38 W/duals, bare back, S/N: RW9220P042953; 1999 JD 6310, MFWD, CAH, 6701 hrs., 16 sp., power quad w/ reverser, 2 hyd., 540/1000 pto, 18.4-34 rear tires, 340/85 R 24 front tires, w/JD 640 Loader, joystick & bucket, S/N: L06310V24812 ; Bradco 6’ grapple bucket ; pallet forks; 2011 JD 9570 STS Combine, 2WD, Bullet motor, 1512 sep., 2037 eng., Contour Master, Maurer bin ext., chopper, auto steer ready, 30.5L-32 drive tires 18.4-26 rear tires, new Reman engine, 100 hrs. last fall, warranty good until 10/28/20, S/N: 1H09570SJB740555, One Owner; (2) JD 2600 Displays; (2) JD Star Fire iTC; 2012 JD 608C Corn Head, 8 row, hyd. deck plates, knife rolls, stalk stompers, single point hook up, S/N: 1H00608CLCX746400, One Owner; EZ Trail 672 Head Trailer; 2001 JD 693 Corn Head, 6 row, poly, hyd. deck plates, knife rolls, single point hook up, w/running gear, S/N: H00693X690744, One Owner; 2012 JD 630F Grain Platform, 30’ Hydra Flex, full finger, single point hook up, S/N: 1H00630FTC0745480; Unverferth HT 30 Head Trailer. Equipment 2012 JD 1790 16/32, CCS Seed delivery Planter, twin hoppers, pneumatic down pressure, no till, vacuum, seed firmers, ground driven, Yetter trash wheels, 300 gal. liquid fert. tank, ProMax 40 corn & bean discs, S/N: A01790C730268; JD 726 Soil Finisher, 30’, single point depth control, walking tandems on main frame & wings, 5 bar spike tooth drag; JD 512 Disc Chisel, 7 shank, 17’6” width, McFarlane 5 bar spike tooth drag, One Owner; 2011 Krause 4850 Dominator, disc ripper, 9 shank, disc levelers, rolling baskets, S/N: 3281; JD 980 Field Cultivator, 35’ walking tandems on main frame & wings, 3 bar tine drag, One Owner; J & M 1050 Grain Storm Grain Cart, 22” corner auger, hyd. spout, scale, 900/60R32 newer tires, roll tarp, 1000 pto; JD 1517 Batwing Mower, 15’; JD 696 Snow Blower, 8’, hyd. spout, 1000 pto, 3 pt.; Ingersoll Rand 125 CFM portable air compressor, gas; FFC box scraper, 7.5’, 3pt.; hayrack w/JD gear; 550 gal fuel tank w/electric pump; 1000 gal fuel tank w/electric pump; 1000 gal LP tank; Lawn Mowers: JD X740 Ultimate, diesel, 670 hrs., 62” deck; JD 190C automatic, 54” deck; JD 300 lawn mower; large lawn roller; Fimco 30 gal. spot sprayer; 60 gal lawn sprayer; fert. spreader. Trucks – Trailers - Gator 2005 Sterling Acterra Semi Truck, day cab, automatic, Mercedes Benz diesel, single axle, air ride, 230,747 miles; 2005 Ford F 250, 4x4 pick up truck, Lariat, ext. cab, 210,000 miles; 2000 Jet 34’ Steel Hopper Bottom Grain Trailer, spring ride, roll tarp; 2008 Progressive 7’x16’ Trailer, w/2’ beaver tail; JD 825i DOHC Gator, 4x4, 660 hrs., hyd dump; Shop Equipment: Millermatic 210 wire welder; Lincoln AC 225 amp Welder; Acetylene torch w/tanks; Black Max 60 gal. air compressor; L.B. White Guardian, 250,000 btu propane heater; JD 3800 psi, 4.06 PM, pressure washer w/motor; (1) Snap On, (2) Craftsman roll away tool boxes; Lawson bolt bin; Craftsman 15” drill press; Craftsman grinder; DeWalt DW871 chop saw; 3 ton floor jack; Werner 24’ extension ladder; parts washer; scaffolding; 40’ wood extension ladder; JD & Husqvarna chain saws; power tools; hand tools, Snap On, Craftsman. Farm Toys – Signs – Misc Farmall Super M pedal tractor; JD pedal tractor; JD wagon; Precision Power Shift 4020; JD 9860 STS Combine; JD 8330 tractor w/duals, Dealer Edition; JD 8020 tractor; JD 9500 Combine, corn & bean heads; Farm Progress 1999/2000 Super H and M, Special Edition, signed by Max Armstrong; JD R diesel tractor; (2) Dale Jarrett 88 race cars; Signs: Phillips 66 lighted; Kent Feeds; Meyer Elevators; Lavern L. Olson, Malta, IL.; Ford; Mobil; Henry Weinhard’s neon; DeKalb Winged Ear; Martz-Spears. Seeds; #99; DeKalb Winged Ear neon; Pioneer thermometer; Hintzsche Scarboro Plant; Cargill; Crows 492; 7-Hedlin’s 58 Richer milk crate; Lincoln Bohling Co. Chicago box; (2) Pepsi Cola crates; Red Seal – Western Holms wood box; GE Co. box; (3) Wards Pennsylvania motor oil can; old USA gas can; Antique tools; (2) Nutting Truck Co., Faribault, MN factory carts; factory cart; wood wagon wheel.

Jim & Eileen Spears – Owners 815-757-1453

Auctioneer’s Note: Good Clean line of equipment, low hours, well maintained. Consigned by Neighbor: 2011 JD 7230R, MFWD, 1087 hrs., IVT, 4 remotes, 59 GPM pump, 540/1000 pto, 7” color touch screen display, quick hitch, 480/80R46 w/duals, 380/85R34 fronts, S/N 1RW7230RVBD001695 Contact: Jim 815-405-4129 Terms: Cash, check, Visa/MC. Number system will be used. Have proper ID. 3% buyers fee for credit card use. Not responsible for accidents or merchandise after sold. Statements made on sale day by auctioneers or owners take precedence over any and all printed matter. All items are sold as is where is.

Trust, Rediger Auction Service, 815-699-7999. See p. C2 WAPELLA, ILL.: 191.14 +/Acres in 2 Tracts, 10 a.m., Mostoller Farm, Haycraft Auction Co., Inc., 217-9356286. HENDERSON, KY.: 416 +/Acres in 3 Tracts, 12 Noon, Elizabeth Embry Heirs, Herron Auction & Realty, 270-826-6216.

Sat., Feb. 29

BUSHNELL, ILL.: Farm Equipment Consignment, 9 a.m., Bedwell Farm Equipment, 309-772-2343. HAWK POINT, MO.: Annual Spring Equipment Consignment, 9 a.m., Allen Auction & Real Estate Service LLC, 636-338-4805. CARLINVILLE, ILL.: Spring Machinery Consignment, 9 a.m., Rick Stewart, 217854-3191. MEREDOSIA, ILL.: Farm Equipment, 9:30 a.m.,

Harvey & Ada Berghaus Estate, Rahe Appraisal & Auctioneer, 217-473-4095. See p. B4 TERRE HAUTE, IND.: Retirement Farm Auction, 10 a.m. EST, Roger Sturgeon, Jeff Boston Auction Service, LLC, 812382-4440. See p. B3 ROBARDS, KY.: 83 +/- Acres, 10 a.m., Herron Auction & Realty, 270-826-6216. VERSAILLES, MO.: Farm Equipment Consignment, 10 a.m., Kilmer Farm Equipment, Wheeler Auctions & Real Estate, 660-327-5890. See p. B4 ROCKWELL CITY, IOWA: Farm Retirement Auction, 10 a.m., Jeff & Donna Hammen, Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC, 844-8472161. See p. B6 ALBION, ILL.: Farm Equipment, 10 a.m., JW Equipment, LLC, Rothrock Auction LLC, 618-839-5363.

William (Bill) Loughmiller RETIREMENT FARM AUCTION THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20th @ 11 AM EST BRAZIL, IN (15 mi. East of Terre Haute) LOCATION: 811 E. US Hwy 40, Brazil, IN 47834. DIRECTIONS: From I-70 (Brazil Exit 23), take St. Rd. 59 North 5 mi. to US 40, turn east & proceed 1 ¾ mi. Inspection: Mon., Feb. 17th - Wed., Feb. 19th from 10 AM to 4 PM EST; OR by contacting William Loughmiller @ (812) 239-7106. Nice Retirement Auction of well-maintained, mostly shedded equipment. Sale will last approx. 1 ½-hrs. For complete listing and photos, visit bostoncentury.com Online bidding will be available at bostoncentury.hibid.com TRACTORS: 2011 Massey Ferguson 7499 MFWD w/ CAH, “Dyna VT” trans, 3-pt, 540/sm. 1000 PTO, (4) SCV’s, (12) front weights, Michelin “Agribib” 480/80R46 radials w/ 10bolt duals, Michelin 420/90R30 front singles w/ fenders, air susp. cab, heated air ride seat w/ elec. lumbar, “Buddy Seat”, diff. lock, weather band radio, (2) beacon lights, “Cab Cam” camera, auto climate control, hammer strap & more (1-owner, only 2678 hrs, 215 eng. hp); 1995 Massey Ferguson 8160 MFWD w/ CAH, “Dynashift” 32/32 trans, 3-pt, sm & lg. 1000 PTO, (3) SCV’s, (11) front weights, Michelin “Agribib” 480/80R42 radial duals, 420/85R28 front singles w/ fenders (only 4763 hrs, 180 PTO hp); COMBINE, HEADS, CARRIERS: 2010 Massey Ferguson 9695 “Fieldstar II”, 2- wh. dr., well equipped w/ “Lateral Tilt”, chopper, “Cyclone” spreaders, single point, “Ag-Leader” harness, power fold 350-bu. bin, elec. ladder, “Buddy Seat”, 21’ unloading auger, frt. Alliance 900/60R32’s (new in ’19), rear Michelin 540/65R24, auto setting control (only 1311 sep / 2086 eng. hrs, SN AHC06139); 2015 Massey Ferguson 9250 “Dyna-Flex”, 30’ “Draper” head (1-owner, new in 2016, has done less than 2000 total acres); Massey Ferguson 3000, 8R30” “Poly” cornhead w/ elec. deck plates, & (2) stalk stompers (SN HP27208); new in 2017 E-Z Trail 1084 “All Wheel Steer”, 35’ head carrier w/ ext. tongue, light pkg, & 12.5L-15 rubber (1-owner); E-Z Trail 672, 25’ head carrier; PLANTER: Kinze 3660 ASD, 16/31, bulk fill, split row, no-till w/ 600-gal. liq. fert., scales, pneu. down pressure, air vac, hyd. drive, 2-pt hitch, markers, (16) row cleaners, (1) spike and (1) rubber closing wheel, Keeton seed firmers, “Integra” monitor, (4) section control, corn & bean plates (SN 660013); (2) new Kinze disc openers; TILE MACHINE and RELATED: (Sold Separately) 2012 Soil-Max “Gold Digger” Stealth ZD, CAT III, 3-pt tile plow w/ 6” & 4” boots, & Ag-Leader “Integra” monitor w/ “Intel-A-Slope” feature (This machine is a 1-“Farmer” owned plow that has done less than 200 total acres); 25’ x 7/8” wire rope, plow tow cable; 18’ x 3” rope plow tow strap; Outback A321 base station w/ tripod and a A320 receiver; 2012 Chamberlain tile cart w/ 12-V elec./hyd., remote control, disc brake on reel, light pkg (this 1-owner cart has only ran (4) rolls); GRAIN TRUCKS: 1993 Int. 8100 twin screw 10-wh. w/ 18’ Scott steel bed, 62” sides, steel floor, cargo doors, twin cyl. hoist, “L10 Cummins”, 9-spd, air brakes, power divider, roll tarp, & 11R22.5 rubber (390k); 1994 Ford L8000 “Diesel” twin screw 10-wh. w/ 20’ steel bed, 60” sides, steel floor, cargo doors, twin cyl. hoist, “8.3L Cummins”, Eaton 8LL 9-spd w/ extra low, air brakes, diff. lock, roll tarp, & less than 5k on new 11R22.5 rubber (166k); 1973 Ford F600 single axle w/ 14’ Midwest steel bed & twin cyl. hoist, 52” sides, 330 V-8, 4 & 2-spd (this truck comes with a real nice UF 13’ brush-type endgate auger w/ poly chute & controls, only 73k); EQUIPMENT: Land Pride RCRM 3515, 15’ batwing mower, sm.1000, frt. chains, solid tires (nice, 1-owner, always shedded); 2004 E-Z Trail 510, sm. 1000 grain cart w/ newer roll tarp, & 18.4-26 rubber (very nice, 1-owner); Phillips 3003A, 30’ hyd.-fold rotary harrow (nice, 1-owner); MF 82019’ disk, 7 ½” & 10” spacing; Glencoe 4300, 18’ pull-type soil finisher w/ spike harrow; Landoll 275, 12’, 9-sh. disk/ chisel; DMI 11-knife p.t. or 3-pt NH3 appl. (As-Is); Westfield 80-61, 61’x8” PTO transport auger; old Int. 6R, 3-pt rotary hoe; Danuser 12”, 3-pt p.h. digger; pr. of GoodYear “Optitrac” 900/60R32 combine /cart tires, (1) booted & (1) not (As-Is); 3-pt bale mover; 3-pt head mover; Very little MISC. For info concerning equipment, contact Bill Loughmiller @ (812) 239-7106. TERMS: Cash or Good Check w/ valid picture I.D. Nothing removed until settled for. Not responsible in case of accident or theft. All items sold As-Is. Porta Potty Available. NO Concessions.

Boston Auctions (812) 382-4440 Lic# AU01027041 “A Farmer, Working For Farmers” Serving IN-IL-KY

SHADELAND, IND.: Farm Machinery, 10:30 a.m. EST, Ron & Mary Gamble, Scherer’s Auction Service, LLC, 765-385-1550.

Mon., March 2

AGENCY, IOWA: Farm Retirement Auction, 9:30 a.m., Ronald & Katie Newquist, Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC, 844-8472161. See p. B3 WALNUT, ILL.: Farm Equipment & Machinery, 10 a.m., Wolf Farms, Rediger Auction Service, 815-699-7999. See p. B3 PARIS, ILL.: 236 +/- Acres in 3 Tracts, 10 a.m., Moss Auction Team, LLC, 217465-4545. See p. B5

Tues., March 3

BATAVIA, IOWA: Farm Retirement Auction, 10 a.m., Willhoit Farms, Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC, 844-847-2161. See p. B3 ROCHESTER, ILL.: 179.64 +/- Acres, 10 a.m., Zane Zaubi, Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC, 844-8472161. See p. B5

Wed., March 4

LOVILIA, IOWA: 715 +/Acres in 3 Tracts, 10 a.m., Mike & Jill Garrett, Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC, 844-8472161.

See AUCTION, Page B4

Public Auction

As We Are Retiring From Farming, After 41 Years, We Will Sell Our Equipment At Public Auction Located At: #3255 S. Buffalo Rd./W. 5000 Rd., Verona, IL 60479 Directions: From Rt. 47 in Mazon, IL, (At Casey’s General Store), Go West on Grand Ridge Rd./S. 3000 Rd., 5 Miles to Buffalo Rd./W. 5000 Rd., Then 2/10 Mile South (Watch for Auction Signs) (10 Miles South of I-80 at Morris, IL & 5 Miles West, OR: 8-1/2 Miles North of I-55 at Dwight, IL & 5 Miles West)

Friday, February 21st at 10:00 A.M.

See Full Sale Bill & Photos at bradleyauctionsinc.com / For Questions About Equipment Contact Sellers @ 815-671-1546 Tractors: 2012 Massey Ferguson 8660, Dyna VT, M.F.W.D, C.A.H., Cab Suspension, 5-Hyd. Remotes, Datatronics, Auto. Steer Ready, Front Weights, 480/80R50 Michelin Rear Tires & Duals, 380/80R38 Michelin Front Tires & Duals, 1,507 Hrs., Ser. No. B244056; 2012 Massey Ferguson 2680 H.D., M.F.W.D., C.A.H., Synchronized Shuttle/8 Forward & 8 Reverse, M.F. DL260 Loader w/Joystick Control, 84” Bucket, Skid Steer Hook-Up, 2 Hyd. Remotes, 540/1,000 P.T.O., 18.4-34 Rear Tires, 14.9-24 Front Tires, 985 Hrs., Ser. No. 31024BX07005; 1997 Massey Ferguson 261 Utility Tractor, ROPS Bar, 540 P.T.O., 1 Hyd. Remote, 16.9R30 Rear Tires, 7.50-16 Front Tires, Ser. No. 5971E25002; Farmall “H” Tractor, (Running) Case-IH Combine & Heads: 2008 Case-IH 2588 Combine GPS, Pro-600 Monitor, 3 Speed Rotor, Rock Trap, Chopper, Dbl. Chaff Spreader, Tilt Feeder House, Bubble Up Auger, Grain Tank Extension, 2,100 Engine Hours/1,558 Seperator Hrs., Ser. No. HAJ303885 NOTE: This combine had extensive rebuild done the summer of 2018 by Stoller’s I.H., and did not run the fall of 2019. Invoice available for work done on day of auction. 2008 Case-IH 2208 Corn Head, 8 Row, 2-Speed, Hyd. Deck Plates; 2007 Drago 8-30 Corn Head, Self Adjusting Deck Plates, Case-I.H. Flagship Hook-up; 2006 Case-I.H. 1020 Grain Platform, 25 Ft., Hyd. Fore & Aft.; Unverferth HT-25 Head Moving Trailer, 25 Ft.;EZ Trail 672 Head Moving Trailer, 25 Ft. 2-Semi Tractors: 2007 Sterling, Day Cab, Mercedes Benz 450 H.P. Engine, 10 Speed Meritor Trans., 435,390 Miles, (Green); 2000 Volvo, Sleeper, 425 H.p. Cummins, 10 Speed Meritor Trans., 815,000 Miles, (White) Large JLG Man Lift: JLG 40 RTS Man Lift, All Wheel Drive, Gas, 40 Ft. Lift, 6 Ft. x 14 Ft. Platform Lg. Pull Sprayer: Gregson 1,000 Gal. Pull Sprayer, 80 Ft. Hyd. Boom, Hyd. Pump , Radar, Raven 450 Controller, Cruizer Navigation Screen/Light Bar, Helix Antenna (GPS), Hyd. Width Adjust Wheels, Fresh Water, Flush Wash Down Tank, 320/90R46 Tires Grain Cart--Grain Wagons: 2005 Brent 674 Grain/Auger Cart, Scale, (Red); Parker 2600, 400 Bu. Side Unload Wagon Set Up For Seed Tender, Christianson Seed Vac, Honda 340/10.7 H.p. Engine (Electric Start), Elect. Controlled Air Lock, w/Brakes; Parker 2600, 400 Bu. Side Unload Wagon w/ Brakes; D.M.I. 470 Bu. Side Unload Wagon w/Brakes & Tarp Farm Equipment: Case-IH 1250 Planter, 16 Row-30”, Bulk Fill, Shark Tooth Row Cleaners, Precision Planter 20/20 Monitor, V-Drive Meters, True Count Row Clutches; 2014 Woods BW 180 Batwing Mower, 1,000 P.T.O. (Small), Deflector Chains, 6-Solid Tires; J.D. 980 Field Cultivator, 24 Ft., 5 Bar Spike Harrow; I.H. 470 Tandem Disk, 21 Ft.-7-1/2” Spacings; J.D. 510 Chisel Plow, 5 Knife, Pull Type; Woods Cadet 72 Rotary Mower, 6 Ft.; Set of Chem-Farm S. Steel Saddle Tanks, 500 Gal., w/Mountings; EZ-Flow Spreader, 10 Ft., (Pull) Grain Augers: Westfield 71 Ft. x 10 In., Swing Away, Low Profile Hopper, Mechanical Drive; Hutchinson 61 Ft. x 10 In., Swing Away, Low Profile Hopper, Mechanical Drive; Westfield 71 Ft. x 10 In., Swing Away, Hyd. Drive Hopper; Westfield 32 Ft. x 8 In., Truck Auger, P.T.O. Drive Livestock & Utility Trailers: 2007 Corn Pro Livestock Trailer, 6 Ft. x 16 Ft., Tandem Axle, Bumper Pull, (Grey); 2008 Sure Trac 6-1/2 Ft. x 12 Ft., Single Axle Trailer, Steel Rail Sides, Drive On Rear Ramp Livestock Equipment: 18 Concrete “H” Feed Bunks, (7 Large & 11 Small); Foremost Cattle Head Gate (Auto. Catch); Ritchie Cattle Fountain Waterer (Never Used); Round Bale Feeder; 3 Point Bale Mover; Bale Spear (Skid Steer Mount); Fencing Supplies 1968 Jeepster: 1968 Jeepster Commando, 225 Dauntless Buick V6 Engine, 3 Speed Manual Trans., 20,230 Original Miles, (Red) Bass Boat & Trailer: 1984 Sea Nymph 16 Ft. “Pike Attacker” Alum. Bass Boat, 25 H.p. Mercury Motor, Tiller Steer; Live Well, Trolling Motor, w/Shorelander Trailer Shop Equipment & Tools: Dual Wheel Dolly (For Semi’s); Lincoln 225 Amp AC Welder; 4,000 LB. Engine Hoist; Floor Model Drill Press; Power Genie Parts Washer On BBL. w/ Pump; Homelite 2000 Watt Gas Generator; Nikon Transit Outfit; Lg. Buffalo Bench Grinder (10 In.); C.H. 4 Ton PortPower; Assorted Hand Held Air & Power Tools AUCTIONEERS’ NOTE: This is a Very Nice line of Clean & Quality Equipment, that is Well Maintained & Always Shedded. Not many small items. Approx. a 3 hour auction. View photos @ www.bradleyauctionsinc.com & plan to attend!!

Sellers: David & Debra Buttry - Verona, IL For Info. Phone: 815-671-1546

Bradleys’ Auction Service Inc.

lebrating the e C



309-935-6700 www.andersonenterpriseseq.com

View Sale Bill & Photos March 1st www.hatzernordstrom.com Auction March 20 & 21

Advertising Deadline - February 17

Call us before February 17 so your consignments will be listed in our Spring Sale Bill. Auctioneers: Mike Espe 630-669-2667 Chris Wegener 815-451-2820

Accepting Consignments Starting February 24

Elburn, IL 60119 • 630.365.9838 www.espeauctions.com

Auction Dates - March 20 & 21 Complete farm sale - contact us for details.

Image: freepik.com

www.agrinews-pubs.com | ILLINOIS AGRINEWS | Friday, February 14, 2020


M C H E N RY C O U N T Y , I L L I N O I S

74± ACRE LAND AUCTION THE LAKEWOOD PROPERTIES Online auction at mgw.us.com/lakewood Close date: February 26, 2020, beginning at 1 p.m. CT

• Excellent development potential • In the Village of Lakewood • Tract 1 (71.5 ac) will sell for the highest bid at or above $10,000 per acre • Tracts 2 & 3 (single family lots) in desirable Turnberry neighborhood

www.mgw.us.com • (815) 756-3606

Call or visit our website for a detailed color brochure.

Estate Auction

Roger Sturgeon RETIREMENT FARM AUCTION SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 29TH @ 10 AM EST TERRE HAUTE, IN Due to parking concerns, this sale is being moved to the Vigo Co. Fairgrounds for your convenience. LOCATION: 3901 S. Hwy 41, Terre Haute, IN 47802. DIRECTIONS: from I-70 and US 41, go south ¾ mi. to the fairgrounds. INSPECTION AT THE FAIRGROUNDS: Wed., 2-26 through Friday, 2-28 from 9 AM to 4 PM each day; contact Roger Sturgeon with any questions regarding the equipment @ (812) 208-7288. Online bidding will be available at bostoncentury.hibid.com on select items. For complete listing & photos, visit bostoncentury.com TRACTORS: 1998 John Deere 9200 4x4 bareback w/ CAH, 12spd. gear drive, (4) SCV’s, 42” 10-bolt duals (6214 hrs); 1998 John Deere 8400 MFWD w/ CAH, 16/4 P.S., 3-pt, CAT II / III fast hitch, lg. 1000 PTO, (4) SCV’s plus “P.B.”, F.S. 46” 10-bolt duals, (20) front weights, rear weights, & “Auto Steer” ready (5681 hrs); 1990 John Deere 4455 w/ CAH, “Quad Range”, 3-pt, dual pto, Cat II / III fast hitch, (2) SCV’s plus “P.B.”, 18.4R38 drive tires plus duals (6554 hrs); 1988 John Deere 4450 w/ CAH, “Quad Range”, 3-pt, dual pto, Cat II / III fast hitch, (2) SCV’s, G.Y. 18.4-38’s w/ 10-bolt duals, (10) front weights, & rear weights (6588 hrs); 1966 John Deere 4020 diesel “Powershift” w/ wide front, 3-pt, dual pto, (2) SCV’s, 18.4-34’s, & (3) front weights (9832 hrs, SN 131691); COMBINE, HEADS, & CARRIERS: 2005 CIH 8010 AFX, 4x4 w/ “Field Tracker”, Pro 600, chopper, spreader, single point, 21’ auger, F.S. 42” radial 10-bolt duals (2498 / 3798 hrs, SN HAJ105703); 2008 CIH 2408-30, 8R30 “Poly” C.H. w/ hyd. deck plates & single point; 2006 CIH 2062-36’ draper head; UF 36’ and 25’ head carriers; PLANTER: Kinze 3600, 16/31 split row, no-till w/ seed firmers, markers, KPMII (15,551 acres, SN 615342); SEED TENDER: nice J&M “375” on tri-axle b.h. trailer w/ scales, remote (SHARP); TECHNOLOGY: Ag Leader Paradyme steering system w/ Integra monitor, unlocked to RTK (w/o hyd. kit); TILLAGE: Great Plains 30’ Turbo-Till 3000 TT; JD 637, 28’7” finish disk w/ harrow; 11sh., 3-pt chisel; EQUIPMENT: JD 1518, 15’ sm. 1000, batwing w/ chain pkg; Caldwell 8’ hyd. tilt, 3-pt blade; Danuser 12”, 3-pt p.h. digger; Woods 59”, 3-pt blade; Donahue-type 32’x8’ impl. trailer; Hutchinson 8” hopper unloader; King Kutter 5’, 3-pt rock rake; Grain King 70’x10” swing-away auger; Mayrath 60’x10” pto transport auger; Brent 670 grain cart, sm. 1000, tarp, & scales; late 50’s drop deck trailer; HAY EQUIPMENT: 1990 JD 348 “Twine” baler w/ hyd. swing; JD 350, 7’, 3-pt sickle mower; NH 478, 7’ moco; TRUCKS: 1995 Ford L8000 diesel, tri-axle twin screw, air tandem, Reiten 26’ alum bed, 72” sides, cargo doors, tarp, 8.3 Cummins, EF 8-spd plus Lo-Lo (white, 167k); 1991 Volvo tandem semi-tractor w/ sleeper, air ride cab & susp., Detroit diesel, EF 9-spd., 198” W.B; PICKUP: 2004 Chev Silv 2500 H.D. LS, crew cab, S.B., 4x4 w/ “Duramax” diesel, auto, pwr. equip. (228k).

Boston Auctions (812) 382-4440 Lic# AU01027041 “A Farmer, Working For Farmers” Serving IN-IL-KY

MONDAY, MARCH 2 @ 9:30 A.M. Auction to be held at the farm: 6677 56th Ave., Agency, IA 52530

HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: ’07 New Holland 215 MFWD tractor, 5,100 hrs.; ’96 Cat Challenger 45 track tractor, 300 hrs. on reman engine; ’94 C-IH 7220 MFWD tractor, 4,200 hrs., one owner; IH 706 gas tractor; IH Cub tractor; JCB 215 Series III 2wd loader backhoe, 5,400 hrs.; Case 1150E long/wide track dozer, 7,400 hrs.; Dresser 175C track loader; ASV 2810 track skid loader, 3,500 hrs.; Toreq 13 yard dirt scraper; C-IH 1200 16 row 30” planter; C-IH 200 35’ field cultivator; Kent 27’ soil finisher; JD 2700 7 shank disk ripper; Blue Jet 5 shank 3PT ripper; Brillion 15’ cult-mulcher; Bush Hog 20’ disk; IH 720 5 bottom plow; Land Pride “Commander” 15’ batwing mower; (2) Unverferth 530 gravity wagons; (2) Brent 540 gravity wagons; (2) Brent 600 gravity wagons; Parker 200 bu. gravity wagon w/hyd. seed auger; Cub Cadet 100 lawn tractor; Cub Cadet 1015 lawn tractor; IH 782 & 582 lawn tractors; Quantity of farm primitives, tools and other farm related items.


EQUIPMENT QUESTIONS: RON (641) 777-4198 For more information, contact Auction Managers: John Probasco (641) 856-7355 & Jim Huff (319) 931-9292

Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC • TOLL FREE (844) 847-2161 www.SullivanAuctioneers.com • Lic. #444000107

TUESDAY, MARCH 3 @ 10:00 A.M.

Auction to be held at the farm: 1375 Batavia Rd., Batavia, IA

HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: ’12 JD 8285R MFWD tractor, ILS, PS, 1,018 hrs.; ’11 JD 8235R MFWD tractor, PS, 1,689 hrs.; ’12 Case-IH 6130 4wd combine, 1,542/1,072 hrs.; ’13 Case-IH 2162 30’ flex draper head; ’11 Case-IH 3406 6R30” corn head; Stud King MD32 32’ head cart; ’13 JD 1770NT 12R30” planter - loaded; ’10 JD 1790 CCS 12/23 planter; HitchDoc 2-box seed tender; HitchDoc 2-box Seed Pod; Great Plains 3000TT 30’ vertical tillage tool; JD 726 24’9” soil finisher; Blu-Jet 5-shank 3-pt. in-line ripper; Brent 882 grain cart; (2) Parker 6250 gravity wagons; Brent 440 gravity wagon; J&M 385 gravity wagon; Bradford 225 gravity wagon; Batco 1875 18”x75’ belt conveyor; IH 496 23’ disk; Duo-Lift 1,600 gal. AWS fertilizer cart; IH 80 7’ 3pt. snow blower; JD 567 round baler; Hesston 1340 mower conditioner; New Holland 465 3pt. disc mower; Kuhn GF502THA 4-basket tedder; Kuhn SR110 Speedrake 10-wheel rake; IH 56 small square baler; Agri-Enterprises 6-bale hay trailer; Land Pride RCM5020 20’ batwing mower; IH 133 12 row 30” cultivator; Land Pride 45 9’ 3-pt. blade; E-Z Trail 5’x8’ hayrack; ‘70 IH Farmall 856 2wd tractor; ’51 Farmall Super C tractor; (2) Farmall F20 tractors - non-running; ’80 IH 1950 grain truck; ’94 Palm 25’ gooseneck flatbed trailer; ’77 Utility 40’ flatbed liquid tender trailer; JD AMS equipment; Livestock equipment including Stroberg portable corral

Full listing, photos & online bidding @ www.SullivanAuctioneers.com


Terry & Marsha Willhoit (641) 777-1068 Mark & Becky Willhoit (641) 777-0087

Auction Managers: Matt Sullivan (309) 221-7001 John Probasco (641) 856-7355 • Dan Sullivan (319) 795-1833

Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC • TOLL FREE (844) 847-2161 www.SullivanAuctioneers.com • Lic. #444000107

Farm equipment and other items from the Estate of Reggie Winters will be sold at public auction on Saturday February 22 at 10:30 am located 2.5 miles south of Carrollton, Illinois on Route 67 to road #SE350 St then east 3.5 miles to road #SE475 Ave then south 1 mile to sale site. Watch for signs!! JD Tractors, IHC 2166, Tandem Grain Truck, Tillage Equipment & Other Items

2000 IHC 8100 tandem truck, diesel, 10 speed trans., 425,000 miles w/20 ft. like new grain bed w/Shurlock roll tarp & rear controls; 2005 Ford F150 4X4 Lariat crew cab truck, 5.4 Triton, automatic, 156,000 miles, 6 ft. bed, w/camper top; 1997 CIH 2166 diesel combine, Hydro, 4023 engine hrs, 2875 separator hrs, reverser, rock trap, chopper, 14.9-24 rear tires, like new 30.5-32 frt. tires, serial #JJCO181536 (yearly inspections); IH 1020 20ft. Flex Grain table (extra good); IH 1063 6rn cornhead (good); 1991 JD 4955 Diesel tractor, FWA, CAH, 1000 PTO, 15 speed powershift, duals, 3pt, 18.4-32 rear tires, 380/85R30 front tires, 7043 hrs, fresh overhaul at Wm. Nobbe, serial#RW4955P007283; 1975 JD 4840 diesel tractor, CAH, powershift, duals, 3pt, quick hitch, 1000 PTO, 9191 hrs, app. 3000 hrs on overhaul, serial #TP865001975; J&M 750 Bushel Grain Cart, large 1000 PTO, 14ft hydraulic auger, 30.5-32 extra good tires, serial#5089; JD 960 Hyd. Fold 24½ ft. field cultivator, walking tandems, harrow & rear hitch; Sunflower 4212-11 11ft. disk chisel; Westfield 10”X 71ft. swing-away auger (extra good); Westfield 6”X31’ truck auger; 2007 Bush Hog 12715 batwing shredder w/laminated tires (extra good); Tri-R head mover cart; Pull type chisel plow; 6-18” semi-mtd. moldboard plow; PTO generator; (2) 500 gal. LP tanks; Grease, Oil & misc. parts; 1-2 wagons loads of small items Auctioneers Note: A good line of well-maintained extra good machinery that is in field ready condition. Loader tractor available sale day. This is a small auction please be on time!! TERMS: Cash or check with proper ID. No ID No number. Announcements sale day take precedence over all printed matter. Lunch will be served. For more information contact Annyce Winters at 217-942-3170 or the auctioneer.

Seller: Estate of Reggie Winters 383 SE 475 Ave Carrollton, Illinois

Reeves Auction Service

26878 McClusky Road Dow, Illinois 62022 217-242-1709

PUBLIC AUCTION Farm Equipment and Machinery

Having decided to retire, the following farm equipment and machinery will be sold by Public Auction at the farm located at 28541 850E St., Walnut, Ill 61376 on:

Monday, March 2, 2020 @ 10:00 A.M.

Online bidding available at www.rickrediger.com TRACTORS: 2009 CaseIH STX 535 4WD tractor, #Z8F111753, Cummins 15.0L 6 cylinder, 4506 eng. hrs., 800/70R tires and axle duals(newer rears), 16 speed 4 reverse(left hand reverser) transmission, 3 pt hitch, 5 hyd. remotes, rear fender weights, CIH EZ Guide 500 Auto Steer. 2000 John Deere 9400 4WD tractor, #031311, 5,945 eng. hrs., 710/70R42 tires and axle duals, bareback, 4 hyd. remotes, 24 spd. transmission, Trimble Easy Steer w/ 250 Monitor. CaseIH MX 200 MFWD tractor, #00112284, 3,899 eng. hrs., 8.3L Cummins, 18 spd. trans. w/ left hand reverser, 3 hyd. remotes, NO 3 pt. hitch, 18.4-42 tires and axle duals, front and rear weights, 540/1000 pto. IH 1086 tractor, #xxx, 9,993 eng. hrs., 800/70R38 tires, cab,air & heat. Farmall 560 gas tractor, #52827, showing 1,336 eng. hrs., WF, 1 rear remote, 2 pt. hitch, 15.5-38 tires, 540 pto. COMBINES: 2003 JD 9750 4WD combine, #700886, 5016/3721 hrs., 520/85R38 tires and duals, 28L-26 steer tires, chopper, Mauer bin ext., JD 200 ATU auto steer. 2004 JD 9750 combine, #700886, 4918/3789 hrs., 2WD, 520/85R42 tires and duals, JD bin extention, New chopper, needing engine work. JD 925 platform, #F691526, fore&aft, 3” cut, poly skids. Unverferth 25’ head tote, HD tires and standard gear. JD 893 corn head, #711311, 8 row 30”, poly dividers, hyd decks. 2018 Patriot Crop Sweeper, steel, poly paddles, fore&aft, like new. Custom built head tote, 22’, standard. Kinze 800 grain cart, 30.5-32 tires. Kinze 800 grain cart, 30.5-32 tires. Kinze 2600 planter, #6121158, 16/31 row 30”/15”, pivot transport, insecticide, Kinze monitor w/fold box, Kinze corn and bean meters, 16 row cleaners & 31 no till coulters. JD 985 field cultivator, #000311, 52’, 3 bar tyne harrow, 6 py. Walking tandems, 4 gauge wheels, new sweeps. Wilrich 28’ field cultivator, 3 bar tyne harrow. CaseIH 496 disc, 31’, NS, rear hitch & hyd. CaseIH 496 disc, 31’, NS, rear hitch & hyd. McFarlane 34’ 8 bar spike harrow, hyd. lift and fold. McFarlane 34’ 8 bar spike harrow, hyd. lift and fold. JD 714 Mulch Tiller disc chisel, 21’3”, 3 bar tyne harrow W/ rolling basket. JD 714 Mulch Tiller disc chisel, 21’3”, 3 bar tyne harrow w/rolling basket. 2010 Salford 570 vertical till, 30’, tyne harrow, 1 owner. IH 5100 grain drill, 12’, grass seed, nice. Bush Hog 12 row 30” RM cultivator. Woods 48” RM rotary mower. Westfield 10”-31’ truck auger, pto. Harvest International 10”-72’ swing away auger, pto., hyd. drive wheels on swing away. JD 700 dirt pan scraper, 1.5 yards, pull type. Orthman 50-RF dirt pan scraper, 1 yard, pulltype. 500 gallon fuel tank, 110v Gas Boy pump, on gear. 2-165 bu. gravity boxes on gears. Pacific 7500 diesel generator, electric start w/remote. Trucks and Grain trailers: 2004 Sterling Conventional truck, #2FWJA3A884AM85862, 331,322 miles, ISM380 Cummins, 10 spd. trans. 2005 Sterling Conventional truck, #2FWJA3DE65AN03051, Cat C-13, 410,186 miles, 10 spd., wet kit w/ 50 gal. alumn. tank. 2011 Timpte hopper bottom trailer, #1TDH4222XBB127847, 42’, air suspension, ag hoppers, Electric tarp, Easy Flow electric sumps. 2015 Timpte hopper bottom trailer, #1TDH40029FV148881, 42’, air suspension, ag hoppers, electric tarp, Easy Flow electric sumps. 2016 Timpte hopper bottom trailer, #1TDH42222GB152779, 42’, air suspension, ag hoppers, electric tarp, Easy Flow electric sumps. 1965 Anthony 26’ alumn. dump trailer, #228533, New hyd. hoist cylinder, roll tarp. ATV & Pick Ups: Bush Hog TH4400 4X4, #S092432, Title, 888 eng. hrs., Honda engine, manual lift box. 2009 GMC Sierra 1500 pick up, 4x4, crew cab, short box, 107,000 miles, PW, PL, 5.3L V8 engine, clean truck. 1998 Chevrolet 4x4 1500, automatic, V8, 138,000 miles, farm truck. 1990 Ford F350, 4x4, 5.8L V8, 5th wheel hitch, 143,000 miles, farm truck. Note: There will be the ordinary rack items and misc. farm items. Not responsible for accidents I.D. required


Ronald E. Wolf 815-379-2989


Real Estate Auction

The Auction to be conducted at the American Legion, Mt. Pulaski, IL

Thursday, February 20 • 10:00 a.m.

Tract One: 87.47 unimproved land located in the northeast quarter of Section 33, Elkhart Twp., located miles southeast of Elkhart, IL at 865 400th Street; Tax ID#10-083-002-00. TERMS: This tract will be offered on a basis of 87.47 acres. The successful bidder will enter into a written agreement on the day of the auction requiring a 10% down payment with the balance of the sale price due at closing. The sale of this property is not subject to the ability of the new buyer to obtain financing. A title commitment policy will be issued for the exact amount of the sale price. The Seller will pay the 2019 Real Estate taxes, due in 2020, by allowing the new buyers a credit at closing. The new buyers will be responsible for paying subsequent years real estate taxes. Closing will occur on or before March 20, 2020. This farm is free from tenancy. The Seller will have the right to confirm the final bid. The Sales Contract will be available for inspection by contacting Mike Maske, (217) 519-3959. Announcements made on the day of the auction take precedence over printed materials or typographical errors. Mike Maske Auction Service/Coldwell Banker Cornerstone and their staffs are agents for the Seller, and in that capacity represent the Seller only.

Lisa K. Mason, Owner Mike Maske Auction Service

119 S. Lafayette St., Mt. Pulaski, IL 62548 IL License # 440.000157 (217) 519-3959 maskeauction.com Coldwell Banker Cornerstone 303 S. Kickapoo St., Lincoln, IL 62656 (217) 732-8353 cornerstoneCB.com


“Retirement” Auction Saturday, February 22, 2020 9:30 a.m. SHARP! Rain or Shine!

For Photos & Details visit jamiescherrauction.com LIVE Absolute Auction!! Location: Raleigh, Illinois. From Raleigh, IL take Raleigh Chapel Road north 4.7 miles to Mings Road, turn west (left) and go 1 mile to Auction site on left. Physical address: 985 Mings Road, Raleigh, IL. Combine, Heads, Tractors, Backhoe: JD 9600 combine, RWA, chopper, duals, 4,2xx eng. hrs./2,7xx sep. hrs.; JD 893 cornhead; JD 925 flex head; 2 J&M 30’ header trailers; JD 9520, p.s. trans., 710/70R42 duals, 12,xxx hrs.; JD 7230R, MFWD, 67xx hrs.; JD 8400, MFWD , 95xx hrs.; JD 7430 Premium, MFWD, 77xx hrs.; JD 7330 Premium, MFWD, w/JD 741 loader, 7xxx hrs.; JD 7810, MFWD, 11xxx hrs.; JD 7810, MFWD, 12xx hrs. (Bad Transmission); JD 6420 MFWD, w/JD 640 loader, 10xxx hrs.; JD 4450, QR trans., w/Ezee loader, 11xxx hrs.; JD 4450, QR trans., 9xxx hrs.; JD 4440, QR trans., w/JD 158 loader, 14xxx hrs.; JD 4020, diesel, WF, (Engine Stuck); JD 720 tractor, gas, PS, 3 pt.; JD 310 SJ backhoe, cab, MFWD, extend-a-hoe, 41xx hrs.; Hay and Livestock Equipment: JD 946 MoCo disc bine flail conditioner; JD 835 MoCo disc bine flail conditioner; JD 735 MoCo flail conditioner; JD 569 round baler, Mega Wide Plus pickup, net wrap; JD 568 round baler, Mega Wide Plus pickup, net wrap; Anderson Hybrid bale wrapper; Vermeer BP 7000 bale processor; Vermeer Top Gun bale processor; NH 570 square baler, twine; Hoelscher 8 bale accumulator; Kuhn’s Mfg. hay grabber; 3 NH HT154 10 wheel rakes; JD side delivery rake w/dolly; Enorossi tedder; 3 Golden Bell 6 bale trailers; NH 355 grinder mixer, scales; Fuerst 30’ flex chain harrow; Elk River cattle catch chute; 2-1250 bu. bulk feed tanks; GSI 800 bu. bulk feed tank; 6 FS calf feeders; concrete feed bunks; wood feed bunks; round bale feeders; pipe gates; port. coral panels; sections of guard rail; 4” & 5” & 8’ fence posts; various livestock related items; Trucks, Trailers: ’96 Int. 9400 semi, 10 spd., TA, air ride, wet kit, 673xxx mi.; ’98 Trailstar 30’ alum. trailer, TA, air ride; ’86 Int. F9370 truck, TA, 15’ rock bed; Freightliner truck, TA, 14’ rock bed, 1,2xx,xxx mi.; ’89 Int. 4900 truck, DT466, AT, Altec serv. bed w/boom, (needs work); Stepdeck 42’ semi-trailer; ’85 Int. 1954 truck, DT466, 11’ steel bed, 571,xxx mi.; ’05 Ford F150XLT Lariat, 4WD, crew cab, V8, auto, leather and loaded, 275xxx mi.; ’01 Ford F250 Super Duty, 4WD, 7.3L diesel, ext cab, man. trans, 450,xxx mi.; ’11 Ford F250 Super Duty XLT, 4WD, 6.7L diesel, ext. cab, 347,xxx mi.; ’60 Chevy C60 truck, 13’ grain bed, hoist; ’92 Geo Tracker, 4wd, AT; ’13 Elite 27’+5’ trailer, TA, DW, gooseneck; ’02 Corn Pro 22’+5’ trailer, TA, DW, gooseneck; Jerry James 20’, TA trailer; ’06 Jerry James 16’ TA trailer; 16’ TA trailer; 8’ trailer; ’96 Haulmark 16’ cargo trailer TA; 8’ trailer w/Mi-T-M pressure washer; TA 500 gal fuel trailer, w/port. air comp.; 2-100 gal oil tanks; ‘81Gooseneck 24’ stock trailer, TA; 30’ tri-axle implement trailer; Planting, Tillage, Misc. Equipment: Kinze 2500 planter, 8/15 no-till, corn and soybean meters, monitor; GP Solid Stand 15’ grain drill, GP center pivot no-till caddy; Brillion Super Stand 10’ seeder; Salford I-1200 vertical till, 24’; JD 726 Mulch Finisher, 33’ spike harrow; CIH 110 crumbler, 35’; CIH 4600 field cult., 26’, spike harrow; DMI crumbler, 27’; Dunham Lehr 31’ roller; IH 496 disk, 24’; IH 500 disk, 12’; JD 2800 plow, 7 bot. vari-width, on land; 3 pt. pto seeder; White 10 shank chisel plow; JD 230 disk, 24’; Brillion 24’ and 15’ cultimulcher; Killbros 690 grain cart; JD HX15 mower; Bush Hog 12715 Legend mower; Blu Jet 9 knife NH3 appl., sealers, no-till, Raven Super Cooler, 3 pt.; Johnson 014 hyd. blade, pull type; 2 Kuntz 16’ box scrapers; Garfield 12’ box scraper; Road plane; JD 9’ hyd. blade; DMI Ecolo-tiger 730 ripper (rough); Melroe 220 Spra Coupe 250 gal.; Westfield 10”x61’ & 8”x61’ grain auger, swing hopper; Hutchinson 8”x32’ grain auger, elect. motor; Ferguson 3 pt ditcher; Quick Attach 6’ front mount mower, hyd drive, SS mount; JD 78” grapple bucket, SS mount; 2 sets palette forks, SS mount; 98” material bucket, SS mount; 6 gravity flow wagons; 3 flatbed wagons; Misc.: Grasshopper 930D Max Torque diesel, front deck mower, hyd lift, 6xx hrs.; Honda Pioneer 700SxSm, 4wd, 2xxx hrs.; JD TX Gator SxS, 2wd; JD Gator SxS, diesel, 4wd; Miller Big Blue 251D diesel welder/ gen.; Lincoln Ranger 10,000 welder/gen., Kohler eng.; CP 30 gal air comp. w/gas eng.; Job site tool box; 30 ton press; 3 pt log splitter; floor jack; bolt bin w/bolts; lg. amount of hand tools; tool boxes; 50 gal ATV sprayer; 5-110 gal fuel tanks; 12’x8’ storage box; 1000 gal fuel tank w/12v pump; various size tires; JD front & rear weights; approx.. 25 Motorola FM mobile radio’s (some digital); SCRAP IRON!!! No telling what we will find by Sale day!!! Terms: Cash or good check w/proper I.D. No Buyers Premium! Charles E & Virginia Slykhuis - Seller 985 Mings Road Raleigh IL 62977 618-926-1849 cell Jamie Scherrer Auction Co. Ridgway, Illinois Office 618-272-8030 Cell 618-841-1919 IL Lic #440.000234

B4 Friday, February 14, 2020


Thurs., March 5

CHERRY, ILL.: 200 +/- Acres, 10 a.m., Losey Family Farm, Rediger Auction Service, 815-699-7999. See p. C2 PRINCEVILLE, ILL.: Farm Retirement Auction, 10 a.m., Larry & Debbie Gehrig, Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC, 844-8472161. See p. B2 PRINCEVILLE, ILL.: 80 +/Acres, 4 p.m., Ryan Gehrig, Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC, 844-847-2161. LANGHAMAUCTIONEERS. HIBID.COM: Online Only, 162 +/- Acres in 3 Tracts, bidding closes at 6 p.m. Central, Langham Auctioneers Inc., 618-2678400. See p. B4

Fri., March 6

GIFFORD, ILL.: 2-Day Consignment, 9 a.m., Gordon Hannagan Auction Co., 217-568-7117. See p. B5 HOOPESTON, ILL.: Retirement Auction, 10 a.m., Arlyn & Lanae Rudin, Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC, 844-847-2161. See p. B4 WEST POINT, IOWA: 180 +/- Acres in 3 Tracts, 3 p.m., Valencia “Val” Kassmeyer & The Late Robert Kassmeyer, Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC, 844-8472161. See p. B5

Sat., March 7

GIFFORD, ILL.: 2-Day Consignment, 9 a.m., Gordon Hannagan Auction Co., 217-568-7117. See p. B5 SULLIVAN, ILL.: Household, Toys, Tools, Farm Equipment & Trailers, 9 a.m., Andrew & Lois Kraemer, Kenneth & Marian Hochstetler & Nicole Mocko, Rohrer Bros. Auctions, 217-218-1695. See p. B5 FANCY FARM, KY.: Farm Machinery & Equipment, 10 a.m., Daniels Farms, James R. Cash, 270-623-8466. PARIS, ILL.: Multi-Consignor Farm Retirement Auction, 10 a.m., Henry Setzer Farms, Phil Landes Farms, Tucker Wood Auctions, 217-822-2386.

Mon., March 9

KENTLAND, IND.: Farm Machinery, 11 a.m. CST, Deb & the late Steve Morgan, Scherer’s Auction Service, LLC, 765385-1550. CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, ILL.: 60.60 +/- Acres Sealed Bid Sale, bids due by 5 p.m., Hertz Real Estate Services, 217-762-9881. See p. B5

Thurs., March 12

FAIRBURY, ILL.: 320 +/- Acres, 10 a.m., The Pratt Farm, First Mid Ag Services, 309-665-0056.

Fri., March 13

FORT WAYNE, IND.: State of the Farmer’s Economy Update, 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Schrader Real Estate

| ILLINOIS AGRINEWS | www.agrinews-pubs.com

& Auction Company, Inc., 800-451-2709. See p. B4

Tues., March 24

WEST BROOKLYN, ILL.: 64.926 Acres, 10 a.m., Bird Realty.

ST. ANNE, ILL.: Farm Machinery, 8 a.m., St. Anne Consignment Auction & Equipment Sales, 815-4278350.

Thurs., March 19

Sat., March 28

Sat., March 14

GIBSON CITY, ILL.: 36th Annual Farm Machinery Consignment, 10 a.m., Bill Kruse, 217-784-8000. See p. B4 COVINGTON, IND.: 874 +/- Acres in 16 Tracts, 1 p.m. CST, GRD Limited Partnership & TIPRAD Broadcasting Company, Schrader Real Estate & Auction Company, Inc., 800-451-2709. See p. B5

Fri., March 20

ANNAWAN, ILL.: Hatzer & Nordstrom Consignment Auction, 8:30 a.m., Owned & Operated by Anderson Enterprises & Equipment, LLC, 309-935-6700. See p. B2

Sat., March 21

ANNAWAN, ILL.: Hatzer & Nordstrom Consignment Auction, 8:30 a.m., Owned & Operated by Anderson Enterprises & Equipment, LLC, 309-935-6700. See p. B2 OKAWVILLE, ILL.: Multi Farmer Absolute Auction, 9 a.m., Riechmann Bros., LLC, 618-243-6106. OXFORD, IND.: Spring Farm Machinery Consignment, 10 a.m. EST, Scherer’s Auction Service, LLC, 765385-1550. See p. B5

OXFORD, IND.: 46th Annual Benton Central FFA Auction, 9 a.m. EST, Benton Central FFA, 765-884-1600, ext. 2164. See p. B5 HOPEDALE, ILL.: Farm & Construction Equipment Consignment, 9 a.m., S&K Auctions LLC, 309-202-8378 or 309-696-9019.

Mon., March 30

FREEPORT, ILL.: 431 Acres in 7 Tracts Sealed Bid Land Sale, bids due 3/30 by 10 a.m., Ruf Family Trust, Nicole Bauer, 815-235-1212. See p. B5 MENDOTA, ILL.: 96.42 +/- Acres, 10 a.m., Jack Heidelmeir Trust, Rediger Auction Service, 815-6997999. See p. C2

Sat., April 4

AUCTIONEER: BILL KRUSE 110 N. SANGAMON Gibson City, Illinois OFFICE 217 784 8000 CELL 217 781 8091

Jasper County Farm Land Auction ONLINE ONLY

Bidding closes at 6:00 pm Central Time March 5, 2020 162+/- ACRES TO BE SOLD IN THREE (3) TRACTS. Jasper County Illinois, Smallwood Township. Tract I: (40) acres NHEL, nearly all tillable located in the Northwest ¼ of the Southwest ¼ of Section 2 Smallwood Township. T5-R9. Tract II: (42) acres NHEL, nearly all tillable located in the Southwest ¼ of the Northeast ¼ of Section 22 Smallwood Township. T5-R9 (40 acres). And the North side of the Northwest ¼ of the Southeast ¼ of Section 22 Smallwood Township T5-R9 (2 acres). Tract III: (80) acres NHEL, nearly all tillable located in the Northeast ¼ and the Southeast ¼ of Section 22 Smallwood Township. T5-R9. This farm has been under high management for many years and is known to be a very good farm for the area. Good road frontage. To be sold by the tract. Sells free and clear of any tenant’s rights. BIDDING STARTS IMMEDIATELY! BID NOW! SEE: langhamauctioneers.hibid.com to register. BID NOW! Property Tours: Thursday February 13, 2020 from 3pm-5pm, and Thursday February 20 from 3pm-5pm or by appointment. Contact Ty Langham 618-267-8400.


Multiple Dates RUTHERFORD FARMS OTHERS SEE AD: & Upcoming Auctions


ANNAWAN, ILL.: Hatzer & Nordstrom Consignment

Multi Farmer Equipment Auction www.corycraigequipment.com “ONLINE BIDDING ONLY” 7200 Flex Fold Planter w/ Fertilizer, Kinze Double Frame ENDS: Mon. Feb. 24 12R-30”; @ 6:00 P.M.


409 North St., Edinburg, IL 62531

Auction Manager: Matt Sullivan (309) 221-7001 Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC • Toll Free (844) 847-2161 www.SullivanAuctioneers.com • Lic. #444000107

409 North Edinburg, IL 62531 SECONDSt., GENERATION...FULL TIME www.corycraig.com • 217-971-4440TIME SECOND GENERATION...FULL

www.corycraig.com • 217-971-4440


22 – FARM EQUIPMENT. Columbia City, IN. Contact Ritter Cox 260-609-3306.


24 – 196± ACRES IN 4 TRACTS. Pulaski County (North Judson, IN). Productive Mostly Tillable Farm Land. Contact Arden Schrader 260-229-2442. 27 - 167± ACRES IN 4 TRACTS. Madison County (Elwood, IN). Excellent Brookston & Crosby Soils • Tillable Cropland (2020 Crop Rights) • Pattern Tiled (Tract 1) • 1031 Exchange Opportunity • Woods for Hunting or Potential Building Site. Contact Rick Williams 765-639-2394.


2 – FARM EQUIPMENT. Wolcottville, IN. Contact Robert Mishler 260-336-9750. 6 – FARM EQUIPMENT. Dansville, MI. Contact Robert Mishler 260-336-9750 or Eric Ott 260-413-0787. 14 – FARM EQUIPMENT. Hudson, IN. Contact Rick Williams 765-639-2394. 21 – FARM EQUIPMENT. Willshire, OH. Contact Ritter Cox 260-609-3306. MARCH 28 – FIREARMS CONSIGNMENT. Colum4 - 1122± ACRES IN 24 TRACTS. Hancock County bia City, IN. Contact Phil Wolfe 260-248-1191 (Greenfield, IN). Productive Cropland • Commercial/ or Ritter Cox 260-609-3306. Industrial Potential • Excellent Development Property • Tax Exchange Potential • 911.38± Total FSA Todd Freeman..........................765-414-1863 Cropland • 2020 Crop Rights Conveyed. Contact Steve Jim Hayworth ...........................888-808-8680 Slonaker 765-969-1697 or 800-451-2709. Steve Slonaker ........................877-747-0212 19 - 874 ACRES IN 14 TRACTS. Vermilion County, Matthew Wiseman ...................866-419-7223 IL. Contact 800-451-2709.


Follow us on:


14 – FARM EQUIPMENT. Princeton, IN. Contact Brad Horrall 812-890-8255 or Eric Ott 260-413-0787. 17 – FARM EQUIPMENT. Reading, MI. Contact Ed Boyer 574-215-7653 or Ted Boyer 574-215-8100. 18 – FARM & CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT. Granger, IN. Contact Robert Mishler 260-336-9750. 19 – FERTILIZER EQUIPMENT. Greenville, OH. Contact Jim Hayworth 765-427-1913 or Arden Schrader 260-229-2442.

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Featured Farms

LAKE COUNTY, IN. 147.5± ACRES with 71.6 cropland acres of which 31.4 acres in CRP. Call Matt Wiseman 219-689-4373. (MWW12L) JASPER COUNTY, IN 160± ACRES WITH 143± ACRES CROPLAND and 14± acres of woods. 9± miles northeast of Rensselaer. Call Jim Hayworth 765-427-1913 or Matt Wiseman 219-689-4373. (JH/MWW05J) NE WHITE COUNTY, IN. These farms have quality soils and high percentage of tillable land. These farms have excellent road frontage. Near Burnettsville, IN. Call Dean Retherford 765-427-1244. (DRETH03WH) MANY OTHER LISTINGS AVAILABLE



FARM EQUIPMENT AUCTION Saturday, February 29 • 9:30 AM

Equipment to sell at 11 am Harvey & Ada Berghaus Estate 651 Spunky Ridge Road • MEREDOSIA, IL Collection of mostly one-owner farm equipment – stored indoors, well cared for and used on 650 acres. Great opportunity for quality equipment! TRACTORS – VEHICLES – EQUIPMENT (LIVESTOCK, TILLAGE, PLANTING, HAY, MISC ATTACHMENTS, GRAIN) ASSORTED FARM ITEMS 07 JD 8430; 84 JD 4850; 78 JD 4640; 70 JD 4020 w/ld; 51 JD B; FD TW10; FD 6600w/ld; 59 FD 901; 05 JD 9560STS 1150 sp hrs; JD 606C; JD 620F; JD 1760 11-15 bean planter; JD 1760 12-30” corn planter; JD 637 22’ disk; DMI 527 Elco Tiger; Krause 25’ landsman; Sunflower 26’ FC; JD 30’ rotary hoe; JD HX15; NH 780 rd baler, only 1836 bales; NH 1411 disk moco; NH 258 rake; Frontier hay tedder; NH 185 manure spreader; Featherlite 7x20 trailer; Elite 14’ dump trailer; HRD power ditcher; 5 flat-bed wagons; JD 310 auger wagon w/ boom; JD Gator; Honda 4/wheeler; Brent 544 wagon; Brent 678 grain cart; 05FD F350 dx dually flat bed; 67 FD F600; 92 FD F150 4x4; Many more items, full list and photos online. Equipment Questions: Glen Berghaus 217-370-1483 Auction directions: from junction of Illinois Route 67-104 and Route 100, turn east onto Spunky Ridge Road, two miles to auction site. Online bidding, full listing and photos available online at: www.RaheAuctions.com or AuctionZip.com #23795


KILMER FARM EQUIPMENT Consignment Auction SATURDAY, FEB. 29 • 10 AM 14769 Cattle Lane, Versailles, MO 65084

Directions: At the Intersection of Hwy 5 and Hwy 52 in Versailles, go North on Hwy 5 for 1 mile to Cattle Ln then turn Right or East and go ¾ mile to Sale Site.


KILMER FARM EQUIPMENT, LLC For more info and photos: www.wheelerauctions.com

14270 Hwy. 52, Versailles, MO 65084

(573) 378-6615

Thursday - Feb. 20th 10:00 AM JD Tractor Power: JD 4960 MFWD Tractor; JD 4430 quad range Tractor; JD 4020 Diesel Tractor; JD 8630 4x4 Tractor; Trimble EZ Steer– EZ Guide 500; DMI 38 1/2’ Field Culƒvator;

JD 7000 series Planter; EZ flow 475 Grain Cart; M&W 1460 Disk Ripper; Glenco 3 pt 13’ field culƒvator; JD RM 8-30” culƒvator; Hutchison 8”x62’ grain auger; Grain Trucks & MORE. Terms: Cash/ Check– NO Buyer Premium Onsite. See Website for full terms.

Floyd Marshall Farm Land Owner: Brenda Horner Langham Auctioneers Inc.

Greenville, IL. Hal, Ty and Nate Langham Auctioneers. Contact Ty Langham 618-267-8400. See langhamauctioneers.hibid.com for terms and conditions. This is an online only auction with a 4% buyer premium added to the final bid. Owner has the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

& Featured Farms, Schrader Real Estate & Auction Company, Inc., 800-451-2709. See p. B4

Sat., Aug. 22

Call Owners Inspect Items. 2009 Chevrolet Planter, 15R-15”; VIEWING: Marliss 20’ Drill w/Tono till caddy; (Name & Number on Catalogue) Duramax *Winning 2500 HDbidders Crew will Cab, 109K Chevrolet 3500, single pick their Miles; item(s) 1989 up at owners address and arrange pick up time with owner. cab, 150K miles; 2010 JD 997 Diesel ZTRAK, 72” Deck; 2011 JD 375 Payment to be made to Auctioneer with in 48 hours after the NO-RESERVE RETIREMENT AUCTION Backhoe Attachment; 2014 Buyer JD 3046R MFWD W/loader, 405 hrs.; JD close of the auction. will show paid invoice to owner TH FRIDAY, MARCH 6 AT 10:00 A.M. pick upFrontier item(s). GM 1084R Finish Mower; 59” front mount PTO snow toblower; John Deere 4930 Sprayer; Tractors: John Deere, Case PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 1860 E. 200 N. Rd., Hoopeston, IL Frontier 48”2009 QA Loader JD 655 Tiller, 3pt.Trucks; 55”; JD MX5 Chopper IH, Steiger, IH &Forks; More!; Grain Trucks; Dump Pick-up HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: ‘08 Case-IH 215 Magnum MFWD tractor, 2,309 Trucks; 2010 Kinze 3660, 16/30 Planter; Planters; Grain Drills; 5’; Frontier SP 2060 Aereator, 5’; Frontier Box Blade, 3pt., 5’; hours; ‘02 Versatile Buhler 2180 MFWD tractor, 3,136 hours; ‘98 WhiteMower, 6410 Tillage Equipment; New Leader SS Fertilizer Bed; Case & Cat MFWD tractor, open station w/loader, 802 hours; ‘82 John Deere 4440 2wd JD 5100E 2014 hrs.; Dozers;MFWD Cat & IHW/ Pay loader, Loaders; 604 JD 643 CornWeight Head; JDBox, 930 3pt.; 2012 tractor, 5,224 hours; ‘67 John Deere 4020 diesel 2wd tractor; ‘63 Oliver 770 Platform; Batwing Mower; 3pt. Mowers; Combine Sprayer14K Axles; JD HX15 Batwing Mower, 15’; Rice Tandem Axle Trailer, gas tractor; ‘97 New Holland TR98 4wd combine, 2,851 hours; New Holland Trailer; Hopper Bottom Grain Trailers; Gravity Flow Grain 996 6R30” corn head; New Holland 973 20’ platform; ‘14 Case-IHTractor 1255 Weights; JD2010 Generator; Case IHTrailer; 1640Hay Combine; Case IH 1020 Wagons; Corn Pro Livestock Equipment; 12R30” planter - Like new!; ‘09 Case-IH 330 24’ vertical tillage tool; UnverGFC IH Bale863 Band-It, Model 100;Case Cattle Equipment; Pallet platform; Case Corn Head; IH 820 Platform; JD 7000 ferth 6225 grain cart; (2) Brent 444 gravity wagons; (2) DMI D470 gravity Racking; Shop Equipment; Steel Storage Containers; 5’x12’ wagons; Hutchison 8”x62’ swing-away auger; Rhino 2150 15’ batwing of newsteel; 500 ULSSHU & 1000 gallon propane tanks;+LQLNHU )LHOG 5 3ODQWHUSheets 6XQÀRZHU VKDQN 6XQÀRZHU 'LVF mower; Bush Hog BH160 10’ 3-pt. backhoe; John Deere 845 12R30” cultiConcession Trailer Cultivator w/ 5 bar Harrow MUCH, JD 922MUCH FlexMORE! Head JD 643; Corn Head; 1997 vator; John Deere 400 30’ rotary hoe; Krause 4600 6R30” cultivator; ‘86 Ford F150 4wd pickup; and much more! Wilson 41’Register Hopperto Grain Trailer; Plus More! bid, view catalogue & terms @ corycraig.hibid.com Full listing, photos & online bidding @ www.SullivanAuctioneers.com ARLYN & LANAE RUDIN

Five Tracts between Buffalo and Mechanicsburg, IL, just South of I-72. One Tract East of Mechanicsburg on Bullard Rd. Watch for auction signs on property. TO BE HELD AT CARLOCK LODGE 101 GARVEY ST. MECHANICSBURG, IL TRACT I 77.770 +/- Acres Westside of Buffalo/Mechanicsburg Rd and Water Tower Rd Section 22 approx. 74.25 acres tillable. TRACT II 81.768 +/- Acres adjoins Tract I on the Westside with entrance on Water Tower Rd approx. 60.4 acres tillable, balance in trees and waterways. TRACT III 67.015 +/- Acres on the Eastside of Buffalo/ Mechanicsburg Rd and Water Tower Rd Section 23 approx. 66.015 acres tillable. TRACT IV 84.473 +/- Acres adjoin Tract III on the Eastside of Tract III on Water Tower Rd approx. 74 acres tillable. TRACT V 124.48 +/- Acres located on Mech. /Buffalo Rd adjoins Tract III and Tract IV on the Southside Tillable land and Timber/Pastureland. TRACT VI 82 +/- Acres approx. 79.84 acres tillable, balance in oil easements and roadways. Located East of Mechanicsburg on Bullard and Old Oil Well Rd. Northeast corner. Lanesville Township Section 30 Southeast side. S 2A E1/2 NE 30-16-2 and E1/2 SE 30-16-2. TERMS: 20% down day of auction, balance due at closing on or before April 2, 2020. Purchaser may take possession before closing date however any improvements to the land are at the buyer’s expense. Purchaser shall have financing arrangements prior to auction. Buyer receives Sellers’ interest in the minerals. All offers upon Sellers’ approval. Announcements made day of auction take precedence over all printed matter. To download the flyer and view pictures go to www.lukeleegaule.com OWNER: EDWINA H. KILBRIDE RESIDUARY TRUST RANDALL SEGATTO AND BERNARD SEGATTO ATTORNEYS For BARBER, SEGATTO, HOFFEE, WILKE AND CATE, L.L.P. LUKE LEE GAULE AUCTIONEERS DAVID LEE GAULE 5033 GAULE RD SPRINGFIELD, IL 217-523-7272 OR 217-741-2717 C Tracts one through five are located between Buffalo & Mechanicsburg, IL. Tract VI is located straight East of Mechanicsburg, IL on Bullard & Old Oil Well Road. The farms will be offered at auction at the Carlock Lodge 101 Garvey St. Mechanicsburg, IL 11:00a.m. Feb 17, 2020. Your attendance will be appreciated. Lee

SALE LOCATION: Sale to be held at Pit Run Park 1 mile West of Gibson City on RT 9. Now accepting consignments of tractors, combines, harvest & tillage equip, wagons, and any other farm related equipment. CONSIGN NOW FOR FREE NATION WIDE ADVERTISING ADVERTISING DEADLINE MARCH 1st. Provide us photos of your items and we will post on our website: billkruse.net. Find us on Facebook: Bill Kruse Auction & Real Estate. Be sure to check our Facebook page the week of auction for the most up to date info & photos. Consignment items accepted at sale site March 16 thru March 18 from 8:30a-4:30p. Sale Day before 8:30 am AUCTIONEER NOTE: All tires must be on rims. Tractor Tire Deposit $100 each, All other tires $50 each. Tire Deposit is returned if tires sell or you come pick them up after auction. TO CONSIGN ITEMS CALL: 217 784 8000 OR 217 781 8091

Auction, 8:30 a.m., Owned & Operated by Anderson Enterprises & Equipment, LLC, 309-935-6700.

ANNAWAN, ILL.: Hatzer & Nordstrom Consignment Auction, 8:30 a.m., Owned & Operated by Anderson Enterprises & Equipment, LLC, 309-935-6700.

Ends: Wed., Feb 6th Starting at 10 a.m.

POLO, ILL.: Hazelhurst Annual Spring Consignment, 8:30 a.m., Public Auction Service, JD 815-946-2660.



Fri., Aug. 21

Reservations Required! To RSVP or Questions Please Call Toll Free

Meet Schrader representatives and learn about the current farmland market. In Florida hear from Jeanne Bernick, Principal, Growth Leader & Market Strategist from K•Coe ISOM. In Indiana hear from Kala Jenkins, Agriculture Constultant from K•Coe ISOM. Farm Owners, Spouses and Trustees Welcome. Valuable information for buyers and sellers. No charge for program. Lunch with great fun and farm fellowship expected.

800-451-2709 • SchraderAuction.com


www.agrinews-pubs.com | ILLINOIS AGRINEWS | Friday, February 14, 2020


Extension webinar to focus on soil and water interactions JACKSONVILLE, Ill. — Soil and water interactions will be the focus of a Soil and Water Management

Webinar sponsored by University of Illinois Extension on Feb. 20. The workshop will be held at

multiple Extension units web conferencing from 9 throughout Illinois. Pr- a.m. to 2 p.m. Lunch will esentations will be deliv- be provided. ered via PowerPoint and Cost is $45. Email Duane Friend at friend@illinois.edu. 2020 Soil and Water Webinar locations, local contacts and registration links: Decatur: Doug Gucker, 217877-6042; web.extension. illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21234. Jacksonville: Duane Friend, 217-243-7424; go.illinois.edu/ goodsoil. Marshall: Jessie Soule, 217• 2020 Farming Rights w/ Immediate Possession • Excellent Productive Farmland 826-5422; web.extension. • Wind Income on 4 Turbines • Investment Potential • Tiled on 40’ Centers illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21218. AUCTION LOCATION: The Beef House Annex - 16501 North St. TRACT 8: 71± AC mostly all tillable, w/frontage on CR 3800 N. Rd. 63, Covington, IN. Mostly Sawmill & Drummer soils. Bloomington: Reid Young, PROPERTY DESCRIPTIONS: TRACT 9: 10± AC “SWING” TRACT w/great hunting & recreation309-663-8306; web.extension. TRACT 1: 160± AC mostly all tillable w/frontage on CR 470 E & al opportunities. This tract can be bid on by an adjoining landowner or 2600 N. Mostly Eliott & Ashkum soils. Excellent investment oppormust be combined with Tract 8. illinois.edu/registration/?Regtunity. TRACT 10: 80± AC mostly all tillable, w/frontage on CR 3850 N. istrationID=21571. TRACT 2: 160± AC mostly all tillable, w/frontage on CR 500 E & Mostly Ashkum & Parr soils. St. Charles: Richard 2230 N. Mostly Eliott & Ashkum soils. TRACT 11: 62± AC mostly all tillable, w/frontage on CR 3850 N. TRACT 3: 47± AC mostly all tillable, w/frontage on CR 3700 N. Mostly Andres & Selma soils. Hentschel, 630 584 6166; web. Mostly Ashkum & Elliott soils. TRACT 12: 24± AC mostly all tillable, w/frontage on CR 3900 N. extension.illinois.edu/registraTRACT 4: 45± AC mostly all tillable, w/frontage on CR 3780 N. Mostly Lisbon & Andres soils. tion/?RegistrationID=21266. Mostly Ashkum & Elliott soils. TRACT 13: 26± AC mostly all tillable, w/frontage on CR 3850 N, CR TRACT 5: 20± AC mostly all tillable, w/frontage on CR 3780 N. 1900 E & CR 3900 N. Mostly Selma & Milford soils. Monmouth: Chris Enroth, Mostly Ashkum & Elliott soils. TRACT 14: 13± AC mostly all tillable, w/frontage on CR 3900 N & 309-837-3939; web.extension. TRACT 6: 55± AC mostly all tillable, w/easement access to CR 900 E. Mostly Milford & Lisbon soils. illinois.edu/registration/?RegCR 3780 N. Mostly Ashkum & La Hogue soils. Tract 15: Wind Income for Turbines on Tract 1. TRACT 7: 101± AC mostly all tillable, w/frontage on CR 3800 N. Tract 16: Wind Income for Turbines on Tract 2. istrationID=21261. Mostly Elliott & Jasper soils. Contact Auction Company for details. Anna and Metropolis: Erin MedINSPECTION DATES: Mon., Feb. 17 • 12pm-2pm CST (1-3pm EST) | Wed., Mar. 4 • 9-11am CST (10am-12pm EST) vecz, 618-833-6363; go.illinois. Meet a Schrader Rep at Rossville Firestation Meeting Room, 617 N Chicago St, Rossville, IL 60963 edu/soilwaterwebinar2020. Seller: GRD Limited Partnership and TIPRAD Broadcasting Company Call for a detailed Information Booklet. Freeport: Nikki Kelter, 815ONLINE BIDDING AVAILABLE • 2% BUYERS PREMIUM - Call for a Full Color Brochure or Visit our Website 235-4125; web.extension. 800-451-2709 • SchraderAuction.com illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21564.

Elizabeth: Alex Burbach, 815858-2273; web.extension. illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21564; Rockford: Tammy Bene, 815986-4357; web.extension. illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21564. Oregon: Liz Sosa, 815-7322191; web.extension.illinois. edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21296. Waterloo: Sarah Ruth, 618939-3434; web.extension.

Farmland Auction +/- 59 Acres Thursday, February 27th, 11 a.m. Auction Location: Bunker Hill City Hall, 801 South Franklin St. Bunker Hill, IL 62014

PRODUCTIVE SOILS OPEN FARM TENANCY MACOUPIN COUNTY IL FARMLAND Part of the south ½ of Section 2 Brighton TWP. Macoupin County IL. Driving Direction to the farm from Brighton IL. 2 miles north on IL-111, east 4 miles on Miles Station Rd. Farm is located at the intersection of N Fosterburg Rd. and Miles Station Rd. +/- 59 Acres +/- 58.83 Tillable Acres Open farm tenancy for 2020 Contact Auctioneer Travis Selby IL Lic.# 441001485 217.304.1686 travis@agexchange.com www.agexchange.com


Rex D. Schrader II (Managing Broker) - 471.006686. Schrader Real Estate and Auction Company, Inc. - 478.025754

LAND AUCTION of the LaVerne West Farm

Ruf Family Trust Land Sale Approximately 431 acres Stephenson County, Illinois

Cornwall Township, Henry County, Illinois 80-Acres M/L in Sections 31 & 32 GOOD FARM-ALL TILLABLE

Rock Grove Township, Juda Road, 2 miles north of Rock Grove, IL

Monday, February 17, 2020 at 10:30am

SALE LOCATION: The Edge Banquet Hall, 509 North School Street, Atkinson, Illinois The farm is located 4½ miles South of Atkinson, IL (I-80 Exit), then 2 miles West, then ½ mile South; or 5 miles East of Cambridge, IL. (Rts. 82 & 81 intersection) on Rt. 81 to 1900 E, then 2¾, miles north to farm. There will be 40 acres on each side of 1900E Road, (40 acres in the NE ¼ of Section 31 & 40 acres in the NW ¼ Section 32). These are productive acres with a high productivity index. The farm is open for 2020 crop year. A 10% earnest money payment is required on the day of the auction with the balance due at closing on or about March 18, 2020. Full possession of the farm will be given at closing. Closing conducted by Ames Law Office, Orion, Illinois (309)526-3374 For viewing or more information call: Duane West (309)944-7572 ANDERSON AUCTION COMPANY Bruce Anderson, #440.000643 (309)373-5897

Approximately 76 Acres Green County, Wisconsin

Jefferson Township, Town Center Road 1 mile north of Twin Grove, WI Tract 1—88.02 acres MOL, Sec. 19, Rock Grove Twp. ST Co., IL Tract 2—100.68 acres MOL, Secs. 19 & 20, Rock Grove Twp. ST Co., IL Tract 3—124.28 acres MOL, Sec. 29, Rock Grove Twp. ST Co., IL Tract 4—28.33 acres MOL, Sec. 30 Rock Grove Twp., ST Co., IL Tract 5—46.24 acres MOL, Sec. 30 Rock Grove Twp., ST Co, IL Tract 6—43.05 acres MOL, Sec. 31 Rock Grove Twp., ST Co, IL Tract 7—76.856 acres MOL, Sec. 22, Jefferson TWP., GR Co., WI Tracts include both tillable and timber acreage. Specific land use, maps and photos available at


Additional questions can be submitted to Ruftrust@faist.org or calls to Trustee at 815-988-3062. Sealed Bids to be completed 10 a.m. March 30, 2020. Freeport, Illinois For details on bid procedure and earnest money requirements contact Nicole Bauer, nbauer@plager-law.com Plager, Krug, Bauer, Rudolph, Stodden. 815-235-1212 • www.plager-law.com

illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21403. Quincy: Katie Parker, 217-2238380; web.extension.illinois. edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21447. Oglesby: Bonnie Burkham, 815224-0889; web.extension.illinois.edu/registration/default. cfm?RegistrationID=21309. Lewistown: Christine Belless; web.extension.illinois.edu/ registration/default.cfm?RegistrationID=21376.

Gordyville Auction Arena, 5 miles east of Rantoul, Illinois on Rt. 136 on:

FRIDAY, MARCH 6, 2020 – 9:00 AM


SATURDAY, MARCH 7, 2020 – 9:00 AM

TOOLS * MISC. ITEMS * BOATS * RV’S * ANTIQUE TOOLS LAWN & GARDEN EQ.* HAY “ALL SAT. ITEMS SELL INDOORS” Turn your equipment into “Cash” We will be taking in big equipment every day. Inside items taken from TUESDAY, MARCH 3, thru THURSDAY, MARCH 5, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM


Box 490, Gifford, IL 61847 Ph 217-568-7117 Fax 217-568-7376 Go to GordonHannaganAuctionCo.com or Auctionzip.com for pictures and equip. list “COMPLETE CLOSING OUT SALES ARE WELCOME” “WE BUY & PAY CASH FOR EQUIPMENT”

The 46th Annual BENTON CENTRAL FFA AUCTION Benton Central High School Parking Lot

765-884-1600 Ext. 2164 Saturday, March 28, 2020 • 9:00 AM EST Website: bentoncentralffa.com/auction.html Facebook: Benton Central FFA Email: bentoncentralINFFA@gmail.com

*** Public Auction *** Household - Toys - Tools - Farm Equip - Trailers Auction Location: 1559 State Hwy 32 Sullivan, IL 61951 Date: March 7, 2020 / Time: 9:00 AM Household & Furniture • Antiques & Collectables Hand Tools • Shop Equipment • Generators, Farm Equipment & Trailers • Miscellaneous Visit www.auctionzip.com/auctioneer/48913 for pictures! Sellers: Andrew & Lois Kraemer, Kenneth & Marian Hochstetler, and Nicole Mocko

Auctioneers: Burnell Rohrer - IL Lic# 441.002441 Wilmer Yoder - IL Lic# 441.002247 Phone: 217-218-1695 / Email: rohrerbrosauctions@gmail.com



Champaign County, IL • Near Mahomet, IL

208 ACRES ±

OFFERED IN 3 TRACTS Nearly All Tillable • Lease Open for 2020

For Property Details and Bidding Procedures, Contact An MWA Representative:

Call (217) 398-6400



Skidster, Tractors, Quad, Gator, 5 boats, Fishing, Boat Motors, Tools, Out Door Gear, Guns, Decoys, 2 Trailers, Household, Antiques, Motorcycle, Mini Bikes, Doctors Horse Drawn Buggy, Large Precious Moments Collection, Firearms, Contractor Dump Truck Auctioneers: Brian DeBolt Auction Service Plano, IL www.deboltauctionservice.com Brian DeBolt • IL Lic. #044.0000595 • 630-552-4247

MACHINERY ESTATE AUCTION Sat. Feb. 22nd, 10 AM (IL) Knowles Auction Bldg Corner of IL Rt. 1 & US 40 Marshall, IL SELLER(S): Jim Douglas Estate & Carolee Willoughby Lots of nice clean Farm Machinery & Equipment! For complete listing & pictures visit us online at: www.knowlesauctions.com OR auctionzip.com/ID#3674 OR Facebook.com James C. Knowles, Auctioneer IL Lic#440000218 PH: 217-826-2527 OR 217-822-2702

SPRING FARM MACHINERY CONSIGNMENT SALE Saturday, March 21st, 2020 10: 00 AM EST To consign call Larry Scherer Office: 765-385-1550 Residence: 765-385-5080 Cell: 765-366-1061 Advertising Deadline Monday, March 2, 2020

Scherer’s Auction Service, LLC Larry Scherer Oxford, Indiana AU01017404

1414 State Rd 23, Dodgeville, WI - 608-935-3326 For a complete listing and photos visit our websites at:



SAVE 20%


1414 STATE ROAD 23,DODGEVILLE 608.935.3326 1703 8th STREET, MONROE 608.328.8331 4% Credit Card Convenience Charge

OWEN BENNETT FARM AUCTION Saturday, Feb. 15 - 10:00 a.m.

29550 Mitchell Hollow Rd, Belmont



For more info call: 608-732-3188 or 608-574-7419

Sangamon County, Illinois TUESDAY, MARCH 3RD AT 10:00 A.M.

AUCTION VENUE: Rochester, IL Community Center | Rochester, IL

179.64 ACRES± • 1 TRACT

Land is located in Section 33 of Clear Lake Township and in Section 4 of Rochester Township. The farm is located between Interstate 72/36 and Route 29 approximately 2 miles north of Rochester, Illinois. FANTASTIC WILDLIFE HABITAT INCLUDING WHITETAIL DEER, WILD TURKEY, PHEASANT & QUAIL AND OTHER SMALL GAME! TILLABLE ACRES HAVE CRP INCOME! BALANCE ACRES REPRESENT CREP ACRES & TIMBER!


ATTORNEY: Patrick J. Sheehan | Sheehan & Sheehan Lawyers, P.C. 1215 South 4th St., Suite A | Springfield, IL | Ph (217) 544-0701 AUCTION MANAGER: JOHN BORROWMAN (217) 430-0645 SULLIVAN AUCTIONEERS, LLC • TOLL FREE (844) 847-2161 www.SullivanAuctioneers.com • IL Lic. #444000107

Friday, March 6, 2020 at 3:00 P.M.

Auction Venue: West Point American Legion, 309 5th St., West Point, IA

180 Acres± (Subject to Survey) • 3 Tracts The Kassmeyer farm is located in Sections 2 & 3, Pleasant Ridge Township, Lee County, IA located 6 1/2 miles northeast of West Point, IA. Make plans now to attend this upcoming Lee County, IA Land Auction. This farm offers productive, tillable farmland that is currently in hay production and improved pastureland. Tracts 2 & 3 features above average fences, an open front hay and livestock building, automatic cattle waterers as well as attractive recreational acreage. Tract 1 includes a very nice grain bin as well as an older cattle feeding facility. This is an auction you will not want to miss!

Valencia “Val” Kassmeyer & The Late Robert Kassmeyer

Representing Attorney: Robert N. Johnson III 627 Ave. G #2, Fort Madison, IA • Phone: (319) 372-3773 Auction Managers: Jim Huff (319) 931-9292 • Jeff Hoyer (319) 759-4320 SULLIVAN AUCTIONEERS, LLC • TOLL FREE (844) 847-2161 www.SullivanAuctioneers.com • IL Lic. #444000107

B6 Friday, February 14, 2020

| ILLINOIS AGRINEWS | www.agrinews-pubs.com



Auction to be held at 21st Century Equipment’s Imperial, Nebraska Location

Auction to be held at the farm 5 miles northwest of Giltner, Nebraska

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 at 10:00 A.M.


Physical Address: 1001 Hwy 61, Imperial, NE 69033

Thursday, February 27, 2020 at 9:00 A.M.


Physical Address: 503 W 8th Rd, Giltner, NE 68841

Details, Photos & Online Bidding @ www.SullivanAuctioneers.com

Details, Photos & Online Bidding @ www.SullivanAuctioneers.com

TRACTORS: 2015 JD 8370RT track tractor, IVT trans., 5 hyd. outlets, 60 gpm hyd. pump, 25” tracks, premium cab w/10” display, premium LED lights, 2,054 hours, SN 1RW8370REFD914400; 2011 JD 8310R MFWD tractor, IVT trans., ILS front suspension, 4 hyd. outlets, 60 gpm hyd. pump, 480/80R50 rear tires w/duals, 420/85R34 front tires w/duals, weights, HID lights, premium cab w/7” display, 6,739 hours, SN 1RW8310RCBD041076; 2008 JD 9230 4WD tractor, PS trans., 4 hyd. outlets, 3-pt. hitch, front & rear power diff. lock, AutoTrac ready, 480/80R50 tires w/duals, deluxe cab, HID lights, 4,366 hours, SN RW9230P002393; 2018 JD 6130R MFWD tractor, 24 spd. AutoQuad Plus trans. w/left hand reverser, 3 hyd. outlets, 540/1000 PTO, loader prep pkg. w/joystick, 420/85R38 rear tires, 340/85R28 front tires, front fenders, panoramic cab, 156 hours, SN 1L06130RVJK906794. COMBINES & SPRAYERS: 2015 JD S670 2wd combine, 3 spd. trans., ContourMaster feederhouse w/HD hi-torque variable spd. drive, chopper, extended wear pkg., 22.5’ unload auger, bin extension, 520/85R42 drive tires w/duals, 600/70R28 steer tires, premium cab w/7” display, HID lights, 1,325/991 hours, SN 1H0S670SKF0775678; 2009 JD 9770STS 2wd combine, 3 spd. trans., level-land feederhouse w/hi-torque variable spd. drive, chopper, extended wear pkg., 22.5’ unload auger, 20.8R42 drive tires w/duals, 600/65R28 steer tires, premium cab, 4,337/3,203 hours, SN H09770S731908; 2005 JD 9660 W 2wd combine, 3 spd. trans., level-land feederhouse w/HD variable spd. drive, spreader, 21’ unload auger, 480/80R38 drive tires w/duals, 14.9-24 steer tires, 3,236/2,500 hours, SN H09660W710328; 2012 JD 4940 self-propelled sprayer, 120’ boom, 15” nozzle spacing, SS tank, SS educator, SS boom plumbing, BoomTrac auto leveling system w/5 sensors, traction control, 380/105R50 tires, fenders, HID lights, 3,550 hours, SN 1N04940XJC0018715; 2012 Top Air TA1600 sprayer pull-type sprayer, 1,600 gal. tank, 80’ booms, 20” nozzle spacing, hyd. pump, 6-section control, chemical inductor, rinse tank, 380/90R46 tires w/duals, stainless boom plumbing, SN B26730119. GRAIN CARTS: 2012 Balzer 1325 grain cart, steerable tandem axles, 900/60R32 tires, 24” front auger w/2-way hyd. spout, scales, roll tarp, SN 8470812/GL2421312S305STN; 2012 Demco 1400 grain cart, 22” corner auger w/hyd. spout, Camoplast 36” tracks, roll tarp, scales, 1000 PTO unload auger, hyd. driven bottom auger, SN B48004; 2007 Brent 1080 grain cart, 20” corner auger w/hyd. spout, 35.5L-32 tires, roll tarp, scales, 1000 PTO, SN BB22230144. VERTICAL TILLAGE TOOLS: 2016 Sunflower 6830 29’ vertical tillage tool, hyd. adjust rear star wheels & hyd. adjust rear rolling basket, HD transport tires, SN S68300GZ600013; 2011 Sunflower 6630 32’ vertical tillage tool, Saber blades, hyd. fore/aft, rear rolling basket, gauge wheels, SN AGCS66300BZVRT198; 2011 Sunflower 6630 32’ vertical tillage tool, Saber blades, hyd. fore/aft, rear rolling basket, gauge wheels, SN 66330BZVRT072. STRIP-TILL BAR: Krause 1200 Gladiator 12 row 30” strip-till bar, rolling baskets, 900 gal. liquid tank, SN 1153 – sells with 4 additional units & frame assemblies to convert to 16 row machine. DISKS: 2003 Krause 7400 46’ disk, 9” spacing, 21 ¾” front blades, 22 ¼” rear blades, 3-bar coil tine harrow, 5-section frame, walking tandem tires on mainframe & wings, gauge wheels, SN 1024; 2010 Krause 7400 46’ disk, 9” spacing, 20 ½” front blades, 21 ¾” rear blades, 5-section frame, walking tandem tires on mainframe & wings, gauge wheels, SN 1221; 1995 Krause 2146 46’ disk, 9” spacing, 19 ¾” front blades, 20” rear blades, folding wing gangs for lower transport height, tandem tires on mainframe & wings, gauge wheels, SN 2143; 2010 Sunflower 1435 36’ disk, 9” spacing, 22 ¼” front blades, 23 ¼” rear blades, hyd fore/aft, walking tandem tires on mainframe & wings, gauge wheels, SN AGCS14350AZ100217; 2010 Sunflower 1435 33’ disk, 9” spacing, 18” front blades, 21 ¼” rear blades, hyd. fore/aft, walking tandem tires on mainframe & wings, gauge wheels, SN AGCS14350AZ100590; 2007 Sunflower 1434 36’ disk, 9” spacing, 21 ½” front blades, 22 ¾” rear blades, hyd. fore/aft, walking tandem tires on mainframe, rear hitch, gauge wheels, SN 1434I07349; 2013 Sunflower 1434 36’ disk, 9” spacing, 22 ¾” front blades, 23” rear blades, hyd. fore/aft, walking tandem tires on mainframe & wings, gauge wheels, SN 1434D07219; 2012 Sunflower 1434 33’ disk, 9” spacing, 21 ¾” front blades, 23” rear blades, hyd. fore/aft, walking tandem tires on mainframe & wings, gauge wheels, SN 01434G0010249; 1998 Sunflower 1544 45’ disk, 9” spacing, 22 ½” front blades, 22” rear blades, 3-bar coil-tine harrow, walking tandem tires on mainframe & wings, gauge wheels, SN 1598-755. DRILLS: 2007 Sunflower 9433 40’ drill, 10” spacing, markers, press wheels, plumbed for liquid fertilizer, 2pt. hitch, SN 9433A07008; 2011 Sunflower 9434 30’ drill, 10” spacing, press wheels, liquid fertilizer system w/400 gal. tank & electric pump, 2-pt. hitch, acre meter reads 4,783, SN S94340BZ900007; 2010 Krause 5200 36’ drill, 7.5” spacing, press wheels, liquid fertilizer system w/400 gal. tank & 3-section control, 2-pt. hitch, SN 2594; 2010 Landoll 5210 20’ 3-pt. drill, 10” spacing, pneumatic downforce w/elec. compressor, press wheels, plumbed for liquid fertilizer, gauge wheels, SN 52J1000009; 2014 Crustbuster 4030 30’ drill, model DD36X10, 10” spacing, press wheels, plumbed for liquid fertilizer, drawbar hitch, SN 25693 MISC. TILLAGE TOOLS: Krause 3121 21’ soil finisher, rear hitch, spring loaded gangs, walking tandem tires on mainframe, SN 3568; Krause 4426 28’ packer, 7.5” spacing, SN 1767; Quinstar 30’ Terra Firmer, 7.5” spacing, 18” blades, walking tandem tires, SN 0312-0134; Case-IH 6500 disc-chisel, spring loaded shanks, spring loaded disc gangs, 16” sweeps, Remlinger rear leveler, SN JAG0012576; Hawkins 3-pt. liquid fertilizer applicator, 37’ bar, 12 row units, flow indicators, hyd. fold, front & rear gauge wheels, SN SFTB30021201; JD 610 38’ chisel, 18” sweeps, Flex-King rear star wheels, rear hitch, walking tandem tires on mainframe & wings, SN N00610X000378.

TRACTORS: 2014 JD 9510R 4WD tractor, PS trans., 4 hyd. outlets, std. flow hyd. pump, Mitas 800/70R38 SFT tires w/duals, weights, premium HID lights, deluxe cab w/7” display, 1,001 hours; 2013 JD 9410R 4WD tractor, PS trans., 4 hyd. outlets, std. flow hyd. pump, 1000 PTO, 3-pt. hitch, Goodyear LSW 1100/45R46 tires, weights, premium HID lights, premium cab w/7” display & leather trim, 1,998 hours – one owner; 2005 JD 7920 MFWD tractor, IVT trans. w/left hand reverser, 3 hyd. outlets, 540/1000 PTO capable, AutoTrac ready, 480/80R42 rear tires w/duals, 380/85R30 front tires, front fenders, weights, quick hitch, hyd. top link, deluxe cab, 3,578 hours – less than 150 hours on all new Firestone tires; 2017 JD 3046R compact MFWD tractor, fully equipped cab w/air ride seat, eHydro trans, loader prep pkg. w/joystick, 1 rear hyd. outlet, 540 PTO, 43x16.00-20 rear tires, 27x8.5-15 front tires, hyd. top link, iMatch quick hitch, grill guard, front weights, 126 hours – one owner. SPRAYER: 2011 JD 4830 self-propelled sprayer, 90’ boom, 15” nozzle spacing, 1,000 gal. SS tank, SS boom plumbing, SS inductor, 5-way nozzle bodies, 3” fill, RowSense sensors, BoomTrac Pro w/5 sensors, Firestone IF 380/90R46 tires (near new), fenders, hyd. tread adjust, traction control, left & right fencerow nozzles, front weights, HID lights, deluxe cab, sells complete w/JD GS3 2630 display w/AutoTrac SF2, RowSense & Section Control, 1,027 hours – one owner. FARM EQUIPMENT; 2015 JD 1775NT CCS 16 row 30” planter, center fill, ExactEmerge high speed row units w/elec. drives, vacuum, Active Pneumatic Downforce w/hyd. compressor, Yetter row cleaners, in furrow liquid fertilizer system w/SureFire pump & Dosatron direct inject system w/500 gal. tank & SureFire Sentinel liquid row monitors, 2-pt. hitch, wing weights, 9,912 acres – one owner; 2018 J&M 1122 grain cart, 20” Bullet auger w/X-tended reach, hyd. spout, Libra Cart scales w/Bluetooth, roll tarp, 1000 PTO, Firestone IF 1250/50R32 tires, (2) cameras; 2011 Orthman ‘1-tRIPr’ 16 row 30” strip-till bar, model 839-112, rolling baskets, furrow openers, plumbed for liquid, red ball indicators, flow diverters, 2 section control, Orthman Atlas 335144 rear cart w/1,200 gal. poly tank, drawbar hitch – completely gone through after Fall 2019 with new coulters, depth wheels, bearings, points & more. SureFire pump w/JD rate controller will sell separately as it was used it on both the strip-till bar & sidedress bar; 2019 Dalton DLQHD2000 17-knife liquid applicator, 2,000 gal tank, VF 380/90R46 tires, gauge wheels - SureFire pump w/JD rate controller will sell separately as it was used it on both the strip-till bar & sidedress bar; 2012 Unverferth Seed Pro 400 4-box seed tender, hyd. doors, belt conveyor w/hyd. lift & rotate, hyd. driven talc inductor, deluxe wireless remote, Honda GX390 eng., front rack & ramps for ATV; Schaben liquid tender trlr., model P-287-1610, 1,600 gal. poly tank, 3” pump, Honda GX390 eng. w/elec. start, poly inductor, chem tote storage platform, 11-22.5 truck tires; JD 637 30’ disk, Wheatland, 9” spacing, 24” front & rear blades, hyd. fore/aft, 3-bar coil-tine harrow, gauge wheels – very little use on all new blades & bearings; 2017 Rhino 6140-3 14’ batwing mower, single wing, (6) airplane tires, lights, large & small 1000 PTO shafts, front & rear chains; Landoll Icon 1632 16’ pull-type hyd. blade, manual end caps; Orthman 5TT 8.5’ 3-pt. track closer, double rolling baskets, hyd. blade angle adjust; 1,000 gal. liquid tender trlr., tandem axle, bumper hitch, pump w/Honda eng.; 500 gal. fuel trlr., tandem axle, bumper hitch, 12V pump; JD 230 12’ disk, 9” spacing, 18” front/20” rear blades, 3-bar coil-tine harrow, tandem tires; and more! TRUCKS & TRAILERS: 2006 Peterbilt 379 day cab truck, Cat C13 eng., 10 spd. trans., air ride, 22.5” alum. exterior wheels, 198” wheelbase, ½ fenders, air ride cab, 735,580 miles; 2000 Peterbilt 379 day cab truck, Cummins N14 eng., 10 spd. trans., air ride, 22.5” alum. exterior wheels, 215” wheelbase, air slide 5th wheel, ½ fenders, air ride cab, 1,184,633 miles – less than 25,000 miles on engine overhaul; 1994 Freightliner day cab truck, Cat 3176 eng., 10 spd. trans., air ride, 22.5” steel wheels, 170” wheelbase, air slide 5th wheel, full poly fenders, air ride cab; 1998 GMC C5500 dump truck; 2013 Chevrolet 2500HD 4wd pickup, 6.0L gas eng., auto trans., LT pkg., ext. cab, Hillsboro 7’ alum. flatbed w/extra toolboxes, black cloth seats, white exterior, 71,002 miles; 2012 Timpte 42’ hopper bottom trlr., power tarp, ag hoppers, air ride, 24.5” alum. exterior wheels; 2010 Timpte 42’ hopper bottom trlr., power tarp, ag hoppers, air ride, 24.5” alum. exterior wheels; ’87 Wilson 41’ hopper bottom trlr., roll tarp, hyd. doors, spring ride, 24.5” steel wheels; ’91 Transcraft 48’ alum. flatbed tender trlr., air ride, spread axle, 24.5” alum. wheels, 2,600 & 3,200 gal. poly tanks, 3” pump w/Honda GX390 eng., (2) poly inductors; 1999 Jeep Wrangler 4wd SUV; 2012 Titan 26’ deckover flatbed trlr., bumper hitch, 20’ deck + 6’ dovetail w/folding ramps, (2) 7k lbs axles, folding ramps, 10 ply tires, spare tire; H&H 20’ flatbed tilt trlr., bumper hitch, 102” wide, elec/hyd tilt, tandem axle, winch, 10 ply tires; Aluma 6.5’x12’ alum. flatbed trlr., bumper hitch, single axle, rear folding ramp; 6.5’x16’ flatbed fuel trlr., bumper hitch, tandem axle, sells w/fuel tank, 2” pump w/Honda 5 hp gas eng.; 2012 Sharp Mfg. 6’x15’ cargo trlr.; 1930 Ford Model A truck. WHEEL LOADER & ATTACHMENTS: 2010 JD 244J wheel loader, fully equipped cab, aux. hyd., hyd. coupler, 365/70R18 tires, 7’ material bucket, 727 hours – one owner; JD 48” pallet forks – off JD 244J wheel loader; JD WorkSite Pro wheel loader to skidsteer coupler, elec. power tach; Degelman ‘SpeedBlade’ SBL-15 15’ snow blade, hyd. fold wings, skid steer hookup; Stout HD 84” hyd. grapple, skid steer hookup; JD WorkSite Pro 84” GS84 hyd. grapple bucket, skid steer hookup; JD WorkSite Pro U84 84” material bucket w/teeth, skid steer hookup; JD WorkSite Pro 48” pallet forks, skid steer hookup; MDS 84” high volume bucket, skid steer hookup; Lowe 750CLH hyd. posthole digger, skid steer hookup, 8” & 10” bits – same as new; Wallenstein QC620 backhoe attachment, skid steer hookup; Arrow hyd. tree & post puller, skid steer hookup; Timberline hyd. tree shear, skid steer hookup; Shop built 3-pt. adaptor & receiver hitch, skid steer hookup. ALSO SELLING: FORKLIFT, ATVs, LAWN MOWER, JD AMS EQUIPMENT AND FARM SUPPORT EQUIPMENT.

Auction Managers: Zach Hiner (260) 437-2771 and Luke Sullivan (309) 371-5214

Auction Manager: Luke Sullivan (309) 371-5214

21st Century Equipment, Western States Bank, ET AL Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC • (844) 847-2161 • IL License #444000107

Hunn Agri, Inc. • Ron Hunnicutt (402) 694-9265 Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC • (844) 847-2161 • IL License #444000107



Auction held at the farm, south of Milan, IL (south of the Quad Cities)

Auction to be held at the farm near Rockwell City, Iowa (30 miles west of Fort Dodge)

Friday, February 28, 2020 at 9:30 A.M.


Physical Address: 13126 13th Street, Milan, IL 61264

Details, Photos & Online Bidding @ www.SullivanAuctioneers.com TRACTORS: 1993 John Deere 7800 MFWD tractor, PS trans., 3 hyd. outlets, 540/1000 PTO, 480/80R42 rear tires, 420/84R28 front tires, complete with John Deere 740 loader, 8’ material bucket, joystick, 11,110 hours, SN RW7800P002710; 1989 Case-IH 7110 2wd tractor, PS trans., 3 hyd. outlets, 540/1000 PTO, 18.4x38 rear tires, overhauled 6 years ago, 6,426 hours, SN JJA0011491 – 2 owner; John Deere 4450 MFWD tractor, PS trans., 3 hyd. outlets, 540/1000 PTO, 480/80R42 rear tires and duals, 16.9-26 front tires, front weights, front fenders, 60 series step, showing 1,654 hours, SN RW4450P024007; 1964 John Deere 3020 2wd tractor, gas, wide front, 1 hyd. outlet, 14.9-38 rear tires, SN 11T52691; 1974 IH 1466 Turbo 2wd tractor, 2 hyd. outlets, 540/1000 PTO, 20.8-38 rear tires, fenders, hours unknown, SN 2650121U020106 – One owner. WHEEL LOADER: Case 621B wheel loader, enclosed cab with heat and AC, 17.5-25 tires, 8’ material bucket, 9,125 hours, SN JEE0040935 – 2 owner. HAY & FORAGE EQUIPMENT: 2011 John Deere 568 round baler, MegaWide Plus pickup, CoverEdge net wrap, 540 PTO, SN 1E00568XCAB375852; John Deere 835 mower conditioner, 11’ cut, 1000 PTO; Kuhn SR112 Speedrake 12-wheel rake, center kicker wheel, SN D0071; Kuhn GF5202 THA 4-basket hay tedder, 540 PTO; Galfre 22’ 2-basket rotary rake, hyd. fold, 540 PTO; John Deere quick attach loader bale spear; WorkSaver loader bale spear w/ JD quick attach; Bush Hog 2615 Legend 15’ batwing mower, 1000 PTO, 8 laminated tires, front and rear chains, SN 12-27588; Hayrack on gear; 200 bu. gravity wagon on gear. LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENT: Kuhn Knight 3136 Reel Auggie feed wagon w/ Weigh Tronix scale - One owner; Haybuster H-1100 Tilt bale processor, 1000 PTO, SN CJ13252 - One owner; Kuhn Knight 8132 ProTwin Slinger manure spreader, 1000 PTO, 21.5L-16.1 tires; 160’ concrete fence line feed bunk - (20) 8’ sections; 152’ concrete fence line feed bunk - (19) 8’ sections; SI 18’ portable hay feeder w/ front dolly wheel - Rough; For-Most 150 portable cattle squeeze chute w/ head gate and palpation cage. TRUCKS & TRAILERS: 1993 GMC Top Kick truck, low profile, Cat 3126 diesel, 5+2 trans., set up for pulling a gooseneck, 19.5 wheels, 179,453 miles, VIN 1GDJ6H1JBPJ507849; 2007 GMC 3500 reg cab 4X4 dually w/ Hydrabed round bale mover, gooseneck hitch, 6.6 Duramax diesel, Allison automatic, recent mechanical work; 2008 Featherlite 8200 8’x32’ aluminum gooseneck livestock trailer, 2 center divide gates, SN 4FGB232228C107204 – One owner; Blair 16’ bumper hitch livestock trailer - Rough; Load Max 32’ flatbed gooseneck trailer, electric over hydraulic dove tail. SUPPORT EQUIPMENT: Land Pride 3-pt. posthole digger, used very little; Bush Hog 6’ 3-pt. rotary mower, 540 PTO; TE Slaa 10’ pull type box blade; 30’ harrowgator; (2) portable PTO generators; 40’ steel shipping container; Hiniker HD running gear. TOOLS, SHOP EQUIP. & MISC.: DeWalt upright 15 gal air compressor; Hanson 1502 steam/pressure washer; several oil barrels - some w/ pumps; extension cords; new JD filters; several tool boxes; various hand tools; Chrome Farmall name placard; many other items.

David Porth • Owner Equipment Questions: Jim Geiger (309) 798-3577 Auction Managers: Dale Jones (309) 299-6400 and Dan Sullivan (319) 795-1833

Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC • (844) 847-2161 • IL License #444000107



TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2020 AT 10:00 A.M.



Class A Farmland!

Held at the Thompson Community Center, Victory St, Roanoke, IL

Tracts 1 & 3 are located in Section 33 and Tract 2 is located in Section 8, all in Linn Township, T28N•R1W, Woodford County, Illinois. Tracts 1 & 3 are located approximately 5 miles northwest of Roanoke, IL. Tract 2 is located approximately 2 miles southeast of Washburn, IL.

Tracts 1 & 2 represent nearly 100% tillable “Class A” NHEL cropland. Tract 3 offers a home and 4 acres, as well as a machine shed and grain bins.


MON., FEB. 17 4:00 - 5:00 P.M.


Attorney: Robert W Brown Jr. | Black, Black & Brown Washington IL | (309) 444-3108 | bobbrown@blackblackbrown.com

Auction Manager: Kevin Haas (309) 264-7767 Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC • (844) 847-2161 • IL License #444000107

Saturday, February 29, 2020 at 10:00 A.M.


Physical Address: 2551 Langley Ave. Rockwell City, IA 50579

Details, Photos & Online Bidding @


TRACTORS: 2018 Case-IH 310 Magnum MFWD tractor, CVT trans., front axle suspension, 5 hyd. outlets, 1000 PTO, 480/80R50 rear tires w/duals, 420/85R34 front tires w/duals, front fenders, HD rear hitch, weights, front rock box, HID lights, luxury cab w/cab suspension & heated seat, full autosteer system w/Pro700 display & 372 receiver, 679 hours, SN JJAM0310CJRF01832; 2013 Case IH Steiger 450 HD 4WD tractor, PS trans., 4 hyd. outlets, 710/70R42 tires w/duals, weights, rock box, luxury cab, full autosteer system w/Pro700 display & 372 receiver, 1,301 hours, SN ZDF138189; White 8410 Fieldmaster MFWD tractor, Quadrashift trans, 3 hyd. outlets, 540/1000 PTO, 18.4R42 rear tires w/duals, 380/85R28 front weights, rock box, tires, 6,402 hours, SN 33646; Allis-Chalmers 7000 2wd tractor, Power Direct trans, 2 hyd. outlets, 540 PTO, 18.4R38 rear tires w/duals, 10.00-16 front tires, 8,774 hours, SN 4067; Westendorf L42 loader, 8’ material bucket. COMBINE & HEADS: 2008 Case-IH 8010 2wd combine, Field Tracker lateral tilt feederhouse, chopper, spreader, Mauer bin extension, rock trap, 520/85R42 drive tires w/duals, 540/65R30 steer tires, Pro700 display & 372 receiver, 3,207 eng./2,481 sep. hours, SNHAJ200073 - updated rotor cone & new stainless liners in hopper; 2012 Case-IH 2162 40’ flex draper head, flip over reel, hyd. fore and aft., single point hook-up, SN YCZN16525; 2012 Case-IH 2608 8 row 30” chopping corn head, hyd. deck plates, knife rolls, stalk stompers, single point hook-up, SN 676616074; Stud King 42’ head trailer, tandem axle, front dolly wheels, lights, brakes, 235/80R16 tires, SN 5517; Stud King 32’ head trailer, front dolly wheels, lights, brakes, 235/80R16 tires, SN 5183. SPRAYER: 2013 Hagie STS10 self-propelled sprayer, 90’ booms, 1,000 gallon stainless tank, agitators, all wheel steer, auto boom height & leveling, 3-way nozzle bodies, Raven monitor w/section control, rinse tank, front induction, air ride suspension, full guidance ready, 380/90R46 tires, 898 hours; (4) Mitas 650/65R38 floater tires & rims for Hagie sprayer. PLANTER & TILLAGE EQUIPMENT: 2009 Case-IH 1250 ‘Early Riser’ 24 row 30” planter, center fill, vacuum, hydraulic drive, spring downforce, row cleaners, electric row clutches, markers, 1000 PTO pump, SN Y9S007836; 2016 Case-IH Tiger-Mate 200 46'5” field cultivator, 2-bar coil-tine harrow & rolling basket, single point depth control, SN YED077992; Case-IH MRX690 7-shank disc-ripper, hyd. adjust front and rear gangs, walking tandems, SN JFH0021420; White 5100 12 row 30” planter, hyd. pump, vacuum, ground drive, single rubber closing wheel, row cleaners, markers, monitor, SN 3406; IH 490 27’ disk, 9” spacing, gauge wheels, 11L-15SL tires; Glencoe 4800 25’ soil finisher, hyd. adjust disc gang, 4-bar coil-tine harrow, walking tandems, 9.5L-15 tires; Case IH 183 16 row 30” cultivator, gauge wheels, SN 0230000; John Deere 400 40’ rotary hoe, hyd. fold, gauge wheels, like new spike wheels; John Deere 400 30’ rotary hoe, hyd. fold. GRAIN HANDLING EQUIPMENT: J&M 875 grain cart, 1000 PTO, corner auger w/hyd. spout, roll tarp, scales, 900/60R32 tires, SN 1500623; J&M 525 grain cart, 1000 PTO, 24.5/32 tires, SN 5438; J&M 680/760 gravity wagon, lights, brakes, roll tarp, 445/65R22.5 tires, fenders, SN 2117; (3) Parker 500 bu. gravity wagons, 425/65R22.5 tires, dual chute doors; Dakon 350 bu. gravity wagon, 12.5L-16SL tires; Killbros 250 bu. gravity wagon on JD running gear, 11L-15SL tires; REM VRX grain vac, 1000 PTO, 10” hyd. fold auger, 50’ of solid & flex tube, 394 hours; Westfield MK100-36 10”x36’ swing-away auger, 540 PTO, SN 217333; Harvest International 1072 10”x72’ swing-away auger, 540 PTO, SN 01415; Snowco 6”x60’ auger, 540 PTO. TRUCKS & TRAILERS: 2005 International 9400i truck, Cummins ISX eng., 10 spd. Eaton Fuller trans., 60” stand-up sleeper, air ride, air slide 5th wheel, air ride cab, 295/75R22.5 drive tires on steel rims, 295/75R22.5 steer tires on aluminum rims, 241” wheelbase, 621,184 miles, VIN 3HSCNAPR05N030226; 1991 Volvo truck, Detroit eng., 10 spd. Challenger trans., 48” sleeper, air ride, air slide 5th wheel, air ride cab, 275/80R22.5 drive tires on steel rims, 295/75R22.5 steer tires on steel rims, 212” wheelbase, 1 million+ miles, VIN 4V1WBBRE 7MV640757; 1962 Ford F-350 dump truck, straight 6 eng., 4 spd. manual trans., 10’ steel dump bed, 235/85R16 rear tires and duals, 9.5L-15 front tires, VIN F35JK26044; 2005 Wilson 43’ hopper bottom trailer, roll tarp, air ride, 11R22.5 tires on aluminum rims, VIN: 1W1MAF1A26A24321; 1984 Kahn hopper bottom trailer, roll tarp, spring ride, 285/75R24.5 steel rims, VIN 1K9HS422XEK008208; 2007 Shop Built tandem axle gooseneck trailer, 8’ x 15’ + 7’ dove tail, 7k lbs axles, 10k lbs winch, folding gooseneck modification, 265/75R16 tires; 1992 Titan 20’ tandem axle gooseneck trailer, 8’ upper deck, 7k lbs axles, 15k lbs winch, 4’ dove, wood floor, 7.50-16 tires, VIN- 1T9F24207N1211363; Shop Built 8’ x 22’ tandem axle gooseneck box trailer, 3.5’ attic, 235/75R15 tires, fold down ramp, side door, VIN IA 035448. ANTIQUE TRACTORS & IMPLEMENTS, MISCELLANEOUS FARM EQUIPMENT AND FARM SUPPORT ITEMS.

Jeff & Donna Hammen • Jeff’s cell: (712) 830-3708 Auction Managers: Kyle Ferguson (309) 255-8353 and Cody Holst (217) 242-8747

Sullivan Auctioneers, LLC • (844) 847-2161 • IL License #444000107

www.agrinews-pubs.com | ILLINOIS AGRINEWS | Friday, February 14, 2020


Gardening 101 class Feb. 25 in Carrollton Are you interested in starting a garden this year? Or, maybe you just need a refresher? Gardening 101 will be from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Feb. 25 at the Greene County Extension office, US-67, Carrollton. The presentation will cover the basics of gardening including planning a garden, plant selection, garden preparation and pest management. Register online at extension.illinois.edu/events/2020-02-25gardening-101.

Forklift Sales • Service • Rental

www.unzickerequipment.com MIKE & CHAD UNZICKER Bus. (309) 263-8059 Cell (309) 256-1933 Mike Cell (309) 208-7840 Chad

Shop Address 937 Detroit Ave. Morton, IL 61550 mike@unzickerequipment.com chad@unzickerequipment.com


Jim (815) 791-0723 Office (815) 427-8350 or (815) 427-8360 Evenings (815) 427-8178 contact@stanneauction.com “BUY-SELL-TRADE DAILY” www.stanneconsignmentauction.net

CIH 5300 GRAIN DRILL, stk#5857, 20 CIH 5400 GRAIN DRILL, stk#5818, 20’, GP SS30 GRAIN DRILL, stk#5764, 30’, SUKUP GRAIN CLEANER, stk#5871, WILMAR 10T FERTILIZER BOX, NI 324 CORN PICKER, stk#5915, 2R-36”, x 8, press wheels, cylinder, soybean special, NT, press wheels, 8”sp, markers, grass, bevel NT, 7 .5”sp, markers . . . . . . . . . . . . . $11,500 intake auger, electric motor w/cord, nice! stk#5875, road runner, rear discharge, w/roll hyd hitch, 12 roll husking bed, sharp! .$2,950 sharp! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$5,450 on blades . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $7,950 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3,250 tarp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$4,950

JD 400 ROTARY HOE, stk#5852, 20’, rigid, JD 400 ROTARY HOE, stk#5843, 20’, hyd M & W 1930 ROTARY HOE, stk#5938, 30’, JD 875 CULTIVATOR, stk#5447, 8R-36”, IH 700 PLOW, stk#5928, 7x, 18” sp, on land, HARDI NA1000 SPRAYER, stk#1836, good mold boards, no welds, needs shears high wheel, new foamer, 50’ booms, adj axle, straight bar, teeth 50% . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,950 fold, good spoons, flat fold, always shedded flat fold, min-till, good spoons . . . . . . .$3,950 hyd flat fold, rolling shields, high clearance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$2,950 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$2,750 inductor, rinse tank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3,950 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3,650

UNVERFERTH RHII CRUMBLER, BRILLION XL144 PACKER, stk#5939, 36’, BRILLION 25’ CULTIMULCHER, ‘07 JD 9560STS COMBINE, stk#5877, JD 635F GRAIN HEAD, stk#5845, 2009, JD 930 GRAIN HEAD, stk#5739, 30’, 3” cut, stk#5753, 33’, double rolling basket, hitch no scrapers, ductile rolls, manuals, no welds stk#5906, rear scrapers, hyd front hitch, no 2WD, 4700/3100hrs, 18 .4-38 duals 90%, low dam, w/crop dividers . . . . . . . . . . .$5,950 good poly, chain coupler, poly dividers .$5,650 hiker, no welds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$4,950 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $12,950 welds, sharp! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $7,950 contour master . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $34,500

WHITE 255 DISK, stk#5855, 12’, 7 .5” KRAUSE 2244 DISK, stk#5894, 14’, IH 496 DISK, stk#5949, 18’, 7 .5” sp, w/3 bar JD 330 DISK, stk#3055, 30’, 9” spacing, JD 230 DISK, stk#5701, 22 .5’, 7 .5” spacing, JD 637 DISK, stk#5667, 35’, rockflex, 9”sp, sp, tandem disc w/cylinder, 18” blades, dual rockflex, 21” front & 22” rear blades . . .$2,950 coil tine harrow, 17 .5” front & 18 .5” rear blades good frame, no welds . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3,950 cone blades, no welds, good scrapers, black 22’ blades, w/3 bar coil tine harrow . $18,500 wheels . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1,950 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$5,950 gang . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3,250

JD 980 FIELD CULTIVATOR, stk#5899, YETTER 12R-30” STRIP TILL, stk#3660, REMLINGER 14’ HARROW, stk#5978, IH 274 TRACTOR, stk#5953, 2WD, 1800hrs, WHITE 2-135 TRACTOR, stk#5503, CAT 225 EXCAVATOR, stk#4028, couple oil 34’, 6” sp, 3 bar harrow, 7” sweeps, 250lb bar trash whippers, NT w/covering disc, rear rolling basket, 4 wheel, 3 bar spike drag, light side dresser, 3pt, draw bar . . . . . . . . . $7,950 6000hrs, 460/85R38 tires 80%, quick tach, leaks, weld on stick, runs and works, good for 2hyd, series III, 540 PTO . . . . . . . . . . .$9,950 farm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $7,950 shanks, no welds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,500 hyd markers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3,450 kit, like new . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3,950

Daily Business Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday 7:00 am - 3:00 pm Closed Sundays To be placed on our mailing list to receive a picture brochure for all upcoming auctions, please call our office today! The equipment in this ad is available for purchase today. Call our office for more information and pricing on our current inventory. Delivery available.

B8 Friday, February 14, 2020

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Overtime means giving back for Springfield Plastics Inc. $3,500 donated to food pantries

Ashley Siebert (second from right) accepts a check for the Waverly Food Pantry from Colton Kesinger (from left), Lindsay Bettis and Gary Turner of Springfield Plastics.

Martin Sarmiento Aguila (left) and Rob Staudenmaier (right) of Springfield Plastics present a $1,838 donation on behalf of the plastic drainage pipe manufacturer’s employees to Bob Bartolazzi, coordinator of the Auburn Food Pantry, located in Holy Cross Parish Church.

Need a Wider Door? 60’x20’ in an 81’ Wide Building! uilt Custom B or for New Existing s Building

Professionally Installed

AUBURN, Ill. — Springfield Plastics Inc. is paying it forward by donating over $3,500 to local food pantries in Auburn and Waverly. It has been a longstanding tradition for Springfield Plastics to share the benefits of its busiest time of year by helping those in need in the local communities. SPI offered internal incentives to thank its employees for meeting the demands of the busy season, as well as making the employees’ hard work pay it forward within the community. For every hour of overtime worked in November, they pledged to donate $1 to local food pantries. By the end of the month, over 3,500 hours of overtime had been worked, resulting in over $3,500 for local food pantries. “We have a long history

of providing goods and services to the agriculture industry,” said Jennifer Furkin, vice president of SPI. “This is one way that we can give back to our employees’ local communities.” Springfield Plastics, based in Auburn, is a Midwest manufacturer

of plastic drainage pipe. It has served the agricultural industry by providing drainage pipe, designs and water quality solutions since 1978. Springfield Plastics is the only U.S. manufacturer certified to use only 100% virgin resin in all products.

www.agrinews-pubs.com | ILLINOIS AGRINEWS | Friday, February 14, 2020



LAND FOR SALE Kane County – Plato & Burlington Townships 236+/- Acres $10,500/ac w/imprvmts

Kane County – Kaneville Township 50.22 Surveyed Acres $11,500/ac

FARMLAND FOR SALE BY OWNER McLean County, Illinois 95.0 (+/-) Acres Lexington Township • Section 17 Well managed by current tenant (2020 lease open) Excellent Fertility • Productivity Index – 129

$9,800/acre (309) 826-2283

Kennedy-Sarff Real Estate, LLC

509 E. Laurel, Havana, IL 62644


Darell Sarff, Managing Broker

• 79.93± Acres • Piatt County, Illinois

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 at 10:00 AM


Masonic Lodge • 301 East South Street • Cerro Gordo, Illinois

Class A Farm - Excellent soil types, mostly tillable - L-2000175

For details contact Rod Ferguson, Agent, at (217) 795-4531

• NEW LISTING! 50.176± Acres Tract 1, 50± Acres Tract 2, Pulaski County, Illinois L-2000207 L-2000208 • Recreational/crop ground on the Ohio River Waterfowl, Deer, Turkey, Fishing- These tracts allow all your recreational interests with income potential too. 1-Tract North of the Olmsted Lock and Dam and 1 Tract South of the Olmsted Lock and Dam• $150,000 each. For details please contact Bret Cude, AFM/agent, at (618) 407-5399.

Roger Hayworth, ALC, Area Sales Manager Business: 1-888-673-4919 RHayworth@FarmersNational.com www.FarmersNational.com/RogerHayworth

Serving America’s Landowners for 90 Years! Connect with Us!


Real Estate Sales • Auctions • Farm and Ranch Management Appraisals • Insurance • Consultations • Oil and Gas Management Forest Resource Management • National Hunting Leases • FNC Ag Stock

700 6th Avenue, DeWitt, Iowa | 563.659.8185 WHITESIDE CO., IL 147 acres MOL, 140.3 FSA tillable w/PI of 125, E. of Fulton. $9,000/a. 122 acres MOL, 119.86 FSA tillable w/PI of 124.3, E. of Fulton. $7,500/a. 80 acres MOL, 73.61 FSA tillable w/PI of 117.7, E. of Fulton. $7,400/a. 507 acres MOL, 472.11 FSA tillable w/PI of 124.1, E. of Fulton. $7,500/a. BOONE CO., IL, near Poplar Grove, IL 49.6 acres, Nice laying farm. 76 acres, Quality farmland, high PI & tiled. 75 acres, All till., tiled, well drained, Hwy. Frontage. HENDERSON CO., IL, near Carman, IL 208.116 acres, 205.5 till, level, priced to sell. 50 acres, Nice CRP farm. WINNEBAGO CO., IL New Listing 244 acres MOL, Mostly tillable, Good farmland, Some outbuildings, Just north of Winnebago.

Doug Yegge • 563.320.9900 Alan McNeil • 563.321.1125 yeggemcneilland.com Professional Land Specialists


FARM MANAGEMENT | LAND CONSULTING 2681 US Hwy 34 | Oswego IL 60543 | 331.999.3490 | www.landprollc.us

LaSalle County Illinois - For Sale


155.80 survey ac (143.95± till ac, 15.2 CRP ac). PI 114.7. Sec 35, Rutland Twp. 2020 lease open. I-80, N30 frontage. $6,700/ac Ray Brownfield, Broker

Kendall County Illinois - For Sale

PARKHURST FARM | PATH OF PROGRESS-GREAT LOCATION 66.8013± total ac. Borders Oswego IL corp limits. City sewer runs Minkler Rd frontage. Sec 24&25. Oswego Twp. $18,000/ac Ray Brownfield, Broker

Jersey County Illinois - For Sale


83.591 survey ac (81.10± tillable ac). PI 112.1. Sec 21&22, Piasa Township. 2020 lease open. Lageman Rd frontage. $9,875/ac Dave Oster, Broker

Bureau County Illinois - For Sale


155.17± tax ac (155.37± tillable) PI 136 (Muscatune, Osco soils) Hall Township, Section 4. Near Ladd IL. $9,900/ac Chip Johnston, Broker

Iroquois County Illinois - For Sale


80.00± tax ac (69.92± till ac, 7.0 CRP ac) PI 115.2 Sec 20, Pigeon Grove Township, 2020 lease open. $6,900/ac Chip Johnston, Broker

ZIMMERMAN FARM - UNDER CONTRACT PLENTIFUL WILDLIFE. 65.10± ac (30.51± till ac) PI 126.4, Sec 21&28, Dover Twp. 2020 lease open. Chip Johnston, Broker


113.00± tax ac (101.56± tillable ac, 6.6 CRP ac). PI 123.2. Sec 23, Broughton Township. 2020 lease open. Ray Brownfield, Broker


79.41± tax ac (78.14± till ac). PI 139.5 (Elpaso, Flanagan). Sec 26, Clayton Twp. 2020 lease open. IL Rt 116 frontage. Ray Brownfield, Broker


160.00± tax ac (158.44± till ac). Reynolds Township, Lee County IL 2.7.20

To discuss real estate current real estate opportunities, please contact:



Champaign County HORSE FARM - 1090 CR 2400 E, HOMER, IL 61849 4 FENCED ACRES. AMISH BUILT FENCING. 60X160 SHED. I N D O O R R I D I N G A R E N A . 5 S T A L L S W I T H F A N S . FOR SALE

Shelby County LOG HOME - 1862 N 2500 EAST RD., WINDSOR, IL 61957




CONTACT US TODAY! Steve Littlefield, Broker (217) 202-7950 Matt Rhodes, Broker (217) 251-7067 2441 Village Green Pl. Trey Coffey, Broker (217) 841-2542 Champaign, IL 61822


• 192± Acres, Iroquois County, Lovejoy Township, Illinois L-2000050 • Highly productive farmland with PI of 131 is located 3 miles north of Hoopeston and 1 mile east of Rt 1. Close to grain markets and being sold lease-free for 2020 crop year.• $1,593,600. • 173.23± Acres, Vermilion County, Illinois L-1900576 • Located just east of Danville Regional Airport. 114.40± tillable acres & 58.83± timber acres with a productivity index of 133, • $975,000. For details please contact agent Phillip Poppe at (815) 848-8121.

Edgar County

MYERS 166 - 1050 E US ROUTE 36, METCALF, IL 61940


• 159.28± Acres, Marshall County, Illinois A-18575 • Located one mile north of Evans Station. Mostly level farm has 154.15 tillable acres with a productivity index of 131. Excellent road frontage and access on both the north and east sides of the farm. • $10,000 per acre. For details please contact Thadd Fosdick, AFM/Agent, at (815) 867-6915.

855-834-1919 www.littlefieldag.com

102.7 +/- acres • 87.01 A irrigated tillable • 10.44 A CRP • 6.63 A timber • Price $7,500/A


• 293.5± Acres, Iroquois County, Illinois • A-30788 • Highly productive G • $8,500 per acre. DINaccess. soils, nearly 100% tillable, PENroad SALE great For details please contact Patrick Gooding, AFM/Agent, at (217) 607-0118 or Brian Neville, AFM/Agent, at (217) 304-4317. • 247± Acres, Piatt and Macon Counties, Illinois Tract 1 - 80± Acres Piatt County, Goose Greek Township, L-1900732-00 $11,000 per acre • Tract 2 - 138.86± Acres Macon County, Friends Creek ING• Tract 3 - 28.488± Acres PENperDacre Township, L-1900732-01 $10,000 SA- LE Macon County, Friends Creek Township, L-1900732-02 - $10,500 per acre For details please contact Patrick Gooding, AFM/Agent, at (217) 607-0118.

Littlefield Ag Group VOIGT GROUND - 1815 US HWY 36, CHRISMAN, IL 61924

48.5 +/- acres • Price $8,000/A

• 146.65± Acres, Henry County, Galva Township, Illinois L-1900676-01 • Class A soils with overall productivity index of 139. Located four miles northeast of Galva. All weather road frontage and close to local grain markets. Lease is open for 2020 crop year. • $9,900 per acre. For details please contact agent John Kennedy at (309) 337-9335.

630-878-1727 Bonnie.white58@gmail.com www.bonnie-white.com

MASON COUNTY, IL Forest City Twp. Sec. 11:

MCDONOUGH COUNTY, IL New Salem Twp. Sec. 1:

• NEW LISTING! 58.47± Acres, Coles County, North Morgan Township, Illinois L-2000183 • Coles County, North Morgan Township: Class A farm, 100% tillable, Lease-free for 2020 • $9,500 per acre. • NEW LISTING! 79.12± Acres, Douglas County, Sargent Township, Illinois L-2000219 • Coles County, North Morgan Township: Class A farm, 100% tillable, Lease-free for 2020 • $6,900 per acre. • 120± Acres, Lee County, Reynolds Township, Illinois L-1900676-00 • Located south of Rochelle with excellent access. 100% tillable Class A farm with productivity index of 142. Lease free for the 2020 crop year. • $10,900 per acre. • 128.95± Acres, Lee County, Ashton Township, Illinois L-1900676-04 • Farm is located about 3 miles northeast of Ashton. Being sold lease-free for the 2020 crop year. Gently sloping, long running north/ south rows with a productivity index of 120. • $7,500 per acre. • 99.275± Acres, Douglas County • Newman Township Class A soils, All tillable, Lease free for 2020; L-2000124 • $10,500 per acre; • 45.18± Acres, Coles County • Humboldt Township L-1900747 • Located about three miles south of Arcola. Class A farm! All tillable, lease-free for 2020 crop year. • $9,900 per acre • 103.47± Acres, Coles County • Pleasant Grove Township L-1800522 • Located about 8.5 miles southeast of Mattoon in Pleasant Grove Township. This mostly level farm offers good soils along with all-weather road frontage on the west and south sides of the farm. • Call for details! • 69.9± Acres, Edgar County • Embarrass Township L-1900026 • Farm is located at west of Redmon with good road frontage along Route 133. Excellent quality land with Class A soils.• $8,500 per acre For details, please contact agents Winnie Stortzum or Tucker Wood at (217) 268-4434.

RE/MAX All Pro

Ray L. Brownfield ALC AFM Managing Broker, Owner | 630.258.4800 Chip Johnston | Broker | 815.866.6161 Jason Lestina AFM | Broker | 815.546.8276 Pat Tomlinson | Broker | 217.864.5733 Dave Oster | Broker | 708.732.3802

C2 Friday, February 14, 2020

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Open Tenancy 2020


The following described farmland real estate will be offered by PUBLIC AUCTION on:

Open Tenancy 2020

Friday, February 28, 2020 • 10:00 A.M.

Sale Day Location: “The Shed” 401 W. Main St., Wyanet, IL 61379 Farm Location: 160+/- acres located SE1/4 of Section 36, Macon Township ( T.15N.-R.7E.), Bureau County, Ill. 2 ½ miles East of Il Rt 40 on 600N Road to farm or 2 miles West of the Wyanet/Walnut Black Top on 600N Road to farm. Tract 1: 80.39 +/- surveyed acres. 80.09+/- tillable acres. A 143.5+/- Productivity Index as per Surety. Tillable soils include Drummer, Elburn and Plano. Tract 2: 80.48 +/- surveyed acres. 77.2+/- tillable acres. A 143+/- Productivity Index as per Surety. Tillable soils include Elburn, Drummer and Plano. Improvements included: 2 livestock barns, smaller out buildings etc. Taxes: Tax ID #20-35-400-001 2018 taxes paid in 2019 $8,268.84 Plat locations, Aerial Photos, Soil Maps and improvement information available at rickrediger.com TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 1.) Tracts 1 & 2 will be sold by the surveyed acre. Survey will be provided by Seller. No combination. 2.) The successful bidder will be required to enter into a standard purchase agreement contract. 10% of the contract purchase price will be due immediately following the auction. The balance will be due and payable on or before March 31, 2020 at closing. 3.) The seller shall provide a title insurance policy in the amount of the purchase price of the subject properties. 4.) The 2019 real estate taxes due and payable in 2020 will be credited, based on the most current evidence available, by the Seller to the Buyer at closing. All subsequent real estate taxes will be the responsibility of the buyer. 5.) The property is being sold in “AS IS” condition, with no implied warranties of any kind. 6.) The information is believed to be accurate. However, we strongly urge all prospective buyers to thoroughly research all pertinent data and to draw their own conclusions. 7.) All announcements made the day of the sale take precedence over any previously printed material.

Seller: Joanne M. Schertz Trust

Attorney: Michael L. English 10 West Park Ave., Princeton, IL 61356 815-875-4555 Number System will be Used – I.D. Required • Not Responsible for Accidents


Open Tenancy 2020


The following described farmland real estate will be offered by PUBLIC AUCTION on:

Open Tenancy 2020

ADVERTISE YOUR FARMLAND FOR SALE... RICH HANSEN Managing Broker, ABR Licensed in Illinois and Indiana • E-mail: RHansen972@aol.com • Cell: 815-383-4558 • Fax: 815-933-4558



160 acres Milks Grove Twp .. PENDING...$8,250/ac 80 acres Ashkum ......................................... $8,950/ac 20 acres Rockville ................ PENDING...$7,600/ac 51 acres 1800’ River Frontage Aroma Park .. $9,000/ac 38 acres NEW Beecher ................SOLD...$8,750/ac 80 acres NEW Beecher ............................... $7,750/ac 100 acres NEW Herscher ............................ $8,250/ac 4 Commercial Lots Available Manhattan .............CALL 47.8+/- acres Residential Development 93 Lots Manhattan ...................................................... CALL 4.58+/- acres Commercial Site Elwood ...............CALL 20+/- acres Zoned Commercial Gilman...............CALL 22+ acres Commercial Lots Available Channahon ..CALL 13.79+/- acres Zoned C-3 Channahon ................CALL 218+/- acres St. Anne .................................. $5,850/ac 134 acres NEW Grant Park ......................... $8,150/ac 80 acres NEW Towanda .....PENDING...$10,900/ac 221 acres NEW Towanda ..........................$10,900/ac 105 acres Clifton........................................$10,500/ac 80 acres Chebanse Twp .............................. $8,450/ac 8 acres Wilmington Rt 102 ..............................$80,000 90+/- acres Kankakee - close to town .................CALL 72 acres deer, turkey CRP, CREB, 2 creeks, river Best hunting in Iroquois Co ..................... $5,250/ac 75 acres NEW Otto Twp ..... REDUCED...$7,800/ac 51 acres NEW just outside Ashkum ............ $9,000/ac 182 acres Pittwood/Watseka area ............... $5,500/ac 68 acres Demonte IN................................... $6,950/ac 86 acres Manteno Rt 50 ............................$10,900/ac 75 acres Donovan ....................................... $8,350/ac

17 acres Clifton............................................ $5,500/ac

Sellers: Paul R. Strouse and Lisa S. Caramia

Attorney: Michael L. English, 10 Park Ave., Princeton, IL 61356 815.875.4555 Number System will be Used – I.D. Required Not Responsible for Accidents


79 acres Sheldon..........................SOLD...$9,800/ac 116 acres Ashkum ...............................................CALL 159 acres Bourbonnais..............................$30,000/ac 76 acres Manteno - Development .......................CALL

20.39+/- acres I-57 Interchange Manteno ...........CALL 44.66+/- acres Danville - 20 acres Solar ...... $800,000 75 acres Grant Park .................................... $8,400/ac Lot 46 RT 45 ................................................. $146,328 Lot 2 Prairie Harbor ...................................... $230,901 Lot Prairie Harbor ......................................... $330,000 Lot 47 Prairie Harbor .................................... $368,550 New River Run Lot ..........................................$15,000 30 acres Bourbonnais......... REDUCED...$7,900/ac 137 acres corner of Rt 45 and Peotone/Wilmington Rd ..................................CALL 48 acres Momence area - Good Cash Rent $7,400/ac 158 acres Manteno ..............................................CALL 5 acres Manteno .................................................CALL 134 acres Grant Park .................................. $7,500/ac 75 acres Bonfield ................................................ SOLD 10 acres Gilman .........GREAT FISHING...$80,000 8 acres -Development Potential ......................$67,900 50 acres Kankakee-Development ............... $750,000


Open Tenancy 2020


The following described farmland real estate will be offered by PUBLIC AUCTION on:

Open Tenancy 2020

Monday, March 30th, 2020 • 10:00 A.M.

Sale Day Location: MENDOTA MOOSE LODGE, 211 E. 12th ST., MENDOTA, IL 61342 Farm Location: East of Meriden, Illinois ¾ mile on Rt 34 or 4 ½ miles West of Earlville, Illinois on Rt 34. NE ¼ of Section 29, Meriden Twp., LaSalle County, Illinois. Farm Description: 96.42 +/- surveyed acres with 93.2 +/- tillable acres. A 138.9 +/Productivity Index as per Surety. Tillable soils include Muscatune-Buckhart, Sable, Drummer, Osco and Catlin. No Improvements. Taxes: Tax ID #02-29-204-000 • 2018 taxes paid in 2019 $4,160.22 Plat locations, Aerial Photos, Soil Maps and improvement information available at rickrediger.com TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 1.) Tract will be sold by the surveyed acres. The existing survey will be provided by Seller. 2.) The successful bidder will be required to enter into a standard purchase agreement contract. 10% of the contract purchase price will be due immediately following the auction. The balance will be due and payable at closing on or before April 29, 2020. 3.) The seller shall provide a title insurance policy in the amount of the purchase price of the subject property. 4.) The 2019 real estate taxes due and payable in 2020 will be credited, based on the most current evidence available, by the Seller to the Buyer at closing. All subsequent real estate taxes will be the responsibility of the buyer. 5.) The property is being sold in “AS IS” condition, with no implied warranties of any kind. 6.) The information is believed to be accurate. However, we strongly urge all prospective buyers to thoroughly research all pertinent data and to draw their own conclusions. 7.) All announcements made the day of the sale take precedence over any previously printed material.


Thursday, February 27, 2020 • 10:00 A.M.

Sale Day Location: “The Shed” 401 W. Main St., Wyanet, Illinois 61379 Tract 1A: 50.69+/- surveyed acres. Located Section 21, Concord Twp., Bureau County. ½ mile south of Junction Rt 6&34 & IL Rt 40. 44.39+/- tillable acres. A 128.8+/- Productivity Index as per Surety. Part of Tax ID# 14-21-400-003 Tract 1B: 51.86+/- surveyed acres. Located Section 21, Concord Twp., Bureau County. ¾ mile south of Junction Rt 6 & 34 & IL Rt 40. 49.38+/- tillable acres. A 130.8 Productivity Index as per Surety. Part of Tax ID#14-21-400-003 Tract 2: 12.37+/- surveyed acres. Located Section 21, Concord Twp., Bureau County. ¾ mile South of Junction 6&34 & Rt 40 then west on access road ¼ mile. Recreational property w/ 1 ½+/- acre pond, 9.35+/- acres timber and wildlife and 1.52+/- tillable acres with A 120+/Productivity Index as per Surety. Part of Tax ID#14-21-400-003 Tract 3: 67.68+/- surveyed acres. Located Section 21, Concord Twp., Bureau County. ¾ mile south of Junction 6&34 & Rt 40 then west on access road ¼ mile. 65.36+/- tillable acres. A 125.1 Productivity Index as per Surety. Part of Tax ID# 14-21-400-003 Tract 4: 80.58+/- surveyed acres. Located Section 15, Concord Twp., Bureau County., ½ mile east of Junction 6&34 & IL RT 40, corner Rt 40 & 975E road. 76.35+/- tillable acres. A 125.9+/Productivity Index as per Surety. Part of Tax ID# 14-15-100-002 Tract 5: 52.89+/- surveyed acres. Located Section 15, Concord Twp., Bureau Co. ½ mile north of IL Rt 40 on road 975E. 52.61+/- tillable acres. A Productivity Index of 120.8 as per Surety. Part of Tax ID# 14-15-100-002 Tract 6: 51.94+/- surveyed acres. Located Section 15, Concord Twp., Bureau Co. ¼ mile north of Junction Rt6&34 & IL Rt 40. 38.81+/- tillable acres. A 119.1 Productivity Index as per Surety. Part of Tax ID# 14-15-100-002 & Tax ID# 14-16-426-002 Tract 7: 55.46+/- surveyed acres. Located Section 15, Concord Twp., Bureau Co. ½ mile north of Junction 6&34 & IL Rt 40. 34.65+/- tillable acres. A 129.6+/- Productivity Index as per Surety. Part of Tax ID# 14-15-100-002 Tract 8: 72.38+/- surveyed acres. Located Section 15, Concord Twp., Bureau Co. At the corner of 1550N & 975E roads. 49.91+/- tillable acres. A 121.8+/- Productivity Index as per Surety. Part of Tax ID# 14-15-100-002 Tract 9: 59.73+/- surveyed acres. Located Section 15, Concord Twp., Bureau County. ¾ mile north of IL Rt 40 On Twp. Road 975E. 54.93+/- tillable acres. A 122+/- Productivity Index as per Surety. Part of Tax ID# 14-15-100-002 Tract 10: 72.5+/- acres. Located Section 10, Concord Twp., Bureau County. 1 mile north of IL Rt 40 on road 975E. 53.62+/- acres tillable. A Productivity Index of 122.3+/- as per Surety. Part of Tax ID# 14-10-300-004 Tract 11: 52.5+/- acres. Located Section 10 & 11, Concord Twp., Bureau County. 1 mile north of IL Rt 40 on road 975E. 49.31+/- tillable acres. A 128.4+/- Productivity Index as per Surety. Part of Tax ID# 14-10-300-004 & Tax ID# 14-11-300-002 Taxes: Tax ID #14-21-400-003 2018 taxes paid in 2019 $ 5,166.46 Tax ID #14-15-100-002 2018 taxes paid in 2019 $10,054.84 Tax ID #14-16-426-002 2018 taxes paid in 2019 $ 352.68 Tax ID #14-10-300-004 2018 taxes paid in 2019 $ 2,309.64 Tax ID #14-11-300-002 2018 taxes paid in 2019 $ 727.02 Plat locations, Aerial Photos, Soil Maps and improvement information available @ rickrediger.com TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 1.) Tracts will be sold by the surveyed acres. No combinations. Survey will be provided by Seller. 2.) The successful bidder will be required to enter into a standard purchase agreement contract. 10% of the contract purchase price will be due immediately following the auction. The balance will be due and payable on March 31, 2020 at closing. 3.) The seller shall provide a title insurance policy in the amount of the purchase price of the subject properties. 4.) The 2019 real estate taxes due and payable in 2020 will be credited, based on the most current evidence available, by the Seller to the Buyer at closing. All subsequent real estate taxes will be the responsibility of the buyer. 5.) The property is being sold in “AS IS” condition, with no implied warranties of any kind. 6.) The information is believed to be accurate. However, we strongly urge all prospective buyers to thoroughly research all pertinent data and to draw their own conclusions. 7.) All announcements made the day of the sale take precedence over any previously printed material.

80+/- acres Ashkum Twp ..............SOLD...$9,200/ac

Trustee – Midland States Bank Attorney: Gary R. Gehlbach, 215 E. 1st St., #100, Dixon, IL 61021 Number System will be Used – I.D. Required Not Responsible for Accidents


Open Tenancy 2020


The following described farmland real estate will be offered by PUBLIC AUCTION on:

Open Tenancy 2020

THURSDAY, MARCH 5TH, 2020 • 10:00 A.M.

Sale Day Location: Holy Trinity Church Hall, Main Street, Cherry, IL Tract 1: 40.39+/- acres located NW ¼ of SE ¼ of Section 30, Westfield Twp., (T.17N.-R.11E) Bureau County, IL. 39.53+/- tillable acres. A 139.6 +/- Productivity Index as per Surety. Tillable soils include Muscatune, Sable & Catlin. Tax ID #12-30-400-004. Tract 2: 77.41+/- acres located E ½ of NE ¼ of Section 30, Westfield Twp. (T.17N.-R.11E.), Bureau County, IL. 76.62+/- tillable acres. A 138.6 +/- Productivity Index as per Surety. Tillable soils include Muscatune, Sable, and Catlin. Tax ID (part of) #12-30-200-002. Tract 3: 80.04+/- acres located W ½ of NW ¼ of Section 29, Westfield Twp. (T.17N.-R.11E.), Bureau County, IL. 77.38+/- tillable acres. A 139.3 +/- Productivity Index as per Surety. Tillable soils include Muscatune, Sable, Sawmill and Catlin. Tax ID #12-29-100-001. Tract 4: 3.2+/- acres located at 19992 3050 E St., Arlington, IL 61312. Improvements include: A 2 story home w/approx. 1050 sq. ft. on the main level consisting of a large kitchen, laundry, living room & 2 baths. There are 3-4 bedrooms on the 2nd story, & a full basement. There is a single story home w/approx. 1200 sq. ft. consisting of a combination kitchen/dining/living room, large master bedroom with bath and walk-in closet, 2 bedrooms and an additional bathroom. Each home has LP forced air heat, central air, septic system and shared well. Included on the property is a large livestock barn w/box stalls & tack room, concrete feed floor, stave silo, hog house, heated shop, 16,000 bu. drying bin with fan and floor. Tax ID (part of) #12-30-200-002. Taxes: Tax ID #12-30-400-004 2018 taxes paid in 2019 $1,773.88 Tract 1 Tax ID #12-30-200-002 2018 taxes paid in 2019 $4,471.96 Tract 2 and 4 Tax ID #12-29-100-001 2018 taxes paid in 2019 $3,457.76 Tract 3 Plat locations, Aerial Photos, Soil Maps and improvement information available @ rickrediger.com TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 1.) Tracts 1, 2 & 3 will be sold by the surveyed acres, Tract 4 by total dollar. Survey will be provided by Seller. 2.) The successful bidder will be required to enter into a standard purchase agreement contract. 10% of the contract purchase price will be due immediately following the auction. The balance will be due and payable on April 8, 2020 at closing. 3.) The seller shall provide a title insurance policy in the amount of the purchase price of the subject properties. 4.) Based upon the 2018 real estate taxes paid in 2019, the 2019 real estate taxes due and payable in 2020 will be credited by the Seller to the Buyer at closing. All subsequent real estate taxes will be the responsibility of the buyer. 5.) The property is being sold in “AS IS” condition, with no implied warranties of any kind. 6.) The information is believed to be accurate. However, we strongly urge all prospective buyers to thoroughly research all pertinent data and to draw their own conclusions. 7.) All announcements made the day of the sale take precedence over any previously printed material.


Kathleen Cain, Patricia Mitchell, Angela Kemphius, Frances Reusch, Vickey McKee, Beth Fonderoli Attorney: John Isaacson, 111 Park Ave. E., Princeton, IL 61356 - 815.875.6551 Number System will be Used – I.D. Required Not Responsible for Accidents


www.agrinews-pubs.com | ILLINOIS AGRINEWS | Friday, February 14, 2020



900 Ac., 850 Ac. Tillable, All Level & Irrigated. $4,000/Tillable Ac.


150 Ac. Tillable, All Level & Irrigated. $4,500/Ac.

51 Acres, Byron, 141 PI . . . . . . . . .$11,500/acre 54 Acres, Near Triumph, 136 PI . . .$11,500/acre 64 .9 Acres, Lee County, near West Brooklyn, 125 .7 PI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$9,250/acre 81 Acres, Putnam Co, 141 PI . . . . .$11,000/acre 112 Acres, Morrison, 128 PI . . . . . .$6,750/acre 188 Acres, Erie, 180 acres CRP, $46K/year CRP income! Exc . Investment! . . .$4,925/acre 77 acres Whiteside County . . . . . . . . . . . . SOLD 54 acres Whiteside County . . . . . . . . . . . . SOLD


1688 Brandywine Lane, Dixon, IL 61021 • (815) 973-6768


CALL FOR DETAILS (618) 781-6400 (314) 941-7004

LAND FOR SALE Grundy - Kendall -

Real Estate & Auction Professionals Richard A. Olson & Assoc, Inc Morris, IL - 815-942-4266

Grundy County  

NEW: 162 Ac includes 158Ac Tillable - 132 PI - Country Home & Full Set of Modern Farm/Shop Buildings & 50k bu grain storage & continuous flow dryer = $13,000/Acre. 158 Ac Tillable Farm - 132 PI - North of Morris, IL = $11,000/Acre. 128 Ac Tillable Farm - 120 PI - West of Minooka, IL = $9,000/Acre.

Kendall County    

230 Ac Tillable Farm - US-52 Frontage - 120 PI - North of Minooka, IL = $9,000/Acre. 80 Ac Tillable Farm - 131 PI - North of Lisbon, IL = $10,500/Acre. 80 Ac Tillable Farm - US-52 Frontage - 123 PI - North of Minooka, IL = $9,000/Acre. 80 Ac Tillable Farm - US-52 Frontage - 120 PI - North of Minooka, IL = $9,000/Acre.

Livingston County 

315 Ac Tillable Farm - 125 PI - South of Dwight, IL = $9,000/Acre. Real Estate | Auctions | Land Sales | Land Valuations


PTO 540 GENERATOR, 50 KW on trailer, good tires, Call 217-556-0562

ORR FEEDER PIGS demand for quality groups, feeder pigs, early weans, licensed and bonded Call Tim at 563-920-2680

PRESCOTT ANGUS Yearling Angus Bulls For Sale Richard Prescott 815-228-2069 prescottangus.com PUREBRED RED ANGUS bull, born March 5, 2018, $2,000. 513-284-6760 RED AND BLACK ANGUS BULLS. (618)528-8744

IPT BULL SALE 11AM, Thu, 2/20 at ISF Springfield, IL.

HOBBS & EATHINGTON ANGUS ANNUAL BULL & FEMALE SALE Saturday March 7 @ 1P.M. Fairview Sale Barn Fairview, IL. 50 bulls + (5) 2 year olds 20 Bred Cows, (including cow calf pairs) (15) Replacement Heifers, (16) Bred Heifers, & show Heifers, 5 Show Heifers

For More Info. Contact: 309-772-3747

60 Bulls Consigned: 30 Angus, 20 Sim/ SimAngus 10 Polled Hereford, All 50K Tested For Catalog Call: Travis (217)430-7030 www.IPTBullSale.com

(10) BLK COWS, preg checked for early 2020 calving, all very quiet elec. fence broke & good ages, $1,0000/ea. (309)678-5540

Cattlemens Choice Sat. March 28th 1:00pm Arthur Livestock Arthur, IL

15 RED ANGUS cows, preg checked, February – April calving, AI bloodlines, Call 815-236-0936 BRED HEIFERS, SPRING calving, BLK, BWF and Red Angus. 618-528-8744 POLLED HERFERDS Fertility tested bulls, buy now, will hold until needed, also, bred cows & heifers, Call 608-235-9417 POLLED SHORT HORN bulls, 2 yr. olds and yearlings, calving ease genetics, prices to sell, 217-737-1023

Bulls, Breds, Cow-Calf pairs To Consign.

Larry Martin 217-433-0242 lmcs2000@gmail.com


(2) FRIESEN PROTEIN bulk tanks, 5-1/2 ton, $1,500/ ea. Call 815-539-7117 ARROWQUIP Q-CATCH 86 SERIES, Brand New! $7,000 for chute, $1,000 for the trailer (309)883-6340 Harvestore Aliance Unloader w/automatic oiler, for 20' silo, good cond. Backbone is good, probly needs new cutter shank, conveyor chain is good, come with 3-ph. Motor or a 220 motor, has been removed from silo $9,500 obo Call 309-944-7384

If You’re Proud of Your Farm, then I’m Proud to Insure It.

Like new 8 ½' x 20' DOW, Load Trail, 14K GVW, slide in ramps, heavy tires, picture available. $6K. Call Mike 217-259-8552 TURN TRACTOR TIRES into hay and silage bunks! Cell Phone: (309)738-9531 www.ecofeeder.com

WISCONSIN CALVES AND FEEDER CATTLE Good quality Holstein and beef cross calves, started calves and feeder cattle are available thru Reynolds Livestock. Give us a call today for prices. Trucking available. Reynoldslivestock.com 608-574-7338


(2) BORDER COLLIE, shots, 6-weeks old, parents both on the farm. $500. each. 217-491-0768

• Wilson Alum. Gooseneck • Titan • Haulmark • Stealth • Aluma, LTD #LTD

BORDER COLLIE PUPPIES shots & wormed, Hoyleton IL. 618-478-5316

Route 41 S., Prairie City, IL


Todd Lash, The Farm Guy

Offices in Princeton and Peru Office: 815-224-8381 Cell: 815-228-7981 tlash@amfam.com

C4 Friday, February 14, 2020 STEPHENS Trailer Sales EBY (Aluminum) Corn Pro (Steel) Livestock - Horse

| ILLINOIS AGRINEWS | www.agrinews-pubs.com

2004 VERSATILE-2425, 3300 hrs., exc cond., $72,500, OBO retiring. 563-357-4300 2007 Agco-DT180, 4890 hrs., $70,000 obo Call 309-546-2831

Trailerman - Corn Pro EBY- Imperial Implement - Utility

2008 JD-8330, MFD, 2400 hrs., farmer owned, Exc. Cond., Call 815-343-4647or 815-786-2915

Rt 29 N. Taylorville

580 Super D backhoe, w/cab, 4&1 front bucket, farmer owned, 4490-hours, $13,000. 217-348-0394 82 JD 4640 power shift, 18x42 w/duals, nice shape $21,500. 815-988-2074

217-824-2815 stephenstrailers.com WINTER SPECIALS!! Livestock Bumper Pulls: 16Lx6Wx6-1/2H, Corn Pro, LED LIGHT, SPARE TIRE, HEAVEY ROCK GUARD IN STOCK. Only $5,950! Wackerline Trailers Sandwich, IL. 815-786-2504 wackerlinesales.com

Case IH Magnum 275, front and rear duals, HD draw bar, front suspension, Guidance, 7200-hours, good condition, $54,500. 641-919-8515 CIH-7120 TRACTOR, 1910 hrs, Call 217-456-7641

WANTED NEW IDEA hydrostatic Uni Power Units, Husking beds and Attachments. 563-568-7923


Clevite - FP Diesel - Reliance Quality SINCE 1988

ENGINE KITS: sleeves, pistons, pins, rings, bearings & IN-FRAME GASKETS


1998 JD-9510, 4WD, 5330 eng. Hrs., 3900 sep., clean, great shape, 2 owner machine, $27,500; 2008 JD-620F Hydraflex, Sickle & guards in GC, 2 owner platform, $18,500 Exc. Cond.; 20' EZ Trail Head hauler, $1,500 (217)473-6774 or (217)371-1229 2000 CAT-460, 3037 Eng. 2225 sep., rice package, duals @ 70%, Ag Leader, yield monitor w/mapping, inspected yearly, shedded, clean machine, w/S30 platform, & 830 corn head, will separate, $32,500 obo Call 815848-2300 2007 Case IH 2062, 30ft draper head, exc cond., always shedded, with new belts and sickles, $40,000. 618-367-1136 2011 CIH 3020, Terra flex, 20', FT, new extra sickle, exc. cond., $14,500; CIH-1020 20' 3” SCH, easy cut II, poly skids, nice, shedded, $3,900. 618-806-9800 2013 GLEANER-S67 COMBINE, 482 sep., 730 eng,. Loaded with options. $165,000. 815-488-2835, text or leave message, Ladd, IL. 7088 Case IH combine, field tracker, 2-spd hydro, 4WD, pro600, yield monitor, duals, electric fold extensions, 2673 eng hours, 1780 sep hours, for sale by owner, $99,000. 573-822-3865 Case IH 3408 corn head, always shedded, very good condition, $19,700-obo. 618-790-3884 CIH-1063 and 1083 corn heads, completely rebuilt. CIH 2000 and 3000 series also available!! (712)470-0554 JD 9750 combine, 2000 eng/. 1500 sep hrs, exc tires, field ready, shed kept, top cond, $58,500. 618-927-7858, 7857 JD-9500 2500 hrs. $16,900 exc. appearance & good cond.; 1998 JD-920 flex head, exc. Shape, $7,950 (815)-988-2074 JD-9650, 2192 sep hrs., 3108 eng. Hrs., $48,000 obo; JD-893 corn head, $11,000 0b0; JD925 bean head, $7,000 obo Call 309-546-2831 PARTING OUT 9660 combine, good CM feeder house, lift cyl., single pt. Hook up, ladder, rims, final drives, hydro trans. & unload auger, 608-293-2200

404D 4010-4020 EARLY ........... $1025 404T 4320-4520-4630 ................ $1095 466T LATE – 4250-4450-4620 .. $1295

Ask Your Seed Dealer For Heads Up®

1-866-368-9306 www.headsupST.com

FARMLAND FOR SALE Bureau County 85 acres south of Buda, 80.03 tillable; PI 139

$9,900 per acre 187 acres north of LaMoille, 172.13 tillable; PI 134.1

$8,950 per acre Ray Farm Management Services, Managing Broker 815-878-5225 www.rayfarm1.com 226 Prairie Lane West P.O. Box 39 Princeton, IL 61356

120A , around 70 tillable, 2 story house, 8000 bu grain storage, big machine shed and a shop, hay shed, $5000/Ac. 309-221-1125

For More Kits - Just Call Dons Diesel 800-345-6513 www.donsdiesel.com Lawrence, KS Farmer Retiring: Cat 665, 1900-hrs, creeper gear, Michelin tires, 272-hp.; Ford 946, 6000-hrs, motor OH, main tires like new, 319-750-1338 JD 2950, MFD w/260 SL loader, 8ft bucket, bale spear, pallet forks, $22,000; Bushhog 2615 legend, Batwing mower, $5000. 309-337-0482

180 Ac. Edgar Co. 143 PI $1 0,900/Ac 161 Ac. Ford Co. 108 PI $5 .900/Ac 80 Ac. Beecher, IL. 117 PI $5 ,900/Ac 200 Ac. Iroquois Co. PI 124 $7 ,650/Ac 560 Ac. of Industrial Development land, Normal. Next to the Rivian auto plant.

JD 4840 tractor, 6600 hours, exc tires, quick hitch, shed kept , top condition, $25,900. 618-927-7858, 618-927-7857 JD 6400 w/620 loader quick attach bucket, 5000 hours, good paint, new interior, 2WD, $32,250; ARP 3-pt hitch backhoe w/3 buckets, 217-254-5938 JD 8310 MFD, 2700 hrs., 4hyd., duals, one owner, $114,900obo. 217-242-9105 JD 8345R, 2200-hrs., IVT, 5 hyd. Front duals, $162,900obo. 217-242-9105 JD quick hitch for 4440 or newer tractor; Pair of JD 650x15” rims; Pair of JD 16.1 rims for 16.5L tires; Pair of Vented side shields for JD 4030 tractor. 815-493-6420 JD-4440 1500 hrs on new motor, $22,500; JD-4240 w/loader, $19,500 ; JD-4020 $6,500 all well maintained tractors, Call 815-716-6895 JD-4555 2wd, power shift, 5100 hrs., duals, wts., nice shape, $34,900 Call 815-9882074 JD-7830 MFD, IVT Trans, frt susp., active seat, higher hrs., nice, $42,500 715-574-4561 JD-8285R MFD, duals, frt duals optional, auto track ready, exceptional, some warranty, $94,500 Call 715-572-12344 JD-8400 TRACTOR, MFWD, 4764 hrs., 4-remotes, tires 8590%, PTO, quick hitch, frt. wts., frt. fenders, field office, Exc. Cond., farmer owned, pics avail. $68,500 (262)497-3600 JD-8430 2007, ILS, Firestone, 4146 hrs., nice tractor, $107,500 (217)249-3912

Be Prepared For Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome New CostEffective Seed Treatment Available

Earn $60,000/yr. Part-time in the livestock or equipment appraisal business. Agricultural background required. Home study Course available. 800-488-7570 or www.amagappraisers.com

JD-8430 MFD duals, wts., active seat, 50” tires, HID lighting, guidance ready, 5032 hrs., $82,500 Call 715-572-1234 OlIVER-880 STANDARD DSL restored Exc. Cond., Super 77 restored, Oliver 70 restored. 550, 971 hrs., (618)670-9474 Steinbauer performance chip, #220414, fits 9530 JD, $1000. 217-621-4956 USED TIRES & JD rims, (4) 380/80R38, $2,250; (4) 380/90R54, Goodyear-DT800 $3,350 Call 417-214-3265 WANTED: 2 JD 9 bolt wedge type dual hubs, Call 217-653-3943 Wanted; White and Oliver tractors, running or need of repair, 920-526-9915

33 Different Parcels of farm and development land in Will County. 129 Ac. & 253 Ac parcels of timber/recreational land in Schuyler County $3,950/Ac

FAMILY FARM LOOKING for tillable acreage for 2020 and beyond. Pay up to $250 per tillable ac. Call (765)719-3995

Moeller Ag Service Inc. (319)698-4005 More than 25 Years! Specializing in Planter Attachments & No-Till Equip www.moelleragservice.com

Goodwin & Associates Real Estate, LLC Mark Goodwin Office 815-741-2226 Doug Deininger 630-258-4801

CASH RENT 550 Tillable Ac. Adams & Brown Counties, IL

Bid Deadline Feb 22 For bidding info. call 217-257-4684 or 217-773-2540 or emailcojo37@adams.net We reserve the right to reject any and all bids.

FARM FOR RENT: Accepting bids on approximately 319 acres South of Franklin Grove, IL in Lee County. Class A soil. bids should be submitted to F.X. Newcomer Farm Management by 03/15/2020. (815)973-2541 FARM FOR SALE: 37.5A (37.2 till A), LaSalle Co., 3.5 SE of Earlville, Drummer & Muscatine, avg. bu. 59.3 beans, 217 corn, $9,500/AC. Call 240-888-1416 FARM LAND FOR SALE By Owner – near Pekin, IL. 278 AC. 251 tillable, some irrigation, Call 815-488-3575 For sale by owner, 475Ac's, Pope Co., IL 25 mi's NE of Paducha KY Consist of 340 Ac's till. cropland, 25 Ac's pasture, & over 100 Ac's of hard wood timber. 40,000 bu. Grain storage, large barn, large field & exc deer hunting, w/good lease income. Open crop lease for 19, price below appraised value, 618-528-8744 For Sale Grundy Co., Felix, Twp, 160 acres, 140 tillable. $8500/per acre. 252-943-9419

150 to 15,000 GPM *Electric Motors * *Farm Drainage Pumps * * Generator Sets *

Shoemaker Welding North Liberty, IN

574-656-4412 CASE 580K, CAB, 2wd, 4 in 1 bucket, 3391 hrs., $14,900; CASE-580M 4x4 cab Extend-AHoe, 1800 hrs., no welds, $38,900.; JD-310J, 4x4 cab, Extend-A-Hoe 2071 hrs., $39,900; NEW Holland B95B, 4X4, cab, Extend-A-Hoe CASE-686 GXR, $28,900; Telehandler, 4X4, good tires, $23,900; CAT. D3B Dozer, 6 way blade. $12,900 Call 815-592-3656 Central Culvert & Tile, LLC Mahomet, IL. Steel and Alum. Culverts. Plastic Tile and fittings. 8-inch to 36-inch in stock. up to 144-inch avail. 217-637-8453

REDUCED 65 AC. 57.5 tillable, $9,050/ac. 5 miles north of Springfield airport. Offers considered. Call 217-487-7096




2015 Schulte XH 1500, Series 3, 15' cutting width, tandem axles on main frame and single on wings, laminated tires, small 1000-rpm., pto, 1/4” thick stump jumpers and double safety chains, always shedded, top condition, $15,000. 319-209-0305

COMPLETE PLANTERS PLANTER PARTS Soybean Splitter Bars Built To Fit Your Planter, ALL MAKES (IHC, JD, White, Deutz Allis, Kinze & Yetter)


01 KINZE-3600, 16R32, air clutches, insect boxes, $36,000 Call 815-791-6207

BUGHOG MODEL-2715, 15', chains, frt & rear, 1000 RPM, stored inside, exc. Cond., $8,500 Call 217-433-0412

4x6 round bales of straw, net wrapped, stored inside, $25 a bale. 217-260-0813 5X6 NET WRAPPED Grass hay or large squares of alfalfa for horses and dairy cows. Delivery to your farm. (217)370-4342 6X6 ROUND BALES $45. per bale. MaCoupin County IL. 314-640-9210 ALL KINDS OF Hay & Stray Big Squares, Small Squares, & Big Rounds. Delivered in 18-24 ton loads. 217-322-4663

24 JD liquid applicators, off of a 1770 planter, $350-each or best offer. 618-562-7550 24 ROW YETTER short Titan, w/clean sweep & threader wheels, $370/row; 24 row Yetter pin adj. $100/row, pictures avail. Call 417-214-3265 greendrills.com (740)756-4810 Hizey Farm Service LLC Harms Land-Rollers, Brand New! 12 - $6,800, 14 -7,300, 16 - $8,000 , 24 - $14,800, 32 - $17,500, 42-$21,500 Any size Available. 715-234-1993

16 ROW DALTON side dress bar set up Torun on Pro700 or ground drive pump JOHN blue. 20" coulters w/knife also setup for Y drops 1400 gal. Call (217)306-4262

2013 ETS SOIL warrior strip till unit, 12R30”, dual dry fert. Compartment, SS Morris meters, pneumatic down pressure, row cleaners, Avery scale, Ag Leader Versa mon., both shallow & deep tillage set ups, $95,000 call 815-716-6895 DMI 3300 nutri placer, NH3 applicator, pull type, 13-shank, no-till coulters, Blu-Jet independent cover disk, Hiniker 8150 controller monitor, stored inside, exc., $15,500. 765-426-5711, Frankfort, IN DMI 5310, 12R strip-till, markers, $13,900. 217-242-9105 Humates Omri cert organic carbon 2400-lb super sack, liquid humate applied with starters, folliar, or with sidedress nitrogen. 563-920-3674 New Steel Storage tanks available Capacity up to 50,000 gal. 618-553-7549, 562-4544 www.dktanks.com

Cash-N-Carry Chemicals LLC

UNVERFERTH PLANTER FILL conveyor, $1,500 obo; 1790 12 row liquid Fert. Attachment, $7,500 obo Call 217-473-9161

2018 JD 1795 ccs planter, 16x31, row command, hyd drive, markers, $144,900 217-242-9105

(4) 2500 GAL. green polly fertilizer tanks, $2,000 or $900. ea, Call 815-252-7117

HAY AND BEDDING Auction! Every Saturday at 12 Noon. Reynolds Feed & Supply Cobb, WI. (608)623-2121 reynoldslivestock.com

1999 JD 1770, 16Row, no-till coulters, heavy duty down liquid fertilizer, pressure, $18,500. 309-781-6829

2014 JD-1990, CCS, 30', 7-1/2 inch spacing, $76,500 Call 262-497-3600 2015 JD 1795 ccs, 24R20” hyd row cleaners, electric drive, $134,900. 217-242-9105

through Clean Green Soil Amendments, LLC. (309)337-6242 or email cleangreensoil@gmail.com

GOOD DRY GRASS hay, Round Bales, most are net wraped, North West IL., 815-878-5871 GREAT QUALITY GRASS Hay. Round, net wrapped grass hay. NO RAIN. STORED INSIDE. MT. Olive, IL. Call Len for pricing and info (217)246-3423

16 JD 7200 down pressure spring kits; 13 Deutz Allis double disc fert openers, good cond; IH 900 rear fold parts planter, 8 row units, hyd pump and monitor; Yetter single arm no-till coulters w/ brackets to fit 7” tube. 217-397-2404

2009 JD-1770 16-ROW narrow, CCS planter w/E-set, veritable rate, shaft drive, Precision hoppers w/shut off, 2020 generation one monitor, air force down pressure, Yetter shark tooth Short Titan row cleaners, Schlagel closers, 450 gal. Starter tank w/infernal starter, smart box insect system, will have new openers, can upgrade to Delta Force if wanted, 608-774-6800

Ag Gypsum for Sale

Propane/Ammonia Tanks 12,000, 18,000, 30,000 & 60,000 Sales, Installation & Service Call For A Quote! Dibble Enterprises 815-237-2247 TANKS: STAINLESS. PIPE For Culverts 10-inch to 10ft DIA. 618-553-7549, 618-562-4544, www.dktanks.com Wanted to Buy NH3 heavy closing discs to fit 1x2 shank, 563-487-2811

QUALITY HAY AND STRAW , limited quantity of 1st and 2nd big & small squares, cut, delivery available, Call us David 815-685-5344, Mike 815-685-9646 TOP OF STATE Hay & Straw, 3x3x8 bales and rounds. Davis, IL. Please Call 815-238-8372

2000 JD-1770, 16-30 MAXEmerg plus vac, 250 monitor, insecticide, Shedded, Good Cond., Farmer Retiring, $14,500 Rochelle, IL., 815-751-7642

MILLER SELF-PROPELLED SPRAYER, Model 4240, 1000gallon tank, 90ft booms, Ag Leader Integra Monitor, lots of options, 720-hours, like new cond., $160,000-obo. Delivery Possible. 814-322-8090

17 SHANK pull type NH3 bar, can be used to preplant or sidedress, 440 Raven controller, $8500 obo. 618-562-7550

CORN STALK BALES & hay Please call 815-878-7222

2018 White 9924 VE, 24Row30in. w Camso Tracks, Precision Technology, speed tube, Delta Hydraulic Down Force, Keetons, 2-75bu seed tanks, markers, hyd. jack, 20/20 Gen. 3 Flat Screen 10” monitor, Dawn GFX hydraulic row cleaners, copperhead Ag Furrow closing w/reels, corn & bean seed disks, new cond., low acres, $240,000 319-209-0305

* Tile Lift Pumps *

TWIN ROW/SPLIT ROW planter, 4 row, JD-7000, w/coultiplanter II, $4,500 can send photos, Call 765-202-3411

BIG SQUARE GRASS HAY, bean stalks for bedding also avail. Located 50-mi's S. of Effingham. 618-322-5231, Brad

doug@deininger-land.com 190-Acres South Central Iowa, $4500 per acre, 4 percent return, 641-443-2350 360 AC. FOR RENT, Lake County IL., Volo IL. area, Call 847-381-9080 500 AC. Row Crop Farm Enterprise Realty (660)582-7160 entrealty.com

MARTIN SPIKE CLOSING wheels 15-in. Diameter (24) total, (12) 1200 ac., (12) 2400 ac. off 1790 planter $80.00 each Smart box system complete minus control console used 3 years $2,000. (309)531-1108

Dale E. Aupperle - President (217) 876-7700 www.heartlandaggroup.com


Med Red Clover Seed, $89/50-lb bag, Paulding OH, 419-796-8871, c 419-399-4097 h (lv msg) OPEN POLLINATED SEED corn, out produces Hybrids for silage. $67 per bu. Plus shipping. 217-857-3377

1971 JD-4020 CAB/AIR, nice shape, $13,900.; 1967 JD-3020 diesel, Good Running shape, $5,500 815-988-2074 1978 JD 4640 , 5000 hrs, power shift, 1 owner. 217-874-2440. 1979 white 2-180, 4100 hours, 20.8x38 radials, axle duals, 3hyd., good condition, $10,500. 618-839-8714 1981 JD-4240 quad, cold A/C 14.9x46 axle mount duals, good shape, $18,900 Call 815-988-2074 1991 Case IH 7120, 2WD, 4299 hours, 4-reversers, 3 remotes, 18.4x42 on tire w/duals and weights, good condition, 573-547-5747, 573-846-7393 1994 JD 4760 MFWD, duals, weights, one owner, 6900hours, $49,500. 309-507-0774 1996 JD-7800, 2600 hrs., Power shift, 42” tires & duals, $69,5000.; 1999 JD-4600, MFP w/ loader & 72” belly mower, $10,900,; 1969 JD-3020, DSL, side console, dual hyd., frt & rear wts. $10,500; 1974 JD4230, 4400 hrs., 500 hrs. on new motor, Quad Range, $13,900. 1980 IH-1086, dual PTO & hyd. 18.4x38 tires, $11,900; 1976 IH-986, 2100 one owner hrs. 18.4x34, dual PTO & hyd., $17,900; Ford5610, dsl, w/loader, 429 one owner hrs., very nice. $17,900; 1970 JD-4020, dsl, side console, dual hyd. ROPS, $79,000 Call 815-592-3656 2002 CIH MX240 fwa, 6550 hrs. Was grain cart tractor, $41,500 obo. Call 815-632-8197.

Farms for Sale Macon Co. - 31.11 acres - Farm/ Development Land along the north side of U. S. Route 36 - Sec. 12 - Harristown Twp. (directly E of Harristown). Macon Co. - 21.74 acres - Farm/ Development Land along the south side of U. S. Route 36 - Sec. 13 - Harristown Twp. (directly E of Harristown). - Prime Macon Co. - 40.00 acres acre  Farmland nd - Sec.  13 - Friends Creek  N of Argenta). Twp. (2 mi. mi Macon Co. - 31.77 1.77 acres - Prime Farmlandd - Sec. 12 - Whitmore Twp. W (2 mi. S off Argenta). Arge Piatt Co. - 129.69 acres - Prime Farmland - Sec. 8 - Willow Branch Twp. (3 mi. NE of Cerro Gordo). Heartland Ag Group Ltd.

All Products, All Programs Delivery Avail., Vol. Discounts, TruChoice, Farm Plan Where we sell EVERYTHING for less, because we can! 319-653-2253, Washington, IA

20FT hay or silage wagon, 20ft long, 8ft wide, new floor, $3000. 217-259-3374 ROUND BALE SPEAR for 148/158 JD loader, 3 prong, Exc. Shape, $600. Call 217-371-1229 or 217-473-6774 Vermeer 4 basket tedder, like new, $6500. 618-528-8744 WANTED NEW HOLLAND BC5070 twine tie small square baler, Call 417-343-8787 We Repair Baler Knotters on your Farm! Service Calls also available for farm equipment! Used Rakes & New Tedders for Sale! Kings Repair, Marshall IN 765-597-2015 WEST LAKE 135K App. $1,900; PMI 135K App., $1,600; 125K, App DMI-4200II, w/marker, $2,500; 3 pt. West Lake 115K 28% App. W/1000 gal, pull tank & ground driven pump, no till coulters, $3,200. (815)592-3656

1000 GAL. BEST Way, 60-ft. rear folding hyd. boom, hyd. pump, foam marker. Extra parts. Raven monitor. $6,500. Call 815 946 2748, Polo, IL. 1997 ROGATER-854, 4744 hrs. 80/60 Booms 20" Spacing. 5 w/fencerow nozzles. Sec. Envizio Pro monitor, w/ Accuboom & lightbar. 800 gal. SS tank. Operator & Parts Books. $27,000 OBO. Call 815-694-2944 2005 HARDI 1000-m, 60' BOOM, MONITOR, foamer, good shape, $6,950 Call 815988-2074 2007 FAST-9420, 1000 Gal. Tank 80-ft. Booms (2) 5-ft. bolt on stubs to convert to 90-ft. 320x46 Tires 460 Raven monitor 50-gal. rinse tank L&R hand fence row nozzles field ready $7000.00 309-531-1108 2011 JD-4630 SPRAYER, 1223 hrs., 80' boom, 2600 display, ITC globe, hyd. Adj axles, 320 tires, 2nd set tires & wheels 18.4x34, asking $115,000 pic avail. Call 708-278-0176

JD 1760 12Row 30 inch planter, equipped w/insect boxes, no-till cutters, Yetter residue managers, very sharp, no welds, used on small acreage. 217-259-2168

Case IH 4260, Patriot sprayer, 3900-hours, 1200 gallon SS tank, 90ft booms, 20 inch spacings, 5-way nozzles, Raven controller, narrow tires, set of floater tires, very good condition, $54,000. 815-848-4350 GREGSON, 1000 GAL., 60' booms, Foamer, hyd. Pump, nice. $4,900 Call 815-592-3656

JD-7000 RECONDITIONED PLANTERS; 4-row 30”, 3-pt, $2,850; 8-row 30” $6,850; JD7200 4-row 30” $3,150. All repainted, NICE, can send pics Call 309-242-6040

JD-6700, 3-WHEEL, 60-ft. boom, triple nozzles, w/drops 2375 hrs, spray star monitor, Trimble light bar, foamer, Good Cond., $41,000. 815-260-0249, can text pics.

Ag Chemicals Value Pricing

2020 recommendations


Farmers Helping Farmers Co. Hinckley, Illinois 815-739-7700

INSULATION, 4x8 SHEETS foil-back foam, Factory Seconds. Call Ken Nichols. Sullivan, IL. 800-424-1256, nichols5.com

FARM LOANS. We have the Best term/interest rates avail. Fixed rates, 5-25 yrs. 618-5282264 c, 618-643-2264, The BelRay Co, Don Welch and Jeff Welch, McLeansboro, IL

2-WAY RADIO Radio Ranch, Inc. 10924 Hoover Rd, Rock Falls, IL 61071, (815)622-9000 www.radioranchinc.com

2009 Balzer 8500 Eliminator boom tank, Tri-axle, vacuum load, raven controller, slurry discharge, hyd manifold, 7 knife dietrich bar. Farn use, no sand, $78,500. 815-440-1686 Knight Complete Line-up, New Pro Push, Slinger PS 235 Vertical Spreaders. Arthur's Repair. Hindsboro, IL 217-346-2737 NEW IDEA MANURE Spreader model 101 Call 217-487-7535

(4) MICHELIN 20.8X38, 75%, wheather check, $625/ea.; (2) BKT 20.8x38, 80% tread, $800/ea.; JD 10 bolt duals, rims & tires, 18.8x38, 10% tread $750.: JD-4450 rims, $200. Call 608-293-2200 18.4X42 AXLE MOUNT DUALS, 90% tread, hubs included, $2,800 Call 309-840-5145

www.agrinews-pubs.com | ILLINOIS AGRINEWS | Friday, February 14, 2020

2013 CIH-110 CRUMBLER, 45'; 2012 JD-612C, nonchopping corn head, 1-owner, Exc. Cond.; Brent-644 wagon, Call 815-303-9650


Mayrath 10x62 s/a auger, 540 PTO, low use.

Call Heidi or Mark

Mayrath 10x31 auger, 540 PTO

Northern AG SERVICE, INC. 800-205-5751

JD 609 3-pt rotary mower Yetter seed Jet II pneumatic planter fill system.




JD7200 MAX EMERGE II, 6x30in, no-till, finger pickup. liquid fert., insect., bean cups. monitor, good cond. $8,250. 812-204-4587.

>All Grains >Any Condition > Immediate Response Anywhere >Trucks and Vacs Available

Used Zimmatic center pivot 9 tower 1500 ft long, $17,000; Kifco water winch & alum pipe, 815-303-3650 Putnam, IL We Manufacture All Steel Irrigation Bridges! Abbott Fabrication Winamac, IN 574-225-1326 Shop: 574-946-6566

Early Season Pricing Bunker Hill Supply Co Hutsonville, IL 618-563-4464

midwestag@ prairieinet.net

midwestagvacs.com '08 Landoll Tilloll Model #87525, approx. 300 acres on new chopper, blade, & shovels, kept inside, 309-221-6723, 6722 2006 DMI NH 30' ST250 field cultivator, spring tine harrow, w/rear hitch, $13,500 obo Call 812-242-0701 2013 SUNFLOWER 4511-9 disk chisel, heavy spring tine harrow, 1600 acres, $25,750. 815-488-2835 text or leave message, Ladd, IL. CIH 200 field cultivator 43-1/2ft, knock off shovels, 4 bar tine harrow, hitch, exc cond.; 46ft McFarland 4x4 bar harrow, used with cultivator; Case IH 25ft mulcher; Sunflower 9 shank chisel plow, walking tandem, 4 bar heavy harrow, Farmer owned. 309-224-9186 CIH 370 Rock flex 47ft disk, excellent condition, $47,500-obo. 712-579-1825 CIH-4*96 24' 7-1/2” spacing, 21” frt. 19-1/2 rear blades, 3-bar harrow, Ser. Remlinger JAG0162738 $7,900; IH-490, 21' 2-1/2” spacing, 19-3/4 frt., 19-3/4 rear blades, Ser. 04700004032969, $3,500; JD235, 25', 7-1/2” spacing, 21-1/4 frt, 19-1/4 rear blades, Ser. 015828A, $3,700; JD-630 30', 7-1/2” spacing, 19” frt. 19-3/4 rear blades, Ser. N00630x004055, $6,900; Brillion XL 144 33' Packer Xfold, good rolls, weld on hitch, Ser. 164772, $5,900; Krause, 2011, 15' offset disc, 11” spacing, 251/2” blades; Glencoe, 55K soil saver, New paint, Hoses & Points, $3,300. (815)592-3656 IH 18' disc with cylinder good blades & tires, $1,200 217-369-9098 JD MULCH MASTER, MODEL 550, 25FT, EXTRA SWEEPS, GOOD COND., $5750. 812-204-4587 JD-637 32ft Disc; JD-630 25ft disk, excellent condition, 618-528-8744 JD-726 2005 34ft finisher, knock on sweeps 5 bar spike field ready, nice harrow, condition, $23,500. 815-275-0669 M&W-1875, 7-SHANK great shape, W/HARROW, $7,500 obo Call 815-848-2300

New& Used REM & Kongskilde grain vacs. Used Kongskilde 1000 & 500 grain vacs. Cornwell Equipment, Arthur, IL 217-543-2631

BRENT-657 GRAVITY WAGON, green, Like New, $14,900 Call 815-988-2074 JD-716A SILAGE WAGON, SN 01266zw, 3 beaters, roof, wood floor, unloading apron ext., PTO shaft, variable floor spd. On a JD-1075 4 wheel running gear, SN 014541w with tongue ext., trails straight, well maintained and shedded, Asking$6,000. Wanatuh IN. 219-252-0510

FOR SALE GRAIN Bin Drying System, 42' Shivvers Drying System w/level dry & computer system & Cross Augers, 2 turbo Fans & Burners, 26hp a piece, Call 217-821-6232 for price

GRAIN BIN MOVING Bins moved in one piece 18' diameter or smaller


GSI FLOORING New-Weather: 18' , 21' , 24' Floor. 50% off. While They Last. Call Place Order. Brush Enterprises, Bethany, IL 1-800-373-0654

Generators: used, low hr takeouts. 20KW to 2000KW. Dsl, Propane, Nat. Gas. 701-3719526. abrahamindustrial.com KATOLIGHT & WINPOWER. Generators, automatic & PTO engine sets. Swits Farms Sales & Service. (217)752-6213 Winco Generators. PTO portables and eng. sets available, Large Inventory. Albion, IL. Waters Equipment. 618-445-2816

Silos & Tanks


Flying Dutchman



Chippewa Falls






www.boomunloaderspecialists.com CST Industries Inc. owns a federally registered Harvestore trademark. Northline Industries is not endorsed by nor affiliated with CST Ind. Inc.

WANTED: HARVESTORE SILOS, 25' diam., will also build to suite Steel Constructors Inc. 507-346-2374

JD-MT, 1950, SERIAL # 24645, new rear tires & tubes, frt & rear wheel wts., $2,700; 1950 Farmall-H good paint, $1,800 Call 618-934-3481 or 618-934-5221

Size Bu. Price 21 X 18 5785 $4,949 27 X 21 11265 $7,914 42 X 24 32245 $17,581 Drying Floors 21 . . . . . . . . . . . $1,404 27 . . . . . . . . . . . .$2,344 42 . . . . . . . . . . . .$5,573

Call For All Your Grain Bin Needs

www.goldengrainbins.com GMLS Industries, Inc.

(660) 699-2179 (888) 983-2136

'06 INT 9200i, 664,000 mi's Scott alum. Bed, hoist, roll tarp, new 2013, $40,000; '97 Spec pup w/14' Scott steel bed, rolltarp, new on 2011, $10,000. 309-221-6723, 6722

2007 International 8600, AR, tandem axle, 10-spd. transmission, C13 Cat eng., 167-wb, Nice Truck, $19,500. 217-924-4405 8-5pm.

(2) 2018 TINPTE 40x66”, super hoppers, all light weight options, Ag Tubs, 22-oz Black tarps, super singles w/Dura-Bright wheels, empty weight 7650, priced to sell. Call 608-751-0606

2010 KENWORTH-T660, full 450 ISX Cummins, 13-spd trans., 3:36 rear ends, 232” WB, 62” sleeper, 11R225 tires, eng. Less than 80,000 on OH, asking $35,000 obo Call 815-246-8000 or 815-378-1717

1986 ALLIED FUEL tanker, 9000 gal., 5 comp. 11R22.5 tires, air ride, tires & brakes 50%, new dollies, painted silver & blue, nice looking trailer, $15,000 Call 309-335-0573 1986 INTERNATIONAL-1954, 16' steel grain bed, DT466 diesel, w/5+2 trans, 210,000 mi., very good tires, $9,000 Call 217-276-5529 1992 GMC Topkick, Cat engine, 10ft bed, new paint, good condition, $7500. 618-528-8744

1998 43' Wilson hpr btm, 78' sides, 80% tires, 90% brakes, Shur-lock tarp, VG cond, $10,900. 618-927-7858, 7857 1999 PETERBILT-378 RED day cab, Cat-C15, 475 hp., great rubber, 850,000 mi. $34,000 Call 309-781-1899 2004 FORD F350, diesel w/service body, 98,000 miles, good condition, $8000. 815-499-4900 2005 FREIGHTLINER COLUMBIA 120, Air Ride Tandem Axle; 14L Detroit Engine; 12,000 lb Front Axle Weight; 40,000 lb Rear Axle Weight; Very Nice 641,000 Miles, 10 Spd. Trans, $28,500. 217-924-4405 8-5pm.

WANTED CASE-MX245, 255 or 270, low hrs., mechanically sound, paint & tires must be exc. Call 618-877-7965 or 618-791-3233

■ 41’x66” Ag hopper Pay No Interest from 12/1/2018 to 9/1/2019 ■ Power tarp with and No Payments Until 10/1/2019. remote ■ Roller Strap Trap™ – Industry’s easiest to use opener ■ Aluminum wheels ■ Stainless steel rear ■ 3-year Limited Warranty ■ Grote Lights - 10-year warranty ■ Lowest cost of operation

Winter Discount Heavy Drying Bins

W/12 Supports & Flashing

2016 Timpte 42’ Aluminum Hopper Bottom, 102” wide, 72” walls, Air ride, Aluminum rims, Electric Tarp, “Light wt.” . . . . . . . $28,000

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From The Barns The price is right Things have been really busy here at River Oak. Winter has not been too hateful with us and for that we are grateful. That statement right there will probably jinx us for sure. January flew by because there was always something major going on the schedule. The western heifers came reluctantly across the river and some got pretty wet on Jan. 16. Carson and I could not even get the lead cows to start, so we had to call in Shannon and that was the difference. The day was cold but sunny, so we left them to dry a bit before loading them in the afternoon. By loading time the January sun had done them well and they looked really good going home. We were able to get 48 grazing days on 50 acres across 10 paddocks of stockpile with 72 head. At $1 per head per day, that winter graze returned $69.12 per acre. At 75 cents per head per day, the winter graze returned $51.84 per acre. If we add the

rest of the grazing summer to those acre returns, we have some impressive value per acre with very little cost. At times it was tedious with some snow and rain, but overall we left there with a pretty good graze and not a lot of forage or ground damage. That brings us to frost seeding time and we are watching the weather to find some agreeable forecasts. Right now, we have the remnants of a 2-inch snow on the ground. If it looks good, we will start next week. I don’t like too much snow on the ground, as it can result in some runoff or pooling of the frost seeds. Red clover is always our choice on the fescue. The price is right and though not absolutely failsafe, red clover surpasses all others in results. I had to beef up the mounting bracket holding the seeder on the ATV. This has resulted in a shocking ride. So, Jane has volunteered to use foam to make a cushion to help protect the back from some damage. We have been truly blessed to be able to purchase a 20acre property that borders us to the southwest. Although small in acreage, its value is great because it connects all our acreage south of the river

to the township road. That simply means when we have this fenced properly, we will stop writing to you about river crossings in poor, wet conditions. Instead, we will simply unload into the new South 20 or use the portable corral to load out of the south side of River Oak. And we can heat our considerable length of electric fence on the South without a highline all the way from home. I can sleep better from both of these improvements. We have been working this week to remove a considerable amount of trees and brush from the boundary fence areas. With that done, seeding comes next. Enjoy the Beef Expo, shop a number of spring sales and good luck with calving. And, of course, hold off on any February blizzards. Trevor Toland MACOMB

Markets head up We are well into February and the worst part of winter seems to have been back around Halloween. Aside from muddy cow pens, the winter has been pretty good so far, mild enough to make you think something bad is still around the corner. Only time will tell, but 60 days

from now we will be calving on green grass, planting corn and all the other spring things. It’s been a great winter for feeding cattle and they have done well. I’ve noticed that last fall’s lice treatment is playing out and some bare spots are showing on some of the feeding cattle. A wholesale spray treatment will be on the agenda for the next warmish day. The markets have been jittery over the coronavirus and other factors, but according to the folks at Cattle Fax at the Cattle Industry Convention, they should move modestly higher. I’m always bullish, so I hope they are right. With grass fever on the horizon, it looks like the feeder market is headed higher, as well. Maybe it will bring the fat market along for the ride. A rising tide floats all boats. Linda and I took a couple of days to attend the Cattle Convention in San Antonio. We came across a few new products at the trade show and will report on their effectiveness after we have a chance to test them.

Sustainability seemed to be the theme I heard repeated many times by the various speakers at the conference. While virtually everybody has their own definition for “sustainability,” how consumers view it may be the only definition that matters. Ultimately, those consumers and their willingness to buy our products will determine whether or not our operations are sustainable. However, making those consumers understand all we do and how we do it will, in my opinion, help to shape their buying decisions and our very livelihoods. We have just one set of calves left to wean and that will be done this week. One of our biggest questions now is whether to go straight on feed with all our 2019 calves or slow grow them on silage and grass and target next spring’s higher market. Weighing time, interest and cash flow takes a lot of figuring, but is worth the exercise. We have quite a bit of seeding to get done if we ever get any frost to work with, so I guess I’m hoping for a little more cold weather. I expect we will just deal with whatever comes along. Steve Foglesong ASTORIA

C6 Friday, February 14, 2020

| ILLINOIS AGRINEWS | www.agrinews-pubs.com

Calendar FEBRUARY BUREAU COUNTY Feb. 26 – Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Bureau County Extension Office, 850 Thompson St., Princeton, Ill.; 815-875-2878.

CALHOUN COUNTY Feb. 25 – Private Pesticide Applicator Testing Only: 10 a.m. to noon, Calhoun County Extension office, 818 S. Park, Hardin, Ill.; go.illinois.edu/PSAtrainingHardin.

CARROLL COUNTY Feb. 15 – Herbal Cooking Class: 10 a.m. to noon, Carroll County Farm Bureau, 811 S. Clay St. # B, Mt. Carroll, Ill.; 815-244-9444; go.illinois.edu/MCCooking.

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY Feb. 17 – Developing Local Solar Energy Resources: 6:30 to 8 p.m., Champaign County Extension Auditorium, 801 Country Fair Drive. Champaign, Ill.; web.extension.illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21675. Feb. 20 – Designing for Containers and Low Maintenance Landscaping: Noon, Champaign County Extension Auditorium, 801 Country Fair Drive. Champaign, Ill.; web.extension.illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21656. Feb. 22 – Winter Woodland Walk: 1 p.m., Homer Lake, Oak Ridge Trail Head. Homer, Ill.; extension.illinois.edu/ events/2020-02-22-winterwoodland-walk.

CLARK COUNTY Feb. 20 – Cooking Workshop: Chocolate Crumble Bars: 6 to 7:30 p.m., Clark County Extension office, 15493 N IL State Hwy 1, Marshall,, Ill. Feb. 27 – Public Speaking Contest: 6:30 p.m., Clark County Extension office, 15493 N IL State Hwy 1, Marshall,, Ill.; extension. illinois.edu/events/2020-0227-public-speaking-contest.

COLES COUNTY Feb. 15 – Spring into Gardening: 8 a.m. to noon, Home Church, 2350 Madison Ave., Charleston, Ill.; web.extension.illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21162.

COOK COUNTY Feb. 20 – Advanced Business Analysis for Urban Farms: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., University of Illinois Extension South Chicago office, 753 S. Greenwood Ave., Suite 100, Chicago, Ill.; web.extension.illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21652. Feb. 22 – Native Landscape Design Workshop: 10 a.m. to noon, Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center, 9800 Willow Springs Road, Willow Springs Ill.; extension.illinois.edu/ events/2020-02-22-nativelandscape-design-workshop.

CUMBERLAND COUNTY Feb. 22 – Healthy Food Distribution: 10 to 11:30 a.m., Toledo Christian Church, 501 S. Maryland, Toledo, Ill.; extension.illinois.edu/ events/2020-02-22-healthyfood-distribution. Feb. 28 – Wits Fitness: 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., Life Center 507 E. Main St., Toledo, Ill.; extension.illinois.edu/ events/2020-02-28-wits-fitness.

DEKALB COUNTY Feb. 14 – 4-H Super Saturday: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., DeKalb County Farm Bureau, 1350 W. Prairie Drive, Sycamore,, Ill.; web.extension.illinois. edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21579. Feb. 19 – Certified Livestock Manager Training: 9 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., DeKalb County Farm Bureau, 1350 W. Prairie Drive, Sycamore, Ill.; go.illinois.edu/clmt. Feb. 22 – Gardener’s Pathway 2020: 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Kishwaukee Community College, 21193 Malta Road, Malta Malta,, Ill.; extension. illinois.edu/events/2020-0222-gardeners-pathway-2020.

DEWITT COUNTY Feb. 14 – Eating for Your Heart: 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Nixon Manor, 100 S. Railroad St., Clinton, Ill.; 630-955-1123, ext. 18; tinyurl.com/yzqx3ag4. Feb. 17 – Eating for Your Heart: 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., Waynesville Township Library, 303 Second St., Waynesville, Ill.; 217-877-6042; tinyurl.com/ yzqx3ag4.

EFFINGHAM COUNTY Feb. 22-23 – 4-H Junior Leadership Conference: 11 a.m. Saturday to 11:45 a.m. Sunday, Keller Convention Center, 1202 Keller Drive, Effingham, Ill.; extension.illinois.edu/ events/2020-02-22-4-h-juniorleadership-conference.

FULTON COUNTY Feb. 24 – Winter Tree ID Walk: 1 to 3 p.m., Spoon River College Arboretum, 23235 County Hwy 22, Canton, Ill.; 309-547-3711; extension.illinois.edu/events/2020-02-24winter-tree-id-walk-spoonriver-college-arboretum.

GREENE COUNTY Feb. 15 – Timber Sales and Taxes in Illinois: 9 a.m. to noon, Greene County Extension Office, US-67,

Carrollton, Ill.; web.extension.illinois.edu/registration/default.cfm?RegistrationID=21517. Feb. 25 – Gardening 101: 6 to 7:30 p.m., a.m. to noon, Greene County Extension Office, US-67, Carrollton, Ill.; extension.illinois.edu/ events/2020-02-25-gardening-101.

JACKSON COUNTY Feb. 17 – Aviation Career Day: 2 to 4 p.m., SIU Aviation, 545 N. Airport Road, Murphysboro, Ill.; 618- 687-1727; web.extension.illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21546. Feb. 24, 26 and 28 – Home Landscape Design Series: 6 to 8 p.m., SIU College of Agricultural Sciences, 1205 Lincoln Dr., Carbondale, Ill.; 618-687-1727; extension. illinois.edu/events/2020-0224-home-landscape-designseries.

JEFFERSON COUNTY Feb. 19 – Creating and Caring for Cactus and Succulents: 6 p.m., Jefferson County Extension office, 4618 Broadway, Mt. Vernon,, Ill.; web.extension.illinois.edu/ registration/?RegistrationID=21506.

JERSEY COUNTY Feb. 16 – 4-H Soup Fest: 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Peace United Church of Christ, 23098 Glenda Ave., Jerseyville, Ill.; extension.illinois.edu/ events/2020-02-16-4-h-soupfest-jerseyville.

JO DAVIESS COUNTY Feb. 19 – Backyard Cover Crops: 10 a.m. to noon, Jo Daviess County Extension office, 204 Vine St., Elizabeth, Ill.; 815858-2273; web.extension.illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21604. Feb. 20 – Private Applicator Test: 10 a.m. to noon, Elizabeth Community Building, 402 West St., Elizabeth, Ill.; web.extension.illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21247. Feb. 25 – Cooking Under Pressure: Air Fryers and Pressure Cookers: 1 to 3 p.m., Jo Daviess County Extension office, 204 Vine St., Elizabeth,, Ill.; extension. illinois.edu/events/2020-0225-cooking-under-pressureair-fryers-pressure-cooker.

MASON COUNTY Feb. 21 – Private Applicator Test-only Session: 10 a.m. to noon, Mason County Extension office, 127 S. High St., Havana, Ill.; web.extension.illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21273.

MCLEAN COUNTY Feb. 17 – 4-H Learn and Fun Day: 8:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Trinity Lutheran School, 1102 W. Hamilton Road, Bloomington, Ill. Feb. 25 – Urban Trees – For Tree Professionals: 9 a.m. to noon, McLean County Extension office, 1615 Commerce Pkwy., Bloomington, Ill.; extension. illinois.edu/events/2020-0225-urban-trees-tree-professionals.

MCHENRY COUNTY Feb. 22 – McHenry County Paws and Hooves 4-H Tack Sale: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., McHenry County Fairgrounds, Building D, 11900 Country Club Road, Woodstock, Ill.; extension. illinois.edu/events/2020-0222-mchenry-county-pawsand-hooves-4-h-tack-sale. Feb. 25 – McHenry County 4-H Embryology Project Class: 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., McHenry County Extension office, 1102 McConnell Road, Woodstock, Ill.; extension.illinois.edu/ events/2020-02-25-mchenrycounty-4-h-embrology-project-class.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY Feb. 17 – 4-H Leadership Workshop: 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Montgomery County Extension office, #1 Industrial Park Drive, Hillsboro, Ill.; 217-532-3941; web.extension.illinois.edu/ registration/?RegistrationID=21510. Feb. 26 – Starting Seeds Indoors: 1:30 to 3 p.m., Montgomery County Extension office, #1 Industrial Park Drive, Hillsboro, Ill.; extension. illinois.edu/events/2020-0226-starting-seeds-indoorsworkshop-hillsboro. Feb. 27-28 – Certified Food Protection Managers Class and Exam: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Montgomery County Extension office, #1 Industrial Park Drive, Hillsboro, Ill.; ex-

tension.illinois.edu/ events/2020-02-27-certified-food-protection-managers-class-exam-hillsboro.

OGLE COUNTY Feb. 25 – Industrial Hemp: 1 to 4 p.m., Ogle County Extension office, 421 W. Pines Road. Oregon, Ill.; extension.illinois.edu/ events/2020-02-25-industrial-hemp-oregon.

PERRY COUNTY Feb. 17 – Livestock Quiz Bowl: 9 a.m. to noon, Bigham Farms, Old Consol Building, 1899 State Rt. 13/127, Pinckneyville, Ill.; extension.illinois.edu/ events /2020-02-17-livestockquiz-bowl. Feb. 17 – Youth Weather Workshop: 1 to 3 p.m., Bigham Shed, 1325 State Rt. 13, Pinckneyville, Ill.; web.extension.illinois.edu/registration /?RegistrationID=21713.

PIATT COUNTY Feb. 19 – Eating for Your Heart: 1:30 to 3 p.m., Blue Ridge Township Library, 101 W. Oliver St., Mansfield, Ill.; 217-877-6042; web.extension.illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21240. Feb. 27 – Eating for Your Heart: 6 to 7:30 p.m., Blue Ridge Township Library, 101 W. Oliver St., Mansfield, Ill.; 217-877-6042; extension.illinois.edu/events/2020-02-27eating-your-heart.

PIKE COUNTY Feb. 22 – Poultry Workshop: 2:30 p.m., Farm Bureau Hall, 1301 E. Washington, Pittsfield, Ill.; 217-285-5543; web.extension.illinois.edu/ registration/?RegistrationID=21770.

ROCK ISLAND COUNTY Feb. 22 – 4-H Academy: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Western Illinois University Moline, 3300 River Drive, Moline, Ill.; extension. illinois.edu/events/2020-0222-4-h-academy-feb-22-2020. Feb. 26 – Pesticide Safety Test Only: 10 a.m. to noon, Rock Island County Extension office, 321 W. Second Ave., Milan, Ill.; extension.illinois. edu/events/2020-02-26-pesticide-safety-test-only-february-26.



Feb. 25 – Grafting Workshop: 6 to 9 p.m., Sangamon County Extension office, 700 S. Airport Drive, Springfield, Ill.; 217-782-4617; extension. illinois.edu/events/2020-0225-grafting-workshop. Feb. 26-27 – 31st Annual Rural Community Economic Development Conference: 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. to noon Thursday, Abraham Lincoln Hotel, 701 E. Adams St., Springfield, Ill.; http://www.iira.org/ event-registration/?ee=49.

Feb. 25 – Pesticide Applicator Testing: 9 a.m. to noon, Shawnee Community College, 1150 E. Vienna St., Anna,, Ill.

STEPHENSON COUNTY Feb. 15 – Joys of Gardening 2020: 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Highland Community College Student Conference Center, 2998 W Pearl City Road, Freeport, Ill.; web.extension.illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21549. Feb. 18 – Private Applicator Test: 10 a.m. to noon, Highland Community College Student Conference Center, 2998 W Pearl City Road, Freeport, Ill.; web.extension.illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21246. Feb. 20 – Certified Livestock Manager Training: 9 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., Stephenson County Farm Bureau, 210 W. Spring St., Freeport, Ill.; web.extension.illinois. edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21230. Feb. 22 – Let’s Paint: 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., Jelly Art Studio, 6 E. Stephenson Street, Freeport, Ill.; extension.illinois.edu/events/2020-02-22lets-paint. Feb. 26 – U.S. Crop Market Outlook: 10 a.m. to noon, Highland Community College Student Conference Center, 2998 W Pearl City Road, Freeport, Ill.; 815-235-4125; extension.illinois.edu/ events/2020-02-26-us-cropmarket-outlook-0.

TAZEWELL COUNTY Feb. 19 – Embryology in the Classroom Session 1 Training: 4 to 5 p.m., Tazewell County Extension office, 1505 Valle Vista, Pekin, Ill.; extension.illinois.edu/sites/ default/files/registration_ packet_2020.pdf.

VERMILION COUNTY Feb. 20 – Positive Attitude – Keys for Embracing Aging Series: 10:30 a.m. to noon, Vermilion County Extension office, 3164 N. Vermilion, Danville, Ill.; web.extension.illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=19436.

WAYNE COUNTY Feb. 20 – Skywarn Storm Spotter Training: 6 to 8 p.m., Wayne County Bob Boyle’s Hall, Frontier Community College, 2 Frontier Drive, Fairfield, Ill.; www.weather.gov/pah/ spottertraining. Feb. 23 – Wayne County Rabbit Workshop: 2 p.m., Wayne County Extension office, 2 Frontier Drive, # B, Fairfield, Ill.; extension.illinois.edu/ events/2020-02-23-waynecounty-rabbit-workshop.

WHITESIDE COUNTY Feb. 15 – Blooming Petals Floral Arranging: 10 a.m. to noon, Whiteside County Extension Office, 12923 Lawrence Road, Sterling, Ill.; web.extension. illinois.edu/registration/ default.cfm?RegistrationID=21625.

WILL COUNTY Feb. 17 – Grow Your Own Microgreens and Baby Greens: 6 to 7 p.m., Will County Extension office, 100 Manhattan Road, Joliet, Ill.; web.extension.illinois. edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21606.

WINNEBAGO COUNTY Feb. 24 – Stateline Fruit and Vegetable Growers Conference: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Midway Village Museum, 6799 Guilford Road, Rockford, Ill.; extension.illinois.edu/ events/2020-02-24-stateline-fruit-vegetable-growers-conference.

WOODFORD COUNTY FFeb. 27 – Medical Identity Theft: 6 to 7 p.m., Filger Public Library, 261 E. Fifth St., Minonk, Ill.; 309-432-2929.

KANE COUNTY Feb. 18 – Think Spring! Sustainable Gardening: 6:30 to 8 p.m., Kane County Extension office, 535 S. Randall Road, St. Charles, Ill.; web.extension.illinois. edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21333. Feb. 22 – Native Plants and Natural Area Management Seminar: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Garfield Farm Museum, 3N016 Garfield Road, Campton Hills, Ill.; 630-5848485; info@garfieldfarm.org.

LAKE COUNTY Feb. 26 – Lake County 4-H Embryology Training: 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., Lake County Extension office, 100 S. Route 45, Grayslake, Ill.; extension. illinois.edu/events/2020-0226-lake-county-4-h-embryology-training.

LA SALLE COUNTY Feb. 18 – Agronomy Night: 6:30 to 8 p.m., Illinois Valley Community College, Room CTC 124, 815 N. Orlando Smith Road, Oglesby, Ill. Feb. 22 – Growing Together, Educational Spring Seminar: 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Illinois Valley Community College Peter Miller Technology Center, 815 N. Orlando Smith Road, Oglesby, Ill.; extension.illinois.edu/ events/2020-02-22-growing-together-educational-spring-seminar-offered-ivcc. Feb. 25 – Estate Planning for Agriculture: 7 p.m., La Salle County Extension office, 1689 N. 31st Road, Suite 2, Ottawa, Ill.; 815-433-0707; extension.illinois.edu/ events/2020-02-25-estate-planning-agriculture. Feb. 27 – Agricultural Mental Health and Stress Management: 7 p.m., Illinois Valley Community College, Room CTC 125, 815 N. Orlando Smith Road, Oglesby, Ill.; 815-875-2878.

KatoLight 85kw and 55kw PTO Generators. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Starting @ $4,495

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Feb. 21 – Private Applicator Test-only Sessions: 9 a.m. or 1 p.m., Livingston County Extension office, 1412 S. Locust St., Pontiac, Ill.; 815842-1776; web.extension.illinois.edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21107. Feb. 22 – Wee Naturalist: 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., Odell Public Library, 307 S. Madison St., Morrison, Ill.; 815-772-7323; extension. illinois.edu/events/2020-0222-wee-naturalist.

Bobcat S530 Skid Steer, 2 Speed, Full Factory Warranty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$27,995

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Feb. 22 – Gardening Insights: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Richland Community College Shilling Center, 1 College Park Drive, Decatur,, Ill.; extension.illinois.edu/events/2020-02-22gardening-insights.

MACOUPIN COUNTY Feb. 18 – Starting Seeds Indoors: 1:30 to 3 p.m., Macoupin County Extension office, #60 Carlinville Plaza, Carlinville, Ill.; web.extension.illinois. edu/registration/?RegistrationID=21539.


888-488-6728 1966 N. St Rt. 1 Watseka, IL 60970

www.agrinews-pubs.com | ILLINOIS AGRINEWS | Friday, February 14, 2020



Fall in love with dairy again By Monica Nyman

Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month may be on your mind this February, but Lactose Intolerance Month is also on the calendar. Do you love the taste of dairy foods, but occasionally feel discomfort after eating them? Lactose intolerance is a type of food sensitivity, not an allergy or disease. The condition arises from not having enough lactase or the enzyme that digests lactose, which is the natural sugar in milk and dairy foods. Health experts note that because dairy foods provide many nutrients needed for a healthy diet, you should not give up dairy all together. For those with lactose intolerance, there are variety of ways to enjoy the recommended three servings of dairy every day without the discomfort. Start with a small amount of milk daily and increase gradually until you find the amount that works with your tolerance level. Solid foods help slow digestion and allow the body more time to process lactose. Drink milk with meals, blend it with frozen fruit in a smoothie or add it to hot or cold cereal for a protein-packed breakfast. Natural cheeses contain minimal amounts — less than 1 gram — of lactose, due to the steps in cheese- making process, along with natural aging. Top sandwiches or whole grain crackers with slices of cheddar, colby, Monterey Jack, Gouda, provolone, or Swiss. Cheese pairs well with all food groups, and a 1 1/2ounce serving provides 30% of your daily calcium needs.

SPOON IT UP While yogurt contains lactose, it also has live and active cultures. This unique feature helps break down the lactose; making it easier to tolerate. Greek yogurt contains less lactose than traditional yogurt, due to the straining process used to create a thick texture. It also contains live and active cultures, helping to digest lactose. Try topping either type of yogurt with fresh fruit and a handful of granola for a tasty breakfast, snack or dessert. Lactose-free products such as milk, yogurt and ice cream are available in many local retail stores. These products contain the same nutrients found in conventional dairy products, like calcium, potassium and vitamin D, and have a great flavor — all without the lactose. Substitute lactose-free products in favorite recipes and at the dinner table. Monica Nyman is a registered dietitian and senior educator with St Louis District Dairy Council.

0% for 12 Months


Four facts about Lincoln By Terry and Kim Kovel

President Abraham Lincoln has been memorialized in many ways since his death in 1865, but there are things that few people remember today. 1. The president and his wife, Mary Todd, had four sons. Three died young. “Eddie” (Edward Baker) Lincoln, born in 1846, died at 3 years old in 1850. “Willie” (William Wallace) was born in 1850 and died in 1862 at the age of 11. Son Thomas, called “Tad,” was born in 1853 and died at 18 in 1871. But their firstborn son, Robert Todd, was born in 1843 and lived until 1926, passing at the age of 82. 2. President Lincoln was the tallest president. He was 6 feet, 4 inches tall. 3. Lincoln’s birthday is This 42-inch folk-art carving Feb. 12, 1809. of President Lincoln was 4. President Lincoln did made from a tree stump in not smoke and rarely the late 1800s. The sculpture drank alcohol. sold for $1,800 at an auction. Try some of President Lincoln’s favorite foods on President’s Day; one of ate it from the bottom. his favorites was apples. He held an apple with his © 2020 King Features thumb and forefinger, and Synd., Inc.

Creamy Tomato Basil Soup Servings: 2 INGREDIENTS 1 medium onion, chopped 1 tablespoon olive oil 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 (16-ounce) can of tomatoes (drained) 1pinch ground red pepper 1 tablespoon chopped fresh basil or 1 teaspoon dried basil 2 cups milk, lactose-free Salt to taste Fresh basil leaves for garnish, optional PROCEDURE In a medium saucepan, cook onion in olive oil over medium heat, stirring

frequently until golden brown or about 4 minutes. Add garlic and cook 1 minute longer. Add tomatoes and cook uncovered over medium heat for 10 minutes. Spoon 3/4 of mixture into food processor or blender container; puree until smooth. Return puree to saucepan. Add red pepper, basil and milk to the soup. Heat until hot but do not boil. Season to taste with salt. Divide soup into two bowls and serve. Garnish with fresh basil leaves, if desired. Nutrition Information — Made with fat free milk: 220 calories, 8 grams fat, 30% DV calcium.


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“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

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Business inside Annie’s Project names co-CEOs D5 GROWMARK’s award winners D8

FEBRUARY 14, 2020 | D1

St. Louis region’s inland port system No. 2 in tonnage ST. LOUIS — The latest data from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reveals the St. Louis regional ports moved from the third position into the second position for inland port total tonnage in the 2018 rankings. The port system handled 37.4 million tons of commodities over the course of the year, a 13.2% increase over the prior year. Just 1.1 million tons separated it from the top position, which the Port of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky held onto, despite a drop in its total

tonnage for the year. The rise in the rankings adds to the accolades for the St. Louis region, which continues to rank as the most efficient inland port district in the nation in terms of tons moved per river mile. During 2018, the St. Louis region’s barge industry handled more than 534,000 tons per mile along the 70 miles that make up the port system. The system also has the second highest concentration of port facilities per mile of all inland ports, contributing to growing

awareness of a 15-mile stretch of the Mississippi River that flows through southwestern Illinois and eastern Missouri at St. Louis known as the Ag Coast of America. “For you as a region to come up to No. 2 for total tonnage is a real accomplishment, but it’s not surprising as St. Louis has been gaining for a while,” said Ken Eriksen, senior vice president with IHS Markit, a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions for the major industries and markets that drive economies

Jeremy Lewis ~ Mitch Allen John Allen www.allentrucksales.com


source from the Mississippi River system, which is recognized for better soybeans with higher protein and better oil quality. “The St. Louis region has become a vital spot on the map from the grain per spec t ive,” E r i k sen said. Corn, soybeans and unclassified oilseeds were certainly among the commodities that contributed to the increased tonnage moving through the St. Louis area ports, but crude oil also was up significantly over 2017 as the United States became a net exporter of oil, and iron ore more than doubled, likely tied to the resumption of operations at U.S. Steel’s facility in Granite City, Illinois. SCF Marine Inc., which

worldwide. Eriksen noted there are several things contributing to the positive trends for the St. Louis region’s port system, among them the fact that there is only one set of locks between St. Louis and Asia, and that is the Panama Canal. He also highlighted the deeper draughts that allow for barges to be loaded heavy, rail access in the region from both sides of Mississippi River and the presence of six Class I railroads, the surplus supply of grain available and the available supply of corn that can come to the river all the way from Minneapolis. He added that there also is growing demand from Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand that want to

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DT 466, Automatic, 4 Door Crew Cab, 14,000# Front Axle And Suspension, Tilt Wheel, Cab Air, Suspension 2014 Chevrolet K3500 Reg. Cab Long Bed 4x4, LT Pkg., 6.6 Duramax, Allison, Full Pwr., Looking Diff., Trailering Pkg., Remote Start, 1 Owner, Fully Serviced, 75K Miles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $33,995! STK# 20040A

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provides integrated logistics and barge transportation services on the U.S. Inland Waterways, as well as in South America, and has operations in the St. Louis Port District, is seeing firsthand the impact of the growing volumes of commodities moving through the region. “The increased demand for transload capacity resulted in increased operational hours, demand for barges and labor needs,” said Tim Power, president of SCF Marine Inc. “Because St. Louis is an important intersection point for all Class I railroads, multiple interstate highways and the river transportation system, we are able to pull grain from surplus regions in the west and north, funneling grain to the river system via our ports.” The region’s commitment to investing in its freight network is key to accommodating continued growth in tonnage. “We know when we do not invest in infrastructure, nothing moves. When we do, it creates the opportunity for optionality,” Eriksen said. “Infrastructure is everything. It supports rolling and floating assets alike. We see more coming into the St. Louis area to take full advantage of the optionality here and get the most favorable price.” Mary Lamie, executive vice president of Multi Modal Enterprises at BiState Development and head of the St. Louis Reg iona l F reig ht way, noted that, based on their tracking, more than $1 billion in critical infrastructure projects are moving forward across the St. Louis region.

1991 Chevrolet Kodiak, 7.0 Liter Fuel Injected Gas, 5 & 2 Speed, Double Frame, 11x22.5 Tires, P/S, P/B, 50 Gal Fuel Tank, 33,000 GVW, 2300 Gallon Stainless Tank, 9K Actual miles, Immaculate . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$12,995

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U.S. pork exports record-large in 2019

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor recognizes Jeff Broin, the founder and CEO of POET Biofuels, as The American Biofuels Visionary.

American Biofuels Visionary award to POET’s Jeff Broin KEY BISCAYNE, Fla. — During the organization’s 11th annual Executive Leadership Conference, Grow th Energ y CEO Emily Skor honored Jeff Broin as The American Biofuels Visionary. Tom Buis, who previously served as CEO of Growth Energy, joined Skor on stage to present the special recognition, which was awarded in tribute to a lifetime of leadership that has fueled the growth of America’s entire biofuel sector. “Jeff Broin’s unwavering leadership and transformative vision for U.S. biofuels has touched the lives of every American, from farm families in South Dakota to New York motorists,” Skor said. “As founding chair of Growth Energy, he followed in the footsteps of other great American founding fathers, building an enduring legacy that will shape the future of homegrown energy for generations to come.” In addition to his work with Growth Energy, Broin is the founder and CEO of POET Biofuels, where he turned a humble family business into the world’s largest ethanol producer. His efforts have guided the industry’s most groundbreaking victories, from smashing the blend wall to capturing global markets. “I am honored and humbled to receive this thoughtful recognition from Growth Energy,” he said. “Helping to found and

grow this organization has been a true labor of love for me, going back to my roots on the family farm. “While we have won many battles, the war is far from over. I will continue to work with the biofuels industry and agriculture to drive biofuels to new heights in the years to come.” To commemorate those achievements, Broin was presented with a handcrafted box, which carries the image of Howard Chandler Christy’s 1940 painting, “Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States.” The iconic painting, which hangs in the U.S. House of Representatives, captures the optimism and courage of leaders like George Washington and Alexander Hamilton. “Our own founding father, Jeff Broin embodies that spirit, and I’m so proud to recognize his contributions to our industry with this award,” Skor said.

DENVER — U.S. pork exports posted new volume and value records in 2019, reaching nearly $7 billion, according to data released by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation. Exports of U.S. beef were below the previous year’s record levels, while lamb export volume was the second largest on record. Pork exports soared to 282,145 metric tons in December, up 34% yearover-year and surpassing the previous high, set in November 2019, by 9%. Export value was $760 million, up a remarkable 44% from a year ago and breaking the previous record, also from November 2019, by 7%. These results pushed 2019 exports 10% above the previous year in volume, at 2.67 million mt, and 9% higher in value, at $6.95 billion, breaking previous records for both volume, at 2.45 million mt in 2017, and value, at

$6.65 billion in 2014. Pork export value per head slaughtered was $66.70 in December, nearly one-third higher than a year ago and the highest monthly average since 2014. For 2019, per-head value averaged $53.51, up 4% year-overyear. The percentage of pork produc t ion ex por t ed also set new records in December, as exports accounted for 32.1% of total pork production and 29.3% for muscle cuts only, up substantially from a year ago, at 26.1% and 23.6%, respectively. In 2019, exports accounted for 26.9% of total pork production, up from 25.7% and the highest since 2012. For muscle cuts only, the ratio was 23.6%, up from 22.5% in 2018. “Despite retaliator y duties and the other barriers U.S. pork faces in China, exports to the China/Hong Kong region closed 2019 with tremendous momentum,” said Dan Halstrom, USMEF

President and CEO. “We look forward to continued success in 2020, especially if U.S.China trade relations continue to trend in a positive direction. The coronavirus situation is certainly concerning and disruptive, but it hasn’t dampened our enthusiasm for the potential this market holds for U.S. red meat.” December beef exports totaled 111,315 mt, down 1% from a year ago, valued at $682 million, down 3%. Exports in 2019 totaled 1.32 million mt, 2.5% below the previous year’s record volume. After increasing by more than $1 billion in 2018, beef export value eased by 3% to $8.1 billion. Beef export value per head of fed slaughter was $321.21 in December, down 9% from a year ago. The 2019 average was $309.75, down 4%. December exports accounted for 14.3% of total beef production and 11.6% for muscle cuts only, down from 15.5% and 12.6%, respectively, a year ago.

Exports in 2019 accounted for 14.1% of total beef production and 11.4% for muscle cuts, down from the previous year’s record-high percentages, at 14.6% and 12.1%, respectively. “It was gratifying to see beef exports to Japan perform so well in December, given that the first tariff rate cut was pending and set to take effect Jan. 1,” Halstrom said. “Buyers in Japan have been waiting a very long time for tariff relief and have already responded enthusiastically. We look forward to solid growth in 2020 and beyond.” December exports of U.S. lamb were 1,225 mt, up 9% from a year ago, while value jumped 24% to $2.36 million. For 2019, lamb export volume increased 22% from a year ago to 15,732 mt, valued at $26.1 million, up 12%. Led by strong demand in Mexico, export volume was the second highest on record behind 2011 and export value was the highest since 2014.


go radial. Offer February 1, 2020, through April 30, 2020.



U.S. On-Highway Diesel Fuel Prices Price per gallon Feb. 3: $2.956 Change from week ago: -0.054 Change from year ago: -0.01




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Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

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IPT Bull Sale kicks off Illinois Beef Expo SPR INGF IELD, Il l. — Commercial cow-calf producers and seedstock breeders interested in purchasing a total performance tested bull will want to attend the 2020 I l l i noi s P er for m a nc e Tested Bull Sale. The sale will be the leadoff event of the Illinois Beef Expo. There are 56 bulls cataloged with 24 being longer-aged 2018 mature bulls and 32 yearlings. A breakdown of the breeds includes 29 Angus, 19 Simmental and SimAngus and eight Polled Hereford. The sale is scheduled for 11 a.m. Feb. 20 and will be held in the Livestock Center on the Illinois State Fairgrounds in Springfield. The 2020 edition will be the 52nd annual sale

with 4,788 bulls valued at over $8.8 million sold at previous sales, according to Travis Meteer, IPT Bull Sale manager. The sale order will be based on a Power Score system that utilizes the economic indexes provided by the breed associations. The Power Score will be calculated on the “Percentile Rank” for these values. The economic indexes are $W and $B for Angus, API and TI for Simmental and BMI and CHB for Hereford. Along with strict requirements for superior EPDs, bulls must meet some of the most rigorous requirements in the industry. “These bulls don’t just have to pass the test — they

have to pass every test” Meteer said. All of the bulls must meet a stringent minimum scrotal circumference for their age. Mothers of the bull are required to test negative for Johne’s Disease or come from a Level 1 or higher herd of the Voluntary Johne’s Certification Program. Bulls also must be tested free for Bovine Viral Diarrhea using the Persistently Infected ear notch screening system. All senior and January yearlings must be fertility tested. All bulls meet weight, frame and functional soundness evaluations prior to the sale. The 2020 IPT Bull Sale offers some of the most elite bulls found anywhere

in the United States as verified by their Power Scores. Highlighting the 2020 sale will be several genetic powerhouse bulls that have light birth weight, high growth and carcass desirability. Proven breed-leaders, AI sires and legendary breed icons fill the pedigrees of the bulls. There are truly unique combinations of performance, pedigree and phenotype offered through the sale. The IPT Bull Sale catalog along with supporting information can be found online at www. IP T BullSale.com. T he website contains all the pedig ree in for mation, adjusted weights, Power Scores and EPDs on seven different traits and two

dollar value indexes. In addition, there is a list of registration numbers for all the bulls that allow prospective buyers to print a “Performance Pedigree” from the breed associations. The website also provides more complete information on how the “Power Score” is calculated, summary of the past 51 IPT Bull Sales. Online bidding will be offered through LiveAuctions.TV. All bulls will sell with genomic-enhanced EPDs, which increases the accuracy and reliability of the EPD values. Most all of this year’s consignors have consigned bulls to previous

sales and represent some of the elite seedstock suppliers in the state of Illinois and the Midwest. These bulls to sell on Feb. 20 are a direct result of generations of planned matings. The sale is supported by University of Illinois Extension, University of Illinois Animal Science Department, Illinois Angus Association, Illinois Sim ment a l A ssociat ion, Vita-Ferm, BoehringerIngleheim, Zoetis 50K and ABS. For more information on the sale or bulls consigned, contact Meteer at 217-430-7030 or email at wmeteer2@illinois.edu.

2020 Illinois Beef Expo Schedule of Events WEDNESDAY, FEB. 19 8 a.m. — Performance Tested Bull check-in, Barn 26 5 p.m. — I P T Bull Sale meeting, Lower Sale Ring

THURSDAY, FEB. 20 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. — Trade Show open, Barn 110 11 a.m. — I P T Bull Sale, Livestock Center, Upper Arena 1 to 3 p.m. — Angus Sale Cattle Check-in, Barn 26 2 p.m. — Hereford Sale Cattle Check-in, Barn 26

FRIDAY, FEB. 21 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. — Trade Show open, Barn 110

9 a.m. — Illinois Angus Futurity Show, Livestock Center, Upper Arena 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. — Junior Show check-in, Barn 26 12 p.m. — Sullivan Supply Stock Show U, Lower Sale Ring 2 p.m. — Illinois Angus Association Meeting, Lower Sale Ring 2:30 p.m. — Sullivan Supply/ Stock Show U Team Fitting Contest, Barn 18H 4:30 p.m. — Hereford Gala and Sale Cattle on Display, Livestock Center, Upper Arena 6 p.m. — Hereford Sale, Livestock Center, Upper

Arena 6 p.m. — Illinois Simmental Association Banquet, Artisans Building 6 p.m. — Illinois Angus Futurity Banquet, Northfield Inn & Suites

SATURDAY, FEB. 22 8 a.m. — Livestock Judging Contest Registration, Artisans Building 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. — Trade Show open, Barn 110 8:30 a.m. — Livestock Judging Contest, Covered Outdoor Arena 10 a.m. — Simmental Sale, Livestock Center, Upper Arena

11 a.m. — Midwest Shorthorn and AOB Spectacular Sale, Lower Sale Ring 11:30 a.m. — Junior Beef Skillathon, Artisans Building 12 p.m. — Illinois Angus Futurity Sale, Lower Sale Ring 1 p.m. — Junior Show Opening Ceremonies, Livestock Center, Upper Arena 1:30 p.m. — Junior Heifer Show begins, Livestock Center, Upper Arena

SUNDAY, FEB. 23 8 a.m. — Junior Heifer Show Resumes, Livestock Center, Upper Arena 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. — Trade Show open, Barn 110

Illinois Cattle Feeders Meeting March 6 in Dixon real meat versus alternative proteins. Walker will share facts and opinions on what this means for the future of the beef industry. A market update and outlook will be given by Patrick Linnell, CattleFax analyst. Linnell will give producers insight into current and future market dynamics. Register for this free program by visiting go.illinois. edu/cattlefeeders or email Meteer at wmeteer2@illinois.edu.


Installation of Livestock Fences. High Tensile - Woven wire Coated wire - Oil well pipe Board fence


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65th Illinois Angus Futurity Sale & Show Feb. 21-22, 2020 Held at the Illinois State Fairgrounds Springfield, IL Illinois’ Premier Angus Event, highlighting genetics from the most progressive programs throughout the state!

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Friday • February 21, 2020 Show: 9 a.m. – Upper Arena of Illinois State Fairgrounds Annual Meeting: 2 p.m. Held at the Lower Arena of the Illinois State Fairgrounds Social Hour: 5:30 p.m.• Annual Banquet: 6:30 p.m. – Social & Banquet held at the Northfield Inn and Suites, Springfield, IL Saturday • February 22, 2020 Sale Begins at Noon - At the Illinois State Fairgrounds - Lower Arena Sale Chairman: Lee Stremsterfer (217) 741-4029 Call (816) 532-0811 For Your Free Reference Sale Booklet

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DIXON, Ill. — Illinois cattlemen and cattlewomen will have the opportunity to hear from several experts at the 2020 Illinois Cattle Feeders Meeting. The meeting will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. March 6 at Sauk Valley Community College, 173 IL-2, Dixon. “This meeting is a must-attend for Illinois cattle producers. Firsthand access to this kind of knowledge in the cattle industry is rare,” said Travis Meteer, University of Illinois Extension beef educator. Speakers include Kent Bacus, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association director of international trade and market access, who will discuss tariffs, trade talks and where U.S. beef stands in major international markets. Dr. Jim Lowe, U of I Veterinary Medicine, will discuss lessons learned from African swine fever and how the beef industry can apply these lessons. Heading off potential problems before they occur will lend to profitability and sustainability. Josh McCann will share new research from the U of I concerning facility design. He will discuss rubber matting in slatted beef barns and bring a discussion about the latest management and benchmarks for indoor cattle feeding farms. Paul Walker, DI Walker Consulting, will talk about


When you’re feeding corn silage, you’re thinking about two things: 1. Fiber Digestibility 2. Starch Availability KingFisher corn has both. And to make it easy, KingFisher corn has FiberGest™, a fiber digestibility rating system based on TTNDFD to make hybrid selection easier. FiberGest™ rates hybrids on a scale of 1-to-10, with 5 as the industry average, so that you can tell at a glance which

KingFisher hybrid fits your feeding plan. SofStarch™ is our rating system for starch availability, based on 7-hour starch, that works the same way as FiberGest™. Pick an 8 or 9 for lactating cows and a 6 or 7 for heifers or dry cows.

It’s a simple idea that helps you make decisions so that, well, you can think about other things.

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D4 Friday, February 14, 2020

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Sen. Durbin discusses farm, rural issues Meeting with Illinois farm credit system representatives


National Sorghum Producers Chairman Dan Atkisson (left) and NSP Board Director Amy France present the Sorghum Congressional Award to Rep. Roger Marshall, R-Kansas.

Congressional Award to Marshall, Peterson WASHINGTON — During the annual National Sorghum Producers D.C. Fly-In, NSP producer leaders awarded both House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson, D-Minnesota, and Rep. Roger Marshall, R-Kansas, with the Sorghum Congressional Award for 2019 — the organization’s top honor presented to individuals who work diligently for the sorghum producers they represent and for achievements in creating and implementing farm policy that benefits sorghum farmers. The NSP board of directors recognized Peterson for his support and leadership crafting the 2018 farm bill that provided effective risk management tools, advances in conservation policy and continued support for sorghum ethanol production. “Chairman Peterson has been a true and devoted champion for U.S. agriculture,” said NSP Chairman Dan Atkisson, a sorghum producer from Stockton, Kansas. “His leadership through the 2018 farm bill provided certainty producers

needed during a trying time, and he has remained a steadfast voice of reason throughout his tenure on the House Agriculture Committee.” NSP also recognized Marshall for his representation of farmers in the U.S. Sorghum Belt. Marshall represents the first district of Kansas, the largest sorghum-producing state in the nation, and has advocated for sorghum producers through the Environmental Protection Agency approval of a sorghum oil pathway, Renewable Fuels Standard policies and working to find resolutions during the China tariff issue. “Congressman Marshall represents a large number of our grower members in Kansas and has been a powerful advocate for the Kansas Big First,” Atkisson said. “We appreciate his relentless efforts to be a champion for sorghum and the Kansas farmers he represents.” Past recipients of the Sorghum Congressional Award can be found at sorghumgrowers.com/recognition.

WA S H I N G T ON – U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, a member of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, met with Illinois representatives of the farm credit system. The group thanked Durbin for his support of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement and discussed the nationwide increase in farm bankruptcies, the importance of federal support for crop insurance during a tough 2019 crop year and the need for more infrastructure investments in rural communities. “Building a stronger future in rural Illinois starts with restoring economic certainty for Illinois farm families and expanding investments in rural


Sen. Dick Durbin (left) meets with representatives from Compeer Financial, who serve northern and west-central Illinois, and representatives from Farm Credit Illinois, who serve east-central and southern Illinois.

Illinois towns, like broad- sary to make these invest- eau Federation has reportband, transportation and ments in their future.” ed farm bankruptcies rose The American Farm Bur- almost 20% in 2019. health care,” said Durbin, D-Illinois. “Today I heard from important Illinois lending institutions that are helping farmers and other rural stakeholders obtain the financing neces-


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Annie’s Project names co-CEOs Brandt promotes five WOODLAWN, Ill. — Annie’s Project Education for Farm Women named joint CEOs for the APEFW leadership team, Karisha Devlin and Doris Mold. This new partnership approach brings together the strengths of two recognized leaders to expand the reach of APEFW, which has educated more than 14,000 women in agriculture since 2003. APEFW, based in Woodlawn with outreach across the United States, empowers farm and ranch women and growers to be better business partners through networks and by managing and organizing critical information. Devlin and Mold have a long history of working with women in agriculture. They will work closely with the APEFW Board of Directors, state coordinators and facilitators and director of administration on moving the organization forward. “We are looking forward to the next chapter of growth of Annie’s Project, which will benefit women farmers, ranchers and growers across the United States,” said APEF W Board President and Annie’s Project Founder Ruth Hambleton.



A native of Mississippi, she received a bachelor’s degree in animal science, as well as a master’s degree in agribusiness management from Mississippi State University and a doctorate in educational leadership from University of Missouri. Devlin is passionate about educating farm women and has been involved with Annie’s Project since 2004. She has served on the Annie’s Project National Leadership Team and later on the APEFW Board of Directors. Additionally, Devlin serves as the co-state coordinator for Annie’s Project in Missouri. Her dissertation “Meeting the Educational Needs of Farm Women: A Case Study of Annie’s Project,” evaluated the effectiveness of Annie’s Project in meeting the educational needs of Missouri, Iowa and Illinois farm women. KARISHA DEVLIN She is married to a fifth-genDevlin is a field specialist in agricultural business with eration row crop farmer and has University of Missouri Exten- two children who both want to farm one day. sion.

DORIS MOLD Mold is the president of Sunrise Agricultural Associates LLC, an agricultural consulting firm. She is an agricultural consultant, agricultural economist, educator and advocate, as well as a farm co-owner and operator. Mold’s consulting practice has included a broad range of work, including business and risk management, farm stress, coaching, evaluation, marketing, advocacy, leadership and organizational development. She teaches farm and agribusiness management at the University of Minnesota for MAST International. Mold served on the Annie’s Project Board of Directors for four years, as well as the American Agri-Women Executive Committee for six years and was president of AAW in 2016 and 2017. Mold has also been co-led of the Cultivating Resiliency for Women in Agriculture “farm stress” project and co-founded the Women’s Agricultural Leadership Conference, which is entering its 22nd year. In 2015, she served on an expert national Panel on Statistics on Women and Beginning Farmers for the USDA Census of Agriculture that recommended the new demographic questions for the 2017 Census of Agriculture, which resulted in an increase of nearly 27% in women producers.

to leadership positions

SPR INGF IELD, Il l. — Brandt, a leading agriculture retailer and manufacturer of specialty agriculture products, has promoted five managers to corporate leadership positions. T he promotions ref lect Brandt’s new holding company structure. Implemented on Jan. 1, the corporate structure enables the company to expand its leadership team and provide additional advancement opportunities within the organization. The five promotions represent leaders for the five customer-facing operating companies under Brandt Inc., the new holding company umbrella. Q John Allen has been promoted to vice president in the Brandt Agronomic Services LLC operating company. Allen is a 40-year employee who has worked his way up the management ladder after a distinguished career in the field. He was most recently retail sales manager. Q Brent Wallner has been promoted to vice president of Brandt Dealer Support LLC. A member of the Brandt team for 18 years, Wallner will be responsible for Brandt’s wholesale purchasing, industrial sales and customer service to retail customers.


Q Brian Haschemeyer will lead Brandt Discovery & Innovation LLC as a vice president. Promoted two years ago to director of Brandt’s Discovery and Innovation unit, Haschemeyer leads the global team responsible for Brandt’s formulations, quality control and new products. Q Ramon Georgis has been promoted to vice president of Brandt International LLC. Formerly director of international sales, Georgis will provide increased leadership and direction for Brandt’s international businesses. He is charged with building out a distinguished international team, where he has already advanced team members Russell Gardner and Pablo Merello to leadership positions. Q Mark Powell has been promoted to a new position: VP, Chief Development Officer. Formerly seed sales manager in the Brandt Retail division, Powell will work to find and fulfill opportunities to grow across the entire organization. Reporting to the CEO, Powell’s role will be to develop ideas that keep advancing Brandt no matter where he finds them around the world or across the company.

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15” Planter Seed Disc Opener Blade

Tungsten Seed Disc Scraper Kit

15” Planter Seed Disc Opener Blade

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Yetter Twister Poly Spike Closing Wheel Kit

Planter Gauge Wheel Tire

Yetter Twister Poly Spike Closing Wheel

Fits John Deere, Kinze & White Planters

Fits JD XP & XP Pro Planters.

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Kinze 1 Bushel Box Topper Fits Kinze 3000 Series, 1.9 Bu. Boxes, Molded Poly, Adds 1 Bushel, Adds 8-1/4” Height.

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D6 Friday, February 14, 2020

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What’s your opinion? Send correspondence to: Letters, Illinois AgriNews, 420 Second St., La Salle, IL 61301; or email: editorial@agrinews-pubs.com

Civility is on shaky ground

Rural Issues Cyndi YoungPuyear

Say “please,” “thank you” and “excuse me.” Make eye contact and listen. Wait your turn to speak. Stand to greet someone. Shake hands. Address adults as Mr., Mrs., or Miss. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Hold the door for

others. Wait until everyone is served before eating. Do not reach across the table. Do not talk with your mouth full. Ask to be excused before you leave the table. Some days I wonder if there is any civility remaining in the world in which we live today. You do remember civility, don’t you? Maybe we crossed the line in the privacy of our own homes, but formal politeness and courtesy in behavior and speech was expected of us in a public setting and we expected it of others. Elected officials, especially those at a state and national level, were held to a higher standard of formality. Although the citizenry often disagreed with them, the offices they held were highly respected. “Just call me Mike,” said the man sitting across the studio table from me last week. “No, I’m sorry, I can’t do that,” I said. “You are the lieutenant governor for the state of Missouri, and I hold that office in high regard.” He was Mike for years before he became a state legislator and then lieutenant governor. I do think he’s a great guy, but even if I didn’t, I would still respect his office. Presidents John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon both appeared on non-news television programs back in their day — JFK chatting it up with Jack Paar on “The Tonight Show” and Nixon with a brief cameo appearance on the then-popular “Laugh In” where he deadpanned “Sock it to me.” Although lighthearted appearances, the formality of the office of president was not lost on the audience. I remember clearly the 1992 “Arsenio Hall Show” in which President Bill Clinton donned wraparound dark sunglasses and a loud yellow tie, played “Heartbreak Hotel” on the saxophone and joked with the show’s host. It was a pivotal moment in how many people would view not only President Clinton, but those presidents who would come after him. President Barack Obama was a regular guest on numerous entertainment programs. He danced, he talked about his relationship with the first lady and cracked jokes with talk show hosts while holding the highest office in our country. You can blame television, social media and video games for the wavering of civility in this country, but the truth is, we’ve quickly accepted — even welcomed — this move toward a more relaxed atmosphere surrounding the elected leaders of our state and nation. As those in elected office have been encouraged to be more casual and relatable and “the kind of guy you want to go have a beer with,” we’ve lost something important that we may never get back. I’m disappointed that the leader of my country chose a social media platform to randomly “tweet” important announcements, as well as opinions and insults. But the recent public lack of civility and the great disrespect for the Office of the President of the United States by the Speaker of the House when she tore up her copy of the State of the Union address left me shaken.

Going green is about getting green One thing Big Ag has gotten very good at over the last two decades is fighting what it sees as the “green” invasion of do-good outsiders into American farming and ranching. You know who I’m talking about; these Farm & Food tie-dyed, righteous interFile lopers of Eastern Elites and Left Coast Libs Alan Guebert riding impossibly white unicorns into battle in defense of climate change, natural resources, governmental environmental rules and — warning: hum loudly if you don’t want to hear this one — over-population. For the most part, however, Big Ag’s powerful lobbying arms have grabbed these environmental anarchists and tossed them and their Birkenstocks aside. This is especially so since the beginning of the deregulation-driven Trump administration. Gone or made toothless is the Waters of the U.S. rule, the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act and the Paris Climate Agreement. While most farmers and ranchers cheered these deregulatory actions, upstream food and fiber users were busy identifying, buying, packaging and retailing clothing, food and beverages that mostly younger, more affluent customers saw as “green” or “sustainable,” or “regenerative.” In short, they were demanding — and getting — through their purchasing power the exact opposite of what U.S.

farmers and ranchers and their commodity lobbying groups were actively fighting against. In late January, Tyson Foods Inc. joined the fight on the side of its customers by announcing it would help form and fund, according the to Wall Street Journal, “a worldwide coalition of protein producers, academics and environmental and human-rights groups to work together on social and environmental issues.” Wring the PR from that sentence and what Tyson hopes to do is take on animal agriculture’s biggest problems — an enormous greenhouse gas footprint, increasing water pollution, an at-best spotty record on animal rights and worker rights — so it can tell its customers, “We care about the same things as you do, so buy Tyson protein.” And Tyson has a lot of protein to sell. Each week the big-shouldered butcher, according to 2018 data, slaughters 37 million chickens, 408,000 hogs and 133,000 head of cattle in 50 U.S. facilities. Little wonder then that a new Tyson heir, 29-year-old John R. Tyson, returned to the family business — after acquiring a MBA from Stanford University — as the company’s new chief sustainability officer. He knows that in the long run, an environmentally greener Tyson means a profitably greener Tyson, too. Tyson isn’t the only major food company to see green. Last November, Maple Leaf Foods, Canada’s leading animal and plant protein purveyor, announced it was the “first major food company in the world to be carbon neutral.” It did so as a way to “acknowledge … the urgent

need for transformative change” in “the global food system.” A big part of the change, explained Sylvain Charlebois, writing in the Nov. 28, 2019, Manitoba Co-operator, is that in today’s hyper-competitive, global marketplace, “everything in on the table.” And, added the professor of food distribution and policy at Nova Scotia’s Dalhousie University, Maple Leaf Foods is “becoming a completely different company” in order to “adapt to a wider variety of customer situations” it now faces due to environmental challenges. Players in other industries are feeling the same urgent environmental concerns as their customers. It’s been widely reported that Nestle SA intends to cut its use of oil-based plastic by one-third. Microsoft Corp. recently said it intends to cut its carbon emissions to zero. Curiously, however, as these customer-driven, globe-spanning giants move into greener pastures, American farmers and ranchers are openly celebrating — what almost certainly will be — their short-lived, rule-tossing victories that will make rural America and what it grows less green and less customer friendly. Worse, in today’s world of perverse politics, these farmers and ranchers — and their powerful allies in Congress and the White House — believe they are winning the day for themselves when, in fact, they’re losing the future for all who follow. Farm & Food File is published weekly through the U.S. and Canada. Source material and contact information are posted at www.farmandfoodfile.com.

A promising harvest for agricultural trade By Scott VanderWal

Those improvements didn’t happen America’s farmers and ranchers are by accident, either. eager to turn over a new leaf on the This deal is testatrade front. From the recent signing of ment to our strong the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement grassroots efforts and groundbreaking Phase 1 trade deal working across the with China to the U.S.-Japan Trade ag community and Agreement last fall, the Trump adminiswith Congress and tration is answering the call to expand the Trump administrade opportunities for U.S. agriculture. tration. VanderWal And there’s no question that we are And while it may not eager to get back to business in the be perfect, we came global marketplace. out with a deal that not only protected Of course, farmers and ranchers will agriculture’s gains from NAFTA, but will need to see results before they celebrate. also increase our ag exports to Canada But those results will happen only if we and Mexico by $2 billion. negotiate and sign trade deals to pave The Phase 1 deal with China promises the way for increased trade. even greater returns, more than double The trade war has taken its toll on our what China’s ag purchases were before farm and ranch land and rural commuthe trade war. This is a tall order — and nities, and restoration of our markets far better than we could have hoped for cannot come soon enough. when this trade war began nearly two While we all pray for Mother Nature years ago. to be kinder this year, farmers and When President Donald Trump came ranchers across the country are ready to our recent annual convention in not only to return to full steam in proAustin, Texas, he expressed his confiduction, but also begin to explore opdence in America’s farmers and ranchers portunities for meeting the demand of to meet the increased demand of an expanding markets. anticipated $80 billion in ag purchases With USMCA ratified by the United from China over the next two years. I States and Mexico, we have only to wait think we can all agree that we are more for the Canadian parliament to approve than up to that challenge. the deal, as well, before it can go into full A question we’ve been asked is effect. whether these amazing increases in agIt’s no secret that the idea of reopening ricultural exports to China are realistic. North American Free Trade Agreement Will they actually happen? gave us some heartburn in the ag comWe are heartened by the adminismunity, but we have come out on the tration’s assurance their work isn’t other side with a stronger, modern agree- done. The deal will be monitored to ment that has created a framework for ensure that China lives up to its comother ag trade deals. mitments.

Although we have passed some significant mile markers this month, the race to expand U.S. agriculture’s global market share is far from over. We are urging the administration to build on this momentum and complete a full trade agreement with China to secure fair and free trade there once and for all. We will also be keeping a close watch on progress with European Union trade talks to bring balance to ag trade and remove the continent’s non-scientific barriers to our ag products, and we anticipate the upcoming talks with the United Kingdom can expand an already strong market for our farm exports. The remaining hurdles are real, and it will take time to rebuild our markets once these new deals go into effect. But the accomplishments we are celebrating this month are proof that these challenges can be overcome. Time and again, America’s farmers and ranchers have risen to the challenge of competing in new markets. Our ag exports have traditionally enjoyed a surplus, not by chance, but because of the sterling reputation of American-grown food, fuel and fiber. Thanks to these new trade deals, we can continue to lead the way in growing the highest quality, and most sustainable, ag products in the world. Scott VanderWal is a third-generation corn and soybean farmer and cattle feeder from Volga, South Dakota. He is the president of South Dakota Farm Bureau and vice president of American Farm Bureau.

Cyndi Young-Puyear is farm director and operations manager for Brownfield Network. Opinions expressed by AgriNews columnists appearing here or elsewhere in the paper are intended to provide readers a variety of views and do not necessarily represent the views of AgriNews Publications.



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Risk management programs for hemp growers Pilot insurance plan offered

now, and the deadline to sign up for both programs is March 16. “We are pleased to offer these coverages to hemp producers. Hemp offers new economic opportunities for our farmers, and they are anxious for a way to protect their product in the event of a natural disaster,” said Farm Production and Conservation Undersecretary Bill Northey.

WA S H I N G T O N — The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced the availability of two programs that protect hemp producers’ crops from natural disasters. A pilot hemp insurance program through MultiPeril Crop Insurance provides coverage against loss of yield because of insurable causes of loss for hemp grown for fiber, grain or cannabidiol oil. The Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program coverage protects against losses associated with lower yields, destroyed crops or prevented planting where no permanent federal crop insurance program is available. Producers may apply

MULTI-PERIL CROP INSURANCE PILOT INSURANCE PROGRAM The MPCI pilot insurance is a new crop insurance option for hemp producers in select counties of 21 states for the 2020 crop year. The program is available for eligible producers in certain counties in Alabama, California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana,

Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Minnesot a, Montana, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin. Information on eligible counties is accessible through the USDA Risk Management Agency’s Actuarial Information Browser. Among other requirements, to be eligible for the pilot program, a hemp producer must have at least one year of history producing the crop and have a contract for the sale of the insured hemp. In addition, the minimum acreage requirement is five acres for CBD and 20 acres for grain and fiber. Hemp will not qualify for replant payments or prevented plant payments

grown for fiber, grain, seed or CBD for the 2020 crop year where no permanent federal crop insurance program is available. NAP basic 50/55 coverage is available at 55% of the average market price for crop losses that exceed 50% of expected production. Buy-up coverage is available in some cases. The 2018 farm bill allows for buy-up levels of NAP coverage from 50% to 65% of expected production in 5% increments, at 100% of the average market price. Premiums apply for buyup coverage. For all coverage levels, the NAP service fee is $325 per crop or $825 per NONINSURED CROP producer per county, not DISASTER ASSISTANCE to exceed $1,950 for a proPROGRAM NAP provides cover- ducer with farming interage against loss for hemp ests in multiple counties. under MPCI. This pilot insurance coverage is available to hemp growers in addition to revenue protection for hemp offered under the WholeFarm Revenue Protection plan of insurance. Also, beginning with the 2021 crop year, hemp will be insurable under the Nursery crop insurance program and the Nursery Value Select pilot crop insurance program. Under both nursery programs, hemp will be insurable if grown in containers and in accordance with federal regulations, any applicable state or tribal laws and terms of the crop insurance policy.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS Under a regulation authorized by the 2018 farm bill and issued in October 2019, all growers must have a license to grow hemp and must comply with applicable state, tribal or federal regulations or operate under a state or university research pilot, as authorized by the 2014 farm bill. Producers must report hemp acreage to FSA after planting to comply with federal and state law enforcement. The farm bill defines hemp as containing 0.3% or less tetrahydrocannabinol on a dryweight basis. Hemp having THC above the federal statutory compliance level of 0.3% is an uninsurable or ineligible cause of loss and will result in the hemp production being ineligible for production history purposes.

USDA casts vision for scientific initiatives through 2025 WASHINGTON — U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue applauded the publication of the USDA Science Blueprint, which will serve as the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s vision for and continued commitment to scientific research. “USDA’s agricultural research is vital to helping our farmers, ranchers,

producers and foresters increase efficiency and productivity, and our science agencies play an integral role in setting forth new visions for innovation through their work,” Perdue said. “As the department strives to anticipate and meet the future needs of our customers, the USDA Science Blueprint will serve as a

Market data FOR WEEK ENDING FEBRUARY 7, 2020

Futures Prices This Last This week week Chg. week CATTLE HOGS FEB 20 121.32 121.37 -0.05 FEB 20 57.10 APR 20 119.80 119.67 0.13 APR 20 66.25 JUN 20 111.27 111.57 -0.30 MAY 20 74.85 AUG 20 109.87 109.77 0.10 JUN 20 81.55 OCT 20 113.10 112.82 0.28 JUL 20 82.45 DEC 20 117.60 117.02 0.58 AUG 20 81.45

Last week Chg. 57.12 61.60 70.02 76.85 78.12 77.85

-0.02 4.65 4.83 4.70 4.33 3.60

MILK CLASS III FEB 20 17.06 MAR 20 17.42 APR 20 17.50 MAY 20 17.45 JUN 20 17.54 JUL 20 17.76

17.14 17.75 17.57 17.45 17.52 17.72

-0.08 -0.33 -0.07 0.00 0.02 0.04

22 20 12 18 34 22

SOYBEANS MAR 20 8820 MAY 20 8950 JUL 20 9080 AUG 20 9124 SEP 20 9132 NOV 20 9184

8724 8866 9004 9054 9064 9122

96 84 76 70 68 62

CHICAGO WHEAT MAR 20 5586 5536 50 MAY 20 5566 5524 42 JUL 20 5570 5524 46 SEP 20 5624 5590 34 DEC 20 5710 5680 30 MAR 21 5790 5754 36

K.C. WHEAT MAR 20 4724 MAY 20 4784 JUL 20 4852 SEP 20 4932 DEC 20 5046 MAR 21 5156

4654 4724 4800 4886 5002 5110

70 60 52 46 44 46

BRENT CRUDE OIL APR 20 54.47 56.62 -2.15 MAY 20 54.80 56.42 -1.62 JUN 20 55.16 56.24 -1.08 JUL 20 55.26 55.98 -0.72 AUG 20 55.37 55.79 -0.42 SEP 20 55.42 55.61 -0.19


1.350 1.366 1.382 1.382 1.382 1.382

-0.010 -0.006 -0.007 -0.007 -0.007 -0.007

FEEDER CATTLE MAR 20 135.20 APR 20 137.50 MAY 20 139.57 AUG 20 147.87 SEP 20 149.47 OCT 20 150.35

136.07 -0.87 137.52 -0.02 139.70 -0.13 146.87 1.00 148.60 0.87 149.60 0.75

CORN MAR 20 3834 3812 MAY 20 3884 3864 JUL 20 3922 3910 SEP 20 3894 3876 DEC 20 3940 3906 MAR 21 4026 4004

1.340 1.360 1.375 1.375 1.375 1.375

Stocks of Agricultural Interest

This Last 52-wk week week high


45.71 66.85 16.97 54.08 42.17

This Last 52-wk week week high

44.76 47.20 Corteva 31.04 28.92 32.78 70.14 81.39 Dupont 52.55 51.18 83.72 16.90 20.98 Deere 167.45 158.58 180.48 52.43 59.65 FMC 105.14 95.59 108.77 40.28 55.15 Mosaic 20.25 19.84 33.91

Export Inspections (MIL BU.) This Year Cumulative Cumulative Cml. week ago this year year ago % diff. WHEAT 413.984 443.265 16639.73 14827.601 12.22 CORN 562.380 912.191 10724.37 22496.268 -52.33 SOYBEANS 1355.627 1092.842 26594.75 21577.745 23.25

Livestock Summary % diff. This Last Year week year week week ago ago ago Hog Slaughter-est 11000 HD 2691 2703 2511 -0.44 7.17 Cattle slaughter-est 1000 HD 631 640 625 -1.41 0.96 MEAT PRICES This week Last week Change Pork Cutout Bellies Loins Hams Yld Gr 3 Choice Beef Select Beef 5-Mkt Fed Cattle Live 5-Mkt Fed Cattle Carcass

65.29 70.82 -5.53 87.01 97.17 -10.16 64.60 69.89 -5.29 53.47 59.42 -5.95 210.61 213.34 -2.73 204.85 210.90 -6.05 120.83 122.07 -1.24 192.91 194.47 -1.56

OKLAHOMA CITY This week Last week Change FEEDER STEER Low High Low High Low High 4-5 Wt Mf 1’S 5-6 Wt Mf 1’S 6-7 Wt Mf 1’S 7-8 Wt Mf 1’S 8-10 Wt Mf 1’S

154.00 135.00 131.00 124.00 121.00

190.00 151.75 185.00 135.00 162.50 135.00 152.00 131.50 144.25 115.00

199.00 2.25 -9.00 171.50 0.00 13.50 147.75 -4.00 14.75 145.00 -7.50 7.00 141.00 6.00 3.25

CASH HOGS, PRACTICAL TOP, LIVE PRICE This week Last week Change Interior Illinois





51.19 52.53 -1.34

roadmap to guide our scientific collaboration over the next five years across the department and with our partnering research organizations.” T he USDA Science Blueprint provides a foundation for focused leadership and direction in advancing USDA’s scientific mission through 2025. It lays out five overarch-

USDA National Grain Market Review Compared to last week, cash bids for wheat and corn were mixed; sorghum was steady and soybeans were higher. For the week ending Jan. 30, corn export sales for 2019-2020 increased 49.1 million bushels, soybean exports sales increased 25.9 million bushels, and wheat export sales increased 12.4 million bushels. Ethanol production for the week ending Jan. 31 reported an increase of 52,000 barrels per day to 1.081 million barrels a day. Ethanol stocks decreased .77 million barrels at 23.5 million barrels. Wheat was 4 cents lower to 5 cents higher. Corn was 3 1/4 cents lower to 4 3/4 cents higher. Sorghum was unchanged. Soybeans were 4 3/4 cents to 17 3/4 cents higher.

CORN Kansas City US No 2 rail White Corn was 2 1/2 to 3 1/4 cents lower from 4.01-4.06 3/4 per bushel. Kansas City US No 2 truck Yellow Corn was 1/4 cent lower to 4 3/4 cents higher from 3.89 1/43.94 1/4 per bushel. Omaha US No 2 Yellow Corn was steady to 1 cent lower from 3.75-3.82 per bushel. Chicago US No 2 Yellow Corn was 1 3/4 cents higher from 3.93 1/4-3.95 1/4 per bushel. Toledo US No 2 rail Yellow corn was 1/4 cent lower to 1 3/4 cents higher from 3.99 1/4-4.02 1/4 per bushel. Minneapolis US No 2 Yellow corn rail was 1/4 cent lower at 3.49 1/4 per bushel.

OILSEEDS Minneapolis Yellow truck soybeans were 4 3/4 cents higher at 8.39 per bushel. Illinois Processors US No 1 Yellow truck soybeans were 4 3/4 to 7 3/4 cents higher from 8.81-8.96 per bushel. Kansas City US No 2 Yellow truck soybeans were 9 3/4 to 17 3/4 cents higher from 8.71-8.86 per bushel. Illinois 48 percent soybean meal, processor rail bid was 3.30 lower from 288.20-290.20 per bushel. Central Illinois Crude Soybean oil processor bid was 0.61 to 1.11 points higher from 31.24-31.49 per cwt.

WHEAT Kansas City US No 1 Hard Red Winter, ordinary protein rail bid was 3 1/4 cents lower from 5.47 3/4-5.57 3/4 per bushel. St. Louis truck US No 2 Soft Red Winter terminal bid was 4 cents lower at 6.21 per bushel. Minneapolis and Duluth US No 1 Dark Northern Spring, 14.0 to 14.5 percent protein rail, was 4 cents lower at 6.67 1/2 per bushel. Portland US Soft White wheat rail was steady to 5 cents higher from 6.20-6.35 per bushel.

SORGHUM US No 2 yellow truck, Kansas City was steady from 6.15-6.24 per cwt. Texas High Plains US No 2 yellow sorghum (prices paid or bid to the farmer, fob elevator) was steady from 6.32-6.68 per cwt.

OATS US 2 or Better oats, rail bid to arrive at Minneapolis 20 day was 3/4 cent lower to 2 1/4 cents higher from 3.29 3/4-3.54 3/4 per bushel.

Futures Prices compiled by faculty and staff of the Ag Economics Department at the University of Missouri from information obtained from USDA, United Producers and Dow Jones. Grain Market Review from USDA Dept of Ag Market News, St. Joseph, Missouri.

ing themes for research, education and economics, each with established objectives, strategies and evidence-building measures: n Sustainable Ag Intensification. n Ag Climate Adaptation. n Food and Nutrition Translation. n Value-Added Innovations. n Ag Science Policy

Leadership. “USDA has a long history of putting its scientific discoveries and knowledge into practice,” said Scott Hutchins, who leads USDA’s Research, Education and Economics mission area. “By prioritizing our research initiatives around these themes, it will enable us to best conduct

critical, long-term, broadscale science and spur innovation throughout our nation’s agricultural enterprise, natural resource base and food systems. We are committed to putting science to work for the American public. We will always strive for scientific excellence and integrity in support of America’s agriculture.”

Hone your marketing skills A strong ardential election gument can years. Since be made that 1928, when January 2020 was January is up in the most bearish an election year, start to a new the year is up year and new 100% of the time decade in history with an average for the commodS&P 500 return ity markets. of 16.6%, accordCommodity Consider that ing to Bank of Insight the CRB index, America.” weighted to The weakness Jerry Welch with stocks and grains and livestock, fell to a commodities to four-month low, and the start 2020 is generally atGoldman Sachs comtributed to the spread of modity index slipped to a coronavirus from China five-month low. to the United States and Individual markets other parts of the world. such as copper, crude Investors, traders and oil, cattle and soybean agriculture producers prices fell to five-month were caught off guard lowd. Hog prices hit a in the middle of January 12-month low. Most other and a tsunami of selling commodities also showed unfolded that caused unusual weakness in paper and hard assets to January, a rare phenomdo a nosedive. ena. Of course, it is still too By any measurement, soon to predict the final January was one of the outcome of the virus, but most bearish starts to a the markets did what the new year and new decade markets always do: Shoot ever seen. first and ask questions However, stocks as later. measured by the Dow Many on Wall Street Jones also stumbled tout the first trading day in January, also a rare of the year, or the first scenario. On the final month of the year, as a session of the month, the harbinger for what lies Dow fell a few ticks shy ahead. For years, Wall of 600 points. The loss Street has proclaimed, wiped out the gains seen “as January goes, so goes since the first of the year the rest of the year.” with the Dow now in the They may be right red by 1%. because since the huge More damning and loss on the final day of telling are the following January, stocks as meacomments from CNBC sured by the Dow Jones News with a headline have rallied quite dramatthat blared, “Friday’s ically to a new all-time massive sell-off ruins high. ‘January barometer’ marCommodity values ket signal.” also have bounced Here are a few observa- higher in the first week tions from the CNBC arof February. Such gains ticle that need to be read in February suggest the and read carefully: weakness flashed on the final day of January was n “Going back to 1950, a head fake and nothing when the S&P 500 was more. positive in January, 86% of the time, the full year But here is my spin on turned out to be up, acwhat may unfold in the cording to Stock Trader’s period ahead for stocks Almanac.” and the U.S. ag markets, grains and livestock. Of n “The track record course, I may change my is even better in presi-

mind as the year unfolds in light of “events,” and the main event on the lips of investors, traders and ag-producers is the coronavirus and how it will impact the markets. It seems as if the virus is being well contained, which suggests it will have a minimal impact on the markets. But it is way too premature to make such a bold prediction. Stocks: I have little desire to be long either stocks or bonds. Both markets are historically pricey. My work shows here is more downside risk than upside potential from current levels. Time will tell. Livestock: The upside leader in the world of the U.S. ag markets should be livestock. In fact, in my twice a day newsletter, Commodity Insite, I have stated repeatedly that 2020 will be “The Year of the Livestock Markets.” I am comfortable with that forecast. Grains: In 2019, 15 million to 20 million acres of farmland were not planted due to wet and cold conditions at planting time. In 2020, the odds are great those acres will make their way back into production which will, with normal weather conditions, keep grain prices on the defensive into early spring, or longer. To those who do produce grain, I suggest hone your marketing skills. The key to success in agriculture is marketing, pure and simple. Here in 2020, when those 15 million to 20 million acres come back into production — and they will — marketing skills will need to be razor sharp. And all ag producers should watch the weather carefully as, I still fear greatly, “climate change” issues move forward.

Kunkler to manage ASA biotech, crop protection efforts WASHINGTON — The American Soybean Association announced Kyle Kunkler will join ASA’s policy team Feb. 20 as director of government affairs, with a focus on the biotech and crop protection portfolio. This comes as part of ASA’s strategic realignment of establishing an independent office in Washington and restructuring the government affairs team. Kunkler spent three

years with Biotechnology Innovation Organization managing federal government affairs on food, agriculture, energy and environmental policy. Previously, he served on the legislative teams for Reps. Dan Newhouse and Cathy McMorris Rodgers, both Republicans from Washington state, as well as with the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. “Kyle is a great addi-

tion to our team, bringing expertise in agriculture and policy, a can-do attitude and eagerness to serve ASA in an advocacy capacity,” said ASA Executive Director of Government Affairs Christy Seyfert. Kunkler is a native of eastern Washington state, where his mother’s family farms potatoes and onions. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political economy from the College of Idaho.

D8 Friday, February 14, 2020

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GROWMARK award winners FS companies recognized for excellence BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — GROWMARK recognized several award winners at its 2020 Cooperative Leadership Conference. MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE AWARD In 2019, GROWMARK introduced a new award to recognize the top financially performing members and retail divisions. The Management Excellence Award is a combined measure of operating expense efficiency and system support. Lucknow District Cooperative Inc., based out of Lucknow, Ontario, took home the first-place award. Lucknow District Co-operative is led by President David Gibson and Manager Allan Scott. The other four Management Excellence Award winners include: n Second Place — Christian County Farmers Supply Company, Taylorville, Illinois: President Rob Woods and General Manager Mark Bauman. n Third Place — Gateway FS Inc., Red Bud, Illinois: President Dennis Neuhaus and General Manager Carl Tebbe. n Fourth Place — New Century FS, Grinnell, Iowa: President Kevin Herink and General Manager Jake Jacobs. n Fifth Place — Heritage FS Inc., Gilman, Illinois: President Gary Boehrnsen and General Manager Mark Weilbacher. “The management teams of our FS cooperatives use sound business practices to maintain strength and vital-

ity in the marketplace,” said Mike Turner, vice president of Midwest Operations. PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT AWARD GROWMARK also announced the top five FS Supply member cooperatives achieving the highest rate of improvement in return on invested capital over the past five years, 2015 to 2019. North Wellington Cooperative Services Inc., based out of Harriston, Ontario, took home the first-place Performance Improvement Award. North Wellington Co-operative Services is led by President Tim Summers and Manager Kelly Boyle. The other four Performance Improvement Award winners include: n Second Place — Heritage FS, Gilman, Illinois: President Gary Boehrnsen and General Manager Mark Weilbacher. n Third Place — Piatt County Service Co., Monticello, Illinois: President Bill Olson and General Manager Kory Kraus. n Fourth Place — St. Clair Service Co., Belleville, Illinois: President Matt Myers and General Manager Jim Milleville. n Fifth Place — M & M Service Co., Carlinville, Illinois: President Dan White and General Manager Brad Klaus. “In the face of an ever-changing environment, our members and their talented employees continually nurture and grow ideas to help their farmerowners and other customers,” said Brent Ericson, senior vice president of member business.

2006 GEHL CTL70 Cab, Pilot Controls, Good Tracks, Aux Hyds, Good Older Track Machine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $14,500

2002 CASE IH MX 270 CAH, Cummins Dsl, Power Shift, 3Pt, PTO, Low Hours, Very Nice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $64,500

1996 JOHN DEERE 9400 Local Trade, CAH, Hydro, Chopper, Chaff Spreader, 24.5x32 Tires, Bin Extension, JD Inspection Done, Will Need Some Minor Repairs As Most Combines Do, Inspection Form Available For Review . $12,500

2014 JOHN DEERE 6170R CAH, 16x16, Power Quad, 2WD, 3Pt, PTO, 1000 Hrs, Immaculate!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $79,500

2013 BOBCAT T650 CAH, Dual Controls, Aux Hyds, Bucket & Forks, 1800 Hrs. . . . . . . . . . . $27,500

WALINGA 614 DELUXE GRAIN VAC 1000 PTO, Lots of Hoses, Pipes and Attachments, Excellent Condition! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $9,450

2003 VERMEER TG525 Elevated Cab, Grapple, Rear Conveyor, 3406 CAT Dsl., Outriggers, Triple Axle Chassis, w/New Tires, Needs Repair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $24,500

CASE IH 415 CULTIMULCHER 28’, Solid Wheels, Hyd Fold, Like New . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $24,500

2005 CASE IH 2388 Cummins Dsl, Hydro, Chopper, 3100/1900 Hrs, Very Sharp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $64,500

2004 GMC TOPKICK C4500 BUCKET TRUCK 8.1 L Gas, Allison Auto, Versalift 29’ Platform Height Lift, Pony Motor Hydraulic Pump, Utility Bed, Good Tires & Working Condition $9,450

1979 NEW IDEA 708 1979 UNI 708 Cab, Perkins Dsl, Ac, Heat, Hydro, 4X4, 839 Husking Bed, 6504 Narrow Row Corn Head, Wide Elevator, One Owner, Low Hours $10,500

CASE IH 496 DISC 24’, Excellent Paint and Very Good Blades . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $9,450

1989 CASE IH 1660 Cummins Dsl, Hydro, Chopper, 4200 Hrs, w/1063 Corn Head & 1020 Platform PKG DEAL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $12,500

2005 JOHN DEERE 9760 STS CAH, Hydro, Rotor, Chopper, High Rate Unload, Standard Bin Extension, Duals, Field Ready, Many Years Of JD Records Available . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $36,500

2002 STERLING ACTERRA CAT Diesel, 6 Spd, Air Brakes, Enclosed Service Body, Maintainer 3220 Crane, Air Compressor, Rear Vise, Torch Reels, Good Older Service Truck . . . . .$9,500

1987 CASE IH 9130 Cummins Dsl,, Power Shift, Row Crop Special, 3 PT, Pto, 4 Remotes 7200 HRS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $29,500

2001 CAT 85E CAH, Power Shift, 4 Remotes, PTO, Ag Drawbar, 6800 Hrs. . . . . . . . . $48,500

2017 LEON 425V VERTICAL BEATER SPREADER PTO, HYD Push, Like New . . $29,500

MASSEY FERGUSON 2745 CAH, V8 Diesel, Partial Powershift, 3pt, PTO, Low Hours . . . . . . . . . . . . $8,500

IH 500 3 PT, No Till Bean Planter, End Transport, No Till Cutters, Custom Design, Call For Info. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,450

JOHN DEERE 6000 Hi Boy, CAH, Diesel, Fenders, X Fold Rear Boom, Very Nice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $14,500

2009 JOHN DEERE 9630 CAH, Power Shift, 4 Remotes, Drawbar, 710/42 Tires, Very Nice . . . . . $87,500

1999 VERMEER BC2000XL CHIPPER Cummins Dsl, New Knifes and Belts, Tandem Axle, Grapple, Hyd Jack, Pintle Hitch, Work Ready. . . . . . . . . $27,500

JOHN DEERE 7200 16-30, Conservation Front Fold, Excellent Paint & Condition, Yetter Combo NoTill Trash Whippers, MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE . . . . . . . . . . . . $19,500

2007 NEW HOLLAND EH45 OROPS, Rubber Tracks, 24 Bucket, Good Condition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $18,500

Financing Available Through

835 Sherrill Rd. Minooka, IL 60447 779-875-9044 smithmach55@gmail.com smithmach55.com

2007 STERLING LT9500 w/2007 Cottrell 53’ Car Hauler: Mercedes-Benz MBE400 Dsl, Fuller 10 Spd, Air Ride, 252” WB, Headache Rack, 8’6 Wide Car Hauler, 45,000 GVW, Work Ready . . . . . . . . . . . $14,500

Quality Used Equipment of All Types

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