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at a different and more personal level.

our own town and build connections

I know the connections and memories

with people who we can see again after

I made with the people there will last

this week. I loved every worksite we vol-

way past this week. It forced me to

unteered at and cannot wait to go back

step out of my comfort zone in many

to each place on a regular basis with

different areas and grow as a person

family and friends and share my expe-

and in my relationship with Christ. It led

rience with them. It was like working in

me to make friendships with people I

your own backyard and helping people

normally wouldn’t have enough cour-

and organizations you were familiar

age to talk to, and that helped me build

with and that left me feeling so full and

ission OKC was by far my

strong friendships with the people I got

content with the work I did after the

favorite mission trip I have

to serve with.

week was over!

This mission was incredibly special to

– Anna Pogue, Junior

been on. It was a lot smaller

than the others, which allowed you to grow even closer with your small group and people outside your small group

me and I’ll carry it with me for a long time. It was so meaningful to work in


ission OKC was such an

fun getting to spend time with the

incredible and moving ex-

kids there and help clean. What I loved

perience! I’m so glad that I

most about the trip is the fact that we

went on the trip. It was so cool getting

can still volunteer and help outside of

to volunteer at places that are in our

Mission OKC, because all of this stuff is

own backyard. I learned a lot about the

in our home town!

issues that are happening in our own town and what we can do to help. My

– Evan Kramer, High School Graduate

favorite place that we volunteered at was the OK Kid’s Korral. It was so much


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Newsletter July 2019  

Church of the Servant Newsletter - July 2019

Newsletter July 2019  

Church of the Servant Newsletter - July 2019