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Students First


A Comprehensive Campaign for Seward County Community College


thinking that’s powerful and personal Dear Friends, The “Students First, Community Always” comprehensive campaign at Seward County Community College continues the tradition of excellence and opportunity that began with a vision of community investment nearly 50 years ago. The people who established the College and the technical school in the 1960s did so during a time of difficult economy, and turbulent national and world politics. Their concern for the future of the region and its youth led to the establishment of an exceptional institution that has grown to impact countless lives, and ranks among the top 5 percent of community colleges in the nation.

The College exemplifies a collaborative, rural way of life: good people create momentum to build something lasting. SCCC President Dr. Ken Trzaska

I value the community spirit and support that embody the very values of our college — integrity and excellence. As the 10th President of SCCC, it is my privilege to lead us through this critical venture of growth and development of our campus facilities. This campaign will expand opportunities in Allied Health programs and our athletic programs, among the most competitive in the nation, enabling our students to reach their greatest potential. This in turn will fuel growth in the community and region.

Just as the vision for exceptional educational opportunities and community impact ­ inspired our founders, we ask that you join us to expand that vision of excellence today. Maybe it sounds a little lofty, but working together, I think we can make SCCC the best community college in the nation.

Dr. Ken Trzaska President, Seward County Community College

Students First


Since the fall of 1969, Seward County Community College has been at the heart of post-secondary education in Liberal, Seward County, Kansas, and the surrounding region. The College assumed operations for the Area Technical School in 2008, and both entities serve as a vital part of SCCC. The College’s combination of education and career and technical training has resulted in steady growth in enrollment from 331 in its first year to more than 2,600 students today. The leadership of the SCCC Foundation seeks to strengthen and grow this trusted and important community institution with a Comprehensive Campaign — Students First, Community Always.

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Champions Center

A Long History Serious baseball in Liberal dates back to the 1950s with the Liberal Bee Jays, one of the nation’s top ­ semi-pro summer teams. Ian Kinsler, Hunter Pence, Mike ­Hargrove, Jack Morris, Ron Guidry, Doug Drabek, ­ David Sequi, Pat Listach and John Valentine all played as Bee Jays.

“I went to SCCC to play baseball. The education was superior. I had the opportunity to go to medical school after three years of college, not because I was brilliant. It was because I was well-prepared at SCCC.” Graduate Dr. Frank Evans Stillwater (Okla.) Family Care

The bloodline of success SCCC has long ­balanced the benefits of an ­exceptional ­ post-secondary ­education with collegiate ­athletics. Our time-tested approach provides the opportunity for student ­ athletes to advance and enjoy success both at the four-year collegiate and professional levels. The College’s Master Plan ­ includes facilities for student ­ athletes and team competition. As a member of the Western Division of the Kansas Jayhawk

Students FIRST

Community College Conference, Seward County’s Brent Gould Field has no rivals when it comes to a great game facility. ­However, because of the unpredictable and ever-changing weather conditions in Southwest Kansas, baseball and softball teams lose practice time. Recruiting, development, and placement of student ­ athletes is vital to a successful college athletic department. The Champions Center will include


fans on campus cheering at Saints games every year

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FEATURES Locker rooms, restrooms and showers Indoor turf field Indoor tennis court Coaches’ offices Weight room Clubhouse

“Seward County baseball goes back to the days when the Bee Jays played on dusty fields at the edge of town. The game is tied to a High Plains toughness and America at its best.”

In athletics indoor practice space for baseball, softball, and tennis programs, which will attract student athletes and help teams develop their skills. Baseball has a long history in Liberal, dating back to the 1950s with the Liberal Bee Jays, one of ­ the nation’s top semi-pro summer baseball teams. Many SCCC baseball players have the ­ opportunity to play on the Bee Jays team. The Saints and the Bee Jays will share a clubhouse, as they do a field.

Galen McSpadden Former Liberal Bee Jay player SCCC Head Baseball Coach Coaches Galen McSpadden and Mike Davidson.

Currently, seven teams share one gymnasium.

Get in the Game


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Still on the team

Gene and Jo Ann Sharp pause for a photo with SCCC coach and former Liberal Bee Jays player and coach, Galen McSpadden.

“ Galen and I played on the 1972 Bee Jays and bec friends. Years later, when I came back to coach, I’d only do it if he would be my pitching coach. Baseball reveals the character of people — and t people at SCCC and the area are good people. Th why this campaign is something I really believe

Mike Hargrove, former Bee Jay, MLB player and Ma “Jo Ann and I are sponsoring the Champion Center with $1 million because, on more than one occasion I have been out to the college and saw Galen McSpadden, right along with the rest of his team, scooping snow off the field so they could practice,” said lead project donor Gene Sharp. “They need some place inside.” Liberal’s remote location can make it hard to recruit quality players, and a modern, well-equipped facility will prove hard to resist when paired

with a coach like McSpadden who “has something to offer them that I don’t think any other community college in this area has to offer. The same is true of tennis and softball. The Champions Center is going to facilitate a lot.” Accommodating the Bee Jays is a win-win, he said. “That organization has put Liberal on the map. Even when you get up to Alaska, when we told people we were from Liberal, they associated Liberal with the Bee Jays. I don’t know

Students FIRST

if the public understands the number of kids who have played in the Bee Jays here and gone on to the majors — more than 150 of them,” said Sharp. The Sharps hope to see gifts from people across the entire spectrum of Liberal’s population, making the project a true community effort. LINK FOR MORE! Read an indepth interview with Sharps about how baseball and the college have impacted their lives.


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Dear Friend o f SCCC, As a former B ee Jay, friend, or fan, are you Liberal, Kansa aware that over s as a Bee Jay 150 of us cam before making e through our climb to p I was playing lay in the Big in Liberal in th L eagues? e su After spendin g the next 35 ye mmer of 1972 when I was d rafted by the T ars in Professio and 16 as a Big exas Rangers. nal Baseball (i League Manag ncluding 12 as er), I retired m a ML player id-season of 20 In 2007 I had 07. the opportunit y to “piddle” aw and I stopped hile for the firs in Liberal (pop t time in years ulation 22,000 Carlile, and se and my wife ) to visit lifetim e a game. I w e friend and st as pleasantly su changed very il l GM Bob rp rised to see th little and remai at the organiz ned extremely after the game, at ion had strong and wel Bob nonchalan l respected. In tly said, “You Mike.” the parking lo should come b t ack here next year and coac We were barel h , y down the ro ad when Shar Mike.” Needle on enthusiasti ss to say, we re cally said, “We turned the tw I was once agai should do that o following se n proud to wea as ons to coach th r the Bee Jay u It felt good to e young athlete niform (althou give back to an s. gh I did fill it organization th career. out differently) at had given m . e so much at th e start of my The purpose of this letter is tw of way to build a old. First, I w ant you to know first-class faci lity that will b there is an effor Community C enefit both the t underollege basebal Bee Jays and th l teams. The se join me in mak e Seward Cou cond part is to ing a tax-dedu nty ask former pla ctible donatio yers like you to n to help this Gifts and pled fa cility become ges of $2 milli a reality. on, including Another $1 m the challenge illion is needed gr an t, have already b to begin const ruction. een raised. Please reflect on this oppor tunity to help for one am go and give what ing to give over ever amount yo the next five ye this is our chan u feel you can ars. We all talk ce to give back .I about giving b to an organizat further the ca ack and, to m ion that still se reer of athlete e, s and reach th rves as a steppi e major leagues ng stone to For more info . rmation or qu estions on this SCCC Found amazing oppo ation office at rtunity, please (6 20) 417-1130 thank you for contact the . Or give onli your consider ne, by clickin ation. g this link. I Sincerely, Mike Hargrov e Special Adviso r to

the President

More than 150 former Bee Jays have played MLB.

Seven ways to GIVE 1


Gift of Cash You can deduct annual cash gifts (checks, 足 credit card, etc.) in amounts up to 39.6 足 percent of adjusted gross income annually. On a $10,000 cash gift in the 28 percent tax bracket, you save $2,800 in taxes.


Charitable Gift Annuity


Accounts CDs, Saving, Brokerage,

Multiple-Year Gift & Pledge You can deduct cash pledged over a period of years, up to 39.6 percent of adjusted gross income for the portion given each year. On a $30,000 cash gift over three years ($10,000 each year) in a 28 percent tax bracket, you save $2,800 in taxes each year.


Appreciated Stock


Bonds & Mutual Funds

Appreciated stock (held over one year) makes an excellent gift. You avoid all capital gain taxes, which are 20 percent, and receive a charitable tax deduction on the entire value of the stock. The gift is valued on the day that it is signed over to the Foundation.

Bonds and mutual funds are similar to cash in their tax treatment. State, Municipal, and U.S. Government Bonds are welcome.

Questions? SCCC Foundation Office Director of Development Phone: 620-417-1131 Email:


In exchange for a gift of cash, stock or 足 securities, the organization pays you, you and your survivor, or another person you name a guaranteed income for a period of years. You receive a substantial tax 足 deduction in the year of the gift and part of the income is tax-free. Upon death, the remainder supports the Foundation.

Checking, P.O.D (Payable on Death)

You retain full ownership and control during your life. At your death, the balance is paid to the named beneficiary immediately.


Made in a Will

To give of your estate, you can make a gift bequest, after providing for others, of a dollar amount, specific property, a percentage of the estate, or what is left to the Foundation.

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Please visit with your financial advisor as you plan your charitable gifts.

Sharp Family Champions Center  

Join SCCC as we move toward construction of an indoor practice facility and club house for Saints baseball, softball, and tennis, in partner...

Sharp Family Champions Center  

Join SCCC as we move toward construction of an indoor practice facility and club house for Saints baseball, softball, and tennis, in partner...