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PARTNERSHIP INDIA NEWSLETTER (Working with churches for the Church) April-June 2011 (For Private Circulation Only)

IMPACT OF PARTNERSHIP INDIA MINISTRY ON THE CHURCH AND SOCIETY We know the Krishnaiahs, as good Bible teachers and they have been encouraging Christians through their teaching ministry in numerous churches around India. My wife and I had the opportunity to attend and train ourselves in Partnership India‟s one year Bible Training Course (BTC) at Ethamukkala in 2007. I would like to highlight some aspects of the course which have literally turned a new chapter in my ministry. We were taught on the systematic study of God‟s word, preparation, and preaching. This has helped me tremendously in studying God‟s word and preparing myself for preaching and systematic teaching of God‟s word.

Children fed during a special programme.

Another important area in BTC is the teaching on Biblical understanding of Christian marriage and home. This helped us to learn many lessons for our family life. That teaching is helping us to live as a model Christian family for our Church members and even for the people in the society. We are grateful to God for this helpful teaching which we generally don‟t get in Churches. However, the single most important contribution of Partnership India is – establishing the Resource Centre at Ethamukkala. It is a great blessing to churches and Christians in our area. Partnership India‟s contribution has impacted the Church and society in our area in the following ways: 

United Church Services: This recurring event has encouraged God‟s people to come together from different churches once a month, increase fellowship, and cooperate in different activities of our local churches. It has also given an opportunity to encourage young people, recognize, and use their talents for the ministry. Evening School: This school for needy children every weekday is helping and encouraging the needy children to develop their interest for studies and do their home work regularly. It is also helping them to be disciplined, develop good habits, physical activities, and interest for spiritual matters. If this facility is not there, these children would have lost a very memorable childhood. Widows and Senior Citizens Fellowship: This is an encouragement and comfort to many elderly people who do not get proper care, love, and food at home.

This event has provided an opportunity for elders and widows to be comforted and encouraged which they don‟t get at their homes. There has been a tremendous response from even Hindus to come and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ apart from getting their physical and emotional needs. 

Medical Camp: This free camp occurs once in three months and weekly medical help which is open for all people in the society irrespective of religion, caste, and status. We get expert Christian doctors from the city. This has opened doors for many non – Christians to understand the love and kindness of God.

Through Partnership India we are able to understand the practical sharing of God‟s love in action. I praise God for the ministry of Partnership India and its impact on the Church and society in our area. We hope this encourages you to do your bit to impact the Church and society you live in. -Pastor K Joshua CONTENTS IMPACT OF PARTNERSHIP INDIA MINISTRY ON THE CHURCH AND SOCIETY 1 ROLE OF PARTNERSHIP INDIA IN THE STRENTHENING CHURCH MINISTRY







ROLE OF PARTNERSHIP INDIA IN THE STRENTHENING CHURCH MINISTRY – P SATHKEERTHI RAO Introduction The Lord has raised Partnership India with a vision to strengthen pastoral ministry for Evangelism, disciple making and Church development. This is an interdenominational ministry and not a church. Its God given vision is “Working with churches for the Church.” For the last five years the Lord has given us a rich ministry by training grass root level Pastors, Evangelists and Elders in many parts of Andhra Pradesh and few places in India. We are grateful to God for this growing interest among Pastors and Church leaders for greater involvement of this ministry. As result of this training in Evangelism, Discipleship and Church ministry – many Pastors and Church leaders have testified the impact of this ministry on their lives and the ministry. Importance of Evangelism In Mathew 28, the words of the Lord Jesus Christ in the Great Commission are beautifully described .In v 19 He says “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations….” This word „discipleship‟ is sandwiched between all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me and He says in conclusion “Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” We marvel at the power and the presence of Jesus Christ in discipleship. Therefore, every time when we make any effort in evangelism and disciple making, we must be abundantly conscious of the fact that the Lord Jesus Christ is right behind us and this will empower, strengthen and encourage us in all our efforts in evangelism and church ministry. Paul the great Evangelist when he came to the end of his journey, he wrote a letter to Timothy ( 2 Timothy) and in the closing chapter he gives Timothy a great commission. The language is very beautiful and this is the language that was used when a great Politician was commissioned for the post.”In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus who will judge the living and the dead in view of His appearing and His kingdom.”I give you this charge Preach the word”, and then he sums it up in v 4 “ Do the work of an Evangelist.” Therefore this is a great ministry that God has given to Partnership India .We are convinced through various programs conducted for the last five years where hundreds of grass root level pastors and Church leaders were trained and benefitted by Partnership India. Testimonies of Pastors and Church leaders are printed separately. Please take time to read those testimonies. You will also find various activities and their affect on the number of people over the last five years of Partnership India ministry. Partnering with Partnership India We are grateful to God for 16 places for one year BTC course and over 30 places one day Seminars & Retreats were hosted by different Organizations and churches during the last five years in Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. If any Church or Organization or even a family is interested to have this kind of program, please contact us and we will be very happy to partner with you and work together for training leaders for the Church ministry. We also give a challenging opportunity to any church or organization or even a family to adopt any program and sponsor financially.

We had such sponsors during the last five years and the Lord has abundantly blessed them. We praise God for such partners and we would like to have many more partners in the coming years to carry on this important vision. God’s gift - Resource Centre for training leaders We are grateful to God for providing the Resource Centre at Ethamukkala, 15 KM away from Ongole town. On a regular basis we conduct seminars, training camps and conferences in order to teach and train for Evangelism, Discipleship, Leadership and Church ministry. Several churches and organizations are seeking for our ministry to strengthen and build up their ministry. Our Centre is also being used to conduct their program as it is ideally located just one KM from the sea. It is a very attractive venue for young people, towns and city crowd to conduct Retreats, Seminars, Camps and Conferences. At present we have facilities for accommodating about 50 people. It is our prayer and wish to develop it for accommodating 100 delegates so that many Churches and organizations can use it for training God‟s people and Church leaders for Evangelism, Disciple making and Church ministry. Apart from conducting training program, we have the following activities in the Centre:  Sunday worship service and weekly prayer meetings (Koinonia Prayer House) to cater to the needs of many Hindu converts and neighbors who cannot openly go to other churches because of the family and social restrictions.  Sunday School for children in the mornings and youth meeting in the evenings on every Sunday.  United churches fellowship meets – every second Sunday evening with a fellowship meal.  A Day Care Centre for children: Evening School for the needy children with evening meal from Monday to Friday.  A Day care Centre for the Senior citizens & Widows: Every third Monday meeting with lunch. (Share God‟s love through word & deed) Many Hindus are attending and enjoying the blessing of it.  Primary Medical help facility with Free Medical Camp at the Partnership India Resource Centre with Christian Doctors‟ fellowship and once a week Primary Medical help Clinic for the needy people at the Resource Centre, Ethamukkala. Conclusion We praise and thank God for enabling us to carry on this ministry thus far and we need your prayers and support to carry on this vision. If you are interested to know more about this ministry or to partners with us by contributing your prayer & financial support, you are most welcome. If any church or organization is interested to conduct one day / two seminars or workshops or one year Bible Training Course, please contact our staff and we will be very happy to come and help you. If you are interested to use Resource Centre at Ethamukkala to conduct your program, you may contact our office and we will be happy to partner with you and extend our support for the development of your ministry.


PRAISE POINTS The following are some of the praise items from our ministry from April to June. 

The Evening School at the Resource Centre, Ethamukkala. About 35 (It varies between 30 to 40) children come regularly. Pray for the games, tuition classes, and dinner they have every weekday. Two of our full time staff and two part time staff members are involved in teaching, cooking, and feeding them.


Christian home seminar was held on 8th April at Emmanuel Prayer House, Hyderabad. 15 families and 15 single attended the seminar. Mrs & Mr.Krishnaiah took the seminar. The participants appreciated the teaching and wanted this kind of teaching in churches as well which is very helpful for their family lives. Christian home seminar on 12th April at Mennonite Brethren Church, Nalgonda. 25 families and 20 married singles attended. They all testified that they have never heard such a teaching on Christian home. They also shared that they have learnt many new lessons on family relationships and abide by the teaching. A special Easter celebration for all churches at Ethamukkala on 24th April. After spending time in praise and prayer at the Resource Centre, around 100 Christians went around the village streets singing, preaching, the gospel, and distributing tracts. It was first of this kind, there was a glorious time, and it was a great encouragement to all Christians in those villages. Many non – Christians heard the gospel and received booklets & tracts. Mrs & Mr. Krishnaiah attended Corner Stone Bible college, Graduation programme on 31st. Mr.Krishnaiah gave the graduation message at Raghunadhapur, Warangal.

Youth Camp for Brethren Assemblies at the Resource Centre, Ethamukkala from 2nd to 6th May. 30 young people attended from West & East Godavari, and Prakasam Districts. They were greatly helped and encouraged to deepen their commitment to the Lord and to be active in their respective churches. We are thankful to Bro.Joe Koster for his initiative and sponsoring this camp through their assemblies. Thanks God for 100 children attended the VBS for children at the Resource Centre from 7th to 11th May. They came from different churches and some were from non – Christian families.

A Christian home seminar on 27th May at Eluru for Pastors and Church leaders. The seminar was conducted by World Vision ADP project at Eluru. There were 50 families and 50 singles in the seminar.

“Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done.” -Psalms 105:1 JUNE


Mrs. Lois, Bro.Devdas, Bro.Devasahayam, Sis.Rahelu, Sis.Kavitha, Sis.Tharla were involved in teaching classes to children. Mrs & Mr.Krishnaiah and Mrs & Mr.Devasahayam attended UESI–AP Silver Jubilee celebrations from 13th to 15th May at Eluru. Mr.Krishnaiah took a session on UESI – AP history and challenged the participants to maintain the vision and carry on the student ministry faithfully. There were 1500 students and graduates from different parts of Andhra Pradesh. It was a great time of fellowship and encouragement. Senior citizen‟s and widows‟ meeting held on 16th May at the Resource Centre. 40 old people attended and they were encouraged and comforted through the teaching of God‟s word and a refreshing dinner. Many Hindus are attending and listening to God‟s word.

BTC 1st Module at Vishakhapatnam was held from 2nd to 4th June. 12 Pastors and leaders registered and attended the classes. Our part time staff Bro. Steven Babu is coordinating this batch with the help of our old BTC graduates. Mr.Krishnaiah gave devotional messages and practical talks on personal evangelism in UESI students‟ Leadership Training Camp from 7th to 11th June at Rajanadgoan, Chhattisgarh. 20 students and 10 graduates attended in this camp. The students and graduates found it encouraging to develop student ministry in this pioneering state. Senior citizens‟ and Widows‟ meeting was held on 15th June at the Resource Centre, Ethamukkala. The staff also celebrated Mr. Krishnaiah‟s birthday. 40 old people and 10 others attended the meeting. Mrs & Mr. Krishnaiah took two Christian home seminars at Machilipatnam – one was for Christian families‟ on 27th & 28th and another was for non – Christian young couples on 29th & 30th June. This was an amazing time for the participants and we found this the right way to approach non-Christians.


(Left: Patients queuing during the Medical Camp. Right: Easter Day procession with the decorated mini truck.)

PRAYER POINTS Please pray for the following ministry prayer items: 1. The 30 children who regularly attend the evening School at the Resource Cetnre, Ethamukkala – they may have overall growth in the wisdom, statue and in the fear of God. 2. BTC second module from 2nd to 5th August at Gajuwaka, Vishakhapatnam. 3. Five Years thanksgiving meeting with BTC graduates and the Church leaders on 6th August at Vishakhapatnam. Mr.K.Yohan will be sharing God‟s word. 4. Missing Jewel of the Church seminar on 13th August (Teaching on disciple making) at the Baptist Church, Athmakur, Nellore. Our staff Mr.Devasahayam and Mr.Devadass will be teaching God‟s word. 5. Senior citizens‟ and widows‟ monthly meeting on 15th August at the Resource Centre, Ethamukkala. 6. Musical evening and youth meeting on 15th August at Zion Baptist Church, Nagole, Hyderabad. 7. Evangelism workshop by Mr.Krishnaiah on 23rd August for college students and graduates at Karimnagar. 8. Free medical camp in the third week of August at the Resource Centre, Ethamukkala. Pray for the resources. 9. World Vision India, ADP staff family seminar by Mrs & Mr. Krishnaiah on 31st August and 1st September at Rajahmundry. 10. Travel and the ministry of the teaching staff and the ministry of staff in the evening School, at the Resource Centre, Ethamukkala. 11. Monthly financial need of Partnership India Rs 50,000/-.

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