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FALL 2017

St. George’s Episcopal School

Matching fund PLEDGE BLITZ until January 8th! Dear Parents, Grandparents and Friends of St. George’s, We have exciting news regarding our beloved SGES and the Milestone Campaign! An anonymous donor has come forward with a unique opportunity to kick off our capital campaign! Pledges made until January 8th, 2018 will be matched up to $150,000. We are embarking on a “Pledge Blitz” to capitalize on this most generous matching gift! The blessing of such a benevolent donor only enhances our commitment to secure a strong, sustainable future for our students. The Milestone Campaign is focusing on three major projects: • High School building, athletic fields and outdoor classroom • Purchase of additional property to allow for development of infrastructure • Growing endowment and scholarships These pledges can be made annually, semi-annually, or quarterly through June 2019. I am asking you to thoughtfully consider your contribution to this endeavor. To assist in communicating your plans for the Milestone Campaign, you may use the “Giving to SGES” tab at, or contact Mitzi Hammock ( about using your Smart Tuition account or another option. Feel free to reach out to me as well! I am happy to answer any questions that you have. Onward and Upward! Katie M Inglis 404-323-0780

Serve with Respect

A Reflection on Serving “It was amazing to see how our service project was impacting the community.” At St. George’s Episcopal School, students are encouraged through their High School LEADS Program to let their lives speak to the communities through their service. Hello, my name is Sam Potter. This semester, Gray Long and I had the opportunity to serve with Stuart Whatley in the First Baptist Church Garden. While searching for a project, Gray and I talked about trying to do something outdoors. Both of us enjoy being in nature, and we wanted our service project to reflect this interest. We wanted to find something we were truly passionate about, and not to just fill up a sheet with service hours. After a few days of brainstorming, my sister mentioned the idea of the garden at FBC. She had done a mural there during the summer, and she told me that the garden needed some work. I asked Gray if he would be interested, and after calling Mrs. Ellee, our project was set. The first week of our project, Gray and I met with Stuart and Ellee, and discussed plans for the garden. From that point on, Gray and I met with Stuart to work on the garden every Wednesday. We had a large learning curve, and a lot of those first weeks were slow and tedious. As time progressed, we both began to better understand how things worked. In the ten weeks were able to be at the garden, Gray and I built two compost bins, tilled the soil, planted dozens of flowers, herbs, and vegetables, built a drip-irrigation system, weeded, and most importantly, delivered produce from the garden to the local food pantry. Every time we went, we were greeted with smiles and thanks. While it wasn’t tons of food, it was amazing to see how our service project was impacting the community. Overall, our service project was an enriching experience. We both thoroughly enjoyed it, and are thankful to St. George’s for giving us this opportunity. We are grateful to our mentors, Stuart Whatley and Ellee Hilley, for helping us along the way. The project has made an impression on both our lives, and our hope is that our work will have made a lasting impact on our community. Pictured above: Gray Long and Sam Potter in the First Baptist Church Community Garden. Displayed behind them is a painted mural that Talbot Potter painted on the garden garage. Left: a row of lettuce planted by Sam and Gray. Right: Gray harvests radish to go to the Five Loaves & Two Fish Food Pantry.

Exploring Pottery Students have a unique opportunity to explore the fine arts through music, drama, and art at St. George’s. These students enjoyed a day of learning about different types of clay and each student was given the opportunity to use the pottery wheel.

Learn with Passion Blessing of the Animals

An annual tradition for St. George’s students, families gathered in the Grove on a beautiful Friday in September with their pets to celebrate God’s gift of animals as our companions on earth. Cats, dogs, turtles, hamsters, and even horses were brought to school that morning to be blessed by the Rev. Nancy Shephard.

Live with Purpose Students lead Chapel While various age groups take an active role in leading different aspects of chapel, a new feature this year includes High School students taking a role in leading the music. Students sing and play the piano and guitar as they lead their younger peers in worship. During Celebration Chapel, High School students also present birthday books to younger students.

Lead with Integrity

Alumni Spotlight

Chase Hopkins

SGES Class of 2001

What does SGES mean to you and Since your time at SGES, have you how has your experience at SGES looked back on any particular memory or specific experience at prepared you for life? SGES with particular affection? SGES has a special place in my heart because of the friendships I formed My fondest memories were of Latin Class during my time there. SGES gave me a with Mrs. Scharnhorst in 8th grade. She good foundation and prepared me well had a great passion for Latin and made for high school and my higher education her students enjoy learning. journey. The smaller class size meant more one on one attention with my What, if any, advice would you give to teachers and instilled in me a strong a current SGES student? sense of confidence. Education is the key to becoming a well rounded individual and opens the The mission of SGES is to learn with door to countless opportunities in life. passion, serve with respect, live with I would tell students to work hard, find Dr. Charles (Chase) Hopkins, III DMD is purpose, and lead with integrity. How a subject they are passionate about and a dentist in St. Simons Island, Georgia. has that shaped you? embrace learning each day. He is a graduate of the University of The mission of the school is in line with Georgia with a major in Biology, and the values that I believe are important a graduate of the Medical College of in life. Being educated at a school with Georgia. He and his wife, Anna, have such high standards helped me become one son, Charlie. a man who values service and welcomes challenges in my everyday life. “Being educated at a school with such high standards

helped me become a man who values service and welcomes challenges in my everyday life.�


in 2nd grade

Second Grade loves participating in integrated science and social studies unit. In August, students enjoyed a unit of study focused on Ancient Greece. Throughout this unit, they learned about the ancient Olympics, Greek foods, and many ancient traditions. Students studied the Greek alphabet, as well as the location and landform of Greece. At the end of the unit, they held a Greek Olympic Games Festival. During this event, they played games such as discus throw, javelin throw, torch relay, long jump and chariot races. They also sampled Greek foods such as grape juice, olives, hummus, pita chips, and baklava. This event was enjoyed by everyone and was the perfect culminating activity for our unit on ancient Greece.

A Historic Day Solar Eclipse 2017

For Middle School students, August 21st was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see one of the greatest natural displays - a total solar eclipse, right up under the band of totality in Northern Georgia. While partial solar eclipses are somewhat common, total solar eclipses are far less common, especially when extensive travel to view one is necessary. The northernmost corner of Georgia was privileged to be in the path of totality this year, making it a prime viewing spot along the narrow strip in which the moon fully blocks out the sunlight for a short period of time. For students that traveled to North Georgia to view the eclipse, they viewed a spectacular show of nature. SGES students learned a lot about the natural occurrence in our world. High School students enjoyed the stellar moment from the St. George’s campus and our younger students watched via live newsfeed from NASA.

Student Perspectives.... “Going to see the eclipse was an experience I’ll never forget. I had so much fun hiking, eating, laughing, playing in the field, and seeing the eclipse. I had a blast getting to know them more and participating in a once-in-a-lifetime experience with them. It was also a great trip because the teachers went out of their way to make it memorable. They spent their time with us and made sure we were able to see the eclipse, and we had a great time. It was definitely a trip I’ll never forget.” - Anna Takle

“We were very thankful for our teachers who took the time out of their day to plan and take us to this wonderful once in a lifetime experience. We traveled to Athens Y Camp in North Georgia where we witnessed, learned about, and recorded the moments of the eclipse about an hour before totality. We began to do eclipse-themed activities, like recording shadows and noticing how nature around us reacting. When totality was about to hit, the sky around us got darker and darker, and when 100% was covered, we got to look up and witness this beautiful occurrence. Everyone around us was in awe and was speechless! Although it lasted for only two minutes, it is going to be in our minds forever.” -Karli Waites & Addie Travis

“Although it lasted for only two minutes, it is going to be in our minds forever.”

Middle School discovers the eclipse and uncovers the science of one of nature’s most incredible phenomenons in North Georgia.



of a


Southwestern United States Junior Class Trip Highlights •Red Rock Scenic Byway •Montezuma’s Castle National Monument •Montezuma’s Well •Tuzigoot National Monument •Bell Rock •Cathedral Rock •Chapel of the Holy Cross •Red Rock State Park

•Glen Canyon •Antelope Canyon •St. George, Utah •Valley of Fire State Park •Hoover Dam •Star Gazing in Sedona •Rafting the Colorado River

Boston & New York 9th & 10th Grade Class Trip

Class Trip Memories

by Butler Matthews

“On October 3rd, our 9th and 10th grade classes flew out of Atlanta and into the wonderful city of Boston for a five day trip to tour both Boston, Massachusetts and New York City, New York. Throughout this eventful trip, we were lucky enough to take an interesting tour of Harvard University, take the Freedom Trail Tour guided by our very own Dr. Michael Drake, and learn about the history of Cambridge and the city of Boston. After two days of seeing nearly all of what Boston had to offer, we took a short flight over to New York City. For most of us, this was the first time we had experienced the Big Apple and had no clue what to expect. As soon as we unpacked our bags at the hotel, we hit the streets in high spirits, taking in everything with wide eyes. We saw Times Square, Central Park, Ground Zero, The Rockefeller Center, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Wall Street all in a span of three days. Along the course of the trip, we all made lasting memories, bonded with each other, and got to see many famous landmarks. However, none of this would have been possible without the help of Mrs. Brandy Tuttle, Dr. Michael Drake, and Mrs. Meredith Thacker. Without their efforts and willingness to chaperone, we would not have gotten this memorable experience. As for now, we can’t wait for our next high school trip to come around, and look forward to seeing what else the St. George’s high school has to offer.”

Washington, D.C.

8th Grade Class Trip

Faculty Spotlight Wendy Daniel Pre-K 4 Teacher

What do you love about working at SGES?

After visiting several schools to find the right fit for my daughter, St. George’s was the clear choice. I loved the fact that this school reminded me of the schools I attended while growing up. In addition to seeing the importance of the children at the school, there was also an intangible element. It was just a feeling that’s hard to describe that led me to send Sophie here and then pursue a career here. I love the feeling of family. I love the coworkers that I’ve had the pleasure of working with for years. I love watching the children I’ve taught at a young age grow and mature into young adults. What is your favorite part of the day at SGES? One of my favorite parts of the day is starting our time with our chapel service. I enjoy the way it sets the tone for the day whether it’s worshiping God through prayer, song, or listening to the words of the children who lead our chapel services. I think it brings a sense of peace and contentment to the start of the school day for the teachers and students. In the classroom, my favorite part of the day is working with the students and getting to observe the “aha” moments. My students are so young, and they are learning the foundations to be used for the rest of their school days. When little Susie remembers the letter sounds,

or is able to start spelling and reading, those are the moments I love to witness as a teacher. What kinds of things do you do in the classroom to instill the mission of SGES in the students you teach? I believe even the youngest Dragons are capable of way more than we give them credit for and are certainly able to learn from our mission. They are able to learn to take responsibility for themselves, their classroom, and their personal belongings. The little ones are so proud when they are able to pour their own drinks, pack their own bags, or clean a table. The students absolutely loved packing and delivering boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Serving others on a large scale or within the classroom setting are both valuable lessons. Leadership is learned on a small scale within the classroom by being the helper of the day. My teaching style is a hands on, child centered approach. I try to meet each child where they are academically and emotionally and move them forward. I have a background in early childhood education as well as Montessori education. I love incorporating Montessori materials into my classroom, especially for the preschool age student. We have many tactile materials and opportunities from which we choose lessons every day. Each area of learning within my classroom whether it is math, language, science, social studies, art, practical life or sensory skills have multiple levels. Combined with multiple hands on materials, students can have varied learning experiences.

Any favorite memories here at SGES? I have so many amazing memories of my 13 years here. I will always treasure the memories of the special traditions we have at our school. Being both a St. George’s parent and teacher, I’ve had the blessing of being able to attend most of my children’s school events through the eighth grade. Memories such as bringing dogs, cats, and a hamster to the Blessing of the Animals (not the same year!), dressing up for Halloween in some sort of group theme with my Early Childhood team, Christmas pageants, pajama days, Grandparent’s Day, chapel talks, kindergarten bridging, etc. - all have been special memories. Ms. Lisa and I still haven’t written the book with all of the hilarious comments that the students have made over the years or teacher comments with words that we never thought we’d have to say, such as “Take the French fry out of your ear” or something equally as silly or obvious. I mean, why is the French fry in your ear to start with? We laugh every day while we’re making memories!

Dragon Sports Report

St. George’s kicked off an inaugural Varsity Boys Soccer Team this year, adding to the many athletic opportunities available at the school. Varsity Cross Country Highlights *Girls finished 3rd in State *Boys finished Second in State *Sam Potter and Leighton Clements were All State Runners, finishing in the top 10 at the state meet as individuals. Middle School Cross Country Highlights *Girls finished 2nd at the Region Meet *Boys finished 1st at the Region Meet

Varsity Soccer Highlights Sam Potter, Leighton Clements, and Chaz Martinez were named to GISA All-Region team, and Leighton Clements and Sam Potter were named to the All-State Team. Varsity Volleyball Highlights Sarah Edwards and Shelby Doffing were named to the GISA All Region Volleyball team. Clay Target Sport Team Addie Travis, Allie Miller, and Natalie Hammock all placed in the State Meet.

2017 Varsity Boys Soccer Team


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Dragon Wings - December 2017  

Dragon Wings - December 2017