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Credits Editor Tony Nguyen Photographs Devyn Fussman Amber Davidson Student Government Association FSU Photo Lab Project Supervisor Marvin Harris SGA Today Annual is an annual publication of Student Publications, an Affiliated Project of the Student Government Association of The Florida State University. SGA Today Annual Vol. 2 For more information, please contact SGA Today Editor Tony Nguyen at SGA Today, A302 Oglesby Union, (850) 645-0160 This publication is available upon request in alternative format for individuals with print-related disabilities. 2 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Table of Contents Executive Branch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Legislative Branch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Congress of Graduate Students . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Judicial Branch. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Office of Elections. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 AGENCIES Asian American Student Union. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Black Student Union. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Hispanic/Latino Student Union. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42 Pride Student Union. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Women Student Union. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 CLASS COUNCILS Class Councils. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 Leadership Institutes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 BUREAUS & AFFILIATED PROJECTS Student Publications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72 Center for Participant Education. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 73 Office of Governmental Affairs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 74 Inter-Residence Hall Council. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 Office of Servant Leadership. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 78 OTHER ENTITIES Campus Recreation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79 Union Board. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 Homecoming Executive Council. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 81 SGA Staff. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82 SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 3


Rosie Contreras Student Body President

Sara Saxner Student Body Vice President

4 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Blake Kurleman Student Body Treasurer

Adam Rosenthal Chief of Staff


Jean Tabares Secretary of Academic Affairs

Cameron Katz Secretary of AdministrativeAffairs

Alexia Baillow Secretary of Campus Affairs

Itai Raz Secretary of DepartmentalAffairs

Lissette Calveiro Press Secretary

Ryan Rabac Deputy Press Secretary

Not Pictured: Jasmine Edwards (Secretary of the Arts) and Ivan Fuetes (Secretary of Safety and Health)

The Student Body Chief of Staff is appointed by the Student Body President, and is responsible for the effective operation of the Executive Office of the President (EOP), and executing discretionary programs and/or projects for the Executive Branch. Secretary of Academic Affairs is in charge of creating and maintaining all projects and initiatives that concern partnerships with colleges and academic departments, research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students, and all areas of academic life. Secretary of Administrative Affairs organizes the collective voice of SGA. The office is responsible for assembling SGA to reach out and develop relationships with community and service partners, and seeks state and national opportunities for the advancement of Florida State. Secretary of Campus Affairs is in charge of connecting students to different programs and leadership opportunities that promote multicultural experiences, personal and professional development, and a productive experience both on campus and beyond. Secretary of Safety and Health is responsible for promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for all Florida State University Students. Secretary of Departmental Affairs is responsible for keeping consistent communication between all entities of SGA and the university, including the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch, Student Activities Center (SOAR Board), Oglesby Union (Union Board), and Campus Recreation (Campus Recreation Board). Secretary of Communication is responsible for keeping strong and consistent relations with various media outlets.

YOUR MONEY Tuition Contract

Campus Dining Discounts

Open Textbook Policy

Emergency Printing Fund

Alternative Transportation Solutions

My team and I graciously accept your decision but also understand the expectations associated. Students continue facing challenges within and beyond the classroom: An ever-increasing amount of student debt, Maintaining a balance between working and attending classes to make ends meet,

YOUR CAMPUS Ensure Wi-Fi in all Academic Buildings

Commuter Parking Away Game Buses

Dorm Doorstep Delivery Covered Bus Stops

Ensuring our degrees are competitive as we face high unemployment rates after graduation. In addition, the need for our University to respond efficiently and effectively to financial constraints will continue to impact our students. We as an administration are committed to making the student experience at Florida State University the best one in the state. We are committed to amplifying the student voice at the State Capitol. And we are committed to helping our students be well prepared for the challenges of our century.

YOUR HEALTH & SAFETY Online Appointment System at the Health & Wellness Center and Counseling Center

Comprehensive Florida State University Mobile App for Nighttime Transportation FSU Guardian App

Simply put, our administration is dedicated to “advocating with integrity for the progress of our student body.” Lofty goals, they certainly are. But we have and will always be more than a collection of slogans. The real work has truly begun.


Thank you all very much. I am looking forward to a great year. Conduct Record Expungement

No-Cost Legal Services

User-Friendly Class Registration

Professional Clothing Bank

Go Noles! — Rosie Contreras 2013 Inauguration Speech

Past SGA Presidents visit their Alma Matter, including Rob Jakuvik and Zelda Zarco

The BIG Event - FSU’s largest community service event

FSUnity Day

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 7

SPOTLIGHT ACHIEVEMENTS Funded grants for international service organizations through the sale of TRUE Seminole shirts through the FSU Bookstore.

Veterans Student Union created to help serve the various identity groups on campus, along with the current five agencies. Passed a bill to create the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a bureau hosed within SGA, that will serve as a centralized location for anything entrepreneurial. Students can now acquire space in College Town as a storefront for their student-run business.

GOLDEN TRIBE LECTURE SERIES The mission of the series is to engage students in issues and dialogue that will positively benefit their overall academic, scholastic, or humanitarian experience.

Warrick Dunn is as well-known for his philanthropic endeavors as he is for his success as a professional football player.

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson earned his BA in Physics from Harvard and his PhD in Astrophysics from Columbia. Tyson’s professional research interests are broad, but include: star formation, exploding stars, dwarf galaxies, and the structure of our Milky Way.

Somaly Mam established a funding vehicle to support anti-trafficking organizations and to provide victims and survivors with a platform from which their voices can be heard around the world.

Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry is a columnist for The Nation magazine, where she writes a monthly column also titled Sister Citizen. In addition to hosting her own show on MSNBC she provides expert commentary on U.S. elections, racial issues, religious questions and gender concerns for a variety of other media outlets.

NAACP Freedom March

Community march organized by the Florida State University NAACP Chapter to symbolize solidarity and reflect on the civil rights movement.

3rd Annual Oratorical Contest FSU students are invited to create and recite a speech presented to the audience and judges.

The Art of Social Justice

A display of original student and community artwork inspired by Dr. King’s legacy and symbolizing past and present social movements fighting against social injustice.

Spring Involvement Fair

Visit MLK Week or one of the other 150 student organizations and departments and get involved. Explore the various ways to find your movement and use your voice with the Florida State community!

Pride Street: Pride General Body Meeting Learn the various identities of the LGBTQ+ community and how can you become involved with Pride and meet new people!

What’s Your Movement?

Take a few seconds to record with AASU and Pride who you use your voice for and what your movement is!

Journey to the Mountaintop: Black Student Union General Body Meeting

Join the Black Student Union for an interactive General Body Meeting geared towards unity, Dr. King’s legacy, and discovering what is holding us back from reaching the mountaintop.

Black Student Union’s Black Film Festival

The second annual Black Film Festival, celebrating African-American cinema, highlights films from FSU students that reinforce positive images, and dispel negative stereotypes of black culture.

Peace Jam 5K

Peace Jam Southeast presents the MLK 5K in honor of Nobel Laureate Dr. King’s vision to end racism and hate.

Dinner Dialogue featuring Somaly Mam

Dinner Dialogue will give the Commemorative Celebration Speaker, Somaly Mam, a chance to interact with students, faculty, staff, and alumni via an informal dinner.

Commemorative Celebration featuring Somaly Mam

The culmination of MLK Week, the 26th annual Commemorative Celebration will feature student performances, announcement of the MLK awards, and a keynote address by activist Somaly Mam.


In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy, students celebrate Florida State University’s 26th Annual MLK Week and question:“What’s Your Movement?”

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 11

SGA sponsored the live viewing party of the BCS National Championship game at the Florida State University Donald L. Tucker Civic Center.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch features a variety of offices designed to enhance our ability to serve students and improve student life.

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 13



Lindsay Wood Senate President and Former Pro Tempore

14 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Andrea Palermo Senate President Pro Tempore

Brandon Eisaman Former Senate President


Andrew Forst Budget Committee Chair

Evan Roman Budget Committee Vice-Chair

Hillary Harlan Finance Committee Chair

Leah Montenegro Finance Committee Vice-Chair

Nathan Molina Senate Clerk

Allyson Whitter Internal Affairs Committee Chair

Jacques Toussaint Internal Affairs Committee Vice-Chair

Jordan Wagner Judiciary Committee Chair

Derek Silver Judiciary Committee Vice-Chair

Wesley Sapp Sergeant at Arms

Amy Nicotra Student Affairs Committee Chair

Mary Akemon StudentAffairsCommittee Vice-Chair

Jennifer Lucas RTAC Chair

Gregory Marchesini PAC Chair

Matthew Goller Parliamentarian

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 15

65TH & 66TH STUDENT SENATE Haylie Collins Arts and Sciences Seat 1

Derek Silver Arts and Sciences Seat 3

Maria Villalobos Arts and Sciences Seat 4

Leah Montenegro Arts and Sciences Seat 5

James Baughman Arts and Sciences Seat 6

Andikan Akpabio Arts and Sciences Seat 7

Ashley Pitt Arts and Sciences Seat 8

Eugene Butler III Arts and Sciences Seat 9

Sarah Aristil Arts and Sciences Seat 10

Jesse Marks Arts and Sciences Seat 11

Andrew Wilson Business Seat 1

Frederick Adenuga Business Seat 2

Lindsay Wood Business Seat 3

Andrew Forst Business Seat 5

Nikita Markov Business Seat 6

GregoryMarchesini Business Seat 7

Martin Mu単oz Communicationsand Information Seat 1

Derika D. Crowley Communicationsand Information Seat 2

Amy Nicotra Criminology Seat 2

Ellie Goralnick Criminology Seat 2

Allyson K. Whitter Education Seat 1

Devan Patel Engineering Seat 1

Griffin Valentich Engineering Seat 2

Matthew Hall Graduate Studies Seat 1

Spandan Mishra Graduate Studies Seat 2

Jordan Wagner Graduate Studies Seat 3

Martha Lang Graduate Studies Seat 4

John Emanuello Graduate Studies Seat 6

Mary Marcous Graduate Studies Seat 10

Elizabeth Firestone Graduate Studies Seat 14

DanielVanJelgerhuis Graduate Studies Seat 16

Tanner LeRoy Human Sciences Seat 1

Lindsey Duncan Human Sciences Seat 2

Edward Mitchell III Human Sciences Seat 3

Jaclyn Smith Music Seat 1

Janet Lorenz Nursing Seat 1

16 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Blake Albino Social Sciences Seat 2

Hillary Harlan Social Sciences Seat 3

Harley Rockhill III Social Sciences Seat 4

Pierre Beaton Social Sciences Seat 5

Stefano Cavallaro Social Sciences Seat 6

Rachel Ray Social Work Seat 1

Lauryn Vickers UndergraduateStudies Seat 1

Savannah Strayer UndergraduateStudies Seat 2

Jennifer Lucas UndergraduateStudies Seat 3

Tolu Atanda UndergraduateStudies Seat 4

Kevon Randall UndergraduateStudies Seat 5

Jacques Toussaint UndergraduateStudies Seat 6

Doug Levinson UndergraduateStudies Seat 7

David Wilson UndergraduateStudies Seat 8

Derrick Scott II UndergraduateStudies Seat 9

Evan Roman UndergraduateStudies Seat 10

Andrea Palermo UndergraduateStudies Seat 11

MeaghanFitzpatrick UndergraduateStudies Seat 12

Meredith Albion UndergraduateStudies Seat 13

Joseph Dissette UndergraduateStudies Seat 14

Daniel Dispenziere UndergraduateStudies Seat 15

Sarah Wallstedt UndergraduateStudies Seat 16

Andrew Jones UndergraduateStudies Seat 17

Amanda Payne UndergraduateStudies Seat 18

IyannaPierre-Louis UndergraduateStudies Seat 19

Christopher Seifter UndergraduateStudies Seat 23

LaurenceThompson UndergraduateStudies Seat 20

Alahna Kessler UndergraduateStudies Seat 4

Benoy Sanil UndergraduateStudies Seat 21

Mary Akemon Visual Arts, Theater, and Dance Seat 4

Emely Toro UndergraduateStudies Seat 22

Tanisha Peterson Panama City Campus

Not Pictured: Marcos Melecio-Zambrano (Arts and Sciences Seat 2), Adam Hamilton (Graduate Studies Seat 8), and Philippe Habib (Graduate Studies Seat 12)

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 17

Student Senate

Arman Moeini Social Sciences Seat 1

The Student Senate is the legislative body that serves as the primary liason between the administration and the student body.

18 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Student Senate

SPOTLIGHT ACHIEVEMENTS Funded over 100 campus organizations to have events on campus and for off-campus trips

Funded parts of the Healthy Campus Initiative and campaign for the new Tobacco Free FSU

Purchased umbrellas for students to check out from Strozier on rainy days

Passed resolution to have Senate using People-First language

FUNDING COMMITTEES Instituted an online request submission for sustainability and efficiency Instituted an attendance requirement for board members Implemented a three-month open-application process for board members to foster student involvement 20 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Student Senate

SPOTLIGHT ACHIEVEMENTS Funded Dirac to stay open 24-7 during finals week Passed resolution to waive fees for graduate assistants Provided funds to renovate the Union with new carpet Passed resolution to support in-state tuition for student veterans and students whose parents are undocumented In the Spring Semester of 2014, 64th & 65th Student Senate President Brandon Eisaman received the prestigious Senate Hall of Fame Award.

Congress of Graduate Students COGS SPEAKERS

Alexander Boler Speaker At-Large

Catherine Williams Deputy Speaker for Finance Music, Seat 1

Will Nilson Dep.SpeakerforJudicialAffairs Law, Seat 1

Neleen Leslie Deputy Speaker for Communication


Tristan Hall Arts and Sciences Seat 1

Allison Behuniak Business Seat 1

Patrice C. Williams Social Sciences Seat 2

Parth N. Vakil International Advocate Seat 1

Not Pictured: Caleb S. Greinke (Arts and Sciences Seat 2), Tyler Branagan (Education Seat 1), Corey Luttrell (Law Seat 2), and Brett Leone (Social Sciences Seat 1)

22 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Congress of Graduate Students

The Congress of Graduate Students represents graduate student interests to the university and community, and is empowered to issue resolutions expressing the views of graduate students and calling attention to important issues. Awarded over $161,895 in Presentation Grants and over $16,757 in Attendance Grants Sponsored New Graduate Student Orientation, the Celebration of Graduate Student Excellence, and the 2013 PIE Grant Student Teaching Conference Provided funding for FSU Children’s Center to assist graduate families Co-sponsored the Kid Zone during the annual Spring Fling event Recognized by the National Association of GraduateProfessional Students as the 2013 Southeast Member of the Year for outstanding service and engagement SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 23

Judicial Branch


Lindsay Kushner Chief Justice

Carter McMillian Associate Justice, Clerk of the Court

Janelle Cannon Associate Justice

Ryan Wechsler Associate Justice

Not Pictured: Melissa Craig (University Defender)

The Student Supreme Court decides alleged violations of the Student Body Constitution and Statutes. It includes the Supreme Court Justices, Attorney General, and the University Defender. Issued an Advisory Opinion, which interpreted Election Code Statutes Denied a writ of certiorari Held a hearing for an appeal from the Elections Commission and affirmed the decision Heard an appeal from the Elections Commission and determined the Commission did not abuse its discretion in failing to find a violation against a student political party Held a hearing and overturned an appeal from the Elections Commission allowing a student to run for the Union Board 24 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

The Office of Elections hosted a public debate on the new student leadership

Tavaress M. Thomas Supervisor of Elections

Alexis Sanchez Deputy Supervisors of Elections

Karla Bennaton Deputy Supervisors of Elections

Office of Elections


Kaci Palomino Deputy Supervisors of Elections

Not Pictured: Meredith Powell (Deputy Supervisors of Elections)

The Office of Elections recognizes political parties, hosts discussions, and conducts and facilitates campus elections.

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 25


Seve Kim Director

Katrina Pitt Assistant Director

26 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Milagros Salcedo Treasurer

DanielleAgraviador Secretary

Kathryn Quintin Public Relations Coordinator

Anjali Talwar Programming Coordinator

Asian American Student Union AASU Affiliates Bangladeshi Student Association Chinese Language and Culture Association Filipino Student Association Indian Student Association Japanese Student Association

The Asian American Student Union works to inspire, educate, and empower those interested in Asian and Pacific Islander American issues.

Korean American Student Association Nepalese Student Association Vietnamese Student Association alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc. Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, Inc.

March 24th - April 15th Japanese Student Association Conversation Table Chinese Language and Culture Association & Vietnamese Student Association Food Event Korean American Student Association Patbingsoo Workshop Asian American Music Poetry and Dance Concert Filipino Student Association Barrio Vietnamese Student Association Pho Fundraiser Mr & Ms AASU Pageant Multiracial/Multiethnicity Corporate Politics Japanese Student Association Teaching Presentation Political Action

Japanese Student Association & Korean American Student Association Coffee Hour Indian Student Association & Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity, Inc. Travel Across Asia Japanese Student Association & Filipino Student Association Undoukai Indian Student Association Holi Event Japanese Student Association Martial Arts Presentation Chinese Language and Culture Association Movie Event alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc. & AASU Asian Threads 4 Words Seminar: Reinvention Filipino Student Association Sports Banquet Japanese Student Association Global Cafe Vietnamese Student Association Tally by Night Bridging the Generation Gap


Asian American Student Union rings in the Lunar New Year with a banquet and celebration, complete with live performances and dinner

30 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

“The Asian American Student Union at Florida State University is a place to embrace new culutres and enjoy it with friends. We are a place away from home to celebrate traditions, share and exchange interests, and meet new people�

AAMPD Concert

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 31

Asian American Student Union

Mr & Ms AASU Pageant

Established in 1996, the Asian American Student Union was created to better represent the Asian American community at The Florida State University and to spread awareness about Asian heritage and culture.

Asian American Student Union Executive Board with Miss America Nina Davuluri

Gained two new affiliate organizations: the Bengladeshi Student Association and Nepalese Student Association Raised funds for the Philippines Typhoon relief through FSA’s Barrio Festival: Spirit of Bayanihan Began 4Words — a series of seminars and discussions on prevalent Asian American issues Brought Mike Song, a professional world-renown dancer, to headline AASU’s AAMPD Concert Members attended the East Coast Asian American Student Union conference in Washington, DC.

Asian American Student Union


Black Student Union The Black Student Union, the official representative on issues concerning Black students, offers Black students a form of identity and a social life. BSU functions as a vehicle of communication to the Florida State University faculty and administration. BSU will remember our past, build on the present, and fight for our future.

COBOL Organizations Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Progressive Black Men

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.


Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Black Retail Action Group

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

Black Actors Guild

Delta Sigma Theta Fraternity, Inc.

National Council Negro Women

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.


Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc.

Minority Business Society

Black Student Union


Harold Scott President

Taylor Crowley Vice President

Rodney Moore Secretary

Shalisha Thornton Treasurer

LaurenceThompson BSU Ambassador

Jacqueline Futch COBOL Director

Caleb Cineas COBOL Director

MarCherieThompkins CommunityService

Andy Moreno Fu ndraisin g & Sponsorships

Kelshay Toomer Fu ndraisin g & Sponsorships

Sheldon Williams Health & Athletics

Bianca Voltaire Health & Athletics

Taylor Langley Homecoming

Kianna Talley Homecoming

Joyce Philippe Incite

Ternisha Williams Incite

Tiffinie Swan MasterCoordinator

Jordan Gregory MasterCoordinator

Teni Ajayi Political Education

Ebonique Brooks Membership

Jephery Francis ProfessionalDevelopment

Jennifer Gaspard Membership

Candice Jenkins ProfessionalDevelopment

Jeffrey McCain Political Education

Shane McDonald PR & Marketing

Not Pictured: Moise Zamor (Community Service), Deidra Evans (PR & Marketing), Ebony Johnson (Socials & Events), and JoJo Grant (Socials & Events)

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 35

February 1st - February 28th WEB DuBois Dean’s List Reception Battle of the Sitcoms COBOL Brain Bowl Cupid’s Arrow COBOL Games Black Retail Action Group & Diverse World Fashion Trunk Show Explosion Black Actors Guild “Mahogany Voices” Show An Evening with Laverne Cox

The Plateau NAACP Founders Day Ball BSU’s Date on Roller Skates Affairs of the Heart Motown Getdown BSU Goes to Church Soul Food Sunday Agency Networking Mixer Black Law Student Association “Cold Case” Seminar Confessionals: Real Talk with Black FSU Alumni Faculty Honor Ceremony & Black Excellence Mixer Golden Tribe Lecture Series feat. Melissa Harris Perry Feeding Our Community Unsung Heroes Production NAACP “Death of the N Word” Seminar

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 37

BLACK HISTORY MONTH Black Student Union illuminates the hidden color in celebration and remembrance of African American history and its impact on today’s culture

Black Student Union “Here at Florida State University, the Black Student Union is driven and motivated by a student body that is ready and willing to participate and work towards a greater purpose. As the largest participatory agency on campus, we are determined to serve you and collectively leave our mark on this great university!�

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 39

The Black Student Union attempts to create awareness to the total university community about issues relating to Black culture through its sponsorship and involvement in programs on campus.

Black Student Union presents Confessionals: Real Talk with FSU Alumni

Featured President Eric Barron at a Town Hall meeting to openly discuss concerns about the community on campus

Hosted over 20 events throughout the month of February in celebration of Black History Month Advocated justice in the wake of the controversial Trayvon Martin verdict Rallied at the Capitol during No Vote No Voice to protect voting rights for students Began conversation with administration and alumni about the creation and fundraising for a new BSU House

Black Student Union


Hispanic/Latino Student Union The Hispanic/Latino Student Union seeks to unify, inform, and serve the Hispanic/Latino community at Florida State University and in Tallahassee. The HLSU offers educational and cultural learning opportunities for the Florida State University community and opportunities for the Hispanic/Latino community.

Maria Villalobos Director

Juan Leguizamon Assistant Director

Jorge Rendon Treasurer

Shanelle Del Pino Secretary

Millany Vasquez PR Director

Hellen Ospina Education

Ashley Ng Franchesca Community Service

Krystal Galeano Membership

MarCherie Thompkins Membership Co-Chair

Jean Tabares Political Action

Alejandro Acosta Political Action Co-Chair

Juliana Palmieri Social

Amanda Hilario Social Co-Chair

Andy Moreno Historian

Maria Jesus Morice Historian Co-Chair

Not Pictured: Christian Guadamuz (Athletics), Lucas Costa (Athletics Co-Chair), Alegra Padron (Hispanic Heritage Month), Nicole Contreras (Fundraising), Gabriela Carli (Fundraising Co-Chair), Vimena Hernandez (Education Co-Chair), Natalie Diaz-Paz (Community Service Co-Chair), Cianella Negron (Press & Publicity), Ashley Senain (Press & Publicity Co-Chair), Georgette Cartagena (Pantoja Scholars), and Christina Rigel (Pantoja Scholars Co-Chair)

HLSU Affiliates The Colombian Student Association

The Venezuelan Student Association

The Cuban American Student Association

Oscar Arias Sanchez Hispanic Honor Society

The Dominican Student Association

Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.

The Mexican American Student Association

Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc.

The Panamanian Student Association

Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc.

The Peruvian Student Association


The Puerto Rican Student Association

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

Hispanic/Latino Student Union


September 14th - October 15th

Tally Fiesta “Selena” Film Screening Rokbar “Miss Rosa” Pastelito Mondays at El Centro “The Lost City” Film Screening A Day in the Life Potluck Pantojas Conference Advocates for Immigrant and Refugee Rights Debate Bowling Social El Centro Open House “The Secret in their Eyes” Film Screening Politics and You HLSU Olympics “Candyland” General Body Meeting

HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH Hispanic/Latino Student Union honors their unique background with pride as they host a variety of events that present what unites them all — their heritage.

46 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Hispanic/Latino Student Union “The Hispanic/Latino Student Union prides itself on being a place where students can feel at home and share their culture. We are a familia full of fun, energy, culture, and, most importantly, Seminole Spirit!�

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 47

The Hispanic/Latino Student Union is a centralized coordination of resources and services for the Hispanic/Latino community that provides educational and cultural learning for students, faculty and staff.

Hispanic Latino Student Union at the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute in Chicago

Advocated to have immigrants to receive in-state tuition Attended the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute in Chicago Gave students a chance to get on stage and have fun at HLSU’s first karaoke contest ever Hosted another year of the competitive HLSU Olympics, an event that grows every year Contributed and served the local community with the help of a growing number of student leaders

Hispanic Latino Student Union



Victoria Gentry Director

Shantel Moten Assistant Director

Avery Raisis Center Director

Jarryd Boyd Asst.DirectorInterim, Public Relations

Johnathan Horton Political Actions

Jason Miller Secretary

Not Pictured: Avery Vinson (Public Relations), Alex Victoria (External Affairs), and Alyssa Runnels (Programming)

50 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Pride Student Union Pride Student Union supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students across campus no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity. It creates a safe and positive environment through addressing students’ needs and increasing awareness of issues pertinent to them. SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 51

e d i r P

h t n o m

at Florida State University October 3rd - October 30th

52 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

A Celebration of Queer Inclusion: Kick Off Banquet Comedian Tig Notario Candle Light Vigil Queer Poetry Slam & Open Mic Equality March to the Capitol Coming Out on Union Green Speak Out “Birdcage” Film Screening How to Drag Combating Cissexism Amateur Drag Show Vogue Workshop Drag Condom Bingo A New Queer Agenda Pride Day at the Rez “Brother Outsider” Film Screening Intersecting Identities “Halloweentown” Film Screening

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 53


Students open the closet door to show the world their true colors, while Pride Student Union leads the march to the capitol on this national holiday.

54 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Pride Student Union

“Watch the Throne” Fall 2013 Drag Show

“Everyone should have a place to call home throughout college and at Pride, you belong! We have a range of programs and socials for everyone from prom, movie nights, and drag shows to discussions, workshops, and panels. Come hang out in the LGBTQ+ Student Resource Center where you can learn more, make friends, and fully discover who you are.”

Annual 2013-2014 / 55 Pride End of SGA the Today Year Banquet

Pride Student Union provides services and programs to address the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* students and increases awareness of issues pertinent to them within the Florida State University community.

The Pride Executive Board at the front of the capitol building

Advocated for the creation of all gender bathrooms around campus

Brought advocate and actress Laverne Cox to speak at FSU to identity groups on campus, in collaboration with AASU, BSU, and WSU

Sold-out the Spring 2014 “Drag Punk� drag show featuring Jaeda Fuentes, Spikey Van Dykey, Lora St Lords, Aidan Justus, and The Assets

Attended the Creating Change conference for an opportunity to learn and be inspired

Secured a unanimous vote for the Student Senate to update the SGA anti-discrimination policy to protect students of all gender identities and expressions

Pride Student Union



Amber Washington Director

Ashleigh Gregoria Assistant Director

Ashley Pitt Treasurer

Juliee Conde OWL Coordinator

Leah Montenegro OWL Coordinator

Khadijah Templier Women’s History Month

Not Pictured: Erica Cormany (Director of Administration), Emily Parsons (Historian), Alexandra Noriega (PR - The Voice), Christine Dusome (PR - Social Media), Alegra Padron (Membership), Rachel Russell (Political Actions), and Kelsey Grills (External Affairs Coordinator)

58 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Women Student Union OWL Organizations

FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY The Women Student Union fosters the growth of women personally, professionally, and politically.

Empowering Women Globally

Women in Pre-Law

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 59

March 1st - March 31st

Women’s Leadership Conference WSU Goes Courtside From Rebound to Runways Seminar WSU Past Sound Hour “I Am Malala” Book Release Party Women’s Sexual Health Seminar “Take a Trip Back with WSU” General Body Meeting Habitat for Humanity Community Service Event “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” Film Screening WSU Future Sound Hour “I Am Malala” Book Discussion Ladies Legacy Banquet PeaceJam Nobel Women Coffee Hour Vagina Monologues “Brave Miss World” Film Screening

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 61

Students at Love Your Body Day, an event to encourage self-esteem and body image


Hosted Love Your Body day, in collaboration with University Health Services, that built confidence with students in their body image and self-esteem Celebrated Women’s History Month with events that highlighted the success of the community through character, courage, and commitment Developed the Organization of Women Leaders further as an umbrella organization for womencentered RSOs on campus Held workshops that addressed bystander intervention and rape culture awareness

62 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Launched an online blog called “The Voice” that features student opinion and expression on topics pertinent to the female community

Women Student Union “Although we may not have a specific culture, we have the unique opportunity to create our very own that is representative of the many different women on our campus! We have an amazing relationship with our female alumni of Women for Florida State University (including some who are graduates of FSCW!)�

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 63

Class Councils

Class Councils

The Class Councils work to create programming and unity among the graduating classes. Created tradition of projecting away games on an inflatable screen on the Union Green in collaboration with Seminole Student Boosters, FSU Inter-Residence Hall Council, and University Housing.

Jointly filmed the Pow Wow video, featuring student groups such as FSU Cheer and the Golden Girls 64 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Class Councils


Nicole Laster President

Danielle Porter Vice President

Randy Alves Treasurer

Joanna Johns Secretary

Presented the inaugural “100 Days ‘til Graduation” fair, hosting a number of campus partners Hosted the second annual President’s Toast event, celebrating the class of 2014 with hundreds of guests Celebrated Senior Week with the President’s Toast, Taking Back Suwanee, the Last Market Wednesday, and Pictures in Doak Campbell Stadium SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 65

Class Councils


Lillian Sharpe President

Mat Hooper Vice President

Logan Kanai Treasurer

Jazmyn Reed Secretary

Raised funds for the Class of 2015 class gift through fundraising efforts at local restaurants Participated and won in the Class Councils category of the Homecoming Parade

Organized and hosted Girl Code, Guy Code Seminar, an open discussion about college-student issues

66 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Jada Jones President

Devan Patel Former Vice President

Samantha Horvitz Vice President

Bianca Almero Treasurer

Not Pictured: Catherine Shoemaker (Secretary)

Raised funds and gave handmade pins for breast cancer awareness Served the students by hosting a dessert social and introducing new students to the Class Councils Provided contact cards to students during Market Wednesdays so they could connect with the Sophomore Class Council and participate in events SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 67

Class Councils


We provide personal, professional, and leadership growth opportunities for ambitious freshmen and transfer students.


Eugene Butler III Director

Israel Canales Facilitator

Paula Rodriguez Facilitator

Latifah Carty Facilitator

Not Pictured: Navard Robinson (Facilitator)

68 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Derek Miller Facilitator

Jacquelyn Mazade Facilitator

Leadership Institutes

Alyssa Musacchio Director

Jeffery Bowers Facilitator

Laurence Thompson Facilitator

Camille Layton Facilitator

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 69

Leadership Institutes


Leadership Institutes

Freshman Leadership Institute and Transfer Leadership Institute students at their First-Year Banquet

MILESTONES FLI hosted The Seminole Games, encouraging involvement and raising funds for the FSU Food Pantry 2013 FLI alumni became involved in Homecoming, PeaceJam, Senate, SAA Leadership Council, Undergraduate Research and Orientation Leadership TLI brought 35 students into the program during the fall and spring semester TLI donated over 25 pounds of food to the FSU food pantry during the fall semester

Student Publications


Tony Nguyen Graphic Designer

Alicia Wright Office Assistant

Amber Davidson Graphic Designer

Angel Kreucher Graphic Designer

Bianca Taylor Graphic Designer

Brittany Wilson Office Assistant

Daniela Cardenas Graphic Designer

Daveta Williams Graphic Designer

Devyn Fussman Office Assistant

Kathryn Quintin Graphic Designer

Mallize Wilkes Graphic Designer

Sophia Zhang Graphic Designer

Student Publications provides students with free color printing and design services. Produced over 500 unique designs for requesting student organizations, including flyers, certificates, and business cards. Printed over 20 banners for Student Convocation Designed graphics for the 2013 BCS National Championship viewing Created graphics for Seminole Allies and Safe Zones Produced marketing materials for MLK Week, Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month, Pride Month, and Women’s History Month 72 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

John Saullo Director

Katie Lauri Secretary

CatherineGonzalez Treasurer

Andreina Granado Public Relations

AvinashRamanathan Outreach

Giovanni Rocco Classes

Not Pictured: Lydia Tororici (Advertising), Regina Joseph (Outreach), and Maria Naranjo (Events)

The Center for Participant Education provides an alternative to the traditional curriculum taught at Florida State University. We serve as a forum for progressive and alternative ideas on education, politics, and the arts.

Released two catalogs that cover a variety of topics, from articles concerning current political issues to directories of local businesses for all new faces in town Sponsored over 20 independent classes taught by students and community members Co-sponsored with a variety of advocacy events with organizations including Students for a Democratic Society, Dream Defenders, and Poetic Lyricism SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 73




The Office of Governmental Affairs provides students with representation and advocacy within the university community and at all levels of government, as well as information about key governmental issues and its impact.


Stefano Cavallaro Director

Jason Battaglia AssistantDirector/Public Relations

Adrian Romero Chief of Staff

Alex Browning Communications

Jared DuBosar IntergovernmentalAffairs & Public Engagement

Tatiana-Rose Becker Marketing & O utreach

Alexis Wilpon Assistant Marketing & Outreach

Derik Silver Noles Engaged in Politics

Max Solomon Research & Public Opinion

Amanda Payne Board of Directors

Andrea Palermo Board of Directors

Charles Castagna Board of Directors

John Clark Board of Directors

Julianne Simson Board of Directors

Leah Montenegro Board of Directors

Not Pictured: Carter Mack (Deputy Director), Sarah Green (Internal Assistant Director), Alejandro Victoria (Board of Directors), and Andrew Sloan (Board of Directors)

74 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Led the first-ever summer lobbying trip to Washington, D.C. and had student leaders meet with Senator Bill Nelson to discuss student loan rates and other college student issues

Involved student groups in advocating state and national level politics during FSU Day at the Capitol

Held a press conference in the Capitol regarding the GI Bill, specifically in-state tuition and breakpay scholarship for student veterans

Featured keynote speaker City Commissioner Gil Ziffer at the first-ever Leadership Breakfast, where student organizations and faculty members were honored for their support

Opened the floor with two town hall meetings to gather the voice of the student body when deciding the 2014 Legislative Agenda




Jocelyn Bellas Director

Divya Pubbi Associate Director

Savannah Cross NationalCommunications Coordinator

Eric Yakes Assistant Director of Finance

Desiree Saunders Assistant Director of Relations

The Inter-Residence Hall Council engages students in the on-campus living experience through leadership development, community involvement, and peer advocacy. 76 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Co-hosted Costume Chaos, a Halloween dance party with a costume contest, airbrush tattoos, and a photo booth with Union Productions

Awarded School of the Pond from the Florida Association of Residence Halls

Ran Face Your Fears, an event where students faced their fears of heights and animals and learned to let go of them by releasing a balloon

Held the fifth annual Lord of the Wings, which showcased local flavors to incoming students, as well as giving them an opportunity to give back through Second Harvest Organized NACURH Residence Hall Month with events such as the Westside Carnival and Love Your Self(ie)



The Office of Servant Leadership provides support through funding and assistance to service-based organizations. We aim to preserve and cultivate the spirit and action of service, philanthropy, advocacy, social justice, and leadership at Florida State University.


Members of the OSL executive board with Leymah Gbowee, Nobel Peace Prize laureate


Alexa Cronin Director

Megan Wilson Secretary

Wesley Sapp Treasurer

Elizabeth Ogunrinde Liaison

Not Pictured: Osmar Fuentes (Assistant Director), Victoria Sunnergren (Liaison), and Qaree Dreher (Public Relations Director)

Co-sponsored PeaceJam Southeast Conference featuring Nobel Peace Prize laureate Leymah Gbowee from Liberia Co-sponsored Relay for Life to raise funds for the American Cancer Society Co-Sponsored TEDxFSU, bringing students three hours of inspiring ideas, acts, and conversation Co-Sponsored The BIG Event, bringing hundreds of FSU students together for a one-day service event Hosted the first annual “Celebration of Service� to honor and recognized members of the Service Council and co-sponsors. 78 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Campus Recreation is Florida State University’s leader in creating healthy lifestyles through fitness, wellness, sports, outdoor adventures, aquatics, and professional opportunities.

Eric Schrum Chair

Jordan Ostermann Vice Chair

Caitlin Coviello Communications

Dominique Ducille Student Representative

Carl Valsaint Student Representative

Camille Buxeda Student Representative

Stefan Leon Student Representative

Kyle Martone Student Representative

Assisted in restructuring Faculty and Administrator membership plans Introduced new Challenge Course at the FSU Rez Implemented new options for Group Exercise Classes SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 79

Campus Recreation


Union Board


Georgie Adolphe Student Representative

Ryan Becker Student Representative

Eric Crespo Student Representative

Stephanie Frances Student Representative

Gem Garcia Student Representative

Kelsey Knutson Student Representative

Chelsea LaPlante Student Representative

Connor Milo Student Representative

Anne Piervil Student Representative

Rachel Sticco Student Representative

Wesley Daniels Wallace Student Representative

Omoniyi Alimi Student Representative

The Oglesby Union Board provides students, faculty, staff, and guests with activities, programs, and services to be offered through the Oglesby Union Complex.

80 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

Homecoming Executive Council

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Vanesa Moreno (Director of Warchant), Andrew Gallagher (Director of Spear-It Night), Jonathan William Koch (Assistant Director of Student Groups), Kevin Corp (Associate Director of Parade/Chief & Princess), Matthew Cermak (Director of Traditions), Suzanne Peterson (Assistant Director of Pow-Wow), Hillary Wilson (Director of Public Relations), Xiomelie Crisostomo (Director of Seminole Festival), Marjulie Avril (Director of Marketing), Van Simone Holder (Director of Sponsorship), Cailin Mallory (Director of Parade/Chief & Princess), Alison Christie (Assistant Director of Service), Sharika Buckle (Director of Service), Jourdan Harmon (Director of Student Groups), Christina Givner (Assistant Director of Skit Night), Noah Mindel (Assistant Director of Warchant), Alexis Ruderman (Director of Skit Night), Briana Sanchez (Director of Pow-Wow), Carolina Echeverri (Director of INvolvement), Sarah Good (Director of University Outreach), Stephanie Smalling (Overall Assistant Director), and Jenna Pullara (Overall Director)

HOMECOMING EXECUTIVE COUNCIL The Homecoming Executive Council unites Florida State University’s administration, faculty, alumni and students in celebration of Homecoming. They plan the budget, rules and regulations, and events/spirit activities.

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 81

SGA Staff


Vicki Dobiyanski Director

Danielle Morgan Acosta Associate Director

Marvin Harris Assistant Director

Kim Dicks Business Manager

Whitney Brown COGS Program Associate

Carolyn Cox Executive Branch Program Assistant

Mattie Durham Senate Program Assistant

Paul Hafner Program Coordinator

Carolyn Harris Program Coordinator

Priscilla Jean-Louis Departmental Accounting Rep

Tony Nguyen Graphic Designer

Faye Singletary Assistant Director of Student Affairs

Barbara Speck COGS Program Assistant

Shenika Turner-Davis COGS Program Associate

Ben A. Young Designer Web/Print

Not Pictured: Arthur Heffernan (Student Assistant),Steven Crudele (Graduate Assistant), Stephanie Franco (Office Assistant), and Zaymeen Deen (Office Assistant)

82 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

SGA Staff

The staff of the department of Student Government at Florida State University assist students in reaching their full potential. With a focus on leadership and identity development, belonging and inclusion, civic engagement and participation, and financial responsibility and stewardship, SGA staff advocate and support traditions, initiatives, and communities that benefit the student body.

We believe that SGA offers students hands-on, experiential, outside of the classroom learning. We believe that advising the students of SGA is a situational process of challenge and support. We believe that diversity of thoughts, ideas, and identities bring a richer, more educational dialogue to leadership and the campus community as a whole. We believe that all students have the potential to serve, lead, advocate on behalf of their peers, create change, and be positive financial stewards of their funds. We believe that students learn through engaging in the leadership process, and that the limitless opportunities within SGA is a venue to practice that leadership and hone their skills.

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 83

Seminole Allies and Safe Zones Seminole Allies and Safe Zones (SASZ) is an ally development program created through the offices of the Student Government Association at the Florida State University. These free workshops are offered regularly throughout the school year to students, faculty, and staff at the University and are open to all, regardless of orientation, identity or expression. Aims to promote acceptance of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, and Pansexual-identified (LGBTQQIA) people and understanding of contemporary issues that affect them Provides a space to discuss gender, sexuality, and allyship and to explore how we can make our campus a safer and more inclusive place Confronts personal biases and increase understanding for participants at every level of knowledge and allyship Discusses what it means to be an ally and demonstrate that allyship is a continuous process Recognized on campus as the Program of the Year in 2013-2014 84 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

SGA Staff

MILESTONES SGA Accounting switches over to a paperless, online accounting service, CollegiateLink

25th Annual MLK Week Celebration earns the title of Program/Project of the Year Award

Faye Singletary retires after almost 20 years of service with SGA

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 85

86 / SGA Today Annual 2013-2014

SGA Today Annual 2013-2014 / 87 A

SGA Today was designed and printed on-site by SGA Student Publications To learn more about how you can get recognized in SGA Today, please visit us in A302 Oglesby Union or contact SGA Today Editor Tony Nguyen at

SGA Today 2013-2014  

To request a printed copy, visit Student Publications in Union A302 or contact Tony Nguyen at

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