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Volume 1 - Issue 14



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Volume 1 - Issue 14

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12 Designer Showcase Pradasims

26 Fab Finds 50 Get The Look 64 Model Creator Spotlight IMHO

86 Geek Chic 88 Beauty

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HOMES & INTERIORS 100 Architect Spolight Jarka D

102 Romantic Dining For Two 106 World Showcase Jerico

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Staff Editor in Chief & Executive Director M a d i 1909 Senior Design Editor and Production Director Allium Senior Fashion Editor & Editorial Development Director & Writer AsiaShaMecca Senior Fashion Photographer and Senior Men’s Editor and Stylist SuperPogimon Minraed Executive Interior Design Director and Contributing Photographer & Writer Kementari Contributing Interior Design Editor & Fashion Photographer SylentWhysper Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist Dustydreamer Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist SimEve Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist Jasumi Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist MeestorMark MarketingDevelopment Director & Writer DrMusix Mens Fashion Stylist, photographer & Writer KateSterling Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist Simanims Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist Darkosims Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist Circa Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist Aikea-Guinea Contributing Fashion Photographer and Stylist

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Cover Photography by Darkosims

Editors Notes Despite being plagued with several RL hiccups (seriously, this was the official issue from HELL!), the dedicated team at SF managed to pull it all together and present to you all, yet another to-die-for issue, jam packed with all goodness that our beloved Sims 3 Community has to offer. This latest copy is definitely a hodge-podge of styles and themes, all geared at getting you ready for the warmer weather that is slowly creeping in…and if you’re like us…you are ready for the opportunity to peel back those layers and breathe again! In his inaugural spread, DarkoSims starts things up right with his steamy shoot “Show Me How You Burlesque” – letting us in on the steamy side of things. Not hot enough for ya? Then check out Asia’s “Risky Business” - where being naughty, never felt so good! Also featured in this month’s i s s u e , Asia’s must read interview with coveted designer PRADASIMS – where she asks all the questions you been dying to have answered. Kementari’s return as our Interior design guru features her Fashionable Furnishings for two…an ode to the season of love! While Minread features the works of one of the best builders around – the one and only JarkaD. And if that isn’t enough, we welcome two new staff members, the crazy talented KateSterling and SF’s Sims Next Top Model Winner, Simanims! DustyDreamer already has Spring on her mind as she features some colorful musthaves for the season in this month’s Fab Finds. And last but not least, don’t forget to look out for some of the amazing shots by this month’s guest photographer – Cbon – ENJOY!!!!!


Madi xxoo

Advert by Adler900

O cchiali Eleganti

Glasses by Altea127


Images by Jasumi Words by SomeSimGuy

Pictures by DarkoSims Words by DrMusix

8 16

Burlesque is one of the hottest trends to hit the world fashion market in recent years, pioneered by the actress and burlesque dancer, turned Fashion Icon; DitaVonTeese. Since beginning as a Burlesque club dancer and stripper, Dita has single handedly transformed the Burlesque scene; from back alley clubs, to a high street favorite and Hollywood movie story. If you are looking for a little fashion inspiration and are just not sure how to create a look that is current and on trend, look no further. Burlesque clothing is all about the glamour and the thrill of dressing up and the best bit, you can apply a burlesque look to any kind of style of clothing. Many people go for the Moulin Rouge look. Which relies on sexy outfits with plenty of glitzy accessories but it works just as well with the addition of a corset to a pair of denims or a feather mask to add some glam.


Stockings and suspenders are a popular choice when choosing clothing to give a burlesque look. They add the sexiness to the outfit, although they are a little risky for a lot of people to actually wear if leaving the home, unless its fancy dress. They don’t have to be on show, stockings and suspenders worn under a classy Moulin Rouge dress show great sophistication and glamour.

The main thing to remember when looking for burlesque clothing if try to look for alluring, sexy costume with a sense of flamboyance and extravaganza.


PRAD DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT Questions by AsiaShaMecca Answers and Images by Pradasims



hen Pradasims came on the scene, couture conscious Simmers sighed with relief. Downloads abound, but couture for Sims is a rare commodity indeed. SF has watched (OK stalked) Pradasims, as the content has gotten better and better. We anxiously await site updates and look forward to a “must have” in every one. Always on trend and current, Pradasims is a Fashionista’s delight! We’re excited to get to know this up and coming Sims creator.

anything from Prada or other designers, but I love the fashion of Jack & Jones, H&M and Zara. I wear sporty and simple clothes. A jeans with a t-shirt or pullover and sneakers. I love sneakers! I am a sneakers-freak! And, I wear short brown hair styles and nerdglasses.

Thank you for talking with us. We at SF are huge fans of your creations. Please tell us a bit about yourself? Hello everybody! I am so excited to be a part of this really cool magazine! So my name is Justin and I am 15 years old and live in Karlsruhe in Germany. My hobbies are drawing, swimming, listening to music and meeting my friends. I am fan of the Sims since my uncle gave ´´The Sims`` to me. I played it everyday! And now I create fashion for Sims 3, and it makes me happy to see that somebody likes them. One look at your page and it is obvious you love fashion. How would you describe your personal style? You are right I love fashion. I can’t buy


I was drooling over the Versace H&M collection with Madison (our esteemed editor in chief) and it seemed like the next day you posted your version. That was IT for me, there had to be an interview. You are just getting better and better at content creation. What got you started? Why did you decided to create for Sims? First, thank you! I decided to create for Sims 3 because I wanted my Sims to wear what I want. And I always wanted to do stuff for Sims 2 too but I never learned how. Than I got Sims 3, and I followed a tutorial how to make clothes and opened my blog. I am a huge fan of high-fashion and H&M and I really love the design of Versace, so I wanted to create this collection for Sims too. I published it before H&M was selling it in Germany. So I am fast in creating stuff for Sims 3 :D

you going? Is it still fun for you? Yeah, I got a lot of criticism from people who didn’t like my fashion. They insulted me and brought me down. I was going to stop creating. But I didn’t do it because there were some people who wanted me to create more and that still makes it fun for me to create and publish. I love my fans because they are always supporting me and I have to say ´´Thank you!`` Well we’re certainly glad you decided to stick with it. I noticed that you do not take requests. Where do you find your inspiration? Yes, I don’t take any request unless it’s something easy :D . I find my inspiration everywhere. Everything is inspiring to me! The people at the streets and in stores or in the television, even my friends and classmates. I also watch fashion-shows such as Victoria’s Secret or D&G and so on, or I simply search at ´´`` . They have great fashion!

It must be tough “learning on the job” so to speak. The community can be... opinionated. This is not always a good thing. What keeps What tools do you use to create? Has that


changed as you’ve improved and learned new techniques? Tell us about your process. I use Gimp for the texture and design. I also tried Photoshop but Gimp is sooo much easier. My ‘new best American friend’ Candy Lover helped me to make the bump-map of the textures. For the meshes I use Milkshape. I am new at meshing and I have to say its very difficult to mesh. And I use TSR Workshop of course. After I finished the new clothing, I take photos of it and share it with the whole world! :D

I also enjoyed Paradasims magazine. Are there more issues planned? No, at the moment I am not planning any magazines. They were just for fun and its very difficult. So, I have respect for you and your team. Your magazine is great! In closing, what are your future plans for Pradasims? Also, as a content creator and a fan of the game what would you like to see more of in the Sims and in the community as a whole in the future? In the future I want to mesh better and to create more clothes. And I want a Season EP like everybody in the Sims community!! It will be the most important EP for me. And I want to be rich by Pradasims. No, that was only a joke!:D

What advice do you have for aspiring creators? For new creators its always difficult to get recognition and respect. They should not take criticism as seriously as I did. If someone does not like what he or she makes, its does not matter because there is always someone I just hope that everybody will be healthy and who will! have fun!


Advert by KateSterling

Pictures by SylentWhysper Words by AsiaShaMecca

Rhapsody. Open the Stargate. Indulge your senses and free your inhibitions in a world of future fashion.

The future shines brightly. Silver sparkles like laser lights and aluminized metallics. Metallics and swimwear go together like suns and stars. To call it timeless is not needed. If metallics are scorching and on trend this summer, imagine them in the future. Imagine a world of glowing light and zero limits. A living environment so screamingly modern that even modern becomes old fashioned. Imagine a future where your Sim wears clean lines and only what she needs to get by. Swim in that future. In fact why wait? In these gorgeous sci-fi suits and swimwears your Sim can enjoy the Rhapsody... today.







SIMDIVA Chocolatier

Advert by AsiaShaMecca

SY Dining Chair by D3VV


new year means time to redecorate those homes with vibrant colors and bold patterns as well as incorporating the 2012 official year color: Tangerine Tango into it all. We have scoured the depths of custom home decor to bring you some plush, unique and comfortable items for your lovely Sims to relax upon. All our finds are perfect for that modern look you want to capture, with a splash of color to brighten any dull room. With all the comfort moodlets going up, we cannot fail to neglect the extra trimmings that really pull together a room. Make your home warm and cozy by laying out some rugs on the bare floor. Not only does it keep those feet happy, but your pets will be eager to relax and nap. A rug can also tie in colors in a room, or even add that bold streak that the room was missing. Rugs are not the only thing on our list to add to our homes, but pillows...lots and lots of pillows! Pillows turn a bleak, cold room into a warm and inviting area. Whether you’re snuggling up with your loved ones or reading by that new lamp with a steaming cup of hot chocolate, these creative and vibrant patterned pieces will keep the dreary winter weather outside.

Utensil Clock by B5Studio

Invicta Chair by SIMcredible


R226 G 7 3 B 4 7

Paper Dream Funny End Table by SIMcredible!

by Dustydreamer

2 0 1 2 ’s c o l o r o f t h e ye a r,

“Sophisticated but at the same time dramatic and seductive, Tangerine Tango is

an orange with a lot of depth to it. Reminiscent of the radiant shadings of a sunset, Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.� - Leatrice Eiseman Summer Pillows by lpvinyl21

Owl Pillows by AweSims

Ceriese Chair by SIMcredible!

Equilibrium Floor Lamp by Sugar-Baby756

Contemporary, Mid-Century & Kalim Rugs by B5Studio

Winter Garden Lamp by Apple

Ta n g e r i n e Ta n g o



Photography and Words


Pump up anything sheer with these hot spots -Mesh Shirt & Skirt by Lorandia Sims 3

Have polka dots ever really gone out of style? They have always been a mainstay for prints in fashion. The dots of yesterday conveyed a classic and timeless style that was meant to create a subtle backdrop for the design of a garment. This year dots have taken center stage on the runway and at home. These aren’t your Grandma’s polka dots. They pop on any fabric, shape and design, luring the eye and making a bold statement. Whether used as a print or a cutout, these dots will draw the eye to you as if they were targets. These hot spots won’t ever fade into the background.

Don’t be afraid to double up on dots - Versace Coat by All About Style


Slink into his heart with these sultry spots - Dress by Rusty Nail


This dress by ernhn sizzles with a sophisticated dot pattern.

Make a bold statement with this cutout dress by Prada Sims


Mix it up. Top- Meshed outfit by Rusty Nail Bottom- One Shoulder Belted Dress by ILikeMusic640


Image by Adler900, Winner of SF Magazine’s Cosmetic Challenge

Rouge C O S M E T I C S

Practicality. It’s just not an option.



Advert by EnolaAplomb



EATCAKE Irresistibly Timid - Delicately Modest. Fashion has never been so tempting. Do you desire something fashionably sweet this Spring? Come with us and indulge in some deliciously feminine fashion with a hint of mischief to satisfy your cravings. Decorus, demure and delicate - this Spring brings us lace, pearls and ribbon; classically feminine embelishments with an innocent, doll-like elegance.


Pictures by DustyDreamer Words by Minraed






Natural Cosmetics, designed especially for you. 41

Image by EnolaEplomb, Runner Up in SF Magazine’s Cosmetic Challenge


Risky Business Work. If it were fun they’d call it play. At least that’s how the saying goes. But Sims is all about play. Once your Fashionista enters that Business Rabbit Hole anything could happen. And what does “Suck Up to the Boss” really mean? Business doesn’t have to mean boring. Your diva doesn’t have to be a corporate drone. In the Sims, a day at the office can be stylish... dramatic... sexy. We’re thinking pencil skirts, sheer tops, lace, seamed stockings and of course red red lips. Dress your Sim for success and put the “Power” back in Power Broker.

Feature by AsiaShaMecca 43



46 54


48 56


62 50


ALLIUm asiashamecca


Union Jack chic ‘Wide hoops’ Jewllery by Natalis @ TSR ‘The High Road’ Shoes by miraminkova @ TSR

‘Love Snickers’ Shoes by fen0m@n @ TSR

British Punk need not be grimy. I mean a little grime always helps, but it isn’t a requirement. This look never seems to go out of style. It’s as timeless as tights and high tops. Bring out your Sims Rebellious trait Union Jack style with these smexy bits.

Leggings by JS Sims 3

‘T-Shirt’ by byiloha

Bustier and Shorts by Icia23 @ TSR

Nostalgia outerwear

Advert by KateSterling


Dress by Erhn @ TSR 54

BY Allium

AFTER the PARTY 47 55

Dresses by Sims2fanbg @ TSR 48 56

Dress by Sims2fanbg @ TSR

Outfit by Harmonia @ TSR 57



Pink is very enticing. Probably because it has a calming effect and is also the complimentary color to healthy skin tones. Men wearing pink are thought to be sensitive and yet exude confidence. Pink is the easiest color to coordinate with any color in the wardrobe. Pink is one color that can brighten up the dullest of grey coats and soften the brightest of the blacks and navy colors. The various shades of pink include magenta, fuchsia and salmon for men’s clothing.


59 79




61 55


82 36

Advert by Simanims



Special thanks to Yuri for translations.


e first noticed the gorgeous Sims of IMHO on My Sims 3 Blog. Recently we discovered her blog IMHO Sims 3 and what a fabulous resource it is! Sexy Sims, realistic well made poses, patterns and more can be found in one easy to navigate location. Best of all, IMHO Sims are packaged with everything you need... no time consuming content hunts here. We contacted IMHO and once we were able to tackle the hurdle of not speaking a lick of Russian, were absolutely thrilled to get to know this up and coming Sim maker. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. Please tell us about yourself? I am 36 years old. I was born in Belarus where I still live. I have a degree in accounting. For some time I was working as a bartender and enjoyed it very much. I was also a singer in a rock band, but not very long as I got married and had to leave the band. I truly am a very happy person. I have my friends, my children, my husband and my God. A couple of years ago my girlfriend brought me a disk with Sims 2. That’s how it all started. Then there was Sims 3 and my first attempts to publish my own Sims. I have been a fan of your work for some time, your Sims just seem to get better and better. What inspires you to create for the Sims? I can’t say for sure. Any emotions stimulate new ideas in me, whether it’s anger or the feel of happiness or sadness. When I don’t have an inspiration I don’t even try to create anything because it all comes out boring and unexciting. It’s not always easy for me to create something descent. Sometimes I go several days thinking of a good idea. What is most important to me is to make sure I create something that has not been done before. Sometimes there are similarities, however they are coincidental and very much upset me. Why did you decide to start your own blog? There were different reasons. I have always been trying to be independent. Now I have my

own blog, and I can do what I want with it and how I want it. In my opinion, any blog or website reflects the taste, style and a little bit of the character of its owner. I would love to decorate and elaborate my page much more but I have to keep in mind users with slow internet speed and therefore do not do it. I try to compensate for the rather basic look of my blog with my screens and music which I carefully pick for my news. I notice you are very active

on your blog and often respond to comments. What do you enjoy most about creating for the community? What discourages you sometimes? I think if your blog allows leaving comments then you really want to receive those comments and I think it is not polite to leave them without attention, even if the


but want to be noticed in the community. They take someone else’s work and make minor modifications and then present it as their own. This always disappoints me. Therefore, I always patiently spent a huge amount of time and effort on my sims and my news, and I almost never take even my own Sims as the basis for the new ones. I use what is available in CAS from EA. I believe that you can not do remakes of already existing Sims previously created and published by other people. Also, one should not copy someone else’s style. If you want to be successful, then you should do something that has not been done before.

person who left a comment will never read your response. There is an old saying that goes “If you want to have friends be friendly.” Comments show how interesting your work is to others. Also, because I am active in my blog I often find new friends. What do I enjoy the most? I like pretty much everything! It’s a great feeling to realize that someone appreciates your work and needs it. I like having an opportunity to show my work to the community and see others people’s work. Of course, there are some unpleasant moments. Some people don’t have patience or talent to create something of their own


When you create a Sim what makes you say to yourself, this Sim is ready. This is what I want to post on my blog and share with the community? When I see my Sim starting to get worse than it already is then I know it’s ready! LOL. On a serious note, when I feel that I can fall in love with my Sim as it were a real human being and love him with a passion then I stop and tell him: “Yes! You are ready to go!” But then new accessories and haircuts emerge and I feel tempted to go back and redo that Sim. You also put a lot of work into styling your Sims. They always seem to have their own look. Obviously style is very important to you. How would you describe your personal style? (Laughs) It is difficult to describe in one word. Most likely my style is a mix of grunge, rock, classical, glamour and romanticism. On the surface I am all cool, calm collected but deep inside I am rather a child. You see, it’s so hard to find a definition of what I think I am. When my mood changes, my style changes as well and so does the style of my Sims. Recently you posted a terrific

guitar accessory by NataliS and a set of accessory poses for creators. How did that come about? Can we expect more? Unfortunately, it was just a one time deal. Perhaps, something like this would happen again but as of right now there are no particular plans. Natalie is my internet friend now.

Sims and change it as they wish. Just don’t change the genetics please. I have seen cases when people take my Sims and change the lenses and other physical characteristics and move them with sliders.

Sims and patterns, now poses. What’s next for you? What other facets of Sims creation are you planning to try? My Sims dream is to create Sims with their own add-ons. I mean their own haircuts,

contact lenses, clothes, skins etc which would be unique for every Sim. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to do all that, so for now I use what’s already available. What would you like to see more of in The Sims and in the community as whole? Oh, I can go on forever about this. In my opinion, we need more sliders. Current facial expressions and speech patterns can make the most beautiful Sim look ugly. We need a more realistic face rendering software in order to make our characters more human like.

I think my Sims only became worse because of that. My best wishes to your magazine and your staff and anyone involved in the creation process! XOXO


Also, it would be great if CAS items were signed by people who created them. I use so much additional content for the game and sometimes I just get lost trying to figure out who did contact lenses or lipstick or eye shadows in order to officially mention their authors and thank them for their work. I do want to thank them very much for creating such a wonderful game content and sharing it with others. I also wanted to share my work with them, so if any author needs a Sim to demonstrate what they have created please feel free to take any of my

Chair pose by meng


Magnetix For her

Advert by KateSterling





ven good girls go bad sometimes. Go... slumming. When we first saw the lovely English rose Kami Wilkerson in our latest SF Next Top Model competition she wore a lovely oh so innocent pinafore and butter wouldn’t melt in her bow like mouth. When Simanims decided to think outside the pastel box and recreate her favorite shoot, Allium’s “Dark Room” from SF Issue 6, we were so delighted with the result we just had to share. Nims vision of grungy glorious black mixes lace with leather, and goth with just a touch of steampunk. A bit of muted color and hint of naughty but nice gives basic black a whole new life. It’s a hard world in these pics, yet somehow Kami maintains her creamy innocence. Quite the trick, no? If you’re looking at this shoot and thinking “What’s a nice girl like this doing in a place like that?” You’re definitely getting the idea. And if you’re thinking… “Where can my Sim get those BOOTS?” then maybe your Sim is ready to go slumming too.




74 68






andice, oh Candice... you’re the mami of this West Side Story. You might not know to look at this barrio baby, but in our latest SF Next Top Model lovely Candice gave us class and glamour until it was coming out of our ears. Until we begged her photographer CBon to get the girl a little dirty and take a risk. Well, risk he did. Risk and grit in glorious, sultry, hot hot hot Summer color. Can you feel the heat? Sometimes an entry is just too good to stay on a forum thread. Every now and again a judge gets a set of pictures they want to show everyone. These photos were so striking we had to share them with you. According to CBon, they tell the story of a long hot Summer day from dawn until dark. But they don’t need words. CBon and Candice speak for themselves. We know you will enjoy as much as we do.






Gadgets finds for THE “Computer Whiz”


Yeah, we know.

A true geek can whip up a computer from an old Howdy Doody lunchbox, three paper clips and some Cool Mint chewing gum. But... he doesn’t get invited out much does he?

Even when not surrounded by his geeked out brethren, a nerd likes to impress as much as the next guy. It’s like the right pair of shoes. Ladies, tell me when you finally got that pair of Louboutins that you didn’t flash that red sole every chance you got? You know you did. This feature is for the brand conscious geek. The tech worshiper who appreciates a little microchip Caché. The trendinista who knows high caliber electronics when she sees them.... and wants everyone else to see ‘em too. You’re working your way up the Scientific ladder. You’re a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder now and you’ve got the Simolians to burn baby! Show ‘em off!

Samsung Home Theater Set by My Sims Reality Sweet sweet surround sound. Hold me in your dulcet tones.

Feature by SomeSimGuy


Plasma Paradiso!

BRANDSMART edition portable prestige

Kindle Fire by FreshPrince

Dell Laptops by Joan_Martinez

Odys Extrem Tablets by by Akisima

IPod with JBL OnStage IIIp Dock by great_tigre

IPod Touch by clement37 IPod Nano Watch by FreshPrince

Samsung Galaxy S II by blakegriplingph

Who are these people? Who cares! My Sim looks super cool calling for pizza.


Apple iMac by cemre Macbook Pro by Joan_Martinez

24 Custom Mac Decals by NewOne

alien nation

You can’t see it. But my inner-gamer is doing a happy little dance right now! Alienware Laptop by Deathfaith

Alienware Hacker Project Set by hudy777-design



n looking over my assignments I gotta say I thought there had been a... mistake. Male... Beauty?!?!? Then I remembered Madi doesn’t make mistakes. She also signs my checks and SO... yeah. SomeSimGuy got serious in a hurry. I know you’re asking yourself; how does a real GUY wear make-up? What would possess him? Will it go with my beard? Well MAN-UP ALREADY! Yes, there is a makeup wearing guy (or three) out there. Its only smart. Lots of ladies are seriously into pretty. There’s no shame in it guys.

Beauty 88



The Eyes Clearly Have It.

Surveys say (and by survey I mean me asking chicks on the bus) that one of the very first things to catch a ladies eye is... the eyes. Long sensitive lashes. Dramatically lined eyes. Maybe a shock of emo hair. Start there. This is a NO fail look and not hard to achieve. From so subtle only you will know, to full on Byronesque poet. You literally can NOT go wrong with either or anything in between.


Blonds DO Have More Fun.

There was a time when any guy worth his salt was ashamed for the world to know he dyed. Oh we dyed... but you weren’t supposed to know it. And again I say... move on! Bright blond and bushy dark brows are so hot right now I’m surprised this guys hair products haven’t caught fire. Look away from those eyes. “You can’t, can you ladies?... HA! He knows it too.


Men Call it Lip Gloss.

And YOU need to have some. Big, soft old sexy lips were survey answer number two. Chapped lips are manly... but yeah, this is a man who spends a lot of time alone. Lip maximizing “serum”, male lip makeup is a requirement. From natural to glossy do something to make them stand out. I think I feel a man-crush coming on. Look away! Look away!!!

Groom Those Brows.

If you’re living on EA base game brows you’re also a guy living on borrowed dating time. I will be frank. They... are... horrid. Even I know that and I own a plaid flannel shirt (tell anyone and there will be slaps). Hunt down some groomed male brows. Let them peek out through your careless shock of hair. Thank me later. And now you know. YES, guys wear makeup. They wear it well, with pride and with a smoking geek girl on each arm. NO... makeup does not go with your beard. That was a different editorial. Let it GO!






e download dresses for our Sims. We hoard tops and bottoms and glittery satiny formals until our hard drives are bursting. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Hair for days. And of course sparkling pretty jewels. But when we dress ourselves, when is the outfit finished? The makeup? Sure, we think of that. But, what about the nails? Nails are the perfect finish, and every fashionista loves and covets her mani-petti time. Why should our Sims have anything less? Adorable nails abound. Where we once had only solids (and boo to you if you don’t have any at all) now those wonderful content creators are going nail crazy! Nails are everywhere! You can go playful, or glam. There is plenty to choose from. Your Sim can have solids, stripes, stones or any abstract thing in between. We think it’s long overdue for SF to shine the fashion light on some of the too delicious nail options out there. Finish your Sims outfit with any one of these delights, or find some statements of your own. You can’t go wrong. Nails are the new jewelry.

Images by KateSterling

Words by PseudoSim


Flowers Black. White. Simple. Beautiful. By Lorandia.


Sparkles Classic castable gradation with sparkling stones and swirls. Oh so CHIC nails by Klavix.




On trend. Castable. Fresh and funky for your unpredictable Sim fashionista. By Serpentrogue


Abstract Wild and unrestrainted. Unpredictable. Castble. Nails as art by Lorandia.


Jewels Classy and simple. Sparkling, shining. Glossy and gorgeous for any occasion by Klavix.


D a k r Ja

i h c r A ct t e h t tlig o p S


by S RD d O W e a r Min

Jarka D

Luxury Modern Villas YouTube video for palaces and castles


website link


Czech architect Jarka D brings us prestigious luxury with her line of meticulously appointed modern villas. Her villa style is elegant though relaxed - showcasing unique structural elements and resort-like swimming pools in a staggering collection of 116 homes in this line alone.

outstanding community venues, exciting exotic homes and more. Her incredible versatility is unsurpassed.

These delightful homes are free for downloading and come lightly decorated for easy installation. Only a minimal amount of custom content items are used, and links to JarkaD’s entire collection will provoke these are provided with each lot description. the senses, as her other building lines Visit JarkaD’s website and find your dream include magical castles, massive mansions, home today.


high-impact wine and dine

Images by Words by



Di n i ng

Fo r Tw o


Homes & Interiors

R o m a n ti c


efore the menu is even presented an elegant dining room will whet the appetite for romance. Transform your everday dining room into an intimate alcove of luxurious ambiance with a few simple touches. Lighting should be soft and slightly dim - include fire and candle light for an especially romantic ambiance. Select a colour theme and keep it simple with a few accents in our room a few well-placed touches of classically passionate red and roses stand


stand out against neutral black and cream tones. For an up-close and cozy dining experience choose a table large enough for comfortable placement of food, table settings and decorative accents, but small enough to accomodate only two chairs and to allow for a little middining snuggle. Clear the room of any unecessary clutter and don’t forget to dust off your best china, silver and crystal for the occasion. With all of the little touches in place, and the romantic mood set, prepare to savour the passion.


Homes & Interiors

“Cooking is like love - it should be entered with abandon or not at all. � - Author unknown

World Showcase Jericho by Simsample

There has been a settlement along the Kaen-Garen River for as long as anyone can remember. The Old Town of Jericho was a sleepy place, caught in the past, drifting along quite happily in its own little world. Until one day, someone constructed a big red bridge across the Kaen-Garen, and a new City Hall and high rise buildings sprung up on the other bank. Newcomers moved in, a local government was formed, and new institutions and businesses arose. All at once, the people of Old Town found themselves invaded by a new way of life, and they were not happy!

“It’s understood By every single person Who’d be elsewhere if they could So far so good And life’s not unpleasant In their little neighbourhood” Neil Peart, Middletown Dreams


Jericho Will the Old Town citizens be able to preserve their customs, or will they be forced to adapt to the new ways? Will Old Town become part of New Jericho, or will the old buildings remain as a monument to the past? Will the newcomers be accepted into the Old Town culture, or will the societies be ever kept asunder? Only your sims can decide!


Geography Jericho is situated on a peninsula in the ocean. The city of Boscaster can be seen inland, in the distance. The Kaen and Garen Rivers cut the land, creating a natural boundary between New Town and Old Town. The commercial area lies where the rivers merge, conveniently situated for access from both New and Old Town. To the south of the Jericho Peninsula is a swamp area, and several small islands formed by the Kaen are reclaimed for the New Town settlement. Jericho boasts sandy beaches as well as shingle, and several ancient monuments form landmarks on the Eastern hills. Climate is temperate, with varying skies. The wealthier residents tend to live in the New Town area, but some more expensive properties have been constructed on the Old Town river bank, perhaps prophesying a turn of fortune for that neighbourhood.

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I started to research weather because I wanted to make the skies for Jericho. Eventually, when I got to the stage where I was ready to start developing my Jericho weather files, I started this thread so that everyone could pool their knowledge, since I knew a lot of other people were also working on their own skies. As you can see, a lot of information has been gathered there, and in fact I'm part of the way through writing a tutorial based on that research.


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Getting Started For planning a world, I think that’s a tricky one to explain, because really it’s mostly inspiration! I had an idea about a town divided by a river, and it grew from there. For planning the actual creation of the world, I think this tutorial is pretty good and describes quite well how to develop things. For routing, this is the tutorial which really contains the best knowledge. This tutorial is a good guide on creating the world flyover that you see when you play a world for the first time. This thread exists because I was wondering initially about making Jericho into a city (like Bridgeport), but I eventually decided against that.

Population Jericho is unpopulated. As you play, sims will be moved into the neighbourhood, or you can move your own sims in. If you wish to have more control or to rapidly populate the town, I recommend Twallan’s Story Progression Mod. If you are looking for sims to move in to Jericho, I recommend looking at the Sim download section of this site, or perhaps the Population Project at Custom Sims 3.



ver fancied turning your hand to making a Sim advert? Well featured in this magazine and below are the results from our latest challenge! At SF Magazine, apart from fabulous editorials, we love to feature innovative and creative adverts and we thought why not involve our members in a fun challenge that would - well take some of


the load off of us! The aim of the challenge was to style, shoot and design an advert for the upcoming edition of SF Magazine. We aim to host this challenge for every issue so keep checking our website for details! We had a bumper number of entries this challenge and can’t fit them all in here but, they ALL wowed us and we hope they WOW you too!

This issues challenge can be found here:


links Inside Cover Page 6-11

Artwork by SimEve

Show Me How You Burlesque - Images by DarkoSims Image Two (Left to Right) Beckham Tank by Darko Jeans by Darko Military Tags by TumTum Spiked Bracelet by TumTum Boots by SashaJ Nerd Chic by EA Store Bracelet by Aikea-Guinea Rings by Lorandia Dog Tags by NataliS

Bracelet and necklace by LL Top Imaginarium of GREEN Fishnets by Newsea Shoes Dany by Altea127 Image Three

Top by Aikea-Guinea Rosary necklace by NataliS Jeans by Darko Look Three & Four Lingerie by RustyNail Stockings by EA Shoes Elisa by Altea

Page 18-23 Base Game

Rhapsody - Images by SylentWhysper Stephany by Sylent Not Available for Download Look One Studded Underwear by Miraminkova Gloves by EA Base Game Double Spiked Choker by EA Base Game Look Two Karma Body Dress by The Sims Key Eyepiece by Sims3cc Look Three One Piece Bodysuit by Harmonia09 Fashion Look Set by ClioSims3 Shoes 02 by Rosesims Look Four Metallic Swimsuit 01 by SakuraSims Sets Jasmine by Irink@a Modern Boots by Bebana2


18-23 Cont.

Cuffs by SuperheroSims Sunglasses by EA Base Game Look Five Sea Shimmer by Ekinege Shoes 68 by LorandiaSims3 Bamboo Necklace 005 by Natalis Bamboo Double Bracelets 005 by Natalis

Page 36-40

Let Them Eat Cake - Images by DustyDreamer Devin by VINTAGE Not Available for Download Look One Doll Dress by Sasha J Laced Gloves by Icia Calze Pizzo socks by Altea127 Lace Shoes by Softrain Look Two Pearl Headband by Twilight Top & Ribbon Dress by ModernSims Maid Socks by Namama Dancin’ Shoes by EA Store Bow Bracelet by IN3S Look Three Pearl Necklace by VitaSims3 Victorian Frill Shirt by EA Store Look Four Rostov Enamel Finift Necklace by VitaSims Lace Tank Dress by Icia23 Look Five Doll Dress by Sasha J Long MultiStone Necklace by NataliS Wolford tights by Ancsie18 Lolita Platform Shoes by Altea127

Page 42-49

Risky Business - Images by AsiaShaMecca Veronika by Levitas Men by Slipslop (except for one) Ansel Chrishton by AsiaShaMecca Not Available for Download (Center in Boardroom Group Scene) Image One Transparent Top by Cbon Patent Leather Skirt by Cbon Pendant Necklace by NataliS Image Two Leather Jacket by Cbon Belted Skirt by RustyNail Multi-Stone Necklace by NataliS Multi-Stone Bracelet by NataliS Mock Mod Glasses by Tamo Image Three H&M Dress by PradaSims Pearl Pendant by NataliS Pearl Earrings by NataliS Gladiator Sandals by lillka Image Four Jacket Dress by Bluella Rings by Lorandia


42-49 Cont.

Pumps by ModishKitten Suits by EA Base Game & Late Night EP Image Five Color Block Dress by RustyNail D&G Ankle Straps by JB&IC Double Strand Pearls by VitaSims Multi-Bracelet by Lore Image Six Lace dress by RustyNail Patent Leather Ankle Straps by Cbon Pearl Chocker by NataliS Long Necklace by Rose Pearl Bracelet by NataliS

Page 54-57

After the Party Images by Allium Aiwa Anargy by Miss Lochness Madame Dress by ernhn Model by Allium Dress by Sims2fanbg Tara by Aziz Oufit by sims2fanbg Model by Allium Dress by Sims2fanbg Model Maxx by Jaedub Outfit by Harmonia

Page 59-63 Not Available for Download Not Available for Download

Men in Pink - Images by Dr. Musix Image One Alexander by IMHO Top by All About Style Bottom by asia! Shoes by EA Base Game Image Two Tomeo by IMHO Outfit by RustyNail Shoes by EA Night Life EP Tristian by IMHO Outfit by RustyNail Shoes by EA Night Life EP Trace by cecesaun1 Outfit by RustyNail Shoes by Julianna Image Three Trace by cecesaun1 Top by All About Style Jeweled Pearl necklace by NataliS Outdoor Living SP Shoes by EA Base Game Alexander by IMHO Top by furballvie Resort Pants by EA Store  Shoes by EA Outdoor Living SP Accessory by TumTum Tomeo by IMHO Top by NewOne Pants by EA Base Game


49-63 Cont.

Shoes by Julianna Glasses by EA Base Game Accessory by TumTum Image Four Jerome by PradaSims Top by All About Style Bottom by EA Base Game Shoes by EA Night Life EP Alexander by IMHO Top by All About Style Bottom by All About Style Shoes by EA Base Game Image Five Jerome by PradaSims Top by Apple Bottom by EA Base Game Shoes by EA Night Life EP Glasses by EA Base Game Accessory by TumTum Tristian by IMHO Vest, Tie and Shirt by EA Store Bottom by EA Base Game Shoes by EA Night Life EP Accessory by TumTum

Page 78-85

West Side Story - Images by CBon Candice by CBon Not Available for Download Image One Shoes by All About Style Top by EA Pets Expansion Shorts by CBon Not yet released Hair by Newsea Image Two Dress by Cbon73 Top by EA Pets Expansion Zebra Palm 2 by Zhanna Image Three Bra top by Anubis360 Animal Print Pants by RustyNail Image Four Top by GreenNoodle Shorts by CBon Not yet released Hair by Pralinesims Image Five Dress by Icia23 Exotic Palm Pattern from TSR Image Six Hair by Newsea



Sims Fashionista

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SF MAGAZINE Vol 1, Issue 14  

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