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SOCIETY MARBELLA chats with the former Miss Hungary, Korinna Kocsis about her latest venture, Look Your Best

Hi Korinna, welcome to Marbella. Tell us a little about yourself. I was born on May 24th 1991 in Hungary. I am a model and ex beauty queen and have just set up a fitness and lifestyle studio in Puerto Banús. When did you first come here? The first time was four years ago, when I came to relax in Marbella as a gift after winning the Miss Hungary title. Since then, I’ve been here so many times, I cannot even count. I simply love to be here, it’s like my second home.  What brings you to Marbella? Actually, we were looking for a place which is not too far by plane from Budapest, where my fiancé and I live, but where we could enjoy sun all year round and feel the sea breeze and Marbella is the perfect place. How much time do you spend here? As much as I can - if I have the time and the opportunity I’m here! For example, this year I spent the whole summer in Marbella.  When you are not in Marbella, what are you doing and where? I work as a photographic and catwalk model in Europe. I travel a lot for work, mostly in Milan and Paris and hope to work in Barcelona soon. Where do you live when you are here? Since we have set up Look Your Best we live in the Puerto Banús area which is a


very exciting part of the Costa del Sol. We love it as it’s close to the seaside, El Corte Inglés, good restaurants, shops and, last but not least, plenty of golf courses. Where are your favourite Marbella restaurants? I really like to cook and eat, especially pasta and seafood. In my opinion the small seaside chiringuitos are the best, but I like the Italian cuisine from Picasso and Da Bruno too. Spicy Thai foods are among my favourites too, so I am always trying out new places.   What’s your idea of a good night out in Marbella? For me the best evening is to have great food in a nice restaurant, take a walk and sit in a charming bar. Where do you go to relax? I love to go to the seaside and play golf.  There are beautiful golf courses in Marbella. If I want to chill out and relax I walk down to the beach. Tell us a little about your new venture Look Your Best. Look Your Best is a new, exclusive fitness and lifestyle studio which offers fast, targeted, effective personal training. It combines muscular stimulation technology (EMS), a bespoke 20 minute workout and nutritional advice for maximum results. Because it activates 90 per cent of the muscles, just one session is equivalent to 90-120 minutes in the gym, so it saves

time, reduces impact on joints and activates muscles; ‘Less time, high efficiency’ is our slogan. What’s your top tip to Look Your Best? Have a good breakfast, exercise regularly via some activity such as jogging or golf, drink lots of water and go to the Look Your Best Fitness & Lifestyle Studio once or twice a week.   Do you have any celebrity in Marbella experiences you can share with us? I took part in the Global Gift Gala at the beginning of August where I met one of my favourite actresses, Eva Longoria. I really enjoyed spending time with her and her friends during the gala and after party.   

For more information about Look Your Best visit

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Getting back into shape after summer

WE ASKED DORA LASZTOVICZA, STUDIO MANAGER AND PERSONAL TRAINER AT THE LOOK YOUR BEST MARBELLA, FOR A FEW TIPS ON HOW TO BOUNCE BACK FROM ALL THE GREAT FOOD, DELICIOUS COCKTAILS, ICE COLD BEERS AND SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE WE ENJOYED OVER SUMMER – RETURNING TO FIGHTING FIT SHAPE AND RIDDING OURSELVES OF THOSE EXTRA KILOGRAMS. Dora and her team have just set up a new, exclusive fitness and lifestyle studio in Puerto Banús which offers “fast, targeted, effective personal training”. It combines muscular stimulation technology (EMS), a bespoke 20-minute workout and nutritional advice for maximum results. Because it activates 90 per cent of the muscles, just one session is equivalent to 90-120 minutes in the gym, so it saves time, reduces impact on joints and activates muscles. There are many effective and easy ways to maintain your fitness level and health, but the most important are: • Eat right – We recommend eating small nutritionally rich meals throughout the day because it balances the blood sugar levels and stops you feeling hungry. When choosing what to have, eat fresh, natural, unprocessed foods as much as possible and stay away from fast food. Simple changes such as reducing portion sizes, switching from white to whole grains and losing the carbs for your evening meal can make a surprising difference.



• Do more exercise – I recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise, four or more times a week, including: walking, running, swimming, cycling, the gym and, of course, EMS training. Try to incorporate exercise into your day to help you stick to it. • Drink a lot of water to keep your body hydrated – the recommended amount is around two litres of fluid per day and more in the heat. Try to aim for three litres and you’ll feel great and your skin will thank you! Sleep more – Try to get eight uninterrupted hours of sleep each night… your body repairs itself when you sleep, so you’ll look and feel much better. For more information on nutrition and exercise, and to try out this “revolutionary fitness technique”, visit to book a trial session. Hungarian beauty queen Korinna Kocsis (pictured with the EMS equipment) is the face of the studio.


Performance Look Your Best introduces EMS Technology to Puerto Banús, a HighTech Training Method for better health, improved quality of life and surprising results


ook Your Best fitness and lifestyle studio opened in Puerto Banús in August to bring a highly effective personalized training method, which uses smart technology to deliver the best results, to the Costa del Sol. This exclusive studio, which is situated close to El Corte Inglés offers fast, targeted, effective personal training. It combines muscular stimulation technology (EMS), a gentle and bespoke 20- minute workout and nutritional advice for maximum results. Just one 20-minute session is equivalent to 90 to 120 minutes in the gym, so it saves time, reduces impact on joints, activates muscles and makes clients feel great. Research shows that this training is significantly more effective than a conventional fitness workout, because the impulse stimulation, combined with exercise, activates 90 per cent of muscles. Without straining tendons or joints, amazing results can be achieved no matter what the age, fitness level or health of the individual. EMS technology can be tailored to the goals of the individual, such as to burn calories and lose weight, reduce cellulite or improve endurance and strength for peak sporting performance. Studies have also shown that it is an effective way to combat back pain, help people to recover from injury, treat incontinence and it has even been used to help cardiac patients regenerate muscle and significantly improve their wellbeing and quality of life. Look Your Best has brought together a combination of this cutting edge technology, highly qualified trainers and an exclusive environment to help people achieve their goals, safely and with maximum privacy. WHAT IS EMS? EMS is a method of stimulating muscles using light and painless electric impulses. It has been in development for over 100 years for the rehabilitation of patients after injury and illness to allow


muscle building with limited movement. This was later applied to professional sports to allow elite athletes to improve their performance and now it has been combined with personal training and effective exercises for the best results to date. How does it work? It replicates the natural principal of our central nervous system, sending electrical impulses to control our muscle action and applies it to training for fitness and health. Electrodes, in a comfortable and easy to use body suit, activate more than 300 muscles simultaneously, including the hard to reach deep muscle layer, which protects our skeleton and improves stability. Whilst this is happening a personal trainer guides you through low-impact exercises for highly effective training results in a short time. The trainer controls each muscle group and the intensity of training according to individual goals. It is very effective, as 90 per cent of the muscles are activated simultaneously and the muscle contractions are more intense than can be achieved through exercise alone. The agonist and antagonist muscles work simultaneously and deeper muscle groups are stimulated.

Look Your Best is located in Calle Ramon Areces, Marina Banús, Edificio III Local 3, Puerto Banús and offers 25€ trial sessions for the launch period. For bookings or more information please visit:

THIS REVOLUTIONARY FITNESS EQUIPMENT: improve posture * Saves time by allowing all muscles to work simultaneously * Firms and tones skin and reduces cellulite through improved blood * Achieves optimal body fat through circulation strengthening, burning calories and fat removal * Relieves back pain by strengthening the spinal column * Activates and builds muscles using strategically placed electrodes combined with effective exercise * Minimizes impact on joints by stimulating the muscles directly * Balances out the muscular system by working weaker areas to rebal* Offers an anti-aging, fitness and lifestyle concept for men and women ance and strengthen the body and


Personal Experiences OF EMS TRAINING By Georgina Shaw


am a 33 year old Mum of two-year old Lucas, I enjoy working out but never manage to find the time or the long term motivation. My aim when I started training at Look Your Best was to find a way to quickly lose my “wobbly bits”, without losing weight and try to find something which can incorporate into our very busy schedule.

The idea appealed to me, as it’s just a short 20 minute session, but because of the EMS technology, you can work 90% of your muscles at once and therefore get the equivalent results of 120 minutes in the gym! It can also target problem areas such as your tummy as the muscles are working harder for longer. It also strengthens your back, which I worry about as my toddler gets heavier and heavier.

How the training works

At the start of training they give you a comprehensive body test with their clever In Body machine which tells you your BMI, muscle mass, percentage of body fat, hydration and more. This is used to set goals and showed that I needed to put on 4.1kg of muscle, but lose 1.7kg of fat.

The normal training session consists of enjoying an isotonic drink, then being given cycle shorts and a long sleeved t-shirt and socks to work out in. You are then helped into the special suits which look a bit Lara Croft (in my mind anyway) to start the workout. It’s thanks to this clever equipment that you can get such great results in such a short time, as the suit contains electrodes in all the right places to make your muscles work really hard throughout, so if you’re doing a squat, the suit is also working your arms, tummy, back etc. The EMS feels like a strong pulse or tickle, which you can really feel working but isn’t uncomfortable. The session includes muscle building, cardio and then stretching and relaxation – a lot to pack in over 20 minutes. This is a proper workout with a personal trainer, but those pulses really make you work a lot harder and achieve better results and the interval training nature of the class means you achieve a lot in a short amount of time. Having the personal trainer there checking you’re doing the movements properly and motivating you to keep up the intensity is really valu-

able and definitely helps us to get the most out of the session. Following a shower in their spacious and pristine changing rooms, you are given a protein shake and can relax on their sofas. We’re so busy that we haven’t been able to do the recommended 2 sessions per week. However the results are amazing, after 5 sessions split over 3 weeks I achieved: * An increase in muscle mass from 20.5kg to 21.9kg * A decrease in body fat from 14.4kg to 12.8kg * A decrease in percentage body fat from 27.3% to 23.9% That was with a lower frequency than recommended and no change to eating or activity habits – amazing! To try EMS training at Look Your Best, book their special trial for 25€, or to really see the results the Triple Trial Training for 99€ is highly recommended.

d 45 minutes for your first session an for ur ho 1 st lea at lf takes 20 minutes, TOP TIP - Leave ugh the workout itse ho alt as suit ns, ssio se t subsequen get changed, get the your isotonic drink, ed ve ed ha ne to e ch tim mu a ed you ne the end for set up, plus time at on and the machine ke. gthening protein sha shower and a stren


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Look Your Best (Marbella)

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