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English 2nd Grade Bimester 4 Olivia McCarron TOPIC: Animals of Australia and Mexico! Writing/Speaking: • Use  of  simple  present  tenses  in  writing  and  speaking   • Descriptions  of  an  animal  and  its  habitat  using  full  sentences  and  past  tense   grammar.   • Presenting  individual  totems  to  the  class  and  describing  what  they  mean  to  them.   Reading/Listening: Readings:  Traditional  stories  from  Yucatan  and  Australia     • “How  the  Kangaroos  got  their  Tails”   • “How  the  Birds  got  their  Colours”     Phonics:     • Long  “I”  words  (kind,  find,  blind,  hind)   • “Th”  words  (this,  these,  those)     Vocabulary: • Adjectives  (big,  furry,  feathered,  scaly)     • Animals  (koala,  wombat,     • Landscape  (desert,  forest,  ocean)   • prepositions  (in,  around,  under)     • Features  of  animals,  habitats,  diet  and  their  young  (claws,  beaks,  tails,  desert,   jungle,  grass,  mammal,  egg  etc.)   EVALUATION CRITERIA: Students will receive a separate grade in Reading/Phonics, Writing/Speaking, and Vocabulary. Formative: (70%) Summative: (30%) -Class work – 40% ~Final Exam (Individual & Group) -Homework – 20% -Attitude toward learning – 10%  

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