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September 2022

Future Leader of Memphis Music

Tay Keith


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TAY Keith, this too hard Grammy-nominated producer Tay Keith set the tone for the city of Memphis with his legendary accolades plus more. As being one of the youngest producers in his belt producing multi-million hits, Tay Keith develops his own distinct taste on what Memphis rap can be. As he thrives on providing a new wave, he has been able to work amongst the beefs and conflicts by building personal relationship and broaden his music. As it is the biggest day of the year for Memphis, we have interviewed one of the hottest producers in the game that has cultivated trap beats to a whole different level. As Tay Keith learn the game from hip-hop icon, DJ Khaled, he learns the ins and outs of the entertainment industry and more. We had discussed what Memphis can be in the next few years, how he is going to give back to the community and more.

What does 901 mean to you? 901 I can say is the grind and the ambition along with the struggle. The culture is also something that I think about that is very strong in Memphis. With so many accomplishments from the start of your career until now, what can you say to your younger self to where you are now? Keep working and focus on participation in school. It had a major impact on my career and education and to keep going. I got where i am at not being an academic person but don’t worry about that keep going and working! Congratulations on having two tracks on DJ Khaled’s recent album, tell me a little bit about that. I have worked with Khaled for about four years now and we always have our boss talk. He always motivates me to keep going and outside of music, he gives me guidance. It is a no-brainer that he is going to mess with it and he is going to do what he got to do. When it comes to doing songs, it's straight club bangers. He wants that grind dirty south sound.

Since it is 901 Day, do you think there should be a collaboration with all artists in the city? I know there is a 901 Fest that is today with Big Boogie, Duke Deuce and 8Ball & MJG and more. Will it continue to celebrate this day each year as it has an impact? Yes, when it comes to our day. It is a common day to celebrate a bigger level. It has a stronger culture because of the music and the reason why we should celebrate 901 Day. The music is the culture but the problem Memphis is still divided among the music culture. There is so much talent coming out of Memphis. It is going to take time. I was the person who brought a lot of things together, even though the artists didn’t get along with each other. Spreading that positive energy and vibe.

What is next for Tay Keith for the rest of the year? I had a lot of big records this year. I am working on opening up a new studio. I am building a foundation of my own for my music and calling it my home. 2023 focusing on getting to the next level.

In the next few years, would you throw a small gathering for the community and city? I had a couple things that I have talked about and put work into it. We just haven’t finalized anything just yet. I make sure I give back a lot to the city and community. We have done our Christmas donation each year, as well as, Rent for Family and partnered up with Memphis City Schools and rewarded three students $5000. I would love to change someone’s life by helping. www.sessionswithjas.com | 45


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dvsn released their controversial single “If I Get Caught” that was sampled by Jay-Z’s 2001 hit single “Song Cry.” We had sat down with OVO’s group and discussed the makings of the track.

The in-depths of r&b "I was f*n the girls, I was going to get right back!" The R&B duo, dvsn, has caused mixed reactions with their latest single "If I Get Caught" that was sampled by hip-hop mogul, Jay-Z "Song Cry" from his 2001 album The Blueprint. The song was co-produced by Nineteen85 and Bryan-Michael Cox, and it explores the relationship between a man and a woman. As Daniel sings about a woman who doesn't intend to cheat even though it happened because he no longer has feelings about the lover. While some were on his side with their views as many were frustrated. It has sparked conversations about R&B and what is missing. Sessions spoke with the R&B duo, dvsn, about the single "If I Get Caught."

Sessions: Let's get into it. What made you guys want to record the track "If I Get Caught?" dvsn: *laughs* I don't think anyone wants to get caught, some people want to do the other part. Getting caught is a risk that you take. It is a honest conversation about people who choose to take that risk usually because they are stroking their ego. This album is a story and it is just chapter one of it by dealing with the ego. You are getting to this person and/or mentality by their thoughts. We knew when we played it in rooms, the room will burst into arguments then come back and never seen a record do this before especially not an R&B song. There is something here and the honesty on how it is put by the vocals and chorus. The blend of the perfect storm. Sessions: How long have you been sitting on this record? dvsn: January of 2022. We have been really been sitting and testing it for so long. It is also a great opening to a story that is unfolding. Anyone that is looking for the R&B of the crying, love and rain and all of those things. You got to show those parts. Sessions: What made you sample or pick JAY-Z's track "Song Cry?" dvsn: Jermaine Dupri was the person. By talking through the whole song and writing the verse in 30 minutes, we didn't know if that was the perfect sample if it made sense to use it. Jermaine said just to use it and it became a perfect story.

Sessions: What can you take from the reactions from the fans and people? dvsn: a lot of shock. I learned on how quickly people jumped to conclusions by not actually seeing the whole picture. I learned how the Internet can get. We hadn't had anything like by waking up being the No. 1 trending on Twitter because up and arms at us. I look and see more people changing the tune and liking the song. People are owning it more and accepting it by can't getting out of their head. The first 24 hours was whoa! Sessions: Do you take heed to what people are saying? dvsn: It is a little bit of both. We are people who keeps a relationship with their fans and keep tapping in to them. We know what you guys want. We keep our ears open because the fans and people have to listen to the artist because we are the ones who can create it. We are trying to present something to you and you have to be confident in your final product by making sure it is perfect.

Sessions: What can we expect from this album? New sound? dvsn: I hope so. I hope people take that do as fresh. I always want to be growing because if not, you are declining. Yes, this is new but this is dvsn. The very meaning of dvsn and for the people that don't know what it is is on their own and even if it is being divided by the rest. We giving you us but we are giving you 2022-2023 us.


Pive Will Forever Be: Act II Spokane native, PIVE, released his sophomore album, I Will Forever Be Act II, everywhere. It tells a story about his upbringings and how he became homeless and over became that by being successful. The album has special guest appearance by Rose The Mermaid, Jehry Robinson and Dubbygotbars. By creating a new sound and potent verses, he will remain on edge on being next in the hip-hop scene. This album will set the community up a storm by the “magic” he creates with the act. We had discussed what the message from the album with Act II, his creative sound elements and more.


What did you want to bring to this project compared to the last? Any difference? Act I was my first debut album that I have dropped since then because of me being married, COVID had started plus more. The album is called I Will Forever Be. It means that I will forever be me to the fans while everyone is doing the same thing as far as music, sound and rapping. This album is about putting my name out there while the entertainment industry is a circus. As an artist, who writes his own material and studies Tupac and Biggie, I am not okay with what the industry is doing.

I know I told you one of my favorite singles is “Magic” and now “Respect My Region.” What is it like creating the music for the album and these singles? I will always say my favorite track is “Father Figure” because it is so personal about my dad who passed this past June. I am always into lyrics and how it can help someone. It brightens my day because it means so much to me personally.

With the “Magic” track, you were the only one who liked the track. To me that track was such a different element to the beat, sound and rap. I wrote that single a Act II of the album is me coming into form with that. You couple of weeks after my dad had passed to where I was will see the different tracks and vocals between the two acts. depressed and needed to make a funky song and see how Act I is more of a West Coast, trap type of vibe while Act II it goes. is more melodic and more of singing hooks that I didn’t do to the first one. I also have a lot of features that include Rose With “Respect My Region,” the mayor always says that The Mermaid, Jerry Robinson, and Dubbygotbars. A he is going to do this and that. She hasn’t done anything continuation of Act I and coming to the form of who I want the whole time she has been in office, and I had called to be. her out on it. It was in the newspaper as well. I am not What is the meaning of your name? How did you come up going to rep my city because I am not going to rep the politicians, but I will represent the people of my region. with your name? I used to be called PIVE and my last name used to be PIVEDOR. I will make you “Respect My Region.” If you don’t When I was kid, people dropped the DOR and just called me respect my region, well I am good at barring you out and PIVE. When I was getting ready to release my debut album, down. I have been homeless before and I have a soft everything about me had changed because of my voice, sound spot for them and rap and I didn't want to be called that. It just went hand-andhand. As creating the project, I Will Forever Be, why name that? What will you forever be “doing?” creating music? It is more of I Will Forever Be the artist and the person who I am now. It comes down to where I don’t want to do drugs or be homeless again and to concentrate on music and me. I want to help people who are in that predicament or situation and I hope my album helps.

What do you want your fans to expect with the message for the project? You are going to show growth in my music from the first album to this album. That is really important to me by topping off on what I did last year. I hope my fans really enjoy the album, but there are a couple of songs by chasing your dreams no matter what. Just enjoy it because I am already working on Act III and trying to release it in early spring of 2023. Even being homeless before, I want to call a label my home.

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