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Seventh Generation Fund For Indian Development

Sovereignty Celebrating 33 Years of Keeping the Homefires Burning (1977-2010)

James Cameron Supports Indigenous Peoples SGF President, Christopher Peters, and James Cameron

On Saturday April 24th, Seventh Generation Fund in connection with Indigenous Environmental Network, Amazon Watch and Cultural Survival, sponsored a Media Panel, “Real Life ʻPandorasʼ on Earth: Indigenous

Peoples Urgent Struggle For Survival,” with Avatar Director James Cameron. Mr. Cameron and his wife, have genuinely committed to illuminating many struggles worldwide. Seventh Generation Fund is looking forward to future talks and possible relationships. Read an article at: http:// 2010/04/26/avatar-activism/

Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues 9th Session

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May 2010 An update from the frontlines of Indigenous Peoples’ efforts in preservation, restoration and envisioning tribal sovereignty.

Arts and Cultural Expression “Tlacuilo” By: Damian Campos

Eight Mexica artists showed 23 art pieces both 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional. Artists and the guests were also treated to an alter, Seventh Generation prepared by Kalpulli Fund used its exhibit space to host Arts Arcata Xalchiuhtlicue in honor of the celebration. The art on Friday March 12th. The art centered around showed in Seventh Generation Fundʼs the Mexica New Year. gallery space for the This is the year of the duration of the month. Rabbit or Tochtli.

Keeping the Homefires Burning

Mariana Francisco, Evie ReyesAguirre and Sandra Creamer, Co-Chairʼs for the Global Indigenous Womenʼs Caucus, convened at the American Indian Community House in NYC

Almost 2,000 Indigenous Peoples from all regions of the world registered for the 9th session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Seventh Generation Fund sponsored a 28-person delegation from all over the Americas and one from Africa. For the past six years SGF carried a collective statement with issues about the Protection of Water and all those years of hard work were successful; the 2011 UNPFII will include a half-day discussion devoted to Water. You can find full report of the 9th Session, including SGFʼs collective statement on the UNPFII website at:

E-Newsletter No.2

This year marked the 10th successful Keeping the Homefires Burning gathering! On January 15-17th about 130 people

came together from all different regions in the traditional Coastal Miwok territory. A special thank you goes out to all the foundations, supporters, and projects who made this year a great success! Check out SGFʼs 2010 Keeping the Homefires Burning video at: http:// watch?v=zLei9VjYhqY

Happy 80th Birthday! Chief Oren Lyons Photo: Jessica Sargent (Akwesasne Mohave)

E-Newsletter 2010  

E-Newsletter 2010

E-Newsletter 2010  

E-Newsletter 2010