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Stewardship SPRING 2009

Supporting the ministries of Citizens, Princeton, Shelby and Walker Baptist Medical Centers

Shelby Growth, Advancements Abound

Princeton Baptist Medical Center: A $75 Million Investment in the Future

Our Donors — The Lifeblood of BHS

Stewardship a letter from

Jim Emack, Jr. & Mark Belcher Welcome to this year’s first issue of Stewardship magazine, which includes our annual Donor Recognition section. On pages 14- 20, we gratefully acknowledge those who have so generously supported our hospitals, programs and services through gifts to the Baptist Health Foundation. Your gifts have helped us succeed, even in these challenging economic times. And, your continued support will ensure that our health ministry will continue to provide excellent, compassionate care well into the future. In our Donor Spotlight, we offer a special salute to the memory of Dr. Joseph M. Humphries, whose generous memorial gift will continue his legacy of helping others for years to come. We’re looking ahead and planning for the future. Our cover story is a clear example. At Princeton Baptist Medical Center, where our System began 87 years ago, a $75 million investment in the hospital’s future is planned. Read how the hospital will make improvements to ensure we are prepared to accommodate tomorrow’s technological advancements. Growth at Shelby Baptist Medical Center continues. In this issue’s “Q & A” feature on pages 6-7, Shelby Baptist President David Wilson talks about the many advancements in technology and expansions the hospital has undergone over the past two years and the ongoing construction of a new patient tower. In our Hospital Spotlights, you’ll read about babies, a gala and a new health center in Calera. And did you know that seven minutes could save your life? That’s all the time it takes to complete the BHS HeartAware assessment (story on pages 22-23). The Volunteer Spotlight features the Princeton Achievers and the employees who volunteer their time to help these teens prepare for health care careers. Plus, our System Spotlight focuses on the BHS workforce initiative, which is helping improve the quality of many Alabamians’ lives. This year promises to be one of growth and great accomplishment for our hospitals, our System and our Foundation. Thank you for your interest, your support and your prayers. Without you, none of this would be possible.

   Baptist Health Foundation Board of Directors Jim Emack, Jr. Thomas A. Gaskin, III, M.D. Chairman Vice Chairman Joseph L. Bynum Secretary

Lee Cooper Dr. James Moebes Mark Crosswhite Bill Morton Jack M. Dabbs, M.D. James Rainer, Jr. Bill Daniel Carolyn Reed Gene Davenport Scott Reed Joseph Downs III Kenneth Simon Tom Jernigan, Jr. Bill Stone John Kirby Larry Striplin Sandy Logan Lloyd Wilson Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, baptist health foundation Mark Belcher DEVELOPMENT DIRECTORS Alice Cox (Princeton Baptist) Don Goetz (Walker Baptist Jennifer Philpot (Shelby Baptist) Chairman, BHS Board of Trustees F. Wayne Pate   President & Chief Executive officer, Baptist Health system Shane Spees   Vice President, Communications & Government Relations Ross Mitchell   Director, Public Relations Kaye Sutley   Editorial Board Steve Gautney (President, Citizens Baptist) Keith Parrott (President, Princeton Baptist) Joel Tate (President, Walker Baptist) David Wilson (President, Shelby Baptist)   art director Amy R. Bickell Bickell Design editorial contributors Cary Estes, Susan P. Moore, Tara Hulen   Photography Robert Farley, Jason Wallis, Scout Branding Company, Cary Norton Contributors Jennifer Dodd (Princeton Baptist) April Holcomb (Shelby Baptist) Renae McKinney (Walker Baptist) Roxiann Ramsey (Citizens Baptist)


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BHS Hospitals Spotlight............. Citizens Grows to Meet Area’s Increasing Diversity Princeton Gala Honors Dr. Martin Bailey Growth is the Watchword at Shelby Walker Events Support Campaign for Healthy Babies


Donor Spotlight.....................…. . Dr. Joseph M. Humphries: Legacy of Giving Continues


Foundation Spotlight.................. . Our Donors, the Lifeblood of Baptist Health System



Volunteer Spotlight...........…....... Princeton Staff Volunteers to Shape Young Lives


Program Spotlight...........…...... . 7 Minutes Can Save a Life

Interview with David Wilson.…..... Growth & Advances in Technology at Shelby BMC

Cover Story…….......................... Princeton BMC: A $75 Million Investment in the Future

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System Spotlight............…...... . Wellness is Good Business

21 on the cover: A $75 million investment in the future of Princeton Baptist Medical Center will help the hospital prepare now for ever-increasing technological advancements in health care, especially in surgical areas.



very cultural experience,” said Kim. “The epidural

people who have been here all these years have

is not every woman’s choice. Some may prefer

grown in their careers together. That makes it

Citizens Grows to Meet Area’s Increasing Diversity

a Jacuzzi, birthing balls or to walk during labor.

special. And Baptist Health System has always

We have the opportunity to open the door to the

emphasized the ethical part of medicine. I’ve

Visit the labor and delivery department

and well-baby nursery as a definite plus. “Our

cultural needs of this evolving community. Already,

been blessed to be here.”

at Citizens Baptist Medical Center and you’ll

nurses have a great deal of experience and work

almost daily, we care for Spanish-speaking pa-

see lots of new faces. Yes, many are newborns

well as a team; they’re also tremendously caring.”

just making their entrance into the world at the

Another new face is recently recruited OB/

Dr. Bailey has especially enjoyed teaching

tients in L&D, and that requires additional tools —

young physicians and medical students who have

bilingual materials and translation services.”

passed through Princeton Baptist over the years.

Talladega hospital, but some are new members

Gyn Jamaican-born Dr. Keddie Marsh-Dinham,

of the hospital team.

who joined the hospital in October. From her

joined the Citizens Baptist staff just three years

hospitals all these years has been important to

first visit to Citizens, she was attracted to its

ago. Today, many of her patients are among

me. It’s certainly made it more enjoyable,” Dr.

faith-based health ministry.

the growing number of Hispanics in the area’s

Bailey said. “There are physicians on staff now

80,000+ residents.

who were my medical students years ago. It’s

Kim Ball, nurse manager of the department, has been at Citizens Baptist only a few months, but has many years’ experience in the obstetric

Serving the Needs of the Community

Such a center could also address the area’s

The personal practice philosophy of this

field. As a former nurse manager of labor and

SUNY-Brooklyn College of Medicine graduate

delivery at Montclair BMC in Birmingham, Kim

reflects Citizens Baptist’s family-focused values.

Fluent in Spanish, OB/Gyn Dr. Rosa Flores

“Some live nearby; others come from

very rewarding to see people practicing medi-

Gadsden, Wedowee, Pell City and as far as two

cine and know you had something to do with

is familiar with Alabama health care. But during

“I try to treat everyone as if they’re family,”

her career, she’s gained valuable experience as

she said. “You’re somebody’s sister, mother —

such as Citizens where people know each other,

a travel nurse and has also seen the best and

somebody’s ‘someone.’ Each is special and, if

the patients and their families.”

worst of childbirth care in hospitals from Florida

you think that way, you take good care of your

to Alaska and Connecticut to California.


“I’ve worked in small hospitals with just three

It’s a concept that led her to expand her

“The fact that Baptist has had teaching

hours away,” she said. “Patients like a hospital

Dr. Martin Bailey was the 2009 Princeton

Citizens’ childbirth classes are also pop-

Gala honoree.

ular — with 75 to 80 percent of her patients attending, Dr. Flores said. Like Kim, she applauds

their training.” Dr. Bailey describes himself as “semiretired,” which gives him more time to spend with his family: wife Peggy, children Brad and Alison and three grandchildren, with a fourth on the way.

patient rooms and others as large as 700 beds…

office hours to offer Saturday morning appoint-

the efforts the hospital and staff have made to

in rural hospitals that delivered three babies a

ments. Like Kim, Dr. Marsh-Dinham agrees that

benefit mothers and newborns, but would wel-

his golf game. Dr. Bailey has been a member

month and others attached to major universities

“childbirth should be a personalized experience

come renovation on the unit. “We want child-

at Shoal Creek since 1985 and has been the

that delivered 1,000 babies a month,” she said.

for each patient, along with a hospital support

birth to be as comfortable as possible…to give

club’s president for the past four years.

system in place.”

our patients options. We want it to be a special

The common factor: “Childbirth is so special. From the moment you find out you’re pregnant,

Just as with newborns, hospital facilities always need to grow. The small unit that handles

these everyday miracles a celebration and to

about 600 births annually would benefit from

hospitals of Baptist Health System continue to

provide a joyful and personalized experience for

expansion and renovation, said Kim. “We would

improve their excellence and compassion in

each woman who delivers at Citizens Baptist.

like to offer the women of this area a local women’s

welcoming new lives into the world. Contact

center that includes the diverse health care

the Baptist Health Foundation to learn how; call

services that women might need.”


She counts the nursing staff for the department’s five LDR (labor/delivery/recovery) rooms

right: Citizens OB/GYN Dr. Rosa Flores (left) and Labor & Delivery Nurse Manager Kim Ball (right)

He also has more opportunity to work on

friends of Princeton

experience for each and every one of them.”

you start planning.” Kim’s working to make

You can help Citizens and the other

“Revving up” the 6th Annual Princeton Gala

Spanish has proven a great advantage to the Talladega area’s increasing Hispanic population.

up in Augusta, you didn’t have a choice but to love the game of golf! It’s been a passion for me, and my son shares that passion. I wouldn’t take anything for the thousands of rounds we’ve played together.” And likewise, the people at Princeton Baptist would not take anything for the 32 years they have been able to spend with Dr. Bailey. “Dr. Bailey is beloved for his ability to care for his patients, his ability to teach young

Another spectacular Princeton Gala

Alice Cox, Princeton BMC director of develop-

hospital,” Alice said. “To see such character day

was planned by the Friends of Princeton to

ment. “There was a sumptuous seated dinner

in and day out is an inspiration. And, although

honor an outstanding Princeton Baptist Medical

overlooking the race track and entertainment by

this tribute hardly did him justice, we were

Center physician and raise funds to help sup-

the Pat Patrick Show Band.”

thrilled to have the opportunity to express our

port the hospital. The proceeds of this year’s

But, as at previous Galas, the focus of the


Gala will be used in support of Princeton Bap-

event remained on honoring a person who has

tist’s Heart and Vascular Care program.

made an enormous impact on Princeton Baptist.

and supported the annual Princeton Gala, which

This year’s honoree was Princeton cardiologist

has proven hugely successful over the past five

Dr. Martin T. Bailey.

years. The Friends of Princeton continue this

This sixth annual Princeton Gala was held February 7, 2009 at the world-renowned Barber Motorsports Museum. In homage to this year’s

Dr. Bailey has been a loyal friend and

venue, the theme for the black-tie event was

staunch supporter of Princeton Baptist for 32

“Rev It Up.”


“Guests were invited to tour the spacious five-floor Museum during a reception hour,” said

2 Stewardship

An avid golfer, Dr. Bailey said, “Growing

physicians and for his consistent support of this

work together to make childbirth a good experience for the families they serve. below: Dr. Flores’ fluent

princeton BMC

special deliveries

increasingly diverse population. “Labor can be a

“Princeton Baptist has always been home. It’s like a family,” Dr. Bailey explained. “The

Dr. and Mrs. Alton Baker founded, guided

legacy that so generously supports Princeton Baptist Medical Center. For information on Princeton’s Annual Gala, please contact Alice Cox at 205-7837225 or email

Spring 2009 3

Serving the Needs of the Community

citizens BMC


for the future Growth is the watchword at Shelby Baptist

Responding to community need isn’t

be here without the support and commitment of

at this time of year, there are a lot of viral upper

unusual for Shelby Baptist Medical Center. In

Baptist Health System and Shelby BMC.”

respiratory infections and flu shots.”

fact, it’s the norm. In evidence, there’s the hospital’s spacious

Serving the Needs of the Community

walker BMC

building health care

new women’s center plus an expanded emergency department and cardiovascular services

The new health center, located about eight

Physicians with Shelby OB/Gyn, P.C., also

miles south of Shelby BMC, is just off I-65 at

see patients at the new health center. Obstetric

Exit 231.

patients can benefit from the convenience of

“Shelby Baptist Health Center Calera is

the new Calera location, then have their baby in

areas. There’s also its investment to maintain

healthy babies

state-of-the-art medical technology such as the hospital’s new Dual Source CT and a daVinci surgical system. And, of course, passersby can’t help but notice the $85 million South Tower Project underway to provide new private patient rooms, updated intensive care units and other ancillary services.

Walker events support campaign

“We take very seriously our commitment to the community,” said Shelby BMC President David Wilson. “We are dedicated to a faithbased ministry that answers the health care

Cathy Alexander has helped deliver more

goal Walker Baptist sets for each expectant

neighborhood clinics. These focused on women’s

needs of our neighbors — now and in the future,

than 500 babies during her five years as a regis-

family who comes to the Jasper hospital. After

health with special emphasis on prenatal education.”

both within the doors of our hospital and beyond.”

tered nurse in the labor and delivery department

a multimillion-dollar-renovation and expansion,

For each clinic, Baptist Health Founda-

at Walker Baptist Medical Center. Yet even

Walker Baptist now offers a family birthing cen-

tion’s mobile wellness unit — which has two

that led to the September opening of Shelby

with her experience, she signed up for prenatal

ter that is the centerpiece of its handsome, new

private, well-equipped examination rooms —

Baptist Health Center Calera.

education before the birth of Isabella Grace, her

Family Center. Comfortable birthing suites offer

was on hand. Walker Baptist staff members

first child born six months ago.

hotel-like amenities with family-friendly areas

provided free pregnancy tests, prenatal screen-

It was a need beyond the hospital doors

According to the City of Calera’s web site, projected population in 2009 is nearly 48,000 people within a 10-mile radius of this fast-growing

“With prenatal education, you know what

Dr. Breezy Wilson cares for patients in the Calera area.

city. In an area where demographics reflect a

to await the new arrival. Enhanced electronic

ing, prenatal health information and assistance

to expect,” said the new mother. “There are so

security and a centralized fetal monitor system

with Medicaid registration. They were joined

many aspects of pregnancy that it covers – pain

are just two of the new features outfitting the

by representatives from Walker Recovery, the

majority of households with married couples, the

our newest clinic but our patients have already

Shelby BMC’s beautifully decorated, family-

management, changes in your body, breast-

1,500-square-foot nursery.

BabyTalk Program, Walker County Health

increasing need for family health care is clear.

come to really appreciate it,” Breaux said. “It’s

centered birthing suites that include upscale

feeding, what to pack for the hospital, even

Shelby BMC and the Baptist Health

spacious, beautifully decorated and staffed by a

hotel-like amenities in addition to sophisticated

making sure that the father is included.”

Centers, which is one of Alabama’s largest pri-

well-trained team that is eager to make a differ-

technology for both mom and baby.

mary care networks and part of Baptist Health

ence in this community.”

System, worked together to help this situation.

Rounding out the health care services

“Prenatal education makes for a healthier

Walker Baptist is also investing in the

Department, Master’s Plan (pregnancy resource

future of area families — before they ever enter

center), Bevill State College, Jasper Family Ser-

the hospital. The State Health Department’s

vices Center, the Alabama Department of Hu-

outcome for mother and baby,” said Cathy

2007 statistics put infant mortality rates in

man Resources and Leadership Walker County.

offered at Shelby BHC Calera is a planned

Bruce, a certified childbirth educator at Walker

Alabama at 10 deaths per 1,000 births — that’s

Working closely with the hospital, Stan Breaux,

practice at the new center and described the

specialty clinic. Here, physicians in a number of

Baptist. “Especially for the first-time mom,

well above the national average of 6.6.

executive director of operations for Baptist

community’s welcome as enthusiastic. This

different specialties will see patients on particu-

there’s a lot of fear in not knowing what’s going

Health Centers, helped bring the attractive, new

community needed more physicians, and

lar days of the week.

to happen when she goes into labor. Prenatal

a leadership role in tackling this troubling statis-

for prospective mothers and healthier begin-

5,600-square-foot health center to the people of

they’re happy we’re here,” said the recent Uni-

the Calera area.

versity of Alabama Medical School graduate.

“This center exemplifies the hospital’s

Dr. Breezy N. Wilson specializes in family

“We have seen patients from ages one

“As the county’s only hospital, we’re taking

Prenatal education at Walker Baptist — whether in neighborhood clinics or at the hospital — promotes healthier pregnancies

education helps new moms be more comfort-

tic,” said Don Goetz, the hospital’s development

nings for newborns. “The state’s infant mortality

“We’re here in the Calera area to make a dif-

able and better prepared. There’s usually less

director who also serves on the Alabama Re-

rates are crying for attention,” said Goetz, “and

ference in the lives of our patients, and that’s

pain, so they’re able to actually relax and maybe

gional Perinatal Advisory Council.

Walker Baptist is answering.”

tremendously rewarding.”

even avoid some complications. Prenatal edu-

“This is an exciting time,” said Dr. Wilson.

stewardship in the community as they reach out

to 80,” she said. “There have been the usual

to provide convenient access and exceptional

chronic health problems as well as sports

cation helps make it a better birth experience

infant mortality is the lack of prenatal education.

healthier start through a gift to Walker Baptist.

medical care,” he said. “They’re growing to meet

injuries from high school students and some

health care ministry of Shelby BMC, please con-

with less stress for both mother and baby.”

Supported by proceeds from events like our

For more information, call Don Goetz, 205-387-

the needs of the Shelby County area. We wouldn’t

on-the-job occupational injuries. And, of course

sider a gift to the Foundation; call 1-877-474-4243.

And, a positive birth experience is the

annual Festival of Trees, we held several free

4029 or email

4 Stewardship

If you would like to be part of the rewarding

“One of several factors that contribute to

Help the babies of Walker County get a

Spring 2009 5

Serving the Needs of the Community

shelby BMC



David Wilson talks about the growth and advances in technology at Shelby Baptist

having two CT scanners built into one in terms

Things are changing at Shelby Baptist Medical Center! Good changes

for completion in late 2009. The tower will

significant for getting images of heart function.

including a new building program, expansion of several departments and the addition of exciting

house 101 private rooms, which will replace

Because the heart is a moving organ, the faster

“cutting-edge” technology. Here, Shelby President David Wilson discusses how the hospital — along

many of our older rooms. In effect, we are add-

the shutter frame – the better the image you’re

with its physicians and staff -- is bringing these health care advancements to the community while

ing capacity, even though we’re not increasing

going to get and the more helpful it is to physi-

maintaining one of its most important qualities: genuine compassion for patients and their families.

our licensed bed count. It’s a huge investment, and the largest capital project in the history of the hospital.


The growth of Shelby County in recent years has been tremendous, and Shelby Baptist seems to be growing right along with it. What do you see as the most significant changes that have occurred?

So, the second priority was to invest in a Women’s Center. We expanded the number of LDRs (Labor/Delivery/Recovery rooms). We created a second and distinct entrance for the Women’s Center and added a separate waiting room and registration area. Spa services, a food

I’ve been here about two-and-a-half years, and

kiosk and a gift shop tailored toward women’s

one of the first things we did after I arrived was

services are part of the waiting area amenities.

complete a master plan. We looked at existing

As a result of these changes, we’ve seen our OB

hospital services, demographics of our service

volume grow by over 20 percent a year.

area, rate of growth, age and location of the population, and then tried to marry that to existing and future demand for services. The first area was pretty obvious to us. We had an extremely busy emergency department. It was located in the back of the hospital, so it wasn’t very visible. We relocated and doubled the size of our emergency department and treatment rooms. Today, we see more than 40,000 patients a year in this new area. Priority number two was to look at the


How has the hospital itself grown?


What about technological advances at Shelby Baptist?

We have invested a lot of money -- not just in bricks-and-mortar -- but also in equipment. Until 2007, we had two very small cardiac cath labs that needed to be replaced, and we needed to add a third lab to handle the growing demand for this service. We renovated the space previously occupied by the emergency department and created a spacious, ultra


We are growing with the community. In the

People sometimes forget that Shelby

process of doing that, we want to stay true to

Baptist is the fourth-largest employer in

that family atmosphere and feeling that has

Shelby County. On any given day, we have

long been a hallmark of Shelby Baptist. To

around 1,000 employees, 800 of them fulltime.

express that feeling, we developed a new tag

And, when we add new services or programs,

line for Shelby: your friendly, neighborhood

we need new employees who help drive the

cians in identifying problems. That’s what the

high-tech hospital. We want people in this area


dual source CT provides. And, it’s so cutting-

to know they don’t have to go into Jefferson

edge that when we purchased it, Shelby was

County to receive high quality care. It’s right

the first hospital in Alabama to have this

here in their backyard.

of the speed – something that’s especially

We constantly look at the services and the



demographics of our community and say, “Where are the gaps? What do we need to add to better

With all this expansion and high-tech improvements, how have you maintained the personal, caring atmosphere that Shelby Baptist is known for? There has been a growing emphasis within Baptist Health System on what we call our BHS Values. This has helped us remember that how we provide care is

serve the community?” Most recently we identified that there is a growing diabetic population in our area, but we didn’t have an endocrinologist – a specialist in diabetes – on our medical


What does the future hold for Shelby Baptist?

When the bed tower is completed, we’ll be able to check off everything we identified as a priority project in phase one of our master

We are growing with the community. In the process of doing that, we want to stay true to that family atmosphere and feeling that has long been a hallmark of Shelby Baptist.

plan. Then we’ll take a breath before we move on to phase two. The second phase will involve refurbishment and renovation of some parts of the hospital, and a new

modern cardiology suite to house three new

just as important as what

cardiac cath labs and space to add a fourth,

we do. We focus -- not only

As our services have grown, so has the hos-

giving us capacity for future growth. And that’s

on employees’ technical ex-

pital. In the past, on a typical day we needed

something we know we’ll need; the demand for

pertise — but also on how they perform their

staff. We have now recruited an endocrinologist,

the number of deliveries here continues to

more beds and more parking places to better

our cardiology and cardiovascular services is

duties. The values we encourage every BHS

and he opened his practice in November.

grow, our NICU needs to grow, too. In phase

serve our patients and visitors. We solved the

growing by double-digit percentages.

employee to bring to the table each day are

parking dilemma with the construction of a

neonatal intensive care unit. That will be one of the top priorities in phase two. As

Part of our mission is to reach out and

two, we want to add more space to this area

integrity, compassion, advocacy, resourceful-

help. We are fortunate to have employees at

new three-story parking garage that added 374

the most powerful MRIs available. We also

ness and excellence. Even a significant portion

Shelby BMC who are community-minded and

relationship with many of them, because they

new parking places. As for beds, we’re licensed

purchased a daVinci surgical robot, sophisti-

of our annual performance evaluation process is

involved in community activities. Our com-

System. Without that support and backing,

were leaving the county to have their babies.

for 192. But in the process of adding and

cated technology that allows our surgeons to

based on how we do our jobs.

munity benefit, as defined by the IRS, was over

these capital investments in our hospital and

It’s important to establish a good relationship

expanding various services, some of that space

perform less-intrusive surgery with smaller in-

$7 million last year. Much of that came from

our community would not be possible. If this

with this age group in what is typically a very

was used. Today, we staff about 180 beds. To

cisions and a faster recovery time for patients

providing health services for people who can’t

was a stand-alone hospital, it would not look

happy, positive experience: childbirth. If they

make sure we have enough beds to serve our

who need urology, cardiology or gynecological

afford to pay, but a large part came from com-

like this today, because Baptist has underwrit-

have a good experience, they will more likely

patients in the future, we began our biggest


munity outreach programs that take us into

ten the costs of these projects. And that has al-

think of us as their hospital when their family

project – construction of a new patient tower.

the communities we serve to provide health

lowed us to provide better health care services

needs health care.

It’s been underway for about a year and is set

screenings, education and information.

for the people of Shelby County.

segment of our county that was of childbearing age. We didn’t feel like we had a strong

6 Stewardship

We have a 3 Tesla MRI, which is one of

Our latest technological advancement is a dual-source CT scanner. It’s effectively like


How would you describe the relationship between Shelby Baptist and the surrounding community?

and new equipment. Fortunately, we’re part of Baptist Health

Spring 2009 7


Princeton Baptist Medical Center: A $75 Million Investment in the Future B y : Ta r a H u l e n 8 Stewardship

Fall/Winter 08-09 9

w coverstory

We firmly believe this renovation project is a very appropriate investment and good stewardship of our resources.

When many of today’s hospital operating suites were designed,

highly advanced technology, such as robotic surgery, was the stuff of science fiction.

And it was common for most surgery patients to stay a week or more in the hospital to recuperate.

Today, outpatient surgery allows patients to have a procedure without an

overnight stay in the hospital. Plus, minimally invasive procedures can often reduce a hospital stay following surgery to just a day or two. The downside? Much of the equipment that makes these advancements possible requires a lot of space in an operating room.

“Princeton Baptist Medical Center’s

surgical and diagnostic equipment to ensure it

talented surgical staff does outstanding and

keeps up with the latest technology. In fact,

innovative work with high-tech equipment in

Princeton Baptist has not only “kept up” — it

its current operating rooms, but with more

has been an area leader. For example, Princeton

and more technological advancements on the

Baptist was the first hospital in the area to offer

horizon, it’s time to revamp the hospital’s op-

the 3T-MRI and the latest version of the daVinci®

erating suite. We want to make sure we have

S HD robotic surgical system and offers many

facilities large enough to accommodate new

other advanced technological tools, including

technology as it becomes available,” said Keith

a nuclear camera, PET CT and a 64-slice VCT.

Parrott, president of Princeton Baptist. As part of its mission to provide the

Dr. John L. Mathews, a general surgeon, has firsthand experience with these changes

best patient care possible, Princeton Baptist

having worked in Princeton’s operating rooms

is committing approximately $75 million to

for more than 30 years. “During that time the

completely redesign, renovate and expand

technology, of course, has changed a great deal

the hospital’s 16 operating rooms, as well as

as has the patient population,” Dr. Mathews

replace the endoscopy suite, improve surgery

said, noting the hospital is a tertiary referral

support areas and infrastructure and make it

center. “We have a large, varied referral base.”

easier for patients and visitors to get where

“The size of our operating rooms is an issue;

they need to be,” Parrott said. The project will

it’s the width of a door, it’s the lighting and on

involve renovation of 60,000 square-feet of

and on,” said Dr. Mathews. ”We need larger

existing space and the addition of another

rooms — not only to provide a more functional,

90,000 square-feet.

less stressful surgical environment today, but

“Of course, there are a number of steps

to ensure we’re prepared to add new technology

Princeton’s executive leadership team includes (left to right) Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David Russakoff; Chief Financial Officer, Beverly Haymon; President, Keith Parrott; Chief Nursing Officer, Regina Yarbrough; and Chief Operating Officer, Betsy Postlethwait.

involved in a project of this magnitude,” said

as it becomes available. And, it’s also the per-

Parrott. “We’re very pleased with the progress

ception. We have a very talented, forward-

that has been made in the required regulatory

thinking group of surgeons, who do high volumes

process as well as the project planning with our

of cases with excellent results. We want to be

architect TRO|Jung Brannen. But there are also

sure our facility matches those skills and con-

into the hospital; how they get to admitting,

that is a mixture or fusion of traditional surgi-

ture for what I think is going to be the next

stewardship of our resources. This is where it

several key factors that will greatly influence

tinues to attract physicians of similar caliber.”

the surgery suites and recovery and back to

cal and interventional techniques,” explained

generation of cardiovascular surgery,” he said.

all started, and we want to ensure another 50+

the project and how quickly it can be accom-

Another important factor the renovation

their cars — the whole process has changed a

Dr. Farrell Mendelsohn, an interventional

“It’s going to give a new option to our patients.

year history in this location. But, we’ve got to

plished. These include: receiving a Certificate

project will address is making it easier for people

great deal. We want to better define the entire

cardiologist at Princeton Baptist.

of Need; gaining the cooperation and support

to find their way on the Princeton campus.

process for the convenience of our patients.”

“Where patients park their cars and come

“For example, in treating cardiovascular

“We are actually building the infrastruc-

“Princeton Baptist is known as a leader in

is a very appropriate investment and good

make an investment in it,” Parrott said. “The

cardiac care, and we conduct medical research

Princeton campus is not just viable; it can

disease, cardiovascular surgeons sometimes

only done at a couple of other places in the en-

thrive and continue to be successful. This is

at the federal level for necessary road and infra-

to various parts of the hospital has changed as

who actually work in the operating suite are

use catheters and stents, once thought of only

tire country. This just adds to our track record.”

our mission; this is what we do.”

structure components; and our ability to generate

the hospital has grown,” said Dr. Mathews. “Over

participating in the design process, providing

as interventional tools. Likewise, interven-

the philanthropic support we need to bring

the years, departments have moved, services

insight based on how operating rooms should

tional cardiologists often perform procedures

the origins of Baptist Health System in 1922,

needs your support. Make a donation or pledge

this critical expansion/renovation to fruition.”

have been added, etc., to improve patient care.

work today and how to allow for future advance-

that need operating room conditions and the

when it bought what was then known as Bir-

today to Princeton’s Building Fund to keep this

Over the past few years, the hospital has

Now we have an opportunity to make it easier

ments. For example, the renovations will

advanced imaging devices found in operating

mingham Infirmary, and which evolved over

mission of healing strong. Call the Baptist

spent approximately $73 million on capital

and more convenient for patients, their families

include hybrid surgical rooms, which are be-

rooms. The hybrid rooms will facilitate both,”

the years into today’s Princeton Baptist.

Health Foundation at 205-715-5339 or visit

improvements, including highly sophisticated

and visitors to navigate through the hospital.

coming the standard in hospitals,” Parrott said.

Dr. Mendelsohn added.

of the City of Birmingham; obtaining support

10 Stewardship

“The traffic flow of patients and visitors

“Surgeons, specialists and hospital staff

Hybrid, in this case, means “something

The hospital’s “track record” goes back to

“We firmly believe this renovation project

Princeton Baptist Medical Center Spring 09 11


His legacy of giving continues through memorial gift By : Cary Estes

Princeton Baptist Medical Center and the west-Birmingham community as much of his time as needed. Whether it was early-morning house calls or middle-of-the-night trips to the ICU, Dr. Humphries was determined to be there for his patients whenever possible. “When I went (into practice) with him in 1975, he told me, ‘We don’t close until we see the last patient,’ ” said

Dr. Dan Trotman, who worked with Dr. Humphries for 10 years. “He was just that kind of person. The clock did not mean a thing to him.”

System’s hospitals. Each offers a means for both the donor and our hospitals to benefit from an act of charitable giving. Two such options are:

You can help insure the future and the present success of Baptist Health System hospitals’ services by establishing an endowment. This is a fund for a specific purpose, designated by the donor, which is

hours. He just never turned down a patient.”

established in perpetuity and allows only the

continues to contribute in wonderful ways thanks to a

any children of their own, so it was easier for him to

income to be used.

$1 million gift to the Baptist Health Foundation to sup-

spend so much of the day caring for the community’s

Planned Gifts

port the work and ministries of Baptist Health System’s

children. Still, Dr. Trotman said Dr. Humphries was


devoted to Ruth and did what he could to spend time

Dr. Trotman, who is now corporate medical director

for Hospice Complete, said the donation does not surprise

with her as well. “When I was an intern, he would pay me to take

him, because Dr. Humphries considered Princeton Baptist

call for him,” Dr. Trotman said. “Then he and Ruth

to be “his second home.” In fact, he might have spent more

would go out to dinner and relax and just have a few

time there than he did at his actual home.

hours without the telephone ringing and him having

“He would call at 2 in the morning and tell me to come to Princeton. He was treating a baby with some

to get up and leave in the middle of dinner.” Throughout his career, Dr. Humphries was on

Baptist Health Foundation offers an active gift planning program, which provides information to help donors achieve their charitable giving goals in the most efficient manner. Gift planning matches the goals of the donor

rare disease,” Dr. Trotman recalled. “There’s no telling

numerous medical staff committees at Princeton

what all he did for Princeton Baptist. His main loves

Baptist and served in several leadership roles on

and needs of our hospi-

the medical staff, including medical staff president

tals. Planned giving may

were Princeton and Children’s Hospital. “I guarantee you; he gave a lot of thought to who he selected as beneficiaries.” Dr. Humphries went into practice in the mid-1950s, and for nearly 20 years was the primary pediatrician in the area. “He essentially ran the nursery at Princeton for years until I became his first partner,” Dr. Trotman said.

in 1970. But Dr. Trotman said it was Dr. Humphries’ caring, personal touch that made him special to his patients and colleagues. “He was a very private person, but he was a very giving and caring person,” Dr. Trotman said. “He had a way about him. He was so brief. He rarely talked. But when he did, it was important.

“He probably saw at one point every child born in West

“Since he didn’t have any children, my wife and

Dr. Dan Trotman, who was in

End, Ensley, Pleasant Grove, Adamsville and Graysville.

I kind of adopted him and he kind of adopted us. He

practice with Dr. Humphries, and

Everybody knew him. Even in his 80s, he would run

was my second father. I would have done anything

Kay Donnellan, who handled his

into people who would recognize him.

for him.”

speak with respect and great

istries of Baptist Health

Dr. Humphries and his wife, Ruth, did not have

following his passing last year at the age of 88. But he

financial affairs at Sterne Agee,

to those who wish to support the health min-


For most of his 30 years as a solo practitioner, pediatrician Dr. Joseph M. Humphries gave

Sadly, Dr. Humphries no longer can give his time,

options are available

“I saw him countless times at functions get up and leave and be gone to the hospital for three or four

And Dr. Humphries would have done anything to help Princeton BMC. In fact, he still is.

continuing gifts through endowments and planned giving


Dr. Joseph M. Humphries

A variety of gift

include outright gifts, testamentary (through the donors will), or life income arrangements which provide a lifetime income for the donor or designated beneficiary. For more information on these and other ways to support the Baptist Health System hospitals, please call the Foundation at 1-877-474-4243.

affection for the physician whose friendship blessed their lives. 12 Stewardship

Spring 2009 13


our donors, the Lifeblood of Baptist Health System

Since its inception in 1967, the Baptist Health Foundation has been blessed with numerous friends who believe in serving their community through philanthropy. We’re deeply grateful to those who gave their support over the past 18 months. We feel blessed to have increased our number of donors from 1,338 in 2007 to more than 2,147 in 2008. Thank you for helping ensure that the hospitals and programs of Baptist Health System have the charitable and community resources needed to sustain our healing ministry and answer the call of those in need.

DONORS July 1, 2007-December 31, 2008 $100,000 and above Alagasco Estate of Dwight Beeson Estate of Lucille Beeson Estate of Mrs. Marie Ingalls HRSA Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Humphries Maynard, ,Cooper and Gale Charitable Foundation Morrison Healthcare Food Services Reed Gastrointestinal Oncology Research Foundation Robins & Morton Group Shelby County Community Health Foundation United States Steel Corporation

$10,000 to $99,999 Adams And Reese LLP Alabama Hospital Association Alabama Power Company Anesthesiologists Associated, P.C. AT&T Dr. & Mrs. Martin T. Bailey Baptist Health System BHS Graduate Medical Education Birmingham Radiological Group, P.C. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama Brasfield & Gorrie, Inc. Cardiology, P.C. Compass Bank Dr. and Mrs. Jack M. Dabbs The Daniel Foundation of Alabama Employee Benevolent Fund Estate of Stella White Excell Financial Services Mr. Joseph P. Giattina 14 Stewardship

The Good Shepherd Foundation The Harold & Regina Simon Charitable Trust Hoar Construction Mr. John H. Holcomb, III Dr. Ingeborg M. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. James C. Lasker Mrs. Sandra and Mr. Don Logan McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc. MedAssets Parsons, Lee & Juliano, P.C. Princeton BMC Auxiliary Regions Saginaw Pipe Company, Inc. Sellers, Richardson, Holman & West, LLP Stone Family Foundation Susan G Komen Foundation TRO Jung|Brannen, Inc. Walker Baptist Medical Center Auxiliary

$1,000 to $9,999 Abbott Laboratories Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Acosta Mr. and Dr. Vincent Adams Advanced Health Media, LLC Novartis Mrs. Amy S. Allen AT&T Mr. James A. Bailey Mr. Rand Ballard Baptist Health Centers, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey D. Barnard, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Belcher Biotronik, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. W. Eugene Birdsong Birmingham Baptist Association Birmingham Gastroenterology Assoc. P.C. Mr. and Mrs. Kerry D. Black Boston Scientific Corporation Dr. and Mrs. Alain Bouchard Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bradford Dr. and Mrs. John R. Brouillette Mrs. Kathy E. Brown Mr. Wade M. Burt Mr. Joseph L. Bynum Cardio-Thoracic Surgeons, P.C. Caretenders Charles W. Daniel Charitable Trust Mr. Ward Cheatham

Mr. Lewis Cheney Citizens BMC Auxiliary City of Jasper Cleo B. Thornton Memorial Fund Mr. Jerry Coley Mr. and Mrs. Stuart B. Collier Dr. and Mrs. Merrill E. Compton, Jr. Dr. Clement P. Cotter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James M. Crandall Creek Bed Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Guillermo C. Dacumos, Jr. Mr. Bill Daniel Mr. and Mrs. William E. Davenport Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Dickens Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Doekel, Jr. Downs & Company Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Dreher Drummond Company, Inc. EBSCO Industries, Inc. Edge Lumber Company, Inc. Edwards Lifesciences LLC Ela Medical Mr. and Mrs. James Emack, Jr. Dr. Robert L. England, IV Family Health Associates, P.C. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Faulkner First National Bank of Jasper Dr. and Mrs. Don G. Fisher Dr. and Mrs. David M. Fitzgerald Fontaine Trailer Company Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Mrs. Patricia M. Franklin Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Gaskin, III Golden & Associates Mr. Geoffrey Golden Goldman, Sachs & Co. Dr. and Mrs. Vasudeva R. Goli Gornto & Associates, Inc. Mr. James J. Grammas Mr. & Mrs. W. Gary Griffin Dr. Robert D. Guyton Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hamilton Dr. and Mrs. Jack H. Hasson Mrs. Beverly C. Haymon Dr. and Mrs. Cooper G. Hazelrig Dr. and Mrs. Stanley C. Hewlett Dr. Wilton R. Holman, III Hospital Housekeeping Sys. LTD Ms. Janice F. Howell Mr. Frank Hutchinson Jasper Lumber Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Jeffries Johnson Development Dr. and Mrs. Ward A. Keith Mr. Damon B. Kissinger KLMK Group, LLC Mr. Charles E. Lacey Mrs. Terri M. Lamons

Lexus Champions for Charity Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Locke Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Louviere Dr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Ludwig, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Davor A. Luketic Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Massie Mr. Michael McNulty Medical Assurance, Inc. The Medicines Company Medtronic Dr. and Mrs. Farrell O. Mendelsohn Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey S. Miller Ms. Kacy Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Ross Mitchell Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Moore MW/Davis Dumas Associates, Inc. Nephrology Associates, P.C. Mr. Jeffrey Nicholson OBGYN Specialists of Alabama, P.C. Dr. and Mrs. Robert I. Oliver Oscient Pharmaceuticals Corporation Owens & Minor, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Ozbirn, Jr. Parsons, Lee & Juliano, PC Mr. and Mrs. J. Wray Pearce Pfizer, Inc. Pinnacle Bank Dr. Ed and Mrs. Betsy Postlethwait Dr. Mark A. Prevost Princeton Baptist Medical Center Ms. Denise S. Pruitt Mr. and Mrs. James W. Rainer, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Pringle Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. Scott Reed Rite Way Service, Inc. Royal Cup, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Rushing Dr. and Mrs. A. David Russakoff Schering Corporation Shelby Baptist Medical Center Sherer Family Foundation Inc. Mrs. Sharon W. Simmons SOS Foundation Southeastern Property Acquisitions, Inc. Southern Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Associates Mr. and Mrs. Shane Spees Mr. Patrick Sullivan The Surgeons’ Group Mrs. Kaye and Mr. Mike Sutley Mr. and Mrs. Joel W. Tate Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Melton E. Taylor Thera-Connection, Inc. The Thompson Foundation Thoracic, Cardiac & Vascular Surgery of Alabama, PC

Trinity Medical Center Trust Building Services Dr. and Mrs. William W. Uncapher Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Vachon Dr. and Mr. Katisha Vance Dr. Dana N. Walchek Mr. and Mrs. Boyd V. Walton, Jr. Ms. Laurie A. Ward Ms. Mary Jane C. Wesler Dr. and Mrs. Allan S. Wilensky Dr. Michael K. Wilensky Mrs. Claudia H. Wilkey Windrose Medical Properties LP Chaplain and Mrs. Gary W. Yarbrough Mr. and Mrs. James H. Yarbrough Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Yeager

$500 to $999 Advanced Surgical, P.C. Mr. Kenneth J. Anderson Ms. Glenda K. Arnold Ms. Cecelia H. Bailey Dr. and Mrs. Martin T. Bailey Mrs. Sarah S. Barbour Dr. and Mrs. Clarence W. Barr, III Mr. and Mrs. Dale B. Beck Ben Elias Ind. Corp. Mr. Jason W. Blackstock Mrs. Susan Bowden Dr. and Mrs. James L. Bradley Ms. Brenda D. E. Brazzell Mr. Stanley K. Breaux Ms. Susan C. Bria Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Burns Ms. Nancy H. Campbell Ms. Patricia L. Cannon Ms. Donna M. Carter Dr. John B. Casterline Dr. and Mrs. R. C. Cezayirli The Chamber of Commerce of Walker County Mrs. Laurie C. Clifton Ms. Angela S. Collins Colonial Properties Mr. James W. Corbett Mr. David L. Cornelison Mr. Brian E. Cornett Ms. Alice L. Cox Mrs. Carolyn B. Curry Mr. Landon C. Curry Ms. Lisa Daniels Mrs. Paula D. Davenport Ms. Emily R. Davis Ms. Marcia Davis Mr. Shane R. Dawkins Mr. Tommy Deramus

Mrs. Carol D. Donaldson Mr. David S. Dorrough Mr. Richard P. Dyar E & W Body Shop, Inc. Estate of Lachlan Leigh Campbell Ms. Virginia Farley Ms. Shameika S. Farmer Ms. Sandy K. Farris Ms. Cynthia D. Fayet First Commercial Bank Ms. Dorothy J. Gaiter Ms. Lana D. Gatrey Mr. Leonard M. Gavin, Jr. Mr. Marcus A. Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Billy J. Gilliland Mr. Daniel H. Gillis, III Mr. Robert G. Glaze Ms. Patricia V. Glover Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Goetz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Graham, Jr. Mrs. Dorethia and Mr. Lorenzo Green Guardian-Ipco, Inc. Ms. Donna J. Hammock Ms. Carolyn L. Hammons Ms. Vera S. Hamrick Ms. Lorene Hansford Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Hardenbergh Dr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Harmon Mrs. Sandra Haynes Mr. Victor F. Hazan Mrs. Edna E. Higginbotham Mrs. Tracy S. Hill Hill-Rom Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David Hindman Ms. Amy L. Holliman Ms. Tresa R. House Ms. Linda M. T. Howard Mrs. Debra A. Hyle Ms. Judy F. Johnston Ms. Mary P. Jones Mr. Olin C. Jones, III Ms. Charla K. Keel Ms. Jacqueline D. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Kicker Mrs. Donna S. Kilpatrick Mr. Alfred E. Kohler Mrs. Kay S. Laney Mr. Russell A. Laney, Sr. Mr. Steven E. Leber Ms. Connie J. Lee Levy Advertising Agency Mr. James D. Lindsey Ms. Kathy B. Livingston Ms. Brenda L. Loveless Ms. Angela T. Madison Mr. Walter G. Mathis Mr. Fred G. May Mr. Daniel O. McClusky, III Ms. Deborah M. McCormack Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. McKinney Mrs. Micha M. McMeans Ms. Gloria McNeal Meditek Greystone Inc. Mr. Ronnie L. Melson Mr. Larry Mikul Mrs. Michele D. Morgan Ms. Patsy L. Morrow Ms. Dena Stokes Moye MPT Operating Partnership, L.P. Mr. J. W. Nall, Jr. Mr. Thomas W. Nicholas Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Nichols Ms. Nancy J. Nixon Ms. Cynthia N. Nobles Mr. David Noles Northwest Alabama Mental Health Center

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Odom Mr. and Mrs. Joey Page Mr. Keith Parrott Ms. Sharon L. Patton Ms. Sallie L. Peters Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Phillips Dr. and Mrs. John A. Pinkston Mr. Leon Pippen Ms. Patricia M. Poe Ms. Beverly W. Presley Mr. and Mrs. Norman B. Raber Mr. and Mrs. William B. Reed Dr. and Mrs. W. Courtenay Rennerker Mrs. Martha J. Reynolds Mrs. Janice O. Ridling Ms. Deborah L. Riley Ms. Beverly K. Rizzo Ms. Carol R. Salmon Mrs. Donna Scoggins Mr. Frank A. Scoggins Ms. Kathy P. Scott Mr. Robert E. Self Mr. Steve R. Sherer Ms. Martha A. Silliman Simon-Williamson Clinic, P.C. Simplex Grinnell Mr. Frank Sims Ms. Harrilen G. Smith Ms. Nancy M. Smith Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. Mr. Timothy L. Sofferin Ms. Doran L. Stamps Stephen Bradley & Associates LLC Mr. and Mrs. John F. Stewart The Stewart Organization Ms. Claresia K. Suddeth The Health Care Authority for Medical West Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Tobias Mrs. Glenda W. Townsend Mr. Tim B. Townsend Trinity Contractors, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Twitty Mr. and Mrs. Allen Uffinger Mrs. Esther I. Virgin Ms. Margaret A. Waldrop Ms. Carol F. Walker Mr. Kenneth S. Wamer Ms. Tammy Weeks Mrs. Sue R. Whitfield Ms. Juanita M. Williams Ms. Lisa S. Williams Mrs. Yolanda M. Williams Mr. and Mrs. David C. Wilson Ms. Linda P. Wilson Young Jewelers, Inc.

$100 to $499 Ms. Laschanka L. Aaron Ms. Stacy L. Aaron Mrs. April D. Abernathy Ms. Anjanette D. Abrams Ms. Pamela H. Acker Mrs. Dawn B. Acton Ms. Sherry D. Adcock Ms. Sherry D. Adkins Mr. Don J. Akins Mr. Bucarrui S. Akles Ms. Orlita P. Albert Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Alby Mrs. Shea E. Aldrich Mrs. Susan S. Alexander Mr. Philip W. Allen Ms. Rita G. Allen Ms. Shannon B. Allen Mrs. Jennifer H. Allison Ms. Kathy S. Allred Mrs. Brandee R. Alonzo American International Group, Inc.

American Red Cross Mr. Marvin G. Anderson Ms. Melanie L. Anderson Ms. Barbara G. Andrews Ms. Darla A. Andrews Ms. Margaret C. Armitage Mr. and Mrs. Bill Arnold Ms. Sarah S. Arnold Ms. Sonya C. Arrington Mr. Carey S. Atkins Ms. Carol A. Avery Ms. Vicki G. Bacon Ms. Rusanne M. Baggett Mr. James W. Bagwell Ms. Robin A. Bagwell Ms. Donna L. Bailey Ms. Kristi A. Bailey Mr. Rodney Bailey Mrs. Shari L. Bailey Mrs. Emily R. Baker Ms. Shari L. Bang Bank of Walker County Mr. Ronny O. Banks Ms. Ruby F. Banks Ms. Nancy J. Bard Ms. Bridgette L. Barnes Ms. Amanda C. Barton Ms. Karan G. Barton Mr. Robert Barton Mr. Archie Battle Ms. Towanda T. Battle Mrs. Janet H. Baumgardner Ms. Lillie J. Bazzano Mr. Donald W. Bearden Beaty Drug Company, Inc. Mr. Dustin Beaty Mr. and Mrs. James B. Beaty, Jr. Ms. Jennie M. Beaty Mr. Kirk S. Becker Ms. Tiffary L. Bell Ms. Anyet M. Belyeu Benchmark Group Inc. Ms. Cynthia L. Benitez Ms. Cynthia R. Bennett Mr. James K. Benson Ms. Theatrice L. Benson Ms. Annette Benton Ms. Kristie M. Best Ms. Anita E. Bester Ms. Sarah G. Beverly Ms. Virginia A. Bickers Mrs. Paige W. Biddle Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Biggs Ms. Olivia Billingsley Ms. Sandra J. Birch Birmingham Eye Center, P. C. Birmingham YMCA Mr. Jay S. Bishop Mrs. Maria T. Bitago Ms. Kimberly A. Black Ms. Mary A. Black Ms. Stacey W. Black Ms. Connie H. Blackburn Ms. Sandra M. Blackston Ms. Sheila H. Blackwood Ms. Bobbie J. Blaylock Ms. Christy M. Bline Ms. Susan A. Blumstein Ms. Sheryl J. Bogan Mrs. Sharon K. Bonds Mrs. Ramona W. Booker Mrs. Sarah T. Boone Ms. Heather D. Booth Mr. Nathan L. Bowden Mr. Scott Bowen Ms. Deborah N. Boyd Ms. Edna M. Boyd Mrs. Jennifer P. Boyd Ms. Loretta Boyd Ms. Betty B. Brackett Ms. Lorie F. Bradford Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Bradford

Ms. Emily K. Brame Mr. Danny N. Brasher Ms. Kimberly T. Brasher Ms. Shari B. Brazelton Mr. James H. Brazill Ms. Susan R. Brock Ms. Patsy G. Brom Ms. Charlene D. Brooks Ms. Janet D. Brooks Mr. Stephen P. Brooks Ms. Kendra R. Brown Ms. Leah C. Brown Ms. Lisa E. Brown Ms. Phyllis D. Brown Ms. Tina H. Bruce Ms. Jessica A. Bruner Mrs. Shanna E. Bryars Dr. and Mrs. Charles M. Buchanan Ms. Sharon K. Bullard Ms. Kelly B. Bunn Ms. Janya F. Burgess Ms. Corinna S. Burnett Mr. Marvin W. Burns Ms. Wendy A. Burns Ms. Angela G. Burroughs Mr. Scott A. Busby Ms. Tina P. Buse Ms. Jill L. Butler Mr. Janice R. Butts Byars & Associates Ms. Brenda P. Bynum Dr. Rebecca R. Byrd Ms. Pamela H. Cain Ms. Margaret Calamusa Ms. Blair L. Caldwell Ms. Shimeka D. G. Calhoun Mr. Terry W. Callahan Ms. Jamie Callis Mr. Matthew F. Calvert Ms. Sharon D. Cameron Ms. Kathy C. Campbell Mr. Richard A. Campbell, III Ms. Dionaleen A. Caringal Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Carlisle Ms. Annie M. Carstens Mrs. Michelle C. Carter Ms. Pati M. Carter Ms. Brandy L. Carver Mr. Scott E. Cawthon Mr. Felix S. Cayetuna Ms. Amanda L. Champion Ms. Asha R. Chand Mr. Ashish R. Chand Ms. Brittany D. Chandler Ms. Donna M. Chandler Ms. Rebecca L. Chandler Ms. Debra L. Channell Ms. Gwendolyn M. Chapman Ms. Susie V. Chatman Ms. Marybeth C. Cheeks Ms. Judith J. Chelal Dr. and Mrs. Mike J. Chen Mrs. Judy P. Childress Ms. Rhonda J. Childress Mrs. Mary F. Christopher Ms. Martha R. Clark Mrs. Paula D. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds Clark Ms. Shenequa J. Clay Ms. Dena M. Clayton Ms. Jennifer K. Clayton Mr. Christopher D. Cleghorn Mrs. Amanda B. Clement Ms. Beth M. Cobb Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Cobb, III Ms. Cheryl E. Cochran Mr. Timothy Cochran Ms. Angela M. Coffman Mr. Christopher F. Coker Ms. Lavia D. Coker Ms. Tommi R. Coker Ms. Kisha C. Coleman

Ms. Lapressa J. Coleman Mrs. Lavera T. Coleman Ms. Shaneau F. Collins Mr. Robert J. Connally Ms. Stella W. Connell Ms. Marion C. Constant Mrs. Deborah K. Conway Ms. Theresa V. Cooey Ms. Kathy Cooner Dr. Suzane C. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. John C. Corso Ms. Velma G. Cosby Ms. Donna J. Cottingham Ms. Cynthia D. Cowans Dr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Cowley Ms. Debra J. Coyne Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Crain Mr. Kenneth R. Cranford Ms. Williadean Crear Ms. Tamara C. Creel Ms. Sharon A. Crews Ms. Carol D. Crowe Ms. Bonnie K. Cruise Mr. Adam L. Culbreath Ms. Linda S. Culverhouse Mr. Timothy K. Cumuze Mr. Kelvin K. Cunningham CuraScript, Inc. Ms. Patricia S. Curry Ms. Sondra K. Curry Mr. Steven S. Curtis Ms. Tiffany S. Curvin Ms. Jodi B. Daniel Ms. Kimberly A. Daniel Dr. and Mrs. W. Andrew Daniel, III Ms. Rhonda C. Daniels Ms. Charlotte D. Dansby Dr. and Mrs. William A. Dantzler Ms. Dorothy C. Darrenkamp Ms. Jolie P. Darty Ms. Laurie A. Davidson Dr. Anne B. Davis Ms. Donna Davis Mr. Herman J. Davis Dr. Jimmy W. Davis Dr. Matthew S. Davis Ms. Pauline Davis Ms. Sandra Davis Ms. Tammy R. Davis Ms. Teressa S. Davis Ms. Valorie D. Davis Ms. Vicki L. Dawkins Ms. Linda G. Dawson Mrs. Alicia L. Day Ms. Cecilia G. Day Ms. Paige M. Dean Ms. Mildred I. Decker Dr. and Mrs. Mark S. DeGuenther Mrs. Lesa T. Denham Ms. Clara N. Dill Ms. Maria A. Disney Mr. Jack Dockery Ms. Sheilah C. Dodson Mrs. Pamela C. Dollar Ms. Angela R. Doss Mr. and Mrs. Joe Downs, Jr. Ms. Judith E. Drews Ms. Nancy T. Drinkard Mr. Joshua S. Drummond Ms. Kathy D. Drummond Ms. Rebekah L. Drummond Mr. Randall E. Duff Ms. Patricia A. Duffy Ms. Aleisha M. Dunagan Ms. Joy N. Duncan Ms. Cynthia E. Dunlap Ms. Caroline D. Duque Ms. Rachel L. Dye Ms. Robin R. Dyer Ms. Brenda K. Edwards Mr. Jason A. Edwards Dr. and Mrs. John T. Eagan

Spring 2009 15

foundationspotlight Ms. Sarah E. Egan Mrs. Heather M. Ekstrand Ms. Cindy A. Elder Ms. Rhonda Elkins Ms. Kellye K. Elliott Mrs. Andrea A. Ellis Ms. Cynthia E. Ellis Mrs. Linda S. Elmore Ms. Catherine L. Elston Mr. Michael L. Endress Ms. Deborah A. Engle Ms. Crystal G. Entrekin Mr. Victor M. Ervin Ms. Phyllis N. Esposite Ms. Kathryn A. Evans Ms. Lindsey R. Evans Ms. Myra J. Evans Drs. Charles and Kimberly Fagan Ms. Vickie Fain Ms. Donna K. Falkner Ms. Elizabeth E. Fancher Mr. Brian K. Farris Mrs. Virginia B. Fernandez Ms. Shari S. Finley Ms. Valerie R. Finney Ms. Teresa C. Fitzhugh Mr. Noel P. Flauta Mrs. Ella D. Foley Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Forbes Ms. Marla J. Ford Ms. Karla Forester Ms. Lorien A. Forrest Ms. Media L. Foust Mr. Dell H. Franklin Fravert Services, Inc. Ms. Dana S. Frazier Ms. Megan M. Freeman Mr. Robert C. Freeman, Jr. Ms. Tiffany A. Frost Ms. Kristen M. Fuller Mr. Clinton L. Fulton Ms. Patricia W. Gaither Ms. Carolyn E. Gardner Ms. Marsha R. Gardner Dr. and Mrs. Ross E. Gardner Mr. Dwight D. Garvin Gastroenterology Associates North-Alabama P.C. Ms. Bernice A. Gatson Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Gautney Generator Service Co., Inc. Ms. Lena E. Genry Ms. Elizabeth S. George Dr. and Mrs. John M. Gerwin Ms. Teresa G. Gilbert Mrs. Kelly and Mr. Alexander Gilmore Mr. David A. Glass Ms. Donna R. Glaze Ms. Linda H. Glaze Ms. Janice H. Glenn Ms. Georgia D. Gober Ms. Alice S. Goggans Ms. Nanette S. Gonzales Ms. Lanie Goodroe Ms. Lauren R. Goodwin Ms. Hannah E. Gordon Ms. Cleo K. Gorman Ms. Brandi G. Gortney Ms. Laura J. Grabowski Ms. Amanda B. Grace Mr. Harold J. Graham Mr. and Mrs. Alec Grant Mr. and Mrs. Warren Grant, Jr. Ms. Caroline S. Gravelle Mr. Michael A. Gray Mr. Michael H. Gray Ms. Ruth E. Gray Ms. Vonda L. Grayson Ms. Bonnie M. Green Ms. Donna M. Green

16 Stewardship

Ms. Jenny Y. Green Ms. Pamela Green Mrs. Dorothy S. Greene Mr. Richard D. Gregory Ms. Vicki Griffice Ms. Melody L. Griffin Dr. Allen B. Groves Mr. William J. Guffin Ms. Andrea C. Guillot Mrs. Gloria S. Gulledge Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Gunter Ms. Cathy D. Gurganus Ms. Gail U. Gurley Ms. Sherry L. Gustafson Mr. Barry D. Hagood Mr. Andrew E. Hairston Mr. Russ Hale Ms. Anita L. Hall Mr. Brian E. Hall Ms. Demetri L. Hall Mrs. Latonya L. Hall Ms. Tracie S. Hall Mr. Anthony D. Hallman Mr. Robert E. Hames Ms. Jean J. Hann Ms. Anna J. Harbison Ms. Stacey C. Harbison Mr. John Harchelroad Ms. Joyce Harden Ms. Cecily D. Hardy Mr. Lewis D. Harp, Jr. Ms. Nita K. Harper Ms. Karen E. Harris Ms. Latasia Harris Mr. Lawrence D. Harris Ms. Cynthia R. Harrison Ms. Marzetta D. Harrison Ms. Valencia J. Harrison Ms. Angela L. Harry Ms. Colleen G. Hartman Mr. John L. Hartman Mr. Garnet R. Hartzog Ms. Mindy D. Hathcock Ms. Candace E. Hawkins Ms. Katie Hawkins Ms. Jeanne F. Hawley Ms. Rhonda G. Hayes Mrs. Susan F. Hayes Mrs. Cheryl J. Haynes Ms. Cynthia D. Haynes Ms. Yolanda L. Haynes Ms. Cheryl E. Hays Mr. Harold Hays Ms. Mary Jane Haywood Headway Promotional Products, Inc. Ms. Irene L. Heard Ms. Debra A. Hearns Ms. Cynthia D. Heath Ms. Sarah A. Hebert Ms. Iva D. Hecker Ms. Karen J. Heflin Ms. Linda G. Henley Mr. David A. Hennard Mrs. Sabrina C. Henry Mr. William C. Henson, Jr. Ms. Kelli D. Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Herron Ms. Ramona S. Herron Mr. Jim Hersma Ms. Jacqueline D. Hicks Ms. Wanda S. Highfield Mr. Barney W. Hill Mr. Bryan D. Hill Ms. Toni P. Hill Ms. Leslie S. Hines Ms. Doris G. Hogan Ms. Minda I. Hogstrom Ms. Carolyn M. Holmes Ms. Patricia C. Holmes Ms. Christian A. Holt Ms. Joyce C. Hood

Ms. Patsy L. Hood Ms. Cathy M. Hopper Ms. Sheryl A. Horn Ms. Kimberly D. Horne Mr. Harry H. Horner, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Keehn Hosier Ms. Ginger P. Houchins Mr. Kerry G. Houston Mr. Yama C. Houston Ms. Brandi L. Howard Mr. William D. Howard Mr. Thelonius L. Howell HPFC, Inc. Mr. Bradley S. Hubbard Mr. Robert E. Hudson, Jr. Ms. Pamela J. Hudspeath Mr. Kerry O. Hughes Ms. Robyn G. Hughes Ms. Sharon D. Hughes Ms. Tonya D. Hughes-Riley Dr. James B. Hunter Ms. Charlotte D. Hurst Mr. Earl F. Hutchinson Ms. Sharon J. Hutchinson Mr. Michael T. Hyde Dr. Patrick A. Hyland Ms. Stacy C. Ingram Ms. Ashley N. Ireland Mr. Dante T. Ison Ms. Robin M. Ivy J.F. Day & Company, Inc. Ms. Dianette J. Jackson Ms. Erin E. Jackson Mr. Gillian H. Jackson Ms. Gwen Jackson Ms. Martha C. Jackson Ms. Robin C. Jackson Ms. Shirley F. Jackson Dr. and Mrs. Arthur M. James Jefferson County Committee for Economic Opportunit Mrs. Vicki Jefferson Mr. Marshall P. Jefferson Ms. Billie J. Jennings Ms. Donna D. Jennings Ms. Melissa F. Jett Jim N Nick’s Jasper, LLC Mr. Tom Johansen Ms. Brenda J. Johnson Mrs. Cassandra C. Johnson Ms. Chanda L. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Emmett R. Johnson Mr. Gary W. Johnson Ms. Jeanette Johnson Ms. Kristy K. Johnson Ms. Mary E. Johnson Ms. Melinda F. Johnson Ms. Norma J. Johnson Mrs. Susan B. Johnson Ms. Cinda G. Johnston Mr. Chris T. Jones Mr. Isaiah Jones Ms. Jamie J. Jones Ms. Lisa M. Jones Mr. Lynn Jones Ms. Monica M. Jones Ms. Ragan D. Jones Ms. Robin L. Jones Ms. Sandra S. Jones Mr. William A. Jones Ms. Victoria L. Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Jasper P. Juliano Ms. Lisa A. Keenan Mr. Colloni T. Keener Ms. Lisa P. Kelley Mrs. Nora R. Kelley Ms. Perci D. Kelley Ms. Jennifer L. Kelly Mr. Kinnis Kelly, III Mr. Adam W. Key Ms. Barbara J. Key Ms. Danielle L. Key

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Kicker Ms. Deborah J. Kilgore Ms. Melissa A. Kilgore Ms. Yolanda T. Kilgore Mr. John D. Killian Ms. Sigrid Kimble Ms. Jennifer D. Kimbrell Ms. Miaoshia S. King Ms. Alvera R. Kirk Kiwanis Club of Columbiana Ms. Donna Klosowsky Mr. Donald R. Knight Mr. Ronald L. Kolter Ms. Renee P. Korreckt Ms. Judy L. Kratz Dr. Robert A. Kreisberg Ms. Laura S. Krubinski Ms. Patricia R. S. Kulovitz Ms. Judy R. Kuper Ms. Debbie H. Labin Ms. Emily A. Lacey Mr. Gordon and Dr. Kathleen A. Ladner Mrs. Karen V. Lake Mr. Schinley N. Land Ms. Debra K. Lane Ms. Judy N. Lang Ms. Christy K. Langham Ms. Vanessa L. Langham Mrs. Tamara D. Langley Ms. Wendy L. Langston Mr. John T. Lanier Ms. Melanie C. Lanier Ms. Beverly R. Lawley Mr. Jonathan M. Lawley Ms. Carolle N. Lawrence Ms. Donna R. Lawson Ms. Lillian M. Lawson Ms. Carol Lazenby Ms. Valerie J. Leader Ms. Kimberly J. Ledingham Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Lee Ms. Anita L. Lee Shield Mr. Jerry L. Leeth Legacy Community Federal Credit Union Ms. Debbie P. Lenard Ms. Rosa B. Lewis Ms. Viola B. Lewis Ms. Mary A. Liggon Ms. Alevia B. Lightfoot Ms. Belinda Limbaugh Ms. Debbie H. Lindley Ms. Heather N. Lingo Mrs. Emily P. Little Ms. Amanda L. Littleton Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Loar Dr. Harry E. Logue Ms. Brittney R. Lollar Ms. Judy F. Long Ms. Mary E. Long Ms. Danielle M. Lorek Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Lovell Ms. Donna M. Loving Ms. Margaret L. Lowe Ms. Christina W. Lucas Ms. Susan M. Lumpkin Ms. Joy H. Lynch Ms. Nancy L. MacCrae Ms. Staci R. Machado Ms. Tammy K. Machen Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Mackin Ms. Geneva G. Maddox Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maddox Ms. Carol M. Madison Ms. Bonzola Malone Ms. Debra A. Malone Mr. and Mrs. Steve A. Manley Ms. Jessica L. Marquardt Ms. Rebecca S. Marsh Ms. Angela R. Martin Ms. Elizabeth Martin

Ms. Michele G. Martin Ms. Gwendolyn B. Massey Ms. Kanika Massey I. Massie Ms. Denise S. Mattox Ms. Brenda D. Mauldin Ms. Alicia D. Maxwell Ms. Deanna L. May Ms. Ceferina J. Mayer Ms. Amy L. Mayfield Ms. Glenda S. Mayfield Ms. Beverly L. Mays Mrs. Tracie B. McCain Ms. Allison S. McCaleb Mr. Fred J. McCallum Dr. and Mrs. John T. McCarley, Jr. Ms. Melanie McCarley Ms. Dana G. McCauley Ms. Katie F. McClain Mr. Clinton E. McClaney Ms. Tracy L. McClellan Mr. Brian McCloskey Ms. Bessie L. McCluney Mrs. Rebecca D. McCollum Ms. Sharron L. McCoy Mrs. Betty R. McCulley Ms. Sheliah A. McCulley Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas McCurry, Jr. Ms. Tiffany N. McCurry Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. McDermott Ms. Sandra K. McDevitt Ms. Ann H. McEntire Ms. Annetta McGhee Ms. Robin L. McGowen Mr. Earnest R. McKee Ms. Sarah I. McKey Ms. Kayla L. McKinnon Ms. Sharon S. McKinnon Ms. Donilda S. McMahan Ms. Roni M. McPhearson Mr. Billy R. McPherson Ms. Vicki K. Meacham Mr. Horace L. Meadows Ms. Toya J. Means Ms. Elaine Meeks Ms. Karen D. Meeks Ms. Kathy G. Mezrano Mr. Mark C. Middlebrooks Ms. Terri T. Milazzo Ms. Billie A. Miles Ms. Tina F. Miles Ms. Launa L. Milligan Millwork Supply, Inc. Ms. Barbara V. Minor Ms. Susan G. Missildine Ms. Alice M. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Mitchell Mr. Willine E. Mitnick Ms. Kristin S. Molck Mr. Matthew D. Monk Ms. Lisa K. Moody Ms. Brigitte S. Moore Ms. Christine L. Moore Mr. Glenn W. Moore Mr. James Moore Ms. Maisha N. Moore Mrs. Rita D. Moore Ms. Wanda K. Moore Ms. Charlotte L. Moorer Ms. Katherine C. Moorer Ms. Deborah R. Morgan Ms. Malinda M. Morgan Ms. Nancy L. Morgan Mrs. Misty S. Morris Mrs. Paula W. Morris Mrs. Esther Y. Morrison Mr. Gary E. Morrison Ms. Kendra K. Morrison Dr. and Mrs. Constantine D. Morros

Ms. Dorothy Diane Morrow Mr. Hyon Morrow Mr. and Mrs. Phillip M. Moses Ms. Kathy H. Mosley Mr. Justin B. Moss Mountain Brook Baptist Church Mrs. Kaye D. Moyer Ms. Nomas Moyo Mr. Kevin B. Muir Ms. Jennifer A. Munn Ms. Charity M. Muriuki Ms. Seneca M. Murner Mr. and Mrs. Lawson W. Murphy Ms. Teresa G. Murphy Mrs. Myra S. Muse Ms. Nancy A. Musser Ms. Michelle T. Myers Mr. John V. Naro Mr. Micheal A. Nash Ms. Carol A. Neal Ms. Brenda Neeley Mrs. Seleana S. Nelson Ms. Vicki L. Nelson Mr. David W. Newell Mrs. Sabrina H. Newton Ms. Inda D. Nichols Ms. Cynthia R. Nicholson Mr. Robert B. Nolen, Jr. Mr. Jared S. Norris Ms. Charlotte Nuckols Odom Construction Co., Inc. Ms. Nancy F. Odom Mr. Richard F. Ogle Dr. and Mrs. Christopher W. Old Ms. Indra A. Oldham Mrs. Amber F. O’Neal Ms. Kaye Y. O’Neal Mr. James E. Oneill Ms. Debra A. Overton Mrs. Claire S. Owens Ms. Rita G. Owens Dr. and Mrs. Stuart J. Padove Ms. Linda H. Pair Ms. Sherry F. Pair Ms. Fritzie C. Palisoc Ms. Brenda Palmer Ms. Toni Y. Palmer Ms. Gisela M. Paraiso Ms. Christa A. Parker Mr. James M. Parker Ms. Josephine V. Parker Ms. Sheila A. Parker Ms. Latoya D. Parks Mrs. Amelia D. Parsons Ms. Glenda Parsons Ms. Gloria K. Parvin Mr. and Mrs. F. Wayne Pate Mrs. Connie S. Patterson Ms. Heather T. Patterson Ms. Anita E. Patton Ms. Sheena M. Payne Mr. Michael B. Pearson Ms. Sandra K. Pearson Mr. Benjamin B. Peete Dr. and Mrs. John C. Pegues Ms. Jamie S. Penny Ms. Kimberly D. Penny Mr. Benjamin Peoples Ms. Veronica V. Perkins Mrs. Alice R. Perry Ms. Deidre M. Perry Ms. Sherrie E. Perry Ms. Tyrea M. Perry Ms. Shelia S. Persons Ms. Angela B. Peterson Ms. Judith Pevy Ms. Kriss E. Phares Mrs. Barbara A. Phillips Ms. Margaret R. Phillips Ms. Pauline B. Phillips Mrs. Scotia D. Phillips Ms. Wanda J. Phillips

Ms. Ashley R. Pickle Ms. Kimberly M. Picton Mrs. Janice M. Pilaton Ms. Judy D. Pinion Ms. Judy H. Pittman Ms. Rebecca R. Pitts Ms. Sherry D. Plan Mrs. Sherri K. Plenge Ms. Shara R. Plummer Ms. April M. Poe Mr. J. C. Poe, Jr. Ms. Mary B. Poer Ms. Juanita J. Pollard Ms. Ashley L. Ponder Mr. and Mrs. James M. Pool Ms. Dorothea V. Poole Mr. Joel C. Porter Ms. Patricia A. Porter Ms. Shevorn D. Porter Mr. C. Scott Powell Mr. Peter J. Powell Ms. Sabrina J. Powell Prestige Floor Care Llc Ms. Hattie Carolyn Pride Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Pridmore, Sr. Mr. Bobby R. Prince Princeton Pulmonary Group Princeton Surgical Specialist, PC Ms. Joyce H. Pruitt Ms. Beth A. Pugh Ms. Theresa M. Pugh Ms. Jessica A. Pyron Mr. Charlie D. Quackenbush Mrs. Deborah H. Quick Ms. Netanya R. Quicksey-Riley Mr. Dorcas B. Quinn R. Voyt and Lois C. Hill Fund Ms. Kimberly A. Raco Ms. Karen A. Raines Ms. Robbi S. Rainwater Mr. Lee A. Ralston Ms. Daticia L. Ramsey Ms. April D. Randolph Mr. John H. Rasmussen Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Ratliff Dr. and Mrs. Randall L. Real Mr. Christopher D. Reaves Mrs. Rhonda T. Redden Ms. Terrie D. Reddrick Mrs. Carolyn B. Reed Ms. Vickie C. Reed Ms. Kathy L. Reeves Dr. and Mrs. W. Courtenay C. Renneker, Jr. Ms. Adrienne M. Reynolds Ms. Kelly P. Reynolds Mr. Williams A. Richards Ms. Wilma J. Richards Ms. Tracy Y. Richardson Ms. Nancysu L. Richter Mrs. Rebecca B. Riess Ms. Veda M. Riggs Ms. Leighanne K. Riner Mr. Mark Ritchie Ms. Nykia L. Robbins Ms. Kimberly R. Roberson Mr. and Mrs. John H. Roberts Ms. Sandra C. Roberts Mr. Barry S. Robinson Mr. Eric James Robinson Ms. Larna J. Robinson Ms. Mary L. Robinson Ms. Tammy L. Robinson Ms. Teri M. Rogers Ms. Wendy A. Rogers Ms. Elnora W. Ross Mr. Nickolas A. Rouse Mrs. Brea O. Rowan Ms. Leah R. Rowland Ms. Anitra D. Ruffin Mr. Franklin C. Ruffin

Ms. Gloria D. Ruffin Ms. Paula G. Ruffino Russell Medical Center Ms. Deborah B. Rutledge Ms. Nancy A. Salih Ms. Sara S. Sall Ms. Doris G. Salter Ms. Cynthia D. Sanders Ms. Verna D. Sanders Ms. Vonceil D. Sanders Ms. Sharon C. Sang Ms. Linda B. Satterfield Ms. Sandra T. Saucier Dr. and Mrs. Paul F. Sauer Mr. Mark S. Saunders Ms. Bondra G. Scales Ms. Susie A. Scales Ms. Marti A. Scarborough Ms. Elsie Schmid Mr. and Mrs. James G. Scott Ms. Poatana C. Seale Ms. Vivian A. Seals Ms. Margaret A. Segars Ms. Ginger L. Seiberling Ms. Judy C. Sellers Ms. Leigh Anne Selmanoff Ms. Veronica E. Seymour Ms. Nancy A. Shaar Mr. Steven G. Sharit Ms. Carol D. Shedd Ms. Dianne W. Shelton Ms. Sandra D. Sherbert Mr. and Mrs. Doylene Sherer Mr. Thomas H. Sherer Ms. Cynthia P. Sheridan Ms. Letisha R. Shields Ms. Sandra L. Short Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Shufflebarger Dr. and Mrs. Alan M. Siegal Mr. Gary M. Simmons Ms. Heather C. Simmons Ms. Heather L. Simmons Mrs. Terri L. Simmons Ms. Cynthia H. Sims Ms. Fran C. Sims Mrs. Annette W. Simulia Mr. Jon P. Skeen Ms. Jacqueline Skinner Ms. Rebekah L. Smart Mr. Anthony Smith Ms. Betty P. Smith Ms. Bobbie F. Smith Mr. Brandon L. Smith Ms. Cheryl E. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Hatton C. V. Smith Mrs. Lisa S. Smith Ms. Merita J. Smith Mr. Micheal K. Smith Ms. Rebecca S. Smith Mrs. Richelle A. Smith Ms. Robtricia H. Smith Mr. Roger N. Smith Ms. Sonya D. Smith Mr. Steven C. Smith Ms. Susan L. Smith Ms. Angela R. Snider Ms. Angela E. Snow Ms. Michelle E. Snow Dr. Sandra Soares Southern Perfusion Services, Inc. Ms. Brenda S. Speaks Ms. Mary J. Speed Ms. Mary L. Spencer Ms. Melissa D. Spradley Ms. Amy J. Spradlin Mr. Daryl E. Standridge Ms. Janell M. Standridge Ms. Elizabeth V. W. Stanford Ms. Susan C. Staniszewski Mrs. Jeanie M. Stanley Ms. Terri C. Staples

Ms. Danielle L. Starling Ms. Carol S. Stephens Ms. Katherine J. Y. Stephens Ms. Terri S. Stephens Ms. Beth A. Stephenson Ms. Deborah W. Stone Mrs. Diane T. Stone Ms. Rhonda K. Stone Ms. Sherry M. Stough Strickland Heating and Air Ms. Charita A. Stroud Ms. Ingrid E. Strout Mr. and Mrs. D. Riley Stuart Ms. Maria M. Sulser Ms. Betty S. Summer Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Q. Summerford Ms. Maxine K. Surles Ms. Michelle W. Surrett Ms. Kyra N. Swaggerty Ms. Sheila R. Swain Ms. Jerri D. Sweatt Ms. Wendy S. Sweeney Ms. Linda C. Swindle Mr. Charles B. Synco Mr. Robert M. Szalankiewicz Ms. Andrea Szlavik Ms. Cheryl D. Taback Mrs. Barbara Tabb Mr. Arthur Talip Ms. Joy M. Tamburelli Mrs. Karen G. Tamburello Ms. Denise N. Taylor Technology America Ms. Penny D. Tesseneer Dr. and Mrs. David L. Tharpe Mr. Christopher B. Thomas Mrs. Crystal B. Thomas Ms. Dana P. Thomas Ms. Rhonda K. Thomas Ms. Sandra J. Thomas Ms. Tonya L. Thomas Ms. Tracy L. Thomas Mr. A. Thomason Ms. Joyce E. Thompson Ms. Laura A. Thompson Ms. Mary A. Thompson Ms. Sandra G. Thompson Mr. Chris Thornton Ms. Tracey K. Thornton Ms. Amanda K. Tibbs Ms. Tracy C. Tinsley Mr. and Mrs. Mark Todd Ms. Helen H. Todd Ms. Jeanie B. Todd Ms. Mary A. Todd Mr. Jimmie L. Tolbert, Jr. Ms. Debbie S. Toles Ms. Rina Q. Torres Dr. Darlene Traffanstedt Mr. Byron Trahan Mr. Richard T. Traylor Ms. Sanjanetta Treadwell Mrs. Courtney A. Truett Dr. and Mrs. Ricky B. Tubbs Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Tucker Ms. Mary E. Turner Mr. Walter C. Turner, Jr. Ms. Sharon I. Underwood Universal Door Systems, Inc. Ms. Teresa C. Varden Ms. Teresa D. Varden Ms. Joette Varner Ms. Dianna L. Varnes Mr. Bahran Varzavand Ms. Donna C. Vaughn Ms. Karen J. Vaughn Ms. Sandra J. Waldrop Ms. Angela C. Walker Ms. Denetrice N. Walker Ms. Donna H. Walker Ms. Donna J. Walker

Ms. Jacquelin Walker Ms. Jeannette D. Walker Ms. Vickie L. Walker Ms. Lorene T. Waller Ms. Michele A. Waller Ms. Elizabeth C. Walters Ms. Sheli G. Ward Ms. Latricia D. Ware Ms. Paula J. Warnack Ms. Janice S. Washburn Mr. John W. Washington Mrs. Yvonne M. Washington Ms. Tamica S. Waters Mr. Stephen T. Watkins Ms. Andrea M. Watson Ms. Linda G. Watts Ms. Stella J. Watts Ms. Joellen R. Wear Ms. Mylesa N. Weatherford Ms. Bryndis B. Weaver Ms. Tyesha L. Weaver Ms. Linda H. Webster Ms. Melanie P. Webster Ms. Sherry D. Webster Ms. Tamara S. Weeks Mrs. Carla B. Weems Mr. John A. West Ms. Betty A. Whatley Ms. Sandra P. Whatley Ms. Vicki M. Wheeler Ms. Allison Whiddon Ms. Chiquita White Ms. Ferah D. White Ms. Kimberly L. White Ms. Lauren B. White Mrs. Patsy P. White White Pepper Real Estate, Inc. Mr. Steven A. White Ms. Laura Whittington Ms. Dawn M. Whitworth Ms. Rebecca J. Wicks Mrs. Tara and Mr. Terry Ms. Barbara A. Wiggins Mr. William G. Wigginton, Jr. Ms. Amy H. Wilhite Mr. Shad Wilks Ms. Cynthia L. Williams Ms. Davida L. Williams Ms. Deborah A. Williams Ms. Evangeline A. Williams Ms. Jean B. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Williams Ms. Misty M. Williams Ms. Rhonda D. Williams Ms. Sharon R. Williams Ms. Debra A. Willis Ms. Kelly A. Willis Mrs. Anne Wilson Ms. April L. Wilson Ms. Patricia A. Wilson Ms. Sheryl Wilson Ms. Melissa D. Windham Ms. Judith E. Witt Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. Wolfe Ms. Sharon Y. Womack Ms. Maureen M. Wong Ms. Mindy L. Wood Mrs. Cindy S. Woodley Ms. Brenda Sue Woods Ms. Dollie J. Woods Ms. Donna G. Wyatt Ms. Stephanie B. Wyatt Ms. Keri Z. Wylie Ms. Rhonda G. Wynn Mrs. Ramona L. Yarbrough Mr. Barry G. Young Ms. Deborah H. Young Ms. Martha A. Young Mr. and Mrs. Willliam B. Young, Jr. Ms. Vinetta J. H. Yow

Spring 2009 17

foundationspotlight Under $100 Ms. Beth R. Aaron Ms. Catherine L. Aaron Mrs. Evelyn A. Ableman Ms. Bethany G. Adams Mr. Dexster Adams Ms. Trechelle M. Adams Ms. Mirasol N. Agena Ms. Roselyne E. Akines Alabama Bonsai Society Alabaster Beautification Board Mrs. Betty B. Alby Misses Kendall and Laine Alby Ms. Jamie D. Alexander Ms. Chanci C. Alford Ms. Almarie Allen Mr. Trevor D. Allen Mr. and Mrs. John H. Alsbrooks, Jr. Ms. Emily N. Alsup Ms. Pamala L. Altmon Ms. Mary M. Amick Ms. Ester F. Anchrum Mr. John R. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Roitan C. Angeles Mrs. Pamela E. Ansari Ms. Grimida R. Anthony Ms. Denise H. Antonio Ms. Angelita S. Arellano Ms. Dedra C. Arledge Mrs. Janet W. Arledge Ms. Katherine R. Arledge Ms. Sidney W. Armistead Ms. Jennifer L. Armstrong Ms. Jessica A. Arnold Mr. Gerald E. Arrington Ms. Tryan E. Atkins Mr. Kenneth S. Austin Ms. Lisa A. Auter Mr. Thomas G. Babakitis Ms. Alicia A. Bagley Mr. Brandon K. Bailey Ms. Courtney B. Bailey Ms. Crystal N. Bailey Mr. Harold R. Bailey Ms. Melinda P. Bailey Ms. Carol D. Bains Ms. Danielle H. Baker Ms. Donna L. Baker Ms. Jessica L. Baker Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence V. Baker Ms. Shelby S. Banks Ms. Cathy A. Barber Ms. Donna J. Barber Ms. Barbara S. Barnes Ms. Jessica R. Barnett Ms. Sonya L. Barnett Ms. Stephanie T. Barnett Mr. Michael B. Barron Ms. Suzette C. Bassett Ms. Susan N. Bates Ms. Lynda J. Baughn Ms. Jamie L. Beagle Ms. Lela M. Beard Mr. Curtis Bearden Mrs. Kristi J. Bearden Ms. Chanel D. Beavers Mr. Gregory C. Beck Ms. Linda Beck Mrs. Stacy J. Belaire Mr. Charles N. Bell, Jr. Ms. Janice Bender Ms. Rhoynda C. Bender Ms. Shaka D. Benjamin Ms. Gwendolyn R. Bennett Ms. Judy Bennett Dr. and Mrs. James P. Beretta Ms. Esther E. Bernal Ms. Sharon A. Berry Ms. Dorothy Best Ms. Megan Billowitch Mr. Clifford D. Bishop Dr. and Mrs. William M. Bishop

18 Stewardship

Mr. Dominador C. Bitago Ms. Shondra K. Black Ms. Toni P. Blackwell Mrs. Catherine Blevins Mr. and Mrs. Darrell L. Blount Ms. Deidra A. Bolton Mrs. Tammy E. Bolton Ms. Amanda B. Bonner Ms. Javacia S. Bonner Mr. Rodney D. Booker Ms. Melanie J. Booth Ms. Katherine L. Bottoms Mrs. Laurie E. Bowden Ms. Connie R. Bowen Mr. Javin B. Bowlin Ms. Lisa L. Bowman Ms. Wanda K. Bowman Mr. James R. Bowser Ms. Jacqueline D. Boyd Ms. Roselyn L. Boykin Ms. Diane Boykins Ms. Peggy C. Branch Mr. and Mrs. William H. Brannon Ms. Pauline Brasfield Ms. Nancy C. Breitenstein Ms. Christy M. Bridges Mr. James T. Bright Mr. Calvin Britt Ms. Carolyn E. Brooks Ms. Dana C. Brooks Mr. Alford J. Brown Mrs. Amanda A. Brown Mr. Anthony R. Brown Ms. Betty A. Brown Mr. Henry S. Brown Ms. Jasmine Brown Ms. Lillie M. Brown Ms. Lisa D. Brown Mrs. Louise Brunner Ms. Amanda J. Bryant Ms. Felicia G. Bryant Ms. Juanita A. Bryant Ms. Robin Bryant Mr. Michael J. Bryson Ms. Angel J. Buchanan Mr. Christoper M. Buchanan Ms. Gwendolyn S. Buchanan Ms. Madonna F. Buffkin Ms. Holly M. Bullock Ms. Deanna M. Burkett Mr. Terrance G. Burks Ms. Connie B. Burlison Ms. Rhonda J. Burns Ms. Karen M. Burr Mr. James Burrage, Jr. Ms. Anesha L. Burrell Ms. Claudia S. Butler Ms. Betsy A. Butts Ms. Kristen E. Byars Ms. Mary E. Byers Ms. Heather B. Byford Mrs. Tammie O. Byram Mr. Malcolm E. Byrd Mr. Marvilyn D. Byrd Ms. Stephanie D. Byrd Mrs. Linda M. Byrne Ms. Reitha A. Cabaniss Ms. Janice M. Caffey Mr. Michael C. Cain Ms. Stacey T. Cain Ms. Kimberly A. Callines Ms. Jessica Y. Calvin Mr. Danny D. Campbell Ms. Laura A. Campbell Ms. La Neta M. Carlton Ms. Virgina A. Carmichael Mr. Christopher C. Carney Ms. Fati M. Carter Mr. Tommy Casby Ms. Jennifer R. Chandler Ms. Maxine Chapple Ms. Monica Y. Chatman

Mr. Felix Cheatham Ms. Estella Chism Ms. Kesha R. Church Ms. Michelle D. Clark Ms. Theresa L. Clark Ms. Yvette Clark Ms. Shakela M. Clausell Ms. Patricia L. Clay Ms. Brenda J. Cleghorn Mr. Keturah M. Clemons Ms. Cassandra Y. Coats Ms. Doris B. Cobb Ms. Sandy R. Cobb Ms. Josette M. Cockrell Ms. Robin I. Cohen Ms. Corrie G. Coleman Ms. Crystal O. Coleman Ms. Stacey L. Colley Mrs. Clementine H. Collins Mr. Mark A. Collins Mrs. Valerie H. Collins Ms. Ethel M. Colvin Mr. Walter Colvin, Jr. Ms. Jennifer J. Conley Mr. Alberta L. Cook Ms. Bonita D. Cook Ms. Grenda L. Cooke Ms. Christy L. Cooley Mr. and Mrs. David W. Cooner Mr. Charles L. Cooper, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clark A. Cooper Ms. Tiffany A. Cooper Ms. Dorsa L. Cordell Mr. Jose A. Cortes Mr. Cameron R. Cosby Mrs. Cynthia M. Cottingham Ms. Masika A. Cowan Ms. Carolyn H. Cox Ms. Lisa M. Cranford Ms. Pamela H. Crear Ms. Pamela S. Crider Mrs. Tonya L. Crittenden Ms. Teresa Croom Mr. Robert H. Crosby Mr. Barry C. Crowell Ms. Pat Cruce Ms. Tanya A. Crump Ms. Rachel D. Cuellar Ms. Carol M. Culpepper Mr. Jesse Cunningham, Jr. Ms. Tara R. Curry Mrs. Christy H. Daffron Mr. Robert S. Dahlin Ms. Michelle Daivs Ms. Lateisha M. Daniel Ms. Suzanne E. Daniel Ms. Byronnica L. Davis Mr. James Davis Ms. Katherine W. Davis Ms. Lori A. Davis Ms. Nina M. Davis Ms. Sonya D. Davis Ms. Erika Dawson Ms. Everlene M. Day Mr. Mohmina Dayondong Ms. Dorothy M. Dean Ms. Jennifer L. Dean Dr. and Mrs. Jim Dearth Ms. Gloria J. Deitz Ms. Kerri A. Dennis Ms. Bridgette N. Denson Mrs. Jennifer M. DeShazo Ms. Angelia M. Dial Ms. Kimberly M. Dickinson Ms. Melinda J. Dickson Ms. Christa L. Diffley Ms. Dedrie J. Dillard Ms. Jessica P. Dills Ms. Jennifer A. Dodd Ms. Emily Doig Mr. Grady Dooley, Jr. Ms. Laci J. Driskill

Ms. Lisa A. Driver Ms. Thalia M. Dubose Mr. Warren C. Dukes Ms. Brandy M. Duncan Ms. Carol A. Dunn Ms. Cindy L. Dunn Mr. Gerald Dunn Ms. Tracie D. Dunn Ms. Patricia Y. Dupree Mr. Merle G. Durham Mr. Ray C. Dyck Ms. Terrye Dye Ms. Christina G. Dykes Mr. William E. Dykes Ms. Latosha S. Ealons Ms. Christy K. Earnest Ms. Casey M. Eckstein Ms. Zandra L. Eddie Ms. Angela Y. H. Edge Mr. Keith E. Edge Mrs. Sandra S. Edwards Ms. Jessica L. Ellington Ms. Aeryn A. Elliott Ms. April L. Elliott Mr. David A. Elliott Ms. Pamela A. Ellis Ms. Vonda C. Ellis Drs. Elizabeth and David Ennis Ms. Katina L. Escott Ms. Sanquenetta Espie Ms. Barbra D. Etheridge Ms. Brooke H. Evans Ms. Donzetta L. Evans Ms. Jamielene Evans Ms. Sonya D. Evans Mrs. Mollie P. Everett Mr. Robert E. Exford Ms. Leonora D. Eyas Ms. Karen Faircloth Ms. Brenda P. Falls Mr. Albert W. Fann Mr. Joey Farler Mrs. Rachel N. Farler Ms. Felecia R. Farley Mr. Sam N. Farlow Ms. Diane Farmer Ms. Vickie J. Farris Ms. Carla Y. Ferguson Ladeitris G. Ferguson Mr. Charlito Fernandez Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Ferrell Mr. Eddye M. Fields Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Fikes Ms. Atheria A. Files Mr. and Mrs. George L. Files Mr. Jay C. Files Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Finchum Ms. Britney R. Fisher Ms. Linda Fitts Ms. Melissa R. Fleming Ms. Beth Fletcher Mr. Homer B. Flora Ms. Kimberly M. Flowers Mr. Louis R. Flowers Ms. Keshia N. Fomby Mr. Henry M. Ford Mr. Joseph E. Ford, Jr. Mr. Terry W. Forney Ms. Andrea L. Forrester Mr. Robert P. Forsman Ms. Chasity R. Fowler Mr. Ellis L. Fowler Ms. Selena S. Fox Ms. Anna S. Franklin Mrs. Edith B. Franklin Mr. Gary C. Franklin, Jr. Mr. Gary D. Franklin Mr. Noel J. Franklin Ms. Jessica F. Frazier Ms. Jewell V. Frazier Ms. Stephanie T. Frazier

Ms. Armagean Freeman Ms. Barbara A. Freeman Ms. Judith S. Freeman Ms. Peggy L. Freeman Ms. Sara H. French Ms. Marilyn E. Funderburg Ms. Alma M. Gaertner Ms. Ann J. Gaines Ms. Carol D. Gaines Mr. Robert Gambrell Ms. Ejella Gardner Mr. Greg A. Gardner Ms. Darlene Garner Mrs. Carrie F. Garrick Ms. Ebony R. Gary Ms. Beverly A. Gay Ms. Kristen L. Giambrone Ms. Betty Gibbs Ms. Greita J. Gibbs Mr. Russell K. Giles, Jr. Ms. Ginger L. Gillespie Ms. Brittany M. Gilliland Ms. Carol M. Gilliland Ms. Rebecca C. Gillis Ms. Lucinda W. Gilmore Ms. Yvette D. Gilreath Nary B. Glaze Ms. Martha L. Glenn Mr. Melford C. Glenn Ms. Ana P. N. Goce Mrs. Anita W. Godwin Ms. Cynthia L. Golson Ms. Ronda C. Golson Ms. Kay F. Golston Mrs. Bridget R. Gonzalez Ms. Wretha S. Gooden Ms. Connie M. Goodwin Ms. Linda H. Goodwin Ms. Patricia G. Goodwin Mr. Anwar A. Gordon Mr. Bob J. Gortney Ms. Kathy D. Grace Ms. Gina R. Graham Mr. Anthony B. Grant Ms. Mia D. Grant Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Grasso Ms. Kathy J. Grate Ms. Tanja J. Graves Mr. Brian Gray Ms. Denise A. Gray Ms. Kathy S. Gray Ms. Margaret E. Gray Ms. Misty D. Gray Ms. Brenda R. Grayson Mr. Donald R. Grayson Mr. Donald S. Grayson Ms. Brandi Green Mr. Brandon Green Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon L. Green Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Green Mrs. Renita N. Green Ms. Dianne D. Greene Mrs. Dotty Greene Mrs. Donna F. Greene-Deramus Ms. Lindsay L. Greer Ms. Malorie L. Gresham Ms. Tamela P. Grey Mr. Mark T. Griffith Ms. Barbara S. Grindle Ms. Sedra F. Groce Mr. Ike Gulas Mr. Ramesh Gunga Ms. Pamela G. Gunter Mrs. Emily S. Gurley Mr. Kenneth M. Gurley Ms. Amy C. Hackman Ms. Jennifer L. Hall Ms. Patricia G. Hamby Ms. Kathy Hamilton Ms. Dolly C. L. Handley Mr. Robert Handley Ms. Margaret L. Hanner

Ms. Charlene M. Harbin Ms. Wanza S. Harden Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Hardwick Ms. Shelia N. Hargrove Dr. and Mrs. John L. Harlan Ms. Beverly M. Harless Ms. Maryland P. Harmon Mr. Brian D. Harrell Ms. Connie L. Harris Ms. Cynthia D. Harris Ms. Dominique L. Harris Ms. Elizabeth Harris Ms. Gloria D. Harris Ms. Karen J. Harris Ms. Micah I. Harris Mr. Nathan L. Harris Ms. Donna M. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. William R. Harrison Ms. Kristie M. Harwell Ms. Veronica A. Hatch Ms. Yvette M. Hawkins Ms. Kimala D. Hayes Mr. Joseph M. Haynes Ms. Julie N. Haynes Ms. Brenda Haynes-Kennedy Ms. Tiffany S. Haywood Mrs. Robbie S. Heaton Mrs. Cheryl L. Hefzy Mr. Robert F. Helmke Ms. Velma R. Hendrix Ms. Teresa Henry Marycel Hernandez Mr. Dan B. Hernani Ms. Rita M. Herr Ms. Angela L. R. Herron Ms. Kimberly L. Hewitt Ms. Louise Hicks Ms. Pamela R. Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Hicks Ms. Thea K. Higgins Ms. Darkeshia L. Hill Ms. Ashley E. Hill Hodgens Ms. Maria D. Hill Ms. Patricia M. Hill Ms. Rosie L. Hill Ms. Valencia L. Hill Ms. Gwendalyn D. Hilton Mrs. Nancy J. Holden Ms. Sarah E. Holderfield Mr. Bobbie B. Holland Mr. Justin Hollingsworth Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Holt Mrs. Melissa W. Hopper Ms. Glenda S. Horn Ms. Patricia P. House Ms. Nettie M. Houston Ms. Debra L. Howard Mr. Danny F. Howell Ms. Tamara M. Hubbard Mr. Steven D. Hudgins Ms. Kala N. Hudson Ms. Whitney J. Hudson Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hudspeth Ms. Meredith L. Huey Ms. Amanda J. Huggins Ms. Angelia M. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Hulsey Mr. Steven Hummel Ms. Natesha R. Hunt Ms. Sparkle W. Hurt Ms. Barbara W. Hyde Mrs. Mary F. Hyde Mr. William D. Hyde Ms. Brenda E. Ingle Ms. Minda G. Intal Mr. James G. Ireland Ms. Amanda H. Isbell Mr. Daryl A. Isbell Mr. Ruperto A. Itchon, Jr. Mr. Brandon L. Jacks Ms. Barbara A. Jackson Ms. Bernice Jackson

Mr. Christopher E. Jackson Ms. Jennifer L. Jackson Ms. LaQuinta D. Jackson Ms. Shameka Jackson Ms. Tereasa W. Jackson Mr. David E. James Ms. Magnolia Jampayas Ms. Jodie A. Jansen Ms. Gloria Jemison Ms. Anita J. Jenkins Ms. Margaret E. Jenkins Ms. Alecia Jennings Ms. Carolyn M. Jennings Ms. Classie A. Jennings JH Development Ms. Brenda G. Joffe Ms. Marie Johns Ms. Carolyn Johnson Ms. Christie B. Johnson Ms. Connie M. Johnson Mrs. Courtney W. Johnson Ms. Dorinda Johnson Ms. Gay Lynn Johnson Mr. Henry A. Johnson Mr. Howard L. Johnson Mr. James A. Johnson Mr. Michael W. Johnson Ms. Nichele A. Johnson Ms. Peggy L. Johnson Mrs. Rachel M. Johnson Ms. Renee Johnson Ms. Toninette Johnson Ms. Anita B. Johnston Ms. Annette Jones Mr. Benny L. Jones Mr. David Jones Mr. Demetrius B. Jones Mr. Derik L. Jones Ms. Jerie Y. Jones Ms. Karen M. Jones Ms. Kimberly M. Jones Ms. Lakiya A. Jones Ms. Mary C. Jones Ms. Phyllis R. Jones Ms. Sandra B. Jones Ms. Santricia Jones Ms. Tomeria S. Jones Ms. Bobbie V. Jordan Ms. Mary K. Jordan Ms. Nadine D. Jordan Mr. Robert C. Jordan Ms. Keshia L. Junuies Mr. Wacera Kamawe Mr. Sammy K. Kandie Mrs. Stephanie L. Kay Mrs. Angela D. Keenum Ms. Joan E. Keeton Ms. Leigh A. Keith Ms. Vana R. Kelley Ms. Annie M. Kelly Ms. Latress T. Kenon Ms. Sabrina D. Kenon Ms. Laura B. Key Ms. Cynthia H. Keyes Ms. Ann W. Kiboko Ms. Ginger L. Kilgore Mrs. Traci W. Killian Mrs. Debra M. W. Killough Mr. Thomas B. Kime Mr. Albert M. King Ms. Rosie M. King Ms. Stephanie A. King Ms. Cheryl R. Kinn Ms. Angela L. Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kirkland Ms. Gina L. Kirkland Ms. Vanessa A. Kirkland Ms. Jana B. Kirksey Ms. Pamela R. Kitchens Ms. Mary R. Klinner Ms. Michelle L. Knapp Ms. Melisa K. Knott

Ms. Karen J. Kornegay Dr. Robert A. Kreisberg Ms. Kendralia M. Kretzschmar Mr. Kennedy F. Kunz Ms. Allison K. Kurts Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Lambert, III Ms. Janey S. Landers Ms. Patricia M. Lane Ms. Kristi M. Laney Mr. Jeffery S. Lankford Mr. Gerry Latham Ms. Paula A. Lawley Ms. Cheryl R. Lawrence Mr. Michael J. Lawrence Mr. Owen N. Layman, Jr. Mr. Du T. Le Ms. Bonnie Lee Mr. David A. Lee Mr. David B. Lee Ms. Mary J. Lee Mr. Torus T. Lee Mr. Will Legg Dr. William A. Lemons Mr. Nolen C. Lenard Mr. Moley Leonard, Jr. Mr. Russell J. Levenson Mr. Joseph C. Levio Mr. Don Levy Ms. Theresa G. Lewis Ms. Willadean Liner Ms. Vicki L. Livingston Ms. Brenda L. Lockhart Ms. Amber L. Loftin Ms. Evelyn Logan Ms. Laura R. Long Ms. Rebecca S. Long Mrs. Mary Elizabeth M. Loomis Ms. Angela D. Looney Dr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Lovett Ms. Jasminda O. Lowe Ms. Kayla R. Loyd Mr. Leonard Lucius, Jr. Ms. Jeannie R. Luker Ms. Leandrenetta S. Mackey-Nalls Ms. Karen A. Maddox Ms. Janie L. Manasco Ms. Andrea N. Mangum Ms. Nellie J. Mann Ms. Stacey S. Manolio Mr. Jason K. Marcum Ms. Tammy S. Marlow Ms. Leia S. Marsh Ms. Ann M. Martin Dr. Carlton S. Martin Mr. Jay M. Martin Mr. Jerry W. Martin Ms. Emma P. Mason Ms. Annette R. Massey Ms. Ranjani I. Massey Mr. James A. Mathews Mr. Winn H. Mathews Ms. Kimberly N. Matthews Ms. Patricia D. Mauldin Ms. Pamela A. May Ms. Bemi Mayomi Ms. Dana C. McCarver Ms. Dana J. McCarver Mrs. Amy and Mr. B.J. McComb Mr. Jonathan G. McConnell Ms. Reshonne N. McCord Ms. Tina McCormick Ms. Stephanie C. McCown Ms. Tammie M. McCoy Mr. Gary D. McCrary Ms. Reba McCraw Ms. Joy U. McCullar Mr. Leroy McCullough Ms. Asheley Y. McDole Ms. Veronica W. McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Robert M.

McDougal Ms. Christy G. McDuffey Ms. Kendra M. McKeown Dr. and Mrs. Mike McLemore Ms. Janice E. McMahan Ms. Jennifer L. McMillian Ms. Jamie McMurry Ms. Yvette McNeal Ms. Shelia H. McQueen Ms. Misty S. McReath Mr. David E. Meadows Ms. Lakeysta D. Meadows Ms. Lennette Menefee Ms. Agnes C. F. Mercado Ms. Kim R. Merchant Ms. Janet K. Merriam Ms. Gloria J. Merritt Ms. Tia L. Mertens MetLife Ms. Mary B. Miles Ms. Veronica F. Miles Mr. Andrew A. Miller Ms. Barbara J. Miller Mr. Demetrious Miller Ms. Hattie D. Miller Mrs. Janet S. Miller Ms. Marcia S. Miller Ms. Teresa L. Miller Ms. Jamie K. Mims Ms. Latressa R. Minor Mr. Bradley T. Mitchell Ms. Karen M. Mitchell Ms. Yvonne P. Molette Ms. Whitina J. Monroe Ms. Martha L. Montanez Ms. Ginger P. Montgomery Dr. and Mrs. Frank S. Moody Ms. Linda N. Moon Mr. Barkley J. Moore Ms. Brenda J. Moore Ms. Carolyn B. Moore Ms. Jacqueline Moore Ms. Jeanette Moore Ms. Malissa G. Moore Mr. Milton E. Moore Mrs. Stella M. Moore Mr. Trenton L. Moore Ms. Valerie D. Moorer Ms. Bethany L. Moore-Tidwell Mr. John R. Morgan Ms. Lynn W. Morgan Ms. Paula D. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Morgan Mrs. Bobbie H. Morris Ms. Debera A. Morris Ms. Shelly F. Morris Ms. Elizabeth D. Morrow Ms. Terra E. Morrow Mrs. Kellie S. Morton Mr. Tommy A. Morton Ms. Lisa G. Moseley Mr. Christopher A. Mosley Mrs. Elizabeth M. Mosley Ms. Kelly M. Mosley Ms. Olivia T. Mosley Ms. Sabra S. Mosley Ms. Willie Mae Moton Ms. Belinda R. Muhammad Ms. Kena R. Mulkin Mr. Jerry E. Muncher Ms. Doris W. Murner Ms. Dasheri D. Murphy Ms. Earnestine L. Murphy Mr. William Murphy Ms. Carolyn Murry Ms. Veronica W. Muturi Joyceper P. Mwangi Wanjiru Ms. Kay D. Myles Ms. Debora A. Nelms Mr. Benny W. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. C. Ben Nevins Ms. Thelma Newton

Mr. Marc W. Nichols, Jr. Ms. Lauren R. Nicholson Ms. Lori E. Nickell Ms. Janice Nix Ms. Deborah D. Norcross Ms. Kelley M. Norris Ms. Stephanie J. Northcutt Ms. Charity I. Odeleye Ms. Landa D. Oden Kamilah N. Odom Mrs. Angelia H. Oglesby Ms. Jo Ellen O’Hara Ms. Angela T. Oliver Ms. Carolyn S. Oliver Ms. Nadiyah Omar Ms. Tanesha L. Orr Mr. Kevin M. O’Shields Mr. Ricardo B. Otamias Mrs. Sharon E. Owen Mrs. Carla B. Palmer Ms. Chantelle D. Palmer Ms. Leann G. Palmer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Parham Ms. Karen C. Parker Ms. Pamela R. Parker Ms. Jean C. Parks Ms. Rheta A. Parsons Ms. Jacqueline D. Pate Ms. Kristy A. Pate Ms. LaKisha T. Pate Ms. Mayuri Patel Mrs. Joan V. Patterson Mr. Robbie A. Patterson Mr. Tyrone V. Patterson Ms. Lori A. Patton Ms. Arita R. Payne Mrs. Eva B. Payne Ms. Linda Payton Ms. Michaelle K. Pea Mr. Matthew P. Pearson Mr. Michael C. Pearson Mr. Miller J. Pearson, Jr. Mrs. Jennifer L. Pemberton Mr. Chris Pendley Ms. Denise J. Perley Mr. Phillip A. Perreault Mr. James C. Perry Ms. Linda L. Perry Ms. Marlene S. Perry Ms. Wanda A. Perry Ms. Cherry H. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Phillips Ms. Lillian R. Phillips Ms. Marcia S. Phillips Mrs. Mary Diane P. Phillips Ms. Rachel A. Picadio Chaplain and Mrs. Charles E. Pieplow Ms. Faye J. Pierson Ms. Margaret Pike Mr. Michael W. Pitts Mrs. Linda R. Plan Mr. Lionel Player, Jr. Mr. Thomas G. Plourde Mr. Mark E. Poe Ms. Anita J. Polarie Ms. Rebecca D. Ponziano Ms. Terri K. Pope Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Porter Mr. Danny A. Porter Ms. Linda W. Porter Ms. Doris A. Porterfield Ms. Barbara A. Powell Ms. Dorlissa L. Powell Mr. Jeremy L. Powell Ms. Rebecca B. Powell Ms. Taphas C. Powell Ms. Tomeka J. Powell Ms. April B. Price Mr. Bryan E. Price Mr. Byron Price Ms. Mary E. Price

Spring 2009 19


20 Stewardship

Ms. Stella Seagle Ms. Lisa M. Seale Ms. Tracey W. Sears Ms. Tameka N. Seay Mr. David E. Self Mrs. Jamila Shaw Ms. Tina P. Shaw Ms. Nakiesha L. Shepherd Ms. Giani C. Sheppard Ms. Laura J. Sheppard Ms. Cynthia C. Sheppeard Mr. David L. Sherer Mrs. Tammy G. Sherer Ms. Jamie L. Shewmake Ms. Catherine A. Shivers Downs Ms. Mistie R. Shoemaker Mr. William E. Short Mr. W. Rick Shrader Ms. Megan B. Shuttlesworth Ms. Ginger P. Silva Ms. April K. Simmons Mr. Christopher H. Simmons Ms. Kimberly P. Simmons Ms. Laura M. Simmons Mr. Joel P. Simpson Ms. Julie A. Sims Ms. Nancy D. Sims Ms. Susan F. Sims Ms. Faisah R. Sindatok Mr. Jade E. Sindatok Ms. LaJaynees F. Singleton Ms. Connie D. Slaten Mrs. Mamie A. Smiley Ms. Crissandra A. Smith Mrs. Ginger B. Smith Ms. Iris F. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Smith Ms. Janice C. Smith Mrs. Janice E. Smith Mr. Jason M. Smith Ms. Kathleen A. Smith Ms. Keta L. Smith Mr. Larome M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Smith, Sr. Ms. Lillie C. Smith Ms. Lynda L. Smith Ms. Nertaissa S. Smith Ms. Paulette Smith Mr. Richard J. Smith Ms. Rosenna Smith Mr. Steven D. Smith Ms. Tonie M. Smith Mr. Trevor J. Smith Mr. Vernon E. Smith Ms. Wanda Smith Ms. Wendi V. D. Smith Ms. Glenda M. Smothers Ms. Janice M. Smothers Ms. Ashley E. Snedecor Dixon Ms. Shelley E. Snell Mr. Stanley L. Solomon, III Mr. Remelyn Sotto Southern Carpet & Hardwood, Inc. Mrs. Annette T. Southwell Ms. Robyn R. Sparks Ms. Terica R. Spence Ms. Janis D. Spencer Mr. Rodrell J. Spencer Mr. Marlon E. Spradlin Ms. Karen L. Staab Mrs. Stefanie K. Staggs Ms. Erika B. Stanley Mr. Freddie L. Stanley Ms. Tashia D. Stanton Mr. Jimmie M. Starks Mrs. Rebecca I. Starr Ms. Wilma Staton Ms. Terrice Steed Ms. Dana T. Steele

Ms. Natasha R. Stephens Dr. and Mrs. William R. Stetler Ms. Mamie L. Steward Ms. Deborah D. Stewart Ms. Deborah F. Stewart Ms. Deborah R. Stidham Ms. Tina A. Stinnett Ms. Macy D. Stokes Ms. Candice N. Storey Mr. James E. Stracener Mr. James Stradford, III Mr. and Mrs. David H. Strickland Ms. Jessica O. Strickland Mr. James Strong Ms. Donette T. Stubblefield Ms. Beverly A. Sullivan Ms. Helen H. Sullivan Ms. Edith Swindle Ms. Brenda S. Taft Ms. Audra M. Taliaferro Ms. Kayla N. Talley Ms. Lillie M. Talton Ms. Nella M. Tankersley Ms. Pamla S. Tarver Mrs. Brandi L. Taylor Mrs. Kimberly M. Taylor Ms. Patricia M. Taylor Ms. Sarah Templin Ms. Chie Teramoto Mr. John G. Terry The GE Foundation Ms. Aleshia L. Thomas Ms. Annie G. Thomas Ms. Arena S. Thomas Ms. Bridgette D. Thomas Mr. Cedric L. Thomas Ms. Donna W. Thomas Mr. Garvin O. Thomas, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Julian M. Thomas Ms. Kesha L. Thomas Mr. Larry Thomas Mr. Michael H. Thomas Mr. Walter Thomas Mrs. Judy M. Thomasson Ms. Jennifer M. Thompkins Mr. Carlon D. Thompson Ms. Fayette D. Thompson Ms. Mary A. Thompson Ms. Ruth D. Thompson Mr. Tony Thompson Mr. Phillip R. Tidwell Ms. Keicia E. Tilley Ms. Wanda K. Tillman Mr. Edmond L. Timmons, Jr. Ms. Joyce A. Timmons Ms. Ellen L. Tobias Ms. Windy L. Todd Ms. Alison E. Tomberlin Ms. Bach M. Tran Ms. Lucy M. Traywick Ms. Leah A. Troncalli Ms. Linda K. Trotter Ms. Linda C. Trotter-Moffitt Ms. Kimberly A. Tuck Ms. Chasity B. Tucker Ms. Frances K. Tucker Ms. Ara E. Tullis Ms. Crystalyn G. Turner Ms. Susan V. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Arnold W. Umbach, III Ms. Ugonwanyi N. Uwa Ms. Casey D. Varden Ms. Kristi P. Vaughn Mr. Earl D. Virgin, Sr. Ms. Kathy J. Voce Ms. Robin L. Von Hagel Ms. Shannon K. Wade Ms. Veronica L. Waid

Ms. Kathryn D. Waldrop Mr. Jared L. Walker Mr. Robert L. Walker Ms. Candace L. Wallace Ms. Christina M. Waller Mr. Thomas R. Walsh Ms. Shirley T. Ward Ms. Brenda C. Washburn Mr. Curtis Washington Ms. Shaundrian J. Watkins Dr. and Mrs. Elias C. Watson, III Ms. Tiffany J. Waugh Ms. Sylvia M. Waweru Ms. Cecelia M. Weatherford Ms. Jessica A. Weathers Ms. Tomasina A. Weaver Mrs. Donna K. Webb Ms. Jan Webb Ms. Tracy L. Webb Ms. Elizabeth G. Welch Mr. Paul E. Wesley Ms. Kimberly M. Wheeler Ms. Robin B. Wheeler Ms. Joy Wheless Ms. Deanna M. Whisenhunt Mrs. Eunice W. White Ms. Minnie L. White Ms. Renee White Ms. Rhoda H. Whitlock Ms. Amber L. Whitson Ms. Doris L. Whitson Mr. and Mrs. William R. Whitten Ms. Alexandra N. Whyte Mr. Lonnie J. Wilder Ms. Eugenia Wilkes Mr. Gary P. Wilkinson Ms. Sheri L. Wilkinson Ms. Bonnie R. Williams Ms. Brenda F. Williams Mr. Christopher M. Williams Ms. Elaine H. Williams Ms. Elvera B. Williams Ms. Erica S. Williams Ms. Frankie F. Williams Ms. Ginger D. Williams Ms. Marva L. Williams Ms. Mary H. Williams Ms. Rhonda G. Williams Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Williams Ms. Shawnetta L. Williams Ms. Betty L. Williams-Smith Ms. Martina T. Willis Ms. Pamela Willis Mr. Philip R. Willis Ms. Strarleshia M. Willis Mrs. Angela O. Wilson Ms. Doris J. Wilson Ms. Frances M. Wilson Ms. Joyce A. Wilson Ms. Kimberly S. Wilson Ms. Lakesha E. Wilson Ms. Lanetria M. Wilson Ms. Linda G. Wilson Ms. Patricia Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Windham Ms. Debra O. Windham Ms. Patricia A. Windham Ms. Terri E. Wix Ms. Jackie A. Wood Ms. Suzie S. Woodard Ms. Brenda S. Woods Mr. Adam P. Wren Mrs. Grace Wright Ms. Tammy L. Wright Ms. Rachael Wyatt Ms. Amanda B. Yates Mr. Brad Zeller

The Baptist Health Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization and one of the oldest hospital foundations in the United States. As the official repository for charitable and philanthropic gifts benefiting the hospitals and programs of Baptist Health System, the Foundation welcomes gifts from individuals, corporations, foundations, government agencies or other entity. Gifts are managed, invested and disbursed according to the specific designation of the donor. A variety of gift options are available to those who wish to support the healing ministry of Baptist Health System. Each is designed to offer a way through which both the donor and the hospitals can benefit from an act of charitable giving. These include: • cash • securities • endowments • trust agreements • personal property For more information or to make a gift in support of the health ministries of Baptist Health System’s hospitals, call 205-715-5339 or dial toll-free 877-474-4243. You may email the Foundation at Foundation@ or write to Mark Belcher, Baptist Health Foundation P.O. Box 830605 Birmingham, AL 35283-0605. You can also find information or make a donation online at Foundation.

ways to give

Ms. Shemeka M. Prince Ms. Katherine E. Prouse Ms. Barbara R. Pruitt Ms. Donna C. Pruitt Ms. Patricia A. Pruitt Ms. Venice Y. Pruitt Ms. Mitzi D. Pugh Ms. Katie M. Putman Ms. Cheryl A. Rackard Mr. Michael S. Radi Ms. Tamiko B. Ragland Mr. Michael Rail Ms. Monica S. Rainey Dr. and Mrs. C. Duane Randleman, Jr. Ms. Jennifer S. Rape Ms. Patricia A. Ray Ms. Nancy E. Rease Mr. Charles W. Redden Mr. and Mrs. Greg J. Reed Ms. Mary V. Reese Ms. Monica R. Reese Ms. Danielle L. Reeves Mr. Clifton Render Ms. Shanita E. Render Ms. Anita G. Rhodes Ms. Dorthea Rhodes Ms. Hazel D. Rhodes Ms. Rachel L. Rhodes Ms. Dixie L. Rice Mr. Jason M. Rice Ms. Shirley E. Rice Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Richard Ms. Luanne B. Richards Ms. Tammy D. Richards Mr. Donald Richardson Ms. Sheena J. Richburg Mrs. Melissa N. Rickard Mrs. Carolyn D. Ricks Ms. Casey T. Riley Ms. Peggy N. Rivers Ms. Katie E. Roach Ms. Delilah D. Robertson Mr. Jonathan P. Robertson Ms. Shelley A. Robertson Ms. Chastity L. Robinson Mr. Gordy Robinson Ms. Lakesha D. Robinson Ms. Tinika B. Robinson Ms. Kristi D. Rogers Ms. Laquita D. Rogers Ms. Martha Rogers Mr. Roderick Rogers Mrs. Pamela D. Rollins Ms. Shelia A. Romano Ms. Patricia W. Roper Mr. Albert K. Ross Mr. Weston H. Rothrock Ms. Gloria A. Rowe Ms. Teresa Rudolph Mr. Eugene T. Ruggerio Ms. Angela B. Rutledge Ms. Glenda J. Ryan Mrs. Cameron S. Sanders Ms. Sarah A. Sanders Ms. Vilita R. Sanders Ms. Andrea E. Sandy Mr. Bryan S. Sanford Ms. Jane Sanford Ms. Tammy R. Sargent Ms. Lois N. Satterwhite Ms. Carol Savage Ms. Sherry L. Sawyer Mr. Youngran Scarborough Ms. Jessie C. Schniper Ms. Diane Scott Ms. Jeanne C. Scott Ms. Tosha R. Scott Ms. Lashaundra V. Scruggs


the Princeton Achievers

B y : S u s a n P. M o o r e

Princeton Staff Volunteers to Shape Young Lives


Princeton Achiever Adam Bailey learns how Princeton nursery staff care for newborns from R.N. Kara Rousseau. Visiting various hospital departments gives Achievers an “insider’s” view of a variety of health care careers.

“God prepares you all your life

and job responsibilities. It’s a realistic view

in the country.” To help continue their educa-

for how he wants to use you,” said David Cor-

and helps them understand what they’re doing

tion, students may be eligible to receive a $250

nelison, a Princeton Baptist Medical Center

now does make a difference in future training.”

scholarship for each year’s participation in

nurse for 25 years. His preparation as a volun-

Every other Monday during the school

the Achievers. To date, this has resulted in 50

teer with the Princeton Achievers began more

term, Achievers meet to explore various aspects

scholarships, which go directly to the colleges

than 20 years ago.

of health care. A recent program, focusing on

students select.

It started with a request to teach first aid

emergency services, included visits with an emer-

To make such an impact on these young

to a Boy Scout troop. And with that first class,

gency room physician, an organ donor repre-

lives requires many resources – meals, scholar-

David was caught – caught up in a desire to

sentative, ambulance workers and emergency

ship funds and volunteers.

help shape and mold the lives of young people.

medical technicians from a nearby fire station.

“It’s my passion to help provide them with

“We want them to think of a hospital as a

“About 38 Princeton employees are regularly involved. Plus, many more are always

the best possible future,” David said. His work

small city. It needs chefs, computer techs, ac-

willing to stay after their shifts and help

with young people includes four years with that

countants, administrators – as well as doctors

when students visit their departments,” said

first Scout troop, several years volunteering with

and nurses,” Mary Jane said. “We also want

David. “I encourage employees to ‘plant some

the Medical Explorers and another eight teach-

them to know that if you’re supporting the

seeds.’ Let the students know what you do is a

ing a youth Sunday school class, as well as his

effort — even if you’re not touching patients di-

ministry -- a witness to the love of God. It’s our

past five years with the Princeton Achievers.

rectly — you’re an important part of the team.”

calling -- that’s why we have willing volunteers.

It’s been a busy schedule, but in his words,

From the program’s first 40 students five

They care about these students.”

“There’s always time to be a friend, a parent, a

years ago, participation has climbed steadily.

Adam Bailey, a senior at Minor High

mentor — someone who cares about these kids.”

“But this year we have a record-breaking 155

School and son of Princeton decision support

students,” said Mary Jane.

department employee Rodney Bailey, has ap-

Mary Jane Wesler, BHS director of decision support, agreed. Mary Jane was a key organizer

“These are very impressive kids. They’re

preciated his four years in the Achievers and

in the Achievers, a program developed at

involved and make the effort to learn, and they

the opportunities it offered. “They truly care

Princeton Baptist to introduce high school stu-

care about their futures. Although our program

about us,” said the young man who plans a

dents to the diversity of careers in the health

was originally designed for inner-city students,

career in neurosurgery. “They’re here for us.”

care industry.

the program has grown to include students

“We recognize that some may not go to

To sustain the Princeton Achievers and

from surrounding suburbs and a large group of

other programs sponsored by Baptist Health Sys-

college, so we also expose them to roles that

kids that is home schooled,” she added. “They

tem’s hospitals that help train tomorrow’s health

don’t require a college education,” she said. “We

are among the brightest and best and are going

care workers, please consider a gift to the Baptist

talk about educational requirements, salaries

on to some of the best colleges and universities

Health Foundation; call 1-877-474-4243. Spring 2009 21


Even if you don’t have symptoms, HeartAware helps assess risk of heart attack. B y : S u s a n P. M o o r e

minutes can save a life

Just seven minutes — that’s as long as it takes

Individuals deemed “at risk” can choose to come

for a HeartAware assessment to determine your risk to

in for free screenings and a consultation at any one of

process, the individual has an opportunity to make the

can help people take control of their health and reduce

develop heart disease.

the four BHS hospitals – Princeton, Shelby, Walker or

decision about advancing to the next step.

their risk for heart disease. And, it’s so simple to do,”

The new online evaluation at Baptist Health Sys-

Throughout the communities served by Baptist

something that could be life-threatening. HeartAware

said Dr. Cawthon. “We’re providing information that

tem’s web site takes an innovative approach to identify-

blood pressure measurement, finger-stick blood test

Health System, billboards, online and local media are

can prevent heart attacks and save lives. It empow-

ing those at risk for the nation’s #1 cause of death.

to measure cholesterol and glucose, weight and body

helping to announce the HeartAware campaign.

ers patients and us as caregivers – that’s an amazing

“Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the

mass index and other tests as indicated. These results

United States and claims the lives of nearly one million

can indicate the need for early intervention even if no

an opportunity for those at high

Americans every year,” said cardiologist Dr. Dale Elliott,

symptoms have been experienced.

risk to discover the problem early,”

physician leader for the program at Shelby Baptist Med-

“Even if you don’t have symptoms, HeartAware is

“This is an outstanding program because it offers

said Dr. Elliott. “It’s particularly

ical Center. “And in Alabama, we have a higher incidence

an important opportunity to assess potential risk,” said

tragic when we see a young man

of coronary artery disease than in many other states.”

cardiologist Dr. Tom Cawthon, Princeton’s physician

with a young family suffer a

leader for the program. “For one person in three, a fatal

massive heart attack that kills or

heart attack is the first symptom – that’s particularly

incapacitates him. A program like

attention. It’s definitely user-friendly: painless, 24-hour

common for women.”

this offers an opportunity to prevent that – to head off

access at-your-fingertips, confidential and free!

Those not deemed “at risk” can opt for a personal-


HeartAware offers a personalized approach focusing on indivuduals at risk...It’s user-friendly, painless, has 24-hour at-your-fingertips access, confidential and free. (

cus on individuals at risk – those who require the most

HeartAware offers a personalized approach to fo-

Act today. Take seven minutes to complete the BHS

those situations. We can help that young father to be

HeartAware assessment – it may save your life. Visit www.

ized report with health information specific to their

here to take care of his family. That’s a blessing and And, take time to show your support

for a risk assessment. The answers provided will be

assessment answers. They can also elect to receive

true to our ministry of healing.”

to Baptist Health System’s faith-based ministry. Your gift

scored immediately to indicate your overall risk of

information regularly on heart-healthy measures to

developing heart disease.

lessen future risk.

The first step is a visit to

22 Stewardship

Citizens Baptist Medical Centers. Screenings include

There’s no hard sales pitch. At each stage of the

“There’s so much going on in our lives with jobs and family. We often don’t take time to prevent

today can help others all through the year. Call the Foundation at 1-877-474-4243. Spring 2009 23


wellness good business


Twenty-three businesses are already working toward a healthier workplace with the BHS Workforce Health Initiative.

BHS expands ministry to the workplace through an employee wellness program B y : S u s a n P. M o o r e

Worksites, where most adults typically spend at least half of their waking

relationship between the employee, his family

hours, have a powerful impact on an individual’s health.

and our BHS physicians,” she said. “And, regular

Recognizing the workplace as a prime venue for promoting healthier lives, Baptist Health

health care helps identify problems earlier and more cost-efficiently. It can truly make a differ-

System developed a Workforce Health Initiative. “By identifying health risks within a workforce, this initiative provides businesses with solutions

designed by health experts to help reduce employee illness and injuries and promote healthy habits and lifestyles,” said Laura Catherine Mason, employer relations specialist for Baptist Health System.

ence; even save a life.” Saving lives – that’s the goal of Hanna Steel Corporation’s participation in the program. One of their employees, a young man

Dividends for both employee and employer

How it works

about 39, had a heart attack and died in route

The program is provided to employers for a

to the hospital, explained David Monroe, direc-

For an employee, improved health may mean

small cost per employee for screenings, which

tor of human resources at Hanna Steel. “His

weight reduction, increased stamina, de-

include glucose, cholesterol, body composi-

wife had encouraged him to go to the doctor,

creased stress and increased well-being. And

tion, blood pressure, bone density and others

but he kept putting it off. We want to prevent

improved health for employees can be just

performed at the workplace. Employees

that from happening again; we want our em-

as valuable for employers, according to a U.S.

receive confidential personal health reports of

ployees to think more about their health.”

Department of Health and Human Services

their results. These reports are the basis of a

report, which cited reduced health care costs,

Group Health Profile, which summarizes the

employees and operates in Alabama and

reduced absenteeism and increased productiv-

primary health conditions within the compa-

Illinois, kicked off participation with health

ity as examples.

ny’s workforce. The group profile signals health

fairs, screenings, drawings for cash and lots of

concerns that can be addressed with subse-


“Workforce Health offers a proactive approach to health care,” said Laura Catherine.

quent health education seminars or resources

“It begins by identifying risk factors. Then, with

provided by BHS at no cost to the employer.

education and on-site programs, employees can choose a healthier path.” Most of the ten leading causes of prema-

“It’s not a cookie-cutter program,” Laura

The steel manufacturer, which has 450

“Sometimes men make sure their wives and children go for health check-ups, but tell themselves they’re just too busy,” said Monroe.

Catherine explained. “Working with the em-

Feedback about the program has been good

ployer, we craft an individualized strategy to

from the corporation’s predominantly male

ture death in the U.S. are in some way linked

address employee needs as well as evaluate

workforce. Many admitted they wouldn’t have

to personal behaviors -- behaviors that may

ongoing health statistics within the company.”

done this on their own. “But, they were glad

contribute to disease or exacerbate existing

Participating businesses run the gamut

we offered the screenings, especially those who

health problems. Tobacco use, diet and activity

from large manufacturing facilities to smaller

discovered they had problems such as diabetes

patterns are among the daily decisions that

family businesses; yet Laura Catherine said

or high blood pressure.”

can affect risk for heart disease, diabetes,

some findings are proving common. “About

“The BHS Workforce Health Initiative is

cancer and more.

70% of the employees we’ve worked with in

helping improve the quality of people’s lives,”

Twenty-three businesses across north-

Birmingham are overweight. That’s a big risk

said Laura Catherine, “and at Baptist Health

central Alabama -- with workforces ranging

factor for heart disease, diabetes, orthopedic

System, that’s what we do — it’s our mission.”

from 50 workers to more than 3,000 – have

issues and other health problems.”

already taken the step toward a healthier

Another frequently identified issue is

workplace with the BHS Workforce Health

lack of primary care. “This offers opportunities


to develop an ongoing family health care

24 Stewardship

To learn more about Baptist Health System’s Workforce Health program, call 205-715-5334 or email

Princeton Baptist’s Sybil Sims (right) helps Johnny Cochran during a workplace screening at Golden Flake Snack Foods, Inc. in Birmingham.

Fall/Winter 08-09 25

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Spring 2009 Issue: A $75 Million Investment in the Future  

Spring 2009 Issue: A $75 Million Investment in the Future

Spring 2009 Issue: A $75 Million Investment in the Future  

Spring 2009 Issue: A $75 Million Investment in the Future