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October 9, 2013

Church of the Servant Bi-Weekly NEWSLETTER Issue: 13.20


My call to ministry was very much developed in serving others in the name of Christ. I did this often as a teen on mission trips that involved lots of painting and hammering. As my call to ministry has developed, my own discipleship has grown and so has my understanding of mission and serving others....

Dr. Robyn Goggs

United Methodist

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Dr. Robert Gorrell

Dark Places

elevision today is filed with zombies, witches and all kinds of violent maniacs. They have even revived the old story of the headless horseman and turned it into a new series. But none of those stories are stranger than the story of a man named Legion, found in the fifth chapter of Mark. Among the tombs… At night… It sounds like something out of a Stephen King horror novel! Jesus crosses over the Sea of Galilee to get away from the crowds pressing in on every side. They meet a storm at sea, and Jesus calms the storm and the hearts of the frightened disciples. But no sooner do they arrive on the other side, than they are confronted with a raving lunatic, a madman who lived in an ancient graveyard and spent his time threatening passersby and cutting himself with stones. Scary… Remember how the story begins? As soon as the boat reached the opposite side of the Sea, there comes to Jesus “a man with an unclean spirit, who lived among the tombs” (v.2). That is an accurate detail, for the tombs were an accustomed haunt of evil spirits, according to ancient belief. “No one could bind

The church of Jesus Christ is called to go to the dark places and seek the lost. him any more, even with a chain” (Vs. 3-4). What more perfect picture of a futile attempt to deal with a social problem by force? It hasn’t been too many years since we were doing the same thing. We still put people with problems - the sick, the elderly, and the mentally disturbed, out of sight. “Out of sight, out of mind.” we say - and quickly shunt the world’s Page 2 I

unfortunates aside. But Jesus does not. “What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the most high God?” (v.7). The demented man cries out. Again we have a standard question in the demonology of the time. In the Gospels the demons are pictured as being scared stiff of the power of Jesus Christ. They try to get away from Him as fast as they can! This may sound quaint to us, but I would suggest that in a deeper sense it is a question that has been put to Jesus by individuals and societies again and again. “What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth?” Jesus asks the unclean spirit, “What is your name?” To know one’s name is to know much about the individual. It is to get to know the other in a personal way. And the man’s reply has given a phrase to our English language: “My name is Legion.” The word legion is borrowed from Latin and refers to an army unit of four to six thousand men. This guy is in real trouble. Jesus commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man. It did. Now when you first read the story you might think it’s just another story about Jesus healing someone. But read it more carefully. Jesus is showing his followers what their work will be. The Church of Jesus Christ is called to go to the dark places and seek the lost. When you turn your pledge card in October 27 you are committing yourself to follow Jesus into the dark places of this word. That is why Jesus took the disciples to a graveyard - to reveal their mission to be light in the dark places. It’s our mission too! Dr. Robert Gorrell Senior Minister



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My role as the minister coordinating the mission ministries here at Church of the Servant has been a large contributing factor to this development. I remember the first time I came into the Celebration Center and saw the statue of Jesus with a basin preparing to wash the feet of his disciples, and how excited I felt that I was to be one who helps this church live out its name and identity in the tangible ways of serving. Over these last three years, I have humbly watched as many of you have said yes and served in extraordinary ways. One of those ways that has blossomed in our congregation has been Whiz Kids. Whiz Kids is a mentoring program in which we have participated now for two school years. Jolene Ingram with student Our members tutor the children of Edgemere Elementary every Monday at Wesley United Methodist Church, located at 25th and Classen Blvd. Over these last two years, I have had the privilege of seeing our members engage not only in a commitment to a student’s academic well-being, but also in their life. One of those stories this year really taught me about unconditional love. Jolene Ingram, and Lisa and Jesse Boone were paired with two sisters to be their mentors. They have not only listened to these girls read each week, but every week when they delivered them home after Whiz Kids, they engaged with their family. The family left New Orleans after hurricane Katrina with nothing but the clothes on their back. They made their way here to Oklahoma City and have struggled to start over. Jolene and her husband Dale and Lisa and Jessie entered into this family to get to know them, hear their stories and began to pray about ways God would lead them to help this family make a better life for themselves. Lisa began addressing practical needs like transportation, new housing, and building a relationship with the girls’ mother. Dale and Jolene began to do research on what services were available to them and taking the

children for outings. Dale taught them how to fish. The journey over this last year with this family has had its challenges and I have watched these faithful servants struggle with actions, decisions and attitudes. Yet, when the hard moments came, they would step back to consult God so that they could step forward into the relationship with this family. Sometimes, mission is writing a check to buy a car seat or a school uniform. Sometimes, mission is painting a house or planting a garden. Sometimes, it is tutoring a child and visioning a future for them that they have yet to imagine. The church needs people who will do all these things. But always, mission is living life alongside people and pointing them to Christ. Mission is believing that someone is worth helping, worth redeemi n g ‌ w o r t h Dr. Robyn Goggs with husband John giving yourand children Noah, Daisy, and Julia. self and your Savior. Someone believed in me. Every day I want to believe in others and demonstrate it in real ways that point them to Christ. My family continues to be inspired by the people with which we go to church here at Church of the Servant. My children are learning how to live for Christ in their Sunday school classes and also in the way that our church shows them how to serve others. For that I am so grateful. This church is shaping my family for the present and the future. We have many opportunities to do good things for others with our money. We know there are many needs and much good being done for others in great organizations and ministries outside the church. We try to do all the good we can, with what we have. Yet we always chose our church first in our giving because we believe God is using our church to change lives, ours and others, in profound ways. Dr. Robyn Goggs Associate Minister THE ROCK October 9, 2013 I Page 3

Missions Car Seat Fitting at Infant Crisis Services Saturday, October 19, 9 a.m. - Noon

Our team will be serving there and we are always looking for other volunteers to join us to see this amazing ministry in action. We need people who can help with paperwork, and Spanish skills are greatly appreciated. If you would like to serve, please contact Robyn Goggs,

St. John’s UMC Work Day Saturday, October 26

Volunteers will meet at St. John’s UMC, located at 1755 N. Meridian at 9 a.m. to clean, paint and prepare the building for the new After-school Arts Academy that will begin in January, in coordination with Hilldale Elementary School. If you would like details on the day, please contact David Hedrick at david.hedrick@guernsey. us. If you cannot make this day, but would still like to go serve, you can arrange a time/group by contacting Kristina Thorson, US missionary stationed there at

Women Queen for a Day Saturday, November 16 Church of the Servant, along with the Single Parent Support Network, will be hosting “Queen for a Day”, which is a day of learning and support for single mothers. The theme this year is “What Does a Queen Need to Run Her Kingdom?” The workshops will include topics that address body, mind, spirit, and practical issues of single parenting. Our hope is that we will have participants from this church. Sponsoring women this day who are connected to Church of the Servant is a great way to participate. Sponsorship of a woman for the day is $125. More and more, we are made aware of single parents in this church that need and want support in this very important role they are playing. We need volunteers - to care for children in shifts throughout the day, donating items for giveaways, and being available on November 16. Perhaps your Sunday school class or small group might choose this as a mission opportunity together in November. Please contact Robyn Goggs at rgoggs@, or attend the leadership team meeting on Monday, October 14, 5:45 p.m. in the South Conference Room. Page 4 I

Support the Ministry of TEEM

During TEEM’S Fall Hygiene Drive, you are invited to bring toiletries, travelsize and full-size, for their clients. TEEM takes a three-pronged approach to reducing poverty in Oklahoma City by providing our clients with education, social services, and job training and placement. There is an item list with suggestions, and a box to receive items near the Mission Kiosk.

Christmas Grace Volunteers Needed

Beginning November 3, profiles will be available showing details on a child, family, young person, or senior adult who would love to receive a gift this year. Most profiles have two suggestions listed in all different price ranges. Gifts must be returned by Sunday, December 1 so the agencies can distribute them by Christmas. If you have any questions or could be a volunteer this year, please contact Susy Wilson at


irst of all, it’s an honor for me to address you on behalf of Middle School Ministries. I have been thinking of an eloquent way to express to you how this ministry has impacted our family, and each time I think about it, I get emotional. It is easy to see why Church of the Servant means so much to Todd and me. But when I see our girls growing to love and “root in” to Church of the Servant, it takes emotion to a different level. Hillary and Megan, with Rachel to follow, have already had the blessings of youth ministries poured into them on Sundays, Wednesdays, camps, Triple Play, and, for Hillary, Confirmation. This is the time in their lives when their faith becomes their own. At

Church of the Servant, the Nursery and Children’s ministries laid the foundation; now the real work begins. With the support of Jenna and staff creating faith-building activities and opportunities, my girls have a Faith family that they are developing for themselves. THEY are taking ownership of their walk with Christ and our Middle School Ministries provides them with the support they need. Words will never express my gratitude, and Todd’s as well, for the time and dedication our staff gives to the Middle school kids. When someone loves and cares for my children, they have my FULL support. Thank you!!! Andi Neaves

Why I Love Choir My dog and I just love choir. Now I know you’re asking, what? A dog in choir? Yes, and she is probably the best-churched dog also. Only specially-trained dogs are so honored to be in the choir loft on Sunday mornings, as well as in choir practice on Wednesday nights. My guide dog is all of the above. She is very excited on Sunday to listen to the Scripture reading; however, she takes a nap during the sermon. And she loves communion, as there are always bread crumbs on the floor and she gets the privilege of licking those crumbs up—especially when the minister’s name is Tim. Anyone can sing in the choir. It only takes a will to pour your heart out to God. I used to be able to read music, but due to my blindness, I just know the notes, memorize the words and practice through recordings. I always make sure that I am blending my voice with those singing around me. Many people have helped me tremendously through this process. I have an angel or two that sit by me in the soprano section; these angels kindly nudge me when Chuck directs us to come in

at a certain time. And I also receive a nudge if we are to cut off a note at a certain time or hold a note a little longer. The choir is a very close-knit family. We all have the love of God, so we put forth the effort to serve together, pray together, sing together, laugh together, and yes, sometimes cry together. Isn’t that what families do? If my dog Jamie could speak, I think she would say, “Chuck, our choir director, LOVES DOGS, so he loves me. Every Wednesday I get to see all of my Mom’s friends. Everyone talks to me, sometimes pets me when my mom lets them, and sometimes I even get a treat! Then my role is to curl up on my dog bed and quietly listen to what the choir is practicing for Sunday and the songs they are learning for future performances.” Please come and be a part of our choir family. If I can sing in the choir, anyone can sing in the choir!!

Kathleen Kennedy

During the last week of October, you will receive an estimate of giving commitment card in the mail. On a practical level, we ask our members to turn in estimate of giving cards each year so that our Finance Committee is able to set an accurate ministry budget for the coming year. This allows us to make the most of every dollar given to the church. On a personal level, the commitment card is an opportunity for you to spend time in prayer and reflection, considering what offering you would make to God through our church in the coming year. Please be watching for the mailing to come the last week of October. Then fill out the card and bring it with you to worship on Sunday, October 27.

Pledge Sunday October 27

We thank you for your generous acceptance of stewardship and pray you may find the level of giving that is right for you as you progress in your journey of faith and commitment. Your pledges and contributions are a critical part of how we can make a difference in our church, our community, and our world.

October 9, 2013 I Page 5

Our Prayers continued... u Robert and Dorothy Adams as Robert recuperates from outpatient surgery. u Bud and Alana Atkins as Bud faces surgery at Mercy Health Center. u Roger and Marilyn Bailey as Marilyn’s sister, Lovena Keever, deals w/ health issues. u Russ and Tawanna Barrett as they consult on treatment plans at MD Anderson. u Kenyatta and Christi-Lynn Bethea as Kenyatta recuperates from surgery. u Hazel Bishop deals with health issues. u Bill, Lisa, and Jessie Boone as Jessie recuperates from surgery. u Faye Brownlee as her mother, Ruth Young, deals with health issues. u Sean and Kimberli Brownlee as Sean recuperates from outpatient surgery. u Delbert and Colleen Carman as Colleen recuperates from surgery. u Pati Carpenter as she recuperates from outpatient surgery. u Jim and Helen Carrigan as Helen deals with health issues. u Marty and Dottie Christensen as their daughter, Terri Shipp, faces surgery. u Warren and Sue Collins as their daughter, Kathy Lonsinger, deals with health issues. u Paul and Rosie Coulter as their grandson deals with health issues. u Ben and Sammye Cravens as Sammye deals with health issues and faces surgery. u Roger and Priscilla Cude as Roger’s mother, Patricia Cude, deals w/ health issues. u Nancy Deal as she deals with health issues and recuperates from surgery. u Lou Duncan deals with health issues. u Judy Gentry as her sister, Louene Hembree, undergoes rehab. u Pam Gilbert as she faces surgery. u Steve and Amanda Massey as Amanda recuperates from surgery. u Nonna McCorkle as she deals with health Steve and Amanda Massey as Amanda recuperates from surgery. u JoAnn McLain as her sister, Rhea McLain, deals with health issues. u Nita Miller recuperates from surgery. Page 6 I

u Vicki Gilstrap as her grandson, Jaydan Gilstrap, deals with health issues.

u Marilyn Schrameck as she recuperates from outpatient surgery.

u Rodney, Diane, and Parker Glenn as Parker recuperates from surgery.

u Jerry and Pam Shelton as Pam recuperates from surgery.

u Ron and Sharon Hendricks as Sharon recuperates from a procedure.

u Heather Slane as she recuperates from a procedure.

u Kevin and Jennifer Higgs as Kevin deals with health issues.

u Tom and Elaine Swanson as Elaine recuperates from surgery.

u Nelda Hutsell as her grandson, Jeremy West, recuperates from surgery.

u Barbara Taylor as her son, Chris Taylor, deals with health issues.

Kent, Dana, and Blake Israel as Dana recuperates from a procedure.

u Jim and Sandy Telcocci as Sandy deals with health issues.

u David and Sandy Jensen as their granddaughter, Hannah Jensen, deals with health issues.

u Jerry and Sandy Weber as Jerry deals with health issues.

u Doug and Sherri Konarik as Doug’s father, Al Konarik, deals with health issues. u Alven and Helen Lawson as Helen’s sister, Carol Bahr, deals with health issues.

u Ted and Gail Wernick as Ted recuperates from surgery. u Bill and Nancy Whitten as Nancy recuperates from a procedure.

u Edwin and Lucille Leslie as Edwin recuperates from surgery. u Al and Jere Litchenburg as Jere’s mom, Jean Williams, deals with health issues. u Joe and Pam Lovell as Pam deals with health issues. u Allen and Judy Marlin as Judy recuperates from surgery. u Ken Marose as his mother, Jean Marose, undergoes rehab. u Jim and Marcia Massey as Marcia deals with health issues. u Jeremy and Amy Patman as Amy deals with health issues. u Camilla Riley as her cousin’s daughter, Corinn Parks, recuperates from surgery. u Edith Rutledge deals with health issues. u Johnny and Susan Satterlee as their grandson, Freddy Eubanks, recuperates from surgery.

u Denene Harper and Family at the death of Denene’s mother, Eileen Neufeld. u Kip and Beverly Kirkhuff and Family at the death of their daughter-in-law’s mother, Connie Guilder. u Nick and Ann Knutson and Family at the death of Ann’s father, Tom Conwell. u Charlotte Osborne and Family at the death of Charlotte’s husband, Richard Osborne. u Bill Roby and Family at the death of his wife, Barbara Roby. u Carol Seljeseth and Family at the death of Carol’s ex-husband, Robert Seljeseth. u David, Dillon, and Seth Slane and Family at the death of David’s mother, Dillon’s and Seth’s grandmother, Carolyn Slane. u Martha Snyder and Family at the death of Martha’s mother-in-law, Jean Snyder.

Job Opportunity

The church is currently looking for a part time custodian to work 20 hours a week during weekend and evenings. If you are interested in this position please contact the church office to fill out an application.

Urgent Mission Opportunity!

A Christian family home in Piedmont is needed for a 16-year-old female exchange student from Russia. This student has been displaced. Piedmont Schools has said they will take her; she just needs a family. Please contact Toni Conrady at 615-1374 for more info.

Adult Join us at PRIME TIME!

On Thursday, October 19 at 10:30 a.m. in Community Hall, we will welcome sculptor extraordinaire, Bob Willis, as he sculpts a bust of Christ with a crown of thorns while his wife, Lynn, sings of His sacrifice on the cross. This blend of music, testimony, Scripture, and sculpting presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a dynamic and unforgettable manner. Bob’s unique and fascinating style of sculpting is a reflection of how God desires to mold and fashion His children into His image. Lynn’s gift in music is evident as she beautifully blends the message in song with Bob’s sculpting of Christ. Following this exciting program and a short business meeting, we will be served a delicious meal of rosemary chicken, rice pilaf, baby carrots, tossed salad, rolls and peach cobbler. If you are unable to stay for the meal, cost of the program only is $2.00, but we strongly encourage you to stay for the meal and outstanding fellowship with old and new friends for a total cost of $10.00. Make your reservation at the Welcome Center or call the church office, 721-4141, before 4:00 p.m. on Monday October 7. Remember, if you make a reservation and later find that you cannot attend, please call your cancellation, since Prime Time must pay for all reservations.

Shooters, Get Ready for November 2 Event

If you enjoy shooting sporting clays, whether you are a man, woman, or youth, you will want to sign up to be part of a group from the church going to the Silverleaf Gun Range near Guthrie on November 2 from 9:00 to noon. The cost for shooting sporting clays is approximately $25 and you bring your own gun and shells. If you need to rent a gun or purchase shells, you can do that at the gun range. This event has become an annual event at the church and is enjoyed by many. If you would like to attend, please sign up at the Welcome Center or call Tom McGee in the church office, 7284701, so he will know how many plan to come to the event. You can sign up starting Sunday, October 14 through Sunday, October 28. If you have any questions, contact Tom McGee in the church office at 728-4701.

FAITH IN REEL TIME Sunday, October 13, 1:00 p.m. In the Centrum

Holy Land Pilgrimage

Would you like to go on the next Holy Land pilgrimage sponsored by our church? It will be hosted by Robert and Prudy Gorrell and Norman and Kipp Neaves, and the dates are June 14 to June 26. Approximately 900 people from our church have made this pilgrimage over the last twenty years. Some of the many sites the group will visit include the Mount of Olives and the Garden of Gethsemane; the Mount of Beatitudes and the Sea of Galilee; Nazareth and Capernaum and Bethlehem; Calvary and the place where Jesus was tried by Pontius Pilate; Caesarea Philippi where Peter confessed that Jesus was the Christ and the place where Paul made his defense before King Agrippa; as well as the site of the Upper Room and so many other famous places mentioned in the Bible. If you are interested in going, you will need to sign up soon before all of the places are taken. Brochures with all of the details as well as the sign-up sheet can be found at the Welcome Center. For additional information, contact Norman Neaves at 755-6656 or Sarah Krivy, Robert Gorrell’s administrative assistant, at the church, 721-4141.

A Beautiful Day for Golf!

On Saturday September 21, the Servant Foundation Golf Tournament was played at Fairfax Golf Course and it could not have been a more beautiful day! Everyone who participated enjoyed the tournament and it was deemed a huge success. This was the 18th Annual Servant Foundation Golf Tournament. Over the years, the tournament has raised in excess of $45,000 dollars for the Servant Foundation. The first, second, and third place teams for this year’s tournament were: 1st Place: Mike Bible, Brad Bible, Trent Fisher, Randy Allison 2nd Place: Floyd Gilreath, Michael Cunningham, Warren Cunningham, Rich Chatham 3rd Place: Norman Neaves, Trent Neaves, Tyler Neaves, Todd Neaves. The 19th annual tournament will be played in the spring or possibly fall of 2014, so begin now to think about putting together a 4-person scramble and sign up to play in this special event.

Come view Steven Spielberg’s amazing film, “Lincoln”, detailing the last four months of the chastened and weary life of Abraham Lincoln. It stars Daniel Day-Lewis in a moving and masterful depiction of the 16th President of the United States, and Sally Field, ably portraying Mary Todd Lincoln. This movie is rated PG 13, so enjoy bringing your family and friends for the free movie and great discussion that always follows, facilitated by Dr. Curtis Nigh. Don’t forget – sign up for Faith in Reel Time at the Welcome Center on Sunday! THE ROCK October 9, 2013 I Page 7


We had some GREAT ATTENDANCE in the elementary Sunday school classes this summer! Our attendance winners were: Nicholas Goff, Braden Holland, Audrey Barto, Avery Lay, Greyson Gebb, Noah Goggs, Hannah Miller, Coulter Gaske, Connor Beard, Isabella Beard, and Rachael Green. Super job!! Who will win for the fall?

On Friday October 25, 6:00 - 8:30 p.m., Church of the Servant will be transformed into a carnival midway for our annual Fall Festival. Each year hundreds of people from our church family and from the community come to be part of this fun family event. The church is packed with kids of all ages having a great time! At this year’s festival you can enjoy terrific food - a delicious hot dog supper, cotton candy, popcorn, and a bake sale. For entertainment you can enjoy carnival games, moon bounce, giant slide, cake walk, bingo, and clowns, just to name a few of the exciting activities. Children are encouraged to dress in their seasonal costumes (no scary costumes, please) and don’t forget your treat bags! I would love to challenge you to invite someone to come with you to the Fall Festival this year. This event is a great, no-pressure way to introduce someone to our church facility and to many of your fellow church members. There is no charge to enter the festival, and food is sold for a small fee. We ask each year for donations to benefit Infant Crisis Services. Please bring along blankets, diapers, wipes, clothes, toys, or formula to donate at the door.

Earthglow Market

Fourth- and Fifth-graders, along with their parents and teachers, volunteered on the evening of September 19 at the Regional Food Bank. They sorted and boxed foods that will go to families in need. What a great way to be the hands and feet of Christ!! Page 8 I

Mark your calendar for the annual Earthglow Market, Saturday, November 9, at the church. Over 65 booths of arts and crafts, an awesome and delicious bake sale, and a silent auction. Plan on eating lunch in the Earthglow Cafe while you’re there. All profits go to missions.

Get to Know Me... I have been attending Church of the Servant for as long as I can remember. I never really went for the Godly aspect, but because my parents made me go every morning. That all changed when I started going to Student Ministries. I was immediately welcomed by people of all ages. All my friends were there and it was just a fun place to be. Sunday school started to get more serious, but I was fine with that. I started to go more because I enjoyed learning about Christ, but still because several of my friends were there. This spring I went through Confirmation. I really became committed to church and went because it was my choice. Now, for me, all of Student Ministries is one big family and I go to church because I love building my faith in the Lord. I have become committed to reading my Bible at night and pray-

Get to Know Me... I have been involved with student ministries for over five years now. Over the course of those years my youth group has pushed me in my relationship with Christ and taught me lessons I never thought I would learn. Just knowing that I have such an awesome youth group puts a smile on my face. They are there for me when I doubt and they are there for me when I am strong in my faith. It brings me peace knowing wherever I am, I can always count on my youth group to be there, even if I do not want them to be. Sometimes I just need someone to make me laugh and they’re the first ones to do it. I cannot thank them enough for helping me become who I am today. Makenzie Dean

ing before I go to bed. I wouldn’t still be doing that today without the support of Student Ministries at Church of the Servant. Ethan Renner



iddle School Ministry kicked off their Wednesday Night program IGNITE on September 11. Hawaiian Luau was our theme for Kickoff night. We had pizza, limbo, hula hoop games, and even a banana eating contest! It was a great start to the Fall semester. We had lots of kids and lots of fun! Ignite takes place from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. every Wednesday at The Point Student Center. During Ignite, students take part in crazy games, age/ gender based Small Groups, and other activities that will point them to Christ. Each month on the second Wednesday, we will provide pizza and drinks for the students for our game night. Ignite is all about helping students to connect to God, other students, and an adult. If you have any questions, contact Jenna Savage at 405-728-4753 or

High School Fall Retreat!

Join us for an incredible weekend filled with fun, community, and worship! It’s from Nov 22-24 at CANYON CAMP! Cost is $100! Contact Sang Nguyen for more info!

Silent Auction Baskets Still Needed!

High School Ministries is in need of several more baskets for our Silent Basket Auction being held at our Pancake Breakfast. If you, your Sunday school class or some other group in which you are involved would like to donate a basket, please contact Sang Nguyen at 728-4774. Your help is greatly appreciated!

THE ROCK October 9, 2013 I Page 9

Church of the Servant

14343 N MacArthur Blvd Oklahoma City, OK 73142-9725


October Sermon Series: October 6 - The Rock Matthew 16:13-19 (World Communion) October 13 - According to Need Acts 2:43-47 October 20 - In the Service of Love II Corinthians 7:1-7 October 27 - A Dwelling Place for God Ephesians 2:20-22 (Pledge Sunday)

Newsletter - 10.09.13  

Church of the Servant Newsletter - October 9, 2013

Newsletter - 10.09.13  

Church of the Servant Newsletter - October 9, 2013