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Baptist Health Foundation’s capital campaign underway

2010 BHF Annual Report When Disaster Strikes, BHS Steps Up

Stewardship a letter from

Gene Davenport & Mark Belcher We are excited that the $57-million expansion at Princeton Baptist Medical Center is now well underway. Please take a moment from time to time to visit the Baptist Health System web site ( and view the progress through actual live images from our construction webcam. The focus of this issue of Stewardship is on giving—your gifts, your generosity. We offer an in-depth look at our capital campaign that describes how gifts from supporters, like you, help make this project at Princeton Baptist a reality. On page 16, we share the news of a gift from the architectural firm TRO|JB that will make the new chapel at Princeton a highly visible reminder of our faith-based culture. In our Q & A interview, Princeton cardiologist Dr. Farrell Mendelsohn talks about the physician component of the fundraising effort for the expansion project. The Foundation Spotlight offers insights on planned giving along with news of upcoming events and the just completed Shelby Golf Classic. We take a moment to remember an outstanding leader and longtime supporter of Baptist Health System—Mr. Emmett Johnson. His influence and dynamic leadership cannot be overemphasized in shaping the Mission of Baptist Health System. This issue also includes news of some of Baptist Health System’s recent achievements – a new accreditation for the Chest Pain Center at Princeton, a national certification for a Baptist Health Center and a new CT at Walker. There is more about giving with a salute to the BHS hospitals’ Auxiliaries. Our hospital volunteers give so unselfishly of their time and talents. And they take their contributions to the next step with their ongoing efforts to help meet the needs of our hospitals and patients through fundraising efforts. We want to share with you the outstanding job they are doing! With this issue of Stewardship, you’ll find a special insert that contains our 2010 Baptist Health Foundation Annual Report. The Report provides information on how your gifts were put into action – and gives us another opportunity to express our sincere thanks to you, our donors. Sincerely,

Gene Davenport

Mark D. Belcher

Chairman, Board of Directors

President & Chief Development Officer

Baptist Health Foundation

Baptist Health Foundation


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Princeton & Walker Rated Among “Best Hospitals” In Memory of Emmett R. Johnson, BHC President Emeritus When Disaster Strikes BHC Practice Earns National Accreditation New Recognition for Princeton Chest Pain Center Interview with Dr. Farrell Mendelsohn..……….....


Answering the Call Starts with Princeton Physicians


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2010 Baptist Heath Foundation Annual Report (also posted online at


on the cover: Dr. Farrell Mendelsohn is leading a Physician Giving Campaign in support of Princeton’s $57 million expansion project.


Foundation Spotlight......…........ . Aim to Be There Save The Date A Conducive Climate for Change

Cover Story……...........….......... Investing in the Future: Foundation’s Capital Campaign Underway

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Princeton Chapel Takes Center Stage


Volunteers: Giving Their Time, Talents & Prayers


bass appeal

Citizens Baptist sees substantial increase in support for second annual bass tournament

Serving the Needs of the Community

...expediting process means benefits for Princeton patients

Every minute in the operating room can be critical. At Princeton Baptist Medical Center, a new radiography system saves precious time, which means a faster procedure for the patient, the doctor and the staff, along with cost savings for the hospital. Proceeds from the Baptist Health Foundation’s annual Charity Clays event last fall funded the purchase of a Faxitron DX-50 Surgical Specimen Radiography System. This is the newest generation of the Faxitron, which is of critical help to surgeons in performing breast cancer surgery. And, Princeton Baptist is the first hospital in the area to have it. “A vast majority of women who have breast cancer must undergo surgery as one component of their treatment. For those women, this new technology decreases time under anesthe-

sia, provides more accurate results and offers peace of mind that they’re getting the best available care,” said Princeton surgeon Dr. Greg Bearden, co-director of the hospital’s Breast Care Center. With breast cancer surgery, examination of the surgical margins is essential. Prior to acquisition of the new Faxitron system, a tissue specimen was biopsied in the operating room (OR), delivered to radiology, manually uploaded to an online system, reviewed by the radiologist and a report delivered back to the OR. If the report indicated further tissue removal was required, a patient could face another surgery. No longer. Located in the operating room, the new Faxitron streamlines the process with on-the-spot digital images of superior quality in seconds, which can be immediately shared with the entire medical

team. The surgeon and radiologist can even view the image simultaneously. “Communication between the surgeon and the radiologist has always been important and remains so; but now it’s fast-tracked,” said radiologist Dr. James Walker, co-director of the Breast Care Center. “Technology such as this offers benefits to our benefits and enhances our services,” said Dr. Walker. “Those who contribute to make such acquisitions possible need to know their contributions do make a difference.” Help make a difference in our continuing efforts to provide outstanding patient care and cutting-edge technology with a gift to the Baptist Health Foundation. Call 1-877-474-4243 or visit www.

On the Cutting Edge of Surgery

Shelby’s newest da Vinci robot—another example innovation in technology In addition to being a famous painter, Leonardo da Vinci was the premier

innovator of his day. So it is appropriate that one of today’s top innovations in robotic surgery should bear his name. And it also is appropriate that such medical advancements as the da Vinci Surgical System quickly find a home within Baptist Health System, which is committed to innovations in technology. Shelby Baptist Medical Center recently purchased the newest model of the da Vinci robot, which has four arms instead of three. Shelby’s previous model, which is only five years old, will continue to serve patients in its new home at Walker Baptist Medical Center. The da Vinci robot enables surgeons to conduct precise medical procedures that would not be possible by the human hand, as a surgeon sits at a console and operates the robotic arms. Having an 2 Stewardship

extra arm with the newest da Vinci model simply increases both the precision and the medical possibilities. “This robot will allow us to offer new services and be able to perform additional procedures here that we could not do previously,” said David Wilson, president at Shelby Baptist. “It is another way that we are committed to this community, by expanding our technology in addition to the capital improvements we’ve made.” The da Vinci robot enables surgeons

to see vital anatomical structures more clearly and to make extremely small cuts through the skin and underlying tissue and muscle. This translates to less blood loss and a quicker recovery time, because there is not as much trauma to the body during the procedure. “It is considerably less invasive surgery for the patient,” said Wilson. “I have about a four-inch scar where my appendix was removed many years ago. When they do something like that now with the da Vinci, the incision is so small it almost heals completely, and you can’t even see it. “But the key factor is a faster recovery. That means the patient spends less time in the hospital and misses less time from work or other daily activities.” Shelby Baptist surgeons currently


go fish!

gift makes seconds count

use the da Vinci robot primarily for cardiothoracic and prostate surgeries and hysterectomies, but Wilson said they are exploring the possibility of its use in other surgeries as the robotics program continues to expand. The use and upgrade of the da Vinci robot is a prime example of the commitment Shelby Baptist and the entire Baptist Health System have to remaining at the forefront of technological innovation. “We have an excellent medical staff that stays abreast of current technology,” Wilson said. “As a result, they want equipment and technology that provides the latest for them and their patients. For information on how you can help, please contact the Foundation or visit

If you’re a fisherman, you never want to let the big one get away. And the annual Citizens Baptist Medical Center Bass Fishing Tournament has quickly become a big one that won’t be getting away anytime soon. Citizens held its second annual fishing fundraiser on Feb. 19, and the event attracted nearly twice as many participants as the inaugural tournament. There were 102 boats with 204 fishermen in the water at Lake Logan Martin, a substantial increase over the 56 boats entered in 2010. The event raised approximately $23,000, with the funds to be used to purchase an infant warmer for Citizen’s labor and delivery unit. Brian Fomby and Shelly Fomby won the tournament with a total catch of 17.05 pounds. Donny Sims and Rusty Reeves snagged the single-largest fish at 4.42 pounds. “While I am not new to philanthropic activities, this type of event was definitely a first for me,” said Citizens Administrator Joel Taylor who joined the hospital last September. “A charity fishing tournament really capitalizes on area resources and the growing interest in the sport. “We wish to thank Maynard Cooper & Gale for their generous financial support of the tournament. We also want to thank our other sponsors, which included the Citizens Baptist Auxiliary – who hosted the event, Environmental Services Group of Tennessee, Dowden Custom Media, Southdata and Aegis Health Group. “In addition, we greatly appreciate the wonderful door prizes provided by Vicious Fishing Line, Buffalo Rock, Buck’s Island Marina, Shotgun Sports of Saks, Tractor Supply Company of Talladega and Skeeter Bass Boats. “Finally, we would like to say ‘thank you’ to Alabama Bass Federation members Al Redding and Jerry Reynolds for providing a professional staging area, as well as to tournament director Rusty Burroughs. “Because of everyone’s involvement and dedication to our hospital, the event was not only first class, but fun and successful,” Taylor said.

left: Winners of the $1,500 grand prize in the Bass Tournament were Brian and Shelly Fomby, pictured with Citizens Baptist Administrator Joel Taylor (far right). (Photo courtesy of Bob Crisp, The Daily Home)

Spring 2011 3

Serving the Needs of the Community






a clear and quick picture

Serving the Needs of the Community

BHF helps Walker Baptist obtain state-of-the-art CT scanner The new CT scanner at Walker Baptist Medical Center won’t take your breath away. And that is precisely the point. In February, Walker Baptist installed a new computed tomography (CT) device called the GE LightSpeed VCT XT 64-Slice, which hospital officials say will greatly increase both the speed of the scan time and the accuracy of the ensuing diagnosis. This new machine reduces x-ray scan time from about 20 seconds to only two seconds. It is so quick that patients do not even have to hold their breath, as was required with previous devices, in order to limit body movement and obtain a more accurate image. “This takes our radiology department and hospital to the next stateof-the-art level,” said Walker Baptist radiologist Dr. Ricardo Bracer. The 64-Slice CT gets its name from the number of visual cross-sections—or slices—it produces from a 3D computer image generated by the two-second scan. Walker Baptist previously had a machine that offered four cross sections. “This 64-Slice CT will provide us with vastly improved image quality and imaging speed, and enhance the overall diagnostic confidence we have in all of our studies,” said Kay Laney, director

of imaging services for Walker Baptist. “There is just a tremendous difference in resolution.” Walker Baptist Administrator Bob Phillips said this new CT scanner will enable the hospital to provide improved care for the community the hospital serves. “While our prior inpatient CT scanner was effective as a diagnostic tool, it was prone to extended downtimes and required a lot of maintenance,” Phillips said. “The new CT scanner provides greatly enhanced image resolution, faster scan times, better patient throughput and reduced radiation. We believe it will allow us to treat patients who, in the past, may have had to leave our community for care.” Walker Baptist was able to obtain the scanner thanks in large part to a generous gift from the Baptist Health Foundation.

“It gives me, and the rest of the Foundation Board, great personal pleasure to insure that the citizens of Walker County have access to sophisticated, high quality health care technology in their community. Our job is to make sure our physicians have all the right tools to do their job and advance the health care mission of Baptist Health System,” said Chairman of the Baptist Health Foundation Board of Directors Gene Davenport. The new, advanced CT will enable Walker Baptist physicians to have more precise information, especially when treating issues such as heart disease and blood clots. Phillips said those are conditions that greatly impact the Walker community, another reason why the new scanner is such a welcome addition to the hospital. “In today’s challenging economic climate, the decisions on how to invest precious capital resources can be very difficult,” Phillips said. “This generous gift from the Baptist Health Foundation went a very long way toward allowing Walker Baptist Medical Center to invest in equipment that will positively impact thousands of patients in our area.” You can be part of the healing ministry of Baptist Health System by showing your support through a gift to the Baptist Health Foundation. To learn how, visit or call toll-free 1-877-474-4243.

left: Walker Baptist’s sophisticated new CT benefits patients through faster scans and improved image quality.

4 Stewardship

Princeton & Walker Baptist Rated Among “Best Hospitals” Walker and Princeton Baptist Medical Centers have been named among the top-ranked hospitals in the Birmingham Metro Area in U.S. News & World Report’s first-ever “Best Hospitals” metro area rankings. The two Baptist Health System hospitals were among 622 hospitals in or near major cities with a record of high performance in key medical specialties. U.S. News created Best Hospitals more than 20 years ago to identify hospitals exceptionally skilled in handling the most difficult cases. Walker and Princeton were in a tie for third place in Neurology and Neurosurgery, medical specialties which deal with the structure and function of the nervous system, including the brain. “It’s gratifying that the performance excellence of our hospitals continues to earn recognition,” said Shane Spees, president and CEO of Baptist Health System. “The expertise of our physicians, the dedication of our staff and our ongoing investment to provide the latest medical technology make such achievements possible. We take seriously our mission to keep our hospitals at the forefront in providing outstanding

care to those we serve.” To be ranked in its metro area—which for Birmingham includes Jasper and Cullman—a hospital had to score in the top 25 percent among its peers in at least one of 16 medical specialties. From the nation’s approximately 5,000 hospitals, U.S. News ranked hospitals within all 52 U.S. metro areas with populations of 1 million or more, using existing data from 2010-11 Best Hospitals. “All of these hospitals provide first-rate care for the majority of patients, even those with serious conditions or who need demanding procedures,” says Health Rankings Editor Avery Comarow. Thanks to the generosity of its donors, the Baptist Health Foundation continues to provide funds to help the hospitals of Baptist Health System stay among the country’s top hospitals. For more information on how you can join this effort, contact the Foundation at 1-877-474 4243 or visit online

In Memory of Emmett R. Johnson, BHS President Emeritus On January 31, Mr. Emmett R. Johnson, President Emeritus of Baptist Health System, died peacefully at St. Martin’s in The Pines. Mr. Johnson was the chief executive officer of Baptist Health System from 1975 until his retirement in 1994. In recognition of his many years of dedication and outstanding achievements at BHS, the title President Emeritus was bestowed on him. Mr. Johnson held numerous awards from the community and from professional organizations and was inducted into the Alabama Healthcare Hall of Fame in 2006. But, Emmett Johnson was not only an outstanding leader— he was first and foremost a man of deep faith and compassion for others. Baptist Health System and all those who knew Mr. Johnson are better for having known him.

Spring 2011 5


when disaster strikes

Baptist Health System’s First Aid Clinics Provide Storm Victims a Place to Heal Body and Soul The day after a frenzy of violent tornados shredded our region, finding perspective was almost impossible. For Baptist Health System’s president, Shane Spees, his system-wide email sought to help make some sense of the feelings of all employees: “There are no words to describe the losses of yesterday. And there are no words to describe the emptiness we feel today when looking for answers to the question ‘why?’  But our faith and the mission to serve others will always endure. And I hope you will join me in praying and reaching out with service and support for those who grieve today.”

Inspired and empowered by the message to serve, Baptist Health System employees took those words to heart answering with immediate action. There was no time to become mired in hopelessness. No wringing hands and wondering what to do. No hesitation. A few proactive staff members knew just what to do. Never before has the BHS tag line ‘Answering the Call’ taken on such profound meaning. Mark Belcher, president of the Baptist Health Foundation, recounts how the idea evolved from the “what if” of an email, to reality in a matter of hours. “Early Friday morning some of our employees were discussing what had happened in Pleasant Grove. Over the years, the System has an enormous number of employees who have lived in or grown up in this area. Juanita Williams, who is our physician marketing liaison at Princeton, came up with the idea to set up a free first aid clinic at a former Baptist Health Center (which was fortunately unaffected) in the community. Immediately, everyone jumped on that idea and began to mobilize. We bought generators, filled our trucks and cars with

6 Stewardship

medical supplies, antibiotics, tetanus shots and bottled water. Incredibly, by 1:00 p.m. on Friday we were out there in Pleasant Grove with Dr. Vera Soong and volunteer nurses seeing patients.” With encouragement to serve coming straight from the top, things moved quickly. The Pleasant Grove clinic served 26 people on Friday, but word spread fast. More volunteers arrived led by the passionate care of BHS doctors and nurses. By the end of the day Sunday, more than 200 people had been treated. The clinic originated as a place to treat minor, residual injuries like cuts, burns and surface wounds. However, practitioners quickly realized they were caring for patients’ emotional and spiritual needs as well. Belcher recounts, “Someone came into the clinic because he had stepped on a nail. Being here was the first opportunity he had to sit still and process the nightmare he had been living for the past three days. Then, his emotional resolve began to unravel. We came into this clinic as medical practitioners, but our role shifted. The clinic was really (continued on page 13)

Spring 2011 7


Baptist Health Center Practice Earns National Accreditation Hoover Internal Medicine Associates has been accredited as a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) awarded the highest level of recognition—Level 3—to the Baptist Health Center practice of Dr. Darlene Traffanstedt and Dr. Frank Miller. The practice, located in the new Baptist Health Center Hoover near the intersection of Highway 150 and Interstate 459, is one of only a few practices in the state to receive this important Level 3 distinction. Designation as a Patient-Centered Medical Home represents an emerging model of advanced primary care in which patients select a primary care practice to be their “medical home.” A PCMH fosters an environment of improved quality and greater involvement of patients in their own care. The setting is one in which the patient has an ongoing relationship with a primary care physician who leads a multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals in caring for the patient. This physician-led, patient-centered approach ensures patients get the care they need, when and where they need it, by the physician or specialist needed, in the manner and language necessary for them to understand. In a PCMH practice, patients also receive health care advice and education from a Health Coach. The Health Coach serves as an educator regarding disease prevention and chronic condition management. One of the most important duties of the Health Coach is to ensure patients are aware of the need to receive appropriate medical screenings and manage chronic conditions. Cynthia Garrett, DNP—a doctor of nursing practice—is piloting the Health Coach role at Hoover Internal Medicine and will mentor new health coaches as more BHC clinics become accredited PCMHs. Baptist Health Centers has a goal to have all its primary care practices become accredited PCMH practices by early 2012. “Hoover Internal Medicine is excited about the opportunity to reach out to our community with this new approach to care. We believe PCMH to be the model of quality primary care for the future,” said Dr. Traffanstedt.

8 Stewardship


New Recognition for Chest Pain Center at Princeton Princeton Baptist Medical Center has received its next cycle of chest pain center accreditation—Cycle III Chest Pain Center with PCI (Percutaneous Coronary Intervention)—from the Society of Chest Pain Centers (SCPC). SCPC accreditation recognizes hospitals that demonstrate a higher level of expertise in treating patients with symptoms of a heart attack. SCPC awarded Princeton its initial Chest Pain Center Accreditation in 2009, and the hospital remains the only accredited chest pain center in the region. For this cycle of accreditation, Princeton engaged in rigorous evaluation by SCPC for its ability to assess, diagnose and treat patients who may be experiencing a heart attack. To the community served by Princeton, this means that processes are in place to meet strict criteria aimed at:

Dr. Farrell Mendelsohn Answering the Call starts with Princeton physicians

• reducing the time from onset of symptoms to diagnosis and treatment, • treating patients more quickly during the critical window of time when the integrity of the heart muscle can be preserved, • monitoring patients when it is not certain that they are having a heart attack to ensure that they are not sent home too quickly or needlessly admitted to the hospital.

As physician GIVING chairman for Princeton Baptist Medical Center’s capital campaign, Dr. Farrell

“We have the system and protocols in place to quickly get a cardiology consult and then get the patient from their room to the cardiac cath lab for an intervention,” said Ann McEntire, nursing director, Princeton Cardiac Services. “We have a saying in cardiac care that time is muscle,” she added. “Every minute a patient has to wait for treatment can compromise heart function. Whether a patient comes in with chest pain through our emergency department or whether they experience chest pain while a patient on one of our units, they receive state-of-the-art care during that critical window of time when the integrity of the muscle can be preserved intact.” The cardiovascular program at Princeton Baptist provides a full continuum of care for patients, from emergency department, to catheterization lab, to community outreach and more. By achieving this next level as an Accredited Chest Pain Center, Princeton has enhanced the quality of care for the cardiac patient and demonstrated its commitment to higher standards.

physician campaign offers an opportunity for Princeton’s doctors to provide leadership through financial

Mendelsohn, along with a team of 15 doctors, is looking to his colleagues to jumpstart fundraising efforts. The support. In turn, they’ll sustain the hospital that has supported them over the years. We caught up with Dr. Mendelsohn on an early morning in February to find out more.


What was the purpose of getting members of the Princeton Baptist medical staff involved in the capital campaign prior to solicitation of the general public? Before our Foundation approached the larger community, we felt it was important for the physician staff to send a message about their personal commitment to Princeton Baptist. Our medical staff has a long, rich tradition of great loyalty to the hospital. That relationship remains strong. We feel we are a team working together to serve our patients. Similarly, in this endeavor, with every physician stepping up, we’re telling the wider community how important it is to support this campaign and how dedicated we are to the future of Princeton Baptist.


What is your role as physician solicitation chairman?

First, let me say, this is not a top-down initiative. This goes beyond me. We began this effort by developing a leadership team of 15 Princeton physicians. The team represents a diverse mix of doctors with

varied interests and specialties, which allows everyone to have a voice. As a collective, we crafted a vision of what we feel Princeton will become over the next decade. Together, we’re involved in decisions of how capital campaign gifts are used and what the future of Princeton Baptist looks like. This extends to the entire medical staff—each physician practice has the ear of the Foundation Board—a board

Our medical staff has a long, rich tradition of great loyalty to the hospital. That relationship remains strong. Spring 2011 9


We want 100% physician participation. But this isn’t about one person outgiving the next; it’s about everybody giving something to a hospital community that’s given us so much. that includes community leaders who want to understand the physicians’ as well as the hospital’s needs. Everything comes full circle and, you see, while we’re starting with the physicians, it’s truly a collaborative approach.


How is the committee taking the campaign to all physicians on the Princeton staff?

Early on, we realized we needed to try to talk individually with every physician on staff. Working together as a leadership team, we knew we could effectively and efficiently communicate to our colleagues the vision for Princeton’s future. Armed with this vision and by combining our efforts, our task can be accomplished.

10 Stewardship


Tell us about the 100% goal?

Princeton has an amazing, diverse group of physicians. Because of this, rather than targeting a specific dollar amount, our goal is for all physicians to contribute something. We want 100% physician participation. But this isn’t about one person outgiving the next; it’s about every physician giving something to a hospital community that’s given us so much.


And why is that important? How will this funding serve the Princeton community?


We didn’t want to embark on an initiative that was solely about raising money. That’s too short sighted. This whole effort is about leadership and the leadership role Princeton Baptist is taking in this community. This hospital wants to be a leader in patient care in many different ways. Of course, as physicians, we want to encourage growth in areas where we can practice cutting-edge medicine. But there is more, much more, to the expansion project. This new building will also be a symbol of who we are and where we’re going. One very special thing about Princeton that separates us from secular institutions is our Mission and approach to caring for our patients. It’s a powerful thing to connect with patients in a crisis through God’s message. Here the Mission of Baptist Health System is alive, and through this capital campaign, the future of Princeton is assured.

Annual Report 2010

Annual Report 2010

Another Look and a Word of Thanks From Baptist Health Foundation Throughout the year, we share stories of how your gifts support the health care ministry of Baptist Health System. We try to express our deep gratitude to those who make possible the work of Baptist Health Foundation, one of the nation’s oldest hospital foundations. With this report, we encourage you to take another look at how your gifts affect the quality of health care in the community—and allow us to express our thanks to you once more. With your support, we have enjoyed a successful year in sustaining the faith-based mission of Baptist Health System and its ministry of healing. Successful events that have combined fellowship and fundraising over the past year include the Princeton Gala, Alabama Charity Clays, Princeton Heart Institute Golf Tournament, Shelby Baptist Golf Tournament, Walker Cancer Care Golf Scramble and the Citizens Baptist Spring Bass Fishing Tournament. Memorial and legacy gifts have made significant contributions toward our financial goals. At a time of global financial difficulty, your support has remained steadfast. Recognized as a “Best Place to Work” for two consecutive years and recently nominated for a third, Baptist Health System attributes its success to its faith-based culture and a longstanding commitment to helping people in need. Such a culture—and our strength—is derived from our generous donors, the Foundation Board, our physicians, hospital employees and hospital volunteers who have answered the call of compassion and caring. These are the people—you are the ones—who make it all possible. Every gift—large or small—makes a difference. Your gifts added to the more than $29 million Baptist Health System provided last year in community services and charity care. Your gifts helped to acquire new medical technologies and add innovative programs and services. Your support is helping to make our communities a better, healthier place to live. A $57 million expansion project now is underway at Princeton Baptist, which adds 90,000 square feet of new space and renovates 60,000 square feet of existing space. It includes a new main hospital entrance, 16 new operating rooms, six rooms for endoscopy procedures, a new chapel, larger post-surgery recovery areas and $15 million in new medical equipment. Without your participation, such progress is not possible. Progress, innovation and compassion— they are essential to our Mission. Like those who give their support—like you—they are vital to our future. So once more, we offer our sincere appreciation and our thanks.

Gene Davenport Chairman, Board of Directors Baptist Health Foundation

2 Stewardship

Mark D. Belcher Chief Development Officer Baptist Health Foundation

Pa g e 1 ar

Annual Report 2010

The Sound of Progress Gifts may vary in size and in purpose, but together they have the power to change lives and to improve the health of our community. Here are a few examples of progress made possible through your gifts last year: More than $40,000 was raised to benefit the Nursery Intensive Care Unit at Shelby Baptist through the annual Shelby Golf Tournament. Robins & Morton was again the presenting sponsor of the event. To assure the comfort of patients and visitors in patient rooms and other areas, environmental controls at Princeton Baptist received a $135,000 upgrade. A $1.25 million grant from the Shelby County Community Health Foundation helped fund the new South Tower at Shelby Baptist. Fundraising efforts by the Auxiliary at Citizens Baptist generated $3,000 for the purchase of adult & pediatric scales as well as $2,000 for the purchase of sleep study equipment for the hospital’s newly relocated and enlarged Sleep Center. As part of the hospital’s emergency system in the event of a power failure, $188,000 was invested in a power switch to redirect the emergency generator at Walker Baptist. Your gifts provided $13,000 to renovate the health information management department at Princeton Baptist. Recent gifts from the Princeton Auxiliary included an exercise bike with special features for patients who suffer loss of balance, a Wii system to enhance physical therapy, and renovation of three prayer rooms and a VIP room. With your help the cafeteria at Shelby Baptist received a $176,000 facelift to make the area more efficient for visitors, employees and dietary staff; and $133,000 purchased new energy saving equipment for the boiler room at Princeton.

Bringing Innovation Advances in medical technology can bring more sophisticated treatment and better outcomes for patients. Remaining at the forefront of today’s modern medicine demands continuing investments in new technology and training for its application. Here are examples of innovation your gifts helped to make possible: • Proceeds from the 2010 Alabama Charity Clays events helped fund the purchase of a Faxitron DX-50 surgical specimen radiography system that helps surgeons in performing breast cancer surgery. Thanks to your support, Princeton Baptist was the first in the area to have this new generation of medical technology. • Your gifts enabled the Foundation to provide $30,000 in “seed money” to help Princeton Baptist purchase a nurses simulation program. Using high tech mannequins and a training lab, nurses can hone their skills to be better prepared in critical situations such as heart attack or internal bleeding. • Fostering innovation and preparing for tomorrow is a key tenet of the Foundation’s mission. In keeping with this commitment, Foundation gifts funded a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) pilot project at Baptist Health Center Hoover. PCMH is the model of quality primary care for the future and offers better access, greater coordination of care and a focus on preventive care. • The inaugural Citizens Bass Tournament in early 2010 raised $15,000 to help purchase a surgical gamma probe for the hospital.

• Gifts of $5,000 for ultrasound equipment at Princeton.

• At Walker Baptist, the Auxiliary provided funds for a GlideScope®, which assists in surgical intubations.

• Participants in the Princeton Heart Institute Golf Tournament in 2010 raised more than $42,000

Pa g e 2 ar

Fall/Winter 08-09 5

Annual Report 2010

Caring at Large Answering the call is a phrase heard frequently throughout Baptist Health System. It’s a phrase put into action as your gifts make possible care in a variety of programs and services for the communities we serve. Through the generosity of its donors, the Foundation provided more than $600,000 for charity care during 2010. Since its beginning in 1922, Baptist Health System has provided care to those in need, regardless of their ability to pay. Thanks to a $200,000 donation from Robins & Morton, Shelby Baptist was able to create a community outreach program, including a network of screening sites, to help identify peripheral artery disease (PAD) at an early stage. Five employee scholarships, refurbishment of a waiting room and information boards for patient rooms were made possible through gifts from the Shelby Auxiliary. Other projects funded by the Auxiliary were relocation of a door to the gift shop and purchase of sound-dampening wheels for carts to create a quieter atmosphere in patient care areas. The Walker Cancer Care Golf Tournament raised approximately $7,500 to help cancer patients in need by funding such basic necessities as medication, medical equipment, transportation to treatments and much more. Physicians and employees at Baptist Health System answered the call to share their skills here at home, but also on mission trips to Kenya, Haiti, Guatemala and Honduras last year. Baptist Health Foundation provided more than $9,000 in support of these medical missions. • $1,800 purchased breast milk warmers for NICU at Princeton

• Donor gifts enabled Baptist Health Foundation to provide $10,000 to purchase automated external defibrillators, or AEDs, for Samford University. The portable electronic devices can help save lives in certain life threatening cardiac events. • Fundraising efforts by the Princeton Auxiliary generated $100,000 last year to support a variety of projects, including two scholarships for health care studies and a washer/dryer and a breast milk warmer for the hospital’s Mother/Baby Unit. • More than $55,000 in scholarships funded 91 scholarships to help further the education of students in the Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing at Samford University. • Through their fundraising efforts, the Walker Auxiliary provided nursing scholarships, an ice cream cooler for the cafeteria, memory kits for grieving families who have lost newborns and teddy bears for pediatric patients. A new initiative, funded by the Auxiliary, provides a Bible for each newborn at Walker. • In their dedicated efforts to provide services that benefit both community and hospital, the Auxiliary at Citizens Baptist funded the purchase of an infant warmer, an evacuation sled for patient transport, coolers, an LCD projector and camera equipment.

Echoes of Giving Your gift may provide a scholarship for continuing education or perhaps the purchase of new medical equipment. However it is applied, its benefit to patients and their families are felt again and again. So, it’s worth repeating: Every gift matters. Consider what your gift could do:

$100 Medication for an indigent cancer patient

$250 Rocking chair for the nursery

$500 Two continuing education scholarships

$10,000 New hospital bed

$750 Fully stocked Family Refreshment Cart for Palliative Care Unit

$20,000 Infant warmer for nursery

$1,000 Patient/family vibrating pager system

$30,000 Bone Density Imaging Room

$1,000 Flat screen TV for a surgery waiting room $2,500 Two sleeper chairs for Palliative Care Unit patient rooms

6 Stewardship

$5,000 Mammograms for 25 uninsured women $10,000 Nursing scholarship $25,000 Operating room table $380,000 Equip a Bariatric Fluoro-Room $850,000 Bariatric CT Scanner

Pa g e 5 ar

Annual Report 2010

Annual Report 2010

$1,000 to $9,999 ABC Supply Co., Inc. Aegis Mr. and Mrs. Tony Allen Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Anthony AT&T Baptist Health System BHS Graduate Medical Education

Our Donors Vital to the success of our Mission At Baptist Health Foundation and Baptist Health System, we believe our mission holds us to a higher standard.

We continually strive to provide the best health care available for our patients, regardless of their circumstances. We are not for our profit, but for their benefit. For nearly 90 years, generous, caring people in the community have taken an active part in helping achieve that Mission. We extend our deepest gratitude to each of them and pledge to continue our ministry of healing, providing both excellence and compassion. Thank you to the following people who made gifts January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2010.

$100,000 and above

Ms. Kristen M. Fuller



Mrs. Terri M. Lamons

The Stewart Organization

Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Gautney

Ms. Donna R. Lawson

Stone Building Company, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis H. Locke

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey I. Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Louviere

The Surgeons’ Group

Dr. and Mrs. Davor A. Luketic Mrs. Terri D. Lyon

Tag Construction Group LLC Dr. and Mrs. Bobby S. Terry, D.Min.

Mr. Marcus A. Gilbert Mr. Daniel H. Gillis, III Mrs. Dorethia and Mr. Lorenzo Green Mrs. Gloria S. Gulledge Ms. Jean J. Hahn Ms. Stacy M. Hamer

Ms. Wendy M. Sims Mrs. Charlotte W. Smith Ms. Harrilen G. Smith Ms. Doran L. Stamps Ms. Sherry M. Stough Mr. and Mrs. Ed L. Stringfellow, III Mrs. Kaye and Mr. Mike Sutley Mr. and Mrs. Joel C. Taylor

Trinity Contractors, Inc.

Mr. Lewis Cheney

Ms. Martha N. McMinn

The University of Michigan

Cleo B. Thornton Memorial Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh L. McMurry

Mr. Earl D. Virgin, Sr.

The Haynes Neurosurgical Group, PA.

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart B. Collier

WAKM Companies, LLC

Mrs. Tracy S. Hill

Ms. Tamara K. Trevarthen


Compass Group

Dr. and Mrs. Clinton T. Holladay

Trust Building Services

Medplan Recruiting, Inc.

Walker Baptist Medical Center Auxiliary

Dr. and Mrs. Clement P. Cotter, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Farrell O. Mendelsohn

Ms. Mary Jane C. Wesler

Mr. Thurmon E. Howard

Creek Bed Foundation

Dr. Andy Westmoreland

Ms. Janice F. Howell

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Culp

Willis North America Inc.

Mr. Earl F. Hutchinson

Mrs. Jo T. Morris

Mrs. Carolyn B. Curry

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Wilson

Mrs. Debra A. Hyle

Dr. and Mrs. Jack M. Dabbs

MW/Davis Dumas & Associates, Inc.

Dr. Walter W. Wilson

Ms. Mary P. Jones

Chaplain and Mrs. Gary Yarbrough

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Daniel

National Capital Finance

Ms. Ellen W. Wiseman

Mr. Olin C. Jones, III

Mr. Richard L. Zorn

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Darnall

Mr. William P. Neely


NewQuest Management of Alabama, LLC

Brasfield & Gorrie, Inc.

Energen Corporation Estate of Lachlan Leigh Campbell First Commercial Bank

Noland Health Services Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Robert I. Oliver, Sr. Owens & Minor, Inc. Parsons, Lee & Juliano, PC Peachtree Transcription Associates, LLC

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Phillips


Ms. Jennifer L. Philpot

Gastroenterology Associates North-Central AL, PC

Princeton Baptist Medical Center

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Grammas Mr. and Mrs. W. Gary Griffin

Alabama Power Company

Drs. Elizabeth and David Ennis

Mountain Brook Baptist Church

Ms. Leah E. Hawthorne

Anesthesiologists Associated, P.C.

Estate of Stella White

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Parrott

Mr. William R. Hazelrig

Baptist Health Centers, Inc.

Mr. Richard L. Farrar

Dr. Ed and Mrs. Betsy Postlethwait

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Belcher

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fenn

Mr. and Mrs. Pringle Ramsey

Birmingham Radiological Group, P.C.

Dr. and Mrs. David M. Fitzgerald

Robins & Morton

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

The Good Shepherd Foundation

Royal Cup, Inc.

Buffalo Rock Company

Mr. and Mrs. M. James Gorrie

Rumpshaker 5K

Cardiology, P.C.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Shirey

Citizens BMC Auxiliary

The Harold & Regina Simon Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Lathrop W. Smith, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Davenport

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Haymon

Mr. and Mrs. Shane Spees

Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Drummond

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Holcomb, III

TRO Jung | Brannen, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Emack, Jr.

Johnson Development

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Yarbrough

Dr. and Mrs. James C. Lasker

Sherlock, Smith & Adams, Inc.

Ms. Leigh Anne Selmanoff

Dr. and Mrs. Mike McLemore

The Lucille Beeson Charitable Trust

$10,000 to $99,999

Ms. Cynthia D. Kinnebrew

Mrs. Patricia M. Franklin

Carnahan Group, Inc.

Ms. Silvia Drummond

Shelby County Community Health Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Jones

Mrs. Donna Scoggins

Thoracic, Cardiac & Vascular Surgery of Alabama, PC

Dr. Scott Drummond

Princeton BMC Auxiliary

Dr. and Mrs. John P. Featheringill

Shelby County Medical Society

McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc.

Estate of Dwight Beeson

Maynard, Cooper & Gale Charitable Foundation

Shelby Baptist Medical Staff

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bradford

Mr. and Mrs. Kerry D. Black

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Drummond

The Thomas E. Jernigan Foundation

Pa g e 6 ar

Birmingham Baptist Association

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Johnston

Health Care Reit Highland Associates, Inc. Hoar Construction Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Holt Hospital Housekeeping Systems LTD Iberia Bank Mr. and Mrs. Todd Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Eric Jeffries Ms. Ann L. Jennings

Princeton Surgical Specialists, PC Regions Mr. Lance Roberson

$500 to $999 Alabama Colon & Rectal Institute Alacare Home Health & Hospice Mrs. Susan S. Alexander Antlers & Anglers Worldwide LLC Dr. and Mrs. Martin T. Bailey Baptist Health Centers Physicians First Ms. Jan S. Bizjak Mrs. Ashleigh W. Blanton Mr. Stanley K. Breaux Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Burns Mr. Wade M. Burt Ms. Patricia L. Cannon

Ron Smith Enterprises Inc. Dr. Russell S. Ronson

Dr. John B. Casterline

Dr. and Mrs. A. David Russakoff Saginaw Pipe Company, Inc. Selective Masonry, Inc. Sellers, Richardson, Holman & West, LLP Servis First Bank Shelby Baptist Ambulatory Surgery Center, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Taylor

Mr. Timothy G. Hand

Ms. Dorothy B. Thompson

Dr. and Mrs. Jack H. Hasson

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Tobias Mr. and Mrs. Mark Todd

Ms. Michele A. Waller Ms. Danine L. Watson Westrend Group LTD. Ms. Sheryl Wilson

Mrs. Donna S. Kilpatrick

Dr. and Mrs. J. Donald Carmichael

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Rushing

Ms. Carolyn L. Hammons

Ms. Courtney E. Charest Ms. Debra J. Chism Dr. and Mrs. Merrill E. Compton, Jr. Mr. James W. Corbett Mrs. Paula D. Davenport Dr. and Mrs. William H. Dodson Ernest McCarty Ford, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Klein Ms. Connie J. Lee Ms. Maria T. Lee Mr. Joseph W. Long Dr. and Mrs. Arthur S. Ludwig, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William T. McCutchen Mrs. Micha M. McMeans Merit Health Care PC Ms. Terri T. Milazzo Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Mims

$100 to $499 Ms. Stacy L. Aaron Mr. J. Fletcher Abele Mr. Zachary K. Abercrombie Mrs. April D. Abernathy Mr. Ray O. Acton Ms. Mary L. Adams Ms. Sherry D. Adkins Ms. Bucarrui S. Akles Ms. Sharon M. Aldridge Ms. Karen H. Alexander

Ms. Dena Stokes Moye

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Alison, III

Ms. Vicki L. Nelson

Mr. Philip W. Allen

Mr. Thomas W. Nicholas

Ms. Rita G. Allen

Mr. David Noles

Mrs. Jennifer H. Allison

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Odom

Ms. Jacalyn M. Allred

Precyse Solutions LLC

Mrs. Jennifer L. Anderson

Princeton Neighborhood Mission Team

Ms. Kay T. Anderson

Princeton Towers’ Residents Quality Architectural Metal & Roofing Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Randall L. Real Dr. and Mrs. William C. Renneker, Jr.

Mr. Kenneth J. Anderson Ms. Kimberly P. Anderson Mr. Marvin G. Anderson Ms. Catherine E. Andrews Mr. John R. Andrews Mr. David S. Armstrong

Mrs. Janice O. Ridling

Ms. Cindy R. Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart E. Roberts

Ms. Glenda K. Arnold

Mrs. Brea O. Rowan

Ms. Sarah S. Arnold

Pa g e 7 ar

Annual Report 2010

Annual Report 2010

Ms. Sonya C. Arrington

Ms. Susan A. Blumstein

Mr. Mitchell R. Cagle

Mr. Timothy K. Cumuze

Ms. Rhonda Elkins

Ms. Lana D. Gatrey

Ms. Angela L. Harry

Ms. Lequeena D. Jackson

Mr. Damon B. Kissinger

Ms. Wanda E. Lowery

Dr. Randy Atkinson

Ms. Wendy L. Bobbitt

Ms. Pamela H. Cain

Mr. Landon C. Curry

Ms. Aeryn A. Elliott

Mr. Leonard M. Gavin, Jr.

Ms. Colleen G. Hartman

Ms. Martha C. Jackson

Mr. Donald R. Knight

Ms. Theresa Loyde

Mrs. Heather M. Avello

Ms. Sheryl J. Bogan

Ms. Stacey T. Cain

Mrs. Christy H. Daffron

Mr. Justin L. Elliott

Ms. Lena E. Genry

Ms. Katie Hawkins

Ms. Robin C. Jackson

Ms. Karen J. Knight

Mrs. Susan M. Lumpkin

Ms. Carol A. Avery

Mr. William Borgstorm

Ms. Margaret Calamusa

Ms. Pamela S. Dailey

Ms. Kellye K. Elliott

Ms. Elizabeth S. George

Ms. Jeanne F. Hawley

Ms. Margaret E. Jenkins

Dr. and Mrs. Hurley W. Knott

Ms. Joy H. Lynch

Ms. Teresa G. Gilbert

Ms. Sharon M. Hayes

Ms. Billie J. Jennings

Ms. Elizabeth P. Koepsel

Ms. Tammy K. Machen

Ms. Rebecca C. Gillis

Mr. Alexander D. Haynes

Ms. Donna D. Jennings

Mr. Alfred E. Kohler

Ms. Angela T. Madison

Mrs. Sandra Haynes

Mrs. Christy T. Jett

Ms. Praveena Kolluri

Ms. Elizabeth A. Mahler

Ms. Barbara D. Embry

Mrs. Kelly and Mr. Alexander Gilmore

Ms. Mary Jane Haywood

Ms. Melissa F. Jett

Ms. Renee P. Korreckt

Ms. Martha J. Malone

Mr. Michael L. Endress

Ms. Lucinda W. Gilmore

Ms. Sarah A. Hebert

Ms. Jacqueline B. Joaquin

Ms. Patricia R. S. Kulovitz

Ms. Stacey S. Manolio

Ms. Kimberly M. Ennis

Ms. Laranda B. Ginn

Ms. Karen J. Heflin

Ms. Deidre M. Johns

Ms. Debbie H. Labin

Ms. Ann M. Martin

Ms. Crystal G. Entrekin

Mrs. Nichole L. Gladden

Mrs. Cassandra C. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Lacy

Mr. Jay M. Martin

Ms. Bonnie K. Epperson

Mr. David A. Glass

Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Herron

Ms. Samantha D. Lalak

Mr. Jerry W. Martin

Ms. Donna R. Glaze

Ms. Ramona S. Herron

Ms. Chanda L. Johnson

Mr. Victor M. Ervin

Ms. Heather F. Lambert

Ms. Phyllis R. Martin

Ms. Tracey Etheridge

Ms. Linda H. Glaze

Ms. Jacqueline D. Hicks

Ms. Charity A. Johnson

Mr. Mark Lamborne

Ms. Annette R. Massey

Mr. Robert G. Glaze

Mr. Douglas W. Higgins

Mr. Emmett R. Johnson

Ms. Caroline E. Ethridge

Ms. Schinley N. Land

Ms. Katrina J. Mathus

Mr. Raymond L. Glenn, Jr.

Ms. Sarah A. Higgins

Mrs. Ginger D. Johnson

Ms. Brooke H. Evans

Ms. Debra K. Lane

Mr. Jessie Matthews, III

Ms. Katie S. Evans

Ms. Alice S. Goggans

Ms. Desiree D. Hill

Ms. Jeanette Johnson

Mrs. Kay S. Laney

Ms. Denise S. Mattox

Ms. Tracy L. Golden

Ms. Katie L. Hill

Ms. Mary E. Johnson

Ms. Vickie Fain

Mr. Russell A. Laney, Sr.

Ms. Brenda D. Mauldin

Ms. Donna K. Falkner

Ms. Leticia M. Gomez

Mr. William W. Hirtle

Ms. Melinda F. Johnson

Ms. Judy N. Lang

Mrs. Belinda H. Maxwell

Ms. Anwar A. Gordon

Ms. Brittany B. Hobart

Mr. Milton R. Johnson

Ms. Anita M. Farley

Ms. Vanessa L. Langham

Ms. Letetia R. Maxwell

Ms. Virginia Farley

Ms. Brandi G. Gortney

Mr. Jack L. Hogan

Ms. Norma J. Johnson

Mr. John Langlois

Ms. Deanna L. May

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Grasso

Ms. Crystal A. Hollis

Ms. Cinda G. Johnston

Ms. Alanna I. Farris

Ms. Melanie C. Lanier

Ms. Pamela A. May

Ms. Sandy K. Farris

Mrs. Jacqueline Gray

Ms. Lisa Hollis

Ms. Judy F. Johnston

Ms. Kathy S. Gray

Mr. and Mrs. Davidson L. Laning

Mr. Bemi Mayomi

Mr. Farkhondeh S. Farzad

Ms. Patricia C. Holmes

Mrs. Theresa V. Johnston

Ms. Cynthia D. Fayet

Mr. Michael A. Gray

Ms. Christian A. Holt

Ms. Shari S. Finley

Ms. Ruth E. Gray

Ms. Patsy L. Hood

Ms. Valerie R. Finney

Ms. Bonnie M. Green

Mr. Robert L. Hood

Ms. Teresa C. Fitzhugh

Ms. Coryliesha Green

Ms. Cathy M. Hopper

Ms. Brandy R. Dickerson

Ms. Carmen L. Flynn

Ms. Donna M. Green

Ms. Sheryl A. Horn

Ms. Clara N. Dill

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Forbes

Ms. Pamela Green

Ms. Kimberly D. Horne

Ms. Vicki Griffice

Mr. Harry H. Horner, Jr.

Ms. Jerlyn L. Grimes

Ms. Ginger P. Houchins

Ms. Andrea C. Guillot

Mr. Kerry G. Houston

Mrs. Emily S. Gurley

Ms. Yama C. Houston

Dr. Robert D. Guyton

Mr. William D. Howard

Ms. Tracy L. Hain

Mr. Steven D. Hudgins

Mrs. Nancy L. Haines

Ms. Kala N. Hudson

Ms. Anita L. Hall

Mr. Robert E. Hudson, Jr.

Mr. Brian E. Hall

Ms. Pamela J. Hudspeath

Ms. Demetri L. Hall

Ms. Susan F. Huggins

Mr. Anthony D. Hallman

Mr. Christopher S. Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby G. Aycock

Mr. Adam S. Borneman

Ms. Remegeia T. Campbell

Mr. Anthony C. D’ambrose

Ms. Catherine L. Elston

Mrs. Nella D. Baccus

Ms. Kathy A. Boswell

Ms. Sharbentris A. Cannon

Ms. Jodi B. Daniel

Ms. Cecelia H. Bailey

Ms. Emily J. Bowden

Mrs. Sharon R. Carroll

Ms. Kimberly A. Daniel

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Emack, Sr.

Ms. Courtney B. Bailey

Ms. Phelicia R. Bowie

Ms. Donna M. Carter

Ms. Livia B. Daniel

Ms. Donna L. Bailey

Ms. Edna M. Boyd

Ms. Fati M. Carter

Ms. Lisa Daniels

Mr. Rodney Bailey

Ms. Paula M. Bracewell

Ms. Michele V. Carter

Ms. Charlotte D. Dansby

Ms. Virginia S. Bailey

Ms. Lorie F. Bradford

Ms. Brandy L. Carver

Ms. Dorothy C. Darrenkamp

Ms. Melinda N. Baker Ms. Rebecca A. Baker Ms. Veronica R. Bandy Ms. Shari L. Bang Mr. Ronny O. Banks Ms. Ruby F. Banks Baptist Health System— Human Resources Department

Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Bradford Mr. Thomas R. Bradley, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Brannon Mr. Danny N. Brasher Mrs. Edna E. Brasher Mrs. Gail G. Braswell Ms. Shari B. Brazelton

Mrs. Sarah S. Barbour

Ms. Brenda D. E. Brazzell

Ms. Nancy J. Bard

Ms. Mary L. Brengelman

Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey D. Barnard, Jr. Ms. Bridgette L. Barnes Ms. Dona B. Barnes Ms. Amanda C. Barton Mrs. Kathryn Barton

Ms. Susan C. Bria Ms. Lauren S. Bridges Ms. Patsy G. Brom Ms. Charlene D. Brooks Mr. Stephen P. Brooks

Ms. Miranda S. Ceravolo

Ms. Angela G. Davis

Ms. Debra L. Channell

Ms. Courtney N. Davis

Ms. Gwendolyn M. Chapman

Ms. Donna Davis

Ms. Dina M. Chappell

Ms. Marcia Davis

Ms. Marybeth C. Cheeks

Ms. Pauline Davis

Children’s Harbor, Inc.

Ms. Teresa C. Davis

Mrs. Mary F. Christopher

Mr. Shane R. Dawkins

Mrs. Shirley Clark

Ms. Vicki L. Dawkins

Ms. Shenequa J. Clay

Ms. Deborah A. Dawson

Mr. Mitchell A. Cleckler

Ms. Kristin E. Dawson

Mr. Christopher D. Cleghorn

Ms. Linda G. Dawson

Mrs. Amanda B. Clement

Ms. Cecilia G. Day

Giuseppe E. Clemente

DCH Regional Medical Center

Mrs. Laurie C. Clifton

Debardeleben Foundation

Ms. Kathy L. Cobb

Mrs. Samantha H. Delappe

Ms. Sandy R. Cobb

Dr. and Mrs. William T. Denton

Mrs. Janet H. Baumgardner

Dr. and Mrs. John R. Brouillette

Ms. Lillie J. Bazzano

Ms. Donna M. Brown

Ms. Lavia D. Coker

Ms. Jamie L. Beagle

Ms. Leah C. Brown

Mrs. Kristi A. Colburn

Mr. Christopher F. Coker

Mr. A. Todd Beard

Ms. Leslie K. Brown

Mrs. Lavera T. Coleman

Ms. Zsaquanda M. Bearden

Ms. Phyllis D. Brown

Ms. April R. Collier

Mr. Kirk S. Becker Ms. Tamara L. Bender

Mr. and Mrs. Pratt Brown, II Ms. Sabrina L. Brown

Ms. Brenda Collier Ms. Angela S. Collins

Ms. Shaka D. Benjamin

Mrs. Cathy Sue D. Bruce

Mr. Korey Collins

Ms. Cynthia R. Bennett

Ms. Tina H. Bruce

Ms. Paulette Colston

Ms. Demetra C. Bennett

Ms. Jessica A. Bruner

Concord Baptist Church

Mrs. Theatrice L. Benson

Ms. Annette B. Buchanan

Ms. Terrian B. Cook

Ms. Anita E. Bester

Mr. Jeffrey B. Buck

Ms. Cherrie D. Cooper

Ms. Erin B. Bethea

Ms. Sharon K. Bullard

Ms. Tiffany A. Cooper

Ms. Sarah G. Beverly

Ms. Kelly B. Bunn

Ms. Linda A. Copeland

Mrs. Paige W. Biddle

Mr. Geoffrey W. Burch

Mr. David L. Cornelison

Dr. and Mrs. Paul J. Biggs

Ms. Janya F. Burgess

Ms. Velma G. Cosby

Ms. Olivia Billingsley

Ms. Gwendolyn F. Burks

Ms. Stephanie Covington

Ms. Sandra J. Birch

Mr. Marvin W. Burns

Ms. Cynthia D. Cowans

Dr. and Mrs. G. Blaine Bishop, Jr.

Ms. Mary K. Burns

Ms. Camilla R. Cox

Ms. Linda G. Bishop Mrs. Maria T. Bitago Ms. Kristy T. Bittle Ms. Stacey W. Black Mr. Jason W. Blackstock Ms. Amberly D. Blackwell Mrs. Marcia M. Blow

Pa g e 8 ar

Ms. Karen M. Burr

Ms. Leslie D. Cox

Ms. Angela G. Burroughs

Ms. Debra J. Coyne

Ms. Carla A. Busby Mr. Donald Bussey Ms. Jill L. Butler Mr. Janice R. Butts

Ms. Elizabeth M. Crabtree Ms. Tamara C. Creel Mrs. Tonya L. Crittenden The Crowe Foundation

Mr. Chadwick J. Byars

Mr. Phillip R. Crumpton

Ms. Brenda P. Bynum

Ms. Sabrina D. Cummings

Ms. Tricia C. Dimmitt Mr. Robert L. Dodson Mrs. Pamela C. Dollar Mrs. Carol D. Donaldson Mr. David S. Dorrough Ms. Angela R. Doss Ms. Ashley N. Doss Ms. Judy G. Dover Mrs. Taryn B. Drennen Ms. Nancy T. Drinkard Ms. Kathy D. Drummond Ms. Clarice P. Dubose Ms. Aleisha M. Dunagan Ms. Cynthia E. Dunlap Ms. Carol A. Dunn Mr. Richard P. Dyar Ms. Robin R. Dyer Ms. Christina G. Dykes Mr. Robert E. Eatman Ms. Brenda K. Edwards Ms. Sarah E. Egan Ms. Cindy A. Elder Ms. Linda A. Elder Mrs. Divana O. Elkins

Ms. Audrienne L. Ford Ms. Karla Forester Ms. Meida L. Foust Ms. Kristie M. Francis Mr. Michael T. Freeman Mr. Robert C. Freeman, Jr. Ms. Brittany D. Furrh Mr. James M. Gabriel Mr. Ralph Gaines, III Ms. Dorothy J. Gaiter Ms. Rosanne G. Gallahar Ms. Diane C. Gambill Ms. Sanqenette M. Gamble Ms. Teressa T. Gamblin Ms. Stephanie D. Gant Ms. Cheryel D. Gardner Mrs. Danielle M. Gardner Mr. Greg A. Gardner Ms. Jacqueline L. Gardner Ms. Marsha R. Gardner Ms. Lillie R. Garth Mr. Dwight D. Garvin Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Gaskin, III

Ms. Donna J. Hammock

Mr. Kerry O. Hughes

Ms. Anna J. Harbison

Ms. Robyn G. Hughes

Mr. Adam J. Harless

Ms. Sharon D. Hughes

Mr. Christopher B. Harmon

Mr. Adam Hulbert

Ms. Brenda R. Harrington

Ms. Sharon J. Hutchinson

Mr. John M. Harris

Mr. Cecil B. Ingram

Mr. Larry C. Harris

Ms. Stacy C. Ingram

Ms. Latasia Harris

Mr. James G. Ireland

Ms. Natosha C. Harris

Ms. Amanda H. Isbell

Ms. Phyllis D. Harris

Ms. Loreta Itchon

Ms. Sarah G. Harris

Ms. Robin M. Ivy

Ms. Seneathia L. Harris

Ms. Gillian H. Jackson

Ms. Marzetta D. Harrison

Ms. Gwen Jackson

Mrs. Donna F. Jones Mr. Isaiah Jones Ms. Joanna R. Jones Ms. Joyce A. Jones Ms. Julia M. Jones Ms. Merlinna G. Jones Ms. Monica M. Jones Ms. Ragan D. Jones Ms. Mary K. Jordan Ms. Sharon M. Jordan Ms. Toni L. Jorenby Mr. Zakayo M. Karimi Ms. Pamela L. Kaylor Ms. Lyndsi A. Keel Ms. Amanda L. Keeton Ms. Theresa G. Keller Mrs. Andrea R. Kelley Ms. Jacqueline D. Kelley Ms. Lisa P. Kelley Ms. Vana R. Kelley Mr. Adam W. Key Ms. Laura B. Key Ms. Ginger L. Kilgore Ms. Heather R. Kilgore Ms. Melissa A. Kilgore Mr. John D. Killian Ms. Jennifer D. Kimbrell Mr. Jonathan B. Kimsey Ms. Cynthia K. King Ms. Farrar L. King Mr. and Mrs. John Kirby

Ms. Rebecca L. Latham Ms. Cecelia T. Law Ms. Carolle N. Lawrence Ms. Kay R. Lawrence Mr. Michael J. Lawrence Ms. Carol Lazenby

Ms. Beverly L. Mays Ms. Angel K. McCain Ms. Courtney D. McCants Ms. Katie F. McClain Ms. Melissa D. McClellan Ms. Tracy L. McClellan

Ms. Valerie J. Leader

Mr. and Mrs. Van E. McClurkin

Ms. Cheryl N. Lee

Mr. Daniel O. McClusky, III

Mr. David B. Lee

Ms. Amanda K. McCollum

Ms. Anita L. Lee Shield

Ms. Deborah M. McCormack

Ms. Nolen C. Lenard

Ms. Sharron L. McCoy

Mrs. Heather P. Leon

Ms. Karon J. McCravey

Ms. Margaret Leonard

Mrs. Betty R. McCulley

Levy Advertising Agency

Mr. and Mrs. Herman McCulley

Mr. Don Levy Dr. and Mrs. James L. Lewis, III

Ms. Sheliah A. McCulley Ms. Veronica N. McGough

Ms. Lynn Lewis

Mr. Bennie R. McGraw

Ms. Rosa B. Lewis

Mrs. Melissa N. McKim

Mr. Donald W. Lightsey

Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. McKinney

Ms. Belinda Limbaugh Ms. Debra H. Lindley Ms. Brandi C. Lively Ms. Kathy B. Livingston Ms. Brittney R. Lollar Ms. Donna D. Long Ms. Judy F. Long Ms. Sarah P. Long Ms. Brenda L. Loveless Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Lovell

Ms. Sharon S. McKinnon Mr. Robert G. McLaughlin Ms. Donilda S. McMahan Ms. Gloria McNeal Ms. Roni M. McPhearson Mr. Billy R. McPherson Mr. and Mrs. C. Phillip McWane Ms. Karen D. Meeks Mr. William M. Megehee

Mr. John D. Lowden

Pa g e 9 ar

Annual Report 2010

Mr. Ronnie L. Melson

Ms. Christine Novick

Mrs. Sherri K. Plenge

Mr. William Roberson

Mr. Gary M. Simmons

Ms. Lori A. Swindall

Ms. Sarah G. Walker

Mr. Chase R. Wise

Ms. Mary I. Banks

Ms. Tabitha M. Briggs

Ms. Jennifer L. Menefee

Ms. Charlotte Nuckols

Ms. Shara R. Plummer

Ms. Linda M. Roberts

Mrs. Kellie J. Simmons

Ms. Joy M. Tamburelli

Ms. Shawnta L. Wallace

Ms. Christine M. Wise

Ms. Shelby S. Banks

Mr. James T. Bright

Ms. Gloria J. Merritt

Ms. Patricia A. Odell

Ms. Anita J. Polarie

Dr. and Mrs. Robin Roberts

Mrs. Terri L. Simmons

Mrs. Carolyn A. Tandy

Ms. Lorene T. Waller

Ms. Judith E. Witt

Ms. Stacy L. Banks

Mr. Calvin Britt

Mr. Rene J. Messier, III

Ms. Nancy F. Odom

Ms. Ashley L. Ponder

Mr. Barry S. Robinson

Ms. Sheryl L. Simpson

Ms. Carolyn N. Tannehill

Ms. Elizabeth C. Walters

Ms. Sharon Y. Womack

Ms. Cathy A. Barber

Dr. C. Otis Brooks

Mr. Michael A. Tate

Ms. Quiana M. Ward

Ms. Maureen M. Wong

Mr. Mark C. Middlebrooks

Ms. Shirley J. Odom

Mr. Joel C. Porter

Ms. Mary L. Robinson

Ms. Cynthia H. Sims

Mr. John R. Bargerhuff

Ms. Carolyn E. Brooks

Ms. Billie A. Miles

Ms. Indra A. Oldham

Ms. Linda W. Porter

Mr. Robert Robison

Ms. Fran C. Sims

Ms. Takea S. Taul

Ms. Latricia D. Ware

Ms. Rachael H. Wood

Mrs. Emily R. Barker

Ms. Dana C. Brooks

Ms. Tina F. Miles

Ms. Carolyn S. Oliver

Ms. Patricia A. Porter

Ms. Tammy R. Rogers

Ms. Betty P. Smith

Ms. Denise N. Taylor

Warrior Medical Associates

Ms. Kelli F. Woodard

Ms. Barbara S. Barnes

Ms. Macie L. Brooks

Mrs. Janet S. Miller

Jody A. Oliver

Mrs. Shevorn D. Porter

Ms. Teri M. Rogers

Ms. Cheryl E. Smith

Mrs. Gloria D. Taylor

Mr. John W. Washington

Mrs. Cindy S. Woodley

Ms. Deborah D. Barnett

Ms. Alex C. Brown

Ms. Joyce A. Miller

Mrs. Amber F. Oneal

Mr. C. Scott Powell

Ms. Wendy A. Rogers

Ms. Dawn M. Smith

Ms. Sandra D. Taylor

Mr. Stephen T. Watkins

Ms. Dollie J. Woods

Mrs. Marsha B. Barthold

Mr. D M. Brown

Ms. April N. Mills

Ms. Kaye Y. O’Neal

Ms. Beverly W. Presley

Mrs. Pamela D. Rollins

Dr. and Mrs. G. Scott Smith

Ms. Kimberly D. Tedder

Mr. Robert H. Watson

Ms. Betty J. Wooten

Ms. Charlotte P. Bates

Ms. Electra F. Brown

Ms. Joyce M. Milstead

O’Neal Steel, Inc.

Ms. Loretta P. Preston

Ms. Elnora W. Ross

Ms. Joan L. Smith

Ms. Barbara A. Terry

Ms. Jessica A. Weathers


Ms. Kimberly L. Bates

Ms. Erica C. Brown

Ms. Alicia M. Minor

Mr. Terry L. Overstreet

Senator Jim Preuitt

Ms. Wanda Royal

Mr. Justin B. Smith

Dr. and Mrs. David L. Tharpe

Mrs. April C. Weaver

Ms. Donna G. Wyatt

Ms. Towanda T. Battle

Ms. Iris C. Brown

Ms. Reginia L. Minor

Ms. Debra A. Overton

Mr. Derrick Price

Mr. Anthony C. Ruffino

Ms. Leah C. Smith

Ms. Chanel Thomas

Mrs. Donna K. Webb

Mr. John G. Wyatt

Ms. Theresa L. Baughn

Ms. Jamesha N. Brown

Ms. Lois Mitchell

Ms. Marsha D. Owens

Ms. Shannon M. Price

Ms. Roneth H. Sacil

Ms. Lindsey S. Smith

Ms. Dana P. Thomas

Mrs. Lynn Webster

Ms. Keri Z. Wylie

Ms. Angela D. Beasley

Ms. Jasmine Brown

Ms. Miranda B. Mitchell

Ms. Dana M. Padgett

Mr. William C. Price

Ms. Sara S. Sall

Mrs. Lisa S. Smith

Ms. Joyce E. Thompson

Ms. Sherry D. Webster

Ms. Rhonda G. Wynn

Mr. Brad J. Beasley

Ms. Kendra R. Brown

Ms. Penny S. Mitchell

Mr. and Mrs. Joey Page

Ms. Doris G. Salter

Ms. Merita J. Smith

Ms. Laura A. Thompson

Ms. Tammy Weeks

Mrs. Ramona L. Yarbrough

Ms. Cynthia G. Beaty

Mr. Larry D. Brown

Ms. Leana C. Moncada

Ms. Sherry F. Pair

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Pridmore, Sr.

Ms. Tammy L. Samp

Ms. Paulette Smith

Ms. Linda L. Thompson

Mr. Bobby R. Wells

Mr. Shawn L. Yarbrough

Dr. and Mrs. Russell G. Beaty

Mr. and Mrs. Morris Brown

Ms. Monique A. Montenegro

Ms. Brenda Palmer

Mrs. Amy R. Sanders

Ms. Renee P. Smith

Ms. Marsha A. Thompson

Mr. John A. West

Ms. Jacqueline M. Yates

Ms. Linda Beck

Ms. Tiffany R. Brown

Ms. Angela A. Sanders

Mrs. Richelle A. Smith

Ms. Christine A. Zeimet

Ms. Catherine E. Beckham

Ms. Jessica F. Bruce

Mr. Roger N. Smith

Dr. and Mrs. William A. Thompson, III

Ms. Amber N. Whaley

Ms. Cynthia D. Sanders

Mr. Charles N. Bell, Jr.

Ms. Amanda J. Bryant

Ms. Verna D. Sanders

Mr. Steven D. Smith

Ms. Vonceil D. Sanders

Ms. Susan L. Smith

Ms. Tammy R. Sargent

Ms. Julie A. Smithey

Ms. Ginger P. Montgomery, RN

Ms. Toni Y. Palmer

Ms. Lisa K. Moody

Ms. Cherie A. Pardi

Ms. Brigitte S. Moore

Ms. Deborah S. Pardi

Ms. Christine L. Moore

Ms. Karen C. Parker

Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Moore

Mr. Robin L. Parker

Mr. Trenton L. Moore Ms. Deborah R. Morgan Ms. Nancy L. Morgan Ms. Amanda L. Morris Mrs. Paula W. Morris Mr. Gary E. Morrison Mr. Hyon Morrow Ms. Patsy L. Morrow Ms. Lisa G. Moseley Mr. and Mrs. Phillip M. Moses Ms. Kathy H. Mosley Mr. Matthew P. Moton Ms. Krystal L. Moxley Ms. Nomsa Moyo Ms. Seneca M. Murner Ms. Teresa G. Murphy Ms. Omeshia R. Murray Mr. Jetaun C. Murrell Mrs. Myra S. Muse Mr. John V. Naro Ms. Christy S. Nason Ms. Debora A. Nelms Mrs. Pamela H. Nevin Ms. Inda D. Nichols Ms. Cynthia R. Nicholson Ms. Nancy J. Nixon Mr. Maxime Nkoane Ms. Cynthia N. Nobles Ms. Deborah D. Norcross Ms. Kelley M. Norris

Pa g e 1 0 ar

Ms. Sheila A. Parker Ms. Jennifer L. Parks Ms. Gloria K. Parvin Mr. Eric P. Patat Ms. Lenora W. Pate Mr. Byron E. Patterson Mrs. Joan V. Patterson Ms. Robbie A. Patterson Mr. Tyrone V. Patterson Ms. Anita E. Patton Ms. Rita K. Payne Ms. Sheena M. Payne Dr. and Mrs. W. Scott Pennington Ms. Jamie S. Penny Ms. Ann S. Pentz Ms. Denise J. Perley Mrs. Alice R. Perry Mrs. Cecily D. Perry Ms. Deidre M. Perry Mrs. Michelle B. Perry Ms. Shelia S. Persons Ms. Tammy D. Pettway Ms. Kriss E. Phares Mrs. Barbara A. Phillips Mrs. Scotia D. Phillips Ms. Wanda J. Phillips Ms. Heather A. Pierce Mrs. Janice M. Pilaton Mr. Leon Pippen Ms. Judy H. Pittman

Mr. Bobby R. Prince Princeton BMC— Medical Staff Ms. Donna M. Privett Ms. Barbara R. Pruitt Ms. Joyce H. Pruitt Ms. Addie H. Pugh Ms. Beth A. Pugh Ms. Theresa M. Pugh Ms. Joycelyn D. Pullom Ms. Jessica A. Pyron Mrs. Lori G. Quinn R. Voyt and Lois C. Hill Fund Ms. Kimberly A. Raco Ms. Karen A. Raines Ms. Robbi S. Rainwater Mr. Lee A. Ralston Ms. Melanie R. Ramos Ms. Roxiann S. Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Ransom Ms. Annie L. Rasberry Mr. John H. Rasmussen Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Ratliff Ms. Rachelle R. Ream Mr. Christopher D. Reaves Mrs. Carolyn B. Reed Mrs. Vickie C. Reed Ms. Shanita E. Render Ms. Adrienne M. Reynolds Ms. Kelly P. Reynolds Mrs. Martha J. Reynolds Ms. Courtney M. Richards Ms. Brandy L. Richardson Ms. Wandalene Richardson Ms. Nancysu L. Richter Ms. Deborah F. Ritchie Ms. Peggy N. Rivers Ms. Beverly K. Rizzo

Ms. Linda B. Satterfield

Ms. Michelle E. Snow

Ms. Sandra T. Saucier

Ms. Alecia C. Snyder

Dr. and Mrs. Paul F. Sauer

Mrs. Candace D. Snyder

Mr. Mark S. Saunders

Mrs. Ginger B. Solomon

Ms. Bondra G. Scales

Ms. Rebecca K. Southern

Mr. Randall G. Schatzer

Mrs. Susan B. Southwick

Mr. Frank A. Scoggins

Mrs. Virginia W. Sowders

Ms. Karin W. Scott

Ms. Robyn R. Sparks

Ms. Kathy P. Scott Ms. Vivian A. Seals Security Federal Savings Bank Ms. Margaret A. Segars Ms. Ginger L. Seiberling Ms. Judy C. Sellers Ms. Skye N. Setters Ms. Nancy A. Shaar Mrs. Jamila Shaw Ms. Dianne W. Shelton Mr. Thomas H. Sherer Ms. Cynthia P. Sheridan Ms. Jamie L. Shewmake Ms. Letisha R. Shields Mr. William B. Shields Ms. Alexandria S. Shine Ms. Marta J. Shirer Ms. Megan M. Short Ms. Sandra L. Short Mr. Newman Shufflebarger Ms. Martha A. Silliman Ms. Ginger P. Silva

Mr. Marlon E. Spradlin Ms. Jennifer K. Spray Ms. Janell M. Standridge Ms. Susan C. Staniszewski Mr. Freddie L. Stanley Mrs. Jeanie M. Stanley Ms. Danielle L. Starling Ms. Brittany L. Steele Ms. Carol S. Stephens Ms. Katherine J. Y. Stephens Ms. Beth A. Stephenson Mrs. Cheryl A. Stewart Ms. Virginia V. StJohn Ms. Charita A. Stroud Ms. Ingrid E. Strout Mr. Donald D. Stuckey Ms. Claresia K. Suddeth Ms. Janice E. Sullivan Ms. Maria M. Sulser Ms. Betty S. Sumner Ms. Maxine K. Surles Ms. Kyra N. Swaggerty Ms. Wendy S. Sweeney

Ms. Amanda K. Tibbs Ms. Jessica T. Tice Mr. Johnny R. Tice Mr. Phillip R. Tidwell Ms. Barbara B. Tierce Mrs. Tabitha W. Tilley Ms. Tracy C. Tinsley Ms. Vicki P. Tittle Ms. Mary A. Todd Ms. Marnie T. Tomberlin Mrs. Glenda W. Townsend Mr. Tim B. Townsend Mr. Byron Trahan Ms. Sanjanetta Treadwell Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Tucker Ms. Margaret N. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Twitty Mr. and Mrs. Allen Uffinger Ms. Sharon I. Underwood University Baptist Church Ms. Sally E. Vann Ms. Teresa C. Varden Ms. Earnestine Varner Ms. Joette Varner Ms. Dianna L. Varnes Ms. Jessica L. Vaughn Ms. Karen J. Vaughn Mr. Wayne S. Wadsworth Ms. Alecia M. Waites Ms. Margaret A. Waldrop Ms. Sandra J. Waldrop Ms. Carol F. Walker Ms. Jacquelin Walker Ms. Jeannette D. Walker

Ms. Robin B. Wheeler Ms. Vicki M. Wheeler

under $100

Ms. Janice Bender

Ms. Antionitta W. Bryant

Ms. Allison Whiddon

Ms. Beth R. Aaron

Ms. Rhoynda C. Bender

Ms. Angel J. Buchanan

Mr. Jerry D. White

Ms. Catherine L. Aaron

Ms. Jenna C. Benge

Ms. Kimberly L. White

Mr. Jeffery A. Abney

Mr. James K. Benson

Mr. Christopher M. Buchanan

Ms. Lauren B. White

Mr. Scott Abney

Ms. Candy L. Berastegui

Ms. Monica M. White

Mr. Frank J. Adams

Ms. Dorothy Best

Ms. Sharon D. White

Mr. Melvin Adams

Ms. Karen J. Betancourt

Mr. William G. Wigginton, Jr.

Ms. Patricia Aderholt

Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Beville

Dr. John T. Wilbanks

Ms. Mirasol N. Agena

Mr. and Mrs. James Bice

Ms. Kendra G. Wilder

Ms. Cathy D. Alexander

Mr. Clifford D. Bishop

Ms. Deborah A. Wilhite

Ms. Jamie D. Alexander

Ms. Latoya R. Bishop

Mrs. Claudia H. Wilkey

Ms. Tracy R. Alexander

Ms. Catherine Blackburn

Ms. Phyllis M. Wilkins

Ms. Sherrika D. Allen

Ms. Connie H. Blackburn

Ms. Tyran S. Wilkinson

Ms. Pamala L. Altmon

Ms. Sandra M. Blackston

Mr. Shad Wilks

Mr. Jimmy L. Amerson

Ms. Toni P. Blackwell

Ms. Andrea L. Williams

Mrs. Donnell Anderson

Ms. Sheila H. Blackwood

Ms. Brenda F. Williams

Ms. Hannah D. Anderson

Mr. Allen P. Blanco

Ms. Elaine H. Williams

Mrs. Mary B. Anderson

Mrs. Catherine Blevins

Ms. Erica S. Williams

Ms. Sheree L. Anderson

Ms. Starr B. Blocker

Ms. Evangeline A. Williams

Ms. Stephanie R. Anderson

Ms. Deidra A. Bolton

Ms. Ginger D. Williams

Ms. Darla A. Andrews

Mrs. Sarah T. Boone

Ms. Juanita M. Williams

Mr. Michael H. Annison

Ms. Angela M. Borcicky

Ms. Lisa S. Williams

Ms. Dedra C. Arledge

Ms. Laurie A. Borst

Ms. Ramona J. Williams

Ms. Margaret C. Armitage

Mr. Javin B. Bowlin

Ms. Rebekah S. Williams

Ms. Audra N. Armstrong

Ms. Jacqueline D. Boyd

Ms. Sharon R. Williams

Mr. Gerald E. Arrington

Ms. Loretta Boyd

Mr. Vincent E. Williams

Mr. John P. Ashe

Ms. Deborah J. Braden

Ms. Debra A. Willis

Ms. Sara B. Atkinson

Ms. Roselle P. Bradley

Ms. Linda P. Wilson

Ms. Jearldine L. Austin

Ms. Laprecious Branch

Ms. Malissa D. Wilson

Ms. Betty J. Ayanwale

Ms. Kelli M. Brandt

Ms. Mary S. Wilson

Ms. Vicki G. Bacon

Ms. Pauline Brasfield

Ms. Patricia A. Wilson

Ms. Carol D. Bains

Ms. Doris E. Breeden

Ms. Melissa D. Windham

Ms. Danielle H. Baker

Ms. Nancy C. Breitenstein

Ms. Stephanie R. Wingard

Ms. Nikki L. Baker

Ms. Caressa T. Bridgman

Ms. Gwendolyn S. Buchanan Mr. James E. Buchanan Ms. Carol C. Buckeridge Ms. Holly M. Bullock Ms. Terrina J. Bullock Ms. Jennifer W. Burdette Ms. Connie B. Burlison Ms. Glenda Burnett Ms. Allison N. Burr Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Burton Ms. Donna P. Burts Ms. Claudia S. Butler Ms. Latonya S. Butler Ms. Shirley Butler Mr. Gene P. Butts Mr. Derreck D. Byrd Ms. Kelly R. Byrd Mr. Malcolm E. Byrd Mrs. Linda M. Byrne Ms. Janet M. Cain Ms. Jodi M. Cain Ms. Jo C. Calder Ms. Allison C. Caldwell Ms. Kimberly A. Callines Ms. Jessica Y. Calvin Ms. Sharon D. Cameron Ms. La Neta M. Carlton Mr. Buford Carpenter Ms. Joyce A. Carroll Ms. Linda J. Carson

Pa g e 1 1 ar

Annual Report 2010

Annual Report 2010

Ms. Annie M. Carstens

Ms. Teresa Croom

Ms. Veronica B. Edwards

Ms. Janice K. Fuller

Ms. Penny L. Harbison

Ms. Jina J. Hornsby

Ms. Annette Jones

Ms. Gerry Latham

Ms. Asheley Y. McDole

Mrs. Kellie S. Morton

Mrs. Michelle C. Carter

Ms. Stephanie Croster

Dr. and Mrs. E. Scott Elledge

Ms. Megan B. Fuller

Ms. Joyce Harden

Ms. Cynthia H. Horsley

Mr. Benny L. Jones

Ms. Catherine B. Lathrop

Ms. Rebecca B. McDonald

Ms. Kelly M. Mosley

Ms. Darcy R. Case

Mrs. Mary L. Crotzer

Dr. Timothy W. Eller

Ms. Ann J. Gaines

Ms. Leslie A. Hardin

Ms. Gloria D. Hoskins

Mr. Franklin L. Jones

Mr. Jonathan M. Lawley

Ms. Christy G. McDuffey

Ms. Helena D. Motes

Dr. Thomas H. Cawthon

Mr. Adam L. Culbreath

Ms. Tanisha A. Elliott

Ms. Carol D. Gaines

Ms. Jami K. Hardisty

Mrs. Delilah D. Houk

Ms. Jamie J. Jones

Ms. Alicia A. Lawson

Ms. Lori S. McGill

Ms. Loise W. Munene

Ms. Nettie M. Houston

Ms. Jerie Y. Jones

Mrs. Keshunda K. Lee

Ms. Angela D. Chambers

Ms. Lena Culver

Ms. Cynthia E. Ellis

Ms. Patricia W. Gaither

Ms. Elizabeth M. Harkins

Ms. Jennifer B. McGriff

Ms. Kay D. Myles

Ms. Donna M. Chandler

Mr. Horace Cummings

Mrs. Joyce P. Ellis

Ms. Ashley P. Gallman

Ms. Beverly M. Harless

Ms. Debra L. Howard

Ms. Karen M. Jones

Ms. Toni L. Lee

Ms. Tammy L. McGuff

Ms. Sherry L. Nance

Ms. Jennifer R. Chandler

Mr. Jesse Cunningham, Jr.

Ms. Natalie A. Ellis

Mr. Adam T. Gamble

Mr. Dylan A. Harley

Ms. Tamekia L. Howard

Ms. Kimberly M. Jones

Mr. Torus T. Lee

Ms. Charlene R. McGuffie

Mr. Benny W. Nelson

Mrs. Lauren B. Chandler

Ms. Tara R. Curry

Ms. Pamela A. Ellis

Ms. Christina M. Gandia

Mr. Andrew B. Harrell

Ms. Tamara M. Hubbard

Ms. Sandra B. Jones

Mr. Jerry L. Leeth

Ms. Kendra M. McKeown

Ms. Patrice S. Chandler

Ms. Cherrita D. Cutts

Ms. Vonda C. Ellis

Mrs. Julia S. Garcia

Ms. Cynthia J. Harriman

Ms. Leslie Hudson

Ms. Sandra S. Jones

Ms. Katrina M. Lemonds

Ms. Lasandra D. McKinzie

Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Newcomb

Ms. Sarah D. Chapman

Mrs. Martha E. Daniel

Ms. Merline Ellsberry

Mrs. Linda R. Gardner

Ms. Connie L. Harris

Ms. Patricia A. Hudson

Mr. Warren E. Jones

Mr. David C. Lewis

Ms. Lindsey L. McNamee

Ms. Jessica L. Chastain

Ms. Suzanne E. Daniel

Mr. Robert E. England

Mrs. Polly Gargus

Ms. Elizabeth Harris

Ms. Meredith L. Huey

Mr. Clay P. Jordan

Ms. Theresa G. Lewis

Ms. Alice J. McNeal

Ms. Susie V. Chatman

Ms. Lateshia H. Danner

Mrs. Kathleen B. Eschmann

Ms. Norma Gates

Mr. and Mrs. Lelon Harris

Mr. Thomas F. Huey

Ms. Jori D. Jordan

Mr. Qiang Li

Ms. Odessa McNeil

Ms. Charita R. Cheatham

Ms. Jolie P. Darty

Ms. Sanquenetta Espie

Ms. Sarah F. Gauntt

Ms. Marcita G. Harris

Mr. David W. Huggins

Ms. Andrea D. Joyce

Ms. Alevia B. Lightfoot

Ms. Misty S. McReath

Mr. Felix Cheatham

Ms. Wanda K. Dates

Ms. Barbra D. Etheridge

Ms. Lorene Gentry

Ms. Valencia J. Harrison

Ms. Angelia M. Hughes

Ms. Keshia L. Junuies

Ms. Cherry L. Lindsey

Ms. Jennifer T. Meador

Ms. Elizabeth D. Clark

Ms. Dawn M. Daugherty

Ms. Deborah Evans

Ms. Naquita N. Gentry

Ms. Linda L. Hart

Ms. Tonya D. Hughes-Riley

Mr. Jarred M. Kato

Mr. Walter G. Lloyd

Ms. Denise I. Meadows

Mr. Heath A. Clark

Mr. Heath B. Davenport

Ms. Donzetta L. Evans

Ms. Natasha S. George

Ms. Tina M. Harvey

Ms. Doris R. Hughston

Ms. Lisa A. Keenan

Ms. Brenda L. Lockhart

Ms. Toya J. Means

Ms. Loyce M. Clark

Ms. Ashley S. Davis

Ms. Sonya D. Evans

Ms. Cathy R. Geter

Ms. Veronica A. Hatch

Mrs. Dale A. Humphries

Ms. Joan E. Keeton

Ms. Evelyn Logan

Mrs. Amanda M. Medlock

Ms. Shakela M. Clausell

Mr. Charles A. Davis

Ms. Brenda P. Falls

Mr. Russell K. Giles, Jr.

Mrs. Barbara A. Hayes

Ms. Natesha R. Hunt

Mr. Michael D. Kelley

Ms. Treva L. Logan

Ms. Lennette Menefee

Ms. Patricia L. Clay

Ms. Nina M. Davis

Ms. Elizabeth E. Fancher

Ms. Carol M. Gilliland

Ms. Kimala D. Hayes

Ms. Gabrielle Huntington

Ms. Angela M. Kelly

Ms. Mary E. Long

Ms. Kim R. Merchant

Ms. Cathy Clayton

Ms. Sandra Davis

Ms. Diane Farmer

Mr. Joshua D. Glass

Mr. Joseph M. Haynes

Ms. Charlotte D. Hurst

Ferika M. Kelly

Ms. Linda M. Lowry

Ms. Debra L. Merck

Mrs. Johnnie Cleckler

Ms. Genise L. Dawson

Ms. Janice H. Glenn

Ms. Julie N. Haynes

Ms. Tonya J. Hurst

Mr. Kinnis Kelly, III

Ms. Leslie V. Lucas

Ms. Suzanne H. Messer

Mrs. Nertaissa S. Cochran

Ms. Regina L. Dawson

Drs. Stephen and Jeanne Favrot

Ms. Martha L. Glenn

Mr. Wesley C. Hazel

Mr. William D. Hyde

Ms. Clarice D. Kennedy

Mr. Eric D. Lucious


Mr. Melford C. Glenn

Ms. Cynthia D. Heath

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Hydorn

Ms. Margaret E. Kennedy

Mr. James Ludwig

Ms. Tina E. Mickel

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Goggins

Mr. John C. Heffner

Ms. Brenda E. Ingle

Ms. Sabrina D. Kenon

Ms. Irene M. Luhrs

Mrs. Becky J. Mickis

Ms. Jessica L. Fetyko

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Heilala

Mrs. Connie Ingle

Ms. Lisa Key

Ms. Lashandra A. Lykes

Mr. Andrew A. Miller

Ms. Eddye M. Fields

Ms. Cynthia L. Golson

Mr. Robert F. Helmke

Ms. Christen D. Ingram

Ms. Cynthia H. Keyes

Ms. Ann M. Lynn

Ms. Cynthia K. Miller

Ms. Marilyn A. Fike

Ms. Ronda C. Golson

Ms. Michelle J. Hendrix

Mr. Daryl A. Isbell

Ms. Sigrid N. Kimble

Ms. Tabitha K. Macleroy

Mr. Demetrious Miller

Mr. Jay C. Files

Ms. Linda H. Goodwin

Ms. Teresa Henry

Ms. Rhonda K. Isbell

Mr. James D. Kimbrell

Mr. Chris L. Mahon

Ms. Roxanne Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fisher

Ms. Hannah E. Gordon

Mr. Nicholas B. Henson

Mr. Brandon L. Jacks

Mr. Albert M. King

Ms. Sarah E. Mallanik

Ms. Barbara V. Minor

Ms. Linda Fitts

Ms. Sherry L. Gore

Mr. Dan B. Hernani

Mrs. Stacy D. Jacks

Ms. Cheryl R. Kinn

Ms. Vikki G. Mann

Mr. Stuart L. Misner

Ms. Lynne M. Fleming

Ms. Gina R. Graham

Ms. Donna K. Herring

Ms. Aischa Jackson

Ms. Alvera R. Kirk

Ms. Patricia D. Manns

Ms. Susan G. Missildine

Ms. LaShand M. Flood

Ms. Jessica B. Graham

Ms. Angela L. R. Herron

Ms. Devarius E. Jackson

Ms. Nancy H. Kirk

Ms. Tammy S. Marlow

Ms. Brandi S. Mitchell

Mr. Robert Flowers

Mr. William K. Graham

Ms. Sarah P. Hewitt

Ms. Lois D. Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kirkland

Ms. Jessica L. Marquardt

Ms. Deborah A. Mitchell

Mrs. Onnie D. Fluker

Ms. Kathy J. Grate

Mrs. Cynthia P. Hickey

Ms. Cynara N. James

Ms. Vanessa A. Kirkland

Ms. Nancy L. Marrs

Ms. Jessica G. Mitchell

Mrs. Darnell Foley

Ms. Tanja J. Graves

Ms. Alesia B. Hicks

Ms. Pamela D. James

Ms. Anna M. Klumpp

Ms. Amanda F. Martin

Ms. Kelly H. Mitchell

Ms. Tonya H. Fomby

Mr. Tyler M. Graves

Ms. Louise Hicks

Ms. Gloria Jemison

Ms. Michelle L. Knapp

Ms. Sheba A. Massey

Ms. Mireya E. Mitchell

Ms. Carrie E. Ford

Ms. Denise A. Gray

Mr. Matthew R. Hicks

Mr. William C. Jenkins

Ms. Carlene P. Knight

Mrs. Thelma B. Mattison

Ms. Connie M. Mize

Mrs. Kelly L. Forester

Ms. Brenda R. Grayson

Ms. Pamela R. Hicks

Ms. Classie A. Jennings

Mr. Ronald L. Kolter

Ms. Rachel L. Mattox

Ms. Yvonne P. Molette

Mr. Terry W. Forney

Ms. Vonda L. Grayson

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Hicks

Ms. Simone Jerome-Hannon

Ms. Karen J. Kornegay

Ms. Rebecca Maxson

Mr. Barkley J. Moore

Ms. Andrea L. Forrester

Ms. Brandi Green

Ms. Thea K. Higgins

Joe Mitchell, Class Project

Ms. Brenda J. Moore

Mr. Gaston W. Green

Ms. Wanda S. Highfield

Ms. Anna F. Johnson

Ms. Kendralia M. Kretzschmar

Mr. Owen May

Mr. Robert P. Forsman

Ms. Charcynthia Mayberry

Ms. Carolyn B. Moore

Ms. Chasity R. Fowler

Mrs. Dotty Greene

Ms. Glenda S. Mayfield

Ms. Jacqueline Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Fox

Ms. Sedra F. Groce Ms. Stacey A. Groce

Ms. Emily A. Lacey

Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey J. McAfee, Jr.

Ms. Martha C. Moore

Ms. Selena S. Fox Mr. Mikeal J. Frain

Ms. Cathy D. Gurganus

Ms. Patricia A. Lackey

Ms. Lauren E. McCall

Mr. Gary D. Franklin

Ms. Kathy B. Gurganus

Ms. Maria A. Lagman

Mrs. Lacey S. McClain

Ms. Ketha M. Franklin

Ms. DeAqua D. Hall

Ms. Vicky D. Lamb

Mr. Perry R. McClain

Ms. Bethany L. Moore-Tidwell

Mr. Warren A. Fravert

Ms. Tracie S. Hall

Mr. Robert W. Lambert

Ms. Bessie L. McCluney

Ms. April W. Morgan

Ms. Judy D. Pinion

Ms. Jewell V. Frazier

Mr. Michael D. Hambrick

Ms. Janey S. Landers

Mrs. Linda R. Plan

Mrs. Michelle B. Hamby

Mrs. Amy and Mr. B.J. McComb

Ms. Malinda M. Morgan

Ms. Armagean Freeman

Ms. Paula D. Morgan

Mr. Thomas G. Plourde

Ms. Judith S. Freeman

Ms. Stephanie A. Hammond

Ms. Shelly F. Morris

Ms. Juanita J. Pollard

Mrs. Esther Y. Morrison

Mr. Carl Ponder

Ms. Dorothy Diane Morrow

Mrs. Mary Jo Poole

Ms. Sonja D. Morrow

Ms. Latoya S. Pope

Mr. Timothy Cochran

Mrs. Alicia L. Day

Ms. Robin I. Cohen

Ms. Paige M. Dean

Ms. Frankqunetta Coleman

Ms. Rita A. Deason

Mr. Steve H. Coleman

Ms. Gloria J. Deitz

Mr. Van Coleman

Mr. Willie R. Delbridge

Ms. Stacey L. Colley

Mrs. Geneva Delenne

Ms. Latoya D. Collins

Ms. Catherine M. Denham

Ms. Ethel M. Colvin

Ms. Nilsa Deniz

Ms. Joy C. Comer

Ms. Sharon K. Denson

Ms. Shelley A. Connell

Mr. Chip Deshields

Ms. Stella W. Connell

Ms. Ingrid E. Devaughn

Ms. Katherine A. Conner

Ms. Karen W. Deville

Ms. Bonita D. Cook

Ms. Angelia M. Dial

Ms. Kendal P. Cook

Ms. Patricia F. Dick

Ms. Grenda L. Cooke

Ms. Melinda J. Dickson

Ms. Christy L. Cooley

Ms. Betty M. Dobbins

Ms. Kathy Cooner

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Ms. Melinda P. Doriety Ms. Phyllis J. Dotson Mr. Charles E. Dowdell Mr. Joshua S. Drummond Ms. Susan B. Dunmyer Ms. Cindy L. Dunn Mr. Gerald Dunn Ms. Tina R. Dunning Ms. Patricia Y. Dupree Ms. Rachel L. Dye Mr. William E. Dykes Ms. Vera Easterling Ms. Angela Y. H. Edge Ms. Cliassa Edwards

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Ms. Sandra K. McDevitt

Pa g e 1 3 ar


Annual Report 2010

Ms. Lucretia G. Pope

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Princeton Employees

Ms. Sondra F. Ryel

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Shadescrest Healthcare Center

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Ms. Abigail Zinnerman

when disaster strikes (continued from page 7) about people helping people. It’s been an amazing conglomeration of skills and talents, hearts and desire. There’s a cooperative spirit unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Baptist Health System doctors, nurses and volunteers are putting our mission into action. And their response led other area health care workers— physicians and nurses—to contact us and join this effort to help those in great need. They’ve stepped up and just showed up. There are no titles. Everyone has just jumped in to do whatever is needed. It’s been a place of healing— body and soul.” For members of the community there was a great sense of relief to see the Baptist first aid clinic up and running when all else was gone. Two women, Teresa and Kay, stopped by to express their gratitude: “I can’t get out, and nobody can come in. But God has sent these wonderful people here,” said Teresa. “Our house was flattened, so we are grateful for anything we can get.” The Pleasant Grove clinic demonstrated what needs could be filled, which led to more free clinics being quickly established in the devastated communities of Cordova, Concord and Pratt City. Dr. Gary Fisher, Baptist Health System’s director of church and faith relations, led the charge to get the supplies secured and clinics established. “We started in Pleasant Grove specifically because we had a building there that could be used immediately for the clinic. In the other communities, we knew we’d have to go more mobile. “Luckily, prior to the storms, we had scheduled a HealthFair mobile unit for this week. We dispatched that mobile van to become the ‘clinic’ in Pratt City. Then M-POWER ministries partnered with us to ensure we had the supplies we needed to get up and running. We saw a lot of people in need of maintenance medications, so pharmacy needs were also being covered from the mobile unit.”

Dr. Fisher was quick to point out, “we cared for the emotional aspect as well as the physical.” Trained professional counselors were brought in to address the emotional stress victims were facing. Cordova and Concord followed with mobile units of their own. At last reporting, Juanita Williams was on the ground in Concord putting her “idea” to work just as she did at the Pleasant Grove clinic. Clearly, this initiative had evolved far beyond the initial idea. She worked tirelessly to set up the additional free clinics and was on the ground, taking nurses door-to-door to care for those who were unable to come to the clinic. She is a living, breathing testament to the Baptist Health System mission— committed to a ministry that will enhance the health, dignity and wholeness of those we serve. Through it all, Tracy Hill, Baptist Health Center’s human resources director, was working around the clock to keep volunteer staffing flowing seamlessly. “Many, many folks at Baptist worked hard to staff the clinic and ensure that it is stocked with all needed supplies,” she says. “Rarely have I seen a group work together so smoothly and

efficiently to provide compassionate care to those who are hurting. What a wonderful witness to the love of God!” Even though approximately 100 BHS employees were directly affected by the tornadoes—lost or badly damaged homes, injury, lost or injured loved ones—still they stepped up to help others, collecting food, clothes and other supplies most needed by the storm victims. And their support included gifts to the Baptist Health Foundation Disaster Fund—donations of money, but also personal vacation time, which BHS converted to a monetary donation. The outreach and response by Baptist Health System is a bright shining spot of sunshine amid endless destruction. It’s an example of what can happen when Christian servant-mindedness is allowed the opportunity to flourish above all else. And in the wake of this horrific tragedy, what Baptist Health System has demonstrated is that when there are no walls, no buildings, no permanent structures— it’s the people who make the place. You can be part of Baptist Health System’s health care ministry. To make a gift, call 1-877-474-4243 or go to “How You Can Help” on our web site at

Mr. Eberhard Weiss Mr. John O. Welborn, Jr.

Spring 2011 11



Äąn the


Baptist Health Foundation’s capital campaign underway by Jennifer Jackson | photos by Marc Bondarenko

12 Stewardship

Fall/Winter Spring08-09 2011 13


Planning for the future can bring a mixed bag of emotions and conflicting characterizations. On any given day, it’s exciting and daunting. So close, but yet so far. Almost impossible and then easily achievable. With excavators and backhoes moving ground and cranes hoisting steel support beams in place, the

future at Princeton Baptist Medical Center is starting to take shape. Construction continues at a steady clip and the Baptist Health Foundation’s capital campaign is in full-swing. What has been a dream for so long is becoming a reality.

The community impact of what’s happening at Princeton Baptist cannot be overstated – at $57 million; this is the largest financial investment in the West End neighborhood, ever.   “The project will create 90,000 square feet of new space, which will allow us to replace all of our operating suites. It will also increase the number of surgery rooms and replace all six of our endoscopy suites and day surgery space,” said Dr. Michael Drummond, chairman of the department of surgery at Princeton. “In addition, our pre- and post-op patient care areas will be totally renovated. What the community will gain in state-of-the-art health care facilities and technologies will be on par with the most advanced facilities in the nation.”

Campaign will supplement budget The capital campaign looks to supplement the overall construction budget, focusing on a new chapel and new central sterile department that will help insure patient safety by using the newest technology in sterilization. Now, hard work is beginning to culminate. Board leaders, physician leaders and concerned individuals are stepping up in support of Princeton Baptist’s future by giving to the capital campaign.

Physicians Setting the Pace The most recent campaign initiative is the Physician Giving Campaign headed by Princeton cardiologist Dr. Farrell Mendelsohn. This peer-to-peer fundraising effort encourages 100% participation from Princeton Baptist’s medical staff.  “As physicians get behind this campaign, the result is the ultimate example of ‘Answering the Call,’” said Dr. Mendelsohn. “As Princeton doctors, a commitment to this campaign is an investment in our 14 Stewardship

own future. We believe in this hospital— our financial support is a testament to how we live the Mission of enhancing the health, dignity and wholeness of those we serve.”

Corporate support to advance community Along with physician support, the Foundation has already received generous gifts from several corporate partners. “We’ve had amazing support from strategic partners who’ve consistently supported our hospitals and our mission over the years,” says Mark Belcher, Foundation president & chief development officer. “Once again, friends such as Brasfield & Gorrie and Maynard, Cooper & Gale are investing in the future of Princeton Baptist, which is a greater investment in the community at large. These companies understand the importance of the Foundation, the support we provide to the Baptist hospitals, and how critical it is to continue the incredible work happening at Princeton Baptist.” Jim Gorrie, president of Brasfield & Gorrie, echoes the importance of Princeton Baptist as a cornerstone of the community. “The history between our two organizations runs deep; my father was born at Princeton Baptist. Brasfield & Gorrie believes in and has supported the work of the Foundation for more than 20 years.  We’re grateful for this longstanding relationship and see the Princeton Baptist project as another opportunity to provide vital support to the mission of Baptist Health System.” According to Jim Pool of Maynard, Cooper & Gale, contributing to the campaign was a natural fit due to the philosophical connection between the firm and Baptist Health System. “When talking about supporting the Princeton

campaign, we realized immediately that our founding principles, which include dedication to improving our community, fit perfectly with this project. We actively participate in numerous civic and charitable pursuits, but this project has become one of the firm’s major contributions. Because our values fit so closely with those of Baptist Health System and the Foundation, we are honored to be part of the Baptist team in supporting this project to provide quality health care to those in need.”    Garnering additional corporate and individual support is the next phase in the capital campaign.

A commitment to the future Princeton’s expansion project will allow for upgrades that patients and visitors will notice immediately. The new chapel will be the focal point of the relocated hospital entrance, making a statement about the hospital’s dedication to its mission to serve. A new, expanded surgical department will provide the square footage needed to accommodate future advancements in health care equipment and technology— an absolute must. The result will be the most technologically advanced operating suites in the Birmingham area. And, new hardscapes and landscaping will provide quiet, reflecting areas for patients and families. With the help of its outstanding staff of physicians, Princeton Baptist will continue to recruit the best and brightest physicians to broaden the services it offers and the number of people it can serve. These new beautiful, high tech facilities will help attract such doctors. It’s an investment in the future on many levels that will serve the community for many years to come.

The future at Princeton Baptist is taking shape, and the Foundation’s capital campaign is in full-swing.

Spring 2011 15


chapel princeton


takes center stage

Princeton Baptist expansion puts new chapel front and center

With growth comes opportunity. And, never has an opportunity been so fitting

than with the Princeton Baptist Medical Center chapel. In the midst of the hospital’s expansion project, it was evident that the existing chapel would need to be relocated. But rather than allowing the chapel to be an afterthought to the overall construction, the concept was born to place it in a pivotal location that would publicly convey the faith-based mission and ministry of Princeton Baptist.

Joe Bynum, Principle with TRO |Jung Brannen, is also a member of the Baptist Health Foundation’s Board of Directors. 16 Stewardship

According to Princeton Baptist President Keith Parrott, it was the architectural firm, TRO|Jung Brannen that came up with the idea to make the chapel the centerpiece of Princeton’s expansion. “We knew the chapel would have to be replaced. TRO came to us and said we have an opportunity to make a statement here,” Parrott said. “Because of our long history with TRO|JB, they understood the chapel was important to our mission. The culture here at Princeton is consistently in harmony with our mission statement – we really live out the mission in everything we do here. This was an amazing opportunity to showcase the Christian love and care found at Princeton Baptist.” Parrott recognizes that the chapel as a centerpiece is a nod to the quality that makes Princeton unique. “Through this entire process, we have tried to make sound business decisions and be good stewards—and, in some instances, that has meant scaling back. Spending money on a chapel might not be a high priority in some institutions, but spending money on

this chapel not only makes sense—it’s imperative. Having a special, quiet place for meditation, respite and prayer is a very real part of the way we deliver health care here.” TRO|JB is helping defer some of the expense of the new chapel. According to TRO|JB Principal Joe Bynum, the decision for his firm to contribute to Baptist Health Foundation’s capital campaign was easy. “As we were thinking about what we could donate, we realized giving our services to design the chapel would make the greatest impact. We have enjoyed a relationship with Baptist Health System for more than 35 years, and we have common core values. We have a strong desire to help Princeton Baptist showcase their faithbased mission with a dramatic statement. Donating our design time unshackles us to leverage our creativity in that regard.” The chapel will serve as an important venue for patients of all faiths to have a quiet, reflective space while also serving the Princeton staff and community. With new space comes the chance for Princeton’s chaplains to expand their ministry

by offering additional programs and services. Opportunities for use of the new chapel abound. Parrott says he anticipates weddings, christening and regular Sunday services. Dick Richard, TRO|JB’s lead architect for the Princeton project, eloquently articulated the significance of the Princeton chapel as more than simply another architectural project. “Sometimes God allows problems to happen to bring us back to Him. There are people who come to Princeton and are broken. Sometimes spiritually as well as physically. Through their suffering, they realize they are not in control. As they walk through the front doors of this hospital, they will find a beautiful chapel that offers an atmosphere of rest, recovery and respite all within a reverent setting.” Generous donations, like that of TRO|JB, have provided a great jumpstart to the Princeton Baptist capital campaign; however, funds are still needed to complete the project. As of now, the chapel will be named the “Princeton Chapel,” but naming opportunities exist for donors who wish to leave a lasting impression on this significant piece of Princeton’s future. For more information or to offer your support, contact the Baptist Health Foundation at 1-877-474-4243 or email Foundation Spring 2011 17


Mark your calendar now to be part of Baptist Health Foundation’s Alabama Charity Clays at Selwood Farm in Alpine, Alabama. The popular event is scheduled for Thursday and Friday, October 27-28, at Selwood, home to Alabama’s first sporting clays course. Fully automated, the course is both fun and challenging to meet the needs of shooters of all levels. Chairman. Gail Braswell and Carol Drummond will co-chair the Annie Oakley event on Thursday, October 27. Returning for the 2011 Sportsman’s Social is Scott Leysath, “The Sporting Chef.” The well-known television food celebrity and author is a leading authority on the preparation of fish and wild game. Event sponsors Beretta and Seibels Outdoor are teaming up to create a fabulous lodge room as part of the Sports-

18 Stewardship


Mark your calend ar for these upco ming Baptist Health Fo undation events. For more inform ation, contact th e Foundation offi 1-877-474-4243 or ce at visit www.Baptis tHealthFoundatio October 6 (Thur sday) Medical Educatio n Distinguished Lecture Series ev ent October 10 (Mon day) Princeton Golf To urnament at Shoa l Creek. October 27 – Oct ober 28 (Thursd ay & Friday) Alabama Charity Clays


Save the Date




Over the past three years, the event has raised more $250,000 to support programs of the hospitals of Baptist Health System. Last year’s two-day event attracted nearly 200 participants, including approximately 60 women in a ladies-only Annie Oakley shoot. It was a format well-received by participants, and one which will be repeated this year. Leading the event is Chairman Gene Davenport, the Foundation’s Board


aim to be there

man’s Social to be held at Park Lane in English Village on the evening of October 27. “The Lodge” will present rustic home furnishings by some of the finest makers along with a display of the “perfect rack” of Beretta guns and clothing. “The Last Man Standing” offers participants the opportunity to own a Beretta shotgun, jewelry from Barton & Clay and many other fabulous prizes. Along with fun and excitement, this year’s event will yield proceeds that will benefit the Breast Care Center at Princeton Baptist Medical Center. The goal is to replace the Center’s stereotactic breast biopsy equipment. This technology literally helps surround suspicious cells and sample the tissue as efficiently as possible, while keeping the patient in a more comfortable position during the procedure. It’s more state-of-the-art technology for our patients. For information on sponsorship opportunities or to reserve a place for your team, call Marcia Twitty at 205-7155431 or 1-877-474-4243.


a conducive climate for change Baptist offers free estate-planning advice through Thompson & Associates Bonnie Mason knew she needed some expert advice. What she wasn’t certain about was where to get that advice. A widow with two children and several grandchildren, Mason wanted to change some elements in her will. It was the type of major decision that she used to discuss with her husband. Now she wasn’t exactly sure where to turn. And no matter who she ended up talking with, she anticipated that it would be fairly costly. “I had been thinking about all of this for quite awhile,” Mason said. “I wanted to change my will to add some trusts and include my grandchildren in my estate. But I wanted to work through that process with somebody, and I didn’t know who.”

A door opens Then Mason discovered that as an auxiliary member with Princeton Baptist Medical Center she was eligible to receive free estate-planning advice from Thompson & Associates, a national estate-planning consulting firm. It is a service the Baptist Health Foundation offers to employees and friends of Baptist. “When this opened up, it was just like a godsend to me,” Mason said. “Here was something where I could get the benefits without having to go into my savings. I have always used Princeton Baptist and volunteering there has meant so much to me. I felt more comfortable doing it this way, knowing it was the health system that was offering the service. It seemed like a door had just opened for me.”

Estate planning takes expertise Estate planning is slightly different from what is commonly referred to as planned giving. Estate planning allows for the orderly administration and disbursement of a person’s estate. The preparation includes taking actions that will minimize taxes and distribute assets to the appropriate heirs. In the process, a portion of the estate can be donated to one or more charitable entities, such as the Baptist Health Foundation. “We offer the free service of planning a person’s entire estate,” said Jennifer Philpot, director of development at the

Baptist Health Foundation. “If the person chooses to add us to their will, that’s wonderful. But it’s all confidential. They don’t have to share that information with us. This is all about helping the donor.”

Benefits of planning

Mason said she was extremely pleased with the help and advice she received during her meetings with a Thompson & Associates representative. “He was so good and so thorough,” she said. “We’d talk about all the different ways I could approach this. He brought up things that had not even surfaced for me, things I had not thought about. “It means so much to me that Baptist includes the auxiliary members in this service. I’m very, very pleased with it and very, very appreciative of it.” For more information about the free estate planning services offered by the Baptist Health Foundation, call Jennifer Philpot at 1-877-474-4243 or visit www.BaptistHealth and select “Estate Planning” under “How You Can Help.”.

Confidentiality is one of several benefits to using the Baptist Health Foundation’s connection with Thompson & Associates for estateFor Bonnie Mason, planning purposes. Others estate planning was include: a “godsend.” • There is no fee. The Baptist Health Foundation offers this service free of charge. • You work with an unbiased third party. • You receive a thoughtful, values-based process that focuses on your objectives. • There is no time limit. Members/donors work at their own pace. • There is no competition with existing advisors. Thompson & Associates does not draft documents or sell products.

Spring 2011 19



Clockwise from top, left: From delivering mail and staffing gift shops, to helping families in ICU waiting rooms, holding fundraising events and much more—the members our BHS hospital auxiliaries play an integral role in providing care. The compassion and willingness of these volunteers to lend a helping hand is critical in making sure we can say with assurance, “we’re here for you” at BHS.

Giving of their time, talents and hearts

It’s not just directing visitors, providing clerical support, answering questions or making coffee. At Baptist Health System hospitals, volunteers do those tasks and much, much more. “Coming into the hospital, volunteers are the first people a visitor or patient sees,” says Renae McKinney, marketing director at Walker Baptist. “They’re our welcome wagon -- the sunshine of this facility. Many have been volunteers for more than 30 years and have helped to shape the auxiliary and make it a vital part of our mission.”

left to right: Dr. Jim Walker, Dr. Katisha Vance and Dr. Greg Bearden appreciate the support of donors and Charity Clay participants and sponsors for helping them provide comprehensive care for breast cancer patients. 20 Stewardship

volunteers. . .

But contributions of the volunteers go well beyond the hours they commit to the hospital. At Walker, through various fundraising efforts, the Auxiliary recently provided a GlideScope®, which assists in surgical intubations; nursing scholarships; memory kits for grieving families who have lost newborns; teddy bears for pediatric patients; and an ice cream cooler for the cafeteria. New initiatives, led by Auxiliary President Marty Staggs, include the gift of a Bible for each newborn at Walker. Another popular service the Volunteers’ Cheer Cart -- a gift shop on wheels – that makes the rounds of the hospital to provide a snack for those who can’t leave their desk or a waiting room. Glenn Ireland, director of volunteer services at Princeton Baptist, echoes the praise of volunteers. “Beyond the nearly 20,000 hours our volunteers annually commit to serve patients at our hospital, through contributions and fundraising

efforts that totaled $100,000 last year, the volunteers truly made a difference in every patient’s hospital experience.” Recent gifts from the Princeton Auxiliary include an exercise bike with special features for patients who suffer loss of balance; a Wii system to enhance physical therapy; and renovation of three prayer rooms and a VIP room. The Auxiliary, now led by longtime Princeton supporter Jane Pearson, also provided two scholarships for health care studies as well as a washer/dryer and breast milk warmer for the Mother/Baby Unit. The Auxiliary at Citizens Baptist, led by Edna Wynn, made possible the purchase of sleep study equipment, an infant warmer, an evacuation sled for patient transport, coolers, adult and pediatric scales, an LCD projector and camera equipment. “Our volunteers are so engaged in how funds will be used,” says Roxiann Ramsey with the hospital’s marketing

department. “They don’t just read an application for assistance. They ask questions and request input from hospital leadership to determine the best way to use the funds they raise and how these funds can have the best positive impact on patient care. They take their stewardship responsibility to provide a service that benefits both the community and hospital very seriously.” Dedicated and outstanding are how Lisa Driver, volunteer services manager, describes Shelby Baptist volunteers, who contributed more than 18,000 hours last year. “They play an integral role in the services we provide here.” Ann Dawson is president of the Auxiliary, which recently funded five employee scholarships, refurbishment of a waiting room, information boards for patient rooms, gifts for both the first Christmas and New Year’s babies, relocation of a door to the gift shop and sound-dampening wheels for carts to make things quieter around the hospital. At BHS, the phrase “We’re here for you” is often used. But, it is never truer than when applied to our volunteers! If you are interested in learning more about the Volunteer Auxiliary groups at our hospitals, please call toll-free 1-877474-4243. Spring 2011 21

What your donation helps to fund:

Answering the call.

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Spring 2011: Investing in the Future  

Spring 2011: Investing in the Future