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September 27, 2012

Church of the Servant Bi-Weekly Newsletter Issue: 12.19

Believe s Belong s Become God Transforms Lives!

“I just heard Him saying, ‘You just have to open up, you have to let go. Your past is your past.”

These were the words of Harper Harris, a freshman girl who first came to Church of the Servant through an invitation from a friend. Harper did not grow up in the church. Like most teenagers, she came to church because she wanted to be with her friends. It’s easy to go to church and not experience God. Through her friends encouraging her, she decided to go to Disciple camp, a camp for sixth grade through freshmen students. It was through this camp she finally heard God saying to her to open up and let go. God wasn’t concerned with her past, but was concerned for her future. She experienced God for the very first time at this camp. However, God was not finished revealing Himself to her. A month later, High School Ministry was going to Dayspring, a church camp. It was this week that God reaffirmed His plan for her and His desire to be the Lord of her life. She came back radiating the Holy Spirit. Her life is being transformed by God. She comes to church still for her friends, but more importantly to learn more about the One who has died for her and is rescuing her. She comes to church for a fun time, but more importantly to engage in His call for her life and her community. On Sunday, September 16, she came to church to profess her faith in Christ and be baptized. Church of the Servant is her church and has now become like her second home. There is no transformation in our life that is more powerful than when we are filled up with the presence of the Lord. It makes all the difference. And one way that we open ourselves to the presence of the Lord is through giving. It is a crucial part of what it means to worship a God who loves us. Jesus said (at Matthew 6:21), “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Do we want our hearts to belong to God? Then, by all means, let’s place our treasures in the hands of the Lord. Please join us on Sunday, October 28, as we place our pledge cards on the Lord’s Table. The God who has already blessed us is again blessing us with this opportunity to give.

United Methodist

Church of the Servant s 14343 North MacArthur, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73142 s (405)721-4141 s

Fit To Serve 5K Run.................... September 30 Grace Based Parenting Class Starts..........Oct 3 Fall Festival...................................... October 26 High School Fall Retreat............ November 2-4

MINISTER’S NOTES: What Do Young Adults Want? 3 MISSIONS: Fit to Serve 5K and 1 Mile Walk is THIS SUNDAY! 4 ADULT MINISTRIES: A Study on the Book of Revelation 5 WOMEN’S MINISTRIES: Queen for a Day 6 STUDENT MINISTRIES: High School Lock-In 7 CHILDREN’S MINISTRIES: It’s Fall Festival Time! 8

What Do Young Adults Want? Churches across the country are looking at ways to reach a new generation of Christians. What do young adults want and how do we reach them? I’d like to invite you to consider some important characteristics of our younger adults as you plan and participate in the community of our church. In their book Lost and Found: The Younger Unchurched and the Churches that Reach Them, Ed Stetzer, Richie Stanley, and Jason Hayes reach some interesting conclusions. Many younger unchurched value spiritual matters but say they are turned off by religion. When asked to describe their own personal religious or spiritual beliefs, 43% of the younger unchurched said they were spiritual but not religious. A majority (81%) of younger unchurched adults in America believe that God or a higher supreme being exists. But 58% believe the God of the Bible is no different from the gods or spiritual beings depicted by world religions such as Islam, Hinduism, or Buddhism. Dr. Robert Gorrell Now here is the good news! More than 60% believe Jesus died and came back to life. The younger unchurched are open to the person of Jesus and are interested in him. Almost 90% of the unchurched 2029 year olds said they would be willing to listen if someone Young people are desperately wanted to tell them about Christianity. seeking something real, someThree out of five younger unchurched respondents thing authentic – and they don’t agreed they would be willing to study the Bible if a friend asked them to do so. mind if it is messy. More than 60% said they would attend church if it presented truth in an understandable and relevant way. The study also examined churches that are successfully reaching young adults. Young adults are trying to connect and will make a lasting connection wherever they can find belonging. Churches that are effective at reaching and developing young adults place a high value on community and are using small groups to build that community. Young adults want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and are looking to be a part of an organization where they can make a difference through acts of service. More than ever before, young adults are thinking locally and globally about how they can make a lasting impact. Churches that are reaching young adults are successful in providing opportunities for service. More than looking for a good performance, young adults desire to connect with the experience of worship. They embrace the future and the past at the same time. Young adults want to be challenged by the message, and they want to participate in a worship experience. Young adults are looking to move beyond the trite and into more depth – and we found this among the churched and unchurched young adults. Young adults are looking for and connecting with churches where they see leaders who are authentic, transparent, and on a learning journey. Young people are desperately seeking something real, something authentic – and they don’t mind if it is messy. 100% of churches reaching young adults hold authenticity as one of their highest values. - Robert

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Fit to Serve 5K and 1 Mile Walk is THIS SUNDAY! Wear your running shoes to church Sunday to celebrate in worship how this fun event supports the missions of our congregation! This year the race benefits Whiz Kids! Details for Participants: •

If it is raining, race will still take place with reception inside.

Packet pick up is Sunday morning. In your packet will be a T-shirt, Bib, Meal ticket, and Car pass. You may bring someone to watch with you.

The entire event is in Gaillardia. There is limited parking at the Country Club, so it will help if you can park at the church and car pool over with others.

Enter through the gates on MacArthur beginning at 3:15 p.m. and try to arrive by 3:45 p.m. at the latest.

After the races there will be a meal and awards celebration on the lawn behind the clubhouse. Plan to stay!

Along with the standards awards, the Golden Shoe awards will be presented.

If you are bringing a child under age 6, they can walk with you in the one mile at no charge. Strollers are welcome in the one mile race only.

Details for Race Day Volunteers: •

Volunteers will also have a packet to pick up on Sunday. Please wear your shirt for the race to identity you as a volunteer that day.

Please arrive at 2:45 p.m. Your name will be on the gate list for early entry to Gaillardia.

If you have not registered for this amazing day, you still can do this on Sunday morning until the race cap is met. Race day registration is $35. Thank you all for your excitement and participation as sponsors and runners!


The church facilities staff wishes to extend a big thank you to the MVC (Made Victorious in Christ) Sunday school class. MVC recently helped change over 200 air filters on the roof and have painted numerous curbs around the facility. With such a large facility to care and maintain, your service and dedication is greatly appreciated. Thank you MVC! Blessings in Christ, Don Cole, Director of Facilities. Page 4 I SERVANT September 27, 2012

Church to Co-Sponsor Conference on Aging

Information on the Columbarium Available Sunday

On Thursday, October 25, the church will cosponsor this conference to address aging issues that you or a loved one may be dealing with – issues such as Alzheimer’s, Balance, Home Health, Residential or Rehab Facilities, Senior Daycare, Veterans Affairs – and others. The conference is free and will be held in the Centrum from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Pre-registration is requested, which you can do by signing up at the Welcome Center or by calling Vicki in the Care Center at 728-4738.

You may be thinking about purchasing a niche in the newly-built Columbarium here at the church and have questions that need answers to help in that decision. This Sunday, September 30, there will be a table in the Concourse that will have information about the Columbarium and individuals can answer questions you have. Any time you have questions about the Columbarium you can call the church office at 721-4141, and they will direct you to the appropriate person.

A Study on the Book of Revelation

“We live in a world turned upside down...scripture turns it right side up. Revelation is an eleven-week study asking Jesus Christ to reveal himself. Revelation is a disclosure of Jesus Christ...and is the sparkling, stunning, astonishing finish to what begins in Genesis.” – Beth Moore You are invited to: Here and Now . . . There and Then, an eleven week study on the book of Revelation by Beth Moore. The facilitator of the study is John Farr. It begins Tuesday, October 2 from 7 to 8:30pm in North Adult Center, room 12. The only cost is the purchase of the participant’s book. You can register for the Bible study at in the Adult Ministries and Bible studies section.

Sporting Clay Shoot - October 6

There is still time to sign up for the church sporting clay shoot at Silverleaf Gun Range on Saturday, October 6 from 9:00 – 11:30 a.m. The shoot is for both men and women and will cost approximately $25 per person. If you need a gun or shells, you can rent or purchase them at the gun range for an additional cost. Silverleaf Gun Range is located south and east of Guthrie. Sign up at the Welcome Center Sunday or call the church office, 721-4141. Come enjoy the fun and fellowship!

Plan Now for Earthglow Market

Please mark your calendar now for Saturday, November 10, 2012! Earthglow Market will be held on that date from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. This is always one of our favorite days! Lunch will be available, and a bake sale will be among many, many vendors! If you would be interested in having a booth, please contact Jimi Hadley at 722-2563. Booth proceeds go towards our missional giving! Please join us for a fun day, where you can find everything from art to zucchini bread, on Saturday, November 10, at Earthglow Market!

Join Other Couples for a Golf Weekend to Texas!

On the weekend of November 2-4, couples who enjoy golf, shopping, eating out, laying by the pool, and just an all-around good time with other couples from the church will head to Frisco, Texas for our third church couples golf weekend. If you can play both Friday and Saturday, that’s great, but if you can only come down for Saturday, that’s OK too. The group will be staying at the Westin Hotel and playing their golf course both days. Those that don’t play golf will have an opportunity to shop or just relax at the hotel. The couples will eat together in the evenings and attend a local church on Sunday morning before returning home. The cost for the hotel is $109 plus tax per night and each round of golf is approximately $75 per person. Individuals are responsible for their own transportation. If you would like to go to Frisco, sign up at the Welcome Center on Sundays or call Tom McGee in the church office at 728-4701. Deadline to sign up is October 21. SERVANT September 27, 2012 I Page 5

Queen for a Day

Saturday, September 29 Thank you to all the wonderful women of our congregation who have supported this event that is taking place here on Saturday. The Single Parent Network of Oklahoma is in its 8th year hosting Queen for a Day for single mothers. There are over 200 mothers participating at this time! If you have volunteered to serve that morning: Please arrive in Community Hall at 7:45, dressed nicely. We will be preparing breakfast and welcoming the women. We will also be cutting the cakes and pies for lunch after we prepare breakfast. Nursery: Leigh Baker still needs individuals that day who can help with children under age 5. Please contact her ASAP at If you have already registered to help, just remember the shift for which you signed up. Bakers of cakes, pies, and breakfast casseroles: Please have them prepared and in Community Hall here at church by 3 p.m. on Friday, or by 7:45 a.m. on Saturday morning. Disposable pans are preferred, but if you must leave a pan to be returned, please mark it clearly with name and phone number. Boutique volunteers: The boutique will be in the Courtyard. Please arrive when you can throughout the day to help; instructions will be given at that time. Please be in prayer for this big ministry event being hosted in our church. There will be women here who have been disenfranchised from the local church and are burned out. This is a real opportunity to minister God’s love and grace to them, and maybe they will find their church home here! Dr. Robyn Goggs and Dr. Robert Gorrell will be teaching workshops during the day for the women, so please be in prayer for them too!


Centrum Sunday, October 21, 1:00 p.m. Forgiveness: A Time to Love and a Time to Hate

What is the power of forgiveness, and what are its limitations and in some instances, its dangers; has it been cheapened or deepened or both? This documentary by Helen Whitney seeks to shed insight into the light and darkness - the presence and absence - of forgiveness. The film covers a wide range of stories: the spontaneous demonstration of forgiveness following the 2006 shooting of Amish children in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania; a savage and senseless attack on two young female campers; the struggle of a 60’s radical to cope with the consequences of a violent act of protest that turned deadly. “Forgiveness is not just some nebulous, vague idea that one can easily dismiss. Without forgiveness there is no future. To forgive is the only way to change the world permanently. This film enters into a deep conversation as to how we can all accomplish this world-changing -- world-affirming task.” (Archbishop Desmond Tutu) “Forgiveness is difficult and complex. It can involve issues of justice and reparations and of course, deep-seated anger and the wish for revenge. Forgiveness is not a question of forgetting the wrong done; if you’ve forgotten what was done, there is nothing to forgive. Forgiveness involves refusing to allow yourself to give in to anger and the desire for revenge. This is why forgiveness ultimately brings peace…a powerful exploration of this most important subject.” (The Dalai Lama) This documentary treats forgiveness as the complex phenomenon it is. It is strongest in examining the difficulties, yet benefits, of societal forgiveness where people have been grievously harmed. Forgiveness is costly, and in this movie forgiveness is always seen in context of responsibility and justice. If you are looking for a simple feel-good, surface look at forgiving, this isn’t it. If you want a thoughtful understanding, this movie will challenge you to grow. Discussion will follow, led by Dr. Curtis Nigh. There is no charge. Sign up at the Welcome Center, or call the church office, 721-4141. See you there! Page 6 I SERVANT September 27, 2012

High School Lock-In!

High school students are invited to join us on Friday, Oct 5 to Saturday, Oct 6 for an evening full of wild and crazy games, food, movies, and lots of fun! The Lock-in will be held at the Point. Come pick up a registration and join us for this event.

High School Fall Retreat

We are excited for this event! On November 2 – 4, we will go to Canyon Camp and focus on what it means to be fully alive in Christ. In a world where we are constantly pulled in so many different directions, it’s easy to lose focus on the life that Jesus calls us to live. There is a difference in being alive and just existing. We want to spend this weekend pointing students to really living, and we do that by living with Jesus. Pick up a registration and join us for this incredible weekend!

Middle School Ministries

The Middle School Fall retreat was definitely one for the memory books! Both students and adults alike had a wonderful time and are still talking about it! We want to thank all of the wonderful leaders who led small groups and gave talks over the course of the weekend. It was so great to see God move in His mighty ways. Don’t forget our Fall Programming times for middle school: Sunday Mornings: FUEL from 10:45-11:45 Sunday Evenings: J.A.M. From 6:00-7:30 (Bible study) Wednesday Evenings: The Garage and D-Groups from 6:30-8:00 (games and small group time) Our calendar is available on our Website:; Ministries; Student; Middle School

As always, feel free to contact Dana Israel at 405-728-4753 or for more information! We would love to have you join us!

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It’s Fall Festival Time!

On Friday October 26 from 6:00- 8:30 p.m., Church of the Servant will be transformed into a carnival midway for our annual Fall Festival. Each year hundreds of people from our church family and the community come to be part of this fun family event. The church is packed with kids of all ages having a great time! There is no charge to attend the festival, and food is sold for a small fee. At this year’s festival you can enjoy terrific food - a delicious hot dog supper, cotton candy, popcorn, and a bake sale. For entertainment you can enjoy carnival games, moon bounce, giant slide, cake walk, bingo, and clowns just to name a few of the available activities. Children are encouraged to dress in their seasonal costumes (no scary costumes, please) and don’t forget your treat bags! We would love to challenge you to invite someone to come with you to the Fall Festival this year. This event is a great nopressure way to introduce someone to our beautiful church facility as well as to your fellow church members. Each year we ask for donations to benefit Infant Crisis Services. If you are able, bring blankets, diapers, wipes, clothes, toys, or formula to donate at the door – all for the wee ones lovingly served at Infant Crisis Services. Don’t forget - mark your calendar and bring your families, friends and neighbors for a terrific time at Church of the Servant’s annual Fall Festival, Friday, October 26, 6:30-8:00 p.m!

Fall Festival Help Wanted!

Please stop by the Fall Festival table in the Concourse September 30 or October 7 and sign up to lend a hand! This year’s festival takes place Friday October 26 from 6:00- 8:30 pm. We could use baked goods for the cake walk, help with setup, cleanup, and especially help with running games. We need YOU to help make this year’s festival fun for kids of all ages! Contact Katy Leffel at 601-9515 or katyleffel@ with questions.


Cindy Brackenbury has recently accepted the position of the Elementary Coordinator in Children’s Ministries. In this role Cindy is responsible for all the programming for children 1st – 5th grade as well as Children’s Ministries sports ministry. Cindy is a retired elementary school teacher of 29 years. She taught in the Mid-Del schools for many years and recently taught in the Putnam City School District. She and her husband Rob have attended and were very active at the Putnam City Methodist Church for the past 19 years. They have a 22-year old daughter Amy who is currently pursuing her masters in teaching Classical Languages at OU. Cindy has a heart of gold, loves Jesus and children, and is so excited to be using her gift of teaching and leadership to help others on their faith journey. We are so blessed to have Cindy on staff! Please say hello to her when your paths cross – she is the lady with the big smile.

Servant Day “Thank You”

On Servant Day held in September one of the projects was a parent-child activity center coordinated by Children’s Ministries and the Mission Council. During the morning the kids and parents packed 225 gift bags of snack foods and school bus driver agape. The outpouring of thanks from these individuals has been amazing. Some of their comments were: “We really appreciate what you have done.” “Thank you for the yummy goodies.” “Thank You so much.” “Thank you for thinking about the Piedmont Bus drivers, you have made us all feel special.” “Thank you – most appreciated.” “Thank You! Really a nice thought.” “What a wonderful surprise. Just when I thought nobody appreciated us or what we do. Perfect!” “Thank You.” “Made us feel very special.” “Thank you for the goodie bags! They were greatly appreciated and your thoughtfulness meant a great deal to our department.” “Thank You and God Bless.” “Awesome.” “Blessings.” Page 8 I SERVANT September 27, 2012

Third Grade Bible Sunday

Thirty-one third-graders received a gift of a Bible from Church of the Servant on Sunday, September 23. Dr. Gorrell reminded the children during the 10:45 services that reading the Word will help them understand the guidance for their lives that God has given us in this sacred book. He also encouraged parents to read these stories with their children. Following the service, families were treated to lunch in Community Hall.

WOW – Welcome on Wednesdays is Alive and Well!

Over 150 children have registered and are attending WOW on Wednesday nights from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. The last thing kids want to do after a day at school is sit through a lecture at church. At WOW is there is absolutely no sitting through lectures – but what they are doing is moving and doing. The Bible point for the evening is told through storytelling, crafts, games, snacks, Bible lessons and more. It’s upbeat Bible learning! And one of the best parts of WOW is that kids are encouraged to bring friends, and what is even more wonderful – they do! We always encourage our kids to bring friends on Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights and to special events. But Wednesday nights is ALWAYS where we can count on meeting our kids’ friends. It’s not too late to join in the fun and Jesus learning time. Children must register though, and the registration forms are available on the church website in the children’s section, as well at the Welcome Counters upstairs and in the children’s area. Wednesday night leaders are Leigh Baker, preschool; Stacye Stevens, lower elementary - 1st, 2nd and 3rd; and Cindy Brackenbury, upper elementary - 4th and 5th. They are joined with over 30 adults who share their faith with these kids every week.

Church of the Servant Android and iPhone App

Did you know Church of the Servant has an App? Download this free application from the Apple or Google App Stores to watch and listen to full-length talks from Church of the Servant events, sermons, and Servant Walk Sunday school curriculum from United Methodist Church of the Servant in Oklahoma City, OK; connect to our LIVE streaming online experience; and stay up to date on all church events with our new mobile calendar. FEATURES - Search by title, keyword, or speaker name - Watch video or listen to audio - Watch us LIVE on Sunday mornings - View the Online Church-Wide Calendar - Submit prayer requests Free content includes: - Select full-length sermons from Church of the Servant - Select talks from Servant Walk Sunday school curriculum


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Our Prayers continued... u Lorraine Aken as she deals with health issues; and her grandson-in-law, Randall Gordon, is recuperating from surgery. u Gary and Darlene Berkovsky as their family friend, Max Armentrout, deals with health issues. u Hazel Bishop as she deals with health issues. u Jeremy, Tori, and Makallen Burnett as Jeremy’s father, Mark Burnett, recuperates from surgery. u Dan and Cathy Bush as their daughter, Nancy Sanders, deals with health issues. u Maurice and Nell Claunch as Nell undergoes tests. u Larry and Sharon Fanning as Larry recuperates from surgery. u Cary and Terry Fisher as Terry’s mother, Mary Smith, deals with health issues. u Tom and Linda Gulley as Linda recuperates from surgery. u Denene Harper as she undergoes tests. u Joe and Nancy Harris as Nancy undergoes tests. u Chester and Ann Jones as Chester recuperates from surgery. u Walt and Barbara Kendall as Barbara recuperates from surgery. u Chris, Terry, and Rebecca Lowery as Rebecca recuperates from outpatient surgery. u James and Marcia Massey as James is hospitalized at Mercy Health Center. u Doug Meese as he recuperates from a procedure. u Randy and Lainey Robinson as they both recuperate from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. u Robert, Cory, and Patrick Russell as Robert deals with health issues and recuperates from flames.

u Randy and Jenny Shrauner as Randy’s brother, Rex Shrauner, deals with health issues.

u Geoff Baker and Susan King-Baker and Family at the death of Geoff’s sister, Annita Wagner.

u Danny and Betsy Smith as Danny recuperates from surgery.

u Fran Daffer and Family at the death of her husband, Dr. Ernest R. Daffer.

u Grant, Kim, and Reagan Spring as Reagan recuperates from outpatient surgery.

u Grant, Leslie, Cooper, and Caroline Flurry and Family at the death of Leslie’s cousin, Todd Tacker.

u Eric, Jeanna, and Amelia Stewart as Jeanna recuperates from a procedure.

u Robert and Prudy Gorrell and Family at the death of Robert’s aunt, Mary Stine.

u Jay and Margaret Stout as Jay deals with health issues and recuperates from surgery.

u Rick and Shirley Jackson and Norman and Jacque Long and Family at the death of Shirley’s and Jacque’s aunt, Cathryn Skelton.

u Judy Wilkins as her mother, Mabel Allred, deals with health issues.

u Doug Meese and Family at the death of his wife, Nancy Meese. u Norma Warner and Family at the death of Norma’s husband, Jerry Warner.

u Mischa and Ruth Gorkuscha at the birth of their granddaughter, Emma Paige Wooten. The proud parents and brother are Brad, Allison, and Corbin Wooten. The proud uncle, aunt, and cousin are Nick, Julie, and Lily Gorkuscha. u Congratulations to Patricia Johnson, United Methodist ministerial Candidate from Church of the Servant, received a scholarship from the United Methodist General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) for academic achievements. Patricia attends Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa.


Prime Time’s October 11 entertainment is one you won’t want to miss! Wally Brown will be making joyful music on the piano. From Duncan, Oklahoma, Wally began playing by ear at the age of five, delighted patrons of Glen’s Hik’ry Inn for sixteen years, then played for some time at the Skirvin Hotel. Along with playing concerts throughout the United States and Canada, Wally scored the music for three major motion pictures, was organist at Oral Roberts University, and has over twenty CDs to his credit. This will truly be a magical program! We are also in for a culinary treat, with a menu of catfish, hush puppies, okra, baked beans, salad and a delightful cobbler. The cost for this wonderful meal and program is only $9, or for the program only, it’s $2. Make your reservations at the Welcome Center, or call the church office at 721-4141 by 4:30 p.m. October 8. If you find you are unable to attend for lunch, please call to cancel your reservation, as Prime Time is responsible for all reservations. We look forward to seeing you at Prime Time, Thursday, October 11, 10:30 a.m. in Community Hall!

Newsletter 09.27.12  

Church of the Servant Newsletter - September 27, 2012

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