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GUIDEBOOK 2, 3, 4, 5, & 9-10 NOVEMBER 2013 STUDIOS OPEN 10am - 5pm SOCIAL MEDIA #dmros13

Welcome to our second year of DMROS! This year we are delighted to introduce five more talented artists to the program, along with many of those you met last year.


open studios 2013

As you wend your way round the leafy streets, roads and lanes of the countryside coloured by the changing hues and patterns of its early summer dress, you will understand why so many artists are drawn to live and work in this region. Living close to nature offers them a calming timeless environment and constant cornucopia of inspiration for their work. The influence of the ever-changing landscape is reflected for posterity in their paintings, mixed media, sculpture, printmaking, jewellery, ceramics and other expressions of their art. The marriage of their creativity with the sights and sensations of the broader Macedon Ranges Daylesford region awaits you in their studios in the tiny hamlets of Basalt and Yandoit between Daylesford and Ballarat, through Daylesford, Hepburn Springs, Musk, Wheatsheaf, Glen Lyon, Lyonville, Trentham, Woodend, Mt Macedon, Gisborne, Kyneton, Lauriston and Malmsbury. Make sure you call in also at the DMROS Hub in St Paul’s Church Hall, Kyneton to preview a piece of the individual artist’s work, have a coffee in

the Community Room or at a Piper Street cafe, pick up a map, check the times of artist demonstrations and ask us any other questions. This year we are having a live social broadcast with our social media partners Yum Studio. That means you will be able to read previews, tag photos, share your finds and your recommendations online. Our program is constantly evolving. Earlier this year we formed a partnership with the Woodend Winter Arts Festival to present a Visual Arts Forum during its June season: Watch out for details of further supporting programs and plans for an exciting new wearable art dimension coming up next year.

Come visit the inner sanctums of creativity during our open days, experience the region and maybe take away a little expression of DMROS art.



Daylesford & Macedon Ranges

We are forever grateful for the support of our Patron, Peter Clemenger for his wisdom and ideas. We value the support of Tourism Victoria and all our other sponsors.

Open Studios Artists are listed alphabetically by surname * All Artist Studios are open 10am -5pm during Open Studios unless otherwise stated. All other times by appointment only or hours set by studio. Free entry to all studios. Galleries, Cafes and Restaurants are listed at the end of this booklet as places to visit while exploring the region


Anthony Clarke, Brad Hooper, Lydia Kirk, Sue Walker Colleen Weste, Larissa Wolf-Tasker CREATIVE PRODUCER

Jill Rivers 4

0418 389 189


open studios 2013

Guidebook Design & Website Design & Maps Robin Archer Filming Ivor Bowen Media & Marketing Jill Rivers, Larissa Wolf-Tasker

Curatorial Panel

Mary Lou Jelbart

Frances Lindsay AM

Patron Peter Clemenger AM

Karen Woodbury

Group Exhibition The best way to start your DMROS experience is to visit the Group Exhibition at The Hub - St Paul’s Anglican Church Hall. It showcases artwork from each of our 35 participating artists in one of the region’s beautifully restored heritage buildings. LOCATION

St. Paul’s Anglican Church Hall 26 Yaldwyn Street, Kyneton or enter through St. Paul’s Park in Piper Street OPEN 10AM - 5PM

Sat 2 to Tues 5 November & Sat 9 to Sun 10 November Entry by gold coin donation ARTWORK

Artists’ work will be on display and available for purchase throughout the program. TOUR MAPS AND GUIDE INFORMATION

Maps and studio information will be available from the Group Hub throughout the program. 5

This project is made possible by the generous support of Tourism Victoria. We are grateful to the NGV for their support in distributing our guidebooks to its members to Visit Victoria Information Centres throughout the region.

Social Media Broadcast This year we are having a live social broadcast with our social media partners Yum Studio. That means you will be able to read previews, tag photos, share your finds and recommendations online. Join the live broadcast at #dmros13. Use the hashtag to find us on twitter, google+, facebook, vimeo and flickr. Live blog #dmros13 Facebook DaylesfordMacedonRangesOpenStudios Twitter @OpenStudiosDMR Google+ YumStudio Thanks to Yum Studio for their expertise in broadcasting the highlights of the program near and far.

Daylesford & Macedon Ranges


Daylesford | Hepburn Springs Creswick | Clunes | Trentham

Food & Wine | Mineral Springs Spa and Wellbeing| Events


open studios 2013

Ph: 1800 454 891 98 Vincent St Daylesford

Hepburn Springs Swiss and Italian Festa 2013 A vibrant celebration of heritage, culture and lifestyle. A five day event that is a feast of music, food, wine, art and sport.

Hepburn Springs and Surrounds Wednesday October 30 - Sunday November 3


4 October 2013 - 26 January 2013 Friday to Sunday, 11am - 4pm

An Iron in the Fire features an amazing array of irons of all shapes and sizes. Irons on loan from Victorian members of The Australian Iron Collectors Association will be featured together with irons from the museum collection. On your travels spend some time exploring the Kyneton Museum! P: 03 5422 1228 67 Piper Street, Kyneton


Now that you’re enjoying visiting all our fantastic artists in the Macedon Ranges, why not like us on Facebook? You can be kept up to date with everything that is going on in our vibrant arts community including heritage events, festivals, exhibitions and studio openings. Find us at For more information on what we do visit:

Daylesford & Macedon Ranges

Macedon Ranges Arts & Culture

Marian Alexopoulos PAINTER


I feel most at home with mixed media and abstraction. I love to work intuitively, exploring the elemental nature of such materials as ink, watercolour, pastel, acrylic and collage, with the creative stimulus of resolving the mystery they hold. I also draw upon the natural world for inspiration and insight.


P: 03 5426 1449 M: 0418 884 281 121 Forbes Road, Macedon

open studios 2013

Liz Archer PAINTER


My Fascination with the history and art of Chinese and Japanese culture was evoked when I saw a performance of a Chinese Opera as a young adolescent. It is the inspiration for my repertoire of appropriated symbolic motifs - a dialogue between popular culture of the past and a contemporary concept of transcultural identity.

P: 03 5348 4008 M: 0400 350 077 35 Fourteenth Street, Hepburn Springs

Bronwyn Bain PAINTER


The landscape is part of an integrated continuum of life, and speaks to me through the touch of a rock, the breeze on my face and the warmth of the sun on my back. I work in Fresco, an ancient technique, which has an ethereal quality, demanding the respect of the artist from the beginning. 2pm Fresco demonstrations each day P: 03 5424 1085 M: 0412 357 776 37 Market Street, Trentham


Daylesford & Macedon Ranges



My work improvises from the forms, organising principles, surface qualities and colouration of the natural materials of our country. I try to find a balance between controlled composition and intuitive freedom of expression. I draw in charcoal, then paint and print in oil-based media.

P: 03 5423 2429 M: 0438 508 953 19 Ross Street, Malmsbury



I am fascinated by the power and beauty of the natural world we all inhabit; and the condition of human beings in that world. This leads to strong feelings about the beauty around us as well as our material world where human injustice can create the alienation, fear, illness and poverty of the spirit through inequality.


P: 03 5348 4663 M: 0459 090 060 2 Apple Tree Lane, Musk

open studios 2013

Bridget Bodenham CERAMICIST


I make objects that can be used such as pestle and mortars, funnels, spoons and paddles, strainers and tableware. I also make a range of fine porcelain jewellery including rings, neckpieces, earrings, brooches and bangles. I try to create beautiful objects to use and hold and hope they excite the imagination.

P: 0434 030 931 90 Ajax Road, Hepburn Springs Open 3, 4, 5, 6 November only

David Bryant PAINTER


I have been exploring watercolour for the last few years, sometimes in very large formats. I enjoy its combination of the deliberate and the accidental. Your brushstrokes are usually permanent and there is the unpredictable way the pigments run together. Often it is about what you don’t paint, allowing the white of the paper to portray the highlights. P: 03 5424 1148 22 High Street, Trentham (opposite The Cosmopolitan Hotel)


Daylesford & Macedon Ranges

Daniel Butterworth PAINTER


I paint oil on paper predominately using myself as the subject to convey opinions and feelings.

P: 03 5422 7237 53 Hill Drive, Kyneton



My formal art education was at the East Sydney Technical College (National Art School) in ceramics and painting. My exhibitions in Sydney and Melbourne have drawn on my responses to my immediate landscape, from harbour jetties to bushfire-scarred plateaus to the wonderful rockscapes of Central Victoria. My immediate environment drives my expression.


P: 03 5427 1718 M. 0417 361 241 6 Royston Road, Woodend

open studios 2013



I use the lost wax process to create small cast glass objects, inspired by natural objects such as seedpods; and man-made tools collected from the local market. I also create small textured panels to reflect landscape forms; and flat parcels drawn from reconfigured blown pieces, where colour floats throughout.

M: 0427 773 351 3 Burrall Street, Daylesford



I first discovered printmaking in 2006 shortly after I arrived in Australia from Ireland. I find my loose sketchy line works well with dry point etching. I also fell in love with Australian birdlife and birds have become my main theme. To keep me busy I also play with clay a bit, draw a lot and make wire bird sculptures.

M: 0452 339 323 449 Basalt Road, Basalt


Daylesford & Macedon Ranges

Lawrence Finn PRINTMAKER


I have been printing and making prints for 25 years. I have work in the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery NSW and other major collections. I trained at the National Art School. I established the HipCat Printery last year (specializing in print workshops and master printing). I primarily work in woodengraving, linoblock & Letterpress.

M: 0412 659 838 HipCat Printery, 345 Lauriston Reservoir Road, Kyneton



My studio is a place of solitude where I unleash my creativity and explore new ideas, drawing inspiration from nature and my experience being part of it. I’m interested in observing the seemingly ordinary mechanics of a day in our natural world and capturing a moment in time by bringing it into focus through my line work. My aim is to celebrate the beauty in our world and its effect on us.


P: 03 5422 1710 M: 0423 630 783 249 Honeysuckle Road, Lauriston

open studios 2013



...within the ordinariness of life, there’s humour. I focus on the ordinary, as it’s pretty extraordinary sometimes. My work is about simple daily occurrences - images and text. I use recycled cardboard, polystyrene and found objects to print, draw and sculpt.

P: 03 5348 2596 M: 0401 257 909 7 Stanbridge Street, Daylesford



I develop my ideas through drawing in pen and ink in a journal. From these I develop larger works on paper, canvas or in clay. My work engages in storytelling through the exploration of mythic figures. I am inspired by the natural elements of the Wombat Forest and the animals and birds that live here.

P: 03 5348 7657 55 Whitegum Drive, Wheatsheaf


Daylesford & Macedon Ranges

Frances Harkin GOLD & SILVER SMITH


I am inspired by organic forms and like to transform them from natural objects into pieces made from silver, gold and copper, as well as shibuchi (Japanese Alloy). I am intrigued by the potential of natural forms to be hand worked into unique jewellery original, timeless pieces.

M: 0425 766 799 End Bowen Street, Trentham (on dirt road)



I paint in acrylics and make prints. My work is often landscape based and I am particularly interested in exploring the abstract qualities inherent in landscape - composition, a sense of movement and colour relationships. The journey, that is to say the process of painting, making discoveries and allowing “happy accidents� to happen, is the reason I make art.


P: 03 5348 3296 M: 0417 566 590 66 East Street, Daylesford

open studios 2013



As a professional artist often working in public art, supported by an extensive experimental studio practice, my artworks seek a resonance with the subliminal experience of shared living together on this mysterious continent. Complex patterns of multi-sensorial, spatial and temporal experience can be manifest in these ways to help shape our journey towards becoming Australian. P: 03 5425 5581 M: 0409 235 977 1203 Metcalfe Road, Kyneton



I first came to Australia from Wales in 1984, to undertake postgraduate studies and sculpture at the VCA Melbourne. I moved to the Macedon Ranges because of my love for this landscape. I work predominantly as a sculptor and printmaker in a range of mediums - drawing is central to my work. I’m inspired by landscape, history, literature, popular culture, art history, and dreams. P: 03 5427 0561 M: 0417 587 278 73-77 Colwells Road, Newham


Daylesford & Macedon Ranges

George Lianos SCULPTOR

My work ranges from figurative and stylized to graphic and geometric. It plays on relationships of space and light. The materials I use, bronze, steel, cast marble and others, attract me because of their own beauty and inherent qualities. I love simplicity and grace, and my aim is to create from each sculpture, a sense of internal peace. P: 03 5423 2155 M: 0407 943 675 Magpie Gully - 14 Cameron Street, Malmsbury


John Lloyd PAINTER


My work is abstract landscape with a specific interest in colour and mood. Most of it is created from my imagination. My paintings follow two distinct themes – both muted and tranquil, minimal renderings of country scenery, or bright and cheerfully irreverent patchworked pieces where multi-coloured hillsides are scattered with understated trees and fence lines sometimes convey a sense of vastness and isolation.


P: 03 5422 7053 M:0421 875 747 48 Piper Street, Kyneton

open studios 2013



The inspiration for my work comes from personal experiences. I work in watercolour resist techniques, ceramic sculpture and mixed media including installation. My themes arrive after a variety of exploration, which determines the medium I choose at the time of making.

P: 03 5422 3534 Trio Art Studio & Gallery, 98 Trio Road, Kyneton

Maggie Millar PAINTER


Since I came late to making art, I have some catching up to do! Therefore my work ranges over a wide variety: landscapes, portraits, cats, imaginary scenes and abstracts; realistic and non-realistic in various media and combinations thereof; plus an adventurous use of colour, a surprising juxtaposition of images, a powerful imagination and an abiding sense of the mysterious.

P: 03 5422 7097 M: 0435 398 860 15 Wedge Court, Kyneton Bushland Resort, Kyneton


Daylesford & Macedon Ranges



My sculptures come from a more narrative and personal format from the farm, animals, nature and landscape. My jewellery or wearable art is more intuitive: abstract layering, arranging materials, found objects, combining colour, texture and forms. My body becomes the gallery to show the work off.

M: 0423 593122 1203 Metcalfe Road, Kyneton

Ashika Ostapkowicz SCULPTOR


My inspiration comes from nature, and therefore the stones themselves. They rest like sleeping giants on our land - sometimes for months, sometimes longer than a year. I look at them day or night, sun or moonlight, until the vision comes to me. I tread very gently when I carve, often leaving the lichen and moss as it was there before me. The message in my work is always connected to the fragility and uncompromising power of nature, so closely connected to our human existence and continuity. 20

open studios 2013

Padma Ostapkowicz PAINTER

I experience the process of creating art as an adventure into uncharted territory that is a multi-dimensional journey, encompassing chaos, much joy and exhilaration. Creating art is my meditation as it heightens self-awareness, sharpens intention and opens the mind. I have been a passionate artist for over 40 years and have enjoyed a continuous flow of inspiration, shared internationally and now locally with the Macedon Ranges community. Ashika and Padma P: 03 5422 3322 Embrace Art Studio - 126 Three Chain Road, Carlsruhe


Louise Otten PAINTER


My works are influenced by symbolism, mythology and nature. I work mainly with acrylics on canvas; and I do a lot of drawing life drawing and studies for my paintings. I love painting portraits and during the last four years have entered major prizes such as the Archibald and Doug Moran, resulting in selection for The Hidden Faces of the Archibald in 2011 and 2012.

P: 03 5424 1373 Pandora Ponds Gallery & Studio, 230 Blackwood Road, Trentham


Daylesford & Macedon Ranges

Russell Petherbridge SCULPTOR

Working in steel, stainless, silver and gold, my range is many and varied - from garden sculpture and corporate installations, to pot belly stoves and jewellery. All work is handmade in Yandoit.

P: 03 5476 4315 110 Steele’s Road, Yandoit




For many years my work has focused on the relationships of people with each other and their environments. My people are schematic, reflective and contemplative, blending in their surrounds. A recent move to regional Victoria has introduced space, light, historic stonewalls, and kangaroos, to my people. My roos are solid and curios, my people transparent and layered, of different times and perspectives.


P: 03 5348 5679 121 Frith Mill Road, Lyonville (end dirt road, approx 400 m)

open studios 2013

Anthony Vanderzweep SCULPTOR


I have developed a preference for sculpting animals. Their natural grace and athleticism make them an easy subject for me. Rather than just producing a study of nature, I seek to accentuate in a sculpture an animal’s strength or charm, often choosing to elongate limbs or exaggerate the body volume, for the purpose of making a work of art, of beauty, that will be valued for life.

P: 03 5428 4587 63 Hamilton Street, Gisborne (enter from Stephen Street)

Dee Waterhouse PAINTER


I am a contemporary painter working in the landscape genre. Inspiration is derived from both the urban and rural environments. My work is semi-abstract, conceptual: my technique includes acrylic paint, collage and mixed media on canvas. My current series is about the on-going dialogue between architecture and nature: an imaginative interpretation of a built environment integrated with the natural world. P: 03 5348 7585 M: 0427 843 890 234 Holcombe Road, Glenlyon


Daylesford & Macedon Ranges



I am attracted to the physical fluidity of wearable art; Silk moves and adapts to the human form. Just as in nature observing colours and textures I experience a sense of harmony, so I aim for balance in colour and shape inspired by my bush environment. Shibori resist dyed textiles are very organic in character which gives the fabrics their special beauty.

P: 03 5426 3322 M: 0419 009 030 Waterfalls Studio - 175 Waterfalls Rd, Mt Macedon

Rose Wilson PAINTER


I paint both portraiture and landscape. Although they are completely different genres using different mediums, both styles ultimately tell a story. Stylised landscapes with their linear gums are covered with etched graffiti; the story in my portraits is behind the face. I am very tactile with both styles, the landscapes are moulded with a palette knife and the portraits are created with my hands.


P: 03 5424 8026 385 James Lane, Fernhill

open studios 2013

Allan Wolf-Tasker PAINTER


The studio …a place of light and colour, optimism and determined activity. The urge to “make stuff” has always been present for me. The medium however has been varied; currently paint, pastels and ink. What an indulgence it is to be able to assemble an evolving commentary on life and the landscape that surrounds me.

P: 0418 506 784 Lake House - 4 King Street, Daylesford



I create photographic images using processes discovered almost 180 years ago. My captivation with of the art, science and the craft of photography is at many levels but always drawn back to see the world beyond the familiar. Photomacography opens up a wonderful, often concealed world, which I capture on 8 x 10 inch sheet film, from this I make permanent handmade photographic prints. P: 03 5424 1835 M: 0414 950 352 Gold Street Studios, 700 James Lane, Trentham East


Daylesford & Macedon Ranges

GALLERIES TO VISIT LAURISTON PRESS A beautifully presented and unique Gallery located in the heart of Kyneton. Showcasing etchings, drawings, ceramics and jewellery by local and Melbourne based artists, every piece is hand selected. Described as “elegant and uplifting”, it’s a place to explore and buy stunning works of art. Gift cards, artist made books, journals and specialised art supplies are also available. P: 03 5422 1710 37B Piper Street Kyneton Thursday-Monday 10am - 5pm


open studios 2013

Stockroom is an ambitious and unique space that includes a large, split level retail space showcasing contemporary artists and Australian makers and designers who create a range of products including jewellery, ceramics, homewares, furniture and fashion.. P: 03 5422 3215 98 Piper Street Kyneton Thursday-Sunday 10:30am - 5pm

WOODBINE ART GALLERY Contemporary Paintings, Sculpture & Ceramics Woodbine focuses on showing local and Melbourne based artists. P: 03 5423 2065 M: 0412 121 022 2644 Daylesford Road, Malmsbury Friday-Monday 11am – 5pm

THE CONVENT Described as ‘the most beautiful gallery in Australia’, The Convent Gallery presents local, national and international artists working in a variety of media and styles. P: 03 5348 3211 7 Daly Street Daylesford Open 7 Days 10am - 4pm

BLACK ANTHER GALLERY Black Anther Gallery houses a permanent display of locally made pottery which is for sale plus local fine artisit’s exhibitions changing monthly.

COPE-WILLIAMS GALLERY Cope-Williams Gallery of Artworks Pottery and Sculpture is the latest addition to the well established Conference and events venue in Romsey. Works exhibited for sale are primarily those of regional artists, while a permanent collection is displayed around the Real Tennis court and winery cellar door. P: 03 5429 5595 160 Glenfern Road Romsey


Daylesford & Macedon Ranges

P: 03 5427 2788 42 Anslow Street, Woodend Thursday-Sunday 10am-4pm

PLACES TO EAT & DRINK WOMBAT HILL HOUSE Enchanting kitchen garden café & store in the Wombat Botanic Gardens. Breakfast, lunch & picnic provisions. Great spot for a glass of wine and a snack between studio visits. No reservations. P: 03 4373 0099 Entry off Central Spring Road, Daylesford Open Thursday to Monday 9am - 4pm

FRANGOS & FRANGOS Jimmy’s Bar & Dining Room Upscale Casual Dining P: 03 5348 2363 www. 82 Vincent Street Daylesford Thursday - Sunday


open studios 2013

CLIFFY’S EMPORIUM Cliffy’s Emporium offers the largest range of local and regional produce, with an emphasis on seasonal and organic. P: 03 5348 3279 30 Raglan Street Daylesford Open 7 Days 9am - 5 pm plus Saturday nights

LAKE HOUSE Iconic restaurant set on lake Daylesford. 2 Chefs Hats – The Age Good Food Guide. Open for lunch and dinner daily. Bookings Essential. P: 03 5348 3329 King Street Daylesford

THE ROYAL GEORGE HOTEL The George offers traditional hospitality in an environment which is warm, genial and social. ‘Wedgewood Room’ for fine dining and ‘Byng’s Charcoal Grill & Bar’ for casual dining. Open Wednesday - Sunday. P: 03 5422 1390 24 Piper Street Kyneton

GLENLYON GENERAL STORE Our cafe is open every day for breakfast & lunch

P: 03 5348 7922 www. 63 Barkly Street Glenlyon



Breakfast, lunch, coffee and provisions The place in Newham P: 5427 0766 2 Dons Road, Newham VIC 3442 Wednesday to Friday 9am – 4.30pm Saturday & Sunday 9am – 3pm Monday 9am – 2pm


Daylesford & Macedon Ranges

Mon, Wed, Thursdays: 8am – 5pm Saturdays, Sundays: 9am – 5pm Tuesdays, Friday: 8am – 9ish

Proud supporter of the Arts Daylesford & Macedon Ranges

Fostering the Arts: Enhancing Creative Practice across the region

FOR FULL DETAILS VISIT 2, 3, 4, 5, & 9-10 NOVEMBER 2013 STUDIOS OPEN 10am - 5pm

Luxury high-end accommodation in the heart of Kyneton Bookings & Enquiries 0419 001 518 116 Mollison Street Kyneton Shop 10.00am – 5.00pm every day

Daylesford & Macedon Ranges Open Studios Guidebook 2013  

Guidebook to the Daylesford and Macedon Ranges Open Studios 2013

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