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2017-2018 Annual Report Printer’s Proof Edition

HEADlines a message from our head of school

Dear St. George’s Family,

Board of Trustees 2017-2018 Mark Peek, Chair Chris Edwards, Vice-Chair Daniel Searcy, Treasurer Lindsay Boatright, Secretary Dr. Laura Edwards, Past Chair Bruce Bartholomew Suni Clements Dr. Larry Collins, Ex-Officio Carson Gleaton Alvin Goldstein Jim Granum Leigh Hancher Charles Jones Dr. Enid Lofters-Jones Jay Matthews Phil Mouchet Hal Rahn Rev. Nancy Shepherd, Ex-Officio Lori Tucker Ryran Traylor Nicole Walters George Weldon, Ex-Officio Barbara Wren

Thank you for your overwhelming support of our school. As you know, we have launched the Milestone Capital Campaign. The response to support this effort has been tremendous. We are so close to our target to begin work on these projects. Thank you for your gifts and pledges. If you have not participated yet, we ask that you strongly consider a gift to the Milestone Campaign. When a school begins a capital campaign it is a natural reaction to be concerned that annual giving will decrease. This year’s annual fund giving has actually increased even in the middle of our capital campaign. This is one of the strongest testaments to your generosity and love for St. George’s. This publication includes a printer’s proof of gifts to this year’s annual fund. Our annual fund concludes on June 30th. Also inside, is a listing of individuals who have given or pledged to the Milestone Campaign to date. Please let us know if we can answer any questions about the annual fund or Milestone Campaign. Thank you again for your outpouring of support. -Larry Collins

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Alumni Spotlight Graham Tatum

SGES 8th Grade Class of 2002

What is your occupation and what schools have you attended since being a student at St. George’s? After attending SGES, I went to Spalding High School for four years where I played football and baseball. After graduating from SHS, I went to Georgia Southern University. I graduated from Georgia Southern in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and a minor in Business Management. Since graduating from GSU, I have worked as a job supervisor for Alex Tatum Construction, my dad’s construction company. I have taken on many different tasks ranging from supervising to hands-on carpentry.

The mission of SGES is to learn with passion, serve with respect, live with purpose, and lead with integrity. How has that shaped you? The rigorous curriculum put forth several challenges along the way. Though difficult, I was able to perform to the best of my ability. With the help of teachers and staff, I overcome these obstacles. These challenges allowed me to learn a lot about myself and help me to become a better person. The atmosphere at SGES allows students to interact with many different types of people and learn from them. This is important because later in life you will come across many different types of people and different situations in which you have already had the chance What does SGES mean to you and how has your experience at to experience. One of the most important things I learned in SGES prepared you for life? my time at SGES is no matter what card you are dealt, use it to SGES helped pave the way for me academically. The challenging best of your ability while keeping ideas, beliefs and opinions curriculum along with smaller classes allowed for the chance of others in mind. to learn at a higher level. This was important for me because it put me further ahead than many others who were not able to What, if any, advice would you give to a current SGES student? attend SGES. If I could give any advice to a current student, I would tell them to try your best at all times, never give up, use the help of others around you, and remember that the challenges you face are only preparing you for the future. I would also tell them to enjoy the small, friendly, and helpful atmosphere at SGES.

The College Office @ St. George’s

A college counseling program led by Dr. Laura Edwards The St. George’s College Office is an exciting place to be right now as we anticipate our first class of Seniors in the fall! We have college representatives on campus, application essay workshops in progress, and lots of SAT/ACT chatter in the halls. We recently returned from a college tour to Berry, Sewanee, Vanderbilt, Belmont, and University of North Georgia. Now we are gearing up to help our first graduating class navigate the admissions process and ultimately find a college with just the right fit.

But, the process doesn’t just begin with Senior year. We know today’s college admissions process can be challenging with lower acceptance rates, more qualified student pools, and an increasing number of deadlines for students to manage. Therefore, we start our admissions counseling process early so our students will be well-prepared. Even before the 9th grade, we begin laying

the groundwork and meet with families to provide an overview of our 4-year plan including year-by-year suggestions and to-do lists. One vital element of our plan is our unique high school Leads program which is designed to help our students develop their interests, acquire new skills, and expand their horizons. Following the SGES mission, the Leads program focuses on enriching the curriculum in 4 primary areas: to learn, to serve, to live, and to lead and allows us to provide opportunities most students don’t get in high school. This advantage helps them be more competitive and prepared for college. In addition to our student programs, our services include college advising informational sessions for both students and parents, individual family meetings, our college tours, workshops on a range of topics from leadership seminars to test

preparation, and resources for financial aid. SGES alumni who are now in college have been back to campus to share their wisdom and experiences and we have even had a few SGES alumni lead tours for us on their respective campuses. Our goal is simple – we are committed to helping each family be well informed and each student to be wellprepared to navigate the college admission process and find a college that is truly the right fit for them. This time next year it will be so exciting to hear the buzz in the halls …. the Class of 2019 will be heading off to new college adventures!

Faculty Spotlight Dr. Michael Drake

High School Social Studies

What courses do you teach at SGES? My classes are high school social studies classes. We teach Advanced Placement Human Geography to ninth graders along with some tenth and eleventh graders; Advanced Placement United States Government and Politics to all tenth graders; and Advanced Placement United States History to all eleventh graders. I am also working with our new ninth grader who had already begun World History so that he does not lose the credit for this class. This way I get a chance to teach every student in the high school. What do you love about working at SGES? I love the family nature of St. George’s. I have taught in and visited many schools during my years in the Georgia Independent School Association. All of them talked about being a family, but I think we do it better than most I have seen. The students seem to care about each other; I rarely ever see egos get in the way of friendship; and we get wonderful support from parents who expect a great deal from their children and also from us. I think that this is a major part of the reason for the success of St. George’s. What is your favorite part of the day at SGES? My favorite part of any day is the time I get to spend in the classroom with children. I am very old fashioned in many ways and I believe that class time is precious. The opportunity to share information with students and to hear their conversation about how the day is going never gets old for me.

What kinds of things do you do in the classroom to instill the mission of SGES in the students you teach? I see my classroom as a learning laboratory so that my real focus is on the “To Learn” component of the mission statement. I am smart enough to know that I am not going to make history majors out of all my students, but I want to make certain that they understand the workings of our wonderful system of government, how we got to the place we are in history, and our role as humans in the world around us. I also spend a great deal of time trying to interact with students outside the classroom to support them in the other aspects of the mission statement, accompanying them on trips that have

in earlier days. But I feel that any school has an obligation to expose children to a variety of teaching and learning styles so hopefully my methods will make them better prepared for similar teachers whom they might meet at the college level. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not teaching at SGES? Away from school I enjoy reading, traveling when I can, and being the assistant horse person in my family. I have limited knowledge of horses, but as long as my wife tells me exactly what she wants me to do, I am good at following directions.

“I have taught in and visited many schools during my years in the Georgia Independent School Association. All of them talked about being a family, but I think we do it better than most I have seen.” educational value and supporting them in as many extra-curricular activities as my teaching schedule allows. What is your favorite project or piece of curriculum with which you’ve been involved at SGES? For me, watching children grow as people and in their knowledge in the areas we are covering in the classroom is a high for me. I am not as creative as many younger teachers, but I like to see myself as a story teller and hope that this resonates with children. After 49 years in education, I am not always certain that children respond to my “old fashioned” teaching methods and my sense of educational worth as was true

Dr. Drake often brings in real-world lessons in his classes. He recently brought in State Court Judge Josh Thacker to speak to the students about the Judicial System.

Dragon Sports Report

Region Track Meet The Varsity Track team enjoyed a successful season, advancing to the state track meet. Sam Potter claimed the 800m state win.

Girls Varsity Doubles Tennis Makes State Championship a Habit


or the third consecutive year, St. George’s varsity girls doubles team, Anna Matthews and Milz Cain, won the GISA Class AA Region Tournament, and are two time State Champions.

Boys Varsity Golf Claim 3rd Straight Region Win The Varsity Boys’ Golf Team won the 3rd straight Region Championship. Chaz Martinez was the low medalist with a score of 85.

This edition highlights a few SGES sports. A full listing of athletic awards will appear in the annual report. The Spirit Walk is an allschool event to showcase school spirit. The Varsity Girls Basketball team walked through cheers to load the bus to the state quarterfinals. Students also lined the walkway with streamers celebrating the Varsity Girls Doubles state championship, and Sam Potter’s 800m State win.

Dragon Spirit

Learn with passion

Serve with respect

Live with purpose

Lead with integrity

D u r i n g the “Wacky Weather” unit in 3rd grade, students studied how the interior layers of the earth affect the surface. Students then designed their own volcano using materials from home, and their presentations included using their own ingredients to erupt it for the class. Upon completion of the volcano experiment, students then learn about extreme weather phenomenons, such as tornadoes, floods, and tsunamis.

Middle School Students participate in a quarterly Lunch and Learn series, where students listen to a speaker from the community teach about important topics. Recently, students listened to Fayette County High School Students, Carter & Olivia Ries, talk about their non-profit organization, One More Generation. From Pangolin Awareness to the One Less Straw Campaign, students were encouraged to pursue their own passions, just has Carter & Olivia did when they launched One More Generation back when they were in elementary school.

Chapel at St. George’s includes days designated for the wider school community for worship, and days for smaller age-divided chapel for community service projects. During the season of Lent, students in each division participated in making Almsgiving Cups to benefit the Emmaus House in Atlanta, a ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta that operates programs to empower people to overcome challenges with poverty. Students collected change to fill their cups. At the end of Lent, change was counted and delivered to Emmaus House.

The S.T.E.A.M. education is an approach to education that weaves multiple disciplines together - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Students at St. George’s participate in classroom-based STEAM projects, but they also work closely with Early Childhood students to lead and mentor them as they learn to integrate these disciplines. High School students create a project and work alongside our younger students to foster relationship building and community.

“This year the seventh-grade class took a trip to Kanuga’s Mountain Trail Outdoor School in North Carolina. During our time there, we did multiple team building activities that were really fun. Our activities included low ropes, rock climbing, orienteering, and high ropes. I had the most fun on the high and low ropes, but the other things were just as good. Our leaders helped us learn several important skills during these activities. We learned to work together, to listen to everyone’s opinions, and to not always try to be in charge. These were important lessons, and I went home with them in mind. Overall, I think this was one of the best class trips that we have gone on, and I’m so glad I got to go.” -Anabelle Taylor, 7th grade

Camp Kanuga

6th & 7th Grade Class Trip

“The 6th grade class trip was to Camp Kanuga in March. We arrived at Mountain Trail Outdoor School and split into two groups. We attended a class on Appalachian Culture, where we made butter and biscuits. We also made candles and played simple games. We went on a night hike, where we heard owls hooting and talked about deer and constellations. We threw quartz, and it sparked. We also had fun scaring the other group. In Forest Ecolog y, we climbed the mountain and journaled along the way. We saw turtles, discussed volcanoes, and caught microorganisms during a stream walk. We also caught salamanders and minnows with a net. The facilities were very nice. This trip was full of information, and we learned a lot.” -John Copeland, 6th grade

Rock Eagle

3rd Grade Class Trip Students in the third grade took their annual class trip to Rock Eagle to learn about herpatology, pioneer life, and native american skills. This trip is a hands-on learning experience, and students participated in native american favorite games using only natural resources - their favorite game was “fish trap”. They worked in a pioneer village doing chores such as washing clothes, and learned about differences in reptiles and amphibians.

Crystal River, Florida 4th & 5th Grade Class Trip

“The trip was relaxing and exciting. We swam with manatees, bonded with classmates, and floated down Rainbow River with snorkels and masks. It was not a guarantee that we would see a manatee, but we did! It is something we will remember forever. After the trip, we made a scrapbook about it. This will be an experience that will change our perspective on manatees and wildlife for the rest of our lives.” - Jocelyn Coker and Grace Mulder

Gifts & Pledges as of May 1st, 2018 We gratefully acknowledge the leadership and support of our donors. Their gifts allow us to thrive and continually improve all facets of school life. Please join everyone at SGES in thanking the following for their generous support of our students, the leaders of tomorrow. We have secured just over $600,000 in pledges to expand our campus and we will continue to reach out to SGES families, friends, alumni and former parents. Currently, we are seeking grants from foundations and charitable trusts to complete the next phase of giving. The positive momentum of the Milestone Campaign continues to secure a strong, sustainable future for our students. St. George’s Friends (Up to $999 ) John & Kelli Bankston Brian & Emily Berner Ben & Dianne Boatright Scott & Julie Boggs Ron & Kim Brooks Jim & Frances Burke Bob & Nell Chambers Rick & Cathy Chambers Tim & Judy Cramer Darren & Christie Davis Jason & Destiny DeLoss Cory & Erin English Jay & Laurie Fisher Reid & Marcy Flanagan Livia Geiger May Melton Geiger Bo & Mary-Louise Guillebeau Greg & Mitzi Hammock Chris & Patricia Hill Jim & Tammy Hill Troy & Ellee Hilley Jeff & Brooke Homan Tommy & Sara Hopkins (in honor of their children, Dr. Chase Hopkins and Dr. Paige Parker) David & Faith Inglis Charles & Sarah Jones Charles & Leah Leverett Katie Linscheid

Bryan & Jaime Manion Tony Martinez Jeff & April Mason James & Cheryl Matlock Christopher McFadden & Linda Hyde David & Holly Ortiz Jimmy & Susan Reddick Kevin & Jannellen Rigg Richard & Kathleen Rigg Ed & Carleen Ritter Mary Ann Shapard Lee Shepard Scott & Katie Sherfinski Philip & Jackie Smith John & Julie Stikes John & Bess Stover Lucian & Jennifer Tatum Drew & Anna Taylor Josh & Meredith Thacker Doug & Lisa Tuttle William & Brandy Tuttle Bill & Jo Ann Wellborn Joseph & Patricia Wunderlin St. George’s Patron ($1,000 to $4,999) Bruce & Susan Bartholomew Larry & Jane Comer Robert & Angelia Cox Brian & Kerry Cross Bill & Alyson Dallas

Jim & Lynn Dunaway Dan & Ashlee Fuller Walter & Laura Geiger Alvin Goldstein Jim Granum Tom & Jean Hancher Don & Emily King Trey & Stephanie Manley Brian & Amanda Remington Daniel & Stephanie Searcy Kelly & Jennifer Smith Valdon & Betsy Smith Leiv & Lindsey Takle Charlotte Thacker Bud & Ann Turner Ricky & Patricia Williams St. George’s Sustainer ($5,000 to $9,999) Coleman & Suni Clements David & Dot Clements Mark & Stephanie Coker Larry & Melanie Collins Bea Dallas Tom & Katie Inglis June & Enid Jones Brent & Amy Matthews Jay & Elizabeth Matthews Todd & Megan Potter Bart & Cherry Searcy Ryan & Lori Tucker

Russ & Nicole Walters Bobby & Neal Wheaton St. George’s Benefactor ($10,000 to $24,999) Scott & Lindsay Boatright Sean & Kristi Cain Murray & Jessica Deen Tim & Miranda Dender Michael & Mardi Drake Byron & Carson Gleaton Brian & Ashley Taylor Doug & Barbara Wren St. George’s Fellow ($25,000 to $49,999) Chris and Michelle Edwards Jim and Laura Edwards St. George’s Founder ($50,000 to $149,999) Mary Bickers Phil and Annette Mouchet St. George’s 1996 Society ($150,000 + ) Anonymous

Georgia GOAL Scholarship as of May 1st, 2018 2017 Tax Year

Bruce & Susan Bartholomew Nathan & Kelly Bell Brian & Emily Berner Nancy Blake Scott & Lindsay Boatright Seth & Emily Brown Yomi Awomolo & Suzanne Cole Larry & Melanie Collins Alan & Christa Cook Karen Cox Lucinda Dallas William & Alyson Dallas Beatrice Dallas Charles & Wendy Daniel Murray & Jessica Deen Tim & Miranda Dender Nat & Shannon Doughtie Gary & Fay Drake James & Lynn Dunaway John Edwards Gigi Suzane Edwards Jim & Laura Edwards Joe & Pat Edwards Todd Feltman Dennis & Gay Fortson Jim & Jan Fortune Dan & Ashlee Fuller Joel & Christy Fuller Byron & Carson Gleaton Jim Granum Jim & Elaine Grubbs Judy Hamilton Tom Hamilton Greg & Mitzi Hammock Sid & Jackkie Jennette

Walter Jones Lon & Myra Knowles Arthur Krepps Jay LaRue Tony Martinez Barclay & Jennifer McDaniel John & Sue Mixon Phil & Annette Mouchet Charles & Tracey Muise Stephen & Erin Mulder James & Susan Murray David & Holly Ortiz Anthony & Diana Pearson Steve Peters Artie & Kim Potter Todd & Megan Potter Harold & Cathy Rahn Kevin & Jannellen Rigg Jeff & Angela Rooks Deborah Ruffin Patrick Ryan Joel & Susan Scanlon Clement & Debra Smetana Kelly & Jennifer Smith Brian & Ashley Taylor Charlotte Thacker Josh & Meredith Thacker Ryan & Lori Tucker William & Brandy Tuttle Brian & Tracee Upson Geoff & Joan Voight Andrew Whalen Doug & Barbara Wren

2018 Tax Year

Scott & Lisa Barrett Bruce & Susan Bartholomew Nathan & Kelly Bell Brian & Emily Berner Nancy Blake Scott & Lindsay Boatright Seth & Emily Brown Mark & Stephanie Coker Larry & Melanie Collins Alan & Christa Cook John & Teresa Copeland Beatrice Dallas Lucinda Dallas Bill & Alyson Dallas Charles & Wendy Daniel Elizabeth Davidson Tim & Miranda Dender Nat & Shannon Doughtie Gary & Fay Drake Michael & Mardi Drake Jim & Lynn Dunaway Chris & Michelle Edwards Jim & Laura Edwards Joe & Pat Edwards John Edwards Todd Feltman Dennis & Gay Fortson Jim & Jan Fortune Dan & Ashlee Fuller Joel & Christine Fuller Byron & Carson Gleaton Jim Granum James & Donna Grubbs Judith Hamilton Thomas Hamilton

Greg & Mitzi Hammock Sid & Jacqueline Jennette Lon & Myra Knowles Tony Martinez Brent & Amy Matthews Barclay & Jennifer McDaniel John & Sue Mixon Philip & Annette Mouchet Charles & Tracey Muise Stephen & Erin Mulder James & Susan Murray David & Holly Ortiz Tony & Diana Pearson Artie & Kim Potter Todd & Megan Potter Hal & Cathy Rahn Kevin & Jannellen Rigg Robert & Angela Rooks Deborah Ruffin Patrick Ryan Joey & Susie Scanlon Kelly & Jennifer Smith Drew & Anna Taylor Brian & Ashley Taylor Charlotte Thacker Josh & Meredith Thacker Ryan & Lori Tucker Judson & Courtney Turner William & Brandy Tuttle Rodney & Stephanie Tyson Brian & Tracee Upson Geoff & Joan Voight Freddie & Andrea Waltz Andrew Whalen Doug & Barbara Wren

Allocate a portion of your Georgia taxes to benefit students at SGES. If you have not participated in this program, talk with Larry Collins for more information.


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Why give to the Annual Fund & Milestone Capital Campaign? To inspire St. George’s students to utilize what is learned in the classroom and empower them to make a difference in the world as leaders.

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Dragon Wings May 2018