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If you were one of the lucky ones who attended Severn’s Homecoming in November, you will undoubtedly remember a drop dead gorgeous day, a huge crowd, a great rivalry, and an incredibly strong sense of community. And if you were one of the lucky to have been on campus the week prior to Homecoming day - spirit week - the sense of community was even stronger on ‘field day’, when classes competed with muscle and mouth, and on ‘twin day’, when students, faculty and staff mirrored one another - truly an exercise in humor, admiration, and unity. But our sense of community goes way beyond Homecoming festivities. It is evident throughout alumni weekend and at alumni receptions where distance does not keep friends from getting together and becoming a community yet one more time. It is evident at out Distinguished Alumni ceremony where great men and women celebrate each others’ successes. It is in the dining hall and classrooms and hallways and wherever students share common experiences. A school, after all, is a community of people with similar interests, values, and goals. So what is it about our community that makes us so special? Perhaps it is our 96 year history or the exceptional leaders Severn has launched - but perhaps it is the ideal that is written in our mission statement - “... in a community where adults model these qualities and where each student is known and valued.”


winter bridge 2010  
winter bridge 2010